Streets of Vengeance (2016) Movie Script

- This is Channel
40, Sacramento, Stockton.
- Hi, gang, and welcome to All Nite Long,
with me, your favourite
host, Stacy Monroe.
Tonight we're gonna be
kicking off Summer Scream Film
Festival where all month long
we're gonna be bringing you
some of the coolest movies
with the hottest action.
And now it's time to
get into tonight's film.
We hit the mean streets of San Francisco,
where a young starlet named
Mila uses her body as a weapon.
These streets won't be safe
for any rapists or perverts
anymore, so mothers,
lock up your scumbag sons,
because Mila is on the prowl
in Streets of Vengeance.
This movie has everything.
Cool tunes.
And ultra violence.
Unnecessary nudity.
And more fingerless
gloves than you can count.
So put on your shades and
kick some beach balls,
and get ready to go All Nite Long.
- Get off me!
- Did you get that last part?
Because Mila is totally transforming
the whole adult industry,
she is the perfect person
to talk to when it comes
to the adult industry.
- She is just phenomenal.
- Hey, babe.
- Girl?
- Hey, babe, what's up?
- What the fuck are you wearing?
- Normal people clothes?
- You look like shit.
- Bitch, why are you trippin'?
- Because there is a guy here
from a magazine and he is here
to interview the world's
hottest porn star,
and she looks like a fuckin'
bum, what is this?
- Guess that I'm destroying the myth
for masturbators everywhere.
- Killin' boners all over the
world, let's go.
- Hi, Miss
Mila, my name is Brian.
- How do you do?
- Good, thank you.
I was just talking to
one of your co-stars,
and she had nothing but the
loveliest things to say about...
- No, no, we're more than
co-stars, we're BFFs.
- We touch each other's boobs.
- Uh, I'm sorry, I missed that.
Can you do that,
repeat that again, please?
- Oh, Mila, thank goodness,
I was beginning to worry.
Come on, let's go, we're running late.
Who is this?
Why is he annoying my princess?
Who are you, what do you want? Speak.
- He's just here to interview Mila.
- Ah!
Amber, honey babe, could you...
No no, could you please
help our star get ready, hm?
Thank you, sweet cheeks.
Come here, kid.
Let me give you something to print.
I'm Ivan Dark,
owner and founder of Dark Productions.
I have been in this business for 30 years,
and in all of that time,
I have never met a girl like Mila.
She's an angel, a demon,
she senses your every desire,
and yearns to please you,
on her terms only.
She's Mila.
Ah, and there she is.
- Rico is annoying me.
- What now?
- Ivan told him that he is
pairing me up with Brody
and Katia and he is pissed.
- I hate when men play
boss with your body.
- What?
- It means he's being a bitch.
- He's just being overly protective.
- Did you guys know Lana?
- Lana who?
- Lana the girl that
danced at old film theatre.
She got killed last night.
- The San Francisco Slasher.
- Some crazy motherfucker.
- So when were you gonna tell me?
- Tell you what?
- That you're leaving.
- Leaving?
- You haven't signed your new contract,
and I heard you're gonna
go work for Amy Grindhouse.
- And who's saying that?
- Everybody, is it true?
- Not exactly, no, I just...
- Mila, Mila.
- Savannah, what are you doing here?
- You have to come with
me, I'm with a bad man.
- What are you talking about?
- He's going to hurt you.
- Just calm down.
- He's having me followed.
I'm gonna be killed,
I'm the only one that knows the truth.
- What truth?
- The truth is he's a murderer.
I used to be his girl, just like you.
- What?
- He's going to hurt you.
He's hurt girls before.
Get the fuck away from her.
- Get her out of here.
- I know the truth,
Ivan, I know the truth.
- You coked-out bitch, get her out.
- You can't silence me.
- Get out!
Jesus Christ.
Did you get all that?
Alright, now, I'm going to
need a wide shot here, alright?
Get this all in.
Now, everybody, come together.
I need to see sexy, sexy stuff.
This is for the cover of the DVD.
Amber, come on in here,
sweetheart, yes, yes, yes, yes.
No, no, no, we don't need,
want you back up against him.
That's it, that's it,
now hold her hips, hold her hips.
That's it, right,
that's settled, excellent.
Katia, sweetie, this way, right hand here.
Now, move in just like
you're moving in for a kiss.
And focus, close, close,
close, no, too close.
Rico, right here.
Ah, my sweet, in.
There we are.
Now, gently, gently, love her, adore her.
Cuddle up, cuddle up.
Oh, this is the woman you wanna cuddle to.
What the fuck are you looking at?
- Hey, easy with the hands there.
What the fuck did I just say?
- Rico, do you have a problem?
- Yeah, I don't like this guy
putting his hands all over Amber.
Plus, he's gay, he does gay
porn, I've seen it.
- Wait, you watch gay porn?
- What the fuck did you say, bro?
- Listen!
You two can take this out into
the parking lot afterwards.
Beat each other senseless.
Winner gets to bone the other
one in the ass, I don't care.
Let's get the shot.
- I've got a better idea, bro.
Let's see who can please
your girl better, you or me.
- Rico, Rico!
Take a fucking walk.
Amber, you handle that young
man, or I swear to god,
I swear to god, if you
don't, his next starring role
is gonna be Bitch in an
East Oakland gangbang film.
Now, do you understand me?
Take care of it.
Brody, babe, are you okay?
- I'm fine, I'm fine.
- Alright, everyone take 10.
Mila, can I speak to you?
- Yeah, come in.
- Jesus Christ.
Look, you and I need to
talk and I think you know
what we need to talk about.
Look, let's go to dinner,
discuss the terms of your new contract.
This is your year, Mila.
You've got the press all over your ass.
You've got the nominations,
you've got the awards.
I guarantee you, 100k a year, six films,
director of your own series.
What do you say?
- Thank you for the generous
offer, but I have to decline.
I need something new,
and I hope that you can
forgive me for not telling you
sooner, but I just wasn't in
any rush to break your heart.
- Oh, but you have to, right?
I didn't treat you well?
- No, you did, I owe you everything.
My heart, my body and my soul,
but I have to do this for me.
- No, thanks.
I'm quitting.
But you know all about that, don't you?
You're sure, you're really sure?
- I am.
- I have to ask,
this doesn't have anything to do
with that feminazi bitch
Amy Grindhouse, does it?
- No!
No, it doesn't.
Okay, I would never work with anyone
else, you know that.
Are we, are we okay?
- Yeah, of course we're okay.
You know I love ya.
You're my sweetheart!
- I love you too, pops.
Well, hey, you can promote
this as my last movie.
- I just may do that.
Hey, everyone!
This will be Mila's last shot.
She's hanging up the
g-string for good, folks.
And remember,
Mila has an interview on television
tomorrow night, everyone,
be sure to tune in, okay?
- Hey, congrats to you, girl.
- This is Jane Doe.
She's a stripper,
a prostitute, a fame-whore,
and yet she makes more money
than most of you out there.
This is your Judgment Day.
We are here to give the
people what they want.
And they want to see you die.
Get on your knees.
Any last words before I
cleanse you of your soul?
God, have mercy on her soul.
This is what happens to women that use
sexual power to destroy men.
We will right the wrongs of this
world, we are The Sword!
- Welcome to The Full
Report, I'm Ann Fuller.
Tonight's topic,
does porn cause men to rape,
and sexually assault women?
That is the claim a Las
Vegas man is making,
after raping and abusing
his porn star girlfriend.
With us tonight we have Garret
Sullivan, a men"s right
activist and sex-addiction
counsellor from San Francisco.
And our second guest also
hails from San Francisco.
She is a adult film star and
a self-described feminist.
She goes by the name of Mila Lynn.
Thank you both for joining us tonight.
- My pleasure.
- Of course, you're welcome.
- Mr. Sullivan,
you firmly believe that pornography has
a detrimental effect on the human mind.
- As a counsellor, I see many men
who are addicted to pornography.
They develop these unhealthy,
violent fantasies against women.
And they have been created
into monsters because of this
horrible industry, this sexual culture.
And rape culture,
if you believe in that term,
affects men as much as it does women.
How can you rape a porn
star or a prostitute?
These men don't want to rape,
they are conditioned to do it.
- Mila, your thoughts.
- Holy shit.
Let's be clear,
women do not want to be raped.
We do not cause men to rape,
and rape culture is real.
And yes, sex workers can be
raped just like everybody else.
And it doesn't matter what
a woman does for a living.
We all deserve justice.
- Yes!
Justice for us all.
But can't you see Garret's point?
I mean, if you were the victim
of a sex crime and one were
to take a look at the films
that you've starred in
and having sex on camera,
isn't it understandable that
some people would have
reservations about believing what
someone like you has to say?
- Yeah, exactly.
- Well...
- Exactly.
- I mean, yeah, but that's my
point, people think that
they can treat sexually-free
women like trash.
But the numbers don't lie.
Our biggest consumers are
from the most conservative
and religious areas of the world.
From the Middle-East and
the Midwest of America.
Yet, those who claim to hate it,
are the ones who watch it the most.
And I'm sure that you
watch it yourself, Garret.
- How dare you!
I would never,
ever watch one of your films,
or one of your pornographic movies.
Have you no remorse for
your exploitation to women?
You're the one ruining America, not me!
- What about that, Mila?
I mean, you call yourself a feminist.
But your industry relies on
the exploitation of women
for the satisfaction of men.
Aren't you afraid of backlash
or appearing hypocritical?
- I do what I want with my
body, I pick my own co-stars,
and I don't have to do
anything I don't want to do.
This disgust over the
industry is really just men
trying to control the vagina.
Now, I believe that Hollywood
is much more misogynistic
than the porn industry.
I don't let anyone call
me names or slut-shame me.
Now, about this stupid backlash, bring it.
You can take all your hate
mail, all your name calling,
I don't care.
- And on that note,
I'd like to thank both of my guests
for joining us tonight,
I would also like to apologise
to my audience about Miss
Mila's unpleasant language,
and reference to the female anatomy.
I'm sure we're going to get
many letters about that.
Mr. Sullivan,
do you have any more thoughts?
- Oh, of course, thank you,
I really do appreciate it.
And for all you men that are
out there that are watching,
please do not hesitate to
contact us at
And thank you once again.
- Woo, that was a fun night!
- All night long.
- Oh my god.
- That guy, though, was stupid.
- He's wanting me to "suck on that dick.
Girl, he probably has a small penis.
- It's probably a little pea-size.
- No, I'm over that.
I'm gonna shower really quick,
baby, I'll see you in a sec.
- Okay.
Sammy, we're home.
Want a new hat, Sammy?
Do you hear that?
You don't hear that??
- Are you okay?
Baby, I hear you screaming.
What the fuck?
Baby, stop.
- Hey, Mila,
this is Brian from Gaming Empire.
We met yesterday, in case you forgot.
Anyways, I wanted to say thank you
for the invite to your retirement party.
Should add a lot more to the article.
It's coming along very well
and I'll see you tonight.
I'm really, really looking forward to it.
So, so I'll see you later.
Alright, goodbye.
- Mila, I'm watching you.
I'm gonna kill you, you fucking slut.
I'm gonna teach you a lesson.
- Did you paint all these pieces?
- Yep, they're all mine.
- I'll take them all.
Is that okay with you?
- Yeah, I'm just not sure
why you would want them.
- I like them,
I think you're very talented.
- Thank you.
- Would you mind helping me
take these back to my place?
My hotel's nearby,
I'm actually here on business.
I'm Roxy.
- Mila.
- That's a pretty name.
- Thanks.
- You have a beautiful face.
Where are you staying?
- Wherever, usually with
friends, here, there.
I'm not sure about tonight, though.
- Well, we can't have you
staying on the streets.
- I wanna do something for you.
- What?
- I wanna change your life.
- Out of the kindness of your heart?
- As I said, I'm here on business.
- What kind of business are you in?
- I am in the entertainment industry.
The adult entertainment industry.
Have been searching for
someone like you for years.
An enigma, an artist.
But you didn't think that
you would fit the part,
which is precisely why you're perfect.
The industry is changing,
the sleazy men being replaced by
strong women who are calling the shots.
Sex is your art.
This is an art project.
The Mila Project.
Can you be an artist, a
feminist, and a sex goddess,
all at the same time?
I think you can.
I've been telling my
husband all about you.
And he can hardly wait to meet you.
- Come on, Val, give me jiggle.
Come on, Val.
Spank his face with your ass.
Kiss my ass, like you know you want to
Kiss my ass, like you know you want to
- Yes.
- So, I've been asked if I've
stolen you away from Ivan.
I would love to claim that
honour, but I can't.
Do you mind me asking
you what really happened?
- Honestly, Savannah came
into the studio the other day,
and she was yelling all this
crazy shit about how Ivan's
a murderer and that I
need to watch my back.
And it felt like I was looking
my future right in the face.
And then with all these threats,
it's just not fun anymore.
You know?
It's just time for me to move on.
- Just know that I've
always got a place for you,
and you're always welcome here, okay?
I have a great new set of
girls that you could direct.
Liv, hon.
In the next few shots,
if you could go wider,
and not get too much vagina.
- What do you mean?
- You're getting too much vagina.
- Too much vagina?
- Yeah.
- Well, I was going for
something like female dominance,
but whatever, you don't get
it, that's fine.
"Too much vagina.
- She's a film student
from the Academy of Arts.
So, yeah.
How did Ivan take the news?
- It was hard, it was emotional.
You know how Ivan can be,
he's a prick sometimes,
but he's sensitive and sentimental,
and he's throwing me a
retirement party tonight.
- You should come.
- I'll be there.
Wilson's at work and
stuff tonight but yeah,
- I'll be there for sure.
- Awesome.
- Alright, love.
- I'll see you later.
- Be safe.
- I will.
- Thank you so much!
- Ching ching ching, attention, everybody!
We're here to bid a fond
farewell to our precious Mila.
Now, she didn't wanna have any big affair,
but as long as she's going,
she's going my way.
A toast to Mila!
- To Mila.
- My precious, special girl.
May every adventure meet with success.
Wherever you go, whoever you're with,
you'll always be mine.
- Cheers!
- Party!
- Hell yeah!
- Mila!
- Fuck yeah!
- So, shots, right?
- Shots, yes!
- To Mila!
- Alright!
Yeah, that's what I'm talkin' about!
- You, Mila, you!
- Who's ready to dance?
- Yes!
PS, you're pretty
PS, you're mine
First comes the blood,
then comes the boys
PS, you're pretty
PS, you're mine
First comes the blood,
then comes the boys
PS, you're pretty
PS, you're mine
First comes the blood,
then comes the boys
PS, you're pretty
PS, you're mine
First comes the blood,
then comes the boys
PS, you're pretty
PS, you're mine
First comes the blood,
then comes the boys
PS, you're pretty
PS, you're mine
First comes the blood,
then comes the boys
You're pretty, you're
pretty, you're pretty
The blood, the blood, the blood
The blood, the blood, the blood
The blood, the blood, the blood
You're pretty, you're pretty
The blood, the blood
You're pretty, you're pretty
You're pretty, you're pretty
The blood, the blood
You're pretty, you're pretty
The blood, the blood
You're pretty, you're pretty
The blood, the blood
Blood, blood
The blood, the blood,
the blood, the blood
You're pretty, you're pretty,
you're pretty, you're pretty
You're pretty, you're pretty,
you're pretty, you're pretty
The blood, the blood
You're pretty
The blood, the blood
Blood, blood, blood, blood
Pretty, blood, pretty, blood, pretty
PS, you're pretty
PS, you're mine
First comes the blood,
then comes the boys
PS, you're pretty
PS, you're mine
First comes the blood,
then comes the boys
- Where am I going?
- Home, my darling.
You're going home.
- Wake up, little darlin'.
It's almost time for our show.
You know, to be fair,
you're no worse than the rest of them.
Porn stars.
College girls.
Soccer moms.
You're all the same.
Teasing men with your sex
for money and attention.
You're just better at it.
I'm going to create a story
that my viewers can relate to.
Take a look at this slut right here.
That's Mila.
She's a porn star.
Just like the other two.
How many of you have
dreamed of being with her?
Well, I summoned up the courage,
to go to her at the bar the other night.
And you know what she did?
She humiliated me.
She laughed at me.
But you're not laughing anymore.
Are you, Mila?
Here we go.
I want them to hear you scream.
Come on!
Beg me not to kill you.
You slut.
If you do it right, I may let you go.
What other choice do you have?
- Fuck.
- You're not going anywhere.
No one is coming for you.
This may be your only chance.
Do you wanna die?
- Fuck you.
I'm gonna fucking kill you.
I'm gonna fucking kill
you, you piece of shit!
I'm gonna fucking kill you!
- Today is a big step
toward our righteous cause.
We can't stop until the full enslavement
of females is achieved.
It's the only way we
can fight this sickness.
The three that went down tonight?
That's just the beginning.
Of how things are really
gonna be from now on.
- You fuckin' dog.
I want you to beg for me.
Beg for your fucking life.
- Okay.
I'm sorry!
I'm sorry!
I'm sorry.
- You piece of shit.
- Mila?
Come on, let's get you up.
- I've been telling
my husband all about you.
And he can hardly wait to meet you.
- Mila?
Whoa, whoa.
It's okay.
It's okay, you're safe.
Nobody's gonna hurt you.
It's Brian.
We met at the studio a couple of days ago?
Can you please put the scissors down?
Nobody else is here.
I'm not gonna hurt you, I promise.
Mila, when I found you,
you were in front of some guy's house.
You were cut up.
Your clothes were covered in blood.
- Was I raped?
- No, I don't think so.
You were carrying a baseball bat.
That too was covered in blood.
I'm guessing that came from your attacker.
I'm also guessing you killed him.
Mila, I know this is a lot to process.
But I have to show you something else.
- Tonight, on a special
edition of The Full Report.
Last week we spoke to
adult film star Mila Lynn
about the dangers of her
industry, and now she's dead.
She is the latest victim
in a string of murders
on sex workers in the
city of San Francisco.
Was she a victim of coincidence?
Or did she just follow down
a path of self-destruction?
And did this dangerous lifestyle
also spell out the bloody
fate for two other adult film stars?
Abigail Winters, AKA Savannah,
and Amy Grindhouse,
also known as Amy Winorski.
Tonight, we present the
life and death of Mila Lynn.
And now we will show
you the chilling video
of her final moments.
Warning, the video you are
about to see is very disturbing.
- Oh, my god.
- I'm sorry, but a lot of
people have seen this video.
- Savannah tried to warn me.
We all thought she was crazy.
I mean, in the old days, if a girl OD'd,
no one batted an eye.
Ivan never pushed drugs on me, no.
- Are you saying that Ivan Dark
sicced those misogynistic
shit-heads on you?
Mila, we have to call the police.
- I don't care.
We were whores that deserved to...
- We're all dead.
- No, no, no.
This is not right, Mila.
Mila, what if he goes out there?
What if he tries to attack you again?
What if he goes out and
does it to another girl?
To your friend Amber?
We can't let this slide,
we have to get him.
There has to be some
sort of evidence, some,
something tying him to...
I'm sorry.
You need to get some
rest, you haven't eaten.
I'm gonna,
I need to get some more supplies.
I'm gonna need to get you some food.
I charged up your phone,
if you need to call.
I'm sorry, I'll come back
with some food for you.
- Hey, Nathaniel.
Hey, man, where you been?
Hey, come on, man, it's Garret.
I guess I must have gotten
your voicemail or something.
Anyway, I was just calling
to say good job on the video.
I just watched it,
great work, I gotta say.
And I'll give you that
money for that Mila job
as soon as you call me back, alright, man?
So, give me a call.
- Nathaniel's dead.
- Who's this?
Who the fuck is this?
- You're next.
- What the fuck?
- Mila.
Are you okay?
- You say you wanna help me?
- Yeah, but are you ready to talk?
- Then we're gonna do it my way.
I need you to play detective
and find Amber for me,
and take me to her.
- You mean like a stakeout?
- Incognito?
- Yeah.
- Fuck yes.
I've got the perfect shooting piece.
I've trench coats, I've got sunglasses.
I've got fuckin' walkie talkies, wigs.
I've got a makeup guy.
Fuck that, man, we got this shit
handled, he's a pussy.
Come over here, check this shit out.
Come on!
- Okay.
What about the food?
- Come on, move, move!
So I uploaded Amber's picture from Twitter
onto Google Images.
This looks like the spot.
- I know this place,
we've shot here before.
- She's supposed to be shooting with Rico.
How are you gonna get past him?
You want me to,
should I kick his ass or something?
- No, he's a MMA fighter, don't try it.
Just get Amber alone and
I'll find her dressing room.
- What the fuck do you want me to do?
- Uh, Amber,
could you look like alive?
- Just put the camera on
me, bro, I'll carry it.
Just put the camera right here.
- Hey!
Bro, do you need a hand?
- Hey, who the fuck are you?
- Brian.
I'm from GEM, Gaming Empire Magazine?
I'm here doing an interview
on Mila's disappearance.
I figured, as her best friend,
Amber might be able to
give me some inside...
- Hey, hey, hey,
she's been through enough, alright?
- Alright, cool, cool, chill out, bro.
What about you?
GEM Magazine,
we find a gem in any industry.
Let's do an article on you.
- Yeah, yeah, you could do that.
- Yeah, that's a great idea!
- Cool, cool.
- Amber?
Don't scream.
- Mila!
Oh, my god, you're okay.
You're alive.
- So, you're a MMA fighter,
what are you doing porn for?
- There really isn't much
difference between the two.
People like to see humans fight and fuck.
That's what I do best.
- So you're an animal.
- My business is primal.
Human beings are animals.
That's just the world we live in.
All that stuff you write about.
Politics, books, video
games, it's all bullshit.
- I get it, pal, I get it.
- No, I don't think you do.
You're a big guy.
Think you could take me?
- I don't wanna fight you.
Son of at!
- Where have you been,
what happened to you?
- What did you hear?
What did you hear?
- That you disappeared after your party.
That someone was following you.
I saw the video.
They said you were taken by
the San Francisco Slasher.
- So up until now, you thought that I was
being tortured to death by some psycho,
and you're here in the
mansion getting fucked?
- Mila, you know it's not like that!
Ivan said that he was going to find you.
He said that he would
bring you home safely.
He's already talked to the
police, they're looking for you.
- No one's looking for me.
Everyone's already forgotten about
me, even you.
- Mila, you know that's not true.
You know that Ivan wouldn't hurt you.
- Ivan is the one that did this to me.
- So what are you saying?
That Ivan is the San Francisco Slasher?
- The asshole that did this to me
had pictures of me on his wall.
He had pictures of Amy
and Savannah as well.
We were targets.
Ivan is the one that's
connected between all of us.
I need you to get him alone for me.
- What are you gonna do?
- I'm gonna look him in
the eye and ask him why.
Before I kill him.
- Mila, you sound crazy,
you sound like Savannah!
- You're not gonna help me?
- We'll go talk to him
together, you, me and Ivan.
You'll see that he would never hurt you.
Mila, please come home.
- I don't have a home.
I'll be at Amy's if you need me.
Goodbye, Beatrice.
- Tap, motherfucker!
- Tap!
- Okay, okay, okay, I tap!
I tap!
- You could put that in your article.
Be very descriptive.
- Fuckity fuck fuck fuck.
- Where's Amber?
- She's not coming.
I need to go to Amy's and get the girls.
Liv, Stella and Val I'm
sure will wanna know
what happened to their boss.
But first we need to go
to that fucker's house
and get that laptop.
- It's all the way across the city.
It'll take a while, are you feeling okay?
- I'm fine.
I just need to rest before we go to Amy's.
- Don't worry about the laptop situation.
I'll take care of that.
- How'd it go with Rico?
- I don't want to talk about it.
Fuckin' asshole.
- Fuckin' bitch.
Fuck you, Mila.
Fuck you.
Fuck you, Mila!
You're a fuckin' cunt!
Stab you in the fucking heart!
Last words.
- Hey, you aren't whacking
it off down here, are you?
- Already did.
So, what's the news?
- Nathaniel's dead.
- How?
- Blunt force trauma to the head.
Have you heard from the guy yet?
- He hasn't been answering his calls.
- We should have never taken that money.
We're not killers for hire.
We lost sight of our true mission.
What are we gonna do?
She knows who we are.
Hey, man, are you listening?
- Will you marry me?
- Garret.
- I wanna have some kids with you.
You're never gonna have to
take off your clothes again.
- I don't think I'm ready
to settle down right now.
I definitely don't want
kids, and I like what I do.
And I'm putting myself through
school with this money.
I've got goals and shit
that I'm working towards.
- You call being a slut a goal?
- I don't belong to you,
you need to get the fuck outta here
before this starts to get ugly, okay?
I've gotta get ready for my slutty
job, so, do you mind?
- Back the fuck
off, excuse me, god, fuck.
Like, do you think you're
better than me or something?
- Yeah.
I started to think I was better than you,
when you started to shit
on my fuckin' dreams.
I would never judge anyone
for what they wanted to do.
It's time for you to leave.
- What the fuck is she talking about?
You know what, no,
I'm not fucking leaving.
And you know what, you're not either.
What if I don't let you go?
What are you fuckin' do now?
- Okay, I'm done being nice to you.
- What the fuck?
- Get the fuck out!
Get the fuck out!
You don't wanna leave?
I'll make you fuckin' leave.
- What the fuck are you doing?
You crazy bitch!
- Garret!
- Show you the fucking door!
- Garret!
- Do you believe in The Sword?
- You know I do.
- Then we have to get rid of her.
If we let her get away with this,
women will think they can
do whatever they want,
and they can escape our
judgment, do you want that?
What we need to do is we
need to set up a meeting.
Round up all the men that
have pledged their allegiance.
They have yet to prove
their devotion to the cause.
The time has come.
Are you ready?
- Are you ready?
- Yeah!
- Yeah!
- We found her the next morning,
laid out like she was being displayed.
The motherfucker cut her open like a fish.
And the police say that she was
just at the wrong place at the wrong time.
- They're lying, it wasn't a coincidence.
- It was personal.
- How do you know that?
- The man who killed your
boss killed Savannah,
and then tried to kill me.
I overheard him talking about it,
announcing it like it was a
great fucking achievement.
And then I found his computer
with pictures on it and I
took it from him after I bashed
his brains out with a bat.
- Holy shit, you killed him?
- And I recorded it.
That's why I'm here, I need your help.
- You already wasted his
ass, what do you need us for?
- There are more of them out
there, he was a member
of some group or cult
or something like that.
And they loved him,
they wanna be just like him.
Once they find out what I
did, they'll lose their minds.
And they'll be out for blood.
- You can hide out here, if you want.
- I don't want a place to hide.
I want them to know it was me.
I want them to know what I did.
Liv, I want you to take this computer,
and I want you to post
that video on his website.
And after that, then I'll leave,
and there'll be no blow-back on you girls.
Or you can come with me
and help me kill them all.
I'll let you decide when
you're posting the video.
- Are you okay,
are you lightheaded?
- No, I'm fine,
it's just a small headache, that's all.
- Are you sure you're ready to do this?
Take on a small army by yourself?
- You know I have to do this.
- I don't wanna see you get hurt.
Or worse.
I can gather intel from this group
than Nathaniel belonged to.
- You're familiar with them?
- I understand them.
I'm one of them.
I just know how they think.
I know what loneliness can do to a man.
It warps a man,
it makes him into something less,
less human.
It makes us feel like monsters.
It makes me feel like a monster.
- You're not a monster,
you don't hurt people.
- I would kill for you.
And I would do it gladly.
I'm gonna...
Help the girls with the...
The video.
- The guy who did that to you.
Was it satisfying to make him suffer?
- It was, I enjoyed it.
- A lot?
A whole lot.
- That is so neat.
- "Neat."
It's neat to kill someone?
- If they had to coming.
- I'm Stella.
- It's a pleasure.
- I've watched your video three times.
I won't lie, I found it very arousing.
- Oh, with you, I'm not surprised.
So you found that arousing, huh?
- Revolutionary actions excite me.
- How old are you?
- 19.
- That accent of yours.
It's German, yeah?
- Yes.
I grew up in small town in East Germany.
I try my best to hide my accent.
- No, no, I like it, it's adorable.
- I think I could be of service to you.
- You really wanna do this?
- Yes.
- Why?
- My family moved here when I was 12.
My father was so harsh,
my mother wasn't allowed to talk to
or even look at another man.
If she did, she got a beating.
One day, she decided to leave him.
She took me and little
brother to a friend's house.
He found us.
He stabbed her 20 times.
Even after she was dead,
he still kept going.
And then he just left,
like it was nothing.
He's still out there,
people like him are still out there.
That is why I want to do this.
And that is why I have to do this.
- It's done, the video's up.
We're already getting comments on it.
You're right,
these guys are fucking disgusting.
- Whatever you want us to do, we'll do it.
- Thank you, I can't promise
a good ending to any of this,
but I can promise they will all die.
I'll see to it.
- Can we do it with just us
or do we need more girls?
- Rico doesn't know I'm here.
- I know, baby, I know.
- Ivan!?
- I know.
- So what do we do now, boss?
- This is dedicated to
the women of this city.
Those who were harassed and threatened
and no one took it seriously.
Those who were raped and assaulted,
but no one believed them.
And those who are hunted and
killed, but no one cared.
This is for you, because tonight,
vengeance is ours.
Garret Sullivan, we are coming for you!
You and your men have become targets.
We will take the streets,
dark alleys, the sleazy hotels,
and use our bodies as
bait and lure them in.
- They killed Nathaniel.
Our strongest member, our brother.
They killed him because he
was the face of our cause.
And you know what they started?
They started a war.
And we are gonna strike back, now!
- Hey.
You lost?
- No, I know exactly where I am.
Did you find what you were looking for?
- Yeah.
I think so.
- Ever since Adam followed Eve,
man has struggled to
regain his manhood back.
Every single one of you have been victims
of female aggressive sexuality.
- Our mission
isn't just about revenge.
It's revolutionary.
We will reach out to other girls
who have been abused for help.
- Drive around back, pull inside.
I'll meet you there.
- They get into your brain
and use sex to control us
and manipulate us to whatever
end they want us to do,
and then, as soon as we
fall into the temptation,
they claim rape!
You were all persecuted
because you're men.
You all became slaves to the cunt.
We need to fight and we are
gonna take this city back.
We're gonna rid this city
of these fuckin' whores!
Not just for Nathaniel,
not just for the city,
but for the cause!
- We will put our lives in danger,
risk death to get close and
when the time is right...
We will attack.
- You see?
That's how it's done.
- Baby, baby, I'm okay, I'm okay.
- Your men will lose faith in you.
- But we're not like
Nathaniel, we're not killers.
- Come on, guys.
I thought you were in this.
- What if they have like a
bunch of crazy psycho bitches
waiting to cut off our dicks?
I need my dick!
- What do you need a dick for?
- Tons of stuff.
- Like what?
- You guys are afraid of women?
Are you guys afraid of fuckin' women?
- No!
- No!
- I shaped and moulded
every single one of you.
- No one will be spared.
We will pick them off one by one.
- He says he knows Nathaniel.
He's a porn addict, too.
- Ever since I've started
watching Nathaniel's videos
that he's been posting online,
they were just so intense.
- Are you ready to prove your devotion?
- Yes.
- You're gonna be teamed up
with this guy right here.
His name's Gus, he's a friend
of Nathaniel's, pretty close.
He's my new number one man.
- Garret isn't thinking straight.
He's losing men left and right.
He needs real men to win this war.
I don't care what he fuckin'
says, you're not ready yet.
So, I've put you on babysitting
duty, you're gonna go guard
that college boy rapist douche
bag, Luke Maddox.
- He's a non-member,
but I advocate him recently
in a false rape trial case.
Luckily, the bitch killed herself.
So we don't have to worry about that.
But you know what?
We still have to protect him,
we have to protect each other.
- He rapes college boys or
he's a rapist who goes to college?
- Shut up.
Look, here's his number.
Text him.
Take him out to a bar or a
public place or something,
where those bitches can't get to him.
- You fucking
bitches, get off of me!
Why, god, why?
- And we won't stop until you
are the last one, and then,
vengeance will be mine.
- Mila!
- Is Mila here?
- No.
She took Val and Stella to
get that frat boy rapist guy.
He's probably choking on
his own dick as we speak.
- His own dick?
- Yeah, his own dick.
Who else"s?
Hey, did you find out their next move?
- Yeah, they're looking into
all of Amy's known associates.
It could be any minute before
they show up over here.
We've gotta pack this operation,
we've gotta get going...
- Where do you think you're goin'?
- Hello, Gus.
- I told Garret there
was something off about you.
- What, I wasn't creepy enough?
- That you weren't brave enough.
Sloane, get the girl.
I want you to watch this.
- Aren't you a juicy peach?
My balls, you bitch.
- How far behind is he?
- What the...
- Get off of him.
Get off of him!
Is he dead?
Is he fucking dead?
- He's hella dead.
- I'm gonna kill every last
one of you fuckin' she-demons!
Get up!
Get the fuck up!
- Chaz, is that you?
- Yeah,
I've got what you asked for.
What took you so long,
I called you over an hour ago?
- Where the fuck have you been?
I've been lookin' everywhere for you.
- I wanted to
tell you but I couldn't.
- Oh, you couldn't call me,
but you had time to call
your fucking dealer?
- I can't take this right now.
You don't know what I've been through.
- What you've been through, what about me?
You took off without
saying a god damn word.
I had to hit up your scumbag drug dealer.
And he didn't wanna talk,
so I had to beat it outta him.
What the fuck are you doing
in this shit-hole motel?
- Don't touch me,
I'm on the fuckin' edge right now!
Have you ever seen a guy
get his dick chopped off?
I have!
I'm trying to be strong,
I'm trying to be enough.
I'm trying to be there for my friends.
But no one is there for me!
I can't do this on my own,
so if you're just here
to cause me more shit,
then you can just leave.
- Amber, stop it.
- You don't care about me.
- I don't, is that what you think?
- Hello.
That was Mila.
- Oh, what did she have to say?
- Nothing, she hung up on me.
- Well, then how the hell
did you know it was her?
- I know her.
I know you.
As usual, there's some sort
of a problem between you two,
and now you're calling me to solve it.
It's the same old shit.
But something tells me
that this isn't the usual
on-set spat between Daddy and Princess.
This is something huge.
Something so huge that
you felt the need to call
the one person who hates
you the most in this world.
And that means that you've
either lost your fucking mind,
or it means that I have been demoted
from the number-one spot.
And that person must be little Mila.
- She's confused.
And she's been a little crazy lately.
- You have that effect on women.
- Well, Miss Carmichael.
You'd be the one to know, wouldn't you?
Why didn't you tell her I was here?
- It started out as the three of us.
She was my baby.
My project, my idea.
But then when it came time
for you and I to part ways...
She chose you.
She made her choice.
And so did you.
- Well, we've all gotta make choices.
And some of us are gonna
have to live with them.
- Have you been bad?
- The worst, Rox.
The very worst.
- What does she want?
- Retribution.
- What do you want?
- Absolution.
- The devil doesn't need forgiveness.
- That may be, Rox, that just may be.
But for what I'm going
to have to do tonight,
I just thought I'd have
all my bases covered.
- Well, you're not gonna get it from me.
And you're not gonna get it from Mila.
So, do you have any last words?
- Last words?
- Yeah, before I call the fucking cops.
- Oh, no, don't bother
yourself, sweetheart.
It's been really nice seeing you again.
Maybe I'll see you around, huh?
- Yeah, fuck you!
- Mila, we need to talk.
This war has gone on long enough.
And you know what?
Let's get right to the point.
I got them.
We've taken over your studio.
We'll be waiting for
you, I'll see you there.
- Mila?
- Amber.
Get everyone that you can.
- What happened?
- They have Liv and Brian.
We need to get them back now.
- Oh, my god, okay,
I'll get the rest of the girls,
and I'll meet you at the
studio, I'm on my way.
- Who was that?
- Mila.
- Mila, I thought she was dead?
- What does she want?
- Backup.
- For what?
- We're gonna go kill a bunch of people.
Are you in?
- Just let me get my nunchucks.
- Wow, I think I need to go for a swim,
to wash up all the grime
and sleaze from this movie.
Mila's got her trusty baseball bat
to put it in places I'm pretty
sure guys in this audience
wouldn't appreciate.
Well, let's get back to the
Streets of Vengeance, but first,
here's a sneak peak at
next week's episode.
Check it out.
- It started
out as a celebration.
- Cheers!
To Brie and Blaine.
- Oh, my god, this is amazing.
- This is going to be
the best weekend ever.
- I don't get it,
how is this better than going to Vegas?
- If I was Maid of Honour,
things would have been much different.
- Well, you're not the
Maid of Honour, I am.
And Brie is my best friend,
this is her bachelorette party
and this is going to be the
best weekend ever, okay?
- Yeah, guys, chill out,
we can still get wild, crazy,
howl at the moon, fuck yeah.
- It was the time for fun.
A time they would never forget,
and dark secrets will come to light.
- Alexa is so obsessed with you.
Like in a psycho-stalker way.
I think she has a crush on you.
- You're crazy, she's just passionate.
What are you doing?
- You're not married yet, right?
- Little did they
know that an uninvited guest
was outside.
Some people have eyes for the bride.
And some people don't.
- Oh, my god, Brie!
Please, somebody help me!
- All the bridesmaids
have taken their places.
You will take her hand in
marriage, alive or dead.
In unholy matrimony.
- Until death will they part.
Slashorette Party.
Scream now or forever rest in peace.
- Welcome back to All Nite Long with
me, Stacy Monroe,
your late-night beach bunny.
Don't mind me,
I'm just here catching some rays
under these lights,
I mean, blazing sun.
Well, let"s get back to
the exciting conclusion of
Streets of Vengeance,
here on All Nite Long.
- Welcome, Mila.
At last we meet.
I have to say,
I'm a bit starstruck by your appearance.
- If you hurt them in any
way, I will kill you.
But if you let them go I'll let
you live to see another day.
- You think you're gonna kill me?
You see all these guys around here?
No, see, I'm a man of simple wants.
All I want is vengeance.
You killed Nathaniel, my number one man.
You killed him and then you
killed one of my clients,
and then you had this bitch...
- Fuck you!
- Fuckin" kill Sloane.
Come on, guys, get her the fuck down!
And then,
this traitor came in to help her.
Stay the fuck back.
You're asking to barter with me?
There is no bartering.
I'm taking someone from you.
And it's your choice,
who do you want it to be?
Will it be the murderer right here?
Or the traitor, hm?
Come on, Mila, who will it be?
- She chooses me.
- Shut the fuck up, Brian!
Who is it going to be, hm?
- We can't just sit back and watch
while he cuts someone's fucking head off.
Let's get him now.
- We don't make a move until Mila says so.
- Come on, Mila.
- You want me.
Come on, baby.
I know how badly you
wanna slice my head off.
- You just don't know how much it pains me
to not be the one to eviscerate you,
and although I would love to, I...
I cannot.
The devil already owns your soul,
and he has come to collect.
Who is it, huh?
- She fuckin' chooses me, she...
- Are you done speaking for her?
I want her to say that
she wants you to die.
Are you gonna say it?
Fucking say it already!
- Yes.
- See? Was that too hard to say?
Gus, let the bitch go.
Do it.
Son of a bitch!
You killed her!
- You're done, suka.
- What the fuck?
- Garret, you fucker!
- Fuck you, fuck you!
- Ha-ha-ha, bitch!
- Please, please don't, please.
Fucking little bitch.
- I told you I'd die for you.
- You're not gonna die, Brian.
You have to live to tell the story.
Rico, come and take Brian to the hospital.
Amber, help the girls with Liv.
- I made a mistake, Mila.
I should never have put your death
in the hands of someone else.
I should have done it myself,
but I had this foolish notion
that the idea of you
being with someone else,
would be a living hell.
And then the reality of not
having you in my world at all,
is much, much worse.
Then a miracle, you came back to me.
So here I stand, waiting your wrath.
But you can't do it, can you?
Because you know I love you,
and you know that you
will be mine forever.
I can't kill you.
You can't kill me.
- I came back to take what is
mine and I'm going to take it.
- Well, you can't have it back.
That's the deal you made when you signed
the contract, darling.
You should have read the fine print.
I own you, body, heart and soul.
I guess that's what happens
when you make a deal with the devil.
Look into you heart,
you'll see I'm the only one
that has ever truly cared for you.
Look into your heart.
- What heart?
- Well, that's the end of our show.
Thanks for staying up with me.
I hope you had just as much fun as I did.
Don't forget, next Friday night,
we're going to be showing
two new super-cool movies,
here on All Nite Long.
See ya next time.