Sudden Fear (1952) Movie Script

MASK ripped
Soon :
a piece of MYRA HUDSON
When I awoke, I fell asleep,
I think of you.
You're the air I breathe,
You're the sky that dominates me,
soil that sustains me.
Music, beauty, light
the sun makes me think of you.
You are all women:
sister that have not had,
mother and I almost forgot,
the woman I've always dreamed of.
All the ties that bind
man and woman,
I want to weave with you.
Anything with you!
End of Act II. Curtain.
The tempo is perfect, Lester.
Keep it.
10 min break.
Listen rather: "The rumor
Myra Hydson, the heiress
"Which has a greater need for a successful
that Rockefeller million,
"Wrote its best play
Destination with 7th Heaven.
started this week. "
This heritage, which shot!
Give it to me.
Press Fichera you peace.
It discusses changes
of Act II?
Let's start with this actor.
Discovery, right?
What stamp moving!
His voice,
but it was not physical.
This is an excellent actor.
I know Bill, but it is not
sufficient for this role.
He must convince us that
he sings "Blind Mice" Laura,
she finds it
most poetic world.
It takes a seducer
that electrifies
all spectators,
as soon as it comes into play.
I have not seen such a good actor
since John Barrymore.
I observed
all angles.
Sorry, but there is no
for the role.
It is you who judge
the physics of this comedian?
I run it for,
it would be perfect.
Everyone's opinion.
I did not find it
a physical leading man.
My dear, to mount it,
I invested a pittance: $ 85,000.
I know for you it is not.
But it's my money.
Whatever you relate
my pieces.
Well ...
What good talk more?
Remains to announce it to Blaine.
Tell him the truth. Load me.
As a writer, I have the privilege
Including, Bill?
For you to turn.
Surprise yourself that I do not have a friend
across Broadway!
That's all for today.
Mr. Blaine, can I see you
a moment?
Nothing in the mail
that deserves an answer urgently?
A telegram from Steve Kearney.
C. Hoyt request an interview.
The Authors Guild
committee seat on Saturday night.
Friday, 14 am to Hoyt.
Tell the Guild
I will do my best.
For Steve, the first being 21,
I will go to San Francisco on Monday.
Miss Hudson!
In San Francisco
where you were born,
there is a museum,
a portrait of Casanova.
You've probably never seen.
Here, Miss Hudson
what it was like Casanova
donkey's ears, eyes grim,
broken nose
and a large wart on the chin.
Right there!
Once back there,
go and see this picture.
Mr. Blaine ...
Triomphe, "Destination, 7th Heaven"
Myra Hudson
Myra Hudson is a true tobacco
- The train to San Francisco?
- That's it.
I will wait for you there.
Thank you.
I'm exhausted, I do not want to see
person before arriving in San Fransico.
I'll sit in the train.
I will introduce Ann to the airport.
I prefer the train.
Doing a very good trip.
And between here and Chicago,
write me another room!
It will be completed soon Cleveland!
In the car!
Mr. Blaine?
Mr. Blaine?
Good evening, Miss Hudson.
What a coincidence
you ride to Buffalo.
No, I left New York.
Besides, I've seen you ride.
I've seen everything
candy, books, flowers.
See ...
I thought
you come to tell me goodbye.
But you have already done
last month.
I tried to reach you
many times last month.
No kidding?
Excuse me.
Do you want a drink?
I ring?
What are you reading?
" Crime Time ."
- Yes, Miss Hudson?
- Two scotches with ice.
Yes, sir.
How do you know?
Do you drink?
I read the newspapers.
Now that I have you,
let me explain ...
- What happened.
- Please, no.
As an author,
distribution to you.
I read the reviews, they were
commendations. Congratulations.
It's embarrassing, coming from you.
- Forget it.
- Thank you.
If we spent
to get serious?
Do you play Stud Poker?
I did not play
- The poker cards returned?
- Yes.
I played with my father.
Parts rabid.
You like it?
I loved it!
A very good player.
You may anyway?
- I tried it!
- Enter.
Scotch with ice.
- You would have a deck of cards?
- I always have one, just in case.
Thank you!
- Let.
- I invited you!
- Please.
- I insist!
Will ...
It to play matches.
- What?
- In the matches, you know?
I'm afraid not.
I'll teach you.
Excuse me.
Yes, here.
I will explain.
3 matches for you.
Your hand.
3 for you and 3 for me.
Put your hands behind your back.
Place a number,
0, 1, 2, 3 ... or in one hand.
fist and stretch like this.
How many matches
in our hands?
- In both?
- Yes.
See ...
My turn. I say 3.
Turn your hand.
4! I won!
Yes ...
You've never played there?
No, I assure you.
Thank you.
I close the door?
No, thank you.
If we did a little poker?
It takes tokens.
Shuffle the cards.
We use matches.
Four for you.
For me.
For you and for me.
Do not you have one too?
Miss Hudson
I have the right cut.
Sorry. Cut.
Where were you born?
Near Pittsburgh.
My father was a miner.
Young, I did mine too.
No choice.
Since then, I cross the country at night.
The day I do not recognize anything.
My father did not understand
I need to breathe,
reading books.
And you started?
In the army I was playing Lennie
in Of Mice and Men Of .
Wonderful way to war.
But that caused my loss.
is a passion.
But I will not give up.
I'm stubborn.
I love people as volunteers
circumstances do not start.
You are very good actor.
You know ...
I have no doubt
about your abilities ...
Please. Lunch
was wonderful. And continue.
Definitely not.
We will arrive in Chicago.
I'll show you a place where
were combined sport and theater.
In 4 hours?
In 5 minutes
we have done the trick.
Let's go.
You want to
your makeup "Chicago"?
I'll wait in the car show.
I for ten minutes.
Mr. controller
can I extend my ticket
to San Francisco?
It is good to Chicago.
At the next stop,
I will see if space is available.
There are matches.
Thank you in advance.
Nothing, sir.
Chicago: for me, half
path to the house.
to have a home ...
I had a great time in Chicago.
Drama for wrestlers.
I have seen everything!
It's all part of the theater.
A topic that you work, right?
I agree.
Why do you work?
Probably because I want
to succeed,
to earn a living without touching
to my father's fortune.
To make my place in the sun.
Do you understand?
Success, we search all.
Each in its own way.
But if I had your inheritance,
I do not know if ...
Of course it is.
It was enough to assemble
some cells and molecules
to produce Lester Blaine.
Nobody in the world
do is exactly the same.
There are 2 billion and 174 million
human beings, but one
Lester Blaine and unique.
What an idea
that I will travel:
2 billion and 174 million
human beings on earth,
but one Myra Hudson.
Forgive me.
Your table is served
the diner, Mr. Blaine.
Thank you.
Here we go ... Myra?
"The heavens are adorned with stars
and shine.
"There is only one
that takes its place. "
- Julius Caesar , Act III, s. 2.
- Bravo.
I bet that you glue.
"Torches, burn the night!
"I am hopeful for tomorrow."
- Antony and Cleopatra .
- Right.
Tomorrow, San Francisco.
My city will please you.
An alliance?
My mother.
Here it is, Steve!
Who is this?
This is an actor!
Myra darling!
Welcome home.
You are stunning.
You remember Lester?
Steve Kearney, my advice
and my dearest friend.
Been to San Francisco?
I made a short stay.
You will visit.
If we were going to dinner and dancing?
- Tonight?
- You're not tired?
Not at all.
Where you will be staying?
I do not know yet.
Well ...
Go to "Fairmont" at 9 pm.
That's perfect.
They make a beautiful couple, right?
Welcome to my home.
Thank you.
It is very comfortable.
More comfortable
without your coat.
Already 5 pm
and I did not sleep at all.
If later than that?
A fabulous night.
This morning also.
This is where I work.
Arise where your parts.
Fruits of what I saw,
people I have known.
It is here that I write.
- You want a drink?
- Yes.
Scotch, orange juice, milk?
- Like you.
- Milk.
What is it?
A guided missile?
No, my dictation machine.
I had never seen before.
I did it on purpose.
I love walking by dictating.
I'll show you ...
You see that?
It is a microphone.
There are four in the room.
The command is there.
I turn it on, the microphones are connected
I mean, the record stores.
I stop, it stops.
Very ingenious.
Here, try it out.
Wander the room.
Say something.
"The early morning,
"I fell asleep in the evening,
I think of you.
"You're the air that surrounds me,
"The sky dominates me,
"Under my feet.
"Listening to music,
contemplate the beauty,
"Breathe in the sun
make me think of you.
"You're the sister I missed
mother and I almost forgot,
"The woman I've always dreamed of.
"All the ties that bind
man and woman,
"I want to weave with you.
"Nothing with you."
It's very flattering
to hear mentioned.
I will revert.
Say something.
"The early morning,
"falling asleep in the evening,
I think of you.
"You're the air that surrounds me,
"the sky dominates me,
the earth beneath my feet.
"Listening to music,
contemplate the beauty,
"breathe in the sun
make me think of you.
"You're the sister I missed
mother and I almost forgot,
"the woman I've always dreamed of.
"All the ties that bind
man and woman,
"I want to weave with you.
"Nothing with you."
It's very flattering
to hear mentioned.
Wonderful day.
Every moment.
We dine at seven o'clock.
I'll be there before.
- I listen
- Miss!
For two hours I try
obtain Prospect 17171.
The line is out?
- One moment, please.
- Thank you.
A delegation sends us
to find out where our hostess.
Must descend.
I arrive in a minute.
Dear Professor manners
since I was a kid:
everyone expects.
's phone number:
17171 ...
not responding.
He had to get him something.
He had the wrong day.
This reception
was in his honor.
Myra, I got it.
Join your guests.
It is the wrong time.
He would have called,
he calls every night.
He would not have two hours late,
something had happened to him.
I gotta go.
- I'll be driving, Myra?
- No, I must go alone.
And guests?
Tell them what you want.
Where were you?
I called constantly.
Forgive me.
Where are you going?
I do not have a place in your life.
Not my place.
And you were leaving?
Without even saying a word?
I am not of your world.
You so much.
I have nothing.
Without you I have nothing.
- Hello!
- Hello.
Did you sleep well?
- Come on, get enough sleep.
- No, stop!
- Your shirt?
- In the chest.
- What drawer?
- That one.
- Let's swim before lunch.
- Okay.
Turn around.
Come on, turn around!
I love to watch!
Impossible at this time it is ...
After that, anyone can.
Without lipstick?
A woman must put.
Otherwise, I feel naked.
Go out.
Before I forget that I am married.
- You take it?
- Yes, please.
I'll cook breakfast
after our swim.
Where are the stairs?
What was he?
It is a precipice!
I run these steps
since I was 12 years old!
Do it again!
Why not? "Live
dangerously "said Nietzsche.
And what happened to Nietzsche?
He's dead!
Mr. and Mrs. Blaine
descend at a moderate pace.
- Very well.
- Attention.
- What is it?
- There is no railing.
- No danger, I assure you!
- Oh no?
You can kill so high.
What a wonderful place for that!
You know how
they are down in the winter? On skis!
Ms. Blaine?
You'll end up in the water!
But if!
Reception at Mr. and Mrs. Blaine
20 hours
Eve, darling.
My dear friends,
Eve and George Ralston.
- Dr. Van Roon.
- Nice, Doctor.
You married
one healthy specimen.
I'm so happy for you!
- Do you play bridge?
- Very bad.
Better! A poor player
with lots of money!
I was joking.
Good evening, Mr Kearney.
- Where were you?
- Dear Van!
At the summer house. It was divine.
Oh Myra?
My mother arrived?
It is with Tom and Francesca.
I see him. Come
greet her.
- Excuse me.
- Please, Doctor.
Hi, Junior.
- Congratulations.
- Thank you.
Irene of New York.
Myra Hudson.
Mrs. Blaine now?
Good evening, Miss Neves.
Good evening, Mrs. Blaine.
My husband, Lester Blaine.
- Good evening.
- Miss Neves.
Welcome to California.
You intend to stay?
I intend to be a San Franciscan.
I took an apartment
the Tamalpais.
- Lovely.
- Sorry.
Presents her guests
and serve him a drink.
Nice to meet you
Irene Neves.
My brother, Steve.
If we went for a drink
Do not bother. It's late.
Thank you for this evening.
I usually ride home
my date and I go to kiss her.
Needless to bother you!
Hello, darling.
Call me tomorrow.
What are you doing
San Fransico?
An old friend of mine married
San Franciscan one.
Here, I'll show you.
All the New York press
has spoken.
author married actor
Good pictures, huh?
No sarcasm!
I came to see how you ...
- Since when are you here?
- A week. And leave me alone!
Where did you meet Kearney?
In his office.
A lawyer, it is still used.
Especially that of your wife.
- This is Steve, his lawyer!
- Yes.
But Junior
is most impressionable.
How did you impressed?
You said go to Chicago ...
to work!
What did you told?
If I told a certain woman
you had paid $ 5,000?
You told him?
You told him?
Yet. And I have not spoken
the case of Fire Island, either.
Neither our night new year!
Try a little, and it will
make you swallow the front!
Do not forget it.
Thank you ...
Thank you very much!
Thank you for what?
To love me again.
Tell Mr. Bolder
I remember.
Please filter all calls,
Miss Carter.
Well, Mr. Kearney.
It is therefore a sum
quite negligible.
That is correct.
You know, of course, that your wife
is a very wealthy woman.
- We never talk about it.
- I see.
Foremost, I would like to know
how much you want to have.
Without pretending to maintain Myra
I intend to meet my needs.
Far from me the idea of ??...
Of course, you're a friend of Myra
and I hope to become yours.
I apologize.
- Yes?
- Steve
I calculated the sum
Myra gives the foundation.
# You realize the share of the inheritance
it will give
We'll talk later.
Few jobs, you say,
here for an actor.
Myra but is paramount.
She has friends here.
This is where we live.
At the right time.
Would you have a job for me?
Sorry to call you
but I have no relationship here.
I see.
Copyright Myra
exempt you from working.
It is essential
I can work.
I'm not the kind
to live on his wife's money.
I understand.
Before preparing ...
Our friend is ...
Nice to see you.
or business?
Purely courtesy.
This is for you.
Miss Irene Neves.
- Sorry, Lester.
- Make.
Hello, Irene!
I also enjoyed.
If we could see himself soon?
It does not get rid of me
like that!
A lovely place
for an appointment!
Junior harassing you again!
What are you up to?
- You're hurting me.
- This is only the beginning!
Why do you Junior?
You did not call for 8 days.
Because I have to pay rent,
and because I do not like
I'll find the money,
but I have to be careful.
And I do anything in the meantime?
I am waiting for you people?
You, you could help me!
Junior has a crush on you.
Cause it easily.
Do cause what?
My wife gives a fortune
the foundation Hudson.
I want to know how and to whom.
Ask him yourself
on the pillow!
If it was working like before?
Yes, why
is this not the case?
You'll see what you can
draw Kearney?
I'll return like a glove.
It's not too early.
I did cause.
It took me 5 Martinis.
He was at the table last night.
You know how much of its heritage
it gives?
I wish it was a joke!
According to Junior,
it keeps some properties
and copyrights.
Everything else goes to the foundation.
A beautiful soul
you married there!
I gave you the key. Come.
We have things to say.
Hello, darling.
Thank you again for last night.
You made me dance
as a beginner.
But you have all the air
a beginner!
What are you hiding there?
A small private party
waiting guests.
You spoil me too!
Better than no husband!
What's better than champagne
in the company of a beautiful woman?
Nothing pleases me as much as
drinking champagne with you.
- I was talking to Steve the other day ...
- He'll be here in a moment.
It comes early for
bring me the papers.
He spoke of a foundation
in memory of your father.
The foundation of the Heart.
Great idea.
You explain to me?
Gladly, my darling.
You messed me.
Is that true?
- Who is this?
- Mr. Kearney expects Ms. Blaine.
Hello Steve!
You wanted to see me?
Yes, dear.
Happy birthday!
But it's Monday!
Monday, it will be
your real birthday!
Today, you sign the power
for the foundation.
Do not tell me that I still
of papers to read?
Lester must also sign.
You're married, I noted.
I know ...
and I am ecstatic!
I redid your will
because ...
I'm married, I know!
As a friend
and also as a lawyer,
I allowed myself to you suggest
making a bequest.
Thank you, Steve.
If you find there to say, I can
modify it as you wish.
"My husband ...
"After my death receive 10,000 dollars
year and lifetime
"Unless remarries."
I will not do that
someone I love.
Not for all the gold in the world.
The bully
into the beyond.
I'm surprised.
Steve, I'm rich forever.
What gift could I do?
I had everything.
But it was not enough.
And then I knew Lester.
He totally filled.
He gave me everything
without taking anything.
If it is my love.
For the first time,
I felt poor,
because I had it to give.
And for the first time,
I felt rich,
so he gave me in return.
This is a tirade
that once you have screaming!
I know ... but happy
love the pictures!
Yes, I know.
I will make the changes
I wish to Monday, okay?
Could you do it now?
Tomorrow, we go to Sacramento.
- What a joy!
- Is not it?
We argue a case
before the Supreme Court.
Better to think
To my dear husband ...
To my beloved husband ...
What was he, Steve?
But nothing ...
I'd rather dictate.
Paragraph one:
"I, the undersigned, bequeath to my husband
beloved Lester Blaine,
"The copyright of my pieces.
"This provision
is valid in perpetuity,
"He had to remarry
after my death ...
"Or in my lifetime,
"If our union had to break.
"I do not tyranniserai
in the grave. "
My guests arrive.
Steve, be an angel and tell them
I arrived in a moment, will you?
- Naturally.
- Thank you.
Paragraph 2 ...
I close the door?
Paragraph 2:
"When I die, all my movable
buildings and go to my husband.
"Poor thank
the happiness he gave me. "
It is so nice to Mrs. Blaine
inviting me tonight!
- We gotta get involved. -
- I do not see how. -
What a pleasure, Miss Eve!
- This is crucial. -
- Myra falls, Lester.
- Thank you, Steve.
In the office of Myra,
I'll let you know.
Thank you!
I say four spades.
I pass.
Six hearts.
I climbed the six hearts.
Oh no.
I feel bad we left.
If it was reviewing it, partner?
- Hello, Ann!
- Hello, Myra.
You slept late.
Lester left
before I get up.
You will be told that
late for dinner.
You know that you left
dictaphone connected?
Oh, no, I'd turn it off.
At least, I think!
It was on.
I starting off.
I had forgotten!
I was so happy last night!
It's good to see you so happy!
Paragraph One:
"I, the undersigned, bequeath to my husband
beloved Lester Blaine,
"copyright of my pieces.
"This provision
is valid for life,
"even if he remarry
after my death ...
"or my lifetime,
if our relationship were to break.
"I do not tyranniserai
in the grave. "
My guests arrive.
Steve , be an angel and tell them
I arrived in a moment, will you?
- Naturally.
- Thank you.
Paragraph 2 ...
I close the door?
Paragraph 2:
"When I die, all my movable
buildings and go to my husband.
"Poor thank
the happiness he gave me. "
What's New
According to Junior, she would have changed
his will.
two brothers go three days
in Sacramento.
Monday, will be signed.
- Why the rush?
- I do not know.
- What I bequeath she?
- I know.
I'm good to belt.
You do not have asked him
In what capacity?
I took enough risks.
Tired of playing husbands numb
Here your role.
# You're doing great!
Sometimes I want to say:
"Look things in the face.
"I've never loved!
Never, never! "
I'd like to see his head
# You say anything.
Mollo! Waiting for me.
Come on, yet.
# You smeared me my red
lip. Where is he has a mirror
Here, next to the office.
I dream only of you.
Lester not
How do I
me without you
What is it?
"testamentary provisions
Ms. Hudson-Blaine "
Let me .
"The Hudson Foundation" ...
No, it's not.
Here! "My husband, Lester Blaine
receive, after my death,
$ 10,000 per year. "
Listen rather this:
"Unless remarries."
# And you thought you were smart
have nothing agreed to it
Neither gift or jewelry,
- The bitch!
- Listen
She can not sign until Monday.
- Junior told you?
- Yes.
She will have the money
its old on Monday. Not before.
will sign Monday.
What's the difference?
can prevent it,
by Monday.
If anything happened to him
by Monday, which palperait
"Her husband, Lester Blaine."
I would have. Why not?
As you say:
why not?
You and me rich!
Lester, I have a gun.
No ... Should it look
an accident.
That is easy.
Not so easy.
We three days.
Distrust. We suspect the husband
before it is cooled.
Three days ...
We'll put it in focus.
Kiss me.
# You drive me crazy!
I could crush you!
Enough. Be careful.
You should make me the key.
- What key?
- That of my apartment.
No, he could help me.
Absolutely not!
Junior can break.
# And your wife lives nearby.
Steve and Junior
we leave the field open.
No time to lose.
I must devises
a nice little accident unstoppable.
in our ropes.
I know a way.
I know a way ...
I know a way ...
I know a way ...
I know a way ...
I'm tired
playing husbands numb.
You keep him in my arms as well.
That's what I dream.
Calm down, Lester.
I do not know how I can
me without you.
# You drive me crazy.
I could crush you ...
She will pay dearly.
must it look
an accident.
a nice little accident
totally unstoppable.
accident ... An accident ...
# You're here
Myra, open me
You cried. What was he?
What you got?
I slept ...
I ...
I had ... dreaming.
What was he?
Nobody saw you the day.
I felt woozy.
It saddens me.
You think this is bad?
Not a terrible migraine.
I've never seen you like this.
I may be abused champagne
last night.
You drink with everyone.
- I'll make a potion.
- No!
I nerves on edge.
I took an aspirin.
A little sleep will do me good.
As you wish, dear ...
I'm going to bed.
You'll feel better
under the covers.
You're not better?
I'll find something
for you to sleep.
Where are your pills?
Here they are.
It will help you sleep.
What was he, honey?
I think I will sleep without.
I'm exhausted.
Needless to fight, honey.
Take in
if you have trouble sleeping.
Good night, sweetheart.
I go to bed early, too.
I leave the door open?
No, thank you.
Give me the key.
What key
# You know it!
The key to my apartment.
could help me.
I have a gun.
Hello, Mr. Blaine.
Hello, Mrs. Blaine.
You slept a little?
Like a baby.
The last thing I remember,
looking for my sleeping pills
is that I fell!
Do you feel better?
Much better.
That attention!
I have much to be forgiven.
- What is it?
- Yesterday.
I'm afraid I was miserable.
It does not look like you.
I had to overwork.
My new play, no doubt.
Forgiveness, Lester.
I thought we could go
few days.
To rest.
Maybe I will find my
usual cheerfulness of Mrs. Blaine?
From? Where?
In the summer house.
This season?
Sounds insane,
but in winter, I like it.
It is so quiet.
I will walk to the water's edge.
This is not folichon.
This is wonderful.
As on a deserted island.
Nothing is open?
Nothing close.
All the houses in the waterfront
are closed for the season.
There will be the seagulls ...
like a Russian novel!
It is very relaxing
to be alone ...
away from everyone.
It does not bother you
that I put your stuff?
Nothing annoys me with you
except that you to go.
If this is what you want,
this is what we do.
You do not have to do!
Of course I am!
Needless to sacrifice yourself
because I need to rest.
I am strong, honey.
You will not only there.
No need to discuss.
I confess, I was hoping
that you would come.
- It is decided, then?
- If you're sure it does not bother you.
When it's for your own good?
A second honeymoon.
No one. Just the two of us.
- Sounds wonderful.
- It will be wonderful!
- The bags ...
- Wait!
It's too early for suitcases.
We would not leave until Sunday.
- Sunday? But I thought ...
- I would like ...
but I can not
from earlier, darling.
Oh! Lester ...
- Will you make me happy?
- Of course.
If you went this afternoon
light a good fire,
to remove moisture?
I'd be happy.
At dinner tonight, then.
Wait a minute.
You do not kiss me?
Why you looking at me like that?
I wondered what I had done
to deserve you.
Myra invited me to lunch
What did you say?
I had an appointment
with an incredible man.
Do you think she suspects
I know him to deceive.
it leaves us little time.
Yes, but here, the place is ideal
an accident.
All these steps ...
And it was she who wanted to come.
Yes! Listen ...
Tomorrow morning you book
places his agency drama.
Two next week.
- For who?
- For her.
No, four. Junior and me.
I say to Junior
it provides for a lunch or dinner.
Communion is in trouble.
List nags
who owe me money!
Fashion is in FAIRMON Saturday
Lester, I have the solution.
Come home at midnight.
Do not ring. Take your key.
Lester, I have the solution.
Come home at midnight.
Do not ring. Take your key.
I have a foolproof plan.
Come find me
the garage just at midnight.
If I'm not at midnight
and a half, go home.
Destroy word.
Good afternoon. Are you ready?
Ready? To do what?
From as planned ...
- You're not wearing?
- But I told you ...
Sorry, this is Ann
I had to say.
Say what?
It was Eve's birthday yesterday.
It will be mine tomorrow.
They are celebrating today.
I had completely forgotten.
What do you say?
Instead of from there,
we will in Ralston.
- But you promised ...
- I know.
But I promised to Eve,
and for a long time.
Listen ...
You promised to the summer house.
You can not go back!
Why are you so upset?
I think I'm just disappointed.
I rejoiced
to be alone with you.
A new honeymoon ...
You can always ...
within a week.
You need to rest!
Why a dinner?
I feel much better.
And again, Steve and Junior returned
They did not return on Monday?
The firm.
They will be at Eve tonight.
Dinner followed by a bridge.
Dinner followed by a bridge ...
You should have told me.
Was it so important?
I ...
I canceled
a round of golf.
You can still go.
It's early. Do not be angry.
I'm not mad!
Your disappointment touches me deeply.
I'll see
if I can make a career.
Do not delay.
I called Steve, Irene
Junior and a drink,
before going to Eve.
And you let her
without saying anything?
You left to do?
Shut up!
You want me to bring the force?
May be necessary.
Time is running out!
This is our last chance!
I could have strangled.
Two days wasted.
We could organize everything.
It has no time to lose.
Go ahead, answer.
The owner.
Radio discomfort.
Lester must act tonight.
You run the risk of losing everything!
It could be an accident.
A little accident.
What kind of accident?
What kind?
Keep your voice down, will you?
What kind of accident?
Do you remember this woman
who tried to kill himself in Fire Island?
I got him!
Do you remember?
The trick with which
she tried to kill herself!
What does it get us?
I! I kept it!
You'll see.
- I put it?
- Yes.
A glass is a bit tight.
Junior, of course!
I did not know
you would be white.
I can change
it will be done quickly.
No, the white looks good on you.
Thank you.
Delicious, Martini.
I'll get the biscuits.
If we stay here? It's more fun
than playing bridge.
The bridge takes you mind
it protects you from unwelcome
and your monthly rounds.
Hopefully Myra play with me.
What do you say, partner?
Myra head elsewhere tonight.
Hello, my dear?
I'm sorry.
We expect in Ralston.
I'll get my coat.
There is a year in Ralston,
it was against seven spades.
Are you ready?
- I think so.
- Water, quickly.
- How did this happen?
- I tripped over my coat.
- You're pale as a ghost!
- I'm alive!
Come sit.
- My ankle.
- Which one? Let's see.
Taking away the shoe.
It is not pretty.
Call a physician.
No, it's not so bad.
Tomorrow, I will make a radio.
Here, drink this.
Oh, dear.
Thank you.
Try to stand up.
I advise against it.
If a little exercise.
You think so?
It's good for the circulation.
Well, Irene,
I'll try.
Lester, you wanna help me?
Useless to insist.
You should go to bed.
Yeah, you're probably right.
If you're resting a bit ...
No, it will not do anything.
It goes without saying,
go ahead without me.
With a husband like yours?
No way to leave you alone.
Go ahead. Tell Ralston
we are sorry.
I take your coat, Irene.
The sooner we leave,
faster you will be in bed.
Sorry, Myra.
I want to be dropped.
I'm clumsy!
If you only cared,
ice, no kettle.
I know
thank you, Steve.
I'll take care of it.
I'm sure Lester.
I put my scarf
before the mirror.
Excuse me.
- I will not spoil your party?
- Do you. Healed quickly.
Thank you, Junior.
Come find me
the garage just at midnight.
I insist, you should
bring a doctor.
Tell Eve I'm sorry.
I know she'll understand.
- She'll understand.
- Yes, of course.
I'll call you after dinner
to see how you go.
Good evening.
Hi ...
I hope
you get better soon, Myra.
Thank you, Irene.
Save yourself.
I wear Myra there ...
- Goodbye!
- Goodbye, Lester, Myra.
Sorry to spoil the evening.
But you do not like the bridge,
Bring me an ice pack.
And a cigarette, please.
I'll see
in the bathroom.
There is none.
I go down.
Can you bring me my coat?
Ice pack, coat.
And your shoes too.
A book, perhaps?
If I was reading?
Yes ...
I would like ...
I'd love that.
"Let's share the mystery.
"Do not limit yourself constantly
exercises of introspection.
"Book a corner of your heart
seeds carried by the wind,
"And a dark
for passing bird.
"Keep up
host to unexpected
"An altar to the unknown god.
"If the bird sings
in your branches,
"Not tame too fast.
"If you see
something new
"A thought or feeling
in the depths of your being,
"Do not rush
to elucidate, analyze.
"Let this seed spring
"The protection afforded oblivion.
"Let the peace
Closing serve him.
"Do not deprive him of his darkness.
"Let him take shape
let it grow.
"And do not breathe a word about your happiness
to anyone. "
Are you sleeping?
You sleep?
I leave the house, 23 h 00
I arrive at Irene, 23 h 20
Junior Irene ride home, 23 h 35
Irene from the garage, 23 h 40
Lester arrives at Irene, 00 h 00
I get home, 00 h 20
Irene leaves the garage, 00 h 30
I leave the house, 23 h 00
I leave the house, 23 h 00
I arrive at Irene, 23 h 20
Junior Irene ride home, 23 h 35
Irene from the garage, 23 h 40
Lester arrives at Irene, 00 h 00
I get home, 00 h 20
Irene leaves the garage, 00 h 30
You are guilty of murder.
killing Lester Blaine,
you are sentenced to death.
- Hi.
- Leave me!
- You have a drink?
- Enough!
- Let yourself be.
- Get off me!
The bourgeois!
nice escorted me
while you're having fun so well.
Junior, I have a headache.
An aspirin and go to bed.
Compete with others, I know.
With aspirin, this is new.
You know I'm going to bed.
I have a good remedy
against migraine.
If you dtendais a little?
No, not tonight.
Me not so soon.
It is this which forced me migraine
to shorten the evening.
You're too beautiful
for headache.
Needless to crush me.
This is what I imagined things.
I thought ...
you had another.
you let me in time!
If this were true, I'd kill him.
You would not hurt a fly!
Why not?
You have no profile.
And now ...
The answer is no.
But I'm going anyway.
Another one?
Good night, Junior.
Yes, but take care of yourself.
- See you tomorrow.
- That's it.
No ...
Irene? Why you did not win,
I wanted to reiterate evening.
Irene, okay? Irene
Irene, okay?
Answer me, Irene
Irene, where are you?
Irene, open this gate!
Irene, where are you?
Irene, where are you?
Myra ...
Sir, I beg you,
help me!
Let me in!
Help me!
Lester! It's Irene!
Talk about a shock!
Do not touch anything.
Must wait for an ambulance.
- The driver was killed.
- The girl also.
Adaptation : Bernard MOCQUO