Street Lights (2018) Movie Script

'Drinking is injurious to health.'
Didn't I tell you this isn't our cup of tea?
I just lost my sleep.
You talk as if we forcibly took you along with us.
Isn't it because you insisted me?
Why should I take such big efforts?
Don't talk rubbish.
Hey, let go of it. Why are you arguing unnecessarily?
Didn't we make our way out of it?
Which way is he talking about? - He's talking about our escape.
Escape? Don't arouse my anger. They would've have thrashed us.
Hey, let go of it. Am I not here with you?
Everything will be fine.
Isn't this your first time? - Yes. - That's the reason.
Let's forget the first and the last.
I'm done with this job already.
I was a successful chain snatcher once.
But now, I have to lurk in the dark like a thief.
Drat! - Like a thief? It's indeed thievish.
You call chain snatching a white collar job?
Hey, forget it. You did your job amidst the obstacles.
You're brilliant!
What? Dear friend, please talk in a language that I can understand.
Where is the chain? - The chain?
Oh! The chain! Where did I keep it?
What if I.. - The chain?
How did he know about the chain? Well, here it is.
Here you go.
When did you take it?
This looks like an imitation. - Don't talk inauspiciously.
It might weigh around five sovereigns.
Hey, it appears like diamond. - Diamond?
Is he a horologer?
That looks like six chains in one.
This is some old-fashioned chain. It will go for a trifle.
Let him check it.
A big house, with four cars.
And the house owner is a jewellery owner.
That woman might be his wife. - So?
Why should she wear a fancy chain? - Isn't that true?
This must be genuine.
Buddy, even I do think that this is original.
Do you? - Yes.
Buddy, how much will it be worth if these are diamonds?
We can make lakhs of money from it.
Now you can call yourself a thief. - Thank you.
Look how big that house is! - Is it for sale?
Drat! What was that?
Don't mistake me. My pants just got torn.
The dogs have sensed it. - I had Vodka. It has no smell.
My limbs are shivering. - Didn't I ask you to take a shot?
I won't drink on duty.
Oh! You're a government official, right?
Don't turn around. I might laugh.
It's best if there are no servants here.
Drat! - Hey, wear the mask. - It's so itchy.
I'm also going to take it off then.
Just come.. - Where can I find the switches for these lights?
There's the refrigerator.
Oh! There's nothing in here.
Well, there's an apple.
Just come..
What is it? - An apple.
Didn't our boss ask you not to pick up unnecessary things?
Why can't you just break the door open?
Stay there.
What happened? Did you get scared?
The flashlight isn't working.
Hey, run..
Don't shout! Oh, no, don't bite me..
Let me go, you devil.
Oh, no, my chain..
Oh, dear, wake up. There are thieves here.
Oh, no, they took my chain.
Oh, no, the cops! Sorry, it's just the guards. Run..
Run fast..
'Street Lights.'
Sir. - What is it? - It's a robbery attempt.
They claim to have lost nothing.
They wouldn't even let us sleep.
Hey, Uncle. Did you lose anything? - No.
Just come along with me. - Wait here. - Okay, sir.
Who asked you to send the subordinates?
Didn't I ask you to come alone?
I just wanted you to feel secured. That's the reason.
Did they hurt her?
Don't enquire much about that. I can't take it anymore.
Yes, we did lose something.
I chose not to reveal it to the cops.
Hi, Brother. - Please get me a black tea, dear.
Explain it clearly.
Aunt, was that an expensive chain?
Expensive? Why are you so silent? Why don't you say something?
That was a diamond chain.
Diamond chain! How stubborn were you to buy it!
She badly wanted to wear it on her Ms. Annamma's daughter's
wedding reception.
Last morning, she asked me to get it from the locker.
Well, at the end of the day
after all the events
before going to bed
I asked her to put it back in the locker.
But she didn't heed my words.
She wanted to wear it for a night before it went back to the locker.
What happened now? Where did it go?
Please don't make noise.
It's just a chain, right?
The locker has got more such valuables.
You should consider yourself fortunate.
We can investigate it.
Does it weigh some 8-10 sovereigns?
10 sovereigns? Those were imported South African diamonds.
It's worth Rs. 5 crores.
Rs. 5 crores?
A lakh or two, or even more.
Maybe up to Rs. 2.5 lakhs.
'Drinking is injurious to health.'
Well, leave it. - Just don't leave that way.
No matter what we get out of it, I will take the half
and you can have the rest.
That sounds good. We both will get fifty-fifty.
Shouldn't we give something to him?
Why don't we just get rid of him?
Hey, fool, didn't you hear me? I will take the half
and you both can keep the rest.
Did you mean us, when you said
'You can keep the rest'?
Buddy, that's not fair at all. You'll have to divide it
into three equal shares.
Hey, that's impossible. - Impossible?
I was the one who made the plan.
I should get 50 percent no matter what.
You can keep saying that.
Didn't all your plans get foiled?
I used my skills to snatch this chain.
Before you start fighting, make sure that it's real.
Hey, it's original. It appears genuine.
Are you a goldsmith to assert so?
Why don't you call Ismail from your phone?
My phone has ran out of call balance since last two days.
How will you have it
if you keep watching porn all the time?
Ask me when you're in need of it.
Where is my mobile phone?
Where did it go by the way?
Why are you asking me? - It was with me when we went out.
How are you going to make the call now?
I have a stolen phone with me for that purpose.
Where's my phone anyway?
Hey, Ismail. - 'What is it?'
It's an urgent matter. - 'At this hour?'
Get off your bed now.
We'll be there in a while. We'll talk in person.
What happened to my phone? I took it along with me.
Did you take it? - No, I didn't.
What about you, buddy?
What happened?
It's an unaccounted resource.
When I had an option to save Rs. 5 crores
in such a small quantity, I didn't think twice.
I never expected this situation at all.
Even if we investigate and find the chain
it will take a lot of procedures for you to get it back.
If it's illegal, you will never get it back.
Jesus Christ!
Can you investigate it without the department knowing it?
We wouldn't have any problem then.
That's why I didn't mention anything about the chain
to your subordinates.
That's not at all practical, Uncle.
How can we investigate it unless you register a complaint?
Let go of practicality.
Look. It's not our key. They tried their own.
Someone pick that phone up.
What? Whose phone is it?
I haven't seen it before. Whose phone is it?
I don't know. You're always suspicious about me.
'Thotti Siby?'
'Didn't you wake up, dear?'
'Hey, I have a great deal.'
'Come to the harbour by 8 pm.'
'We'll talk in person.'
'Wake up, you scoundrel.'
Think long and hard.
Did you pick your phone back from that place?
Buddy, I think.. - Oh, God!
You idiot! These days, a phone is like an identity proof.
How could you.. - Buddy, if.. - Hey..
If it's not real, won't this argument end up useless?
Didn't we take some photos while we were boozing? - Yes
All of those photos were in that phone.
If the cops find it, we're in trouble.
Last time when I was caught drinking
the cops asked me not to drink again.
Whoever has the phone right now has got an edge.
If he goes through it, he'll be here in no time.
They disconnected the CCTV first.
The security guards told me that there were three of them.
And she saw only two of them.
As they were masked, we couldn't recognise their faces.
There's nothing much to recognise.
What did he say? - Who knows?
You both can go back to the station. - Okay, sir.
I will be back. - Okay, sir.
So, shall we investigate it?
Of course, we should.
It's difficult to investigate without a registered complaint.
Besides, how can I deny your words? - That's the spirit!
Once I get the chain back, I'll see to it.
Are you planning to get me a mutton biryani?
Hey, don't make fun of me. This is really something great.
Eby is not here, right? I need his Jeep.
I'll land in trouble if I use our official vehicle
for unofficial investigation.
I'll leave my bike here.
You can take my Mercedes. - I'm not going for a wedding.
The Jeep is enough.
Please wait here. I'll bring the key.
Hello. - Hello. Aren't you still out of bed?
Well, I'm about to.
Be quick. We got some work to do. It was an immediate plan.
Should I come in uniform? - Get into something casual.
Well.. - Sir. - Inform Isaac as well.
Sir, where are we supposed to come?
I'll let you know.
Get ready sharp by 07:30 a.m. - Okay, sir. - All right?
Bring my Rs. 5 crores back.
If possible, pray to St. Antony for His blessings.
'Drinking is injurious to health.'
How long will it take you to get it packed?
Buddy, why don't you tell us where we are going?
Hey, hold your tongue.
How can you ask me so after messing up everything?
What did you say?
From here, we'll take a bus to Singapore.
And from there, we'll take an auto rickshaw to Australia.
I think he's still angry with me.
Buddy, didn't you say that we're like your brothers?
I was drunk when I was saying that. - You're always drunk.
Buddy, shouldn't we go to Ismail?
We'll meet Ismail first, then we'll go to Coimbatore.
What are those? Sunglasses?
Is there one for me?
If you have sunglasses, I'll wear this coat.
You can't belittle me.
Wearing a coat in summer?
It's my style. It's too cold in Singapore. Come on.
You'll know once the heat gets in.
Is he going to Singapore on this bike?
Goodbye, ma'am. - Where are you off to? - Singapore.
Mind the road. Why is he staring back at me?
Come on. - Am I late?
This has become such a nuisance.
Hey! - Oh, no. - Do your work properly.
You're fortunate to have this kid here.
Hey. - Yes. Once you're finished
come to room.
I have it ready for you. - Okay.
It's Rs. 2500, the same that I promised.
Are you happy?
Today's my birthday. Tomorrow, I'll bring you sweets.
That sounds great! Why didn't you tell that earlier?
Well, take Rs. 200 as my gift.
Oh, no, that's not required, sir.
I have more than enough.
That's what you have earned. You can just keep it.
Thank you, sir. All right. - All right.
Hey, you fool! Don't you even dare to speak to Deepa again!
Don't you know that Shibu loves her?
I was only asking her a doubt in English grammar.
We didn't talk anything else.
Why should you ask your doubts to her?
Why can't you ask me?
Or else, why don't you ask the English teacher?
He's playing gimmicks.
Look at his stained shirt, shabby pants and patched bag.
Is your bag foreign made?
As you have a hole in your pant, everything must be so easy.
Isn't it, Mani? - Leave me alone.
Mani, come here.
Didn't I tell you to ask your dad to buy you a new uniform?
Or do you want me to talk to your dad?
What's your father's occupation?
My sister and I are surviving solely on our mother's income.
Everyone here is making fun of me. I'm not going to come here anymore.
Hey, come here.
Don't make such big decisions. Do you find it a big deal?
Here, take this.
Go and get a new uniform today.
And you should come to school dressed in that.
Let's see who will dare to make fun of you.
I don't need it. - Mani. Hey..
Mom, I need a bag. - Buy it then.
What about the money? - Ask your dad.
Why are you mocking me, Mom? I don't need the bag.
Hey, don't you know how poor we are?
How can I afford a bag?
Why did you put me in school if you can't even buy me a uniform?
Everyone makes fun of me at school.
I'm not going to that school anymore.
Hey. - No, Mom. - Brother.
Hey, move aside.
Tell me, buddy.
Two half bottles? There's no beer, buddy.
All right, I'll bring them.
I'll do that. All right.
Mom, he isn't talking to me.
I put you in a good school so as to see you get educated well.
I was saving it to buy you new clothes for your birthday.
Buy whatever you want.
Shall I buy a bag, Mom? - Buy one.
Let's break it. - Hey..
324, 325, 326. Mom, there's Rs. 326.
Hey.. - Hey..
Hey.. - Hey..
"Cash, money, coins, money.."
"Cash, money, coins, money.."
Dad.. - Give it to me.
This is mine. - Mom, look at him.
From where did you get this money?
My mom gave it to me to buy a new bag.
All right. - This wretched man! - Dad..
Hey, why are you doing this?
He wants to buy a school bag with that money.
Hey, we can buy it later.
Tonight.. - My money. - my business needs some investment.
I was actually worried about that.
Hey, you buy liquor for your friends
and call that a business?
Give the money.. - Hey, I'll thrash you.
Are you arrogant because you run the family?
I'll light you up on fire.
Dad.. - Move aside. Such a nuisance.
Mom.. My bag..
Why don't you ask your dad?
The marriage has ruined my life.
How is this song?
Come, Brother-in-law. Did you have food? - Yes.
Your sister.. - Where's Mani? - He's inside.
Brother-in-law, your sister has prepared mutton curry.
Please have it. - Your jokes are too lame. Go away!
What do you think?
Prem, this is child labour.
Do you want me to be jailed for this?
Sir, this is my sister's son. His family is very poor.
There's no other option. That's the reason.
You're completely useless. Now..
Give it to him.. - What can I ask him to do?
Aren't you going to school? - Yes.
Sir, I'm here, right? So you can..
I was actually planning to fire you.
Can you come early around 6 a.m.? - Yes, I can.
If it's so, you can work from 6 to 8 a.m.
Agree with him. - I want you here as well.
I will.. - Don't sleep whole day.
I will give you Rs. 50 daily. Is that okay?
I don't want it everyday.
Can you give me Rs. 2500 at the end of the month?
He is smart. He seems to have a good plan.
I'm fine with it, dear.
Good morning. - Oh, no.
Be careful. Oh, no, I forgot to brush my teeth.
Mister, can you give me a toothpaste and some water?
I forgot to brush my teeth.
Look who is here. Hey, our son-in-law is here.
I will get some 'Puttu'.
Well, this looks good. - It's my friend's..
Are you planning to eat 'Puttu' after drinking tea?
Or do you want to drink the tea first?
I'll drink the tea first and have the 'Puttu' later.
Then, I'll have another tea with Pappadam.
So, are you planning to have two cups of tea? - With two Pappadams.
Oh! - Hi, how are you?
Dad, do you have another daughter?
I don't think so.
Why are you addressing him as son-in-law then?
Well.. Go and take bath. Just go..
Do you want any help? - Go away! - Oh, no, sorry..
She will start respecting me eventually.
Let's hope so.
Please be seated. - You be seated too.
Well.. - What about washing hands? How's your barber shop?
It's not a barber shop, but a beauty parlour.
Aren't they all the same?
That's her only concern.
Aren't you her dad? Can't you convince her?
She is so arrogant. She doesn't care at all.
What's wrong with my business?
Didn't you do the same for a livelihood earlier?
Didn't she shut that down? That's why we started a tea shop.
She can't be blamed.
These days, even education does some harm.- Yes.
You eat first. - I'm not in the mood.
Why is it so? - She insulted me badly.
Did you do something wrong?
It's yesterday's matter. - What is it?
Do you like her?
Why do you keep asking me all the time?
Why should I follow her if I don't like her?
I have lost my skin tone following her all the way. - Is it?
I lost my self-esteem and pride long back.
You didn't tell us the story from last week.
Last week's story? - Yes.
Last week, we were at the peak of romance.- Is it?
Where were we then? - At the beauty parlour. - Exactly.
I was going to invite her to my beauty parlour.
Remya, are you asleep?
How many times did I tell you that I'm not interested in you?
I'm just here to invite you to my shop's inauguration.
Why don't you attend it like a friend?
Since how long am I asking you?
Don't you come to my house more often?
You can share it there.
I opened this shop with you in my mind.
Did I ask you to do that?
Sir, look at this nuisance.
What's wrong with you? Are you trying to flirt?
What is it? Hey..
There she comes..
Hey.. Remya..
Tell me, buddy.
Hey, my girlfriend has come to the shop.
The one in yellow? - Yes. You should help me. - Okay.
Did I open that salon to give haircuts to people?
Will you chop fish in a salon then?
Father-in-law.. - Don't arouse my anger.
She tried to mess up with me. I asked him to do a wrong facial.
She started getting blackheads after that.
Really? Did she get those? - Yes, she did.
That's brilliant! She deserves it.
You're so wicked!
Then, I gave her another offer. - What sort of offer?
Golden facial.
There are only a few marks. This isn't a big deal. I can fix it.
Just come to my beauty parlour.
There are two on the side as well, right?
I will come. But you shouldn't touch me.
Oh, no, I will never do that. Drat!
My workers will be doing it.
I will tell them how to do it.
This can be healed. It won't take much time.
I will make a fair girl out of you.
Get inside. - Namaste, ma'am..
Namaste. - Namaste. Please come inside.
Please be seated..
You both look good together. - Check her face.
There are a few blackheads.
I don't know Hindi. - Well, it's good..
Yes, her face is good. Just make it better.
I will fix it.
Ma'am, do you need a haircut?
What happened?
What is it?
Well, this chart shows us the haircut that matches our face.
Isn't it good? Which one did you like?
How much is it? - Did I ask you to pay?
Leave it, Remya.
You should accept money.
Remya, please. - I don't want a free facial.
You should get paid for your service.
Here. It's Rs. 500. You can keep the change.
Take it. I'm sorry. I don't need the money.
Please be seated.
Please sit down. - Are you serious? - Yes.
Do you want tea or coffee? - Anything is fine.
He is the cousin I used to talk about.
The one who runs a barber shop nearby..
It's actually a beauty parlour. It's new and famous.
Can we talk personally? - Why not?
What about them? - It's all right. They're my friends.
It's all right. - Yes.
Don't we know each other right since our childhood?
Yes, of course.
I've been telling this to you since a long time.
I am just repeating it now.
I came to the shop on basis that you'll treat me as a friend.
Why can't I just be your friend?
Technically, I'm your sister.
Isn't it wrong to love your own sister?
Oh! Is he the person? - Yes.
The barber cousin. You're brilliant.
Yes, I'm the one, the barber.
You told them everything, right?
Who do you think you're?
What has gotten into you?
You're not as pretty as any of your friends.
Do you know that?
Since our fathers gave their words to each other
regarding our marriage, when we were kids
I fell for her.
And as I've been loving her ever since
I can't get her out of my head.
That's all there is. Nothing else.
Also, the cost of facial is Rs. 750.
It's just Rs. 500. What about the rest, Rs. 250?
Come on..
Why? Don't you have it?
It's just Rs. 100. What about the rest?
When will I get it?
Give it at the shop tomorrow!
And I'll be at the shop from 10 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.
Don't come during that time. Got it?
It's your dad's money that took care
of your studies and upbringing. What was he into?
He, too, was a barber, right?
I deserve a beating for sure!
I'm fed up.
I'm so disappointed.
Have your tea. What if a fly drops in it?
I couldn't sleep last night. - Oh, no..
I might've said too much.
That's why I came to see her, first thing in the morning.
Mom, I'm leaving.. - Sorry.
Oh, no.. Did you get your lunchbox?
I don't want it. - This is for my peace of mind.
Will she fall for me?
Good going..
This is exactly what a father wants to hear.
Even if she gives her consent, I won't.
Get lost. - Is that the problem now?
She has been fooling me for all this while.
Doesn't that matter? Tell me.
Go on.. She won't fall for you.
"I will be by your side forever if you call my name.."
"You're a slice of the blue sky, oh, my beloved.."
"Don't turn a blind eye to my dreams.."
"My heart fills up with a bittersweet feeling."
"On those paths, where tulips blossomed"
"I waited for you, every day.."
"The spring season gifted you to me.."
"Don't let the summer scorch you.."
"I will be by your side forever if you call my name.."
"Those dreams.. Are they flying away?"
"Those dreams.."
"Those dreams.. Are they flying away?"
"As I colour my dreams.."
"I've been waiting to fulfil them.."
"What if someone jinxed it?"
"Oh, twinkling star! You are so far away.."
"A birdie on a tiny branch.."
"Did she whisper sweet nothings?"
"Hey, birdie, please come down.."
"The flowers are welcoming you."
"The sweetest of mornings.."
"Are they teasing you with a story?"
"The morning rays.. Did they kiss you?"
"I had a peculiar feeling for the very first time.."
Ismail.. - Yes.
I'm feeling tensed. Tell me something.
Isn't it our necklace?
Well.. You'll get Rs. 50 lakhs for it..
50.. - How much!
50.. - Oh, my God!
It's ours!
That's so great!
You might be thinking as to why and where I'm taking you.
The location is Vypin. We're supposed to find a guy.
Even I don't know how he looks like.
Sir, I didn't get you.
Today morning, at 3:30 a.m.
a diamond necklace worth Rs. 5 crores
was stolen from the house of Simon Mundakkal
the owner of Prestige jewellery.
Since black money is involved and he is my uncle
I haven't registered the case, officially.
I'm not going to do it.
How will we investigate without registering the case?
We're not going to take any help from the department.
So, apart from the three of us, no one else will know about it.
Okay? - Okay, sir.
Sir, who are they? - These are the guys. - Oh.
Whose phone is this? - I'll let you know.
I received a call on this phone today morning.
I picked up. It was somebody named Siby.
He said that he would come to the boat Jetty
to meet them at 8 in the morning regarding something.
And so, at 8 a.m., we're starting from here.
Okay, sir. - I will walk ahead of you.
Keep a distance and follow me. - Sure, sir..
Hey, kid.. Where have you reached?
What happened to you? You're punctual, these days.
Come straight.. Next to those Chinese fishing nets.
Hello.. Darn.
Is it the network? The network is okay..
Are you playing hide and seek with me?
Where are you?
Why are you silent?
Darn.. Hello.
Hello, can you hear me?
He is messing with me.
Aren't you Siby? - Yes..
I'm sorry. I didn't recognise you.
I wanted to ask you something.
How about the rate for fish here, nowadays?
I'm not a fish vendor.
You might've mistaken me for someone else.
It's still a good business. Isn't it?
Yes, it's one of the best.
Is it?
He is from Crime Branch. - Is he?
He is here to enquire about a few things.
But I haven't opened an information centre here.
And if you still want to get some, you'll get some.
Go on, now.. - Stop there.
Are you messing with the police, you scum?
Hey! Someone is hitting Siby. Come on.
Who the hell is that?
I won't spare you!
I am here for an investigation.
I've got to get a few details from him.
Don't create a scene. Just leave.
Do you have a warrant?
I haven't arrested anyone yet.
Upon enquiring with him, he gave me a taunting reply.
We didn't appreciate his behaviour.
Go on, guys.. Nobody is going to kill him.
If you dare to do that, we will teach you a lesson!
Don't give us an attitude with this gun in hand!
This is a layman's hand!
If you get thrashed by it..
Such cliched mainstream movie dialogues..
Najeeb, keep that gun away.
Let him beat me. Come on..
Beat me.
I like that. I like all of you.
This is how friends should be.
Such love!
Such unity!
But don't mess with police. It's not good.
We're here to protect you.
Move aside.
Move! - Move..
Who did you call at 5 in the morning?
Sir, at 5.. I was asleep then. - What..
I was in deep sleep. I swear.
Give it! - My.. It isn't my phone.
Sir, it's Sachi.
Who is Sachi amongst them?
Sir, I'm just a carrier.
I don't know anything about him.
Carrier? - Yes..
Check his bag then.
See what is in that. - Well..
Sir, these are all CDs of the latest movies.
Oh.. So, that's how it is.
So, do you get the rights directly from the producer
or have you produced these movies yourself?
Tell me. Who is Sachi amongst them?
The one on the right.
Who's the one in the centre?
He is a Tamilian. I don't know him well.
He has been with them for a while.
That's all I know.. - Who is the other guy?
It's Raj, Sachi's friend.
He isn't my friend, though.
Since how long do you know them?
I've known them for the last few years.
Do you know where they live?
No, I don't know. - What?
I know, sir.
Sir, the house is locked.
I expected it.
I wanted to ensure that he wasn't lying.
Ma'am, does Mr. Sachi live here?
Mr. Sachi.. Who calls him like that?
Does he live here?
I saw the three of them leaving in a bike, this morning.
You have his number, right? - Yes, sir..
Call him.. - Sir..
If you want to get back home in one piece
he shouldn't know that you're with us.
Okay.. - Got it? - Yes..
Call him.
Activate the speaker.. - Okay..
What is it? - Where are you?
I'm in the toilet.
What are you doing there?
What do you usually do there? I'm doing the same.
That's not what I meant. Where are you now?
I will come there. It's something urgent.
I'm dealing with something even more urgent.
Call me later.
The bus will leave in 10 minutes.
Murugan and Sachi are waiting outside.
Ask him, where he is..
Where are you?
Is it Vytila hub? - Are you at the Vytilla hub?
No, not there. I'm at the South KSRTC stand.
Let's go.. - We've to get somewhere urgently.
If I cause any delay
I'd have to hear cuss words in both languages.
All right, then.
There is no water in here.
What? - The tank is empty.
Won't there be any?
No problem, I'll adjust.
What's he doing inside? - Pal!
Would he have slept off while relieving himself?
I shouldn't have let him go.
Hello.. I'm going to Coimbatore..
Hey, who is that?
How many times had I warned you not to attend any calls?
Sir, he is my close friend.
He won't be a problem to us. - Moron!
What is wrong with him? - He has got a point.
What? - It's too risky.
Don't attend any calls. Switch it off.
We'll call once we reach Coimbatore.
You won't pay heed. Such an imbecile!
What if it was the police?
They would've tracked our location and caught us.
Switch it off! - As if that's going to happen.
Aren't we going in this bus?
Isaac, call Jayaraj at the station
and ask him to reach the bus stand in a jeep.
Why, sir? - Don't ask questions. Just do what I say.
Yes, sir.
As we decided. Quick! - Yes, sir.
Sir.. Please spare me.
I'm not with them..
Lock him up.. - Sir.
Don't question him or charge a case.
Sir.. - I will take care of all that.
'Bus Number K312 to Perumbavoor'
'is parked on the right side of the bus stand.'
No buses for us to get out of here!
Shame on KSRTC.
Everyone is staring at him because of his looks.
Why can't he get a haircut and trim his beard?
I hope, he gets an occasional bath!
Hey, hang up!
Switch it off! - Cut the call!
I got this call and I'll pick it.
Shall I? - He is crazy.
'Greetings, welcome to Idea.'
'This beautiful song..'
Her husband works abroad. Shall I give your number as well?
What a joke!
She calls me regularly. I know her number by heart.
He is a scaredy-cat.
He is a bit slow.
It took him all this while to get the joke.
Come, let's go. - Where to?
The bus is here?
There is something fishy.
I think, they're following us. Escape, let's run.
What? - Come on, let's run.
Don't go so fast. Wait for me! Stop!
Stop there. Hey!
Don't go that way!
Stop! - Hey!
Oh, no!
Let go!
Hey, policeman!
That's all you can do.
Come and get me.
"A crab walks into a pot, it tolls like a bell.."
Where is he? This is just crazy.
It's too funny. Take a look.
I will be right back.
These guys will give me a laughter attack.
Don't answer any calls.
Yes, sir.. Take a right. Over here!
Where is my phone? - It's inside.
Hello.. What is it, darling?
Where was your phone? I've been calling since long.
Tell me.
Hello.. - Yes, sir. - Are you safe? - Yes, I am.
Are you guys safe? - Yes.
Okay, where are you?
I am at.. I'm okay.
Where are you?
I will come there. Wait for me.
Okay. Be careful. Okay? - Yes.
Watch it! - Sorry, sir.
Sir, any fractures? - Do you feel any difficulties?
No, sir. No problems.
Try walking.. - Careful.
It's okay, sir.
What is it, dear? What do you want?
Mister, I need a school bag.
We have a lot of it.
How much does it cost?
It will cost you Rs. 500.
This one is worth Rs. 400.
It's a bit expensive. Rs. 700.
Do you have anything costly? Something that looks great.
Do you have enough money? - Yes. - Okay..
Spiderman! - Spiderman.
How much does it cost?
It's worth Rs. 1,570.
For you, I can bring it down to Rs. 1,500.
May I open it?
Why not?
It's your bag after all. Open it up.
I loved the bag.
Do you have a colour variant?
Another colour.. Let me check.
Ta-da! Blue colour Spiderman!
This will do.
Is that okay? - Okay.
It's an exclusive piece.
Mister, here. - It's too much.
I need only this much.
Sir, he bit me.
Otherwise, I wouldn't have let him escape.
He is a bit dangerous, isn't he?
That Tamilian? - Yes.
The three of us aren't enough for him.
No need. I will do it alone.
Oh,no.. But, sir.
He didn't mean it that way.
Then what did you mean, Isaac?
If we proceed after registering this case
then we can seek the department's help.
After all, a necklace worth Rs. 5 crores
isn't as valuable as the life of a human being.
You've known me for the last two years.
I won't get into anything without a reason behind it.
You don't have to put on a uniform to be a policeman.
If that guy's thrashing has doused your spirit
you can leave now. I will go for a better option.
He beat up a policeman in the middle of the street.
I won't spare him.
He will have to pay for this.
Be it on official terms or unofficial terms.
Sir, what is the next move?
Hey! He is here.
Were you two planning to escape in a boat?
Is everything okay?
Everything is safe.
It was a close shave.
Where is the chain?
I've placed it in a secure location.
You know Nisar's bag shop? - Yes.
I deposited the chain in a bag and he has no clue about it.
Mister, it's safe in a bag shop. Nothing to worry.
Oh, God! - What did you just say?
Haven't you got any brains?
Is it something huge? It's just a chain.
Can't you bring it securely?
I thought, he was the dumb guy.
Don't beat me!
Hey, you'll get me beaten up as well.
Why is he beating me?
I was alone back then. You guys weren't with me.
What if I had got trapped?
I did it so that we can secure it
after the police had left.
Isn't it? - Hey!
Where is that bag shop?
Where is the bag shop?
If he was a Bengali, I would've taught him a lesson.
Sir, we will go there and get that necklace.
That slap was of no use..
All right.. - Okay.
Sir, what is the time now? - It's 8:50 a.m.
We must go to the clinic.
Before we get there, let me get it dressed
and cover up this wound.
If they see it as it is
then we would have to explain a lot to them.
Keep it straight!
What is it? - Nothing.
What is it? - How's the business?
Business is all right.
Who is that?
This is my friend.
He is from China..
No.. Chennai. - Nisar, come here!
What is it? - Just come here!
Sir.. Shall we buy a bag?
We would need one to put the money.
Don't create a ruckus at that time then!
What is wrong with you?
Why are you scattering it?
Where is the blue bag that was here?
You want a blue bag, right?
Here, this one is good.
Not this one!
A blue bag with the picture of Spiderman.
I had kept it here.. - Spiderman?
Spiderman. - Yes.
With a zip inside it? - Yes!
I sold it. - You sold it?
Nisar, stop messing with me.
Tell me, where is it?
I had kept something inside it.
What did you keep inside it? - Hey..
You dimwit! - What? - Where is the chain?
Sir.. - Chain? Which chain?
Raja, get him out of here.
Don't create a scene here.
I don't like this guy.
What is wrong with you?
You scattered everything here.
Oh, no!
What do you think?
Are you two trying to mess with me?
Nobody will leave this shop without retrieving that chain.
Sir, I swear, I had kept it in that blue bag.
I already told you that I sold it to a boy!
You scoundrel! Who did you sell it to?
How could you sell something
that you were supposed to safeguard?
My uncle, Simon, had purchased this smuggled South African diamond
to convert his black money to legal tender.
Why would I care if someone steals it from him?
A small-time thief stole it from a big shot. That's all.
But there is a major reason
as to why I'm investigating this case.
Something very special.
Will he burn down this shop?
It was such a hard blow!
He looks ferocious and acts like one.
Sachi, he has time until I stub this cigarette.
I must get an answer before that.
Otherwise, he will suffer.
Tell us if you know something.
That boy had come to this shop one day.
That girl might know about him.
Which girl? - Girl?
The girl who works at the Idea shop.
One day, when she came to buy a bag
I saw her talking to that boy.
She must know about him.
Then why don't you ask her? She is your customer.
You must know her. - Really?
Shabeer and I tried to click her pictures last week
at the bus stand. She was fuming with anger.
We got away by God's grace.
I can't approach her again. - Darn.
Then we should go and ask her.
What should we ask?
Should I believe what he is saying?
There is no other way.
Smoking is injurious to health.
Then do this.
Go to the shop where she works and locate her.
But it's not the right time now.
There would be a lot of people.
Go on.. We will get it.
Should I go?
If it's you, it will have the desired impact.
I will go if you want to.
How do I recognise her? What's her name?
She is the only good-looking one in that office.
I think, her name is Remya or Dhanya.
Good morning, Teacher!
Hey.. Come in.
Look who is here. You've got a new uniform.
A bag as well?
Happy birthday. - Thank you, ma'am.
"Happy birthday to you.."
Remya! Hi.. - Thanks.
I will be here.
Aren't you Remya? - How did you know?
From your face.. - You want a new connection, right?
Yes.. - I will tell you now.
You want 3G, right?
Not now, I don't have my Aadhaar card with me.
The diamonds are worth Rs. 5 crores.
It doesn't matter if we retrieve it or not.
But I want him, at any cost.
The ones who followed us will return.
We don't have time to rest.
We've got a lot to do.
We've to run.
We can't stop!
Whether I have your support or not
I will do my best to nab Murugan.
I must do it.
'Theni, Tamil Nadu.'
Sir, let's not create a scene. I will talk to them.
Surya, someone has filed a complaint.
Here's the search warrant.
What! A search warrant!
Look at him, he is cracking a joke!
Is that the warrant? Let me take a look.
Hey, Police! Are you out of your mind?
Go! Go and conduct a search. Go!
It's the Kerala Police, not the local force.
He is Inspector Murthy's friend.
Then, ask him to come over.
Ask him to cuff me and drag me out of here. Go!
This one is too oily. Do you have another warrant?
Sir! - Sir! - Stay here. - Yes, sir.
What is this, pal? Won't you let us inside?
I got to know that a big shot named Manimaran is here.
I want to enquire him about a complaint.
That's it. It's a small matter.
Please let us go inside, pal.
What did you just say? Pal!
You are my friend from this moment.
Hey, make way for him. He has come here to search.
You are getting me wrong, friend!
The search warrant is just a formality.
I just want to meet him and talk to him.
If he takes pity and give something
I will take it and leave. That's it.
Friend, what's your name? - James.
Are you James Bond?
Hey, what are you staring at? Move aside.
Let him go.
Do you know what friendship means?
This is my style! - "Leader, our leader!"
'Drinking is injurious to health.'
"Oh, my dear wife!"
Greetings, sir! I've a complaint. I came to enquire about it.
May I sit down? - Yes.
I haven't eaten anything since morning.
Which area in Kerala do you come from?
Kanjirappally. I'm sure you know the place.
The shades are amazing!
You speak Tamil very well like us.
I have watched several movies of Mr. Rajnikant.
What do you want? - Some Chutney.
I mean, why are you here? - About that..
I got a complaint
that you have confined someone illegally.
Do you think that's fair?
This is how I treat the ones who turn against me.
That's my code of honour.
Neither do I like the ones who question me about it.
How can you say that?
I don't like that Sambar, but you are having it.
Will it be fair if I arrest you for the reason?
Hey, mind your words!
Otherwise, I'll pour this Sambar over your face.
I just said that I don't like Sambar
and you are going to pour it over my head!
This Sambar has caused so much problems
and you are relishing it!
The one who came to enquire is getting bashed up.
Hey, come here. Come quickly!
Boss! What happened, Boss?
Do you know the meaning of friendship?
Are you mocking me?
Search the place. - Yes, sir.
Get up. Come closer.
Sir, they have kept a small boy under confinement.
I think, the child has not eaten anything
since a couple of days. He is almost unconscious.
When he regains consciousness, he recollects the fact
that his name is Arun and he hails from Kottayam.
He didn't say anything apart from that.
Take his picture and send it to the station.
If something comes up, do let me know.
Just mail it. We will get faster results
if we advertise it on TV. - Okay, sir.
Did you offer him some food? - No, sir.
It's already time for lunch, right?
Do you want to starve him to death? - Sorry, sir.
Get few Biryanis.
A special Mutton Biryani for Mr. Mani.
I've received a call from higher authorities
warning me not to keep you starving.
James, you don't know how influential Manimaran is.
Take him back immediately.
Otherwise, it will cause a lot of problems.
The police station in itself is a problem, right?
Sir, are you scared?
Do you know who he kidnapped?
It's the minister's closest acquaintance.
It will be a huge problem if I don't take him back.
Don't you have any case against Manimaran?
We do. There are several cases.
But we are helpless.
I helped you so that I could get rid of him.
Don't worry about it.
I am waiting for the details on that boy.
Don't worry. I'll cross the border along with him by evening.
I want to talk to Manimaran for some time.
How is the Biryani, sir?
I see big mutton pieces in it.
You are very lucky.
I came here to ask you something.
Yes, it's about that boy!
Where did you find him?
Did you kidnap him? Tell me?
Go and ask that boy.
He is in an unconscious state. How will I ask him?
Tell me something. What do you want?
Make sure you leave this place within 24 hours.
Otherwise, you won't be alive!
How dare you! You're having the Biryani
that I bought for you and you're threatening me!
You will pay for this!
Sir, you don't know who he is.
Why should I bother! Go and do your work.
Sir.. Sir, don't hit me..
Where did you pick that child from? - Sir..
Don't you know? Come on, tell me..
Sir, Mr. Mani has a brother and his name is Murugan.
He was the one who brought the boy.
I don't know anything else, sir. - I will! - Sir..
Don't hit me, sir. Sir..
Do you know about Murugan, Manimaran's brother?
I know, sir.
We have several cases against him in this station.
He is a very bad guy, sir.
Hello. Please tell me?
'Sir, this boy has been missing'
'since a couple of days from Pampady, Kottayam.'
'His name is Rony.'
'His parents have identified his photo.'
'They are on the way to Theni.' - Great!
I'll message the hospital address, okay? - 'Yes, sir.'
Hello. Is that so? All right.
Sir, they have arrived.
Sir, did you beat that scoundrel to pulp?
I bought a Mutton Biryani for him.
Hello. - Hey, Police, hold on!
A friend of yours wants to talk to you.
Come on, talk to him.
Didn't I warn you that it'll lead to a big trouble?
They will kill me.
You nabbed my brother, right?
Do me a favour. Drop him at the same spot
where you picked him up from. Hurry up!
Otherwise, you'll get to see your friend's mutilated body.
I have just slit the vein of his arm. - Hey!
So, come immediately.
And make sure you come alone.
Hey, send him alone! - Get off!
Brother, did he humiliate you? - Yes, he did!
We'll skin him alive and chop him to pieces!
Bash him up. They can't do anything now.
I've been bashing you up since morning.
Aren't you ashamed?
"The fight.." - Hey!
" on."
"The game is there to be played.."
"The spectators are in for a treat.."
"I caught the whiff of a bullet.."
"The guns are doing the talking.."
"The thrill of the chase is on.."
"Who will rise to the opportunity?"
"Who will fall into oblivion?"
"The fight is there to be fought.."
"The devil is lurking in the vicinity.."
"The rain of fire has scorched the earth.."
"Everything has been reduced to ashes.."
Hey, come on!
Hey, start the car!
"The stage is set.."
"The crowd is roaring.."
Come on, get in!
"The game is there to be played.."
"The devil is lurking in the vicinity.."
Brother, come!
Brother! Hey!
Back then, I was too impulsive.
First, I used to act and then I used to ponder!
By the time I think about it, everything would be over.
Two people lost their lives because of me.
I can wash my hands by saying that I was doing my duty.
Anything can happen, while on duty, right?
But, I forced Murthy into this for my requirement.
Finally, his life..
Anyway, Murugan is my problem to deal with.
It's senseless to involve you in this case.
Thank you for everything. - If you are after Murugan
then I am with you.
No, that wouldn't be right.
Sir, this is your unofficial case.
As a human being and as a police officer
I have some responsibilities towards the country
against the criminals.
We'll nab him, sir!
Here's another trouble!
Hello, Uncle. - How is it going, dear?
Uncle, I told you that I'll call you up
if I find any evidence, right?
Don't call me frequently! It's affecting my work.
All right, then. - Hello..
What's wrong with him?
I didn't come here to ask for money.
He came back again!
I am not getting any connectivity at home.
I got a connection from here. What do I do?
Let me have a look at the phone.
Okay. Here it is. - There is some error..
What's your problem? - Hey.
Mister, it's a different network. Why are you here then?
The phone that's at home is the one.
I won't leave this place until it's fixed.
Stay away from her. - What!
Turn it off and then turn it on after sometime.
Maybe then, you'll get the connectivity.
Sir, I'll deal with this matter.
Sir, can you help me?
I've tried enough, but in vain.
Listen, please don't trouble me.
It's my workplace.
I'll take your leave. - You'll be coming tomorrow, right?
Today is my birthday. - Happy Birthday. - Thank you.
You look so good today. Your bag is too good.
You can have one more.
Thank you.
Happy Birthday. - Thank you.
Sir, they are suggesting us to take an X-ray of Isaac. - Oh!
Shall we split up? - Okay.
Did you get your vehicle after service?
They said that they'd give it today.
In that case, get your vehicle
and collect Sachu's whereabouts and family background in detail.
Okay, sir.. - Keep this phone with you.
Sir.. - You might need it.
Also, try to get some information from that Siby as well.
Maybe you'll get to know where they live.
Go, make it fast! - Yes, sir. - Okay.
We need a car now. - That's the only thing left now!
Like an Omni..
Yes, right.. We wouldn't have to run as much, right? - Yes.
To kidnap that girl. - Oh, he is planning to kill her.
You want to kidnap her, right?
Excuse me! What's there to ponder so much?
Hey, shut up!
You are the root of all these problems.
If you utter one more word..
Praise the Lord!
Go ahead with your work. Spare me!
How do we get a vehicle at this time?
We won't get any vehicle.
No one will give it to us.
We have to steal one..
Yes, heard that!
Pal, right now, we are involved in a diamond chain theft.
We'll be held responsible for the vehicle theft too!
Will you be able to deal with it? - Be quiet!
We've been running since morning. Not a second to rest.
Let God decide everything.. Come what may.
Pal, what's the plan?
Where is the used car showroom?
"I'm feeling like a wingo.."
Hello, sir. I am Mr. Piyush. Glad to meet you. - Okay.
Sir, what kind of vehicle are you looking for?
Any Maruti vehicle..
Of course, sir, we have. Please come, sir.
We are the best sellers here. - What did you say?
Sir, this is 2014 model. It's in a good condition.
If I had a choice, I would've gone for this one.
Please, sir. This is superb.
This vehicle is very stylish and mind-blowing!
A-And this one, sir..
This is my dream car. - Hey..
These are all normal vehicles and not luxury ones, right?
Sir, they are almost like luxury vehicles, sir.
They have all the facilities and fittings.
Which model is this?
Sir, this is 2005 model. It's just fantastic.
It has power-steering, power-windows
it's fully-equipped, sir.
Is it in good condition? - Sir, we have..
We only sell cars that are in a good condition, sir.
There's no problem with it, right? - Everything is fine, sir.
But it would be a problem if a bus runs over it, you know..
I'm sorry, sir. There's no other problem.
Does anyone buy a vehicle from here?
Sir, we sell two vehicles per day.
No one would buy it if they listen to your pitch.
Okay, sir. - Can I take it for a test drive? - Why not, sir?
I can get the keys if you give me the details.
Bhuvan, get me the keys. Sir, hold on. - Okay.
"The keys are on its way.."
It's ready!
This vehicle doesn't have a power-steering, right?
It doesn't have power-steering but the steering is very powerful.
Only this particular model has this steering, sir. - Okay.
The brake isn't that good.. - Easy!
T-That we can fix it, sir. No problem.
The other features are fine, right?
The vehicle is in a good condition, right?
There's a slight problem with the alignment.
No way, sir. That's impossible!
We do a thorough check before we keep it in the showroom.
I should take it on a long drive to judge the performance well.
Sir, we can drive it for a short distance. No problem.
I need to drive around 10 to 15 kilometres..
Sir, it's been a long time.
We can't take it too far for a test drive.
We have a road limit for a test drive, sir.
Sir, we are not allowed to come so far.
Be quiet! - Sir, you are getting me wrong.
If you are not happy with this vehicle
you can go with another one, sir.
But we are not supposed to.. - This one is okay for me.
I need to drive it around.. Just to be sure.
Sir, we have already driven a long distance.
We are not supposed to come so far. Our company has few rules..
Can you please be quiet! You've been talking continuously..
Sir, they'll fire me.
It's been a lot of time..
You've used all the gears too..
If there's any problem, jump out of the vehicle.
Sir, jump out..
Sir, please stop the vehicle for once. Please!
Oh, my! Sir, why did you stop here?
Sir! - What! Who are you? - Can you please step out?
What's happening?
I got it for him. Now, he will go on a test drive.
What for? I am the sales executive
of True-value showroom. - Hey!
You can talk about it later. Come out now.
Oh, God! Oh, no! - Come out!
Oh, dear! Sir, tell him not to hit me.
Please, sir.. Oh, God.
A true-blue Malayali.
Don't beat me. Oh, my! Oh, God!
Is Justin inside? - Yes, he is inside.
Sir! - Yes.
Are you done with your work? - Yes.
Hold on.
Sir, something terrible happened. - What is it?
They thrashed me up and stole the vehicle.
Speak clearly!
They beat me to pulp and stole the car.
Oh, no.. - What is it?
My Karate skills were of no use.
Get some rest. I will call you. - Sir.
Tell me, Najeeb.
Don't you get their details before the test drive?
The name that he provided is wrong.
It says, Shashi.
The address seems to be non-existent.
Don't you demand any ID proof?
Since it's a used car
we're not too strict about such formalities.
Sir, something terrible..
Sir, look at me. They smashed me up.
They beat you up pretty good, it seems.
Dude, can't you see this?
Do you remember any features
of the guy who got in the car, mid-way?
Dude, they were like hell..
One of them was speaking Tamil.
He had long hair. Looked like a ghost.
He is the one who thrashed me.
I'm fed up. I'm really fed up.
Hey, talk politely. He is from the Crime branch.
Sorry, sir. - Where did they board the vehicle?
The place where I got thrashed. - Doesn't that place have a name?
Sir, I'm not sure of the localities there.
I don't know the exact name.
Give him a written complaint. - Sir..
Now itself. - Okay, sir.
Note down the vehicle number. - Sir.
Collect the complaint from him. - Yes, sir.
Ask them not to worry.
We will inform them
if we get to know about the vehicle. - Okay, sir.
Don't change your plans.
You may proceed with what you were assigned.
I will take care of the issues here.
Okay, sir. - They have a vehicle now.
They can leave this city whenever they please.
We don't have much time. Got it? - Yes, sir.. Okay, sir.
"We are in distress.."
"The culprit is right next to us.."
"It was stolen, right before our eyes.."
"We were fed up of our blunders.."
"We are in distress.."
"The culprit is right behind us.."
"The culprit.."
"The culprit.."
"What's the point in waiting for something that already left?"
"Why is it that my sense fails me when I need it the most?"
"The world is just a spin top.."
"The sun is just a fiery ball.."
"Now we're back in the maze, chasing the chain."
"Is it a treasure trove or a bag of trash?"
"When will this chase come to an end?"
"The misery is everlasting.."
"It's like the shadow that never lets go."
"Get used to those blows and attacks.."
"It's going to be the story of your life."
"Someone is following us. Everything is hazy.."
"There lies a Pandora's box, crack it open.."
"Don't stop looking until you find something."
"God, please have mercy on us. Show us a way out of this."
"Even your blessings weren't spared.."
You can recognise that girl for sure, right?
Is she amongst them? - Yes, the one at the end.
She looks good.
Are you sure that it's her?
Sir, can we kidnap someone without making any fuss?
Hey, keep quiet.
I don't want another case on our heads.
Stop the vehicle. Stop..
Sir, listen to me. Give me a chance.
Give me two minutes and I'll handle it smoothly.
Is it? - Don't make it too complicated.
Give him a chance then. It might work out.
Take your time. Go. - Okay, sir.
I will fix this right away. - Will he mess this up?
I should've gone.
Ma'am, just a minute.
Didn't you purchase a bag from MAS bag shop?
At that time, there was a boy with you, right?
Move aside, I've to go.. - But, ma'am..
We want to know something.
Do you know where that boy lives?
At least, which locality?
Please tell me. It's urgent.
Please move aside. Let that bike pass.
Who is he? - A stranger.
I don't know him.
He stopped me and he is talking rubbish.
What's the matter? - I will explain it to her.
What! What are you talking about?
Who are you? Where are you from?
Don't you feel hot in it?
What can you do about it? - Did you get an answer?
What? What did he say? - What?
What is it with you?
Sir, he wants to know something.
What? - Move aside.
Your time is up.
Do you know that boy?
Remya, to my bike.. Quickly.
Oh, God!
You've mistaken me for someone else.
What about me then? - Let go!
Oh, God!
I can see fairies.. - What spray is that?
It's an insecticide. - Sir, what about him?
Put him inside. - Lift him up!
Where are you taking me?
Please don't extract my kidneys.
Sir.. - Put him inside.
Is it an operation theatre?
Sir, anything positive?
No.. What about your task?
Both of them are neighbours.
They said that they work in the sales department
of a company in Ernakulam.
They don't know a lot.
Who did you talk to?
Sachu's mom.
Their financial condition is bad.
Okay.. Let's have a cup of coffee.
Are you blind? - What is wrong with you?
Sorry, sir.. - Where are you lost?
It's not a big deal, okay? - Sorry..
It's okay, sir. It was an accident.
Why are you wiping the bag instead of your shirt?
Well, sir, it's my new bag. - Oh, okay..
Let me wipe it for you. - It's okay.
All good?
I'm sorry. - All right, sir.
Okay, bye. - Thanks.
A smart kid.
This place is too dusty.
What is his name?
M-Mani.. - What?
What will I do with his name? - Where does he live!
He lives near to my house. - Where exactly?
Gandhinagar third colony. House number 12, Thammanam.
This is what I asked you before!
You could've just said it. Was all this necessary?
On top of that, he and his attitude! - Hey!
You can find out the address that she mentioned, right?
Yes, we will find it out.
Then come.
They can't hug each other as I've tied them up.
What's the point in crying?
You could've just said it.
Don't worry. I'm with you. - I saw that.
Just one blow and you were lying on the road.
I wasn't expecting it.
I didn't have such intentions. Then why did they beat me?
As if they give a prior notice before beating!
Let me get out of this.. I will teach them a lesson.
What will you do if you're untied? - I'll beg for their mercy.
And request them to spare us.
I'm so hungry.
Why do they need Mani?
Sir, did we kidnap them for such a silly thing?
All that questioning after tying them up, on top of that!
Oh, really? Didn't we give you a chance before?
You messed it up and now you're talking!
I was dealing with her smoothly.
That's when that idiot came there, in his bike.
And as I was about to beat him, he thrashed him.
In your dreams! - Hey..
Don't bother about them.
Let them be here.
We should be bothered about the chain.
Let's retrieve it and get out of this place.
What! - We've to escape.
The time is 8 p.m.
It would be safe if we leave by 10.
Whatever the plan is, I need a couple of drinks first.
Where do we get it from?
Toddy? - Not that.. Liquor..
How will we get it here? It looks like a graveyard.
Come on, don't scare us. - There is a way.
Hey, do you have Chandran's number?
Yes.. I have it for sure.
Chandran's number..
Hello. Chandran.. - Tell me.
I need a bottle of liquor.
Hold on.. I'd have to go back home and check if I have it.
Hey, I'm not sure about it.
Be patient. Stay there itself.
I'll check and come back.
Okay, Chandran.. - He has it? Okay!
Don't you know how to drive? - Don't you!
Don't create a fuss.. It's the police. Let's go.
PT Usha and Shiny Wilson deserve to be appreciated.
Why is that? - They run like horses!
Pal, it's a photoshopped image. - Is it? - Absolutely.
If they run, they would get a medal.
And if we run, we get thrashed in the end.
Where were you all this while?
We've been waiting since long for you to bring the stuff.
It's a cool spot. - You have the glasses, right?
It's a perfect place for a couple of drinks.
Yes.. - Why are you hanging out here?
Nothing much. Just to enjoy some fresh air.
It's too hot.
Here is the glass.
Do you want a drink?
Well, to drink with my customers is kind of..
We are not forcing you, no need. - I mean, it's thrilling.
This guy is still with you?
Don't you have any beer?
Oh, no! The bag is in the vehicle.
I will get it. - No need. I will get it.
Sit there. Have it.
I will get it. - All right..
Hey, ask him if he knows the boy's whereabouts.
Yes.. I still can't figure out the place..
Spiderman! That's interesting.
You've jotted it down on a paper, right?
Paper? What do you mean?
Inside! - Yes, paper..
I got it now.
I will get it right away.
So, tell me, sir. Are you enjoying?
Don't you want any beer? - I'll have it once I'm back.
Hey, where does the boy live? - Thammanam.
Gandhinagar third colony. House number 12.
Are you two in love? - Yes.
No. - I had my doubts.
I guess, everybody is doubtful.
My mother-in-law lives there. What is there?
There is a boy..
Not a boy.. His friend lives there.
He doesn't know his address or anything.
There aren't any Tamilians out there.
Pal, weren't we supposed to meet Akhilesh at 9?
Akhilesh.. It's 8:30 already. - Mr. Chandran..
We've got something to do.
We'll leave for now. - Are we winding up so early?
No, we'll continue later. - Well..
Who was that guy again? - It's his father!
Oh.. - See you tomorrow.
Get drunk tonight. Pay me tomorrow.
I was thinking about it till now. - I will see you..
What if the address that she gave us is wrong?
Really? I don't think so.
We can't be sure. What if she lied to us?
Then do this. - Yes.
You can recognise the bag, right? - Yes.
Both of you, look for it. I'll stay on guard.
You'll guard this? - Not this..
I'll gulp it down and guard them.
Yes.. But that's not the matter.
Imagine that we find the Spiderman bag.
What if I open the zip and find no chain in it?
It would be so funny!
You're dead if that happens!
Mom, my bag!
What's so special about it? - Hey!
Did you ask anyone before taking it?
Hey.. - How dare you use it to carry booze?
I will slap you tight!
How did you get that money? Who bought it for you?
You're drunk out of your senses. It's you son's birthday.
You don't even remember that! Shame!
Give it back to him. - Who is he? A superstar?
To celebrate his birthday?
Get lost.
Hello.. Hey! - Give it to me, Dad.
You didn't pay for the booze!
Now you're calling me frequently and bothering me!
I will beat you to pulp if I see you.
Be ready with the money. I'm coming.
Oh, really? - Mom..
Hey, don't break those bottles out of your anger.
Indeed.. - Keep it safely.
As if it is everything! - Come. - It can't even fit 6 bottles.
Go there.. - Untie me! I'm hungry!
Hey, stuff something in his mouth.
Or else, just untie her. Come on. - Shall I buy him a Biryani?
We don't have time for that.
What about Parathas? - Hey.. - Some cake.. - Sir!
Hey, make him shut up! - Okay. - Please come.
You have to explain it properly!
He and his springy hair! - Moron!
This is the street, right? - Yes, stop here.
It is that house. That way..
I'll get out.
Hey.. Just get that chain.
We don't know much about this place.
Don't create a scene. Okay?
Sir, you stay here. I will get it done smoothly.
There is no need for that. Shut your mouth and come.
He won't allow me to do anything alone.
Hey, retrieve it quickly and get out of here.
Look over there.
Search under it..
Hey, who the heck are you?
Cut it.. Stand over there.
Shut up!
Who are you? - Don't move.. Look for it.
Search over there.
Keep quiet.
I got the bag! - Who are these guys?
Get it.. We've got to get out. Quickly!
Search.. - It's stuffed with books.
Make it fast. - There is nothing in that.
What is it?
Keep quiet!
Sir, it's not there.
Where is the chain? - Mani.
Where is the chain? - My bag!
Where did you keep it? - My bag..
Let go of my leg!
Sir, don't harm them.
Let go! - Sir, don't harm them..
Sir, let go of them. - Shut up!
Where is it? Where is the chain? - Mani!
Mani.. - Come on!
Enough, sir!
Shut up!
Where is the chain!
Where is it!
Don't cry.. Everything will be okay.
Forget about her. There is a lot of fish in the sea.
Get lost! He and his bag!
I will stuff it with faeces.
It's not necessary. We will get some cow dung.
It's the best option.
I will tear it open for you. Come on.
Great bag. - I think it's costly.
Rip it to shreds!
It has a lot of compartments in it.
I wish I had a knife to tear it.
Look at that! - Scoundrel!
He is trying to woo Deepa with this fancy chain!
Give it to me!
I will give it to her. Come.
Hi, Deepa.
Where did you get it from?
I am asking you, answer me.
I got it from Mani's bag.
Mani's bag?
Where is he?
Come, let's go. - Hey..
'You nabbed my brother, didn't you?'
'Thrash him, the police won't do anything.'
Why didn't you answer my call this evening?
I was busy. Did the kids sleep?
You should have at least answered it.
I was too busy to do that.
Do you recall the thing Fr. Savier was talking about?
Or did you forget it? - I did.
I know that you didn't.
You should've have told him that you were busy.
Please don't be angry. I will call him.
I was completely upset.
All right. Be back after a shower.
I'll get the dinner ready. - Okay.
Such a bad day!
I forgot to tell you something. - What is it?
Just a minute.
Look! It appears like diamond. Doesn't it?
Where did you get this from?
A student in my class found it from another's bag.
He gifted it to a girl and it reached me eventually.
How is it? Doesn't it look genuine?
It's less likely to be real.
Hey, any update? - No luck so far.
How does that chain look like? Do you have a photograph?
Yes, I did share them to you on Whatsapp.
It's a chain with closely packed stones.
I called you earlier to tell you about this.
But you didn't answer my call.
Drat! He disconnected the call.
What happened?
Which student did you get it from? Did you talk to him?
Where did he get it from?
By the time I got this in my hand, the class got over.
I haven't seen the student either.
I actually called you to say this as well.
How would you know if you don't answer my call?
Jenny, this is something serious.
I've been searching for this chain the whole day.
Get me that particular student's details.
Okay, just a minute.
Najeeb, get ready soon.
There's an important matter.
You can sleep. I'll be back. Close the doors.
Hey, what is it? Wake up.
Oh, no, Mani..
What is it?
What's wrong? What happened?
Someone has abducted our son. - Oh, no..
Where is your son? Where is Mani?
Two strangers arrived and searched the bags.
And they abducted him.
Hey, is it them? - They were the ones, sir.
Sir, this is Sachi and Raj.
How do you know them? - I met them a while ago.
Where are they? - Sir, I don't.. - Where did you meet them last?
Oh God! - Where is the chain? Thievish scoundrel!
Where did you hide it? - Buddy, let him go..
Tell me where the chain is. Hey, let go of my hand.
Go away!
Where did you hide it? Where is the chain?
Buddy, let him go.
Buddy, what if he doesn't know about the chain?
Get away! It was I who stole the chain.
If it's lost, then it's my mistake. - Stand back.
Hey, where is it? Are you making fun of me?
What is he up to? What a nonsense!
Don't make a fuss! - Get lost! Are you his dad?
Buddy, I'll talk to him. - Do it then.
When did you open the bag after purchasing it today?
Think long and hard, and tell me.
Please tell me, dear.
Hey! Are you talking to your lover? Hit him hard and enquire.
Why should we do that? Isn't it just the chain that you want?
I'll manage it. - Do whatever it takes.
I shouldn't have stolen that chain! Drat!
Please tell me.
Sachi.. - What? - It's me. Please open the door.
You owe me money. Just open the door.
Buddy, come back later. We're busy right now.
Hey, I'm in an urgent need of money.
Please open the door. - Oh my!
Sachi.. - Stop yelling!
Open the door, Sachi..
I'll give the money tomorrow. Leave now. - Hey.
Do you know who is here?
Hands up! - Hey, where is my son? Why did you do this to me?
Hey, let go of the kid. - Dad.. - Kill them, sir..
Dad, they thrashed me badly.. - You boozed with me..
Sir, there are two more hostages. - And you chose to betray me.
Hey, free them. - Let's go, Dad.
Traitors! Kill them, sir. Kill them all.
Come.. Go outside..
Murugan, isn't this chain you're looking for?
Well, look who's here. My old friend.
It has been a while since we met. Are you here to exact revenge?
Arrest them. - Yes, sir. - We have something to settle.
Get the keys of their Omni. - Hey, give me the keys.
We're old friends, right? - Keep walking.
How's your family? - Yes, they're fine.
I heard that you've started a new business.
How is it going?
You're making a big mistake.
You are repeating your mistakes.
When you harmed my brother, I killed your friend.
That was even. Fifty-fifty. Everything has come to an end.
Why are you still not satisfied?
Besides, you're all alone. That too, with the chain
that I was looking for.
I find you slightly unwise.
Is it a show-off?
It's time for the show, Murugan. Don't we need a climax?
Is that it? Let me show it to you!
Hey, is this your climax?
What did you lie about your job to your families?
A good salary, a bike, and free accommodation.
Why did you both lie to your parents?
Sir, they shouldn't hear about this.
You can shoot us instead.
Are you scared to die? - Yes. My mother is all I have.
Why did you team up with criminal Murugan then?
Weren't you both planning to go along with him?
Had you gone there, you would've been dead by now!
As if he would treat you very well!
You may go now.
What? - Nothing.
Forget that you came across
a person named Murugan in your life.
Even if that's not the case, you know nothing about him.
You'll face dire consequences if you reveal anything about him.
It won't take a second for us to frame you!
What are you laughing about?
Hey, enough of your mockery!
I am dying of hunger.
Do you want some peanuts? Have some.
So, peanuts, it is.
When did you steal it? - What do you think?
I waited for the right opportunity and stole it.
Is that so? - Yes!
Come on, call up Ismail.
Let's celebrate tomorrow.
Hello! - Sir.. - What!
Sachi made a mistake.
He kept two diamonds with him by mistake.
We will hand it over to you by tomorrow morning.
Sir, it was a mistake.
Don't punish us for that.
Raja, one can't steal by mistake, right?
We won't do it again.
Everything is ruined!
Do me a favour.
What have you done?
Why did you inform him?
Do you realise with what difficulty I stole it!
I didn't tell you so that you don't mess this up.
That's why I told you after he left.
You ruined everything!
Pal, you don't know him.
He nabbed me when I ran off from the bus-stand.
I was certain then, that I was finished!
Then I realised
that he was looking for Murugan and not us.
He told me that Murugan is a notorious criminal
and not a small-time thug.
And that he wouldn't hesitate to even kill us for the necklace.
He gave me his phone number
and asked me to stay with Murugan
so that I could share Murugan's plan with him.
Out of my foolishness, I didn't believe it.
I thought that it was his plan to trap all three of us.
So, I didn't inform anything to him.
Later, Murugan spoke about stealing a vehicle
and kidnapping the girl.
Then, I realised that the situation was worsening.
So, I decided to tell everything to Mr. James.
That is when he threw my phone and broke it.
Things got out of control
That imbecile was always with us.
So, I couldn't tell you anything.
So, we have to hand it over
at the police station tomorrow, right?
We don't have to. - Why?
Pal, he said that we can have it.
Why? - I don't know.
Either he has lost his mind or we have the blessings of God.
Is that so? - Yes.
Pal, shall we sell it and buy an auto rickshaw?
No, pal. Let's buy a car.
Why not an aircraft? We can avoid the traffic.
We won't be caught for drunken driving. - Exactly.
Did you find it?
Yes, not us, but the Karnataka police.
That's the information I got.
Even they couldn't nab them.
We can raise a claim
but there will be an enquiry at any cost.
We will be in trouble as it is illegal.
Times have changed. - Oh, Lord!
So, my five crores is gone!
You won't lose it. You might've to show its source.
Is that required? - Oh, let it be.
I don't want to take any further risk.
I will somehow endure the loss.
So, what do I do?
You don't have to do anything.
Start tomorrow.
Hey, Police!
Hey, leave me..
'There are 15 criminal cases against him in the department'
'including murder, robbery and rape.'
'Actually, we should be killing such people in an encounter.'
'I could have nabbed him when Raja found him'
'but I was helpless then.'
'I was stubborn that he shouldn't die an easy death.'
'One should be criminal-minded to nab criminals.'
Sir, what about that diamond?
'The diamond necklace would be of so much help'
'to several other people rather than my aunt adorning it.'
Sir, I didn't get you.
What? Minnu!
There's a gift here. - Wow..
Yay! - Amazing!
Wow! - Spiderman!
Excuse me! You're sleeping like a log.
Wake up.
Is this real? - No, it's a dream. - Is that so?
Dear, shall we serve you breakfast?
I need Pappadam as well.
Give me a smile.
'Sushama, can you hear me?'
'We are in the initial stage of investigation.'
'So, we couldn't identify the person.'
'The street dogs attack again.'
'Despite receiving many complaints on stray dog attacks'
'this incident is a clear indicator of the system's failure.'
'I made this video to thank a person.'
'A heart operation was required and the fee was in lakhs!'
'When I asked the doctor as to how I will pay the bill'
'he said that someone had already paid the bill.'
'My husband is alive today.'
'My children are not orphans!'
'I don't know who paid the bills.'
'One of the staff asked me to thank the person over the phone'
'and that he would see it.'
'The person has paid the bills for several people including mine.'
'I thank him for saving my family.'
'The operation is over.'
'We don't know yet as to who paid the bills.'
'We thank you immensely for saving us!'
'I hope that you're watching this video.'
'You will lead a prosperous life.'
'You won't have to face any problems in life.'
"The battleground is ready, his sword is gleaming.."
"As the time is nearing, he is brimming with courage.."
"The warrior has risen.."
"He is as swift as the wind.."
"He soars to the skies, his righteousness is his weapon.."
"He wipes out his enemies with a thunderous blow.."
"There are always hurdles."
"The virtuous one will always seek the righteous path"
"He emerges from the dark like a fiery spirit."
"The warrior has risen.."
"He rises like a phoenix from the ashes."
"He has the love that a suffering heart desires for."
"We keep failing in the stride of life."
"We're being played like the pawns on the board."
"He is the avatar that took form to reinstate peace."
"The warrior has risen.."
"He is as swift as the wind."
"He soars to the skies, his righteousness is his weapon.."
"He wipes out his enemies with a thunderous blow.."