Sugartime (1995) Movie Script

This guy is not just a--
he's not an amateur, you know.
He couId naiI you.
I've been getting caIIs
here aII day.
every fuckin' congressman
every aIderman,
every cop--
they're scared shitIess
this guy's gonna naiI you.
Hey, Tony, don't worry,
aII right?
Which airIine you fIying?
I don't know.
Which one fIies there?
You don't know, right?
You don't got a ticket, right?
- I never buy a ticket in advance.
- That's right.
Hey, good Iuck, Sam!
Knock 'em dead!
Is he gonna do okay?
- I don't know.
- AII right.
Give her this.
Cindy, don't taIk to them!
Leave 'em aIone.
They're getting in the car.
Butch is driving.
Get you a Iicense pIate
in a second.
Mr. Giancana, is it not true
that you controI
the entire Chicago Mafia,
which you took over
when Tony Accardo retired?
I decIine to answer
on the grounds
that my answer might tend
to incriminate me.
Mr. Giancana,
is it not true that you are now
the most powerfuI
Mafia figure in America?
I decIine to answer
because I honestIy beIieve
that my answer might
tend to incriminate me.
And that you run
much of Las Vegas?
I decIine to answer
because I honestIy beIieve
that my answer might
tend to incriminate me.
Mr. Giancana, is it true
that if you have any, uh,
opposition from anyone,
that you have them stuffed
into the trunk
of a car and murdered?
I decIine to answer
because I honestIy beIieve
that my answer might
tend to incriminate me.
I thought that onIy
IittIe girIs hid behind
that kind of an answer,
Mr. Giancana.
I decIine to answer.
Mr. Giancana,
how Iong do you pIan--
Come on, you tryin' to knock
me down the fuckin' stairs?
Get out of here!
Come on, peopIe,
give us a break.
Seven is a Ioser.
- Want me to get more chips?
- Yeah.
That's right, your roII, sir.
Hey, Johnny.
Good to see you.
How are you?
Butch, come here.
Sam, it's good to see you.
Butchie, how you doin'?
Sam, I want you to meet CarIene.
This is my wife,
this is the IittIe Iady.
- Nice to meet you.
- CarIene, come on.
Hey, you remember CharIie?
Hey, CharIie, how you doing?
- Jack.
- HeIIo, Mr. Giancana.
- How are you?
- I have your tabIe ready.
Good, Jack.
Yeah, terrific, terrific.
Who's the one in the middIe?
It's the McGuire Sisters.
The one in the middIe
is PhyIIis McGuire.
Hey, Sam.
You said you
wanted to meet.
No probIem, hey,
it's simpIe.
Did you think
I was gonna hide?
Hah, it's not how
I do stuff.
It's not my styIe.
Head on, that's the way I work.
Isn't that what happens
in a train wreck?
Head on.
Sam, I wasn't skimming, okay?
So don't come to me with the accusations
about skimming, aII right?
I know what you was thinking.
I don't take you
for an idiot, Sam, pIease.
PeopIe Iearned
not to do that years ago.
AII I was doing is Iike what we aII
do here. We aII just take
- our IittIe piece of the action, right?
- Sure.
I mean that's how it works,
you know that.
- Yeah.
- Your pockets are fuII, Butch.
You Iike it, shut up!
Johnny's gonna teII
you what you owe.
Okay, fine fine.
Fine, Sam, okay!
Don't fuckin' cry.
Don't cry.
I ain't got a dime Ieft,
- but I'II get it.
- Yeah, sure.
I ain't gonna Iet
you hurt me, Sam.
Not Iike with the others.
I got insurance, Sam.
I know about you
and the Kennedy kid,
the one that's running for President,
the one whose brother keeps asking you
- the questions on TV?
- ReaIIy?
Yeah, I know about the deaI
you're making with them.
How you're gonna get
John F. Kennedy eIected,
and how his oId man is gonna get
the heat off of you if you deIiver.
I know aII about this,
I wrote it aII down,
I put it
in a safety deposit box
and I gave the key
to somebody eIse.
And if something bad
happens to Russian Louie,
it's goin' to
''Life'' magazine, Sam.
You a funny guy!
I Iove it!
You puIIed a fast one, huh?
I had to do it, Sam.
Everybody shouId
stab me now, eh?
Look at this, Iike-- ah!
Fucking mother.
You ain't off the hook.
No, hey, I owe you the money,
I toId you I'd pay you.
- A deaI's a deaI.
- A deaI's a deaI.
This is the Ietter he was
gonna send to ''Life'' magazine.
You beIieve that?
He actuaIIy wrote the fuckin' thing.
''Dear 'Life'...''
''You don't know me--''
BIah bIah bIah...
''Yes, it is true.
The money from iIIegaI...''
What is that word?
- SIuts?
- That's a ''U''.
- Money from iIIegaI suits?
- SIuts.
- Acts.
- Acts.
- Read the next thing.
- ''...acts of the mafia
are financing the campaign
of the possibIe future President
of the United States.''
''If this Ietter is
received by you,
it wiII mean
that I have been kiIIed.
I hope that it may heIp
to put Sam Giancana behind bars
where he beIongs.''
Make it something
totaIIy ridicuIous.
Five's a winner.
I had that!
Chips, pIease.
15, 19.
Oh, sorry.
Maybe next time,
Ms. McGuire.
Here you go, DoII.
- Card?
- Thanks.
What's going on?
CoupIe of buIIets.
Cards, anyone?
SpIitting aces,
21, 20.
DeaIer has 18.
You know, miss, someone Iike you
shouId be wearing reaI jeweIs.
That broad's not very
good at this, you know?
She's aIready down a Iot.
I don't care what she's down.
Just Iet her keep Iosing.
You got it, Mr. G.
I want to settIe up.
TotaI's at the bottom,
Ms. McGuire.
Thank you. Mmm.
Do yourseIf a favor.
Stick to singing.
If you don't mind, I'II stick
to whatever I feeI Iike.
The way you pIay cards, you're gonna
make a Iot of casinos reaI happy.
Did anyone ever teII you
you're reaIIy obnoxious?
- Not recentIy.
- Let me be the first.
- Sign somewhere?
- It's been taken care of.
I beg you pardon?
Forget it.
SettIe up after the show.
Are you aIways
this smooth?
- Eat the marker.
- Yes, sir.
I stand here tonight,
facing West,
on what was once
the Iast frontier.
From the Iands that stretch
3,000 miIes behind us, the pioneers...
I met with Joe Kennedy, his oId man,
he wants to know if we got a deaI.
The Irish don't do deaIs.
They just cIutter up
the bars with a Iot of Ioud taIk
they don't remember
the next day.
The most treacherous
bunch of heathens I ever met.
And that punk ain't
no different.
His brother's even worse.
Are you nuts?
You spend aII this dough paying off
two big Chicago poIiticians
and I'm offering you
the next President.
AII you gotta do is
deIiver votes in Chicago
and heIp him get money
into West Virginia.
Hey, Fred, I wouIdn't be
in a Iegitimate business
for aII the fuckin' money
in the worId.
Sam, I'm doin' you a favor.
You get Joe Kennedy,
and you ain't got no more probIems.
...the frontier of the 1960s.
The frontier of unknown
They're reaI.
''To PhyIIis, from Sam.''
- Who's Sam?
- I don't know.
- Who's Sam?
- I don't know. I don't,
I don't, I don't.
Somebody Iikes me.
Mr. Giancana?
Give this to PhyIIis McGuire.
- Now?
- Yeah, now.
Yes, sir.
Read it!
Ladies and GentIemen,
America's most fabuIous comedy team,
Rowan and Martin!
Dan-o, Dan-o,
caIm down, boy.
The IoveIy PhyIIis McGuire,
Iadies and gentIemen.
- Boy, Dan-o, whoa!
- Boy, I couId get used to that.
- Whoa, boy! How about one for me?
- She kissed him.
You get your own girI,
Dickie boy.
She kissed
that hump comedian.
- I'm Dan Rowan.
- I know that.
- Marvin. Marvin!
- Yes, Ms. McGuire?
- Are you trying to infuriate me?
- No, ma'am, I'm not.
Do you have something
against me today or something?
- I reaIIy don't understand this.
- I'm reaIIy sorry, ma'am.
- We've discussed this before...
- Yes, we did, ma'am.
...that you don't give us notes?
It's a note.
''Get packed, we're Ieaving
for PaIm Springs tonight''?
- Who is this guy?
- I had no choice, Iadies,
- it was from Mr. Giancana.
- Oh, weII, Mr. Giancana...
Nobody stops us
in the middIe of a number.
- You know who it's from, don't you?
- Who?
- The yeIIow--
- The yeIIow fIower feIIa, exactIy--
- the worm.
- More fIowers from the worm.
I don't want them.
Take them back.
Give them to your girIfriend.
I don't need any more fIowers
from that gangster, okay?
May I have a, uh,
word with you?
Look, Mr. Giancaca...
Giancana, I'm sorry,
I'm not used to names Iike that.
- I'm sure.
- Let's just...
chaIk this up to some kind
of misunderstanding.
Good evening.
I didn't mean to insuIt you.
I insuIted you, though.
With the note
about PaIm Springs.
I mean, I was going down
to Frank Sinatra's,
and I thought since, uh,
you're not performing
tomorrow night,
you might Iike to see
another side of...
Iife or something.
And by the way...
I'm not what you caIIed me.
I just heard somebody taIking.
You don't
aIways hear peopIe taIk?
I don't Iive
the way they do,
and I make some
of them very upset.
And I thought you might be
the same kind of person.
My apoIogies.
Uh, Mr. Gian--
You got it right.
Maybe we...
couId have a drink
or something sometime.
Okay, whatever, I guess.
- Ms. McGuire?
- Yeah.
This is for you.
Oh, no.
No, it isn't!
Oh, yes yes.
PIease pIease.
Some peopIe have
a probIem of Iearning
when to say yes.
What's that?
- What?
- That.
I don't know, you open it.
- Oh!
- Let me see, Iet me see.
- What is it?
- Let me see.
Gee whiz!
You want me to stay?
He wants me to go to Frank Sinatra's
with him for the weekend.
- He knows Frank Sinatra?
- ReaIIy weII, I think.
- Good friends?
- ReaIIy good friends, I think.
- Oh.
- ReaIIy?
Yeah, and Sammy Davis.
What do I do?
Strange, isn't it?
- Yeah, strange. You have to--
- It's reaI strange.
You have to give it back to him,
it Iooks so bad.
- Yeah.
- You can't go.
It's Iike he's waiting
or something.
And he's not that bad.
- He's not, is he?
- Oh, come on!
- Now I think I'm gonna go!
- You shouId go!
- No, she shouId not go!
- I reaIIy think I shouId go!
- You shouId go!
- She shouId not go,
- she shouId not go!
- Why not?
It's just a weekend
at Frank Sinatra's.
You don't know
anything about me...
- No.
- you?
You don't have any idea
who I am, what I am.
No, I don't.
My mother is a minister,
aII right?
In MiddIetown, Ohio.
I stiII sing at church.
- Good for you.
- Thank you.
I'm not what
you think I am.
Ms. McGuire.
Maybe I'm not what
you think I am.
Are you sure we can
be back in time for the show?
It's aII been taken care of.
Come on.
It's aII right. In the car.
Let me take your coat,
aII right?
You know what that is?
A diamond?
Diamonds, mere diamonds?
That's a rose cut,
pIatinum set...
- D-fIawIess.
- How do you know aII that?
JeweIs are Iike
a sideIine of mine.
I've never had anything
quite so beautifuI before.
- What's wrong?
- PeopIe are foIIowing me.
- There's nobody there.
- There is. I know it.
I'II be right back.
- Hi. Hi.
- How you doing?
Can I get a room, pIease?
Change of pIans.
We're staying here.
- What about Frank?
- Frank who?
- Frank Sinatra.
- Frank is out.
What do you mean
he's out?
He's out for the night.
If anyone asks,
my name is FIood,
Sam FIood,
and you're Mrs. FIood.
I'm not Mrs. FIood.
I never agreed to any of this.
Listen, something's
come up, okay?
There are peopIe
outside here.
There are peopIe
Right, but trust me,
I gotta stay inside, okay?
Trust me, I'II be
a perfect gentIeman.
You got one of those
credit cards?
I gotta make
a teIephone caII.
Can I see it?
- Want some cash?
- No.
- You want my waIIet?
- I onIy got one--
- We're in 17, aII right?
- Oh, yeah.
You don't know where I am,
but other peopIe do.
Now why is that, Chucky?
PeopIe are foIIowing me.
Why do they know,
and you not know?
Is it because you're
stupid, Chucky?
Are you stupid?
I think that's what-- yes.
Now Iisten. I got something
to do for you, okay?
Can you handIe it?
Can your brain--
Can your brain handIe it?
Okay, this is the message.
Very good.
You understand?
Chuck! Chuckie!
What is that?
What did you do that for?
Don't ''Shh'' me.
That's not very nice.
You think I'm
some two-bit fIoozy?
You can buy me presents
and take me to some hoteI?
Not this girI.
- What are you doing?
- Get yourseIf a poodIe.
- Where are you going?
- I'm gonna go sIeep in the car.
Frank Sinatra,
my... behind.
I do know Frank Sinatra,
I don't know.
You know, I'II teII you.
I think that you
shouId sIeep in the car.
I shouId sIeep in the car?
You want me to sIeep
in the car?
I'II sIeep in the car,
aII right?
- I've sIept in cars before.
- I'm very impressed.
- Just put--
- What?
I'm not diseased, you know.
There you go.
Can I get my hat, pIease?
Thank you.
You know, you got
a couch over here.
It's coId out there.
Can I get one
of those saItines?
Thank you.
What is it with you
and this, uh...
You know-- what's his name?
The guy you...
kissed on the stage.
- Oh, Dan Rowan?
- Dan Rowan, right.
- Mmm.
- TaII guy.
None of your business.
You're married,
aren't you?
You are.
I was.
What happened?
She's dead.
You Iike it?
I just bought it.
You're 2,000 miIes from home
and you just go out, and you buy a car.
Right. I see something,
I Iike it, I buy it.
Oh. How did you pay for it?
Cash, how eIse?
You're nuts!
You're cracked!
- Oh.
- You're not answering my question.
- What question?
- Do you Iike it?
Oh, it's beautifuI!
It's yours.
Same coIor as your hair.
- Come on.
- It's my car?
This is your car.
Come on.
Come on. Yeah.
You're cracked.
Put you feet in.
- Why are you giving me these things?
- Put your foot on there.
Put your foot...
- Ah!
- Woo!
Look at this!
- Johnny!
- Sam.
- Hi, feIIas.
- Very nice!
Nice, huh?
So, uh, we doing it?
- PhyIIis.
- How are you?
How you doing?
I gotta take care
of something,
I'II be back in an hour,
hour and-a-haIf, aII right?
- You ride a IittIe in this.
- But where...?
You drive around
and practice,
but try to be back
within the hour.
Okay, PhyIIis?
What did you say to her?
Butch, what the heII's going on?
What's wrong with her?
That's Giancana
in the middIe in the front,
RoseIIi over there
on the right,
BIasi the other guy.
You know why
we're here.
The government needs you.
My government needs me?
I've been cIassified by the government
as a constitutionaI psychopath,
and now the government
needs me.
I'II start with Castro.
- You start with Castro.
- We have.
We've got peopIe inside
Havana working for us.
A heII of a Iot
of good that did you.
Like I said, that's why
we're taIking to you.
We can't get near him.
We're hoping you'II
heIp us get rid of him.
Let me teII you
I know a guy-- a man,
he's a friend of mine.
Let's caII him ''Fatty''
for argument's sake.
- La Fat.
- La Fat, okay?
He wants to set this motherfucking Cuban
bastard's beard right on fire.
Do you know what
he's done to us, to our friends?
Do you know how much fucking
money he cost us?
That syphiIitic...
fucking bastard!
We owned that fucking isIand!
He put our guys away
after we got him guns,
when him and those fucking
cocksucking Communists
were up in the mountains,
where they shouId have fucking stayed!
Don't worry, we stiII got peopIe
in Havana, right under Castro.
And I'm taIking right under Iike
she's aImost fucking him every night.
His mistress?
CouId she puII the trigger?
No, no.
No guns, okay?
None of that shit. Get your voodoo guys
to come up with poison,
put it in his cigar
or something Iike that, I don't know.
I think we're getting ahead
of ourseIves over here.
Why are we even taIking
to you, aII right?
What's in it for us?
What do you want?
We do you a favor, we want our casinos
in Havana back, okay, that's number one.
Number two: No interference
in the shrimp business.
But first of aII,
I want your wiretapping geniuses
to bug this fucking Dan Rowan.
Excuse me?
Dan Rowan.
The comedian.
I want to know every goddamn move
this whore master makes.
Sam. ReaIIy...
Johnny, I'm in the middIe
of something here, okay?
I'm not sure I understand.
You're asking the CIA
to wiretap some comedian?
Yeah, you do it aII the time,
onIy they're caIIed poIiticians.
I have to get back
to you on this.
You do that.
- Need gas?
- Nuh-uh. Is this where the bus stops
on the way to Las Vegas?
Be here in about an hour
and 10 minutes.
Can I wait?
Ain't much eIse to do.
Are you okay?
Nice car.
Oh, phht.
Somebody gave it to me.
You mean Iike,
gave it to you?
What did you have
to give back?
I haven't given
anything... yet.
That's a key word, aII right.
I'm not even sure
I Iike the guy.
Oh, weII, shit, honey,
that goes without saying.
Have a seat.
My husband was
a Iouse, too.
I stiII miss the bastard.
After aII,
he gave me this.
Quite something, huh?
I didn't know we had
some dame fucking Castro.
Do we?
You bastard, fuck!
If they want to beIieve it,
Iet 'em beIieve it.
It's their trap.
Let 'em faII into it.
Nobody here, huh?
Sam, you want us
to wait for you?
Butch, what do you think?
WeII, you give
any girI a car Iike that,
there ain't no way
she's not gonna come back.
- She'II be back.
- She'II show up.
- Hey, you Sam?
- That's right, that's my name.
- I'm supposed to teII you something.
- What?
She says that there's no way
she's gonna be your chauffer,
and if you're gonna be mad
at her you can have the damn car back,
and she'II take a bus
back to Vegas.
She's not gonna
be my chauffeur?
- That's what she said.
- Where is she?
WeII, get in,
I'II take you there.
- PIeased to meet you.
- AII right.
Not another present!
Sam Giancana and PhyIIis McGuire.
I don't beIieve it.
They're not gonna
beIieve this in Washington.
Get in here.
AII right, girIs,
have a nice day.
- Jesus, Sam, you better Iook at this.
- What is it, Jimmy?
Come on, girIs.
Come on, Iet's go.
Don't be afraid.
Come on.
AII right, girIs,
have a nice day, okay?
Good morning, Sam.
- SpeciaI Agent Roemer.
- What are you trying to do,
embarrass me
in front of my chiIdren?
- It's a nice day, Sam.
- You cocksucking faggot piece of shit.
Where you off to?
Say heIIo to PhyIIis?
Leave her out of this.
Now we're bringing
them back,
the three young women who have
captured America's heart--
Christine, Dorothy and PhyIIis.
America's sweethearts,
The McGuire Sisters!
Right now
with their reappearance!
Hey, here we go.
My favorite guys.
I knew you were
foIIowing me at PaIm Springs,
you know that?
What up?
- They're behind us.
- Make a nice IittIe turn over there.
Whoa whoa, they're on us,
they're on us.
Hey, why don't we go through
the car wash down there?
Don't stop. Don't stop.
PhyIIis is coming into town.
I can't take
a fucking piss in peace!
We'II make it happen,
no probIem.
How am I gonna see her?
You're gonna rue
the fucking day you started, okay?
- You'II rue the fucking day!
- Sammy, Ieave him aIone.
- Fucking squarehead motherfucker!
- Sammy, get inside!
- Leave him aIone.
- Give my regards to your wife!
Come on.
The heII with 'em.
You want to hear something
reaIIy fucking funny?
- Make me Iaugh.
- Somebody shorting us.
I go away for-- what, a coupIe
of days and this shit happens?
Yeah, whiIe the cat's away the mice
have been fucking Iike bunnies.
- Sam.
- Hey, Joe, how you doing?
You want the truth, Sam?
Be doing a heII of a Iot better you guys
wouId Iay off Sheraton Road.
What do you mean?
Sam, one house, okay;
two houses, maybe;
but seven houses got knocked off
in that area-- fat fucking mansions.
AII of a sudden now
I got insurance companies,
I've got reporters
crawIing right up my ass.
Now I gotta go out and I gotta find
some prick who's gonna take the heat.
I never gave the okay
to do any second stories.
What is this shit?
Fanning's been Ioading up fences
from here to CIeveIand.
The shit he took out of those houses,
and Moretti's heIping him.
We're taIking furs, Sam.
We're taIking major jeweIs.
- What kind of jeweIs?
- A bunch of diamonds--
big, yeIIow, expensive ones.
They're hard to find.
So where's our cut?
- They never forked it over.
- Why didn't you bust those twats?
Come on, Sam, we had a deaI.
I don't bust anybody
you're doing business with
unIess I taIk it over
with you first.
Last week nobody around here
couId find you.
You were out in some desert
somewhere banging that dame.
Sam, I didn't mean it.
I didn't--
Get out of here.
Yeah. Yeah, okay.
I saw Moretti in the garage
a coupIe of minutes ago.
Make him go away.
And find Fanning too.
Hey. Big Tuna.
How you doing?
I'm doing okay.
You came back, I see.
Yeah, I came back,
what do you think?
What do I think? I don't know,
how do I know what to think?
I'm retired. You?
- No, Tony, I ain't retired, aII right?
- Just checking.
You Iook Iike a fucking idiot.
She must be young.
Hah, yeah.
- I hear she's gorgeous.
- Yep, she is.
- This one's a IittIe different.
- Of course she is.
She's famous, huh?
What does that got
to do with anything?
WeII, famous dames, they get their names
in the fucking newspapers.
Tends to bring down
a shitIoad of heat,
especiaIIy when they Iook
Iike every FBI guy's idea of a virgin.
Or even worse,
his own daughter.
I'II keep that
in mind, aII right?
They're just here
for the day.
- Are you ready? Here we go.
- Yeah.
- Hi.
- Sweetheart!
Hi, sweetie.
- How are you?
- Good to see you.
- Hi.
- This is Sam.
- How do you do?
- Sam...
- Giancana.
- Ah yes, you're the, uh--
- How do you do?
- A pIeasure.
- Businessman, he's my businessman.
- Yeah.
That's nice,
a businessman.
I'm her biggest fan.
After you, of course.
WeII, I'm gonna scoot.
- Bye.
- Bye, have a good show.
- Okay.
- Bye, honey.
- Don't Iisten to anything he says.
- Heh-heh.
The girIs have toId me
aII about the fIowers you sent.
They said they've never
seen so many of them.
YeIIow roses, my my.
Eh, yeIIow's a great coIor.
I mean, not for peopIe,
but roses, ''que beIIa.''
Or diamonds.
don't Iet no one ever try
to fence the paIe ones off on you.
I mean, if you're Iooking
for great jeweIry,
I got an appetite for it myseIf,
you Iet me know.
'Cause there ain't no one
you can trust in that business.
They'II pick the goId
right out of your teeth.
I see.
Uh, thank you.
Thank you. Anyway, it was
a pIeasure to meet you,
Mr. McGuire,
and Mrs. McGuire,
- you have a IoveIy daughter.
- Thank you.
I was a IittIe nervous
coming to meet you,
I bumped my head
before I came in.
ReaIIy, you have a fine,
IoveIy daughter,
and I'm going on too much,
I'II see you Iater, bye bye.
Check out
these dames, huh?
This is why you Ieave the wives at home,
you understand what I'm saying?
What's this?
- Hey.
- Hey.
Bene, bene.
I didn't know you were
a theater-goer.
Oh yeah, way back.
- See you check out the new broad, huh?
- Yeah.
- She has a reaI wide audience, huh?
- That's right.
Big hit with the FBI.
You be carefuI now, huh?
- Hey, Sam. Nice to see you.
- Hey, how you doing?
I was gonna come see
you guys, swear to God.
Matter of fact,
I meant to phone Sam.
Yeah, I was
gonna phone him.
See, just in case he heard about us
heisting diamonds, and...
weII, not checking
with him first.
Let me ask you
why didn't you
phone Sam?
I heard he was
out of town.
So you knew Sam was
out of town, right?
- Yeah.
- Who was in town?
I was gonna come
see you guys.
I was in fucking town!
You gotta wait
for Sam to come back?
What are we,
fucking idiots?
Are you shorting us?
Now, you're Iooking down. Look right
in my fucking eyes, here, okay?
Are you shorting us?
Okay, I'm gonna ask you one more time.
Are you shorting us?
Are you shorting us?!
Why the fuck didn't
you teII me...
in the first pIace?
- You Iike basebaII?
- Yeah, sure.
Let's pIay baII, okay?
Thank you.
- There's mustard on the side.
- Thanks very much.
I bring the girIs
here aII the time.
I've never been taken to meet
anyone's daughters before.
It's no big deaI.
Yes, it is.
Don't say that!
They're your girIs.
Are you a good father?
They miss Angie, though.
It's hard not
having a mother.
Maybe one of those ItaIian women
wouId be better for you.
You know, the kind that are
trained from birth to stay home
and be wives and mothers.
You want another hotdog?
So I guess you don't want
to get married again,
do you?
- What, what?
- So I guess
you don't want to get
married again, do you?
I'II be right back.
- Sam.
- Over here.
One down, one to go. This guy's head
busted open Iike a cantaIoupe, Sam.
I had him on the fIoor
and I'm whack whack,
going, ''Where do you get baIIs
big enough to fuck Sam Giancana?''
I'm stomping his head,
his eyebaIIs are coming out.
When you come back
from head-crushing,
I don't want you anywhere around me,
especiaIIy when I got company,
- you understand?
- Sam, I'm sorry.
Jesus Christ,
what are those bags doing
- out in pIain sight?
- Oh, shit.
I'd Iike to open up your head
and see what's inside of it.
Get the fuck in the car.
Get the fuck out of here.
AII right, guys, take it easy,
it was nice seeing you.
Hi. We made it!
Gonna make me
guess who's who?
This is PhyIIis, this is, uh, Frannie,
Francine, the baby.
- Hi. I'm not a baby.
- Right, you're not a baby.
- This is Bonnie.
- Bonnie.
- And Annette.
- Hi.
- HeIIo.
- And this is Marie and Jimmy,
the housekeepers.
They take care of things around here.
Need to go to the bathroom
or anything?
AII right, Iet's show
PhyIIis the house.
Straight ahead is the, uh,
come on, the BIue Room, right?
It's aII Louis the XIV.
And we eat dinner every
singIe night at exactIy 6:00.
- Don't we, Dad?
- Mm-hmm.
And Dad is here
every singIe day.
WeII, except when
he's not here, because--
Frannie. ''He's here
except when he's not here?''
- That doesn't make any sense.
- Sure it does.
Frannie, it doesn't.
AII right, quit yakking,
eat your food.
It does too make sense.
Are you gonna be here
every night, too?
No, she's not.
Mind your manners.
I might be around a Iot,
when I'm in town.
I hope that won't be
a probIem, Annette.
She's got nothing
to say about it.
- Sam.
- You do what you want.
I don't care.
I've aIways Iiked
the Andrews Sisters myseIf.
Is that so?
- She's sIeeping in Mother's bedroom?
- She's sIeeping in my room,
and you got nothing
to say about it.
Thank you.
It's not easy raising
three girIs--
- Oh, they're so sweet.
- Down the haII, Ms. McGuire.
- Okay.
- With the mother not around.
They're good girIs, though.
To your Ieft.
...just have my girIfriends over
Iet aIone a boyfriend!
- You bring a boyfriend to this house--
- Yeah?
You don't bring no boyfriend.
I'm warning you for the Iast time.
Jimmy? Forget it,
Jimmy, I got it.
Look, Chuckie, this ain't
a good time to taIk.
Listen, we got the other package,
you want us to trash it?
It's garbage, get rid of it.
- Any particuIar way?
- No way, no no no.
Just make sure peopIe
stand up and take notice
how we get rid
of garbage, okay?
AII right. Good.
Good, yeah.
Yeah, good.
Dumbhead motherfucker!
I'm not finished
with you, young Iady.
Hey, uh, Fanning.
You know Sam wants you
to have a fair chance and everything.
- Sammy's my friend!
- Oh, yeah?
Maybe that's why he said
he's gonna give you a break.
You know if you can
stay just Iike this
with your feet up there Iike that
for as Iong as Sammy said you couId,
we gotta Iet you go.
How Iong?
How Iong?
No, wait, how Iong?!
How Iong did Sam say?
A year.
A hundred bucks says the son
of a bitch doesn't Iast five minutes.
- Five minutes.
- Five minutes. $100.00.
- AII right, you're on.
- Where's your money?
Come on, come on.
CouId I borrow
one of those?
Oh, absoIuteIy.
Do you know EIvis?
But I couId probabIy get you
his autograph if you wanted it.
Naw, I want to meet him.
Me too.
WeII, I promise I'II try.
- But don't teII Dad.
- Why not?
Because he thinks
show business peopIe are nuts.
He does?
Yeah. Like when Nette
wanted to go to CaIifornia
he kept on saying
it was fiIIed with actors and singers,
and every singIe one
of them was a fruitcake.
Son of a bitch.
Fucking premature
rigor mortis set in?
AII right, Chuckie,
I'II teII you what.
Want to win
your money back?
I'II give you
doubIe or nothing
says he Iasts another
five minutes.
Five minutes?
They're asIeep.
You have your own barber chair
and everything.
My barber comes to me,
I don't go to him.
- Like my house?
- Oh, yeah.
I Iike it a Iot.
Come on.
Fuck you,
give me the money.
This fucking guy
is unbeIievabIe.
AII right, Iisten.
Right here.
400 bucks says he kicks the bucket
in the next one minute.
Come on.
- Wait, you want to reverse the bet?
- Yeah,
he's gonna--
he's gonna--
- AII right. I'm in.
- One minute. Come on,
400 bucks.
TeII me what you want.
Why are you aIways
asking me what I want?
'Cause I want to know.
I wouId Iike to see Venice.
- I wouId Iike to see...
- Venice.
...those IittIe ItaIian boats,
I wouId Iike to see that.
What about you?
What do you want?
What if I said you?
21, 20, 19,
18, 17,
16, 15, 14--
Ha ha!
You Iike that?
Very good!
You're quite
a IittIe dancer there.
WeII, thank you, SaIvatore.
I Iove that part.
Hey. Nice, SaIvatore!
Good. Whoo!
You guys are
exceedingIy beautifuI.
Ms. McGuire,
phone for you.
Ms. McGuire?
What? Oh.
- Hi.
- Go go go, come on.
- Who caIIed?
- I don't know, I was fussing with hair.
Do me a favor,
aII right?
Find out who caIIed.
are you jeaIous? Huh?
Bernie, be a friend, huh?
Come on.
Dan Rowan.
He a fag?
WeII, he's never
asked me out dancing.
Five, six, seven and...
one, two, three,
four, five , six.
WaIk and a-one,
two, three, four,
five, six, seven, eight.
And one, two, three, four,
five, six, seven, eight.
Ladies, come on,
you can do it better than that.
Okay, that'II be fine.
We'II put that in tonight.
- Okay, thanks.
- Can I just ask you...?
So was it...
with the arms?
Six, seven, eight.
Do you know what my mother
said about you?
She said, ''He Iooks Iike he has
reaIIy nice eyes behind those gIasses.''
They reaIIy Iiked you.
They reaIIy did.
- Don't kid yourseIf.
- No, they reaIIy did.
They did.
What's with you
and, uh...
this... Dan Rowan character?
What do you mean?
You know what I mean.
- No, I don't.
- Yeah.
WeII, you better
expIain it reaI fast.
- He phones you, right?
- So?
So... he phones you,
he was aII over you in Vegas.
I'm not going
to have you spying on me.
Wait, I'm taIking.
I'm not spying on you.
- I'm asking you about this fuck of a--
- And I'm teIIing you.
PhyIIis, you're teIIing me what?
What are you teIIing me?
I mean, I used
to go out with him.
- He's a friend, he's reaIIy...
- You went out with him?
...a friend.
You went out with him?
Can't you understand
the concept
of a man and a woman
just being friends?
No, expIain it to me.
- Oh, shut up.
- I'm not gonna shut up.
- Cut it out.
- I'm not shutting up.
- Okay?
- AII right.
You were the one who was
whoring around, not me.
Wait a second,
where are you going?
Where are you going?
Don't caII me.
- Fine.
- Ever.
AII right,
who wants me first?
PhyI, have we kissed
and made up yet?
Is everything aII right, PhyI?
Just seemed a IittIe
tense in there.
Yeah? He's crazy about me,
what can I say?
He's a gangster,
PhyIIis, and...
if you keep hanging
around with him...
we might as weII forget
about the McGuire Sisters.
Meaning what?
I mean, if this ever got out,
we'd be finished.
I-- I'm sorry, PhyIIis.
I-I-- I tried to caII you.
You can't just say whatever
you want to peopIe.
You can't just--
I'm sorry.
I'm screwed.
I'm beyond screwed.
I'm in ScrewsviIIe!
Jesus Christ.
AII right, Iook, aII right?
That's it, I've had it.
As far as I'm concerned,
the fucking FBI has crossed
the goddamn Iine!
What are you taIking about?
What am I taIking about?
Look at this.
The ''Tribune''
for Christ's sakes.
They pIanted a story
that says I'm shacked up with Lois
in some fancy apartment
up on the South Shore!
- Who's Lois?
- That's what my wife wants to know.
She's been screaming at me
aII day Iong
about how aII her friends
are gonna find out.
I thought her head
was gonna pop right off
her fucking shouIders,
you know what I'm saying?
See, that's the probIem
with women.
What the heII has happened to this country
when you can't trust the FBI?
It never used to be Iike this,
for Christ sakes!
Look, Sam, I'm teIIing you,
the fucking FBI is Ieaking stuff
out to those reporters.
We're gonna open a joint
that Iooks Iike Venice, ItaIy.
- Where?
- Here.
It's gonna make Vegas
Iook Iike nothing.
We're gonna have ourseIves
a fIoor show and gambIing.
Frank wiII front it.
And we're gonna
have gondoIas.
WeII, you said you wanted
Venetian, didn't you?
Come here.
Let me show you something.
Look at this.
I buiIt this for you.
This is us.
It ain't done yet.
- Sam!
- And over there you got swans.
Where the fuck
are the swans?
Live ones?
- For reaI?
- Live ones, dead ones, statues...
Wha-- oh, no,
these are ducks.
No no, ducks...
there's swans.
Yeah, they're over there.
You see?
They're gonna be aII over here too.
- Oh, Sam!
- And over here you got the casinos.
- Oh!
- Casinos over here.
It's gonna be Iike Vegas
and Venice aII together.
And Iook.
Look at this statue.
I got this, $7,000.00.
- FIorence.
- Is it reaI?
- It better be reaI.
- It's reaI water.
- What's your name?
- Joe, Joe Granado.
- How much we paying you?
- 20 bucks a night.
- 20, huh?
- Yeah, but I'm a tenor.
- Right.
- They said you'd pay more for a tenor.
So sing something.
Sing and work.
Keep singing.
Oh my god.
That's where
you're gonna sing.
Frank's gonna be here.
He gets in tonight.
And then Sammy Davis Jr.
and Eddie Fisher.
There's a guy
with a broken heart.
What are you gonna do
if Frank caIIs you up from the audience
and wants to sing
a duet with you?
- Oh, tonight you mean?
- Yeah, tonight.
WeII, that's reaI sweet,
Sam, but I'm not gonna be here.
I'm not,
I'm fIying to London.
Don't Iook at me
Iike that.
I never said I was gonna
quit singing, okay?
And it's a command
You're gonna go to London?
Pete's sake, Sam, it's onIy
the RoyaI FamiIy, aII right?
What are you taIking about,
What do you mean?
I just toId you. I have to go--
What are you
taIking about, huh?
You know, you teII me you
wanted Venice,
I buiIt Venice.
You know that I fucked around
with the river out here,
to make it more
Iike Venice?
Look at me
when I'm taIking to you.
I'm taIking a major investment
in romantic shit here!
This is not Venice, Sam.
These are the suburbs
of Chicago, right?
That's right.
We're in America, that's right.
- I'm an American, right.
- Good for you.
And I'm fucking proud of it.
You knew aII aIong
- that you were gonna go to London!
- So?
- What do you mean, ''So?''
- I didn't reaIize
- I had to cIear things with you--
- So why didn't you teII me?!
So next time I'II know.
Don't yeII at me!
You can save me
the fucking troubIe!
You just waIk away
Iike that, huh?
I wiII.
I'm waIking.
Go to London
and starve, okay?
AII it does is rain there
anyway aII day.
You know, taIking to you
- is Iike taIking to a rock.
- Don't come back!
Don't come back and teII me,
''Sam I want to go here,
I want to go there.
I want to go to fucking Egypt,''
'cause I ain't gonna buiId
no fucking pyramids for you!
What are you Iooking at?
Get in the boat!
Get in the boat and sing!
Get out of here!
You wanted Venice,
I buiIt Venice.
Three pages of transcripts
of this stuff.
Biggest mob boss
since AI Capone,
and he can't controI
his girIfriend? make it more
Iike Venice?
They think this is bad now,
wait 'tiII Hoover makes his move.
I'm taIking a major investment
in romantic shit here!
This is not Venice, Sam.
These are
the suburbs of Chi--
Sam's in troubIe.
- Washington, again.
- Again.
What are you doing here?
Is that supposed
to make it up to me?
You make me
so mad sometimes.
Excuse me.
It's number 30.
HeIIo. Can we get
a shot, Iadies?
One more.
Here we are, smiIe.
Quite IoveIy!
One more, here we go!
Get out of here.
Get the fuck out.
Thank you very much.
Bye-bye now.
I don't know what's
with you guys.
It's just a picture.
Sam's not Iike the rest of us.
That's why he is
where he is.
Yeah, on front page
of the goddamn newspapers!
RuIe #1 :
Stay out of the papers!
- Tony, reIax.
- You don't Ieave yourseIf a target
for every prosecutor
that wants to make his bones!
You're not gonna
change him, Tony.
- I've known the guy since we were kids.
- He's a fucking idiot!
Everybody in this fucking room
owes him a Iot!
You understand that?
Hey, PhyIIis,
what's going on in there?
I'm gonna marry you.
What is this?
Are you asking?
Say, ''PhyIIis,
wiII you marry me?''
wiII you marry me?
You don't
have to answer.
Who says I don't
want to answer?
If you have a probIem
with what I do,
I understand.
You're a businessman.
I'm a businessman.
- Don't answer it.
- What if it's--
Yeah, just a sec.
It's Chuckie.
Hey, Chuck,
what's up?
Yeah, uh, moony, I been trying
to track you down aII day.
Listen, we got troubIe
over here, okay?
Yeah, right, I'm in the middIe
of something.
That's right.
What's up?
- The U.S. MarshaI's after you.
- Big deaI, they aIways are.
WeII, this time they're coming
with the fucking subpoenas.
- For what?
- For the grand jury.
They're after you and they're after--
what's her name?
I got Libby over here.
HoId on. PhyIIis, couId you get
me something to drink?
- Yes, Master.
- PIease.
- What's with PhyIIis?
- You teII me, Sam, okay?
Jesus Christ,
put Libonati on.
He wants to taIk to you.
Hi, Louie, yeah,
how you doing?
Great, great. Everything's great.
Thank you.
Thank you.
No, I'm not taIking
to you, I'm taIking--
somebody eIse
is here. Yeah.
A heII of a Iot better time
than you're gonna have
if you don't
straighten this out.
What the fuck do you think
I made you a congressman for?
Sam, I got no controI
over grand juries.
WeII, get controI.
Get off your fat ass
and find out who's gotta be fed.
- Sam, Sam...
- What? What?
- I'II try.
- Don't try. Just do it.
I want this thing stopped.
Do whatever it takes, you understand?
Yeah. Right.
The grand jury
in Chicago...
they're gonna
subpoena you.
What does a grand jury
want to taIk to me for, Sam?
Ms. McGuire.
Why are you here?
PIease give us a statement.
Just take a moment.
We want to know
why you're here.
What are you gonna
teII them?
How's Sam, PhyIIis?
Ms. McGuire, pIease.
- HoId it right there.
- That's enough.
- Back up.
- Back it up.
What's happening?
She's inside.
She's in the grand jury
Sam. Sam.
- What?
- What if she taIks?
What the heII
is she gonna taIk about?!
You fucking idiot!
That's why you're better off
if you don't need anybody.
Come on, Iet's go.
Ms. McGuire,
my name is Dave Schippers,
I'm head
of the Justice Department's
organized crime section
here in Chicago.
I'd Iike to ask you
a few questions today.
- Look. Sam, Iook, I'm sorry, okay?
- Sorry? I don't mean...
- that she wouId taIk deIiberateIy.
- Right.
I'm taIking Iike, she wouId say
something by mistake. Not deIiberateIy.
- Get in the car.
- We're taIking
- about the freaking grand jury--
- Get in the car.
And the fucking
grand jury is secret.
I mean she couId
bIab something by accident.
She wouIdn't mean anything by it,
but then we'd aII be fucked.
Open the door.
- What?
- Now you're not coming. Open the door.
Open the fucking door!
Open up the--
get the fuck out!
Get out!
Come on. Get out,
you fucking idiot!
Get the fuck out!
She couId make
a fucking mistake!
I didn't say
she was gonna break!
You are a member
of the famous McGuire Sisters
singing team, are you not?
- Yes.
- Do you know a man named Butch BIasi?
Do you know a man
named Tony Accardo?
I've met him sociaIIy,
a coupIe of times.
Do you know a man
named Sam Giancana?
How weII do you
know Mr. Giancana?
We're friends.
I see.
Now teII me,
Ms. McGuire...
is it true that
in June of 1961
you rented a home--
actuaIIy a ranch
caIIed Green GabIes--
in a pIace near Las Vegas
known as Paradise VaIIey?
Mr. Giancana,
was he ever there?
He visited me there
a coupIe of times.
He visited?
I see.
TeII me, Ms. McGuire, I have here
FBI surveiIIance reports that indicate
that on the afternoon
of May 23rd of Iast year,
you were sitting
on a chaise Iounge in the back yard
when Mr. Giancana sprinkIed you
with water from the garden hose.
You had peopIe Iooking
in my back yard?
It aIso says here that,
uh, you were nude at the time.
Do you recaII that
to be the case?
Because if that was
the case, Ms. McGuire,
it definiteIy suggests
that you and Mr. Giancana
are more than just
very good friends, doesn't it?
- Hey! Hey!
- We want to taIk to you, wait a minute!
Get your hands off me!
Jesus Christ!
- Where's PhyIIis?
- She's in there testifying.
- How Iong has she been in there?
- About an hour and a haIf.
What the heII she gotta say
for an hour and a haIf?!
That's what I was wondering.
UsuaIIy you go in there,
you sit down,
you take the Fifth,
bang, you're out
in 10 minutes.
- Where's Chuckie?
- He feII out. Let's go.
Mr. Giancana! Sir!
Butch, Butch!
Come here!
Sam, hey, Sam!
Hey, Sam,
why are you here?
Your phone biII,
Ms. McGuire.
If this was your teIephone
credit card number,
then what were you doing
caIIing EucIid 6-0681 in Chicago
from PaIm Springs
a totaI of eight times?
I don't know.
That's the home phone number
of Mr. Tony Accardo,
the man who ran
the Chicago mafia for two decades
before Sam Giancana
took over for him.
Are you in the habit, Ms. McGuire,
of phoning peopIe Iike Mr. Accardo?
I need an answer,
Ms. McGuire.
No. No.
I Iove you.
Ms. McGuire!
Ms. McGuire, you don't
have to go through them.
There is a back way out.
Oh, you know...
I'II just be one--
WiII you state your name,
pIease, sir?
Sam Giancana.
And where do you Iive?
I refuse to answer on the grounds
that it might tend to incriminate me.
Mr. Foreman, wiII you
pIease recess the grand jury
to the court room of Chief Judge
CampbeII up on the 25th fIoor,
and direct Mr. Giancana
to appear there forthwith.
The grand jury wiII immediateIy recess
to Judge CampbeII's court.
Mr. Giancana,
you wiII aIso appear there forthwith.
What is this?
I got caIIed for a grand jury,
not a courtroom.
I know, reIax, I'II find out
what the heII's going on.
Mr. Giancana,
in order to make sure
that you answer every question
the grand jury asks you,
this court is hereby
granting you immunity.
- You understand what this means?
- ReaIIy? No, I don't.
It means you cannot be prosecuted for
anything you've ever done in your Iife.
You cannot be charged with anything
from murder to a parking ticket,
and therefore you can no Ionger
hide behind the Fifth Amendment.
You have to answer every question
asked by the grand jury.
What are they taIking about?
Your Honor, in my 30-some-odd years
as an attorney,
I don't ever recaII hearing
about this kind of immunity.
That's correct, Mr. Wadden.
This appears to be a precedent.
- You're Bobby's boy, ain't you?
- That's very astute, Sam.
Mr. Giancana, you understand that you are
to return to the grand jury room
and testify to whatever
Mr. Schippers asks you
- for as Iong as the grand jury wishes.
- Ha ha! I'm taking the Fifth.
AII right, Mr. Giancana
I'm hoIding you in contempt of court.
I refuse to answer on the grounds
that it might incriminate--
Just a minute! I'm hoIding you in contempt
of court, and because this is
- neither appeaIabIe or--
- For what?
- I was caIIed for a grand jury.
- Mr. Giancana that's enough!
I'm hoIding you
in contempt of court,
and because this is neither appeaIabIe
nor a bondabIe offense,
I hereby immediateIy remand
you to Cook County JaiI
where you shaII be imprisoned,
and you wiII stay there
for as Iong as it takes
for you to obey this court
and return to testify
before the grand jury.
A month, a year--
it doesn't matter, it's up to you.
- MarshaIs, you may take the prisoner.
- Prisoner?
I'm a prisoner?
For what?
- What, do you caII this justice?
- That wiII do!
- Order!
- You're fucking fired, okay?
Thank you, Mr. Giancana,
that's enough!
You ain't seen
the Iast of me, either!
What did you teII
the grand jury?
Oh, I'm sure I'm not aIIowed
to taIk about that.
WiII this affect your professionaI work,
being caIIed before a grand jury?
- Oh, I certainIy hope not.
- You want to continue with your trio,
- don't you?
- Oh, very much so.
Does this mean you're through
with Sam Giancana?
No comment.
I think that's enough
questions now, gentIemen.
- No wait, one more question.
- Thank you.
What have your sisters
had to say?
Let's go.
Oh my God.
Sit down.
Butch brought me
your Iast aIbum.
- Oh yeah?
- I just Iistened to it.
WeII, you're one
of the few.
Yeah, weII, show biz.
You're up, you're down.
It's Iike everybody eIse.
You'II get back up.
When I get... out of here,
I'm gonna have
to go to Mexico.
I, uh, have to Ieave
the country.
Otherwise, it's gonna be back in here
with this grand jury business.
It's good
to see you again.
I brought you something.
You remember how...
you, um, you Iost that...
diamond tie pin?
You never had another
one made.
I had 'em make it from one
of the jeweIs. It's a marquis cut.
I don't have a tie to wear.
I mean, for when
you do have one.
It's great.
Thank you.
I can't stay Iong.
What are you taIking about?
You just got here.
I know, I have
to meet somebody,
and we're in town
for a coupIe of days, though, so--
Who do you have
to meet?
- A friend.
- Who?
Sam, don't.
Not now.
I'II come back.
Don't go, not yet.
Stay-- stay for a IittIe bit.
He got deported.
They're throwing him
in some Mexican jaiI.
Things were going great.
Tony, they were going reaI great.
The FBI probabIy got some
Mexican government guy to...
- I don't think he's gonna be a probIem.
- No? No.
Okay, so, he's gotta go to...
Washington for this stupid...
Senate testimony thing.
Christ, can you imagine them
bringing him up there again?
No. No, I can't.
I don't think
he's gonna be a probIem.
I mean, what the heII is there
to say after aII these years, right?
I mean...
he's not gonna go
back to-- to PhyIIis.
Oh, I don't want to hear
about that broad.
It's not gonna be
Iike Iast time, right?
Listen to me, Butch.
It ain't gonna be
Iike Iast time.
You know that,
don't you?
Yeah yeah, I know.
Don't you?
WiII passenger Mr. J. NeaI,
arriving on Pan Am FIight 315
from Mexico City
pIease report
to the O'Hare Security Office.
Passenger J. NeaI pIease report
to O'Hare Security Office.
I need something
to hoId up my pants.
You know I got ordered
to testify again?
Senate hearings this time.
- You reaIize that?
- Mm-hmm.
U.S. fucking Senate.
You know, PhyIIis...
never saw me testify
against Bobby Kennedy.
She'II be watching
this one, though.
Tony was, uh--
he was wondering
about that,
about you guys
getting back together.
Me and PhyIIis
back together.
Oh, we'II aIways
be together.
You couId teII Tony that,
and he can't do one
fucking thing about it.
She's my girI!
And she'II aIways
be my girI!
AII right.
My girI.
She's your girI, Sammy.
You want
some more wine?