Strictly Confidential (1959) Movie Script

He is oh this is the governor here look
at number eight six five seven five is
due for release today isn't he good send
him up I'd like to discharge him
morning later lovely day I pick you
apart excited to be going out are
usually on I have stared in better
oh here a Hobart yes not three old years
rent-free I'd prefer not to discuss it I
wish you wouldn't make such up to do
folding those horrible things I shall
not be required if that's what they all
says how they get homesick and thank
they come to a revolting thought you
look quite the top don't you you know
that suit hardly made for someone just
your size it was for me top of Savile.
Row oh it's time for bootcamp this is a
bleeker's old boys get you in any file
couldn't keep you out of here yeah but
it helped get me it should we go
come in number eight six four five seven
five four discharged sir
all right
dreaming cleaned up Oh Cory going out at
last what
another looking forward to it cooking is
so the cigarettes don't come back again
we do know I shot it thank gospel elders
rolling stones gather no moss on us to
use the best policy when Satan finds
jobs for empty hands so could we take
the wrestlers read oh hey anyway do try
to find an honest job lunchroom I dunno
I always do trouble is I get pinched
before payday oh that reminds me
here's your regulation fare allowance
well thank you plenty money by tricks
isn't an honest job taking advantage of
people's ignorance that's it all man
it isn't cricket I suppose not more like
coca-cola Oh think think of your
background your upbringing your parents
your child okay Lou sake stop y'all help
me enough is in a minute you know
stinker you sound like a harmonium and
you always did even in my lair for now
if it weren't for boats like me won't
happen to blokes like you half pay and a
bungalow in bobner
stinger up school
oh thank you my man
good morning sir good morning
I major Macquarie has my brother said
Duncan been asking for me I don't think
I know the gentleman sir possibly just
back from India you know never mind how
wait would you care for a drink while
you're waiting sir yeah thank you I'll
just wait very good sir
lord pilling sundaland door feeling
concert arranged to meet him here
my name's bidam railay commander bill
o'reilly hey I'm not familiar with his.
Lordships actin suppose you were merely
all Stevie didn't work for man no sir
oh wait would you care for a drink sir
while you are waiting
well I won't a drink I'll order one
confounded please lemon somebody's
always trying to sell you something
disgustin no place for a retired men
amines are you one of the idle rich as
well tray Joe little pine isn't it Oh
Lynn rich no bean idle well you want to
put your money to work do as I do have a
little flutter a lot oh listen that
stocks and shares and what you do all
the time as a matter of fact I've got
one or two very good different things
going at the moment that's hell yes
confidentially I'm sitting on a gold
and the shares will triple their value
in a week want to have told your Oh
benefactor I could sell you a couple of
thousand sorry old I overbought already
too bad
why not have a cigar no thanks awfully.
Harmons got plenty inferior leaf not
worth smoking in that case I won't
understand you one
oh you too about again hmm
well mine here you go Oh we'll be
renewing an old friendship friend of
yours never seen him before she know you
all right sure he spoke to him he spoke
to both of us and you know it
that was Detective Inspector shearing of
the yard rather care Moffitt when did
you get out yesterday you two weeks ago
and business is terrible
three years just for trying to sell a
I only got two but in my case it was a
tin mine so nice meeting y'all have a
drink boy they're nice the old Mainbrace
laughter well cash my check for a fiver
on our body one lend me ten barber now
buy them sorry thanks for the compliment
yeah well Anchors Aweigh just a minute
I've thought of something
yes sir - champagne cocktail
very good sir Shh steady this will never
fail it buddy cops in there having lunch
I don't give two hoots I know what I'm
you just follow me well here's the crime
and that will be 25 shillings please sir
I beg your pardon one pound and five
shillings please sir I've never been so
insulted in all my life
what sort of a places there's
interrupting gentlemen when they're
about to drink peace of grossing
partners your Hilmar this my man sorry
sir but haven't even started yet I had a
jolly good mind to buy this place if
it's only for the satisfaction of
booting you out but I have a saying when
so rudely interrupted success ah dad at
all and have one of this for some time
same again no New York Oh No
blow me down smoked salmon weakness of
yours contra system same here
you live this to me
that will now be 50 shillings please sir
when I want my bill I'll ask for it
my good man of these sandwiches fresh
smoked salmon sir five shillings each I
asked if they were fresh oh yes sir
quite fresh no well the pinch of salt
unless they are there is no fresh pink
salmon sandwich in the whole of London I
paid through my life the fresh to you
impossible to tell have to fight it to
make sure then fight it please sir hey
well if you insist
well don't rush me certainly wrong wrong
what this is all fact I question whether
is salmon at all
whoa like cod I say still it's a pretty
serious allegation in a place like this
only saying what I suspect our bar high
myself personally rates where the TPC is
a sound I'll settle this ride for the
service for this place if I get this
poisoning will be poisoned prove nothing
these peasants are gone it's like old
boots I'm gonna get to the bottom of
this if I take nil
I'll destroy it and this is for the
public analyst my bomb alone please one
moment please
what is the cause of this outrage you
have a complaint ptomaine poisoning hmm
all right impossible salmon's filthy and
probably lethal is I cannot believe I
have dealt with the same firm of salmon
poachers for years
perfection we'll see what the Ministry
of Health has to say about that and the.
Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries no
no please there must be no scandal I
assure you the salmon is blameless
I'm having this analyzed I'm sure we can
settle this anybody what we give the
gentleman the money back oh please
but they have not paid 50 shillings for
drinks two pounds for sandwiches without
the tip all right give me the bill I'll
pay it it'll cost you more in the long
run it's on their house now please go
well but if I'm dick mill you will not
be as sick as I am right now
please yeah not a bad little place.
Hector Senor madam India is on the way
good day gentlemen but they come some
other time not too quick.
Madame they were magnificent duty they'd
risk their lives my poor little hand
such courage such presence of mine
the man was obviously armed to the teeth
and they tackled him with that band
magnifique you must salute our heroes
everybody it's not the value of the
thing it's the noble thought behind the
deed you saw poor defenseless woman
attacked and you came to her rescue
without any thought to your own safety
there must be something I can do for you
in return I would like you both to come
and dine with me tonight we've done
nothing to deserve this great honor
absolutely oh you're much too modest but
you will see that I'm accessing Miya who
knows how to be great that's detective
little woman if you ask me I don't ask
you to secret myself how else does one
manage to put on weight in jail 200
potatoes not enough fox huntin nice
results witnessed a major that's right
lucky you two get your little bits in
the back
no the Baron won't be using it for four
years forgery in a good law Oliver the
next by the way how do you suppose this
matter mini-art intends to reward us Oh
what is chicks huh I'm surprised that
you've been on right now why I don't
think you were the type of chap to take
presents from women haters the familiar
minion Pro girl boy disabled vessel
needs to turn all then this ice you have
once he said that little trinket of hers
is worth thousands
once a gentleman always a gentleman
that's my motto you'll be well advised
to adopted you ready
you know it's quite a stroll from Camden.
Town tonight's British I say Macquarie
forget well I said just now there's a
good chap already done us absolutely.
Thanks thank you miss Brett we will look
after ourselves
thank you madam a mr. Wantage telephoned
he will call later
very good it's so much cozier to be
informal come on did you see the bill
y-yeah an okapi thank you well just a
ram de Black thank you
by the way is this a portrait of an
ancestor my late husband Oh Gaston Oh
indeed fine face he died last year
he's only 79 cut off in his prime he was
he in business didn't you know it was he
who invented granny's globules not the
perfect pills for stomach ills but
naturally fight chef my favourite song
take granny's club use a bottle fill
three Bob you'll soon be fighting fit
our demos swore by them used to issue
them instead of number tired when in
doubt give them grannies and you I was
his wife and he did try to keep up to my
standards poor old Gustus it was
overworked that killed him hmm big
responsibility at the business I mean a
million three and uh
who's taking care of things now in the
business I am chairman but what can a
poor defenseless woman do against those
well I'll deal with them social I who
are the black guards the shareholders I
simply cannot control them by God I
don't have the happening of them 20
miles a day full marching order and a
double dose of grannies I teach them I
need strong courageous men so very badly
quite understandable I'm tempted to us
but no no you'd be insulted it's
nonsense where posture anything for you
Delia you are professional gentlemen
making money wouldn't appeal to you
girls and say that we have had our
little commercial adventures have we
been on riders
yeah kept his lost junk for three years
nothing to tell there a government
appointment you know rather not talk
about it top secret and all that you are
at liberty now absolutely free contracts
of termina shale in point of fact we are
looking for a new financial interest oh
you wish to invest capital well we don't
insist upon it as better back to our
capitals nearly all oversubscribed as it
turns but we shouldn't mind earning a
little money just for the fun of it
anything for the love I wonder
well Britney highly thought of in
certain circles are financial of course
put over some very big deal gentlemen
advice is what I need and you've got it
I advise you to give me your complete
confidence very well I will I'm
considering the appointment of Joint.
Managing Directors one to a handle
finance finance right now my street and
the other exploitation exploitation hi
cup of tea absolutely my cup of tea as
chairman I can make such appointments
without any reference to the board you
would both be my personal staff offices
is it possible that you would be
interested interested
the lightened
ready for sea oh that's wonderful then
tomorrow morning you must come here and
meet castle one pitch my solicitor and
we'll arrange everything.
Oh gentlemen you made me so happy
aren't you complicating your life a
little unnecessarily how do you mean oh
rigging up that contraction conception
havoc takes me back to the good old days
that the convict Oh got something to say
to you yeah if you're cherishing any
notions of Robbie Maxine Millard forget
it just what I was about to say to you
little woman needs particularly so none
of the old malarkey don't forget and
don't you forget either I'll be watching
you and I'll be watching you too best
effective little woman huh don't fly too
high I'll fly as high as I blink in well
choose good night
good evening my spread cream things up
mr. Wattage madam hello Maxie
darling what's the matter something
happened plenty I've been having a drink
at a club with your bank manager oh dear
is he very cross
doesn't have to be cross Millie firm
overdrawn again
oho again can I help it if my husband
dies and leaves me I'm miserable ten
thousand a year you could try to
economize by wearing really made me
coats I suppose you're a lawyer why
can't you do something get rid of those
because mass murder is illegal don't you
do love just a baby a soft cuddly
expensive baby all right I love you and
I want to marry you but basil if I marry
you there now I lose all the money those
screws certainly tied you hand and foot
but the only thing he was good at basil
I couldn't live without money couldn't
no darling something must be done to get
control of the business now think
suppose we frighten the shareholders
start a panic
high in the shares cheap corner of the
market how much would we get like about
ten years a piece the way I couldn't
wake up there'd be nothing like that at
you mean you could get a share panic
start it and get away with it I'm
absolutely sure we're not getting
ourselves involved in a conspiracy
in fact it's um
practically arranged what do you think
of that I don't me go find anyone stupid
enough to stick he's naked oh that kind
of news know what I found - what - very
fine noble honorable gentlemen and I've
got a feeling that they would do a great
deal for me now what the blazes have you
been up to tell me darling how old does
a man have to be before he prefers a hot
water buck with you no man
could ever get as old as that then you
needn't worry I'll corner the market we
are calling the market
well this way gentlemen if you will wait
a moment I will tell mrs. Miller do I
hear thank you well I impressed her all
right that she had sweet dreams yes all
about me still flying high Oh looks like
business or food my gallant knight now I
would like you to meet mr. Bezel Wantage
my solicitor major McCoy Oh terrible
how'd you do
and Commander Bingham Riley I know mrs.
Willard's told me how you tackled his
arm disparado didn't give him a chance
to reach for his gun run-of-the-mill
stuff for me you know so muddled didn't
I tell you oh you did indeed now mrs.
Miller at the head of a considerable
commercial undertaking ah.
Brenna's know all about it taking myself
most effective especially in the dog
watch splendid now if you gentlemen
would care to take a chair no thank you
this is of course an informal conference
as requested by mrs. Miller
I've prepared a draft letter of
engagement appointing you and a super
executive capacity ex-official of course
and strictly for him and Joint Managing.
Directors of granny's globe it was
limited I trust you follow me Holly oh
hello yeah look at that huh
but I haven't started so alert and rude
even come to the point bezel uh here
splendid and somehow I knew I was in the
presence of experts specialists novices
million has been devoting her life and
her fortune to the running of an
old-fashioned and inefficient business
for the benefit of thousands of greedy
and ungrateful shareholders egg hearts
the general manager mr. Grimshaw has no
idea of the value of time I'm sure you
gentlemen appreciate the value of time
the time we know all about time we've
done it over the command means have
we've done so many things of which
time is the essence a carry-on wastage.
Wantage unfortunates to Grimshaw is on
the side of the shareholders he
absolutely refuses in one Peniel modern
improved shamed he's good man but and
undisciplined no cure for that by jove
though the rot is spreading throughout
the factory which brings us to you
gentlemen naturally one cannot expect a
lady of mrs. milliards delicate feelings
to reorganize a whole business can one
outrageous suggestion so you are being
given carte blanche to bring your own
ideas into operation you can of course
apply the usual references daresay I
could get a favorable report from the
you mean the Governor General don't you
of course Welles references that's all
this talk of references bezel I've had
all the references I need Thank You
Delhi there you have set our minds at
rest then it only remains for us to
agree the remuneration we are prepared
to say five thousand pounds do you say
say or pay five thousand a wheel paid
five thousand pounds yeah each gentleman
it isn't that enough
right her nearly no gentlemen this has
to be paid for serving a member of the
gentle sex goes against the greater as
we shall have to abandon certain other
enterprises quite right major
after all the shareholders I have to pay
in the long run they've had dividends
for quite long enough nothing if you
would care sign here Towanda certainly I
seem to defy PIN in one of my other
suits laconia fit I'm in the same
predicament allow me
oh thank you
now you major
thank you now gentlemen if you'd care to
meet me at the port for Dan grill for
we can drive down to the action this
afternoon remember you'll be doing this
for me we'll be seeing a great deal of
each other I could never see too much of
you my dear bye Joe Oh wha here lady
goodbye goodbye hi pretty poor Oh grim
sure I've never seen a bigger pair of.
London stinker
now what's our highest is travelling gin.
Palace doing here and who are those two.
Kooks with young skinny Wantage oh yeah
little waxworks it would turn up just
that I'm spinning on a top line to get
that extra shipment out to Australia on
the factory you know as well as I do
anyone wanting to see ever grannies has
to make the appointment with me mr.
Augustus laid that down 20 years ago
why church cleaning up for Thursday.
Elsie don't you ever be a snob
it's only that I looked up your stars in
the paper this morning
you are Taurus the Bull aren't you
little punk well it says Taurus people
should tread warily yeah that refers to
people with cons mine are all right
and here is our general manager in
person mr. Grimshaw how many mr. Vantage
oh you are in I didn't hear you knock
I brought these two gentlemen seal but
that's very kind of you but right now we
are very busy I'm sure these two
gentlemen will make you even busier
major Macquarie and command a bit of
righty nice to meet you Samson Wantage
you know they're also looking over the
factory our newly appointed Joint.
Managing Directors they're going to
reorganize the business from top to
bottom so all you have to do is as
you're told
well gentlemen I was - Baxter I'll send
the car back for you thank you
really - eh every indication of an idle
shipment as us now gentlemen let us get
this quite straight publish them before
your dress shall commanding officer
welcome and uh what do you think all
right but straight into drydock
strikes been the reinforcements have
arrived just in time look at this room
look at him.
Oh dare you talk to mr. brim Shaw like
that why he's a lifeblood of this
business every year he gets a bit of
thanks from the shareholders and I'm not
gonna stand here and see him insulted
if you're coming in I'm going out for
good rank insubordination and desertion
in the face of the enemy you shouldn't
have let her walk how her father's one
of the shareholders I'll have him
talking talking who to to the other
shareholders and they won't like it well
let them jolly well love it who do they
think they are it's their money how
worried about that you worry about
commander Benham right
ever serve in the forces no no what I
was never in the forces why not because
I had flat feet insulin say we'll see
about that
move this ship move this deck look at
yourself get the whole lot smoked down
draft up and shipshape at once yourself
included now you listen to me this is
not one of your tin-pot ferryboats this
is a highly successful business with a
four million pound turnover and right
now you're holding up a shipment of a
quarter I mean have any dubious drop
stay down send them by air
good grief fridge see you hello
I'm still here no I've held up at the
time being oh no I'm on the other line
well alright switch over to number 16
packing battery cut three and four yes
start loading what you got already I'll
be with you as soon as I can
hello yes Charlie go over to a labeling
uncorking yes labeling on talking until
the cartons arrive yes I'll be right
along don't y'all hear all right Harry
well I'll tell you what put the night
drivers on the next shift and stand by
tomorrow's drivers for tomorrow night
alright Harry
bye that's half what next tell your
friends not to phone you in business
why is it honest people are always so
stupid and unattractive darling I'm so
glad you're such a bad man
there's two old War relics said about.
Grimshaw from the start
it was a blitz any Grimshaw is the
shadow just behind him
what makes a Grimshaw stampede of shells
oh good grief I must change that record
let one go right
bezel how do you like the hot climate
very much thank you how do you love it
there's a let me get her money why
bother to run with silly old business
why not sell out and go to real
moonlight and pink champagne the bottle
of bread is just in case
hello wanted ya know and now I'm afraid
mrs. Millions not yet returned now
listen mr. Montes you've got to stop you
don't know what you've done bringing
those fellows into the business but mr.
Grimshaw I would afford to welcome their
help but there's such charming people in
there and a great asset to the firm well
I shall have to talk to mrs. Minyard
when will she be in no now look here mr.
grim shall take my advice all into the
new order of things and and if the
shareholders look after themselves but
if you're seeing her later you tell her
that they'll have the business on the
rocks inside of a month
they've interfere with production today
with mr. shipment to Australia first
time in history the Pam if this gets the
shareholders I won't be responsible for
the consequences
now please with the month did you have
to do something about it immediately no
no I'm sorry mr. Grimshaw I cannot into
the no sorry miss same again please
thank you
I can hardly believe it nothing of this
sort has ever happened to granny's mr.
O'Connor you're a journalist you're on
the Financial Express you have your ear
to the ground 25 years in the street mr.
Grimshaw glad tell me if you had shares
in granny's
and you heard that the business was
falling to bits how would you do about
So my shares before the panic started
exactly and that's what would start a
right absolutely I can't remember a
single penny share ever coming on the
market naturally when folks are on a
good thing they stick to it you asset
thank you thank you good luck good luck.
Matthew this is in strict confidence
naturally not a word about it in your
paper what do you take me for mr.
Grimshaw that's a good chap I knew
you're more gentleman than journalists
tis rage of a quarry and commander.
Benham Reilly's our alaskans coming will
you please this way gentlemen
holy monster monkey ever glad to see you
join me out here Sigrid no I'm only you
cigars as a matter of fact thank you
very much
but as it's so early in the morning
maybe I gather you've made quite an
impression on Grimshaw oh not a bad sort
of chap meets whipping into shape you
know where the fellas to do it yes I'm
sure of that any other problems problems
no just called in to clear up a small
matter of savage I thought we done all
that five thousand a year each when's
payday payday
it's a Miller that we wish to advise our
banker though I'd advisable bankers who
couldn't dream of traveling at all it's
pleasure just give me the name of your
Oh a they they wouldn't care for that
why not okay hate publicity a private
bank owned family concern just one or
two wealthy clients and ourselves you
just tell us how the man is to be paid
we'll do the rest
accordingly chicks all right quarterly
checks you'll get your first payment in
about who to a half month time soon as
that how time flies
of course if you need a little money I
could ask Mrs Millie I never heard of
such a thing
oh well it's good for a thoughts who
aren't women and Ryder hey I'll send a
few chairs you understand in tin mines.
Benham Riley I think we might be late
for the factory yes yes I'm terribly
sorry sir James
would I be obliged if you kind of tell
the shippers it won't happen again
I will see to it personally you can look
upon it as a technical hitch this should
have all been done hours ago
quiet I'm speaking to us play your house
I'll take it
managing director here cover take no
notice about flaming general manager
please do lolly have absolute laws out
leave it to me and everything will be.
Dinka die hey well he's run off perfect
a satisfied I gotta speak to these
people in their own language that's what
sir James Harrison never been to.
Australian his life it's high time he
went for it
how dare you speak to your superior
officer in that manner problem John to
work first things first
the Petra County well what about it much
against our will we have decided
personally it's a sample everything
supplied to the workers oh you have a
min artists on it stomach you know we'll
start off with bacon eggs kippers Carrie.
Kinnison test smoked haddock a small but
succulent steak with mushrooms and
tomatoes in maybe a small mixed grill
and finish with coffee toast and
marmalade then we'll discuss a little
matter of mansion oh you will our
employees are going to be well than
adequately fed we're going to knock the
stuffing out of that old canteen right
away you're going to have a bit of a job
oh why because the time team was closed
two years ago by popular vote do our
people do for food they bring their own.
Oh something up
just a slight spasm have a grannies
things are moving fast George very fast
not too fast I hope risky job this ugly
word conspiracy forget it
those two Stooges of ours will take any
rep that's coming your jobs to Connor
the shares they come on the market well
as long as the police don't smell a rat
who don't run away on my account
I've got a daughter as old as you come
on down darling this is mr. Mellinger
demand you're the gentleman who's going
to rob all the shareholders for me no I
wouldn't say that.
Kirsti were for me it is mrs. Milliards
intention to bring this multi-node ruin
of a factory up to date started with a
slap-up chem tea which nobody wants
speak for yourself
I intend to introduce a new system of
free meals no food and affect rely kiss
treat you better in jail no running into
fog no that was the factory hotel I
don't give it a little luncheon party no
yes myself no doubt you gentlemen will
be eating elsewhere
you'll pardon me if I don't talk but I
only take an hour for lunch eating for a
onions hello building
you'll have a seizure no not as long as
they take grannies I get for a walk
worst and feed-in time at the zoo
no wrong with the gasworks it'll give
you an appetite my piss respects.
I say little girl you give me that bit
of bread an hour bring the ducky workers
right up here elevate it made you a
colonel you know you're an absolute
o'clock when want it's asked if we
needed cash why couldn't you up and say
so said it ask mrs. Bullard I suppose
your solo time they wouldn't mind
borrowing from a woman simply isn't done
still we can't live on air until next
poor today but your husband got
inspiration no not another one top
executives like ourselves don't pay
their restaurant bills they sign them
only if the wrists on one an engine
precisely that's why we're getting to
see our old friend mr. it sir can we all
be together we are on velvet
he must fetch mrs. Van Alden I think
she's upstairs up Thanks.
Maxie Maxie darling what I found half
and say there is look what O'Connor has
to say in his column he Army and Navy
moved in at Granny's there are whispers
that the recent appointment of Major
Rory Macquarie and command the venom
Riley as Joint Managing Directors of
granny's forecast a complete
reorganization of this prosperous
concern could this mean that the high
dividends paid from tiny memorial in for
the severe cut and are the shareholders
going to like it this really was not a
finding we thought the final sir
I put him that thanks our old friends
the major command I seem to have gone
into partnership hmm looks as though
they're getting into the big time more
ways than one
do you want me to check up on them sir
no thanks I'd like to deal with this one
hmm that's funny she must have forgotten
it what's the trouble Grimshaw my potpie
is missing a whole pot pie my missus
made it I could have sworn she packed it
perhaps she realized you eat too much
and as infected this is no joking matter
how your it's been forgotten or
someone's been at my hat ice would you
suggest no mice and leave crumbs
wasteful little devils I'm going to get
to the bottom of this I had my
suspicions well if you'll draw a blank
we'll send for the girl I'm certain
she's a charming woman she's a darn good
cook Hey I didn't like that crack match
of yours about: In the yard because
many cracks as I like about the girl
ain't nothing on us if detective.
Inspector sharing walked into this room
at this moment and said morning boys I
traced you through the columns of the.
Financial Express oh why oh no friends
like old friends
don't you agree do you know something I
think this character is under the
impression he's kidding Zamora only
himself surely I'm not here entirely on
pleasure you know well then we mustn't
detain your no no I won't detain you
unless I have to
that depends largely on both of you
you've seen this article one of the
cross no I say bit on Riley
what in the news I want to know what it
means means just what it says he old
hulks having a refit and we're in
command duly authorized by the competent
authority who is that the shareholders
you do your old-fashioned thing when
their Lordships decide to drydock a man
of war do they have to ask permission of
every sniveling little taxpayer
certainly not
I'll choose yourself hems you know
suppose you get off the poop deck before
you accidentally get your bottom scraped
of a single mistress under seal at once
is she expecting it's the major man
you may go my pet apologize some
surprise attack situation serious hurry
release at the factory hey oh my fault.
George a company under false colors what
are you talking about why only excuses
my deep and tender regard for you should
have had the decency to have cleared out
are you trying to tell me you have some
guilty secret no way yes I should never
have taken that job of grannies with my
record record what kind of a record
surely not a criminal record slight
technicality over some girl chairs go on
what happened
tons of shares no gold
yeah they gave me three years and it
just come out now the police have found
out that you're running the factory
great survey found you for life it's a
great pity you didn't tell me this
couldn't fell in love your first sight
you know how you feel for me to see dirt
in your eyes Maxine let's go away
together anywhere Eastbourne even some
nails and leave the world behind yes I
can't go on living without you oh poor
man you are a distressed now you sit
right here and I'll get you some brandy
thanks awfully I've got something very
special yeah
that's your honorable confession I might
not heard about this in time Oh honor of
the regiment you know all that now you
drink this right down and you forget all
your troubles that kind of real thank
you bye Joe
let's touch the spots by the way did I
ever tell you about the time I was in
the pole regimental dinner Oh Theo was
worthington pretty hiding of us we'd
just started the fish cause I remember
and fish was cold Grimshaw you stupid Oh
Maxine it's stop it Fannie shares are
beginning to come on the market George
has got all these hooks at short on the
price every minute what's the matter
what's that Oh what happened he came
here and told me he'd done time oh no a
fraud he's a con man nice ain't it
aren't this is all we need please have
already been to the factory so I slipped
him a Mickey Finn clever girl George get
back to the office and grab every show
you can there's all I don't like we'll
be all right as long as we keep this
gook out of sight now upstairs with him
you tied his feet I'll take his hip Hey
goodness we've still got commander pin
them righty
I wonder
where are you going trips off I'm going
to allow them to address a meeting of
the shareholders you know to do that I'm
a shareholder myself your place is here
I quit last Assessor when in the name of.
Neptune sir major I know what I'm
talking to be well at least you can do
something about these new turret excuse
me ma'am
permission to come aboard come on.
Bingham Riley regret to report ships the
ground aground.
Grimshaw is deserted whole ship's
company is taken to the boats
you mean factories closed discovered
tried to keep stealing my now out of
respect and admiration for you dear
commander names Lancelot
call me Maxine I say may I but no first
I have a little confession to make Oh
had a visit from the police yesterday
gone call into a bit of a scrape over
some tin mines in the Hebrides city I
didn't know that well today when it's
signed two years on over now of course I
say don't hate me for this video oh of
course not you poor man you must be
completely distracted now you stay right
here now get to a nice disbanded
actress shuts Aaron out to Birds simple
yes shares are avalanching timely we're
moving sharing I'm on my way
never mind about that George keep on
buying a pair will you call it 75
percent of the shares as it is I want
the lot but this is flagrant conspiracy
I know that but it could never be proved
without your evidence go on by every
bloomin share I look here as yes yes I
know I'm your broker but I don't like it
huh all right but remember you said it
well thanks for your cooperation mr.
Mellinger you've saved yourself a lot of
by tonight you'll own granny's and by
tomorrow night we will sold out to
consolidated for 1 million pounds and
then real mm-hmm
it's 11:30 and here is the new summary
though ever ha
America has launched another space
rocket at home healings in the shares of
granny's globules limited have ceased in
view of information received by Scotland.
Yard all these transactions may be
declared null and void a woman was found
its mill injuries record on us what are
we going to do run for upstairs pack a
bag as quick as you can
where are they
you gotta say mrs. Builded mr. Wanted
you've just come out they blowed free
yon they're here we want to see them I'm
the new Managing Director of Gunners and
this is the deputation of shareholders
telling nation but they're not here then
we will wait I mean everybody
what's going on well I wake up oh thank
and see it now hostile tribesmen I'm
gonna get away with it
uh-huh yeah let's make a record yeah
when all this comes off you'll find that
we've been the victims of an attempt to
sabotage our business there is the
founder of the film we shall carry it on
those two boobies they plant it on a
stick harm or damage there what have we
that's clear for action I bet it fixed
eyebrows the nettle full steam ahead
now you can have regular meals again
ask mrs. million she'll speak up for us
mrs. Millard is gonna be far too busy is
speaking up for herself.
Maxie darling you cheap miserable crooks
listen you two why don't you go out and
get yourselves lost in the crowd what
you mean
see you later
you see what I see smell it
is that good after all doctor that's a
leave this to me oh no Jenny that's it
man tell me up these hot dogs are they
fresh not was a pinch of salt unless
they are