Stronger (2017) Movie Script

...this is a busy time.
- So, if you wanna shop...
- Maybe a pedicure.
A pedicure?
Okay, that's where we draw the line.
That's it.
But in any event, go to today. com
for all the rules and regulations
and what you need to do,
'cause I'd love to come
and wake up with you. All right.
Breakfast, tractor driving,
and shoveling...
Hey, big Boston Marathon,
9:00 a. m. tomorrow.
The wheelchairs go off by noon.
Temperature about 50.
Partly sunny.
3:00, 55 degrees
and light winds.
It's gonna be a perfect day.
You know,
there is a renewed hope
for the Red Sox
after two of the last plays...
Here we go, John.
Feeling good about this year.
- You said it.
- Go Sox.
Hey, Tom! Don't spray.
I'm walkin' through here.
What's that smell?
Ah! Shit!
What'd you do?
The chicken on the timer,
I didn't turn on by mistake,
so I didn't hear the noise,
I didn't hear the beep.
And if you hear the beeps,
then you'd be able to stop 'em...
You're supposed to
clear the roasters before
you empty the trash, Jeff.
...'Cause I didn't hear
the beeps.
Okay, Maya, I'll sign off on an hour
of OT, so Jeff can help clean up.
- Does that work for both of you guys?
- Actually, sir, there's...
I have something I gotta do.
What do you got's
so important...
You just make this big mess
and leave me here to clean it up?
Look, the Sox lost two in a row
because of me, all right?
I missed both games
because I was at work.
You know, I wasn't in my lucky seat
with my lucky beer.
You got a lucky beer?
Yeah, I mean, I just...
Beer in general's lucky, right?
Okay, this is your call, Maya.
All right.
I got you. Look at you.
Thank you, Maya.
You owe me.
Do me a favor, sir.
Don't report
our office romance, okay?
I know it's against
Costco policy,
but sometimes you gotta
make a sacrifice, right?
Please go watch the game.
Here's my baby boy.
- Can I get another pitcher?
- Don't you think
he's gettin' too skinny, Patty?
And he needs a fuckin' haircut.
Friggin' perfect.
Look at that face.
The face is cute.
Oh, Ma, hey.
- She's good.
- Careful, there.
You wanna sit somewhere lower?
That fall's a doozy.
Yeah, you go
fuck yourself, sweetie.
All right, thanks. Hey.
He's my favorite nephew.
Jesus, Jeff,
you still smell like
fuckin' chicken carcasses.
Buchholz is on fire.
Look at him.
- He's a fuckin' beast.
- That coulda been you, D.
- On TV. Rich and famous.
- Yeah.
Ouit pitchin' in high school
like a fuckin' pussy.
You're a pussy. Shut up, faggot.
Nobody says "faggot" anymore, D.
Oh, really? What do you
know about it, huh?
What do you mean?
I'm down with the homos.
- My boss at Costco's gay.
- Your fuckin' boss?
You think I get this fashionable
without it's some sort of
fuckin' insider help?
For the record, hey...
For the record,
I didn't pussy outta shit.
I had a herniated disk.
You both know that.
Shut the fuck up, both of you.
You're an asshole. Shut up.
Who you callin' a faggot, Derek?
No, apparently we don't say
that word no more, Uncle Bob.
You know, Jeff's boss is a gay.
What? He is!
Have you been...
Where have you been?
Not with
the rest of us, apparently.
You havin' a stroke or somethin'?
Oh, shit. Look who's here.
Hey, give me a second.
Nobody wants to fuck a guy
with chicken in his hair.
Why you touchin' my hair,
Uncle Bob?
Come back after she tells you
to go fuck yourself, okay?
Sit down and watch the game, bro.
She broke up with you.
- Are you...
- What?
- The sister's here.
- Who? Gail?
- Yeah.
- She looks good, though.
- Hey.
- Hey.
I, like... I texted you,
like, six times.
You never get...
Did you get my texts or not?
Yeah, yeah, I did.
Yeah, I got 'em.
- Hey, Gail.
- Jeff.
So what are you two
Amesbury ladies
slummin' it here for, anyway?
I'm collecting donations
for the Marathon.
- No shit?
- Mm-hmm. Yeah.
- All right.
- Yep.
You got a jar, huh?
With pictures of yourself.
That's so great.
So you show people
pictures of yourself
- and then you ask for money.
- Yes. It usually works.
That's very...
That's a smart idea.
It feels like
you're self-promoting.
- That's really...
- I am.
That's literally what I'm doing.
Yeah, but you know what?
Like, if you try and pass this
around with
pictures of yourself,
it's gonna be like, it's...
You shouldn't do that.
You need my help.
- I already got...
- You're gonna need inside help.
Oh, really?
Gonna give money or what?
No. Hey! Listen up!
Hear ye! Hear ye!
Give me a heart attack.
Citizens of Chelmsford!
- Oh, no, no, no.
- Citizens of Chelmsford!
Jeff. Jeff.
This young lady here
is running the Marathon
for Brigham
and Women's Hospital. Okay?
Where she also works
as a big-shot administrator.
So skip a round o' Stella,
ya fat fucks!
And donate to a good cause.
Hey, listen.
Put your moolah in the fishbowl.
Just a couple o' bucks.
All right?
Here ya go.
- She'll take food stamps...
- Stop smiling!
...Chuck E. Cheese tickets,
whatever you got.
- You are such a...
- What?
Whoever thought
you'd end up being in, like,
this torrid melodrama with
a chicken roaster from Costco?
What do you have against him?
He's a nice guy.
You broke up with him three times.
Real nice.
Erin! E.
E, E, E, E! Hey. Hey. Hey, hey.
Can I come cheer ya on?
Why don't you
run it with her, Jeff?
Well, you know,
I suffered an injury
from a chicken-related
industrial accident today,
Gail, so, you know.
But, hey, I'm gonna be there
at the finish line for ya.
Don't the Red Sox play tomorrow?
- So?
- So?
I'm gonna make
a big sign for ya!
I mean, that's gotta be worth
at least a dinner, right?
- Bye, Jeff.
- No, come on, I mean it!
I mean it.
Hey, I'm gonna be there, all right?
Take care
of your finger, Jeff.
Hey, I'll be there, all right?
- Dinner's pushing it!
- You're gonna win it all!
E. E!
So lunch it is?
Oh, yeah. Go Sox.
It's too high.
God. Never again.
- Jeffrey!
- What, Ma?
Will you get me some aspirin?
'Cause I can't reach.
Is there a...
You have an orange marker?
- Ma!
- Yeah!
There's an orange marker.
It was right here.
- Don't make me shout, baby.
- Never mind.
Tiny mice
with big hammers in my skull.
I can't reach the aspirin.
Ma, it's on the...
I'm gonna be late.
My God. Why do you
always put it up here?
Who puts it up here?
I don't understand.
- Thank you, baby.
- It's a new one. Yeah.
Okay. All right.
Hey, Can...
Can you fix the chirpy thing?
- What?
- Chirpy chirp.
What? You mean the low battery
alarm on the smoke detector?
Yeah, it's driving me
bat-shit crazy.
That's not a long drive.
You can't have Uncle Bob come by
and do it on his way to work?
Jesus Christ.
What you got there?
It's just a thing.
I don't know why you keep
tryin' with that girl anyway.
Hey, wait, I made breakfast.
More than 27,000 runners
are running in today's
Boston Marathon.
The race is just now
getting underway.
More than
half a million people...
Oh, that's your brother?
What's... What's his name?
Go, Chris!
Is that guy runnin'
in his underwear like that?
What's that about?
Coming up in a big plume.
We're hearing from one of
our producers
there on the ground
that it was this large bang
on one side of the street.
What are they trying to do?
- Erin, are you okay?
- I'm fine. I'm fine.
- Where are you?
- Just a bar.
- I don't know...
- How are you gettin' home?
I dunno.
My stuff is all back...
Thank God you're okay.
Yeah. At the buses.
It's back at the buses.
How are you gonna get
your car keys?
I dunno.
I don't know how to get there.
Stay where you are.
I'll come find you.
At least five, six people hurt.
Where can I meet you?
But I have a feeling
there are more.
Where can I meet you?
The photos, injuries to those
in the blast area
are quite severe.
Just a tragic scene here
in Boston today.
Oh, my God.
Yeah, hello.
It's Patty, yeah.
And you know they
would've told you if he was dead, right?
How do you even know that,
You know I spent my fair
share of time in a goddamn hospital.
Well, this ain't about you!
Didn't say it was! Jesus!
Will you two stop?
They're gonna be
calling our name.
You can't right now, you can't.
Big JEFF: Where's my son, God damn it?
- What the hell happened?
- Oh, Jesus Christ!
Where is he? Patty?
What's goin' on with my son?
- Calm down.
- Don't tell me what to do, Bob!
Patty, what's going on
with my son?
We don't know yet.
- Bauman family?
- Yes!
- Bauman!
- Yeah, we're with...
We're with Jeff Bauman.
Right here. We're his family.
Mr. and Mrs. Bauman?
- Yeah.
- Mmm. Yes.
I'm Dr. Kalish.
Jeff's alive.
- Your son's alive.
- Yeah. All right.
Thank you, thank you.
So, Jeff came in bleeding
with tourniquets on both legs,
and he was intubated right away
and then brought up immediately
to the operating room...
- Hi.
- I'm looking for Jeff Bauman.
Um, you're gonna
have to sign in here.
Put his name here
and we'll find out where he is.
Um, can you tell me if
he's at this hospital, please?
I... I can't tell you.
I saw a picture.
I know he's at a hospital.
I just don't know which one.
Will you please just
tell me what floor he's on?
It's crazy right now.
I will help you.
Jeff underwent a double
above-the-knee amputation.
Most of the destruction
had actually already been done
by the bomb below the knees,
and it was very obvious
to all the surgeons involved
that there was no way
to salvage anything
below the knee.
We had to get higher than
the knee to get clean skin,
clean muscle, clean tissue.
Oh, my God.
I gotta get something to drink.
Um, do you want me
to get you a Coke,
or chips, or something?
Well, as they look through all these
little pieces, Brian,
they think the bomb now
was made
by putting the components
inside a pressure cooker pot.
And in there were nails,
BBs, and ball bearings
to magnify the destructive
and injury-causing nature
of the blast.
And the explosive was gunpowder.
Uh, the blast wounded
more than 140 people...
Big JEFF: Some guy asked me
if my son is still unconscious
while I'm takin' a leak,
and I'm supposed to know
this freak
is a fuckin' reporter?
It ain't suspicious to ya?
A stranger chattin' it up
while you got your dick
in your hand?
Jenny, I was washin' my hands.
Shut the fuck up!
You're fucking yelling about Jeff!
Big JEFF: Ah, Jesus...
- Stop talking about her son!
- Big JEFF: He's my son, too.
- It's hers.
- Big JEFF: Shut up.
What do you want?
I'm so sorry to intrude.
You're another reporter,
aren't you?
Don't let him in, Jeff.
I'm sorry, I'm, um,
looking for Patty Joyce.
I'm Patty.
Did you not hear us?
- I'm Kevin Horst. Uh...
- Big JEFF: Who?
I'm Jeff's manager at Costco.
Check his ID.
These reporters
will try everything.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
You... You called, right?
Yeah, Jeff talks about ya.
Well, ya heard what happened, huh?
You know our son lost his legs, right?
- I know.
- And you brought breakfast?
- That's not helpful.
- Uh, thank you very much.
Big JEFF: Maybe we should
wait to eat 'em
so you can go grab your camera.
Take a picture
for your Costco newsletter.
I'm... Really, I'm happy
to bring whatever you like.
Big JEFF: What could you possibly
get us that we need right now, Kevin?
Well, I took the liberty
of printing up...
A fucking joke.
You kiddin' me?
...his policy,
and I've highlighted the areas
that you'll need to sign.
Don't sign nothin' without a goddamn lawyer!
Can you just let him talk for a second?
Big JEFF: Who are you again?
Yeah, shut the fuck up
and let him talk.
Big JEFF: What's he gonna say
that we need to hear right now?
I don't know.
Okay, answer me this.
Answer me this.
My son makes it through this,
where's he gonna work, Kevin?
Where's he gonna work?
Hmm? You gonna hire him back?
Jesus Christ.
We need this right now?
Yes, we do!
Who's gonna hire him
without any legs, Patty?
We can't rehire him, sir.
See? I told ya.
Mr. Bauman, please,
let me finish.
We can't rehire him,
'cause he'll never have
stopped working for us.
We're not letting Jeff go.
And these... This is stupid.
But this is just...
You know, this is just
to get the insurance goin'
and get that rollin'.
Wait, insurance?
Jeffrey has insurance?
Of course, of course. Um...
Plus legal, mental health,
or financial advice
for Jeff or any member
of the family.
And I've included
my personal cell... the top there. Um...
All right, good.
That's good. I'm glad you guys
are doin' the right thing.
So, what kinda
muffins we got there?
All of those things happened
in preparation for this event.
But there was no specific intelligence
that anything was going to happen.
At this point in time,
it's too early
to get into the specifics.
These were powerful devices
that resulted in serious injuries.
Do you have
someone in custody?
Those reports are not true.
There is no suspect in custody.
We're questioning many people,
but there is no one in custody
at this point in time.
Holy shit. Are you awake, bro?
You hear me?
Okay. Okay, okay.
Uh, so I gotta tell ya,
there was an explosion.
And your fuckin' legs...
They're gone, bro.
What are you doin', buddy?
I can't tell what your fingers are doin'.
What, you wanna write somethin'?
Hold on.
Here, buddy, here. Here's a pen.
Yeah, grab that.
Erin? Erin, yeah, she's fine,
she's here. She's...
The whole family's here.
Everyone's down the hall.
You okay? How you feelin'?
"Lieutenant Dan"?
You mean the guy from
"Forrest Gump" with no legs?
Oh, shit. Don't move.
Bob, Bob, wake up!
What the hell, D?
- Jeff's awake.
- Huh?
He wrote this.
- The last part.
- Holy shit.
- What happened? D?
- He's awake.
- Where's the FBI office?
- Big JEFF: Bob.
- Hey!
- Big JEFF: Bob.
- Hey!
- Big JEFF: Bob.
Cut it down, guys.
'Cause he just... just...
Jeffrey? Hey, baby.
Oh, my God, we are so happy
you're back with us.
Um, uh, now listen,
some of the FBI guys
are gonna come in.
They're gonna ask ya, you know, a...
a few questions.
So... Okay?
And all ya gotta do
is just tell 'em what ya saw.
That's great.
We're removing
the intubation tube.
We need everyone to clear out.
But we just got...
We'll be back.
We're just getting ready
to take the breathing tube out.
- It'll be okay.
- See ya later.
- It'll be okay.
- Big JEFF: Let's go. Let's go.
We gotta get
that tube out, okay?
You ready, buddy?
What's wrong, bud? You want her?
Yeah. I'mma let her stay.
It's okay.
It's okay.
You're all right, buddy.
Relax, okay?
All right, we have
a couple minutes of hubbub
before we get the tube out.
Open your mouth. We just gonna
clean your mouth first.
Then we're gonna get
that tube out.
Relax. Let me just take off
some tape. Perfect.
- Slow breaths.
- We have a cuff link.
Here we go, bud. Ready?
One, two, three.
Take a big breath.
Big breath, big breath.
Big breath.
Take a big breath.
Okay. Relax, relax.
Slow breaths. She's just gonna
suction your mouth again.
Slow breaths, bud.
Good job. Can you say "Hi"?
Okay, good job, good job.
We're gonna put this mask on.
Put that on. Relax.
All right. You can talk to him,
but he can't answer you, okay?
- Okay.
- Yes and no.
Okay? All right, buddy.
- Great job, great job.
- Good to go, kid.
- Hey, E.
- Mm?
You're sittin' on my leg.
- Hi.
- Hi.
No talking. No talking.
I'm a tough guy.
No talking.
I know you're tough.
Is he in there tellin' 'em
about the bomber?
Yeah, I think so.
Fuckin' miracle.
My boy. Fuckin' hero.
You bet.
Sorta the same
kinda build,
but, like,
maybe a little taller.
But I looked him
right in the eyes,
so he's the same...
Was he young or old?
Young... he was young.
What do you remember
after the blast?
There was, like, this smell.
Like, it smelled like...
Take your time.
Like the Fourth of July. now, in fact, we know, dead.
All right, Dr. Schoenfeld,
thank you so much for joining us.
We really appreciate it.
Obviously, Dr. Schoenfeld,
limited by what he can say
because of the situation,
this huge manhunt
being watched worldwide.
An individual, Suspect Number 1,
uh, now dead, we know.
Fuckin' A!
- Oh, my God!
- You son of a bitch!
Fuckin' kill
that other son of a bitch, too!
Jeffrey, I just met Carlos.
He's the guy
who saved your life.
Would you like a coffee?
I brought some...
I've got some... got some coffees.
Don't know what
I'm supposed to do.
I think everyone
in that hospital
is thinking that same thing.
We broke up about a month ago,
me and Jeff.
It's not the first time...
we usually get back together.
Not this time?
Doesn't show up for anything.
He's always late.
You know, he... he never wants
to leave his apartment.
I'm just fed up with it.
And then he shows up.
Sounded like
multiple assault rifle shots to me.
8:15 p. m.,
a person is cornered
on a boat in a yard
in Watertown.
A suspect in the boat.
Hundreds of law enforcement...
- Hi.
- Hi.
Jeff, how you doin'?
So, Jeff, we have to do
the first dressing change today.
Okay, we're gonna take
these bandages off.
I'm not looking.
Things get too rough,
please let us know
and we can figure out
how to help you.
I'm sorry?
And did you
already pre-medicate him
- for the dressing change?
- Yep.
He's already gotten his oxy
and his dilaudid PO.
He has a PR in fentanyl
for breakthrough.
And I have plenty in my pocket.
Now some people like to look.
Some people
don't like to look at all.
No. I don't wanna
look at me now.
So, Marion, if you
can hold up the right leg...
- Okay.
- ...that would be very helpful,
and we'll unwrap 'em now.
All righty.
I'm gonna just lift ya up.
You're gonna feel my hands.
I'm sorry, hon.
So I'm just taking the tape off,
and I'm gonna unwrap
the Ace bandage first.
This shouldn't be too bad.
But if you have
any sharp pains or anything,
please let me know.
All right,
you're gonna feel my hands.
Tell me if you're ready.
Did that kick in yet?
- Doing okay?
- Yeah, yeah.
All right.
Almost done with the gauze.
You okay?
You let us know
if you need a break, okay?
You're okay.
Don't look at 'em.
I'm not lookin' at 'em.
Okay, now
this might be a little sticky.
- Looking at you.
- God!
Doin' great. Doin' great.
You're doin' awesome.
Okay, the dressing's off.
We'll give you a minute.
- Nice little breaths.
- Good job.
In your nose,
out your mouth.
You're doing so great.
That was the worst.
Getting the dressings off
is the worst.
Want a little more fentanyl?
'Cause now we're gonna
take off the dressing
on the left side, okay?
You mind going
over there, Marion?
We're just gonna set up.
We're not touching anything yet.
We're just settin' up.
Just gonna shimmy
this down a little.
All right, I'm gonna lift up,
one, two, three.
You're gonna feel this again.
Pretty much
just like the other one.
- Sorry, hon.
- Okay.
Do you want...
I have the fentanyl in my pocket.
Do you want me to give you that?
Yeah, yeah.
Let's give that to him.
All right, we're gonna take a break.
We'll give you
some more medicine.
Okay, let me just get to...
I'm just gonna work around you,
so I'm just gonna get to my IV.
We're almost done.
Now, same thing,
dried blood, big pull.
- One, two, three.
- One, two, three.
That's it, that's it.
Right here.
Was I asleep?
A good two hours.
You need a haircut.
- No shit.
- Mmm-hmm.
You need to wash it.
- No.
- Yes.
- No.
- Yes.
Still smells like...
You should have seen
the sign I made for ya.
What'd it say?
Had, like, 3D letters
and everything.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
Don't say that.
- I'm so sorry.
- Hey.
Don't say that.
You don't owe me anything.
Yes! Yes!
What's that?
I don't know.
Maybe they caught the other guy.
Bye, Jeff.
We're so proud of you.
...hours ago
now seems to be finally over.
The last suspect
being searched for, police...
According to
Boston Police Department...
It's nice
they turned out for ya.
I think... I think he wants
to do it himself.
Yeah, okay.
I'm gonna lock you off, honey.
I'll lock you off.
Hold on. Okay.
You just let me know
if you wanna...
Thanks, Kevin. Thanks.
Take a picture with Erin for us.
Does it feel good to be going home?
Is Carlos Arrendondo your guardian angel?
They hated each other,
and that's why
Pete got busted for it.
'Cause Bob was using
his computer.
And Pete didn't rat him out.
And he... he almost
had to go to jail for that.
It was in the papers
and all that.
- Hey, listen, look at this.
- Hey.
Ain't that somethin'?
- Oh, my...
- Both sides.
"Boston Strong."
Let... we gotta wave.
- What does that even mean?
- Wave.
You're a national fuckin' hero, kiddo.
You wave, Jeff.
They're all out for ya.
You're a real hero.
Isn't that somethin'?
And it's just the start.
That's really somethin'.
I'm a hero for standin' there
and getting my legs blown off?
Big JEFF: Yeah, what are ya talkin' about?
That's the HOV
for electric vehicles and whatnot.
No, like, for, uh...
it's just for handicap cars.
No, no, there's no
handicap drivin' lane.
Jesus, what a bunch of morons.
Okay, we're fuckin' morons,
'cause we care about
people with disabilities?
Ooh, ooh, Jeff, Jeff! He's here.
Fuck you.
- All right, let's do this.
- Yes!
Come on.
Look out.
Big JEFF: I got this back there.
Oh, shit, don't pull it.
Big JEFF: Okay, got it, buddy?
Got the back?
Big JEFF: Patty, I still think
Jeffie could live with me.
Oh, yeah, all the way
up there in Cow-Hampshire.
All his friends are here,
ya idiot.
All due respect,
I got more room than all of yas.
And I'm the only one
with a credit score above 520.
I'm the one got a pool.
Above fucking ground!
Oh, careful, careful.
Oh, ow, ow.
For God's sakes!
Jesus! My shin splints.
God. You're gonna have to get
a place with a ramp
or an elevator.
We're all gonna end up
in a fuckin' wheelchair.
Not a tingle in your leg...
He's home!
That's all that matters.
- God, I got a lot to do and...
- So psyched.
Oh, my God, I thought it was
gonna be better than this.
- Yeah, look at this, huh?
- Where's Jeffie?
- Oh, Jeff. You okay?
- Hey, there he is.
All right. This is it.
This is it. Welcome home!
Is it good to be back?
Oh, my God, it's a little
crazy at the moment,
because people, you know,
they send you these...
- This stuff...
- It's, uh, every day.
- It's, like, packages.
- From all over the world!
Packages all over the place.
Ya gonna have to look at some
of these, son, at some point.
That and toys and packages.
What was that place?
Uh, yeah, yeah.
Oh, Micronesia or somethin'.
Swear to God, it's true.
Yeah, stuff...
Stuff comes for ya from... Oh, my God.
I dunno. I dunno.
You, shut up. You just shut up.
We're gonna have a party now.
I'm gonna get ya a beer.
- Thank you.
- I'll get ya a beer, right?
Oh, can he drink yet?
'Course he can drink.
Didn't cut his balls off.
It's cute.
The whole world's
watchin' ya, kid.
Yeah, you're like a symbol
to a lot of people.
For what?
Ya know,
you're Boston Strong, right?
- Huh?
- We're proud of you, Jeff.
I'll have
one of them beers, Patty.
Can you help...
Can you give me
a hand for a second?
What do you need?
Uh, to the, uh, bathroom.
- Gotta go to the bathroom.
- Yeah.
Big JEFF: Some pizza, Bob?
I'd love a piece,
Big Jeff, thank you.
Big JEFF: All right.
You gonna come get it
or you'd like me
to serve it to you?
I'd like you to serve it to me.
- Do you need the chair?
- No.
I got it.
- You okay?
- Yeah. I think.
Take off my...
Careful of your bandages.
I got it, I got it.
I'm good. I'm good, I'm good.
- Okay.
- Mm-hmm.
You wanna close that?
Do you want me to close it?
You can just hand me your stuff.
You can just
hand me your clothes.
You can go, Erin.
You sure?
Call me if you need me, okay?
I don't need a doctor.
Oh, shut the fuck up, Bob.
What time is it?
You know what time it is,
and we have to be going.
Jeffrey, good morning.
Jeffrey, are you awake?
Gonna be late for rehab.
Come on.
No, I'm up. No, I'm up, Ma.
Oh. Okay. All right.
I think he's...
I got my coat.
I... I'm wearing my coat.
This is what I'm wearing.
What the hell was that?
Sweetie, Jeffrey, are you okay?
- I hear it.
- Shh!
Jeffrey! Just tell me
you're okay, baby.
I don't know what he's doing.
What do you think is going on?
Jesus, Patty, what do you
think boys do in their room
when they lock their door?
- Yeah, I think he's doin' it.
- You think he...
The kid's got no legs,
and he's blowin' loads.
Dirty fucking...
It's gonna be very special, Jeffie.
Everybody wants to see ya.
See how good you're doin'.
I just wish you would have
let somebody
cut your freakin' hair.
Oh, stop pickin' on him.
It's gonna be good.
Hi. He's doin' good.
He has an appointment. So...
I'm his Aunt Jenn.
I'm here for support.
After the bomb blast
at the Boston Marathon
took most of his legs,
28-year-old Chelmsford resident
Jeff Bauman
is lucky to be alive,
but his real struggle
has just begun.
Bauman told reporters
that he will one day walk again.
After multiple surgeries
and endless
painful rehabilitation,
many people would give up.
- Erin, come here!
- But with the support
- of his family and friends...
- Jeff's on TV!
- My Jeff?
- Come here.
all over the world.
Jeff Bauman
has found something amazing
here at Spaulding Hospital.
That something is called hope.
In the days following
the Marathon bombing,
this photograph showed the carnage
at the finish line.
Jeff Bauman was standing
next to one of the bombs
when it detonated,
obliterating his legs.
A day later,
from his hospital bed,
Bauman scribbled a note.
"I know what happened."
He's a real hero, my son.
He's helpin' this city heal.
Be Boston Strong.
Is that true, Jeff?
Are you Boston Strong?
You did real good today, kiddo.
That kind of exposure,
you know...
That could lead
to opportunities.
Make things, you know,
easier for ya...
- Yeah.
- ...down the line.
You got a call from Carlos.
He wants to visit with ya.
And we should
be thankful for him.
In here. Hey.
Sir, how you doin'?
- Hi. How are you?
- Paul Martino.
- How are you, Paul?
- Nice to meet you.
Uh, casts shouldn't
take more than...
- hour, hour and a half.
- Okay.
Cast is a very quick procedure,
but it's
the most important part.
If we get
a good impression of you,
then the rest of the procedure
is gonna go nicely.
- You okay?
- Yeah.
We're gonna start
on this side, okay?
We're gonna slip a sock
on you here.
It's just
a cotton stocking that...
This is so that when
we wrap the plaster on you,
it doesn't stick
directly to your skin.
Did you hear the one
where the farmer
was paintin' his bathroom?
Figured he'd shellac
the toilet seat, make it look prettier.
He didn't tell his wife.
Daughter says,
"What's the matter, Dad?
Ain't you ever seen
one of these before?"
He says, "Yeah, I just never
saw anybody frame it."
Sorry, sorry.
Sorry, Jeff.
Don't make him
laugh too hard.
...allow this to get hard.
And then we're gonna
make a slice in it.
We're gonna take it
right off you, okay?
Maybe you could, uh,
use your new legs
for next week
at the Bruins game, huh?
Ma, that's, like,
in a week.
- Yep.
- Give me a couple of weeks
of fabrication and delivery.
Get outta here.
Couple of weeks, Jeff,
you'll be up.
I can't wait.
We can get you up any time.
We're gonna clean up this side
and then we'll go on
and do the right.
We'll be just as quick, and...
I wanna have it signed.
- Less pain. Okay...
- Yeah, yeah.
...but at least you know
what to expect.
They've asked him to go out
on the ice and wave the flag.
Jonny Gomes
coming to the plate here
- for the Red Sox.
- Let's go, Jonny!
Get us a fuckin' hit.
Be one to one now.
Don't swing at that shit.
Let that shit go.
Gomes with a special bat in hand,
to remember the victims
- of the Marathon...
- Hey, Jeff!
You hear that?
His bat says "Boston Strong."
Hey, leave him be.
He's snappin' a deuce.
No, no, no, no, no!
God damn it.
Not too good, huh?
No, he fouled up.
After everything
we've been through?
Haven't we suffered enough?
Hey, so is he gonna do it?
Oh, I dunno. He's nervous.
He's nervous about what?
Jeff, we heard
about the Bruins game!
Sounds pretty cool, bro.
They're gonna give us box seats.
Wait, us?
Said we could
bring the whole crew.
- Yo, you gotta do this, Jeff!
- Free drinks!
The Bruins need ya!
Don't be a pussy, bro!
Shit. Ow!
What kinda food they got?
It's all-you-can-eat, Jeff.
Come on, man...
...stop being selfish about this shit.
Is that my phone?
- Smells delicious, Ma.
- Thank you.
- Dad, I'm gonna sit with you.
- Sure.
What're you doin'?
Uh, talkin' to you.
What are you doin'?
Hey, let me just
step out of the club.
- What?
- Can you hear me now?
Yeah, I can hear you.
How you doin'?
Yeah, you know.
Hey, so I hope...
I hope... I hope
I didn't get ya at a bad time,
but I, uh, you know,
it's the, uh,
Bruins playoff game
against Chicago next week,
and they asked me
to come out there on the ice.
On the ice?
Yeah, I'm not, like, on the...
Not to play,
but, y'know,
to be the banner captain
and, like,
wave the flag and shit.
It's kind of like
singin' the national anthem,
but for people
who suck at singing.
You sure you wanna do that?
Well, everybody says I should.
It's the Stanley Cup, so...
Listen, Erin, I...
I know we're not together, but...
I was just, um...
I was wondering
if maybe you wanted
to come with me and my family.
I don't think that
I could do it without you.
And I know that
it's not really fair of me to say.
I'm really...
I'm sorry, um...
But I...
I really need you right now.
And, uh, please.
Okay. Yeah.
During tonight's warm-up,
we would like to invite you
to purchase
raffle tickets
for the Boston Bruins...
Hey, they had
that Carlos "cowboy hat" guy
all over the news last night.
Jeff, he told the story,
and I was fuckin' bawlin'.
- Big JEFF: You all right?
- Yeah...
Gonna squeeze through
and get outta your way...
- Mom's way here.
- Oh, thank you.
Let's go, Boston!
All right!
Okay, a toast, a toast!
You cool?
Yeah, I'm good.
Know why
they call Chicago the windy city?
'Cause you guys blow!
- Do you have a smoke?
- Oh, oh.
Jeff, we'd like to, uh,
stage you sooner.
- Oh, yeah.
- If that's all right.
- Yeah, yeah.
- Okay.
- Okay.
- All right.
- Let's do this!
- They're goin' now!
And now...
Ooh, big crowd out there.
Completely full tonight.
Hey, don't be nervous.
How are you doin', Jeff?
- Yeah, I'm great.
- You okay?
Just stop here.
- I'm gonna get the flag.
- Yeah.
Here's the flag, Jeff.
I'm gonna be standin'
right over there,
and then I'm gonna signal you
when to come out, okay?
All right? Have fun.
Have fun, okay? Get pumped.
I don't think I can do this, E.
Jeff, look,
it's gonna be okay.
You just wave the flag.
And then you leave. Right?
Okay, Jeff,
that's your cue. Get out there.
Ladies and gentlemen.
Welcome to TD Garden
and game two of the NHL playoffs.
Please give
a warm Boston welcome
to tonight's honorary
fan banner captain,
Jeff Bauman!
Jeff's continued strength
and perseverance
in the face of adversity
represents all that is...
Boston Strong!
Go, Jeffrey!
I'm gonna get you
out of here.
Get away from me.
Get the fuck away from me.
- Jeff...
- Get away from me.
Get away from me!
You stay calm.
You stay calm,
you help somebody else.
- Hey. What...
- Get away from me!
- Jeff!
- Get the fuck away from me.
Go help somebody else!
Go help somebody else!
You stay calm!
You stay calm!
You stay calm
and go help somebody else.
I'm sorry.
You need to tell your family
what's going on with you.
No, no.
Believe me, it's better
if they don't know. Trust me.
They keep trying to make
a hero out of me.
Does it hurt?
I missed you.
I missed you, too.
I'm here, Jeff. I'm here.
I'm here.
Did you have sex with my son?
Don't you think...
Shouldn't you be leanin' on me?
I wish you were leanin' on me.
I'm just happy to be
sitting here with you.
They are so futuristic,
aren't they, Jeffrey?
What you have is a Genium knee.
Genium is a microprocessing,
top-of-the-line, high-tech knee.
Two carbon fiber sockets
with suction suspension.
Deep breath as you go up.
And, like, you know,
you just gotta work, like,
you know, your core strength
and everything,
and then you gotta
stand up on 'em
and get your balance right.
But they're, like...
They have...
They're like feet.
They are like feet and legs.
And, like,
they're attached to shoes.
And you can just, like...
Were they cool?
I'm gonna walk.
You know, I'm gonna walk
with you again someday.
- Read them at the same time.
- Go.
See if they link up.
- "Determination is...
- "Don't be hasty.
- "...the wake-up call...
- "Prosperity will knock...
- to the human will."
- ...on your door soon."
I didn't hear yours.
No, I didn't hear yours either.
- I'm gonna get it.
- All right, keep going.
I'm not gonna help you.
You have to eat them to be real?
That's, like, a super-loud...
You have a super-loud crunch.
Arms up. Get those arms up.
Do you wanna,
I don't know, like,
come live with me or somethin'?
You serious?
You have to tell Patty.
Yeah, I'll tell Patty today.
She's so hungover,
she won't even remember, all right?
She won't remember.
We'll be living there
for two weeks.
We gotta fuckin' celebrate.
Boston Strong!
Boston Strong!
Big JEFF: Jesus Christ. Oh, God.
Can you believe this shit?
We needed a win, Bob.
We needed a win.
How we supposed
to not take this personally?
Hey, you got a leaf in your drink.
It's a mint leaf.
- A mint, huh?
- It's a mojito.
You muddle
the lime and the mint.
You add sugar and ice,
and you pour
over rum, soda water.
You "muddle" it?
Yes, you muddle
the lime and the mint,
and then you add
the sugar and ice.
Hey, when we gonna
hear this big announcement?
- Yes, just tell us already.
- Oh, when the game's over.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Hey, so, Dale,
I need two burgers ready.
Um, you take that down,
that would be helpful.
Chips, too, if you don't mind.
Holy shit, you can taste
the mint, bro. Try that.
I'm happy
to make you guys one.
that'd be great, yeah, sure.
So nice,
you having everybody over.
- Three?
- Hey, anybody that knows me
knows I don't do
nothin' half-assed.
Except high school.
Go fuck yourself, Bob.
Hey, Erin, how are things at work?
You still
at Brigham and Women's?
No, no, I, um...
I actually gave them my notice.
- Ya get fired?
- No, no...
What's his guy's name?
We're just taking some time,
Jeff and I...
- I'm gonna be there...
- That's wonderful, honey.
...through the therapy
and everything.
- Yeah.
- I'm moving in, actually.
- Huh.
- So, just to be around, you know?
Wait, what?
Jeff told you.
You knew that.
Jeff, you didn't
tell your mom?
- Huh?
- Jeff?
You didn't tell your mom
I was moving in?
I... I thought
that's what today was for.
Like, you know, uh,
announcements and shit.
Very small apartment
for three people, Jeffrey.
Yeah, but technically
it's only like two and a half.
That ain't funny.
That ain't funny.
Oh, Patty, did you give
everyone the big news?
You told him, and you didn't tell us?
She didn't tell me shit.
I just knew there was
gonna be a big announcement.
- Yeah, what's goin' on?
- So, spill it already. Christ!
All right, all right,
all right, okay. This is it.
- Come on, get me up.
- Patty.
Get me up.
Okay, listen up,
this is how it's gonna be...
Fasten your seat belts.
Oprah's comin'.
Oh, my God!
Shut up!
Oprah called me!
She is flyin' down
to interview Jeffrey.
- Day after tomorrow.
- Oh, you gotta be kidding me!
You're gonna meet Stedman!
- Hey, man.
- No, no, no.
- Oprah's fat ass...
- Gayle! Oprah!
She's comin' to...
- Patty. Patty.
- What?
Jeff's not doing
that stuff anymore.
What do you mean? Fuck.
- Fuck off.
- Uh-huh.
- He's not.
- Come on, it's Oprah.
He's not doing interviews.
He's not doin'...
- Jeffrey?
- ...public appearances.
- None of that.
- Jeffrey, talk to me.
It's too much.
- Jeffie.
- It's not good for him.
- It's too much, because...
- Yeah, 'course he is.
- It's fuckin' Oprah Winfrey.
- He doesn't want...
She's the most famous
person in the world.
Patty, all those people
looking at him, asking him questions
- and needing something.
- Yeah, butt out.
Come on, Jeffrey, talk to me.
It's a lot of pressure.
And somebody's always tryin' to take
something from him. It's too much.
You gonna let her do this,
or you gonna tell me for yourself?
- It's too much, Patty.
- I wanna hear from you.
I'm speaking for him.
You're not so drunk
ya can't speak to me.
- If you would listen to me...
- No, you don't speak for my son.
Why'd you...
why didn't you tell me sooner?
- What?
- Why didn't you tell me sooner?
Because... Why do you think?
I wanted to make it a surprise.
I wanted a big announcement.
You know?
- It's Oprah Winfrey.
- I'm sorry, Ma.
Where would I have
been without Oprah?
She got me through
the bad times.
And I don't know where,
what I would be.
I would've...
I would've hung myself
in the bathroom without Oprah.
Just sayin'.
Just sayin'.
So, hey, if Oprah's your lifeline,
you got a lot
deeper issues, Patty.
- I'm just sayin'.
- Fuck you, Bob.
Shut up, Bob.
I just wanted people to see
how amazing my son is.
That's all.
What's so bad about that?
Aw, E, come on.
- E, come on, push it.
- I am.
There ya go.
I got it.
- Hey.
- Oh, hey.
Oh, how you doin'?
Um, really well. How are you?
Sully bought me
a fuckin' sombrero.
- I'm...
- He did?
- Yeah.
- This is from him?
Yeah, he said he was out
at a Mexican restaurant
last night, so...
They got super hammered
and brought back two sombreros,
and I got one of 'em.
- One...
- Two, three!
- Oh, fuck.
- Fuck.
Are you fuckin' kiddin' me?
I'm sorry.
Let my love open the door
Let my love open the door
Let my love open the door
To your...
To your heart
- It's not over.
- Oh, God.
You listen to this one, Jeffrey.
Listen to this.
This is from Denver, Colorado.
"You... I have never seen a stronger,
more brilliant person
in my life."
Go to sleep, Ma.
"Thank you so much."
She's talkin' about you,
She's talkin' about my son.
Hey, Jeffrey, we should go...
we should go to Colorado.
- We should go to Denver.
- Ma.
And go see those nice people.
I think we should
go to Denver, baby.
We should go to Denver
when you're better.
Just you and me, huh?
Go to fuckin' sleep, Ma!
Oh, all right.
I don't wanna hear
any more of those letters.
Don't forget about the Red Sox.
Want you to throw out
the first pitch.
Look, I gotta tap out, boys.
I have rehab in the morning.
I don't want
the lady gettin' pissed.
- Want some pills?
- You fuckin' retarded, Sully?
I just told you,
I gotta get home.
- What are they?
- Not sure.
Found 'em
on my sister's dresser.
You're either
gonna get high as fuck,
or they're gonna
regulate our periods.
Pretty sure.
Excuse me. Are you Jeff Bauman?
We have been
following your story
ever since we saw that photo.
Then we saw you
at the Bruins game, wavin' the flag.
It's so good
to see you're healed
and that you didn't
let them win.
- Can we take a picture?
- Yeah, sure.
- Okay.
- Who didn't I let win?
The terrorists.
Can we... yeah,
let's get a picture with him.
Oh, right, yeah.
- Are you sure about that?
- Yeah.
'Cause I mean, like...
where I'm sittin'...
you know, looks like they
at least got on the scoreboard.
You know,
I'm never gonna walk again.
All right. One more,
one more, one more.
You don't get this picture,
I'm gonna fucking kill myself.
Just one more.
Hey, Jeff!
God bless you.
Thank you, Jeff.
It was so nice to meet you.
Keep your stumps
together, though.
No. Come on, give me some speed!
Oh, watch it, I'll get him.
Get him higher, Sull.
He's not gonna clear it.
- Fuckin' clear over your fuckin' head!
- Sull, get 'em up!
- Come on, get me up, Sull!
- Get him up, Sull!
Here we go.
Use your arms, Sull,
use your arms!
- I think I'm gonna puke.
- Shut up!
- It's great!
- Please...
- Shut the fuck...
- Gets...
Oh, shit!
Oh, shit!
Fuck you, Bauman.
I spilled my beer.
Watch me do a flip.
I give it a seven!
- Seven?
- I give it a seven!
Excuse me, excuse me!
That was a six.
That's a generous six.
At most.
He didn't stick
the fucking landing, bro.
A tour of their facility.
But I'm gonna get a...
should get a medal.
I'm your fuckin' hero.
Why, thank you.
You're welcome.
For finding the fucking bombers,
you piece of shit.
I should not be operating
machinery tonight.
Hey! Hey! Easy!
Shit, Sull. Ah!
Sull, didn't you get your license
yanked for driving drunk?
Didn't you blow, like, a.08?
Better than who you blew
last week.
Hey! Hey.
Sull, no, you'll go to jail.
I'm just trying to get you home
before your fuckin' wife
kills us.
No, she's not my wife!
Give me the keys.
Do you still even got a license?
No, they don't lose...
you don't lose your license
when you fuckin' lose your legs.
How you gonna reach the pedals?
Fuckin' get down there.
You gonna push 'em for me.
Is that even safe?
There you go, buddy.
Get down there.
Hey! Watch... Watch the leg.
Sorry. Sorry.
Gas. Gas.
Gas, gas, gas.
Whoa, whoa, whoa!
Brake, brake, brake, brake!
Got it? You got it?
- Yeah.
- Oh, shit.
- You all right?
- Shit.
Fuckin' got it.
I got it. Go.
Whoa, whoa, whoa,
whoa, whoa, whoa!
Brake, brake, brake, brake!
Be my legs, Sull.
All right. Be my legs.
Who the fuck's
pressin' the pedals, Jeff?
Go back to sleep, you alcoholic!
Where is he? Oh, shit.
Sull, I said the pedals,
not my cock, buddy.
What are you
doing down there?
- Dude, D, I got my legs back, D!
- Whoo-hoo!
Brake pedal?
That was pretty awesome...
Let's go do donuts.
Jeff, let's do donuts.
- Brake pedal.
- Oh, shit!
You gotta stop! Stop!
Come on!
Don't be a pussy!
Don't let
the fuckin' terrorists win!
Brake pedal, gas pedal.
Sull, gas, gas.
Whoa. Brake, brake, brake.
No, go over the hill!
Sull! Easy, easy,
easy on the gas.
Easy on the gas, bro.
Whoa, shit! Shit!
Police out. Whoa!
Pull the car over.
There you go, Sull.
- Oh, shit.
- Pull over now!
Brake, brake, brake,
Sully, brake, brake!
Brake pedal.
Put up your hands!
Let me see your hands!
Roll your window down!
Roll down your fuckin' window!
All right, okay,
sorry, all right.
Sull, you gotta get up, Sull.
Anybody else in that car?
Let me see your hands, too, pal!
Hey, wait a minute.
You Jeff Bauman?
Yeah, yeah.
- Yeah.
- You are?
Can I get a picture with you?
You, um, put the sauce in too early,
it falls right to the bottom
of the cake.
Look at that. So soft.
And if you put it in too late,
it sits right at the top edge.
Oh, I love that.
That's a fun fact.
You take your pill?
- Did you take your medication?
- No.
- No.
- Hello? What?
- No.
- No?
Could you take it, please?
Please, please, please?
Please? Pause it.
- Pause?
- No, keep going.
Hey, wasn't Patty supposed
to take you to rehab?
Pill packer.
Wanna go in front
of all those people
with the noise and the lights?
You'll be there.
You don't even have
to be there, Erin, you know?
Jeff is goin' out on the field
with the Carlos guy.
It's why he's eatin' lunch
with him next week.
My God.
He's gonna get to know him.
People think of them as a team.
No, you think of us
as a team, Ma.
No, the whole fuckin' world
thinks of you as a team.
- It's not just me.
- It's just weird.
I don't wanna meet him,
I told you.
- Oh, Jesus, Jeff.
- Hey, guys.
God's sake,
I made the fuckin' reservation.
I don't wanna meet Carlos.
I don't wanna relive
the worst day of my life.
We really have to be
on time for these
appointments. Okay?
We got stuck in traffic.
she forgot the sleeves.
She forgot the sleeves.
You okay?
Let's get about
a 30-second count there, okay?
Just add a little more
strengthening to it, okay?
So let's start off
with the right arm,
left leg for a count of...
one, two, three, four...
Remember, concentrate here
on the glutes.
Don't arch your back.
This is the first time
you're in this week,
and you have three appointments.
You gotta get in here
as many times as you can
- for your appointments...
- I know.
I keep tellin' 'em, y'know?
...or it's not gonna work, okay?
You have to keep
your appointments,
and you have to come in
ready to work.
I mean, look at everybody
around here, Jeff.
They're recovering because
they put the time
and the energy into it.
And they make it a priority.
And you have to do that, too.
Did you find everything?
Do you have a bathroom?
We do.
It's right over in the corner.
Wake up.
Wake up.
You and Patty get hammered?
Wake up.
- Blanket?
- Mm-hmm.
- You want the board?
- Yeah.
Can I have my Gatorade?
I got it.
Yeah, he'll be helpin' the Red Sox.
It's his favorite team
since he was a little boy.
Jeff's throwin' out
the first pitch
isn't gonna help 'em win, Patty.
Bruins lost that game
that we went to.
Thought we said we weren't
gonna say that out loud.
You see,
the fact you say that, Erin,
shows how little
you know about baseball.
Are you...
are you even from here?
- Smart.
- Okay.
Huh? What?
- How they feel? Good?
- Yeah.
All set?
All right, when you're ready,
you're gonna scooch ahead
before you stand up.
Okay, let me just
straighten that leg there.
- Yup.
- Okay.
Okay, scooch ahead.
Okay, got it. I'm gonna get it.
Up. Hips back, hips back.
Chest up.
- Chest up.
- Jeffie. You're up!
Chest up, okay? Chest up.
- My God!
- Chest up. Chest up.
Good, good. Okay? Good.
That's amazing. Wow.
You okay?
God, you are so tall.
All right? Okay.
It's a little sore there.
Oh, my God.
Nah, it's like needles
in my legs.
- Okay.
- Yeah,
but you look awesome.
Good job, Jeff.
Oh, you're amazing, Jeffie.
Looks amazing.
It's the first time.
Keep goin'. Keep goin'.
- I can't, I can't.
- Good job.
- Let him sit.
- I gotta sit down.
Okay, yup. Okay.
Good job. Good job.
Wheels, before...
It's gonna make it easier for ya.
- Ya lock the wheels first.
- Yeah, I just... I did.
- E.
- And then ya pull up the seat.
Hey, E,
can you get my Gatorade?
I don't have it.
- Ya didn't lock...
- Fuckin'...
...the wheels, 'cause if you did,
it wouldn't be movin'.
- No, you still haven't done it!
- Would you back off?
- Oh...
- Patty!
Jesus Christ,
I'm sick of this shit.
- I'm sick of both of you.
- What?
E, what the fuck? Calm down.
I'm tired of you fuckin' talkin'
to me like I'm an idiot.
A child is what you are.
Okay? I am not an idiot, Patty.
- Every time you open your...
- Ma, cut it out.
This is behavior
I've come to know and love.
Do you understand me?
Really, I can't...
I'm just callin' it like it is.
- I'm tired, Jeff, okay?
- Everybody's tired!
This didn't just happen to you.
What do you mean,
it didn't just happen to me?
It did just happen to me!
Could you just open your eyes
for one fucking second,
and acknowledge
the huge circle...
Look at me! Look at me!
Jeff, the huge circle of people
that have fucking
altered their lives
to orbit around you. Okay?
You have no fucking idea
how much...
You act like this
is fucking easy for him!
When do I act like this is easy?
Last night, he's fucking wasted
- and covered in his own shit.
- Hey...
And I have to clean him up.
And nobody else is there
helping me.
Oh, it's my fault?
I have to carry him
to the bed.
Can you not fucking say that
right now?
- What?
- Can you not talk
- about that right now?
- People are watching!
I don't give a fuck.
I don't give a shit.
Well, maybe they don't teach
you manners in Amesbury, huh?
You say one more fucking thing
about Amesbury, Patty,
I'll punch you in the fucking face.
Do you understand that?
- Don't you... don't you threaten me.
- Get in the car!
Go. Get in the car.
You gonna let her
talk to me this way?
Yeah, just fuckin' walk away.
You're not on the team.
So you wanna
tell me what's goin' on?
Uh, stress, lack of sleep,
uh, minor surgeries,
fittings for his legs.
Physical therapy sessions.
His mom yelling at me
for every fuckin' thing
I have ever done.
I knew this was gonna happen.
This is what you do, you just...
you take on too much.
You take on
other people's problems
and you forget yourself.
Uh, what the fuck is this?
Did... Please tell me
you found this in a dumpster
and you're playing
some prank on me.
I'm just kidding.
Okay. Uh... fuck.
Um, how long?
Five weeks.
Does he know?
I'm tellin' him tonight.
Here we go.
Yeah, so I saw...
Saw him on the news
again yesterday.
That's good rotation
on that.
It's like a shish kebab.
Burn that shit.
Oh, yeah, light that up.
Give him that...
That goddamn cowboy hat.
It's a whole event, that hat.
He really wear
that thing in real life?
You still talkin' about
that Mexican guy?
Costa Rican. Jesus, Bob.
- Welcome to 1965, buddy.
- You know what I meant.
For God's sakes.
I tell ya what, I'd really
like to meet that guy.
Costa Rican, Mexican,
Honduran, whatever he is.
I don't care.
He's a fuckin' American hero,
Not for him,
you wouldn't be sittin' here
- drinkin' beers on my tab.
- Fuck that guy.
Come to think of it,
maybe he ought to pay.
Hey, Jeffie,
wasn't I supposed to take you
to pick up your girl,
like, 10 minutes ago?
Hey, you want...
Who wants another round?
I'll have one. Who's paying?
- Who you think?
- Not you.
Uncle Bob.
Hey, can I just get the check?
What's up?
- Can I just get the check?
- Oh, sure.
Yeah, four... four mai tais.
Give me an order
of fried rice
and some, uh, chicken wings.
Yeah, yeah.
I dunno.
I like pizza, too.
Don't forget my order.
Hey, you're the guy.
From the wheelchair.
One in the picture with the guy
in the fuckin' cowboy hat?
- Yeah.
- Hey, that's awesome.
Hey, you know what?
Me and this
fuckin' handsome guy,
we work, like, 10 blocks away
from where the bombin' happened.
- Yeah.
- It's fuckin' crazy, right?
Yeah, like, right there.
- We were right there.
- Right there.
We saw
the whole fuckin' thing.
- Hey, you know what, though?
- No shit.
Let me ask you. That whole thing,
it was a conspiracy, right?
Mai tais?
The whole thing
was a hoax.
It was like a fuckin' false flag.
It was like it didn't happen.
It was all, like, bullshit.
Fuckin' so Obama could
send us to war with Iran.
We're not gonna tell anybody.
- What?
- You...
You got paid to do the bombing.
Fuckin' Obama
did this whole thing
so we'd go to a war
with Iran, bro.
What the fuck
are you talking about?
- He's got a point.
- Hey, you know what?
We're already at war with Iran,
you fuckin' douchebag.
Oh, yeah?
- Ooh.
- Fuckin' douchebag?
- The fuck you talkin'...
- Fuck you.
- Calm down.
- Yo, this guy's fuckin' phony-baloney.
- Easy, easy...
- Phony-baloney.
Fuck you!
- Hey, come on, man!
- Say, take it easy.
Go fuckin' make pizza,
you piece of shit.
Fuck you, man.
You're fuckin' nuts, buddy!
Come on!
Somebody fuckin' hit me!
Fuckin' hit me, huh?
Fuckin' hit me!
Fuckin' hit me!
Hey, stop, stop.
I got your messages after,
when I was tryin' to call you.
That's such bullshit, Jeff.
You drunk?
Not anymore.
Were you ever gonna
show up tonight?
Or were you just gonna
leave me sitting there?
What is this?
- Open it.
- What is it?
- Open it.
- Why?
Open the letter.
"Someone small
and wonderful"
"is about to happen to you."
"Someone small and..."
Is this a fuckin' joke?
No, it's not a joke.
Why would I joke about this?
Is this like a...
Like what...
I can't do this.
Someone else
you don't show up for.
Erin, you... you...
Jeff, I gave up
my family for you.
And my job.
I'm not giving this up, too.
This is bigger than you.
I thought you were careful.
- I can't do this.
- I can't do it.
I can't raise a kid.
I can't look after him.
I can't... I can't look...
What am I supposed to do?
I'm supposed to chase after him?
Like, I'm supposed
to chase after him?
How am I gonna take care of him?
I'm gonna...
I'm gonna mess him up.
Yes, you are gonna mess him up.
But not because
you don't have legs.
Because you're
a fucking kid still.
You let your mom push you around
like a baby in a stroller.
Oh, fuck you, Erin.
You do!
Fuck you, Erin!
You just have to show up
for once.
- Show up?
- Yes.
- Show up?
- Yes!
I fucking showed up for you!
I showed up!
I was standing there for you!
- Oh, fuckin' what...
- And look what it got me!
So this is my fault, then?
I showed up for you!
All of this is my fault, right?
I showed up for you!
It doesn't scare me!
Just show up, that's it!
I can't! I can't! I can't!
I can't do it!
Why do you even want me?
Why? I'm such a fuckup!
Can't do it. I'm not...
I can't do it. I can't.
Don't walk away from me. Erin!
Don't walk away from me.
Erin! Erin!
Erin, don't walk away from...
Mind your own fuckin' business!
Open the door!
Erin. Erin.
Erin. Erin!
Please! Please!
Go help somebody else.
Lay back, I got you.
I got you.
Help somebody else!
Stay calm.
Go help somebody else.
I'm good.
This one's critical.
We need help.
Hold on. Just relax.
You're going to be okay.
Help is coming.
Over here!
We need a chair over here.
Please, open the door.
Oh, you want one of these?
Uh... coffee, please.
Want a beer,
anything like that?
No. Thank you.
It's too early for me.
Not for me.
Well, thanks for showing up.
It's the least I could do.
Why were you there?
At the finish line?
Yeah, I mean, y'know, like,
based on that hat
and my limited knowledge
of aerodynamics,
I assume it wasn't to run.
No, no, I...
I wasn't there to run, I...
I was there for my boys.
They were running in the...
No, no, my...
my boys are dead.
They died years ago.
Oh. Thank you.
Do you have kids?
Mmm. Uh...
Alex, uh, was my oldest.
Uh, he was a Marine,
but he got killed
by a sniper in Najaf.
You know, the way I find out is,
a van pulls up in front
of my house, and...
and three Marines, they get out.
But I knew.
I knew before they rang
the doorbell, I knew.
And then I did something
very stupid, right?
I grabbed a can of gasoline
and a blowtorch,
and I ran past them and...
And I locked myself
in their van.
They tried to pull me out.
the blowtorch sparked,
and I, um...
Those Marines,
they could have died,
and they saved me.
The worst part is, I...
I had to go to my son's
funeral on a stretcher.
I'm not proud of that, you know.
What about your other son?
You remind me of Brian.
He took his own life.
It was too much for him.
You know, losing his brother,
and seeing me like that.
Shit, Carlos.
I can't tell you how much
I wish I had been there
for them when they needed me.
Hmm. But now I...
I travel the country,
talking to soldiers.
Mostly about PTSD
and depression.
I help a little.
And it keeps me going.
But the truth is...
I don't understand.
I was there that day
at the finish line
handing out American flags
for my boys.
When the first bomb went off,
I looked up,
and I saw a big ball of fire, and...
my body wanted to run.
But I thought,
"This is a moment," huh?
"Make a better choice."
So I ran to the fire,
and there you were.
Helping you...
made me feel...
like I had helped my son.
And for that, I am grateful.
You're grateful?
You help me
as much as I help you.
And I came here to say,
"Thank you."
Straight to voicemail, huh?
I don't blame ya.
I've been thinking, um...
You know, our... our kid,
he or she
is, uh... gonna have legs.
You're gonna be, like,
a really good mom.
'Cause you been dealin' with
a big, dumb kid already.
Sittin' here, uh,
bein' without you, it's like
the worst fuckin' thing
that's ever happened to me.
By a long shot.
There was this, like,
there was this time
in the hospital when, like, I...
I just wanna give up.
Y'know, like, where I...
just, like, didn't care if I...
- Come on. Come on.
- ...died or not. And...
now I just wanna...
Come on, man.
Come on, man.
Come on, man.
I just wanna walk.
Y'know, I just wanna stand up.
I wanna see the world
from higher up, y'know?
I just...
I just wanna be normal.
Conference on the mound.
You wanna just go
out there and just make
a fool outta yourself
in front of everybody?
You can't do it like this.
What, I got the catcher
walkin' out to the...
- Let's go, Coach.
- What?
Big JEFF: I'm gonna put him in.
What are you talkin' about?
I threw one ball, guys.
It's your whole shoulder,
your whole body...
Aim for his balls.
He's wearin' a cup.
See, that's a little...
that's a little better.
Just... Now how about
you throw that over the plate?
Here we go.
Oh, Jesus Christ!
That's terrible.
Thirty-seven thousand fans
are gonna be booin' your ass.
You're all messed up, all right?
So listen to me.
Just listen. All right?
You're a bunch
of fuckin' disasters.
You got that right.
But I wouldn't trade ya in
for anything.
So just do me a favor,
all right?
Help me out?
- All right?
- Let's go. Okay.
Big JEFF: Come on, buddy,
muscle memory.
You know how to do this.
And now it's just about
healing, getting better,
and showin' the world
I'm fine and that, y'know,
I'm not gonna let this
hold me down, y'know,
'cause then
maybe if they see that,
then maybe they won't let
stuff hold them down, either.
And, y'know, there's always
gonna be pain, I think,
y'know, but, I dunno, I just
wanna, like...
...the Marathon tragedy,
was a man in a cowboy hat
rescuing a severely injured man.
The man in the cowboy hat
had lost one son...
How you feelin', Carlos?
A little nervous.
My hands are shakin'.
My boys would have loved this.
- Hey, Carlos.
- Yeah?
I'm gonna be a father.
That's wonderful.
It's time, Jeff.
- Ready?
- Yeah.
A hero and his hero,
How are you?
- Good.
- I'm Jackie.
How are you, Jackie? Jeff.
Jeff, nice to meet you.
So nice to have you here.
Nice to meet you, Carlos.
Jackie: All right,
so we're gonna walk you out
right in front of the mound and...
sound good?
- All right.
- All right, let's go.
Been practicing?
Go, Bauman!
Your boy's on the TV.
There he is, there he is.
Oh, wow.
Here comes the ball now.
That's a special ball.
Hi, I'm Pedro Martinez.
I think I know
who you are.
Oh, great.
- How you doing?
- I'm good.
You're very brave, you know?
We're all proud of you.
Thank you.
You gotta show me
how to do a circle changeup.
Go, Bauman!
Yeah! Whoo!
All right, you got any tips?
Well, aim high.
You're gonna be all right, kid.
All right.
How did you get so good?
Let's go!
He was good under pressure.
You've gotta give it to him.
All right?
You've gotta give it to him.
- He is under pressure.
- There's a lot...
a lot of people watching that.
Both Carlos and Jeff have gigantic smiles
from ear to ear on their faces.
What a... what a great moment.
See those guys coming out,
you know, everybody
cheering and clapping,
actually, you know,
I got goose bumps.
I got chills. So emotional.
The fans were on their feet.
Wonderful tribute
by the Red Sox.
- It was a nice pitch.
- It was on the corner.
Either way,
I'll still buy you a beer.
- I'll still get you a beer.
- No, it wasn't. It was on...
So I try and do
a circle changeup.
- How you doin', man?
- Did Pedro show it to you?
Way to go, Jeff.
That was awesome.
Hey, maybe
we should turn around.
Thank you.
All right, watch the shoulder.
That's his throwin' arm. Careful.
I know. Careful, I gotta
protect my throwin' arm.
Got a career ahead.
Hey, don't pat
the throwin' arm, man.
Hey! Hey!
Jeff! Sounds like you, Sull.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.
Whoa, stop.
Can I talk to you for a second, man?
- What's goin' on here?
- Kind of in a rush.
Just gimme a second here.
I just wanna talk to him for a second.
What can I help you with?
my, um...
My kid brother, he, uh,
was in the Marines, uh...
you know, over in the war.
And about five years ago,
he got hit with an IED.
He's gone, man.
But, uh...
Sorry about that, man.
You know, I saw
your picture that morning.
You know, after the bomb?
All I could think about
was Thomas.
Just lyin' there in the dirt.
I... I get so fuckin' angry,
But seein' you out there today,
throwin' that fuckin' pitch,
you showed the world that
they can't fuckin' break us
no matter what the hell they do.
Y'know, it...
it gave me a little hope,
made me feel a little better,
and I just wanna say
fuckin' thank you for that,
man, that's all.
What's your name?
Uh, my name's Larry, uh...
Can I shake your hand, Larry?
- You wanna shake my hand?
- Yeah.
It's gonna be all right.
I'm gonna be okay, right?
So you're gonna be okay.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
- All right.
Hey, go Sox.
- Thank you.
- Go Sox.
- Go Sox.
- Go Sox.
Larry: Let's go, Sox!
- Let's go get that beer.
- Mr. Bauman?
Hi. Um...
my daughter here actually
wrote a report on you
- for her third grade class.
- Oh, yeah?
What's your name?
Sophie. Do your legs hurt?
Uh, sometimes. Yeah.
What'd you get on your report?
I got an A-minus.
Just wanna
share this with you...
I ran the Boston Marathon...
The 89th floor
of the South Tower, but...
...and I remember
going through that...
...confirmed there were
77 people on that floor,
67 died.
The only reason
they got out was because...
All right.
Y'know, I did the best I could
with what I had.
You did all right, Ma.
And I... I just wish
I'd done better for ya.
You did all right, Ma.
You're gonna be
a wonderful father.
All right.
You're all right there,
We're good.
I'm good.
I love you.