Sudor frio (2010) Movie Script

April 20th: The Popular Revolutionary
Army (PRA) stole 25 boxes
of dynamite from a
mining complex in Cordoba.
May 7th: The G Group of the Argentine
Anticommunist Alliance (Triple A)
murdered ten members of a PRA squad.
The "Triple A" seized numerous weapons
and 25 boxes of dynamite.
July 1 9th: Following Minister
Jose Lopez Rega's resignation
the Grenadiers Regiment raided
the Social Welfare ministry.
Large quantities of weapons were seized...
The "Triple A" ceased activities...
But the 25 boxes of dynamite...
were never found.
There it is.
This is the place?!.
Yeah, but appearances are deceiving.
It could be beautiful inside.
Why aren't you using the microphone?
Because he thinks writing
tells more about a person...
and he loves how I write.
I'm sure he says that to all the girls.
He said the door's open,
that we'll have a romantic dinner tonight.
The guy's a jerk!
An asshole!
He's already got Jacquie
and now he's going on a date with you.
I should beat him into the ground!
Don't get upset.
How else should I feel?
She just up and left, no explanation.
Just walked out,
disconnected her phone.
And that gave you the right
to hack into her email?
To find out she's been having
an affair with the blond guy?
I told you she gave me the password.
Do you ever listen to me?
- Roman, don't lie to me.
- I'm not lying!
Then trust me.
I'll meet the blond guy
and he'll tell me where she is.
- My ex.
- Your ex...
That's gotta be Jacquie.
I'm sorry it has to end this way..
You deserve better.
There's nothing more to do.
I've Ieft Buenos Aires
and started a new relationship.
Don't bother to reach me
because y.ou won't find me.
Give me that.
I 'm such a fool.
What the hell are we doing here?
Let's go.
C'mon, Ali, let's go!
- Right now?
- Yeah, now.
It's the same lP address.
It's from the same lP address as the
blond guy who I've been chattin online with.
Are you sure?
She sent the email three minutes ago.
She's probably 60 feet away.
Everything may look dark right now but
it's all a matter of perspective.
Also, you won't be able to start a new
relationship until you wrap this up.
Remind me,
why the hell am I doing this?
Hello. I'm here.
Your house is enormous.
Sir, may I help you?
Thanks, kid.
Thank you very much.
- Can we go slowly, please?
- Sure, don't worry.
Boys like you are hard to find these days.
Walking down the street is very difficult
for a person my age.
There's no respect anymore.
Here you are.
Thank you very much.
You can leave me here.
- Are you sure?
- Yes, I live in this house.
Bye, kid. Thanks.
Hello, Quique.
Hey, kid,
what's that man up to?
- What man?
- The man who went into that house.
- He lives there.
- But what about the blond guy?
What, you a cop?
Tell me, kid... is he the
blond guy's grandfather?
Get your meathooks off the kid.
Sorry, guys. It's just that something's
going on here, you know?
You mean the chick prowling
around here a while ago?
Yes, I'm looking for my girlfriend.
My ex-girlfriend, actually.
Then go look for her somewhere else.
Beat it!
What's going on this time?
Nothing, dear. Just looking out for the boy.
The neighborhood's full of lunatics!
how many times have I told you?
Scream when a stranger talks to you!
And take off that fucking mask!
Did you hear that?
What the hell? Quique!.
You didn't bring home another cat,
did y.ou?
I'II kicky.ou out if there's a cat here!.
And the fellas were,
"Oh, these girls, all they. talk about is
equality., about women's Iiberation. "
Anibal told me that his wife had said,
"Oh, Anibal, now we're equals."
So Anibal smacked her!.
And then he told her to go
wash the dishes!. Wow!.
You know where equality. went?
Because y.oung women...
Did you hear me?
How much should I use?
A drop. Only a drop.
No, no, no, no! Please! Please!
Truth be told, you haven't been
of much help to us so far.
You need to concentrate harder.
I didn't do anything.
No one asked you to speak yet.
Lift your head, dear.
Tell me, dear...
What is this?
I don't know.
I suck at math.
I don't know what it is.
But you do know the answer.
No, I don't. But I know other things.
Ask me something else.
Your entire life has served
you to realize the answer.
Surely it must be simple.
I don't know what that formula means.
I think you do.
You're just not paying attention.
You see, if we could solve it on our own
then we wouldn't be troubling you,
you wouldn't be here.
It's important.
Please pay attention.
I ask you one last time:
what is this?
I don't know, you son of a bitch!
Can you read from there, my dear?
You shouldn't waste your energy.
Get yourself together, please.
It's important.
I 'm thinking... I can...
I can figure it out...
- Can you?
- Yes... yes, I can.
- I can. But I need time.
- Time is what we lack, my child.
Give me ten minutes,
a pencil and some paper...
Because it's a complicated equation
and I need-
You have no idea!
You're just wasting our time.
We would have been kind to you...
You missed the opportunity.
No... no, no,
I can solve it! I can!
I can solve it!
I can solve it!
Please! I can solve it!
- It needs some work.
- Yes, I can tell.
It's a little run-down.
It's all we can afford.
But it'll do for now.
No, it's not perfect,
but it will be when we fix it up.
What's on your mind?
I was thinking about the future.
It has a nice view.
Seems the bulb's on the fritz...
What are you doing?
- Should I stop or can I keep--?
- Shh.
You're hallucinating again.
Shut it!
And not because
someone might hear you.
Yell all you want
but no one will hear you.
You see, we are older men
and we find yelling to be greatly perturbing.
Do you know what
"perturbing" means, dear?
Do you know or not?
Something that is tiring,
This one may be able to help us.
- What is your name, dear?
- Ali.
- Your full name.
- Just Ali.
I should have expected as much.
The degradation of the language...
If you were a man
your name would be...
Jonathan, with a "Y"
Or Jacqueline.
Don't worry,
I know it's your parents' fault.
I 'm going to ask you something,
but stay very still.
What's that?
It would not be good for you if it falls,
my dear.
Not good at all.
Oh, don't worry, it doesn't explode.
You're both crazy.
You were the one who came here
not knowing what to expect.
Sorry, but for someone as naive as you,
finding us was a gift.
You know, we used to have to chase down
people like you. But not anymore.
You kids come here of your own accord.
It's good for us.
We don't have the energy like we used to,
you know?
No, don't answer just yet.
I need you to keep your face
very, very still.
This is very unstable, dear.
When I say, "very unstable,"
you'd best believe me.
And it does explode.
It's similar to nitroglycerin
but much better.
I made it myself.
I extracted it from
many sticks of dynamite.
It could remain on you for ages,
if I could stay here with you for so long.
That being said,
we will have to skip some parts.
I'm going to ask you one question,
and that question has but one answer,
and you can't ask anything.
You're a smart girl,
so I 'm sure you'll be of assistance to me.
I 'll ask only once:
What is this?
Just a second... One second...
- Such a pity...
- It's not an equation, right?
specifically told you,
"No questions"
It's a statement, not an equation.
It's not math.
"Kiss me if you can read this"
Perhaps... Perhaps...
"Kiss me if you can read this"
We can never be so sure with you.
I 've spent my entire life studying
the Spanish language.
I know the definition of 1 50,000 words.
I estimate that there may be
three times more to learn.
Can you imagine
how many words that is?
Do you know how many words
are commonly used by a girl your age?
Two hundred.
Two hundred words.
There were many hypocrites in my generation,
all talking about freedom.
You are their children and grandchildren,
but you kids know nothing.
Just another wave of idiots.
Each successive generation takes
one step further into ignorance.
If you can't speak properly,
if you can't express what you want,
then you have no freedom at all.
I would enjoy conversing
with you longer but...
I don't think you have
any future plans.
And without plans,
we're just animals
left to the whims of nature.
Roman... Roman...
Stay very still.
Don't talk.
Calm down.
Who are those guys?
Is the blond guy with them?
Have you seen Jacquie?
- Do we have to talk about that right now?
- No, no, not now.
Stay calm.
Don't move.
Don't move.
Stay still.
Very still...
I 'm scared.
I feel it trickling down my forehead.
What are you doing?
Call my mom. Call the police.
There's no signal but I do get internet.
What are you doing?
"Nitroglycerin" Here it is.
"Do not expose to high temperatures...
Do not hit, do not rub...
Do not expose to
certain sound frequencies.."
But what exactly does it do?
One drop hits the ground
and we blow to pieces.
"Nitroglycerin can be diluted with water
or neutralized with a dry substance"
Gotta be something
we can use around here...
Look around.
Is that going to work?
I have no idea.
Close your eyes
and hold your breath.
Are you calling the police?
I'm getting help by
updating my Facebook status.
You're an idiot, Roman.
- Take this and get out of here.
- Why?
When you get outside,
call the police. Okay?
- We leave together.
- No, I have to find Jacquie.
She's been missing for days.
She's probably dead.
But what if she's alive?
Besides, I got you into this.
I'd never forgive myself
if you got hurt.
You had better get out safe, too.
- Jacquie!
- Don't touch me!
- Is that...?
- Nitro.
- What are you doing here?
- I came... I was looking for you.
We're gonna die here, Roman.
No, we're not.
I'll get you out.
They tortured me.
They burned me with acid,
electrocuted me.
Why'd you come here?
It was that guy
you'd been chatting with, right?
Yes, it was him.
I never saw him, though...
Those old men are sick!
We'll never get out of here!
That old grump...
I 'm just a servant to him.
I have to do everything by myself.
- What are you doing?
- Your back isn't wet, right?
I'm going to untie you,
and then you have to lay face-up on the bag.
You don't understand... I can't move.
- I 've seen what it can do.
- I 've seen it, too.
Calm down.
We can't stay here.
Just leave and get help.
I 'm not leaving without you.
Don't move.
Step back.
Now lay down... slowly...
Are you ready?
Is that you?
Another bulb blew out!
This damn house!
You know we're on a tight budget.
When are you going to fix the wiring?
There's no shortage of things to fix
in this house, old man!
Yeah, right... plumbing...
electrical... everything.
We used to have so much energy...
The specimens must be destroy.ed.
They.'re not perfect.
You're wrong.
Have some faith.
Some subjects are stronger than others,
with a higher threshold for pain.
And I know just where
we can store the good ones.
In there?
Having plans... projects...
What did you say?
Oh, nothing.
Can you help me upstairs?
We're not gonna make it.
We will.
I'll get you out of here.
Watch out!
I'm trying.
It's Ali.
- What happened?
- I couldn't find a way out.
Jacquie! You're alive!
What are you doing here?
I was bored so I came over
to see what you were up to.
- Is that...?
- Yes.
Oh no...
Now what do we do?
How do we get upstairs?
I don't know yet.
I thought you were coming with the police.
- I didn't get a chance.
- Never mind.
We need to wash
the nitro off her immediately.
We have to find the bathroom.
Watch out for the explosives
under the stairs.
Who the fuck are those geezers?
The A Team?
The "Triple A"!
We're not gonna make it.
Take off your clothes.
You're covered in that shit.
We're gonna explode.
I'll get a pair of scissors.
Scissors? What for?
To cut your hair, sweetheart.
She's right.
Take off your clothes. It's for the best.
Lift your leg. Slowly.
Forgive me.
For what?
For all this.
Things weren't great between us but...
Not now, Jacquie.
What's wrong with y.ou?
Have y.ou gone crazy.?
Hold on, I'm coming.
Did you fall down again?
Slowly. Very slowly.
So? Are you friends again?
Hey! Not so short!
You can't even see it.
Stop whining.
What are we going to do?
I don't know.
You're still wet.
What are you doing?
Do you have a signal?
No, but I have Wi-Fi.
Yeah, he went for help
through his Facebook status.
Is that the best
you could come up with?
Well, what about you?
At least I have ten replies.
"lf it's a party, let me know"
"Stop messing around, jerk"
"What are we doing tomorrow??'
"Shut your ass, fag"
Did you think they'd send
the Hawk Special Ops Brigade
because you asked for help
through Facebook?
I mean, I have over 800 Friends!
Let's come up with a real plan.
We'd better find the bathroom
and wash her off.
Well, at least your hair won't drip now.
I'll see if I can find a way out.
Take care.
You'll have to climb slowly.
I'll go first because
you're covered in nitro.
Stay still... stay still...
What's going on with you and her?
Climb up, if you can.
Slowly... that's good...
Just one more...
O Blessed Souls-
Who's there?
Such a pity.
Help me, Roman! Help me!
Hold on. I can't force it.
Hey, old man!
Was that girl downstairs still wet?
I'm upstairs.
I'll check on the one up here.
I think we may have a clean-up to do.
And guess who has to do it?
Well, I can't be going up
and down the stairs all day.
Don't touch me!
Only when it suits you do you become
the poor old man who
can't go down the stairs!
AIway.s the same conversation...
I am in charge of projects,
you run them. Understand?
Of course! You're the genius
with all the bright ideas
and I'm the one who does
all the dirty work.
Stop complaining. You know there
are things I can't physically do.
Always the same story...
Hey, old man! They got out!
- Who did?
- Them! I have to go down.
Please! Help me...
Help me, please!
Who are you?
- Can I use your phone?
- Sure, but what's going on?
I need to call the police!
- Who is she calling?
- Nobody is calling anywhere.
Now, Ali, let's see if you had
a future plan after all.
I'd rather burn.
You can't be exposed to heat!
We're gonna explode!
Now what do we do?
The water tank on the terrace!
Baxter! Intruders! Intruders!
Baxter! Intruders!
I don't give a damn
about what you're doing here!
I need to call the cops!
Your neighbors are killers!
Just look at me!
Don't yell at me in my own house!
If you're not gonna help then
let me outta here, shithead!
Roman, it's getting hot in here...
There! Did you hear that?
The water tank on the terrace!
Hurry! Go!
Help! They're trying to kill me!
Who's screaming?
What's going on up there?
What the fuck are you doing?
It's alright.
Everything is fine, dear neighbors.
Yeah? Really? Come down here,
motherfucker, and I'll cut you!
You won't get away!
but you won't live to tell about it, idiot!
Gonna get that motherfucker,
that son of a bitch!
C'mon, help me,
Gorka! Come on!
Take this, Gorka!
What did you do?
You again, I see.
And I thought you were worthless.
Just kill her already!
No need.
They die all on their own.
What the hell's going on?
Everything's fine. It's alright!
- Everything's fine?!
- Everything is okay.
- What's in that bottle?
- Calm down, calm down.
- Put it down, old fart!
- Everything is fine!
Who are these guys?
Just a couple of old motherfuckers who
have gotten away with things for too long.
What's your plan now?
Daydreaming again, old man?
No, just thinking.
Do you recall how we met?
Oh, so you're in a gloomy mood.
No. I saw a few toads
in the neighbor's yard...
And you remembered how
we used to stomp them to death.
Ah, memories.
How old were we? Six or seven?
I taught you how to kill them with class,
to experiment on them.
But everything's changed now.
Boys would rather chat on-line
than play in the street.
There's no respect any more.
I have the antidote for your mood...
I'll just laugh my ass off.
Thank you.
I 'm glad I came.
I'm glad for both of us.
What's the plan now?
Whatever you want.
Cold Sweat