Succubus (2024) Movie Script

Please stand in front of me.
I am Elishva.
Welcome to the island of Lil' Easdale.
We were waiting for you.
Javier and Jean.
Kate and Nick.
Stacy and Michael.
Andy and Olivia.
Please come in.
An unforgettable experience awaits you.
Let's go.
I didn't see any birds anywhere right in the room.
And the staff have these masks...
Let the role playing begin!
Actually Im glad that you talked me into this retreat.
It's beautiful here...
But it's somehow strange.
And it's exciting.
I couldn't wait all the way here, when we're finally alone.
I want you.
Michael... not now.
- Did you take the pills?
- Yes.
I wonder who the others are.
And what kind of tasks are there?
This is a necessary element of the test.
Now you will tell each other about yourself.
Don't hide anything and do not deceive each other.
Sensors are installed in the chokers,
which will determine if you are lying.
Tell the truth.
Well... let's start with me?
I'm Andy.
Athlete. Extreme.
In past.
Base jumping, wingsuit,
Skydiving, extreme aerobatics...
One day I almost crashed a helicopter.
That life of mine was an endless spree:
parties, girls...
Until I met Olivia.
Everything is serious with us, but...
Trust issues.
Well... trust issues are not ours.
Andy... cheated on me.
Just once. And it was a mistake.
I was drawn to my old life.
It's hard for me to trust him again.
And we are here to... restore trust.
Is it true.
Im Michael.
I work in IT.
But Stacy's really interesting work.
She is an ethnographer.
Wow! What does it mean?
I study ancient cultures.
Bones, shards.
There are different rituals there. All that.
Traveled all over the world.
Why are you here?
- And here we want to strengthen relations.
- Lie.
We... started to move away...
And we hope that the retreat will bring back our intimacy.
I'm Kate.
Nick and I have only been together for a short time.
He's a film critic.
Maybe you've read his articles...
I don't know.
I go to film festivals with him.
Of course, men pay attention to me.
By itself.
And Nick...
Not very confident in myself.
Like this.
We started quarreling often.
He is very jealous of me.
We want to strengthen our connection.
Is it true.
Well, a retreat will give you back your confidence.
Javier is right.
I'm Jin.
And he and I are polyamorous.
We have the opposite problem.
Sex with other partners began to destroy our relationship.
We arrived, to try to preserve them.
Are you all here, because we lost each other.
I'll help you find it again.
I'm Tamar.
After three days of retreat and five tests
your relationship will become deeper,
full of passion and happiness.
There will be fear on the way
but don't believe him.
It's your restless mind wants to stay safe.
Where is she herself?
Are we still going to listen to the voice?
During the retreat you interact with each other.
My presence will distort the energies.
Therefore, tasks you will receive in envelopes.
And I will attend remotely.
Thank you.
There are questions in these envelopes,
which you must answer
absolutely honest.
Kate will answer first. Ask.
What... Wow.
"Other men excite you more than Nick?
Stop. What?
What kind of idiotic question is this?
Of course me
I'm most attracted to Nick.
I told the truth.
Kate, calm down.
Answer truth.
I answered.
Alright enough.
I'm leaving.
Let me go.
What's happening?
What are you doing?
If she doesn't want to answer, leave her alone.
Kate needs to tell the truth.
Tell me the truth.
He doesnt excite me.
Are you satisfied?
Now you. Read the question.
Fuck you.
For what purpose have you gathered us?
What kind of interrogation did you conduct?
To make fun of me?
Why are you all silent?
Do you think all this is normal?
Find your partner.
Only together can you get out."
Who is there?
Is anyone here?
Why are you silent?
What happened to you?
Stacy! Stacy, it's me!
- What's going on here?
- I don't know.
- We need to get out of here quickly.
- Did you see something... strange?
I have seen.
What happened to you? What did they do?
She needs help.
I just felt bad...
- Okay, let's go.
- Kate, just be patient.
- We need to get out of here.
- Let's go.
- Yes, let's go.
- Guys!
I found you.
Let's go. Andy knows where the exit is.
He's waiting for us.
Where are Jean and Javier?
They passed the test first and have already returned.
You got us drunk. What was in the drinks?
Herbal infusion so that you relax
and all your instincts came out,
and with them, your secret fears.
The visions that appeared to you.
Its not real.
It's just your subconscious playing with you.
But that's completely normal.
Do you see what's wrong with her?
Do you think this is normal?
It's just a cleansing reaction.
Soon everything will be fine.
Listen, my girl takes antipsychotics,
and God knows what could have happened to her.
- Are you crazy?
- The infusion is completely safe.
Take me to the organizer.
This is prohibited by the rules.
You will see Tamar at the end of the retreat.
To hell. We're leaving here.
Did you come for this?
For everything to be as usual?
Any change requires making a step away from safety.
A chance like this doesn't come twice...
But its up to you.
For those who want to leave the retreat,
my employees are taking me to the helicopter.
So who decided to leave?
Then please follow me.
Michael, what did you see in the maze?
Some nonsense in the reflection of the mirror.
And that woman...
She seemed to be trying to seduce me.
It was so strange.
I imagined it all.
They definitely put something in our way.
Did you see something or someone?
Me not.
I think wed better get out of here.
You're not in the right state right now
and you don't need this stress.
No, we can't.
Michael, I haven't told you everything.
Melissa disappeared on this island.
We're here because I need to find her.
- Melissa?
- Hello.
What happened to you?
Calm down.
This freak left me.
Come on in. Stay with us.
Where did you get the idea?
That your sister is here?
I found a map and route in her things.
Listen, even if she was here...
She probably already left, right?
You know her.
As always, I picked up someone,
then he will return in tears.
I found her bracelet and there was a key to number II.
Stacy, this is your bracelet.
I let her wear it. She left with it.
Okay, we need to calm down.
You're all on edge.
- I'll bring your pills.
- I do not need them!
Do you think I'm crazy?
What should I think?
You convinced me to come here.
I was hoping for a retreat will help us
get everything right,
you will calm down...
- You do not believe me.
- Just dont start.
Yes, losing a sister threw me off balance.
- Please...
- But I'm not crazy.
- Ask...
And I wont go anywhere until I find her.
I need to be alone.
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No need.
I'm not ready yet.
I need to learn to trust you.
I dont want to do this through force.
've already regretted it a hundred times.
And he apologized a thousand.
More than a month has already passed.
Let's forget this and move on?
You changed and just forgot but I can't do that.
Before my eyes you are with her
when we are together.
I don't know if I can forget.
You understand?
What should we do?
Liv... we're fine.
I need you.
I'll wait as long as necessary.
I will be near.
There, in the labyrinth,
when I was looking for you...
I was so afraid that I wouldn't find it.
Or something will happen to you.
I can't imagine life without you.
Is there something wrong?
No, it seemed to me...
Why were you looking there?
I was looking at you!
- What the hell was she doing here?
- Who?
I stood right there and watched at us like a fucking maniac.
- Why, Andy? Was there something between you?
- No!
- I didnt see anyone at all.
- I saw.
And I saw the way you looked at her at the hotel.
I have nothing with her.
I swear I don't even know her!
Did you flirt with her? Did you give me hope?
Because she's clearly hooked.
- You do this to all the cute ones...
- Enough!
Don't take me for a fool.
I'm trying to forget, to bring us back.
I'm picking myself up piece by piece.
And for what? After all, you don't care.
I feel so bad.
Who were you with in the maze?
With no one.
Do not lie to me.
I heard you shout: Let me go!
Who were you with? Speak.
With no one.
- I was there...
- Enough!
Tell it like it is.
You're not cumming with me, are you?
Looking for men?
Why are you so rude to me?
You've never behaved like this before.
I don't know what came over me.
I'm not myself either.
This place is doing something to us
awakens something dark,
I don't know, but...
Please, let's get out of here.
- I need only you...
- Don't make an idiot out of me!
Humiliate me again, I'll kill you
in front of everyone! Understood?
- Please...
- You understood? Stop it!
I'm asking you!
- Do you understand me?
- Yes.
Javier? You...
You were just there...
Or was it just me?
What are you doing?
Kate, where are you?
- Nick? What's happened?
- Kate is missing.
I was just in the room,
came out of the shower and she was gone.
I worry.
What if something happened to her?
Well wait, don't worry so much.
Maybe she just came out to get some air?
She didn't mean to. She didn't feel well.
Whats the matter?
- We're looking for Kate.
- You were separated for this night.
- This is part of the test.
But Kate didnt feel well.
I have to see her make sure she's okay.
It is forbidden. Prohibited by the rules.
- But he said: she feels bad.
- She's fine now.
You will meet Kate tomorrow at the party, now relax.
OK. Lets.
Let's go.
Michael, I'm sorry, I have to run.
Urgent business.
Are you kidding? What about our anniversary?
Sorry. I quickly. I promise.
Today I found data in the archive...
They need to be discussed with Professor Carnahan.
Tomorrow she leaves for excavations.
I only have this evening, Michael.
Sorry, this is really important.
Well yes, unlike me and from your sister,
which reappeared not on time, as usual.
When we started dating
I said that I work very hard.
You accepted it.
It was different before.
And now you're obsessed with your work!
- You're almost never at home!
- You don't understand, Michael.
Im close to the discovery,
after which nothing will be the same.
Yes you are right.
If this continues, there will be nothing more.
I'm sorry, i have to go.
It is you again?
Olivia said that I saw you at our room.
Were you really there?
- I was not there.
- What kind of game are you playing?
- What are you talking about?
- In the labyrinth...
- What was it?
- Wait.
You saw me?
- In the mirror?
- No.
You stood in front of me like now, only...
It was not me. I swear.
- Listen.
I saw you.
And it was you who began to undress.
- Listen, this is nonsense.
- Dont know...
Maybe it's some kind of glitch -
after the drinks they gave us.
But... what's happening here
something very strange.
This place...
It is watching us.
Looks like he's checking...
...what we will do.
I'm scared.
Everything is fine.
Do not be afraid.
We can not...
- Good morning.
- Liv!
Come on. Seriously?
How are you?
I hardly slept.
I keep thinking about our quarrel with Kate.
It was just a misunderstanding.
I got excited.
Be patient. You'll see each other in the evening
and you will explain everything to her.
Good morning.
- I woke up and you already left?
- I saw you with him.
Michael, I can explain.
Listen to me, please.
- Michael...
- Back off.
Keldi Ana Sulmani.
Good morning.
Tonight it will be Wake Up Party,
And this day you will spend with someone else's partner,
to realize how valuable and significant your own is.
Partner names for this day.
In envelopes.
Couple has already left. Kate and Javier.
Shall we go?
Are you worried about the girl?
I'm here because of her.
Maybe we can talk?
Just follow me.
I need to go to room 11.
And you should think about yourself...
...and about your desires.
I can not, sorry.
I can not.
Are you in love?
What's your boyfriend's deal with this... Stacy?
They look at each other like that.
I'm sure they're fucking.
Why do you think so?
It doesnt happen that he cheated just once.
Got caught once.
What, right away?
Wait for me here.
I was in love.
A long time ago.
- What's happened?
- I had to sacrifice my feelings.
There was no other way out.
You meant Javier, right?
That polyamory is him, not you?
Does he know that this is a sacrifice for you?
You know... we need to forget about them.
- And answer in kind.
- No!
Why not? Do you think he'll appreciate it?
What does this have to do with it?
I just hate cheating.
Because of them, everything becomes a lie.
I realized that to live,
it means give and take.
I gave everything.
And did you take it?
Only responsibility.
I miss my chances, Michael.
Let's go.
What's happened? I heard a noise.
Whose drawing is this?
My sister's.
She lived in this room.
And she disappeared on this island.
When did she disappear?
Three months ago.
I think she walked through that door and...
...and disappeared.
- Why didnt you go to the police?
-I have no evidence.
And they won't believe me.
When my sister disappeared
I had a breakdown and now I'm on pills.
Even Michael thinks Im crazy.
And you?
You're not crazy.
There's really some crap going on here.
So what?
Do you want to get through this door?
Elishva has the key.
She'll definitely be at the party.
If everything is as you say,
it's dangerous to go there alone.
Dont worry.
I just look fragile.
As a child, my parents forbid me to make friends.
But I wouldn't listen.
- Can you help me get the key?
- What was your sister doing here?
...studied history.
Is she also a scientist?
Your boyfriend said you're an ethnographer.
Is this something that runs in your family?
Michael is not my boyfriend.
And I'm not Stacey.
It was different before.
And now youre obsessed with your work!
- You're almost never at home!
- You don't understand, Michael.
I like this dress.
And I...
Love you.
Listen, forgive me.
Sorry, I was wrong. OK?
I understand...
How important is work to you?
I'm so afraid of losing you, Stacey.
I love you.
- Damn it...
- Andy!
I'm sorry.
This dress is ruined.
I'll change my clothes.
Here you go. Be careful.
So this is what you wanted.
And I liked the dress.
I just helped her with something.
Like the one from the club,
when I find you in bed?
God, don't start.
You swore you were okay with this one.
- You're lying again?
- She just asked for help, thats all.
This time its true... that's it.
- Olivia...
- Everything is over.
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Let me in...
For what?
My name is Stacy Friel.
I am an archaeologist-ethnographer.
My travel journal...
I arrived on the island
looking for traces cult of an ancient demon,
which was believed in Sumerian and Babylon.
His name...
Ardat Lily.
I'm sorry!
- How could you?
- I dont know what I was thinking, sorry.
I dont want to see anymore neither him nor you.
No please!
Are you in love with Michael?
From school.
- But he liked you more.
- What nonsense!
He doesn't even know
the difference between us.
You've clung to me all your life.
I wanted mine.
You spun around,
not allowing me to breathe.
Like a parasite!
Then take my life...
You're better suited to Michael.
- Where are you driving?
- I'm going to work.
And don't even dare look for me.
- Stacey, don't...
- Get out.
Get out!
I wanted to make a discovery
prove that a demon was worshiped
not only in Mesopotamia,
but also thousands of kilometers away,
on this island.
It mentioned in occult texts around the world.
In Europe they called him Succubus.
He has different names
but the essence is always the same:
He provokes victims
show your worst sides and do terrible things.
He can take the form of any person
To awaken in the victim her lowest feelings:
He kindles all this to a person and captures his soul.
He is the largest temptations to enslave emotions.
Over the years, the Succubus has killed many victims.
Their souls languish on this island, knowing no peace.
I saw them.
One night
I woke up from strange sounds.
As if someone was calling me.
The sound led me to the main hall.
They were there.
They sat motionless, their eyes were empty.
I sat down next to them,
as if spellbound and looked at these unfortunate people.
They all became victims own passions and vices,
allowing the Succubus lure them into his trap.
I felt their suffering and endless torment.
After this nightmare
I wanted to escape from the island
and never return again.
Let us out!
But I realized that I couldnt do that.
I faced real evil and had to stop it.
In ancient texts I found a way to expel
the Succubus from the world of the living.
I deciphered the spell in a long-vanished language,
to make the dead water of Babylon.
If you pour this water on a demon,
he will be taking on his true form,
and at this moment it will
become vulnerable to fire.
Where's Javier?
Is he spying on us?
Don't think about him.
Forget him.
It's just you and me here.
What do they mean?
"...bought the island into private ownership in I899..."
You're just a whore.
Oh God... Michael!
Oh Lord... What happened?
I was with her...
- I'm sorry...
- Michael!
What? What about him?
We all need to get out of here.
Hush... It hurts...
- Sit down.
- Hurt! Hush hush...
- What happened?
- This place is a trap.
There's a monster on the island.
Succubus, it needs sacrifices.
What are you saying?
What succubus? What victims?
Kate is dead!
I saw her killed.
And that's what they did to Michael.
- It looks like some kind of infection.
- This is much worse.
Hush, hush... hush.
- What kind of crap is this?
Gin is Tamar. She lied to us.
She makes sacrifices to the Succubus
for hundred years now.
Lets get out of here. Now.
Are you sure you can handle a helicopter?
Last time you were...
Looks like we have a problem.
You will not leave the island.
Your only option is to serve me.
Like everyone else here.
The choice is yours: rite of passage now
or It will kill you.
You are the real monster, not a Succubus.
You don't have to judge me, honey.
I sacrificed my loved one
to keep the demon on the island.
- Are you bringing him innocent victims?
- Innocent?
Those who beat, lie, cheat...
Are they the innocent ones?
They deserved their fate.
Lily Ardat is not forced to do evil.
People do everything themselves.
Hands off!
He only shows your true essence.
Do not touch me.
- Come to me, Michael.
- Michael, don't!
- Sorry.
- No...
- Michael, stop.
- Michael!
- No need!
- Michael, no!
- Michael!
- Lil-la-ke!
Come and accept...
Ardath Lily...
- Michael, Michael...
- Michael!
Michael, Michael...
Now what?
Wake up!
Hey... It's over.
All! He's gone, Stacey.
He's gone.
Stacy, he's dead
We need to run away from here.
As soon as possible.
I can't escape.
All his victims are still here.
Trapped on the island.
In captivity.
And my sister.
I have to finish this.
My sister left notes how to do it.
She prepared everything.
You better leave.
I'll go alone.
- We're going with you.
- Liv, what are you doing?
We won't abandon her.
This monster will kill again.
If there's a chance to stop him, we have to try.
What to do?
Succubus acts simultaneously
in our world and in the other world.
And watches us through the mirrors.
My sister found a way how to destroy a Succubus.
It must see itself in the reflection of mirrors.
At least here. This will weaken him.
- So what is next?
-I have a plan.
- We need mirrors and this.
- What is this?
This is the dead water of Babylon.
He will to stop us. He will tempt us.
Whatever you see there,
don't believe your eyes.
Where have you been?
We were looking for you.
It afraid of mirrors.
Now what?
We need to lure it out.
Succubus attracts to...
- What?
- You should kiss her.
You must give in to temptation.
Did not work. There are other options?
No. Kiss her for real.
As long as I'm here, you can't .
- It found her. Let's go!
- Stay here.
I'll find her myself.
If it appears, burn it.
It will want to stop us.
They can see it now!
All his victims.
They are holding it. Set it on fire!
- God bless! I thought...
- Its me. I'm safe.
Let's start all over again.
I also want this.
Get in.
- Wait for me.
- What's happened?
I left my sister's notebook in the room.
- Let me. Get on the helicopter.
- Thank you.
When we return... let's meet?
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