Sudden Terror: The Hijacking of School Bus #17 (1996) Movie Script

Chopper One to Command.
No sign
of hostages released.
RITTER : We have three minutes,
repeat, three minutes
to his deadline.
-All buildings and
civilians are evacuated.
-LT. LEONE : Sniper, Chief.
He's got a gun pointed at
the head of a hostage.
We're taking position.
GENTRY : Attention.
Tear gas ready.
Bomb squad has arrived.
We're in position
and awaiting orders.
SOLDIER 1: Clear
to the left! Let's go.
GENTRY: We're going in.
GENTRY: We've got
access to the roof.
Command to Air One. Hostage.
Suspect. Bystanders.
Anyone. Over!
No, sir. Negative.
No movement.
-Broken off, sir. He refuses
to answer the phone.
-No hostages released.
He's walking up
and down the aisle of the bus.
I see nine of
the sixteen hostages.
GENTRY: Snipers
report ready, sir.
Assault teams are ready,
and all bystanders
have been evacuated.
We have to meet his
demands in three minutes,
or he starts killing hostages.
Sir, he's bluffed before.
We have five children
on there.
All teams, this is Ritter.
We're out of time.
Negotiations have broken off.
I believe the hostages
are in imminent danger.
Snipers, if you get a
clear shot, take him out.
Assault team... Go.
Everybody off, now!
Well, the hostage
taker's down.
-Five balloons popped.
-Casualty report.
Hijacker is dead.
Five hostages killed
or injured.
One child, sir.
Oh, not acceptable.
Maybe we should have waited.
RITTER: Okay, we'll try
this again next week.
Okay, gentlemen,
let's go home.
Hotel 598, Hotel 598,
what is your status?
-School day.
-Oh, that's okay. I'll write
you a note.
-School day.
You raised two
great girls there.
It'll be wonderful having
them home for the holidays.
They're both in college.
It's incredible.
So, why are you sad?
You miss them?
You're on the phone with them
about ten times a day.
Every day
when I take those children to
their school, I get sad.
They have their
problems, you know,
and they work so hard.
But maybe they will never be
able to go to college.
Yeah, but you've never been
sad about them before.
I mean, you talk about them
all the time. About how
Benito's going to the moon
and how Katie's always
smoothing out
the wrinkles in her dress,
and how Fernando is always
rating everything, how...
-I don't think you're sad
about them.
-You don't, huh?
I think, I think you
want a baby.
I know you would be
a great father.
And I know that we
can't have a baby.
That's why I'm sad.
Well, maybe we could
look into adoption.
Let's talk about
it later, okay?
I don't want to be late. Okay.
Nice car. It's sexy,
it's sensible.
You look great in this car.
Well, that's what some
sweet-talking salesman
told me once.
-And you know why?
-I ended up marrying him.
Look, I'm, I'm substituting in
a gym class across
from Jackson today.
We could have lunch there.
It would be thirty minutes of
kids running and screaming
and yelling and throwing
food and totally misbehaving.
What do you think?
I think you are very clever,
trying to cheer me up.
I'll see you later.
-You're sure you're okay?
I'm okay. You okay?
Yeah, I'm okay.
-I love you.
-I love you.
-What's the matter? You don't
like my buses, Angel?
Well, the last time I drove
this bus, you know, the radio
went nada after about an
hour and I had to write it up.
It's all fixed, Angel.
We can talk to
your heart's content.
Yeah, we'll just see
about that, won't we?
Good morning. No
more nada, okay?
If those kids aren't picked up
precisely on time, it upsets
them and their parents.
Have I ever been late?
What's he talking "late"?
-Not once have we ever...
-Just go, ladies.
Left signal.
Right. Flashers.
Ooh. What's the matter, hon?
Moving a little bit
little bit slow today?
Well, last night, Joe and
the kids wanted Cuban food,
and I'm still tasting it.
Oh. That's because you have
to eat the right Cuban food.
How do you think I
get my muscles to
drive this, huh?
Ah, someday I'm gonna cook
you the good stuff.
Oh. Well, you just use
those muscles to avoid
these potholes, okay?
Bus CX-17, radio check.
CX-17, loud
and clear, as promised.
CX-17 leaving
the yard on time.
-As promised.
-Roger, CX-17.
Have a safe trip.
Nice and easy.
-(SLOWLY) This is gonna be one
long day.
There. You like the ribbon?
Sweetie, the dress
doesn't have any
more wrinkles.
You got them all.
Okay. Here we go.
-Good morning, Mrs. Caldwell.
-Good morning, Mrs. Stebbins.
Good morning, Katie.
Oh, you look so beautiful
in that dress. Hm?
Just like a princess.
Bye, sweetie. Have fun.
Hey, sweetie,
can Mommy get a hug?
Okay, how about a wave?
-A wave is progress.
-Yup. Bye.
-You know what? I'm gonna
be a seal.
-You can't. You're a person.
A person cannot be a seal.
I rate that a zero.
GLENDA: Katie's here.
Good morning, Katie.
Good morning, Katie.
-Clean, and still
no wrinkles.
Where are we going, Senora ?
-Same place as every day.
-Where? Where are we going?
(LAUGHING) To the moon,
-How's everybody?
-ALL: Hello, Mrs. Caldwell.
Hey, Roberto. Did
you know that I used to be
a hair stylist?
And let me tell
you, baby, you have
the most beautiful hair.
-I know.
-How do you know?
-Because every day
you tell me.
Ricky? Another record?
Yes. New world record.
Twenty-seven days in a row
with a new world record.
-This one's never
gonna be broken.
-Oh, yeah, until tomorrow.
Every day, you get better.
He's got the world record
for new world records.
Okay, one more stop
before school.
-Josefina, then
the moon.
-Yes. Then the moon, Benito.
CELENA: I know a song.
It's called "The Wheels
on the Bus".
We sing that every day.
I rate that a zero point one.
Fernando, I rate wiggling
out of your harness
a zero point zero.
You must stay in, okay?
JIMMY: Me. Me. I know a song.
"The Fernando on the Bus"!
The Fernando on the bus goes
up and down
up and down, up and down
The Fernando on
the bus goes up and down
Oh, I didn't mean
to startle you, Harry.
You know, if the Lord
rewards fervor in praying,
he'll look well upon you.
Oh, this is a poem,
actually, Pastor.
"What is Success"?
You could write
your own book on that.
He's spoken to me, Pastor.
He has shown me a way out.
-A way out of what, Harry?
He's watching over me.
-Buenos dias, Senora.
-Buenos dias.
Josefina, what
a pretty hairdo.
-I hate it. I don't
want to go.
The Josefina on
the bus goes up and down
all over the town
Mama, I know already!
-Gracias. Bye.
Get back on.
I said get back on.
Okay. Now wave
goodbye to Mom and Dad...
Who are you?
Sit down with your child.
-Where's the bus driver?
-I'm the driver,
and you can't ride.
-Yes. I'm in charge.
No. I am in charge now.
-Listen, I don't know
who you are...
-You don't need to know
who I am.
What you do need to know
is if you don't follow my
instructions to the letter,
I will detonate
the explosives in this bag
and you and all
these children will die.
We understand each other.
You see this bag?
Anyone who touches it dies.
-I said, anyone!
-He can't hear very well.
-(HOARSLEY) Celena!
What's with these kids?
They're special. Okay?
They're special children.
And you're scaring them.
Please, get off the bus.
-Where are we going, Senora?
To the Federal Building.
Right up to the front door of
the Internal Revenue Service.
And if they don't do
exactly as I say,
and your bus driver
doesn't do exactly as I say,
I will detonate
the explosives in
that bag back there,
and this bus and that
building will blow so high,
it will make
Oklahoma City look like a dud.
Okay? Are we all clear?
Yes. But please,
I'll do whatever
you ask me to.
Just don't hurt the children.
Let them off the bus,
and we'll just...
Oh, you see, I need
these kids.
Why? Why are you doing this?
Okay, I'll do
whatever you tell me to.
That's perfect.
They're special.
She's the driver.
He is watching over me.
(YELLING) Drive!
FERNANDO: Excuse me.
Excuse me.
You must sit in your seat with
your seatbelt fastened
while the bus is in motion.
Fernando, we must be silent.
What are you doing?
You planning something?
She's sick. She told me
before we started.
You got a phone in here?
You gonna use it when
my back is turned?
Drug addict? You're not
setting a good example
for the kids.
It's insulin. I'm a diabetic.
Come here. Come here.
What are you doing?
-I stop...
-Railroad tracks.
-Not today, you don't.
Oh, well, you want
them to stop us?
They will, if I don't do this.
Okay, okay, okay.
That was good. Do as I tell
you to do, don't
attract attention,
-and no one gets hurt.
-All right.
-You just tell me what to do.
Would whoever has his mic
open kindly hang it up?
You're blowing every
other bus off the air.
Come on. This
is Driver Training Day One.
What if I had an
emergency here, huh?
-MARTA: Mister?
-HARRY: What?
I need directions.
Take a right
on the side street.
MARTA: Okay, I took
a right. Now what?
Angel, is that you?
Angel, is your
radio broken again?
Hurry it up.
(NERVOUSLY) Well, I can't.
There's a dead end.
Hey! Hey, everybody, quiet.
-HARRY: Turn there!
-MARTA: Which way?
That way! There!
Well, I don't have eyes in
the back of my head!
You gotta tell
me right or left!
Don't yell at me.
(NERVOUSLY) I'm sorry.
It's just that
I don't what to do.
And besides, look, there's
a car behind us.
(STUTTERS) It's just a car.
I know what's in your bag.
-It's C-4. Plastic explosives.
-Isn't it?
You're a smart boy, Jimmy.
Keep moving. Turn left.
You're gonna talk. Say
only what I tell you.
And do not identify yourself.
Pay attention.
This is an emergency.
Pay attention.
This is an emergency.
I am in charge of the bus now.
I am in charge of the bus now.
And I will kill
the children...
I will kill
the children...
And I will kill
the children...
If my demands are not met.
If my demands are not met.
My name is Harry Kee.
Police. This is Dade County
School Bus dispatch.
We have a Code Red.
Hijacking in progress.
Barney? We're providing
security for an imaginary
purple dinosaur?
There may be thousands
of kids pushing for
autographs and hugs.
Including mine. I know it
sounds tough, Gentry,
but I think we can handle it.
Kath? SRT just got a report
of a hostage situation.
It's a bus. A school bus.
Captain Ritter's on vacation.
Activate the SRT.
Have them stand by for orders.
His name is Harry Kee.
He's got no record. He says
he's got a bomb on the bus,
and he'll blow up himself
and the children on board if
we don't meet his demands.
We don't
know the location of the bus.
But the dispatcher thinks
he knows the driver.
Her name is Marta Caldwell.
She drives to
Jackson Elementary
and never got there.
-That anybody's kid's school?
-How many children on board?
Well, not sure.
Eight usually ride.
Some may have
stayed home sick.
Well, let's contact
the parents, find out exactly
how many we're dealing with.
-What are the demands?
-He's got a problem
with the IRS.
That's all we know right now.
He says he's gonna blow up
the bus in front of
the IRS offices
of the South Miami
Federal Building, with
the children on board,
if they don't do as he says.
And he won't negotiate.
He's not answering
the bus radio.
Find out what the IRS
knows. Of all the times for
the captain to go fishing.
-Does dispatch think
it's for real?
He told us
a couple of other things.
Marta Caldwell
has been a bus driver all of
two months.
And the bus number,
get this, is CX-17.
The "X" means the kids
on board are special.
Emotionally disturbed,
learning disabled.
One of them's partially deaf.
Those are his hostages.
What a world.
Lieutenant Caroselli will
coordinate all communications
and negotiations.
-I'll brief the team on
board. Let's go!
-The line in the SR truck is secure
and direct to all vehicles as
well as dispatch here at HQ.
GENTRY: Move it out!
Let's move!
HQ Dispatch, this is Leone.
We're gonna need patrol units
and federal support for
evacuation of the South
Miami Federal Building.
I want detectives to
interview relatives
of the hijacker
and the bus
driver immediately.
We need to know what
we're dealing with.
Caroselli will coordinate.
Also get a chopper in the air.
Alert every patrol unit, every
school bus in the city.
We need to find school
bus CX-17 now. Leone out.
What we've got here is a guy
who's hijacked
a school bus, carrying kids
with special needs,
who he's threatening to kill.
He says he's
got a bomb on board, and he
wants to blow up the IRS.
Basically, he wants to do
an Oklahoma City in Miami,
and it's up to us to stop him.
Look, I've trained with you,
but never as your commander.
It'll be my privilege
to lead you today.
If I make a mistake,
or I overlook something,
let me know.
That's what I expect
of professionals,
and that's what you are.
-Am I clear?
-ALL: Yes, Ma'am.
if you can hear this,
please respond, Mr. Kee.
Mr. Harry Kee, this is
Lieutenant Dominick Caroselli
of the Metro-Dade Police.
I would like to discuss
your demands and resolve
this without any harm to you,
or the passengers.
Maybe he could
have helped you!
-Excuse me. Excuse me!
This isn't the right way.
Fernando... Children,
please, no talking.
You and Jimmy
are so observant.
Why don't you guys look
out the window,
see if you see any police.
Maybe they can
show us the right way.
But I already
know the right way.
After we pick up Josefina,
we go straight for six lights.
Then we make
a left turn. Five blocks.
Then we make
a right turn. Three blocks.
Then we make
a right turn into the bus lane
at Jackson Elementary School.
At the sign that says
"Buses Only".
That's the right way.
This is the wrong way.
We have to go back
to Josefina's, so we can
find the right way.
Your flashers are on.
-What'd she say?
-She said my flashers were on.
I forgot to turn them
off after the railroad
crossing, okay?
-Yes. I'm nervous. I'm trying
to do the best I can!
Turn left off the highway,
then pull over and stop.
-What's your name?
You're a liar, Marta.
You've been lying
to me all along, huh, Marta?
Listen, the problem
with the IRS
is not the children's fault.
Let her go, please.
-Katie's fine.
But if I find out you've
been lying to
me again, Katie will be first.
And then the others.
And you will be responsible.
So we'll just wait right here.
And if anybody shows up...
We'll just do it right here.
Benito, we'll
get to the moon. Okay?
It's gonna be all right.
There you go!
Don't hog the ball.
Come on, what are you doing?
Come on, come on. Pass it.
Pass it. Let's go!
-Mr. Caldwell?
We're Detective Sims
and Grantham, Metro-Dade.
-Can we talk to you for
a moment?
-Sure. What's up?
Sir, there's an incident
in progress aboard your
wife's school bus.
An incident?
What are you talking about?
Apparently, there's
a hostage situation.
That's all we know.
is she okay?
Is anybody hurt?
We just got it over the radio.
Are you in contact with
the bus? Can I talk to her?
Mr. Caldwell, we don't know.
Right now, we just need to
ask you some things.
We're bringing the kids'
parents to the Jackson School
to wait this out.
Um, why don't we walk over
there while we talk?
-The principal's already
okayed it.
-Yeah, all right. All right.
All right. Would you
take over, please?
-GIRL: Sure.
-Sir, uh, going to work
this morning, uh,
how'd your wife act?
Uh, normal? Was she upset?
Well, I wouldn't say
she was upset. I...
What? Maybe depressed?
What the hell kind
of question is this?
Are you saying she's
a suspect in this thing?
No, no, no.
Sir, we don't know.
But we have to ask.
Was she depressed?
Yeah, she was depressed, okay?
-Why? Why?
Because the doctors
have said that the odds of
us ever having
a child together are slim.
Which we would like to
do, because we've been
married five years,
after lousy
first marriages, and we love
each other so much,
you wouldn't believe it.
That's why.
Any chance that might make
her want to do, well, you
know, something crazy?
You know why
she's driving that bus?
Because the other drivers
with more seniority
won't, that's why.
These kids have
problems, all right?
But she loves these kids.
And she tells me
about their problems.
She tells me about Benito
and Fernando and Katie.
She loves them.
And she would never,
ever do anything to hurt one
of them, or any other child.
So you just rule her
out as a suspect.
You rule her out.
If that bus is
in trouble, Marta Caldwell
is the best friend
that you or those
kids could possibly have.
No police cars.
Come on, play your
game. Come on!
What's with him?
let's sing, okay? Hm?
The wheels on
the bus go round
and round, round and round
round and round.
The wheels on
the bus go round and round
-all over town
Take the back roads
to the Federal Building.
Don't get on the expressway.
If the problem with the IRS
is money, I have some saved.
I can give it to you and...
The problem is, everything
I have achieved
over a lifetime of working,
not seeing my kids, two,
three, four jobs, they
are trying to take it away.
Will you just drive?
Come on!
The wipers on
the bus go swish
swish, swish
swish, swish, swish
-swish, swish, swish
-ALL: The wipers on the bus go
swish, swish, swish
all over town
The windows on
the bus go up and down
up and down, up and down
all over town
The entire building
must be evacuated.
Quickly but safely.
OFFICER 2: Go, go!
OFFICER 1 : The entire building
must be evacuated.
Go with me, you'll be okay.
His name is Kee.
Harry, first name.
Okay, we've blocked everything
except the main entry.
He'll come in through
the front courtyard.
We've got snipers
behind vehicles all the way.
-Have we found the bus?
But we've spoken
to Mr. Bus Driver.
He says Marta Caldwell
is the best friend you
and those kids could have.
We can use all
the help we can get.
Lieutenant, this is
Mr. Danielson of the IRS. He's
familiar with Mr. Kee's case.
What's Mr. Kee's problem
with the IRS, Mr. Danielson?
Forgive me, but
there are certain sticky
privacy issues here.
There are certain sticky
life and death issues here.
And we're a little too busy
trying to make sure he doesn't
blow up your building
to call Washington.
It's the IRS's position
that Mr. Kee has
underpaid his taxes
by sixteen thousand dollars.
Now, he disputes that.
We'd be happy to work
out a payment plan, anything
else that could help,
short of forgiving the debt.
Now, that would
only encourage others.
Here, take
this phone, all right?
And go over
to the evacuation location.
So he hijacks a bus over
sixteen thousand dollars.
Couldn't he hire
a lawyer and appeal?
My hunch is we're
dealing with a perfectionist.
Someone with huge ego
and pride, who now feels
unjustly persecuted
and he can't cope with that,
so he plans this
suicidal statement.
He wants to go out
with a great big bang. It's
so wildly irrational,
and so out of proportion to
the sixteen thousand dollars.
Dom, you're the best
negotiator in this business.
You could talk
anyone out of anything.
If he's suffered
a psychotic break,
he may not give me a chance.
This is big trouble, Kath.
We've got CX-17 going
northbound, near the
off ramp...
-Take the expressway. Do it!
-I thought you wanted to...
-What are you doing?
-I'm sorry. It was all
I could do to stop it on time.
We've been spotted. Plan B.
To the IRS, fast.
GENTRY : Okay, he is now
on the 826 expressway.
LT. LEONE : Close the
road. Escort him
in slow and easy.
GENTRY: The Chief is
gonna love it. This is
only one of the busiest
highways in the state.
Dom, we've got to talk to him.
have turned off or broken
the bus radio.
GENTRY: Okay, we need
to issue tactical
orders, Lieutenant.
He'll be on us in
a few minutes.
We need to talk to him first,
Sergeant. All teams stand by.
And close down that road.
All right, we need to shut
down the 826.
All sniper and assault teams
stand by for orders. Over.
-All right, Marta, go faster.
-I'm trying.
It's a school bus.
Bus CX-17 northbound
on the eight twenty-six a mile
of post twenty-three.
I'm in pursuit.
Check with the
watch commander.
Police car! Police car!
Where are we going, Senora?
To the moon, Benito.
It's going to be all right.
Get 'em away, Marta.
How without the radio?
Open the door!
-Don't do it!
-Please, please
let him help you.
Tell him to get away
or the bus explodes.
Move away!
Pull over for a phone.
We want to talk.
No! Just go or
he'll blow us up!
That was good.
Go faster.
Whatever they have done
to you, I, I know it
must be terrible.
But this is not
the way to fix it.
You know, Mr. Kee?
I mean, I know you don't want
to talk to them, but at least
talk to me. May...
Maybe I could help you.
Yeah, right.
Please, Mr. Kee,
I beg you, before
anyone gets hurt.
Drive faster.
REPORTER : Channel Seven
News has just learned
that the Metro-Dade
police have closed
the northbound lanes of
highway 826,
-and ask the public
to please stay away
-Come on, they've got it on.
-and use alternate
routes until further notice.
Right now, the only
information we have is that
there is a hijacking
in progress aboard this bus.
And police are telling
the public that the South
Miami Federal Building
is temporarily closed.
Back to you
in the studio, Greg.
-You are the driver's husband?
-Yeah. I'm Frank Caldwell.
-Hey, hey...
-No, no, no,
no, no, no, no!
Mr. Sanchez, Mr. Sanchez,
Mrs. Caldwell, the driver, is
a hostage, just like your son.
That's not what
the radio says.
I heard it coming over.
The radio doesn't know.
I know Marta. There's no way.
Mr. Sanchez, we know.
Mrs. Caldwell
is just following
the hijacker's orders.
(NERVOUSLY) I'm sorry.
I'm getting crazy.
No, believe me, me, too.
Umm, it's okay.
My son, he plays
a game with your wife.
He calls the school the moon.
-Oh, is this Benito?
He loves to ride the
bus to the moon
with Senora Caldwell.
He tries so hard...
LT. CAROSELLI: Four minutes.
REYNOLDS: When the bus
gets here,
do we let it drive up, or
do we stop it?
No, if we want to stop it,
we can't just shoot
out the tires.
He might start
killing hostages. We're gonna
have to stop him.
The problem is,
we may stop several children.
-Well, we need
orders, Lieutenant.
-All right.
I wish he'd talk to us.
Maybe he won't talk
'cause there's
nothing to talk about.
His demands are
a smokescreen.
All he wants to
do is make his statement.
By blowing up the building
in a suicide bombing.
And killing all
the hostages with him.
And we're escorting
him right to the front door.
Get a car. How fast
can we redeploy?
Fast. But uh,
that's really fast.
Then buy us some time.
We're in the wrong place.
It's time we made
our own statement.
REYNOLDS: Let's go!
Let's go! Load 'em up.
Move it out! Now!
Come one! Come on! Come on!
HARRY: 15 years I've been
a waiter, saving to build my
own restaurant.
My two girls, they didn't have
the fancy jackets and shoes.
I saved to give them
something important.
A good life, a future.
I mean,
that's the American dream.
And now, they want to
take it all away.
Like I'm a criminal.
See, it's they who
are the criminals
taking away my success.
Planning to destroy me.
I'm sorry.
My English is not as good
as my Spanish.
Why are you slowing down?
The police car
in front of me did.
Honk the horn.
Bump him. Bump him!
If we have an accident,
you won't get to the IRS, so
how will that help you?
He showed me. This is my exit.
Mr. Harry Kee,
this is Lieutenant Kathy Leone
with the Metro-Dade Police.
I have a phone for you.
We are ready, willing and able
to discuss your demands
when you
release your hostages.
We will bring you this phone,
while at the same time,
you let the children go,
before any of them are harmed.
Please respond, Mr. Kee.
Can we do that?
Mr. Kee, we need a signal from
you that we can approach
the bus and get you the phone.
Go. Go!
The snipers are ready,
No! Hold your fire.
She's got no place to go.
Where now?
Go down there.
But I can't! It's too steep!
Go down there
to the federal building!
Or we all die here.
Kids, hold on.
It's gonna explode.
Take cover!
No! Stop!
Plan B is dead.
Plan C...
The airport.
Miami International.
You see that back there?
That cop was a woman.
I've got a woman driver.
These kids.
Oh, it's all so perfect.
Mrs. Caldwell,
we need to go to school.
(STAMMERS) I need to go
to school right now, please.
Yes, Ricky, I know.
We'll get to school.
You know,
it's gonna be all right.
It's gonna be okay.
These children can't go on.
Then sing.
The wheels
on the bus go
round and round
round and round
round and round
(ALL SINGING) The wheels
on the bus go
round and round
all over town
All units, this is SR Command in a blue unmarked
with lights and sirens.
Move aside and let us
through now.
Yes, sir, I understand.
We thought we had him stopped.
We'd establish communications
and control of the situation.
But the driver got through us.
Yes, sir, but she is driving
and I can't change
that right now.
Yes, sir, I will.
Thank you, sir.
The Chief. He's worried
the driver may crack.
Aren't you?
Continuing to bring
you these dramatic pictures...
Lt. Leone's on the phone.
She'd like to ask you
a few questions.
This is Frank Caldwell
This is Lieutenant Leone,
Mr. Caldwell.
I want to ask you
about Mrs. Caldwell.
Before we do that,
I got all the parents here.
Is everyone all right?
So far as we know.
Our spotters can see
all the hostages
through the windows.
Now, you told the detective
that your wife was our
best friend on that bus.
You tell me why?
Let me tell you
a little story about Marta.
When she was 16,
she hid with her family
for five days,
without any food or water,
in a Cuban sugarcane field,
with soldiers patrolling
all around them,
till they could find a boat
to escape to America.
And when they finally sailed,
her father
saw a patrol boat,
and he armed Marta
with hand grenades.
And she would have used them.
But fortunately for us,
fortunately for me
the boat never stopped them,
and Marta became an American.
And my point is that
she will not panic.
Thank you, Mr. Caldwell.
You answered my question.
What were you saying?
her breathing is bad,
and I think she has to
get off the bus.
So does Ricky.
(SPANISH), Marta.
You told her to look
in my jacket to see
if I really had a detonator.
And then you lied.
I speak Spanish.
Stop the bus!
They're slowing down.
Slow down.
All units, stop with the bus.
Give them plenty of room.
We can't stop here.
We have to go to school!
(SHOUTING) We have to!
I need to go to Ricky.
You get off.
You're all lying to me.
I want to stay
with these children.
If you care about
these children,
don't disobey me.
Come on.
OFFICER: Hold your position!
Hostage coming out!
Hold it.
All right, we have one adult.
Right here. Come on.
Let's go. Right here.
Give us kids, Harry.
You, take your kid off the bus
and bring me a phone.
A phone!
Si, Si . I get the phone.
OFFICER: More coming out!
Come on, sweetheart. This way.
Right over here.
Please, let them all go.
What's the point
of harming them?
I don't trust you anymore.
You lie to me one more time,
I have to kill one.
Listen to Ricky. Let him go.
You don't need him.
Hey, lucky boy, don't you
want to get off the bus?
-Come on!
-Stop it!
Come on. Look at me.
Look at me, Ricky.
Ricky, it's gonna be
okay, huh?
Now, we have to get out.
Let's get off the bus
right now.
It's gonna be all right. Here.
You have to take me to school.
Well, the people outside
are gonna take you to school.
I'll see you there
afterwards, okay?
ROBERTO: Bye, Ricky.
OFFICER: One more coming out!
Come on, let's go.
What about the phone?
Forget it! Let's go!
OFFICER: It'll be all right.
I got you. You're okay now.
Now, nothing goes on
behind my back.
It's just you and me.
(BANGS BUS) The phone!
He didn't get the phone.
Even if we meet
all his demands, we got
no way to tell him.
we need background
on this guy. Something I can
use to reach him.
Look, Lieutenant,
we've been trying.
Now, we got, we got
two adults and two children
in fair to good condition.
And uh, get this
he's on his way
to the airport.
Like hell.
Alert airport police.
All SRT units,
get ahead of this convoy.
The bus destination
is now Miami International.
Lieutenant, the bus aide says
that Kee placed a bag
behind a seat.
Said that it contained
and that he had a detonator
in his jacket. Over.
Let's go. Let's move.
TV REPORTER: Greg, the police
frequencies say
the bus's destination
is now Miami Airport.
ANCHOR: Marcia ,
we're getting the same thing
here in the studio.
The freed hostages are
Carlotta and
Josefina Arguello,
Glenda Sikes
and Ricky Guerrez.
Yeah, thanks.
Uh, they appear to be unhurt.
But they will be taken
to a hospital as a precaution.
Okay, so just come with me.
We hope all the children
are gonna be okay.
All right, look, look,
listen, folks,
I know that Marta will protect
each one of your kids as if
they were her own.
Like you said,
she's their best friend.
Yeah. Listen, the kids that
he released are probably
the ones that were
crying or acting up.
But the others,
I'm sure they're okay.
Mr. Caldwell, with,
with our kids,
kids with special needs,
we don't even know
if they're okay.
HARRY: I have two daughters.
One's about your age.
You keep rubbing
that dress and you're
gonna make it dirty.
Katie, sweetie,
look at me.
Up here in the mirror.
Katie, open your eyes and...
Oh, I can see that
beautiful dress,
absolutely clean.
And so few wrinkles.
Isn't it clean, Mr. Kee?
It's clean. Super clean.
You leave her alone.
You are a bad man.
No, I'm not.
I'm just trying to
protect my girls.
Girls like you.
There are two police cars
coming fast on our right.
And the airport exit is next.
Take the phone! Take it!
We want to help you!
Please, let them help you.
Take the phone!
Just throw the phone!
Close the door!
Take it.
I'll decide when to talk.
He hung up.
we're on the 826,
less than five minutes
to the airport exit.
We need a status report.
All SRT units positioned
and awaiting orders.
Stand by.
-Answer the phone!
You won't be able to
get away with this.
You must know that.
You won't speak
to these people
who can help you,
just because you don't
want any help, do you?
It's suicide.
You're suicidal
and you'll take with you these
children who have done nothing
to you or your family,
just to make your point.
Any harm they suffer
is up to you
and that lieutenant.
Oh, no, no.
You are harming them now,
at this moment, more than
anyone ever harmed you.
Are you so blind
to these children
to think that you are
the only one with
problems here?
Yet they live.
They try.
They never give up.
Good for them. Good for them.
I would like to have children
with my husband, but I can't.
While you, you're blessed
with a wife, two daughters.
So, this is the way you want
them to remember you?
I mean, if you can't stop
for the sake
of these children,
at least stop
for the sake of your own.
You thought you could play
a mind game on me,
using my family.
You can't.
They're why I'm doing this.
My family.
My family.
Turn it off!
Please, please,
let them help you,
before it's too late!
Please! Take the phone.
OFFICER: I've got a shot.
Move a little closer.
We're in position. Go, go!
Sniper team, do not I repeat,
do not fire on that bus.
We have had communications.
All teams stand by.
-Gentry, have we got
the bomb squad?
-On the way.
Our friend must also have
a beef with the phone company.
He won't...
If anyone moves, or approaches
this bus, I'll blow it up.
Is that clear? And get that
helicopter away, now!
What do you see in there?
OFFICER: He's on the phone.
We won't do that, Mr. Kee.
You have our word.
We don't want
anyone to get hurt.
And I do mean anyone.
Now, Mr. Kee,
I'm in contact with the IRS
regarding your situation.
It's not a situation.
They're trying to destroy me.
I know you feel
they're persecuting you.
Mr. Kee, you've
accomplished so much.
Your restaurants,
your job at Rick's Crab House,
which is one of the best
restaurants in Miami.
And I know that we can
help you solve your problem,
if you just give us a chance.
But first, we want
to make sure
the children are safe.
OFFICER: Closer!
Go. Go.
OFFICER: Move it. Move it.
SNIPER: I've got
a clear shot, Lieutenant.
I can take him out.
Negative. Negative.
Let him go.
Lieutenant, we may not get
many clear shots.
There are still six children
and one adult
still on that bus.
-Look, I did not...
-Meaning there are no
clear shots, Sergeant.
I did not mean to criticize.
Only to point out that we
don't know how much time
we've got with this guy,
or what might set him off.
OFFICER: SRT Command, come in.
Leone here.
OFFICER: Lieutenant,
about four miles east
of your position,
there was a pileup
as we were closing
the roadway.
It's blocked bad.
We need the bus held there.
The bus is en route to you.
Unblock that road.
OFFICER: We've got some
serious injuries here.
Several wrecked cars.
It's gonna take some time
to clear this.
We don't have any time.
Clear it.
Pull right in front
and slow it down.
Dom, we need to
talk to that bus.
It's too slow.
They're trying something.
Then answer the phone
and tell them to go faster.
And tell me where to go.
Rick's Crab House.
And drive faster.
Mr. Kee, it might be a while
before we can get to Rick's.
There's been
an accident on eight...
Come on!
He hung up
before I could tell him.
Accident scene,
are we clear yet?
OFFICER: Negative. We got
big problems here, Lieutenant.
We need more time.
-Ram 'em.
-We won't get to
Rick's if I crash.
Do it!
-What's he doing?
-I don't know.
Senora , the moon is at school!
We have to go to school!
Ram 'em, Marta!
Benito, just hold on tight.
Everyone, hold on.
Hold on!
Senora !
Do it again,
or Benito goes off the bus
without slowing down.
He's gonna hit us again.
-We need time.
-We're almost there.
We're running out of time.
(SHOUTS) Look out!
Don't stop! Keep going!
Keep going!
-Kids, hold on!
OFFICER: Look out! Come on!
Not bad, Marta.
Not bad.
Everybody okay?
TV REPORTER: We're told that's
the regular driver of bus
CX-17 behind the wheel.
How she
made it through that...
You said she might not be
the greatest driver, but...
I think she is the greatest.
She really is.
She's the greatest.
Caroselli here.
What do you got, Phil?
Oh, that's excellent.
Hang onto him right there.
I'm putting you on hold.
We got his pastor.
Lieutenant Caroselli here.
CAROSELLI: Mr. Kee, let me
make sure I understand.
You want the manager of Rick's
outside when we get there.
You want to make
a deal with him.
Got it. Now, Harry,
I have your pastor
on the other line.
If it's problem's
with the IRS,
how does he make a deal
to resolve it with
the manager at Rick's?
In his mind right now,
it makes perfect sense.
I think he's suffered
a serious psychotic break
and he's suicidal.
if we could safely
get this under control,
so that I can
really talk to him,
or find his family,
or get him to talk
to his pastor,
then maybe, just maybe,
we'd have a chance here.
But we are racing
all over Miami,
we're talking in quick bursts
on the phone,
and this guy's wound tighter
than a piano string!
Dominick, I need you.
If you can't talk him
off that bus,
somebody's gonna get hurt.
Mr. Kee...
He says it's over.
Discussion terminated.
it's Greg back in the studio.
Do we know why
his new destination
is Rick's Crab House?
CHARLES: I know.
It just keeps getting
more and more bizarre.
Round and round Miami he goes.
Where he stops, nobody knows.
I'm going there.
If they drive
a thousand miles,
what difference does it make
if they come home safely?
Then tell me how
I can help him
just standing here?
Mr. Sanchez, it's in
the hands of the police.
I know that they're gonna do
everything that they
possibly can
to end this thing without
anyone's child being hurt.
They're very well trained.
They have kids of their own.
Look, I'm sorry. I know that
every moment your child is
on that bus, he's being hurt.
But we cannot make
a bad situation worse.
Just to get Katie to ride
the bus took weeks
of riding beside her.
Encouraging her,
promising her it was safe.
She was right all along.
It's not safe.
Mommie lied.
Oh, we were making
real progress.
And this morning,
she waved goodbye to me.
It's so difficult
for her to wave.
Or to hug, or say "Bye, Mom".
For Benito,
if he gets off that bus,
no more going to the moon.
The bus and school
will be too dangerous.
I still believe in miracles.
Right now, all I can think
about is having Katie back.
That'll be my miracle.
-Where are you going?
To Rick's, like you said.
-It's a trap!
-What do you mean?
I always take a right here
to go to Rick's, I swear.
Listen, if you want to go
another way, just tell me
which way.
But please,
don't hurt the children.
Let the boy up.
(SCREAMS) Let him up!
What's happening?
Where's Benito Sanchez?
Anybody got a view of Kee
inside the bus? Anybody?
-There's still no answer.
choke hold
but he's getting up now.
Benito's back.
Where's he going?
Rick's is right.
He's taking the long way.
All patrol units,
stay with the bus.
All SRT units, turn right
to Rick's and deploy.
a perfect employee
until a few days ago.
Then all of a sudden,
after all these years here,
he quits.
Then he comes back,
wants his job back.
Said he made a big mistake.
Last night, he walks out
in the middle of his shift,
talking gibberish,
with his tables
full of customers.
Like he suddenly just snapped.
he's ten blocks away.
-Get in with the others.
-Okay. Come on, let's go.
OFFICER: Let's go. Let's go.
Out back. Let's go.
Move it out.
Anybody in his family.
OFFICER: Yes, sir!
Gentlemen, the hijacker
has terminated
all communication with us.
I believe he has
harmed his hostages,
and to let this continue
would result in further
harm or death.
We've all trained
for this situation.
Assault team
will go on my order.
Sniper team, if you have
a clear shot at the hijacker,
take it.
OFFICERS: Affirmative.
Let's go.
At first, I trusted you.
But you're the same
as the tax men,
the manager at Rick's...
Sometimes this country
is a hard place.
I know.
But it is a good place,
and there are people here
who will help you.
No one's ever helped me.
Oh, Mr. Kee, your, your dreams
are not dead.
What about the dreams
of these children?
Of your own children?
They have dreams, too.
Will you stop pretending
to be my friend.
Well, I just want you to live!
I want us all to live!
Then shut up,
or everyone dies.
There's nobody in his house,
no family, nothing.
And he refuses to talk to us.
Pray there is such a thing
as a clear shot.
Where's the manager?
Get me out of here!
Put it in reverse,
and back up!
Come on, back up!
Go, go!
Forward, forward, forward!
Go, go, go, go!
Back! Back! Go back!
Back, back!
Put it in reverse
and step on it! Come on!
Come on! Get me out of here!
Benito is dying!
You killed him, Marta!
-I'm trying!
-You killed him!
I'm trying!
Benito, you're all right.
Okay, let's go.
Let's go. Come on.
-Let's get off the bus.
Get him out of here.
It's okay.
It's okay. Katie.
Katie, baby, it's all right.
It's all right.
It's all right.
It's all right.
Let's go. Let's go.
-OFFICER: All right,
one, two.
-Got it!
Come on, baby.
I'm gonna buy you a new dress.
I'm gonna buy you a new dress,
baby, okay?
Mrs. Caldwell, we need to get
everyone off the bus.
We're gonna get a new dress
with no wrinkles in it.
All right, come on.
Come on. Let's go.
It's all right. Come on.
Put him on here.
Let's go. Let's go. Let's go.
You're all right.
Let's go. Keep moving.
-Need some help.
-OFFICER: You're OK.
-LEONE: Come on.
-It's gonna be okay.
Oh! Oh!
-You okay?
-Yeah, I'm okay. I'm okay.
OFFICER: Got a kid
with an eye injury over here.
Bomb squad's on board.
After the shots, it's just
been chaos.
There are injuries.
To whom, we just don't know.
There's blood on
Katie's dress.
The hostages are all
accounted for. They're alive.
-Are any hurt?
We don't know anything yet.
Roberto, you have
a small piece of glass
in your eye,
so they're gonna take you
to the hospital.
But you're gonna be okay.
You know,
you're a brave little man.
Lieutenant. Lieutenant,
we need you out back.
You take care
of yourself, okay?
The bomb squad's
gone over the bus and Kee.
Here's his explosives.
His waiter's uniform.
There were no explosives.
There were no detonators
and no weapon.
He told the hostages
repeatedly that he had
explosives and a detonator.
"What is Success?
"To win
the affection of children.
"To know that even one life
has breathed easier
because you have lived.
"This is to have succeeded."
Where's Marta?
She's with the children.
There. That's better.
you know that you were
not hit, don't you?
I mean, this blood
on your dress is not yours.
Do you understand?
Katie, would you like
some ice cream?
How's Roberto?
When the first shot
shattered the window,
he got a small sliver of glass
in his eye, but he's
gonna be okay.
And how's Glenda, my aide?
She's fine. She received
her insulin at the hospital,
and she's fine.
Everyone's fine, except you.
We'd like him
to look at your foot.
Oh, no. I'm okay.
We've been through all of this
together and I don't even
know your name.
Kathy Leone.
Lieutenant in charge of
the Special Response Team.
At least, for today.
He could have killed someone.
You saved us, Lieutenant.
What you did on that bus
saved everyone, Mrs. Caldwell.
And please, call me Kathy.
I'm Marta.
I don't know how
you held it together.
I don't either.
Marta, there's something
that I need to tell you.
We searched for explosives
and weapons on the bus
and on Kee's body.
There weren't any.
He was bluffing
the entire time.
You had no way of knowing.
None of us did.
We had to assume that
he meant what he said.
That he would kill
those children and he would
blow up the bus.
Everything, everything they
went through was for nothing.
Whether Kee was mentally ill,
whatever his problem was.
It was not your job
to save him.
It was to save the children.
Now, you put your life
on the line to do it,
and no one could have
done it any better.
You're a hero, Marta.
A real hero.
Now, I have one last thing
to ask of you.
Another school bus is coming
to take the children
back to their school.
Their parents
are waiting for them there.
Their parents believe
it's vital we show them
the school bus
and the school are safe.
And the sooner, the better.
No. I know these children,
and they won't go
into another bus.
Maybe they will
if you ride with them.
Well, we've had some morning,
huh, Fernando?
Yeah. A bad man
rode on our bus today.
A very bad man.
He scared us all. Even me.
And you, Jimmy, Celena. Hmm...
But now he's gone forever.
So you guys will never be hurt
again riding the bus.
So, now that we've finished
with our field trip,
how about if we
go to school, hmm?
But we're gonna need
another bus.
Don't you think?
Another bus?
No. I, I can't.
I don't want to go.
He's gone, Benito.
But just to make sure,
could put some very important
officers on that bus to check.
Would that be a great idea?
Katie, what?
What, baby?
Oh, talk to me.
It's gonna be okay.
It's gonna be okay.
Listen, I'm gonna sit
next to you in the bus,
and we'll have all the time
in the world to talk.
All right, babe?
It's okay. It's okay.
Come on.
It's gonna be all right.
It's gonna be all right.
I'm coming behind you.
Okay, guys. No bad man here.
No bad man.
It's all clear.
Good luck.
Thank you.
There is so much
I want to say to you.
Goodbye, Marta.
Goodbye, Kathy.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Okay, kids.
You gave him every possible
chance, and then some.
I saw an officer made today.
Let's go home.
GRANTHAM: Listen up!
Listen up!
The parents want privacy
for the kids.
Please respect that.
Come on, move. Thank you.
Thank you.
If she never speaks again,
it's okay.
I just want to hold her.
Here they are.
Hey! How you doin', son?
He was a bad man.
A very bad man.
Let's go now. You're safe.
Mommie! Mommie! Mommie!
Mommy's here.
Oh, Mommy's here.
I love you.
PARENTS: Thank you.
Thank you, Mrs. Caldwell.
Thank you.
Oh, my baby.
I told you it was gonna be
one long day.
You're okay, huh? Good.
Oh, Josefina.
Well, you wanted
another child.
CHARLOTTE: And now you have
eight more.
Thanks, Marta.
Okay, children of bus CX-17,
straighten your line.
Where are we going, Senora ?
To the moon, Benito.
As always.
To the moon. Let's go.