Street Law (1995) Movie Script

- You sell me out, Sam?
- Come on.
- No, look.
- It's not like that.
- Don't tell me
- you sold me out.
- Are you lyin', Sam?
- It's not like that, I'm telling you.
- He has millions,
- real estate--
- stay out of this!
- You sell me out for money?
Is that what you did?
You ruined my life for this, Sam?
For this, for money?
Is it still funny?
Sell me out?
Can't believe you ruined my
life for that money, Sam.
- Take him out!
- you ruined my life
for that money, Sam.
I'll kill you, Sam.
I'll kill you for ruining
my life for the money.
I'll kill you!
- Take the gun!
Shoot the--
- Ruined my life.
- Come on, take the gun.
Shoot the bastard.
- Gimme that!
Grey Feather and his boys
liked to play Indian war
games on Saturday mornings.
I guess it beats watching cartoons.
Occasionally against my
better judgment, I join em.
Last man standing gets the first deer.
But I've never been a real big hunter.
- It's unfortunate that
you missed your deer.
- I didn't miss.
- Good luck beads.
I represented
Gray Feather and the boys
on an illegal occupation beef,
after they took over a
a government building.
Turned ugly.
Gray Feather was taken a bad wrap.
I had to take the case to appeal.
Tribe didn't have a dime.
So I had to cover all the costs.
Cash flow can be a real bitch.
Fortunately, I have friends.
River of life
Rushes at your feet
You've never felt completely whole
Your life seems so easy
You earned grace it's true
Seeming straight and narrow
Takes you where you wanna go
But do you want to go the distance
John, you know
I'm very fond of you,
and I don't like to come here
and bother you about money.
But the fact of the matter is,
that I am a loan shark,
and you owe me money.
So I would just appreciate it if you would
make a payment.
Just a payment.
Because you're bad for my rep.
- You okay?
You okay, buddy?
- Something bothering you, Johnny?
Oh God, that's gotta
hurt, that's gotta hurt.
Johnny, I haven't seen you
throw this much heat buddy,
since Big Ed Henry slashed your tires
when it was, '66, buddy.
- Guys who play dirty,
end up gettin' hurt.
- Hey John, John, come here.
I gotta talk to you, buddy.
John, john listen.
John, you gotta make a payment.
You're making me look bad.
Hey John, John this is
gonna be bad for both of us!
- I wanted the doors closed.
He must have nothing live.
Nowhere to run.
I want him disbarred.
- Oh come on, Luis.
I can't get him disbarred.
- All l ask is for you
to take care of business.
I provide the gun.
And if you hit the
target, you get the prize.
- I give you Ryan, what
are you gonna do with him?
- You see, I have plans for Johnny Boy.
By the way, Sam.
I know you won't let me down.
- Yeah, John's into me for a bit of money.
- How much?
- $78,000, why?
- I'll take it.
- Listen.
I don't think you and your
friends understand, okay?
I got a personal relationship with John,
and this is like a debt that
I just can't sell, okay?
- I have a relationship with John, too.
I think you better sell it to me for $1.
- Listen.
Listen, I can't do that.
You broke my nose, you bastard!
- Are you okay, Larry?
Are you okay, Larry?
- Yes.
- He's okay.
Take your money!
- So you wanna sell it to me?
You wanna sell it to me?
- Fuck yeah.
- I told you, you'll get it when I get it.
I just don't have it right now.
- I know, I know.
John, I am very sorry about your
current financial situation.
- Man, you don't know the half of it.
- Somebody's bought your debt off.
- Somebody bought my debt?
My debt's between you and me, Larry.
- I know.
I'm sorry.
Somebody is very interested in you.
Let's take a drive.
When I was a kid, I had a friend
by the name of Luis Calderon.
We were inseparable.
- Hold it right there!
We got into some serious trouble.
Cops were really after us.
They caught Luis.
You lousy little rat!
They beat him up pretty bad.
Big shot?
I wanted to help him.
But I didn't know what to do.
- Get up!
- They put Luis away
for a long time.
- Come on!
- What do you think pleasure is, John?
The absence of pain.
Or the presence of something else.
Do you know what the answer is?
It's the absence of pain.
How long, John?
22, 23 years.
Long time.
- I knew this day would come, Luis.
- Remember when we robbed the store?
I got sentenced to two years.
Those two years turned into 16 years.
Long time.
Lot of pain.
- The past is gone, Luis.
You can't recapture it.
- You learn a lot about
pain when you do time, John.
Couple of guys teach me real good.
They learned too.
I kill one.
And castrate the other one.
- What's this all about, Luis?
What's the deal here?
- The deal is, you got
your shit together good.
Marine Corp, law school.
Real golden boy.
What do you want?
- Fair market value, for 16 years.
For getting my throat cut,
you start being a golden boy.
Is that what
all this is about Luis?
After all these years?
Your pound of flesh.
You owe me.
- What do you want me to do?
- Remember that game we used to play
when we were kids?
Capture the flag.
I changed the rules.
It's not a game anymore.
You fight for the flag.
The winner gets big money.
What you say, John?
Tough guy, good fighter.
Couple of rounds.
No time, we're even.
- I'm not a kid anymore, Luis.
- You got a few days
before you have to pay.
Think about it.
He ain't gonna show.
Calderone probably whacked him.
Grime, maybe
you can just let me do the
thinking, all right?
If he wanted him dead, he'd be dead.
Good morning, John.
- Good morning, Larry.
That is a lovely suit.
Did you just come from the office?
Larry, I got serious trouble.
- Listen John.
- What?
Are you absolutely
sure you need this money?
- Yeah, I need this money.
You're not gonna lend it to me?
I gotta be
honest with you, my friend.
I don't know.
- What are you sayin'?
I'm certain he don't
wanna make the loan, Slick.
- Oh, and who are you?
Larry's new partner, Grime?
- I'm his senior VP of business affairs.
My affair is to burn off the dead wood.
- Well I suggest you go jump in fire.
- My appease is a little dirty,
how 'bout you suck it clean.
- How 'bout you kiss my ass?
- Okay, okay, hey, hey,
come here, listen, listen.
It's me, it's me.
- I know who it is.
I should whack you on
the side of the head too.
- Listen, I am sorry about
this whole loan thing.
But we gotta see some
action on it, all right?
Come on.
You know that I'm very fond of you.
- Yeah, I can see that.
I'm in a little bit of a bind here, Larry.
You know?
I need the money.
- I know.
John, I know you do.
Listen, here's $25,000.
- All right, thanks.
You know I'm good for it, right?
- Oh, I do.
- I'm gonna get
it back to you.
- I know, that's good.
- All right.
You'll get it back.
See you real soon, Slick!
- Look at you.
- Claudia, I don't have time for this.
I have to be in court in 10 minutes.
- They're trying to lay
robbing a store on him.
Just 'cause he was in
it, and the same color
as the man who did it.
- I'm going to
go call security.
- Go ahead.
Call security.
- Claudia, it's all right,
I'll take care of this.
- I read about you in the papers.
- Do you wanna just give me a second?
Janice, open up a file for a Mr.--
- Jefferson, Mic Jefferson.
- A Mic Jefferson, thank you.
- I tell you, if you
take care of red people,
then you'd probably take care of black.
- All right, Mrs. Jefferson.
You have my attention.
All right?
Just give me a minute
with your son, would you?
Thank you.
Mic, why don't you have a seat?
All right, don't sit down.
What's Mic short for?
- Michelangelo.
- Is that right, huh?
Don't touch the papers, please.
Did you do it, Michelangelo?
- Yeah, yeah I did it.
- Okay, that's good.
We're off to a good start.
Why'd you do it?
- For the money.
- Excuse me, are you
into Eskimo soapstone?
For the money?
Yeah, how much you make?
- $94.17.
- Split how many ways?
- Two.
- What'd you do with your end?
- Paid off a dealer.
- Come here.
How long you been using?
Here's the deal, Mic.
Your mother seems like a good person
who believes in her son.
For whatever reason, I don't know.
You wanna break her heart?
- You taking my case, or what?
- How old are you?
- 18.
- How long do you think you're gonna live?
How many friends you had who've been shot?
How many?
- Nine.
- How many stabbed?
- Shit, I don't know.
- How many dead?
- Six.
- When are you gonna go?
- Oh, I ain't going nowhere.
- Yeah, you got that much right.
- Now, take that bullshit and walk, man.
- I gotta lot of friends
in the street, Mic.
I'm puttin' the word out on you.
You mess up, and your ass is mine.
You got it?
- What you know
about the street, huh?
- What do you know
about the street.
- Man, you don't know
what I have to do to get by out there!
- You don't know nothin', Mic.
you throw a punch again,
and you take it up the ass.
I want you to really
smack me this time, Mic.
Come on, go for it.
You had enough?
Have you had enough?
Are you hurtin'?
Come on, smack me, Mic.
Come on, Mic, smack me.
You're an asshole and your
mother doesn't know it.
You're doing life on the
installment plan, Mic.
And maybe, just maybe,
if you clean yourself up,
I'll take your case.
I hate to break this up,
but I'm due in court.
Thank you, Mrs. Jefferson.
- Janice?
- No way in hell is Michelangelo
a pro bono deal, pal.
Here's the Carruthers file.
Look, you can't afford to take on
any more charity cases.
You gotta be into that Hiawatha thing
for over 150 grand.
- Thanks, Janice,
they were knick knacks.
- Terrific.
You've got a bleeding heart,
I just don't want it bleeding all over me.
You know John, contrary to your opinion,
money is not an evil thing.
- Oh yeah.
- What's this?
- Money, cash, $100 bills.
- Clients paying in cash?
- Something like that.
- Good luck this morning in court.
- John, do you have a moment?
- Sorry Sam, I've got a summation due
in five minutes, remember?
- Right.
The Carruthers case,
unfortunate bit of business.
I would've handled it myself,
but scheduling didn't permit it.
How's it looking?
- How's it looking?
You mean, am I doing a good job?
You mean, is Carruthers gonna get off?
Or do you mean is Carruthers guilty
of beating the woman?
- I'm sure you'll take
care of it either way.
- It's not exactly my kind of thing, Sam.
I don't like the way it smells.
Don't stick me with this crap again.
- What's the matter, John?
Don't you like the smell of money?
Carruthers is an important client.
Very important, and rich.
Good words to remember,
important and rich.
- It's Armstrong.
- Yes?
Ryan's on his
way to court with Carruthers.
- Did Sylvia get the pictures?
- Yes, this morning.
- Good.
I always have the hook.
This court finds
the defendant not guilty.
- You did very nice work in court, Ryan.
You might let Armstrong know that I'm
considering moving a larger portion
of my company's business to the firm.
That is, if he makes you a full partner,
and compensates you accordingly.
- You should be a little more careful
the company you keep.
You were within inches of being convicted
of aggravated assault.
If I were you, I'd stay
away from prostitutes.
- You think I beat her?
- Someone sure did.
- Look, I have to get back to the office.
Why don't you drop by later?
I'll buy you dinner.
Say, around nine o'clock?
We'll talk some business.
- Mr. Ryan?
- Yes?
- Someone gave me these
pictures this morning.
Some of them are of me.
I think you should them.
- Where'd you get these?
- A friend of mine.
Working girl.
She stole them from Carruthers.
- Why didn't you hand them in
as evidence in court?
- Person like me is not gonna find justice
in court, Mr. Ryan.
- No, you're hearing but
you're not listening to me.
I said we step in and we give
them 10 cents on the dollar.
They're next to bankruptcy.
They're desperate, they
don't have a choice.
10 cents on the dollar.
All right?
Yeah good.
It's good for both of us.
I'll talk to you later.
So you up for a drink
before dinner or what?
I know this great club,
the owner's a pal of mine.
We go in there, get our
dicks sucked for free,
don't have to wear a
fuckin' rubber either.
I hate that shit.
- Yeah, me too.
I mean rubbers are for
tires, not dicks, right?
Hey, is that where you met Sylvie?
- Nah, she's a street whore.
- So tell me, you beat her?
- What?
- You beat her.
- John, it's over, we won.
- But you know,
you get off on beating chicks, don't ya?
Come on, you old smoothie.
- I thought you were playing
the righteous preck role.
John, check this out.
- Hey, I'm a lawyer,
but I love to party, you know what I mean?
- Some of these broads, they love to
get smacked around.
Sometimes they deserve it, right?
- Oh these are wild.
Should've told me you were into kink.
I wouldn't have had to bullshit ya.
Yeah we coulda been out partying together.
- Yeah.
Got a little present for ya.
Guaranteed to tease and please.
- You are a wild devil, huh?
- These are the Cadillac
of cuffs, my buddy boy.
You and me out on the town.
What do you say, huh?
Dueling dicks of death.
How's that fit?
- Not bad.
I could see this on a lot of people.
- Like Sylvie, maybe?
Or someone like her?
- John, what the hell is all this about?
- Contrary to popular belief,
money can't buy complete of unity, Phil.
You know Sylvie, right Phil?
- You can't do this to
me, you son of a bitch.
Sylvie, I'll give you anything you want.
Anything you want.
Don't hit me, don't hit me, don't hit me.
That's what the legal
system's supposed to be about.
But it's not.
It's about money.
About corruption.
I thought I'd left this
kind of thing in my past
with Luis Calderone.
But I haven't.
Calderone's closing in on
me like a freight train.
Hold it right there!
Big shot?
Get up!
Come on!
Okay Ryan, speak and you won't
be under arrest, got that?
gonna nail his skinny ass,
if you don't put some
you'll go down too.
We'll talk to you mother.
scum bag.
Sign this fuckin' statement,
sign it right now,
or I'm gonna kick your ass!
- Sign it!
You think I'm playing with you?
Sign it.
- This guy been behaving himself?
You're screwed Ryan, you know that?
You stepped right over the line this time.
Of course I knew you would.
And I knew I'd be there when you did.
You're screwed.
- Okay, I'm screwed.
You're repeating yourself.
- You know that girl?
- Yeah, you too?
Maybe we got something in common.
- Sylvie Dagno made a statement saying
you put her up to beatin' Carruthers.
He's in the hospital demanding
your head on a platter.
You're up on conspiracy to commit murder.
You want freedom?
Talk to a judge.
You want rights?
We'll read em to you.
- This is bullshit and
you guys both know it.
Carruthers is a scum bag.
You on his payroll, or
just kissin" his ass?
- You son of a bitch!
- Let's get three things straight, Ryan.
One, I don't like you, you're a lawyer.
Two, I don't kiss nobody's ass.
And three, I would
never, ever take a grace.
Not for Carruthers, not for him or
any other scum bag.
You got that?
- Yeah, I got it.
- Good.
Read him his rights.
- Hey, you son of a bitch.
Turn to your left.
- You got any money?
Up man, I'm talking to you!
You got any money?
That's my bench you sittin' on.
So you owe me rent.
- What are you doing here?
- You know this shit?
- Yeah, he's a lawyer.
- He's a lawyer?
So what the fuck is he doing here?
- I'm sittin' on this bench,
and I ain't payin' squat.
- Takin' that shit from him?
He's dissin' you man, makin'
you look like a chump.
Whack this asshole out.
- Shut up, pie boy.
Pay my rent, man.
- Screw you, gorilla breath.
The suit takes you down,
that's your problem.
But no one tells me to shut up.
You're a big pussy, Marcus.
- Now pay me, asshole!
- Let him go.
- Back off, cause you next.
- I said, let him go.
- Coming to the defense,
Mr. Fuckin' lawyer?
You think your body can back up
your big fuckin' mouth?
I think I'm gonna have you suck my cock.
You're gonna look real
good hanging' off my cray.
- Why don't you quit while you're ahead?
Hit him again!
- You had enough?
- Okay.
- Hey, hey, hey, what's going on here?
- I slipped.
Yeah, sure.
Look, I don't know who did what,
all I know is, the
charges have been dropped.
Armstrong got the charges dropped.
- Armstrong?
- Yeah, Senior partner
in your firm, you remember him don't ya?
Guy with all the connections?
Seems he made a few phone calls,
and presto, the whole thing disappears.
Must be nice to have
friends in high places.
I'd have thought Armstrong would
have your ass for gettin'
that guy roughed up.
Something stinks around here, Ryan.
I'll be watchin' you.
- Mr. Ryan?
Mr. John Ryan?
Are you Mr. Ryan?
Are you Mr. Ryan?
- Who's asking?
- I'll take that as a yes.
- What's this?
- An eviction notice.
You are forbidden from
entering these premises--
- Who issued the notice?
- You are forbidden
from entering these premises
for any reason whatsoever.
- Who issues the notice?
- The owner, Mr. Armstrong.
- Armstrong?
Armstrong did this?
- You are forbidden from
entering these premises
for any reason whatsoever.
If you enter the premises, you will be
charged with trespass from
the officers behind me.
Do you understand, sir?
- You know this is
totally illegal, right?
- You're going to
have to leave now, sir.
You're gonna have to take
that up with the courts.
- Oh I will, don't worry.
I'll take this up with the courts.
- If you don't leave now, we're gonna
have to charge you with trespass,
do you understand?
- I understand.
I've gotta grab some clothes.
- No, I'm sorry sir.
All of your personal belongings
must remain within the apartment--
- Sir, I have some important
artifacts in there.
Until there's been a
settlement with Mr. Armstrong.
- Sir, I have some valuable
artifacts in there.
- You are now evicted.
You must leave now, sir.
- I have to get these
artifacts, sir.
- All of your
personal belongings must
remain with in the apartment--
- You can't do this.
This is totally illegal, sir.
- Until a settlement has
been reached with Mr. Armstrong.
Do you understand?
You have to leave now, sir.
You have to leave.
- I'll see you in court.
Have a nice day, sir.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
- Let's try this one.
Oh, I'm sorry sir.
Looks like this one has been declined too.
Must be some mistake.
These cards were good yesterday.
I'll have to
ask you to leave, sir.
- Excuse me.
- Does it look
like I'm finished?
- Okay.
- You accept cash, right?
- Yes, we do.
But it doesn't look like
you have enough, sir.
- Thanks for your help.
- You're welcome.
- Fred.
John Ryan.
Listen, you still got that old place?
You remember that hotel?
The one my buddy Jimmy Twoglaze stayed at.
Yeah, well I need a room.
I'll explain everything
to you when I see you.
- Mr. Armstrong cannot see
you right now, Mr. Ryan.
- You have the charges dropped against me,
then evict me from my apartment.
What the hell is going on here, Sam?
- I leased your corporate apartment
at a favorable rate.
You're substantially
behind in your payments.
- Those payments were
gonna be brought up to date
on the Carruthers fees.
- Yes, well Carruthers won't be paying.
You've seen to that, haven't you?
- Oh come on, Sam.
You knew Carruthers beat the girl.
- Oh I don't have to
answer your accusations.
I'm aware of what's been going on, John.
Improper billing procedures.
Taking on risk work.
Covering it through your own means.
I don't know where you've
been getting your money,
but I have no doubt it's
through illegal channels.
Now the law is a sacred--
- you don't give a shit
about the law, Sam.
This place is a goddamn money factory.
- You don't work here anymore, John.
- You firing me, Sam?
- Mr. Carruthers is suing you
for several million dollars.
We'll be representing Mr. Carruthers.
You're history here, John.
Your company credit
cards have been canceled.
The court has frozen your assets.
You're history.
- This is far from over, Sam.
Far from over.
- You're wrong, Ryan.
This is completely over.
Just a second.
That's no way
to open a door for a lady.
- You passing yourself off
as a lady these days, Kelly?
- You passing yourself off as an
honest cop, detective Baker?
- I hear your boyfriend may be picking up
a couple new business partners.
- Boyfriend?
- Calderone a trick then, Kelly?
- You know, maybe if
you had balls instead of
just a badge, you'd be man enough to
go talk to Calderone yourself.
- You know, I am so close to Calderone,
I can almost hear his kidneys working.
You ever get close enough to a man
to hear his kidneys working, Kelly?
They make a very interesting sound.
You tell Calderone, I'm this far
from hanging those kidneys
on the precinct wall.
Always real nice to see you, Kelly.
- You following me, Mic?
- No, man!
- Why you following me?
- I owe you for
that jail thing, man.
- Yeah, you got that straight.
Now what is it this time?
Theft or a drug bust?
- Parole violation, man.
- How'd you make bail?
- Of my own recognizance.
- Don't shit me, man.
- No, I ain't.
- Don't fuckin' shit me.
- I ain't messing you man,
I'm serious man.
I talk good man.
- Yeah, I know you
fuckin' talk good.
- All right, listen,
listen, listen, all right?
I heard something, man.
I heard someone's looking for you, man.
Someone big, got some
interest in you, man.
- Who's got interest in me?
Who, who Mic?
Who's got fuckin' interest,
who's got interest in me?
- I hear, I let you know, all right?
- You make sure of that.
- I will, man.
- Sure of that.
- Will all right.
Heard you were living in
that dump over there, man.
Guy, chill.
- You heard that huh?
- Yeah.
- You hear a lot of things huh Mic?
- Yeah, I hear a lot of things man.
- You're a smart guy, huh?
- You damn straight.
- Why if you're so fuckin' smart,
why are doing the life
installment plan, Mic?
- Nah man, see it ain't
gonna work that way.
See, I'm gonna change things right?
I'm gonna get my shit together, right?
See, I gotta take it slow.
You know what I'm saying?
- When?
When, tomorrow?
Tomorrow, next week?
Next year?
- I don't know!
- When?
I'm gonna.
Yeah, I'm gonna.
That's the fuckin' junkies lament, Mic.
I'm gonna.
- Ryan!
You takin' my case man, or what?
I'll think about it.
- Hey, ladies and gentlemen check him out.
Looking' good, huh?
All right.
Looking good, Johnny.
I'm impressed.
What you think, Kelly?
This guy get you hot?
You wanna do him?
- Why Luis?
You getting to old?
- Hey Johnny, I'm impressed.
Feel good enough to
settle up with me, Johnny?
Let's see what you got.
Show me your stuff.
Show me your stuff.
Let's see what you got.
Come on, Johnny.
I'm talking to you chicken.
I'm talking to you!
Let me see what you got.
Come on.
Come on, give it to me.
Come on, show me your stuff.
Come on, Johnny.
Talking to you chicken!
Show me your stuff.
Come on, let me see what you got.
Wake up, come on.
Give it to me.
Come on, Johnny, come on.
Come on!
Come on, Johnny, come on, come on.
Come on, let's have a talk.
Get dressed.
- I couldn't find the ladies room.
- There isn't one.
- You work for Calderone?
- Yeah.
- What do you do?
- I fuck him.
- Really.
That's probably a lot of work.
- Believe me, it is.
But with Luis, it's either
screw or get screwed.
I prefer to be on top.
Luis is playing your song.
- Why don't you tell
him I'll be right down?
- Why don't you remember what I told you?
- About being on top?
- About Luis.
Screw him before he screws you.
- Let's cut the bullshit.
I got you by the balls.
- So let me get this straight.
You want me to play this game,
this steal the flag.
And if I do it a couple
of times, my debt's clean.
And you have your retribution?
- Right.
And if you win, you get the bonus.
Good afternoon
ladies and gentlemen,
welcome to flag.
Introducing at six feet,
195 pounds, John Ryan!
six feet one inch, 253
pounds, Legion the Hammer.
- What you getting?
- Yeah, get down!
- Are you my trainer?
- Yeah.
- Luis says you've made
his merchandise status.
- Really?
Is that good or bad?
- It means you get a continued chance
to be explored by him.
He wants you to come by
later to pick up your money.
Hate it when he trashes good merchandise.
- Oh, I heard that's good
for your sperm count.
- Am I interrupting something?
- Hey Johnny,
I'm glad you're here.
You want a drink?
- No, I'm fine.
- I say, you wanna drink?
- Yeah, I'll have a beer.
- Kelly.
10 grand, Johnny.
I'm a man of my word.
Feels good, huh?
Money's good for the soul.
Enough of it can buy anything.
It can buy the best.
You wanna share Pandora's
box with me, Johnny?
- Luis wasn't loved enough as a child.
- What you say, Johnny?
I work with only the best.
You wanna share it with me?
- Beer is just fine.
- What is it, Johnny?
You really think you're better than me?
- Not better than you, Luis.
Just cleaner.
I don't like to deal in drug money.
- You ever read any Shakespeare Johnny?
I have a lot of time to read in solitary.
There is no beast so fierce,
that knows no mercy.
But I'm no beast.
And therefore, no mercy.
- Is that so?
- I am the judge and your jury.
Come on.
We have someone to talk to.
How you doing, Sam?
- What's he doing here?
- You two know each other huh?
Yeah, I know Mr. Armstrong.
- Here's your money, counselor.
- What's the money for, Sam?
- Look.
- Come on, Sam.
A few words.
- He's a client.
A client, we do business.
- Did you sell me out, Sam?
- Come on.
- It's not like that.
- Don't tell me you sold me out, Sam.
- Are you lyin', Sam?
- It's not like that.
He has millions.
Real estate.
- Stay out of this!
- Did you sell me out
for money?
- Come on.
- Is that what you did?
you ruined my life
for this, Sam?
For this?
For money?
You sell me out?
I can't believe you ruined my life
for that money, Sam.
- Take him out!
- You ruined my life for that money, Sam.
I'm gonna kill you, Sam.
I'll kill you, you
ruined my life for money.
I'll kill you.
- Take the gun.
Shoot the gun.
come on.
Take the gun.
- Gimme the gun.
I'll blow your brains out.
You ruined my life, I'll ruin yours.
Shut up!
Shut up!
Now get down on your knees and beg!
Get down on your knees and beg or I'll
blow our head off!
Get down on your knees and beg!
Beg for your life!
Beg for life, man, like I begged for mine!
Get out of here you son of a bitch!
Get out of here!
Get out of here!
- Shoot him!
You should've shoot him at
least a couple times, John.
- Shut up, Luis.
Carruthers is
talking to Armstrong too much.
I don't like this.
Get rid of the guy tonight.
- Oh.
- Oh, someone had a little too much huh?
no, no, no, no!
You're not supposed to kill him!
Stop it!
You're killing him!
Stop it!
Stop it!
Stop it!
Stop it!
Had enough?
Is that the way to treat a guest?
- What are you guys doing here?
- We're old friends, John.
You gonna invite us in or what?
- Yeah, sure.
Come on in.
You wanna talk or something?
- Yeah I wanna talk.
20 questions.
Who killed James Carruthers?
- Carruthers is dead?
- Yeah, we fished him out of
a river earlier this evening.
Someone strangled him with a piano wire.
- It's a real loss for humanity.
- Yeah well as I see it, Carruthers wasn't
suing anyone else for a million dollars.
No Carruthers, no lawsuit.
Nice huh?
- You're wasting your time.
I didn't whack Carruthers.
You got an alibi?
- Yeah, I was with friends.
- Oh, Luis Calderone.
Great alibi.
- I didn't kill Carruthers.
Now why don't you get
the hell out of here?
- I don't think he did it,
it's not style.
Probably Calderone ordered the hit.
That's it.
Probably to give him a favor.
- Luis doesn't pay back
on favors, all right?
- He's gonna end up owning you.
You hear anything on
this Carruthers thing,
you call us before we start calling you.
- Yeah, I'll call you
for brunch on a Sunday.
- One more thing.
You know a broad named Kelly?
- Yeah, what about her?
- Well, we figure that she
did the hit for Calderone.
- You got the wrong broad.
- I don't think so, Johnny
boy, I don't think so.
Dangerous lady.
You should keep your pants on.
She might just squeeze her legs together,
pop your dick right off.
- Why don't you get out of here, huh?
Get out!
- Good night.
- What the?
How'd you get in here?
- Locks are for honest people.
I picked it.
- What time is it?
About 7:30.
- Wanna get in bed?
- I would love to.
But I won't.
- Don't tell me your
worried about safe sex.
- Sex is never safe.
How 'bout breakfast?
- A little early for that isn't it?
You know, you invited me for breakfast,
you're supposed to pay.
- I never pay.
You know, Calderon's not
going to be satisfied
until he destroys you.
Why don't you just split?
- It's a principle thing.
- Principle.
I think it's a dick thing.
You know, like who's balls
are bigger, yous or his?
- Really?
You ever hear of a guy named Armstrong?
- Maybe, maybe not.
- You know, I was getting the impression
that maybe you were in my corner.
- Only to the degree
that it's worth my while.
- I got nothing that's
worth your while, Kelly.
- I'll be the judge of that.
Thanks for breakfast.
I gotta go.
- Hey Kelly!
I hope Calderon's taking
real good care of ya.
In the red,
Mike the clock smith,
six foot two, 211 pounds.
In the black, John
Ryan, unites with change
unlimited rounds.
Ladies and gentlemen, end of round one.
- Go seek him after the fight.
Be good to him.
You know what I mean.
- Yeah, I know what you mean, Luis.
Remember, no
round limitations tonight.
Let's see how long this fight will go.
How many rounds will these
men survive each other?
Round two.
Come on, let's do it!
- Hey Johnny.
I see that old mean-streak spirit
coming back to you, huh?
You wanna get some drinks, baby?
- Sure.
- Thank you.
- It's very insightful, Luis.
- Here's another 10 g's.
Crowd really liked the rule change.
We gotta do this kind
of shit more often, eh?
- Yeah, it's great.
- They're taking pictures of you, John.
They love seeing a lawyer with heat.
You're famous.
you better tell me the fucking truth, man.
- I told you it wouldn't go
down right, Mr. Calderone.
You told me nothing.
- That's enough, Luis, enough.
I said that's enough!
Hey John, Tommy, Andy Vega.
- hice to meet you.
- Sit down.
- We saw you play tonight.
Pretty impressive for a suit.
- Before John became a lawyer,
he had another life.
- Yeah, you're good lawyer, John.
Just cause they take away your little
piece of paper though, don't mean you
gotta stop using your noggin'.
- What do you got in mind?
- See, from time to time, we
could use a little advice.
Help keep our noses clean,
if you know what I mean.
- You want some in-house counsel?
- More like in-house advice.
Our business is narcotics, Mr. Ryan.
Now you had a lot of
drug cases in your time.
You're terrific, cause you
know both sides of the law.
You'd be our point man.
We run down the operations to you.
You tell us where we're vulnerable.
You will never even see the stuff.
Now, Luis is in the deal, and your cut
will be 100,000 a month, cash up front,
paid into an offshore account.
Now what do you say?
- Maybe Mr. Ryan has principles.
This type of operation would compromise.
- This will make me a part of an ongoing
criminal conspiracy, and an
accessory to trafficking.
Are you guys out of your mind?
- Hey John!
What the fuck is this?
We're talking 100,000 grand a month.
- Your associates are drug dealers, Luis.
- Since when do you give a shit?
- I defend clients, not
advise drug dealers.
I won't step over the line.
- What the fuck is this?
I offer you a future.
My friendship.
Think about it, John,
real fucking hard.
- Hey John, come here.
You leaving without me?
- Well that depends.
- Oh what?
- Do you know a guy by
the name of Carruthers?
- Knew.
He's dead.
You know any dead guys?
- Well someone told me you killed him.
Did you kill him?
- I don't kill people.
I may on occasion do them.
But I don't kill them.
Then again, one of these days
I may just fuck you to death.
- Who hit Carruthers?
- Why don't you ask Luis?
He probably knows.
- See you later.
Hey Johnny.
One fucking bad dude, eh?
Look familiar?
No, should he?
- He says he's an old client of yours.
That you fucked him in a bad plea bargain.
His name's Blade.
- Yeah, I remember him.
Murdered a guy in cold blood.
Did seven in Attica.
Shoulda done a hell of a lot more.
- From the way he sees it,
he says he's gonna tear your head off.
And shit down your neck.
If you win tonight, he's your next fight.
Blade has been
beat ladies and gentlemen.
280 pounds, this man
is hedonous in motion.
- I got disbarred.
So I can't take your case to court, Mic.
But I spoke to a lawyer friend of mine,
who thinks that we can--
- Ryan you're on.
- Who am I playing?
- Who gives a shit?
In the black,
six feet, 195 pounds.
John Ryan.
His opponent, six foot three, 262 pounds.
Ricky the Big Kahuna Smith.
Come on, come on.
Ladies and gentlemen,
end of round one.
- What are you doing here?
- You okay, man?
- Yeah.
Just keep your eye on the ref.
Cause I swear it feels like there's
two guys beating the
hell out of me in there.
Ladies and
gentlemen, round two.
- Yeah, baby!
Yeah, baby!
That's it!
Do it, baby!
He's down, he's down, he's down!
- Did you fuck him?
- No.
- Huh?
- No!
- Did you fuck him?
- Luis, stop it!
- What did I tell you?
You fuck him!
What did I tell you?
I told you to fuck him, didn't I?
- Yes.
- You do what I tell you.
You got that?
- Look man, the best thing for you
is to tell Calderone that it's over.
All right?
Just tell him that it's over.
- I can't do that.
- Yes you can.
- Nah.
- Yes, you can.
You wanna be like this?
Man, you're a lawyer.
Come on, man.
Get your shit together.
You know it's not right.
You know it's not right.
I know you know it's not right.
- You turned out to be a
pretty good kid, Michelangelo.
I never thought I'd see the day
when you were giving me advice.
- What?
- Here.
- What are these, man?
- These are my good luck beads.
But now they're yours.
I quit.
- You owe me.
You can't quit.
- I just did.
Music's the silence
that sings you to sleep
the wheels have stopped turning
In turn it squeaks
Lies truthful, nothing dead
- Hey Micky, I hear Johnny's been
giving you a hard time about your habit.
- No, he's not.
And I'm clean.
- Never could tell good
shit from bad shit myself.
Try this.
Let me know what you think of the quality.
- Thanks, but--
- go on.
Ryan's not gonna know about it.
Give it a taste.
Let me know what you think.
- Get dressed, hurry!
- Well well, look at this.
Our lady, and my best friend.
And I thought you didn't
wanna share with me.
You son of a--
- Don't damage the merchandise.
Are you okay, John?
- Yeah, just great.
- You see how I take care of my people.
I know she turned you
on, so I gave her to you.
- Oh, you're a sick fuck, Luis.
- Real sick, but that's what you're into.
Right, Kelly?
- You son of a bitch!
I did what you told me to!
- That's why you fucked me?
Cause he told you to.
- I fucked you because I wanted to.
Just gave me an excuse.
- First I shared with you.
Now you share with me.
Get dressed.
This is what I call poetic justice.
Remember Andy and Tommy Vega?
- Come on, man.
Christ sakes, Luis give
me a break will ya?
- Did I talk to you?
- Jesus Christ, man.
- Can you believe this John?
I catch these two stealing from me.
You got to know how to deal with this.
No, Luis come on.
now you.
We share.
Come on!
Shoot him!
Shoot him!
Shoot him!
Come on, Johnny.
Come on.
If I die, you die.
Shoot me.
No, Luis, no, please.
- How you like that, Johnny?
I got your prints.
We're in business.
- You want me to go?
What are you gonna do?
- I want you to teach
him the meaning of pain.
I want you to make him beg.
- You got it, Mr. Calderone.
You got it.
- Today we're gonna make some changes.
- So what do you think of it, Mic?
- I don't know.
- What do you mean you don't know?
- I didn't taste it.
- Yeah, why not?
- Let's just say, you're an inspiration
to kick bad habits.
- Imagine that.
He's a good kid.
- You were supposed to taste this.
I don't taste no more, man.
- Taste this.
- Hey Mic, where'd I go wrong?
I'm sorry, Mic.
I'm so sorry.
I guess these didn't bring
you much luck at all.
- Junkies, get him out of here.
Put him with the fish.
- Don't touch him.
He wasn't a junkie, he was a good kid.
And I don't want you to dump
him like a piece of garbage.
- It's okay, it's okay.
If he means that much to you,
I take care of him.
Drop him in San Jose,
give this to his family.
You see, John, I'm a good guy.
- I find out you killed this kid,
I'm gonna tear your heart out.
- You think I wanna piss
away our friendship?
Over a nigger junkie?
Not bad, Johnny, not bad.
At least you're into it.
By the way.
Tonight, I change the rules.
The only way to stop the pain
is to get on your knees and beg.
One more thing.
Killed the nigger.
- Come on, Blade.
I killed your
little nigger friend.
And now I'm gonna kill you.
- You know, you're really
starting to piss me off.
- Stupid fuck.
Son of a bitch!
- Come on, come on.
- Finish him!
Make him beg!
- Fuck it, fuck it.
You want him?
You got him.
- It's okay, Blade.
You did your best.
- You lose.
- I never lose.
Come on, Johnny, come on.
Give me a gun!
- Let's call it a day, Luis.
- One of us is going to die today.
Ain't gonna be me.
Didn't have to be this way, Luis.
Come on, let's go.
- You know, we could fry you over this.
- Yeah, but you won't.
It was self defense.
Besides you wanted
Calderone more than I did.
- Better get outta town, Ryan.
Way outta town.
Before I change my mind.
- You okay?
- Better than Calderone.
- You're always better than Calderone.
- Hi, this is Kelly.
Sorry I'm not here right now.
But leave me a message
and I'll call you back.
River of life
Rushes at your feet
You've never felt completely whole
your life seems so easy
You earned grace is true
seeming straight and narrow
She takes you where you wanna go
But do you wanna go the distance
Go the distance
She's moving
And perfectly still
The moves hold your body down
The undertow
Her body is alive
Swimming with your mind
Fate is what you can't control
She smiles beneath the surface
The silent run is wild
Rushing at your feet
they take you where you wanna go
Do you want to go the distance
Go the distance
She's moving
And perfectly still
The moves sway pulls your body down
The undertow
She's moving