Stretch Marks (2018) Movie Script

Last winter was brutal.
This one's gonna be worse.
I think I'm gonna get one
of those snow blowers.
Don't waste money
of one of those.
I'll just shovel.
I like it.
Yeah, me too.
We'll see.
One thing I think
we should invest in
is a treadmill or
something for the basement.
It'll keep you moving.
Keep us all moving.
Yeah, be another
thing to collect dust.
Besides I do move,
I do my walks.
It's not enough.
And how are you gonna lug
that thing downstairs anyway?
I'll just put a blanket
on the stairs and boom,
slide it right down.
You can't slide
a 500 pound treadmill
down the stairs and
hope for the best.
They're not that heavy.
I'll just bring it down
by myself, if I have to.
I'm gonna finish upstairs.
He had to ask
too many questions.
Which should have
been told to a woman.
It won't work out.
I find it today.
Hey, Lye.
Happy Friday.
Hey Alessa.
What's going on?
Nothing much.
Yeah, just hanging out?
I saw how well
your shots came out
from the fall campaign.
Uh, I don't know how
happy I am with them.
Don't play the humble card.
You know they came out great.
So you think Mark'll give
you a bump up any time soon?
Haven't really thought about it.
I don't think
I've tried that one.
Oh, this, yeah
they're pretty good.
I like any of the ones that
have like caramel in them.
Or any of the other flavors
that aren't too dry.
Yeah, me too.
Otherwise they get stuck
to the roof of your mouth.
Kinda could go for one of
those right now actually.
Where here, take mine.
No, Lyle, I didn't...
Shouldn't even be
eating them anyway.
Thanks, Lye.
Hey, Lyle, throw another one in?
Fuck it.
Yeah, why not, it's Friday.
Are you okay?
Everything's fine.
Just let me be.
Tonight's not the night.
So I was at the store today
and there was this guy
giving out free samples
of this meat and the
next thing I knew
I had bought two cases.
I hope it didn't cost a lot.
We're definitely
not in the place
to get gypped on expensive meat.
That's all I'm saying.
Lyle, any plans tonight?
Nothing really.
I'll hit the gym after this
and probably be out late.
I wasn't finished.
They're cold, you
don't want these any more.
James, why don't you and
Lyle go to the gym together?
Yeah, right.
Why, maybe I wanna go?
He slows me down.
You said I slow you down.
What does that mean
I slow you down?
It means I know
where everything is
and I don't feel like
explaining to you
where the machines are.
No, I know what you meant.
All right.
All right.
He's all sensitive again.
Don't take it that way, Lyle.
Why do you do that?
Why don't we say
anything any more?
He's your oldest son,
we have to start
talking about it again.
It's killing me.
Let him go.
It's just,
your weight.
We sit here every night
and continue to
watch you fall deeper
and deeper down the hole.
Do you wanna be
30 and not be able
to look at yourself
in the mirror?
With every extra bite you
take you fall further down.
We know better than anybody.
The world is moving
faster and faster
and it's not gonna
slow down for you.
And after what happened,
there's no excuse
for you to follow the same way.
You wanna start
feeling good again?
70% of feeling good
is looking good.
The beach.
How we doing?
You know I remember when
you and James were little.
Before all of this
and what happened.
He looked up to you
like you were his idol.
Everything that you
did, he wanted to do.
Everywhere you went,
he wanted to go.
If you liked something,
sure enough, so did he.
Then it stopped.
Yeah well, we grew up.
I think he's trying
to get that back.
That time for both of you.
It's getting late, mom.
So you treated people
like me before?
And you've helped them?
I'm just a guide.
It's really up to the person.
However long that might take.
The kinda money
this stuff costs,
I hoped you be able
to fix me in a day.
What is it that you want fixed?
Have you been big all your life?
And your family?
No, not really.
And I take it, they been
giving you a hard time about it?
I get what people
want out of me,
But I can't stop.
The usual?
I wish I could
stop, but I can't.
Those few minutes where I
feel this rush, satisfaction
and then it's gone.
You know food is
a wonderful thing.
It's a joy to many,
including myself.
It's just it's something that
can very easily get
the best of you.
Then why do I look
like this and you don't?
It's something you'll
learn to work on.
It's something I
even need to work on.
See these?
Now these satisfy me.
In fact, I'm gonna have
one the second you leave
because I can't wait long enough
to even get outside to do it.
This is just a shitty
reminder of that.
We all have our habits, Lyle.
The things that satisfy us
to get us through our day.
There he is.
All right.
You wanna, uh, get the coaster?
What's up with you?
Not much.
Oh, you know I met this
girl at my cousin's wedding.
Yeah, yeah.
Have you been seeing her a lot?
I give her my number, so
waiting for her to call.
You look good though, man.
I mean did you lose any weight?
It's probably just
the shirt or something.
You know there's
stuff you could do,
like you could diet, exercise.
Yeah, you know a lot of people
have been bringing
that up lately
and ah, it's just not as
easy as you think it is.
At least not for me.
It will get easier.
All right.
This place is amazing.
How do you even afford this?
Yeah, I don't.
I don't know if you ever
met my old roommate, Ryan,
but he moved out, now I'm
left pulling the slack.
TV's sick.
Yeah, ah, again, that's Ryan.
It's um...
You know we're
still paying it down
and it's really, it's
really expensive.
You still do that
thing with your knuckles?
Oh yeah.
Yeah, I'm trying to stop.
Well, it'll get easier.
Well played.
Any time you're ready to
start socializing, I'm in.
Do you mind if
we get out of here?
I'm kinda tired.
Yeah, I'm gonna go take a piss.
I'll be back in an hour.
No way.
Lyle, what are you doing here?
I know.
Wow, it's so nice to see
you outside of the office.
You look great.
You, too.
It's so weird, I never
see anyone from work out.
Me neither.
Ooh, thanks.
You been here a while?
Uh, about an hour.
We just got here.
You gonna stick around?
Yeah, yeah, definitely.
Let me just get my jacket.
Who's the fat guy?
Just some guy from work.
Excuse me.
Hey, who was that girl?
Let's go.
Excuse me.
Watch it, buddy.
Where have you been?
See you later.
Where you going?
I'm sorry, I fell
asleep on the train.
What happened to
you the other night?
I lost you.
Yeah, sorry, I left.
Suddenly I didn't care
to be there any more.
What you got there?
Grilled chicken, mixed
veggies, side of brown rice.
Well it was really
nice seeing you.
Maybe next time we could get
the whole company to go out.
All get drinks together.
I don't know.
I'm trying to cut back
on drinking for a bit.
Wanna get in shape.
There's more you can eat
than just grilled
chicken, you know?
Yeah well, this has been proven
to be the best lean
meat for losing weight.
I think you look great.
I can already see a difference.
Okay, can we change the subject?
Let's talk about something else.
So did anything
big happen today?
You guys really can't think
of anything else to talk about?
James, did you get a chance
to pick up the computer?
Yeah, like two weeks ago.
Oh, good.
Lyle, um, work's going okay?
You can just leave
your plate for me.
No, I got it.
You look tired.
I am.
How much sleep are you getting?
Eight hours a week.
That's about right.
It's hard.
Then maybe
you should slow down a bit.
I can't.
You can't?
My whole life people
have been telling me
lose weight, get in shape
and when I'm finally doing it
and it's working, am I
suppose to slow down?
I'm not saying you
don't have my support.
Just be smart about it.
You know I've always had
this one recurring dream.
The type of dream you
wake up nervous from.
Makes it hard to
fall asleep after.
I'm at my table, I think
it's my dining room,
and I'm about to eat dinner
and as I go to take
a bite, I look up
and there's an owl perched
up on the counter above me.
Just sitting there,
staring at me
with these vicious angry eyes.
And I look down to my plate,
but I could still feel the owl
just staring right through me.
Watching me eat.
Funny thing is I haven't
had that dream all week.
Be smart about it.
This is the smartest
thing I've ever done.
So what do you do?
I work in advertising.
I do photo editing for a
lot of client photography.
Oh, so you make
people look fake?
Yeah, pretty much
that's what I do.
And why aren't you drinking?
Yeah, Lye, why
aren't you drinking?
Michelle and I wanna know.
Just trying to cut
back a little bit.
Oh, come on, loosen up.
Why don't you get
him something to drink?
Yeah, so Lyle and I played
Little League together.
I'm on one team,
he's on the other
and it's the championship game.
Please don't.
Oh, come on, please.
Yeah, come on.
Fine, tell it.
Okay, I'm at bat and
he's in right field.
You're in right field.
Yeah, the place where
there's no action.
I think I was only there
because legally they
needed to play me
a certain amount of games...
Let me tell 'em.
So it's a bright and sunny day
and I'm up at bat, but like
look, I'm terrible, okay?
So it's like I have like
two strikes against me,
anyway out of nowhere I
just like hit this ball.
I knocked it straight
in the right field,
right at Lyle and I'm
rounding 1st base,
I'm like there's no way
this guy doesn't catch it.
I just remember seeing
him like scurrying around,
huffing and puffing.
And then out of nowhere
it just comes down
and hits him right
on top of the head.
Knocked him out, he
looked like just a loser.
Oh my god.
I just remember seeing you like,
laying out on the grass
for three minutes.
Uh, should we get some food?
Yeah, I'm starving.
I feel so fine
I've been through hard times
Need any menus?
Nah, I'm gonna have a
burger, ah, medium with fries.
Yeah, it's a cheat day.
More like a cheat week.
I'll have the same.
Um, I'll have a chicken
fingers with honey mustard.
And for you?
I'm good, thanks.
He'll have grilled cheese
with bacon and fries.
It's a late night favorite
of yours, you're fine.
Yeah, Lyle, you're fine.
Of a new day
Okay, thanks.
'Cause too much
of a good thing
Ain't no good for me
Another dose of sorrow
Is what I really need
I said it's too
much of a good thing
And what I really need
I need to feel
a little sadness
As a good thing
Ready to go, guys?
Is no good for me
Taxi's coming.
Oh, you're gonna go so soon.
We could go back to my place
for a little post-game.
Maybe another time.
So you guys are heading out?
Yeah, looks like it.
That's cool, so maybe
I can text you sometime?
Thing is, sorry Lyle, I
actually have a boyfriend.
Oh, okay.
Yeah, um, I mean I
think you're a great guy.
I just don't think it's
the right thing to do.
Yeah, of course, right.
Well, it was really
nice meeting you two.
You, too.
So, glad you came out, right?
She didn't have a boyfriend.
Why did you make
me eat that shit last night?
I didn't make you do anything.
This ruins everything.
I think you're
overreacting a bit.
No, I didn't wanna
eat or drink anything,
you made me do both.
Come on, man, you know
what I'm trying to do.
Yeah, I just don't
think a grilled cheese
is gonna ruin everything.
I gotta go.
Can I help you with anything?
Uh, yeah, are you Cynthia?
Yeah, I am.
Hey, I'm Lyle
Bennett, James' brother.
Oh I didn't know
James had a brother.
Yeah, he does.
So are you looking
for anything specific?
Yeah, I'm looking for something
to help me get in better shape.
Oh this is our um,
digestive enzyme,
you can take a look at that.
This is our Green
Coffee Bean Extract,
that one's really popular.
And also, oh, our
um, Raspberry Ketone.
This one helps you speed
up your metabolism.
How's it taste?
They taste pretty good.
Hey, Lye.
Hey, what's up?
Nothing, uh, Mark told me
to tell you to go see him.
I don't know.
What is going on with you?
I'm sorry, Mark.
I've been having trouble
sleeping these last two weeks.
I can see that, you've been
falling asleep at your desk.
It's this diet I'm on.
I really can't fall asleep.
It's no excuse though.
It'll stop, I promise.
You shouldn't be
starving yourself.
I'm not.
It's just something
I gotta get used to.
But whatever you
do outside of work,
that has to stay
outside of work.
I mean you've been with
us for over five years.
You've never handed anything
short of spectacular.
I don't want that to change.
Oh hey.
You all finished?
Yeah, why?
I wanted to know if you
wanted to lift with me.
I can show you a few things.
No, I'm good.
No, you're doing it wrong.
Straighten your wrists.
I'm trying.
Hold on.
I'll show you again.
Straighten your wrists,
so you don't snap 'em off.
And then just push out.
All right?
Come on.
Get down there, do it again.
No, I'm good, I got it.
No, you don't got it.
Get down and do it again.
James, I got it.
Do it.
All right.
Straighten your wrists.
You gotta learn to...
Fuck man.
I told you I was done.
What are you doing?
Calm down.
Look, from now
on just let me be.
What is that?
A vitamin.
Did something happen?
Another plate, huh?
How about that?
Not a word from you.
What do you mean?
It's funny, I can't
remember you saying anything
to James about taking
another plate, only me.
Don't be crazy.
Of course, I did.
No, there's just certain things
I can't help but remember
and that's one of them.
What's wrong with you?
Nothing's wrong with me.
In fact, I've never been better.
Exactly what you guys wanted.
So I guess I have you to thank.
I'm confused.
Were you planning on
ending up like dad?
Should we just not have said
anything and let it happen?
Yeah, well his weight
wasn't the only problem.
Please, keep
telling yourself that.
Shut up.
I can't live here any more.
I gotta get in there.
I'm late.
You gonna do some
job hunting today?
Yeah, maybe later on.
You've been saying
that for three months.
Yeah, but this time's for real.
I've already got
my laptop set up.
I'll believe it when I see it.
What's wrong with enjoying
an extended vacation?
Oh, is that what they
call gettin' fired nowadays?
Have fun in your cube.
Would you just wash
the dishes, please.
Yeah, yeah.
So you're five pounds away?
You look happy.
But are you?
I'm at a point now, where I'm
seeing things a lot clearer.
But are you happy, Lyle?
I'm the happiest I've
been in a long time.
Talked to your family?
James every now and then.
My mom and I have been
texting more than calling.
I don't think she's
ever gonna bounce back.
From what?
My dad.
It's a lot.
Do you
think about your dad a lot?
You wanna talk about it?
Because there's nothing to say.
But don't you think
if you talk about it...
I can't.
I just can't.
How's work?
Is your manager still...
Work's fine.
I've got a lot more
energy there now.
I can put up with a lot more.
It's great.
Life is pretty great.
Nice hair cut.
You like it?
It fits you.
So you come here now, too?
I got one of those
free passes for the week.
And you?
Been here a couple of months.
It's good to switch
things up, you know.
It's an expensive switch.
How's the house?
How's your place?
How come you don't stop by?
I haven't been invited.
Mom's doing good?
Yeah, she's
keeping herself busy.
Yeah, with what?
Moving on.
Think she's looking
to sell the house.
I think she's talking
to some people about it.
Soon, I'm guessing.
Well that's a
good thing, I think.
Yeah, not much
left there any way.
What about you?
What are you gonna do?
Glad you're doing well.
You feel good?
70% of feeling good
is looking good.
I'll see you around.
I saw a beautiful
girl on the train today.
I sat next to her,
we got to talking.
I don't get how you can do that.
Just sit next to
somebody and start talking.
I mean what do I have to lose?
I guess.
Anyway, she's engaged.
I didn't see a ring
on her finger, though.
So she probably just forgot
to wear it or something today.
Yeah, I'm sure that's it.
Can you not put your
feet on the table?
I eat there, man.
Who's that?
It's a girl I used to work with.
Is this the girl from
that bar that one night?
Is she single?
Is she cool?
So why haven't
you asked her out yet?
I mean I only really
knew her when I was bigger
and I don't know,
just never did.
So why not now?
Why not?
You're not big any more.
Yeah, but...
Lyle, what do you have to lose?
Another time.
You want some?
No, I'm not hungry.
I'll see you later.
You know, you don't need
any more of this stuff.
Hopefully, this is it.
Whoa, the price went up?
Yeah, apparently.
Uh, okay, that's fine.
So how's James doing?
Uh, great.
See ya.
Again with the feet?
What happened to you?
It's nothing.
Are you almost at 203?
I'm three pounds away.
Is losing three pounds really
gonna make that much
of a difference?
Well, what do I know?
I'm going out with
Alessa this weekend.
I figured what do
I have to lose?
You can thank me later.
Are you hungry?
I gave up smoking.
I made a promise to my daughter.
So what now?
You gonna start chewing
the gum or mints
or those electric
ones they have now?
My dad used to smoke.
Did he?
I always wanted him to stop,
but I knew how much
he enjoyed them,
so I didn't bother him about it.
In hindsight, I wish I had
looked out for him more.
Kinda the way you're family
wanted to look out for you.
My family used to order a pizza
and then tell me I
should eat better.
I don't consider that
looking out for me.
I think that's enabling.
What's done is done.
I'm more focused
on what's ahead.
Okay, what's ahead?
I don't think I'm gonna be able
to see you any more, Dr. Taylor.
Its just not the best
time for me right now.
Financially, my rent
comes first, you know?
But that's okay
'cause I feel like
I'm in a place now where
I can move forward.
I look better, I feel better.
Things are lining
up for me at work.
Really, this has been great.
I can't thank you enough.
You're a good man.
Now, if that's the
way you feel about it,
I can't stop you.
It is, it truly is.
I just wanna ask...
I just need to ask, is it...
Is everything...
Is it all just a facade, Lyle?
It's been a pleasure.
Hey, Ronnie needs the rent.
I don't have it right now.
What do you mean?
I need you to
spot me, just for now.
I'll pay you back tomorrow.
Whoa, Lyle, I can't spot you.
Just for today?
Then I, I need it
tomorrow, I'm serious.
Okay, I said.
I'm stressing.
Aw, you gotta a table.
Yeah, right?
I just figured we were
gonna be at the bar area.
Did you wanna a drink?
Um, well whatever's
light on tap is fine.
Still nothing for you?
Uh, yeah, I'll
just stick with this.
Really, Lyle, you sure?
Yeah, I'm still
recovering from last night.
Any food?
You wanna like split a
plate of nachos or something?
Ah, no, I'm good.
I guess I'll just
stick with beer then.
Really, Lyle, just water?
I'm still kinda
on this diet thing.
Oh, see now it all makes sense.
Why are you on a diet
when you look so great?
It's just a couple more pounds.
How much have you lost?
Close to 80.
80, wow, oh my gosh.
How hard was it?
Uh, it was a breeze.
Why thanks.
So how are you, Lyle?
I'm good, I'm great actually.
Yeah, how's sales?
Your sales job.
That's why you're not working
with us any more, right?
Yeah, right, right.
It's good, I really
like it there.
It's something that allows
me to really communicate
with a lot of different people
and um, you know that helps
the day go by quicker,
which is good.
Wow, look at you.
How 'bout you?
I love where I'm at.
Oh, you're good at what you do.
Well, thank you.
I take pride in that.
I wish I could love
the job like that.
Hey, let's not get carried away.
I don't love my job, I just,
I love where I'm at, you know?
I can't tell you how
much I love coming home
at the end of the
day to my couch
watching some bad TV.
I mean seriously nothing
makes me happier,
I look forward to it all day.
So you're content?
What about you?
Well, it was really
nice to see you, Lyle.
I can't tell you how
nice it is to see you.
Whatever you're
doing, keep doing it.
You look great.
Thanks, I will.
We'll talk soon.
All right.
You know I was thinking um,
I'd love to go out again
next week, if you're free.
I could look up
a nice restaurant
or we could see a movie.
I'm, I'm just, I'm not,
I'm not really looking
for that right now.
You know?
I mean like with anyone.
I, I hope you didn't think
that tonight was like...
No, no.
I just thought we
were catching up.
I'm really sorry if I
gave you that impression
or made you think it
was something more.
No, no, it's
okay, it's my fault.
I think we're
probably better off
just as friends, right?
Actually no, that's a lie.
Look, I just, I need to know.
You think there'll
ever be a chance
of anything between us?
No, no, it's okay.
How did it go?
How did it go?
How'd it go?
The last thing I
should have ever done
is listen to you.
I knew
I wasn't ready to
go out with her.
You know, you gotta learn
to mind your own
business sometimes.
Why are you coming
at me right now?
All I did was push you
to make a move on a girl.
And I wasn't ready.
When will you ever be ready?
Just do me a favor and
get out of my room, please.
You're not making any sense.
Keith, get out of my room.
Lyle, I was just trying...
Keith, get the
fuck out of my room!
Back already?
What's up?
Looking for something new.
Something new?
Let's take a look.
To tell you truth I feel
like you've tried everything.
Maybe we can do a
fat burner or...
I'll be honest.
I'm not looking
for something new.
I actually just came
here to ask you out.
You have a boyfriend?
Or is it not the right time?
Which one?
I think...
Think what?
That I'm a nice
guy, but you don't
have those feelings for me.
You don't see me in that way.
Which is it?
Lyle, I think you better go.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
You okay, buddy?
One more.
What are you doing?
Just checking to
see if I got any matches.
Yeah, I made a profile
on this single's website.
Well, do you have any?
I had to leave the gym.
I don't have the money for it.
I don't have the money for that.
I don't have the money for this.
Ah, Lye, I can't
really afford to...
I know.
So what are you gonna do?
I don't know.
Lyle, I've always been
amazed at everything
you've been able to get through.
You've been through so much.
You'll be fine.
I'll always be
here for you, man.
Well, maybe not here.
You know what I mean.
Feel weird to be back?
All right.
It's the way you like it, right?
Yeah, thank you.
I don't really like how
the potatoes came out.
They're fine.
Mm, yeah, they're great.
The chicken is so dry.
Mom, it's fine.
We got that treadmill, you know?
We got a treadmill
a few months ago.
Brandon's family was
throwing it out, so yeah.
It's in the basement
if you ever wanna...
Yeah and he didn't kill
anyone getting it down there.
It's weird having you back.
So it's really happening.
You're doing it.
I think I'm ready to,
you know, get some
place smaller.
Especially since both of you
will be out of here soon.
Yeah, I was thinking
about starting
to look for something of my own.
That's good.
I was actually thinking
maybe, if you wanna,
um, we could look to
get something together.
I wouldn't bother
you much or anything.
Could be good.
I miss him.
I'm gonna have this later.
It's great though.
Thank you.
One more.
Is it all just a facade?
The whole world maybe.