Street (2015) Movie Script

- Hey Al, what's happenin' man?
- Hey street, how's it going?
- Oh, same ol' same ol'.
- You know might wanna
try one of the protein
shakes one of these days.
Just to see if you even like the
taste. Who knows?
You might hate 'em.
- Yeah, but what if it's the
best thing I've ever had?
Then what?
- That's all right. It's on me.
My treat.
- Thanks man.
- Oh, you know what?
That reminds me.
Take a look at that
bulletin board.
Some guy put a new
post this afternoon,
I thought you might
be interested.
I mean it's nothing fancy just
someone looking for a couple
of guys to work on his truck.
Who knows?
Might be a few bucks for
an honest day's work.
- Yeah.
- It doesn't hurt to
try something new.
- Sometimes, I think
it's better I don't know
how good it tastes.
Fantasy over reality...
that's called denial.
- Night Al.
- G'night.
- Hey, hey!
- Hey!
- How are ya kiddo?
- Good.
- Yeah?
Shannon, how's school?
- Mid-terms next week. Ugh.
- Yeah right miss 4.0.
I know you'll do it again.
- I hope so.
- Thanks for watching
Jessie tonight.
I appreciate it.
- It's an easy job,
and she's a lot of fun.
- She loves you, and
that means a lot.
I'm a little short tonight,
can I get you next week?
- Yeah, no, that's cool.
I get it.
- Thank you.
- Bye Jessie!
- Bye Shannon!
See you tomorrow!
- Appreciate it.
- Wasn't expecting
you 'till later, Greg.
You wanna hear what
the press boys had to say
about last night's fight?
"What was supposed
to be an easy victory
for Greg 'the Sterling kid',
"turned into a surprise defeat
at the hands of newcomer,
"Dorian manta, in last
night's feeder fight.
"Sterling seemed to
struggle from the first bell
"all the way through what was
an uncharacteristically short
"and decidedly one-side fight.
"Returning to his home
camp with an unexpected
"and humiliating loss.
"Now, without a careful plan
for his next two fights,
"Sterling could easily remove
himself from the running
"for the next ultimate
fighter competition feeder
"coming in a few weeks."
- One loss and they count
me out, keep dreaming.
- It's not the loss of one
fight that's the problem, Greg.
All I'm saying is,
maybe you've been a
little distracted is all.
So where you headed
off to this time?
- Vegas, for a few
days to recover.
- You're not coming
with us today?
Greg, you haven't
seen him in 18 months,
and at least you gotta...
- I gotta what?
You got nothing.
- You ready baby?
- Yeah, babe.
I'm done here. Let's go.
- Bye coach Ozzy.
- Hey.
- I'm outta here.
Have fun today.
- We have plans, in Vegas.
- Greg, come on.
Please, not today.
- Look I'm sure there's
a lot to catch up on,
so why don't you just give
me the cliffs notes version
on Sunday when I get back.
- No, Greg!
He's still our father.
- Don't bother,
I've already tried.
- Thank you.
All right, chief.
- Good to see you, James.
- It's good to see you brother.
- Only by marriage, you bastard.
- I got you this.
- It's beatiful jazzy.
- I figured, since it doesn't
require a lot of attention,
it'd be easy for
you to take care of.
- Hey, I deserve that.
Jazzy, I'm really sorry...
- just save it.
Damnit, I missed you, dad.
- I missed you too, baby girl.
I missed you too.
- Something... came up.
- Yeah, I get it.
Well, at least my
baby girl came.
All right.
- Let's get outta here guys
before they change their minds,
and keep you another night.
- Sure could use
a nice, cold brew.
- James, been a long time.
How are ya?
- Good to see ya, Al.
You got my favorite beer?
- Down the aisle
- god, bless ya.
18 month since I had
a sip of one a these.
- Anything else?
- Yeah, bottle of Jameson
and a pack of reds.
- Got it.
- You want anything, sweetie?
- Nah, I think you got plenty.
- You know what, forget
the cigs, just bag this.
- Ok.
- My friend.
- What's the damage?
- $32.50.
- Put it on my tab.
- You got it.
- Hey, please, please,
please, allow me.
Consider this a
welcome home present,
to celebrate your return.
Oh, this is your daughter.
She has more fight
than your son.
Perhaps, she should
be in the ring?
- Excuse me?
- We take her home.
We let her work off
some of her debt
that her father owes.
- I'm sorry, gentlemen,
maybe there's been some
sort of misunderstanding?
No misunderstand, old man.
And none of your concern.
- Babe, everything ok?
You guys have a
problem with my girl?
- This is, uh, not your fight.
- Well, I'd say, my girl...
My fight.
- Ugh!
- Ugh!
- Ah!
- Be straight with me, James.
Tonight in the store,
those two Russians?
Part of the reason you got
locked up, aren't they.
How bad is it?
- Not good.
I was gonna lose this place.
And everything I built.
Me, a single dad
dealing with two kids,
who lost their mother.
All I wanted to do is
give them stability
and a shot at a future.
And I wasn't about
to let that dream
go down the crapper too.
I made a mistake,
but I paid for it.
This is my gym.
Those are my kids.
- Well, maybe by blood,
but certainly not by heart.
Your kids needed you
and you weren't here.
Damn your idealistic
plan to save this gym,
and all your stupid decisions.
The end result was
when they needed you
the most, you were gone.
I was the one here
holding all this together.
I kept the lights on and
the doors open, not you.
Which makes me wonder,
why in the hell would you
go and gamble it all
away in the first place?
Why did you go them, James?
After all our years
of friendship.
After everything you
and I have been through,
why didn't you just come to me?
You know I would've helped.
- C'mon Ozzy.
I'm already in debt to you more
than I could ever repay you.
What's done is done.
- No, see James done
isn't the word I'd use
if they're still
expecting you to pay up.
So I'm gonna say it again,
whatever you got yourself
into, you figure it out,
but not in here.
See, in here belongs to them.
Don't you dare screw this up
with Greg and jazzy, James.
Feel free to spend the
night on the couch.
Oh, don't light that cigarette.
Don't want you burning
down this place
on top of everything else.
- G'night now.
- Hey, I'm
looking for Reno street.
- Who's looking?
- My name is Ozzy.
I was at the liquor
mart the other night.
- Whaddya want?
- Uh, you dropped your dog tag.
- How'd you find me?
- When you dropped this, I uh,
googled your name and,
well, you know, it's pretty
easy to find people these days.
- Thanks.
- You fight?
I mean, I saw you fight.
Not bad.
Look, I manage and train
fighters at the Sterling gym.
Heard of it?
I'm usually on top of
the up-and-comers and,
judging by the way you
moved the other night,
you got serious potential.
I'm just surprised no one
has scooped you up yet.
- Yeah, well, growin'
up in a military family,
you move around a lot.
- You heard of the Sterling kid?
- Yeah, seen a
few of his fights.
- Yeah, he trains
at the gym with me.
Tell you what, why don't
you come down to the gym,
check it out, meet Greg.
My neice that was at
the liquor mart with me,
I'm sure she would
love to say thanks.
- Yeah?
- I don't usually have people
fight my fights for me.
I mean there was a time I
would be right there with you,
back to back, slug
for slug, but...
Well, I guess it's
true what they say.
"Those who can't
do anymore, teach."
You're talented.
Let me teach you.
- No, thanks man.
I gotta get up early.
I got a job interview so...
- Hey, you know, I'm
looking for someone
to help me down at the gym.
Keep the place clean,
assist with the day-to-day.
I can pay you 15 bucks an hour.
Plus, you can train for free.
Think about it.
- You should do it.
- I'm sorry, ma.
Did we wake you?
- Mmm.
This gym, this coach...
This is a real opportunity
for you isn't it.
- Alright, give me a
kiss for good luck.
Feeling lucky already.
Better make it two just in case.
Alright, remember, you wait
for Shannon to walk you home.
- Mhmm.
- Alright, go get smarter.
- Pretty, pretty girl.
It be shame to have accident
at elementary school.
Or you could just get
in car, your choice.
- This is him?
Do you know who I am?
- An average,
friendly gym owner?
They teach dance class?
- You think you are funny, huh?
I find your cowboy bravado
a problem.
You see, you have given me,
- How's that?
- You put your
nose into something
that did not concern you.
Problem in store is between
my good friend James and me.
Not you.
Now your cowboy antics
has taken away two
of my top fighters.
- Top fighters?
- Street trash.
- They say every
dog has his day,
and today is your
day street dog.
- Today we found out whether
yesterday was truly skill,
or if you just got lucky.
- Thanks, but I'll pass.
- Nyet.
You will step into that ring,
and we will find out what
you're really made of.
- I'm not your dog.
I don't fight for you.
- You do now,
or I send these gentlemen
to visit your drug-addict
mother, with your
head in cardboard box,
and then they bring your
sweet, little sister to me,
and I sell her to
highest bidder.
And also,
like your war hero father,
shot down in prime in
filthy streets of Iraq,
well, I know those streets too.
It's tragic.
- This is between you and me.
Leave my family outta this.
- Not possible.
You see, I too am family man.
Anatoly is not only one
of my best fighters,
he is also my brother.
It is your choice.
Two minutes.
Starting now, street dog.
So, this is more than just
good look, eh street dog?
- We're even.
I won.
You leave my family alone.
- Well, it's impressive but,
we are hardly even.
- No, that's not what you said...
- no!
I said, if you survive
for two minutes,
I'd let you keep your head.
This is our deal.
You have cost me two fighters.
I have now have two
fights and no fighters.
You will step in,
and you will take their place.
If you win,
I will leave your family alone.
- And if I lose?
- Anatoly will cut off
your hands.
Be ready to fight!
- When?
All you need to know
is when I snap my fingers,
you come like dog.
Do you understand?
That is our deal.
- Hey jazzy.
- Hey Ozzy.
- How are you?
- I'm great,
testing the soil acidity
and measurements today.
- Oh, when am I going
to some samples,
so I can do my own
quality control?
- We should be harvesting some
vegetables later this week.
You know, I could use some
help with the heavy lifting,
shoveling soil...
- yeah, that sounds
like young mens' work.
I'll get some of my
hotheads to come over,
and blow off some extra steam.
- Sounds good.
What's he doing here?
- Well, you have
your experiments,
I've got mine.
- Ozzy, you're trouble.
- Hey there.
- Hi.
Listen, I never got to thank
you for the other night.
- I'm sure you coulda
handled yourself.
- Yeah.
I'm Jasmine.
- Remo.
- It's nice to meet you.
- Officially.
- Ah, well, I gotta
get some work done,
but have fun in there.
- Ok.
I'll see you around.
- Yeah.
- Thanks Ozzy.
- You came.
- Yep.
- Didn't think I
was gonna see ya.
It's been a couple of days.
- Ok, so on busy days,
you'll be in charge
of the morning stuff.
That's cleaning the mats,
turning on the lights,
checking the temperature,
and folding and stocking
towels, and anything else
that needs to be done.
Pretty easy, right?
- Yeah, when do I get started?
- Dante!
Come here, I want
you to meet someone.
Meet your new sparring
partner, Remo.
- Call me street.
- Inferno.
- Like, Dante's inferno?
- Just know I bring the heat.
- Well, he got his ass
burned his last fight.
- Alright ladies, enough
chatting and more training.
Let's go.
- Hey, how ya holdin' up.
- Sore.
Piece o' cake though, right?
- Oh, it's gets easier and
then we make it hard again.
A little advance on your salary.
Most fighters I know
could use the cash.
- Are you sure?
- Are you coming back tomorrow?
- Yeah.
- Then, yeah.
- Thanks coach.
Hey, so uh, coach?
- Mhmm?
I watch my sister on somedays,
and then I bring her
to school on others.
You think I could bring
her here if I have her,
or would that be...
- Well, I think the first
one raised in our office
turned out fine.
- 'Night boys!
- G'night.
- What?
- Watch yourself.
- I always do.
- You got a ride, or
are you takin' the bus?
- Neither.
I'll see you tomorrow, coach.
- James! James!
My good friend, James!
Where are you going so early?
That fight's not
finished yet, hey?
My Patience will last only
so long with you, James.
I have not forgotten
what you owe,
and I would imagine
that neither have you.
- You know I'm
good for it, Yuri.
- Are you?
My colleagues are
beginning to ask why me
why I let everything go
so long with you owing
so much money, it's
bad for business!
I have said, "trust me,
trust James, he'll pay",
don't make me a liar, James.
You pay, one week.
Do you understand?
Get out of my sight.
- Coach oz, that you?
Hey, I'm sorry man,
I didn't know anybody
was gonna...
You're Sterling kid, right?
- What the hell
are you doing here?
- Oh, coach oz hired me to
work here part time and...
- well, you already
know who I am,
which means you also know
that this is my dad's gym.
Which also makes it mine.
- Street.
Got it.
- Yeah.
- Drop your shoulders,
not your hands!
C'mon! Circle, move!
Check your hands Greg!
Alright, 30 second break.
Greg, c'mere.
Stay tight, ok?
But don't be afraid
to let 'em go.
You've got a reach advantage
over this next guy,
but he's a wrestler,
so make him stand,
and wear him out
on his feet, ok?
And try to remember to keep
the range on the angle,
and fire after
you move, alright?
Let's go!
- So you like that?
Yo, towel boy!
- What?
- What's your name again?
- Remo, Remo street.
- Remo?
Like, really, that's
like, really your name?
- That's what I said.
- Dude, c'mon.
Are you gonna train or
tease the towel boy?
- Hey, I'm helping out here, ok?
I'm just trying to give our new,
hired hand some valuable
advice, because the help
shouldn't eye banging the
owner's daughter, my sister.
- Is that right?
- - Greg.
You're way outta line.
- I was just calling it
like I see it, coach.
- Hey, I'm calling
it like I see it.
Now you get back
into training mode,
or you hit the showers.
You wanna gossip, do
that on your own time.
- Oops, I missed.
- Hey, hey,
you got one more
towel to pick up.
- Hey Remo,
you missed another one.
- What the hell are y'all doin'?
Quit being an asshole
and put some clothes on.
- Good one, good one.
Let's go ladies!
Standing around with your
hands in your pockets.
- 20 fighters, 1300 bucks.
That's all they're making.
- You guys, I just got off
the phone with Mr. Bloomberg
from the UCLA medical board.
- Did they look at
your Grant proposal?
- Yes!
- They went over my entire
Grant application this morning,
- they loved it?
Of course, they loved
it, it's brilliant!
- I mean, I won't know if I
got it until a week or so,
but they're recommending
me for full Grant so...
- Woah.
Hey, Remo!
What'd I tell you about
eye banging my sister?
- What man?
Jealous she's getting
more attention than you?
- What the hell did you
just say to me? Huh?
- C'mon dude, c'mon.
- Well, last night, when
you dropped your towel,
at first, I thought it
was just a dick move,
but now I'm startin' to wonder.
- Yo street, bruh,
relax man.
- Was that a invitation for me?
You jealous of Jasmine, Greg?
Wish I looked at you like dat?
- Greg, c'mon, c'mon dude!
C'mon, c'mon dude!
- Come on get in
here, let's go son!
- Get in here right now!
You want some, let's go!
Let's do it!
Yeah, that's right!
Whatcha got!
- Oh, Ozzy, Ozzy.
- Hey, hey!
Knock it off! Knock it...
Break it up!
What the hell was that!
- S'called fighting.
- Oh, you wanna fight?
- I gotta train with
the towel boy now?
Well, you're sparring partner
is Ooc and it's your fault,
so yes!
- You really messed something
up man, what the hell?
- He likes to mix it up with
combo shots, high and low.
Don't forget the
wrestling background.
Alright, let's do it!
- This is your call, Ozzy.
Yeah, you better put out
another ad for a towel boy
after this fight.
He ain't gonna survive this, man.
- Alright, enough enough enough!
Hit the showers, both of you!
- I got you tomorrow.
- Just so you know,
until Chad gets better, that's
your new sparring partner.
- Look, about you and Greg,
I gotta be honest,
Greg haven't fought the
way he did today in months.
He's fighting a little flat.
I think what's Greg's been
missing though is heart.
He knows the techniques, but...
- so, you're saying
hatred towards me is
making him a better fighter.
- Amazingly enough, yeah.
- Well, I'm glad I'm
good for something.
- Hell, if I knew
that's all it took,
I woulda had you in
here a month ago.
Well, of course it's not
just a one way street though.
It has made you a
better fighter too.
I'll see you tomorrow, hothead.
Get some rest.
- Alright, coach.
You guys have gotta get
a less conspicuous car.
- Ding, ding, street dog.
Time to fight.
- Good fight, street dog.
- Alright, good workout.
I wanna run Greg through
some pad drills and fives,
so get the kick pads
and hop in the ring, ok?
- Ok.
- Anything solid in
the gym to hit today?
- Ok boys, playtime's over.
My office.
- See ya tomorrow, towel boy.
- Go home.
- Why?
- You're slow today, it's
like you're not on your game.
- Oh, c'mon coach, I'm good.
- Look, it's not a punishment.
You're here everyday
drilling and training.
Just get some rest, and
I'll see you tomorrow.
And bring your a game.
- Ok.
- You don't have to help me.
- Where we going with this?
- Lemme show you.
Ta da!
- This is beautiful.
- Thanks.
It was for my thesis project,
but now I'm hoping to
turn into a career path.
Homeopathic medicine and
less conventional disease
prevention and cures.
- That's incredible.
This all for school?
- Yeah, yeah I'm
working on my doctorate.
In fact, I presented to the
UCLA medical board this week,
- and?
- Well, they said they loved it,
but I have to wait
a couple of days
to see if I got the
Grant I applied for so,
fingers cross for
good luck and all.
- Yeah
- oh, hey,
you know, I have
something for that.
Here, sit down.
Here, let me see your hand.
- What is that?
- Aloe
- so, gardening.
That's what you do?
- Well, I study, research.
I work locally at a health
clinic treating cancer patients
with less conventional
you know, exciting
life of the super nerd.
- So, this is your little
secret getaway, huh?
- Ah, yeah.
I like to think of
it as my sanctuary.
I mean, the gym is great
and all, don't me wrong.
And I am so greatful for all
that it's done for my family,
but, oh my god, sometimes
I need to get away
from all that testosterone,
you know?
- How long did this take?
- Uh... Well, actually
my mom started it.
Back when she and my dad
first founded the gym.
One of my very first memories
is picking strawberries
with her back here,
so I guess,
it's kinda like, even
though she's gone,
it feels like a part
of her is still here.
- Yeah.
- Ok, what are you doing
right when you get inside?
- I'm gonna make the green tea,
with dandelion extract,
then, I'm gonna soak the
asparagus over night,
and then blend it
in the morning.
Preparing juice for lunch,
and leafy Greens for dinner.
- And?
- And, no more dairy.
- Good.
Now don't expect
miracles right away,
but all of this is
really gonna help.
- I really do appreciate it.
- No problem.
- G'night, thanks for the ride.
- G'night.
- Chad.
Chad, Chad, Chad,
Chad, slow down.
Rehabilitation time,
not re-injury time.
- Got it coach.
- Good job gentlemen!
- Hey,
chores first little boy.
- Enough, please.
- Yeah, yeah.
- Seriously, why don't you
cut him a little slack?
- What you goin'
soft on him too?
- Nah, I'm just saying,
the harder on him you are,
the more Jasmine's gonna
wanna be nice to him.
- Yeah, well,
why don't you keep your
opinions to yourself?
- Well, here's one opinion
I'm not keeping to myself:
Stop being a dick.
- Greg's got a big fight
comin' up in a few weeks,
and my old bones're getting
tired of lugging all this
crap by myself.
You mind giving me a
hand, and helping me out?
And besides, it's time
you get a little ringside
experience under your belt.
I mean, sparring is fine,
but ain't nothing
like the real deal.
- Yeah, I can do that.
Thanks coach.
- What the hell you
tryin' to do to me Ozzy?
- What?
- Whaddya mean "what?"
- Hey, handsome.
You headed home?
- Yeah, I was thinkin' about it.
Gotta get ready for this date
I got with this little cutie.
- What a coincidence.
I also have a hot date tonight.
- What?
- See ya later.
- Yes, ma'am.
Alright, ladies,
I'm outta here
kiddo. Kiss goodbye?
- You look so handsome.
- Thanks mom.
Hey, I'm proud of you too.
Thank you.
Finish your homework.
I'll see y'all later,
don't wait up ok?
- Ding, ding.
- Good, good street dog.
- Yo!
- Jazz, something's come up.
Oh, jazz is, uh, Jasmine?
That's your girlfriend?
James's daughter?
- Yeah, now gimme my phone.
- Hey, you fight
then you get phone.
Or, maybe I keep it.
Call Jasmine myself.
- Yuri, please man.
I can't do this tonight.
Any other night I'll fight
for you, just not tonight.
- Yes, they told
me, well too bad.
Now you go in there, and you
win this fight street dog.
And our deal?
You'll be finished.
- Street!
Street! Street!
- I'm fine, I'll be ready.
Don't worry about that.
- Hey street.
You wanna take that off?
You wanna explain?
- I got into a fight.
- Oh, please tell me
it was a bar fight,
and no charges were pressed.
- Oh my god.
- - Oh, street.
You have any idea what underground
fighting can do to us?
To this gym?
- You're an asshole, man.
I got this huge fight coming up,
and you're out starting your
own stupid little fight club?
- C'mon, that's enough Greg.
Street, you leave me no choice.
You jeapordize Greg's career,
and you could ruin the
reputation of this gym.
Clean out your locker.
- Coach Ozzy...
- You're fired.
- It's the right call.
- What's this?
- Well, I just don't understand
why you guys didn't tell me
if you knew about this, I mean,
I was gonna find
out at some point.
- Honey, it just happened.
- When, when did it just happen?
- I, I just didn't
know how to tell you.
I didn't want to upset you.
- Well, I'm upset anyways, so...
- I'm sorry. I shoulda
come to you right away.
I'm sorry.
- Wow, you look rough.
- Bad day. I had
to fire someone.
- You've been working
pretty hard lately.
- What's on your mind, James?
- Just realizing how much
you've done for this place,
how much I owe you.
It's your birthday this weekend.
Let me take you out for dinner,
say thanks for all
your hard work.
Whadd'ya say?
Friday night.
We can bring Greg, jazzy...
Make it our first family dinner.
- C'mon James, you
don't have to do that.
- Let me do this.
Lock up early,
clear the place out,
go blow off some
steam like we used to?
- Well, that does sound nice.
- I'll set it up.
You, me, and the
kids Friday night.
- Sounds great.
Hey, James.
- Yeah?
It's good to have you back, man.
- It's good to be back.
- Surprise!
- I thought you said it
was just gonna be family.
- This is our family.
Listen up everybody.
I wanna say something about
the man who we all love.
Who, if we were without,
there would be nothing.
People say doing the same
thing over and over again,
exactly the same way,
expecting a different result,
is the true definition
of insanity.
But, if you're a fighter,
that's just called training.
Of course, you have
to be a little insane
to take on a motley
group like this.
To coach oz, craziest
bastard I know.
You're the super glue
that holds us together.
Happy birthday, champ.
Love you.
Bring it in.
- Cheers!
- All right, there you go.
- Looks good.
- Yeah.
Hey, where's Nicky?
- Uh, it didn't work out.
Spending too much
time at the gym,
not enough time with her so...
- Well, good riddance.
- Oh, damnit.
- What's wrong?
- You know, I forgot Ozzy's
present over at the gym.
Can you hold down the fort
here if I run over and grab it?
- Yeah, yeah, yeah I got it.
- K, cool, be right back.
- Greg!
- How ya holdin' up
there coach oz, huh?
- You know, I should be
mad at your for this.
I know you and your sister
were involved in all of this.
- You gotta thank dad, he
masterminded the whole thing.
- Oh yeah?
- What can I say, I
love a good surprise.
- Hey, where's jazzy?
- Uh, she forgot Ozzy's present.
She went back to the gym.
- I need your phone, thank you.
- Answer! Answer!
C'mon, c'mon honey.
Answer the phone!
- 'Sup coach.
- It's James, it's James.
You gotta get to the gym.
- Wait what?
- The Russians.
There gonna burn the gym
down, and jazz is in there.
- I'm on my way.
- What have you done?
- Jasmine, where are you!
Get her out, go!
- I gotta get Greg.
I got you, I got you man.
- The heat really
seared her lungs, badly.
They just wanna
keep her in there,
just to make sure it's
nothing permanent.
Greg's lucky to be alive,
but he's out of the fight.
- I'm sorry coach,
this is all my fault.
- How is it your fault?
- The guys from
the liquor store.
After I broke his wrist,
they came after me.
They made me fight.
They said if I didn't
they'd kill my family.
I never thought they'd
come after the gym.
- That's because they
weren't after you.
James set this up.
- Jasmine's father?
- Yeah, he's in deep with them.
He owes them a lot of money.
And I guess he figured that,
since the place burned down,
he could collect the insurance
money and pay them off.
- Where is he now?
- What the hell!
I didn't have a choice!
I owe Yuri!
He was gonna kill me!
He's gonna kill all of you!
No one was supposed
to be in there.
The place was
supposed to burn down.
I was gonna pay him some money,
and just buy some
time, figure it out!
- No, you've done
it this time, James.
- We go way back.
You can't do this to me.
They're gonna kill me!
- Then you better
pray they're fast.
- Yuri!
- Ah! Street, my good friend.
- We had a deal, Yuri,
and I lived up to it.
You said, if I fight for you,
you won't hurt my family.
- I am a man of my word,
and you are right.
Our business is done.
Our business, however,
is far from complete.
Who do you think keep him
from being somebody's
bitch in jail, huh?
It is not so cheap to keep
somebody as pretty as our James
here safe, huh?
But you see, I see it
is really an investment.
Protecting my own interest,
because he owes me so
much money from before.
What good is he to me dead, huh?
So, I offer him
protection from prison,
at very good price.
He gets out, what does he do?
Does he come to see me?
He gambles,
and he loses!
So, I have to remind him
what is due.
You have good insurance
policy on gym, no?
Yeah, well, no matter.
However much it is for,
it is probably exactly the
same amount as our friend
here owes me.
- Hey, wait a minute,
that's over three quarters
of a million dollars.
- Yeah, that's probably right.
When check arrive,
I come and collect.
And if there is a problem,
I hurt you.
And you know what I will
do to you, don't you James.
Now get him out of here, he's
bleeding all over my carpet.
I have a very busy evening.
- I'll fight you for it.
- What?
- I'll fight you for it.
- Street, what're you doing?
- I have nothing
if I lose everyone.
Your best against
me, winner takes all.
C'mon business man.
What do you have
to lose if I win,
and if I win, all
debts are wiped clean.
I made good with
what I owed you,
now it's your turn.
- All or nothing?
- All or nothing.
- Deal.
Street dog, you fight wolf.
- Come on, baby!
Get up, street!
Street, get up!
Come one, baby!
Remember what I taught you.
That's it!
Yes, yes!
Come on street!
Good take down, good one, yes!
Finish him!
- Street!
Street! Street!
- So, business is business,
and tonight, business
was very good.
You made me much money.
See them?
They bet against you.
Easy money they think, huh?
- You?
- First rule, street dog,
never bet against the house.
I knew you would win.
You had everything to lose.
Powerful weapon.
You take care, street dog.
- Is it over?
- For you, it is.
- So it's forgiven, right?
- Get out of our lives, James.
If I hear you
coming near the gym,
or contacting Greg or
Jasmine ever again,
I'm not calling the police.
I'm calling him.
- Ozzy, Ozzy.
What the hell is going on?
What the hell's going on!
What the hell is going on!
- So what're they
gonna do with him?
- A little relocation program.
He'll be fine.
I would never do
anything to James
that would hurt
Greg and Jasmine.
C'mon man, let's get outta here.
- She's alive because of you.
And I wouldn't be here either
if you hadn't pulled me out.
Coach told me
about what you did,
about why, and what happened.
I'm sorry.
I should let you
explain more, you know,
and you didn't deserve
that, I'm sorry.
- I understand.
- Good.
This hurts the most though.
More than my leg or the gym,
I mean we can fix those but,
she's too good for
this to happen.
For what my dad did...
I mean she trusts in people,
she sees the good
in people, you know?
Been throwin' punches
my whole life,
and this is the first time I
wanna punch somethin' I can't.
Not gonna be able to fight man,
we're gonna lose everything.
- I got an idea.
- What you wanna fight
and take my spot?
- Everything ok in here?
- Yeah.
Coach what's the rules on
substitution for the fight.
- Oh,
hey these guys are bad man,
are you sure you're ready?
- Only if we do it my way.
- Street!
Keep it tight, keep it tight!
- Well?
- I got it! I got the Grant!
- Jaz, that's amazing!
- Chin down!
- Hey, make 'em miss
and make 'em pay!
- You know I wanted to tell you,
you look amazing.
- Jasmine gave me a makeover.
She said I needed
a little updating.
- Like it?
I love it.
You look so...
- Alive?
- Yeah.
- I think tonight was the
night I really realized
just how much you've
been doing for us all.
For me, for Jessie.
How much you've sacrificed.
When your daddy died,
I used it as an excuse
just to, check out.
I needed to feel numb,
and it didn't matter what
I had to do get there,
as long as I didn't
feel the pain.
she's a really great girl.
Can you promise me
something in life?
You'll never take any
moment for granted.
Not the good or the bad.
Because you never know
how many of those moments
you're gonna have together.
Live every moment
like it's your last.
- Thanks mom.
- No, thank you Remo.
- Bob?
What're you doing here?
- -Five years,
and that about sums it up.
The Sterling kid has
not exactly lived up
to his Sterling
name, now how has he?
Ha, now that's
an understatement, bill.
Sterling, yeah right.
He's lucky he can't fight manta
for the rematch tomorrow night
- amen, I agree.
- He'd get
humiliated all over again.
And, and who's fighting
in his place again?
- Uh, hang on a second.
It's uh, Remo street.
Never heard of the guy.
- Street. Street.
Another joke.
Who the hell is this guy anyway?
Who, who makes these
decisions, bill?
- Who knows! Who knows?
- Not good.
- No, it's not good, Ozzy.
Our sponsorship was
with the Sterling kid.
Not Remo street.
I don't know what
you're thinking about.
Doesn't have a laughing
chance against manta.
You saw what he did to Greg.
Bob, this kid, he has got it.
He just has to...
- has to win?
Otherwise, you lose credibility.
The gym.
You'll be through.
We've been doing
business for a long time.
So, I'm gonna hope for the best.
I just hate to see
you go out this way.
- Who was that?
- Bob Olsen.
- Bob Olsen, from
Olsen advertising?
- Mmm.
- What the hell?
I thought Remo taking my place
in the fight would cover us.
- That's not enough.
He has to win.
- You don't think he can win.
- Do you?
- Welcome everyone to the
championship fight tonight!
- It has been a
long, tough road,
with more than a few detours,
but you know what?
We're here now.
I'm proud of you.
I'm proud of all of you.
Come on, bring it in,
"street" on three.
- One, two, three!
- - Street!
- Street, listen.
No matter what you do,
fight from your heart.
- Jessie told me
to give you those.
But this one is from me.
Kick some ass.
- Yes, ma'am.
- Good evening,
ladies and gentlemen.
Tonight's fight, we
have the challenger.
Remo street!
And the champion, Dorian manta!
- This guy is cocky
and overconfident.
You will take this guy,
just remember everything
that we worked on.
You got it.
I saw fear in his eyes, ok?
Keep doing what you're doing.
- Street!
You got more hear than
any fighter I've ever met.
Go out there, and take this.
For the family.
- Get up.
- You got it!
- Come on!
- Come on baby, you can do it.
- Make him hurt!
- Nice!
- Yes!
- Take him out!
Street! Street! Street!
Street! Street! Street!
- Wow.
You know I was afraid
to come back here.
I figured with all the
time spent in the hospital
that everything
would've been forgotten
and all my research
would've died out.
- Yeah, I couldn't let
all your work go to waste,
so Jessie and I came here
every day after school
to water it, take care
of it, give it some tlc.
- Well, I am impressed.
- What is this?
- It's a surprise, open it.
I figured something as
important as a Grant
should be hung up and framed.
- I love it.
Thank you.