Suburbia (1983) Movie Script

Thanks a lot.
Sure, where are you going?
To the end of the highway.
You are not running away
from home, are you?
Did you hear me?
Hi, Mom, any more
groceries out in the car?
No, couldn't afford any more groceries.
How come you're so late?
Stopped by for a couple of drinks
with someone from work.
Any objections?
No, I was just wondering.
Don't scream like that.
I marked this label, you know?
- You did what?
- I said I marked it.
And now there's a hell of a lot
less than where I marked.
- Well, I didn't drink it.
- You lying to me?
I swear to God, it must have been you.
- Breathe on me.
- Come on, Mom.
Come on, breathe on me!
God damn you!
I told you to throw out
this trash this morning.
Cool it, Mom!
I forgot, I'm sorry.
Cool it? Don't tell me
to cool it, God damn it!
I'm the one that works all day so you can
sit on your ass and read comic books!
You make me sick
when you look like that.
I can see your father in you.
- Makes me sick.
- Well, that's not my fault.
I didn't choose him
to be my father, you did.
Yeah, and that was
the biggest mistake I ever made.
'Cause we didn't have enough to take it.
Where are you going?
I'm going away for a while.
Mom's having a hard time right now.
But I don't want you
to go anywhere.
It's okay Ethan,
and it's for the best.
She'll be better when she has
one kid to take care of.
You understand.
But where are you gonna go?
I don't know.
I'll find somewhere.
Just don't worry about it.
I'll call you up some time, okay?
- Oh, what's this guy?
- Get a job.
Come on!
Have some fucking fun.
Move up!
No, I don't have any money.
Come on, you've got some money, man!
I spent it all on this.
You asshole!
Assassinate the president
and take some drugs.
Kill each other.
The executioner's curtain call
Fighting back he found
his life drowning
And there was no way up
Cause Richard hung himself,
Richard hung himself
It happened just the other day
Jesus caught and pushed
him off the shelf
They thought he'd
find a better way with
Shooting, and pounding, and
ripping, and tearing to death
Now, remember, watch the floor.
If you see any falls down there
flash the spot on her
so the bouncers know
where the trouble is.
A quick kick of the chair
and it's all through
If Richie only knew
Cause Richard hung himself,
Richard hung himself
It happened just the other day
Hey, get out of there!
He thought he'd find a better way
With shooting, and kicking,
and pulling it till dead
His life suddenly flashed
right before his eyes
What a swinging guy
Turning gray with mold
This is how he died
Give it up, give it
up, throw it all away
Boiling acid bath
Pulmonary wrath
Feel the pulling yank
It won't let you go, no
Throw it all away
Throw it all away
Throw it all away
Hey, wanna buy some drugs?
They're black triangles, man.
They're fucking excellent,
I'm telling you.
OK, if you change your mind, I'm Keef.
Cause Richie hung
himself the other day
Oh how the years seemed to fly by
Is death the final high
Cause Richard hung himself,
Richard hung himself
I think I'd like
to fuck your brains out.
I said I think I'd like
to fuck your brains out.
Oh you would, huh?
Yeah, but it doesn't look
like you have any.
Looking at his plate
And ripping, and tearing,
and peeling, and screaming
And yelling, and tearing
And taking the body God gave to you
Richard hung himself
Cause Richard hung himself
Cause Richard hung himself
It pushed him off the shelf
Cause Richard hung himself
Cause Richard hung himself
Cause Richard hung himself
Cause Richard hung himself to death
Alright, cut it out!
Hey, leave her alone!
Come on you homos!
Perfect example of punk rock
You wanna get this club closed down
or something before?
You, guys, have minds this big.
All right, that's enough, knock it off!
For Christ's sake, dude,
turn that spot off, stupid!
And now give her goddamn
clothes back!
If you guys wanna hear
more music,
you give her clothes
back right now, suckers!
Hey, they ain't playing no more
until you give her her clothes back!
All right, that's it, fine.
Show's over!
You guys are blowing
your own scene here!
Fuck you!
Yeah, it's fucking typical.
All right, give them the Muzak.
This place sucks!
Come on, kid, on your feet.
Party's over.
You're a fucking bitch.
You're such a fucking bitch!
You're so stupid, I swear!
Get out!
- And don't kick my car, bitch!
- You call that a car?
What a total asshole!
Hey, kid, pretty fucked up, huh?
Get up.
You need a lift home?
I can't go home.
Can't sleep on the grass.
The snails will crawl on your face.
Come on.
- What's your name?
- Jack.
Yeah, Jack Diddley.
Looks like it's starting to rain.
No, that's just the acid rain
that comes down every night
about this time.
Oh, yeah?
Did you hear of a guy
named Joe Schmo?
Nope, never.
Well, his old man's a homo and he
can't stand living with him anymore,
so we're gonna go to pick him up
and take him out to T.R. house, okay?
What's T.R. house?
It's one of those houses
out by the 605.
County bought them up
years ago and just left 'em
sitting there all boarded up
and rotting.
A bunch of us live in one of 'em.
It's pretty thrashed, but it's free.
You up for it?
It's not like I have
anywhere else to go.
Keep going, fuckers.
My old man's a cop.
Well, my step dad.
My real father ate it in Vietnam,
my mom got married again.
God, your step dads a cop?
Yeah, that's not
the worst of it though.
- He's black.
- Black cop?
God, what a drag!
Yeah, he came out to T.R.
one time to check it out.
Told everyone he was my father.
They laughed him right outta the door.
Parents are so lame.
What's that?
My mom's diary.
Listen to this.
May 10th, 1968.
Dear diary, Mark and I are
gonna be very happy here.
The air is clean, skies are blue, and all
the houses are brand new and beautiful.
They call it suburbia
and that word's perfect
because it's a combination
of the words suburb and utopia.
They didn't realize they'd be
the slums of the future.
I'm sure with Mark's job at Lockheed
I'll never have to work again.
Heh, you wish.
And by the way, diary,
we want to have a child soon.
Suburbia is a great place
for children.
And if it's a boy we're gonna
name him Evan Mark Johnson.
You know, sometimes I wish
she would have had an abortion.
Oh, yeah?
They were illegal in those days.
Hand me one of those bottles,
will you?
I hate buses.
You can expect high clouds
and temperatures in the mid-70s.
Have a nice day.
Joe here?
- Hello, Jack.
- Where's Joe?
In his bedroom.
See if you can wake him up.
I gave up three hours ago.
Dad, I thought I told you
to leave that alone.
It's you.
What's going on?
Moving out again, Joe?
Don't I even get a good-bye
this time?
Later days.
Hey, look at
those dogs over there.
Yeah, they are kinda nasty.
You gotta watch out for 'em.
I heard they killed a little kid
out here the other day.
No shit?
Where'd they come from?
Well, I heard that when people were
forced to move from their houses,
that some of them
left their dogs behind
and coyotes came down
from the hills and fucked them.
After a while, wild dogs!
- Geez, that's pretty amazing.
- Where did you hear that from?
There's the welcoming committee.
Close your windows.
Shit, mine's stuck.
Oh, my God!
Razzle, one of the guys at the house,
captured a couple of 'em.
He thinks he can train 'em,
but we think he's a little bit tweaked.
What's up?
Who wants to be a cowboy
Shit, I forgot something.
You're going to be a cowboy
I'm born to be a cowboy
I want to be a cowboy
A cowboy,
You wanna be next?
A haircut.
How 'bout a haircut?
No, thanks,
I just had a haircut.
You did?
Could have fooled me!
Cowboy kicking at my back door
We're gonna go down to the cowboy bar
I'm gonna wait till the
Slim pickings.
Come on.
Hey, Jack, who's that girl
getting a haircut?
That's Sheila.
That's very funny.
Stay with us, we'll be back
after these messages.
Are you experiencing
feelings of alienation and
depression or loneliness?
We at Southwest Woodside Hospital
know that these are cries for help.
We're only a phone call away.
Oh yeah?
I know somebody who checked
into one of those places,
and you know what it cost?
- What?
- 800 bucks a week.
Our trained counselors are experts
in improving social behavior patterns.
What'd you say?
I said if you had 800 bucks a week,
you probably wouldn't be
depressed in the first place.
That's true.
What's your name?
- Evan.
- You get a burn, Evan?
A burn?
Own little castle
But with a soft stare
I'm wondering where I can furnish it
Without all the hassle
Come to Name Brand Furniture
I couldn't make it as a punker.
Alright, this is Rodney on the Rock.
You just heard the band...
Now, what's a burn?
Well, nobody's supposed to stay here
unless they get a burn.
See, it's kinda nice.
Comes out like this.
- Jesus, that'll be there all your life.
- Well, that's the idea.
See, if we didn't do that we'd have
all finds of flakes hanging around.
Yeah, well this may
be a stupid question,
but what does it stand for anyways?
Stands for The Rejected.
Sounds really stupid to me.
Yeah, well, stupid or not,
I don't have anywhere else to go.
It's like some kind of
ridiculous initiation of something.
So, I'm leaving.
Do you wanna me
to drive you back?
No, I'll hitch.
Don't you got better things to do?
Watch out for big bad wolf.
The dogs, watch out for the dogs.
Let me in, it's me.
- You came back?
- Yeah.
- How come?
- Well, because...
Well, I'll tell you about it some day.
If I ever get to know you better.
Are you gonna get a burn?
I guess so.
I never thought twice
about getting mine.
Is that right?
Why not?
Because I have so many scars already.
What kind of scars?
This kind.
What's that from?
I'll tell you about it some day
if I ever get to know you better.
What's going on?
Looks like they are killing the dogs.
They're not killing my dogs.
Becky, hey you
What are you doing?
Come back!
These are my dogs.
What the hell
are you dressed up for?
Yeah, where's the war?
- Up your ass.
- Up your ass?
How'd you like the long end
of this rifle up your ass.
Save it, Skinner, look.
What's the occasion?
We're just out here doing our
Good Samaritan work for the day.
Did you hear about the little boy
that got killed by the dogs out here?
We heard about it.
Hey, we've got a little one
over here.
Goddamn gun.
Well, little ones grow up
to be big ones, you know.
You got papers for these guns?
Officer, we're from
Citizens against Crime.
Most citizens are against crime, sir.
The question was do you have
papers for the guns?
The guns are all registered.
Jim Tripplett?
- Bob Skokes?
- Yes, sir.
You know it's against law to use fire
arms inside the city limits, don't you?
Yes, sir, we sure do, but this side
of the street's county property.
Maybe if we decide to come back again
we should inform the department,
Officer Rennard.
- Maybe you should.
- I know what you're probably thinking.
You just don't like private citizens
doing your work for you.
You're right.
By the way, Officer,
is that legal inside of city limits?
What the hell?
Hey, may be we should look into that.
No, that's our job.
We'll handle it.
Got a big kick out of shooting
that dog, didn't you?
Yeah, it's kinda fun.
You know, that car
looks awfully familiar.
- Maybe we should run a make on it.
- It should.
It's the car I gave
to my son Jack last year
when I bought my new one.
It sure looks like he's fucked it up.
Son of bitch,
that is your old Ford.
Come on, let's go check the place out.
No, I'm more worried about
our vigilante sharpshooters
than I am about a bunch
of teenagers in a crash pad.
There's one.
Ho-de-do, ho-de-do!
Bye, kitty.
That was so close!
The big guy would have sat on me!
- That was bad ass!
- That was cool!
Burned us.
More time and more plays,
and that extra time spent in
the halftime dressing room
must have done some good.
Well, the Auburn offense is anxiously
waiting to get out on the field.
They've been kept off for a while.
7:03 to go, here's kickoff.
Hooked his toe into it.
It's not so deep,
but it's good and high.
It's a nice camper.
But if you're so in love with it,
why are you selling it?
We don't want to.
But we got a lot of money tied up in this.
Yeah, you know, we've used it just about
every weekend for the last three years,
but since the layoff we've had
to cut back a little on recreation.
You were with GM?
- 12 long years.
- 14 for me.
That's a hell of a number.
Makes it tough to get out and have
a good time when you can't afford the gas.
I'll tell you what.
Let me think about it.
Maybe I'll give you a call.
Have a nice day!
In the league opener.
Oklahoma leading, but only by seven.
Have a nice day in my ass.
I mean, we can't work, can't hunt,
can't even sell the damn camper.
Can't do jack shit.
Come on, let me buy you a beer.
Good gain on the play of seven.
It'll be second down and three.
To do now but try and for sure.
Jackson picked up seven that time.
He's been held so far to 15 yards.
He's a guy that
Is there something special
you were looking for?
Yeah, you got any vibrators?
Not you again!
You know what he said?
If we had any vibrators.
Come on back here,
you chickenshits!
Ooh, somebody's been
on a garage raid.
French fries, hallelujah!
If you are at least 18 years old
you may designate a donation
of your body or
for medical transplanting
in case of your death.
The department can supply
you with.
Attached to the back of your
driver's license or ID card.
If you are looking for fine
quality sofas, look no more.
Today and tomorrow only with
Name Brand's new low prices
you can have the sofa
you've been looking for
plus the matching chair
at a price you'd expect
to pay for just a sofa.
For 497, you can own
this traditional rattan sofa
with wood trim plus the matching chair,
or this colonial nylon center print.
- Where are you going, kid?
- Get a drink of water.
Here, sit down.
Drink this.
The water is no good.
- Just here or everywhere?
- Everywhere.
Yeah, you never know where
the toxins are gonna creep in.
My aunt lived in a house that was built
on a hazardous waste dump.
Last April she had a baby
and it was born with no ears.
No ears?
Yeah, I know these people who had a baby
that was born with two rows
of teeth on top.
Jesus, like some kind of a monster.
Yeah, just think, by the year 2000
there will be one big chemical wasteland.
Yeah, all contaminated
and creepy with gross,
bubbling vines hanging off the dead trees.
And all the mutants will be roaming
around bumping into each other.
Yeah, my dad was in Vietnam
and he had some
of that Agent Orange crap
dumped on 'im.
- It had some adverse effects.
- Like what?
His fingernails fell out,
loss of sexual appetite, and this!
- De, guess what?
- What?
Chicken butt!
So, I walked in the house and my father,
he threw me down on the living room floor
and held me there and my mother cut
all my clothes off with a pair of scissors.
And then they made me
stand there while
they burned them right in front of me,
and I was nude.
Really, all because they didn't like
the way you dress?
Yeah, and I looked
just the way I do now.
I don't know what their problem was.
Hey, Jack, what's with that Sheila girl?
Yeah, she's pretty weird.
I don't know.
She bugs me.
- She's always staring at me.
- She is?
I heard she doesn't even like guys.
- What do you mean, she likes girls?
- No, no.
I heard she hates sex.
How can anybody hate sex?
You're asking the wrong guy.
She looks so sad all the time.
Those poor little rich bitches
always look that way.
Razzle told me she tried
to kill herself a couple of times.
- Really?
- Yeah, he asked her why.
You know what she said?
She said, pick a reason.
Hey, Cochise!
I know this is what
you've been waiting for.
Come out, come here.
Come on, sit!
Hey, check it out, they did it!
Guess what?
- Tell her.
- Chicken butt!
Oh, please!
Oh, my God.
I wet myself.
Count 1001, 1002.
This takes about two seconds.
Get out of there
you stupid mutt!
See what happens when
you get so wiped out?
You gotta stop bringing dope
around here.
You're like some old 60's
hippy dirt merchant.
Yeah, groovy, man.
Thanks for helping me out, brother.
You must be a Pisces.
Geez, this person looks like
a worse driver than me.
This was
the scene this afternoon at...
My mom's got a car like that.
The vehicle,
driven by 35-year-old
Tina Johnson, came...
That is her car!
shoppers were seriously injured
and Mrs. Johnson was booked
on felony drunk driving.
Nice going, mom.
the Southwest tomorrow
we can expect high clouds and
temperatures in the mid-70s.
My, bike, get my bike!
Do I have to go to school?
- No, not for a while anyways.
- All right!
I wanna see tonight.
This is a cool band.
- I think the lead singer's a really...
- Where's the house, Flea?
- Hold on, it's coming, it's coming.
- Come on.
We've been driving around for hours.
Let me hear the radio now,
you've had it off for like hours.
Days, weeks.
Hey, my name is Razzle, man.
Come on, man, up here.
Here at the corner.
Where are we going?
There it is!
I think I
got one the dog shit on.
That car was so
good on the road.
Nine out
of 10 Americans would perish
in an all-out nuclear attack.
Not all would die instantly.
Many fatalities would be delayed
for days or weeks
until the effects of injuries, burns,
and radiation sickness took their toll.
And death from radiation is almost always
excruciatingly painful and prolonged.
Any survivors of an
initial onslaught would be
four times more likely
to suffer from leukemia,
sterility, inherited disorders,
birth defects
and other conditions which wreak
havoc on living cells.
If you do not live
in a possible target zone
there would seem to be little point
in building a blast-proof
shelter because they need
to be built of very expensive materials
and most people don't have
that kind of money.
- Tell me now.
- Tell you what?
What happened to your back.
Victims 23 miles away...
Well, my dad used to beat me
all the time.
That's what I thought
you were going to say.
I think he was crazy.
He would get this look in his eye
and I would know, uh-oh, trouble.
I'd wake up in the night and
he'd be touching me all over.
He'd get all turned on, you know?
And instead of actually raping me
I think he'd stop himself
by beating me up.
Does that make any sense?
Particularly those
directly facing the oncoming.
Sad memories the gathering rain
I loved her but I'll
never see her again
Clouds raise their
heads in the morning
The way I once walked on by her
But now she's gone
And I'll never raise my face again
Never raise my face again
White horses dragged my lover from me
The clouds rushed in and
drowned my sorrow with the rain
With the rain
White horses dragged my lover from me
I tried to drown my
sorrow with the rain
With the rain
My friends try to lift me
They understand how I'm feeling
But the truth holds me down
She came and went with the rain
I watched her walk into the rain
I watched her walk into the rain
White horses dragged my lover from me
But I should have drowned
my sorrows with the rain
White horses dragged my lover from me
But I should have drowned
my sorrows with the rain
Now always the storms come!
Rain drops run down my window!
All that's left is her picture.
But someday it to will wash away!
Wash away!
I watched her walk away.
With the rain.
Hey, where are you going?
Are you all right?
Your mother's still a slut.
Hey, what's that T.R. stand for?
Totally ridiculous?
This guy's begging for it.
Come on, fucker.
Who the fuck do you think you are?
Come on, fucker!
Hey, there's Skinner.
All right!
That's enough of this.
Get away from my house.
Black Heaven holds back the tears
Your love runs loose in the wilderness
My silence pushes you under
Soft whispers on the
darker you love to me
Like sunset, your love falls
As sad times fill to your lurid love
In darkness I know you
The sunlight showers my rain
Your movements obscure
me, your laughter so lurid
Darker my love grows cold
Darker my love
Ooh, ooh, I love you
Hey, what was that all about?
Just a couple of assholes
looking for a fight.
Hey, you don't think they're
gonna come inside, do you?
No, this isn't their kind of scene.
Yeah, one of those guys had a knife.
Don't worry about it.
Wimps like that always carry knives.
Your words cut through my pain
The starscream where we live
Your arms hold hostage at night
A fire burns, our lips melt
Your eyes, blacker than hell
Because darker my love grows cold
Darker my love
Ooh ooh I love you
Like sunset, soon as your love falls
Ooh ooh I love you
Darker my love
Black Heaven hold back the tears
Your love runs loose in the wilderness
Our silence pushes me under
Soft whispers in the
dark of your love to me
I hold you, you tell me
And we scream never grow older
Darker my love grows cold
Darker my love
Ooh ooh I love you
Darker, darker
Colder, colder
Ooh, I love you
Darker, darker
Like sunset, your love grows
Sad times
Oh, shit, he's not dead is he?
Turn left, 427 36th Avenue, 909.
Perfect, just what I need.
Here comes the lawsuits.
Do I need a stamp
to get out of here too?
Watch it, smart-ass.
You've got a rat on your shoulder.
- Take your jacket off, hide the T.R.
- What for?
We'll tell you later.
Just do it.
Bravo 10?
Bravo 10.
Could you check out
a sign at 24th and 11th?
Bravo 10, 10-4.
Aren't you glad it's finally
your turn to sleep in the bed?
I sure am.
It's kinda like my bed was at home.
I bet the sheets were cleaner at home.
Ethan, do you miss your mom?
Yeah, I kinda do.
But I bet she doesn't miss me.
Why do you say that?
Because she used to always call me
a pain in the ass, that's why.
I bet she didn't mean it.
You're a real good little kid.
All you do is play all day
and mind your own business.
You're sweet.
Have you hugged your kid today?
Bug off, Razzle.
- All right, where were we?
- Hansel and Gretel.
In the morning the wicked
witch grabbed Hansel
by the hand and carried him to the shed.
She said to Gretel, you must draw water
and cook something nice for your brother,
and when he's fattened up
I'll eat him.
Dear God, Gretel cried,
won't you help us.
Stop your blubbering, said
the wicked red-eyed witch.
It won't do you a bit of good.
Every morning the witch would say,
hold out your finger and let's see
if you're getting fat.
But Hansel held out a chicken bone.
Come on, don't stop.
But he's asleep.
But we're not.
Read it to us, come on.
Aren't you a little old for fairytales?
Soon the witch got very impatient.
Ho there, Gretel, go get water
and don't dawdle.
Skinny or fat, I'm gonna
butcher Hansel tomorrow.
See, you hold one hole closed,
you blow real hard,
and all the snot'll
come out the other hole.
Now you won't get your
shirt sleeves so dirty.
Spare some change, ma'am?
May God be on your side!
Hey, I thought we weren't
gonna do that anymore.
I can't help it,
I've got a Jones.
Yeah, I've been using that
toothbrush lately.
Hey, clear outta here.
No loitering allowed.
Oh yeah?
Well maybe we're doing our shopping,
you ever think of that?
Right, wise guy.
Just get the hell out
before I call the police.
What a character.
Yeah, for sure.
That guy is an asshole.
I saw him selling PCP
to some little kids once.
What a dick.
- What we need is some beer.
- Yeah, our nerves are wrecked.
I hate beer.
And an ice-cream for Ethan.
All right.
Hey, walk like this.
Nice day, huh?
All right, very funny.
Let's see some ID.
Look, I don't need this.
Don't come back here.
I don't need your business.
Okay, but let me have one
of those slushies over there,
and make it a blue one.
- All right, that's 3.23.
- Thanks!
Happy Easter, asshole.
God damn little bastards
come in here and fuck up my store.
Scum of the earth.
- See you later, asshole!
- Put a sock in it.
And I live over on Heatherton Avenue,
which is a nice neighborhood,
or at least it used to be.
Now all you get
are these wild teenagers
parading through like
a bunch of terrorists.
Hear, hear.
Yes, the little bastards
were fighting on my front lawn.
I had to hold them off with a shotgun
while my wife called the police.
And it took me over an hour
to get through.
Yeah, and that's another thing,
the police aren't doing a goddamn thing.
Excuse me, Reverend Farrell.
It just so happens we have a member
of the police department
with us here tonight.
We have reports of vandalism
and robbery just like any other city,
and we follow up on each
and every one of them.
Follow up?
You came to my house three hours later!
Well, we've got a responsibility
by law to adhere to certain procedures.
Well, while you're going
through procedures,
people's homes are being ruined
by these monsters.
Look, I've had to repaint the side wall
of my store five times already.
Every time I turn around
there's a T.R. spray-painted.
What the hell is T.R. anyway?
Sandra says there was
a stabbing recently
at the club where she was molested,
and that those same letters were
left near the weapon in blood.
Did you investigate that house
like you said you would?
- No, not yet.
- Typical.
You know, Rennard, I get the feeling
you're not doing your job.
And I get the feeling you're using
innocent people as scapegoats.
We're talking about
a bunch of sickos!
Mental rejects running wild
on our streets!
We're talking about kids!
Kids like yours and mine.
Well, I'm damn sure they ain't my kids.
Gentlemen, please!
Can't we be reasonable?
I know, times are tough and some
of you people are up against it.
Look, Rennard, if the police
can't protect the people,
then the people have
to protect themselves.
- And take the law into their own hands?
- If that's what it comes down to!
- And use guns to solve your problems?
- You're damn right!
Okay, mister, hold it right there!
Identify yourself.
Hi, I'm Bill.
Don't shoot.
- Where's Jack?
- Peeling potatoes.
- What are you doing here?
- I need to talk to you.
- Let's go outside then, okay?
- No, I need to talk to all of you.
What for?
Hi, I'm Jack's father.
You're a cop!
Yes, I am, but that's not the reason
why I'm here to talk to you.
I hate cops.
To the max.
Listen, you kids are making
a pretty bad reputation for yourselves.
Last night I was at a meeting
and, well...
Just let me tell you,
you got people down on you.
What happened?
Well, you're gonna have
to listen up sooner or later.
I'm not leaving until you do.
What do I have to do,
for Christ sakes? Pay you?
So, I think it's best for all of you
to go back to your homes
until this thing blows over.
You don't seem to understand.
Most of us don't have homes
to go back to.
My parents are dopers and the state
won't even let me go home.
All they do is shove me
into foster homes.
Let me tell you,
that sucks big eggs.
- What do you do here all day?
- Nothing.
Watch TV.
Don't you wanna make
anything of yourselves?
What's to make?
Well, there's families for one thing.
Careers, college?
Families, everyone
knows families don't work.
Most of us couldn't afford lunch
in high school.
- What do you kids do for money?
- Take bribes off cops.
Please, mister policeman,
don't make us leave our home.
We'll be good from now on.
We promise.
Yeah, this is the best home
most of us ever had.
Besides, if we didn't have each other
we wouldn't have anything.
Look, you're gonna have
to stay out of trouble.
If you don't,
somebody's gonna get hurt.
Everybody's got guns these days
and they're just itching to use them.
Do you understand?
Let this be the last time I hear of T.R.
Let this be the
last time I hear of T.R.
Maybe we should get guns too.
I already have a gun.
Let's just move some place else.
My old man has a shotgun.
Come on, don't look so worried.
Everything's gonna be all right.
I know where I can get a .45,
but I have to steal it.
Let's go to Frisco!
What a pigsty!
Jesus Christ!
At least they got good taste
in women.
Sit down!
See that, see it?
What do you want?
We wanna let you know
we're sick of your shit.
This is what you might call
a warning.
If there's any more trouble from you
creeps, some heads are gonna roll.
You filthy whore!
You get the message?
Next time we'll do more
than tear off somebody's shirt.
Holy fuck.
- You know what I was thinking?
- No, what was you thinking?
- Have you seen my shirt?
- Yeah, you're wearing it.
Not this shirt, asshole.
My yellow shirt.
If somebody took that shirt
I'll knock their fucking teeth out.
Nobody'd want that shirt.
Don't call me an asshole.
Well, where is it then?
What the hell is wrong with you?
I can't find my fucking shirt,
can't you hear?
Well, I can't find my fucking dope.
It's not where I hid it.
If I know you, you were probably too
twisted to remember where you put it.
- I remember distinctively.
- Distinctly.
I had a jar of 25 black triangles,
and I put 'em in my sleeping
bag down by my feet,
and now they're gone.
All I know is I go to all
the trouble putting nails up
all over the place
to keep things organized,
and now I can't find
my god damned shirt.
My sentiments precisely.
Hey, open this door!
Open this door right now!
What's going on?
You and your stupid dope!
This is what I think of your dope.
What are you doing?
Man, what did you do that for?
That's crazy!
Sheila's dead.
That's what happened
to your stupid dope!
- What?
- Sheila's dead.
Go ahead, read it.
To my friends.
Don't be mad at me
for doing this.
But I really don't wanna
stick around any longer.
I'm sorry.
I hope all of you have fun
with your lives.
The time I've lived with you
was the best part of my life.
I love you all, especially Joe.
Gone forever, Sheila.
P.S. I hope you don't have to move.
That's funny.
I hope you don't have to move.
Do you hear something out there?
No, Ethan, just sit down
and be quiet for a while.
So, what are we gonna do?
I think we all should decide.
Aren't you supposed to call
the police when somebody dies?
Great, and that's just what we need.
What about the coroner?
If we do that,
then they'll call the police.
Right, and then they're probably
gonna try and blame it on us.
Don't you think we should
let her parents know?
God damn it, Keef, man,
if it wasn't for you none of this shit
would of happened in the first place.
Yeah, I always knew something
like this would happen.
Some friend you are.
You're always such a jerk,
you fucking druggy.
Why don't you
just leave him alone?
Why don't you shut up?
Keef is our friend too,
you don't have to rag on him.
Man, he shouldn't even be around here
if he's gonna pull shit like that.
Wait a minute!
But it was so good before.
Just take her home.
Do what?
Let's just take her home.
Yeah, when Cindy Bartholomew OD'd,
her friends put her on the
front seat of her mother's car.
Well, that's pretty crappy.
We're not gonna do that.
I know where Sheila's parents live.
We could just bring her home.
- Are you Sheila's father?
- Yes, I am.
Well, we're sorry to tell you this,
but she killed herself.
- What is this, a joke?
- No, it's not.
Please, take her.
We didn't know what else to do.
We'd like to go to the funeral.
If you don't mind.
Oh my God.
I'm sorry, but the mother
requests that you leave.
All of you.
How come?
Please, just do as we ask.
My wife's really very upset.
We aren't feeling that great either,
believe me.
- We understand.
- Good, then will you leave?
The mother
really doesn't want you here.
And neither do I.
- But we don't wanna to leave.
- But you have to.
I mean, look at you.
We didn't have any nice clothes
to wear. We're sorry.
Will you please show
these young people out?
Why don't you just visit
the grave after we'd left?
Or maybe tomorrow.
Sheila was our friend, and we have
every right to be here if we want to.
We're staying right here.
No, you are not.
We're sitting all the
way in the back here.
- Can't you just ignore us?
- No, we can't ignore you!
I don't want you here.
We didn't like you when Sheila was alive,
and we don't like you now.
If it weren't for you
she'd probably still be alive.
No, asshole, if it wasn't
for you she'd still be alive.
Don't you say that, you
don't know anything about us.
Yes, I do.
Sheila told me all about you.
She told me how you couldn't
keep your hands off her.
You shut up!
You molested your own daughter,
you scumbag, and then you beat her.
She showed me the scars.
You're a fucking asshole, you know that?
Eat my shorts, you fuck!
Pat Brown
Tried to run the cops down
Pat Brown
Ran 'em into the ground
Pat Brown
Tried to run the cops down
Pat Brown
Ran 'em into the ground
Patrick Edward Brown
Tried to run the cops down
Patrick Edward Brown
Tried to run the mother
fuckin' cops into the ground
Pat Brown
Gets real mean, when
he's in his machine
He's no zero, he's a fucking hero
Pat Brown
He didn't get too far
Pat Brown
He got holes in his car
Pat Brown
They threw him in jail
Pat Brown
Couldn't pay his bail
Patrick Edward Brown
Tried to run the cops down
Patrick Edward Brown
Tried to run the mother
fuckin' cops into the ground
Pat Brown
He's a crazy guy and I'll tell you why
He's no clown, so don't fuck around
He's got a shotgun,
yeah you better run
Thinks that's fun
Patrick Brown
He's gonna die
'Cause the suckers won't die
You don't fuck around
Not with Patrick Brown
Hey, you, T.R.!
Yeah, you.
Come here!
And he don't care who
When or where
- Where's Jack?
- Inside, I guess.
Go in there and find him
and tell him to get his
ass out here right now!
Pat Brown
He's a crazy guy
Yeah, I'll tell ya why
On a hunting trip the trigger slipped
Someone almost died
Circle Massage got a shotgun barrage
He ain't pay 50 bucks for head
Music shop got a
midnight shopping stop
Hello Marshal Amps stereo
store got hit for even more
But Pat got caught
at the Cuckoo's Nest
He did his best to waste some pigs
Patrick Edward Brown
Tried to run the cops down
Patrick Edward Brown
Tried to run the mother
fuckin cops into the ground
Pat Brown
- Yeah?
- Don't yeah me.
And don't come up with no fucking attitude
after what you've pulled.
We went to our friend's funeral,
all right? Big deal.
And beat the shit out
of your friend's father!
He's in the hospital,
in case you didn't know.
You can't piss off people
the way you do, Jack.
This time you've bit off
more than you can chew.
Somebody's gonna stop you.
Personally I'd like to see
all of you in jail for a while.
Yeah, book 'em, Danno.
I'm not gonna arrest you,
but I do want you out of that house.
If you don't leave
somebody's gonna get hurt.
I want you out tonight!
- What, no way.
- You can forget it.
- Where are we supposed to go?
- Anywhere!
Just get out of that place.
If these people can't find you,
they can't hurt you.
I want you to tell your friends
to get out there
and pack up their things tonight!
It's for your own good.
I'll be out there in a few hours
to make sure that you're gone.
You could come home, you know.
Your mother would like that.
Patrick Edward Brown
Tried to run the cops down
Patrick Edward Brown
Tried to run the mother
fuckin' cops into the ground
Oh Pat Brown
He don't fuck around
Pat Brown
He's got a shotgun
Yeah you better run
Me and Joey know
I like your personality!
So how are you feeling, Ethan?
I feel kinda scared.
You shouldn't.
Ain't nothing worth saving in here.
Yeah, but don't you
think we really outta
trash this place before we leave?
Trash it?
This is so fucked,
I can't believe it!
- So, what are you gonna do?
- Go back home, I guess.
Fag city.
- What about you?
- I don't know.
All right, I've got it!
Here's what we're gonna do.
Check it out.
I'm gonna go siphon some gas
out of your car.
Then when we get ready to leave,
right before we leave,
we'll set the whole place on fire.
It'll be fun to watch it burn.
Don't you think?
There you are.
Hey, buddy, what's happening?
Sit down, this is great.
I've been
looking all over for you.
Your wife doesn't even know
where you are.
Come here I wanna talk to you.
Over here.
Did you hear what happened?
No, what?
- I don't wanna anything, thanks.
- Give him a scotch on the rocks.
They buried one of those kids today.
A 16-year-old girl.
I don't know.
But are you ready for this?
Those kids busted in
and raided a funeral home.
- They tore the place apart.
- Are you shitting me?
Ew, God.
Wait a minute.
What the fuck are we doing?
I don't know about you, but there's no way
anyone's gonna make me leave this place.
Tom, wake up and smell the coffee, man.
It's hopeless.
Your old man only
wants us to leave because
he doesn't think we can
take care of ourselves.
That's bullshit.
We're smarter than those assholes.
Yeah, it seems like if they run us
out of this place...
They'll just run us out
of the next place we'll find.
My old man's coming back later
and if we're still here
he's gonna shit Twinkies.
Can you imagine how
that girl's mother felt?
Her only daughter up there in a box
and those son-of-a-bitches
come in wreck the place,
and than brutalize the family.
I mean, I am not religious,
but if you ask me that's downright sinful.
Well, Jack, what's it gonna be?
Who's got a match?
Got a match?
Save it, Razzle.
We're staying.
Yeah, we're not leaving
this place without a fight.
We're gonna have
to go back out there.
That's what I was thinking.
Get the hell outta here!
Who are the bastards now?
I'm mad as hell!
- Go!
- Go back to hell!
You suck!
Get the hell outta here!
You suck!
Get outta here!
, shitface!
Oh, shit!
What's going on?