Subtraction (2022) Movie Script

Majid Motalebi Presents
I'll kill you!
Stop it!
Don't hit him! No!
Let him go!
...what's his name,
who was smoking by the door?
He's a nice driving instructor
and won't embarrass me.
Then this guy can come and see
how well you've taught me to drive,
and let me practice with his car.
Who said you know how to drive?
My dad won't buy me a car
even if I get my license...
I'll say he's my brother.
Will they check ID?
Take off your sunglasses.
You can't see in the rain.
But the sun's out, too.
Take them off!
They say the North Pole's melting
and that's why it won't stop raining.
- That doesn't make any sense.
- It was on Instagram.
It's stupid, right?...
...that this rain doesn't
come from own sky?
Pull left, let him pass!
You're not paying attention.
Check the mirrors!
That's why that guy should teach me.
What if something happened to you?
Pay attention and nothing will happen.
You can't use your phone!
We haven't moved in the past hour!
I'll tell him I can't talk now.
Watch your distance!
Hi, how are you?
I won't be there for a while.
What time is it now?
Seven? I won't get there before nine.
There's a traffic jam.
Flood warning's for further west.
We're at...
where are we?
- I'll get there around nine.
- Stop the car!
I'll be right back.
What happened?
Excuse me.
I'm sorry.
Hi. How are you?
A Film by Mani Haghighi
Perhaps the road to salvation
is right behind this closed door.
Perhaps God wishes to see you
standing behind this door.
- Hi.
- Hello, son.
God is always waiting for you.
And he never gets tired of waiting.
Call Him!
You don't have to go far.
You're almost there!
Are you so full of dread that --
So what do we do?
I've done nothing wrong.
- She was crying in front of everyone.
- Crying means she's telling the truth?
She has the address.
She followed you on the bus.
I wasn't on any bus yesterday!
She says she saw you
at some woman's place.
Then she should have asked
what the hell I was doing!
You know her. She'd never
start a scene with another woman.
What woman?
I was in Bandar Abbas till 7 p.m.
Picking up your stuff,
and I delivered it, didn't I?
So she's lying?
I don't know!
She's mixed up.
She's off her meds
because of the baby.
Jalal, don't be mean to her.
I've got to go.
Saturn Driving School
Let's not go.
Let's not go.
You said you were in pain yesterday.
You had cramps.
Don't hit the brakes!
Just let me drive!
Get my bag.
I want to show you something.
Open it.
Take out that piece of paper.
No, the green one.
What is it?
It's a bank receipt.
What's the date on it?
- Yesterday.
- Right. What time?
- How should I know?
- It's right there.
And look at the branch.
Bandar Abbas.
Are you trying to tell me
you weren't in town yesterday?
I was in Bandar Abbas from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.
That's the receipt.
The shipment's
in dad's storage right now.
Want to go check there
instead of going to the doctor?
I saw you, Jalal.
It was you.
Can I start my pills again?
Maybe a lower dose?
What for?
Is it really so risky?
Don't listen to her.
Are you feeling anxious again?
It's not anxiety.
Let it go.
We went over the risks.
That medication
can affect the fetus.
It's not anxiety.
It's hallucinations.
- What?
- Hallucinations.
I'm seeing things,
mixing people up.
Jalal was out of town, but I saw him
on the street, in the rain.
I told you, side effects can happen...
...going off a high dose abruptly.
It'll even out.
But I swear... I saw him.
I'm not lying...
I'm sorry.
What's wrong?
I felt sick.
Did you get it?
They didn't have it.
They gave me a generic.
But don't take them.
I can't cope for another six months.
It'll kill me.
What kind of mother
can I be like this?
That wasn't you on the bus?
Please tell me.
I swear it wasn't me.
What if I go crazy?
I'm here.
I won't let that happen.
Stop talking like that.
It's on the third floor.
Do you see it?
Are you just saying that?
Of course not! Let's go.
I'll stay here.
I dont want to make a scene.
What am I going to tell her?
She can see me from up there.
Let's go together.
You can tell her whatever you want.
You go. Call me if you have to.
But please,
tell me everything she says.
Don't hide anything, okay?
When have I ever kept things from you?
Just promise.
Come on...
On the baby's life.
All right.
I swear on the baby's life.
Let's go.
Let's get out of here.
What happened?
Well talk about it later.
What did she say?
Some man opened the door.
- Maybe it was her husband.
- Whose husband?
Of the woman Jalal was with!
Lets just go.
- Aren't you coming in?
- I have to go back to work.
I could've dropped you off.
Ask Jalal to come out for a second.
Where've you been?
I've been waiting an hour!
- Your dad is at the door.
- Why doesn't he come in?
Why don't you come in?
Come out here a minute.
I'm going to drop Dad off.
Car keys?
I've got a lesson.
I really do!
I'll be back soon.
Mrs. Basiri, did you call
to have the roof checked?
Every roof in town is leaking.
It might take a while.
We're drowning up there!
We are, too.
Jalal will take a look.
I can't say when the roofers will come.
This isn't normal rain.
It's like being in a washing machine!
Hello, Mohsen!
I'm glad I caught you.
The repairman came while you were out.
I didn't know what to tell him.
Bita, I didn't see you!
This tenant keeps calling.
I don't know anything
about this stuff.
Can you come take a look?
The washer needs to be replaced.
But I don't have one.
- I'll go buy one right now.
- But I have to go.
Please, everyone's freezing!
Can I have the old washer?
I'll be back soon.
Have you seen my husband?
No, but I dont think you know yet.
Know what?
Oh my God!
Keep flipping through.
Do you have a picture
of your husband?
My hands are greasy.
But she's younger than me.
It's from a few years ago,
after our wedding.
- When was she born?
- 1982.
You too?
- June?
- June 6th.
Farzaneh is two weeks younger.
Farzaneh, my wife.
She was born June 18th.
So we...
I don't know.
Maybe, somehow...
you are sisters, twins?
What about your husband and me?
Even if we were brothers...
It doesnt make any sense.
It just doesn't!
So what now?
I don't know about you,
but as soon as that washer is in,
I'm getting the hell out of here!
- Does your wife know?
- Not yet.
I'll have to be gentle telling her.
How can you say this gently?
Can you send me this?
Is that okay?
I want to show my husband.
Careful, he just might faint.
What's your number?
Bita Jabbari.
- What is it?
- Nothing.
Nothing. You reminded me of my wife,
when you laughed.
Well, obviously.
Yes, but...
she doesn't laugh like that anymore.
I'm at home.
Why? What time is it?
Oh, dear!
I'll leave right away.
I can see your shadow
behind the door!
Open up!
I know you're in there.
I just saw Jalal leave.
He's married and I'm his wife.
What are you doing here?
She panicked so she called you?
- Let's go. I'll tell you everything.
- Tell me what?
- I can't do it here.
- Why not?
Is everything okay, Mohsen?
Everything's fine.
We're about to leave.
Who's Mohsen?
Mohsen, bring her in.
Let's not disturb the neighbors.
Who is Mohsen?
Let's go in.
How can this be, Jalal?
Her husband, too?
Yes. She showed me his picture.
He's the one you saw on the bus.
What does it mean?
Who are these people?
Let's go.
Don't be afraid.
have a sip of water.
Your hands are so cold.
I'll get you a blanket.
We should leave.
Jalal, let's go.
What's the rush?
Wait till you feel better.
Do you have a child?
Yes, in first grade.
I was about to go pick him up.
I'm late.
We should go.
Can you get up?
Did Dad pick you up?
- I'm talking to you. Pause it!
- I came on my own.
Who called your father?
The doorman. He saw me leave.
- Why didn't you wait for me?
- It's just five minutes.
The kids make fun of me
when you pick me up.
When I'm supposed to pick you up,
you should wait for me.
Why are you interrogating him?
I'm not. I want to know
why they called you.
I was supposed to get him.
The doorman can't wait all day.
Don't you want to ask why I was late?
They'll be here in two hours.
Where were you?
Bardia, go to your room.
I'm just playing my game.
Don't you have homework?
Answer me!
Where have you been?
Don't take that tone in front of him.
Where do you think I've been?
- Where were you?
- What happened with Ghiasi?
I got distracted for 15 minutes.
What's the big deal?
- What happened with Ghiasi?
- None of your business.
If you get transferred,
I'll have to move, too!
Since when do I answer to you?
Take these off.
Do you need help with your math?
I can't do it after the guests arrive.
You look different.
Different how?
You did something to your face.
I didn't. Any other homework?
You look hot!
You don't talk like that
to your mother!
Do you have any other homework?
No, Mom.
Son, you can't hang around
when the guests arrive.
But there's a football match tonight!
I know.
They're coming over to watch it.
I want to watch with you!
You can't.
We need to discuss work.
Explain it to him.
Won't you say anything?
- You can watch it on my phone.
- Ok.
You swore.
What was I supposed to say?
You should've told me.
What if you got upset
and something happened to you,
or to the baby?
I didn't lie.
I thought Jalal should tell you.
So much for that!
You didn't give him a chance.
He was on his way home
to talk to you, but...
Who is that guy?
How would I know?
You're the only one who might know.
I only have one child.
What am I supposed to do now?
- Here you are.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
- Thanks.
How is your wife?
Give her my best.
- Mohsen?
- What is it?
Will you be around after the game?
I don't know.
What's going on?
I need to tell you something.
Did you tell him?
I'm about to.
I can't just blurt it out.
Tell him it's me,
that I won't leave Tehran.
To forget the transfer.
Any punishment but a transfer!
Let me see what I can do.
Tell them I'm unstable.
The situation has changed.
- His wife filed a complaint.
- About what?
His back...
I guess it broke.
That's what Morteza says.
You said you just slapped him.
I don't know. I beat him up.
What does she want?
- Hi.
- Hi.
Is the TV too loud?
Sorry, we came out for a smoke
and left the door open.
It's no problem.
I brought the washer,
but you were gone.
The what?
I'll take it.
- Are you okay?
- Yes.
I'm going to watch the game.
- Hi.
- Hi.
What's happened?
Can you move the car out a bit?
Sorry for coming out of the blue.
How's your wife?
Is she better?
She isn't talking much.
Well, it's a shock.
I wondered if I'd just dreamt it.
That's why I came, to see you again.
She's asleep.
So it's not a dream?
I guess not.
Oh, no!
I wanted to tell Mohsen.
My husband.
But I don't think he'd believe me.
No one would believe it,
just hearing it.
You have to see it.
- Aren't you going to tell him?
- Yes, but...
You're right, he needs to see me.
At a better time.
I must go. She might wake up
and I don't want her to be alone.
I'm sorry.
I'm glad you came.
I thought about coming there, too.
- Really?
- Yeah, but...
I know.
Wait, Miss Najhand
asked me to give you this.
The neighbor.
- Remember?
- Right!
The washer.
I do!
I went to buy some milk,
and it turned into an expedition.
Give him an option.
I'm sure he'll take it.
- I won't apologize.
- He won't apologize.
Other than apologizing.
He beat up
a 60-year-old man
and he won't apologize?
- I should've killed him!
- See?
You expect me to stand up for him?
What if he tells his sons:
"I should've killed your dad"?
The things he said...
You would've beat
the crap out of him, too!
People never talked
behind your back?
- Lots.
- What about you?
- Did you ever beat them up?
- Never.
- First time being accused of graft?
- Yes, it is!
You just never heard about it.
If I even get myself a new suit
everyone will talk about it.
But you drive up to the office
in a brand new SUV...
It's a lease!
Mohsen admits he made a mistake.
Do you admit you made a mistake?
You see!
You don't think you made a mistake?
You beat the old man to a pulp.
Yesterday at the hospital his wife
pealed an apple for him.
He didn't recognize her!
He didn't eat the apple!
If I apologize,
it means I stole that money!
- What the hell?
- Apologizing means he's right.
What fucked-up logic is that?
He pulled out an old account
and accused me of tampering!
Managers are allowed
to question employees.
Shut up!
Want to beat him up too?
Instead of taking the high road
for your family...
Is this your idea of being a man?
Better than bending over and taking it!
if the family complains
to the head office,
you'll definitely
be transferred to Kerman.
Maybe we want to go back.
It's none of your business.
If you want to go back,
why drag us into it?
- What if your wife talked to them?
- Shut the hell up!
Someone has to apologize.
Why not your wife?
That's not a bad idea.
Bita can handle it.
She's a woman,
they'll treat her better.
Think of your family.
They can't move.
They've just settled in.
- No one is apologizing.
- Fine, she won't.
She'll just go
and talk to them for a few minutes.
They know
they've taken things too far.
Go ahead, call her.
- Call Bita.
- Do it.
I'm right here, at home.
It's Bardia.
Why are you talking like that?
You want me to go?
Which hospital?
It wasnt me who beat him up!
Mom, who is it?
I'm sorry.
Who is it?
Okay, I'll go right away.
Mohsen, I'll call you back.
Farzaneh, if my son sees you
he'll pass out!
I'm sorry.
I shouldn't have come.
Who is it?
Has something happened?
"Has something happened?"
- Mohsen?
- Mom, who is it?
I said I'd call you back!
Nothing, I just have something to do!
We can't just ignore this.
I was going crazy all alone at home.
My son is right in there!
Bita, are you there?
I'll be right with you.
I should never have agreed
to be building manager.
Someone's wife has arthritis
and the water is too cold...
The rain hasn't stopped for a week.
I told him to pay last year's rent
and maybe the rain will stop...
Maryam, I'll be right there.
Just give me a second.
- Who cares if she sees me?
- Mom!
No way.
- Stop that!
- Who's there? Open the door.
Go play your game!
I'll be right in.
I'm afraid to be home on my own.
Jalal's not there.
- Do you have a car?
- Yes.
Are you feeling better?
Why are you crying?
Why aren't you crying?
My heart races
when I'm alone at home.
I have to go.
Visiting hours will be over soon.
Should I wait for you?
I don't know how long it'll take.
I'll take a cab home.
He'll come tomorrow for sure.
He couldn't make it today, so I came.
We'll come back and he will...
kiss your husband's hand and maybe...
I'm so ashamed.
I don't know what to say.
I apologize.
Will you come with me?
- Where?
- I have an idea.
- What?
- It'll only take a minute.
You don't even need a test.
It's obvious you're sisters.
Isn't it obvious?
Why do you carry a phone
if you never answer it?
- Come over here, please.
- In a minute.
I said come here, please!
Bardia, turn that down.
What did they say?
What did you do to him?
I don't care about the transfer.
You have to go see him.
You have to apologize.
He told lies about me.
I did what I had to do.
You can stay here.
I'll go to Kerman until it settles down.
You haven't seen him.
- Things won't settle down.
- Whatever!
I'm not going to see him,
and thats it!
What is it?
Oh, no...
I keep telling him
to at least think about his son...
Don't cry.
How can I tell people
my husband beat up a man
old enough to be his father...
Will an apology solve it?
That's what they say.
Thats not enough.
You have to settle it
with a signed letter.
He won't apologize.
I'll do it.
- You can't.
- Why not?
- They work together.
- So what?
They'll know.
My own wife couldn't tell us apart!
How will they know?
What'll you say?
What do you want me to say?
- Why did you park on this side?
- Where should I park?
The other side.
There weren't any spots.
Get in and put on your seatbelt.
I told everyone about our car.
Now they'll think I was lying.
That's alright.
Their dads take them to the stadium.
I need to show off our car in return!
Tell them your dad
lets you sit on his lap and drive.
When did that ever happen?
It's too soon.
But you can brag about it.
You want me to lie?
It won't be a lie
because you'll do it someday.
I want to go to the stadium.
That's no place for kids.
Why do other kids get to go?
People get into fights.
Kids get trampled.
None of my friends
have been trampled.
Accidents happen.
- You always have an answer!
- Watch your mouth!
Where are we going?
I have to do something.
You'll wait in the car.
I have to pee.
We'll find a bathroom.
- Is this your husband's?
- No, I bought another one.
- He combs his hair to the side.
- Okay. I'll be right back.
Mom, this is the men's room!
Go wait in the car.
Your dad and I will be right back.
- I want to come with you.
- Children aren't allowed there.
Says who?
- Mohsen, are kids allowed there?
- No, they're not.
Wherever I want to go
he says I'm not allowed!
We'll talk about it later.
This is the men's room, ma'am.
I'm sorry.
- Bardia, let's go.
- I'm not coming.
- You really want to come with us?
- No.
- What then?
- I want to go to the stadium.
Will you wait in the car
if I promise to take you?
- You really promise?
- Yes.
You swear?
I swear.
So you'll wait for us in the car?
Let's go then.
Mohsen is there.
- Don't come out!
- Okay.
Wait right here till I come back.
Don't go on the street!
Yes, Dad has the car keys.
I'll go get them.
Was Dad telling the truth?
- About the match?
- Yes.
Dad wouldn't lie.
But he's in a bad mood today,
so don't mention it again.
- Okay.
- Don't say a thing.
- Is he here?
- Yes. Let's go.
- Is he here to apologize himself?
- I don't know.
- What are we going to do?
- Leave!
- What about the signature?
- We can't do that now.
Excuse me.
Keep him from coming upstairs
and I'll go get it done.
- I can't handle Mohsen.
- What's he going to do?
I'll get them to sign the letter.
After that, whatever happens, happens!
Don't be afraid. Let's do this!
What're you doing here?
The idiot doesn't get it!
I have to see him myself.
I'll go.
He needs another beating.
Listen. Bardia is standing
by the car in the rain.
Go to him and I'll be right back.
- Bardia was in the bathroom.
- I saw him in the hall.
Wait in the car
and I'll be right back.
- Didn't you ask me to take care of it?
- That was yesterday!
Today, the fuckers texted me to say
they'd kill me if I set foot here!
Excuse me,
where is Mr. Ghiasi's room?
Left at the end of the hall.
Room 214.
- I'll be right back.
- Just forget it.
They said they'd kill you, not me.
I'm sorry,
I have one last thing to say.
I'd be grateful
for another minute of your time.
Give me the letter.
Give me the pen.
Sign it.
Dad, can I sign in your place?
Put it away, you don't want it torn.
Oh my God! Jalal!
What happened?
He signed.
I told you to stay in the car!
Which one's his room?
He signed!
Come on, let's go!
Why is there blood on it?
How should I know?
Put on your seatbelt, honey.
I don't need a seatbelt in the back.
Yes, you do.
Put it on.
Let's go.
You just walked in and they signed?
I've been here all day.
Dad, the next game is on the 8th.
I told you a hundred times to drop it!
- I forgot.
- It's ok...
I've had it with this kid!
It's okay.
He won't mention it again.
give me the car keys.
- What for?
- I have to do something.
- Can we please not argue?
- Tell me where you're going.
Give me the keys.
- Bita!
- What?
- What's going on?
- We'll talk when I get back.
I want to talk now.
I'll only be gone half an hour.
Where are you going?
I'm going to hell!
- Okay?
- Calm down.
- Oh my God!
- It's nothing.
- Those animals!
- It's fine.
- Did you bandage it yourself?
- I'm not an expert.
- It's still bleeding.
- It's okay.
Let me see.
You might need stitches.
I don't want to get blood on the seats.
You need to do it right.
You need some ice...
Look at me!
Look at me!
I'll call you later...
Hold on.
I'm fine.
Tell them I went,
kissed their hands and feet,
and said I was sorry.
They beat the shit out of me,
and then they signed.
Yeah, they signed.
I've got it.
My wife is tending to me.
She used to be a nurse.
She says hello.
What's wrong, Dad?
Did you have a bad dream?
Yes, I did.
It's okay.
It was just a dream.
Excuse me.
I'm here for my test results.
Can you tell me what it says here?
Your doctor has to do it.
- My doctor didn't order it.
- Still.
- Whose is this?
- It's mine.
This one's yours,
but what about this one?
It belongs to the person
who looks like me.
You took a test
just because she looks like you?
You wouldn't laugh if you'd seen her.
Didn't you see
your husband's double last week?
This is his wife.
A husband and wife
that look just like you two?
They don't just look like us.
It's like we're clones.
- Is the result positive?
- What result?
Are we sisters or not?
You don't have the same birth date
or the same blood type.
The rest doesn't matter.
- What does that mean?
- It means you're not twins.
And if you're not twins,
you can't be "clones."
I've had patients like you before,
some worse.
After you give birth
and start your pills again,
the hallucinations will stop.
- You stopped abruptly.
- Others see them too.
- Like who?
- Everyone!
Jalal, his dad,
the hospital nurses, everyone!
I'll bring her, you'll see for yourself.
Once you're back on your pills,
this will vanish into thin air.
You'll go to their door
and someone else will open it.
A regular person.
This is all a dream.
What should I do until then?
- Be patient.
- I can't.
If you go back on your meds,
you might harm the baby.
You might kill it.
What a miserable baby
to have me for a mother.
The North Pole has melted
and you're worried
about your furniture?
Sorry, I've made a mistake.
Who're you looking for?
I must have the wrong unit.
Wait a second.
Youre going to have
to get used to the wet.
This is how its going to be now...
Oh no!
What's wrong?
You're still here!
We're leaving soon.
Did Bita tell you?
No. My doctor did.
Listen, I'm packing
and we're getting out of here.
It'll all be over.
We won't see you and you won't see us.
Like it never happened.
Never happened?
Is that even possible?
Yes, it is!
Take care of your own life.
- I do take care of it.
- No, you don't!
Do you even know why your husband
got beat up yesterday?
Go deal with your life.
- Hi.
- Hello.
I'm sorry, is Jalal...
I'm here.
- Hi.
- Hi.
- Were you sleeping?
- No. Come up.
Why don't you wait to find a place
before you leave?
Mohsen's gone to Kerman.
He'll rent a place tomorrow
and we'll be off.
- He already left?
- Took half the furniture.
- Are you going away too?
- I'll be back soon.
I have to go to Bandar Abbas
to make a pickup at customs.
I'll see you before you leave.
Maybe you'll come back
after things...
get back to normal.
You don't know Mohsen.
Don't let his macho act fool you.
He'll never come back with you here.
What about your son?
All he cares about
is going to the stadium!
The match is next week.
It's only eight more days.
That's what he said.
He wants us to leave after that.
He's right!
Come up with an excuse.
I promised.
We shook on it.
He doesn't know it was me.
He'll think his dad
is breaking his word.
No, enough craziness.
Why is it enough?
It won't work.
You're bleeding!
You should've had stitches!
You'll get blood on your hand!
- Who cares!
- It's okay.
It'll stop.
Give me that, my darling.
What have I done?
You didn't do anything wrong.
It was all good.
Ask a question that has an answer.
Yours doesn't.
Just go on with your life,
like everyone else.
Is everyone else's life like this?
They walk down the street
and run into their clones?
There are no clouds in the sky
but there's a thunderstorm!
What does it mean?
- What does that mean?
- This!
All of it!
I don't understand.
Whatever it is,
it's bigger than us.
That's why you have to drop it.
Let it go.
It's me.
I had a miscarriage.
Tonight, in the car.
I was going to call Jalal,
but I just can't.
Tell him...
I love him so much...
please call an ambulance for...
Shokouhi Boulevard.
I can't take it anymore.
This has to end...
It'll all be over
by the time they get here.
Take care of Jalal.
You two are perfect.
I was the mistake.
It'll be okay.
You'll be okay.
Jalal!... Mohsen!
Come back down after you put him to bed.
- Is something wrong?
- I want to talk to you.
Are you going back out?
Were you pretending to be asleep?
You just wanted me to carry you?
- Where's Dad?
- Downstairs. He wants to see me.
- Why?
- I don't know.
I'll go down a minute
and see what he wants, okay?
Don't fight with him.
Why would we, sweetheart?
Everything's fine.
Go back to sleep.
You rascal!
Is he asleep?
Knocked out.
Where are we going?
Let's go for a ride.
- But Bardia's alone.
- We'll be right back.
So he didn't figure it out?
That I was pretending to be his dad.
Did something happen?
Did he say anything?
Why did you want me to come down?
Just to talk.
Farzaneh is in the hospital.
Don't you have to go there?
- You missed the U-turn!
- We'll take the next one.
The next one is far!
We'll have to go all the way!
That's okay.
Maybe for you,
but my son's alone at home.
- He's asleep.
- So what?
Stop the car.
We'll be right back.
- Where are we going?
- I told you.
Farzaneh isn't home.
- Pull over!
- What for?
What are you thinking?
Just say no.
It's not a big deal.
Not a big deal?
What did I ever do to make you think...
What the hell are you doing?
Where is Jalal?
What did you do to him?
I hit him.
Right there...
Behind the stadium.
Is he still there?
Let's go!
- What about Bardia?
- Just drive!
Jalal! Jalal!
Look at me!
Mohsen! Bring the car!
Look at me!
Open your eyes!
I'm so sorry...
I went to sign your discharge papers,
but the doctor says your kidney
and liver tests don't look so good.
You need to stay here in the hospital
a few more days.
I wanted to...
apologize for breaking it to you
so abruptly last night.
If you'd called me just a bit sooner,
I'd have found them.
I did go to the stadium,
but I didn't find them.
I guess it's fate...
...that they're gone,
and we're still here.
Are you okay?
Your name is listed as the patient,
and Bita as the one
who brought you in.
I said they'd made a mistake.
That it's the other way around.
Nobody but us knows
my wife was in that car.
Everyone thinks it was you,
because it was the driving-school car.
When your father-in-law
went to identify the bodies,
naturally he didn't know.
So he's given them your name.
He didn't know
you were in the hospital, did he?
They're about to issue
the death certificates,
and I don't know which name to give.
Bardia was very close to his mother.
And I know you love children.
I don't know if you remember
last night very well.
At first you were asleep.
Then you opened your eyes for a moment,
saw me, and smiled.
You probably thought I was Jalal.
Do you remember?
When I saw that look in your eyes,
I thought...
"Maybe it'll work..."
It's a terrible time
to ask such a thing, but...
they can't keep the bodies
in the morgue much longer.
I miss them very much,
my son and daughter-in-law.
I didnt mean to come,
but I couldn't help myself.
- I'm sorry.
- That's okay.
I thought I'd come to see you.
You and your husband.
I'm so sorry,
I couldn't come to the service...
Who is it, Bita?
- Hello.
- Hello.
I'm Jalal's father.
Go inside.
Go on, darling.
What's wrong?
Who's that man?
I don't know, sweetheart.
He's crying.
Do you hear?
We don't want to think about it.
It was a dream and it's over.
It's over.
I'm sorry for your loss,
but you're upsetting my wife.
It wasn't easy for us either.
I made a mistake.
I'm sorry.
I won't come back.
Who was it, Dad?
No one.
It was no one.
Bye, sweetheart.
Are you Mohsen's son?
Do you know me?
Are you that man's dad?
What's wrong?
That woman...
That woman isn't my mom.
Don't be afraid. I'm right here.
I'm not afraid.
Directed by:
Mani Haghighi
Written by:
Amir Reza Koohestani & Mani Haghighi
Produced by:
Majid Motalebi
With the Participation of:
Hirad Design Inc.
Co-Produced by:
Jean-Christophe Simon
Taraneh Alidoosti
Navid Mohammadzadeh
Esmail PoorReza
Farham Azizi
Soheila Razavi
Gilda Vishki
Ali Bagheri, Saeed Changizian,
Vahid Aghapoor
Line Producer:
Mehdi Badrloo
Director of Cinematography:
Morteza Najafi
Set Design:
Mohsen Nasrollahi
Costume Design:
Neda Nasr
Meysam Molaei
Original Score:
Ramin Kousha
Sound Design:
Amir Hossein Ghasemi
Sound Recordist:
Rashid Daneshmand
Iman Omidvari
1st Assistant Director:
Alireza Shams Sharifi
Special Effects:
Arash Aghabeig
Visual Effects:
Mohammad Baradaran