Student Seduction (2022) Movie Script

Go, go, go!
Head in there!
Where are we going?
-Why in here?
-Shortcut, my car is there.
Hey, keep talking, girls,
keep talking.
Way to go, Krueger.
Double team, double team.
Blue! Blue!
Go, go, go, get it, get it!
Krueger, nice, great shot.
Bring it in.
Girls, bring it in.
Nicely done!
Good game.
Ah, good job,
good job, everyone.
Good job.
All right, attackers,
way to work together.
Camille, great thinking
out there.
-Annie, hell of a shot.
-Thanks, Coach.
All right, great work,
That's it for today.
Fine. As it stands,
I think we have
a really sweet shot
at the finals!
-Great work, great work.
All right, break, have fun,
enjoy the rest of your day.
Elizabeth, Emily.
So, wonderful.
If we can be
a little more talkative
on the field,
I want to make sure
everyone knows...
Gawk much?
He's just so...
We all see it, we all think it.
You're just a little obsessed
about it.
Okay, I'll work on that.
Hey, nice play, by the way.
Hey, I've always got your back.
You're growing up so fast.
Mom, you're doing it again.
-Acting weird.
I'm admiring
how my little girl has grown
into an amazing young woman.
It's not the weird part.
-What's the weird part?
-What comes next.
How I didn't screw this up
is beyond me?
That's the weird part.
-I love you.
-I love you, too.
If you don't mind,
I have homework to do.
Ugh, wow, okay, Dad.
Aren't I
your greatest accomplishment?
Come on, Dad. Really?
By the look on your face,
not good?
Not good at all.
Miss Brewer said I could
take a make-up exam,
but it'd have to be
after school
and before the end of the week.
I can't miss practice
to take an exam.
Ugh! This blows.
Just talk to Coach.
I'm sure you can miss
one practice.
Ahem. Just bat your eyes at him.
Oh, and you won't believe
who my dad is posting pics with.
-His secretary?
Yup. Gross.
What does your mom think?
I didn't tell her.
I couldn't.
She'd lose it even more.
Lose it? Meaning wanting
to spend more time
with her daughter?
I just need
a serious shift in life.
Like a restart.
You've got it
pretty good, Annie.
Everything good in my life
comes from my lacrosse.
It's how I got in this school,
stay in this school,
and the only reason
I have a shot at college.
If it weren't for that,
I'd have nothing.
Like my mom.
I'm not trying to be a jerk.
I just don't want
to be like her.
-I want to be like...
-Party tonight?
Ugh, spoiled rich girls.
It's all money and no class.
I heard Regan got accepted
to Harvard.
And Delia is going to Stanford.
I've never seen either of them
crack open a single book.
How do they do it?
They're the kind of trouble
you don't want in your life.
the type of girls
who grow up and become
the Glorias of the world.
the lacrosse girl, right?
-I guess all the lacrosse
doesn't leave much room
for fashion sense.
Function over style. Nice.
Screw you, Regan.
-And you?
Yeah, right.
See you later, Gertrude.
Bye, Gertrude.
"Bye, Gertrude."
-Gertrude, she's funny.
Forget them, seriously.
Come on, Annie,
we're gonna be late.
They have a sale
going on at the mall.
There he goes again.
I swear, one day
we're gonna find him
making out with that thing.
I know, right?
Ah, Miss Krueger.
Hi, Mr. Whitlock.
Hell of a game last week.
Well done. Well done.
Well, it's not just me.
We have a great team.
Modesty, that's a good quality
in a leader.
Off the field, however,
it's come to my attention
that your grades
aren't what they should be.
I know.
Between practice and homework,
it's just hard for me
to keep up.
That's private school for ya.
Lots of expectations,
and it doesn't matter
if it's not fair.
Well, perhaps we should speak
in my office.
-We have class.
-Well, Miss Rodgers will inform
your teacher you're with me.
Why don't you
have a seat.
-Nice hula girl.
-Thank you.
Got her in Hawaii.
Let's see, Costa Rica.
I even spent some time
in Brazil last summer.
Always make sure
to bring back trinkets.
This is an important meeting,
Miss Krueger.
Sorry. I'm nervous.
Hey, Coach.
Okay, well, I'll get started.
First of all, Miss Krueger,
we couldn't be happier
to have you here at Kingston.
You've proved yourself
an asset
to the culture
of our institution,
on the lacrosse field.
Your passion for the game
is only exceeded
by your natural born talent.
Now that being said,
unlike many
of our other students
here at Kingston
who come from more, well,
shall we say affluent families,
your time here is dependent
upon a scholarship, right?
An athletic scholarship
that's contingent
upon your grade
staying above a 3.0.
-Mr. Whitlock...
-No, hold on.
Don't interrupt me.
Now since the beginning
of the school year,
your grades have been slipping.
In fact, I learned today
that your grades
have indeed fallen well below
the necessary GPA.
So, effective immediately,
you're suspended
from the lacrosse team
until your grades improve.
But we only have four games
left in the season.
We're gonna go
to the championships.
Well, without you, maybe not.
But, unfortunately,
there's no gray area here.
My hands are tied.
I'm sorry, Annie.
Your classes come first.
So this is how it has to be
until Mr. Whitlock says
it's okay for you to come back.
Okay, so here's
what's gonna happen, Annie.
You are gonna pull
your grades up
and you're gonna
get back on the team
before the season is over.
Keep in mind
what a special opportunity
you've been granted with here.
A gift, really.
We took a risk on you.
I took a risk on you.
I understand that you're having
some issues at home,
but do not forget
why you're here.
Not my natural born talent?
Pull your grades up.
Don't blow this.
I think you should head
back to class.
Thank you, Miss Krueger.
We'll see you
back on the field soon.
You were a little hard on her.
She needs motivation.
We won't make it
to the playoffs without her.
Well, then
we'll have to make sure
she gets back on the team,
won't we?
Hello, Krueger.
Party at my place tonight.
Great, enjoy.
I'm inviting you, lax rat.
Lax rat?
You actually know
what that means?
Of course. I like lacrosse.
So what do you say
about my party?
No thanks.
Is this about what Regan said?
She's just jealous of you,
you know.
Underneath that
tough athlete image,
you're the type of girl
that can roll out of bed
and still be cute.
she takes three hours
just to look presentable
and still has to stuff her bra.
Seriously, Krueger.
I'm inviting you.
I can't.
I have to study
for a make-up quiz.
It only takes a few hours
of your life, Annie.
I can help you study.
I'll text you
the whens and wheres.
Why me?
Because I see potential in you.
-How do you have my number?
-Now, remember,
dress to impress.
See you later.
How did that quiz go?
History, right?
We haven't gotten
the grades back yet,
um, but I think I passed.
Like I always say,
grades are more important
than athletics.
I'm only going
to this school
because of
an athletic scholarship.
You can fall back
on an education.
You can't fall back
on lacrosse.
Night, Mom.
Stop fidgeting,
you look amazing.
How are you walking so normal?
Maybe it's because I've worn
heels before, unlike you.
If my mom finds out
we took these,
I'm gonna get grounded
for a year.
Those shoes alone
probably cost $500.
We're gonna be fine.
Just think of it like a game.
Yeah, but in the game, I get
to knock girls on their butt
if they get in my way.
Why do you even want
to come here?
Maybe this is the change
I've been looking for.
Oh, God, I hope not.
Hello, Krueger.
I guess you missed
the concept of exclusive.
She's my best friend.
We're kind of a package deal.
I suppose.
Come on in.
She'll lighten up.
Your house is amazing.
Your parents cool with you
throwing parties like this?
They're on vacation.
Haven't seen them
in three months.
Be lucky to see them
before graduation.
-I'm sorry.
-I'm not. Don't be.
Regan, look who made it.
Hello, Krueger.
-It's Camille.
Where have you been hiding
those curves, lax rat?
You could pull off
being a model
if this pro-lacrosse thing
doesn't work out.
Pro? I don't know about that.
I'm hoping for at least
a college scholarship,
but got to get
my grades up first.
Colleges can be sticklers
for grades.
Yeah, good grades
are what life's about.
Yeah, but who has time
for that?
This was a mistake, Annie.
They just want
to make fun of us.
Well, you weren't invited.
Krueger was.
How did you stuff yourself
into that dress anyway?
It's just a joke.
What are you doing?
Have fun with your friends.
Now that that's done,
what are you drinking?
Regan, go ahead
and find us a cruise.
Ooh, how about this one?
Ooh, nice. Book it.
I don't know
how you guys do it.
I can barely find time
to get Cs,
let alone grades
good enough for Harvard.
Well, it's easy.
We cheat.
Yeah, right.
Can you think of a better way?
Work hard?
Study hard?
You're like one of those PSAs.
"Study hard, drink your milk."
Blah, blah.
Annie, you're crazy
if you think
this doesn't happen
in the real world.
This is just how it works.
Either you take advantage
or be taken advantage of.
I'm someone that does
whatever it takes
to be successful.
Whatever it takes.
How do you cheat
your way into Harvard
and not get caught?
We've got a system.
Yeah, and it's not just us.
Got friends where we need 'em.
I mean, we do most
of the heavy lifting,
but the system
hasn't failed us yet.
Sounds like if you put
as much effort into studying
as you did cheating, you'd be
on the honor roll anyway.
You're like a broken record.
Here we are trying to help you.
Seriously, Annie,
are you in or not?
I don't know.
I know it sounds cheesy,
but I just keep thinking
what my mom would say.
She's never done
a dishonest thing in her life.
And look where
that's gotten her.
Divorced, living
in a crappy place
with her daughter
that's about to fail
out of a scholarship.
How do you know all that?
Am I right or not?
Look at this place.
Look at what my parents built.
Honesty isn't all
what it's cracked up to be.
When success
is all that matters,
some people don't fight fair.
Just like me.
Hey, guys, let myself in.
As long as you brought
the good stuff.
Only the best.
Where are the champagne glasses?
-We got them.
-Thank you.
Is that you?
Don't worry, I'm not here
to break up the party
or anything.
So, you're here to...
Hang out.
Just hang out.
Relax. Come on,
grab a drink.
Let's have some fun.
Not much of a champagne drinker?
Not much of a drinker, period.
You could've fooled me.
I barely recognized you
when I walked in.
You just look so...
Nice bracelet.
Uh, thanks.
It's not a fashion statement.
I have to wear it.
Medical alert bracelet?
Allergic to sesame seeds.
Like really allergic.
Throat swells, can't breathe.
It's actually pretty bad.
I'm sorry.
No, it's fine.
Just don't get me a bag
of sesame seeds
for Teacher Appreciation Week
and we're totally cool.
How are you feeling
after that talk with Whitlock?
I'm upset about
what Whitlock said,
but I'm more worried about
what I'm gonna do about it.
Well, what are you
gonna do about it?
Delia thinks she can help me.
Like with teaching, mentoring?
Something like that.
Wow, I didn't realize you two
were such good friends.
Uh, me either.
You don't sound happy about it.
I'm just not sure it's
the best way to go about it.
I don't know if I should be
talking about this
with a teacher.
Uh, well, you're right,
I am a teacher,
but I was also in
a very similar position
when I was your age.
Uh, in high school, I was
the best player on the field,
and not bragging,
I just--I just was,
and I knew it,
my coaches knew it,
everyone knew it, and I had
a really bright future
ahead of me.
And the scouts, they came
to every single game.
And, then, one game,
I blew out my knee.
It was really hard.
I would have given anything
to stay on that field
and to keep playing,
and I still would today.
I would really hate to have you
look back years from now
and regret not doing
whatever it took
just to stay on that field
and keep playing.
Your team needs you.
And so do I.
Hey, lax rat, wait up.
You have a good time tonight?
I did.
Thanks for the invite.
Seems like you had
a great time.
What does that mean?
Annie, don't be coy.
I saw you.
Y--you saw me?
-Delete that now.
I thought you'd want a memento
of your first kiss with Coach.
Delete it now, please!
That's the kind of thing
that can ruin lives.
God, you're so dramatic.
There. Done.
Thank you.
Frankly, I'm a little jealous
that I didn't get to him first.
Don't worry. We're friends.
Your secret is safe with me.
Have you thought a little
bit more about my offer?
Um, yeah, I thought it over,
and you're right.
My whole future depends
on my lacrosse.
So that means...
I could use your help.
Don't say another word.
You're officially
in the inner circle.
How does it feel?
It feels great?
Of course it does.
See ya in class.
Oh, oh, bye.
-Bye, lax rat.
Can you not?
I have class.
You're pissed about last night.
Okay, I know. I'm sorry.
I should not have let them
talk to you that way,
but they're helping me now.
How could those skanks
possibly help you?
With my grades.
Ha! I don't even want to know
how you think
they can help you with that.
Hey, lax rat.
Better get going.
Don't want to keep
your new besties waiting.
Why so sad?
If I made out
with hottie coach,
I'd be all smiles
the next day.
Don't worry, it's Regan.
She's in the inner circle.
-Come on, let's grab coffee.
-I can't.
I just got my history
rough draft back
and it looks like
a murder scene.
Ugh, Miss Brewer.
Not to worry. We can show you
how to ace this essay
and still have time
to grab coffee.
All before lunch.
-That quick?
-That quick.
-What is it?
-We call it "Rio."
Is that an acronym
for something?
Who knows?
Really, it's not as high-tech
as it looks,
especially when you know
your way around.
What's your essay on?
-The War of 1812.
How many words
does it need to be?
-Two thousand.
Here we go.
Let it do its thing.
This isn't going to work.
Teachers have
plagiarism trackers.
Oh, really?
A plagiarism tracker.
Hmm, hadn't ever thought
of that.
All right, how do you
get around it?
The way they scan the text
is totally ancient.
They just look for
any three-word sequence
that matches their database.
It doesn't take much
to throw them off.
Plus, this program
is pretty sophisticated.
Ta-da. There you go.
Totally untrackable.
No way she can trace it
back to any textbook.
How does it work?
I don't know.
It just does!
Shouldn't you know how it works
before you trust it?
I mean, I don't know
how my car works,
but I trust it
to get us to coffee
before lunch is over.
So, are we done here?
If you don't trust me,
Annie, it's fine.
I can go ahead
and delete this now,
and you can spend
your next few nights
rewriting your D+.
Coffee is on me.
The new dress collection
just dropped.
Oh my God, no way!
We've been waiting
for this one.
Oh my God, you have to show me.
Show me, show me.
Oh my God, look at this one.
You'd look so hot in that.
Order it.
-Can I see?
Eight hundred dollars?
There's a price to pay
for elegance.
You can't spend your whole life
focused on price tags, Annie.
Plus, it's not like
it's our money anyway.
You use your parents' cards?
Uh, something like that.
Annie, what's your address?
I'm gonna have it sent
to your house.
Oh, I don't...
I don't know about that.
Come on, we have way
too many porch pirates
stealing packages
from our houses.
They target
the richer neighborhoods.
Yeah, and your neighborhood
is, you know.
Okay, I don't know how much
my mom would like you
using her house as a P.O. box.
That's a shame
because I think this dress
would look great on you.
Don't you think Mitch
would love you in that?
Or out of it.
You're just gonna
buy it for me?
Older men expect
a little more elegance.
At least a little more
than that old dress
you dusted off
from your mom's closet.
I want you and Mitch
to work out.
Trust me. I've got your back.
-How was school?
You were out late last night.
Yeah, sorry.
I got hung up studying.
Thought maybe we could
spend tonight together,
watch a movie.
I'm sorry,
I'm really tired.
I was thinking of going to bed
early tonight.
Next time.
-You didn't tell me
these packages would
get here so quick.
My mom hasn't left
for work yet.
She might see.
I'm not a patient girl.
Got to go with
the overnight shipping.
And I didn't realize
there'd be so many.
Oh, don't worry.
There's a little something
special for you in there.
-For me?
-Of course.
Well, what am I supposed
to do with these boxes?
Oh, there she is.
Hi, ma'am.
We're here for a pickup.
Here we go.
Come on!
Hurry. And, shh,
please, be quiet.
All right.
Here, let me help.
Oh, thank you.
Yeah. Here, one more,
you got it.
-Oh, okay.
-She's got it.
I got it.
You guys good over there?
Hurry up, lax rat.
Guys, school is back that way.
Yeah, what's to worry about?
Your paper is done, isn't it?
What? Like you've never
ditched school before.
Oh my God, you're so innocent.
It's cute.
Don't listen to her, Annie.
We have more pressing matters
than going to school.
Like seeing how hot you'll look
in that dress for Mitch.
Feeling good?
Wait, what are we doing
back here?
Oh, stealing a copy of a quiz.
-Well, Miss Brewer always has
the answer key the day before,
so all we have to do
is go in and take it.
No. No way.
Told you she'd freak.
We can't just break
into a classroom.
It's not breaking in
if we have a key.
-How do you have those?
-We have our ways.
Friends in the right places.
Right, and Regan likes
to send racy photos
to the janitor, so...
Got to do what you got to do.
Wait. What if Miss Brewer
is still on campus?
No way. She's never here
past 5:00.
She can't miss happy hour.
We all three
are in this together.
Don't worry. Trust me.
Come on.
-It'll be fun.
-Come on, let's go, Krueger.
God, what are you
freaking out over?
What if someone sees us?
Somebody always sees us.
We're at school.
Not breaking into a classroom.
Nobody knows that.
Come on.
I'll check the desk.
Regan, check
the filing cabinet.
You stay there.
Stand watch
in case Miss Brewer comes.
I thought you said
she was gone.
Ugh, you are too easy.
It's not funny.
It's a little funny.
Guys, this is not a good idea.
Ugh, this isn't our first time,
lax rat.
-Got it.
Hold it still.
-Got it.
Looks like you aced
your make-up quiz, lax rat.
How does it feel?
There you go.
-What do we do?
Hide, hide, hide.
Oh my God.
Come over here.
Oh, God.
What's the plan?
Hold on, shh.
Okay, ready?
Three, two, let's go.
Go, go, go, go, go.
Go, go, go, go.
Oh my God, that was insane.
I thought Regan's boyfriend
was gonna catch us.
-Shut up.
-He almost did.
He almost saw you.
-Um, guys...
-You took it?
Wait, that wasn't
part of the plan.
I didn't realize
I still had it.
It all happened so quick.
Now Miss Brewer's gonna know
someone stole it.
We're screwed.
Can't we just, like,
sneak it back in, right?
Not with your boyfriend
on patrol.
What were you thinking?
I can put it back.
I'll just go in early
before Miss Brewer gets there
and put it back.
You'd do that?
I'm in the inner circle, right?
-I guess
we actually are
in this together.
Great. I knew I liked you.
Okay, now let's go,
I need a drink.
-Another one?
-Another one?
-Yeah, another one.
-Just one more.
Hey, ladies.
A toast to a 4.0 GPA.
Cheers to that.
And a gift for you.
Please, you've already done
enough with the dresses.
Just open it.
I can't accept this.
-These are so...
Don't worry. You deserve it.
Well, we better get going.
Want to give them some privacy.
Things might get
a little steamy.
Hey, you.
How's your day going?
Eventful to say the least.
What are you doing in here?
Class doesn't start
for another hour.
Oh, um, hi.
I thought this might be
a good time
to make up my quiz.
Have a seat.
-Good luck.
-Oh, thanks.
Okay, I think I got these
just right this time.
-Try it.
-Thank you, lax rat.
Well, Miss Krueger, you've done
the work and it shows.
You've improved
your grades enough,
actually more than enough
to rejoin the team.
That's great.
Expected you
to be more excited.
Sorry. Late night.
Studying, I presume.
Yeah, something like that.
Well, you should be proud.
You know, you proved
that you deserve to be here
and not just
for your athletics.
I see a lot of myself in you.
I didn't come from money
like many of your classmates,
and I certainly didn't have
your athletic prowess.
But, you know, it took me
until much later in life
to get to where I am today.
But look at me now,
the gatekeeper
of this fine institution.
Coach! Come on in.
I was just discussing
with Krueger
about rejoining the squad.
Oh, well, that's fantastic news.
Isn't it?
That state title
is looking pretty good
-right about now, huh?
-Well, yeah,
we're just excited
to have her back on the team.
-She deserves it.
-Yes, she does.
Yes, she does.
Well, you should
probably head to practice.
Got to shake off
some of that rust
before the next game, huh?
Keep going, chat it up.
Chat it up, girls!
Talk to each other.
Nice chatter.
Keep talking, girls,
keep talking.
Stay sharp. Stay sharp, girls.
Good job, keep talking, girls.
Keep talking.
Head on a swivel.
Hey, sticks up.
Krueger! Focus.
Krueger! C'mon, focus.
All right, sticks up,
sticks up, keep going.
It's okay, brush it off,
get back in there.
-Forget this. I'm done.
-Keep doing rounds.
Keep doing rounds.
Lemme see your stick.
-Is everything okay?
-I'm fine.
I just need
to clear my head.
I wanna see you tonight.
My place.
I'll text you the address.
Get back in there.
What is this?
This isn't a water break,
come on.
Get back in there. Girls!
Keep going, keep going!
You look...
Uh, I was gonna say
Please, um,
I'm not trying to be rude.
Come in.
-Yes, please!
-To a winning season.
-To a winning season.
I'm really glad
that your grades are up
and that you're
back on the team.
That means we get to spend
a lot more time together.
Yeah, we do.
So I do need you focused,
And the team needs you focused.
We want our Annie back.
I know.
I just--I didn't realize
I'd be back on the team
so fast.
But no more late nights
with Delia.
I promise.
From now on, only practice,
practice, practice.
You really are so beautiful.
Figured with that fancy
new watch you had,
you'd be able to keep track
of time a little better.
-I'm sorry.
You stroll in here
three hours past curfew
and all you can say
is "Sorry"?
What do you want me to say?
Don't you dare
talk to me like that.
I've been worried sick
all night--
and not just tonight.
For the last few weeks,
you've been acting strange.
-What is going on with you?
-Annie, talk to me!
-What is your problem?
My grades are fine and
I still have my scholarship.
What's the big deal
if I'm home a little late?
I'm worried about who you
might be spending time with.
What's wrong with me
finally having some friends?
What about Camille?
Camille has changed.
Are you sure you're not
the one who's changed?
I'm sure.
And what do you care
if I'm out late, anyway?
I'm 18.
You're still under my roof,
so it's my rules.
Is that it?
Or are you just so afraid
of spending one night alone,
missing Dad all by yourself?
I'm sorry.
You're officially
in the inner circle.
Trust me!
I've got your back.
I knew I liked you
Don't worry. Trust me!
We all three
are in this together.
This is stupid.
You and I were friends.
We are friends.
I don't know why we keep
avoiding each other like this.
You still seem mad at me.
I figured
I'd give you some space.
I am still mad,
but that doesn't mean
you aren't my friend.
I'm here for you
if you need anything.
I'm okay.
You are?
I'm back on the team,
my grades are good.
Thanks to your "tutors."
They're my friends, Camille,
and they're really
helping me right now.
I could help you too,
the right way.
I don't know if I have time
for the right way.
They can't be trusted, Annie.
I'll see you at practice.
Delia, you're not
listening to me.
It's not that big
of a deal, Regan.
It is the second time
Miss Brewer has
pulled me aside after class.
What happens
if she pulls Annie aside?
Do you think Annie's
gonna be able to--
Maybe not, but it's not gonna
be a big deal, because she's--
Hey. Everything okay?
No, not really.
Oh my God.
Stop being so dramatic.
I'm not being dramatic.
-That's her job.
-Don't insult her.
You're the one acting like
you're afraid
of your own shadow.
-Afraid of my own shadow.
Miss Brewer is on to us.
She pretty much told me so.
Wait, she what?
Yeah, Miss Brewer
pulled me aside after class.
Said my paper was excellent.
Then she started
asking me questions, specifics,
things I'd only know if I had
done the research myself.
-What did you tell her?
-What do you think I told her?
I didn't know any of it.
I froze.
She saw right through me.
And then she asked
if I'd been studying
with Delia and you.
She can't prove anything.
I don't care
if she can't prove anything,
she's on to us.
All it takes is
one teacher like her
to start snooping
and it snowballs.
We'll be screwed.
That's not gonna happen.
You know, you're not as smart
as you think you are, Delia.
Excuse me?
-I'm out.
-What do you mean, you're out?
No more cheating.
Unlike you two, I've got
way too much to lose.
And I can trust you can
keep your mouth shut?
Do you understand
what I'm asking of you?
Because if you don't,
-then I'll just--
-Don't threaten me.
You're not gonna
pull us down with you
if you decide to go all noble.
You wanna know
why she does this?
She's trying to impress
Mommy and Daddy,
who are never around.
It's pathetic.
Don't worry.
How can I not worry?
She knows how to keep quiet.
You trust she won't
tell anyone?
She better not.
And don't forget
there's a quiz tomorrow
on women's suffrage.
And read chapter eight.
Miss Krueger.
A word.
Is there anything you want
to tell me about this?
It's my essay.
And did you have
any help writing it?
I mean...I have--I have a tutor.
If that's what you mean.
Just someone my mom hired.
-A student?
So you didn't have any help
from anyone at the school?
Like Regan?
Regan Grier?
No. I barely know her.
Thank you, Miss Krueger,
that'll be all.
Text Delia.
Oh my God.
I got this!
I got this.
I told you, Annie.
Meet me behind the cafeteria.
We have to talk.
You got this.
Forget this.
Annie, are you okay?
Yeah, I'm fine.
Do you know
what that's about?
You haven't heard?
-Heard what?
She got into an accident.
Someone assaulted her on campus.
They found her this morning
alive, but barely.
Oh my God.
May I have your attention,
as of this morning,
Miss Brewer has been
relieved of her duty
here at Kingston.
I can't get into specifics
at this moment, but, uh,
until we find a replacement,
I'll be taking over the class.
So I believe you were
on chapter six,
so let's pull out
your textbooks and get started.
-Hey! I can't believe it.
-I know.
I was never able to confirm it
until now.
-Confirm what?
Apparently, Regan was
sending those risqu photos
to Miss Brewer too.
They were together,
having some sort
of a relationship.
Do you think she was doing it
for the grades?
-Maybe not.
Don't you think
we need to find out
what happened to Regan?
That's a job for the police,
not us.
What happened to "We're all
in this together"?
We were, but sleeping
with a teacher wasn't
part of the plan.
She was on her own with that.
Forgot about you and Coach.
We're not sleeping together.
You've done enough.
I have photos.
And I thought
you deleted them.
And I thought
you were smart enough
to not ask questions.
Let it go.
Come in.
What are you doing here?
Did you hear about Regan?
Yeah. Yeah, it's terrible.
I have a bad feeling.
What do you mean?
Maybe Delia's responsible.
I really don't think so.
They found that Regan
was having
an inappropriate relationship
with Miss Brewer.
-And you believe that?
-They fired her.
Really don't think
they would have done that
unless they were certain.
Unless they were
covering something up.
Are you listening to yourself?
A certain friend of ours
has a habit of keeping
compromising photos
for emergencies.
Don't you think
she could have planned all this?
Mitch, what is going on?
I can't.
Please, tell me.
I'm afraid I might be next.
Stay away from Delia
for your own sake.
I'm not afraid of her,
I just need to know
what you know.
It goes a lot higher
than you think.
What does that mean,
Just--just trust me until I can
get some more information.
-All I'm asking--
-Just trust me.
And I also think
we need to end this.
This whole thing was
a mistake from the beginning
and I shouldn't have
led you on.
I'm sorry, Annie.
You're excused.
We're done!
You are gonna get us all caught.
I told her to stop poking around
like I was supposed to.
What was the whole "This goes
higher than you think" thing?
Doesn't it?
My God.
-You have the hots for her.
-No I don't.
-It's just part of the plan.
-Maybe in the beginning,
all you were supposed to do was
get her to have a crush on you,
kiss her for
the blackmail photos.
But now,
you actually like her.
She's a student.
Don't tell me
you didn't enjoy yourself.
Admit it.
You like them young.
Just like you liked me.
I did what you asked
and now I'm done.
It's not that simple, Coach.
You're done
when we say that you're done.
Camille! Wait.
You okay?
You were right.
You were right all along
about Mitch, about Delia.
-What happened?
I think Delia has something to
do with what happened to Regan.
She wasn't having
a relationship with Miss Brewer.
But they found those
pictures on her phone.
Delia has a way
with things like that.
She even has pictures of me
with Mitch.
She what?
This whole thing has just gotten
way out of control.
I have to come forward.
I have to tell someone
You could go to Whitlock.
Would you come with me?
I've always got your back.
I did what I was supposed to do.
What more do you want from me?
You have a job
and Mitch has a job.
What is she doing
talking to Whitlock?
Probably throwing me
under the bus.
They don't look too happy.
I'm gonna go listen.
You're just gonna
walk in there?
-They're gonna see you!
-Well, I--I'll figure it out.
Oh! Someone's coming--quick.
So about that homework
last night?
I think, like, if we
kinda, like, collaborate on it?
Yeah, definitely, I can
help you out with that, yeah.
100 percent, yeah.
Okay, I have to hear
what they're saying.
-I'm going in.
Frankly, I don't get
what the big deal is.
Thanks to Annie,
we have so much on him.
He's not gonna talk.
He wasn't supposed to have
feelings for her.
Didn't you explain that to him?
Of course I did.
This is getting
way too messy.
You're the one that wanted
Regan out of the picture.
What about Mitch?
We need to make sure
he keeps his mouth shut.
I know just the way to do it.
I'm gonna need your help.
Uh, um, can I get
my transcripts?
You know, I wanna apply
to college applications and all?
Yeah, we'd be happy
to get you a copy.
Come back tomorrow,
I'll have it ready.
Actually, can I get 'em now?
You know how
college applications are.
Very well.
We'll have to continue
our discussion later.
No problem.
Let's get your transcripts.
Darn, Mitch!
That was crazy.
What did he say?
They're gonna kill Mitch.
He actually said that?
He told Delia they need
to keep him quiet, so yeah,
I'd say that's not good.
I'm not around, leave a message.
Mitch, I know you don't
want to talk anymore, but
I think you're in danger,
so please call me.
I can't believe this.
I mean, I knew Delia
was a real witch,
but I never thought
she'd do something like this.
I think Whitlock's
calling the shots.
Annie, this is insane.
You have to tell someone.
Annie, you have to.
I know, I just--
after everything I've done,
with the cheating and Mitch?
It'll ruin his life.
And mine.
Annie, there's something
much bigger going on here.
How will my mom
ever forgive me?
She'll understand.
She's your mom.
And you heard him say this?
-You too?
-No, I was making a distraction.
So everything you told me about
staying out late studying
was all a lie?
You've been cheating.
This is unbelievable.
It's the truth.
-Is it?
-Mrs. Krueger,
I know what Annie's saying
right now sounds crazy,
-but I think--
-I think you need
to go home, Camille.
It's okay.
Is this because of your father?
Ever since you found out
about his new girlfriend,
you have been
a completely different person.
I mean, cheating?
Come on, that's not you.
There was a whole
cheating ring.
I was just
a part of it.
Along with that girl, Regan.
And when she started
to have second thoughts,
that's when they hurt her.
All because of cheating?
It goes a lot higher than that.
Principal Whitlock's involved.
And I'm afraid
of who's next.
First Regan, and now
they're coming after Mitch.
Mitch? Coach Mitch?
He tried to get out,
but they're not letting
anyone leave.
He's the one who
convinced me to join.
-He forced you into it?
-No! He just encouraged me.
-We were just hanging out.
You know?
Kind of seeing each other.
What does that mean, Annie?
We talked,
we hung out.
We kissed.
He took advantage of you.
We have feelings
for each other.
Or we did.
He may have told you that,
but that's what predators do.
He isn't--I pursued him!
-You what?
-I pushed for it,
I instigated it all.
I'm calling the school.
And the police.
No, you can't!
-Whitlock will--
Go to bed.
Mom! Please!
Thanks for the ride.
Are you sure
you don't want me to come?
I'm sure, just wait for me here?
We're getting pretty deep
into this, Annie.
I'm already in deep.
I know I shouldn't be here,
but it's urgent.
I think you're in danger.
I mean, I know you are.
-You know?
I listened to a conversation
between Delia and Whitlock,
-You're spying on them?
I told you
to stay away from Delia.
I know they had something to do
with that happened to Regan.
Please stop.
Everything that you're doing,
I already told you
that I'm working on this,
I'm trying to fix it.
You just have to have
some patience
and you have to trust me.
If you would tell me what you
know, then I could help you.
I've already told you,
it's bigger than both of us.
So the only way to bring this
down is from the top.
Rio, it stores everything,
it has all the data.
-Okay, what exactly is Rio?
-I've already said too much.
Seriously, you need to leave.
-I just want you to be safe.
-I said go!
No, I'm not leaving here.
Are you okay?
My--my EpiPen!
Oh! Where? Where? Where is it?
Oh my God.
Oh my God, Mitch!
-911, what's your emergency?
-I need an ambulance
to 8585 West Remlinger.
Please hurry, please.
Ma'am? Ma'am,
are you still there?
Ma'am, can you hear me?
I'm so sorry.
-We need to go!
-What? What happened?
-Annie, tell me!
-They killed him!
-Mitch is dead.
-What? How?
They just--they poisoned him
and he couldn't breathe
and he collapsed
right in front me and
I think they're trying
to frame me.
We need to go now!
Whoa, whoa.
They think I killed Mitch.
I'm so sorry
I dragged you into this.
I've got your back
on the field
and I've got your back now.
We have to get into
Whitlock's office,
-find proof they did this.
-I'm with you.
Game time.
You poisoned Mitch.
Lax rat,
you get a new phone number?
Let her borrow my phone.
Admit it. You poisoned him.
I don't know
what you're talking about.
What, you're gonna beat me
with your little stick
if I don't talk?
Not a bad idea.
Oh my God, are you crazy?
No, just protecting a friend.
Whitlock will throw you
under the bus in a heartbeat
to protect himself.
Why not beat him to the punch?
I don't know
what you're talking about!
Camille here?
We call her "Bone Breaker"
on the field.
Come on, Delia.
We know you always
look out for number one.
Give us proof Whitlock
is behind all this.
Leave me alone!
Come on, Delia,
we know it's Whitlock.
We know he's in on it
with you.
Just give us the proof.
Come on, Delia, 'fess up!
Let her go, Camille.
She was gonna talk,
I can tell.
We got what we needed.
Okay, come on.
-Any idea where he keeps it?
-How would I know?
You've spent way more time here
than I ever have.
Good point.
Annie's smartwatch?
He'd wanna keep it
somewhere hidden.
Just move, I got this.
-Does it mean something?
Yeah, it means
this is the answer.
Let's go.
-Oh my God!
-This way, this way!
No, no, no--argh!
Come on, he's right behind us!
-Oh my God!
-This way! Hurry!
-In there!
-Where are we going?
-Why in here?
-Shortcut. My car's there.
You have something
that belongs to me.
No way, Whitlock.
I'm taking it to the police,
this ends now.
No, no, no, no, no,
this ends when I say it ends.
Hand over the drive.
Such a shame you had to drag
your friend into this.
I'm gonna ask you
one more time.
Give me the drive.
All this for
your precious trophies?
Well, I like trophies.
I like winning, I do.
You know, this whole
cheating conspiracy,
it was a, well,
it was a necessity.
These parents who send their
children to this school,
they spend a lot of money
on tuition.
And they expect results,
but their kids are too stupid
to do their homework.
So Mommy and Daddy get mad,
enrollment goes down,
and who do you think
that affects?
Me, my job, my livelihood.
I did what I had to do.
You helped them cheat.
Admit it.
The cheating ring saved
your athletic career.
It saved your future.
All you girls had to do was
just keep your mouths shut!
Because of you,
Mitch is dead.
You're the murderer!
Whoa! Hot shot.
I never pulled any trigger.
Oh sure, you had other
people do it for you,
like a coward.
Well, unfortunately,
no one will ever know.
No drive, no proof.
And this all comes back to you.
You know, there's only
one problem with your plan.
What's that?
You really pissed off my mom.
I'm so sorry
I didn't believe you!
I'm so sorry!
Camille! Are you okay?
It's okay, it's okay.
It's okay, it's okay.
I love you!
-Come on, Annie!
And Camille!
-Oh my God!
You played so well!
Great game!
That was amazing.
Now, what are you
doing here with me?
Go celebrate with your friends.
-You sure?
-I'm sure.
-I love you so much, Mom.
-I love you too!
Okay, I'll be right back.