Sui Dhaaga (2018) Movie Script

"Mr Mauji walks far ahead,
close behind is his tail.
"The further he walks,
the shorter gets the tail."
All's good.
Here in the city and at home.
Less room here...
...but more stars to count
when falling asleep at night.
Hey, Mauji!
See if there's water in the tap.
Fill a bucket for me.
- Can't you hear me?
- Yes!
The tank is empty.
- Water pump working?
- It's fused.
The electrician is coming
to fix it tonight.
This is Mamta.
By law we're husband and wife,
Mamta! Can you wash the pan
for me?
Let me give father
the bucket first, Ma.
Where is the coriander?
And this is father.
God has given him everything.
Dragging your feet again?
Pour it in!
Never enough water for his tank.
All he does is snore.
People take God's name at dawn
while my father only abuses.
But what can I say? It's all good.
Mamta, keep an eye on the stove.
There's Mamta. There's mother...
...good intentioned but nervous.
Her hands tremble if the bread
she serves is not hot and risen.
What can I say? It's all good.
The risen bread is for you.
Mauji, you have the cold one.
Mamta, iron his shirt.
Mamta and I couldn't get to know
each other before we married.
Now there's no time.
When the wedding was over... was our chance to talk.
What can I say? It's all good.
This is Chhajjulalji.
My father's father.
My grandpa.
He used to be a skilled tailor
in the old days.
His business went bust,
leaving us without a rupee.
The shirt's torn.
I'll mend it.
Mamta, pack the tiffin box.
We have another family member,
"Usha's Sewing Machine."
Actually it belongs to our neighbour
But he and his mother spend
most of the day here.
The oil this machine consumes and
the tea Yogesh's mother consumes...
...would fuel the verandah heater
for two months.
Uncle, why are you turning it off?
Want to catch a cold?
You'll fall sick going
from hot to cold.
Put your shoes on.
We'll miss the train.
Don't worry. I'll get there
before you.
Mauji! A dog is peeing on your cycle.
Your cycle is covered in dog pee!
This is my brother Jugnu. His wife
Kumud and their son Beenu.
You like the bike?
Kumud's brother, Guddu,
got it from the showroom...
...with a 5000-rupee discount.
Good morning, sister.
- Sister-in-law, here.
- You ok, Beenu?
There's milk in the bag.
Make sure he has it at 4. Ok?
We're leaving.
Beenu will ride the new motorcycle.
Hold the tiffin upright or else
the gravy will spill out.
And so the lunch box,
the water tank...
...the gas cylinder became
a wall between Mamta and me.
Neither of us could climb it.
- Greetings, Palteramji.
- Greetings.
Say what you will...
...but all the artisans who barely
survived the handicraft shutdown...
...are living contentedly
in this neighbourhood.
Who knows what tomorrow will bring.
But today? It's all good.
Mauji, give me a hand.
Take it.
Long live Mother Ganges!
Naushad wants the money
for the new machines.
Call him here.
Sir, I transported this lot
all the way from Bhiwani.
Used up my diesel driving. I greased
the palms of the border police.
No extra money for free goods,
If word gets out that he's selling
sewing machines the government... to the poor,
he'll be jailed.
- Very risky.
- This wont cover his bail.
He's doing us a good service.
Give him a little extra.
Must I pay for his toilet paper too?
- Go on, Bansalji.
- Here.
- Happy now? Go.
- Thank you.
Mauji, have you delivered
Parshant's wedding cards?
All done, to every corner.
- Parshant came with me.
- Wonderful!
You'll have lots to do
at the wedding.
Parshant is like a brother.
I'd do anything for him.
What's wrong?
Why are you sulking?
He knows why.
Ask this scumbag.
- He drove my new bike into a pole.
- Really?
Parshant sat behind with a bag
stuffed with chicken meat.
Two crazy dogs chased us.
Ask him.
The dogs were salivating
when they smelt the meat.
The faster I went,
the faster they ran.
One of the dogs grabbed
my trousers violently.
I kicked the dog and it went
flying to one side.
The bike crashed into a pole
and I landed in the gutter.
All true.
Here is my son's wedding invitation.
Bring the family with you.
There's a separate card for Jugnu.
Hold it between your teeth.
Today your daughter goes
to the in-laws.
Just be like yesterday...
Ma, bring some water for father.
...she used to wipe her nose
with my shirt.
If you're so emotional,
why watch these wretched soaps?
Suman is marrying a government
He'll keep her happy.
You don't have to worry.
Get me some pickles.
Pickles for father.
Whose noise will groan in this house
after today?
Mamta, soak the kidney beans.
No cooking tomorrow.
Uncle Bansal's son is getting
married. We're invited.
Jugnu has a separate invite.
Go with Mamta and give it to him.
Why are you sending them out
this late?
You go!
I'm not going near that house.
Is this right? Two wedding invites
for the same family?
Jugnu insisted on living
with his in-laws.
So, where's the harm in that?
What's wrong?
You weep like a child when a girl
leaves home in a TV soap...
...and didn't bat an eyelid
when your own son left.
Mauji, listen. Mamta says
she won't attend the wedding.
What's her problem?
Her pretty blouses are too loose now.
Measure her. I'll take them in.
It's done. Anything else?
The sewing machine is threaded.
No, that's all.
Try it on now.
You must eat.
Make sure the children eat too.
You show up now?
- I was at the back...
- There's much to do.
Where were you loafing around?
I brought father along.
Ok. Ok.
Can we get a group photo?
Some other time.
Go and set the dining table.
People are complaining.
Don't leave before you've eaten.
- How are you?
- I'm fine.
Put it down. Keep moving.
Father, I have work to do.
Eat without me.
Greetings, uncle.
- Mauji got me the catering contract.
- Really?
- What are you charging per head?
- Enjoy! It's free for you.
Mauji, come.
This is Mauji.
Papa's favourite worker.
Stay in his good books. Right?
He makes our clients laugh. You won't
cry when you leave home.
Come on, show her what you can do.
Come on, just once!
Here, Tommy!
Say hello to my bride.
Are you hungry?
Have some chicken. Here!
Go on! Chicken, chicken.
It's bread, not chicken!
He's all upset.
Mauji, chicken.
Come back.
You'll bite me?
Come back.
He's terrific, isn't he?
An original.
We gave them 151 rupees
as a gift...
...and earned 500 in return.
You must've done a good deed
in your last life...
...that's why Bansal hired you.
Just be grateful.
Even Parshant treats me
like a younger brother.
What is it? Not sleepy?
The boss pays, so he will have
his fun, won't he?
No big deal.
I was humiliated not you.
You or me, it's the same thing.
Forget it.
People enjoy a laugh
at a wedding.
You act like a doggie every day?
You crazy?
A doggie every day?
Sometimes I'm a monkey,
or a bull or a dancing bear...
Done it all.
Can't you find some other work?
Earn less, but you won't be
humiliated like this.
Should I join a circus?
Is buffoonery your only talent?
I'm too old to learn a new skill.
What choice do I have?
Start your own business.
You're so talented.
When our marriage was being settled...
...I noticed the fine waistcoat
that you were wearing.
You sew so well for the family.
You could sew for others.
Have you lost it?
Grandfather was a tailor.
He lost everything.
Father got a job to feed us.
And you want me to jump back
into that hell?
Don't ever mention it
in front of him.
He'll throw us out.
A tailor? As if!
Where's Mauji?
I'll check.
Are you doing the accounts?
Go and meet Gupta and Verma.
Don't mix up their accounts.
Pay attention to your work.
That's the problem.
Hey Mauji!
Can't you hear?
Take this to Gupta's shop.
Get him to sign for it.
Collect the cash.
Can I have your bike keys?
I'm carrying cash back.
I don't want to lose it.
Want an airplane instead?
Be honest. You want to take
your wife for a spin, eh?
Taking her some place
where you can get it on?
Don't talk like that.
Bansalji, settle my accounts.
You want your wages?
But the month has just started.
I'm done. I'm not in the mood
to hear another joke.
What are you in the mood for?
Enlighten us!
I told you to shut your mouth!
- How dare you!
- Remember your place! Moron.
He's talking about my wife.
- And you say nothing?
- He's only joking.
So what!
Leave the shop keys here
and get out!
I'll thrash you in front of everyone.
You scumbag!
You dare talk to the boss like that?
Does he have a monopoly
on hitting people?
Your son's turned red
and I haven't even touched him.
Call the police.
You low life!
- Stuff it! I don't want your job.
- Get him out of here.
You won't get another job.
You'll starve.
Your blasted keys!
Bijender, how much will you eat?
Offer some to the guests.
Some tea.
There's no need for all this.
I was unmarried when
I started work here.
Parasamji looked after us
like his own children.
There was always water on the table.
At one sharp...
...a lunch box with hot food
would appear.
The meals were Deshraj's responsibility.
I just did the cleaning.
Still mad at me?
No, I'm fine.
You don't have to hesitate
telling everyone... husband is unemployed
and sits at home all day.
- What did you do?
- I quit my job.
Attention, everyone!
Now Beenu will recite a poem for us.
Go on, Beenu.
"A paper boat.
"A house of brick.
"Grandpa takes care of us.
"I'm his mouse, he's my elephant.
"Everyone calls him Bauji.
"My sweet grandpa."
Uncle, great news.
No more getting up early.
No more shouting for water
and waking us all up!
I've retired but not from life, son.
I'll pick Beenu up from school... him with his homework...
...teach him maths and tables.
That's my responsibility now.
Mamta can teach him, father.
You should do what you've
always wanted to do.
What's that?
Do what you really want to do.
Morning walk?
No. Make your dreams come true.
You mean stay in bed?
That's your dream, son.
Just hear me out.
Oil your rusty tools,
here's your chance.
Take up your old trade.
Let us revive the family business.
I don't want my future generations
going down that road.
- Let us? Meaning?
- You've retired.
I can't bear working for Bansal.
To hell with them!
Let's start our own business.
50/50? Who'll do your job?
I've quit my job.
You quit.
You quit your job?
Just see how he is scrubbing
his clothes.
He's getting all spruced up
to twiddle his thumbs at home.
- Where are the shop keys?
- I've returned them.
Poor Mr Bansal.
At his age, he'll have to get up early
to open the shop.
- The shutters must weigh 10 kilos.
- Be quiet!
Your son is jobless and you worry
about Bansal.
Why didn't he quit
when the month was up?
No, Ma.
No more kicks from the boss
for a few thousand rupees.
A few thousand?
I get it. So a few thousand
is nothing to you?
You're eyeing my savings.
I'll have a pension of 250,000
and you'll enjoy it. So why work?
No, father, I don't want your money.
Keep it.
Mamta, make him see sense.
We came from the village to the city
for a better life.
If we can't earn in dignity here,
there's nowhere for us to go.
Let him do what makes him happy.
"A paper boat.
"A house of brick.
"Grandpa takes care of us.
"I'm his mouse, he's my elephant.
"Bauji is what they all call grandpa.
My sweet grandpa."
Get me a tea!
Me, too.
It's not even 9.
And that's his third cup.
Father, you read this.
Let me read your paper.
Don't touch! Buy your own paper
with your own earnings.
Ok. Keep your wisdom to yourself!
Mother has had a fall.
She's in the kitchen.
What happened?
No one has filled the water tank
this morning.
So many dirty pans.
When will that milk boil?
I must make their breakfast.
Get your breath back, Ma.
Forget all that.
- Want to see the doctor?
- No.
Give me some mango powder.
It's just gas. I'll be ok.
Your home remedies will end up
killing you.
Call Bijender.
Ask him to bring his rickshaw here.
The mango powder isn't helping.
Give me some lemon pickle.
Call Guddu from my phone.
Bijender is on his way.
- Ma, let's go.
- I'll be ok.
Want to die with a pan glued
to your hand?
I'll be all right.
I don't want to go to hospital.
Find out where it is. Go!
Where should we go?
Ask over there.
It's nothing.
It's just gas. Give her some
papaya and she'll be ok.
If you're as smart as a doctor,
how come you drive a rickshaw?
Satpal's son was ill, too.
His lines went up and down like this.
So you're expert at lines?
Listen. Look! My hand is stuck.
- You brought a jar of pickles?
- Ma asked me to.
- Apply oil. It'll come out.
- The pickle has oil.
- So try cream.
- It didn't work.
- Pull harder.
- It's hurting.
Gently now.
Her hand is stuck.
I'm trying to get it out.
Try paraffin oil.
It'll slip out.
- Will that work?
- Absolutely.
Move aside, please.
She's had a heart attack...
...and has two blocked arteries.
She seems very stressed.
Are there problems at home?
What do you expect when her
grown son sits idle at home?
Father has just retired.
That stressed her out.
Bravo, son! I can pay the bill
but don't blame me for her ill heath.
Carry on bickering and you'll
block her good arteries too.
Doctor, what shall we do?
She needs an angio.
Admit her to hospital.
My heart is fine.
If I walk every day, I'll get better.
What shall we do?
I'm the one with the heart attack. But
they've gone deaf. They won't listen.
Don't worry. You'll be fine.
Aunty, don't worry. No waiting charge.
I'll take only 250.
This is no time to talk about money,
- Can't you see the situation?
- Sorry.
Go with them.
Deposit 5,000 advance.
She'll be under observation tonight.
Surgery tomorrow. OK?
I don't have 5,000.
Stay with mother. I'll arrange it.
Take Mamta with you. She must
fill two buckets of water at 4pm.
Three teas and some biscuits!
Forget it.
Shall we go home?
Come on.
I told everyone I'll start
my tailoring business.
But the rent for a tiny shop
is over 10,000 rupees.
How long has he been here?
He's been here since
the bazaar opened.
- He owns this spot?
- The Municipality does.
- Does he pay rent?
- No.
- Electricity?
- No.
- Does he have any helpers?
- No.
- What do you have in mind?
- Nothing.
Are you saying I should set up
a shop here?
No, you're saying it.
Is it demeaning for you?
Didn't you admit Ma?
She's just as stubborn as you.
Who listens to me here?
Are you all right?
Want some tea?
It's cold, Ma. Shall I make
your bed?
You didn't like the hospital?
Feeling better?
Wake up! Still sleeping?
My shop opens today. Who will
come with me?
Mamta, get some tulsi leaves
for my tea.
Grandpa, you come. I'm trying
to revive your legacy after all.
God spare us from a son like you.
Grandpa probably said that about you.
Shall we go, grandpa?
Mauji! You here?
Sorting my life like you.
Congrats! Where's that from?
The scrap dealer.
All set? Ready to count pigeons?
- Greetings, Yogeshji.
- Greetings, sister.
You can't go hungry on your first day
at work. It's not right.
Sit down.
If I said I was bringing you food
father would start nagging.
So I didn't tell them.
Bring the lunch box home.
- Have you eaten?
- No.
Eat with me. There's enough
to feed the whole market.
How much is the bill?
Make me a cup of tea.
Why have you got the light on?
Switch it off.
You drink two packets
of milk every day...
...if you can't deal with life,
start drinking alcohol.
That would last longer.
Is alcohol free?
Get me a bottle then.
What is it?
Since we got married this is the
first time we're eating together.
Oh no!
If you start crying over nothing,
how will we manage? Eat.
It's tasty.
- The pickle makes it tastier.
- Aunty, your pickle smells delicious.
- Want some?
- Yes!
Ask your customers to get their
torn clothes mended here.
Tell the other shopkeepers you're here.
They won't know you've set up
shop here.
I don't see Rakesh and Vinod today.
There's Vinod.
See how he's hopping.
That isn't Vinod. It's Kaushalya.
She's pregnant.
Her man has dumped her.
Men can't be trusted.
Here you are.
Yes, Mamta?
Mother has fallen again.
We're going to the hospital.
Meet us there.
I'm on my way.
Keep an eye on my things.
My mother has had a fall.
- It's a good job...
- But he won't agree.
- What happened? Is she ok?
- Yes.
I've admitted her.
Tomorrow's the operation.
I've managed to pay the deposit.
They'll keep her overnight.
Bauji, you tell him.
Look, it's come out.
Ma refuses to take her medicine.
You ok, Ma?
This is more medicine
than the food I eat.
It'll make you feel better.
Go back to your old job, son.
Say sorry to Bansalji.
Your father is losing a mountain
of hair worrying about you.
His hair has blocked the drain.
At his age, he doesn't need hair.
So what if he loses it!
You swore on her that
you'd keep her happy.
I am happy.
And if I weren't, so what?
He swore on me.
If bad luck comes my way...
I'll deal with it.
His life will be settled
once he gets a job.
Jugnu has some good news for Mauji.
He's a dutiful brother.
Tell him.
There's a new power plant
near Meerut.
They're hiring clerks.
Someone I know can help you.
Pay him a bribe of 150,000.
He'll make you a fake
school certificate...
...and you'll have the job.
I'm not leaving mother in this state.
What if something happens to her?
I'm staying put.
I beg you. We don't need
a jobless son.
Give him time, father.
When the business takes off,
we'll be fine.
By then we'll be burning on the funeral
pyre. He could sew our shrouds.
You're still alive so tell me...
...any embroidery on your shroud?
Visiting hours are over!
Squabble outside.
Who stays with her tonight?
Let's go.
Mamta, borrow an old salwar-kameez
from Yogesh's mother for me.
Sleeping in a saree
is very uncomfortable.
Get me all the old sheets lying
around the house.
Let's solve mother's discomfort.
Add this here. And here.
Try the flowers here.
Good idea.
Look, Mamta.
It's done.
Ma isn't a widow yet. No white.
Let's add some colour.
If grandpa were alive, he would've
given me a coin.
Thanks to his generosity,
I had a full piggy bank as a kid.
It's lovely. Where did you buy it?
Mauji and Mamta made it.
Mother is losing blood.
She needs another transfusion.
You can donate blood downstairs.
- Downstairs?
- I'll go.
- What happened?
- The nurse didn't tell me.
A blood shortage?
Will pomegranate juice do?
- Come upstairs.
- What's wrong?
There is a crowd up here.
- Tell me what's going on.
- Please hurry.
- Are Jugnu and father upstairs?
- Yes. Hurry.
Please listen.
Look. He's here.
Be quiet!
- Is Ma all right?
- She's still in surgery.
They want to talk to you.
They want a dress just like Ma's.
Just a minute!
A maxi dress like Ma's. I told
them not less than 500 rupees.
OK! Pay me an advance.
Collect your maxi in two days.
You can give me the money.
Write your names down.
One by one. Write down your names
over there. Go!
- Will I get my maxi dress tomorrow?
- Yes!
Here. 3900 rupees!
3900 rupees.
Let's celebrate and have a paan.
Rejoicing over peanuts?
You've hardly won the lottery.
Nothing makes you happy.
Yogesh is more supportive.
He always stands by me.
Father, wait and see.
Today it's a 200.
500 tomorrow, soon it'll be 5000.
Yogesh, in this country
there is more demand than supply.
My business will boom.
Your jaw will drop.
Jaw will drop!
The operation went well.
She'll return to the ward
in half an hour.
Let's go.
If anyone wants a maxi dress,
give them Mamta's number.
And walk around the other wards
at night, they'll see your clothes.
We might get more orders.
I'm going to the cloth market now.
Like a cold chill,
like a high fever.
Being in your company
is a curse I adore.
I may be losing my mind.
You're an addiction...
...stings like a wound.
Let's stay here...
...right here.
Never to return home again.
Let the world never find us.
You're an addiction...
...stings like a wound.
Bumpy roads ahead.
Go slow.
Roads ahead...
...slow down!
You're an addiction...
...stings like a wound.
With you by my side,
the world seems new.
Same old chores,
same old traditions.
In broad daylight let us
illuminate the city.
Think what they will,
those old fashioned folk.
You're my sleep,
and awakening.
You're an addiction,
stings like a wound.
You're an addiction,
stings like a wound.
Wow! You're a hard-hitting batsman.
He's still overcharged us
by fifty rupees.
Here, sonny, another sixer!
What is it?
Nothing. It's the first time
you've praised me.
Want a biscuit?
Get us some biscuits!
Never mind.
Let it be.
Did you want one?
Sit down. I'll get you
some water.
I didn't know when you'd be back.
So I started cooking something
for Ma.
Father, where's the sewing machine?
Yogesh took it back.
He said his mother needs it.
- I'll get it back.
- Drink your water first.
Father, let me do it.
I don't have the machine!
What do you mean?
I know it's inside.
You can't have it.
Is that Mauji shouting?
- Yogesh, I need it.
- Buy your own.
How dare you refuse!
- Don't force me.
- He doesn't want to give it.
I need it.
Don't force him, Mauji.
Mummy, close the door.
Call the police!
Why are you hitting my son?
Let go!
- Don't be so selfish, Aunty.
- We're selfish?
- Getting fat on our machine!
- Is that fair?
I haven't used it as much as your
greedy mother has slurped our tea.
How dare you!
- So?
- I'll fix you.
- You'll fix me?
- I'll break your...
Let go!
Stop him!
What's he doing?
Parasram, just see! Your son
is making a scene.
Stop him.
- Yogesh, careful!
- You beggar!
- Let him go!
- Stop!
What is this?
What's going on?
What happened?
You're wise, you decide.
Tell me where can you get
a machine for free?
All I said was - we're neighbours,
so let's settle it amicably.
You earn 100, give me 40.
Think of it as machine rental.
40? You mean 40 punches?
Father will get hurt.
Father will get hurt!
Let's go home.
Stuff your machine up your...
How much more shame will you
bring on us? Go home.
Come, child.
Will I get my dress tomorrow?
You should be happy, Parasram.
The boy is trying to revive
his grandfather's legacy.
We all gave up years ago.
If you're so proud of Mauji
and his wife, adopt them.
Have a paan.
This is not a trade that bears fruit.
This tailoring nonsense has ruined
the neighbourhood.
How will you return the advance
to those poor patients?
Forget it, Bauji.
Enjoy the paan, don't count
the ingredients.
Morning, father.
- If you're free, come with me.
- Where to?
What is it?
Lend me a machine for one day.
I'll return it tomorrow.
You nuts?
If we unpack it,
Bansal won't buy it from me.
Sell it to us. We'll pay you later.
It's not easy getting these
free machines.
You have to stand for hours
in the sun... a sports complex
40 kilometres...
...across the state border.
There it is.
Can I sign up for a sewing machine?
Get a token from the back
and join the line.
"Attention. Token numbers 250 to 300.
"Token numbers 250 to 300.
Please stand in line."
"Thank you."
When will we get a machine?
Pass a test first.
A test?
Only people who know how to sew
can get a sewing machine.
Take this number and sit down.
When your number is called,
join the line.
- When's that?
- They'll call.
Your name?
Not you! Keep moving.
"Token numbers 401 to 450!
You must wash your cut.
- But where?
- Let's ask.
There's a dispensary nearby.
Get yourself bandaged there.
Our number will not
be called immediately.
I'll wait here.
"A cycle key has been found.
"The owner must collect it
from our desk."
Move aside.
- I hurt my foot...
- Have you got a form?
No form.
- Sit over there.
- Some iodine...
Sit down. I'll call you.
"We've found a 4 year-old toddler
who says his name is Parveen...
"...and his mother's name is Rajkumari.
"His mother must come
and collect her son."
Can you...
I have patients. Can't you see?
We'll attend the wedding without
an invitation.
"Token numbers 651 to 700.
Stand in line.
"No overcrowding.
"Only those called should join
the queue.
"The others must wait."
Some iodine, please.
- I told you to wait.
- It's just over there.
I'll miss my number.
I've come from far.
- Where's the form?
- I don't have a form.
Your number has been called.
Join the line.
- My husband isn't here.
- No problem. You can join the line.
Take this to the doctor
then come back.
Someone stop him!
I just wanted some iodine.
Let go.
- What are you doing?
- Here, stuff it!
My husband is at the dispensary.
Can I wait for him here?
If you don't want to go in,
then return the token.
Get another token when he returns
and queue again.
Now go.
"Will everyone kindly take their seats?
"The test is about to start.
"Take your seats and thread
the sewing machine."
What is it?
- They've called my number.
- Where's your token?
My wife has it.
If you don't believe me,
come with me. It's the truth.
Go and find the senior officer
over there. Talk to him.
Now move aside.
Keep moving!
"Take the bobbins out
and wind thread in them.
"Take the cloth from under
the table...
"...and make a pillow case
within ten minutes."
"The cloth is under the footrest."
"Time is nearly up. Hurry!"
- How long to go?
- Five minutes.
"Those making pillow cases
must hand them over here.
"The next group is ready
for their test."
"Now leave the hall."
"Your time will be up in 30 seconds."
Here's your coupon.
Get the machine from there.
Your coupon. Collect the machine.
Don't start crying! They'll think
you've never seen a machine before.
Move along. Take your sewing machine
from over there.
Give these out.
Here, Aunty. Your maxi.
- How much for the stent?
- 64,000 rupees.
25,000 for the bed.
What is it?
They used an imported stent.
The bill is huge.
- How much is it?
- 150,000.
- 150,000?
- Yes.
Why didn't they ask first?
They told Ma the stent was imported.
She gave her consent.
They won't discharge her
till we pay.
- That won't cover a week's medicine.
- Keep it.
Call Guddu. He recommended
this hospital.
What is it?
You're as pale as a ghost.
He's worried about the bill.
How do we find the money, Guddu?
Don't whine on about money!
I must see my dear mother first.
She owes me blessings
for the New Year.
Mahesh, all well?
Doctor, how are you?
Haven't seen you for ages.
How are you? Miriam, right?
Yes, Jogiji?
I'll call you in ten minutes.
Amma, Guddu is here.
She looks weak.
They unblocked one artery.
One more to go.
They said I must come back.
Mamta pack her things....
...I'll handle the bill.
Guddu is here. Now smile!
Yes, Kumud?
I'm off now. Give me an apple!
Forget it!
- Let's step on it.
- Guddu, the bill...
Namaste, Panditji.
Namaste, Guddu.
I was calling for your file.
Get me Guddu's daily reports.
Nothing wrong with the file.
Did you make the maxi dresses
for the patients?
Bravo! The doctor thought
they were great.
- How many orders did you get?
- Fifteen.
It's not allowed, son.
Are you here for your mother's
treatment? Or to start a business?
Next there'll be someone hawking
samosas and tea.
This is not a railway station.
It's a hospital.
He's a foolish boy.
I'll explain things to him.
I'll calm him down.
Please look at the bill.
It looks OK to me.
I haven't earned this much
in my whole life.
Panditji, you're a magician!
Just press a few buttons and reduce
the number of zeroes.
Go outside. Let me handle it.
Let me.
Give me 70,000.
Panditji has halved the bill.
Tell Mamta. Take our mother home.
Guddu, get a receipt.
Must I teach you the ways
of the world?
Who gives a receipt for a shady deal?
Come with me.
Panditji wants to talk to you about
the maxi dresses. Come!
We're downstairs.
He has halved the bill.
Don't misunderstand Panditji.
He didn't say stop making maxis...
...he said make them through
my company. We'll supply them.
Panditji could've sent us a sample
and had us make exact copies.
What could you do?
Is your name on the label?
No, right?
You must think about your
mother's treatment.
Guddu, let him think it over.
His mother has another operation,
You have a lot of time.
Come back and have
tea with me.
He's so amusing.
Son, you saved us.
You've done us a great service.
Nonsense, Bauji! You're my elder.
It's no service.
My sister is married to your son.
We're family.
Your day was wasted in hospital.
Come home and rest.
I'll rest only when I've settled things
for Mauji.
When he has a job in the factory,
then I'll visit.
Not for a meal,
but a fancy imported drink.
Bye, Guddu.
Now you can smile!
Mother, call if you need me.
Don't think of us as strangers.
We're family.
We've run around for our Amma, even
today when fasting on Karva Chauth.
Amma, look after yourself.
Shall we go?
Why didn't you remind us to fast today?
It's Karwa Chauth.
We're fasting every day as it is.
Let's go inside.
Stitch it properly.
Do it properly.
Don't use grey.
Sister, this is Mauji.
- Who is he?
- The maxi guy.
Ah! Come here.
What's your name?
- And yours?
- Mamta.
Show the maxi.
Double seamed so it's strong.
It has panels for the drip and ECG.
This button lets you
undo the maxi easily.
How many orders have you got?
About 2000.
Can you make them?
In three days.
3 days? 2000?
We don't deal in small numbers.
We are "Bedi Creations."
Been around for 40 years. Get it?
My father started this business
in a 4x4 shop.
And now look.
Our ads were on the radio
all day long.
Guddu, remember...
"Everyone's passion,
that's Bedi Fashion."
"Bedi, Bedi, Bedi...
"...for grown ups and kids."
That's it! You know it?
- I've heard it.
- Yes! We're Bedi Creations!
Readymade garments wiped out
the tailoring business.
She abandonned her design course
in the US to look after things here.
Our story is much like yours.
Gave up a course in America too?
No, Madam, that's not what she means.
Never mind.
Take them to the supervisor.
Tell him about the maxi.
Leave it here.
I'll take it later.
This print is very nice.
- Here's Guddu.
- Your luck has turned.
- You'll get what everyone gets.
- What's that?
8,000 rupees a month!
You're set for life.
You've got a job.
You should be happy.
No time to think now. Just work
as hard as you can.
Off you go.
You have a lot to do.
All done.
Sitting under that tree is better
than working in the factory.
But we'd end up counting
pigeons there.
I don't have a good feeling
about Guddu.
Maybe madam Harleen
will treat us well.
Work here if you want to.
It's OK.
All of Bauji's pension will go
for mother's treatment.
There's so many other expenses.
Amma said she's feeling uneasy...
...and wants to hold
a prayer meeting at home.
Pandering to Amma's wishes
will end up ruining us.
The bride is bathing.
She left her bracelet
in the bathroom.
Her mother-in-law took it
behind her back.
She won't return it.
We'll take the job.
Guddu brother!
Why have you brought a sewing machine?
...take this to the warehouse.
Ankita, we need two uniforms..
You won't need it.
You are Truth.
You are Myth.
You are Truth.
You are Myth.
Everything comes from You.
We fly aimless like birds.
You are the light on our path.
You are the shore, the river,
the thirst.
You are silence and prayer too.
- Has the water come?
- Yes.
See, this is a pocket...
The various sizes...
You don't need this patchwork.
Nor this. Or this.
- But, Madam...
- It looks pretty.
Make the gown plain.
It's a hospital gown. Who'll see it?
Mamta, come with me.
Scan this gown block
for the embroidery machine.
You may not heed me.
But I listen to Your every word.
...this pattern looked good
on the maxi.
Madam wants the simple design.
She'll use this design
in the fashion collection.
Beyond all rites and rituals...
...I will seek You out.
You are colour.
You are colourless.
A "Made in China" label
on our garments?
So? Must the label say "Ghaziabad?"
Who'd buy it?
This is India! This is how things work.
Back to work!
Great patriot!
You are the shore, the river,
the thirst.
You are silence and prayer too.
Guddu, put this photo in the Raymond
Fashion Fund application.
Let them see I am not alone.
The country is with me! Right?
20,000 rupees.
20,000? Last time
I paid a 5000 advance.
Who knows, uncle. Ask accounts.
It was 5,000...
Don't waste my time.
Ask upstairs. Move aside. Next.
They won't let Amma wear our maxis.
They want us to buy the hospital one.
OK. I'll talk to Panditji.
Wait here.
Even the doctor pays the same rate
if he needs treatment here.
You have to pay for a maxi,
slippers etc.
And for many tests.
It's her heart after all.
She hasn't got the runs.
You charge 2000 for the maxi and
buy it for 500. It's wrong.
No free beds here.
No free beds? But you said...
Panditji, don't get angry.
He's a foolish boy. I'll pay.
We have no free beds, Bauji.
Would I refuse you?
There must be one somewhere, Panditji.
We've been duped.
We lost the rights to our creations.
When our pockets were empty,
we were fearless.
Now we have money,
we're powerless.
Hey Mauji...
...there's an hour before lunch.
Get back to work.
Outsmarted by the educated.
We didn't realise our own worth.
We sold ourselves for peanuts.
Delivery is for this evening.
You have two bundles to go.
What's up?
- I want to talk to Madam.
- Talk to me.
- Let me see her.
- She's busy. Talk to me.
How much you charging
the hospital?
What's it to you?
You get your wages. Be happy.
Do that again and I'll smash
your teeth in.
Come here! Rascal!
I don't talk to middlemen.
Come here!
We taught your workers everything.
Trusted you with our creations.
- What's the fuss?
- Show the poor some kindness.
Calm down!
You gave the hospital another way
to rip off poor patients.
How can they pay 2000 for
a 500-rupee maxi?
I said get out!
Throw him out!
Let go!
What's done is done.
What's the use of fighting?
Don't butt in. I'm talking.
Get out!
Let go!
Give me back my machine!
- My sewing machine!
- There's no machine here.
My machine...
Get out!
- My sewing machine!
- Get lost!
Take off his uniform. Damn thief.
Teaching us how to run a business.
Get out of here.
He's just an animal.
See, Bauji?
How badly he was beaten.
He pulled a muscle in his thigh.
He hammered Guddu's
back with his elbows.
Guddu almost threw up blood.
I thought Mauji was a burden to you.
I thought I'd help him,
instead he beats me up.
Fine reward for my good deed.
Don't just stare. Go, get some water!
Everyone thought so highly of Guddu.
How will Madam trust him?
Tell him to go back with Guddu
and beg her forgiveness.
You think I'm a low-life?
Con artists!
We all know he and Panditji
swallowed half the hospital fees.
You've made Jugnu into a puppet.
Jugnu isn't a child! You keep him!
We don't need him.
It's all my fault.
My parents married me
into a family of eunuchs.
Speak up!
Stop being your wife's parrot.
She's abusing us all.
Talk to me, not him,
if you're a real man.
I'm holding back.
I can be tough too.
You're the toughest of the lot!
How long will you be
your wife's lapdog?
It's OK, brother.
It's all good.
Shown your true colours today.
Let's go, brother.
Amma, how much bread shall I make?
Ask the others.
Bauji, it's 9.
Shall I put on your TV serial?
Your husband has provided enough
Father and son used to fight bitterly
over a newspaper.
Today they are not bothered
about anything.
By now they would've
finished three cups of tea.
But nothing today.
God knows when their fasting will end?
Get up!
Go down. Make Amma eat something.
She hasn't had her medicine.
I could've fought them all yesterday
but you stayed silent.
Fought? You were just hurling abuse.
Say sorry to Kumud.
She's younger than you.
You asked me to quit my job
at Bansal's. I did.
You asked me to work at the factory.
I did.
Now you're asking me to apologise.
Why should I?
You can't be right
all the time, Mamta.
- Did I ask you to work at the factory?
- You encouraged me.
You didn't want to count pigeons...
You kept telling me there's was
no money for Amma's treatment.
That was true.
It's not my fault
if you misunderstood me.
It's never your fault.
It's always mine.
If you're so smart,
then you do something.
Such an effort to get the machine.
Of course I'd fight to get it back.
So you made the effort alone?
Have a biscuit first.
Where's Mamta?
No idea. In the bathroom, maybe.
Wake up.
How long will you lie there
like a corpse?
Who'll make breakfast,
who'll wash the clothes?
Think of us.
- Maybe she's filling water?
- That's already done.
Did she go out?
It looks like it.
She must be picking Beenu
up from school.
- Beenu, won't you say hello?
- Mother said not to talk to dogs.
Shut up!
- Have you seen Mamta?
- No.
You left it here yesterday.
Do it properly.
Don't spoil our name.
Please return our sewing machine.
We'll lose whatever work we had.
Sister, I'm just an employee.
No one listens to me here...
...especially not after yesterday.
- Let me speak to Madam.
- She's busy.
The Fashion Fund deadline
is approaching.
Wait if you want.
Talk to her if she comes out.
If the award allows me to open
a shop, wouldn't I work hard?
I've travelled to remote areas,
ones you've never heard of.
I found such beautiful things.
India has so many gifted artisans.
They deserve a platform.
Please shortlist us.
Thank you.
I've come here to apologise.
My husband behaved badly
Let's go inside.
It breaks my heart to see women
in your situation.
It's only because of you
I didn't call the cops.
Otherwise they'd have beaten up
Mauji till he saw stars.
It was a mistake, Madam.
Forgive me.
Don't be foolish.
Don't talk like a meek little mouse.
I was foolish asking my husband
to quit his job.
I've never left the house before.
I was so naive.
But you've taught me so much.
That's why I say, "Don't quit."
Join my Fashion Fund team.
We'll be rich if we win.
Then you can get a room of your own.
You'll be in charge of your own life.
Let him rot.
Get it?
I've seen my husband walk miles
carrying bundles of cloth on his back.
He rides his cycle instead
of taking a bus in the hot sun... he can treat his father
to a paan.
Ask him, "How are things?"
He'll say, "It's all good."
And he's right.
All is good.
Had I not met you... could I have learned
the ways of the world?
Wait outside. I'll send you
your sewing machine.
Guddu, she's coming out.
Make her wait all day.
Mister, have you seen Mamta?
She took the Delhi bus.
I dropped her at the stop.
When's the next bus?
There it is. It leaves in ten minutes.
The bus for Haridwar
is at stand number 2.
Why did you go out
without telling anyone?
Know how worried we were?
If you didn't want to tell me,
you should've told Amma.
Why punish her for my mistake?
She has done you no harm.
OK. I apologise.
I'll apologise to the whole world.
But I beg you, please don't cry
on the road like this.
You didn't make a mistake,
I did.
Forgive me.
What is it?
I went to the factory to get
our sewing machine back.
They didn't give it to me.
Now do you understand
why I hit Guddu?
He's just a yes-man.
No one in this city has any feelings.
Abusing others won't help you or me.
So what should we do?
Jump off a bridge?
If we want our dignity back...
...then we must take part
in the fashion competition.
We'll use our own name
to sell what we make.
Are you mad?
We barely have enough to eat
and you want to take on a battle?
All good!
If they hurl abuse at me,
let it be amid cheering.
No point suffering in silence.
We better keep it from my parents,
or they'll throw us out.
Greetings, Bauji.
What shall we call our company?
Made here, named here.
"Mad in India!"
Let's name our company
after what inspired you.
"Chajjulalji Fashion?"
Sounds odd.
"Mr Mauji walks far ahead,
close behind is his tail.
"The further Mr Mauji gets,
the shorter is the tail."
What is it?
Could you lend me your sewing
machine for two days?
Will you make cardamom tea for me?
With samosas.
Give me the answer.
"Mr Mauji walks far ahead..."
Who walks behind him?
I'm busy.
Bauji, try this one.
"Mr Mauji walks far ahead,
close behind is his tail.
"The further Mr Mauji gets,
the shorter is the tail."
Call this a riddle?
- Don't tell him.
- A needle and thread.
Yes! "Needle & Thread."
That's what we'll call our label.
"Needle & Thread."
Mad in India.
Make a company!
"Needle & Thread."
Mad in India.
- Are we selected?
- Of course.
Team Needle & Thread.
Please come.
Show us your designs.
Put them on the bodyforms.
Over there.
Sit down.
"Needle & Thread. Mad in India."
No, "Mad in India."
- "Mad in India?"
- Yes, "Mad in India."
You mean "Made in India?"
"Mad in India" means it was
created in India.
"Mad in India" means crazy in India.
That's fine, too.
Enough crazies in India who dream
of trying their luck like us.
Making a few clothes is OK...
...but Raymond Fashion Fund
is for upcoming designers.
What if we selected you?
What then?
You need investment, infrastructure.
You need manpower
to make a collection.
Can you do it?
In our neighbourhood
we have many...
...artisans and craftsmen
who do menial jobs now.
We could...
- We'll get them to join hands.
- Yes.
We can make the collection.
We'll manage it.
The prodigal son is here!
With sweets in hand.
He's read our minds.
Bauji, we've been selected
for the fashion contest.
Will they pay you?
We're struggling to do
better in life.
And all you think about is money.
They'll help us set up a garment
business and market our clothes.
Good news twice in one day.
My son worries about tomorrow...
...and I've found a solution
for today.
Distribute the sweets, son.
Father has a job.
He begged Omkar, the newspaper man,
for a job.
He'll deliver the papers.
He'll carry 40kgs on his cycle
at his age.
Mamta, have some. Go on.
Come with me to Meerut.
I'll make the arrangements.
If you won't go alone,
take your wife.
I'm here for mother and father.
If it's such a great job,
you take it.
Leave your wife and son here.
They're your family. This is mine.
I'm staying put.
I salute you, brother.
You're very brave.
Then watch your parents die slowly.
Let father slog at his age.
You're braver than me.
Our parents adored Beenu.
But you made sure we had
no rights on him or on you.
You've never said a word
against him.
You saved your curses for me.
This is the first time I want
to achieve something...
...and you put me down.
What did you achieve in 40 years?
Your office celebrated when you
Got rid of the old man.
Your boss didn't even know
what you did.
Think yourself lucky she knew
your name.
We've been married so long.
We should be grateful
she didn't leave.
She gave my life direction.
I held her hand
for the first time today.
And I felt...
...I was worthy of her.
Bauji, back us up once.
Just once.
If we don't make it, we'll
take any job you suggest.
It's only a month.
Run after your dream while
I deliver newspapers.
But not a scrap of cloth
enters this house.
Cloth? You won't see a thread.
Amma, pray your two good arteries
stay unblocked for a month.
No time to get emotional now.
Be strong and keep praying!
Long live Goddess Sita.
Long live Lord Ram.
We need a work space to prepare
for the contest.
Please try and understand.
Join us. It'll benefit us all.
If you come to the mosque to ask,
how can I refuse?
- But don't sink the ship.
- It won't sink.
Bring the goods.
The Needle & Thread game begins!
Listen to life's song,
tick tock it goes.
Fix faulty buttons,
fight bad times.
Listen to life's song,
tick tock it goes.
Fix faulty buttons,
fight bad times.
If fate's bedsheet gets frayed,
darn it with a...
...needle and thread.
Needle and thread.
The needle is upright,
the thread is dancing.
Needle & thread.
The needle is upright,
the thread is dancing.
Palteramji, join us.
I'll follow my destiny.
Our business is doing well.
Business is good.
Why challenge God's will?
If fate's bedsheet gets frayed,
darn it with a...
...needle and thread.
Needle & thread.
The needle is upright,
the thread is dancing.
We'll join you. But who'll convince
our husbands?
Take advantage of being a woman.
Who are you?
Why are you stirring up our wives?
- Palteramji?
- Yes.
Mauji, I took a vow...
...till we have kids, I'd turn my back
on the material world.
Your wife left me no choice.
Never mind the cooking...
...our wives shun us in bed now.
What are we supposed to do?
Join the team!
The rags of hard times...
...we darned together.
We made a soft pillow
for sleep to spread its wings.
Slam those doors in our faces!
See how wise we became.
Show some guts and muscle,
that'll zip their lips.
Our trials have made us tough
as nails.
Measure the long night
with our measuring tape.
If challenges tear us apart
we'll become a...
...needle and thread.
Needle & thread.
The needle is upright,
the thread is dancing.
Do not take insults to heart.
Salute those who beat us down.
Sarees made of silk or cotton.
Sew a proper hem on them.
Those dreams that you nurtured...
...cover them with a canvas.
Shelter them from the rain.
Frown upon the world's tantrums.
Just forge ahead!
Oil every machine spring
with your soul.
We've even made the machine
turn human.
If a pocket gets ripped,
patch it with a...
...needle and thread.
The needle is upright,
the thread is dancing.
Well done!
Hold it from the back!
I'll just come.
- I don't think he'll go.
- He will.
You don't have to say it,
we know we have your blessings.
- But you must come with us.
- I am sorry, spare me.
You're talking to a brick wall.
Bauji, take your wife with you
or she'll sit behind the bus all day.
Come, Bauji.
Or we'll miss the bus.
Let's go, please.
- Who are you?
- Team Needle & Thread.
We're here for the competition.
Come! Follow me.
Presenting Buttons and Bows.
Come guys, quickly.
Faster, please. This side.
Yeah, yeah. We're here.
Ma, come. Carefully.
This side.
Keep your luggage here.
Hold it.
Chinese garments ruined us before,
now their machines will defeat us.
If they have Chinese machines,
we have Indian hands.
- Soldiers!
- Yes!
No more Indian bragging!
Hurry. One hour to go.
These are her clothes.
Highlight her cheeks.
- This is yours.
- Do I look OK?
Very nice.
Palteram, you can't wear that
inside. Not allowed.
Bauji, what are you doing?
Comb your hair!
You can't go on stage like that.
Hair out.
Madam, hurry!
Come on! Smile!
Move fast. Hurry up.
Presenting Harleen Bedi.
This is good.
Amma, you can watch the models
on TV.
Are the clothes well made, Mauji?
Go, get ready. Everyone, get ready.
Let's go.
Presenting Needle & Thread.
- They're looking good.
- You're right.
The speed at which they walk
is just bad.
- Your phone is ringing.
- I don't have one.
Yes. Speak up.
Is it for a funeral?
250 rupees with dessert,
200 without.
- A catering order for a funeral.
- Keep walking.
You're looking good.
Come, Beenu.
Look at the pants.
- The cloths are very good.
- Yeah.
Carry those bundles of cloth
on your back
Make a quilt of life.
Carry those bundles of cloth
on your back
Make a quilt of life.
Walk along with us. Let us sew
on that button.
Put bad times behind you.
Walk along with us. Let us sew
on that button.
Put bad times behind you.
Mend that torn bedsheet of fate
with a...
...needle and thread
Needle & thread.
Needle & thread.
The needle is upright,
the thread is dancing.
Needle and thread.
Needle and thread.
Carry those bundles of cloth
on your back
Make a quilt of life.
Carry those bundles of cloth
on your back
Make a quilt of life.
Walk along with us. Let us sew
on that button.
Put bad times behind you.
Mend that torn bedsheet of fate
with a...
...needle & thread.
Needle & thread.
Thank you...
"The results of the Raymond's Fashion
Fund will be announced shortly.
"Till then enjoy the evening."
One minute.
Come back.
Should we step out?
It's suffocating inside.
There are so many ACs inside.
Hey, guys.
Great show, guys!
We absolutely loved it.
Your designs are unique.
And outstanding presentation.
We were just discussing...
...had any other designer
presented those designs...
...they would have won.
But this is the real world.
You don't have any experience
in this profession.
But this is your moment.
Enjoy it!
Mauji, it's almost time
for the last bus.
If we miss it,
we'll have to walk home.
Let's go.
Mauji, let's enjoy the party.
Tomorrow I'll be looking for
passengers all over again.
We won't get the chance
to come here.
Let's go back inside.
Go ahead, we're going home.
OK. See you later.
Come on.
If they won't come with us,
what can we do?
This is a big day for me.
I was someone no one cared about,
or even greeted properly.
But you have raised me
to the skies.
You've given me strength, son.
Now I will work.
You must carry on with
Needle & Thread.
Set up a roadside stall
or a shop.
I'll never let you starve.
If you make it big while I'm alive... can employ me too, Mauji sir.
Hello, Yogesh.
Battery's dead.
I'm sure they're both up to
some mischief. I'll go and check.
They not only made us fall in love
with the clothes...
...but also with the models.
Volunteers, please call the winning team
Needle & Thread backstage.
Team Needle & Thread, wherever
you are, make your way backstage.
Team Needle & Thread,
they're calling you inside.
Excuse me, where is the
rest of the team?
Where are they?
You're being called inside.
Can you come inside quickly?
Mamta, Amma, Bauji!
We've hit the jackpot.
I felt the ground beneath me
slip away.
But we were unstoppable.
We couldn't think straight...
...and we couldn't stop smiling.
Louder than the sound of fireworks
was the pounding of our hearts.
The language of sorrow was
a language we knew...
...but we did not have the words
to express the joy of winning.
First time the Fashion Fund...
...had to cast a re-vote because
the judges could not agree.
Over factory-made designs,
the judges have chosen...
...the Needle & Thread team
for their hard work and originality.
Do you still call dreamers "mad?"
Do you want to give a speech?
Thank anyone?
What do I say?
It's all good!
Slam those doors in our faces.
See how wise we became.
Drench us in bitter poison.
See how honey-like we became.
Burdened with worry.
See how carefree we became.
We'll stitch the earth to the sky...
...if someone handed us a...
...needle and thread.
It was not just a victory
for our team...
...but a victory for all artisans.
Not only did we get the money
to set up our business...
...but other strange things happened.
The Fund guys sold our clothes
all around the world.
Our parents managed to save
a foreign tower from toppling over.
Top-rate companies called us
to hear our story.
While Mamta chose beauties
among beauties from every city.
We went back
to where we started.
We opened a tailoring school
to make others self-reliant like us.
And then we got an offer
we could not refuse.
We have an App now.
You can buy our garments online.
We're not alone.
Many talented people
all over India competing with us.
They're all "Mad in India."
And they're all good!