Suddenly Twenty (2016) Movie Script

I was born in
the post-war period.
At that time...
...many things were developed.
A time of new invention.
Many things to do.
Full of opportunity.
From young, I loved to sing.
People say I have a great voice.
So, thinking of joining
the singing competition...
...because I wanted to be a singer.
Where's Parn?
- No idea.
Who is going to sing then?
Well, you come with me!
But I couldn't make it.
How many times have
I told you not to sing!
Because my parents
hated me singing.
They said singing
for money is no good.
Then, there was
a guy who liked me... I decided to
run away with him.
Thinking perhaps he could
help me follow my dream...
...becoming a singer.
But, I ended up doing nothing.
Only bad things kept happening.
Terrible things.
And, the worst thing was...
One hot tea.
- What?
I got old when
I realized all this.
One hot tea.
- One hot tea!
That is all!
Do you know...
...what helped me go
through all this?
What are you smiling at?
It's my son!
Okay, everyone.
Today let's talk
about the elderly.
Let's start with a question.
Why do young people think
old people are annoying?
No one?
If you're not going
to answer...
...I will assign you
a report instead.
Old people are forgetful,
and they don't admit it.
Hold on!
I ordered hot tea, not coffee.
Don't get on my nerves.
I ordered...
Quiet! Just drink it!
It's the same hot stuff!
Old people also fart loudly.
Who was that?
Gosh, the smell!
Just poop it out if you were
going to fart like that?
I better not catch
you doing it.
- It's such a waste to get old.
Be careful!
You won't die of old age.
I would rather die
before I ever get old.
Pong must be very smart.
He has a Ph.D.
And, he is an
Associate Professor!
How many times
I have to tell you?
So tiring!
Well, well!
If so tiring, why don't you
just not talk about him?
Is there any day you
don't brag about your son?
So what?
It's my son's success.
Getting on
your wrinkly nerves?
You keep bragging...
...about how your son is
an Assistant Professor.
So why did he let his mother
wear rotten shoes...
...coming to work, then?
Can't compare with my son!
He managed to work in the US.
He even sends me plane tickets
so I can go and visit him.
Where is it?
Look here.
I just took a photo
for my visa application.
Is it beautiful?
Yeah, it is.
- Beautiful?
Just great for
a funeral portrait.
Shut up, you old hag!
Chian, can I have
one Americano, please?
One Americano, my foot!
Whenever you come here,
you only order Thai black tea.
Now you act posh?
Want to order Americano?
What a snobbish hag!
Am I getting on
your wrinkly nerves?
Please, stop it!
Granny Parn did this again,
didn't she?
No, it wasn't her.
Don't blame her.
I just don't get it.
What do you see in her?
She's got a big mouth,
and an awful personality.
Talking behind my back?
Because of your foul mouth,
you can't find a husband.
You may have to live off
your parents forever!
Look what you did to my dad.
Here is for you!
- Thank you.
Aren't you going to apologise?
- For what?
He was the one who got in my way.
I'm going now.
- Wait, Miss Parn.
I'll take you home.
- No need, I can manage it myself.
Let her go.
I'm sure even hell
won't welcome her.
She is right.
With your foul mouth
and ugly face... will never
find a husband.
It is not that I can't find one.
I am just afraid to run into
a mother-in-law like her.
Don't tell me
you don't want a husband.
- Stop it!
Look at your face!
It's all swollen.
You know you're allergic to
rambutan, why do you eat it!
How many times have I told you...
...not to put in the fish
until the water is boiled?
Why are you standing here?
Move, go over there.
Don't stir when boiling fish,
it has a fishy smell.
I told you this million times,
so stupid!
Where are you going?
To audition.
What audition?
I thought you promised me
you'd only play music as a hobby.
Look at your sister, she studied
day and night at school...
...and she is still jobless
after graduating.
Job is difficult to find, mom.
Not so difficult if you go
for the interview on time.
- Enough, stop it!
What is it so good
about playing music?
Hey, be nice to your son!
What it is so bad about
playing music?
My baby.
Take this money and
get something to eat, okay!
- It's okay, baby.
Can I have 1 ,000 baht more?
- What?
Even the chicken basil
costs about 50 baht.
Don't spend it all at once!
Thank you, grandma.
My baby.
You are his mother,
you should understand him!
- What is wrong being a singer?
Hey, Bam!
Can't you dress more properly?
Your shorts! It is too
revealing of your womanhoood.
If it doesn't show,
how will you know I am a woman!
You brat! I wonder where
she got that attitude from?
Are you okay?
Don't mind my mother.
You know how she is.
I can't stand mother anymore.
I'm sick and tired
of all this, and...
Thank you.
I am going off now, mom.
- Okay! Work hard, son!
What kind of a wife are you?
You should come out here
and send him off to work!
where did you find this band?
When they called me,
they said, they're an Indie band.
I just didn't know
it would be this bad.
You idiot!
Don't you know this kind
of music won't get us a penny?
Get them out of here.
- Okay!
What a waste of time.
Hey! Stop now!
No more nonsense!
Get lost!
Get lost!
Go somewhere else.
What a stupid song!
Don't ever come here again!
Can we have one more try?
- Yeah, can we have one more try?
I mean, just me.
Forget the band!
- Okay.
How can you say that?
What about our Huay Kwang band?
Forget the band.
It looks hopeless.
Watch your mouth!
- Why should I?
What kind of a band name
is Huay Kwang?
You'll never be famous!
- Come on, Nana. Don't do this.
Hey, she will stay here.
You guys, get better go now
before I lose my patience.
Before I beat you guys up!
So, kids now can't sing anymore.
I think they're all right.
We just need to tune a little bit.
But if you still don't like them,
I have a few more.
Look over there.
The "Six-Packs" band.
I am off now.
What a waste of time!
What kind of a singer
do you want then?
If you don't choose now,
we will fall behind schedule.
I want a singer
who can really sing.
Not just someone
getting into character.
Ever heard of
the old-school singers?
They sing with
their real inner feeling.
I understand but we
can't find one like that...
...not with this generation.
We may have to look
for old singers then.
Then let's go together
this weekend... see real singers.
He is so handsome and cute
even when he gets angry.
Such a self-centred punk!
Let me handle him!
You know he isn't
into a guy like you.
Hey, I'm your senior.
Wait up!
Hello, beautiful.
- Don't patronize me!
Which one do you like?
I've seen you several times.
Like this one?
You want this?
How much?
-399, please.
How about 99?
What? Who taught you to
bargain like this, grandma?
Grandma, my foot!
So, deal or no deal?
No! I won't sell this!
Get lost!
This way please.
Expensive like this,
who is going to buy?
I'm sure you will be
out of business soon.
Stingy hag!
- Who're you calling stingy?
No one.
Why don't you turn the lights on?
Don't you know
my eyes are not good?
Mom! Boom, Hurry!
- Stay with us mom!
- Nok.
She is conscious.
How are you feeling, mom?
Didn't I tell you
to do some exercise?
You never listen to me!
What do you want?
Your husband?
Well, go to her.
- Why are you whispering?
Have lots of fruits here,
so tell me what you want.
Just tell us what do you want.
- Mom.
Everyone is worried about you.
What is it?
She asked you to leave, mom.
Be careful!
You be careful!
You are very lucky.
This time it's not that serious.
But, if you don't want
to be a widower... should take better
care of your wife.
If she comes here again,
you might not be so lucky then.
Don't you worry about mom?
She almost died because of granny.
But we can't do this to granny.
What's wrong with the nursing home?
There are people
to take care of her...
...she has food and friends too!
If it is so great,
why don't you stay there?
Dad, what do you think?
Here, let me take it!
You go and take a rest.
Here come
your favourite soap opera!
Let me take a shower first...
...and fix a meal
for you guys soon.
Mom, as soon as
Nok gets better...
...I will bring you back.
Just take good care of your wife.
If something goes wrong again,
you can't blame me then!
Are you okay, Miss Parn?
It's really you.
I thought I would
never see you again.
I'm Supha from Petch market.
You've got the wrong person.
- Of course not.
How can I forget you?
My mom took you and your son in.
She save you and
your boy from the street...
...and gave you a job
at our restaurant.
But you stole
my mother's recipe...
...and opened another restaurant.
How could you do this to us?
How could you?
My mother died because of you!
Stop it!
Go ahead!
Do as you wish!
I have no regrets.
Even if I go back,
I'd still do the same.
I did everything for my boy.
Because of me,
he's now an Asst. Professor.
Teaching in a university.
No other mother
could do better than me.
My son knows it well.
Hello, granny!
- Yes, dearie?
Let's eat dinner together.
Why don't you eat at home?
I don't want to see Bam.
No, you both have to
take care of each other.
I'll be gone soon,
so don't make me worry.
I don't want you to go.
Please, come and
join me for dinner.
Let's go to Kwan Siu Ki.
Is that all right?
...I got my friends
here with me.
Bring them too.
- Okay.
I'll practice with
my band a bit more.
See you then, dearie.
Who is that up at the front?
Audrey Hepburn.
So beautiful!
How old is she now?
She died long time ago.
I didn't take many photos
when I was young.
I didn't put make-up either.
But, you must
when you were young.
I almost got to be singer.
I was told Kru Eua
came to see me singing...
...but my parents
found that out first.
As you know,
people in our generation... wasn't easy
to become a singer.
And I spent all
my youth raising my son.
But, you still look great now.
You know how to talk.
I hope your photo
is as good as you talk.
I want to have a beautiful photo
for my funeral portrait.
No worries, I'll make you
look 50 years younger.
Hey, wait for me!
Where are you are rushing to?
Stop the bus!
Can't you here me?
I was calling you!
If the bus doesn't pick
up passenger, just get lost!
Open quickly!
Let's go!
Wow, check that out!
Here I come.
Is this a human or an angel?
Will you call me if I give
you my phone number, babe?
No way!
Then, give me your phone number,
I will you call you, babe!
She even gave me a seat!
Can we have
a shot together, babe?
So I can tell my mom
she has found a daughter-in-law.
You ready?
1 , 2...
How is it?
Surprised at my handsome face?
Let's take one more.
Who is this?
Let us say it's
our first photo together.
How old am I?
Maybe 19?
Hey, how old am I?
-20, maybe?
Hey, how old am I?
What's the problem?
You're not eating,
I thought you were hungry.
My grandma isn't
picking up her phone.
You're worried about her?
No, because
I don't have any money.
Kitchen is closing.
Want to order more?
One more roast duck, please.
- Roast duck.
I told you I don't have money.
Why did you order more?
Don't spoil my appetite.
I'm buying time for your granny.
Hey, what if she doesn't show up?
I already know
you would ask me that.
We can pawn it for now and
get it back when we have money.
- Yeah?
That is my guitar.
I'm on my way.
Almost there, I'm now at...
Come quickly, grandma.
I have no money.
Why does your voice sound weird?
Kid, kitchen is closed.
- I'm just here for my grandson.
What is it?
That ringtone sounds
like my granny's.
Come back again, okay?
- Where you going?
You need a lift?
- Hey!
Where is the photo studio?
What photo studio?
Never heard of it.
What? There was
a photo studio right here!
I went there
only few minutes ago.
Don't go inside!
What bad luck! Get lost!
Go away!
- Get lost!
Do I look younger
than you guys?
You crazy woman!
Go away!
My guitar!
How can I practice now?
Uncle Chian.
- How are you?
Mom is missing.
- What?
Miss Parn is missing?
Boom is the last one
who talked to her.
And, she has gone missing.
No one has seen her.
Maybe she fell somewhere?
No way!
She is as strong as a beast.
Someone kidnapped her
for a ransom?
I think...
- Who would do that?
People would think
she's from a poor family.
You're not helping us,
so stop talking!
What can we do now?
I'm not sure yet...
Forget it.
Anything else?
If she calls you,
please let me know.
Of course.
- Well, I should go.
If you need a ransom,
let me know.
I'll sell this house
for the money.
Selling this house?
Are you crazy?
Where will I live then?
I have no husband yet!
So what?
Where is the bird?
I have no idea.
Let me have Mr Suraphong... say something for her.
Mom was a good person.
And, she died in a nursing home.
- Cheers!
- Cheers!
She died in a nursing home.
Lower your arm.
Breathe in.
Breathe out.
One hot tea.
Being old is not easy.
I used to be like them.
That broccoli-looking hair style.
I used to have it too.
Did I look that ugly?
God gave me
this second chance...
...and I'm not going
to be like that again.
This one?
- Yeah.
Okay, thank you!
Give me the change.
One baht!
Oh, okay.
Thank you, beautiful.
Beautiful, my foot!
Want to rent a room?
It's 5,500 baht, excluding bills.
3 months rental
in advance for deposit.
You think I'm stupid?
Your dad set the price
at 4,500 including bills.
You know my dad?
No, I just heard about it.
You want the room or not?
- I'll take it.
But, 3,500 is enough.
The room is small,
and no tenant for years.
You should thank me instead.
Dad, she is our new tenant.
What's your name?
It's Parn.
I'm going to the room now.
Hey, wait!
Pay deposit in advance!
I'll pay it later.
What is it, dad?
- Letter from grandma?
I'm going away, so don't bother me.
To where?
Here you go.
Who's that girl over there?
My new tenant.
What's she doing here?
No idea.
She said she's very close
to her grandma...
...and she likes being
with old people.
So weird!
Nut, what are we doing here?
- Just wait and see.
You like this kind of music?
I think we picked the wrong one.
Not always like this.
Let's go!
Let's go back.
Grandpa Chian.
Any news from with Miss Parn?
Not yet.
I'm here to ask you the same.
I have a sore throat today,
so I couldn't sing well.
Thank you.
Don't worry!
I'll help you find her.
Miss Parn used to sing
this song in the old days.
Hello, ma'am!
I am going now!
I'm sorry.
Today he'll find know the truth!
I always love this part.
Yeah, especially back
in Aranya's version, I...
How do you know?
Were you born then?
I'm going to bed now, grandpa!
Hey, wait a bit!
They'll find out the truth soon.
So stay and watch!
Hi, Grandpa Chian.
- Hey.
Hi, Boom!
This is Boom,
a grandson of my closed friend.
He wants to talk to you.
Take your time.
This time for sure!
For sure!
Today, I have to know
the truth ofwho you are.
Buy drinks for a girl.
This is how you spent
the money I gave you.
It's a bit weird.
How we met the first time
and now we are here.
I'm worried about
this country's future.
You must be very shy,
aren't you?
You can't even look at me
when I'm talking.
No way!
You're the one who can't.
Wait a minute.
When your grandpa
talked to me the first time...
...exactly the same.
This might be too early
to say this.
But, I have something
to tell you.
The way of talking...
...exactly the same as
your grandpa hitting on me!
Oh no!
No way!
- No way!
... want you to be
our lead singer.
You can't?
Understood. Someone with
a good voice like you... not suitable for
a crappy band like us.
I know we stink.
The lead singer left the band,
and my mom isn't well.
You want me to be
your lead singer?
But I kind of understand.
A crappy band like us
has no future...
Sure, I'll do it.
- Yeah!
Are you sure?
- Yes!
Who is that?
The one we've been looking for.
She knows old songs.
Singing from the
bottom of her heart.
I can feel it, Nut.
Very good!
I knew it!
No one beats
that brat with bangs.
Are you ready?
One, two!
One, two, three, go!
What kind of a song is this?
Why? I composed this myself.
Not bad, right?
Did your parents know all these?
What kind of an outfit is this?
Looks terrible!
You don't understand
this kind of style.
This isn't even a style.
Real singing is, you should
catch the people's heart.
Not just screaming like that.
I won't sing
this kind of music.
Then, what kind of music
you want to sing?
Why are you dancing?
Hey, this band is so good!
You should bring this band here.
Actually, this is the same band
you saw the other day.
See what we have here.
Let's eat!
Guys, when we have
our own concert...
...I will get that guitar
back for sure...
...and play it on stage.
That's it!
Here we come!
To Huay Kwang Keang!
Open the door.
I said, open the door!
I said it a million times!
Can't you see me here?
You're supposed to give
a seat to women like me.
Why do you cry, baby?
Why? I've already
changed your diapers.
The baby must be hungry!
He already ate few hours ago.
Maybe you fed him too little?
Let me help you.
You will be okay, baby.
- Thank you!
Listen! Dress him up properly
before taking him out.
You need to have
both socks and gloves.
They turn on air conditioner here,
so very cold inside.
The baby can get cold.
Feeding him
your breast milk?
No, because
he gets diarrhoea easily.
I knew it!
You had breast surgery,
didn't you?
When you breastfeed
the baby...
...must go one by one,
not switching here and there.
Maybe you are afraid your
breast will sag unevenly.
What a crazy thought!
Breastfeeding is
the best for baby...
...and good for you too.
If you have a good milk,
the baby will be fat soon.
What a noisy brat here!
Do you even have your own baby?
And, my milk bothering you?
So, is your milk is that great?
If so, just give it to your baby,
and don't bother me.
Let me out!
What a big mouth!
Beautiful face like you,
such a foul mouth.
Getting off here!
Mine is not so bad.
Why are you following me?
Calm down, miss.
Thing is
you're very impressive.
I am looking for a singer.
So perhaps we can
go somewhere and talk?
You come to place like this
and find a singer?
You think I'm stupid?
You think I'm that easy?
Sorry, I didn't mean that.
Being young is
troublesome for sure!
What took you so long?
Freaking hot out here.
- Hi, guys.
Mom, this is Parn.
- Hi!
Boom told me you were sick.
I'm good now.
Well, you acted like
you're dying soon then.
So this is Parn?
So pretty!
Where did you get
your plastic surgery?
I wonder where
she got that mouth from.
Sorry, Parn!
My sister's got a bad mouth.
Must be from my granny!
That's alright.
Mom, I'll take
my friends upstairs.
Make yourself at home.
I'll call you when dinner is ready.
- Yeah!
You'll be eating up
all the foods here.
Mom, can I have more rice?
Come in.
I want to show you something.
- What is it?
There is an audition
for "Young Blood".
"Young Blood"?
The famous TV show?
You guys up for this?
- Of course!
What about you, Parn?
- I need to poop!
I'm going to the toilet.
You already know
where the toilet is?
Well, where is it?
- Go out and turn right.
I don't think
your mother ran away.
From CCTV, you can see
this person isn't your mother.
Miss Parn.
Do you have a better angle?
We asked the bank already
and will get it in a week.
Why does it take so long?
There is some protocol, sir.
Can't you just rush them?
I know some big names
in this station.
Who is it?
- The chief officer.
I'm the chief here!
So, chief,
what should I do next?
Is there other way, sir?
We just need to wait
for the footage.
I'll contact you
as soon as we get it.
How is it?
- It's super delicious, mom.
It stinks.
I mean a bit smelly.
When putting in the fish,
you need to wait...
...until the water boils.
And, don't stir the fish.
My granny taught me this.
Dad isn't home yet?
- Yeah, why?
Who is that?
- Oh, hey.
I was going to the toilet.
But false alarm.
Who is it?
Dad, this is Parn,
lead singer of my band.
- Hello.
You are not eating?
I'm not hungry.
Mom, I think dad has never met
a beautiful girl like her.
You should've told me
you were a producer.
I was going to tell you,
but didn't get a chance.
I am...
You're professional, so don't mind
the small things, right?
Let's get to the point.
When you performed...
...I realized I found
what I wanted.
I have a big concert coming up.
I want you to do the opening.
But, isn't it too risky?
To use a new singer?
I've already made my decision.
I'll take a full responsibility.
- Stop it!
And, for next week...
...I want your band
to play at Young Blood.
Think it as a rehearsal
before the big concert.
The Young Blood?
Yeah, it would be nice to have
emerging stars like you.
It's more than nice!
Brother, this is very awesome.
You're the man.
So, okay with this?
We'll see you next week then.
Let's go.
The famous TV show
you guys're talking about?
That mean you are talented!
Good job.
- Well, I'm talented too.
I don't think so.
You're dead!
Trying to hit a woman?
What kind of a man are you?
Okay, I'll take off the tape,
but don't make a sound. Got it?
You evil! You murderer!
Watch out!
Show me your real face!
What have you done to Miss Parn?
You killed her and
threw her off the bridge?
- Fine! Kill me too then.
Without Miss Parn,
I don't want to live anymore.
You have been watching
too many soap operas.
You wouldn't understand.
She was so nice to me.
She always smiled at me.
I would never forget her smile.
Why the hell are you smiling?
Take your smiley face away!
I'll go away then.
Let's play together.
Miss Parn.
You look beautiful
with that fake teeth!
These are real.
The other day I had barbecue,
I could even chew the bone.
Must be so nice
to be young again.
Next week I'll be on TV.
Wow, you are going to be a star?
No, I'm going to sing.
You know I've always
wanted to be a singer.
Of course. I remember you
went to singing competitions.
Do you remember the day
when I sang after Lumyai?
There was a music producer
who saw me singing.
I won't miss you on TV.
By the way, Phong has been
looking all over for you.
Why now?
Come on.
He's really worried about you.
Okay, I need your help.
But, don't act suspiciously.
Why are they whispering?
You see, a few days ago,
Miss Parn came to see me.
How is she?
You see, she said
she's just fine... need to worry about her.
Where is she now?
Why isn't she coming home?
You see...
...she said she wanted
to live the life of her own.
Why do you keep saying,
"you see"?
Why are you asking
so many questions?
Well, when I saw,
she looks very healthy.
Maybe even more healthy
than you two.
What do you mean
more healthy compared to us?
It's just...
Did she say
when she'll be back?
Probably in a while.
She said once
she spent some time...
...she'd stay with
someone she loves.
Who is it?
You mean...
...she's going to kill herself?
It's me, of course.
- Yeah!
One more thing.
It's important.
She asked you to
unfreeze her credit card.
I see. She probably
needs some cash by now.
Please tell her,
I'll take care of it.
What're you doing here?
Nosy brat!
Take care of yourself.
Your dad is up to something.
What did you say?
- Your dad is up to something!
What do you mean?
With that brat, Parn.
- Why?
She has some plan
to get her hands on him.
Why is that?
He will be dead soon anyway.
Once he dies...
...she will get everything.
Be careful!
you have to call her mom.
Who's your mommy?
Who's your mommy?
What on earth are you doing?
Why did you ruin your nice bike?
And, don't you feel hot
in that outfit?
What are you laughing at?
Get on!
Aren't you in a hurry?
I'm leaving now.
What are you going
to sing today?
You'll find out soon.
Don't worry, I'll nail this.
Yeah, just get inside.
Be careful.
- Of course.
What are you laughing at?
What are you waiting for?
Let's go!
I told you not to come here.
Seeing you in that outfit,
how can I not come? Too dangerous!
Pretty, right?
Don't even think about it!
Of course not!
I'm here to protect you.
I'm here to have some fun.
So, don't worry about others.
Just take care of yourself.
You're pissing yourself
with just a little breeze.
Hey, grandpa.
You better take some rest.
You look so pale.
- You little brat.
The reason I'm not on that slider
is because it's so boring.
Seriously, is there any ride
that looks more exciting?
Here comes the big one.
You ready?
- Let's go!
Are you okay?
Hey, old man!
Thank you.
How do you like?
- It's so fun here!
Didn't think it would
be this much fun.
Look at the kids there.
You sound like an old woman.
When you're singing, you are
like totally different person.
The audience really likes you.
I'm also excited.
Do you know a lot of people
want to interview you?
About what?
About you!
I'm also curious about you.
Working together
for a while...
...but still don't know
about you well.
We can take it slowly.
No need to rush.
What happened to your foot?
Let me see.
- No, it's okay.
I have a first-aid kit in my bag.
I'll be right back.
It really got wrinkled.
This happened around the wound?
When I was bleeding,
it turned out like this.
Is it related?
I'm going in.
Do it softly.
I'm scared!
Hold on.
It's just a tiny prick.
Oh, look!
It's bleeding and gets wrinkled.
Hey, it's not what you think.
Having sex?
Not what you think!
Get out!
- Have you lost you mind?
Get out!
I said get out!
Cheap woman!
- Hey!
Stop it!
This is enough!
- Go away!
Miss Parn!
Let me go!
I said enough!
- Get out now!
Are you crazy?
I said stop!
Miss Parn.
Happy Birthday to you.
Do you want some drink?
Do you have any liquor?
- Yeah!
Is everything okay?
You have any problems?
Your house is huge.
Live alone?
How do you clean this house?
I have a maid.
Why aren't you married?
Who said I'm not married?
Oh, you are married?
Just kidding.
It's good to see
you get surprised.
- What?
Do you have a boyfriend?
Right now, no.
I used to have a husband,
but he died long time ago.
We had one son.
Now, there is a widower
hitting on me.
He's only a friend, we've known
each other for a long time.
Are you playing with me?
Okay, so you don't have
a boyfriend now.
What kind of a guy do you like?
I like someone who is kind...
...who takes care
of his family...
...hard working
and good in bed too.
No, I didn't mean...
- You, pervert!
- Hello, Uncle Chian.
What are you doing here?
- What is it?
It may sound difficult,
but the truth is...
If you have anything
to tell me, just say it.
...Miss Parn didn't go missing.
The young Parn, she is Miss Parn.
I'm sorry.
You mean that
young singer is my mom?
Told you it would be
difficult to understand.
Quite so...
...but I think I understand you.
I should have told you earlier.
Can you save this contact info?
That's good.
This friend of mine,
he's a specialist in Alzheimer.
I'm sure he can help you.
What song are they playing?
"My Handsome Guy",
Huay Kwang version.
They are going to sing
this song at the concert.
No way!
Stop there!
We can't use this song
for the concert.
I will find someone
to write you a new song.
Let me call him now.
I think it should be okay.
What's wrong with this song?
It's focusing too much on Parn.
Where is
your band's true identity?
We do have
our "Huay Kwang Kang" song.
You want to listen to it?
- Oh, that song?
You think that is good enough?
To be honest here...
...without Parn,
your band is nothing.
Boom, wait!
Listen to me!
Don't act like this!
Please stop!
- Leave me alone!
Please stop!
Stop, Boom!
Listen, why are you doing this?
- Please don't bother me!
Just make new song with that jerk!
I'm done here!
- Calm down.
He only wished the best for us.
- Yeah!
Maybe only for you!
It is not like that!
Like what?
You slept with him, didn't you?
How could you say that?
Who taught you to
say things like that?
You're just a kid,
and how come so disrespectful?
Apologize now!
- Leave me alone!
I stink!
You keep looking down
on yourself.
Don't you know how great you are?
You have a chance
to do things you love.
Will you just simply
let it go like this?
Can I come in?
What's wrong?
You wouldn't understand.
I may understand
when I hear it.
I think I will stop playing music.
I stink.
Someone said my song stinks too!
Anyone likes it?
Yeah, a few.
But you are quitting just
because someone doesn't like it?
Don't you love what you do?
If you love something,
don't give it up so easily.
If grandma is here,
she would say the same thing.
You think
she still misses us?
I would like to hear your song.
You want me to play?
- Yeah, I want to hear it.
Are you sure?
Have you seen Boom?
Shame on him.
Such a talented kid,
but a little temper.
He's still young and
don't want to listen to others.
Just give him some time.
I'm sure he will come back.
Aside from the band...
...I have something to ask you.
Do you think
it's possible for us... get to know
each other more?
Are you hitting on me?
Yes, I am.
I understand.
No, it is not like that.
I need some time to think.
Okay, I will wait then.
This is for you.
Thank you.
If you become young again...
...what will you do?
Probably do something
I never got to do back then.
Date every woman and do
everything that makes me happy?
We have spent
a lifetime already...
...and what we have now
is just a bonus.
In fact...
...being old is not so bad.
I even miss the time
fighting with Lumyai.
Speaking of her...
...I haven't seen her lately.
Has she gone to the U.S.
to see her son?
Here, I got you an Americano.
She didn't get to go after all.
Life is full of uncertainties.
Here comes what
you've been waiting for.
The band that used
to play on the street... now playing
on stage here.
Huay Kwang!
I knew them well,
especially the lead singer.
Let's give them
some time to prepare...
...before we meet Huay Kwang.
Hey, Kae.
- What?
I think Boom has changed.
- Why?
Think about our new song.
It's totally different
from our previous songs.
You think too much.
Just let him change the style
if he wants.
Yeah, maybe new style is good.
I may ask him
to play acoustic.
Oh, acoustic?
We need two guitars only.
Then, how about me?
Just sit and listen!
I have something
for you to listen.
He said he composed this
because of you.
What else did he say?
Can I borrow some money?
I need to get my guitar back.
What a kid!
The concert is about to start now.
Let's go.
Where is Boom?
- To get his guitar back.
When will he come?
-30 minutes? I don't know.
Then, call him now!
Yeah, on my way!
See you soon!
See you inside.
- Okay, see you.
I have something for you.
I thought about giving it
to you after the concert...
...but better to give it now.
Let me help you.
Thank you.
Boom should be inside.
About what
you asked me before...
...I have an answer.
But I want to tell you
after the concert.
In a coma?
We should cancel it now!
Make way!
Coming through!
We must play this song!
We put in through
everything for today.
When Boom wakes up...
...we can let him know
how great his song was...
...and how much
the audience loved it.
Huay Kwang!
Why does it take them so long?
- Yeah.
Why does it take so long
to meet each other?
Huay Kwang!
I will do my best
with this song... you have to fight
your best too.
Why do you cry?
Who has the same blood type
as the patient?
What type is it?
Can I give mine?
RH negative.
Anyone has that blood type?
Grandma has
the same blood type as Boom.
Where is she?
I do.
I have the
same blood type as Boom.
You can't do this.
You know what will happen to you
when you give your blood.
Wrinkled skin.
Bad hearing.
Ankle pain. Bad memories.
Everyone wants to
start over like you.
I have something to ask you.
Do you know a woman?
She had to raise her son
as a young mother.
She used to skip her meals... she could feed
her baby son instead.
She worked very hard...
...for money... her son could go to school.
If you know her...
...please tell her...
...don't go back
to that ungrateful son...
...who was trying to send
her to the nursing home.
Boom is waiting.
Just go and live
the life you always wanted.
Please don't do anything
for this ungrateful son.
Boom is my son.
I will do everything
to cure him.
So, just go, mom!
Where do you want me to go?
Why do you always
ask me to leave?
Even if I die today
and am reborn again...
...I will still
do the same thing...
...because what I
want to do the most... being your mom.
And I'm going to love Boom... I love you.
Excuse me. I'm looking for
a boy who was in a car accident.
Where is he?
- Wait a minute.
We have to hurry now.
I found him.
Did I choose the wrong path?
Did I pick the wrong choice?
Why must it always been like this?
I always do stupid things.
Maybe because...
...I am a human being.
A normal person.
A woman.
A mother.
A grandma.
A weak person.
And coward.
Too coward to see anyone die.
Wow, that is great!
He is my baby.
Your baby son is
sitting right here.
Your son, but I raised him.
So, I win!
Your son is also my grandson.
Why do we have
to argue about this?
You keep bragging
about your son.
Well, you have quite
a big mouth now.
Trying to fight back!
I have a good teacher here.
Who is your teacher?
- You!
Everyone remembers
what you complained!
Make it that way.
Don't forget to tell
the mixer to lower the reverb.
Just as I told you
in the beginning.
I am not a smart person...
...but, at least,
I know what I am doing here.