Stupid 7 (2013) Movie Script

Hi. I'm Parry. Parry Sandhu.
I want to be a singer.
But my father wants
me to be an engineer.
He got me into
non-medicaI by force.
it's too difficuIt for me.
My name is Sahab Singh Sodhi,
that is, tripIe 'S'.
My father wants..
He wants a Iot of things.
Sometimes he wants me to study..
..and sometimes he wants me
to work at his workshop with him.
That means chiId Iabor.
He doesn't Iisten to me.
He yeIIs at me aII the time.
Idiot! You're sitting
here and chatting!
Who wiII go to the workshop?
Listen to me!
You're acting too smart these days.
Neither does he study,
nor does he work.
Why have you worn a cap?
You're a Sardar!
You're supposed to wear a turban.
Stop behaving Iike this.
AII this is not good.
I'II thrash you if
you get us humiIiated.
HeIIo. My name is Tanbir DhaIiwaI.
After compIeting my second year, I
want to become a fashion designer.
But my father says that they won't
Iet me go out of the city to study.
I know. Father didn't want me.
He wanted my mother to abort me.
My name is Sharma.
Yes, Udit Sharma.
Father wants me to
be a computer engineer.
I want to be an engineer.
But I get bored in
the cIassroom and in tests.
I do study, but I forget.
I can't memorize.
When I score Iess marks...
father sees my report
card and Ioses aII his cIothes.
No, no. Not Iike that.
It's just a phrase.
My name is Ishmeet,
and I want to pIay cricket.
But my father wants..
My father doesn't
want anything from me.
I'm Saivi Brar.
My father's name is Mickey Brar.
His name is short, 'Mickey'.
But he's a big man.
He's a IandIord.
I wonder what he does.
He hardIy comes home.
He's busy making money.
Hi. I'm Divya. Divya AgarwaI.
And this is Monica AgarwaI,
my mother. My best friend.
She's sweet, isn't she?
Mother's probIem is that.. - That's
not my probIem. It's your probIem.
She stands in front of the
mirror and poses aII the time.
When I ask her to move from there,
she gets busy with her mobiIe.
And when she Ieaves that,
what do you caII it? - Facebook.
Yes. She sits on Facebook.
ChiIdren shouId think
about their career too.
Of course. They shouId know to do t
he househoId chores as weII. - Yes.
When they get married, their
mother-in-Iaw wiII taunt them.
What did your mother teach you?
My mother is dead.
She is my father's second wife.
She means nothing to me.
My mother. My father's wife.
The minute father Ieaves,
she Ieaves too.
Sometimes to the beauty parIor
and sometimes to kitty parties.
AII the teachers in my
schooI are scared of my mother.
When father attacks me,
she's the one who saves me.
She's my Iady bodyguard.
Yes. I Iike mother. She is nice.
But she's made just one mistake
in Iife. She married my father.
Mother, couIdn't
you find a better man?
Son, they want you
to do something in Iife.
Mother, I want to
do something different.
I want to create a site simiIar to
Facebook and be famous in the worId.
Like Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs.
Yes. This is my dream.
To pIay for the
Indian cricket team.
In order to fuIfiII my dreams..
I need just one chance.
In order to Iive
Iife the way I want..
I need just one chance.
But no one is ready
to give me that.
Father is a IittIe sour.
Mother is a IittIe sweet.
Sister is a IittIe naughty.
My home is a IittIe cooI.
Grandfather is a IittIe serious.
Friends are a IittIe crazy.
There's a IittIe tension, a IittIe
anger and a IittIe romance too.
This is me and this is my story.
This is me and this is my story.
This is me and this is my story.
I have a Iot of dreams.
But who cares in this house?
I want to fIy to touch the sky.
But father asks
with whom and why.
My heart beats out of controI.
My heart beats.
I just want no
one to say anything.
I want to do something new,
I've grown up.
My home seems smaII.
I feeI Iike running
away from everyone.
We want to fIy to touch the sky.
But don't ask with whom and why.
The worId seems smaII to us.
We want to do something new.
We'II study. We'II do something.
No more questions. Sorry.
This is..
this is.. this is our story.
This is..
this is.. this is our story.
This is..
this is.. this is our story.
This is..
this is.. this is our story.
What the heII is this!
What's going on?
Is this a house or a mentaI asyIum?
CooI down, uncIe. CooI down.
So, this is my story.
Comedy of error and terror.
But.. this is just a traiIer,
my friend.
The movie is stiII Ieft.
OnIy your pampering has spoiIt him.
We get caIIs from
his schooI everyday.
Whichever teacher we
meet compIains about him.
The weather is bad.
There are cIouds in the sky.
There's Iightening.
Before it starts showering,
Iet's get out.
Oh, no. The spy is here.
Boys of his age
are preparing for IIC.
But he? I don't think
he'II pass even the house test.
Where are you going at this hour?
WeII.. I..
I'm teIIing you cIearIy. If he
wants to be the heir of this famiIy..
..then he'II have
to study engineering.
He is trying, Jas.
He's getting serious now.
He doesn't even make
mischief now Iike he used to.
He's giving a Iot of
importance to his studies now.
He's study in his room right now.
He's not studying, mother. He's going
to watch a movie with his friends.
Where are you going at this hour?
You had said that
you were studying.
When did I..
say that I was studying?
I said that I was trying to study.
If I did not succeed in my efforts,
then what's my fauIt?
It's not your fauIt, son.
It's my fauIt.
I got you everything in the
house even before you asked for it.
The day you'II have to
Iive your Iife on your own..'II reaIize this
house's and my vaIue.
Why do you aIways
boast so much, father?
If it is so,
then I'II Ieave your house.
I'II sIap you.
What nonsense are you taIking?
This is how he taIks
nowadays, father.
He can't do anything in Iife, dear.
He just knows to
taIk and pIay drums.
I don't expect anything from him.
In fact,
that's the probIem, father.
You have too many
expectations from me.
Shut up! I said shut up!
What do you think?
That I don't want to do anything?
That I don't want to be something?
I want to do a Iot of things.
And I'II even do it if you Iet me.
ReaIIy? What do you want to do?
What's your agenda in Iife? TeII me.
At Ieast my agenda in Iife
is not to acquire a degree..
..sit in an office and engross
myseIf in fiIes aII day, father.
I want to become big.
My dreams..
Forget it. You won't understand.
It's good to have dreams, son.
But you need to do something
to fuIfiII those dreams.
What are you capabIe
of doing besides taIking?
Listen to one thing carefuIIy.
You wiII do onIy what I ask you to.
S for Smart.
T for TaIented.
U for Unique.
This is not done, madam.
If these seven continue to do this,
then your schooI wiII be shut.
These chiIdren are very iII-mannered,
madam. Very iII-mannered.
Once when I was
teaching in my cIass.. you know what that
boy Sahab Singh Sodhi did?
When you study, your mind
must be onIy on your studies.
Forget the worId outside.
Forget what's happening outside.
Yes, so I was saying that you shouId
forget what's happening outside.
You must concentrate on your books.
If you study dedicatedIy, then
nothing can disturb you! Sahab!
Why are you making
a noise at the corridor?
I'm studying, sir.
You are disturbing me!
Teach with concentration, sir.
Forget what's happening outside.
Then nothing can disturb you.
Then nothing can disturb you.
Madam, that boy Saivi Brar from
the group is the naughtiest of aII.
One day, he started
arguing with me in cIass.
I took him to the staffroom.
Don't you have any sense, idiot?
Don't you know how you
shouId behave with your teacher?
Do you know how to
respect your eIders?
I'm reaIIy fed up, mother.
My mother-in-Iaw is a witch.
And my father-in-Iaw is useIess.
Moreover, my husband
onIy Iistens to his mother.
We had gone to
the market yesterday.
I asked him to buy me goId
earrings and he got furious.
He refused to buy them.
What do I teII you, mother?
I'm reaIIy fed up.
I'II make you happy,
you mother's daughter.
Your husband onIy hit you, madam.
But my wife Ieft me.
One day, I was sitting in the
Iibrary with Jyoti Khanna madam.
I was discussing
a subject with her.
After reading your paIm,
one thing is for sure.
Your husband and
you don't get aIong.
You deserved a handsome
and smart husband Iike me.
It's aII right. I can't do
anything about it. It's destiny.
It certainIy is destiny.
Look, there is no comparison
between my wife and me.
She is iIIiterate.
Neither does she have the
sense to taIk, nor to dress.
It wouId have been
great if you were my wife.
Make her your wife now!
I'm iIIiterate! I don't have
any sense! - I.. I was just joking.
I have no sense!
- I'II expIain to you at home.
ExpIain right now!
This is nothing, madam.
You must remember what Tanbir,
a girI from the group seven..
..had done Iast year during the
interschooI decIamation contest.
It's very sad that...
that the youth...
these days is forgetting their
tradition and foIIowing fashion.
Forgetting their customs, they
are adopting the western cuIture.
I feeI very sad when I see an Indian
girI wearing western outfits.
I get furious when I see
a woman without veiI on her head.
Sir. - Yes?
Sir, why is it important
for onIy girIs...
and women to cover
their heads with veiI?
Why not for men?
This tradition is
onIy meant for women.
That's what I want to know, sir.
Why is it meant onIy for women?
I don't know.
Then who knows? You're
the one who's Iecturing us on it.
I just know that if women keep
themseIves covered compIeteIy..
..then men's intentions
won't turn bad.
If men's intentions remain good, then
the crimes on women wiII reduce.
This means the probIem Iies not with
women, sir, but with men's intentions.
Your intentions turn bad when
you see a woman without a veiI.
Due to this fIaw,
you want women to be covered?
ControI your mind.
This girI is accusing me!
This is a poIiticaI conspiracy!
The opposition party
has taught her aII this!
Turn the camera off!
This is a conspiracy to maIign me!
Turn the camera off!
They are just harmIess
Ioafers, madam.
Their boss is Parry Sandhu
and his friend Ishmeet.
This happened when
I newIy turned .
And my daughter Chinky..
Parry, come here.
Yes.. yes?
Tomorrow is my mother's
goIden jubiIee birthday.
You wiII write and record
a speciaI Punjabi song for mother.
I wiII dance on it. Understand?
Yes.. Sure.
- Thanks. Go.
There you go, rock star.
Your first show is booked.
I'II perform such a show tomorrow..
Now, my sweet angeI Chinky wiII
present an item song before you.
She has written this song herseIf,
that too in Punjabi.
She composed the music herseIf,
which she recorded in her computer.
Oh, my God! I'm so happy!
Ladies and gentIemen,
presenting Chinky Sharda!
Madam's waist measures .
Madam's weight is kiIos.
Madam's weight is kiIos.
Madam's waist measures .
Madam's weight is kiIos.
Madam's weight is kiIos.
Wherever she goes,
she ruins everything.
Wherever she goes,
she ruins everything.
Madam is a troubIe.
Madam's waist measures .
Madam's weight is kiIos.
Parry! You stupid!
How dare those stupid
peopIe mess with my staff!
S for Sahab.
T for Tanbir.
U for Udit.
P for Parry.
I for Ishmeet.
D for Divya.
And S for Saivi.
Group 7 or Gang 7?
You think you're very smart?
You think the system
of this schooI is useIess?
Something that you can chaIIenge?
No. Never.
You are nothing.
You are just stupid.
AII of you wiII bring your
respective fathers tomorrow.
I wiII taIk to them.
She's such a
characterIess principaI.
She aIways caIIs our fathers.
She never caIIs our mothers.
Someone shouId ask her what
harm our mothers cause to her.
Since she's not married.
She must think that she
might get a readymade father.
Madam Sharda, they're going
to bring their parents tomorrow.
I wiII taIk to them.
You're Iaughing?
You're Iaughing?
After getting us trapped by Kanto,
you're Iaughing?
I'm going. - Hey! Where?
Where are you going, my friend?
Listen. The principaI has
caIIed our parents tomorrow, right?
Now, assume.. assume that
there's no schooI tomorrow.
And after that, we have
an off for five days anyway.
Even Kanto wiII forget
everything by then.
But there is schooI tomorrow.
There is. - There won't be.
As Iong as our super computer genius,
the master Udit Sharma is here.
I won't do anything, one.
I won't do anything, two.
I won't do anything, three!
- Okay. Okay. Okay.
You won't do anything.
You won't do anything.
AII you'II do is hack
the schooI's website. Yes.
And.. and..
and you'II announce through it
that tomorrow is a hoIiday. - No!
Did you Iike my idea?
WonderfuI! This idea
of yours has touched my heart.
But what's the occasion
for tomorrow's hoIiday?
TeII me.
TeII me. TeII me.
What the heII is this!
What is happening in the schooI?
Where are the students?
But ma'am, it's a hoIiday today.
Are you okay, Mrs. Sharda?
Neither is it Sunday,
nor is it a hoIiday.
What's the hoIiday for?
On the occasion of
your wedding, madam.
My wedding? - You announced
it on the schooI's website.
That you got married
Iast evening...
and to ceIebrate that,
it's a hoIiday today.
My wedding?
Have you Iost your mind, Mr.
Nishaddar Singh?
Neither have I got married,
nor wiII I get married!
But ma'am, there's a picture of your
marriage on the schooI's website.
We've got it put
up in schooI too. Look.
Stupid seven!
CaII their parents!
Idiot! - Father.
You got me humiIiated
in front of women today!
Father, Iisten to me.
- I won't spare you today!
Wait, I'II teach you a Iesson!
If that south Indian teacher
had concentrated on teaching then..
..he wouIdn't have reaIized that a boy
is roaming about outside the cIass.
Was his mind on the
cIass or outside of cIass?
Whether it's home or outside,
girIs are aIways restricted.
There are no restrictions on boys.
Of course. AII the teachers of the
computer department make me work.
Have they ever given
me the credit for it?
If I did something wrong once...
how can they say that
I went against the system?
Our principaI has
gone against the system.
She's years oId.
Why didn't she get married?
TeII me that first.
The teachers are arrogant anyway..
..and their chiIdren aIso consider
themseIves the principaI of the schooI.
If anyone from your schooI compIains
again, I'II break your Iimbs.
I'm not going to
go to his schooI again.
He got me humiIiated.
If I hadn't requested the principaI,
she wouId have rusticated him.
Mother, you teII me. Does that fIirty
teacher deserve to be in the schooI?
He touches girIs
at the wrong pIaces.
Like that.
He Iooks at girIs Iike that.
It was fine if you
had messed with a girI.
But you messed with the teacher?
Father, you aIways say
that you shouId aIways think big.
But according to your age.
Father, that teacher teIIs
us that we must respect our eIders.
But you shouId have
seen how she was fighting..
..with her mother-in-Iaw,
father-in-Iaw and husband.
Mother aIso does that sometimes.
Hey! When did I do that?
I'II sIap you!
OnIy I know how much
I respect him and his famiIy.
Though they are not worthy of it,
but I do.
- Stupid!
- Stupid!
- Idiot!
Who is stupid?
Who is stupid?
Who is stupid?
Who is stupid?
PeopIe caII us stupid.
We say you are.
PeopIe caII us stupid.
We say you are.
Look at us first.
Then taIk to us.
PeopIe caII us stupid.
We say you are.
Who is stupid?
Who is stupid?
Who is stupid?
Who is stupid?
I wanted to taIk to you.
TeII me.
The coach is not wiIIing
to keep me in the team.
He wants me to get my
own uniform and other things.
What's the sports
fund for in schooIs?
I toId him, father, but..
Hey! Hey!
Go to his schooI tomorrow
and taIk to his principaI.
They are thieves
and he is a decent boy.
Whenever I meet his teachers,
they aIways compIain about him.
I can't toIerate it anymore.
He wants to pIay cricket
and be a part of the Indian team.
He wiII have to
struggIe eventuaIIy.
The Indian team hasn't
been formed randomIy, mother.
They pIay in schooI teams first.
I just need a chance.
As if you're going to be
very successfuI with one chance.
Like father Iike son.
Why was I destined
with both of them?
Wait, you witch!
She taIks too much.
PIay carefuIIy.
CarefuI. Keep the bat straight.
WeII done.
Good morning, sir.
Sir, pIease give
me a chance this time.
I've toId you so many times
that cricket is rich peopIe's game.
Your father spIurges
his saIary on aIcohoI.
Whatever extra money he makes,
he spIurges it on women.
And your seIfish mother
keeps the remaining.
Consider yourseIf an orphan.
How wiII you afford
such expensive uniforms?
The spikes aIone cost Rs. 0.
Sir, the schooI has a sports fund.
If you recommend me, I'II
get the uniform from that fund.
Why shouId I recommend you?
Are you Bret Lee? Are you
Shoaib Akhtar? Are you MaIinga?
Sir, in the Iast district tournament,
I got the highest wickets.
It must have been a fIuke. There's
no consistency in your game.
Look at Sunny MaIhotra.
He pIays reaIIy weII.
That boy wiII pIay for IPL. IPL.
Come on. Get him out if you can.
If you can get him out
even once in an over...
I'II finance everything for you.
Take this.
Yes? Coming, madam. Coming.
Coming. Coming, madam. Coming.
Ishmeet, you?
Where were you since so many days?
Why didn't you come home?
I used to ask Parry
about you every time.
I've brought him forcefuIIy today.
The coach is not keeping
him in the team even this year.
He wants him to get his
own sports kit and spikes.
didn't you taIk to your father?
He doesn't have the
time to Iisten to me, aunt.
Okay, never mind. I'II go to your
schooI and taIk to your principaI.
If you deserve it, then your coach
can't refuse to keep you in the team.
Eat food.
It's enough, aunt.
I.. - Eat food or I'II sIap you.
You eat too.
Ishmeet. Ish..
What happened, Ishmeet? Did you
feeI bad about what mother said?
No, Parry.
I Iiked what your mother said.
I remembered my mother. She
too wouId scoId me and make me eat.
I too am your mother, Ishmeet.
You.. you are not just Parry's
best friend, but my son too.
Where are you going?
I.. I..
It's her cIassmate's birthday
party. At a restaurant.
Other girIs are coming too.
You're going to your cIassmate's
birthday party? At a restaurant?
And you Iet her go?
Other girIs are coming too.
That's why I thought..
There wiII be boys too.
Didn't you think about that?
What's the big deaI, father?
The schooI that I
study in has boys too.
The IocaIity that
I Iive in has boys too.
The worId that I
Iive in has boys too.
Then why do you mind if I'm
going to a party that has boys?
Keep quiet!
Tanbir! When I'm taIking to your
father, you shouIdn't taIk in between.
Keep quiet and go in.
I'II keep quiet, mother. But
pIease don't ask me to go in today.
I feeI suffocated inside.
What eIse do you want?
That I shouId aIIow you
to wear such a reveaIing dress..
..and Iet you dance
in the cIub with boys?
Brother does aII this too.
Why don't you ever stop him?
Don't try to drag me into your
matters. This is my personaI Iife.
She has a personaI Iife too, son.
These taIks of yours
have spoiIt her.
Just wait and watch. She'II
get the famiIy humiIiated someday.
I don't want to Iive in India, father.
Iease. Send me to AustraIia anyhow.
You don't have a personaI Iife.
As Iong as you're in this house..'II have to Iive the
way the famiIy wants you to.
Sorry, father.
I can't promise you that.
My girI is stiII in a bad mood.
Why do you care about me?
AII you care about is Vicky.
No one in this
house cares about me.
If it was so, then it wouId have
been better if you had aborted me.
That's what father wanted.
Why did you give birth to me?
I gave birth to you because I wanted
a hot-tempered girI Iike you.
I thought that my daughter wouId
sureIy do what I couIdn't do in Iife.
What can I do?
The minute I step out of the house,
they start inquiring.
Does someone question him who roams
about with girIs on his bike aII day?
Does anyone stop Vicky?
Whichever reIative meets him,
they wink at him and say..
So, son, have you
enticed a girI yet or not?
Does anyone come and ask me...
So, dear,
have you enticed a boy yet or not?
AII right. I'II ask you.
So, dear,
have you enticed a boy yet or not?
Stop joking, mother.
TeII me honestIy. Don't you
give Vicky more preference than me?
Forget about me, dear.
This is the ruIe of the worId.
It's a worId of men, after aII.
Women are aIways considered
a step behind men.
Before marriage,
behind the brothers.
After marriage, behind the husband.
I don't want to spend
my Iife being behind anyone.
I want to do something in Iife.
I want to be a fashion designer..
I want to estabIish
a brand of mine.
This is my aim in Iife.
And for that, I'II have
to Ieave this house and this city.
I'II have to stay in a hosteI.
It's aII in your hands, mother,
as to how you'II convince father.
That's it.
That's it. Stand in front
of the mirror aII day and dance.
I've toId you umpteen
times not to wear this cap.
Your father doesn't Iike it.
Father doesn't Iike anything I do.
You gave birth to me by mistake.
Mother, I can't wear the turban.
It doesn't Iook good on me.
You're a Sardar's son. And
Sardars are known by their turbans.
PeopIe crack jokes on Sardar.
GirIs send funny messages
on Sardars to me aII day.
Mother. Mother. - What is it?
Can I.. - I'II thrash
you if you even think about it!
I won't Iet you
get inside the house!
Fine. I won't.
Then buy me a Iaptop.
I'II buy it.
But first, start tying a turban.
I'II taIk to your father
when he comes. - Okay.
HeIIo. Yes, Gyani.
Where were you yesterday?
Why didn't you answer my caII?
Who has the time to answer caIIs when
one is going to get a new Iaptop?
A new Iaptop? To you?
Did your father buy it for you?
Father won't even buy
a Iaptop's picture for me.
I've convinced mother.
I threatened her that if they don't buy
me a Iaptop, I'II get my hair chopped.
Oh, my! You're too good!
I'm not Iike you. You can't
even taIk in front of your father.
Be a man. Threaten your famiIy.
Do something. Come on!
Look, Sahab's father
bought him a new Iaptop.
He has a smaII shop
of making furniture.
Father is a manager in a bank
and he can't even buy me a Iaptop.
This is not done.
I'II take a drastic step.
Being with Punjabi boys aII the
time, you've Iost your mind too.
What wiII you do?
I'II get my hair chopped.
You'II get your hair chopped?
Go and do it. I've been
teIIing you since so Iong.
Get your Iong hair cut.
Yes. Yes, yes. I'II get
my hair cut and my head too.
I'II die. I'II come under a car if,
within an hour.. a day.. in a week,
you don't buy me a Iaptop.
Why are you saying such things?
Son, Iet your father come today.
I'II taIk to him.
I wiII. I'II taIk to him.
I see. He threatened to kiII himseIf
and you're buying him a new Iaptop.
When I asked for a phone the other
day, you didn't buy it for me.
You don't taIk in between!
Why? Why shouIdn't I?
Is this not my house?
What about you?
You're a girI.
Get married and get out of here.
See. See how he taIks to me.
TeII him that even girIs
get haIf the share in the property.
I'II fiIe a case.
You'II fiIe a case?
At Ieast become a Iawyer first.
Get Iost.
The day I get Iost, the whoIe famiIy
wiII sit on the street and weep.
Why are you bIowing things
out of proportion? What did he say?
He didn't say anything. He
wants me to get out of the house.
Mother, you aIways favor him.
What's going on?
What's the chaos aII about?
It's your son who's
creating a chaos.
He's been asking for
a Iaptop since many years.
Buy one for him.
Take this.
Give me the remaining money back.
We can't buy a Iaptop for Rs. .
It'II cost at Ieast Rs. .
Do you think Rs.
grows on trees?
What wiII we do with
a Iaptop worth Rs. ?
He is fond of it.
His computer teacher
was aIso saying...
that he's the hero
of the computer cIass.
But he's a zero in other subjects.
What's his grade in Math? B.
The grade of a bank
manager's son is B.
And Iook at brother's job.
But his son's grade is A+.
TeII him to score
% in the first year.
Then I'II buy him a Iaptop.
And son, I've heard everything.
You were saying that you'II
come under a car, right?
It's time for the car to arrive.
Don't be Iate.
Did you get your Iaptop?
How is it? What's the coIor? Show
me aIso. - I'II show you! Wait!
The baby eIephant is coming.
The baby eIephant is coming.
HeIIo, ma'am. - HeIIo, madam.
Baby eIephant.
Who caIIed me a baby eIephant?
We're finished.
No, madam. None of us caIIed
you a baby eIephant, madam.
Sahab. - The one who caIIed
you that is a dog, madam.
Don't pIay with me!
I won't spare you. I won't.
Who did you caII a dog?
Who did you caII a dog? - No.
Who did you caII a dog? - No, no.
Who did you caII a dog?
- At Ieast Iisten to me.
Who did you caII a dog?
- You're not even Iistening to me.
Parry. Parry.
Parry. Look, your Iover is coming.
Go. Meet her.
She's aIone today. Propose to her.
No. She wiII mind.
If she minds, that's her probIem.
How does that matter to you?
And you shouIdn't
mind if girIs mind.
Or eIse the mind becomes mindIess.
Sahab, what you just
said touched my heart.
He won't be abIe to do anything,
Now we'II have to do something.
One. Two. Three.
I sIipped.
Divya.. Tanbir.. Isha. Isha. Isha.
I.. I want to ask you something.
I.. wanted to ask you..
I've been thinking..
In fact..
Ask for her Math book
if you can't think of anything.
Yes. Yes. Yes.
If your Math book is compIete..
..then pIease give
me your Math book.
That's it? Is that what you
wanted to ask? - Yes, that's it.
You've got her Math book.
Math book.
You've got her Math book.
S for Smart.
T for TaIented.
U for Unique.
Come on, Iaptop. Fit it.
It's time for the girIs to arrive.
Stop caIIing me Iaptop.
What eIse do I caII you? Computer?
Parry, expIain to him
or I'II kiII him someday.
You'II kiII him?
Did you hear? He'II kiII him.
Come here.
If he even bIows at you,
you'II reach the moon.
Then America wiII be
confused as to how Indians..
..sent a man on the
moon without a rocket.
Forget it.
You.. Forget aII this.
First teII me what you're doing.
Our science teacher aIways says...
that you must do
everything scientificaIIy.
We'II Iook at girIs
scientificaIIy today.
With a teIescope.
He Ieft them.
Tripathi Ieft the group.
Look, Karishma is coming out.
Priyanka is with her.
Your Neha Dhupia is there too.
Don't get me into troubIe.
Why are you worrying unnecessariIy?
Look, your Katrina has aIso come.
Katrina. Katrina.
Katrina. Katrina. Katrina.
Parry, I think you shouId
join Tripathi's cIass too.
Whether you pass or not...
you'II at Ieast be cIose
to Isha for an hour everyday.
You won't do anything.
You'II just keep Iooking at her.
Look at Ginni from non-medicaI.
She Iooks Iike AngeIina
JoIie in bIack.
Hey. Hey, did you notice something?
Katrina Iooks so beautifuI
with her hair open.
I feeI Iike going and
proposing to her right away.
What do you think?
It's a very bad idea.
Why? I Iove her. - ReaIIy?
Mother. Mother. Mother.
We.. were Iooking at the moon.
Yes. Our science teacher has..
given us an assignment.
Which moon is visibIe
at 3 in the afternoon?
Wait. I'II show you the moon.
Wait! Wait!
You Iook at girIs! You
have no shame! You have no shame!
You have no shame!
You have no shame!
Promise me that you won't
make this mistake again.
Yes, mother.
I promise. I swear on you.
One more thing. UntiI you compIete
your graduation, no girIfriends.
No. - Yes.
I can't promise you that.
AII my friends have girIfriends.
I shouId have at Ieast one.
I shouId have at Ieast one.
But you don't need, honey.
Why, mother?
I too want someone to Iove me.
Why? I'm there.
But you're my mother. I can't
take my mother out for a movie.
I can't take her to the caf.
I can't hug and kiss her.
PIease try to understand.
Because of this behavior of yours,
aII my friends Iaugh at me.
GirIs caII me mama's boy.
But I'm not mama's boy.
I've grown up.
No other work.
No other work.
No other work.
No other work.
I miss you.
I think of you aII the time.
I have no other work.
When I open the book,
it's you who I see on every page.
I have no other work.
I miss you.
I think of you aII the time.
I have no other work.
When I open the book,
it's you who I see on every page.
I have no other work.
I taIk to you in my dreams.
But when you come before me,
I don't have the courage to taIk.
I attach an emaiI to you.
But I am unabIe to send it.
I'm running after you
aII the time these days.
I have no other work.
When I open the book,
it's you who I see on every page.
I have no other work.
Okay, KamaI. I'm not coming
to office for the next two weeks.
There's an important
meeting at the head office.
That's why I'm going to BangaIore.
I've signed aII
the important fiIes.
StiII, if there's any other
important cIaim, meet Mr. Tyagi.
He has the signing authority.
- Okay, sir.
Come, Maninder.
Why do you have this box?
CongratuIations, sir.
Due to your bIessings,
my son has been seIected for IIT.
Your son has been seIected for IIT!
What a surprise!
Who did he get tuitions from?
We couIdn't afford tuitions, madam.
He studied on his own.
Sir heIped him when required.
Sir, if you hadn't bIessed him, then
he wouId have remained iIIiterate.
Jas. TaIk to me.
Let's sIeep. I have to
Ieave earIy in the morning.
Jas, you're too much. You get angry
over petty things Iike a chiId.
He's not a chiId anymore.
He's grown up.
You need to understand
him and not make him understand.
Whatever he wants to do..
- He can't do anything!
Because he's a duffer!
My peon's son has reached
IIT without any tuition.
But he is being tutored
by the best teachers of the city..
..and he stiII can't pass a test.
Do I expect anything
from him for my sake?
I'm worried for him so..
that he settIes down in
Iife and Iives a Iuxurious Iife.
I even dream for him.
You dream for him, Jas. But
he too has some dreams for himseIf.
You're his mother.
So be his mother.
Don't be his Iawyer.
Don't take his side.
He thinks his mother is his
friend and his father is his enemy.
I see hatred in his eyes for me.
Jas, I never wanted him
to hate you. I swear to God.
I want him to Iove you a Iot.
From his heart.
But I wonder why
he's scared of you.
I too am afraid that
I might take the wrong step.
How is Pooja? What is she doing?
How is Pooja?
What is.. - What are you doing?
Have some shame.
What if the kids come home?
No one wiII come.
Why are you so scared?
It's something to be scared of.
We are not of that age anymore.
This is the probIem with you women.
As soon as you turn ,
you start drifting away from us.
The kids have their
own age and we have our own.
What is it?
- Have you seen my phone?
It must be somewhere over here.
Get Iost! - Go away!
Go away! - Go away!
Get Iost!
Go away. Let me work.
- You can work Iater.
How is Pooja? What is..
Oh, no!
Where's my toweI?
What is this, father?
If this is what you want
to do in broad dayIight...
then at Ieast Iock the door.
Hey.. - Then you compIain
that chiIdren these days..
..Iearn aII this from outside.
From home. We Iearn it from home.
Did you understand?
Forget it.
I toId you!
You just toId me.
You didn't stop me.
How is Pooja? What is she doing?
Oh, yes. Give me Rs. .
I want to go watch a movie.
Do you think money grows on trees?
No, no.
That means,
Any Time Money Machine, Mother.
And schooI?
What is this?
The education system won't faiI
if I don't go to schooI one day.
Give me Rs. . Hurry up.
And what if I don't give you?
- ReaIIy?
Priya. Do you know
what toweI dance means..
Idiot! Keep quiet. Keep quiet.
I'II sIap you. Keep quiet.
Keep quiet. I'II sIap you.
Take this. Take this. Take the money
and get Iost. Come on. Get Iost.
One. Two. Three. Okay.
By the way, mother, father
Iooked quite cooI in the toweI.
Go away!
Go away! I'II hit you! Go away!
What is it? Why were you screaming?
I'm going to watch a movie,
you idiot.
And schooI?
Today is group seven's bunk day.
I'II go to Sahab's house from here.
We'II go to watch a movie in styIe.
Let me see how you
watch a movie in styIe.
Eat the porridge and
take care of yourseIf.
Take care of the house and
don't forget to take your medicine.
S for Smart.
T for TaIented.
U for Unique.
Sodhi. TripIe S, your father.
Run or you'II be thrashed.
Singhs never get scared.
They face the dangers braveIy.
You Ieave.
I'm going to face it today.
You said you had a stomachache.
And you're watching a movie here.
I'II show you the reaI movie.
One minute, father.
One minute. One minute.
Have something sweet before
beginning an auspicious deed.
Is it? Here you go!
ScoundreI! I'm thrashing
you and you're grinning!
Our Punjabi teacher wouId say that
whenever you come across a troubIe.. shouId face it with a smiIe.
That's why.
How are you, brother?
How are you, brother?
How are you? - I'm fine.
Enjoying Iife with fun?
- Yes.
Who's this new boy?
He's Ishmeet, brother.
He's a very good cricket pIayer.
But the coach in his
schooI does not seIect him.
He doesn't have the
uniform and other things.
He's very frustrated.
Forget it if he doesn't seIect you.
He won't win a goId medaI
by pIaying cricket anyway.
Take this, my friend.
Get rid of your frustration.
Come on. Do it.
You'II find it difficuIt
in the beginning.
But then, just one dose
takes you to another worId.
Working hard is for weakIings.
The worId doesn't respect
hardworking peopIe.
Go and thrash the coach.
Then just watch how he'II obey you.
Come, my son.
Come. Sit.
How are you, son?
- I'm fine, father.
How are your studies? - Great.
Very good.
It's been very Iong. There has been
no compIaint against you from schooI.
I didn't get the chance
to do anything, father.
Good. Good.
Come on. Have a drink. Come on.
No, father.
Very good. Very good.
He's stiII in schooI and you're
aIready aIIowing him to drink.
The sons of Sardars Iook
good when they eat and drink.
Isn't it, son?
Father, I wanted to
taIk to you about something.
Say whatever you want.
Why are you hesitating?
There are a few hoIidays
in our schooI this week.
I was thinking that
we shouId go on a vacation.
Mother, you and I.
I am very busy, son. I have to
go to Chandigarh tomorrow morning.
I have to catch
a minister over there.
I don't know whether he'II
meet me tomorrow or the day after.
Then I have to take him to KarnaI.
They buiIt a bypass
through our Iand.
Then I have to go
to DeIhi the next day.
I have to fix a meeting
between the MP's speciaI men..
..and the high command over there.
Do one thing. Take mother with you.
No, no, no.
I am very busy next week, you know.
I have two kitty parties,
a tomboIa night..
..and the swami is
coming from DeIhi too.
So, I'm very busy in
making aII the arrangements.
I have no time at aII.
If you want to go on a vacation,
then go with the servants.
Then I'II caII the
servants my parents too.
Did you see? Did you see him?
This is how he taIks these days.
He humiIiates peopIe whiIe taIking.
I'm so embarrassed
that I can't face anyone.
I get his compIaints
from schooI everyday.
I'm teIIing you cIearIy.
I can't take care of him anymore.
Either take him with you
or get him admitted in a hosteI.
He has Iost his mind Iiving
in a Iuxurious bungaIow.
When he'II have to Iive
in a shanty and eat dirty food..
..he'II Iearn the manners
to taIk on his own.
I'II Iive in a shanty, mother.
I'II eat dirty food too.
But.. I can't stay aIone anymore.
Why do you stay aIone?
CaII your friends
over and have fun.
Friends form a cIub,
father, not a famiIy.
Happy birthday to you.
Happy birthday to you.
Happy birthday, dear Monica.
Happy birthday to you.
Mother, it's your birthday today.
And today you are..
Come on, Monica. Be a brave girI.
You're missing father.
He too wouId wake me
up Iike that on my birthday.
It was such a beautifuI Iife.
And then, an accident
took everything away from me.
I had never imagined that I wouId
have to spend my Iife aIone Iike that.
So, you shouId have got married
again. What was the big deaI?
How couId I?
Whichever proposaI I got,
they wouId put the condition..
..that I shouId Ieave
my daughter in an orphanage.
Or at a reIative's pIace.
How couId I have given away such
a sweet daughter of mine to anyone?
You were the Iast
memento of my Iove.
But mother, I'm not going
to be with you forever.
I'II get married and Ieave one day.
AII right, then. I too wiII think
about my second marriage then.
That's Iike a good girI.
I think we shouId
get married together.
You Iook for a boy for me
and I'II Iook for a boy for you.
You must be the first
girI in the worId...
that wiII Iook for
a boy for her mother.
Enough of your chitchatting.
If you want to go
to the market with me..
..then get up and finish
the househoId chores first.
I don't want to go
to the market with you.
When you're with me,
aII the boys Iook at you.
No one Iooks at me.
UseIess boys.
You.. Am I meant for useIess boys?
Wait! I'II teach you a Iesson!
Mother, you are number one.
Mother, you are onIy one.
Mother, you are number one.
Mother, you are onIy one.
You gave me a chance
to experience Iife.
Mother, it's because of
you that I've got aII the joys.
You make this a home.
You give us hope.
Give birth to me as
my mother in every birth.
Mother, you are number one.
Mother, you are onIy one.
Mother, you are number one.
Mother, you are onIy one.
Happy birthday, mother.
Happy birthday to you.
Happy birthday, cooI, cooI aunt.
Happy birthday to you.
Sachin. My name is Sachin.
And I'm your new computer teacher.
Can anyone teII me the difference
between a human and a computer?
No? Okay.
PeopIe say that the computer
is an amazing machine.
It can do anything much
better than humans can.
But this is not true.
A computer can't think.
A computer can't feeI anything.
Anger, regret, joy, sorrow.
And most importantIy,
a computer can't Iove.
But humans can do aII this.
Excuse me, sir.
Have you ever faIIen in Iove?
Oh, no, miss.
Love is not my subject.
But I wouId sureIy say
that Iove is Iike an infection.
When it has to happen,
it just happens.
So, try to avoid
it as much as you can.
And concentrate
on your studies. Okay?
Now, taIking again on the subject.
Yes! Yes, I got seIected in the team.
Yes! Yes, I got seIected in the team.
Yes! Yes! Yes!
If the probIem is buying
the things, then teII me, Ishmeet.
How much wiII it cost?
I'II buy you a new sports kit.
Why are you begging
before the coach?
Yes. We can contribute.
Thank you, friends.
But I don't want to
Iive my Iife on donations.
I have a father. He gets a saIary.
The schooI has a sports fund.
But the question that arises
is in spite of aII this...
why am I not getting anything?
The coach is right. I'm an orphan.
Ishmeet, I didn't mean to say that.
Ishmeet. - Ishmeet. Ishmeet.
Ishmeet, come back. We'II
go to the principaI right now.
What do you think of yourseIves?
Don't we care about the schooI? Or
do we not know to run the schooI?
If the coach didn't seIect him, then
there must be a reason behind it.
The reason is just that he doesn't have
t he money to buy shoes and uniform.
So, do you want the
coach to buy him uniform?
If you are so concerned
about your friend...
then you buy him
a uniform and shoes.
Sorry, madam.
I want my right, not aIms.
He's right, madam.
There is a sports fund in schooI.
AIong with fees, students are charged
for the sports fund as weII.
Pay for the uniforms of
aII the pIayers from that fund.
The team pIays for the schooI,
after aII, madam.
It's the schooI's responsibiIity
to provide them with everything.
You? You'II teach me
about responsibiIities?
The most useIess peopIe
in schooI and the city.
IrresponsibIe, stupid students.
You'II taIk to me in a high tone!
You'II taIk to me in a high tone!
Get out! I said get out!
We won't.
UntiI you accept Ishmeet
in the schooI's team...
we won't go anywhere.
We wiII hoId a strike outside your
office. We'II foIIow Satyagraha.
You stupid feIIow!
How dare you say that!
You are suspended!
You aII are suspended!
You aII are suspended!
Saivi has been suspended?
He did it.
Now even I feeI that
I shouId get you married.
I had toId you.
You didn't Iisten to me.
Look, friends.
Our Irfan Pathan is here.
Brother, if you want to
pIay for the Indian cricket team..
..then Iearn to have
the energy drink first.
Take it.
HeIIo. I've come.
You must be wondering
why I hadn't come untiI now.
ActuaIIy, friends,
first kids get into troubIe..
..and then the eIders
come to soIve their probIems.
But don't think that
I've come to soIve a probIem.
Bachchan Singh Sandhu
has come to create probIems.
My grandpa has come!
My grandpa has come!
SIowIy. - Grandpa! - SIowIy.
See that you don't drop me!
Or eIse peopIe wiII
be shocked at my death.
I'm feeIing dizzy. Put me down.
Grandpa, since you went back
to the viIIage, my Iife was ruined.
I'm aIways in some
or the other troubIe.
Mother! Look who's here, mother.
- Who is it?
The oId man.
Wait, you..
HeIIo, father. - BIess you, dear.
So, teII me.
Is everything aII right?
Yes, father.
Everything is aII right.
You teII me.
How are sister Gogi and her kids?
Everyone is fine.
They weren't Ietting me come.
I said, No.
It doesn't Iook good if parents
stay at their daughter's house.
If I had to stay at
my daughter's house...
why did I give birth to my son?
That's what I want to ask you,
Why did you give birth to him?
RascaI, he's your father.
CouIdn't you have given
birth to a nice father for me?
Get Iost.
Parry, I'II sIap you.
What's the matter? Has Jas
created a new troubIe this time?
It's nothing, father.
His job is so strict that he has to
go outstation every aIternate day.
the tension of his studies.
I expIained to him, but he gets
so angry over petty issues that..
That's his chiIdhood habit.
But he's not a bad person.
Do you know what had happened?
ChiIdren are born on the 9th month.
But he was born aImost
on the th month.
He's a IittIe frustrated.
That's why he's so hot-tempered.
But don't worry. Now that I'm here,
I'II teach him a Iesson.
Come on, Kirti dear.
Let's go to the kitchen.
Grandpa, you'II have to teach
our principaI Kanto a Iesson.
You'II be shocked to know...
that she suspended a
decent and nice boy Iike me.
WeII done. I'm proud of you.
Does your father
know about your deeds?
That's why I've caIIed
you from the viIIage.
My father has gone to
BangaIore for a few days.
Before he comes back,...
pIease come to schooI
and resoIve the issue, grandpa.
Or eIse I'II be in grave troubIe.
Isn't your principaI that Iady...
who's taII, good-Iooking,
arrogant and short-haired?
The one who isn't married yet.
You must be thinking
of ways to entice her now.
No. Never. We've warned
these chiIdren umpteen times.
We cannot take them back
in this schooI at any cost.
These chiIdren? These chiIdren
are highIy iII-mannered.
Look, Ms. Biba, things are
not aIways what they Iook Iike.
Look, you actuaIIy Iook
so sensibIe. - What do you mean?
Do I onIy Iook sensibIe?
- No, no. You must be.
But onIy being
sensibIe is not enough.
You shouId Iook sensibIe too.
But the way you've suspended the
kids without even thinking twice.. one can caII you
sensibIe after that, madam.
PIease forgive me.
These kids came to my
office and chaIIenged me.
They onIy asked you a question,
Ms. Biba.
When there is a sports
fund in schooI...
for which students
are made to pay..
..why are you not buying
the sports equipments..
..for the students
from it when required?
The kids asked you
this question today.
But when the media Iearns
of it in the future...
the whoIe country
wiII question you.
Are you threatening me, Mr. Singh?
Things are not aIways
what they Iook Iike.
We eIders feeI that
we're very sensibIe..
..and that kids don't
have the right to question us.
But that's not true, madam.
It's every person's
birthright to ask questions.
Fine. We'II buy a sports
kit for that student Ishmeet Singh.
But why did they come to
my office and create nuisance?
Mr. Singh, they threatened me
that they wouId adopt Satyagraha.
Those kids..
those kids are highIy iII-mannered.
If adopting Satyagraha for the sake
of your rights is being iII-mannered..
..then the whoIe country
is iII-mannered, Ms. Biba..
..who adopted Satyagraha against
the British and acquired freedom.
I don't think this
is going to work out.
I'II have to go to the media.
One minute.
One minute. HoId on, Mr. Singh.
Fine. Fine.
We'II take those kids back.
But.. ask them to apoIogize
to me in written first.
Madam, I think I
shouId go to the media.
Listen to me, Mr. Singh.
One minute. PIease sit, Mr. Singh.
Look.. Look, schooIs have a system.
We've suspended those kids.
Look, if we take them back just
Iike that, then it won't Iook good.
Okay. Just ask them to come
to me and feeI sorry. It's enough.
I'm mentioning this again,
Ms. Biba.
Things are not aIways
what they Iook Iike.
These chiIdren wiII
come and apoIogize to you..'II feeI that they're sorry,
but they won't be sorry.
Not untiI they get the
answer to their question..
..that when there is
a sports fund in schooI..
There is a sports fund.
We'II buy everything
for Ishmeet from it. Okay?
But madam, the moment has passed.
What's the use of
doing anything now?
I mean, the tournament has begun.
We'II apoIogize to Ishmeet for that.
And we'II Iet go of his fees too.
Madam, now you don't
just Iook sensibIe...
but you actuaIIy are sensibIe.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Thank you.
RoII number . - Present, sir.
. - Yes, sir.
. - Present, sir.
. - Present, sir.
. - Present, sir.
RoII number .
RoII number .
Parry Sandhu.
Pay attention.
He's caIIing out your roII number.
Look there.
- RoII number . - Yes, sir.
Yes, sir.
Who is roII number ? - I, sir.
Then why did you say yes, sir?
Sir, I thought that you
caIIed out roII number .
Why did you think that?
Sir, because my roII number is .
Sir, it's before .
Number comes before .
Is that your roII number too?
No, no. My roII number is , sir.
Then why did you rise on number ?
Just because she's a girI?
Is she your sister?
Oh, God! What a disaster!
Why didn't You kiII Parry
before making him face this?
Isha. Isha. Isha.
I wanted to taIk to you.
I.. had thought that..
I even Iearnt.. that.. that..
I had memorized it.. that..
I forgot. Nothing.
She came by herseIf today,
to propose to me.
She toId me she Ioves me.
I said, No Iove. OnIy friendship.
Or eIse she might pressurize
me for marriage in the future.
I want to be a star.
I can't waste time
in Iove and marriage.
Of course.
What are you staring at me for?
She was reaIIy requesting me. Yes.
I won't be abIe to do it.
Come. Come, I'II heIp you. - What?
What is it?
- Come on. Come on. Come on. - No.
Come on.
- No. - Why are you scared?
Don't get me into troubIe.
She might compIain against me.
He wants to be your friend.
If you agree, then say yes...
or eIse don't expect him
to propose to you ever in his Iife.
Here you go, my friend.
I've done it for you.
Now may God bIess you.
Hey! Ishmeet! Ishmeet!
Isha, I wanted to say that
tomorrow is friendship's day.
So, I wanted to say that tomorrow
is friendship's day.. day.. day.
She smiIed. She smiIed. She smiIed!
She smiIed! She smiIed! She smiIed!
Y for You. M for Me.
Y pIus M is equaI to We.
It's a new formuIa of friendship.
Memorize it.
Don't ever forget it.
Y for You. M for Me.
Y pIus M is equaI to We.
It's a new formuIa of friendship.
Memorize it.
Don't ever forget it.
Friends. Friends. Friends. Friends.
Friends. Friends. Friends. Friends.
Friends. Friends. Friends. Friends.
Friends. Friends. Friends.
Friends. Friends. Friends.
We're the best of friends.
You and I are friends.
We are best friends.
Friends. Friends. Friends.
We're the best of friends.
You and I are friends.
We are best friends.
Friends. Friends. Friends.
We're the best of friends.
You and I are friends.
We are best friends.
Friends. Friends. Friends.
We're the best of friends.
You and I are friends.
We are best friends.
Now better?
Why aren't you doing anything?
- I'm doing it, sir.
So, do you miss cricket? The fieId?
Do you know why this is white,
Because the coIor
white symboIizes peace.
As soon as it goes in,
it caIms the body and mind.
But it's very expensive.
Do you have the money?
If I had the money,
I wouId have pIayed for India.
Come on. Let's make some money.
I hope we're not going
to do anything iIIegaI.
Don't you trust your friends?
Come on.
You betrayed me!
You caIIed me your friend!
Fine. Let bygones be bygones.
Now you must have come to
know that this is not a risky job.
Look, there's around five to seven
thousand rupees cash and some goId.
It's yours for the first time.
I'm going to the poIice.
Listen to me. Boys Iike
you may be scared of the poIice.
But we're friends with the poIice.
It's you who wiII
be behind bars first.
Your father wiII be inquired.
TeII me. Do you want
to go to the poIice station?
'Hi, guys. I'm infected.'
'What happened to you,
chocoIate beauty?'
'The same thing that
happened to you. With Isha.'
'You mean Iove?'
'Oh, my!'
'TeII us, sweetie. Who is he?'
'Is he a Jatt?'
'Don't make fun.
Now teII me, what do I do?'
'Either staIk him,
or go to him in the morning...
and teII him that you Iove him.'
'I've done it. It's her turn now.'
'Okay. I'm going
to do this tomorrow.'
May I come in, sir?
Come, Divya.
Sir.. I.. want to say something.
I want to say something.
Oh, sure. TeII me.
Sir, I reaIIy Iike you.
That's good. I'm happy
to know that my students Iike me.
Yes, sir.
AII the students Iike you a Iot.
But sir, not that way.
Sir, I'm in Iove.
I'm in Iove with you.
I know. I know this is stupid.
You're my teacher.
You're eIder to me.
But.. I don't know.
I can't stop myseIf.
The more I try not to think about
you, the more I think about you.
The whoIe day.
And sir, I Iove you.
Sachin sir, you? - Yes.
I'm sorry I had
to come to your house.
No, no. No probIem.
You are Divya's favorite teacher.
She Iikes you a Iot.
And that's my probIem, Mrs.
It's fine if students consider
their teacher mereIy a teacher.
But unfortunateIy,
it is not so in Divya's case.
This is the printout of the emaiI
that she sent me two days back.
Oh, God!
I didn't want to worry you
by teIIing you this, Mrs. AgarwaI.
That's why I tried
to expIain to her myseIf.
But she is being carried
away by her emotions.
That's why I thought that
you shouId be aware of this.
Why did I have to
Iearn this from you?
Why didn't she teII me about it?
I've raised her not as a daughter,
but as a friend.
We never hid anything
from each other before.
Then why did she hide
such a big thing from me today?
No matter how cIose chiIdren are
to their parents, Mrs. AgarwaI..
..they stiII don't share
everything with their parents.
Even the best of students
make such mistakes in schooI that..
This picture..
This is my husband's picture.
Divya was just 4 years
oId when he died in an accident.
Did you note something, Mrs.
Your husband Iooks Iike me.
Not just your face. In fact..
your voice and manner of
taIking is aIso simiIar to his.
Oh. Now I understood
this girI's probIem.
She misses a father in this house,
in her Iife.
She feeIs that she Ioves me,
but actuaIIy, she Ioves this face..
..this styIe that is coincidentIy
simiIar to her father's.
This means, psychoIogicaIIy,
she sees her father in me.
Don't worry, Mrs. AgarwaI.
Now I know how to tackIe this girI.
From now on, more than being a teacher...
I'II be a father to her at schooI.
I've been scared of you
for the first time today, Divya.
Don't say that, mother.
Don't say that.
Okay. My son's tension is over now.
Look, son...
I'm mortgaging the Iand and
jeweIry to send you to AustraIia.
Don't worry, father.
Just Iet me reach AustraIia.
I'II pay off aII the debts
and reIease the Iand first.
The Iand is not a debt, son.
The reaI debt is your sister.
UntiI I get rid of that debt,
I won't be abIe to Iive peacefuIIy.
Did you hear that, mother?
I'm a debt for father.
Dear, he taIks nonsense
when he's drunk.
He's teIIing the truth.
I've aIways been a debt for father.
I just wanted to go
to Chandigarh to study.
But father didn't have the
money or the courage for that.
But he is being sent
to AustraIia today.
That too by mortgaging
the Iand and the jeweIry.
Do you have a probIem
if my career is being made?
Don't I have a career?
Don't I have a dream?
I've been admitted
to a IocaI schooI.
You're a girI. Behave Iike a girI.
If you don't want it,
then Ieave the IocaI schooI too.
Sit at home.
I'II Iock you in your room.
Stop right there.
She's not a rock
to be kept in a tunneI.
If you want your dreams to be
fuIfiIIed, then she has dreams too.
She too wiII fuIfiII her dreams.
The way she wants.
No one can confine her here.
Look, Udit. I'm sure this
wiII come this year as weII.
You know, it came Iast year too.
I'm sure it wiII come.
The topic on refIection of Iight.
Tanbir, teII me something.
What do girIs see in boys?
They first see if the boy is Sahab.
Have you ever seen your
face in the mirror? You monkey.
Tanbir, do you know
what his probIem is?
No girI befriends him.
Change your personaIity.
Speak in EngIish. Like me.
What do you think?
I can't speak in EngIish?
EngIish comes to me,
and comes very weII.
But Tanbir, when I taIk to girIs..
- Look at him.
I wonder why EngIish
coming-coming stops.
And girIs coming-coming go back.
EngIish is not a probIem, Sahab.
Just be a IittIe serious.
GirIs Iike sober
and weII-mannered boys.
And sorry to say, but your
dressing sense is very bad.
You don't care about
coIor combination.
Moreover, this turban.
It doesn't suit you.
I too feeI the same.
My son is back.
You idiot! What have you done!
If your father sees you, then
aIong with you, he'II kiII me too.
You idiot!
Mother, why are you overreacting?
I've just cut my hair, not my head.
You've not just cut your hair.
You've kiIIed yourseIf.
Get out of my sight!
You're dead for me!
Get out of here! - Mother,
you're not even Iistening to me.
You're reacting just Iike father.
At Ieast.. at Ieast Iisten to me..
I didn't get it cut for pIeasure.
I wouId have headaches aII the time.
I.. I had gone to the doctor.. the doctor said that it's
because of the weight of the hair.
So.. I got it cut. - You're Iying.
I've never seen you having
medicines for headache.
And which doctor says that
Iong hair gives you a headache?
Wait. Let me caII your father.
OnIy he can teach you
and your doctor a Iesson.
He gave you the wrong advice.
Mother.. I..
I won't be spared today.
I'm in troubIe.
The condition of the Gurudwara is
not hidden from you, Mr. Avtar Singh.
UntiI today, whoever the committee
has handed this responsibiIity to..
..have been doing
things the way they want.
That's why, Mr. Avtar Singh,
the committee has decided..
..that the responsibiIities
of the Gurudwara...
shouId be handed over to you.
Who couId be a more
capabIe person than you?
Sir, there's a caII for you.
Parry! Parry!
Parry, save me! My father won't
spare me today. He'II kiII me.
The way you have maintained Sikhism
in yours and your famiIy's Iife..
..we don't see such
dedication these days.
It's not ours, but the committee's
decision, Mr. Avtar Singh.
Here's a copy of the document.
Look, aII the committee
members have signed on it.
The committee has a Iot
of expectations from you.
The caII is on hoId, sir.
There was a Iot of discussion during
the meeting, Mr. Avtar Singh..
..but peopIe spoke in your favor.
OnIy you can promote
Sikhism among peopIe.
Just take the keys to the
Gurudwara and begin your work.
Don't worry. We're with you.
AII right. Goodbye.
Yes. She was the one who toId
me that I don't have a personaIity.
I'II sIap you.
If you didn't have a personaIity, you
shouId have tied a bigger turban.
Who advised you to cut your hair,
you idiot?
You Iooked the best
when you had your turban.
Once when you had tied
a maroon coIored turban..
..I got reaIIy serious about you.
ReaIIy? - ReaIIy?
So, the matter is that we'II have
to go and expIain to Avtar Singh.. to why his great
son did such a great deed.
Grandpa, the probIem that arises is,
where wiII I stay untiI I grow my hair?
Father won't Iet
me enter the house.
At Ieast one thing is cIear.
That you'II grow your hair back.
Don't Iook at her.
Something as vaIuabIe as hair is
neither maintained for girIs...
nor cut for girIs.
Having Iong hair means something.
Look at Taru Singh.
He got himseIf kiIIed,
but didn't Iet his hair be cut.
For what?
Because it was a matter
of Iiving with pride and dignity.
Hair became a symboI of debt.
They wouId say that they wouId Iet
him Iive onIy if he paid off his debt.
But Taru Singh said that...
he'd rather get his head cut
off than pay off the debt.
And you cut your hairjust
to Iook good in the mirror?
Don't feeI bad about
what grandpa said.
He spoke to you about the hair, but
indirectIy taunted father and me.
We haven't kept Iong hair either.
And grandpa has aIways
been upset about that.
No, Parry. What grandpa
said was absoIuteIy right.
Yes, mother.
Sahab.. he..
Father! - Sahab! Sahab! Sahab!
Grandpa! Grandpa!
So this was the reaI issue.
This means it wasn't
about the girI.
You just wanted
to shock your father.
What eIse couId I have done,
Father never taIks to me.
He onIy beats me.
He sIaps me for petty things.
He doesn't even reaIize
that someone is around.
I couIdn't have hit him physicaIIy.
Why, son? Are you handicapped
that you couIdn't?
Don't you feeI ashamed? You're
taIking about hitting your father.
You ruined the poor man's devotion?
You cut your hair?
I'm not happy about it either,
In fact, since I've cut my hair...
I didn't have the courage
to go in front of God's picture.
But I couIdn't think of any other
way to take revenge on father.
The patient's wounds have
been dressed. You can meet him.
Your anger is justified, Avtar.
But Sahab is reaIIy sorry.
I've seen, Avtar. There is
a feeIing of Sikhism within him.
Have faith. The boy wiII
become a Sardar again very soon.
But don't be angry, Avtar.
Many times, chiIdren
are angry about something..
..but they vent it out
on something entireIy different.
Have you ever respected his turban?
You wouId hit him in pubIic.
Boys teII me.
Grandpa, once he thrashed
me in front of the whoIe cIassroom.
The teachers were there too.
And.. girIs too.
Your boy has grown up, Avtar.
They say that when a father's shoe
fits his son, you shouIdn't beat him.
Rather, you shouId befriend him.
And grandpa,
my shoe size is bigger than his.
So, do you want him
to touch your feet?
No, I didn't say that.
HeIIo, ma'am.
How are you? - I'm fine.
What brings you here? - What?
Divya was teIIing me
that you want to taIk to me.
But she toId me that
you wanted to meet me.
I said that to you
two on purpose. - Oh.
I.. I wanted to say
something to you, sir.
Fine. I made a mistake.
But I'm not a bad girI.
You're a very nice girI, Divya.
Making mistakes is a smaII thing...
but accepting your
mistakes is a big thing.
And you did that. I Iike you.
I wish I have a
daughterjust Iike you.
What about us?
We're just passing our time.
What about us?
We're just passing our time.
Hey. Parry has come.
Why don't you go home?
And why don't you come to schooI?
What are you up to?
- I wiII come.
You Ieave, Parry.
Ishmeet, you've just
missed a schooI tournament.
The worId hasn't come to an end.
Grandpa has given Kanto
a piece of his mind.
She'II sureIy give you
a chance in the next tournament.
You wiII pIay cricket.
You wiII pIay cricket. You..
Are you on drugs?
Are you taking drugs?
Come on.
Come home with me. - Parry.
Come home with me.
- Parry. Parry, I'II come.
Come home with me.
Come right now. - PIease go.
Come home with me.
- Parry, go. I'II come.
Parry, try to understand.
PIease go. - Come home with me.
Give us our share of money!
You betray your friends!
The phone was worth 0.
How can you keep it aII?
Give us our share of money!
Brother. Brother. I've handIed it.
Let's taIk Iater.
Who is he?
He's my brother.
Parry, Ieave.
How can he Ieave?
The one who knows our secrets
is either our friend, or our enemy.
Either he's with us,
or he Ieaves the worId for good.
TaIk to me. - You..
I won't spare you!
- Back off! Back off!
Brother! - Don't spare him!
Brother, Iet go of him!
Hey, the poIice are here!
Run! - Hey! Hey!
I won't spare you!
Let's go! - Parry, run! - Let's go!
Don't try to give
me an expIanation.
OnIy I know what
I've been through today.
TiII today, even a constabIe
never stopped me...
for crossing the red signaI.
But today,
I had to go to the poIice station.
I didn't do anything, father.
I had onIy gone
there to caII Ishmeet.
Stop your nonsense! They
caught you red-handed with drugs!
Your face shows that
you are a drug addict.
But that's not true, son.
Parry teIIs me everything frankIy.
If it was something Iike that,
then I wouId have come to know.
There wouIdn't have been a probIem...
if you couId come to know
of things, father.
We caIIed you from
the viIIage because...
I'm out of the house
most of the times.
So there shouId be someone
to keep a watch on the famiIy.
But you..
I proved to be a bad watchman.
Isn't that what you want to say?
Say it.
When parents grow
oId in the viIIage..
..and come to the city
to stay with their chiIdren..
..theirjob is to be a watchman.
They don't come to Iive in Iuxury.
But whenever I've come
to this house, I aIways came..
..thinking that this
is my son's house..
..and that I'm the father
of the owner of this house.
But today I've reaIized that
I'm a mere servant in this house.
AII right, son.
If you say that I didn't
do my job weII, then I'II quit.
I'II go back to my viIIage.
Grandpa. - Grandpa.
RascaI! ScoundreI! You got
me humiIiated in the whoIe city!
I'II kiII you! - Back off!
As if you're very capabIe!
Back off!
- You sit at home the whoIe day.
You start drinking from
4 in the morning. - Back off!
You're defending him!
I'II kiII both of you!
Father! - I won't spare you two!
First you ruined my mother's Iife,
and then you ruined my Iife.
The one who you've brought in this
house at the cost of our Iives.. Ieast Iet her Iive peacefuIIy.
Get out!
Get out of my house! Or I'II..
I'II kiII you.
I won't come back.
I won't come back to your house.
Look, he's going. Stop him.
Stop him. - Let him go.
He'II struggIe for
a whiIe and then come back.
No matter how much you insist,
I won't Iet you go
back to the viIIage.
Me neither. - Me neither.
Look, don't make me emotionaI.
I have to go.
This is not done.
We won't Iisten to anything.
Me neither. - Me neither.
Strange. The one whose house this
is doesn't want me to stay here.
You're unnecessariIy
trying to have your way.
It's nothing Iike that, father.
Even Jas doesn't want you to
go back to the viIIage Iike that.
He did fight with you, but Iook how
he is sitting aII upset in his room.
He's just a IittIe worried.
What is he worried about?
We shouId at Ieast know.
By God's grace, he has everything.
If his son is weak in studies,
you can't torture him.
He'II settIe down
in some other fieId.
This is what he doesn't understand.
This is what I'm shocked about.
Me too. - Me too.
As if he was very good in studies.
He wouId be scoIded
by me every time.
StiII, he got settIed
in God knows which fieId.
I don't know what officer he is.
He too wiII settIe down that way.
Me too. - Me too.
- Keep quiet.
You're going on bIabbering.
That's why I'm teIIing you, father.
PIease don't Ieave the house.
This house needs
you and your experience.
FamiIies do need eIders, dear.
But why do they forget
that even eIders need a famiIy?
If famiIies start treating
their eIders as watchmen..
..then what wiII the
eIders do in such famiIies?
It's nothing Iike that.
Jas said that in anger.
But he Ioves you a Iot.
ReaIIy? He never expressed it.
He doesn't know to express, father.
It's been years
since we got married.
He has never said
'I Iove you' to me.
How wiII he express
his Iove to you?
Grandpa, teII me something.
Why did you give birth to him?
ShouId I teII you the truth?
My aunt's son and I caught
a stubborn chicken once.
We must have pressure cooked
it with to whistIes.
But it didn't cook.
EventuaIIy, we had to eat it raw.
I think he was
conceived on that day.
I can't beIieve this.
Ishmeet is on drugs?
Not just drugs.
He roams about with a gang
that snatches chains and mobiIes.
Because of him.. I had to spend
the night in jaiI because of him.
And my father..
Father doesn't even
Iook at me since that day.
But Parry, he's your best friend.
He's a member of our group.
If he's treading the wrong path,
then it's our duty to expIain to him.
He doesn't understand. He doesn't.
Drugs have driven him crazy.
Sorry. I can't do anything for him.
It's okay. He's just
been to the poIice station.
That's why he is acting wise.
He'II come to his senses in
a few days and become stupid again.
What have you come here for?
I was passing by.
I feIt Iike meeting you.
How are aunt and Kirti?
Everyone is aII right. You Ieave.
do you have some money?
Money? For what? For what?
For drugs!
You're ruining your Iife, Ishmeet!
My Iife is aIready ruined!
I have no Iife.
Parry, I agree that
I have made mistakes.
But I wiII rectify them.
Give me some money.
I need to pay DK.
Then they'II Ieave me aIone.
I'II repay it to you.
Thank you, Parry. I knew
that you wouId never refuse me.
Can I meet aunt and Kirti? - No!
You wiII never come
to my house again.
You share no reIations
with this famiIy anymore.
I share no reIations
with any famiIy anymore.
MiddIecIass peopIe.
They are running after the resuIt.
Someone ask them what they're
going to achieve by studying.
How does it matter whether
anyone passes or faiIs?
Whether the marks are high or Iow.
These are aII worIdIy matters.
OnIy the AImighty is true.
I don't understand
who made schooIs.
They're dead and they've
Ieft this nuisance behind for us.
But we'II have to see the resuIt.
We'II have to say
something to our famiIies.
Come on, Udit. Go and see.
What's there to see?
I'II predict it anyway.
Divya, Sahab, you and I wiII pass.
Parry and Ishmeet wiII faiI. - You..
And Saivi is in between.
And.. Isha?
She passed for you and
you faiIed for her. Okay?
I passed! I passed!
And our resuIt?
Why shouId I see it?
Come and see it yourseIf.
He troubIes me.
He troubIes me.
My mother-in-Iaw is fed up too.
GirI, be strong.
GirI, be strong.
I'm going away from you.
Grandpa! Grandpa! Grandpa!
Grandpa, I'm in troubIe!
I'm in troubIe, grandpa!
Son, you've been in
troubIe since you were born.
What happened today?
Grandpa, my schooI's resuIt is out.
And they faiIed me.
How did they faiI you? - ExactIy.
I didn't study, so they faiIed me.
They faiIed you for
such a smaII thing?
Your schooI is reaIIy mean.
- Of course.
I'II thrash you.
You didn't study and
you're bIaming the schooI?
Grandpa, sIap me as
many times as you want..
..but do something about father,
He won't spare me.
Why shouId I get into
troubIe because of you?
He's aIways furious. I don't
want to bear the brunt for it.
TaIk to your mother.
She won't spare me either.
She'II start yeIIing
on seeing my report card.
You faiIed?
- Yes, I too have heard the same.
Don't you feeI ashamed
whiIe saying it?
I do, but Iooking at my face,
it goes away. - I'II sIap you!
It's my fauIt. My Iove
and pampering has spoiIt you.
How wiII I face your father now?
Don't you have another face?
Stupid! Idiot!
Mother, what happened?
What happened? What happened?
Why are you crying?
Kirti dear, what do I teII you?
Parry's resuIt has been
decIared today. He fIunked.
That's not a big deaI.
This was bound to happen.
I'm proud of you, my brother.
- Thank you. Thank you.
Aman dear, why do you worry?
So what if he faiIed a year?
Forget everyone eIse.
Take my exampIe.
I fIunked thrice
in the eighth standard.
That's when the fourth time..
I didn't pass again.
What happened to me?
I think father has come.
Where is he going?
And.. how is he waIking?
Tanu, something is wrong with him.
GirIs. Where are you going?
The schooI is cIosed.
We're coming. We're coming.
This education system
is reaIIy strange.
They make the students
memorize everything aII year.
And eventuaIIy,
they give them three hours..
..and expect them
to do the best they can.
Isn't this a gambIe?
Neither did I expect anything
from him, nor do I expect anything.
That's why, father, it doesn't matter
to me whether he passes or faiIs.
No, Jas. Parry has promised that he
wiII study dedicatedIy this year.
And he wiII take
up science as weII.
I'm sorry, mother.
But I can't make any such promise.
I have no interest in science.
I can't do it.
I am interested onIy in music.
OnIy in music.
If you force me, then..
Tanbir, he had come here.
Where has he gone?
He must have gone on the terrace.
What are you doing, Jas?
He is not a chiId anymore.
He is nothing.
He has nothing to do in my house.
He shattered aII my dreams.
What are you doing, Jas? - Jas!
Jas, what are you doing?
- Jas! - Jas!
Jas! - Jas, Iisten to me!
You're concerned onIy
about your dreams, Jas.
Have you ever thought that
others might have dreams too?
Do you even reaIize...
how many peopIe's dreams you
have shattered in this house?
He must be in that room.
- Ishmeet! - Wait. It's Iocked.
- Ishmeet!
Ishmeet, no!
Ishmeet, no!
Mother! Grandpa! Grandpa!
Grandpa, Parry has Iocked himseIf
in his room. He's not even responding!
Parry! Parry! - What is happening?
Ishmeet, no!
Ishmeet, pIease!
Ishmeet, pIease!
Ishmeet, no!
Ishmeet, pIease!
Ishmeet, no!
HeIp! - Ishmeet!
Somebody heIp!
Ishmeet, no! - Ishmeet, no!
Don't do this, Ishmeet!
Go downstairs. There must
be many peopIe at the gate.
I'II caII everyone. Go.
Parry! Parry, open the door!
- Parry son, open up!
Somebody heIp! PIease!
Why are you making noise?
You don't even Iet me sIeep
in peace for haIf an hour.
You were sIeeping inside?
Idiot! You got us so scared.
Ishmeet! Ishmeet! Ishmeet!
Ishmeet! - Ishmeet!
Come on! Hurry up!
CaII the boy's parents. He's dead.
- Divya! Divya!
'He's dead.'
'No. You wiII never
come to my house again.'
'He's dead.'
'No. You wiII never
come to my house again.'
'He's dead.'
He's dead.
He's dead.
He's dead.
He's dead.
He's dead.
He's dead.
You kiIIed him! You kiIIed him!
You kiIIed him!
- No, Parry. No, son.
You kiIIed him!
You kiIIed him!
No, no son.
You kiIIed him!
Come on, son. Let's go home.
You know, grandpa...
when I wouId go to Iook
for Ishmeet in the evening..
..I wouId aIways teII him...
Come on, Ishmeet. Let's go home.
Come on. Let's go home.
And he wouId say..
I don't feeI Iike going home.
I don't feeI Iike going
home either, grandpa.
Yes, son.
Sometimes homes become such that
you don't feeI Iike Iiving there.
But you have to Iive in your house,
after aII, son.
Getting angry and kiIIing
yourseIf or others...
isn't the soIution
to the probIem either.
Live. Live braveIy.
Change the education
system in homes.
Where a person's reaI
taIent isn't vaIued.
OnIy numbers are given importance.
Come, son.
Let's go home. Let's go home, son.
Nothing is more
important than Iife.
Nothing is more
important than Iife.
Life means everything to me.
But I mean nothing to Iife.
Nothing is more
important than Iife.
Life knocks on my
door every morning.
I was asIeep. I didn't
reaIize when it turned back.
When it turned back.
But now I've come to know.
I know what Iife reaIIy is.
The moment I reaIized,
I've started vaIuing it.
This is how Iife is.
Life doesn't come to a
haIt with someone's departure.
Life doesn't come to a haIt.
I'm sorry, Jas.
It was my fauIt.
My Iove and pampering spoiIt him so
much that he became iII-mannered.
He is grown up.
But I wonder why I aIways
thought of him as a chiId.
I'm a mother, after aII.
But now I feeI that I was wrong.
If you were wrong then...
then I beg your pardon,
dear, you're not right now either.
ChiIdren are aIways
what they want to be.
If they don't obey us,
we feeI that they're wrong.
No, grandpa.
It's my fauIt.
This famiIy has aIways
been disturbed because of me.
I am the probIem boy.
I'm sorry, father.
I'm reaIIy sorry.
From now on,
I'II study dedicatedIy.
And I'II study the subjects
that you want me to.
No, Parry.
From now on,
you'II study onIy what you want to.
I used to feeI that you're a kid.
That's why you shouId
do what I ask you to.
But today I've reaIized
that being big doesn't matter.
Your thinking shouId be big.
My thinking was so IowIy.
Listening to peopIe, I was
thinking so negativeIy about you..
..that I stopped Iiking
anything about you.
The whoIe city, your teachers, your
friends praise your songs, but I?
In spite of Iiving with
you in the same house...
I couIdn't hear your songs.
This house was disturbed
tiII today not because of you..
..but because of my IowIy thinking.
You don't have to be sorry.
I apoIogize to you.
I swear to God.
I wiII never hit you henceforth.
I wiII never hit you.
I too promise you, father.
I'II grow my hair and tie a turban.
I was very smaII when some
goons had kidnapped your aunt.
She never came back.
There was a fear in my mind that when
the country is not safe for girIs.. shouIdn't give
birth to girIs at aII.
That's why..
that's why I tried to find out your
gender and tried to get you aborted.
Krishan, don't make any
pIans for the next two weeks.
I am going on a famiIy
tour for two weeks. To Mauritius.
Book three business cIass tickets.
In the morning itseIf.
What happened? - Are you aII right?
You've passed. It's a big thing.
You want to Iearn music, right?
I don't mind.
your worId of computers is new.
I understood that Iate.
Son, you can do what you feeI Iike.
But being a father,
I'd aIways want...
you to succeed in
whichever fieId you choose.
So that you prove that
girIs are not Iess than anyone.
I've raised you with
so much Iove to prove this.
Be something first.
Father! Father!
- Father!
Today's function is dedicated
to our taIented student..
..and cricket pIayer,
Ishmeet Singh..
..who, unfortunateIy, Ieft us.
Ishmeet Singh and his
friends had formed a band.
Today's musicaI performance is by
that band which is caIIed Stupid 7.
But we are not seven. We are six.
I don't feeI Iike singing.
No one feeIs Iike singing.
But Tanu, we'II have to sing.
This function is for our friend.
But there's S,
T, U, P, but I is missing.
Excuse me. Can I join your group?
I'm Isha. Isha for I.
Who is stupid?
Who is stupid?
Who is stupid?
Who is stupid?
PeopIe caII us stupid.
We say you are.
PeopIe caII us stupid.
We say you are.
Look at us first.
Then taIk to us.
PeopIe caII us stupid.
We say you are.
Who is stupid?
Who is stupid?
Who is stupid?
Who is stupid?
We have our own ways of Iife.
They are good and bad as weII.
We are afraid of Iectures.
But we Iike good teachers.