Striker (2023) Movie Script

The knowledge of atom is
intertwined with science.
The discoveries of science...
...have been applied
by sages for generations.
One of them is
"Quantum Physics"...
...and "Ashtama Shaktigal".
The 8 Eight Powers of siddhas
or "The Great Eight Siddhis"... similar to
the changes seen in atoms.
"Anima" is the capacity
to reduce to the size of an atom.
99 percentage of
an atom is vacuum.
If the vacuum is removed,...
...the earth would shrink
to the size of a lemon.
Human would be
the size of an atom.
Mahima is capacity to expand
to an infinitely large size.
It refers to expanding
the vacuum between the atoms.
Expanding larger
than the universe.
"Laghima refers to
becoming lighter than air.
The ability to become
weightless and fly.
Weight is influenced by gravity.
Atoms work beyond gravity.
With control over it,
flying becomes possible.
Garima is the ability to
become infinitely heavy.
Atoms possess this capability.
"Prapti" refers to the ability
to construct anything is known.
Controlling string vibrations to
manifest objects from thin air...
...or transform
one object into another.
"Prakamya" is the capacity to
materialize anything at will.
The ability to disappear
and reappear anywhere.
It is something done by
the electrons all the time.
Electrons are constantly
engaged in this process.
It exits its orbit and
reappears in a different orbit.
Research has proven that
Quantum Teleportation is possible.
Experiments on it, are in place.
"Ishita" is being in
contact with the Gods.
By manipulating the vibrations
of atomic strings,...
...quantum theorists have
demonstrated the existence...
...of eleven dimensions.
The eleventh dimension... believed to the Heaven.
"Vashitva" is the mastery, of
gaining control over everything.
The ability to control
the vibrations of the string.
The capability to traverse all
dimensions and attain immortality.
Hurry up.
-Go on, I'm coming.
Where are you taking us to?
-I'll tell you, just come.
Fill me in.
-Hold on, I'll tell you.
Do you know why they have
the cross above the gravestones?
I have no idea.
-Because they pray to Jesus.
That's the reason
they have a cross above the grave.
Don't be such a fool.
The spirit of those buried here...
...would come looking for their
body. The cross is to stop it.
Do you know
the purpose of the cross now?
Are you saying that
spirits come here?
Indeed, they do, but there are
effective ways to prevent it.
Everyone, be quiet.
-Why are you scaring us?
I'm not scaring you.
Can you hear
the distant call of a cuckoo?
Yes, we do.
-The cuckoo is known as...
..."The call of death".
Cuckoos can see spirits.
What do you mean?
-The cuckoo is cooing.
What does it mean?
There are spirits around!
Let's get out of here!
-I was just joking! Come back!
Don't run! I'm coming!
Wait up!
I lied! Wait up!
Fill me in, I said!
Why did you leave your world
and enter this dimension?
Why did you possess her?
Will you leave her or not?
Enough! Don't test my patience!
"How our life changes when
is not in our hands."
"The breaking-moment
that changed my life....."
"There is a breaking point
in every one's life."
"No one knows
when it will happen."
"But when it happens,
we have to accept it."
...are you here?
Your parents wish to talk to you?
If you have desires,
you can speak up.
I believe your daughter
doesn't wish to talk to you.
What sin have I committed?
Doesn't she want to speak to me?
It's not like that. We can't
just speak any souls of the dead.
The soul of your daughter may be
happy in her newfound dimension.
Avoid calling her back and
causing her any inconvenience.
Let it go.
What are you gawking at?
-I'm your senior.
Keep your hands off me.
-Is that so, sir?
I'm sorry, I didn't mean it.
Please continue gawking.
I will.
She's the wife of our boss.
-Boss's wife? Really?
An old man with a young wife?
That's his luck.
Why are you so concerned?
Look into your job.
-I'm looking into my job.
We're going to end up
in the streets.
You're leading us there.
Listen to me, get back to work.
-You get back to work.
No one can change you.
It's my fault for even...
...recommending you to work here.
Your hands are
obstructing my view.
-What's up?
I have long had a desire.
-What's your desire?
I want to perform "service".
I have been handling
the spanner since I joined,...
...why don't you
give me a chance to repair?
The right time will come.
Just get back to work now.
How will you understand
what I'm trying to tell you?
I understand and I wish
to sustain my bread and butter,...
...but you're hell bent
to send us to the streets.
You'll never repent.
When we were in the streets,
nobody offered us a job.
This is the only job we got.
Hit the ground running.
Think about it.
-Brother, where's the Ford Fiesta?
We returned it.
Who instructed you to do so?
-We were told to do so and we did.
Go and ask them.
How could you join him too, bro?
What's the matter, sir?
-Sir, about the Ford.
We returned the car.
-Who instructed you to do so?
David did. What's the matter, sir?
-Nothing, sir.
Hey, who told you that
you could return the car?
You returned the car before
the brakes could you repaired.
Where are you now?
Be there.
Murali, is your friend
still worried about it?
Look at him.
He looks ghost-struck.
Since you mentioned "ghost-struck",
I just recollected something.
This is said to be a true story.
Remember my friend Anitha.
We even attended her wedding.
The girl from Coimbatore?
One at, at about 2 AM,
she sent me a message.
Since it was just 2 months
since she got married and...
...she was messaging me late-night,
I asked her about her husband.
I asked her
if her husband was not around.
She told me that he gets drunk
every night and falls asleep.
I harboured doubts as
she appeared embittered..., I asked her
if there was a problem.
She told me that he was
not interested in intimacy.
Anyway, why did she message
You at 2 AM, if her husband...
...was disinterested?
It's not like you can solve it.
What's your problem?
Women share their problems.
The story is getting interesting.
Go on.
-He's eager for some juicy gossip.
Listen to the story. Since
she told me her predicament,...
...advised her on what
I knew but nothing worked out.
-I few days later, I called her.
She told me that
he was "fast these days".
But she also told me that
he was rather strange and odd...
...during their intimate sessions.
Women like unconventional
experiences during intimacy.
That's what I thought and
I asked her about it too.
But that was not the case.
Her husband's friend passed away
in an accident last month.
-He started to behave oddly...
...after the accident.
-What are you implying?
He died two days
before their wedding.
After they got married, his
friend fulfilled his wishes...
...through his friend's body.
-But that's his friend's wife.
After death, it doesn't matter...
...who it is or what form it takes.
Relationships nor
friendships matter.
-Why is that?
Let's say your dead grandma...
...returns as a spirit.
Would you cry and
ask her why she left you...
...and how she could
manage being all alone?
Or would you run away because
your grandma returned in...
...the form of a spirit?
What would you do?
Of course, even if she was once
my grandma, she's now a spirit.
It needs consideration.
We'll discuss about your doubts
later. Did you notice your buddy?
He was silent when we were
discussing about intimacy,...
...and now he's all ears when
we're discussing about spirits.
Are you terrified of ghosts, Joshi?
-Not that I'm terrified.
I'm just curious to know.
Since I was young,
I've always been curious.
My father made me
an engineer to fulfil his dreams.
I worked hard and passed
with first class honours...
I'm an unsuccessful engineer.
Joshi, the reflection of being
successful or not is subjective.
Do you know who's most fortunate?
The person who pursues
their passion is the lucky ones.
None have the opportunity
to do so these days.
Even if they exist, perhaps
they only amount to 10 percentage.
It's not too late. Why don't
you pursue what you like?
Research about ghosts
and the paranormal.
Perhaps, you could end up... a cleric
who appear in ghost movies.
Else, perhaps an exorcist who
wears a suit and speaks English...
...just like the Hollywood movies.
You could be one too.
All you need is passion.
Follow your passion, that's it.
People are having families
with robots these days...
...and you're asking him
to pursue spirits.
I shouldn't have
tried my experiment on...
..."the automatic braking system"
without the knowledge of others.
What has happened and what's
happening must have a reason.
Hereafter, I shall not worry
about what has happened...
...because I can't
change the past.
So, I'm going to pursue
the life I wish to live.
-Hi, Krishna. Priya here.
We're planning to have a show
titled "Death Decode" on YouTube.
We called Agalya, but she was busy
and she told us to contact you.
Okay, when is it?
-Sir, we're ready now.
Okay, I'm out now. I'll reach
the institute in an hour.
Do you know where's the institute?
-Yes, sir, see you there.
Sure, see you there.
-Okay, thank you so much, sir.
Is the focus on point?
-Yes, it's perfect.
Hi! Sorry I'm late.
-Hi, it's okay, sir. Have a seat.
It is ready?
-Yes, sir. It's ready.
All okay?
-Yes, perfect.
Hi, sir. I'm Priya.
We spoke to Madam Agalya about...
...having a show titled
"Death Decode" on YouTube.
Yes, Agalya told me about it.
I just spoke to her.
What are we discussing about?
-Tell us about you, sir.
How long have you
been in this field?
Firstly, my name is not "sir".
You can call me Joshi.
I have not been in this field
for long. I'm a student in this...
... institute. It has only
been 3 months since I joined.
Can you tell us about this
institute and the courses...
...offered here?
-The Parapsychology Institute... established in only
four locations in India...
...namely Delhi, Bombay,
Calcutta and Chennai.
Madam Agalya is the dean
of the Chennai Institute.
We are at the peak of
science development...
...of the twenty-first century.
Speaking of spirits and ghosts...
...these days will only
make people call us crazy.
But think about it,
100 years ago,...
...would anyone believe we could...
...speak to a friend
who's 1000 kms away?
Yet today, it's made possible.
To be precise, it's just
part of our ordinary lifestyle.
That's it, until something
is proven to be true,...
...your ideas would be
considered dubious.
Any questions? Feel free to
ask and I'll clear your doubts.
Madam, can dead spirits guide us?
Can dead spirits guide us?
Actually, your question is wrong.
Souls don't die.
Only bodies die.
The soul which detaches from
the body, lives in another world.
The world is not across
the seven mountains and seas.
It's the same world as us.
It's just in another frequency.
If we live in
a 3-dimensional world,...
...souls lives
in a 5-dimensional world.
Spiritual science is a technique
that communicates with...
...the souls in
the 5-dimensional world.
Parapsychology is
the study of the paranormal.
The course includes
telepathy, reincarnation,...
...supernatural power
and paranormal activities.
Basically, it's the study
of paranormal activities.
A good medium is defined by
the ectoplasm energy in him.
The higher the ectoplasm energy,
the higher the ability to...
...communicate with spirits.
Similar to automatic writing,...
...Ouija board and trans,
there are many ways.
Likewise, for the current time,
the most suitable mode of...
is the Ouija board.
What triggered your
curiosity in this field, sir?
I'm a mechanical engineer.
After my mother passed away,
I lived with my father.
After the passing of my father,
I've lived with my machines.
At one point, I couldn't bear my
life with machines and quit my job.
One day, I thought of
communicating to my mother.
That was when I got to
know about this institute.
I tried my best to communicate
with my mother after coming here.
But, I failed.
The failure lead me
into depression.
That was when Madam Agalya
explained a few things to me.
Death deserves deeper research...
...beyond fear and tear.
Religious understanding,
philosophy of the vedas...
...and tears.
-Good evening, ma'am.
Beyond all that, what we need
to research is death of human.
Don't worry that your mother's
spirit is unable to communicate...
...with you, Joshi. Let her
live peacefully in her world.
After talking to her, my curiosity
to learn about spirits escalated.
So, to those who wish to speak
to their family member...
...who is dead including
their mother, son or wife,...
...I wish to be
a good medium for them.
That is the reason I've chosen to
train to communicate to spirits.
Very inspiring, sir.
Thank you so much for your time.
Thank you so much.
Is everything okay?
-When will this video be released?
We don't know, sir.
We're currently amid shooting.
It will take about
2 weeks to complete editing.
-Thank you, sir.
Thank you so much.
Thanks, sir. I thought
I lost it somewhere.
Anyway, it's good that you left it.
-I don't get you.
I got a chance to meet you again.
-Excuse me, that's too much.
If you wanted to see me,
you have my number.
Why didn't you call me?
-If you agree,...
...I'll do it hereafter.
-Anyway, do you really...
...communicate with spirits
or you're just blowing smoke?
You wouldn't believe me, but
there's a spirit near you now.
You scared me!
Shall we start?
Shall I shoot this time?
-Why? So I sit with the board?
When are you going to
let me operate the camera?
You can operate it but I'm not
sitting in front of the board.
You'll be fine, just sit.
Are you ready, madam?
Shall we start?
We're ready.
We can start at your signal.
It's not like you're going
to spare me if I disagree.
Why did you send your assistant?
Are you scared?
I'm not scared, I'm just concerned
if she would shake the camera...
...if she trembles. That's the
reason I chose to hold the camera.
First, call the spirit and
let's see if I get scared.
Before trying the Ouija board,
before we summon the spirits...
...we must have positive
thoughts. At the same time,...
...there is no guarantee that
only good spirits will appear.
Secondly, never leave the board
without saying "goodbye".
If the spirits don't with
to appear, don't force them.
Don't do anything that
can irritate the spirits.
It's not a funny game
like you may assume.
This is a serious game.
Spirits are always dangerous.
Sir, won't you warn me
before I sit here?
You'll be fine. Please quit
the exaggeration and get started.
Okay, place your finger here.
Anybody there?
Anybody there?
Anybody there?
Anybody there?
Sir, I don't know
if there are spirits around...
...but your reaction is scary.
I don't want to play this game.
Didn't you hear me?
Do you think this is a joke?
I told you not to remove
your finger from the board...
...without saying
"goodbye", didn't I?
Okay, why are you shouting now?
It'll be fine.
Don't worry, it's all right.
I will take care of it.
Don't worry, nothing will happen.
It's so dark.
-I'm okay.
Joshi, look at the back of you.
In this video, you must have
assumed that the spirit...
...appeared because I removed
my finger from the Ouija board...
...without saying "goodbye".
There was a power cut in the area.
Moreover, we heard
the sound of a person crying.
In reality,
even a cat cries like a human.
We also saw a figure fly behind
Joshi. You must be wondering...
...what it is, right? It must have
been curtains flying in the wind.
Those who believe
in the paranormal,...
...believes in the supernatural.
Looking at something as it is...
...or as a coincidence,
is in our mindset.
What's the matter, Joshi?
Why did you tell me... come immediately?
Are you going to propose?
What would you like to have, ma'am?
-Black tea.
How about you, sir?
-No, thank you.
You're making a mistake, Priya.
You don't seem to fathom...
...the seriousness
of the situation.
What are you talking about?
Your video, that's what.
Do I look like a comedian to you?
Why are you so serious about it?
It was just for show.
We uploaded it because it looked
good. Did you notice the views?
Don't be surprised if it trends.
Why are you gawking at me?
As if you really summoned a spirit
and we're making fun of it.
Nothing appeared, right?
-Spirits are not your assistant... appear at your command.
They have their own principles.
Perhaps there were fewer negative
energies and more positive...
...energies where we tried.
Likewise, there are many...
...formalities and procedures.
This is not a camera that... can carry around.
You will never understand.
Why are you getting so tensed.
You know it all, don't you?
First, summon a spirit with
the broken board and candle.
Then I will believe you.
Where are the recent case files?
Come in, Joshi. What's up?
-Nothing, madam.
You sound confused.
Just spill the beans.
Please wait outside.
Fill me in, Joshi.
-Madam, last week I received...
...a mail about spiritual
disturbances in a villa along ECR.
It was request to clear
the villa of paranormal activity.
I wanted to have a word with
you before trying to work on it.
Are you serious? It has only been
3 months since you joined us.
We don't know
your ectoplasm levels.
What if something unwarranted
happens in an unknown place?
No, I won't allow this.
Okay, I have an idea.
-Yes, ma'am.
Forward me the email.
-Okay, ma'am.
I will investigate
about it and keep you updated.
Thereafter, you can go.
-Okay, madam. I will forward...
...the mail to you, okay?
-Okay, take care.
-Yes, madam.
We should only try to communicate
with spirits, not control them.
Okay, madam.
What's up, Mr. Joshi?
Still hot under the collar?
No, it's not that. You told me to
prove the existence of spirits,...
...didn't you?
I got the right chance.
What do you mean?
-Remember when you interviewed... for the first time?
I received a mail that night.
The mail mentioned about
disturbances in a villa in ECR.
They requested me to clear
the villa of disturbances.
Madam Agalya enquired and received
permission to go to the villa.
What sort of spiritual
disturbances are you referring to?
A couple shifted into the villa.
The husband's name is Rajaender
and his wife's name is Lisa.
Lisa and Rajaender fell in love
with each other and got married.
Rajaender's father
is an orthodox person.
Lisa is an orphan
who grew up in a church.
So, Rajaender's family
didn't accept their union.
An accident changed their life.
Rajaender passed away
in the accident.
Lisa who survived,...
...slipped into depression
with memories of Rajaender.
Lisa have been communicating with
Rajaender was if he was around.
Their neighbours who noticed Lisa,
thought she went insane,...
...and got her admitted
into a mental asylum.
-What does that mean?
When someone close to us passes on,
we wouldn't be able to...
...accept it. Our mind creates
hallucinations of their existence.
Psychiatrist, Dr. Devarsirvatham
noticed while counselling Lisa...
...that she was not
suffering from schizophrenia.
-In fact, Lisa was not insane.
She has been talking to someone.
-Who was she talking to?
Only after the psychiatrist
confirmed that Lisa was indeed...
...talking to the spirit of her
husband, the others got scared.
Then what happened?
-Thereafter, in that house...
...everyone began to notice
paranormal activities at home.
There would be unusual sounds...
...and sounds of people
screaming, crying and talking.
There was many such
instances of disturbances.
Then, what happened to Lisa?
-The doctor who counselled her...
...passed away that night.
-So, the place is still...
...a mystery until today.
What's up, Priya? Have you left?
-No, I'm leaving tomorrow morning.
You could have at least come
to send me off, couldn't you?
You're not going overseas, are you?
You're just busting spirits.
Okay, I'll send you
the address after I reach.
Call when once you're done with
the function and can find time.
Okay, bye.
Hold on, Joshi, just a minute.
Yes, Priya?
-Be safe.
A lady spoke to me over
the phone. Who is she?
She's Madam Agalya. She's busy
with another project currently..., she advised me
to check on this issue.
What's going on in that house?
-We have no idea what's going on.
Usual sounds can be heard.
It feels like someone
familiar is calling us.
People at home believe it could be
Rajaender's spirit who passed away.
They considered inviting
a priest to perform prayers.
I saw your advertisement
for the institute.
I emailed you based on
your advertisement.
Otherwise, I've informed that
security that you're coming.
He will pass you
the keys to the villa.
Thank you, sir.
Beautiful house, it's a pity
that they couldn't live here.
I have been working here
since I was appointed, sir.
They have always
been friendly to me...
...but in the past two months,
he never once spoke to me.
In fact, he never bothered
even nod his head to me.
It was just Rajaender,
his wife and a kitten.
Every time they travel,
they bring their kitten along.
After the accident, I have no idea
what happened to the kitten.
A kitten?
-Yes, sir, a beautiful kitten.
"What could have
happened in this house?"
I've heard usual noises from
this house numerous times, sir.
It terrifies me. People
don't seem to understand...
...the seriousness
of the situation, sir.
They're just cheating, sir.
I've not noticed anything unusual.
We heard that some shaman
is coming in next week...
...and they're planning to include
the expense into the maintenance.
I'm surely not
going to pay for it.
Those who pass away young
wouldn't have the heart to leave...
...this world. That's the reason
they roam around this world.
I have my doubts on the security.
Perhaps he plans
to usurp the villa.
It'll be good
if I could find a clue.
Can I know the reason
you're enquiring about Rajaender?
Is there a problem?
-No, actually,...
...there seem to be spiritual
disturbances in Rajaender's villa.
That's the reason I'm here
to get to know more about him.
Are you implying that
Rajaender's spirit is back?
No, that's not what I meant
and it's not confirmed.
Perhaps, if there is a spirit
around, we would like to know...
...if it's Rajaender's spirit
and it would be easy to know.
Although Rajaender and
I are from Tamil Nadu...
...we became friends after
he joined the music collage.
Can we know more about
his characteristics?
He's a fun person.
He's exceptional in music.
His music is so mesmerizing...
...that it excites
people to the next level.
It's that good.
-How about his family and wife?
His family is from Tanjavur and I
don't know much about his parents.
I know his wife very well.
He's an orphan and
she was brought up in an ashram.
Before they could start their life
together, Rajaender passed away.
It's truly depression
and completely unacceptable.
-How did you get here?
That's the surprise!
-Even the watchman didn't tell me.
Surprise is not known to others.
Anyway, let that go.
What about your trip?
It went now.
Now that you're here,...
...just watch
what Rajaender's spirit does.
What is he doing?
What's going on?
What are you up to?
I modified the drone
to include motion sensor.
It will follow wherever I go.
Are you ready?
Don't be as nonchalant
as your friend previously.
Okay, sure. Just get started.
Is anyone here?
Anybody here?
Any good spirit here?
If anyone is around, please come.
I wish to speak to you.
I know you are here.
...speak to me.
Joshi, you said that the drone
would follow you, didn't you?
Is your project a failure?
Joshi, I'm scared.
-It's nothing, just sit.
Don't be afraid.
Sit, I'll take care of it.
Please don't be scared.
I believe the spirit is
trying to communicate with us.
Place your hands on the board.
What is your name?
A, E.
How did you die?
E, N.
Where is your wife now?
Don't remove your hand.
Why are you still staying here?
Do you want to
take revenge on anyone?
Joshi, what are you doing now?
I don't think this is right.
Let's leave. Please.
-Why are you afraid?
Don't be afraid.
-What are you up to?
What's going on, Joshi?
Even if you don't
wish to talk to me...
...I know how to
make you talk to me.
...okay, let's stop.
It was wrong of me to tease you.
Let's go.
I didn't come here
to prove myself to you.
This is my ethics.
I want to understand the needs of
the spirit and try to solve it.
Please give me one last chance.
If the spirit does not
wish to communicate with us...
...we shall leave.
What are you doing?
Give me your hand.
You will be fine, trust me.
Just focus on the candle.
Joshi,... played too far.
You don't seem to respect advice.
You need to be taught a lesson.
This girl came here trusting you.
Soon she will suffer to death.
After she dies,... shall be
tortured to death too!
Priya! What happened, Priya?
Priya? What happened, Priya?
Get up, Priya.
What happened to you, Priya?
Come on, let's go, Priya.
-What happened?
Come on.
Fill me in, Joshi.
Damn it!
-Why did you break your phone?
Come on, let's go, Priya.
-What happened?
Wait, I'll explain.
What is this?
-Look at this.
"This girl came here
trusting you."
"Soon she will
suffer a painful death."
"After she dies..."
Priya! Priya!
Wait here, don't be afraid.
I'll find a way to get out.
-What's the matter, Priya?
Water! Water!
-I'll be right back.
Here, drink some.
More water.
All is fine.
Don't be afraid, Priya.
The advantage of the paranormal... the fear of humans.
What happened, Priya?
Come on, Priya! Let's go!
Let's go.
-What happened?
Hey, Rajaender!
Hey, Rajaender!
You're a psycho sadist!
How could you
torture someone to death!
That's the reason you're dead!
Priya has nothing to do with this!
Please spare her!
Take me instead!
Joshi! Joshi!
Joshi, come here.
Joshi, the bag.
Bring the bag here.
Quick, go and get it.
Try out what's in this book.
Go. Go on, Joshi.
Get going.
Joshi, where are you?
Joshi died a long time ago.
"My big mistake resulted in the
deaths of these two individuals."
"If God existed,
I would have told God to...
...take my life
instead of theirs."
"As a redemption of
Joshi's mistake...
...I decided to
use his as my pawn."
"Although Rajaender is dead,...
...his soul should
surely be in this world."
"In this journey to
redeem Rajaender's soul...
...I had no guilt about what
was right and what was wrong."
"Joshi believed
everything I said."
"Everything went on as planned."