Subject 36 (2017) Movie Script

Excuse me!
Excuse me, have you been following me?
Following you? No.
I saw you taking pictures of me.
I'm a street photographer.
I take pictures of everyone.
I've seen you before.
I've seen you three times
in the last couple of weeks.
Well, I don't know.
I'm in the city often but
maybe you just saw someone
who looks like me?
Let me see those photos.
I'll show you the one of you.
Oh my god, how many have you taken?
Delete those right now.
Just a few.
A few?
You were an interesting...
This is a public space, it's
my legal right to take photos.
I want you to delete those right now.
I'll call the police!
GWEN: January 19, 2015, 8:45 AM.
I have been discovered.
This will be my last attempt.
Subject is more reactionary than expected
and does not take well
to being photographed.
Gwen I think that shelf's
had enough organizing for now.
You've barely spoken
to a customer all day.
No need for apologies.
Just keep an eye out.
That customer has been hovering
around the horror section
for ages, why don't
you go give him a hand?
Yeah, okay.
Thank you.
Don't get distracted Gwen.
Hello, can I help you with anything?
Hi, yeah, um,
well I'm after a really dark,
creepy, scary horror movie.
I'm trying to show my partner something
to really freak with his head
but he's not scared by anything.
Has he seen a lot of horror films?
Yeah, yeah. (LAUGHING)
He's actually a bit of a
horror movie Afficiando.
More than me anyway.
So, he's familiar with the classics?
The Shining, The Thing?
Yeah, yeah.
I think he's seen those, yeah.
Well there are a few
others you could try.
Possession's a very good
one, it doesn't seem
to be too well known here.
It's by Andrzej Zulawski.
He's a Polish director, he's very good.
One of his films was
actually banned in Poland.
Oh, well that gives me a good idea
about how scary he is.
That one wasn't that good.
Possession's good though.
It's very graphic but also
really dramatic and out there.
I thought it worked.
It is a very interesting
film, psychologically.
There's a few others.
Ah, no, no.
That one's great, thanks, thank you.
You've seen a lot of movies, obviously?
I work in a video store,
don't you think I should know
a lot about them?
Well yeah, sure, definitely.
So great, thanks, you've
helped a lot, thank you.
Cheers, I'll catch ya later.
Oh, hey.
What's your name?
This is gonna sound a bit forward but,
I find you very attractive
and I was wondering
if you wanted to come back to my place?
Aren't you supposed to get
to know me a little better
before you ask something like that?
I understand it's abrupt.
I just prefer to keep things simple.
I understand if you don't want to
but here's my phone number
in case you change your mind.
I live just down the road.
Yeah no, that's fine.
I'm definitely still interested.
I'm at my place if you
wouldn't mind coming here.
Okay, see ya soon.
Hey, god morning.
That was nice last night.
Does that usually work?
Asking guys straight up like that?
Sometimes, not always.
Hm, is that it though?
Was it just the one night you wanted?
That's too bad.
Well, okay, one night.
I get it but how about some conversation?
Tell me a little bit about yourself.
There's not much to say.
I can't believe that.
Everyone has something
to say about themselves.
You a nymphomaniac or something?
You just have sex with
no emotion attached?
I'm not judging, I'm just curious.
Then why so distant?
Just not really looking
to get involved with anyone.
I just had a bad day yesterday.
I guess you want me to clear out then?
If you wouldn't mind.
Okay, no problem.
Well, it was nice sleeping with you
and kind of meeting you. (LAUGHING)
GWEN: Subject first
sighted on a train
heading north on the Butler
line from Perth station.
About 175 centimeters tall,
brown medium curly hair
with a goatee and brown eyes.
He was wearing a red and
white tartan button shirt
and tan trousers.
What caught my eye was that we didn't seem
to have anything in his pockets,
they were completely flat,
besides the outline of a card.
Seemed to be looking
around at other passengers
and looked slightly restless.
Hey weird girl.
Where do you go all the time
with those heavy bags, eh?
How are ya?
Good, thanks.
Just the usual?
You know what, I'll
have a blueberry today.
CLERK: Okay, that
will be seven dollars.
Sit table as usual?
How's everything going?
Oh yeah, pretty good.
Is Jan in today?
No, she's on holiday.
Down someplace near Mandurah.
Forget what it's called.
Oh, Pinjarra?
That's it, yes, yeah, yeah.
Yeah? Ah.
That's a good place.
I've been down there a few times actually.
I've got an old friend
that lives there now.
Doesn't matter I guess, I was just hoping
to talk to her about
that painting she wanted.
CLERK: Okay, I can pass
on a message if you'd like?
Yeah, actually that would be great.
I've got some designs
here I think she'll like.
Just pass that on to her.
Yeah, sure, yeah.
JOSEPH: Tell her to
give me a call, yeah.
CLERK: Here's your muffin,
coffee won't be a minute.
JOSEPH: Thank you very much, sir.
Hi, um, sorry, I've
just got to let you know
that the newspapers are one dollar each.
Anything else I can help you with?
No, no thanks.
Thanks, have a nice day.
Excuse me.
Um, could you help me?
I'm looking for a movie,
it's called Stranger on the Third Floor?
No sorry, we don't have that.
Are you sure?
I mean can you check
on the computer for me?
I know we don't have it.
I've looked for it before.
Hm, well that's too bad.
Do you have any good noir recommendations?
Maybe, have you tried Touch of Evil?
Yes, yes, Orson Wells.
That is a good movie.
Well perhaps...
Have I seen you somewhere before?
No, I don't think so.
Do you come here often?
No, no.
The one near me closed
down, very disappointing.
I'm sure I've seen you somewhere before.
At a coffee shop?
About a week ago?
That's it, unless I'm mistaken?
I don't know, I like to
try different coffee places.
The one on Charles Avenue.
You'd remember it.
It's got this vintage
furniture everywhere.
It's a really cool place.
I don't remember that.
Maybe it was someone with a similar face?
No, I'm sure it was you.
Hair done differently?
I don't really do my hair up much, so?
Anyway, I should really get back to work.
You might want to try The
Postman Always Rings Twice,
The Stranger, Double Endemnity.
Look, wait.
Sorry for trying to pin
you down back there.
I don't know, you've got some sort
of interesting look about you.
Maybe I've seen you before,
maybe I haven't, I don't know.
I get these kind of things
mixed up all the time.
But there is something interesting
about you, all the same.
If that doesn't should too hackneyed.
Anyway, I don't want to bother you
but I just always considered it a travesty
to waste an opportunity when something
just feels like you should do it.
So I guess what I'm trying to say is,
would you like to go
get a coffee sometime?
Maybe next week?
How 'bout I leave you my number?
And you can think it over?
Hello, this is Joseph.
If you leave a message at the
tone, I'll get back to you
whenever I feel like it.
Hello? This is Gwen.
I'd like to have lunch like you asked.
Call me back when you can.
KENNEDY: Get out, just get out!
Sweating my ass off here
and all you're doing
is lying on the fucking couch.
Come back when you get a job.
This is my place,
just as much as it is yours.
If you don't want to talk to me,
then you can go stay somewhere else.
When you start paying
for the rent, honey,
that's when this place becomes yours
as well as mine.
I'll spend the night at Joey's alright?
You can come over when you're done
being a fucking bitch.
Fuck off.
Glad you decided to come.
It's okay, it's a nice day.
It's beautiful.
I know it's not really a fancy
place to take someone out
but who needs fancy, really?
Unless you normally expect
something more on the first date?
I've never been on a date before,
so I don't really have
anything to compare it to.
Yeah right.
It's true.
I mean without sounding too shallow,
you're a pretty girl, I'd be surprised
if you hadn't been asked out before.
Drunk men and guys on the street
have hit on me a few times but
I wasn't really interested.
They were usually pretty crude.
So why me then?
Just the first guy that wasn't drunk.
You seemed interesting.
Hey, that's my reason.
Or maybe that's just my cover up
for being just as shallow as those guys.
I don't think you're shallow.
Well, I appreciate that.
But how can you be so sure?
You don't know me.
Neither of us can be sure
of anything about the
other, we only just met.
Very true.
I suppose I shouldn't be so sexist.
You could be shallow, too.
So, uh, what do you think you'll get?
I think I'll have the Carbonara today.
Hm, I think I'll just have a burger.
So what do you do for a living?
Are you a painter?
How the hell did you figure that out?
You have paint on your hands.
So I do.
Yeah, I do paintings for commission.
Try and sell my other stuff at the markets
but it's not really a way
to make a living these days
so I'm studying in the city, aged care
which is, it's okay, I guess.
It's not that I dislike old people,
it's just they can be a pain sometimes,
if you know what I mean?
It's not really where my passion lies.
But it's a job that helps people
with nowhere else to go
so I can deal with it
not being my first choice of work.
So you need a back up career?
Why can't you make a living?
Market saturation and the fact is,
there barely is a market anymore.
People don't want to pay for handmade art
when they can replicate things so easy.
Photos do the job for most people.
Everything is there just
at a touch of a button.
You know, I found it strange
when you gave me your phone number.
It was a home phone number, not a mobile.
Why is that?
I should probably explain.
A lot of people do get bothered by this
but I'm what you might
like to call a technophobe.
Or a ludite, which isn't
anything that crazy
but I just don't like the
whole modern tech deal.
I still listen to CDs and I have a TV
but don't carry a phone and
I don't have a computer.
It's all just too much noise to me.
I mean I used to feel that need
to know what everyone's up to 24/7
and it used to, (SIGHING)
make me go crazy but,
one day I just forgot it.
And never looked back.
My friends think it's a bit annoying
but people lasted most of human history
without having to send 10,000 texts a day
or having to check their
MySpace constantly.
But how do you stay organized?
Make appointments and things?
It's not hard.
I write the important stuff down.
I make most appointments over the phone
and all the other stuff I just
keep up here in my noggin.
Sort of frees up my mind
to think about other,
more interesting things and I don't know,
I feel like I have more privacy.
Doesn't bother you, does it?
But you disagree?
I like to stay informed.
You're a curious person, I can tell.
Your friends don't like
that you're a technophobe?
No, I mean, they think it's a bit dumb
but it works for me
and they have their own
weird little quirks too.
I'm sure your friends do, too.
Do you have any weird friends?
I mean I don't mean to
say that in a bad way.
I kind of like weird people.
I don't, I don't know.
I don't really have any.
What? No friends?
Is that by choice or just bad luck?
I don't know.
Just not really good with people.
Well you decided to come here today.
I don't know, just trying
something new I suppose.
How do you normally spend your time?
I don't know.
You say that a lot.
I guess,
I just don't really know what to tell you.
There's not a lot interesting about me.
Okay, um.
You know I'm here 'cause
I'm interested in you
but it seems to me like you
don't really want to talk to me
and that's okay, I mean,
if you don't then just say.
I don't want you to be
here just as a favor.
It's okay, really, I mean sometimes
you go out on a limb just based on a vibe.
It's not always gonna work out.
I want to get to know you.
Well yeah, I mean,
I want to get to know you, too,
but the conversation
can't just go one way.
Well, I guess,
I like to study a lot, just
anything I find interesting.
And I like films.
That's why you work at a video store.
Actually, I started
really getting interested
after I started working there,
just as a way to make sure I
knew what to say to customers.
I'd watch as many of the films as I could
and well, I guess I kind
of just got obsessed.
You like films, too?
Yes, I love 'em.
I mean, I've loved 'em since I was a kid.
I've got a whole lot at home
but it still doesn't compare
to going to a real cinema.
No, it doesn't.
See, this is better, isn't it?
I mean, we're really talking.
I've been listening to a new band lately,
called The Flaming Lips,
have you heard of them?
Heard of them?
That's one of my favorite
bands from the 90's.
I've got all their albums.
What's your favorite song of theirs?
I don't know.
I like a lot of them, really.
What other bands do you like?
Do you like a lot of
alternative rock like that?
Well I do like that kind of music.
But I'm really into jazz and classical.
Like Louis Armstrong, Ray
Charles, Ella Fitzgerald,
just some of my favorites.
God, do I sound enough like a hipster yet?
I do have a partial excuse, though.
My father, he used to direct an orchestra.
No, I like that kind of music, too.
Do you ever wonder about people?
When you see 'em from afar?
All the time, why?
Just, those two people
over there by the bench,
sometimes I just wonder
about their connections
like how they know each
other, that sort of thing.
She's his mum.
He looks bored so he must
be there out of obligation.
He keeps playing with his watch.
She's got something big in the bag,
it might be his birthday soon.
Huh, nice.
Could be completely wrong, though.
Makes you want to know more, doesn't it?
Yeah I guess.
How was your lunch?
Yeah, it was good.
JOSEPH: Yeah, it's
a good place isn't it?
Yeah, it's nice.
Peaceful, actually.
So relaxing isn't it,
walking on the surf?
Feet slowly sinking into the sand?
I'm having a really nice time.
Do you want to kiss?
I'd like that.
Will I be seeing you again?
I think so.
Hey Gwen, it's Joseph.
How ya been?
I'm okay.
JOSEPH: Have you been up to much?
I checked out the music you mentioned.
I love jazz, I've never
heard of Louis Armstrong.
I'm glad you mentioned him, he's good.
JOSEPH: Haven't heard of him?
Have you been living
under a rock? (LAUGHING)
Anyway, I'm not doing anything tomorrow.
Do you wanna go do something?
That'd be really nice.
JOSEPH: Wonderful.
Well we've already been
to somewhere charming,
how would you like to go to somewhere
that appeals to your intellectual side?
Actually, I think it'd be really nice
to see where you live.
Yeah, I guess I'm a bit traditional.
Normally I just wait til...
Is there something you
don't want me to see?
JOSEPH: No, what?
Um, nothing.
I didn't know that wasn't normal.
I won't be judgmental or anything.
I just it'd really interesting
to see where you live.
I thought you meant something else.
That's okay.
Maybe after we can go and see a museum?
there's a railway museum in Bassendean.
That's something I'd be interested in.
JOSEPH: Oh, fantastic.
As a kid I used be obsessed with trains.
I've still got a lot of books of them.
Um, well, I think it'd be lovely
for you to come over and see my place.
So long as I get to see yours sometime.
There's not much to see.
Oh, well if you say so.
So tomorrow's good for you?
JOSEPH: Great, I'll see you tomorrow.
Welcome to Casa de la Leibovitz.
I hope I'm not early.
No, no, right on time.
Come in.
So, is it how you imagined?
You arrived just about
perfectly on time, I've baked cookies.
That's nice of you.
Did I tell you I cooked?
You might have mentioned it.
Yeah well I used to
cook a lot for my ex.
Not that cookies are
particularly hard to bake,
anyone can do that.
How about yourself, do you cook?
Sometimes, I'm not very good though.
My parents did most of
the cooking back home.
What kind of...
Where are your...
Sorry, go on.
What kind of things
do you like to cook?
Oh anything really.
I'm always trying new things.
So where are your parents?
Do you still keep in contact with them?
We don't really have much to talk about.
They retired to Townsville
a few years ago.
Hm, that's a shame.
I think it's important to keep in touch
with people from your past.
Especially family.
My parents have passed.
Left me this house, no way
I could afford it otherwise.
But, uh, just think it's important
that you should keep that
bond strong with your family.
Maybe, we just weren't
really that close.
I don't think they got me.
That's a shame.
I don't blame them.
Anyway, that's not important.
Why don't you tell me
about some of this stuff?
Yeah, sure, alright.
Let's start the grand tour, shall we?
Ah, here I have my diploma of fine arts
which is worth absolutely
nothing. (LAUGHING)
But it does look pretty and
makes people think I'm fancy.
Here I've got some sculptures
I did back in high school.
They don't impress anyone. (LAUGHING)
They're good.
I've got some photos here of some people
that are quite special to me.
Oh this one here, this man here,
he's very special.
Very big influence in my life.
Now you should listen carefully
because this is something
you need to know about me.
That's a good cookie.
Just a second.
This is really good.
Did you really?
Uh, yep. (LAUGHING)
And then I sold it to
some guy for 50 bucks
so now she's hanging forever immortalized
in some guy's house
with this glorious head
of cornstarch. (LAUGHING)
It's just ridiculous.
Anyway, that was worth her not paying me.
Screw her.
Um, Joseph?
Why did you put so
much effort into a career
that's so hard to get by with?
What do you mean?
In portraits.
You hardly earn any money from them
and you've had to take
up all these other jobs
just to support it, it
seems like too much effort.
Because I love it, of course.
Don't you have anything you love to do
that you make sacrifices for?
Yeah I guess.
What do you love about painting
that you can't get from a photograph?
I don't know, I mean,
there's certain feelings
you can get from a painting you can't get
from a straight forward depiction of them.
So you embellish, just here and there,
to capture them, emote a feel.
So, like impressionism?
Yeah, exactly.
But surely if you
want to capture someone
then showing them exactly
how they are in detail
is the best way?
I mean, yeah that's one
way of looking at it
but for me, at least, you
need something more than that.
You can look at a detailed photograph
and see every pore, every
muscle in their iris,
every hair on their face but,
that doesn't show you
what's going on inside.
Those kind of details do have
their own beauty, of course,
but I don't know, it's like music.
You get a strong feeling
when you hear music
but what is a C flat or D minor sharp
have to do with those feelings?
They're just vibrations in the air
at varying frequencies.
Yet, you can express your
thoughts and your feelings
a lot better using music
than say a brain scan.
I don't know, that's what I think
and that's why every time I paint someone,
I'll sit them down and I'll talk to them
and get that real emotive feeling
before I start to paint.
Otherwise, the details, they're just,
it's just information and
it doesn't really show you
what's going on inside, so.
I don't know, I'm just,
talking nonsense aren't I?
Anyway, I gotta go use
the little boy's room,
if you don't mind waiting
here for a minute?
If you get bored,
I've got some paints and
some brushes over there.
Maybe you can get started on a portrait
and do a picture of this
handsome mug. (LAUGHING)
Hey, why don't we put
on some music and dance?
You can paint, dance and cook?
Well, who said I could dance?
I said we should, not that I could.
I don't really dance, either.
Ah, who cares?
I want to dance with you.
It's not that I don't want to.
I've just never danced before.
I'm a little bit uncomfortable.
JOSEPH: Oh, that's alright.
Why don't you come over
here and have a look
at the records and I'm
sure there's something here
that you can feel in sync with.
I love this one.
I do not understand this thing at all.
You just have to hit it around.
Around what?
Around and through,
past all the little holes.
So I've got to get them in the hole?
Would I wed what would... (LAUGHING)
Would you wed what
Edward Woodward would wed?
Would I we'd what Wedward
Woodward would would
would would?
Yeah, yeah.
That's it right?
Nailed it!
Between your thumbs.
And then you blow
kind of across the top,
like a bottle cap.
The difference isn't
strictly the size of the sensor
but the size of the photo sights.
So, uh, the less resolution the better?
Well, less resolution means less detail
but at night if you're
boosting the ISO too high
you won't get as sharp a picture anyway.
So a lower resolution camera means
that you'll have larger photo sights
for the size of the sensor
and you won't loose as much
detail from boosting the ISO.
Yeah, I think I've got it.
Hey, why don't you join
a photography class?
You're obviously really
passionate about it.
I just,
think it's a good idea for
you to meet some new people.
I don't really feel the need.
Isn't that what you said
when you first met me?
I said, I don't know.
Most people are too hard
to connect with anyway.
Yeah, but, what if we break up?
GWEN: Are you?
No, that's not what I meant.
I'm just saying, hypothetically.
I have zero intention of
breaking up with you, Gwen.
I just, think, you know,
I shouldn't be the only
thing in your life.
You're not.
I always find some way to fill my time.
How do you think I got by before we met?
Not that I have any intention
of breaking up with you either.
It's been nice getting to know you.
Well, okay.
But think about it, alright?
I think you might actually enjoy it.
You just gotta put yourself out there.
There's not much to put out there.
Gwen, you know that's not true.
When I first met you I could see,
there was more to you than met the eye.
And sure at first you didn't
have a whole lot to say
but as things went on we saw
how much we had in common.
Your own little interests and quirks.
There's a whole lot of
people out there, Gwen.
Some not so easy to get on with, some are.
But that doesn't mean you just give up.
My personal philosophy?
Is to never stop trying new things.
That's how I met you.
Had a gut feeling and I just went with it.
And thanks for that,
but I think I just got lucky with you.
I guess we just have enough in common
that we both like each other, but,
you're not the only time
I've tried to make friends.
You're just one of the
first times it's worked.
Most people are just,
they're more interesting than me.
They ask me about myself and,
I don't know what to tell them.
I look inside myself and
just nothing there.
Hello, Gwen.
Interesting collection you've got here.
How did you get in here?
Well you didn't lock
your door this morning.
Lucky I noticed, it could
have been someone not so nice.
You know a burgular, or worse, the police.
Leave my apartment, please.
Now I always knew
you were a bit of a freak
but I never realized
you were this fucked up.
What is all this shit, Gwen?
Kennedy, please.
I wanna know what the deal
is with all this stuff.
It's just something I do.
I never hurt anyone.
I gotta say the detail here is impressive.
You're breaking and
entering, I'll call the police.
You? Call the police?
I should be the one doing that.
Do you have any idea how
illegal this stuff is?
Well, I can only assume so,
otherwise you wouldn't have
gotten away with it.
Looks like you've done a bit
of breaking and entering yourself.
Is it for the thrill?
Kennedy, please.
Ah, come on now Gwen, how long
have we been neighbors for, eh?
Now I don't care if you're
a little bit of a creep.
Oh geez, you're trembling.
Sit down, will you?
Okay look, I could go
to the police right now
and get you into more
trouble than you can handle.
Or I could do the neighborly thing
and let you off the hook.
Thing is though, I've known
you for nearly two years
and you haven't done shit for me.
Now that I know you've got some
experience in surveillance,
there may be something you can do
and if you help me out?
Maybe I could forget this
whole thing ever happened.
Sound good?
Yeah, sounds good.
Alright, here's the deal, me and Marco
have been together since not long after
I moved into this shithole.
We were saving up to buy a proper house,
only two months ago he was laid off.
Now, it's just been me
working 25 hours a week,
earning shit all.
Now he says he's been
looking for a new job.
Personally I don't think
he's doing anything at all
because every time I see him at home,
he's always watching the fuckin' footie
or playing those fuckin' video games.
Then he's going out all the time
and what's worse, he's taken
money out of my wallet.
He denies it but that much money
just ain't fuckin' disappearing.
I need to know what he's
spending all this money on.
I have a feeling he
might be gambling again.
So I need you to tail him this weekend.
I want photos.
Find out what he's doing
and don't let him see you.
Kennedy, I don't...
It's just one little favor, Gwen.
Don't act like this is gonna
be anything difficult for you.
You do this sort of thing
all the time, don't you?
Oh and, keep in mind I'm not obligated
to keep this under wraps.
I could have the police
here in five minutes.
I'll do it.
There's a good girl.
Alright, let's start off with Stalker
and then Holiday Inn.
Sounds good.
Just so you know, I won't be
available this Sunday night.
Oh, me neither, that's okay.
Yeah, I'm never available Sunday night.
Didn't I tell you?
Why not?
What's on Sundays?
You used to be available Sundays.
Well that's my business, now isn't it?
Yeah but, you usually
share most of what's going on
in your life with me.
I guess but not everything.
Is everything okay?
Of course.
You're not like going to see a doctor?
No, of course not, Gwen.
Then what is it?
It's just my business, okay?
Why don't you want to talk about it?
It's not that I don't
want to talk about it,
it's just that I shouldn't have to.
Everyone deserves the right to...
Look, I don't ask you
about every little detail
of your life, okay?
All I'm asking is the same courtesy.
Just forget about it, alright?
Let's just,
let's just relax and watch the movie.
Look, I'm sorry to get like that.
Let's just forget it.
Look, come here, let's
just watch a movie, okay?
Yeah, sorry about that.
That's okay.
I could just lay like this forever.
You forgot to put the movie in.
Hi, who do you know here?
Oh, how do you know Marcy?
Oh from a while back.
Oh, cool, cool.
We went to hairdressing school together.
Yeah, yeah.
I win! I win!
I've got it, oh my god.
I swear I'm unbeatable at this game,
Again, again, alright.
Freddy's gonna forget it, seriously.
He's a whiny little shit.
WOMAN: I was forgetting about it.
Jesus, Tucker, it's not
me who can't get over it.
Anyway, what about Kennedy?
Is she giving you shit?
It's Kennedy,
she's always giving me shit, yes, yeah.
I don't even fuckin' watch
stuff like that.
Oh, okay.
Because your broke you get by without it.
MARCO: I have the fun
and as soon as I get a job
I am gonna leave it on the sheet.
Is that where you were
getting that money from?
I've been actually taking
some out of her wallet, yeah.
Every now and then.
You sneaky shit.
And she hasn't noticed?
Oh no, she has.
And she actually brought it up
and then I said, I need
to fix the air conditioner
and yeah, she bought it.
Fuck it, she's a bitch
and she's never even
putting out anymore so, fuck her.
I mean, it's done.
Anyway, I'm gonna
actually go to the bedroom
because I actually have
something to show you.
It's kind of why we're here.
Don't fucking lie to me.
Oi, who's this little pervert?
What do you think you're doing
peeking through the bedroom window, Missy?
Is it a good show?
Here's $50.
Don't say anything to
anyone and it's yours.
This is just between you and me though?
Like you said, I'm a pervert.
You don't think I'm the
only one here, do you?
JOSEPH: Are you alright, Gwen?
Is something on your mind?
GWEN: Do you ever,
do you ever wonder if you
really know the people you know?
Oh this isn't about...
No, it's nothing to do
with you or anything, I just,
something happened recently to someone,
one of my neighbors.
Oh, what happened?
It was just,
her partner, they've
been together for years
then she found out he
was doing all this stuff
behind her back, unpleasant stuff.
Well that sucks.
Just got to me, you know?
Like, you think everything's
the way you think it is
and it can turn out to
be completely different
and then you lose everything
you thought was true,
just like that.
Everyone has secrets, Gwen.
I don't think you can ever avoid that.
GWEN: I know and I agree
with you that it's okay
to keep some stuff to yourself but,
how can you ever know
it's not a bad secret?
JOSEPH: Well what's a bad secret?
Doesn't it all depend on
who you're talking to?
I mean different people feel different
about different things.
I mean maybe he did something
that she didn't like.
Ultimately it's all a
matter of perspective.
GWEN: It was definitely bad stuff.
JOSEPH: Well, I'll
take your word for it.
GWEN: But it's the little stuff, too.
Sometimes, I just don't
understand how people think.
Nobody wants to tell you how they think
so you can never really know them.
You can only know things about them.
JOSEPH: Well, I guess
nobody really knows anybody
when it comes down to it.
I had this friend once, in high school.
Her name was Julia.
That's a nice name.
One day she told me she
didn't want to hang out anymore.
How come?
She wouldn't say.
She never fought with me or seemed angry.
Mostly she seemed happy.
That's what got to me.
I thought I knew her.
I love you.
I love you, too.
Gwen, I wouldn't worry about it.
These things happen.
Not everything is like you
and Julia or your neighbor.
I guess to me, really knowing somebody,
isn't just about knowing
things about them.
It's about being able to
have a great conversation.
It's about being able to
sit comfortably in silence.
It's getting their favorite
bloody song stuck in your head.
If I could say anybody knows
anybody, it'd be like that.
Like you and me.
Cute Joe,
do you want to be any more sappy?
Maybe knowing each other is
when you sew yourselves together
like co-joined twins and
bury yourselves alive
so you can be together forever.
Yeah, we're not gonna do that.
You get called in for another shift?
It's nothing important.
Gwen, why have you been ignoring me?
Sorry Kennedy, I was...
What kind of sick game
are you playing, you fuckin' liar?
I didn't lie.
Yes you fuckin' did.
Marco is not a cheater.
You were just lying to me for finding out
your little secret.
I didn't lie.
He wouldn't do that to me.
All those things you said about him.
Where's your proof, huh?
Couldn't get any fuckin' photos.
Do you just want to fuck
up our relationship?
Would you be quiet?
We shouldn't even be talking
about this in public.
I tried to get photos, I missed my chance.
Some guy came up and
saw me sneaking around.
Everything I told you
is true, word for word.
You are a fucking little liar.
You probably didn't even
follow him, did you?
Did you?
Now you go back out there
and you show me the truth,
not some bullshit story.
I don't want to do this anymore.
I did it once, I did what you asked.
If you can't accept that
then that's your problem.
I'm tired of it.
I wish it was something
else but it wasn't.
Fuck you!
So you did end up
getting the night free?
How are you?
I'm good.
I'm okay.
Where are we going?
Actually, tonight,
I thought about what
you said the other week
about keeping secrets and
you're right, I have
been meaning to tell you.
I always was going to tell you.
But you're right, we
shouldn't be hiding things
from each other.
And it's really not that
bad, really, I mean.
Well, it depends how you look at it.
Joseph, you don't have to.
I shouldn't have pried
into your business, anyway.
I trust you.
I should have always trusted you.
You were right, I was eventually
gonna have to tell you
so it's better I tell
you sooner than later.
It's okay, I don't mind
you having secrets anymore.
It doesn't matter, as long
as we both accept each other
for who we are.
Well that's the thing.
I'm not sure whether or
not you will accept me.
Could you just trust that I will?
Well maybe you could just tell me
rather than show me?
I think it's better
if I just, show you.
GWEN: This is all
sounding very serious.
Yeah well, it's not as bad
as I'm making it sound, really.
It's just important to me that I show you.
GWEN: Okay.
This was stupid.
I told you,
it's not gonna make me feel
any differently about you.
Thanks for saying that, Gwen.
Try not to jump to any conclusions, okay?
Hey, it's nice to meet you, Gwen.
He's 13 months since last Thursday.
You can hold him, if you like?
I'm okay.
I hope it's not too much Gwen.
I just thought it would be a good idea
for you to see him for yourself
before you decided how you feel.
Me and Joseph aren't involved,
in case you're thinking that.
It was a one time thing two years ago.
We dated for a while ages
back, but not since then.
It's just this one time, Red and I got
into a real big fight...
Oh, she doesn't know.
Oh, Red's my husband,
well fiance back then.
It was a stupid, impulsive thing
and it only happened once
but we ended up with this
beautiful boy, Simon.
Red knows now.
It wasn't the cleanest of situations
but most of that is behind us.
I know it's a big thing Gwen.
Simon is a part of my life.
I come here every Sunday now
and I imagine as he gets older,
I'll want to come and see him more often.
I don't expect you to be too
involved or anything but...
I'd better go fill up Simon's bottle.
Just say something, please?
It's fine.
Joe, I can handle this.
To be honest, it's not like I ever thought
about having anything even
remotely close to a family.
Any kind of attachment at all, but
it feels kind of nice, to be
a part of something like this.
I mean,
I love you.
Whoever thought I'd say
those words to anyone?
And you obviously love Simon.
There's no part of me that would want
to take away either of those things.
Hi Joe.
Oh, hey Red.
So you finally brought
your girlfriend over?
I've seen you before.
Last week, you were in
the car down the road.
Gwen, what were you
doing here last week?
Gwen, what's going on?
Have you been spying on me?
Answer me, Gwen, what
the hell is going on?
You were spying on me?
Was it just this one time?
GWEN: Try to understand.
Why did you do it?
I told you.
It was just curiosity.
I just wanted to study you.
I didn't plan the way
things ended up being.
And you've done this
with what, 35 other people?
Studied them, yeah.
But you are the first one I even spoke to,
more than momentarily.
I'm trying, I'm trying to understand...
You don't have to understand.
You used me.
I didn't use you.
I meant nearly everything I said.
I just didn't tell you
about this one thing.
What about all that other stuff, huh?
All that other stuff we
coincidentially had in common?
What about that?
That was all bullshit.
All written down in your
little book before we even met.
Do you have any idea how hard it was
for me to show you Simon?
I told you it didn't need to be.
Yeah, I guess not.
You already knew about him.
I just,
I wanted to know where
you went every Sunday.
I hadn't followed you
in more than a month.
I just, I didn't want you keeping
that part of your life secret from me.
And I didn't!
I always was gonna tell you.
But you didn't let me.
You took that from me
and it wasn't even yours to take
but not just that,
when I took you to the the lake
to show you where I went
camping as a little boy,
you already knew about it.
When I showed you my portraits,
you'd already seen them.
I was showing you some of
the most precious things
in my life, I was,
I was letting you in.
I was letting you see
what was important to me.
I thought I was showing
you something special.
But you already fuckin' knew about it all.
I think,
I think I'm gonna need some
time to think about this Gwen.
It's just
Are you coming to bed Joe?
It's pretty late.
In a minute.
Do you want to talk about it?
No, I just need some time alone.
I'm sorry about all that stuff before.
Do you think,
maybe now you've had a
chance to think about it,
there's any way?
You're a sweet girl.
There's a lot I really like about you.
But, I just don't think
we can go on after this.
I'm not doing that stuff anymore.
If that's true, I'm happy for you.
And I know your intentions
may have not been so bad
but I, (SIGHING)
just don't think I can go on
like you never did all that.
It's just not something I can do.
Wait here.
You can have this back.
I don't want it.
Actually, I will take it.
Thank you for asking me out.
I think you're gonna be a great father.
You should join a club.
Bye Joseph.
Bye Gwen.
You shaved your beard?
Thought I'd try something a bit different.
You don't like it?
You don't like it.
GWEN: Nah.
I supposed I could try to grow it back.
Good plan.
So did you get your certificate?
Sure did, I'm now fully
qualified to push wheelchairs
and help old ladies change.
Well I'm sorry I missed the ceremony.
Oh you mean the one I held for myself
while I waiting for them to
print out my certificate?
But I got you a little something
to make it feel more officious.
Oh, what? (LAUGHING)
It's a graduation hat, thingy.
I feel like I'm at Oxford.
You look like it.
We need to get a
picture of this, come on.
Make sure you get the hat.
You know what...
I'm not tall enough.
Ah, just reach, stretch.
I'm gonna wear this hat
the rest of my life.
It's gonna be like
my just every day hat.