Suicide Note (2016) Movie Script

"The best years
of your life
"are the ones
in which you decide
"your problems are
your own.
"You do not blame them
on your mother,
"the ecology,
or the president.
"You realize
that you control
your own destiny."
Does anybody know
who said this?
Was it Albert Bandura?
No, but you're close.
All right,
I'll give you a hint.
He was the grandfather
of cognitive behavioral
Miss Molly White,
do you know the answer?
Albert Ellis?
So why would being
in control of your destiny
be the best years
of your life?
I guess because
the best years are
when our decisions
are still ours,
good or bad,
determined by our words.
That way we can
actually create
the life
that we want it to be.
So, if you are in control
of your own destiny,
why did you not answer
my question
when I asked you
in the first place?
Are you sure
it would have changed
my destiny if I did?
Perhaps not,
but if you don't
speak up,
how will we ever know?
All right,
that's it for today.
Remember, final papers due
next Thursday.
So I heard
that the hospital
has chosen their
10 summer interns.
You've earned it.
Thank you.
It's an overdue
what we're missing
While on our own
and wishing
We could speed up time
Outward indecision
That leads some
to religion
It's worth
its ammunition
If you're taking
Taking sides
And we don't know
where to begin
Don't know
how to fit in
Caught in between
the lines
Fighting this world
with insight...
Guess what.
You decided to quit psychology
and join the Peace Corps.
You got in.
Yes. Oh, I can't
believe it.
All those hours
of studying?
I do.
Thank you.
Cowboy cookies
on the house.
So, Miss Molly,
what will it be?
The celebration's on me.
The desperate revelation
When we...
Consumed by reinvention
We're losing our intention
To see life as a lesson
Hidden in disguise
In disguise
And we don't know
where to begin
Don't know
how to fit in
Caught in between
the lines...
Afternoon, Irene, Molly.
-Hey, Curly.
-Hi, Doug.
-I told you
not to do that.
They're chocolate.
You know my wife
put me on a diet?
Exactly. And you've been doing
so well, you deserve a reward.
Allison, hey.
The university approved
the end-of-the-year party
-at the pool next Friday.
For everyone but me.
This place is gonna be
a disaster.
We'll help you clean up
Oh, I'm gonna
take you up on that.
Do you want to watch
Some Girls ?
No. You know what?
I think I'm gonna
hit the gym.
I can see
the warning signs
The signs
They tell me
not to look behind
And we
Don't know where
Don't know how
Caught in between
the lines
Fighting this world
from inside
Can't go back
One-way track
A million miles gone
Is it taking us to
where we belong?
Don't know where
Don't know how
Caught in between
the lines
Fighting this world
from inside
Can't go back...
I got in.
(water running)
Oh my God.
Brady, that's not funny.
You scared me.
Wait, how did you
get in here?
I ran into the old janitor
out back.
20 is all it takes here
and he'll leave the door
propped open.
Well, if Allison catches you
up here, I'm in deep--
She won't.
Get dressed
and come with me.
Takeout and romance--
my favorite.
And you're my favorite.
So you'll have
your own patients?
In a sense.
I have to have
15 to 20 hours
of direct client contact
each week.
That's the pre-doctoral
I'm so proud
of you, Moll.
And my mom wants
to have us over for dinner
to celebrate soon.
And she'll cook
actual food.
Oh, no, Brady,
this was so great.
Thank you so much.
So how is the final
art project going?
I don't know.
It still feels
a bit muddled.
It's missing
Well, maybe
if you let me see it,
I could tell you
what it needs.
Mm, I don't think so.
Nice try though.
Oh, come on.
You know I won't judge.
You know I will.
You'll see it next week
when everyone else does.
Oh, fine.
Oh, no.
It looks like Emma and Adam
had another one of
their fights.
She just got back.
I should probably go
check on her.
Yeah, no problem.
The drama never ends
with those guys, huh?
Anyway, I gotta run too.
Scrabble fun on west campus.
Very sexy.
You do judge.
I'm about to be
a clinical psychologist.
I merely observe.
Why don't you
observe this?
All right, come on,
let's get out of here.
Just get out of here,
Adam, please!
I'm not going anywhere
until we work this out.
Adam, please.
I just need a minute
to think.
-I need to be alone, okay?
-No! I know, okay?
No, we either go talk
and we work this out or do it.
Say something we both know
you're gonna regret.
I just don't know
You still love me.
You're not ready
for this to be over.
We both know it.
Adam, hey, did you hear
what she just said?
You need to go.
You are so drunk,
I can smell it on you.
You both need
to simmer, okay?
Yeah, okay, thanks,
but I don't need
another shrink.
So why don't you
go mind your own
damn business?
Adam, stop.
You promised me.
Hey, hey, why don't you
get lost before I call
campus security
to come and carry out
the guy whose ass I just
nailed to the floor?
Adam, you need to go.
Just go.
All right?
But we're finished.
You are finished.
Nobody dumps me.
Adam, please don't be
like that.
It's okay.
What happened?
Another fight.
I'm so sick of this
fighting all the time
with him.
What was the fight about
this time, huh?
We both screwed up.
But it was his fault
I just reacted poorly.
Maybe I should
call him.
No, forget it.
You're not calling him.
We promised each other
when we started...
That you wouldn't be
violent with each other?
Because he was
two seconds away
from punching your face.
I can't believe
he acted like that.
-I was scared.
-Me too.
I wasn't.
I was gonna kill him.
I just-- I wanted him
to feel hurt,
like he hurt me.
But you're right.
There's no excuse
for violence.
-Thank you.
Look, Emma,
you're always
defending Adam,
but he pulls
a lot of crap.
I mean, I know
you love him,
but maybe it's time
to call quits.
Yeah, because
he is a tool.
So what
if he is hot
and going to be
a doctor?
My mom taught me
so much better than this.
I'm dumping him.
I deserve better.
You really do.
I just need to shower
and sleep now, I think.
The room is
kind of spinning.
Okay, whoa, someone's had
a little to drink.
(all giggle)
I'll be fine.
What are you wrapping
over there, Moll?
Oh, it's a fancy
steel paint brush
that I got for Brady's
graduation present.
And I got his
initials engraved.
Aww, you guys
are so cute.
I wish Adam was
more like Brady.
Tomorrow's a new day,
without Adam.
All right, I gotta go.
-Just don't...
-Text him.
I know.
I swear.
All right, bye, guys.
-Good night.
-Good night.
-Hey, Moll.
Thank you.
You're a good friend.
Hey, that's what
friends are for.
And if Brady and I
ever get into a fight
like that,
I expect you'd do
the same for me.
(woman screams)
(knocks on door)
Allison, what's going on?
It's Emma.
She committed suicide
last night.
Oh my God.
So you were living
with Miss Emma Duncan
for how long?
Do we need,
like, an attorney
for all this stuff?
If it would make you
feel more comfortable.
I don't really see a need.
You ladies aren't
suspected of anything.
But if either of you
would like to call your
parents first, then--
No, thanks.
My folks would flip.
And you?
My parents are dead.
So, Miss White,
would you say
Miss Duncan had
suicidal tendencies?
No, not at all.
That's why this is all
a bit of a shock.
So you don't think
Emma Duncan
would have tried
to kill herself?
I mean, she was
dramatic sometimes
and emotional,
but only in the way
that girls our age are.
She would fight
with her boyfriend a lot.
Her parents didn't
really like him,
you know.
And this boyfriend
would have been...
Adam Bowen.
Bowen's a student
at the university?
Yeah, he's pre-med.
His parents are legacies here.
They were fighting
last night.
Any idea what they were
fighting about?
She asked him to go
and he refused.
I think she was just
tired of fighting.
She was crying.
They'd both been
It's not uncommon for a kid
to take their life
over a split.
She was dumping him.
That's why it just doesn't
make any sense.
And you said
they'd been drinking?
Yeah, they were
at a frat party.
And they were arguing
in the hall.
I mean,
everyone heard it.
I thought boys weren't
allowed in this dormitory.
Yeah, that never
stops him.
Okay, we'll talk
to Adam Bowen.
How did she--?
She jumped
from the roof,
just over
the sidewalk.
Are you sure
that it was a suicide?
I mean, she was drinking.
She could have
just fallen.
Suicide note.
Does this look
like her handwriting?
I don't know.
I mean, you can check
her backpack.
I'm sure there's notebooks
in there.
All right.
That's all for now.
We'll be in contact
if there's anything else.
My card,
if you need
to reach us.
But the whole thing
just doesn't make
any sense.
Emma was fine
last night.
I thought you said
she and Adam were
Yeah, but it wasn't
so bad
that she would want to jump
off a building.
Babe, it sounds like Emma
was a lot more messed up
than anyone realized.
No. Look,
I just don't believe
she would want
to kill herself.
I know
what that part
is like.
Baby, I know
this isn't easy for you,
but the big
difference is,
I found you
before it was too late.
I mean, we found
each other.
Maybe Emma just didn't have
the support you did.
She had a great family.
She had plenty
of support.
And she was so excited
to go home next week.
Sometimes depressed people
wear a facade.
You did, remember?
-(knocks on door)
-Come in.
-Hey, how is it going?
-Look at this.
That's from
the other night.
She let Adam
back into the building
that night,
after we went
to bed.
So you think
he said something
to make her jump?
I don't know.
I should talk to him.
But I just know
she didn't kill herself.
How do you know?
Don't you remember
what she said that night
before you left?
"Tomorrow is
a new day."
You don't say that
the night before
you're gonna commit
suicide, right?
I mean, maybe
if they were crazy
and meant it
as a morbid goodbye.
Irene, not everyone
who tries
to commit suicide
is crazy.
Oh, Moll, I'm--
I had no idea.
It's fine.
It was before we knew
each other.
It was
three days
after I found out
my parents
were killed
in a gas fire.
I-- I wasn't
I'm so sorry.
But that's how I know
for sure
that Emma's not the kind
of person to kill herself.
I just--
I know it.
But the texts don't prove
that Adam saw her,
just that--
But it proves there's
a really good chance
he was with her
before she died
and that he was
the one that wanted
to work things out.
So what do you think
I don't know.
Maybe she didn't want
to work things out
with him
and he lost
his temper
and accidentally
pushed her.
Or maybe she stumbled
and fell.
Whatever it is,
it makes way more
sense to me
than her committing
but that still doesn't prove
one crucial thing.
The suicide note.
She left one,
Now we've already
what the primary objective
as a psychologist should be
with their patient, yes?
Look, I know
that this is a--
it's a challenging day
to be here on campus.
But we're here,
so I want us
to discuss
and try
to understand why--
why somebody might want
to take their life.
Any thoughts?
Maybe when they
feel lost,
like there's no escaping
their problems.
Or when something
to someone they care
deeply about
and they just don't know
how to pick up
the pieces.
So tell me,
who here has felt
like that before?
And I want you
to be honest, okay?
Come on, I want you
to raise your hands,
show me.
Look around.
Almost everybody has felt
like that before--
lost, afraid,
like there is no way back--
because that is all
part of the human condition.
And if you're gonna be
a psychologist someday,
that is probably
one of the most
important things
that you can share
with your patient
without sharing
your problems.
Because it's important
that they know
there is always,
always a way
not to take their life...
that there is a way
back here,
to us.
We are all--
we are all in this
I'd like us all to take
a moment of silence now
in memory
of Miss Duncan.
So, no coffee house?
I don't know.
I'm kind of tired.
I'm probably just gonna
go take a nap.
-Okay, see you.
Hey, Molly.
Hey, Jasmine.
I haven't seen you
around the dorms
or at the shop.
How are you doing?
Yeah, me too.
Did Emma say
anything to you
about that night,
about anything?
No. I mean,
her and Adam were fighting,
like they always do.
Then she was
just gone.
I heard
there was a note.
It just said,
"Sorry. Forgive me."
I wish I would have been
there for her.
Hey, don't beat
yourself up.
I think Emma had
a lot more going on
than any of us
knew about.
Yeah, I guess so.
Hey, are you working
at the shop today?
Yeah, I'm headed there
right now.
All right, well, I'll try
and stop by soon.
Maybe we can get her parents,
like, a nice card
or something.
That sounds nice.
You know, I was
also thinking,
maybe for
the end-of-the-year
dorm party,
maybe we should have
a candlelight vigil
or something.
Yeah, I think
that would be
really sweet.
All right, I'll talk
to you soon, okay?
Okay, talk to you soon.
-Molly, hi.
How did you
get in here?
I had Emma's
key card.
Yeah, she was so drunk
the other night,
when we got back,
she dropped it trying
to swipe.
And I picked it up.
I forgot I had it
till earlier today.
Okay, I'll take that.
Look, you really
shouldn't be here.
No, I know.
I just--
I've been
so messed up,
you know,
over Emma.
And I just was hoping
maybe I could take
a couple of pictures
of us,
you know,
before her folks
show up.
I don't think
they're gonna want
to see me.
Did you come back
that night,
after you left
the first time?
I was at the frat house
all night.
Why would I have
come back?
I saw Emma's
text messages.
I saw her ask you
to meet her out back
after midnight.
You never said no.
Do you think I did
something on purpose
to hurt Emma?
Did you?
Because what you're
telling me right now
does not add up at all.
Listen to me
very clearly.
I didn't lay a hand
on Emma.
You understand?
He's probably just
trying to scare you.
Doesn't mean
he hurt her.
But if he didn't
hurt her,
then why would he lie
about meeting up with her?
Maybe he didn't.
Maybe she didn't show.
But he had
her key card.
And he had no problem
breaking in today,
so what was different
about that night?
Come on.
What do you think
he did?
You think he manipulated her
into jumping?
It sounds
a bit absurd.
Well, maybe they got
in a fight or something
and he accidentally
pushed her.
I mean, that sounds
a lot more feasible to me
than suicide.
And why else would he lie
about coming back here?
Maybe-- maybe
he was afraid
that you would accuse him
of something he didn't do.
People go to jail
all the time for murders
they didn't commit,
especially when they're
romantically involved
with the victim.
I never said
he murdered her,
Brady, okay?
But people who are
romantically involved
with the victim
often do kill
their lovers.
There's a reason that
those assumptions exist.
And, I mean,
if he has nothing
to feel guilty about,
then why is he
so worried now?
Are you sure
this is good for you--
going down this road?
Look, I want to be here
and support you
if something's
going on,
but are you sure
this isn't more
about you?
I dreamt about Emma
last night.
I followed her
through our hallway
and I saw her jump.
She was wearing
my bracelet.
What does psych say
about that?
Probably that
I'm manifesting
my own suicide attempt
due to the impact
that hers has had
on my subconscious.
Maybe that's it.
Yeah, maybe
that is it.
But if it's not,
what then?
Then we do
what we have to do.
-Hey. How is it going?
-Good. How are you?
-Good. Thank you.
So what did Adam say
Well, at first
he swore
he didn't come back
to the dorms at all,
but then I caught him
in a lie
and he admitted
to coming back
but swore that Emma
never came outside.
Yeah, right.
You need to call
the detective
and tell him
you caught him
sneaking into your room.
What would it change?
They have a note with
Emma's handwriting.
That he clearly
forced her to write
before pushing her
over the edge.
I'm not entirely certain
that he did anything though.
Yes, you're right.
He still had her
key card
and he probably
just would have come in,
but I do still have
Emma's texts on her phone.
I could show those
to the cops
and see if they want
to question him.
Smart move.
Only make sure they leave
your name out of it.
You don't want
Adam knowing what
you're up to.
-Hey, guys.
We have fresh cowboy cookies
in case you get hungry.
Okay, great.
Thanks, Jas.
Don't look now,
but since when
do serial killers
get lattes?
Hey, I'll be
right back, okay?
Change your mind
about the cookies?
Oh, yeah, sorry.
Sure, I'd love one.
Hey, are you okay?
Looked like
you and Adam were,
like, fighting
back there.
I couldn't help
but notice.
We were just arguing
about something stupid--
you know, whether
I should send flowers
to Emma's parents.
Doesn't really seem
like his decision,
does it?
I didn't even know
you and Adam were friends.
We're not.
It's just everything
with Emma.
Well, be careful
with him, will you?
He confronted me
in the dorm.
And he got violent with Emma
when he was drunk.
He did?
Yeah, I think this whole
traumatic experience
has, like, muddled
with his frame of mind.
Well, there's nothing
to worry about.
I barely know Adam.
(Emma's voice)
If you had a dream
that you committed suicide,
it's probably just you
trying to escape
the reality
of the messed-up situation
that you're in.
I mean,
that's the usual gist.
It doesn't mean
that you want to kill
yourself again.
No, I know.
But it feels like
it's my subconscious
telling me to keep going.
Do you remember
when we learned
that the subconscious
has 95% control
over our minds?
I feel like
it's telling me
I'm not wrong.
And what does it tell you
about Emma's missing phone?
You know, my best guess
is Jasmine.
And I wondered
if maybe that's why
Adam came by the shop.
He doesn't have
a key card now,
so maybe he asked her
to break into the room
and steal the phone
so that they're both
off the hook.
Did you read the messages
between Emma and Jas?
Emma definitely knew
something was up.
And Jas apologized for it
by saying,
"I'm sorry.
Forgive me."
The same thing
that Emma wrote
in her note?
Oh, that is so weird.
So what are you gonna do now?
I mean, you don't have
the phone
to give the detective
when he comes.
Well, I might,
if I do exactly
what she did to me.
Which is?
I'm gonna break into her room
and steal Emma's phone back.
Hey, what's up?
Hey, I was wondering
if I could borrow
your flat iron.
Mine just fried my hair
like a chicken strip.
Yeah, let me get it.
-Here you go.
-Thanks. I'll bring it
right back.
No rush.
Take your time.
Jas, hey.
-We know about you and Adam.
What about me and Adam?
That you two were
seeing each other.
Irene, don't you have
anything better to do
with your time,
like, I don't know,
study for finals?
We call that
What do you want
from me?
Did you or did you not
steal Emma's phone
out of Molly's room
last night while
she was sleeping?
I don't know
what you're talking about.
Look, if Adam asked you
to take the phone
to keep your secret,
he's lying to you.
Unless you're the one
who has something
to hide.
What were those messages
between you and Emma about?
Look, if you want
to head-shrink someone,
look no further
than your own delusion.
I loved Emma.
She was my friend.
Now get out
of my face.
So you saw these
alleged texts too?
Yes. Molly isn't lying,
I'm not accusing
anyone of lying,
Miss Keating.
It's just in the emotion
of the moment,
maybe you missed
or misread something.
I didn't misread anything.
They were supposed to
meet up at midnight.
There's nothing
indicating they didn't.
Via text.
Maybe he called her.
Did you check
the call logs too?
And now you think
he broke into your room
to steal her cell
to cover his tracks?
We think it might have been
this girl that we knew
Emma was friends with.
And why would he want
to help her?
We think they're involved.
We saw them talking
last night.
You think
they're involved
just because
you saw them talking?
Look, if you say
he broke into your room
to steal her phone,
we'll talk to him again.
But a few
angry texts
probably doesn't warrant
suspicion to a homicide.
-I gotta go.
-Come on.
Hey, what is going on?
Emma's phone--
someone broke into my room
and took it.
I think it was Adam,
but I don't know
for sure.
you don't look
so good.
I'm fine.
I just--
I keep dreaming
about Emma.
I haven't been sleeping
very well.
You miss your friend.
I get it.
tonight, after the gallery
let's get dinner,
and we'll stay at my
parents' place, yeah?
I completely forgot, Brady.
I'm so sorry.
It's fine.
Just be here now, okay?
Moll, that doesn't go
with your dress.
I don't have anything else
to cover up my scar.
I always wondered
where you got this anyway.
Brady gave it to me
when we first met.
I used to use all different
kinds of things to cover it up,
but I figured
that goes with everything,
You have nothing
to hide, Moll.
You know, you should be
proud of your scars.
We all have them.
Make them your strength,
not your weakness.
You know what?
That's better.
It's wicked.
I love it.
-Good job, son.
-And what's it called, dear?
"Lost into the Light."
But what does that
mean, Brady?
I-- I don't
What does it mean
to you?
I don't know anything
about art, dear.
You know that.
I mean, aside from those
lovely serving bowls
you made me
back in pottery class
in middle school.
Mom, I've told you
you don't need to know
anything about art.
Just tell us
how it makes you feel.
Like waking up
from an extended
I mean, maybe she was
in an abusive relationship
and now she's finally
breaking free of his grasp.
What about you?
What do you think?
I think she died,
and this is
her resurrection
to the heavens.
I think you've been
spending too much time
around our son.
Oh, you know what?
I'm so sorry.
Would you guys
excuse me for a minute?
Oh, I missed you
in class today.
I'm sorry.
I've just been
a little distracted.
I've been having dreams
about her.
What kind of dreams?
Well, the first one,
she was wearing
my bracelet
and I followed her
through our dorm
and watched her jump.
And last night
it was me.
And I could hear her
calling out to me.
Then I jumped.
It sounds like
a manifest content
of your own attempt.
Wait, how did you know?
Molly, it's not like
your bracelets cover
I have known you
for a long time.
And you are
much healthier now
than when I first
met you.
You've lived a very
challenging life,
and I think
that is what makes you
one of the best students
I have ever had.
You are gonna be
a great psychologist
Your dreams
are healthy
and I don't want you
to be afraid of your
because you can learn
a lot about yourself.
Now stop cutting
my class.
Really, you have
one more week left.
And by the by,
your boyfriend is
quite talented and cute,
so why don't you go over
and hang with him?
Okay, you take care.
Don't forget,
don't miss class.
Doug, what are you
doing here?
I thought you were
in engineering.
I am.
I just like art,
I guess.
Hey, do you mind
if I ask you a question?
Emma's boyfriend
do you
by any chance know
if he was hooking up
with Jasmine at all?
I don't want to put you
in a difficult position.
I just--
I really need to know.
One time
I saw them
in his car, so...
Yeah, that's what
I thought.
-No problem.
-So I'll see you around?
-You all right?
-Yeah, yeah, sure.
I just need
to run to the restroom
really quick before we go, okay?
-Was that Molly?
Are you okay?
What happened?
Yeah-- no, I'm fine.
I just--
I stuck my hand in my purse
and something cut me.
What the hell
is a surgery scalpel
doing in your purse?
I don't know.
I didn't put it there.
Also, this was left
under my purse.
I mean, I saw Adam
over by you guys,
and when I headed back
over there, he was
already gone.
But I saw him
put it in there.
Of course he did.
He's pre-med.
I mean,
they use these in class
every day.
Frickin' psycho.
What are you gonna
do with it?
If Adam comes
anywhere near you again,
I'm gonna use it
on him.
Molly, are you
all right?
Yeah, just a little cut
from the towel dispenser.
It's fine.
-Are you sure?
-Yeah-- no, I'm fine.
Are you ready to go?
Do you guys believe
in angels?
I'm so sick
of you asking that.
So Brady tells us
you got accepted into some
really great internship.
Yeah, it's a summer
clinical study
under the doctors
at Fountain Creek.
Isn't that where they
keep all the mental
patients though?
They're fine.
They just need help.
Hey, you kids need
to mark your calendar.
Our time share this summer
is late June,
no ifs, ands or buts.
Molly, did you
hear that, dear?
Florida this summer?
It's our treat.
Mom, stop.
We'll see, all right?
We're just not sure
what we're doing yet.
Oh, I know
what you're doing.
You're coming
to Florida.
Sorry about my mom.
Are you okay?
Yeah, I'll be fine.
I think I just need
to get some sleep.
Hey, hey, hey, hey.
Hey, baby.
It's just a dream.
It's just a dream.
Are you okay?
Are you okay?
Don't worry,
I'll get you back
in time for your
psych class.
I've got that graphics final
I've got to study for anyway.
Hey, look, I'm sorry
I've been so out of it
Thanks for being
so sweet.
That's what a good
boyfriend does.
I'm so proud of you.
I mean, your final piece
was amazing.
Yeah, except
it totally
creeped my mom out.
What did inspire you
It's a lot darker
than your usual stuff.
I don't know.
I just kind of
went that way.
But it was supposed to be
a positive thing,
like kind of how you
described it last night.
I had a dream
last night
that it was Emma
in the painting.
It's weird, huh?
You think
it was Emma?
Like what?
Like I was clairvoyant
to her death or something?
Like I knew?
That's not
what I said.
Well, that's kind of
what it sounded like.
Brady, you can't control
your subconscious mind.
It just is.
Hence my work of art,
which has nothing
to do with Emma.
Okay, I'm sorry.
No, I'm sorry.
It's fine.
I just--
I didn't even mean
anything by it.
So you finish
your thesis paper?
No, I still have
more than a few hours
to finish it tonight.
(phone rings)
The police questioned me again
this morning because of you.
I swear to God, Moll,
if you don't let
this thing go,
I'm gonna have
my father's lawyer so deep
down your throat,
you'll wish you still had
your parents around
to protect you.
Are you all right?
Who was that?
It was Adam.
He left a threat
on a napkin
last night
at your art opening,
saying that if I didn't
leave him alone,
I would end up
just like Emma.
Oh my God.
Baby, why didn't you
tell me?
I didn't want
to bother you.
With your parents
and the art opening
and all, I just--
Molly, you should have
said something.
That was him calling?
What did he say?
He said
that he would have
his father's lawyers
all over me
if I didn't stop talking
to the cops about him.
Did you call the cops
I texted
Detective Harrison
a photo of the napkin
last night.
Moll listen to me,
If this Adam guy
is dangerous,
you need to steer clear of him
and let the cops
do their jobs.
I know you care
about Emma,
but I care about you.
I don't want to see you
get hurt, okay?
How is that paper
coming along?
You look tired.
I imagine it's been
tough on you,
but Emma would have
wanted you to graduate
with flying colors.
Did you know Emma?
Not really.
She loved our biscottis.
I remember that.
She was a neat girl.
So are you,
Molly White.
Hang in there.
The night watchman
didn't see anybody.
Probably 'cause he took off
out the back door.
So how did
this person get in the dorm
in the first place?
Can the girls'
key cards be copied?
Well, he got in somehow.
Maybe Jasmine let him in.
She could have taken
the staircase,
and no one would have even
seen her let Adam in.
Irene, you don't
just go around accusing
the other girls of--
You do, if she's
screwing the same psycho
that just attacked my friend.
Look, we'll talk to Bowen
about this first,
try to find out
where he was tonight.
We have your report.
And we'll keep
one of our guys out front
to keep an eye
on things too.
Will you be okay?
Oh, that's-- it's okay.
It's her boyfriend.
What the hell happened?
What the hell happened?
Baby, baby,
are you okay?
It was Adam.
He attacked her
in the gym.
We don't know for sure
who it was.
-She didn't see a face.
-Well, who let him in?
Well, that's what
we're looking into.
We will have the building
on lockdown for the rest
of the night,
so she'll be fine
from here on out.
Like hell she will.
I'm staying here tonight.
Screw the rules.
And if Bowen
did do this,
we'll get him, okay?
You didn't tell your parents
what's going on, did you?
And give my mother
a heart attack?
I just told her
I had to study for finals.
(water running)
Hey, hey, hey.
Stay away from my
You tell her
to stay away from me.
I had the cops
knocking on my door
again last night,
thanks to her.
'Cause you attacked her in
the gym last night, you prick.
Don't deny it.
How do you not know
she's not making this
all up, huh?
She's crazy.
Yeah, yeah, I know
all about you
cutting your wrist
with a razor.
My dad's attorney
is already all over you.
How do we know
you didn't do something
to Emma, you crazy bitch?
Stop it right there!
Stop, stop.
Go, go right now,
before I call security.
Go to class.
You too.
I don't want to hear it.
I don't want to hear it.
-Brady: Are you okay?
-Professor: Molly, are you
all right?
I said go.
Let's go.
What is going on?
You okay?
Here is
my final paper.
Thanks, Molly.
Look, what is
going on here?
You look--
you look terrible.
Have you even been
Not really.
What is it with you
and this guy?
He's my dorm-mate's
And I asked the cops
to question him,
because he and Emma
were fighting a lot
and I got to thinking
maybe he pushed her.
What do you mean,
he pushed her?
Molly, there was
a suicide note.
I still can't explain
that part.
Maybe he wrote it for her.
I mean, he knows
her handwriting.
Have you--
have you shared this theory
with the police?
But I have no proof.
No one saw anything.
And now Emma's phone's
Not that that would have
proven much anyway, but--
I just know she would not
have hurt herself.
You know what, Molly?
If this guy did what
you think he did,
the police
are gonna find out.
But you are putting
in jeopardy.
There is nothing--
nothing you can do
for Emma.
Last night I dreamt
she was the one
attacking me in my room.
And then
she was crying,
like she was sad
about it.
I really am sorry,
but you have got
to take care of yourself.
Hey, good news.
So my brother
is knee-deep
in finding us
some answers.
He's gonna meet us
at the shop tonight.
Are you sure
you can pull this off?
My brother in high school
hacked into our principal's
and called for an official
Skip Day for students
and teachers,
as a freshman.
What is hacking
into Adam's email
gonna accomplish,
other than
just getting us all
in a lot of trouble?
And what makes you think
he'd even keep email that
incriminates him in a murder?
We thought about that,
so we're hacking into
Emma's instead.
Hacking into
a dead person's email?
Does anyone else see us
crossing an ethical line?
And letting a murderer
go free is ethical?
Molly, you realize
they're hacking into
the university server?
Not only could we
get expelled,
but in this day,
we could get charged
with a first-degree felony.
There's the door.
No one's forcing you
to stay.
Brady, wait.
Brady, Brady, wait.
Look, they're just
trying to help, okay?
Molly, don't you see
what this is doing to you?
This has to stop.
why don't we
get out of here?
Let's go back
to my parents' place.
I can't, okay?
I can't just get away,
even at your
parents' house.
She'll be there.
you seriously think
you're being haunted
by Emma's spirit?
I think I'm being
haunted by me.
Look, I feel responsible
for her death
for some weird reason,
because I know
she didn't commit suicide,
and she's not here
to defend herself.
Someone has to.
Molly, this isn't
about Emma.
This is about you.
You remember
when we first met,
you said you used to
It's exactly what
you're doing right now.
So just--
just forgive yourself,
so we can move on.
I can't go down
another messy road
with you.
That's what my parents'
death was to you--
a messy road?
That's now what I meant.
Look, Brady,
just go home, okay?
I would hate
to have to drag you down
another messy road.
What are you girls
up to?
Doesn't your dorm have
a hard curfew tonight
for some reason?
I thought that's why
Jasmine left.
Oh, yeah.
That's right.
I almost forgot.
Yeah, we need to go.
Yeah, thanks for
the reminder, Doug.
I need 10 more minutes.
We're almost done.
Can you, like, send me
a log-in to an FTP site
or can we only access it
here from your laptop?
No, I can send you
a link.
But, what, are you
ditching me now?
Well, yeah.
You heard him.
We have a hard curfew.
Hey, do you want me
to crash here tonight?
That way we'll be together
when I get Jared's email.
Yeah, sure, thanks.
But I'm gonna
shower first,
so I'll just leave
the key under the mat
for you, okay?
Okay, I'll see you
in a sec.
(water running)
(knocks on door)
Come in.
Molly, is that you?
(knocks on door)
That's not funny.
Molly, get out here
right now.
You said a lot of kids
already headed home
for the summer.
Are you sure Miss Keating
didn't take off a little early
for herself?
No, she wouldn't
do that to me.
Was she done
with her finals?
Yes, but she
wouldn't do that.
She was supposed to stay
in my room last night.
She wouldn't have just
disappeared like that.
Her backpack and purse are gone.
What makes you think
she didn't?
Because her and I
were in the middle of--
of-- of planning
on what we were gonna wear
to the pool party tonight.
There's a party tonight,
after everything that's
gone on here?
It's an end-of-school
and a candlelight vigil
for Emma.
Maybe she was out
shopping for the party
and her phone
is dead.
No, she is missing,
And you need to start
doing something
about it now.
I'm sorry, sir.
It's just--
it's been a rough week.
I think she could use
a break.
We were supposed to go
to my parents'
this weekend.
-Maybe it will help.
-Listen, we'll put out
some calls.
We'll do our best
to locate Miss Keating.
But I'd like Miss White
to stick around
until we've located
her friend.
-Adam Bowen's attorney
made claims
that Miss White was
the one having issues
with Miss Duncan.
-He's lying.
-Listen, I'm not
you've done anything wrong,
Miss White,
but I'd rather know
where you are
until we have more answers
on this thing, okay?
Okay, thank you,
It's okay.
Well, I think
almost everything is done.
-Jasmine, hey,
can I talk to you?
Look, I never
actually thought
that you were capable
of hurting Emma.
That didn't stop the detective
from questioning me
the other day.
Listen, Irene's gone
Irene's missing?
Yes, as of last night.
And I have strong reason
to believe
that Adam's involved.
He gave me this.
But he said
you were harassing him.
Look, I'm not saying
Adam murdered Emma,
but did you ever
really think
that Emma was the kind
of person that would
commit suicide?
Emma was happy.
She was really into
sappy lit,
but she was happy.
So the bottom line is,
if Adam knows anything
about what happened
that night
and he's not sharing,
I have to know.
You're right.
Emma deserves
that much.
Truth is, yes, I--
I was sleeping
with him.
And yes, I did take
the phone from your room,
but because Adam
asked me to.
I'm sorry.
Do you still have
that phone?
I gave it to Adam.
He said
it was the only way
to keep it a secret.
And I didn't want
Emma's parents
seeing what I did.
It wasn't just sex
between us.
I had feelings
for Adam.
And the only reason
I even went there
is because Emma was
doing it first.
Wait, wait,
what do you mean,
Emma was doing--?
Doing what?
She just said
she met someone else
and that she was
in love.
You should talk
to Doug.
He would always talk to her
when she came in the shop.
I kind of thought
it was him.
He said
he barely knew her.
I'll try
and talk to him.
Hey, Molly,
I'm sorry
about Irene.
I know she was
your best friend.
I hope
you find her.
If Doug was sleeping
with Emma
and he can confirm
that Adam found out,
then that would be
enough motive
for Adam to just
lose it, you know?
And what makes you think
Emma was sleeping
with this guy
from the coffee shop?
Jasmine told me.
Well, she doesn't know
for sure, but she's--
she thinks
it was probably Doug.
We'll talk to this guy
at the party
and see what we can
find out
and just hope
Irene shows up, I guess.
But I need you
to stay in your dorm room
until I get back, okay?
Of course.
I'm gonna try
and take a nap
and see if I can get
some sleep.
Okay, I'll be back
in a little bit.
-Adam, jeez.
-Molly, look,
I don't want to hurt you.
I just want
to talk to you.
Look, regardless of
what you did, I'm not
letting this thing go.
So whatever really
happened that night,
you gotta
come clean now.
Listen, I didn't hurt Emma,
all right?
There's no proof
because it doesn't exist.
Well, I know things now
that don't put you in
a very good light,
and I'm pretty sure
the cops will be very
interested to hear.
-Like at?
-Like the fact
that you were probably
in a jealous rage
the night you discovered
Emma was cheating on you.
I bet you felt this
intense loss of control
and a desire
to push her.
You didn't mean
to push her over the edge.
It was just
an impulsive mistake.
And you freaked.
You wrote a note
in her handwriting.
Just-- just admit it, Adam.
That's what really happened
that night.
Fine, all right?
You're right.
I found out
Emma was cheating
that night.
She confessed it.
And so did I.
And that's what we were
fighting about when you
saw us in the hallway.
But when I came
back to the dorm
later that night,
it wasn't to fight.
We made up.
And that note--
Emma did write it.
But it wasn't
a suicide note.
It was an apology to me.
She wanted
to work things out.
I don't believe you.
I mean, why didn't you
just tell the cops that
in the first place?
And be the prime suspect
in a potential homicide?
Yeah, right.
Look, I wondered if someone
had pushed Emma too.
But if I had told the cops
what I really thought,
then it would have looked
like it was me.
And it does, Adam.
But I didn't
kill Emma.
I loved her.
And since you were the one
who kept pointing
the finger,
I thought
it might have been you,
at least till a minute ago,
when you said you loved her.
I can tell you do.
But I did too.
And I would never
hurt her,
or you.
But you left me
a note
saying that I would end up
just like her.
And you put a scalpel
in my purse.
Because you were ruining
my life.
All right?
But I didn't
attack you in the gym.
I wouldn't even know
how to get in.
I just want this all
to be over.
Maybe you paid the janitor
to let you in.
It wouldn't have been
the first time.
You're barking up
the wrong tree,
Molly White.
And if you want
to keep pursuing this,
But my lawyers
will fire back.
And just ask yourself
one little question--
would you really want
to put an innocent man
in prison
for murder
without knowing
for certain?
Because I can tell
by the look on your
face now,
you're not so sure
anymore it's me.
You lied to me
about knowing Emma.
Did you sleep
with her,
I mean, because you
already knew that Adam was
cheating with Jasmine?
Did you use that
to your advantage?
What? No.
I never slept with Emma.
Why would you
even think that?
I wondered if maybe
you confessed your
feelings to her
and she went back
to Adam that night.
You got angry,
accidentally pushed her
off the rooftop.
I told you,
I barely knew her, okay?
Jasmine told me
that you would talk to her
all the time
when she came into the shop.
So what are you
trying to hide?
Yes, I talked to her
because I liked
asking her about you.
You know, I remember
you were in the shop
one time
working on a paper
and you said,
"The biggest problem
with the world today
is selective reasoning--
politics, religion,
classism, racism."
I was like,
"This is the prettiest,
most intuitive girl
I've ever seen."
Guess I was wrong.
Must have been
my own poor selective
reasoning, huh?
(Irene's voice)
Molly, we're here.
(whistling a tune)
Excuse me.
Hi. Do you know
where Molly is?
Yeah, actually I saw her
earlier today.
-She should be
around here somewhere.
-All right, thanks.
-Sorry to bother you.
Molly, are you
in there?
Babe, are you in here?
Oh, I really thought
I fixed that.
Baby, I can hear you
And I'm glad
you're here,
because I
finally have a chance
to explain myself.
I did hook up with Emma
once or twice.
It's just--
I felt bad for her.
She was vulnerable,
kind of like you were
when we first met.
She was dating
that idiot.
And I ran into her crying
in the quad one night.
I offered her a ride
and one thing led
to another.
God, baby,
I'm so sorry.
But this isn't
what you think.
I didn't hurt Emma.
And I would never
hurt you.
You don't have to be
afraid of me.
just please come out,
baby, please.
How did you get
in the dorms, Brady?
One of the girls
was coming out.
You still don't
believe me.
I dreamt
I saw you
in the art hall
writing a suicide note
in my handwriting,
for me.
It couldn't have been me
that attacked you,
because I was
at my parents'
in the countryside
that night, remember?
No, I'm sorry.
You're right.
I'm just--
You're spooked
about Irene.
I get it.
We have a lot
we have to talk through.
But we can do that
this weekend at my
parents' place.
they're gone.
We'll have the whole house
to ourselves.
I'll just finish
I'm so sorry.
I'm just gonna
delete this real quick.
It's just you and I.
-Man: The rash?
-It's clear, yeah.
Molly, what the hell?
Baby, I told you, I didn't
do anything.
Don't come any closer.
You pushed Emma,
didn't you?
You pushed her
because she wanted
to tell me the truth.
And Irene--
you just choked her
to death.
You put her
under Emma's bed
like a rag doll.
Wait, Irene's dead?
Don't act like
you don't know that.
She read
those emails
and you silenced her.
You killed
my best friend!
All this time,
it was you,
right in front of me.
And I couldn't
see it
because I loved you--
selective reasoning.
You're not making
any sense right now.
Tell me the truth,
Brady, please.
The truth is,
I ended things with Emma.
And I only came over here
that night
to tell her not to do
something crazy.
We were arguing on the roof
and she said she loved me
and she just refused
to accept
that I chose you.
I tried
to talk her out of it,
but she just jumped.
You saw the note
I know that that note
was meant for Adam.
And I know she didn't jump
because of you.
She wanted to work
things out with Adam.
But she wanted
to tell you first,
because she felt bad.
And she wanted
to come clean to me.
Which only left you
with one reality--
to kill her.
It was an accident.
I was just trying
to talk to her.
I was trying
to reason with her
and I grabbed her
and she--
she slugged me
and I pushed her
in self-defense.
And the next thing
I knew, she was gone.
I didn't mean to.
I just--
I didn't want her
to ruin everything that
we worked so hard to have.
But you were
sleeping with her,
so clearly we didn't have
what you thought we had
to begin with.
Molly, my whole life
shouldn't have to end
because of a mistake
I made with Emma.
We can let Adam
take the fall for this.
He's not even
a good person.
And I have
been there for you
through everything.
Emma may have been
an accident,
but you're
a murderer now.
You killed Irene.
And you tried to kill me too
the other night
in the gym.
No, I didn't want
to kill you.
I was just
trying to scare you,
so you'd stop digging.
And now Irene is dead
in your room.
You're the last one
who saw her alive.
And you're the girlfriend
of the guy Emma was
sleeping with.
As far
as anyone knows,
you got jealous
and you pushed Emma,
and then
you murdered Irene
to cover your tracks.
The detectives--
they already seem
to think
that something's
a little off with you.
I'm the only alibi
you have.
No one would ever believe
I would do that.
I was trying to solve
her murder.
Or frame someone else
for it.
Residents only,
I loved you
so much, Moll.
From the moment we met,
I spent countless hours
trying to paint us
into the picture we were
supposed to be.
You've just ruined it.
Thanks a lot.
Oh, well,
here's my ID.
I'm a professor here
at the university.
Can you please
open the door for me?
Would you just
stay still?
Brady, wait.
"The best years
of your life
are the ones
when you decide
your problems
are your own.
You don't blame it
on anyone else,
not your
overbearing mother,
or any other woman
in your life.
You realize
you control
your own destiny."
Who said it?
I don't know.
But I suppose
it's true.
And that is why
I have to take control.
That's why I'm gonna
stage your death
to be a suicide
for the guilt you felt
over killing Emma
and then Irene.
I'm an artist.
I'll forge
your handwriting.
I just hate that it has
to end this way.
That said,
I am curious--
who said it?
It was me.
-(knocks on door)
Molly, are you okay?
Oh my God.
Oh, shh.
It's okay.
It's okay.
It's okay.
Shh, it's gonna be okay.
Molly, are you
all right?
But at least now
maybe Emma and Irene
will be.
Miss White,
this way, please.
The usual?
But you're not
at your usual table.
Yeah, I guess
I just needed a change.
The old table
wouldn't be the same.
So how was
your summer?
Coffees, lattes
and cowboy cookies.
I think I'm ready
for the fall. You?
Well, my internship
has me insanely busy,
but helping people
is really
the best distraction
I could have asked for.
Well then,
cheers to grad school
and to some
normalcy once again,
huh, Molly White?
I'll cheers to that.