Subject (2023) Movie Script

(gentle music)
(ominous music)
(tape winding)
(keys tapping)
(computer whirring)
(truck thumps)
(radio chatters)
- So, uh, what did, what'd
you do to get in here?
- Don't fuckin' talk to me.
No friends where we're goin'.
- Okay.
Happy birthday dear Layla
Happy birthday to you
- Hip-hip!
- Hurray!
- Hip-hip!
- Hurray!
- Hi everyone. I'm going
to tell you a riddle.
- Okay.
- Ooh.
- He hoots but has no car.
- [Group] Hmm.
- He flies but has no plane.
- Flies but has no plane?
I know, is he a slacker?
- He sleeps during the
day, but he's no slacker.
- [Mom] Oh, I don't
know. What could it be?
I don't know. Do you know?
- What can he be?
- [Mom] Oh, tell us.
- (gasps) It's an owl!
- Oh, of course it's an owl.
(tape clicks)
(radio chatters)
- Now you're too good for me?
If I weren't chained down,
I'd cut your fuckin' face
off and feed it to you.
- Wow. Lucky you're
chained down then, huh?
- (scoffs) Smart ass.
I will fuck your eye
holes till you die
and cum in your brain.
(radio chatters)
(truck thumps)
- Willem Peters?
Willem Peters,
identify yourself.
- Yeah. Yeah, it's me.
(gunshots popping)
What the fuck? What the fuck?
Don't shoot. Don't shoot.
(gun clicks)
Who are you?
- I'm with the
Defense Health Agency.
Mr. Peters, how would you
like an alternative sentence?
- I shouldn't have
a sentence at all.
- That's not my concern.
There's a rehabilitation program
that requires participants
that meet a laundry list
of standards to qualify,
and you do.
- Why? What
qualifications do I need?
- It's kind of like a job.
You'll be observing and
recording your observations.
- What, observing what?
- [Agent] I'm not
a liberty to say.
- Was that mean?
Don't I have the right to
know before I make a decision?
- You forfeited those rights
when you decided
to be a criminal.
- I'm not a criminal.
- Listen, you and I both
know that a man like you
won't last long in prison.
My asking is more of a
courtesy than a requirement.
Sign here.
- Oh Jesus.
I thought I didn't
have a choice.
(pen scribbles)
You know, leaving a paper
trail's not so secretive, huh?
- I'll meet you there.
(gun pops)
(computer whirring)
(Willem grunting)
(camera whirs)
(Willem grunts)
(camera whirs)
(Willem coughs and spatters)
(Willem coughing and spitting)
(Willem exhales)
- How long was I out?
- I'm not at liberty to say.
(camera whirs)
- Well, where is it,
whatever it is that I'm
supposed to be looking at?
- It's coming.
Here's where you'll be
doing your observations.
It's a video
journal, essentially.
- Well, what do I say?
- Anything and everything.
What you see, how you feel.
You'll need to do a minimum
of 10 minutes per day.
- Okay.
- Okay, then.
- So what? Wait.
- Yes.
- Well, I don't know.
I mean, I feel like
there should be more.
I don't really understand.
- I told you all that
I was briefed upon.
- This is all so strange.
- Yes.
- You don't know any more?
I mean, shouldn't I
have some kind of a-
- Listen, make no mistake,
you're still a criminal.
Every movement will be watched.
Our system will detect
even the slightest change
in the environment.
(camera whirs)
You just don't have to worry
about being some skinhead's
bottom bitch in here.
Please stand to the corner.
(computer beeps)
- Wait, what?
Well, who even are you?
- You can call me Dalesky.
- What the fuck?
(camera whirs)
Yeah, this is so weird.
Okay. (clears throat)
(camera whirs)
Holy shit.
Fuck, what did he say?
Uh, okay, well, here I am.
Wherever that is, um.
You think they'd be
a little more formal,
but, uh, I don't even
know who they are.
Yeah, so I'm supposed to
be studying something,
which makes no sense.
I'm not a scientist.
But maybe they want the
perspective of the everyman.
I'm not really that either.
The room is small and
cold, both literally and,
and figuratively.
And yeah, they clearly
wanna let me know
that I'm still in prison.
I don't know how long
I'm gonna be here.
I don't really want to be here.
I don't deserve to
be here. I'm sick.
At any rate, I'll just keep
telling myself that it's,
it's better than prison, right?
(door creaks and slams)
(chair creaks)
(camera whirs)
(egg cracks)
(machines whirring)
(door clicks and beeps)
Fuck me.
No? Huh.
Okay, so this is
my bedroom, huh?
It's not much.
(camera whirs)
Holy shit we actually
get cable in here.
- [TV] I know why you always
say you're busy when I suggest
going to your apartment.
- (laughs) Not bad.
That's not bad.
- Your other women go there.
Dozens of them.
I won't stand for that
treatment any longer, you, you-
- Oh yeah, like, I'd
wanna watch nothing else.
Come on.
(static buzzes)
(Willem exhales and sniffs)
(camera whirs)
(Willem murmurs and sighs)
(TV buzzing)
(Willem sighs)
(tape whirs)
(tape whirs)
(piano tinkling)
Hello there. I thought
that must have been you.
How you doing, Layla?
- Good.
- (laughs) Good.
Do you want me to
come play with you?
- Yeah.
- Okay.
Want me to set this up?
Okay. Okay.
(piano tinkling)
Okay. Where are we up to?
Where you wanna go from?
- I just (indistinct).
- Oh, you wrote it
all on? Okay, okay.
Okay, let's do that.
(piano tinkling)
- No.
(piano tinkling)
- There?
Good. (laughs)
(piano tinkling)
- When did you learn all that?
(camera whirs)
(sighs) So still nothing
to see, to observe today.
So really, this
journal has become
my only source of
entertainment for my shift,
except for the, in my
room, there's this old TV.
It has a bunch of channels.
Most of them are just fuzzy.
I really only get
just two of them.
One's a video feed of where
the, uh, wherever it is,
or whatever it is, is gonna be.
And the other
channel only plays,
constantly plays
back-to-back old movies.
You know, those old
black and white ones
where the acting's
considered really good,
but all the men and women
just sound exactly the same?
Yeah, those ones.
My wife really
liked those movies.
She just watched 'em
alone. I wasn't interested.
I suspect she really like
the men in those movies.
You know, she had a
thing for that 1940s
kind of old-timey manly charm.
I guess she was hoping some
of it might rub off on me.
You know, I'm really don't
think I'm gonna like having
so much time to
reflect on my thoughts.
(Willem sighs)
(camera whirs)
Oh fuck.
(Willem sighs)
(door creaks)
Oh, oh, oh.
Hey, hey. No, no.
Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.
Hey man, wait. Can you
tell me what's going on?
Hey, no, wait! Wait,
please come back.
Please come, come
back. Wait, hey, hey!
Can you please tell me
what I'm doing here?
(camera whirs)
Oh, so what? No food
either? (scoffs)
Well, I'm not gonna
do a fuckin' journal.
(door slams)
(Willem sighs)
(computer whirs)
- Hello?
- (laughs) Yeah,
she's gonna love this.
(Willem murmuring)
Okay. Hello?
- Hello.
- Wanna come in?
- Yeah.
- Okay.
Come on in.
- Thank you.
You play?
- Oh yeah. Yeah.
(Willem taps cymbal)
(guest laughs)
What do you think,
huh? This is it.
- Yeah. It's-
- (laughs) Come on now, you,
remember, you surprised me
by wanting to come
over so quickly.
I didn't have any
time to prepare.
- Certainly is a bachelor pad.
- [Willem] Oh, what?
Well, it was until now.
(record playing soft music)
- Oh. This is weird.
- [Willem] (laughs) Is it weird?
- Hi.
- Hi.
- Um.
How, how do you know this song?
- [Willem] Oh, this like
one of my favorite songs.
- Really?
- Yeah.
- Me too.
- Really?
- Yeah.
Um, so, uh, what do all
the other women think?
- [Willem] What other women?
- Other women you had.
- [Willem] I mean,
um, you're the first
I've ever taken home.
- Huh, really?
- To this place, yeah, really.
- Oh, right.
- It's an honor, really.
- Oh, wow. Thank you. (laughs)
- You're welcome.
You can, uh, you can, you can
christen it as you please.
- Hmm, oh, oh, oh. (laughs)
- Oh, okay, a twirl.
- Thank you. (laughs)
- Where was that
twirl all afternoon?
- Oh. (laughs)
(soft song continues)
- So, uh, do you
even own a vacuum?
(Willem sighs)
Because context
suggests that you don't.
- Well, like I said, I
didn't have time to prepare.
You're right. I don't own one.
- (laughs) Well, it's
big enough for a family,
should the need arise.
- Sure.
- Okay?
- Whoa, yeah.
You already want to go ahead
and bring up the C-bomb, huh?
- (laughs) I didn't say
anything about my cunt.
- Heh, no, no, no. No, children.
- Oh, I don't consider a
children a four-letter word.
- Well, sure, but kids
is. Try the K-word then.
- You want kids, right?
You said you did.
- Yeah, sure, Carrie,
but can we not talk
about it right now?
- Why not?
On our first date, you
said you eventually wanted
to start a family.
- Yeah, sure,
but can we not talk about
it right now please?
- Look, if I'm wasting
my time with you,
I'd like to know now.
Can you turn that
thing off, please?
(camera beeps)
(Willem sighs)
(camera whirs)
(Willem murmuring)
(Willem grunts)
- Oh, fuck me.
(Willem sighs)
This is bullshit.
(Willem groans)
(Willem murmurs and laughs)
Fuckin' why am I here observing
in that there's
nothing to fucking see?
Why am I here observing?
There's nothing to see.
Ooh man, I'll bet prison's bad,
but I'm gonna bet that
it's not nearly as boring.
At least they get to walk around
and interact with other people.
Walk around on a
leash or whatever.
I can't even see the sun.
Trying to communicate
yesterday with whoever it is
that throws the
food under my door.
They didn't answer me
or give me any food.
And by food, you know
what I mean, right?
I mean an egg. I got a
fuckin' egg once a day.
Maybe twice a day.
I don't know, that's the
thing, I fuckin' lost track.
Time's already so blended
I couldn't tell you
when that happened.
I'm not sure if anyone
watches these as I update 'em.
You watching this?
Okay. If so, hey, hey.
(camera whirs)
Hey, scientists, military, cops.
Wherever the fuck you
are, the government?
I don't know, Area 51?
Wherever this is
fuckin' beaming into,
what the fuck am I doing here?
(Willem panting)
- [Computer] You have 10
seconds to move to the corner.
(tone blasting)
(door beeps and whirs)
- Hello.
- Hi.
What are you doing here?
- Slow your approach.
(door whirs and beeps)
- Okay.
- How's your adjustment?
(camera whirs)
- Yeah, I'm feeling a little
better every day, but man,
it's boring in here.
- Well, prison.
- So where is it?
- It's coming.
- Yeah, but when?
- It's coming,
I'm going to take
your heart rate
and ask you a few questions.
- Was there any reason I
should have or expect to have
an unusual heart rate?
- I'm going to ask
a few questions
and I need you to answer
as quick as possible.
No hesitation. First
thing that comes to mind.
- Sure. Kind of like
word association.
- No.
If you don't answer in an
adequate amount of time,
you'll get a little shock.
- Little sh-
(cuff buzzes)
- Oh! Fuck that hurts!
- You can't wait.
Are you ready?
- I guess.
- What is your name?
- Willem Peters.
- Are you an American citizen?
- Yes, I am.
- Are you married?
(cuff buzzes)
(Willem shouts)
- Fuck, I don't know how
to answer that question.
- Answer it. Are you married?
- Yes. I guess.
- Do you have children?
- Yes.
- [Dalesky] What is
your favorite animal?
- I don't know.
- Favorite animal?
- An owl.
- [Dalesky] Why is an
owl your favorite animal?
- It's not. I don't have one.
It's just what came to mind.
- Out of all the
animals, why an owl?
- Layla liked owls.
- Why did she like owls?
- I don't know.
I never asked her. She probably
thought they were cute.
- I need to know. Why
didn't you ever ask?
- Well, what has this
got to do with anything?
- Okay, then. That's
enough for today.
- What?
No, no, no, no.
Wait a minute. What's going on?
I've been here for
like five days.
- Please stand to the
corner of the room.
- You know, this whole
shtick with you not answering
any of my questions,
it's getting pretty old.
(door beeps and whirs)
Why am I here, man?
There's nothing here.
- Until next time.
(door whirs)
(camera whirs)
(air blowing)
(alarm beeping)
- Oh, fuckin' hell.
(door beeping and whirring)
(water flushing)
(door whirring and buzzing)
(camera whirs)
(metal clanking)
What was that?
(camera whirs)
(camera whirs)
(creature raspy breathing)
There's something in there.
It's in the corner.
He must have showed up
in the night sometime
when I was sleeping.
It looks like someone
who's, who's sick.
Oh, at least there's
something in there now, right?
(static buzzing)
- Oh, the wrecker of
my home. Are you mad?
Yes. Good and mad.
You get that way when
somebody steals your wife.
- Now, Marcel, whatever you
think, you are mistaken.
- [Marcel] Yeah,
that sounds familiar.
A typical wifely remark.
- [Wife] Oh, you beast, you!
- [Marcel] Oh,
now, no excitement.
- What's the idea.
- I love you.
(lively music)
(alarm beeping)
(door beeps and whirs)
(door whirs)
- He hasn't moved really
from that back corner.
Well, now he's starting
to kinda make these
small adjustments,
sort of moves like he's trying
to get comfortable or something.
I assume he's fed in a similar
fashion to me with food,
just kinda pushed down at
the door every couple hours,
but I haven't seen it,
haven't seen any of that.
Yeah. He doesn't seem to
be giving off much heat.
Like he's barely alive.
(Willem tapping on glass)
(food tray clanking)
(camera whirs)
(camera whirs)
(camera whirs)
(body slams against window)
Fuck me!
(egg cracks)
(camera whirs)
- Hi everyone. It's Zoe.
I am at the park with my
family 'cause you know,
there's nowhere else a single
17-year-old would rather be.
So there's dad and Layla at
the closest we have to a beach.
And there is my mom looking
absolutely stunning.
But my God, why do you torture
yourself with that shit?
- It keeps me sharp.
Maybe you should try some.
- Sudoku is like the worst
thing to come outta Japan
since used panty
vending machine, so.
- What are you talking
about? (laughs and coughs)
- Yeah, it's a thing.
They have vending
machines that literally
like turn them out.
- Hey, could you just
keep an eye on your
sister for a sec?
I just, I gotta go.
- [Zoe] Go where?
- Bathroom.
- [Zoe] Yeah, okay. Sure.
(camera whirring)
(metal rumbling)
- Oh, what the fuck?
(Willem breaths heavily)
What the fuck? What
the fuck, what?
How can he see me?
He's like, he's aware
of wherever I am in
fucking the room.
Unless, unless this
isn't a two-way mirror.
This is just a sheet
of tinted glass.
Maybe they want him to see me.
- [TV Character 1] What
are you doing here?
You promised not to follow me.
- [TV Character 2] I told you,
I cannot live without you.
- [TV Character 1] You
want me to call my husband?
- [TV Character 2]
No, it is you I want.
- [TV Character 1] Oh,
go away. You are mad.
- [TV Character
2] Yes, I am mad!
- Hold on. How did you know?
- It doesn't matter.
I fell asleep while
he was dressing.
- Yes.
- That's one method.
Personally, I used
to read a good book.
- Frozen.
- Frozen.
- I'm out of cleansing cream.
- Now, don't get me
nervous again, Don.
Your secretary must have ample.
- What, now?
(static buzzing)
(creature mysteriously wailing)
- Oh!
(camera whirs)
(camera whirs)
(camera whirs)
- Hey, what are you looking at?
- Do you have to film this, huh?
Or are you a teenager too?
- Oh, come on. Why not?
I'm still here, you know?
- Okay. Gimme this.
How do you like it? Huh?
How do you like being watched?
- Stop being so dramatic.
- Can I please have the camera?
- Sure sweetie. Here you go.
- Oh, oh.
- Sing a song.
Which one?
"Blue Baby".
Blue baby, you've been
walking around lately
With a frown
across your brow
Blue baby, you think
it's cold and rainy
Never see you look so down
Don't cry, don't be sad
'Cause I love you
more than you know
You're my crazy baby
You're mine
- Yay!
(camera whirs)
- I don't know how, but I
slept almost 18 hours yesterday
and I'm still exhausted.
I had another dream
about Carrie and Layla
in the park last night.
Carrie looked beautiful.
Fuck, she was beautiful.
I didn't love her.
I loved her girls, but not her.
I definitely thought
she was a great person,
especially a great mom.
But I don't know
if she loved me.
I think we were just
together for our kids, yeah.
But she's gone now, so
that doesn't even matter.
I was all the girls had.
Fuck, maybe this is it.
Maybe it's just
a test, you know,
just to see if,
if we can coexist.
You know, you started
love, you become a family.
And then what?
You know, I heard this
thing about this experiment
that they did with a bunch
of lab rats where they,
they put 'em in this cage and
they had two bottles of water
in there, and one of
'em was just water,
but the other one was like
laced with drugs of some kind.
And they found that they put
a rat in the cage by itself
and gradually the
rat would start to,
start to drink from
the drug water.
Like every time.
And then gradually,
it'd become addicted
and it'd OD and it'd
die, every time.
But the rat that they
put into the cage
that had a bunch of other
rats and toys and enough food,
it never went for the drug
water, it never needed to.
You know, it was happy.
It had all the other rats.
It's crazy, but
whenever I look up and,
and I see him looking at
me, I wonder how he feels.
I don't know. Maybe I need
to just embrace it, you know?
We're both in the
same situation.
I know. Maybe I'm
just going crazy.
- [Computer] You have 10
seconds to move to the corner.
- Oh shit.
(alarm ringing)
Okay, okay, okay.
(door buzzes and whirs)
- Hello again.
- So what are you doing here?
20 questions again, huh?
So you're gonna tell me what
the hell is up with him?
Hey, can he see me?
- Are you ready?
- Yeah.
- What is your name?
- Willem Peters.
- Do you have children?
- Yeah.
- Last time when I asked if you
were married, you hesitated.
- Well, I don't know if you can
be married to a dead person.
- Are you of sound mind?
- What?
- Are you of sound mind?
- Like do I think I'm normal?
- Yes.
- At this moment? Yes.
- Why did you qualify your last
respond with at this moment?
- Because I think this
place will make me crazy.
- Why do you think this
place will make you crazy?
- Because he was
always watching me.
- Who is he?
- Him!
- Why did you refer
to the subject as him?
(electric shock buzzes)
- Ow, fuck!
- Why do you refer to
the subject as him?
- What, is he a lady?
- Does referring to
the subject as him
make you feel closer
to the subject?
- What do you mean by closer?
- Do you identify with
the subject in any way?
- Yes.
- What ways?
- We're both in prison.
- Do you feel the subject
doesn't belong here?
- I don't belong here.
- That's not my question.
- Well, I don't know
anything about him!
So how can I answer that?
- How is your relationship
with your children?
- Fine.
- But you couldn't tell
me why your youngest
chose her favorite animal.
- Yeah, maybe our relationship
could have been better.
- How could have your
relationship been better?
(electric shock buzzes)
- Fuck.
- How could've your
relationship have been better?
- No parent has a perfect
relationship with their kids.
- How is your
relationship imperfect?
- No, no, no. I don't
wanna talk about that.
- How is your
relationship imperfect?
(electric shock buzzes)
How is your
relationship imperfect?
(electric shock buzzes)
(Willem groans)
- Oh fuck.
- We are at 10%
capacity here, Willem.
Now is not the
time to play games.
(electric shock buzzes)
- What the fuck is this?
What the does this have to do
with what is happening here?
- What is happening here?
- I don't know. Look at him.
Are you gaslighting me?
- What do you mean by gaslight?
- You're leading me to a
predetermined conclusion.
You're trying to make
me say something.
You want me to say something.
- What do you think
I want you to say?
- You already know.
- That's enough for today.
- Oh, please, please don't.
Can you tell me
what, can he see me?
Can he see me? Tell me that.
Please. You gotta
tell me something.
- I'm not at liberty to say.
Please stand to the
corner of the room.
(door beeps and whirs)
- You got me?
How about now?
(camera whirs)
Hey, where have you been?
I missed you. Did you miss me?
(camera whirs)
You know I can break you, right?
You know, it's only the food
that comes out in my door
every day that saves you.
All you guys, you and all
your friends, you'd be fucked.
Just pull you straight
off there and break you.
(camera whirs)
Whoa, shit.
Oh, don't wear out
your shit, man.
Don't fuck your rubber
bands, wherever they are.
(camera whirs)
Too slow.
Oh, gimme eight, gimme eight,
gimme eight. Gimme eight.
Get up, fuck. Get up, get up.
Shit (indistinct).
You know, I almost,
I almost felt a sense
of compassion from him.
Like he wanted to comfort me.
(camera whirs)
I wonder if he has a family.
If he ever thinks about his
life before he was brought here,
captured here.
Man, at least I have
something to do.
You know, I've got
the old movies.
I've got these
journal observation.
He's got none of that.
(Willem exhales)
Man, when I get outta here,
what am I gonna even do?
You know, get a job,
or maybe I'll just
live by myself.
Just live quiet, you
know, just simple.
I don't know. I just don't know.
I could try and make
things right with Zoe.
Should I be scared of you?
(camera whirs)
- Hey.
- Can you keep an eye on her?
- Sure.
- Come on, baby
girl. Here you go.
- Where are you going?
- What, he's gonna
make a phone call.
I'll be like two minutes.
- Okay.
So we, just turn that
thing off please.
Can you please?
Thank, thank you.
- I know you know
what he's doing.
- Just don't.
I'm done hearing about it.
- You're done hearing about it?
Maybe it's time to do something.
- I've tried everything.
What else can I do?
- He's hurting himself.
What are we gonna
do when you're...
- When I'm what?
(sighs) Dead?
- I mean, yes. What
are we gonna do?
- I'm tired, Zoe. I
don't know what I can do.
I don't know.
I don't know how to
explain what it's like
to just wake up
and have no energy.
Like (breathes heavily)
every morning something is
sucking the energy out of me,
like I,
like I didn't sleep at all.
(sighs) He'll step up.
He always does.
- He won't, mom.
He's never been a dad to me.
He can't have sole
custody of her,
when (indistinct) he's doing.
I don't even know why
you're still with him.
- Stop it.
Zoe, that's enough.
(breathes heavily)
I mean, why are you?
(breathes heavily)
- Mom?
(Carrie gagging)
- Mom!
(Mom sputtering)
Dad, come here now!
(camera whirring)
(Willem grunting)
(static buzzing)
(creature labored breathing)
(creature labored breathing)
(camera whirs)
- Fucking all of 'em!
Next time you come
through there, you fuck.
No one has come in for him.
No one, not once, no food.
Nobody has done
anything for him.
He's sick.
What are you doing?
You just experimented on him
and now you're just gonna wait
and see how long it
takes for him to die?
Fuck, man. A regular person
would've died by now.
Probably a long time ago.
I mean, how, it's
already been like...
(camera whirs)
- Fuck, no, no, no, no, no, no.
This can't be.
This has been a mistake.
This looks like I've been
here for the, for at least...
Oh my.
No way. Wait, wait, wait.
No, no.
No, this, this, there's no way.
I've just made up too many
marks on a bunch of days,
or I've been so
sleepy that I haven't,
I haven't clocked that I've
marked a particular day.
That's what that is.
That's what's happening there.
That's what's happening there.
(camera whirs)
Why man? Why?
Huh? Why?
Why me?
Why would you take a prisoner
out of his sentence? Huh?
What's in that for you?
Just that make, I'm somehow
like in, like disposable.
Am I fucking disposable?
Huh? Me, me!
Am I disposable?
(camera whirs)
Oh fuck.
Without a doubt, he's
watching me. Yeah.
Maybe even down the
camera feed, huh?
Yeah. Yeah.
I don't know how, but
now I can feel it.
Like I can, I can fucking
physically feel it.
Huh? What?
What do you want?
What the fuck are
you looking at!?
(camera whirs)
- Mom, mom. Mom!
(Carrie gagging)
- Whoa. What happened?
- Just call an ambulance.
- Uh, yeah. Yeah, I got it.
Wait, wait.
So there's your phone,
there's your phone.
- You calling?
- Yeah, yeah.
- Mom, mom, mom.
- Yeah, hi, uh, it's
my wife. She's uh...
Eating her purse.
- She's having a
fucking seizure, dad!
- We're in a park.
- Mommy, mommy.
Which park? Zoe, which park?
- Hi.
(Carrie gagging)
- Yeah, please hurry.
- Mommy.
- What's that in her mouth
for? Get that out of her mouth!
- Fucking stop, dad!
Don't touch her!
- It's okay, come
here, it's okay.
(Carrie gagging)
(camera whirs)
(creature rattling eerily)
(alarm beeping)
(camera whirs)
(camera whirs)
(building rattling)
(building rattling)
(camera whirs)
(lively music)
Blue baby
(static buzzes)
(lively music)
Blue baby, how
you feeling lately
With a frown
you look so down
Don't sigh, don't
look so glum
'Cause I love you
more than I show
Now my blue baby
(creature breathing eerily)
(lively music)
(creature breathing eerily)
(eerie startling music)
(alarm beeping)
(Willem gasps)
(Willem breathing heavily)
(alarm beeping)
(alarm beeping continues)
- Hey, Boxhead. Come here.
Come here, come here, come here.
(camera whirs)
Tell me he's not fuckin'
looking straight at me.
Come here.
(camera whirs)
Did he go in here?
(camera whirs)
(machine buzzing)
Fuck, got this straight.
I know what's going on.
You fucking come
into my room again,
even in my fuckin' dreams.
Be fuckin' ready
for you next time.
(computer whirring)
(spoon clatters)
(door clicks and creaks)
- Layla, no, no, no.
Don't come in here
right now, sweetie.
- [Layla] Daddy.
- What did I just
fuckin' say? Get out.
- Hey, what are you doing?
Okay, just go in here.
What are you doing?
Are you high again?
- Oh fuck, it's just
a little just to,
just to take the edge off.
- Take what edge?
The being sober edge or
being a shit father edge?
You need to look after her.
- I am.
- I walk in and she's
crying all by herself.
That is not looking after her.
- Well, what do you care?
- That's it.
- Zoe. What?
- [Zoe] Where is it?
- [Willem] No, no.
- [Zoe] Where is it?
- [Willem] Zoe.
Zoe, no, no.
Zoe, no. Come on.
No, no, no, no, Zoe. Zoe!
- I need you to go
to your room. Okay?
- But I-
- Just go now.
We can go to (indistinct).
All right, just go
right now, okay?
- Zoe!
Hey, Zoe!
(camera whirs)
(camera whirs)
(static buzzes)
(static buzzes)
(door beeps and whirs)
(creature breathing eerily)
(creature rattling)
(Willem gasps)
(creature breathing eerily)
(creature rattling)
(static buzzes)
(Willem gasps)
(computer beeping)
(creature rattling)
(Willem screaming)
(creature wailing)
It was in my room last night.
It wasn't a dream, it was
just no dream, I know it.
(Willem crying in despair)
Last time I felt
this helpless...
Why am I here?
Why are you showing
me videos of my life?
Why are you showing me
my, my empty apartment?
(building rattling)
(gentle music)
(creature rattling)
(creature wailing)
(creature rattling)
(Willem heavily breathing)
(creature wailing)
Dalesky, get me the
fuck outta here.
I'm out!
I'm out, I wanna
go back to prison.
I don't know how, but I think,
I think it's feeding off of me.
I don't know how, like how
a plant feeds off sunshine,
but it's absorbing me.
Fuck, something's wrong.
It's in my head. It's
in fucking my dreams.
Get me out of here.
(creature rattling and wailing)
(Willem crying)
(Willem yelling)
Oh fuck.
(camera whirs)
(Willem cries)
- [Computer] You have 10
seconds to move to the corner.
(alarm beeping)
(door beeps and whirs)
- Stay down.
Come to the table.
I'm gonna take a mouth swab.
- It was real, wasn't it?
Is that why you're
wearing all this?
Is it because it touched me?
- I'm going to ask
you a few questions.
- Oh really? Now?
- You know the drill.
What is your name?
- Willem.
- What is your full name?
- Willem Peters.
- Are you married?
- I don't know.
- Are you of sound mind?
- I don't know.
- Are you a liar?
- No.
- Have you ever
lied in your life?
- Yes.
- Does that not make you a liar?
- That makes everyone a liar.
- Have you ever lied in
our previous sessions?
- No.
- Do you believe in God?
- No.
- Why don't you believe in God?
- Because God wouldn't be
letting this happen to me.
- What's happened to you?
- I...
I don't know.
- Are you a liar?
- No.
- Are you of sound mind?
- I don't know.
- Then how can you not tell
me what's happened to you?
- Because I don't believe it.
- What's happened that
you don't believe?
- It came into my room.
- How could that happen?
- I don't fucking know!
- Are you a liar?
- Not more than anyone else.
- Are you of sound mind?
- I don't know.
- What do you fear most?
- Bill.
- Bill Peters, your father?
(electric shock buzzes)
(Willem screams)
- My dad. Yes!
- William Peters,
also known as Bill,
died at the age 56,
school bus driver.
Do you see yourself
in your parents?
(electric shock buzzes)
(Willem groans)
Do you see yourself
in your parents?
- I am as different as can
be from that piece of shit.
- Are you of sound mind?
- I don't know.
- Are you a liar?
- No more than anyone else.
- When you tell me that
subject left its cell,
went into your room and then
went back into its cell,
how come subject is not
what you fear the most?
(electric shock buzzes)
(Willem screams)
It's important that
you answer my question.
How come you fear a dead
man more than the subject
who, according to you, left
its room and went into yours?
- I don't know.
- Are you a liar?
- I can be. Anyone can be.
- How is the relationship
with your own father
similar to that
of your children?
- No, no, no!
You're leading me down
that determined path again.
- You need to address
certain things in your past.
I'm guiding you down
a road that you built.
Whether you like it or
not is not the point.
Do you believe you
have free will?
- What's the point of
this, huh, torture?
- Do you believe
you have free will?
- I don't know.
(Willem crying)
Dalesky, please stop, please.
Please stop.
- That's it for today.
Move to the corner of the room.
Oh, please don't leave
me here with this thing.
- I'm sorry.
- Oh, please, please!
- I really am.
(door whirs shut)
- Dalesky, no, Dalesky!
Please, please.
(camera whirs)
You know that daddy loves you.
I just wanna show you
how much you mean to me.
(Zoe crying)
(Zoe crying)
(camera whirs)
(static buzzing)
You know that daddy loves you.
(computer whirring)
Fuck no.
Oh, no, no, no, no, no.
(water splashing)
- [Zoe] You need to quit.
Mom isn't around anymore
and you need to be an adult.
- That was a lot of fucking
money you just wasted.
- [Zoe] I'm taking Layla
and I'm going to the police.
- No, you're not.
You're too young.
I can have the police
arrest you for kidnapping.
- [Zoe] Well, she
can't be here with you.
- Oh, fuck it.
- Come on.
Get out of here.
Get under there.
- [Willem] Hey, hey
honey. Hey, hey, hey.
- [Zoe] Give her to me.
- [Willem] No,
she's my daughter.
- [Zoe] You're hurting her!
- [Willem] That's 'cause
you're scaring her!
- Layla, I'm coming
back for you. Okay?
I can't leave her here with you.
I'm coming back with the police.
- Get out.
- I have everything
on camera, dad.
- Get out.
Go, go!
(camera whirs)
(alarm beeps)
(gentle music)
(gentle music continues)
(gentle music continues)
(machine whirs)
(camera whirs)
Oh, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck.
No, no, this is not happening.
(creature softly rattling)
(Willem groans)
(Willem screaming)
(blood splatters)
(creature softly breathing)
(camera whirs)
(door knocking)
- [Police] Police. Open up!
(door knocking)
- [Police Officer]
This is the police.
Come out slowly with your
hands above your head.
- Oh fuck.
- Willem?
- Come here. Come here.
- Daddy, my owl.
- I need you to hide.
Oh fuck, okay, here. Here's
your fucking owl, okay?
I need you to hide in the
closet, but don't come out.
- He hoots but he's no car.
- What?
- He flies but he's no plane.
- What?
Okay baby, please, please,
just keep real quiet.
- [Police] Willem.
Willem, we know you're in there.
(creature rattling)
- God, no!
(Willem groaning)
(creature softly rattling)
(static buzzes)
What did you just
fucking give me?
What am I supposed to be doing?
(creature rattling)
(Willem breathing heavily)
(indistinct) as you please.
- [Carrie] Oh, well.
- Twirl.
(Carrie giggles)
Where was that
twirl all afternoon?
(Carrie laughing)
- Hi everyone, it's Zoe.
I am at the park with my family
'cause you know
there's nowhere else
a single 17-year-old
would rather be.
So there's dad and Layla at
the closest we have to a beach.
- Every night the darkness
seeps through my walls
over and over and over and over.
And they constantly play
footage from my past life
when it comes for me.
Everything's blurry,
like watching through
a curtain of water.
But he is always
there watching me,
waiting for me,
taunting me, always watching me.
I don't know when I'm sleeping.
I have no concept of time.
I don't know what's real.
(mini door creaks open)
(food tray clatters)
(mini door creaks shut)
Thank you.
(camera whirs)
Happy birthday dear Layla
Happy birthday to you
(creature softly rattling)
- [Layla] Hip, hip!
- [Group] Hurray!
- [Layla] Hip, hip!
- [Group] Hurray!
- [Layla] Hi, everyone. I
get to tell you a riddle.
- [Carrie] Okay.
- [Layla] He hoots
but he's no car.
He flies but he's no plane.
- [Carrie] Oh, flies
but he's no plane.
I don't know (indistinct).
(TV chattering)
(static buzzing)
(creature eerily rattling)
(creature slobbering)
(creature rattling)
(static buzzing)
(creature slobbering)
(Willem breathing heavily)
(camera whirs)
- [Willem] Keep
real quiet. Okay?
Keep real quiet.
Don't move until I
come for you. Okay?
- [Police] Willem.
Willem, we know you're in there.
- [Police Officer]
Gun! He's got a gun!
(gun pops)
- No, no!
- Hands above your head!
- No!
- Hands above your head!
Stop res-
- Nobody I have ever known
would ever associate
with me again.
Why would they?
Isn't that enough?
What else do you from
me? I have nothing.
No one.
(building rattling)
And what the fuck is that noise?
I am going to be
painted as scum,
as something best wiped
away and forgotten.
My existence is a stain
on the rest of existence.
I'm getting the fuck outta here.
(computer monitor
crashes and rattles)
(alarm ringing)
Okay, okay.
Hey, hey.
Hey, Something's
going on in here.
I need some help in here.
The monitor's broken.
Oh fuck.
(alarm ringing continues)
(monitoring equipment bangs)
Okay. We're getting outta here.
(mini door creaks)
- Hey. Hey, wait!
(alarm ringing continues)
What the fuck?
(alarm ringing continues)
Oh, okay, okay.
(alarm ringing continues)
(food tray clattering)
(alarm ringing continues)
- What the fuck? Hey,
where have you gone?
Where the fuck are you?
Where the fuck are you?
(alarm ringing continues)
(door beeps and whirs)
Oh, hey.
Oh fuck!
(creature shrieks and rattles)
(creature screeching
and rattling)
What the fuck?
What, is this what I've
been seeing the whole time?
How is this even impossible?
What the fuck is this place?
(alarm ringing)
Oh, shit.
(alarm ringing continues)
Oh fuck.
(food tray rattles)
Fuck, fuck, fuck.
(alarm ringing continues)
(Willem gasps)
(Willem breathing heavily)
What? Where is it?
Where is it?
What the fuck?
What is this?
(alarm ringing continues)
(electric power winds down)
(Willem yells)
Wait, wait, wait.
(lighter flickering)
(creature screeching/rattling)
(Willem screaming)
(alarm blaring)
(Willem screaming)
(alarm blaring continues)
(creature rattling)
- I didn't cut.
It wasn't me who's come around.
(creature rattling)
(Willem breathing heavily)
(gentle music)
Blue baby, your
smile is like a baby
With a twinkle in your eye
Blue baby, how
you're feeling lately
With a frown
you look so down
Don't sigh, don't
look so glum
'Cause I love you
more than I show
Blue baby
(creature rattling)
Is this what you want?
Is this what you want?
(Willem groans)
(Willem groans)
(Willem groaning)
(creature screeching
and rattling)
(Willem screaming)
Blue baby, you're
my little lady
And I'll always hold you
(computer whirring)
(computer sensor beeping)
(gentle music)
(gentle music continues)
(gentle melancholy music)
(gentle melancholy
music continues)
(gentle melancholy
music continues)
(door beeps and whirs)
- We're gonna need more men.
- How'd it go?
(static buzzes)
(dramatic music)