Subhedar (2023) Movie Script

King Shivaji (Shivaji Maharaj)
[Bhairji's voice over]
King Shivaji (Shivaji Maharaj)...
[Bhairji's voice over] This name started
becoming famous
in the whole province of Maval.
[Bhairji's voice over]
All the villagers started worshiping
Shivaji Raje (Shivaji Maharaj)
like Lord Vithoba.
Young men from all the villages started
joining the Swarajya's (Self rule's) Army.
Naik, I wonder...
Where our King got these men?
Haven't you met all of them?
Have met but rarely...
I was in Banglore serving the King Shahaji
(Shahaji Maharaj) since my childhood.
I had heard about these
men for so many years.
Yesajirao, Tanhajirao,
Baji Jedhe and many more.
What are these people like?
What I say...
As we have spare time can you
please explain everything to me?
Oh listen...
- We don't have time and also the King
has commanded. - [Vishwas] I agree.
- But now I tell you
- [Vishwas] Just a little.
Let's talk about Tanhajirao...
Tanhajirao had left for Pune
to meet King Shivaji.
Tanhajirao came to know that there
is a village along the road.
That a fair is going on there.
So he went there.
Let's go,
we don't have enough time.
- Come on, let's go.
- [Vishwas] Go ahead...
That fair was near the foothill of
the Kondhana Fort at Kondhanpur,
"The warrior clan has been awakened"
"This is the Saffron dawn of Swarajya."
"The warrior clan has been awakened"
"This is the Saffron dawn of Swarajya"
"The darkness of slavery
has come to an end"
"As King Shivba is rising as the Sun"
"The warrior clan has been awakened"
"This is the Saffron dawn of Swarajya"
"The darkness of slavery
has come to an end"
"As King Shivba is rising as the Sun"
"The warrior clan has been awakened"
"This is the Saffron dawn of Swarajya"
"Oh our King!"
"The darkness of slavery
has come to an end"
"As Shivba is rising as the Sun"
"The soil of this land has been awakened"
"Your arrival has
blessed the mother earth"
"The Sahyadris have woken up!"
"Shivaji Raje is the pride of the Deccan"
"Our King is like a lion"
"The harvest is golden because of
your divine touch"
"This Marathas have carved it
out of black soil"
"Shivaji Raje is the support of
every farmer"
"Shivaji Raje is the pride of the Deccan"
"Oh Shivba... Oh King...
The ruler of our hearts"
"King Shivba is the real warrior"
"As we pray to Bhairoba,
Khandoba and Jyotiba..."
"We pray to King Shivba"
"Oh Shivba... Oh King...
The ruler of our hearts"
"King Shivba is the real warrior"
"As we pray to Bhairoba,
Khandoba and Jyotiba..."
"We pray to King Shivba"
"The warrior clan has been awakened"
"The darkness of slavery has come to end"
"Hail Lord Khandoba!"
"Hail Lord Jyotiba!"
"Oh my King!"
"In the name of Lord Khandoba,"
"The warrior clan has been awakened"
"God has arrived in the form of Shivba!"
"God has arrived"
"On the fate of this time"
"You have carved its fortune"
"You are the Son of Jijai!"
"You are our kind and caring King!"
"We would lay our lives on your feet."
"We will stay with you in all the battles"
"Bless him Goddess Ambabai!"
"May Shivraya be victorious."
"The enemy has been defeated
and your army has won"
"The warrior clan has been awakened"
"The roar of the Maratha warrior
has echoed all over"
"The warrior clan has been awakened"
"The warrior clan has been awakened"
"This is the Saffron dawn of Swarajya"
"The darkness of slavery
has come to an end"
"As Shivba is rising as the Sun"
What is this?
My King...
every year we used to think...
...that we have harvested the crop.
But will our children be able to eat
at least a part of it?
The draught has already
tested our patience.
Now the Sultans are also torturing us.
My King...
This heavenly place had
become a crematory.
But you saved it and rebuilt it
to a beautiful heaven.
Else, all this wealth would have been
possessed by Sultan by now.
All we used to think of was one thing.
When will all of this stop?
Have we lost our rage, self respect,
courage... everything?
In such times,
you came as if Lord Shiva
came to our rescue.
Yes, he is right.
Now, after a long period,
we can celebrate our festivals.
My King... we have a tradition here.
We offer first portion of
our harvest to the God.
Oh our divine King...
Please accept this offering from us.
[Indistinct Chatter]
Yes my King...
Please accept it my King,
please accept it.
[Crowd] Please accept it Raje,
please accept it.
[Crowd] Please accept it Raje,
please accept it.
"The darkness of slavery
has come to an end"
"As Shivba is rising as the Sun"
"Oh Shivba... Oh King...
The ruler of our hearts"
"This is the Saffron dawn of Swarajya"
Come my King,
let me show you the original idol.
Please come...
"Oh Shivba... Oh King...
The ruler of our hearts"
"This is the Saffron dawn of Swarajya"
"Oh Shivba... Oh King...
The ruler of our hearts"
"As King Shivba is rising as the Sun"
"The warrior clan has been awakened"
My King, this is
the original idol of the Goddess.
This temple of the
Goddess is very ancient.
First comes Jagdamba Goddess of Tuljapur,
then Bhavani Mata Temple of Kavlapur.
And the third one is here.
Is this temple really that ancient?
Yes, Indeed.
Once, there was a war between
Aadilshahi and Nizamshahi forces... this area over Kondhana Fort.
Both armies lost many soldiers.
A lot of corpses were
scattered all over the area.
All the soldiers started
entering the temple.
But our priest is very clever.
He took the original idol from the temple
and hid it in this pit.
He hid it under the grass.
So this Idol is saved.
Oh my King...
Oh my King...
Why did the King get Upset?
Let's go.
My King...
[Bhairji's voice over] The foundation of
Swarajya (Self Rule) had already been laid.
[Bhairji's voice over]
Yet, Even Gods were afraid of Sultans.
[Bhairji's voice over]
Here, King Shivaji had
gathered his friends
from village to village.
[Bhairji's voice over]
King Shivaji was upset
seeing the state of
that Goddess today.
He took the original idol from the temple
and hid it in this pit.
He hid it under the grass.
[Bhairji's voice over] It was here
that his dearest friend
came from Umrath Village and met him.
[Bhairji's voice over]
His name...
[Bhairji's voice over]
Tanhajirao Malusare!
[Bhairji's voice over]
This time, he was not alone.
[Bhairji's voice over]
Two brave warriors also came with him.
My King...!
They are saluting.
My King...!
What is this wound on your arm?
What... this?
While climbing the ambush
the bear attacked.
"Here he comes...
Here he comes..."
"Son of the Soil"
"Here he comes...
Here he comes..."
"King Shivaji's friend"
Be careful!
"Here he comes...
Here he comes..."
"Son of the Soil"
"Here he comes...
Here he comes..."
"King Shivaji's friend"
[Shelar Mama] Very Good...
"King Shivaji is in his mind..."
"King Shivaji is his master..."
"He is the fierce warrior"
What a man he is!
Show me the wound.
Go... show...
There is nothing to worry my King...
Yes, My King!
Call Krishna here.
Yes. Gajaa...
What is this Tanhajirao?
Salute My King!
Have a look at him.
It will hurt a bit.
That is our Shelar mama.
Salute My King!
And standing over there is
my younger brother.
He is called Suryaji.
I have my own farms.
But how long will I only do farming now.
What do you mean?
For so long I have been in the
village but now it feels like...
What do you feel?
I feel like wielding a sword.
I feel like fighting the war.
I feel like I should flaunt
my wounds from the war.
Aausaheb (Queen Mother) was
also asking about you.
Would you like to come visit her?
She would be really happy to see you.
To Pune?
Yes. Let's go!
But then...
...what about your farm chores?
Surya will take care of it.
[Shelar mama] Yes...
He will surely get it done well.
He can outdo ten people at once.
He is a tiger!
Yes he surely is...
- Come on.
- Let's go!
- [Patil] My king... King...
- [Tanhajirao] I will be back.
- Patil...
- [Shelar Mama] Let's go Surya.
I shall take your leave.
Why did the King leave this way?
He will visit sometime again.
He is the great Baji kaka Pasalkar.
Here comes Aausaheb (Queen Mother).
"You are like Goddess Bhavani"
"You are the fortune
of Swarajya (Self Rule)"
"You are like Goddess Ashtabhuja
(Who has eight weapons) in this era"
"You rule Maval province"
"You live in holy city of Pune"
"Bless us for nation building"
"Enemies fear you"
"You support people"
"Your memory is sacred"
"You are the strength of King Shivaji"
"Your vision is divine"
"Your vision is divine"
[Shelar] Sit girl... sit.
Baji kaka,
what is the matter?
What can I say now?
The nuisance of this Siddhis
is increasing a lot.
Siddhis kidnapped this girl
and tried to sell her.
Our people in other village
suspected them.
They followed them.
Then this girl was found
sitting wearing the burkha.
My child!
You tell me what happened?
[Baji Pasalkar] Shelar...
Say something yourself.
What can I say?
Aausaheb (Queen Mother), please help us.
Please help my daughter.
You Demons!
How dare you?
Pardon my insolence your highness...
But I had bought this girl
for twenty-five dinars from the market.
And remember...
we also have the permit of Bijapur court.
No one from here...
...can interfere in our trade matters.
Is it your business
to sell innocent girls?
Yes it is our business!
What will you do?
[Crowd] Hey...!
"You are like Rana Chandi
(Goddess of war)"
"You are like Goddess Kali
(Goddess of destruction)"
"You have the thirst for
slaughter of the enemies"
"You are the deliverance from sin"
"You are the destroyer of the Injustice"
"You wield a sword in your hand"
"You look fierce"
"You punish enemies"
"You kill the wicked"
"You gave women the boon of security"
"Even Demons and Gods fear you"
"When Jija Mauli (Mother) looks furious"
This is our Hindavi Swarajya [Self Rule].
We worship our women here.
Go and tell your Sultan...
That the province of Pune is ruled by
King Shahaji's wife now.
She won't tolerate this kind of sin.
Take him away.
Come on!
Keep walking.
Keep walking.
Keep walking.
Aausaheb (Queen Mother)...
Stop crying my child.
Make all the arrangements for them.
Take them along.
There is nothing to fear now child...
I am with you.
[Bhairji's voice over]
While this matter was going on,
Tanhajirao's prowess of a bear
had gone up to Aausaheb (Queen Mother).
Sivba (King Shivaji),
Yes Aausaheb (Queen Mother),
Did Tanhajirao defeat that bear?
Yes Aausaheb (Queen Mother).
Well Done!
But why did you let the bear go?
If the bear had been caught,
it would have stayed in our wildlife park.
[Distinct Laughter]
Uh... that... uh...
Don't be awkward.
You are a brave man.
Do you desire to wield a sword?
Yes, of course!
Then be with our Sivba (King Shivaji).
- Sivba (King Shivaji).
- [King Shivaji] Yes.
Let him stay here, in Pune today.
Such as command.
Show him our new weapons...
new arsenal...
Show him everything.
Yes Aausaheb (Queen Mother).
Let's go everyone.
I have asked to arrange the lunch.
Jedhe, tell me one thing.
Who exactly is this Baji Pasalkar?
"We own our land"
He is the brave one who said this
in front of the Sultan
He is Baji Yashwantrao Pasalkar.
His ancestry has the honour
of 'Yashwantrao (the undefeated)'.
He is the mainstay and the support of
everyone in the Mosey valley.
He is the legend Baji kaka Pasalkar.
Oh... So you both are here.
Let's go...
The King himself and Baji kaka
are waiting for you in the arsenal.
Baji kaka has immense affection in his
heart for the King Shivaji.
It is Baji kaka who has brought the
whole Maval province together
and stood behind King Shivaji firmly.
[Bhairji's voice over] After visiting
Laal Mahal (Mansion) in his childhood,
[Bhairji's voice over] Tanhajirao had
returned to Pune after a long time.
[Bhairji's voice over] But... King Shivaji
had a different plan for him.
Lord Ganesha!
[Inspirational chants of Lord Hanuman
and Lord Ganesha]
Lord Hanuman!
[Inspirational chants of
Lord Hanuman and Lord Ganesha]
Salute to the King!
Please come in.
Take a look at the arsenal.
Come in please.
[Inspirational chants of
Lord Hanuman and Lord Ganesha]
Oh my!
This isn't reality but a dream.
It feels like entering
the golden city of Dwarika.
What a wonder!
My King...
I wish to demonstrate some stances.
Can I show it to you?
Come to the arena.
"Here he comes...
Here he comes..."
"Son of the Soil"
"Jai Bajranga [Hail Lord Hanuman]"
- Well Done...
- "Here he comes... Here he comes..."
"King Shivaji's friend"
"Jai Shree Ganesha [Hail Lord Ganesha]"
Very Good...
You are a tiger!
Yes my King...
How is he?
Very courageous!
He is perfect!
My King,
This is the 'Hanumanti stance'.
What a Move...
And what is the stance that you practice?
My King, the one which he practices is
combination of 'Musalmani stance'
and 'Karnataki stance'.
But this demonstration
is of sheer "Hanumanti Stance."
"The land of Maval
trembles due to his walk"
"His arms are as strong as Lord Hanuman"
"King Shivaji is in his mind..."
"King Shivaji is his master..."
"He is the fierce warrior"
Very good Rao... very good.
Master Janojirao,
is very impressed with you!
Janojirao is saying that
the stance which you practiced
was the 'Hanumanti stance'.
I don't know much about that, My King.
But in our village everyone
practices the same stance.
Uh, I will put them back.
I think you seem to like
these swords a lot.
Yes My King!
Then I am giving you both
of these swords.
But not as a prize.
As a gift of our friendship.
My King,
I have a request to make.
Let one of my swords be here in armory.
And tie the other one to my waist
with your own hands.
I am obliged my King.
Let it be...
I tied the sword to your waist.
Now you tell me...
what does this mean?
I am not able to understand.
You have become
the captain of our soldiers.
Well, Malusare...
We Marathas should sharpen our weapons...
...and stand firmly behind King Shivaji.
For the last ten generations we have
shed our blood for these Sultans...
...but what did we get from it?
No matter how much we do...
...if it did not go as per his will...
...he destroys all of our household.
Now the king has given
this sword to you right?
Make up your mind.
Let your weapon...
...and your strength should contribute in
the cause of Swarajya (Self Rule).
Devote yourself to King Shivaji.
Yes Baji Kaka...
But why did the girl do
such a sorrowful thing...?
That night, they killed her brother
and kidnapped her.
They hurt her a lot... hurt her a lot.
Nothing was left to keep the body alive.
When I went to console her with love...
she pushed me away and said...
I am no longer sanctified
enough to embrace me.
I must atone.
This grief is not yours alone, child...
...many young girls are
falling prey to this sin...
...being crushed by this tyranny.
The screams of
all the innocent victim girls...
...were heard by Aausaheb (Queen Mother).
She is like Goddess Jagadamba.
You have fulfilled
your duty in this world.
Father... This body has become impure...
...this body became sanctified with the
single vision of Aausaheb (Queen Mother).
Now, this body must be discarded.
This must now be dissolved.
When she was pulled out of the water...
Her face was very calm
You brought justice
to the girl before she died.
May Goddess Bhavani give you
and King Shivaji long life.
I will take your leave now...
Let me help...
Come baba...
Aausaheb (Queen Mother)...
When will all this end?
What is the solution for this?
Swarajya (Self Rule)!
When our sisters and mothers
will live fearlessly...
...that shall be the
true Swarajya (Self Rule)!
[Aausaheb (Queen Mother)] Sivba...
Swarajya (Self Rule) is needed for this...
Yes Aausaheb (Queen Mother).
My Soldiers...
Aausaheb's (Queen Mother) words are
the ultimate command for us.
Are you all with me?
Yes my King...
Aausaheb...(Queen mother)!
My King, I give you my word... keep this land free and independent.
This Tanhaji Malusare will sacrifice
every drop of his blood.
Hail Goddess Bhavani!
Hail Goddess Bhavani!
[Bhairji's voice over] Tanhajirao joined
the thunderous campaign...
[Bhairji's voice over] establish
Swarajya (self rule) alongside the king.
Then king initiated the campaign
in the Konkan region.
On this mission,
Tanhaji was entrusted with the
responsibility of constructing
all the roads.
Constructing road to Sangameshwar
was a bit challenging.
[Vishwas] Why?
Surve of Sangameshwar...
...was inciting conflict
against the King Shivaji.
Due to this,
the king Shivaji had sent
Pilaji Nilkanthrao Sarnaik
to accompany Tanhajirao
for Sangmeshwar's campaign.
[Tanhajirao] Once you finish
building this road,
[Tanhajirao] start excavating this road.
[Tanhajirao] And build some stairs here.
[Tanhajirao] So that
we can reach the road.
[Tanhajirao] This road should be
completed in the next two days
How long did it take to complete the work?
Appoint more people to complete the work.
Hey Tanhaji...
- Stop working now. Have some food.
- [Tanhajirao] Bring in more labour.
I am coming Mama.
I was allocating the work...
...have some bread.
I don't want it.
Why? What happened?
I have seen so many missions
since my grandfather's times.
But I have never seen anything like this.
What do you mean?
What are you talking about?
What are you watching for the first time?
All of this.
How should the mission be?
Clash of shields and swords...
The sound of cannons...
Thunder of Har Har Mahadev...
...the struggling of the wounded enemy...
and what is this?
The clatter of road construction
But I want to fight war...
Pilajirao... careful...
The king Shivaji who has given swords
in our hands...
...has also given these road
construction equipments...
To build Swarajya (Self Rule) to
"Surajya" (Great Governance).
You still haven't understood King Shivaji.
King Shivaji thinks far beyond
horses, swords and forts.
We must take swords in our hand
and also a construction tools.
For whom?
For the people of our province.
We should farm our lands as
well as construct the forts.
For the people of our province.
We should fight missions
as well as construct roads.
For the people of our province.
And who are these people?
We, ourselves.
Our King endures
so much hardship for us...
Just shouting Har Har Mahadev
is not enough.
It is necessary to understand
the thoughts of king Shivaji.
Once the war strikes,
your words won't work.
You will only see the blood shade
and the sharp edge of the sword.
We will know that when the time comes.
- [Screaming indistinctly]
- Come on... Hurry up...
- [Screaming indistinctly]
- Hurry up...
[Screaming indistinctly]
Surve initiated an attack with his army.
[Screaming indistinctly]
Surve initiated an attack with his army.
Hurry up...
Mama... you lead the left side
of the troops...
Suryaji... you lead the
right side of the troops...
I will lead the upper side.
Pilajirao... Go and help Suryaji...
Come on...
pick up your weapons... hurry up...
[Shelar Mama] Come on everyone... Hurry up.
Hey... throw that spear...
Mama... you take care of this front...
I will go and check
Suryaji Pilaji's side...
Yes... go ahead...
Hey wait... where are you running?
Hey wait...
Hey, get up!
Get up.
Leave me... I am not going to fight.
Shut up... I am not an enemy.
I am Malusare.
Let's go back... stop here...
Leave me.
Where were you trying to run?
No... listen...!
Why were you running away like a coward?
Which family do you belong to...?
Nilkanth Rao Sarnaik... right?
Yes... Yes...
What will he say when
he sees your cowardice from heaven...
He will feel bad...
What should I say to you?
Nothing... Nothing...
Earlier you were boasting a lot
about wars and swords.
Now where is your sword?
It... it fell off.
King Shivaji gave you such an honour...
was that to leave the army and run away?
What should I do with you?
Hey... stop right there.
Hold this in your hand.
Don't you dare leave it.
Captain please don't tie me up...
Captain, I made a mistake.
I made a mistake.
Please let me go.
No... Now, I will release
you free after the war.
Um... means?
Pilajirao, now learn properly.
Look. See how those Marathas
are fighting fiercely.
In the battle we must stand firm
like a solid rock facing the enemy.
As if tied tightly.
Not even a single step backward.
Please let me go.
You wanted to run away right
Now run...
Take the rock on your back and run.
Captain, please let me go.
Stop running you cowards...
Come fight...
- Hail Lord...
- Mahadeva!
- Hail Lord...
- Mahadeva!
He pulled out his sword
out like this and said
don't just use your words.
Use the weapon as well.
And then?
Then he ran away!
Now, you tell me, my King.
Shouldn't such talkative warriors
be taught a lesson right there?
- [Aausaheb (Queen mother)] Hmmm...
- [King Shivaji] hmm...
That means Talkokan's campaign
was successful for Swarajya (Self Rule)
You are right Aausaheb [Queen Mother].
The king himself expanded all the
territories up to Basarur
into the realm of Swarajya (Self Rule).
He befriended the people of Konkan.
My King,
you were saying something
about building a navy...
Aausaheb (Queen Mother),
Tanhajirao has proved that he
can not only wield a sword,
but can strategize the mission
with precision and accuracy.
But now that is enough.
I have decided that he will
not be a "Mavla" (soldier) anymore.
My King...?
Have I made any mistake, My king?
No, no... I made the mistake.
Now, I need to correct that mistake.
What happened Tanha?
What mistake did you make?
I haven't done anything, Mama.
Wait, let me tell you.
My king?
Let me tell you what went wrong.
[Tanhajirao] My King...
[Indistinct Chatter] My King...
I myself tied this sword to your waist.
Now tell me,
What does this mean?
I am not able to understand.
That means you won't just remain
a Captain anymore.
Today onwards, you will be
Subhedar (Commander-in-chief).
- [Crowd cheering]
- Greetings...
Commander Tanhajirao Malusare.
My King...!
Naik, right after this campaign
our King went to Agra?
Aurangzeb Arrested our King...
we were shook to the core
when we heard this.
When will we go back home?
- Hail Goddess Bhavani.
- Hail Goddess Bhavani.
- Come my King...
- Let's go...
Come on... Hurry up.
After crossing Narmada river...
I took a sigh of relief.
One such night, when we were hungry,
we stopped by a hut in a village.
Is anyone there inside?
Yes I am...
I am Jana Garadin.
What do you all need?
We have been on a long journey,
and we are very hungry now.
Can we...
get something to eat?
Something to eat?
Uh... Yes.
There are millets at home.
If it is ok, I can cook
and serve you the meal.
Why won't it be ok?
It will be ok for us.
Is it?
Then come inside.
Uh... Yes.
Come on in.
Come, my children. Sit down.
Oh... you seem like King Shivaji.
I mean you are eating exactly like him.
Don't you know that King Shivaji?
He has started ruling the province.
Firstly... one must build a chain of fort
around the province.
So that our people will stay protected...
He hasn't built the chain of forts yet.
Hence, these arrogant Mughals,
Enters the boundaries
of the Swarajya (Self Rule).
You are just like him.
You must build a wall of the rice.
So that the curry won't flow out of it.
Oh god!
Did I say anything wrong?
Why are you crying?
you are serving him
with so much love.
He might be,
missing his mother.
- Aausaheb...(Queen Mother).
- Huh...
What happened Aausaheb (Queen Mother)?
waiting for Sivba to come home.
I feel I would see a troop of
horse riders coming this way.
And my...
my Sivba and
little Shambhu would come back to me.
But no...
All I see till the horizon
only an unobstructed sky is visible.
There is still no news from the North
What brings you here?
A few Sages have arrived from the north.
They wish to see you.
Call them in the courtyard.
What if they are tricksters?
Even if it is so,
will they sit on the throne of Rajgad?
These Sages have nothing
to do with politics...
They are worshipers of God.
And in such difficult situation
their blessings are,
valuable to us.
And even if they are
deceivers or betrayers,
then we can use our
daggers and swords which we carry.
Let's go...
Call them in the court.
Come on.
Where did you come from?
Where are you heading to?
Mother, we have arrived from Mathura.
We were passing by
the Rajgad so we thought...
And, What happened to him?
He has been away from his
mother for a long time.
Since then,
he is getting ill.
My child...
- [Indistinct Chatter]
- My King...
Aausaheb (Queen Mother).
Sivba (My Child).
Sivba came...
Sivba came... Sivba (My Child)...
Aausaheb (Queen Mother).
Aausaheb (Queen Mother).
I have been waiting for long time Sivba...
While the campaign to
lower Konkan was going on,
The King gave Hiroji Indalkar
the task of building Sindhudurg fort.
The King went to Agra.
Still the work of Sindhudurg fort
continued here.
Tanhajirao went to see how much
Sindhudurg has been built.
By then the King had returned.
But Indalkar did not know
that the King had returned.
It's also behind this wall.
Attack can be done from here!
Moropant himself?
Take a look.
King Shivaji himself has sent
this letter for you.
- For me?
- Yes!
Then read it out loud.
Yes, I will.
'Sakal Laxmi Alankrut' (Honourable)
To Hiroji Indalkar,
Head of the Construction department.
Many well wishes from King Shivaji.
I escaped from Mughal
captivity and asked...
...what is the news of Sindhudurg?
The answer brought tears to my eyes.
I came to know that when I was not here,
you borrowed a loan to construct the fort.
You did not allow any delay in the work.
As soon as everything is stable here,
I will come by myself,
and observe the work of the fort.
May the dignity of self rule shine.
Subhedar (Commander),
when the King was at Agra,
I borrowed a loan to built a fort... told this to our king right?
No, I did not.
But let me tell you Indalkar...
The king himself know's what his soldiers
are doing for the welfare of Swarajya.
Subhedar! (Commander)
- Commander.
- [Tanhajirao] Indalkar.
Take this.
I must leave.
A lot of work is yet to be
finished on the fort.
I must finish all the task
before King comes.
The temple of Hanuman and
many more buildings are yet to be built.
A lot of work is to be done.
A lot of work is to be done.
[Indalkar] All the construction must
be completed before the King arrives.
Why did he leave so suddenly,
muttering to himself?
Once he finishes all his work
before the King's arrival,
Then Indalkar will be free
for his next task.
Once, he hands over the fully
constructed fort to the King,
Indalkar will leave from Malvan.
Such a work should be done
for Swarajya (Self rule).
He constructed such a beautiful
fortress like golden city of Dwarika.
But he does not even feel
a bit arrogance or greed.
Once the given task is completed, he
will hand it over selflessly to the King.
Well done Indalkar!
Well done!
Oh my dear sons,
I haven't committed any crime.
Why have you brought me here?
Listen Janai...
Jedhe, please say something to her...
What can I say?
Moropant is here.
Moropant, please tell her
why she is here.
Hey, you...
You look a bit sensible among all
these men with moustaches.
- [Everyone chuckles]
- At least you tell me...
Let the king arrive.
He will tell you everything.
But what have I done?
[Everyone chuckles]
- Here comes the King.
- [King Shivaji] Mother,
Now, this King Shivaji will not fail
to build the chain of forts.
That means, you are...
This is our King Shivaji.
Please forgive me.
I spoke wrongly with you.
What happened?
The other day,
I had said something wrong to the King.
So what?
Is he mine alone?
He is your son too.
Isn't he?
Aausaheb (Queen Mother)!
My blessings are with you.
Now that you are here,
stay with us for a few days.
Accept our gifts.
And then go.
Yes Aausaheb (Queen Mother).
Yes Aausaheb (Queen Mother).
Shall we go?
I shall take your leave Aausaheb
(Queen Mother).
Now what have you decided next?
Aausaheb (Queen Mother), I am thinking
that the broken fold of disorganized state
of self governance should be knit.
The army should be refreshed.
Eighteen factories, Twelve Palaces,
and most importantly the forts of the
Swarajya (Self rule) should be strengthen.
Aausaheb (Queen Mother), the prior task is
to win the fortresses given to the enemy.
To the best of my knowledge,
amongst these Twenty Three forts,
the most important one is Kondhana fort.
Because It is situated exactly
opposite to Rajgad.
That's why, King Shivaji
would capture Kondhana first.
We have to appoint a sharp,
and powerful brave warrior
over Kondhana fort.
Achal Singh...
Kubaad Khan...
Go through all the villages
around Kondhana fort,
and make announcements
in all those villages.
The rope should be twisted like this.
And pull it from the lower side.
Like this,
So that, this rope can bare the
weight of a human body.
[Announcement] Pay attention everyone!
[Announcement] Pay attention everyone!
The commander of Kondhana fort is...
Udaybhan from now onwards.
He has placed the Mughal flags
on the borders.
If anyone tries to go beyond the
border and the mountain...
then he will be considered
as King Shivaji's spy,
and he will be beheaded.
[Announcement] Pay attention everyone!
Stop running...
Stop... stop...
Where are you running...?
Got you...
My King...!
My King...!
- My King...!
- [King Shivaji] Who are you?
What Happeend?
My whole family was killed.
That Udaybhan destroyed my entire family.
- Kushya
- [Patil] Don't go there...
Well done Majesty!
[Crying in pain]
Let me go...
[Navlaji] Spare us your Majesty...
He did a mistake. He won't do it again.
He is just a kid.
But what if your son is
King Shivaji's spy?
I begged him a lot...
But he did not let him go...
The law is one for all.
Kubaad Khan!
Starve the kid for three days.
- If he still survives, let him go!
- [Ganga] Please don't do this!
- [Navlaji] Kushya...
- [Ganga] Kushya...
Crushed to death with a stone...
So let's go to my chamber...
I was not able to save my wife...
Don't touch her with your impure hands.
Just leave my hands...!
I will kill you alive here.
My Ganga was crying in fear.
She begged a lot.
My Lord Shiva!
You granted salvation by holding
the Ganga on your head.
Grant freedom to this Ganga today.
Take care...
Take care of yourself...
I am with you!
Have you recently seen Kondhana, Sivba?
The Flags of the Mughals
on our beloved Kondhana
flutters like thorn in my eyes.
What Jana Garadin said
is an absolute truth!
The people there need protection.
For the safety of our people,
we must conquer strong forts
like Kondhana, Sivba.
Yes Aausaheb (Queen Mother).
If I don't conquer fort Kondhana
within the next month,
The I will never be called as Sivba again.
Now why Kondhana fort is so important.
Because Kondhana fort is,
the main gateway of Maval province.
It is the main starting point of
Maval province.
It has three sides.
One side descends to the Karyat Maval,
second descends to the Khede Bara,
and third descends towards Gunjan Maval.
Bhuleshwar Range is
the largest mountain range
on western and northern side of
the Sahyadri.
Kondhana is the biggest and most
important for in Bhuleshwar Range.
The one who has control over
Kondhana rules the Maval province.
Is commander Tanhaji in the house?
Go see what are those guest saying.
Tanhajirao's child.
Son...! [In Hindi]
Who do you want to meet, uncle?
Commander Tanhaji... is he home?
He is not at home.
What work do you have with him?
Commander Tanhaji...
What I am saying is...
This trader has came far from the north.
Somewhere from Agra.
He is saying, Tanhajirao has borrowed
some money from this trader.
Agra... Agra
He is asking his money back.
Oh... yes!
Did you hear it Yashoda?
My son...
Means the commander of King Shivaji...
...has borrowed some money
from poor trader.
Poor trader...
Savitri, your debtors are at the door.
They are saying that,
Your husband has borrowed some money
from this man from Agra.
Just wait a minute.
Now I am old.
The incharge of this house is coming...
...ask her whatever you want to.
Come fast, Savitri.
What should we repay you?
Only Goddess Bhavani's
five Shells of cowries.
Oh... it is you...!
Yes, it's us!
What's the matter?
Uh... mother-in-law!
I know these people.
My husband said,
that they are going to give us something.
But this man said,
that he had come to collect the debt.
Did I say so?
I was saying that,
we have come to pay you back.
Give you back...
No problem...
It must have had a long journey.
Now I will not let you go like this...
otherwise my husband
will be angry on me.
Freshen up and come inside.
I'll arrange the lunch.
Go... Help her.
Had your lunch, Son?
You go and check if
mother-in-law needs something!
I will look after the guests.
Sister-in-law, you wait here only.
Sister-in-law... She is?
My brother-in-law...
Oh Suryajirao!
She is his wife.
- Oh, okay...!
- [Bahirji] okay...
Please have the food!
- Yes!
- [Bahirji] yes...
Listen... Can I?
Remove it. How can you eat with that?
Yes, exactly!
But brother-in-law,
For what reason you came here...
I'll will tell you later...
but first you tell me, Sister-In-law,
How did you identify us?
No, I didn't!
At first, I didn't identify you so I
threw the dagger towards you.
It's good that,
he took the name of Goddess Bhavani.
Or else something unfortunate
would have happened by me.
But I still don't know your names.
And what if we both were enemies?
Younger sister-in-law!
See if Raiba is done
with sharpening of his sword.
Yes... he must be done!
It must have been done by now.
Why bother?
But sister-in-law!
We appreciate you.
You still haven't let
anyone else know who we are.
No need to appreciate...
After being with commander
for so many years,
if I didn't realise the
value of people like you...
...then what is the use of being with him.
Yes, you are right!
But tell me.
When will commander Tanhajirao come back?
We have planned our Raiba's wedding.
Oh, really... very good.
So they have gone to invite
and offer salutation to god.
But exactly where?
First they will go on Jejuri fort.
To offer prayers to God Khandoba.
And then the Rajgad fort.
To take blessings of King Shivaji
and Aausaheb (Queen Mother).
They are also like Gods for us.
Yes! You are absolutely right.
Allow us to take your leave
after the lunch.
But why?
You could have stayed here
for a some days.
You could have met my husband,
before you leave.
Subhedar (Commander) Tanhajirao is on his
way to Rajgad itself. Isn't he?
- We could meet him there.
- Yes!
We will take your leave after the lunch...
Hurry up.
We need to hurry my King.
As always you don't need to go on the
battlefield to fight.
Yes my King...
Kondhana fort is familiar to all of us
since our childhood.
This time I will lead the mission.
I will easily conquer the fort
and offer at your feet.
I have complete faith in your valour.
But I have given my word
to Aausaheb (Queen Mother).
I will conquer fort.
Let's go.
Can you show Gurj Weapon to me.
It seems everyone here is
preparing for some battle.
Aausaheb (Queen Mother),
Please make him understand.
Why is he being so stubborn to go
on the battle of Kondhana himself?
- Yes my King!
- Moro Pant...
So what would you all suggest?
You can command us
to go on the battlefront.
Just for the sake of our King's word,
we all Kankas are ready
to jump into the fire as well.
This is true...
Why are you still hesitating?
My King, What I suggest.
If you think none of us are capable,
appoint Tanhajirao.
Just one command from you,
and every person in Swarajya (Self
Rule) is ready to sacrifice his life.
It's difficult to find
brave people like you.
Can you find a brave warrior like
Baji Prabhu Deshpande again?
Or Murarbaji Deshpande?
Can we find someone like
Baji kaka Pasalkar again?
Once a precious gem is lost,
It is lost forever.
And they are irreplaceable.
We don't want to lose any
more men just for our obstinacy.
Pant, you tell me...
Goddess Bhavani forbid...
...if we assign Tanhajirao
on this mission,
and something unfortunate happens.
God forbid!
Then where can I find a gem like
Tanhaji Malusare?
Oh well...!
What has happened? As King himself is
remembering me in my absence.
It is good that you have
come Subhedar (Commander).
Your presence is much
needed in this discussion.
I have given my word to
Aausaheb (Queen Mother).
For the safety and security of our people,
I will conquer Kondhana fort
within a month.
And that is why...
I have decided to take charge
and lead in this mission.
[Crowd chattering]
Such a big decision
and why didn't you summon me?
I had sent Naik to...
I was about to send Naik
to summon you here.
But... what brings you here today?
My King...
How will we invite him, while he only
has the function at his own home.
He has planned his son Raiba's wedding.
They have come to invite us
for the wedding.
[Crowd chatters]
Is that so? Raiba's wedding?
Where is the bride from?
Aausaheb (Queen Mother)...
Why are you trying to change the subject?
Do you treat your child like this?
That means, the King will do
great things in the fierce war,
and we will just celebrate for free?
I didn't mean that commander...
If not that, what do you mean my King?
Can you please tell me why was
this discussion going on excluding me.
There will be an auspicious
ceremony at your home.
My King...
There is no greater auspicious ceremony
than our Swarajya (self rule)?
While we are here why should
our king fight in battle...?
Put himself in fire?
Risk himself and stand at death's door?
Then what is our use?
Why do we think we are real men?
What is the use of
our chests like ramparts?
What is the use of our strong arms.
What is the use of our steel fists?
Why should we be proud
of this masculinity?
No Aausaheb (Queen Mother).
At the time of Afzhalkhan, it was fine.
He was not ready to listen
unless he met the King himself.
It was alright that the King
fought with him then.
Why should our King go to
the fight while we are here.
I won't listen to anything.
The auspicious ceremony at my home
will not happen without conquering
the Kondhana fort.
I will lead the mission of Kondhana fort.
What do you say brothers...?
But Tanhajirao... Raiba's wedding?
My King...
First lets conquer the Kondhana fort,
Later we will celebrate Raiba's wedding.
Hail Lord...
Did you summon me my King?
Please come Tanha...
I was about to take the vow...
...but why did you?
I... uh...
As this is the tradition of Marathas...
I am well aware of all the traditions
of Marathas, Tanhajirao.
How much longer are we going
to lose golden people like you...
Till today this gold used to be like clay,
my King!
It glittered because of your
and Aausaheb's (Queen Mother) vision.
Now, you tell me.
What else I can do with my own worth,
if I cannot offer it to my King, Aausaheb
(Queen Mother) and Swarajya (Self rule).
If that is the case, I shall accompany
you in this mission.
Together, we will fight this battle...
Pardon me My King!
Pardon me.
If I die you will meet hundreds of
other Tanhajis like me.
But to show them the right path,
They need King Shivaji.
That is why I am asking you to let me go.
My King, please let me go.
Tanha... listen...
Let me go my King.
"O God we offer you holy betel nut"
"we offer you holy betel nut"
"we offer you holy betel nut"
"After worshiping Ganesha"
- "the sacred rituals of the bride began"
- [Savitri] Listen,
"the sacred rituals of the bride began"
- "the sacred rituals of the bride began"
- [Yashoda] Sister-In-Law,
[Yashoda] The preparation of
ritual you told me,
- "the sacred rituals of the bride began"
- [Yashoda] It's done.
"The ceremony has started
with holy rituals"
"The ceremony has started
with holy rituals"
"The ceremony has started
with holy rituals"
"The ceremony has started
with holy rituals"
"Lord Ganesha was worshiped first"
"Worshiped the beautiful Goddess Amba bai"
"We have began the auspicious work"
"Decorated the arches"
"The ceremony has started
with holy rituals"
"Tender feelings are
visible from the smiling eyes"
"The ceremony has started
with holy rituals"
"The ceremony has started
with holy rituals"
"The ceremony has started
with holy rituals"
"The ceremony has started
with holy rituals"
"All relatives gather with love"
"All acquaintances are also here"
"These rituals bind
everyone in a bond of love"
"These rituals bring all people together
like pearl necklace"
"Everyone celebrates
these rituals with music"
[Parvati Bai] Do you have hiccups?
No... I... am thirsty.
"We began the celebration"
Do you have hiccups?
"The ceremony has started
with holy rituals"
"The ceremony has started
with holy rituals"
"These rituals brings happiness"
"The ceremony has started
with holy rituals"
"The ceremony has started
with holy rituals"
"Tender feelings are
visible from the smiling eyes"
"The ceremony has started
with holy rituals"
"The ceremony has started
with holy rituals"
"The ceremony has started
with holy rituals"
"The ceremony has started
with holy rituals"
"We know the rituals of duty towards King"
"We know the rituals of duty
towards Swarajya (Self Rule)"
"Our minds are occupied
by the dream (of Swarajya)"
"Even turmeric has become saffron
with dream of Swarajya (Self Rule)"
You have started hiding many
things from me nowadays.
It's nothing...
So... uh...
...don't you want to tell me anything?
Then I will have to ask...
...Raiba's wedding should be
done on fixed time...
Or shall we postpone it?
Because... if we don't postpone it,
how shall the mission be accomplished?
Uh... about that...
Am I not that close to you?
Why do you have to think
so much to tell me something?
And that to the matter of
Swarajya (Self Rule)!
The mother who gave King Shivaji for
Swarajya (Self Rule)...
is from this soil only.
The mother who gave the great martyr like
Baji Prabhu
in the service of King Shivaji.
The mother who gave a brave warrior
like you for Swarajya (Self Rule).
I also belong to the same Soil. Don't I?
Can't I postpone the simple wedding of
my son for the sake of Swarajya (Self Rule).
Don't look at me like that.
Answer me...
What shall I say?
Can I tell you the truth.
It is not just us
who fights in the battles.
Such words of courage
from a mother, a sister,
a wife gives... us soldiers
the strength to fight.
If we a soldiers are
the sharpen edge of the sword,
Then you women are the strongest fist
who holds the strength of the sword.
Don't make me cry now.
Otherwise, you will say...
Despite of being the wife of
a Subhedar (Commander),
how can she cry.
When are you leaving?
Please pay attention here!
The commander of Kondhana fort...
Commander Udaybhan...
Is here in our village.
And he is coming to talk with you.
Please step outside of your houses.
I don't have much to say.
All I have to say is...
If you want safety of your
lives and livelihood,
then stop helping King Shivaji.
And accept the rule of the Sultan.
And what if we do not obey
what you're saying?
Does anyone have anything to say?
And If anyone wants to says anything,
I'll answer them with my own hands.
By strangling your neck.
- [Reciting verses by Tukaram Maharaj]
- Saint Tukaram says it has been decided,
- [Reciting verses by Tukaram Maharaj]
- That I will protect
- [Reciting verses by Tukaram Maharaj]
- My devotees in calamities.
[Chanting the name of God Vitthal]
[Chanting the name of God Vitthal]
Lord Garuda comes with the message of
God and tells, do not be afraid of anyone.
Such a situation should happen.
Our God Vithoba's eagle
has sent a message for you.
God Vitthal's eagle?
Yes... yes.
What is the message from Naik?
Udaybhan has bent the steel guard...
This news has been spread in all villages.
Everyone is very scared.
People are afraid to help our soldiers
even if they are willing to...
They are extremely scared.
Tell Naik...
You get an intel about the fort.
Yes Sire.
Until then, I will make the people
of the villages free from fear.
Therefore I could see
the perimeter of the fort.
After that I will come for the operation.
I shall take your leave.
[Chanting the name of Lord Vitthal]
Hey, Subhedar (Commander)
Tanhajirao is here. Come on!
Subhedar (Commander) Tanhajirao himself?
Who is that Udaybhan?
Go and tell the whole village that...
If he thinks he is a mighty warrior.
King Shivaji has more
powerful warriors than him.
[Indistinct chatter] Yes.
Until our King's saffron flag
is protecting us,
we do not have
any reason to be scared of.
We have Goddess Bhavani's
blessings with us.
I will soon free you all from the Mughals.
Hail Goddess Bhavani!
[Crowd] Hail Goddess Bhavani!
- Yes.
- [Bahirji] You two must go on the fort.
And blend in with the enemies.
You all know Kondhana well
since your childhood, right?
However the fort has been in
the possession of the enemy for long time.
They may have done some changes in
the fort according to there convenience.
We need to know all those changes.
Or else, we won't be able
to plan our mission.
You are right!
That's why we made such a plan.
Are you getting my point?
See those idiots...
warming up near bonfire.
Let's go.
Greetings, brother!
- Greetings...
- Greetings.
Are you the new recruits?
Yes... it is!
What's your name?
Hey, wait!
My name is Reva Singh,
and he is...
Meva Singh!
- Greetings brother... Greetings!
- Greetings!
They have increased
the security of upper guard.
What now?
Now spread the rumour that there is a
ghost on the Kondhana fort.
This area of Deccan is full of ghosts.
Is it so?
And the locals believe that
King Shivaji's kingdom harbor
a horde of ghostly corpses.
A horde...
Now what if one of his ghosts...
has been sent here?
You take care of yourself.
These ghosts from Deccan
are very dangerous.
Beware of them.
Where are you going?
Who, me?
I am off to my guard.
- Ghost...!
- Where?
May the ghost never comes here.
- Yes.
- Yes
Be careful...
It's me brother.
Come on, come on...
Let's be quick...
Come on...
Who is he?
Why is he standing like that...?
Hey, hey listen.
- Ghost... there's a ghost...
- Hey run! Run!
Run faster... be quick...
There's a ghost...
- Run...
- Run.
Ugh... Ughh... Ghost...
What are you looking at brother?
Where is the ghost?
Down there...
Fire torches are lighting up
and extinguishing down there.
The "Vetal" is here.
Brother Arjan Singh...
The rumours on the fort are true.
A real ghost has come here.
Yes a ghost?
Hey, run... run from here.
Rumours are rife in our army.
Some soldiers are claiming
to have seen ghosts.
I don't believe in such things.
But your Majesty,
our soldiers believe in such things.
If that's the case, Achal Singh!
You suggest,
What is the solution?
There is a boy in the army.
He saw this woman in the village,
she knows some occult things.
"Here comes the Goddess Mari Aai."
"Death is also afraid of her"
"Here comes the Goddess Mari Aai."
"Death is also afraid of her"
"Enemies tremble with fear
at the sight of her"
"Death is also afraid of her"
"Death is also afraid of her"
"Here comes the Goddess Mari Aai."
"She gives a different spiritual experience"
"She takes the life of the one who
inter-veins with the work of divinity"
"Here comes the Goddess Mari Aai."
"She cares for the King (Shivaji)"
"We can experience both "Purusha"
and "Prakriti" with her blessings"
"Here comes the Goddess Mari Aai."
"Death is also afraid of her"
"Enemies tremble with fear
at the sight of her"
"Death is also afraid of her"
"Death is also afraid of her"
"May Mari Aai bless us..."
He is going to be ruined.
He is going to be ruined.
This moron will get devastated.
What is she saying?
All of you are doomed.
I am not saying that,
the Goddess is saying.
Goddess... please have some mercy.
This is not my curse.
This is not my curse.
This is his Karma.
This karma is going to
torture him as a ghost.
Destruction is imminent.
Destruction is imminent.
Destruction is imminent.
Destruction is imminent.
Goddess, please give us the solution.
- [Screaming]
- Mother got angry...
Ghost only will tell you
the solution, not me.
Hey... wait.
Wait... I am coming for you.
- Goddess...
- Hey... wait.
Mother... where are you going?
- Where on the tower.
- [Kesar] Hey wait!
What are you doing at Pune door?
I am guarding.
Hey, not you...
Catch him... catch him...
There are only four guards here.
We can see many soldiers
under the fort.
Now what's next, mother...?
See, it ran that way.
It ran that way.
He is running on the fort wall.
- Mother...
- Wait!
- Wait!
- [Vishwas] There are four soldiers here.
The ghost exhausted them...
Look they are tired...
Hey... hey... hey.
Wait... wait.
Will you tell us in the temple of
But why?
Because there is no
fortification over there?
The edge of Donagiri has no fortification.
Hey who are you?
You killed that little one, right?
You did kill him by torturing him.
Didn't you?
You have to pay the price.
You have to pay the price.
You wait...!
- [Screaming] Wait... wait...
- Goddess!
You wait...!
Arise Oh Mother Goddess...!
Lord Mahadeva give us strength...!
Give us strength...!
Oh mother...
Give us strength Lord Mahadeva...!
Give us strength...!
You wait...! Wait...
Where will you go?
You hurt good people.
Now where will you go...?
Oh mother...
Keep quiet...
We have caught the ghost...
Nothing to worry now.
Now you won't perish...
Bless us Shree Eklingji.
Take it.
Do you want it...?
- Get lost.
- Take it.
They have changed posts and guards.
But there is no new construction here.
We must inform Naik.
We have leave from here first,
to go and inform Naik.
Wait, Let me check the map first.
- How many times...
- I am answerable to Naik.
If something goes wrong he will put
a dagger directly on our throat.
He just keeps it on the throat.
[Marathi Language] But
I will slit your throat.
[Marathi Language] Are you making a map?
You must know the language of the
place where you want to rule
Break their bones...
but make them spill all the secrets,
torture them,
until they reveal all their secrets.
[Marathi Language] Idiots... making maps.
Leave him...
Leave him!
Saw the consequences of
fighting the Mughals.
You have tied our hands
and you think you stronger,
untie me,
And I will show you and
the whole Mughal ancestry,
what are the consequences of
fighting with Marathas.
I will unite you hands in my chamber.
It will be fun...
Your Majesty,
Your Majesty, commander Udaybhan
has summoned you.
The Marathas have attacked Kalyan gate.
At this time?
They usually attack during the nights.
I'll be back, Honey!
You are being summoned.
What are you waiting for? Go!
You have to fight.
You have been beaten a lot.
You have been beaten a lot.
Hey, just shut up!
Why are you so concerned about us?
Just keep quiet.
Why should I silent?
If I don't come to save you, who will?
Who else will come to your rescue?
Tell me! Tell me...
Who will help you?
- Naik!
- Shush...!
Hey, come on. Let's go from here.
Come on! Come with me.
Take this.
Where is the map?
Udaybhan took it...
We made a mistake Naik.
Come on now,
cover yourselves up and leave.
- Yes.
- Don't let them catch you. Leave fast!
Be careful.
Catch him...
Don't let him escape.
Catch that Spy.
Don't let him escape.
Catch that Spy.
Don't let him escape.
[Uproar of the soldiers]
Move away...
Akke (Elder sister)!
Hey, what are you doing?
Bless me so that
I could come back alive...
Don't say such bad things.
On the contrary, say that I will
bring your kids back safely.
It is only because of you that
we are seeing these good days.
What are saying sister?
Is the responsibility of the brother
restricted to the festivals and gifts?
You have already given me a gift
of a lifetime, brother.
I still remember that day.
I lost my husband
in the war against the Mughals.
We were miserable and helpless.
Sister, now you have to listen to me.
Come with me to Umarth.
You have nothing left here
after Kalojirao's death.
How can I leave my village Godavli?
The in-laws home is
the true home of a woman.
Both of my sons, Tanhaji and Suryaji,
were born here.
Now, how can I leave everything behind?
You are mistaken, sister.
You women are much fortunate
than us men.
You are entitled to Two houses.
One is your in-laws,
and the other is your maiden home.
You bring prosperity wherever you go
like Goddess Laxmi does.
That might be true.
Why should I cause
Inconvenience to your family.
How can you even say such things?
You are my elder sister.
After my mother it was you who
loved me like a mother.
Do not insist know sister.
Come with me.
Sister, stop shedding
tears while we are leaving.
No I won't.
You had forgotten this.
I didn't forget it.
I left it on purpose.
For you.
You will have to take care of things at
home while we are away.
A weapon should be close in your
hand in case of emergency.
Crisis cannot be predicted.
Instead you should be
closer to us than a weapon.
So I won't be scared.
If you ever feel scared,
or feel sad,
you should look up to your sister-in-law.
How does she manage
everything with strength.
The way she supports our family.
Keep this.
Why is commander's wife crying?
Who is crying?
Oh, is it?
Than something must be
hurting in your eyes.
I am crying.
But why?
I am still alive.
Why you are saying
such inauspicious things.
Than bid farewell
your close soul with a smile...!
I understand.
All the things are ready for your travel.
I will send all the baggage
by the hand of servant.
I must leave now.
Please come back!
I must leave now.
Mother, I shall take your leave now.
Come safely.
- Let's go, Mama!
- Yes.
Mother, I shall leave now!
Sister, I shall leave now!
Har Har Mahadev (Hail Lord Mahadeva)
Subhedar (Commander), everyone
has come as per your command.
Ranoji Deshmukh of Asavli has come.
My king...
Ramaji Dimble of Kalyan has come.
My king...
Sakojirao Shilimkar of
Gunjan valley has come.
Sambhajirao Jedhe of Kari has come.
My king...
All the selected warriors have
arrive as per your command.
Very good!
Subhedar (Commander)...!
How many soldiers do you want?
How many enemies are there in the fort?
In the fort...
Fifteen Hundred.
Prepare Fifteen Hundred shields.
Prepare Fifteen Hundred swords.
Prepare Fifteen Hundred spears.
Prepare Fifteen Hundred daggers and pikes.
Your Majesty, so many weapons?
These Marathas will arrive in their
maximum strength to conquer the fort.
They could be Two Thousand.
They could be Three Thousand.
They could be Five Thousand.
No need!
Five Hundred soldiers are enough.
- [Indistinct chatter]
- Only Five Hundred...
Then what mama?
Only Five Hundred soldiers?
Yes Aausaheb (Queen Mother).
I know... let them have
Five Hundred soldiers...
But they all came from another province.
But they don't know
the geography of the fort.
But Udaybhan and his soldiers
are said to be very sharp.
Who cares...!
Yes Subhedar (Commander).
I have faced him myself.
He is much feared in and around the fort.
He does not hesitate to
behead people if necessary.
He is originally from
Bhinay village in Rajputana.
From the time of his father,
everyone worked for Aurangzeb.
But he is a man of great courage.
Let it be Naik.
But we will not fight in broad daylight.
[Udaybhan] If the Marathas come,
they will come at night.
So we have to keep
an eye on the moon.
As long as the moon light does not spread,
Till then we have to guard
with the help of torches.
Moon will be our friend in this battle.
That is why we will let the Shuddhapaksha
fortnight in Magha [Hindu Month] pass.
We will start when the period
after the new moon begins.
Even after Shashthi (Sixth day),
the moon rises after midnight.
And its light is dim.
So what happens,
In Sahyadri we cannot see far but
nearer objects remain visible.
That means the enemies won't be
able to see our soldiers.
But we will see everything till
we reach the fort.
Put pot's of hot oil
on Kalyan gate and Pune gate.
Maintain all posts
and fronts with strict discipline.
The Marathas can come from anywhere.
There is no point in
going through Pune gate.
Susati's tower is to the west.
There is a fortification from
Susati Tower to Zunjar Tower.
But, there is no fortification
between Susati Tower and Kalavantin tower.
The cliff of Donagiri is there.
Your Majesty,
Aren't we going to post a guard here?
Do you think anyone will come from here?
[Grunting] No... no!
Only, the one who is not afraid of
death will dare to come this way.
Either air or death can come from here.
Who dares to do it?
We will go from there.
My king, we must climb
from the Donagiri ridge.
Is it a ladder to climb?
- He is right.
- Yes he is.
It is easier to climb than a ladder.
How come?
The height of the ridge
will be ten firs right?
You are right!
Then I have Two men.
Ghorpade brothers.
They climb more difficult cliff
than Donagiri ridge.
They will reach up
and tie a rope to something.
After tying the rope,
will you climb or not?
- Yes!
- Yes!
But where can you get a rope that can
support the weight of a whole man?
- Come in!
- [Navalaji] Yes Master!
Now that so many soldiers
are assembled,
there will be little whispering.
Now if this whisper reaches
the fort boundaries.
So there will be a cry at the fort.
The soldiers on the fort will wakeup.
The enemy will be alert.
We don't want that to happen.
We should find a place to hide
somewhere around Six miles away.
I will tell you!
There is a ravine in the forest
at the foot of the hill
near Ghiser village
on the way to Bocheghali Ghat.
There is s dense forest
below that ravine.
Naik, we have been there many times.
Yes, Master!
So after dark,
Let's all gather in that forest.
[Indistinct chatter] Yes...
How far is Donagiri cliff from there?
There is a very short distance.
We will continue walking
along the mountain side.
There are many trails.
We can walk a little,
and climb up through the Rangna
forest to the donagiri ridge.
Will it be Six kilometers?
Then it is decided!
Before midnight,
we will reach the base of
Donagiri before midnight.
What do you all say brothers?
- Yes!
- Yes!
My King,
After conquering the fort we will Ignite
the fire of victory on Zunjar Machi.
Then take your steps to the fort.
What happened, Tanhajirao?
Why did you stop?
That... uh...
I have a request for
Aausaheb (Queen Mother).
What is it?
Aausaheb (Queen Mother)!
I want a farewell lunch
from you before we leave.
Can I ask you something, Your Majesty?
Go ahead!
I have been observing for
the past few days.
You come twice a day to pray Lord Shiva.
You seem really upset.
I have been restless ever since,
I took charge at Kondhana fort.
I tried to talk to Mirzaraja.
That he should not go the
Deccan province to defeat King Shivaji.
But he did not listen to me.
If it were in my hands,
I would have been content to be a slave
of King Shivaji for Thousands of years.
King Shivaji stays away from all addictions
like women, alcohol and dancing.
His character is as clear as crystal.
And his behaviour is as pious as a Sage.
It is not late yet.
We will join the army of King Shivaji.
- Let's revolt (against Aurangzeb).
- Don't even think of rebelling Achal Singh.
Otherwise I will forget friendship and
behead you right here.
I admit that I am praising King Shivaji,
But he still remains the enemy
of the Alamgir Badshaha.
And I am the most loyal servant
of Alamgir Badshaha.
I have to prove my loyalty, Achal Singh.
Let's go.
Have a seat.
Why are you still standing?
No... I will sit, but...
Why are you hesitating now?
Don't you like the menu?
I don't mean that Aausaheb (Queen Mother)... should give me
at least one food item.
Is it?
Take that "Laddos" plate.
Have it!
Now sit down.
Goddess Jagdamba herself
came to give food.
I was filled with satisfaction.
Have it!
[Bahirji's Voice over] After taking the
"prasad" of Goddess
Jagdamba in the form of
Jijau Aausaheb (Queen Mother).
[Bahirji's Voice over]
The warriors discussed for a long time.
[Bahirji's Voice over]
And finally it was time to go.
My King,
Be careful.
It's the matter of Mighty Kondhana Fort.
I give my word to you My king
Even if we die Aausaheb's holy feet,
must touch the steps of Kondhana fort.
Don't say such inauspicious things.
I have dreamed of 'Swarajya'
with all of you.
Without all of you I don't even want to be
"Lord Indra", the King of Heaven
And if we will be together,
so, even the simple rock of the Sahyadri
mountain will become a throne for me.
Why do you need simple rock?
The entire Sahyadri,
and all of us are eager to see you
seated on the golden throne.
We all are eager to see you sit on
the golden throne.
Too many times,
In my mind, I have seen you sitting
on a golden throne.
You are sitting on a golden throne and
all the Kings are bowing before you.
Let it be...
let's think about the throne later.
But, before that,
don't forget that my nephew
is getting married.
Please take care of yourself.
Be brave in the battle like
Baji Prabhu and Murarbaji.
But, Tanhajirao!
Whatever happens,
come back...!
Where can I go, My King.
Even if I die in the battle,
doors of heaven won't open for me
until my last visit to Rajgad.
May I take your leave, My King?
"Shivba's Tanhaji left for the war"
"To fulfil his promise"
"He has reverence
for Swarajya (Self Rule)"
"They reached the foot of the mountain"
"They are praying to Goddess Bhavani"
"They are praying to Goddess Bhavani"
What happened?
My shoulder is dislocated.
Take care of him.
Commander, I myself will go.
Be careful. Go!
[Chanting of war cry]
Har Har Mahadev...
[Chanting of war cry]
Har Har Mahadev...
[Chanting of war cry]
Har Har Mahadev...
- Tanha, you go ahead.
- [Tanhaji] Yes Mama...
Surya, let's go...
"Tanhaji started climbing"
"Tanhaji started climbing"
"Seeing that, even the rocks were shocked"
"Suryaji, Shelar mama and Five Hundred
Mavlas (Soldiers) are together"
"Even darkness trembles
in fear of Tanhajirao"
May Goddess Jagdamba bless us...
Mama, Suryaji go ahead.
[Shelar Mama whispering]
Come on [Whispering]...
Arjan Singh!
Brother Arjan Singh, what happened?
[Indistinct chaos]
"In pursuit of Guerrilla warfare"
"To destroy the enemies sound sleep"
"Where does the "Mavala"
Soldier come from?"
[Kubaad Khan] Where is the enemy?
Why are you making such a Fuss?
What is happening here?
What is happening here?
Kubaad Khan!
Why are you standing still?
We don't know from where
the Marathas are coming.
- The noise is coming from all the directions.
- [Soldier] Majesty...
The enemy has come from that side.
"Like the messenger of death"
"Udaybhan rushes into the battle"
"He looks like a fire burning
in a crematory"
Hey Udaybhan!
"Tanhaji stood tall in front"
"He appeared as strong as
the "Airavat" elephant of Lord Indra"
"He descended on the battlefield
like a bolt of lightning"
The restlessness is increasing
every moment, Moropant.
My King...
Soon we will know what happens...
You have been standing here
for the last Six hours.
Your feet will hurt.
Please go and take some rest.
I will keep an eye.
How could I rest here while
Tanhajirao is fighting over there.
"The pain Intensified"
"The pain Intensified"
"He (Tanhaji) fainted,
and Udaybhan got the opportunity"
"I will kill Tanhaji now"
"I will kill Tanhaji now"
"Angry Udaybhan attacked"
"But this is not his fate"
Hey, Udaybhan!
When your Mirzaraje Jaisingh
invaded us...
...even then our King Shivaji told him
the same thing.
If you are invading as a Hindu ruler,
I will win over the whole of
Deccan province for you.
But if you have come here
as a servant of Aurangzeb,
then you will have to face my sword.
He was here as a servant.
And you have also come here
as his servant.
Have you forgotten the holy
soil in which you were born?
Maharana Pratap,
Maharana Sangram Singh,
Maharana Ratansingh Rawal.
You were born in the holy soil of such
heroes who fought against the Mughals,
how dare do you think of
defeating King Shivaji.
Mughal slaves like
you will never understand this.
To protect the Swarajya,
Shivaji Raje and the saffron flag,
We Marathas stand tall as a fortification.
Before your dirty hands even touch
the Swarajya (Self Rule),
we will cut them off.
My child...
Brother... Brother...
My child...
We haven't captured the fort yet.
You are my tiger.
Don't turn around unless
you conquer the fort.
- [Indistinct Chaos]
- Hey... Tanhajirao has collapsed.
Suryaji, go!
But, brother...
If our soldiers scatter,
we won't be able to gather them back.
Bring... bring our soldiers back.
I will not face Aausaheb (Queen Mother)
until I win the fort.
But brother, how can I leave you like...
Bring our soldiers back... go!
Go! I am ordering you to go. Go!
Hey, take him to the Amruteshwar temple.
I'll be there.
Take care of yourself!
Hey... Help me...
Hey... Stop.
Stop... Come back...
Stop... you cowards.
Back off...
Back off or I will kill you...
...Do you want to go down...
Where are you going?
Tell me where are you going?
I'll slit your throat.
Where are you going?
Where are you running away, cowards?
Your father is lying there,
covered in blood.
For the sake of him...
Step Down...
Where are you going?
I have cut down the ropes.
Now jump off the cliff and die,
or turn around and kill the enemy.
why did you all come here?
Why did you climb this cliff?
To conquer the fort, right?
As he is wounded, your trouble is over...!
Are you running away...
[Distant Chaos]
Look, over there...
Here come the enemies with swords...
Will enemy let you escape...?
Tell me!
Will they?
Will you die such a mean death?
Shame on you!
Shame on your cowardly life.
If you die running away,
you will end up in the hell.
But if you die as King's warrior,
the door of heaven
will open for you brothers.
The door of heaven will open for you.
Gather yourself and turn around...
Remember one thing.
They have fire torches in their one hand.
You have both the hands free to fight.
Arise Soldiers...
Hail Lord Mahadeva!
Hail Lord Mahadeva!
Marathas have returned...
[Indistinct chatter]
Hail Lord Mahadeva!
Midnight has passed...
No news yet.!
My King...
After conquering the fort we will Ignite
the fire of victory on Zunjar Machi.
Pant we won... Kondhana Fort.
We won Kondhana fort...
We won.
Yes My King!
We should go to Kondhana fort
at this moment...
Where is Tanhajirao?
My King...
My King...
- My King...
- [King Shivaji] Suryaji...
My King... look at my brother!
My king... please look at him.
My King... you are here...!
I was waiting for you.
I conquered the fort, my King.
I fulfilled the promise you made
to Aausaheb (Queen Mother).
I have walked with you for a long time...
I wanted to be there for some more time.
But now,
But now, my journey ends here.
No, don't say that!
My King...
will you please promise me one thing,
Just one thing.
Tell me... tell me!
I won't be able to make it back.
will you go to Umrath
and get your nephew married?
Will you?
I am helpless.
There is no cure for time.
My King...
This perishable body became
useful for Swarajya (Self Rule).
My King...
I am taking my last breath
with my head on your shoulder.
No, Tanha...
What else does one need...?
Don't talk like this.
My King...
I'll be immortal now!
like Lord Hanuman...
I'll be immortal...
No, let's call the Vaidya (doctor).
And you come with me to Rajgad fort.
Go and call Vaidya (Doctor)!
Why are you just watching...?
Call the Vaidya (Doctor).
- [Reciting verses by Tukaram Maharaj]
- "We Set towards our destination"
- [Reciting verses by Tukaram Maharaj]
- "We Set towards our destination"
- [Reciting verses by Tukaram Maharaj]
- "Accept my final bow"
- [Reciting verses by Tukaram Maharaj]
- "Accept my final bow"
We conquered the fort
Subhedar (Commander)...
...but we lost our brave lion.
Has Sivba come back... Ananda?
And Tanha...?
- [Reciting verses by Tukaram Maharaj]
- "This is our last meet"
- [Reciting verses by Tukaram Maharaj]
- "From here we set apart."
- [Reciting verses by Tukaram Maharaj]
- "This is our last meet"
- [Reciting verses by Tukaram Maharaj]
- "From here we set apart."
- [Reciting verses by Tukaram Maharaj]
- "Now please have mercy on me"
It's okay!
What is this, sister-in-law?
Uncle Shelar said...
that we lost Three Hundred and
Sixty soldiers on Sinhagad.
They were the lamps that lit
the way of Swarajya (Self Rule).
Theses lamps are made
in their remembrance.
If they had not sacrificed their lives,
such celebrations
would not have taken place.
From today this ritual will be performed
in every wedding of Malusare family.
- [Reciting verses by Tukaram Maharaj]
- "Now please have mercy on me"
- [Reciting verses by Tukaram Maharaj]
- "Now please have mercy on me"
Will you get your nephew
married at Umrath?
- [Reciting verses by Tukaram Maharaj]
- "Tukaram touches your feet"
- [Reciting verses by Tukaram Maharaj]
- "We are set towards our destination"
- [Reciting verses by Tukaram Maharaj]
- "We are set towards our destination"
- [Reciting verses by Tukaram Maharaj]
- "Accept my final bow"
- [Reciting verses by Tukaram Maharaj]
- "Accept my final bow"
Let it be...
I have tied a sword to your waist.
Now tell me.
What does this mean?
Am I a Subhedar (Commander) now?
- [Reciting verses by Tukaram Maharaj]
- "Take Lord Vitthal's name"
- [Reciting verses by Tukaram Maharaj]
- "while leaving this place"
- [Reciting verses by Tukaram Maharaj]
- "Take Lord Vitthal's name"
- [Reciting verses by Tukaram Maharaj]
- "Chant the names of Lord Rama and Krishna"
I myself tied this sword to your waist.
Now tell me,
What does this mean?
I am not able to understand.
That means you won't just
remain a Captain anymore.
Today onwards, you will be
Subhedar (Commander-in-chief).
Commander Tanhajirao Malusare.
- [Reciting verses by Tukaram Maharaj]
- "Tukaram is getting salvation"
- [Reciting verses by Tukaram Maharaj]
- "Tukaram is getting salvation"
- [Reciting verses by Tukaram Maharaj]
- "Chant the names of Lord Vitthal"
- [Reciting verses by Tukaram Maharaj]
- "Chant the names of Lord Vitthal"
Tanhajirao conquered Sinhagad
but did not stay to see the ceremony.
King Shivaji gave the post of
Tanhajirao to Suryajirao.
He made Suryajirao
the Subhedar (Commander).
He greatly admired the soldiers
who conquered Sinhagad.
They were rewarded with
gold bracelets and robes of honour.
He took the responsibility for the
children of those who were martyred.
He took care of them.
Tanhajirao showed how loyalty should be.
Suryaji showed how a brother should be.
Just like Lord Ram and Laxman,
Tanhaji and Suryaji, became immovable
figure in the history of Marathas.
Let us remember these brave warriors
till the end of time.
Not to grieve, but to fight.
"Our blood is boiling like lava..."
"We take the oath of King
Shivaji (Shivaji Maharaj)..."
"We will soak the fort
with blood of the enemy..."
"Let's win and raise
up the Saffron flag..."
"We are the devotees of
the infinite Lord Shiva..."
"We are Trishul (Trident
weapon) of Lord Bhairava..."
"We are the incarnation
of Lord Neelkanth..."
"...who happily take the poison
to save the world from it"
"We are thirst of Goddess
of War "Maa Chandi"..."
"We are the kind smile
of Goddess Durga..."
"Refrain from messing
with the lightening us..."
"Tear you apart..."
"Whose blood is as strong
as Indra's Vajra (Strongest Weapon)..."
"Wounds from battles
become their wealth..."
"They are fond of the
music of sword and shield..."
"Swarajya (Self Rule) is
the only thing on their mind..."
"Marathas take the oath of
King Shivaji (Shivaji Maharaj)..."
"Marathas are pride
of Jijamata Aausaheb..."
"Marathas defeat the enemy..."
"Marathas impale the Saffron flag
in the chest of the enemy..."
"Here comes Marathas...
Here comes Marathas..."
"We are the devotees
of the infinite Lord Shiva..."
"We rip the countless heads of enemies..."
"Marathas always beat
all the Sultanates..."
"Here comes Marathas...
Here comes Marathas..."
"We are the devotees
of the infinite Lord Shiva..."
"We rip the countless heads of enemies..."
"Marathas always beat
all the Sultanates..."
"Arise Goddess Amba Bai arise..."
"This is Lord Ram..."
"Who now incarnates in the
form of Shivraya in Kaliyuga..."
"This is Lord Krishna..."
"Who writes the critique
of Gita with the shining sword..."
"This is Warrior Bheema..."
"Whose strength
is equivalent to thousands of elephants."
"Because of dust of war...
blood boils..."
"and enemy runs..."
"He is the mighty..."
"He is the destroyer of death...
covered in blood..."
"and ran into battle..."
"Like Lord Rudra..."
"I have the power in
my hand for Heroic deeds..."
"I am the Trident..."
"I am about to slay the enemies..."
"I am the fire..."
"To burn the enemies to the ashes
to protect our people..."
"Being Lord Shiva..."
"I will behead the enemy for the
well being of our principles..."
"We offer our blood to Lord Shiva..."
"Offering sweat to the warrior Lord..."
"We offer our life to Lord Hanuman..."
"We offer our Head to
the War Goddess Kalika ..."
"The sound of Damru
(Lord Shiva's musical Instrument)"
"resounded from all directions..."
"Arise Goddess Amba Bai arise..."
"Arise Goddess Amba Bai arise..."
"Arise Goddess Amba Bai arise..."
"Arise Goddess Amba Bai arise..."