Substitute, The (1996) Movie Script

Coming in!
- Come on. Double time!
- Let's go! Come on!
- Don't blow it.
- Steady!
All right, guys.
Move out! Let's go!
- Where's Stark and Westlake?
- Didrt make it.
- Rudy too?
- All three.
Oh, man! What happened?
Cuban soldiers caught us
in a cross fin'e on the beach...
an hour after you guys took off.
Shit, man, that's bad.
We're fucked now.
Fidel Castro today accused
the United States...
of being behind yesterday's
predawn raid...
on what appears to have been
a drug processing plant...
some 30 miles south of Havana.
- A force of 20 men landed...
- Twenty?
What an insult.
It should have felt like 50.
Three of the men were killed
by Cuban military forces.
They've been tentatively identified
as James Stark, Kevin Westlake...
and Rudy Garcia, all from the U.S.
Talk about how many we killed.
Goddamned bureaucratic bitch.
U.S. Officials deny involvement...
in this independent venture...
utilizing mercenaries and financed
by anti-Castro forces.
Officials went on to say
there was no way such a raid...
- could have been launched...
- In other words...
we no longer officially exist.
In other words,
we're out of a fucking job.
Shit, man. I've got
a mortgage to pay.
Congress will launch a full
investigation into the raid.
Deny American involvement?
Deny that, motherfucker.
You couldn't just
change the channel?
- Kick his ass!
- I fucking changed the channel.
Me and fucking Elvis.
So what do we do now?
We just wait.
Something will come along.
Who is that?
Get that fool!
Get him, boy!
I'll teach you!
Now I'll show you.
You ain't done yet.
- Jerome, are you okay?
- Get off of me.
I don't need your help, dude.
Why don't you try me?
Mr. Tay, I want you out of here.
Both of you, out!
- Fuck you!
- Get out!
Go to class!
- Go to class.
- Please go to class.
Go on. Get out of here.
What is it with you?
You're determined to be O.T.'d?
I'm standing here.
You're always hassling me.
I'm not hassling you, Mr. Lacas.
I'm speaking to you because you're
intelligent, you're a leader.
I need you to look at me
for two minutes, Juan.
I've heard the speeches, Jane.
I don't make speeches. I'm speaking
to you with respect as a person.
You're no person to me, bitch,
so back the fuck off.
- 'Cause if you don't...
- If I don't, what?
You'll fucking wish you did.
What were his exact words?
What were his exact words?
That if I didn't back off,
I'd wish I did.
- No, "fucking" wish you did.
- Yes.
That's terrible.
But technically speaking,
it wasrt a din'ect threat.
You mean he didn't say he was going to
stab me with a knife at 4:15 p. m.
- No, he didn't say that.
- But his attitude was threatening.
- I can't O.T. Him for attitude.
- Look, Claude.
You know me.
I don't quit on my kids.
But this guy is dangerous.
The kids are scared of him.
Believe it or not,
some are here to learn.
I agree,
but I can't boot him out...
without definite proof
of wrongdoing.
I don't want a lawsuit.
Fine. You want proof?
I'll get you proof.
Here she comes.
Cute, sweetheart.
All for nothing, mama.
Have a beer with us.
I want to see that beautiful ass.
Fucking bitch.
Fuck you up, bitch!
I'm gonna lick your pussy like this.
Get the fuck out of the car!
See you later!
I'll drop by the house.
You bastard.
I've never been so happy
to see anybody in my life.
I missed you too.
What's going on?
My students are trying
to kill me. How are you?
Hey, come here.
Let me take care of it.
Shale, you always had
the greatest hands.
I missed you, caria.
What are you doing here anyway?
Arert you supposed to be
off on some secret mission?
No, they retin'ed us.
You okay with that?
What are you going to do?
I guess I'll be a stockbroker.
- Yeah, right.
- I could be a stockbroker.
Shale? Joey. Got a gig.
Meet me at 10:00 at the strip joint.
Hey, it's Uzi night.
- Try your luck.
- Joey.
Tell me about the gig.
This guy's name is Wolfson.
He's a lawyer.
I hate lawyers.
He's money.
This guy's got a client
who's looking for a trained crew.
He wants to meet you tomorrow,
Trained crew for what?
That's what the meeting's for.
I don't know.
I don't like it.
You don't even know
what it is yet.
- Drugs?
- It's not drugs.
Come on, I busted my ass
to set this up.
Don't go in there
and fuck it up.
When the world is giving
you trouble, think John Janus.
When the world is giving
you trouble, think John Janus.
"Soldier of Fortune" magazine
calls him the ultimate mercenary.
- That's nice.
- From Tripoli to Panama he's proven it.
Piano win'e, knives,
artillery, land mines...
- bayonets, helicopter repelling...
- Isn't that funny?
Smoke jumping, parachuting,
missiles, guns and his bare hands.
They don't call him
a one-man army for nothing.
So when you want clean, private
mercenary work at reasonable rates...
think John Janus.
- That was so hot.
- It really was.
Great editing too.
Who was the editor?
The guy that does rock videos.
Thanks, John.
Stay and watch Mr. Shale's reel.
I don't have a reel.
I see.
Why don't I show John out?
- John.
- Thank you, Matt.
Get yourself a video, old-timer.
Thanks for coming.
Really very impressive.
- We'll be in touch soon.
- Thank you very much.
- See you, sweet thing.
- Talk to you soon.
God, that's better.
I've been holding that for 20 minutes
waiting for her to leave.
- Thank you for sharing.
- Ten grams of fiber every morning.
Flushes all the toxins
right out of your system.
It's great.
Regularity is the key.
- You want some?
- No, I flushed this morning.
Orange juice, decaf, tea?
No, thank you.
Can we talk about the job?
You're a real cut-to-the-chase
kind of guy.
- That's me.
- Thank you, Dierdre.
- Sure, Matt.
- Good. I like that.
Uh, all right.
My client runs an import business
dealing in South American goods.
Obviously, his business depends on
a steady flow of products.
Regularity is the key?
Very good. Exactly.
Delays can cost you
a large chunk of the market.
We're looking
for trained soldiers...
who can guarantee the shipments...
and have the ability to deal decisively
with anyone who tries to interfere.
Like who?
Well, our competitors...
certain government agencies,
which sometimes is the same thing.
So what you're looking for is a crew
to protect your drug shipments...
possibly kill any rival dealers...
and maybe even government agents
if they happen to get in the way?
Didrt I say you were
a cut-to-the-chase kind of guy?
You don't want soldiers.
You want killers.
You'll have to
excuse me here, Shale...
because I wasrt aware
there was a difference.
There's a difference.
You want to know what it is?
Yeah, I'll play.
Tell me what the difference is.
But I don't want any...
The difference is...
you're still breathing.
That cereal does work.
- What's with you?
- I told you no drugs.
Did the plate in your head
shift or something?
That's all that's out there.
- At least it's a job.
- A job, Joey?
You ever look up
the word "mercenary"?
It's someone who works
merely for money.
Everybody works for money.
It's not the money that bothers me.
It's the "merely. "
- Hi, Miss Andrewson.
- Hi. Um, Janie?
- She went jogging at the beach.
- Thanks.
Watch out!
I know it hurts, baby.
Try not to move. Don't move.
How are you feeling?
I feel good.
That's the painkillers.
I talked to the cops.
They got an "all-points" out
on a six-foot-six Seminole.
Yeah? You'll find a zillion
of them in the Everglades.
- Where are my clothes?
- They hid them so you can't find them.
- Yeah, right.
- Lie down.
- I hate hospitals.
- It's just for a couple of days.
Come on. Your leg's busted.
You can't walk.
It is busted.
Lacas set me up.
- Is he the one who hassled you?
- It had to be him.
- I'll take care of him.
- You'll drop a grenade on him.
If he did it, he deserves it.
No, I don't want you
to get into it.
Janie, would you relax?
I'm not going to do anything
you don't want me to do.
- Okay.
- Just get in and stay here...
until it's better.
Then help me
if you want to help me.
Call Michael Jones.
He's in the book.
Tell him he's got to
substitute for me.
Then I want you to call Arlene.
I don't know where she is.
Tell her I won't be in for a while.
She's in Admissions, I think.
I'm booked this week.
Can you get somebody
to fill in until next week?
Yeah, okay. Thanks anyway.
- I'll give you a call next week.
- Okay. Bye.
So I need a teaching certificate...
and put me on the computer...
at the school registry
by tomorrow morning.
Oh, Rem?
Give me some good academic
credentials. I mean good ones.
Yeah, whatever.
Something unusual.
Smith. James Smith.
- Morning, Jerome.
- Hey, man.
How are you doing, Rolanda?
Manuelo, you need a hain'cut, son.
Good morning.
Can I help you?
Maybe. I'm looking
for Miss Hetzko's room.
My name's Smith.
I'm her substitute.
- Claude Rolle. I'm the principal.
- Good to meet you.
You're not one of our
regular subs.
She wanted Michael Jones,
but he was booked so he called me.
Well, good. I'll point you
in the right din'ection.
- Thank you.
- Janie's ill?
- She got mugged.
- No.
That's terrible.
Hey, put that skateboard
in your locker.
- Is she okay?
- Apparently, but I don't know her.
Can't be too careful these days.
She's a fighter. She'll pull through.
Jimenez, you're late.
- Upstain's, fin'st class you see.
- Thank you.
Bring your paperwork to the office,
or you won't get paid.
Hey. Good luck.
Okay, let's move it.
Get to class. You're late.
Miss Hetzko's class?
Let's go.
- Who the fuck are you?
- I'm the substitute. Come on.
Okay, Romeo, that's enough.
Break it up.
Good morning, class.
My name is Mr. Smith.
I will be Miss Hetzko's substitute
for the next few days.
Is Miss Hetzko taking a break?
Is that what happened?
Mother, we ain't in church.
Henry Alvin.
Henry Alvin.
Over here.
If you can't talk, Henry,
just raise your hand.
If so many of you can't talk,
it's going to be more quiet in here.
Henry Alvin.
Lisa Rodriguez.
- Michael Davis.
- You all seen Michael?
That's right. He's in the hall
rubbing your mom's booty, man.
- Frank Davis.
- Yo.
I'm Frank.
He's just messing with you.
- You two brothers?
- No. He wishes he was.
Get off that damn
government cheese.
Juan Lacas.
That was sharp, dude.
Sure was sharp.
What era of history
are you studying now?
The fuck-you era.
And what have you covered so far?
The button of that
ferret ass you got.
- Who won World War II?
- Your mama, man.
And... here comes a tough one...
who discovered America?
Fat mama.
- What's your name?
- I'm Jerome, dog.
- What's your name?
- I'm Jerome, dog.
A 16-inch woofer from Opa-Locka.
Straight from the bottom.
- Go up there, kid.
- Yeah.
Opa-Locka, never drop-a
Tie them on my peoples
Keep it real 'cause it's lethal
Ain't nothing sweet, dude
Miami has us down
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
That bouncer's dead, yeah.
That's real special, Jerome.
Are you responsible
for this coffee, Hannah?
Don't start with me, Darryl.
I know it's yours... it stays black
after you pour cream in it.
- You're subbing for Jane Hetzko?
- Right.
Darryl Sherman, English and Drama.
- Jim Smith. Good to meet you.
- You too.
Is it true they broke
her kneecap?
- That's what I heard.
- Sons of bitches.
I get my hands on them,
I'll show them a thing or two.
Life is too short
to mess with the K.O.D.
I'm Hannah Dillon,
School Librarian.
- Jim Smith. Good to meet you.
- Stay away from the coffee.
You drink it.
I'm immune.
Excuse me.
What is the K.O.D.?
The "Kings of Destruction,"
the top gang in the school.
"Posse," please. You're so unip.
Could they have been responsible
for what happened to Miss Hetzko?
- It's possible.
- Possible?
Nothing happens around here
that isn't inspin'ed by the K.O.D.
Or "KOD," as I think of them.
Why would they have been after her?
Lacas threatened her.
She wanted him transferred.
- Juan Lacas?
- Yeah, he's the leader of the K.O.D.
He's a pain in the ass,
is what he is.
Why wasrt he just transferred?
Ask Rolle.
It was his decision.
Criticize Rolle all you want.
He was a cop and knows the law.
No evidence, no case. Period.
That's right, Darryl.
You keep the faith.
If Hannah had her way,
we'd go back to the days...
when you could bludgeon a kid
for looking at you cross-eyed.
I know. I went to school here.
Rolle was a cop?
Yeah, the gang unit.
He's an amazing man.
Excuse me, Mr. Rolle?
I'm looking for Juan Lacas's file.
The secretary said you had it.
The file is under review
at the moment, Mr...
- Smith.
- Smith. Right.
If it was Petarusky, I'd remember.
Come on.
Have a seat.
Speaking of unusual commitment...
how is it that a cop
becomes a high school principal?
You want the short version?
I was at the Liberty City riots
in 1980...
not the best time to be
a black cop in Miami.
You watch your own neighborhood
burn down...
people you grew up with
getting shot and busted.
You suddenly face a clear choice.
Devastation or education.
I chose the latter.
I went to night school,
got my certificate...
got my masters,
and now here I am.
And running for city council,
I hear.
If the voters are wise.
What's your background, Mr. Smith?
Standard liberal arts education.
I was a government bureaucratic worker.
Mostly in Health, Education
and Welfare department.
Then, uh, I guess, like you,
I wanted to teach.
You won those scars
in the halls of academe?
No. Nuns, eighth grade.
Well, you better get back to work.
I really can't issue those files
to a temporary employee.
- Sorry.
- No problem at all.
Thanks for your time.
Oh, I've got to ask.
Doesrt it make you nervous
wearing a watch like that around here?
This watch was a gift
from the Junior League.
Anyone trying to take this watch
will have to take this arm.
It's been known to happen.
They hack them off with chain saws now.
Students in Wood Shop
made these for me.
Every year at fin'st assembly,
I give a little demonstration.
Power perceived...
is power achieved.
I'd remember that little truism,
Mr. Smith.
It will assist you greatly
in your teaching.
- Nice tie.
- We don't need any insurance.
We might.
You haven't heard the gig yet.
Tell us what it is.
- It's something different.
- Who gives a shit?
I just want to get back
in the action.
- It's a school.
- Damn! It is a school.
- I told you, man.
- What kind of school?
A high school.
I'm substituting there.
- Substitute for what?
- For Janie.
She got kneecapped by a gang.
She's in the hospital now.
Oh, shit.
We all feel bad for Janie, right?
But a high school?
What's in it for us?
Well, probably nothing up front...
but there might be something
on the back end.
Maybe something on the back end.
You mind telling me what the fuck
is wrong with this picture?
Fin'st you turn down Wolfson.
Now you want us to go do a job
at a high school on deferment.
- Hollan, chill out.
- Chill out yourself!
High school is bullshit, man.
You all know what's wrong.
You ain't got the guts to say it.
- Why don't you tell us, Hollan?
- I'll tell it, man.
Cuba wimped you out.
You lost your mind and your balls.
Maybe I'll borrow yours.
On second thought,
maybe they're too small.
Fuck you, man!
Fucking queers.
No promises, but I'm telling you,
there's something wrong there.
They're not doing thein' homework?
All I can tell you...
is these kids are walking around
with cellular phones and pagers...
and driving $50,000 BMWs.
There's drugs, and where
there's drugs there's cash.
We're not going to walk
out of there empty-handed.
It's your decision.
You tell me.
Violation, violation.
Good morning, class.
we're going to talk
about Vietnam.
Viet who?
Fuck that shit.
You had to be resourceful
in Vietnam.
You had to grow eyes
in the back of your head.
You're a dead motherfucker!
I don't like disorder in my room.
Clean it up, Tay.
Knock that nigger out,
my nigger.
Fuck you!
You're gonna fuck that nigger up?
He represent K.O.D.
Stay down there
until it looks spotless.
Ah, man, look at him, dog.
All red and embarrassed.
Shut up, Jerome.
And you, hand over the ice pick.
I ain't got no ice pick.
This is my class, Rodriguez.
I don't allow weapons in here.
This ain't your class, bitch.
I'll carry what I want.
Take that Superman shit
somewhere else.
It's impolite to stick your finger
in somebody's chest.
Would you like it
if I did that to you?
Hand over the ice pick, please.
Thank you.
Sit down.
You broke my hand.
I bent it. I don't break them
on the fin'st offense.
I'm in charge of this class.
I'm the warrior chief.
I'm the merciless god of anything
that stin's in my universe.
You fuck with me
and you will suffer my wrath.
Can I go to the nurse's office?
Sure, Rodriguez.
Go ahead.
Take Tay with you.
- Come on, bitch.
- Man, take this with you.
Anybody else want to go?
Okay, let's get back
to Vietnam.
Anybody know where it is?
It's in Korea?
We facilitated a day care program...
so young mothers can come back
to school and still see thein' children.
Fuck! Ah, no!
Excuse me.
Get me some ice or something.
This is killing me.
- What's going on here?
- Ask Mr. Smith.
- I'm suing this fucking place.
- Stop that language.
Marvin, we've got trouble
in room 3B.
Hey, get to class.
I was a member of a special ops
team called "Mercs. "
Long-range reconnaissance teams
that were choppered to the jungle...
in areas along
the Ho Chi Min Trail.
Fighting with these
native mountain tribes.
When we'd run out of bullets...
we'd have to take the weapons...
thein' AK-47s...
off the enemy dead
and use thein' ammo.
That way we could keep fighting,
keep advancing.
That sounds like a Saturday night
in Miami, you know?
My uncle got his legs
blown off in Vietnam...
but he doesn't talk about it.
- We were there because of Hitler?
- Fuck no, dog.
That's World War I
you're talking about.
No, those were earlier wars.
We were in Vietnam
to fight Communism.
That's why my family left Cuba...
because Castro turned Communist.
- Uh-huh.
- What's up, Mr. Smith?
How many people did you kill
in Vietnam?
I never counted.
Mr. Smith,
you lost any homeboys?
I lost some homeboys.
Me too, dog.
Mostly drive-bys, though.
You ever been shot,
Mr. Whatever Your Name Is?
Yeah, I've been shot.
Check this out.
I've been sliced and shot.
Fuck that shit.
I got shot, you know.
I got an AK in the leg.
That's what I'm talking about.
See you.
Two of your students are in the
nurse's office talking a lawsuit.
Why, is the nurse a lawyer?
Corporal punishment is not allowed
in the Dade County school system.
It wasrt corporal punishment.
It was self-defense.
And power achieved
is power perceived.
Well, I will admit
you got thein' attention.
Which is good,
but I can't afford a lawsuit.
Now, if you were to apologize
to these two young men...
Oh, that'll be the fucking day.
Then you leave me no choice.
I have to let you go.
No, wait a minute.
You can't fin'e me
without two weeks' notice...
not unless you want a public hearing
in front of the school board.
Hey, you do what you have to do.
On the other hand,
I want to be fain'.
You take your two weeks.
Thanks. That's all I wanted.
- James Smith.
- Here we are.
- He's in the computer?
- Yes.
- What's his background?
- Smith, James.
He's a Harvard grad
with a masters from Yale.
Wait, make that
two masters from Yale.
This guy is amazing.
And wow... a Ph. D. From Princeton.
You laid it on a little thick.
What do you want
on such short notice?
I'm starting to think he's taking
this teaching shit seriously.
You don't have to help me.
I'm not a baby.
I'll get it. Easy.
I'm home!
I don't have any groceries
or Percocet.
My God, look at the mail.
Leave that stuff alone
and get something to eat.
Why didn't you bring it to me?
I could have done something.
I was just sitting there,
doing nothing.
Miss Hetzko, this is Jim Smith.
I want to tell you that everything
is under control at school.
Get better and don't worry.
Talk to you later.
Under control?
Is he teaching them at gunpoint?
This is the "Miami Herald,"
and I just...
What is it?
"Miss H, you were the only
teacher who cared about me.
Please get well
and don't give up on us.
Love, Lisa Rodriguez. "
- That was very nice.
- Yeah.
Don't cry. Sit down
and have a shrimp roll.
I'm not crying.
Smith probably made her
send it anyway.
- Oh, no, he didn't.
- How do you know?
I don't know, okay?
But it figures a few kids
might send you a card on thein' own.
It's obvious you have never
taught at Columbus High.
Ladies, go to class.
Let's go.
So the war in Vietnam
was about turf.
The gangs in the north wanted
to take over the turf...
of the gangs in the south.
Look who made it.
You're late, Juan.
That'll be one demerit.
One demerit?
Do I write "I'm sorry" ten times
on the blackboard?
No, you're going to
write it 100 times.
Let's go.
Life is a chess game, Juan.
This is a crucial move.
I want you to think it over.
You're the one who should have
thought it through, motherfucker.
Believe me, I have, Juan.
I have.
Freddy Krueger, knock it off.
This is not a manicure shop.
- Get some real nails, girl.
- These are real, baby.
- Fuck you all.
- Hey, really?
Jerome, you know what your name
means in Apache?
No. What does it mean?
That word Apache in thein' language
means "the outcast," "the shunned ones. "
Like thein' emblem, like players
today... outlaws, bandits.
That translates easy enough into
the biker gangs of the '50s and '60s.
- My times.
- The Beaver days.
Yeah, I belonged to
a group called the Dragons.
What were the black bikers?
What were the brothers?
They were called the Chaplains.
- The Chaplains were black?
- What, they wore penny loafers?
They were the biggest, baddest
black group of the '50s.
Where I grew up, it was
the Dragons and the Enchanters.
The Enchanters were the girls.
How old were you?
I was 12 years old
when I became a Junior Dragon.
So Mr. Smith was a bad ass, huh?
So, Mr. Smith, what were some
of the other black gangs?
Gangs died out a little bit
in the late '60s...
but it came back in the '70s.
There was a gang
called the Black Spades.
So these Black Spades
were like homeboys?
All homeboys, 5,000 strong
all over the city of Miami.
Dang! Fucked up.
If there were 5,000, why are we
sitting in this classroom?
Okay. What's the future
of staying in a gang?
Money, whores and clothes.
Yeah, yeah.
Maybe a one-way ticket to the joint?
Got ya. I wanna get high.
- Straight up, smoking.
- I didn't mean that, Rodriguez.
I'm talking about the joint.
You know, Raeford Prison upstate?
That can't happen, Mr. Smith.
We're all juveniles.
Until you're 18, then they
throw your ass in a cell...
and you become a punk
or somebody's sweet boy.
- You're gonna get fucked in jail.
- They've got to catch me fin'st.
What are we supposed to do,
work in some fast food joint...
making minimum wage or something?
Better than a gang funeral.
How many of those you been to?
Too many.
Too fucking many.
Is that what you want
for yourselves...
what you want for your kids?
How many of you have kids?
You got a kid?
How many of you want them
to be in gangs?
Why not, if it's so great?
But it's different
when you talk about your kids.
You don't want to see your kids
get in trouble, get hurt or busted.
I don't want to see you kids
get hurt or get busted.
What are we supposed to do?
I'm not going to bullshit you.
I don't have all the answers.
But I'd like to see
all of you survive.
Mr. Smith.
I want to commend you
on the way you handled Lacas.
The best part is
you did it without violence.
I like that. I tell you what.
Come by my office after the faculty
meeting and we'll talk, okay?
Put those out
and get to class.
Today after the faculty meeting.
- You're too slow!
- Bullshit, man.
Wait 'til he's off school grounds.
I don't want to kill him right off.
I want to cut him up fin'st.
To the left!
Look at him.
He's scared shitless.
Marvin, we have a code ten
in the front hall.
Hannah, get down behind
the desk now. Get down!
You stay there 'til
I tell you to come out.
All right, that's good enough.
Freeze right there.
Put your weapons in the can't.
Let's go!
You, push it over.
That's good.
Hannah, come out here, sweetheart.
Come on.
Look, I want you to roll this
into your office.
Are you listening to me?
Roll this in your office,
lock the door...
wait 15 minutes,
then call the police.
You got that? Go on.
Oh, I can't tell you boys
how much I've needed this.
When we're done, I want you
to say "I'm sorry" 100 times.
Shh. No talking in the library.
It's time you boys
started hitting the books.
Here's one... requin'ed reading.
"Catcher In The Rye. "
- My mistake. Did I say "catcher"?
- Move in!
Checkmate, motherfucker.
an accident.
Um, sorry. My mistake.
He's toast.
Kill this bitch and split.
I'm sorry about those windows.
Hey, fuck it.
You wanted to see me.
It's a little late.
Okay. There's always tomorrow.
- Who is it?
- Hey, hey!
Sherman? Oh, man!
Open the door. Come on.
Hurry up. Look... for you.
For me? Wow!
Oh, man, they're so beautiful.
I need them.
Thank you. Hi.
Thank you so much.
- Let me take those.
- Let me hold them... they're mine.
You just sit on the couch.
- You got that?
- I'm better. I'm so strong.
- How's your knee?
- It's great.
- I'm sorry I didn't come by sooner.
- That's okay.
Hey, you look like a cripple.
- What's that?
- What's what?
These are the hain'dos
that I wish I had.
Is that me?
Yeah, that's you.
I want my hain' to be like yours,
and they wouldn't do it.
Let's talk about school.
Everybody thinking about me?
That substitute you hin'ed is amazing.
Where'd you find him?
- Shale found him.
- Shale?
Yeah, the guy I met
in Nicaragua.
Yeah? Is that picture
in Nicaragua?
- What were you doing in Nicaragua?
- I was teaching.
He was in the military. One of those
on-again, off-again relationships.
- What are you telling me?
- You tell me what happened.
I don't know,
but something's going on.
- He can't be no fucking teacher.
- I'll worry about him.
Just do what you're supposed to,
and don't call me here again.
Wellman, it's Joey.
They're switching cars.
I'm at the fruit stand on Griffin Road.
Get over here as soon as possible.
- Where'd you get those?
- Darryl Sherman sent them.
- Is he a teacher?
- Mm-hmm.
What have we got here?
- I hope you're hungry.
- Mm-hmm.
Arroz, plantains,
habichuelas negras.
- This must be the flan.
- Where are you working?
And palomilla.
- Home security.
- Home security?
Those are two words I never
would have associated with you.
- Doing what?
- Planning people's security systems.
- I hope you're hungry.
- I am.
I'd love to have some rice.
Darryl told you?
May I explain?
Go ahead.
See, it's not just the K.O.D.
Rolle's in on this too.
Does that mean my classroom
is going to turn into...
your own private
little drug war?
No, I just want them out
of there, same as you do.
- Why should you care?
- I didn't at fin'st.
But you do now?
The other day I was talking
and happened to glance back.
- The wein'dest thing happened.
- What?
They were listening.
I don't know.
I guess I felt like, you know...
Like you were actually teaching.
Oh, I remember the feeling.
Hi, Joey.
Fine. Yes, he's here.
Where are you?
I'll be there in ten minutes.
- I've got to go.
- Mm-hmm.
- Janie.
- Yeah?
I'll do whatever you want me to do.
It's up to you.
I just want what I've always wanted...
that you be straight with me.
That's hard when your whole life's
a covert operation.
Where is this guy?
Where is this guy?
You can always count on him.
What's going on?
He pulled a car switch
at the fruit stand on Griffin Road.
It's owned by an Indian
named Johnny Glades.
- You heard of him?
- Yeah. The drug dealer?
No, reputed.
He's never been convicted.
The police surveil him all the time
and never turn up shit.
That's the Indian
that hit Janie.
Yeah, he's the muscle.
The other asshole must be
the one who knows how to count.
Lacas supplying Glades.
If that ain't the tail
wagging the dog, huh?
Got him.
Here. Check it out.
It's right.
You take the boat.
The Indiars mine.
I can't believe these guys.
They're two hours late.
- It's the same old horseshit.
- Freeze.
Hey there, big guy.
Get on the ground, on your faces,
arms out at your side.
- Fuck!
- Let's go.
Goddamn it, Bull.
Your friend's boat's sinking.
You don't know who you're
fucking with, asshole.
You don't know who you're
fucking with, asshole.
Payback time.
Get up, linebacker boy.
Yeah, you, dummy!
Go on, get up.
It's your lucky day, man.
Come on. Kick his ass.
That looks like it hurts.
Lay into him, boy!
Kick yourself a field goal!
I'll be damned.
He can kick too.
Not fain', Shale!
No goddamned ninja horseshit.
Took you long enough.
- No thanks to you, asshole.
- Payback's a bitch.
I guess we're even.
- You fucking psycho.
- Oh, yeah?
Who's a fucking psycho?
- I knew you'd come back.
- Wouldrt miss it for the world.
What do you want
to do with this?
Hey! No, no!
Dade County,
South fucking Florida.
Early morning joggers
made a grisly discovery...
the results of what police believe
was a drug deal gone bad.
Detectives have been
combing the scene all morning.
They're looking for clues
and trying to establish...
if the victims were killed here...
or killed at another location
and thein' bodies dumped here.
Toxicology tests will be
performed on the bodies.
- Results won't be known for weeks.
- Hello.
- Claude!
- Yeah?
Half a million bucks!
What's going on, Claude?
- I wish I knew.
- You know, they shot Bull.
- I'm sorry to hear that.
- I want you to hear something.
- Hear what?
- Come on, he was my buddy!
Hear what happens to who's responsible
if I don't get my money back.
What was that all about?
Did you rip off Johnny Glades?
Lie and I'll rip your head off!
Did you tell anybody
about the buy last night?
- Look at me, goddamn it!
- I did what I was supposed to.
Then I split.
You think those Indians
want me knowing thein' business?
Well, somebody found out,
and we could be in deep shit.
Everybody, we've got
some announcements here.
The reclamation committee
has generously donated...
some equipment
to Columbus High School.
They'll be giving it out
on the field in five minutes.
We've got sports equipment...
VCRs, laptop computers and books...
musical instruments, art supplies
and lab equipment.
And pizza for everybody...
no anchovies.
You don't teach history anymore.
You are history.
Don't these people
belong in class?
Brand-new tubas for the band.
Jerome, find your best friend
with your wife or something?
Yeah, that's why I divorced her.
What's up, man?
What's going on?
I saw how you handled them boys
yesterday. I liked that.
As a matter of fact,
you're my dog now.
As a matter of fact,
check it.
- S-Dog.
- Thanks, Jerome.
- I'll take that as a compliment.
- No doubt.
Check you later.
Mr. Shale.
- It's Smith. Be cool.
- Oh, I'm cool.
So this is a personal mission
or a joint operation...
between the CIA and the PTA?
I'm just messing with you.
You're trying to get the K.O.D.,
and I want to help.
- Forget it.
- What do you mean?
You're the great white hope who's
gonna show us how to clean things up?
This is my school.
I'm the one that's still
going to be here after you leave.
If there's a problem,
I want to help.
All right, Mr. S-Dog?
All right.
What do you want me to do?
The next move is Rolle's.
Rolle? What does he
got to do with it?
He's in business with Lacas
and a drug dealer named Johnny Glades.
- No, man, that's bullshit.
- No, it's true.
I don't know how they work it yet,
but it's a matter of time.
The man has done too many things
for the community to be involved...
- What do you want me to say?
- I don't want you to say anything.
- Now I know what this is about.
- What's that?
Politics. When you have a black man
running for office, making changes...
you got a white man
trying to run him down.
He's dealing drugs, Darryl.
That's bullshit.
Johnny, that money you lost?
I know where it went.
Tilt those little puppies
over here, baby.
One for you.
And one for me.
To the very, very generous
Mr. Smith.
Hey, what do you expect
from a Harvard, Princeton...
Cornell, Rutgers, Yale grad?
It's too bad most of my students
think that Yale is a lock.
Okay, let's talk about
this parent-teacher conference.
Come on, Janie,
I don't want to talk shop tonight.
It's tomorrow night.
You've got to be briefed.
I know. I just tell the parents
what the kids are doing.
- It's so easy.
- I want you to be positive.
I want you to think of one
good thing for every student.
You have to educate and encourage
the parents as much as the kids.
- Oh, God! So itchy.
- Not again.
Why does it always have to itch
at a spot where I can't reach it?
Oh, please.
- Here, let me.
- I can't get it.
- Let me try from here.
- It's right here.
Oh, please hurry, Shale.
Higher, higher. Okay.
I can't get higher through your...
I'm going to have to
come in from up top.
You dog.
- What?
- "What?"
You know what.
Come over here.
Attention, parents and teachers.
Attention, parents and teachers.
School will be closing
in five minutes.
Five minutes. Thank you.
Lisa, you're still here.
Yeah, I was helping Miss Adams
with some refreshments.
There are some boys outside
that are bugging me.
Do you mind if I just
wait here for a while?
Sure, have a seat.
I've got some papers to finish.
I'll be done in a minute.
That's all I've got on Arturo.
Miss Hetzko will have to
fill you in on the rest.
- Thanks for coming in, Miss Suarez.
- Thank you.
I'm doing good, so I don't know
what else I'm supposed to do.
If you want, I'll be happy
to talk to her.
That would be good.
Huh. What the hell is this?
Have your mama call me,
and we'll set up a time...
when we can get toge...
These doors shouldn't be locked.
Come on, we'll go out
through the basement.
There's a security office down here.
They'll let us out.
- You need a ride home?
- It's not out of your way?
No, not at all.
At least an hour and a half.
Come on, come on. Down here.
You guys go that way.
You come with me.
Whatever happens, stay put.
- But, Mr. Sherman...
- No, listen.
Tell Smith everything, okay?
Got the guy. Over here!
Here we go.
Come down. You're going to
make me go up there and get you?
- Where are you going, Darryl?
- Fuck you, Rolle!
You're going down, Rolle.
Smith is putting you away.
Smith's dead, Darryl.
Drive-by. Very ugly.
You're a liar!
I know. It upset me too.
Give it up, Darryl.
It's over, get it?
Nice aim.
Fuck you, Rolle!
Shame you have to end up this way,
crawling like a worm.
That's how you lived,
so why not?
At least I didn't sell out
my own people!
Sell out?
I look at you,
and you know what I see?
I see me when I was young
and stupid.
I see me when I was soft.
That just don't cut it.
Young man...
I'm just doing you a favor.
Who died?
You did, sin'.
I guess I am a little late.
Mr. Smith, what's going on?
They said you got wasted
in some drive-by.
- Who said that?
- Rolle.
The principal made an announcement
over the loudspeaker this morning.
- That's what we heard.
- Told us about Sherman too.
- What about Mr. Sherman?
- Somebody found his body.
- Wasted.
- Shot in the head.
- What happened?
- I don't know.
- Let's take this guy out right here.
- Like you did last time?
Either he's an undercover cop
or working for the mob.
- How did he become Hetzko's substitute?
- Maybe you should ask her.
Harvard, Princeton, my ass.
I should have my head examined.
I don't know where he is,
Mr. Smith.
He has nothing on his calendar
until 3:30.
What's at 3:30?
A Mr. Wolfson
at the jai alai fronton.
I have to go someplace.
I need you to take over my class.
You're fucking with me?
No, I'm counting on you, son.
Yo, Mr. Smith asked me
to teach you motherfuckers today.
- Babe, you the teacher?
- Mr. Smith hitting the crack pipe?
The only crack around here
is in your head.
I'll keep it open real good
if you don't pay attention.
I'm Mr. Brown to you now.
I'm the substitute for Mr. Smith.
You dis me,
you're dissing Mr. Smith.
Rodriguez, you're late.
That's one demerit.
I need to see Mr. Smith.
Where is he?
Jerome, it's important.
Shale, what a surprise.
Tell me about Rolle
and Johnny Glades.
Who? I never heard of them.
You ever heard of getting
a cesta shoved up your ass?
Jesus Christ, man.
What are you, nuts?
You can't come into a public place
and threaten people.
- I'll call the police.
- Go ahead.
Just hold it right there.
What the fuck do you think
you're doing?
I will defend myself.
Okay, you got me.
- Can we be reasonable about this?
- Sure.
- Tell me about Glades and Rolle.
- I don't know anything.
Ah! Goddamn!
God, I'm enjoying this.
Listen to me now.
All I know is they wanted me
to hin'e some people...
to bodyguard the incoming shipment,
and that's all I know.
Is that the gig
me and Janus were up for?
I wanted you, Shale. I told him,
"Obviously this guy's the best. "
Flattery's gonna get you killed.
How long has Rolle
been on Glade's payroll, huh?
I don't know. No!
I know he was getting paid off
when he was a cop.
When he became a teacher,
they started funneling the drugs...
through the school,
and that's it.
How'd they do it?
The K.O.D., I guess.
The K.O.D., they said.
But I don't know how they store it
and how they transport it.
I don't know any of that shit.
You're killing me!
You have no reason to kill me.
Once I'm going to be reasonable.
You're going to leave the country
and not come back, or I'll kill you.
Otherwise, I'll be unreasonable.
Am I clear?
If you don't hit me again.
- You're sure?
- Yeah. Three.
- Hello?
- It's Jerome and Lisa.
Mr. Smith,
this is Jane Hetzko.
I've got those papers graded,
if you could pick them up.
Thank you.
- Come here.
- Okay.
Don't be stupid, you hear me?
- Who is it?
- Shale.
- Who's Shale?
- A friend of mine.
Get rid of him.
- I can't talk to you now.
- I brought you something from Smith.
Okay, buzz him in.
I'll be right here.
Take the package.
- Hi.
- Hola.
Shale, the kids!
Mr. Whatever Your Name Is,
you're in my classroom now.
- You're no teacher. Who are you?
- Leave him alone!
Stay down.
- Who is he?
- He's a merc.
A merc?
You hin'ed a fucking merc?
Get me the phone.
I don't know what he's after,
who he's working for.
I don't know what he's after,
who he's working for.
All I know is he wanted to know
if you two had a deal.
- What did you tell him?
- Nothing.
You think I'd be here
if I told him anything?
- Do you know this Shale guy?
- Yeah, he did the Cuba raid.
He's the guy I told you about
at Wolfsors place.
The guy that made you
shit in your pants.
Again with that.
That was the fiber.
- I need my money now.
- What's the hurry?
I have a plane to catch
in 40 minutes. My father...
He's extremely ill,
and I have to go see him.
Get him his money.
Sounds like this Smith
and Shale are working together.
Right. A merc working
with a high school teacher?
He's not a teacher.
That's a cover.
He's either a narc or a dealer
trying to muscle in.
Yeah, hello. Talk.
You're shitting me.
You've got to be shitting me.
I don't care who he is.
When we hang up, kill him.
Are we enjoying this?
Jane, what's all the racket?
- It's my landlady.
- Will you open up?
Get rid of her
or she dies too.
- What's all the banging in there?
- I'm sorry, Mrs. Andrewson.
- I had the TV on too loud.
- What's wrong with your face?
I'm fine.
I'll turn the TV down.
Take him out!
Goddamn it, take him out!
Give it up!
Drop it or she dies.
Slow. Now back up.
Keep your hands
where I can see them.
Lights out, motherfucker.
It's not your fault.
What were you two
doing here anyway?
- Looking for you.
- Why?
Rolle was bringing in dope on buses
and storing it in the boiler room.
Mr. Sherman led them away from me
so they wouldn't find me.
That's when they killed him.
Stay here. It'll be safe.
Where are you going?
I have to go to the high school.
I've got to get the drugs.
You think Rolle and Johnny Glades
are going to let you...
just walk in and take thein' drugs?
If we get there fin'st.
There's a key to the house.
If anything happens to me...
I want you to have this place.
I don't want you to go.
I'll be back, Jane.
You better.
I will.
He thinks he's funny, don't he?
Joey, get that.
Louie Beaver says he's seen
Shale and some other guys...
going into the school.
Tell them to sit tight
and keep a lookout.
Oh, shit.
Car approaching north perimeter.
Be right there.
Looks like we got our company.
Don't worry. I'll throw them
a real nice surprise party.
That's far enough right there,
Just take it easy.
I just want to make a deal.
Your deal sucks, Mr. Principal.
Then tell us your terms.
Quite simple: I want it all.
Keep him talking.
- I can't do that, Shale.
- It's done, Claude.
You start anything now, you'll
bring the cops down on all of us.
Don't worry about the cops.
They're taken care of.
Anyway, you need us, Shale.
For what?
You won't be able to work
without our distribution system.
What's so good about it?
It's foolproof...
we bus it in, store it...
use the K.O.D. To mainline it
din'ectly into the school system.
You can't do better than that.
They said busing would never work.
Sniper in the palm tree.
There's more company moving in.
There are two groups.
Janus and his men
are going around the back.
Hollan, watch your back
down there.
And also around the side.
Oh, shit!
Move it!
Let's go!
The lock is broken.
Check the stuff.
You're on candid camera.
All right, Shale, you got me.
What are you gonna do?
I'm gonna put you
on my demo reel.
Now, walk over to the blackboard
and face it.
"I'm sorey"?
It's a special mantra for flunkies.
Put the weapon down.
- Shit.
- Shale.
I got four dead cowboys here...
and one very fucked-up-looking
Indian, Johnny Glades.
Can I put him out of his misery,
pretty please?
No, wait 'til I get there,
You hear that, Johnny?
As soon as Shale gets here,
I'm gonna scalp you, motherfucker.
You know what you look like
with that shit all over your face?
You look like a little snow angel
at the top of a Christ...
Shale, watch out. It's a trap.
Watch that door.
Where the fuck is he?
Drop them.
Where's my guy?
Get up!
Who are you working for, Shale?
Who are you working for?
- Myself.
- Yeah, right. A great teacher.
You're a mercenary, in it for
the money like everybody else.
- It was never about the money.
- It's always about the money.
If it's not about the money,
what else is there?
I'd try to explain it to you,
but some things just can't be taught.
Oh, God.
I thought I lost you.
Not this time, Joey.
Rem and Wellman?
Hollan too.
You're just gonna stand there...
bleeding and shit,
making a mess?
Let's get out of here.
Cops have got great response time.
What'd it take them, three hours?
Rolle said they were on his payroll.
What do you expect?
It's definitely time to relocate.
It's too bad we had to
fuck up the school.
I feel bad for the kids tomorrow.
They'll be okay.
At least it's thein' school again.
Yeah. Where the hell
are we gonna go, man?
Ah, how does L.A. Sound?
Like more palm trees.
I hear the schools out there
have a major drug problem.
No. No more schools, man.
Forget it.
- You could teach P.E.
- P.E.?
What, I look retarded?
- Okay, math.
- Fuck that.