Subconscious (2015) Movie Script

Plano down five degrees. Leveled at periscope depth.
Yes, sir. Forward to two Thirds
Indicate revolutions per minute to 10 knots.
Very well.
White at address zero, three, zero.
Angle of reflection at 1,800 meters, more than five degrees.
We have the goal.
That's all.
What the fuck is wrong with my boat, Lieutenant?
Lord, is classified information. The "Lionfish" has-been restricted
for all staff.
Fuck no.
This is my boat, Lieutenant.
Sorry, sir. I have my orders.
Well, lowest Those orders issued?
Admiral Roberts, sir.
Admiral, eh? Where is the Squadron Commander?
Aboard the "Bainbridge" sir.
Well, we'll see about Those orders.
Deck officer, That was what all about?
Lord, the Captain was furious That I was denied access to his boat.
I was talking to the squadron commander, sir.
Very well. Follow thing.
I'm up for hell.
There, sir.
Thank you, sir.
Just break into my bridge as ...
What the hell is happening?
Am I the Pacific brought` just for this?
Commander, we Discussed at the meeting last night.
You were there, remember?
Good heavens, John. I Understand. It is an Important issue.
But still I can go out on patrol on my boat, right?
It's out of my hands. I just can not ...
You Preclude with my boat?
Heck, with the damn Marina.
I already took the life, my family ...
What, you want my soul now?
Heavens, what will it profit anyone?
I'll take esta to the top and someone will Have to listen.
If you tell anyone acerca de esta,
the only thing That will command
are some rocks, peaks and shovels in Leavenworth.
Accept the fucking ascent.
Keep your mouth shut.
Ah, I see.
You Have to be nice, keep things, do what you are told.
"Yes, sir, wonderful."
Meanwhile, I am stuck behind a desk
and my boat is oxidized in the spring.
That What good will do to anyone,
Especially in the Marina?
Can now call "Comandante Tonto".
What's this I Heard acerca someone acting like a fool?
At ease, gentlemen.
Admiral, we were ...
Admiral, I just ...
Stop. I know esta hurts,
and it feels like the end of the world.
It is.
Admiral, I just need to ...
Should I have one more chance.
- Only give it to me. - Commander.
Now forget about your damn boat.
Furthermore, esta will be more time to spend With His family.
My wife is leaving me.
You are getting a promotion ...
to a training school.
You can mold the minds of young submariners.
Come on, Tony.
Of course, Admiral. Of course.
Listen to this. Listen to this.
The ship departs at 16:00.
Again, the ship departs at 16:00.
Commander, the boat is safe.
The boat is safe.
Excellent. Well done, gentlemen.
Already we take all the photos?
Yes, I'm done, sir.
Receive Naval Intelligence Make them immediately.
Great. Continue.
Lieutenant, clausrelo.
Yes, sir.
Listen to this. Listen to this.
Close the hatch. Seal.
13:30 14 AUGUST 1943
No boat would sink without STI captain.
Mikey is no fool ghost-hunting.
- That's not your job. - It's just my job.
- Is not your job to do this. - My job is what I teach.
The Navy of the United States was not ...
They covered up for 70 years.
The US Navy was not driving
any paranormal investigation in 1940.
No such "underwater ghost" always write.
Every day I Receive letters with complaints
Department of Defense, the Navy Department.
Do you really think That the Navy Paranormal Investigations led in 1940?
The bombarding you With Your crazy ...
inquiries ...
And That was how I got this.
I got it Because of That, okay?
Forget it.
Focus on what you're good.
So ... So ... we have no right?,
and I have the right, how to obtener esta informacin
about my grandfather?
Mira. Mira.
This is not ...
this is not fake ...
- Peter. - Hunting ghosts in Which I walk,
- Peter. - ... Robert, okay?
The students WHO teach them ...
That I'm getting complaints arrive in your classes
reeking of alcohol. Have Alcohol in the table right now.
I mean, what the fuck, man?
Who Gave Me That whore bottle alcohol?
"Happy Birthday, Robert".
Do not ruin everything for this.
Why waste your whole reputation
by esta fantasy?
It is this or your job.
Oh, Is That All?
Well, I'll tell you ...
What if I make the task
Easier much?
What if I say:
"I quit, fuck"?
If this is how you want to finish your career forward.
Slip esta bottle of rum in the ass,
ungrateful bastard.
God Bless You. Have a nice fucking day.
Get me a box.
Well, When We Reported it the next morning,
Happened something strange ... We Could not board the submarine,
and did not know why.
We met at the dock, and talk about it,
and say, "Wow, something weird is going on."
And, Commander Sterling was nowhere.
We did not know what HAD Happened,
and Then someone meat
And They Announced ...
simply did not know.
My name is George Cullen.
I was in the engineering department
submarine Lionfish,
around the year 1943.
It was more than anything in the engine room,
Also it was and then a lookout,
and really enjoyed Being a lookout.
When your turn Being lookout, you Climbed on deck,
and you reemplazabas the lookout was before.
The down and ate breakfast,
and you ocupabas office.
"The following is a portion of the interview last survivor
crew, with RESPECT to the events of August 14, 1943
and the submarine USS Lionfish ".
We can not find out what Happened 70 years ago.
I called people. Nobody knows anything.
Nobody knows the answer.
Then someone says I Contacted then a,
and never contact me.
So I have no idea ... why keep us isolated?
I called people. Nobody knows anything.
Nobody knows the answer ...
When your turn Being lookout, you Climbed on deck and reemplazabas ...
The down and took his ...
If I was in the engine room.
Listen, i told you to get out.
What do you want?
Are you okay?
I can not believe you quit.
Are not you going to meet?
Do Not.
Yes, you're going to answer, or ...
Yes, indeed I will not answer.
Hello. William Peter House.
Yes, wait one second.
It's for you.
Yes, this is Professor Williams.
Who is this?
Ah, you know what? I have a message for you.
Aha. Yes. Fuck.
Who was it?
No answer. I ignore it.
Are you going to address that?
Are you mad? Did you renounce?
- Sorry, did not know you HAD company. - Yup.
- He says I does not do that again. - What? What?
Give me the phone. Give me the phone.
What not to do what?
Hey, listen, man.
If this is some kind of ...
joke, I'll rip your head off.
And I'll ...
Go, Go. How do you know that?
Of course.
Does the 13th of esta month?
Do not tell me.
No, no. Of course. Of course.
No. Sure. Of course.
I already got.
What? In more problems?
I can not believe it. Now I'm in.
What you can not believe?
We got access to "Lionfish".
We have 24 hours a day to make our onboard research.
Are you kidding?
I need my research team there.
I mean, you will be there, of course.
I would not miss it for the world.
But you will be there too.
Finally let's find out
what HAD Happened to my grandfather.
I mean, do not you want to know?
No. No, I do not want to know.
We divorced Because of esta, Peter.
I give a shit.
Among the folly of your mother ...
and your obsessive belief That the world
Revolves around your grandfather,
Do you really think I would be willing
to be Dragged back to that?
You've been from the Beginning.
You and me together, going over all the old data.
I need you.
I need you to help me digest all this information.
We Only Have 24 hours,
one day,
and I can not miss anything.
I can not do ...
without you.
Ah, shit. I have to call Mike.
Mike. Mike. Mike. Mike.
What? Do Not.
No, no, no, no, no, no, no, Mike no, no.
17:45 12 AUGUST 2014
Ah, yes. That's for you.
700 pounds?
Are you insane?
Hey, 700 pounds.
Your ghost cost me 700 pounds.
Finds Sometimes one, sometimes not.
I can not be responsible for that.
You you spend lounging at home for three days
and expect me to ...
I'll give your 700 pounds.
Mike Paranormal.
Ah, hello, Pete.
No, I'm fine. Yup.
Oh, no. No noise.
No noise.
No, no, no. I'm not busy.
You Sure. Yeah, sure.
No problem.
A technical difficulty.
I'll take a flight tomorrow morning.
No, yes. I'm Also excited.
I must go.
Ah. Fuck ... Go.
And That submarine ...
I sank a tanker off the coast of Nantucket.
In 1944.
In A-550.
The guy's name was Kozak. They found him.
I was found 200 feet deep. Give Me. That goes along.
You know, there is no concrete proof,
but many of These subs used to keep circling
in the sea off the exit port, waiting for boats
and there is one at Least That report says
the Lionfish is responsible for saving His Life to 700 soldiers.
Can we better not start today?
I mean, I know not what you expect to find,
but I'm pretty sure any evidence to support your theories
and was removed before grant you access.
It's crazy. Reports say I was in dry dock.
I reviewed the testimony of eyewitnesses.
Yes, definitely.
Two ships saw the lionfish in action.
I can not wait for esta day is over.
Cario. Come on.
Hey, listen.
Do not tell me you're not a little excited
by all this.
When Will They order Their names?
I have no idea how much I paid the guy.
I missed you. Come, give me a hug.
- Welcome. - Good to see you, buddy.
- Welcome to the United States. - Are you okay?
Look, you ve been exercising.
Yes, you too, buddy. Listen ... Listen ...
Yes, hey ...
So what happens, we go camping?
We are going camping trip
aboard the USS Lionfish.
When you tell me ...
Can you believe it? We will be the first
to set foot on That boat since the day it Happened.
Huh? Can you believe it? Can you believe it, dammit?
Not really.
- Hey, Stace. - Hello, Mike.
- Hi. - Hello ... Oh.
- Okay. Hello. Yes. - Ah ...
Yes, I'm glad to see you.
- Stace stays in shape, huh? - Yup.
Suddenly, yesterday, I was sitting in my house,
and I get a call from esta type DoD.
- Yes. - His name is Garmin.
- Gar ... - Yes, I wonder what Happened.
What was it that changed? Why now? Huh?
I do not understand
They are how you got access
a submarine That has-been classified for so long.
Dude, no idea. But I accept it, you know?
Oh. Hey, Is That Vicki?
Is Vicki. Vick.
- Hi, Vick. - Look Who Came. Mikey.
Hey, I'll tell you what we Should Have done.
We Should Have brought` Those guys on TV, the paranormal program.
Why the need for them When We have you?
Well, she's right. Exactly.
"The Paranormal Mike".
- Let Stace, walking. - I can see it now.
- Sounds good, right? - Really, Mike?
I like. "The paranormal Mike".
Let's load everything, guys.
We Will.
Walking. We Will.
Where is Stace?
Come on, honey.
Well, children. Play without a fight.
We all live ...
Shut up, Mike.
19:30 13 AUGUST 2014
Excuse me, sir.
This is owned by the government of the United States,
a restricted area.
No unauthorized personnel are allowed.
Access is Strictly here.
I am Professor Williams, Boston University.
We're here for ... the USS Lionfish ...
- Can I see your papers, please? - ... For a research project.
- Thank You. - Yup.
Put the car in "park", please.
- That's it. - Thank You.
The contact point is Garmin.
Just a moment please.
Let him market.
Civilians fucking.
Neither tell me.
Wow, national security agents.
Back is full of the research team.
Saved Fort Knox.
Well, sir.
Open the gate, please.
They're here.
Excellent. Who Is It?
Williams and three more.
And listen to this: One is His former wife.
- Do you understand ...? - Yes.
Are your orders and rules of engagement?
- Roger That. - Excellent.
Look what I found. Look at this.
Go, see the battleship.
I am Professor Williams. We came to Investigate ...
- The USS Lionfish. - We were expecting.
Nice boat.
Is a boat.
A submarine boats call them.
And why call boats?
The Navy considers all ships and boats,
but in the past, the submarines Were to be Launched from Vessels support.
Did not Know That you are?
There are only two types of boats in esta damn world:
submarines and targets.
Do you want to login?
You got it.
Well, it's a happy guy, do not you think?
We catch our bags.
Are you okay?
Mike Morris and his paranormal team
are acerca to climb aboard the USS Lionfish.
Can you shut him up?
Wait. Hold on there, guys.
I heard this boat is like ... Spooky.
One thing paranormal serious.
Well, here we go.
Come on, Professor. Metale muscle.
Hand me my purse, Mikey.
Thank You. All Right.
Well, guys. I'm going in.
Here we go.
Well, I'm down.
Heavens, Garmin.
Suppose That We Have to load the bags.
Health grandfather.
What was that?
Oh, my God.
How long have you been dead?
I Gave Tremendous shock.
Your grandfather.
How did you know that ...?
It was the Commander Sterling Assumed That was to take command of the Lionfish.
I Disappeared the same day.
But That was just a hunch, until, now.
Just going to ask if you were okay,
but I see you are.
I do not need a drink, I want a drink, right?
Okay. You do not need a drink.
And you honestly not need me here.
Well, then.
I'm sorry I upset.
I am angry and sad now.
All These Years of research,
All These Years ... From ... Research
damn about my grandfather, on what was what Happened to him,
and HAD killed.
The case of type is ... a fucking suicide.
It is like ...
22:40, 13 AUGUST 2014
Mikey bring my tablet in my bag, would you?
I do not trust this guy.
There's something you're not telling us.
- Who? Mike? - What?
No, stupid.
Who do not trust?
You give a shit ...
what does Mr. Garmin.
While Mr. Garmin
not interferes with my research,
Mr. Garmin can do whatever the hell you want.
Should not we call someone ...?
Why what your grandfather?
When medical personnel Marina?
I do not think it will go anywhere, right?
- Sorry. - Not yet.
What happens to him?
Probably does not like your jokes in bad taste.
Yes. It's me.
Yes, Williams and his team are settling.
Hey, but listen to this ...
Yes, Commander Sterling was on board this Time.
Yes, Seems to Have Been suicide.
I left a note.
No. No, I Stayed with her.
Aha. Yup.
No, I do not think that's a problem.
No, everything is going as expected.
I must go. I have company.
23:47, 13 AUGUST 2014
I thought you would like to see this.
13. Great Friday.
La Marina, bla, bla, bla, bla.
"The USS Lionfish will be Assigned as a training ship
for operations command of the Atlantic ...
must be reconditioned ... "
The current Captain Assigned was yesterday.
Hey, wait, I thought ... I thought you said she was in dry dock.
He was.
But in Original documents ...
This has the same Commander in Chief, the same date,
and data Completely different.
Let me see that.
The first steps
Towards the Encounter with truth
acerca Lionfish.
Hey, listen.
We're on a boat, there is a corpse,
and a great story.
Oh, We Could take a picture together.
Yes, what a great idea.
We Could take the picture of the whole team ...
You could upload it to my site.
"Mike Morris: paranormal investigator expert".
I will not go to your website.
Would you mind?
Okay. Okay.
Let's do it now and be done With It.
Ah. Would you mind?
Okay, guys.
- Say "Lionfish". - Lancen one torpedo.
- Hey, hey. - Do not open.
Hey, Hey, Hey, Mikey.
- Waves. - Are you okay? What?
There ... There's something there.
Mikey was probably a draft, right?
- Here we go. - OK? Come on. Get Up.
You see? It opened right away.
No, no, Pete.
It was probably something paranormal.
Come on, guys. An air stream
no slams a gate of 220 kilos,
and I did see something.
Mike, guys, come on.
Come on, guys, the door opened.
Nothing Happened.
Try the lever.
- That I do. - Push a little harder.
Guys, come on. We have to concentrate.
Now lets fuck.
Just great.
Ah, get out of my fucking way. Let me try.
Hey, what's happening? What?
This fucking thing is stuck.
- Mike ... - No open.
Mike, calm down. Already low. Come Down.
Down from there, friend. Low and calm down.
It's no big deal. As will open the other.
What happen?
You Have to do a little force.
- It's a little tight. Wait. - This is not good.
Okay, it does not open.
Oh, great.
- Well, Mike, it's no big deal. - No, this is not good.
- We have to find a way out. - Calm down. Wait, relax.
Just find another hatch.
Yes, I can not open it. It is screwed.
- Not great fucking thing. - Mike, calm.
Not a big problem friend.
I have is a little claustrophobic.
Is a little claustrophobic?
Dude, that ...
That hatch has chains outside, do you remember?
Do you remember? It is locked With chains.
Already low. Come Down.
Maybe with a wrench we hit on the helmet,
and attention. But no one will hear.
Not a big deal.
That is not a big problem?
Not a big deal to you, maybe.
I get hysterical to stay stuck in ...
in small places, not to mention smaller venues metal
That are designed to sink.
I have to find something to get Their attention.
No one will hear.
I Said That no one will hear.
Get down from there.
- Why? - Because no one is around
This I submarine tonight.
We Should sit back Until the morning.
Vicki, check your phone.
We'll be here for a while, you know?
Get over it.
They can stay here if They Want.
They'll Have to wait a long time.
Hey, guys.
Anybody want coffee?
When Will I wonder in Original spoil things.
I do not know.
If it is a product of the government, the average date will be acerca 100 years.
Let's see if I can find a pot of coffee or something.
Did you hear that?
Peter, Where does that?
It comes from the stern.
It is this way.
Ghosts, see? I Knew it.
Commander, Nov. ...
What the hell?
Great, we are in a haunted boat.
Ah, yes. Great, Pete.
In a tin of 70 Who Can intentionally sink. Bright.
Delta zero pattern ...
There is a logical explanation for esta, Mikey.
Yeah, sure there is, compadre.
Alfa November 113 ...
all ships in Alfa ...
Hey, Pete, I chose this.
Well, Mike, do me favor ...
I want you to come down to the Chamber of Engineering,
and you just see what's happening there.
Can you Do That for me?
OK. Okay.
Well, Vick. Watch Mike.
Stacey, you with me, come on.
Yes, I already tried. It did not work very well.
The most reliable Radio in the United States.
While we await the news of the world,
esta present musical selection.
How is it that you 'feel so sure of yourself?
Did we're going to help or ...?
Do Not.
What good.
You're an asshole.
Just do not understand.
I dont know.
Maybe Mike With This really hit.
What ... Joders?
Move alone.
What are you seeing?
See that?
I see and I do not think so.
Is not turned off.
I see and I do not think so.
On behalf of the Commander,
November alpha 113:
Begin zigzag path
to Delta at 3:00.
Again, start ...
Hey, guys.
Mikey, have you been screwing
With one of the switches of the boat?
No, we do not.
But there's shit happening around the ship.
Eh ... Bottle.
Correct. Do not enrage
- More than it is already. - E ... E ... Wait. Wait.
What do you mean, "I infuriate"?
This is a can in the water.
This thing is not alive.
What the hell?
Explain this.
Try turning it off.
- That was interesting. - Fuck.
All are well.
Tell me you saw That Thing.
- What? - That.
- What the fuck? - I see nothing.
I see nothing.
You ....
Oh, great. Now what?
Okay. Now ... Now I'm starting to scare me.
Good grief. Did you feel that?
Well, gentlemen. It Seems That We Have Implemented.
I will return to the engine room.
It is a good idea.
Wow, what a noisy it is here.
What? I can not hear you.
Mikey, look for a fuel line or an off button.
Any way to stop in Original engines.
I'll go to the stern.
Helps Mikey Vick.
Come on, Stace.
We'll go to the control tower
to see if I can find a way to shut it down from above.
Come on, Stace.
- Vick? - Yup.
We Will.
- Really? - What?
Just you going to stop here
and you will not tell us what the hell is happening
en esta boat? You know something, and we did say, Garmin.
Can I hand you stop fucking?
Can you answer? Is this a fucking game?
Quiet, Professor.
- Why invited us to this boat? - Guys. Hey.
I need some help, okay? This One ...
This thing is massive ...
How did That just the engine?
- Guys. - I need some help here.
- Look. - Fuck. Get out of the way. Watch.
Did you hear that?
Do you know? I'll fix it, right?
Stace, not open.
We are not alone down here.
Let's see.
Come out to sea.
What has to happen will happen.
We are trapped.
Check out.
Well, shit.
- No case. - God.
I will review the maps.
Accordingly, we are near the coast of New England.
No, the lights Indicate otherwise.
Do they Indicate Otherwise?
The layout of the buildings is wrong.
- What? - You are right.
I can not run a goddamn thing back here.
What was it that got away?
You're right, return failure.
Where are all the bridges?
- Where is the power plant? - What Fuck?
Where are we, Peter?
How the hell should i know?
Well, I can not take more.
None of esta Makes Sense.
Where are we?
No "where".
No "where" but "when".
In fact, I think today is August 13, 1943.
Yes, like ducks ready to be hunted.
5000 meters ...
Are we stopping?
Yes, we're stopping.
I'm outta here. I'm out of here.
Mike. Mike.
Mike, do not go there.
Open the hatch and friend.
Open the hatch.
Open it in your hand, open it.
It is stuck.
Mike, That hatch open now, buddy.
- Come here to help. - Hey, Peter?
Peter. Peter. Look at this.
- What? - Look.
Open the hatch.
What was that?
That Means the valves are closing.
It Means we are immersing ourselves.
Mike, open the hatch.
Heavens, Garmin.
Can you help me eat?
Sorry, I can not.
What the fuck does that mean?
- Come here to help. - Peter. Peter. Peter.
- Look. - What?
Is that one ...
Tanks and negative security are flooded.
This sucks, Garmin.
Hold on, folks.
Hold on.
The hatches are closed as well, it's probably simpler protocol,
for the procedure to dive.
At least ... that's what I hope.
You review our depth, will you?
How do I know?
To your left. Look, Vick, Mira.
35 feet.
Keep counting.
40 feet.
55 feet.
60 feet.
I'm really learning to hate submarines.
Oh, my God.
Are you okay, man?
Are you okay?
Where the hell is going?
The hatch is ...
the hatch ...
And Then it opened and I just Jumped ...
When Things changed His mind.
How can you change your mind?
It's a fucking boat.
Okay, Garmin. Start talking.
What the hell is going on?
Come on, we want answers.
I can not give them. I can not talk about it.
Can not talk about it? What the fuck does
en esta pot if you can not talk about it?
- Start talking. - I'm not at liberty to discuss ...
- What's up? Tell us. - Is not it released?
Peter, I is not free.
You better find some freedom.
- Start talking. - Hey.
Can you ...?
I can not talk about it ...
- I do not care. - ... At all.
- Professor ... - Do not touch me.
Can Control His wife, please?
I'm not your wife.
Hear. Now calm down.
- Quiet. - Do not push my wife.
Profe ... What the fuck?
- Peter. - Professor.
- Peter. - Calm Down.
There are lots of things happening
of Which I knows nothing.
Already for. Already for.
Professor, please.
Lady, hear.
What are you doing?
What do you ...? Give me that.
Now stop, you, stop.
Lady, things in esta boat does not respond well to bullets.
Professor, listen.
Let me Explain ...
What the fuck did you do?
- Ah, I saved your life. - I already did.
Did you had it? You could not even breathe.
Now we'll never be reliable to get information.
- You killed him. - Let's see if we get something you like.
What are you doing,
firing a gun inside a submarine?
What the hell did you do?
- I saved. - What did you do?
Peter, I saved your life.
- I did. - Calm down.
- God. - Please ...
Really you're doubting That saved your life?
Stace. Heavens.
Do not you think We have enough problems
without you two repeat Their story?
Well, come here, Stace. Do me favor,
go check bag Garmin.
Warmly. Depart.
We need something to hold.
What the hell happened here?
You gonna tell me what Happened ...
We are trying to figure out what the hell is going on.
There must be something here.
What is that?
What a weirdo.
I found this.
Audio and video to computer ...
It's one less problem and get 90 more, uh, Peter?
Why you looking at me like that?
Am I blaming you for it?
You brought` us here.
- That's why we're here, man. - Yeah yeah.
I put a gun to Their fucking heads and forced to eat.
You know what? Let us deal With This right now, okay?
. - Clpenme me Come on, do it. - OK. All Right.
Are you going to remove the handcuffs?
Why, what?
Why all this?
I mean, why? Why?
Tell me why. Why all this?
It's a long story, right?
Wait, wait. Recedes.
Hey, hey. Low hand.
You lower your hand.
Let me see that. Let me see That picture again.
Is that where?
This one?
What a bastard.
So you do not know everything?
Are you going to take the handcuffs?
- Will you tell me what is happening? - Do Not.
Then no. Fuck you.
Stay seated there. You're grounded.
Why do not you tell me?
Alarm. Alarm. Alarm.
Why do you drag them into your ...?
Cabin and you blew your brains?
That's it?
Guess what.
I found you.
I should have listened to my ex-wife.
I was right.
Good heavens ...
It was time that you 'Realized That was always right.
Where is ...?
Yes, my grandfather is not here now.
You know, it's 1943, you know?
Go out there somewhere.
We need you.
A drink more ... 1943.
You know, I always Wondered if you were right ...
and I guess we're acerca to find out.
Is that what I think it is?
What the hell was think, Mike?
To the control room.
Well, Vick, I need you in the ring. Come on.
- You Here. - Peter, where do I go?
Mikey, right here, friend. Take the controls.
- You Sure. - These Ones.
- Okay. - Stace, come with me.
Come on, Stace.
Okay. Let's see what we Have here.
Accordingly, there is a convoy there.
It is a German submarine.
Torpedo water.
Pete. It is headed here.
Once sink us, They will go after the convoy.
Peter, We have to do something. There are Thousands of soldiers in boats in Original.
Professor, You Have to let me help you.
Garmin, shut the fuck up.
Professor, I am trained in esta ship.
Mikey, down there and watches Garmin now.
Already on That, Pete.
Give that me, Garmin.
Take it.
Heavens, if not support, shut the fuck up.
- Do you see Those numbers? - Yup.
I need to write down the numbers when i tell you.
Okay. Wait, wait. Give me something to write.
Ah, shit. Oh, take, take. I have a pen.
-: Do you have paper? - No, They Had no role in 1943?
- Find something to write on, please. - I'll use my hand.
Ok ...
- Ya. - Zero degrees.
Awaits. Awaits.
Closer, closer, waiting.
- Ya. - 2,600 yards.
- Time. - 20 seconds.
20 seconds, 2,600 yards.
Ah, 20 seconds ...
- Guys. - Let me see your hand, let me see it.
I can not read that. Say what?
I wrote in my sweaty hand.
What did you expect?
- Guys. - Not now, Vicki.
Well then ...
And approaching 12 knots.
And approaching 12 knots. And approaching 12 knots.
That Means We have to open fire ...
- Peter, look, look. - What? What?
The submarine ...
the submarine is helping us.
But if you say you are waiting, That Means ...
Well, no fish in the tube. I have to go to load the torpedo.
Do you have to go to load a torpedo?
Listen to me, listen to me. Stay here,
and let me know When the submarine Has His formulated to open fire.
All Right. That's it.
I'm going to try to remember how to load a fucking torpedo.
- What are you going to ...? - Damn.
Okay. All right. Yup.
All Right. OK. All Right.
Come on, Mike.
Come on, Mikey.
We need to get one of Those torpedoes
in one of Those tubes, right?
Pete, can not get one of Those there.
Pete, have you looked around? There are like a million devices.
Mikey, all you Have to do is put esta torpedo
in the tube, right?
And then a the submarine help us.
Stacey, see if you can find the operating manual torpedo
for esta submarine.
I'm Already on that.
I'm on it.
- Peter, I can do that. - Torpedo water.
I was trained to handle submarines, Understand?
- I was in the Navy. - Damn.
Ah, yes. Okay.
We need your help, Pete.
All right. I care.
We have to put a torpedo in the tube.
- Yes. - Are you going to wear well?
Are you going to wear well, dammit?
- Can we talk acerca this later? - OK. Hurry up.
- Heaven. - Okay, come on.
Garmin, come on. What are you doing?
Hurry up. Come on in there.
Pull the switch,
That push lever, right?
Spin this.
This knob, turn it. Yup? Walk.
Peter, help me with in Original cables.
Well, we need to open Those straps.
Very good, but not that big key actions
Until you open the drain valve, okay?
- Because if ... - Fuck.
Well, listen. Forget it. Forget it.
Come on. We have to move.
Hurry up. We gotta move this thing.
Okay, listen. Place esta
That hook in there. Come on, come on.
We have to bring Those strings here.
Come on, Professor. Open all those straps.
-. Come on Do you have it? - Well, come on.
- Push it. Push it. - We Will.
Come on, Professor. Let me put me there.
Two, three, throw.
Another torpedo.
Throw. I Move it.
Put it there, Mikey.
We Will. We Will.
A little more.
We Will.
- Almost. - Come on.
Well, move.
- Yes, go, go. - Move. Move.
Okay, listen. No, grab the pulley.
Very well. Come on, come on.
I did not do this shit for 20 years.
Where did you put the hook?
Here we go. Walk.
We are already there.
Okay, Mike. Tira.
That's not the ...
We have to put esta torpedo, come on.
- Ready? - Come on.
Two, three, throw.
Here we go. Now.
- Throw. - Throw.
Tira, Mike.
Hold it, one more.
- Here we go. - Throw.
Okay, look. - Come on, guys.
Give that me.
Peter, can already open fire.
Push and close it, Mikey. Come on.
- Well water fill tube. - Here we go.
Okay, here we go.
- Inndenlo. - We are Already loaded.
Torpedo water.
Torpedo water. It is headed here.
We Will.
Fire two.
Torpedo underway.
400 yards.
The torpedo is still approaching.
What the fuck is wrong up here?
Come torpedo.
Brace for impact.
Ours is just above ...
- Good heavens. - Wow.
Give it to me.
Explosion, 0203.
Take Their battle stations.
I fire burning in the water.
You know why it's burning water?
The fucking ship Liberty.
- Is Liberty ship? - Do Not.
I hear slashing.
We did.
Good work, guys.
Well, I guess ...
I guess That Makes us heroes submarines.
Water propellers.
Water depth charges.
- Prepare. - Hang on everyone.
Heavens, folks.
Are you all right?
- Vick? - I'm fine.
Yes, I'm fine.
It was close.
Garmin ...
Why Have We stopped?
I think this is not what was supposed to happen.
What is not supposed to happen?
Is fading.
Is fading. Why is fading?
Here comes another.
Do you have it?
I want you to grab that.
We're in serious trouble.
36 meters.
How much more can download this thing before ...?
To the bottom,
if we do not stop.
40 meters.
This is not happening. This is not happening.
What do we Have?
Are you all right?
Are you okay?
Vick. Vick.
- What the fuck? - She's dead.
What the fuck?
We did everything we where supposed to do. What the fuck?
Pete, what the fuck?
Now what?
What are we still doing here?
Yes, Garmin. Why are we still here?
Huh? What is this?
We are down here Because of your fucking obsession.
- Mike ... - Look at me.
Here, all your actions ...
- In all its glory. - Mike ...
What, Stace? Huh?
You want to die?
So your grandfather can keep all the glory
and be a hero? Will we all heroes?
You know something?
I just want out of esta tin before we all die.
Garmin, am you can lend a hand with it?
We have to lift it.
Fuck you, Pete.
Peter, is not ...
Mikey is right.
It's my fault.
My fault you're here.
It's my fault Mikey's here.
It's my fault ...
Vicki is dead.
Everything is my fault.
Are you happy, Grandpa?
Did you enjoy it?
What are we doing here?
We Moved away more and more.
There must be something here to tell us what to do now.
So I find him.
Do I Find It? Fuck you.
You know that. You tell us.
DOD needs me to be here.
So enough question.
A Peter was not given access on board Until tonight.
You Knew.
You Knew esta was coming,
and did not tell us.
He Could not.
- I was following orders ... - Fuck you and your orders.
You could at Least Have alerted us.
I Could not Get Involved, right?
I Could have changed the outcome.
Oh, dear, why do you keep saying "result"?
What do you mean by "outcome"?
I do not know ...
but I'll find out.
A submarine is not a good place to keep secrets, Garmin.
All right. You want answers?
You CAN HAVE them, okay.
Yes, you ordered me to observe, document and report, Understand?
And do not get Involved.
Yeah yeah. I think That So far as I Understood your plan.
Observe, document, report not Involved.
Is there anything more
after we fuck with your precious government plan?
I was supposed to be here, okay?
I had no idea ... They Knew
and did not tell me.
It sucks Being on the other end, is not it?
Happy? It sucks, right.
But i know that it was Necessary, yes?
If I Knew That I must be here alone,
Well, I could ... I Could do something.
I Could do nothing.
So either way, it's better to let things happen
so the story does not change.
This ... This is too critical.
- What's so critical? - Think about it.
Lionfish crew would report tomorrow.
Are we the crew of Lionfish in 1943?
We did not know any of the details.
All we know is That it Happened and we know the result.
It is too late. We Already helped.
And changed the rules.
You changed history.
Are you serious?
Is this why are we here?
Sorry, I will not be waiting to die down here.
I will not leave everything to fate. I'm going to tell Peter.
No, no, no. Hey, hey, hey.
Peter can not know.
We must make sure to do
Have you done whatever the first time.
Listen, this is critical, right?
Peter May not be aware of any of this.
We have to assume That Happened so far has everything for a reason.
How do you know I did not tell ya?
We do not know. But ...
That suicide believe Grandpa Peter
is part of the catalyst That prompts Peter to come here.
It would be much Easier if Peter Knew.
You can not know.
Believe me, can not know.
Well, I do not know how anyone Could make him do anything.
It is totally furious.
We have to convinces him. Listen, I have to finish this.
I have not Heard a single day in your life,
Why do you think it was going to start now?
Well, today would be a damn good day to start.
All right.
You better be right.
I am.
What are we doing?
We have a mission.
Yes. A suicide mission, right?
Is it a suicide or a sacrifice?
Your Grandfather Knew everything ...
what Happened today.
With what you know it,
Do you Agree That your staff profile?
Do Not.
- No. - No.
You're right, honey.
That does not match your staff profile.
You're right.
It really does not match your profile.
All right.
Let's find a way out of esta damn boat, right?
Are you ready?
Come over.
Damn, I love you.
I know.
We Will. Walking.
Okay, folks.
Do you two know,
but we have no intention of dying down here in the dark,
en esta old pig.
There is something here That We Have overlooked.
So let's dig again
and find the answer. Roger That?
Garmin, feel free.
Wait, wait, wait.
What? What did you find?
Apparently, Lionfish was Attacked by His Own task force.
Really? I thought I already was clear.
They thought throwing They Were German submarine depth charges.
So They think they're the Germans.
- Yes. - And They Will not stop bombarding
- Until we're dead. - Yup.
Well, can not we talk radio or something,
- And tell them That we are Americans? - Yeah, I wish it Were That Easy.
- The Radio does not work esta depth. - Wait, wait.
Like we can Communicate with them yet.
Well, how?
An old trick of submariners.
Firing a load of water-through the torpedo tube
Filled With bacon grease, oil, meat offal,
trash, uniforms, jackets.
Anything above deceive the enemy
and make them believe They Were dead.
But that's not what we do.
Is not it?
Do Not.
We want you to know That we are alive.
We want you to know That we are Americans.
How do we do that?
State of the art.
The flag ...
let me check this.
That goes. It is good. No need to put that in there.
The tablets do not go.
- Peter. - You know what? Take ...
- Peter. - Yup?
Your tablets.
Yeah, what about my tablets?
Put them in the box.
What do you say, are you crazy?
- No, have all my research. - Peter, I think you need to hear.
We have enough things. Close it.
Hey, is not open to discussion.
You can not be serious.
Why the hell would want my tablets?
You can not send future technology of the past.
Mike, and to help.
They will not go.
Put them in the box.
That is rubbish. I do not take your orders.
Peter, listen.
Put your tablets in the box now.
Garmin, what are you doing?
Put them in the box.
Garmin, what do you do?
Put your tablets in the box.
Peter, I ...
I think you need to trust That I knows what I's doing.
Rely on the guy with the gun pointed at my chest?
Show him the letter. He needs to know.
I need to know why?
Please, someone tell me what the hell is going on.
- What? - Garmin, show him the letter.
Is your grandfather left the note.
"Dear Mr. Williams,
our situation, the situation of our country, you've Become urgent.
And I must resist.
You Were Not sure why brought` to help,
but the events of the last 24 hours,
fill me with hope for a win.
Not without sacrifice, But Also victory.
The heroic actions aboard Performed esta boat
I have proven That Certain chain of events Should Occur,
and now I must play a role.
I can not abandon my duty and service to my country.
Not doing this for selfish Reasons, but With clear and steady mind.
My command and my place is With The Lionfish.
I can not fail, nor ignore the needs of many
Who Have paid the ultimate sacrifice
By His countrymen and country.
I do this now so my boat That May be In Their hands,
along With The fate of His crew and Their country.
Sincerely, Tony Sterling ".
All right. Give me the box.
The first switch.
All Right. Done.
Well, here we go.
- Garmin, what the fuck is wrong? - Not enough compressed air.
Son of a bitch.
Can not we generate more air?
Stace, are you okay?
- Stace? - Go back to the control room.
- Baby, are you okay? - Yup.
Well, listen ...
Okay, we will. Forward, forward.
We'll be there. Come on, come on, come on.
We Will.
Watch your step.
We need more power.
We don 't have enough to go the compressor.
Move, move, move, move.
How much do we Have?
Not enough amps to turn on my flashlight bitch.
Guys, we're screwed.
I can fix this.
No, I can. I can fix this.
Listen, the batteries are connected
a number, to get maximum voltage.
We just need to move the compressor, not the whole ship.
All You Have to do is connect the battery cables in parallel,
and we can extract enough amps to leave the compressor.
It's just pretty.
Is that possible?
Yeah yeah. It is.
What are you waiting for? A damn Medal of Honor?
Go. I will prepared the compressor.
Stace, come with me. We must lower the battery compartment.
It's very dark down.
What's this?
Stace, do me favor ... your flashlight shines.
Hey, left. No, the other left.
Okay, listen ...
There is a network toolbox. You give me a key, will you?
We Will.
Hold on.
God, are you okay? - Are you okay?
- Yes. - Tell Garmin That there are still ...
electricity in the system. Need to press the first switch.
Cut the main fuse.
Well, Preparense.
Garmin, cut the main fuse.
Try it now.
Okay, come on.
Yes, I did.
Ah, fuck. Stace.
Stace. Mike.
- Pete. - Okay, await.
Garmin, the control room immediately.
I can not move. I ...
let me out of here to go back and help.
Garmin. Garmin.
Professor, I'm here.
- Okay, you ready? - Almost.
- Yes One more .. - Here together, hold your arm.
- Have your arm? - OK.
- I will raise it. - Okay, and I have.
- The I have. - Do you have it?
Yes, I have.
- Do you have it? - The I have.
- Are you okay? - Yes, why?
Self, self, self, self.
- Right. - Okay, are you okay?
Yes. Is grabs, the plate number of the truck?
- Are you okay? - I'm fine.
Okay. OK. I'll see how Mikey, yes?
- Yes. - Okay. Is it okay?
- Yes. - Good.
Here, Mike.
Okay, buddy.
How's it going?
Ah, I've been better.
You know ...
This prom boat did not go as planned, right?
Life is an adventure, friend.
Go yes.
Yes, I know what I'll do.
No, no.
No, do not.
Dude, do not.
Mikey, no. Do Not ...
Mike, no. Do Not!
Asshole. Mike, what are you doing?
You got it, buddy.
You did.
Thank You.
Mikey ...
did not survive.
Are you okay? Are you okay?
I did not survive.
All right. All right.
- Go, go, go. - Okay.
That's it. Yup.
You better functions. Come on.
Friend ...
Thank You.
Keep it right.
You're almost there.
Come on, Jack, find Him.
What do we Have?
We Will. Walking.
Where are you, Grandpa?
Ceasefire. Ceasefire.
- What I have. - 092 degrees.
At 298 yards, we spoil.
Watcher to port. Extend positions.
Search for survivors.
Watcher to port, extended positions.
- Search for survivors. - What do you see, Jack?
Holy shit, Jack. Is that an American flag?
- Good God. - 091,
2-9-8 degrees.
Ceasefire. Ceasefire.
Heavens, Jack. What do we Have?
It is an American submarine. It has to be.
I saw the American flag.
Open your eyes, see if there are survivors.
Open your eyes if there are survivors.
Jack, I can not believe ...
Do you see anything else, Jack?
Nothing, nothing.
I have a couple of life ...
I see no one.
No survivors. No survivors yet.
Open your eyes If They see people.
We did the spell, Dorothy,
but we're not back in Kansas.
I do not ... I do not understand.
Yes, I know not.
Do not you know?
I do not know.
- Something Happened must have. - Well, well.
What? Did I miss something?
Something Happened.
Should you be out already.
We shouldnt stay here.
That is, do not you ...?
You do not ...
you do not know what will happen?
You mean that's it?
- Are we ...? - Come over.
Are we dead?
We Will.
All is well.
Mr. Garmin.
This whole event is classified as top secret.
They May not ever talk to anyone acerca this.
Roger That?
So THAT is why all the equipment ...
was classified and ...
closed pot for All These Years.
We deny any de este That Happened.
Peter, we Knew You Were coming for over 70 years.
Millions of Lives Depend on you.
Not only saved a Boat with soldiers.
You are an intelligent man, Professor.
Think for a minute.
Your tablet was sent to the laboratory and analyzed.
Not only the computer,
but all the documentation of His research on the war years.
But the next day When They caught That box,
container containing your tablet and laptop computer ...
That was light years beyond anything
Could have we dreamed in 1943.
Met Implementing massive leaps in technology.
His research and documentation
made us win World War II, Peter.
But ...
What about ...?
The history of His grandfather will ... readjusted.
I Gave His Life for esta nation ...
and you.
This is for your grandfather.
I do not know what to say.
Peter, you were right.
Your grandfather itself was special.
I thought you Might want this back.
It is my tablet.
Hey, you can keep it.
I do not think you need it.
Also I thought you'd say that.
Funny how in Original old stories never die either, eh?
Do not worry.
There are a couple of good jobs waiting
an exclusive research unit of the Department of Defense,
Accompanied and a good budget.
Okay. And what if I just want
tell the story of my grandfather?
Accepts the deal, Peter.
Besides, no one would believe you anyway.
AUGUST 14, 1943