Student Prince, The (1954) Movie Script

Ah, Lutz, my friend.
I must remind you once again,
Herr Professor,
I am not your friend.
Aha, but I am yours.
You're a lucky fellow, Lutzy.
My name is Lutz,
and as usual Professor Juttner,
you will be late.
What can his highness
learn from you?
A teacher
and you can't even tell time.
Small minds
stick with the clock.
His highness is always punctual.
what I've been trying to do,
educate him out of it.
I don't know
why I bother with you.
It's your duty, Lutzy my lad.
I only do it
to please his highness.
His highness'
very words to me were
"I should esteem it a favor,
my dear Lutz,
if you could make the professor
look more presentable. "
And I said,
I should esteem it an honor,
your highness.
Every man is entitled
to his honor.
Oh, we're late!
A most appropriate sermon
considering the day.
Thank you, your majesty.
Permit me to congratulate
your royal highness
on your forthcoming betrothal.
And may I include good wishes
for Princess Johanna
of North Hausen.
Thank you.
She will be here tomorrow
and you can extend them
to her in person.
She is as gracious as
she is beautiful.
This marriage has truly
been planned in heaven.
Our prime minister
is too modest.
Von Mark planned it years ago
when the princess and I
was still children.
Of course with your blessings,
Should your royal highness
feel the need of
spiritual guidance and comfort,
I am at your command.
My guidance and comfort have
always been the knowledge
that I am doing my duty
for Karlsburg.
Well, Karl.
I have taken cared of
all the preliminaries,
but victory or defeat
is in your hands.
Tomorrow may well decide
the future of our country.
So when you
propose to the princess,
I count on you to carry it out
with your usual efficiency.
It won't be too difficult.
From her pictures,
she seems very attractive.
And in a receptive mood.
Why not?
It is true they have the money
but we have the blood.
They are merchants,
we are kings.
Oh, I should have worked
that subject, my boy.
She can afford to be fussy.
Don't worry, grandfather.
For such a dowry,
I'd marry a princess
with two heads.
Then I need scarcely remind you
that our treasury is empty.
Our treasury has been empty
for 200 years.
Yet somehow we have survived.
We have survived
when other thrones have fallen
not because we have been rich,
but because the men
of our family
have always been
extremely eligible.
Our code of arms reminds us
our wealth has been our sons.
Sir, when I hold her in my arms,
I will do my best for Karlsburg.
Her royal highness, the princess
Johanna of North Hausen.
You know, Ferddie,
I believe Karl is even better
looking than you were at his age
Not at all.
My dear, Mathilde,
it's just that time
has dimmed your memory.
But at any rate, they'd make
a very handsome couple.
I can already see
their profiles on the coin.
Mother is very impressed with
the troop maneuvers today.
I'm pleased to hear it.
And what did you think of it?
After all these years,
I still think parades
are great fun, don't you?
Fun, Johanna?
Training our troops
is my responsibility,
and I assure it's
the hardest kind of work.
One can't ever let up.
I think...
that doesn't leave much time
for relaxation
or for dances like this,
does it?
Very little.
Why? Does my dancing show it?
Your highness dances
with firmness and precision.
But the throne of Karlsburg
won't fall
if you loosen your knees a bit.
Forgive me.
I've always considered
the parade ground
more important
than the dance floor.
one of my junior officer...
Everyone is looking at us.
I didn't come to Karlsburg
to find a dancing partner.
Why don't you invite me to see
the view from the garden?
Here now, this is much better.
No one is looking at us.
So perhaps we can at last
look at each other.
It's almost time for us
to receive the diplomatic corps
of both kingdoms.
Let them wait.
We owe ourselves
a little time together.
Surely we'll have plenty
of opportunity in the future.
I don't consider marriage
an introduction.
Aren't you curious to know
what kind of a person
you will spend
the rest of your life with?
I confess I am.
Oh, you needn't be?
I shall be a most punctilious
and considerate husband.
Karl, come here.
Look at me.
Forget your princely
self-possession for a moment.
I'm sure that even the
great warrior, Frederick the...
What's his name?
Frederick The Bold.
Even he must have had time
for other things.
After all,
he did found the dynasty.
We're quite alone.
Quite alone.
I hope I misjudge your highness.
I cannot assume that
the future queen of Karlsburg
wishes to be treated
like the ordinary woman,
one in contrast on maneuvers.
Oh, then you have
encountered other women?
What a question?
But that's no answer.
Very well,
I have on many occassions.
I find it hard to believe it.
Perhaps I can convince you.
Typically Karlsburg,
well-trained and precise.
Your arms are very strong, Karl.
But your heart
doesn't beat any faster.
You are a king first,
last and always
and you never forget it.
You complement me.
I don't mean to. Kings bore me.
Prussian virtues are impressive,
but cold comfort aren't
on a long winter's night.
Some coffee?
No, thank you.
You've ruined my sleep as it is.
My dear, Ferddie, I am merely
giving you an honest opinion.
You asked me to find out
and I'm telling you.
Karl won't do.
Just what does she expect?
A human being,
not a Prussian machine.
Karl was raised to be a soldier.
he is admired by...
by his regiment.
Johanna came to get a husband,
not to enlist.
The world is full of husbands,
but there are
very few crown princes.
I don't know
how you raise this girl,
but even she should see that
Karl is no ordinary fellow.
But there are times
when even a prince
should behave
like an ordinary fellow.
I know how important this
alliance is to you, Ferddie.
But you must face facts.
You, too, Mathilde,
must face facts.
Money will not get you
what you want.
What do you mean?
An interesting thing
has happened
to the royal families of Europe.
Every queen you encounter has
3 or 4 daughters to marry off.
But there are mighty few
royal princes around.
There are eight sons
in Grabnick.
They never bathe.
There's Prince Olap.
He has ah... buck teeth.
Do you want your grandchildren
to have backed teeth?
Ferddie, that's blackmail!
Well, even the king must live.
Well, let's not quarrel.
We both want this marriage.
I'm not blaming Karl.
It's your fault.
You've taken
a perfectly nice boy,
and brought him up
to be a Prussian pickle.
He has the best education.
Not education, training.
You haven't taught him how to
get along with people.
They'd be no problem
with your honor
if you'd only get him to radiate
a little warmth and charm.
Warmth and charm.
Professor Juttner, did
his majesty sent for you, too?
Well, it must be serious.
After all,
it's the middle of the night.
What do you think
it's all about, professor?
Perhaps they're
going to behead me
for teaching you
to read and write.
I was merely obeying orders.
I myself am against higher
education for the nobility.
Well, they can't behead me.
I'm the heir apparent.
If you knew more history,
you'd be more worried.
Warmth and charm,
that's what you need,
warmth and charm.
A friendly smile,
a cordial hand clasp
that's the new order
for the day.
Why is that important?
The princess thinks
it's important,
that's why it's important.
You are a Prussian machine.
I saw you
with the princess tonight.
You dance as if
you were storming a fortress.
1-2-3, 1-2-3.
1-2-3, 1-2-3.
You call that dancing?
You're not much better.
I wasn't engaged
as a dancing master.
What were you engaged on?
To educate him.
He's not educated, he's trained.
What have you been doing
with your time?
Following your orders!
Never mind my orders,
just do as I tell you.
Please, don't blame the boy,
your majesty.
Each year, more and more time
has been stolen from studies
and given to marksmanship,
military maneuvers,
fencing masters.
His highness has had no time
for the graces of living.
From now on, you will study
the graces of living.
I hold you responsible.
Order whatever books you need.
Books won't help, sir.
True education
comes from people.
I said it before
and I say it again.
He should have gone
to Heidelberg,
mix with people of his own age,
learn to get along with them.
There are hundreds of
universities, why Heidelberg?
For me,
there is only university.
I went to Heidelberg,
your majesty.
Very well, we go to Heidelberg.
Make the arrangements.
Who does Johanna think she is?
Why should I be made over
just to please her?
Because there are 8 princes
in Grabnick.
They never bathe.
There's Prince Olap.
He has back teeth.
I will not listen
to these silly arguments.
As soon as possible,
you'll leave for Heidelberg!
And beggining this instant, you
will radiate warmth and charm.
That's a command.
Hubert, this way!
No horse play, Lutz.
Clear the way.
Clear the way, savages.
We wish to get to the street.
Hubert, help! Help, Hubert!
Hubert, the luggages!
help! Put me down!
Put me down!
All through life, we're learning
Learning things we ought to know
Through and through
we're learning
Well, I don't know
if Lutz will enjoy Heidelberg.
But Heidelberg
is certainly enjoying Lutz.
In my opinion,
Herr Doctor, these...
I suppose we have to
call them students.
These students are a little
too old for this behavior.
Oh, the first day of term,
good spirits, the excitement
of seeing old friends again.
Now, you just give it a chance,
and I'm sure you'll find
good fellowship very edgy.
Like measles.
Let's find a carriage.
Class of 1874.
Willie Klauber!
Well, well,
what are you doing here?
What are you doing
in Heidelberg?
Didn't they ever
let you graduate?
Graduate? I'm a full professor.
Heaven help
the younger generation.
When I knew you,
you couldn't even spell.
And what brings you here?
Herr Professor klauber, I have
the honor to present my pupil...
I don't have a pupil
and I don't have the honor.
Just a minute!
That's my cab!
New here?
Yes, and let me tell you...
Let me tell you!
A word of advice.
When it comes to
cabs, beer and woman,
if you want them,
grab them and hang on to it.
When I want advice,
I'll ask for it.
Do you know who I am?
We're very broad-minded
in Heidelberg.
We let anybody in.
Come on, hop in.
Don't stand there like a stick
or you'll get left.
Smile just once
and you can have my sit,
and I'll sit on your lap.
Prussian pickle!
To the inn we're marching
For our throats are parching
And the fruit trees arching
in the month of may
For there's no good fellow
When he's feeling mellow
From the beer so yellow
would delay
To the inn we're going
Where the beer is flowing
And we'll soon be blowing off
the foam on top
And as we're explaining
They'll be no refraining
Till we're all through
draining every drop
All in step we're swinging
While we join in singing
With our voices ringing
in a merry rhyme
There is joy alounding
In our song resounding
While our steins are
resounding all the time
Now the spring we're greeting
With our merry meeting
And our day completing
with a mug of beer
To the inn we're heading
All our cares we're shedding
As we start another college year
To the inn we're marching
For our throats are parching
And the fruit trees arching
in the month of may
To the inn we're marching
For our throats are parching
To the inn
To the inn
We're marching on
Beer, here
Beer, here
Turn the barrel upside down
Beer, here
Beer, here
What a lovely way to get drunk!
Well, you've... you've chosen
a mad house for his highness.
Doctor Juttner said it was
the finest inn in Heidelberg.
Juttner would like this place.
Does this carousing
go on everyday?
No, your excellency,
only every night.
Who is this person?
Herr Ruder,
the owner of the inn.
You tell him he is not to speak
until we speak to him.
Heae this!
I will not to occupy a suite
where I can hear
those cattle-hollering savages.
You can hear them everywhere.
Your excellency has
the same view as the prince's,
the river Nekar.
The river, yes,
I was coming to that.
How considerate when you know
I suffer from rheumatism.
Forgive me, Herr Lutz.
The river was here
when I arrived.
Don't interrupt.
I had hoped to come to you
and look at you and say
"Hubert, I am satisfied. "
But I am not satisfied, Hubert.
Oh, this might serve for
an ordinary lackey.
But did his majesty send an
ordinary lackey with the prince?
No, he sent me.
Hubert, who is his excellency?
His highness is valet.
Valet, I thought you were
a Prime Minister at least.
Let me tell you that this inn
has been enter taining royalty
for over 300 years.
Oh, they may have lived here
but they were not entertained.
Yes, yes,
barons, counts and dukes.
Never a prince of Karlsburg.
it... it had to enter Heidelberg.
I warn you, we are not
amused by impertinence.
Hubert! Lutz!
Hubert, where my room is?
Where is his highness?
Isn't he with you?
No, he's with you.
He's obviously not with me.
Then you've lost the prince.
Lost the prince here?
I knew you couldn't be trusted.
Now, now, don't get excited.
He'll get here, and with
more dignity than you did.
Now, you can laugh
but he's my responsibility.
I look after him in Heidelberg.
Only his mind,
I look after his body.
This may come as a shock to you,
my dear Lutzy.
But the mind is
more important than the body.
Well, you've got to
have a body to be a king.
That is not my worry.
His mind isn't lost,
only his body.
And if anything happens to it,
it will be you who will hang.
Kathie! Kathie! Kathie!
I hear you call my friends
There's beer for all my friends
But patience is a virtue
Kathie recommends
I fear my ears will burst
Before I quench your thirst
I really should
teach you manners
But let's tap the barrel first
Come, boys,
let's all be gay, boys
For education should be
scientific play, boys
Don't dip your pen in ink, boys
Let every prudent student
study how to drink
Bom, bom, bom!
Although exams are near, boys
Though you may flunk
because you're drunk
Don't shed a tear
Bom, bom, bom!
Folks may call you rowdy
Your reputations may be cloudy
You'll never graduate
"Cum Laude"
But you'll get a passing mark
in drinking beer
Come, boys,
let's turn to beer, boys
And make it clear we're awfully
glad that Kathie's here, boys
Why waste your time
with books, boys
Let every prudent student
study women's looks
Bom, bom, bom!
Let old professors state, boys
you'll be dismissed
you've kissed a pretty date
Bom, bom, bom!
Gladly we will throttle
Euripides and Aristotle
Then lift another stein
or bottle, boys
And all together
we will celebrate
Then lift another stein
or bottle, boys
And all together celebrate
Oh, boys, not now.
Who, who?
Who is so charming?
Who, who do we adore?
Who's so sweet and disarming?
Kathie, the queen of the corps
Yah, yah, yah!
Kathie, the queen of the corps
Yah, yah, yah!
Kathie's the girl we adore
Boys, I drink to your health.
To Kathie!
Kathie! Kathie! Kathie!
Kathie, Kathie,
come, come, come.
He's here. He's here.
Who's here, uncle?
The prince,
of course, his highness.
Let me look at you.
Turn. Oh, take this off,
take this off.
So here's the bouquet,
and the welcome song
to sing for you.
Go, darling.
Oh, uncle, must I?
Of course,
what's the matter with you?
I've never done it before
and I'm nervous.
Nervous, who isn't nervous?
There isn't an inn
in all Heidelberg
with a real live prince
for a tenant!
And if he doesn't stay,
I shall never live in town.
A matter of pride.
he is going to take 6 rooms.
Your highness,
permit me to say...
Your highness, it seems the
young lady has something to say.
Go on, my dear.
Welcome highness
to Herr Ruder's inn.
We hope you'll like our place.
There's a room to rest
for a royal guest,
and a bowl
for washing your face.
Thank you.
Bravo! That was charming.
What is your name, young lady?
Your highness,
it is my duty to remind...
Excuse me, your excellency.
My niece, your highness.
This is the landlord,
Joseph Ruder.
Yeah, that's me, that's me.
At your service, your highness.
Your rooms are ready.
If you will like... to...
let... show you... the suite.
Permit me, your highness.
This is no place
for the heir apparent
to the throne of Karlsburg.
Why, Lutz?
The beds are lumpy.
The linen is cotton.
And as you hear, it's a low
drinking place for students
who come here
to behave like roughings.
I know this inn.
Well, no palace is here.
This is a place for students,
not for lackey's
and chamberlains.
In my opinion, this is perfect.
In my opinion, it is impossible.
In my opinion,
his highness
should form his own opinion.
Permit me, your highness.
And the shelf up here
has plenty of room for hats.
It's even high enough
to put a crown on.
I rarely take a crown
when I travel.
My grandfather prefers
I leave it in the vault.
And this is the most
comfortable bed in inn.
For the present,
I'll take your word for that.
I put two feather beds on.
They'll keep you warm
on the coldest night.
And the springs are good, too.
I endorse the springs.
Now, in the sitting room.
If your highness
will be good enough
to go into the sitting room.
Thank you.
Every evening, I'll bring up
an eiderdown quilt
and put it on your bed
so that it's nice and warm
for you when you go to sleep.
You frighten me.
It's the first day of may,
and you speak as though
I shall expect a blizzard.
Oh, no, your highness.
Why, from now on till autumn,
the weather is
as mild and fresh,
lovely as can be.
Oh, did you ever smell such air?
Go ahead, take a deep breath.
The quality seems excellent.
Right from your highness' window
is the most beautiful view
in all of Heidelberg.
You can see the river Nekar
and way up on the mountain,
the castle.
I gather that you, Kathie.
That is your name, isn't it?
That you are most anxious
to make sure
that I am comfortable
in every way.
But what happens
if some other person
less understanding
should appear on the scene.
My uncle has put me
in complete charge.
Your highness' slightest wish
will be my command.
It's a comfort to know that the
necessities will taken cared of.
However, I hope that Heidelberg
will afford some pleasure, too.
Do you think it will?
The students are a lot of fun.
And there are beer parties,
and here is the piano.
Why so it is.
I hope
your highness likes music.
It's a wonderful way
to past time.
I look forward to many
musical evening in your company.
That little song
you greeted me with.
I recognized the melody,
but did you write the words?
I know the words were silly, but
Uncle Ruder made them up
especially for you.
And I wouldn't hurt
his feelings for anything.
The real words are lovely.
I know.
Why don't you sing them for me?
Go ahead. I insist.
Very well.
When it's summertime
in Heidelberg
There's beauty everywhere
All the tress are dressed
in their sunday best
And brass band
plays in the square
Everyday is like a holiday
Strolling underneath the sun
All the frauleins wear
flowers in their hair
With a smile
to spare for everyone
The fragrant breeze
The linden trees
The promenade where lovers stray
But have a care
Or someone there
May steal your heart away
Strange things
happen on a summer night
When the bells begin to chime
It could happen to
Someone just like you
Down in Heidelberg in summertime
Uncle Ruder's words in my voice.
No wonder you smiled
when I sang to you.
Just a moment.
You haven't been dismissed yet.
In Karlsburg, it is not the
custom to walk out on royalty.
I beg your highness' pardon.
If your highness will excuse me.
Before you go,
there's just one more thing.
Your highness wishes something.
Yes, just this.
I don't know about the custom
in Karlsburg, your highness.
But at Ruder's inn, that does
not come with the service.
History, Lutz.
The ancient or modern,
your highness.
Is this the lecture hall
for ancient history?
Yes. New student, eh?
Registered for this class?
What is your name?
I am Karl France of Karlsburg.
Whereas, here you are.
Right inside, Herr France.
Herr France?
Move on, Herr France,
you'll be late.
Sit down! Don't block the aisle.
His excellency,
Professor klauber.
What's the matter with you,
Herr France?
Stump your feet like the others.
Professor klauber is coming in.
Both feet.
You're no different
from the rest.
Welcome to ancient history,
It's a new term and ah...
we'll start with the new face.
It means it will be your face.
All history is a record
of significant milestones
in the development of man.
Can you name just one
such contribution
in the 500 years before
the Christian era?
Just one,
that shouldn't be too difficult.
I am aware of many,
I was merely trying to
select the most important.
The conquest
of Alexander The Great.
Accurate, but not as important
as another conquest.
While Alexander was
beating people over the head,
Aristotle was
awakening the minds of men.
Can the Herr Professor
name a figure
of greater strength
than Alexander.
The gorilla.
We will discuss Aristotle.
Ah, Herr Bauer.
Social graces, indeed.
Warmth and charm.
But it certainly didn't charm me
when that officious
nobody called me Herr France.
They have no manners.
That's quite polite
in talking to a freshman.
But if it bothered you,
why didn't you tell him
who you were?
At first,
I didn't have a chance,
but then I realized
he wasn't the sort of fellow
who'd be impressed by it.
Ah, you've learned a lot
in one day.
They're the ones
that'll have to learn.
If they had any knowledge
of tradition,
they'd know better
than to order me to
stump my feet just because
a professor comes into the room.
It's a matter of respect.
Who was the professor?
Noble prize winner.
It's in the finest tradition
to honor such a man.
He's a full professor.
And I am a prince.
Position of
no academic distinction.
My dear, Herr Doctor, you find
this very amusing, don't you?
My dear, boy.
If you'll only relax,
you'll find it amusing, too.
Listen to them.
They are
having a wonderful time.
If you could only be
one of them, a student.
Why should I pretend to be
nobody when I am somebody?
All your philosophy
doesn't alter the fact
that quality is born in a man.
That's very shrewd,
your highness.
And very true.
But in Heidelberg, they either
don't know it or they don't care
Oh, no, my boy, no.
You see, in Karlsburg,
the quality is in the title.
In Heidelberg,
the quality is in the man.
Come in.
Excuse me, your highness,
dinner is ready.
Would you prefer it
in the privacy of your room?
or on the terrace?
Where do
the ordinary students eat?
In this weather, on the terrace.
Very well,
on the terrace please.
Thank you.
You take a great deal
for granted, Herr Doctor.
Oh, no, I'm a slave to orders.
His majesty
put me in charge here.
Well, I'll go to my room
and freshen up.
Meet you here in a few moments.
Don't hurry yourself.
I hope I have your permission
to go to the terrace.
Herr Professor.
Good evening, your highness.
Would you like
your dinner right now?
What would your highness like?
What do
the ordinary students eat?
You haven't been dismissed yet.
I'm sorry, your highness.
I seem to have forgotten again.
I'm not so sure you forgot.
What's this?
Kraut and Frankfurt.
It's good, isn't it?
Are you still here?
You haven't dismissed me.
It's good, isn't it?
It's ah... not bad.
It's very good.
I can see you like it, and it
won't hurt you to admit it.
All right then, I like it.
It's even better with beer.
I don't think it could be.
It is.
It's difficult for all
new students the first day, and
must be even harder
for your highness.
Do you know once you
get used to Heidelberg,
you'll find
you like a lot of things
you never dreamed you'd like.
I didn't come to Heidelberg
for amusement.
What difference does it make
if you have fun anyway?
It doesn't cost any more.
You know,
you ought to join a corps.
You know, it's more fun
than kraut and Frankfurt.
If you say so.
what corps do you like best?
The West Falien.
They're all fine friendly boys.
Seem to have more fun
than any other corps.
Then I'll join the West Falien.
Oh, no, your highness.
They haven't a title among them.
You belong with the Sax Blusean.
They don't accept commoners.
all barons, counts, dukes.
No princes, but...
There aren't enough princes
around to make a corps.
That presents a problem.
I'll need your advice.
Sit down, Kathie.
I shouldn't, your highness.
May I be dismissed?
You may not.
You have made a great
disadvantage, your highness.
That's the way I want you to be.
Sit down.
Now, you said
you like the West Falien.
Is it because they haven't
any titles amongst them?
Oh, surely your highness.
I have the greatest respect
for the nobility.
You were all nice young men,
But what?
Well, go on. I insist.
It would be most presumptuous
of me to...
I give you permission
to be presumptuous.
Well, go on.
Well, for one thing.
The nobility doesn't
seem to be taught manners.
Etiquette, yes, but manners, no.
They don't ask, they take.
I see.
Then if I weren't a prince,
you'll like me better.
I don't know but...
At least I'd get a chance to see
what you're really like.
Try it.
Forget that I am a prince.
It is not for me
to forget that, your highness.
All right then,
I'm just one of the students,
just plain Karl France.
We're equals.
Just a minute.
I didn't say you can go.
Well, if we're equals,
I can go when I choose.
You're not giving me
a fair chance, Kathie.
I want us to be friends.
Treat me as you do the others,
will you?
It's impossible.
After all, you are a prince
and I work here.
What will people say?
Oh, don't worry so much
about my reputation.
Oh, no, your highness!
It's my reputation
I'm worried about.
Well, Kathie!
Is the food here as good
as I remember it?
Better, Doctor Juttner.
I'll set another plate.
Thank you.
I owe your highness an apology.
After all,
it's only the first day.
I feel I was much too severe.
You were quite right,
Doctor Juttner.
I've just had confirmation of
your point of view.
Oh, amazing!
In 10 minutes, Kathie,
you accomplish more than I've
been trying to do for 10 years.
It wasn't all kraut and
Frankfurt, was it, my dear?
Hello, Kathie.
Ah, I don't remember
seeing you here before.
New here?
My name's Lucas, student officer
of the West Falien corps.
Now, my dear Kathie,
present the gentleman to me.
I have the honor to introduce...
My name is Herr France.
My friend, Doctor Juttner.
Doctor Juttner.
How do you do?
My dear, Herr France,
let me welcome you
to Heidelberg.
Thank you, Herr Lucas.
Our friend, Kathie, has just
been telling me about your corps
Won't you sit down please?
And you can tell more about it.
Thank you.
Well, we're not suppose to
boast about our corps.
So what I shall say
is a gross understatement.
It just happens to be
the finest corps in Heidelberg.
Why, even in the words
of our glorious Prospero.
The West Falien can drink any
other corpsman under the table.
Their skill with sword and saber
is second to none.
That too,
Prospero will tell you.
I'm sure
the Prospero will tell you,
he's an old West Falien himself.
Oh, then who would know better?
Blocking a fox, Lucas?
This is
becoming a bad habit of his.
He lures them away
before a gentleman has a chance
to look them over.
No one that
would interest you, count.
Count Von Asterburg
of the sax blusean.
Doctor Juttner.
Herr France.
I've heard your corps highly
praised, Count Von Asterburg.
There are many who envy us.
You are very fortunate,
Herr France.
Aside from the Sax Blusean,
there isn't a better corps
than the West Falien.
Oh, don't go yet, count.
Why don't you join us?
I'll order some beer
and you can sit down
and tell us about your corps.
Perhaps some other time.
Oh, now is
as good a time as any.
We have no vacancies,
Herr France.
I'm prepared to wait.
There are certain requirements,
Herr France.
A man must stick to his class,
a person like you
would find himself
very uncomfortable
in our circle.
Good night.
He's a decent chap really,
but you pressed him hard.
I forgive him.
Will he forgive you?
We'll have no choice.
Come! Meet the West Falien.
Go on.
Gentlemen, we have a new recruit
and a good one at that.
There's only one thing
against him.
He eats well, drinks well
and looks as though
he can afford to pay for it.
I give you Karl France.
Richter, cap.
Beer! Beer! Beer!
I shall report you
for this, Doctor Juttner,
mingling with commoners.
Why you report me?
I'm living like a king.
But you permit his highness to
contaminate himself
with the rabble.
When his highness
retires tonight, Lutzy.
You can burn his clothes
and fumigate him.
Gentlemen, salamander!
Salamander, up!
Salamander, up!
Salamander, drink!
Drink it down in one breath.
Drink! Drink! Drink!
eins, swei, drei, vier
lift your stein
and drink your beer
Eins, swei, drei, vier
Lift your stein
and drink your beer
Drink! Drink! Drink!
To eyes that are bright as stars
When they're shining on me
Drink! Drink! Drink!
To lips that are red and sweet
As the fruit on the tree
Here's a hope
those bright eyes will shine
longingly soon into mine
May those lips
that are red and sweet
Tonight with joy
my own lips meet
Drink! Drink!
Let the toast start
May young hearts never part
Drink! Drink! Drink!
Let every true lover
salute his sweetheart
Drink! Drink! Drink!
To arms that are white
And warm as a rose in the sun
Drink! Drink! Drink!
To hearts that will love one
Only when I am the one
Here's a hope
That those soft arms will twine
trustingly soon around mine
AII I ask is the right to see
Those smiling eyes beguiling me
Drink! Drink!
Let the toast start
May young hearts never part
Drink! Drink! Drink!
Let every true lover
salute his sweetheart
Let's drink!
(Students singing in German)
You take the glasses here.
Let's go, go, go.
Here, let's go.
Please, your highness.
No, no, not your highness,
just Karl.
Please, Karl.
I took your advice.
Surely I deserve a reward.
Your highness.
Oh, go away, Lutz!
I'm sorry, your highness.
I shouldn't have done that.
It's not your fault.
You've just had too much beer.
No, no, no,
don't blame it on the beer.
I prefer to think it's the beer.
I prefer you didn't think that.
Good night, Kathie.
Are we alone?
Alone, no, we are together.
What's the matter?
His highness, Karl France,
heir apparent
to the throne of Karlsburg,
knight commander of the grand
order of Frederick The Bold,
and so on.
has just been assaulted.
On the premises.
Your niece knocked him down.
Maybe he got fresh.
Princes do not get fresh.
They occasionally make advances.
You realize
what will come of this, Ruder?
He won't get fresh again.
You take this very lightly,
but I do not.
It is my pleasure to inform you
that the consequences
will be disastrous.
Thank you.
It would... disastrous?
What are you talking about?
In Karlsburg,
for what your niece dared to do,
she would probably be beheaded.
Please Herr Lutz, don't make
a big point out of nothing.
You and I,
we are men of the world.
I am not!
Neither am I.
I'm just trying to
make a living.
But I don't cause you trouble,
why must you cause me a trouble?
It is not a personal matter.
I have sworn to
uphold the honor and dignity
of the royal house of Karlsburg.
In my weekly report to the
royal household in Karlsburg,
I shall include
this unfortunate incident.
The report will go to the
minister of internal affairs.
He will submit it to
the prime minister, Von Mark.
Von Mark will notify
our ambassador in Berlin.
It will be presented to
the German foreign office.
They will submit the matter
to his majesty, the Kaiser.
The Kaiser will communicate
with the chancellor
of Heidelberg university.
The chancellor will communicate
with the burgomaster.
The burgomaster will convene
the aldermen of the city
of Heidelberg.
They will summon you,
Herr Ruder.
What can I do?
Dear kind Lutz, my good friend,
what do you want me to do?
The prince is my responsibility.
Your niece is yours.
I will warn her.
She will never
bother his highness again.
That is not the solution.
His highness
may wish to bother her.
Get rid of her!
My own niece?
My sister's daughter?
Now don't start snivelling!
This is no time for sloppy
sentimentality, Ruder.
Exile her.
Vanish her from this place.
Exile her! Vanish her!
Exile her! Vanish her!
Exile her!
Exile her! Vanish her!
Exile her! Vanish her!
Come in.
What's the first thing I taught
you when you came here?
The customer is always right.
That's right.
No, it's wrong.
You mean it wasn't
the first thing I taught you?
Oh, yes, that's right.
But that
the customer is always right,
that's not right, that's wrong.
Right, wrong, wrong, right.
This I know.
When you got the prince for
a customer, you got trouble.
Those people are
always talking to each other.
The prince
to the prime minister.
the king to the Kaiser.
the more they talk,
the more trouble I have got.
Don't get upset uncle,
there won't be any trouble.
I knew you would be sensible.
Very sensible.
I'm leaving in the morning.
In the...
What? My own niece leaving me?
Well, as long as he's here,
this is no place for me.
I'll get another job.
How... how will I look after you?
I'm your only family.
Don't worry uncle,
I'll be all right.
I do worry.
Maybe if you try to apologize.
Why should I apologize?
Because you assaulted him.
Oh, you know about that.
And do you know
he tried to get fresh with me?
But he's a prince, you can not
go around assaulting a prince.
That's why I'm leaving.
But if you apologize,
everything will be all right.
What if he gets fresh again?
With a nice girl like you,
how fresh can he get?
Oh, with a fellow like him
I'm not going to
wait around to find out.
I don't like him myself.
But if you are
stubborn enough to go,
to go through the river,
work at Groswaltz.
Why Groswaltz?
Because they are
the customers never ask,
and the head waiter
is my best friend.
My darling.
Kathie! Kathie! Kathie! Kathie!
Stop it! Stop it!
Where is Kathie tonight?
Don't worry about Kathie.
I myself
will take care of everything.
Turn around!
Turn around!
Step forward a little.
That's enough!
you're no substitute for Kathie.
Where is she?
The truth, Ruder, the truth!
I... sent her away this morning.
She misbehaved.
Struck one of the customers.
Well, if she did, he must have
had it coming to him, uh?
He certainly did.
The young gentlemen
want their beer.
No beer, Ruder.
No beer.
We want Kathie!
We want Kathie...
Where is she?
Where is who, your highness?
You know who and you know where.
Speak up, Ruder.
I can't.
I can't. My lips are sealed.
I promise.
It's a matter of honor.
You could torture me.
Wild horses couldn't
drag it out of me.
But if your highness
is really angry,
I wouldn't blame you
if you went across the river,
to Groswaltz. restaurant
near the park.
It wouldn't be my fault.
I'm just angry enough
to do that, Herr Ruder.
The river boat
leaves every hour.
Kathie, I'm terribly sorry.
I'm sorry, too.
Now... now, go away.
One linden soup.
I don't blame you
for being angry,
but it wasn't my fault.
I'm not angry.
One kraut and Frankfurt.
It won't be as good
as your uncle's.
Then go back there.
Not without you.
Please stop it.
You'll spill the soup.
Who is he?
I never saw him before
in my life.
Outside! I don't know
how you got in here.
But get out the same way.
Don't you shout at me!
You'll regret this impertinence!
So will you.
Let me go! You'll get me fired.
Exactly why I'm here.
This maybe a joke to you.
It isn't.
You're leaving here with me
if I have to drag you.
Let me go!
What's going on here?
She refused to take my order.
He tried to molest me.
Really, do I look like
the sort of person
who would do that kind of thing?
Frankly, yes!
I know you students.
The wild irresponsible lad.
I shall have to
ask you to leave.
This is a public eating place.
I must ask you to leave.
And if I don't?
Oh, that's the way he always
gets when he's been drinking.
or I shall call the police!
Go ahead! Call the police!
it will look fine in the papers.
What will your grandfather say
when he reads about it?
Oh, Kathie!
Did you hurt yourself?
Don't touch me!
Everytime you come near me
I get in trouble.
You clumsy fool!
You... you stupid girl!
Don't talk to her like that!
Shut up!
Look at those broken dishes!
Is that all you can think about?
Suppose she broke her legs?
Suppose she cut her face?
Who cares about the dishes?
I do.
Who'll pay for it!
If I feel in the mood I may.
If you feel in the mood!
Who do you think you are?
The Kaiser?
No, but you're getting warm.
Oh, you crazy students
are all alike.
Big talk and no money.
Out or I'll throw you out!
Try it!
No, no, no fighting.
Your grandfather
wouldn't like it.
Even as a favor to your uncle,
this is too much!
Oh, I'll pay for the dishes
and I'II...
No! Turn in your uniform.
You're through!
I'm awfully sorry that
this happened,
but just
a very unfortunate incident.
please excuse, I must apologize.
Did he fire you?
Thanks to you, he did.
Now you'll have to come back.
Only for tonight.
Tomorrow I'll find another job.
Where are you going?
The ferry land is down this way.
I'm not going
on the same boat with you!
But I have to get home, too.
Do you want me to swim?
I don't care if you drown.
My grandfather wouldn't like it.
Come on! We can have the same
argument as we walk along.
I have nothing to say to you.
Kathie, please say something.
It's a lovely night.
I said it's a lovely night.
Yeah, lovely night!
Please come home, Kathie.
The students are all waiting.
They swore not to drink any beer
unless you're there.
They'll change their minds
when they get thirsty.
But what about me?
It was awful this morning.
I rang for breakfast.
And do you know what happen?
Lutz came in with the tray.
How dreadful!
But you can always pinch Lutz.
I could,
but it's not as much fun.
I've never said this before
and it's very difficult for me.
If I offended you last night,
I'm sorry and I apologize.
Please come back.
It's better if I don't.
No, listen.
It's allright for you to pretend
to be an ordinary student.
When things get too involved,
you can always
become a prince again.
But I can't pretend.
I can't be anything
but just what I am.
But nobody wants you
to be anything different.
Please come back.
I'll be on my best behavior.
I promise.
I don't believe you.
You're still angry
about last night.
Last night when I kissed you,
it wasn't the beer.
Overhead the moon is beaming
White as blossoms on the bough
Nothing is heard
but the song of a bird
Filling all the air
with dreaming
Could I hear this song forever?
Calling to my heart anew
My darling
While I drift along forever
Lost in a dream of you
I hear your voice in the wind
that stirs the willows
I see your face in the stars
that shine above
Hold me closer
Tonight we love
The willows bending
the stars that shine
The shore lights blending
they're yours and mine
Drifting along in my heart
there's a song
and the song in my heart
will not fade
Oh, hear my serenade
My moonlight serenade
Overhead the moon is beaming
White as bloosoms on the bough
Nothing is heard
but the song of a bird
Filling all the air
with dreaming
Could this beauty last forever?
I would ask for nothing more
Believe me
Let this night but live forever
Forever and ever more
His highness
has never been out so late.
If anything happens to him,
the king will shoot you.
That's naturally!
And if I were king,
I'll have you hang.
Believe me if you were king,
I would hang myself.
It's the end of you, Ruder,
the absolute end.
How can you
sit there calmly writing?
I'm writing my will.
Ah, your highness,
you're back safe and sound.
And happy.
Uncle Ruder,
I brought Kathie home.
She's in her room
and she's gonna stay.
Oh, Lutz,
even though you're interference
has caused me
a most enjoyable evening.
In the future, don't interfere!
And Ruder,
from now on, ignore Lutz.
Lutz, I ignore you.
Just a minute, Herr Ruder,
I warn you.
Just a minute, Herr Lutz!
I warn you.
Make any more trouble
and I talk to my niece, Kathie.
And Kathie will talk to
her friend, his highness.
And his highness will talk to
the grandfather, to the king.
And the king will talk
to the Kaiser.
And the Kaiser will talk
to the other Kaiser.
And one Kaiser to the other.
And do you know
what will happen to you?
You will end up pressing pants
in a secondary clothing shop.
Herr Lutz!
I ignore you.
Strange things
happen on a summer night
When the bells begin to chime
It could happen to someone
just like you
Down in Heidelberg
in summer time
A "crambambuli"
is as hot as hades
It's got the kind of kick
You only get from mules
A "crambambuli"
is not for the ladies
We've heard It's only fit for
lunatics and fools.
what's going on up there?
Herr France is giving a little
beer party for the West Falien.
It's disturbing.
Tell Herr France to keep quiet.
Uncle, Count Von Asterburg
is being disturbed.
Tell Herr France to keep quiet.
Lutzy, Count Von Asterburg is
being disturbed.
Tell Herr France to keep quiet.
And some red cabbage, Karl.
Yes, sir.
Please, your highness.
Don't stop me now, Lutz!
I forgot to order food.
Oh, let me
your highness, please.
All right, then. Sausage and
red cabbage for everybody.
And hurry.
Instantly, your highness.
His highness wants
sausage and red cabbage
for everybody instantly.
You! Come here.
What did I hear you say?
What song shall we sing
For the day that is here
None better than Ergo Bibamus
There's plenty of reason
For making good cheer
So out ring's the ditty Bibamus
The heavens are blue
And the clouds break away
Joy enters the door
All is blooming and gay
And there in our sight
all the glory of May
We chant with devotion "Bibamus"
We chant with devotion "Bibamus"
You're the best tenor
we've had in 4 semesters.
I have an uncle
with a Berlin royal opera.
When you're ready, maybe
I could do something for you.
Well, thanks, Richter.
That's a good thing to know.
What were you planning to do
when you get out, Karl?
Go in the family business,
I suppose.
"Round and round," huh?
Round and round and round we go
Drinks around the table
Lift the flagon, let it flow
Long as we are able
Count Von Asterburg!
Ah, Count Von Asterburg!
Come in, join us.
Boys, fill up.
To your royal highness!
In Heidelberg, I'm a student.
Also, crown prince of Karlsburg.
Forgive me for failing to
recognize your highness.
I'm sorry you did.
I enjoy being Herr France.
I'm sorry
I spoiled your little joke,
but your highness will have even
more fun with the Sax Blusean.
You forget Count Von Asterburg,
I've already pledged myself
to the West Falien.
My dear Lucas, surely I
don't have to explain to you
that his highness'
rightful place is with us.
If your highness wish to change
his mind, we will understand.
And give up my friends?
Certainly not!
I refuse to enter your corps.
I'm perfectly satisfied
with the West Falien.
But it's completely
against tradition.
Oh, don't take it
so seriously, Count.
We're all at the same university
and the same beer party.
Let's enjoy ourselves.
Membership in the Sax Blusean,
corps is not likely offered,
nor has it ever been refused.
It's a serious matter
to insult an entire corps.
Fortunately for your highness,
I do not have the privilege
of demanding satisfaction.
I grant you that privilege.
Karl, it's forbidden to duel
with a member of reigning house.
I'm a student here.
I accept your challenge
as Herr France.
Lucas, Richter,
arrange for time and place.
It's deep enough.
Is the gentleman's honor
It is.
Von Asterburg.
Your highness.
Is it over?
It's a beautiful cut.
Straight as an arrow.
He's very proud of it.
Kathie! Kathie! I'm all right.
You didn't have to worry.
Who says I'm worried?
I not worried.
Even if you've been killed...
I'm sorry I upset you.
I'm not upset.
It's a matter of complete
indifference to me
what happens to you.
Nobody's ever been so violently
indifferent to me before.
It's silly for grown man to try
and kill each other for nothing.
It's the first time
anyone has ever cried over me.
Deep in my heart, dear
I have a dream of you
Fashioned of starlight
Fragrant with roses and dew
Our paths may sever
But I'll remember forever
Deep in my heart, dear
I'll always dream of you
I've waited a lifetime
for someone to say
The things you are saying to me
And, darling
I mean every word that I say
Just look in my eyes
and you'll see
You smile and my tears
have all melted away
My worries were all false alarms
It looks like
the start of a beautiful day
Just holding you here in my arms
With you everyday's
a beautiful day
As long as I'm here in your arms
Deep in my heart, dear
I have a dream of you
Fashioned of starlight
Fragrant with roses and dew
Our paths may sever
But I'll remember forever
Deep in my heart, dear
I'll always dream of you
(masked ball)
Oh, let's go on like this
for the rest of our lives
forever, ever and ever!
Oh, it would be wonderful, Karl,
forever and ever and ever!
Oh, why not?
Kathie, come away with me.
I've always wanted to
see the world.
Do you think it's really round?
Kathie, I mean it.
Come away with me.
Princes don't disappear.
What would we do?
Where would we go?
It doesn't matter.
Everywhere! Anywhere!
We'd be together.
Just the two of us,
Kathie, together.
Together. But it's impossible.
But why don't we try it?
We can change at the inn.
No one is there.
The night train
out of Heidelberg,
to Paris in the morning.
They'll never find us.
Oh, Kathie, I love you. There's
nothing else that matters.
Oh, I adore you.
Come on!
Kathie, hurry,
before anyone comes back.
Hurry, Kathie, hurry!
Kathie, what's the matter?
I can't go, Karl.
Not to Paris, not any place.
But Kathie, a minute ago...
The carnival is over.
Not the same anymore.
This is my uncle's inn.
I'm Kathie Ruder. I work here.
And you're his highness,
Karl France.
The world is not big enough for
us to run away from that, Karl.
They'd never let us alone
in a week or a month...
But even a week is better
than nothing, a day, an hour.
They couldn't
take that away from us.
We'll have it
for the rest of our lives.
No, Karl. No!
Tonight was just a masquerade
Tomorrow just another day
Let come whatever
Tonight or never
I'll throw the mask away
With all my heart, I love you
With every breath I pray
Someday you will be mine
Summer or spring
winter or fall
You are my life
my love, my all
The very stars above you
Are jealous of the way
Your eyes sparkle and shine
Day after day
Near or apart
I try to say
Be still, my trembling heart
But try though I may
I cannot hide
this passion inside
That won't be denied
If this be madness
Then call it madness
I only know
I'll never rest
till you are mine
Believe me when I tell you
From now
until the last bright star
fades from the blue
Now and forever
Whatever I do
Beloved, I love you
Oh, Karl!
We must hurry.
I'm ready.
Your highness.
Forgive the intrusion,
your highness.
I have urgent instructions
from his majesty.
His majesty is ill.
He wishes to see you.
How long has he been ill,
Von Mark.
How serious is it?
His majesty is an old man.
At his age, no illness
is to be taken lightly.
We can discuss it as we go.
Karl, it's the most...
I beg your pardon.
I have to go back to Karlsburg.
But it's
only for a little while.
The prime minister
has just come for me.
My grandfather is ill.
He's a husky old man.
He'll live forever.
I'll be back.
Of course.
I promise you I'll be back.
I know you will, Karl.
It would
have been a beautiful day.
There'll be
many other days, Kathie.
And each day more beautiful
than the last.
I'll be back.
You'll never come back.
His highness, Karl France.
Here. Here.
All right. All right.
Tell him to come in.
Your majesty.
Your highness.
Welcome home, Karl.
Let me have a good look at you.
Heidelberg obviously
agrees with you.
You're looking well.
What's more important
is that you look well.
Von Mark
was so depressing that...
You expected to find...
a doggerel old wreck
wasting away in bed, did you?
Well, I'm sorry
to disappoint you.
Von Mark is an alarmist.
I'm considerably
better as you can see,
and after a few weeks
in Switzerland,
I will be quite myself again.
I'm so happy, grandfather.
For your sake
as well as for mine.
As you say, Heidelberg
agrees with me, and...
I'm extremely
anxious to get back.
You are not going back.
This illness has
made it quite clear to me
that even
I cannot go on forever.
And it is not my intention
to leave with important
business unfinished.
I have been
in communication with the queen.
Your marriage will
take place very shortly.
But grandfather...
Formal papers are being drawn up
The details have been arranged.
Except for one detail.
I am not
in love with the princess.
It is of no importance.
It's of
the utmost importance to me.
That little bar maid, isn't it?
How do you know about Kathie?
It's my business to know,
my boy.
I am not criticizing, but surely
you can't take this seriously.
It is serious.
I'm in love with Kathie.
Bar maids are
as plentiful as gooseberries.
There'll be plenty
of other young ladies.
Not for me.
Then the princess will find you
an unusually faithful husband.
And if I don't wish to marry?
This marriage is a state affair.
I have never permitted
personal feelings
to interfere with duty.
I demand the same conduct
from you.
All my life I've been told
what to do, and I've done it.
But not anymore.
I've had a taste of freedom.
Freedom is a luxury
that no king can afford.
Then I don't want to be king.
What else
do you think you might be?
A man.
To run away from your duty,
your training, your obligation,
will hardly make a man of you.
If you're not a king,
you are nothing.
Least of all, a man.
But grandfather...
I am not talking
as your grandfather,
but as your king.
The discussion is over,
your highness.
Your majesty.
Eins, Swei, Drei, Vier
Lift your stein
and drink your beer
Eins, Swei, Drei, Vier
Lift your stein
and drink your beer
Drink! Drink! Drink!
To eyes that are bright as stars
When they're shining on me
Drink! Drink! Drink!
To lips that are red and sweet
As the fruit on the tree
Here's a hope
That those bright eyes
will shine
longingly soon into mine
May those lips
that are red and sweet
Tonight with joy
my own lips meet
Drink! Drink! Drink!
Let the toast start
May young hearts never part
Drink! Drink! Drink!
Let every true lover
salute his sweetheart
Let's drink!
How is his majesty?
He told me so himself.
This was all a trick.
We're going back to Heidelberg.
Lutz, get the luggage.
It was extremely clever of you,
Von Mark,
to get me here by telling me
his majesty was ill.
I'm going back to Heidelberg.
You may tell his majesty that.
Please your highness,
his majesty is much too ill
to be upset.
If he were really ill,
I would not leave him.
He's going on a trip
to Switzerland.
Not Switzerland
nor any place else.
The doctors will tell you that
his majesty is
a great deal sicker
than either you or he realizes.
How can I believe you, Von Mark?
Your highness
suspects me of trickery.
Your highness is quite right.
But I'm deceiving
your grandfather, not you.
I have served my king too long
to have the heart
to tell him
what the doctors say.
It is matter of a few days,
an hour, any moment.
I'll walk with God
from this day on
His helping hand
I'll lean upon
This is my prayer
my humble plea
May the Lord be ever with me
There is no death
Though eyes grow dim
There is no fear
When I'm near to him
I'll lean on him forever
And he'll forsake me never
He will not fail me
As long as my faith is strong
Whatever road I may walk along
I'll walk with God
I'll take his hand
I'll talk with God
He'll understand
I'll pray to him
Each day to him
And he'll hear the words
That I say
His hand will
guide my throne and rod
And I'll never walk alone
While I walk with God
Well, Lutz,
I suppose everything is ready.
Your majesty's luggage is
already aboard the royal train.
The people of Karlsburg
are waiting eagerly
to welcome Princess Johanna
as your bride.
This marriage
is a very happy event.
Is it, Lutz?
For they've been
waiting 2 years for it.
I wish
your Majesty every happiness.
Let's drink to that.
It's all right, Lutz, relax.
Is that a command, your majesty?
Not at all,
but I wish you would.
Your wish is my command.
This is my bachelor party, Lutz.
At a time like this,
a man needs a friend.
We are friends, aren't we?
I hope not, your majesty.
Would the idea upset you, Lutz?
Indeed it does, your majesty.
It is an honor
to put on a king's shoes.
But I certainly wouldn't do it
for a friend.
If I must treat your majesty
as an equal,
then Hubert would
treat me as an equal.
And I assure you, your majesty
Hubert is not my equal.
Forgive me, Lutz.
I shall endeavor
to behave a manner
more suitable to the dignity
of our relationship.
I'm sorry to interrupt,
your majesty.
Please forgive me, but this...
this is impossible.
I'm much too old and fat
to start wearing uniforms.
Oh, I must resign
as privy counsellor.
My dear doctor, if you
weren't a privy counsellor,
you couldn't be
in the official party.
If you weren't
in the official party,
you couldn't
come to North Hausen.
And if you
weren't at North Hausen,
you couldn't be at the wedding.
And then I couldn't
have you as my best man.
I'm afraid
I must refuse your resignation.
Ah, what I go through
for friendship.
Besides you can't
leave me alone with Lutz.
Why not?
He doesn't approve of me.
Ever since Heidelberg.
We thought of everything,
except that one day
I'd have to come back.
And that I'd be changed.
But that Karlsburg wouldn't be.
Perhaps after all,
Heidelberg was a mistake.
I don't regret a minute of it.
No, thank you, Lutz.
One moment.
As a privy counsellor,
I'm not permitted to drink
unless your majesty does.
But if I can
wear this uniform for you,
surely you can drink
a small brandy for my sake.
A salamander
for the privy counsellor.
Long life.
And pleasant memories.
And pleasant memories.
To Heidelberg.
Golden days
in the sunshine
of our happy youth
Golden days
Full of gaiety and full of truth
In our hearts
We remember them all else above
Golden days
Days of youth and love
How we laugh
With a joy
that only love can bring
Looking back
through memory's haze
We will know
life has nothing sweeter
than it's springtime
Golden days when we're young
Golden days
Well, good night, my boy.
See you in the morning.
In the morning at North Hausen.
Good night, Herr Doctor.
Good night.
It would
have been a beautiful day.
There'll be other days, Kathie.
And each day
more beautiful than the last.
I'll be back.
Your majesty.
Lutz, you will have
the train stop at Heidelberg.
But your majesty,
it's not on our schedule.
It is now, Lutz.
It is now.
Drink! Drink! Drink!
To eyes that are bright as stars
When they're shining on me
Drink! Drink! Drink!
To lips that are red and sweet
As the fruit on the tree
Here's a hope
That those bright eyes
will shine
longingly soon into mine
May those lips
that are red and sweet
Tonight with joy
my own lips meet
Drink! Drink! Drink!
Let the toast start
May young hearts never part
What are you doing here?
I'm on my way to North Hausen.
I'm gonna be married.
Yes, I know.
It was in the papers.
It's the way it should be.
I never thought
I'd see you again.
I told you I'd come back.
Yes, you did.
That was
when you were a student here.
We lived in the same world.
It's all the world
I ever wanted.
And we nearly got away.
the night of the carnival?
Yes, I remember.
Oh, it's was a wonderful dream.
Now it's over.
Everything is different.
Nothing has really changed,
nothing except you and me.
You're a king now.
I still love you, Kathie.
I always will.
And you?
No matter what ever happens,
that will never change.
My only love.
Your first love.
Goodbye, Kathie.
Goodbye, your majesty.
Let us rejoice
while we are young.