Studio Sex (2012) Movie Script

Can't you say you need to
monitor a nuclear submarine?
Together with a handsome
husband on an island.
- Shall I just order you to help?
- A job for dad.
- Let's see if daddy can.
- You're too weak.
- There.
- Papa can do it.
Only I'm a little dizzy.
- But try to do it yourself.
- I don't want to work.
- Hello, Bengtzon.
- How was Greece?
- Greek. And you?
- Great. Is there any news?
A lot. "The police suspect
a moped gang in Stockholm."
Polish trucks bring them in, and
Italians sell them again.
I had one. It lasted too.
Where is Berit?
In the city. Bengtzon, listen:
"Record ice cream sales. The
ten most popular flavours."
More great news: "The army
cancels planned exercises."
The dog days of August.
- Do you want a coffee?
- Please.
Swedish colonel held hostage
172 days now, family appeals to Ministry.
Evening Press, Annika Bengtzon.
Yes, you're
speaking with the newspaper.
What park?
- What's her name?
- I don't know.
- Where's the woman who found her?
- Going to the hospital. In shock.
Was she strangled? What time?
- Clues? Evidence?
- Quiet. She wasn't even cold.
My god, is it really true?
I come here every day.
- Do you live around here?
- Yes, Frejgatan 41.
Are you sure you didn't
hear or see anything,
last night or this morning?
- You don't sleep much at night now.
- There's a lot of noise at night.
Especially on the weekends.
I'm constantly stumbling over drunks.
- Christer Lundgren, here.
- Hi, Karina.
About our reaction to the
proposal on free trade.
I'm concerned a bit about
the wording.
Now it seems if the
Minister, you actually,
isn't positive about all
the countries involved.
Karina, you attended the consultations.
You heard everything.
- Why are you calling me about this?
- Okay.
- How did Baltic delegation react?
- Great. Everyone was happy.
Good. See you then.
And now the other news.
A young woman was found dead in
Vasastan, in the center of Stockholm.
Police suspect murder, but
haven't made a statement.
Come with me?
I want to out of here.
Isn't this too risky?
Josefin without "E"? Liljeberg.
When will you learn?
Okay, what do we have?
Josefin Liljeberg,
19, from Stockholm.
Early this morning
strangled and raped.
- Perhaps abused before hand.
- Beautiful. I want to know everything:
Family, work, boyfriends,
And pictures from
when she was alive.
- Quiet, we're not interns.
- I haven't heard.
- Liljeberg, Hanna Josefin. From Taby.
- Taby? Nice girl, bad habits.
Living on Igeldammsgatan.
- Annika, you do the family.
- Fine.
- And check this time if they already know.
- That was me then.
- You startled me.
- Sorry.
I wanted to look at you.
I thought you'd
only get back tomorrow.
Are they already sleeping?
I really missed you.
Did she have
any friends in her class?
Ask about that at
the sports club. Berit.
- No friends?
- Strangulation and confirmed rape.
Probably the same
place where she was found.
No suspects yet. The Police
welcome all tips on this matter, blah.
- No clothes, except...
- Her underwear. I saw that.
- She lived with a roommate.
- Who's that?
Don't know.
She reported her as missing.
You're doing
the hunt for the killer.
Annika, you do her personal life and
last hours. Then we'll close it.
- How did it go?
- What?
Have you spoken to
Josefin's mother yet?
She kept saying
how well she did at school.
The father wasn't even
able to come to the phone.
I never get
used to that kind of talk.
Did you know her?
Annika, journalist.
I'm writing about Josefin.
- I don't want to do an interview.
- No, no okay.
- I understand how you feel.
- Why?
You know...
My friend died
when I was your age, so...
- Beautiful flowers.
- These are from her friend.
- He doesn't dare come with them.
- What's his name?
- I have to go.
- Wait.
If there's anything, call me.
This is my card.
For when you want to talk.
What's your name?
- Hi, it's me. Did I wake you?
- Yes.
Sorry. I only wanted to
hear your voice. Are you okay?
Fine. No, go back to sleep.
- Was there anything?
- Nothing significant.
I just had to work late.
- Take care of yourself. Kiss.
- Okay. Kiss. Good bye.
We have more details and
pictures than the rest.
Nobody writes about her clothes.
- Was that girl her roommate?
- Yes. Patricia. I hope she'll call me.
- I want to find that friend.
- Whatever you say. And the Colonel?
- No news, I've heard nothing.
- He won't get VIP treatment.
But the Prime Minister continues
to hide behind the UN.
"UN will only support you.
If the government
refuses to negotiate
with the terrorists."
He's very smug.
- He always was.
- But as soon as they abduct him.
It's the prime minister.
Sleep well?
Apparently I was needed.
I drove straight home.
- How did it go?
- Good.
I've conducted more pleasant
negotiations, but it worked.
- Did anyone see you?
- No.
- Are you sure?
- Yes, I'm sure.
- Okay. Then we'll wait and see.
- Absolutely.
Sorry to disturb you.
How are you?
I just want to talk.
It isn't an interview.
I sleep here.
- We work at night. So we sleep here.
- I can use that.
- Where do you work?
- At a restaurant.
- What restaurant?
- On Surbrunnsgatan.
- Which restaurant is that?
- Studio Sex.
- You mean the porn club?
- It's just dancing and posing.
- Was that Josefin's job? Striptease?
- She was a dancer.
I work behind the bar.
- Aren't you a journalist?
- Yes, that's right.
The club was
only something temporary.
- Not for you, no?
- No. Do you have a problem with that?
Sorry. I just wanted to get a better
picture of Josefin.
- Do you want some water?
- No, thank you.
Is that why she had a breast
implant? I saw her at the park.
- Or not?
- That was Joachim's idea. Her friend.
He's the club owner.
He paid for it.
She danced for him to pay it off.
She always joked about it.
"Now I only have one breast."
I was so happy when she asked
if I wanted to share the flat with her.
I had nowhere else to go.
- Joachim wasn't so happy, but...
- Why not?
He'd rather
keep her just for himself.
But I had little choice.
So I came here.
You shouldn't write all this.
Was he jealous?
He loved her very much.
Everyone could see that.
She said so herself. It was great
he could cry and show his emotions.
It's important for
people to know that,
after what's
happened to Josefin.
That she was a stripper
in her friend's club.
The police know all that.
I want something positive written
about Josefin, not that she...
- People have prejudices.
- Your name won't appear.
- It will get known soon enough.
- But not mine.
You don't understand. If Joachim
suspected I talked to...
You can't write about
that, okay? Promise.
I promise.
Hi. To Nybrogatan 26.
- You have a suspect. Her friend.
- What do you mean?
You don't deny it could be him?
Often the perpetrator
is known to the
victim, you know that
just as well as me.
And the search for clues?
She was raped, there must be DNA.
This is logical,
they were a couple.
They got into an
argument and she left.
This is his story. Don't
speculate about him.
What were they arguing about?
- We've found her clothes.
- Where?
- At a recycling center in Hogdalen.
- Are these really her clothes?
- Yes, but they're useless as evidence.
- Why?
They are mixed with
other garbage.
Write about that, but
forget about her friend.
- Why?
- Because I said so.
What is this nonsense
about clothes or
someone in her environment?
Pure speculation.
- This isn't a teen magazine.
- It's everything I have.
And that flat mate has
fascinating little
to report about.
She's sad, so what?
- She was really sad.
- Well.
If they were such great
friends, you should
have been able to
elicit more from her.
- Go, talk to her parents.
- They don't want to. I've tried.
Bengtzon has nothing.
We must fill the gap.
Ask our criminologist, this seems
like a serial killer.
Yes. This guy
and I love each other.
You need to locate the friend.
What was he busy doing?
Why do we know nothing?
Where's the drama, damn?
Here's the cash.
Come in.
- Would you like a drink?
- No.
- A Coke?
- No, thanks.
I tried to sleep a bit,
but it didn't help. Sit down.
- She earned that.
- It went pretty well tonight.
Who do you think it was?
- Maybe one of those posers here.
- No idea.
- What did you tell the police?
- The same.
- That you know nothing?
- Yes.
"He blushed as he looked at me.
He couldn't hide his feelings."
He was the most
handsome boy I ever met.
He can also cry.
He wasn't embarrassed about it.
I told him I wanted to leave
and achieve something.
"He was the first who really
listened to me." It's him.
- How do you know?
- I know. The way she talks about him.
And he's the owner of the club
where she was a stripper?
- Do you intend to keep it for yourself?
- Yes.
You should tell Schyman.
- This is just one more time.
- I know, but...
I promised.
- Hi. Back from sailing?
- I see you?
Hello, Annika.
Did you miss me?
- Joachim Robert Viklund.
- Tell me more.
Born in 1980, Brannkyrka.
Address: Gamla Rasundavagen in Solna.
Unmarried, no children.
Has a BMW M3. No income.
A trading ban and a
bankruptcy in 2005.
- I know who did it. Patricia said...
- He has an alibi.
Several employees say he was in
the club at the time of the murder.
The bouncer, the
girlfriend of the bouncer,
they all say the same thing.
They were celebrating something.
Afterwards Joachim shared
a taxi with the bouncer.
- You can check that.
- The taxi was illegal.
So you think it isn't him.
- Are you sure?
- He has an alibi.
- From his friends, yes.
- Get it out of your head.
And another thing:
Don't tell me
how I should do my work.
Annika, why didn't you?
The police interrogated a minister.
I send Patrik there. Where have
you been? Come to the office.
Christer Lundgren was interviewed
for information purposes only.
He isn't a suspect in this case.
Why did you interrogate him?
He may be able to
assist the investigation.
- Did he know the victim?
- No comment.
- It's a complex investigation.
- The public has a right to information.
We can't say any more now.
The same old song.
Come on, Schyman's here.
- No, that's a good angle.
- Yes, right?
Ha, Annika. How is it? Finally a good
story, just before the elections.
You could almost suspect
the opposition.
The Prime Minister
dragged back from vacation.
- You here?
- Hello, Schyman.
That girl wasn't a waitress,
but a stripper.
- What?
- A stripper in a nightclub.
Studio Sex on Surbrunnsgatan.
And who is the owner? Her friend.
- Is that confirmed?
- Absolutely.
- How could you miss that?
- What was she doing in the park?
Picking up clients?
Fucking all her customers there?
There's a considerable difference
between a stripper and a prostitute.
Not so much as between a stripper
and the nice girl in your story.
Who excelled so well at school.
It's still something that
she became a stripper?
- That's not an excuse.
- I didn't say so.
- What did you say?
- Quiet.
"I was just
putting it in perspective."
What matters now is that
it effects Christer Lundgren.
Amateur. Come on, Patrik.
- Take the kids along for a while.
- I want to stay with you.
- No.
- Why not?
Because this
may be very difficult.
What do I say to the children?
And for how long then?
I don't know for how long. Yes,
it depends on what's in the papers.
- Did you know her?
- It isn't what it seems.
"He doesn't want me
talking to others"
about us, even when
I tell nice things.
I'll never do it again.
"I'd never hurt him."
This is really good. Great.
No one has this perspective.
Perhaps the "Christian stripper
is fond of children."
What's the relationship
with the minister?
Maybe he came to the club.
So what?
I can check the official side.
What projects he is working on now.
Annika, you do the personal contacts.
His wife, colleagues, friends.
Someone angry
at him who's willing to talk.
Maybe he's using violence.
Patrik, ask the police at the club.
Are you Annika Bengtzon?
How do you write that stuff
about my daughter?
First you call
and you are all sympathetic.
Then you accuse her acquaintances.
How do you think it feels?
How can you even look
at yourself in the mirror?
And now it
says my daughter was...
A kind of street-walker.
Have you any
idea what you've done?
You destroy people's lives,
just to sell your newspaper.
- It wasn't the intention...
- Get off me. You understand nothing.
- Are you moving out?
- Josefin's mother threw me out.
She said if I hadn't met
Josefin, she'd still be alive.
- How could you write such a thing?
- I haven't done anything, I swear.
That was a colleague at the newspaper.
I've no idea how he found out.
I told you it would come out.
- Where are you going?
- No idea. Look for a wealthy lover.
- You can stay at my place.
- No.
- My husband and kids aren't there.
- Nice of you, but I'll manage.
Until you've
found something for yourself.
I have to work,
but you can still use it.
Perhaps, give me the address?
Annika Bengtzon, Evening Press.
I wish to ask Christer
Lundgren some questions.
Then you'll have to
ask Karina Bjornlund.
- Who's that?
- It is about that.
- I thought you'd left.
- I'm leaving tonight.
- Where are the children?
- With my mother.
Were you at the police station?
Where have they asked?
Christer, say something to me.
You don't have to remain silent.
I can't say anything.
I need to think of the
other stakeholders.
But it's all okay.
I can't say more.
What do you
actually take me for?
I don't know what to think.
But I know you've done
everything for the party.
Are you sure you didn't see
or hear anything?
- Something you remembered later?
- No.
I'll never be
able to go to the park again.
And the idea Christer Lundgren has
something to do with it. So strange.
He seems like such a nice man.
Just like William. Really nice.
I don't know what
I could say against him.
- Do you know him?
- Yes. He rents a flat in the same building.
- I thought that's why you came along.
- This building?
Yes, the top floor.
What do you think I should do?
She's dead.
Yes, I know.
No, I haven't talked to anyone.
What do you take me for?
Annika Bengtzon, Evening Press.
I'd like to speak to you.
I have only a few questions.
- We'll write anyway, even if you're silent.
- Would you please leave?
Why did they question you?
Did you see anything?
- I believe in your innocence.
- No comment.
It's better you
tell your own story.
Would you please do what I ask?
I'd like to
speak Karina Bjornlund.
This is tricky.
Do you have an appointment?
There she is.
Annika Bengtzon, Evening Press.
I've already talked
your colleagues today.
- Why was the minister questioned?
- Ask our PR.
Is it because he rents an apartment
in that neighbourhood?
Then you know more than me.
And if I knew, I wouldn't say.
Is this about Studio Sex? The
nightclub? Did he go there sometimes?
Excuse me, I have a meeting.
The agreement on free trade
is his great project.
In addition to a project with
the Minister of Development.
On the evening
of the murder he was
with a Baltic trade delegation.
Strictly speaking this
isn't criminal,
unless you're an
ex-Communist like me.
He has to be a good negotiator.
That treaty between the conservationists
and the electricity company...
Was largely due to him.
Nothing more?
He is a lawyer and economist.
Politically active since
his student days.
Not a "9 to 5" man.
Very dedicated.
Are you sure?
- That I can sleep here?
- Yes. They're not here now.
- How nice.
- What?
- How long have you been together?
- Approximately ten years.
But we have our ups and
downs too, like everyone else.
- What mood was she in that night?
- Cheerful.
Very happy. She had just been
admitted to the university.
So she had
no quarrel with Joachim?
Did anything happen?
Do you remember
who was there that night?
Was this man there sometimes?
I don't know.
- So you recognize him?
- All men suits look alike.
Can she have
known him from elsewhere?
Sorry. I just want
to know what happened.
- Are you going to the memorial service?
- I'm probably not welcome.
Hello, darling.
- Do you like it?
- Great. The children are already asleep.
- You fly at each other's throats?
- No.
But I miss you.
I thought about coming home.
No, stay right there.
I have so much to do.
Can I call you back tomorrow?
I have to make some phone calls.
- Yes, of course. Kiss.
- Kiss.
I need to work.
- Can I go with you?
- To the club?
- Have a pint, look around.
- Really?
It's possible, but don't say you're
a journalist. Joachim will explode.
Who was that?
What a glamorous girl, huh?
This is Josefin's locker.
It's empty.
Everything's been removed.
In addition to these.
Which I borrowed.
- Was that hers?
- It was her favourite.
Josefin could
sell herself well.
She was up all night drinking
champagne with older men.
- She could earn as much as she wanted.
- And how much do you earn?
I have a contract.
The others work black.
How many girls are there here?
Quiet. Everyone is here by
their own free will.
And they earn all
their money at the bar?
Come say, I also worked in bars.
Long ago, but still.
Is that still in use?
- Good technique.
- Thank you. Sorry.
- Where did you learn that?
- I came with Patricia.
- My name is Annika.
- Hello, Annika.
I'm Joachim.
We can use a roulette croupier.
Sorry, not interested.
Think about it.
You're always welcome.
"He says I can never leave."
He says he can't
live without me.
"He says that
with tears in his eyes."
- Where's the coffin?
- Still with the forensic service.
The family
couldn't wait any longer.
You can come forward now to say
goodbye to Josefin.
To start with, her immediate family:
Johan, Marie and Per.
Don't interrogate anyone here
leave now? Please go away.
Do you hear me? Get out.
Another seven
weeks until the elections.
Christer, you should keep away
from the media. As you wish.
Everything that goes to the press,
goes through you, personally.
Not through someone else in PR.
- Where's Marie?
- In Portugal.
And has she
talked to anyone? Beautiful.
All of us will keep quiet about
what Christer said to the police.
Unfortunately the harm's
already been done.
Now it's now important to
minimize the damage.
What happened with
the Baltic delegation?
They went back home this morning
on the first plane.
You should stay away from here
for a while, until it's passed.
In a quiet place where the police
can't contact you.
Where? I can't go home.
- I might...
- You're doing nothing.
- You've caused enough trouble.
- I know where she can go, Christer.
What was that riot at the memorial?
It's already on the Internet.
- What happened?
- Nothing.
How do I know whether Lundgren
went to in Studio Sex?
He denies it, and the police
won't say anything.
And Patricia can only remember
"men in suits".
- Did you speak to that friend again?
- She's staying at my place.
Josefin's mother threw her out.
She had nowhere to go.
- Does Schyman know that?
- Of course not.
Goodness, Annika.
A good friend of the victim
you're writing about.
What's the matter with you?
If Lundgren was in Studio Sex,
there must be a receipt.
- Ask the Ministry.
- Declaring that he isn't really upstanding.
You don't know. Sometimes people
do ordinary things in
unusual situations.
Well, I'm off.
A week in the hammock,
and no newspaper.
- What shall I do without you?
- You save yourself.
You can always ask
our sailing champion
for help, "el Patriko".
Don't worry.
Hi. Did the Minister
of Trade submit
a restaurant receipt
dated 27 June?
- In that case, I'd like it.
- And who are you?
I don't need to say. This is
public information, you know.
Can I get a copy?
I've proof Lundgren was at
Studio Sex that night.
55,633 SEK entertainment...
Charged on his credit card.
Can you confirm that?
Do you bother me sometimes?
Why don't you tell?
- I'm just doing my job.
- I.
"I had three stitches."
The nurse said I was lucky.
"If my eyes had been open.
I'd be blind."
Minister in sex
club on night of murder.
Here I demand
a good explanation.
- I just wanted him to calm down.
- It wouldn't seem so.
You look like a hooligan,
at the victim's funeral.
We weren't
any worse than the others.
We waited until the family
politely finished saying goodbye.
I was the first
who spoke to the family.
Maybe they'll reconsider.
He didn't seem to know
his daughter was a stripper.
It looks like a mistake.
We'll get a lot of criticism.
Are you tired? You look tired.
Do you get enough sleep?
I don't know. You do?
Your judgment seems to
leave something to be desired.
- Take a little leave.
- Patrik can take it from here.
There's a visitor for you.
He says he has an appointment.
My wife recognized him. I was
especially glad I had my golf clubs back.
My whole bag was lost once.
She pointed at him and said:
"Isn't that the minister?"
- There he goes.
- 19:17 pm, June 27.
- That could be anybody.
- She recognized the minister.
That still proves nothing.
- I'm sorry.
- Do I get paid for this?
It's a tip.
Not really how it works.
I have to go to work again.
Wait, put another stop.
Can I just take a closer look?
We're a private company...
So we can't reveal receipts
or reservations.
I know Christer Lundgren flew
with you that day. The Minister.
Then he has a duty to keep secret.
I don't have to tell you.
He's involved
in a police investigation.
This is very important information.
I request you to give it.
Your name won't be mentioned.
I'm trying to clear his name.
I'm sorry.
- Can I speak to the manager?
- Who's on vacation.
- Call him.
- He isn't reachable.
Why not?
Because he's on vacation.
I'm sorry, I can't help you.
So even though
you weren't really a suspect...
Yet you told the police
public money goes to strip clubs.
- What else could I say?
- Well.
But do you realize what this means?
What we should do now?
You are strong.
You can handle it. I'm sure.
What was he doing that Friday
night at the airport?
I have the
receipt from Studio Sex.
- Why is he using a private jet?
- A change of booking?
That someone else can
surely arrange for him.
I just know
that there's more to it.
There will be a
real explanation.
- Take what. From Belgium.
- No.
I think we should be cautious.
- Where we write about?
- That's my problem, not yours.
I thought you'd be happy.
At least that
was the intention.
- How are you?
- I'm a little stressed.
- And the children?
- With my mother.
Relax. They're happy there.
Who's staying here?
A friend of that girl.
A colleague of hers.
She was thrown out on the street.
- What girl?
- I was murdered in the park.
The stripper?
And her friend's staying here?
- A few days, until she finds something.
- Damn it, Annika.
- A porn star in our nursery?
- She works behind the bar.
True. And her friend was just killed.
You should have asked me.
- And where is she now?
- At work, I suppose.
But tonight
she sleeps here again?
I told you just had to ask.
- Is this private therapy or something?
- What?
Annika, I also read the newspapers.
I know she was mistreated.
You don't answer the phone.
And when I get home I find
your head's somewhere else.
Why do you always
want to save the world?
What! Because I care.
Because I don't want her killer
to go free. Is that wrong?
- No, there isn't anything wrong.
- Beautiful.
- Do you want a ride home?
- No, I'm staying around here.
Hi, girls.
About that Annika?
- How do you know her?
- From fitness training. Gym. Sorry.
Don't worry.
Come along.
I've something for you.
- I want to give you this.
- No.
I bought it for Josefin.
Now I want to give it to you.
I can't accept it.
I'm sorry.
I need you, Patricia.
I give so much to you.
I need you.
Stop. Hold on.
Stop. Don't.
The press will not attend funerals
out of respect for the family.
Evening Press didn't
want to be our guest,
but said they have
done nothing wrong.
What are we going to do today?
Or rather: What we won't do?
Wait, I need...
- Annika, to the government building.
- I'm coming.
I'm on my way.
Patricia, with Annika.
I hope everything's okay with you.
Call me just when you hear this.
Here you go.
Christer Lundgren has resigned,
effective immediately.
It was his own decision,
and I have to respect that.
I remind you Christer Lundgren
isn't suspected of any crime.
He shouldn't
have gone to that nightclub...
But we all make mistakes.
We're all human.
Are there often
invited foreign guests?
Please, let's get
this affair behind us...
And focus
on the upcoming elections.
It's too bad if someone is used as
a scapegoat. He has a family.
Especially when it could be
prevented by his own initiative.
If it were up to me...
No one needs to find out.
That was all.
Copies sometimes simply get lost.
That's nobody's fault.
In Afghanistan
the kidnapped Swedish
colonel was
unexpectedly released.
The press conference
was held at a hotel in Amman.
The villains are all, huh?
Thanks to our consistent preparation
and courage of the Colonel...
It's a victory for the government
and for our democratic values.
Al Qaeda issued a statement
about their American prisoners.
Millions added
to defence budget.
Christian Lundgren wasn't
at Studio Sex but in Oslo.
He flew there at 20:00 and went
back at half past four.
He can't have killed Josefin
or even saw her.
Compare the signatures to confirm.
That signature was forged.
I suspected he'd rather
not say where he was.
- Who signed it?
- A government official.
I wanted to know
what he did in Oslo,
but the track ends
at the airport.
It's like he imploded.
Then I remembered...
That several diplomats with ties
to Afghanistan were in Oslo also.
- And?
- And suddenly the Colonel is released.
What seemed
impossible up till now.
And then suddenly a
million increase in
the defence budget.
Isn't that strange?
Conveniently for the government,
right before the election.
So did Lundgren pay the Taliban
with weapons on behalf
of the Government?
He chartered a secret aircraft
in middle of the night.
- That wasn't a birthday party.
- Why Christer Lundgren?
An unknown,
but a good negotiator.
Weapons paid for with our tax
dollars, shipped to the Taliban.
This may be
an international scandal.
But we can't publish it.
- It's all speculation.
- Give me 24 hours.
You've done a lot work on it, but
I won't put my career at stake.
- Forget it.
- I can write what I want.
But I decide what we publish,
and now we have other issues.
- Annika Bengtzon, Evening Press.
- No comment.
I know you don't want to talk, but I
need Lundgren's comments.
I know he wasn't in Studio Sex
on the 27th, but in Oslo.
- Do you know what he was doing?
- No.
I'll tell you what I suspected.
It's over. Don't cry now.
What will happen to the children?
What have you done?
- Are you going to jail?
- Of course not.
No, I knew nothing
about the flight.
Even though I take your
theories seriously... no.
It doesn't surprise me really.
I never saw him as a murderer.
- He lied during police interrogations.
- Possibly.
But he's no longer of interest.
Arms trade isn't my area.
Not yet.
In addition, we already
know who killed Josefin.
Joachim abused and raped her
throughout their long relationship.
And then he killed her.
I knew it.
I've known all along.
But he has an
airtight alibi, as I said.
We can monitor him,
nothing more.
I know.
It sucks. But so
it goes sometimes.
"I still can't talk.
It may be permanent injury."
If I stay, I lose my last
shred of self respect.
Then there isn't
anything about me.
"There isn't anything to
him the next time can stop it."
- Hi. Where have you been?
- At work.
Where is she?
I've already changed
our restaurant reservation.
So we're still on time.
What has he done to you?
- I was the one...
- Did he force you?
Isn't it obvious.
- My job is all I have.
- Not if you end up like Josefin.
You don't need him.
Did she break up with him?
She screamed.
She fought with him.
First in the office, then on the stairs.
Then she ran away.
And he ran after her.
That was the last
time I saw her. Satisfied?
You saw he went after her?
I'm with you.
For its about illegal black and
double accounts, he has no alibi.
He asked me?
Where does he keep his real accounts?
Come on, say something.
In the office. In two black folders.
In addition, I know nothing.
- Are you crazy?
- I have to go.
- Why?
- I'm the only one who cares.
- You won't go there.
- It's not your problem.
It's my problem.
You just don't trust me.
I really care what you've been
through, but that was then.
- So you read it?
- No.
I trust you to tell me when
you're ready.
Annika, I haven't read it.
I opened it,
saw what it was and...
Read it. Maybe you know it.
You'll be late. Hurry up.
Will you do it, or me?
Tell them down there
not to smoke.
The smoke gets into the
aircon and goes everywhere.
It's very smelly.
Have you thought about it?
A bit.
- Then I'd like to welcome you.
- Thank you.
- It has been a while, but I can't do.
- I'm sure it will be fine.
Can I have a look?
In roulette you don't need
so many clothes.
So you must look good.
Don't just
take off your jacket?
And your jacket.
Very nice.
Can you just turn around?
One more time.
Can I also just see your tits?
A little bit longer.
How beautiful.
Only not so very great.
Patricia, then you can take care of it.
We'll try tonight.
And then we'll see.
- We'll talk about the money later.
- Absolutely.
It may take some time before
a group at your table.
Those guys need to
get something to drink.
What's important is:
If they are too pushy, send them
down to the striptease.
They shouldn't touch you.
You feel the boundary yourself.
If there's something...
Then you just come to me.
Very good.
Show Annika around?
This is going to be fun.
- Does this really work?
- Yes. Just don't bend over.
- Can you distract him?
- I think so.
Don't you
understand I love you?
Stupid whore.
I love you.
Do you understand that or not.
Let me go.
You won't leave me.
No more bets.
- Please, your drink.
- Okay?
16 red.
Bets please.
30 red. That was close.
This is going well.
Where have you worked before?
- Especially in hotels.
- Not anymore?
You look so familiar.
- What do you do now?
- I do a training.
Gentlemen, you can bet.
Come along.
So you doing good.
Do you have any?
- Look at this picture again.
- It's her.
It's me. I'm at Studio Sex and I have
evidence of tax evasion.
What do you there?
It was a big lie.
Come on, Come on.
Dirty whore you are.
Sit down.
- What are you doing here?
- I write about nightclubs in Stockholm.
If I'm hate it,
it is to be lied to.
I wanted to see where
Josefin worked.
I have to ask.
I understand you're angry.
I certainly am.
Sit down.
- Where's your laptop?
- Not here.
Do you think you can trap me,
a lousy journalist like you are?
Stay the hell away from me.
Don't touch me, filthy bastard.
Do you hear what I say?
Let me go.
Hurry up, here.
Go home to what is to come.
Patricia also
has something to say.
Attention is now page one, eight, nine,
and the middle page. Let's see.
Can we publish?
Can you confirm that?
How many years can he get?
- Bengtzon, how far are you?
- I'll send it now.
Good job. But he gets away
with the murder.
- This is only a matter of time.
- Good night.
Bengtzon? Do you know how hard you
work for your job? Sleep well.
- It looks great.
- Yes we can.
How did you get in your head
to which club to go to?
- Who did you want to really impress?
- Listen.
I want a job
with the government.
I hear you, but the answer is no.
Now get out.
Do you hear me at all.
This isn't a negotiation.
I now know things
you don't want in the open.
You exchanged Swedish weapons
for the colonel's release.
Do you really think I wasn't
going to find out?
Former Minister Christer Lundgren
is now director of the province.
He submitted his
resignation after being
interrogated in connection
with a murder case.
The government finally has
a chance in the elections.
According to the polls they have
a 7% lead over the opposition.
Now the weather:
It seems the heat wave is finally over.
A low pressure area over on the North Sea
moves into our Sweden...
So we can expect
considerably cooler
temperatures for the
rest of August.