Suitable Flesh (2023) Movie Script


[Door opens]
-I heard he came
in pretty messed up.
-We're about to find out.

-It's impossible to tell that's
a person,
much less who it is.
You wanted a look see.
-He was beautiful once.
-They all look pretty much
the same on the inside.
You know, Doctor,
I don't envy you,
having to work with these
when they're still alive.
-He wasn't one of mine.
-Well, they all end up
one of mine eventually.
-Hey, Dr. Upton.
Did I hear they got
Dr. Derby down here?
-I'm afraid so.
-You be careful now.
You know,
my old man used to say,
"Friends are the most
-Oh, why is that?
-Because they're friends.
[Indistinct chatter]
[Pounding on door]
Heads up, gentlemen.

-[Whispering] Cut off the head,
cut off the head.
Destroy the body.
[Continues indistinctly]
-Did they cremate the body?
Is he dead?
Really dead?
-They start
the autopsy in a few minutes.
-No, no, no, no, no, no.
-Hey, hey, whoa, whoa.
-He can still get me.
-He's dead.
You made sure of that.
Dani, I need you
to believe me.
-Beth, control yourself.
-Let her go.
-Ma'am, she's dangerous.
-She's my patient.
-I'm your friend.
I know how this sounds,
but if he does it again,
it's forever.
-Give us a minute.
Who exactly is he?
-We can't go through this again.
We don't have time.
I don't have time.
-You must recognize
your symptoms.
-Yes. Paranoid schizophrenia.
But how could you understand
unless it happened to you?
-Okay, tell me
from the beginning.
-I thought I had everything.
A successful practice.
An ideal husband.
A suitable life.
Until that thing
knocked at my door,
I thought I was in control.
-She thinks I'm weak.
-What do you think?
-I think she has no idea
how hard it is.
-Hard how?
-The urge.
I try to control it,
but I just give in.
-So it's your weakness?
-You don't have to
put words in my mouth.
-I'm afraid we
ran out of time.
-She makes me feel like
a street corner drug addict.
I'm not a junkie.
I'm an English professor.
-Well, let's discuss it
next session.
-Look, I will have beaten this
by then, Doctor. Okay?
They want me to perish.
All of them.
My colleagues,
the Dean, my wife.
I'm not who they think I am.
-Well, until the next chapter,
-Right. Thank you.
[Door opens, closes]

-Oh, Can I help you?
-You're Dr. Elizabeth Derby?
-Can I talk to you, please?
-I'm sorry, you can
make an appointment
with my service.
I need your help.
-Did you forget something,
-Carry on.
[Clears throat]
-It's all right.
Why are you here?
-I'm a student at Miskatonic.
I read your book.
-Which one?
-The one on the out-of-body
-As a symptom
of schizophrenia?
-I was outside my body.
-Come in.
-Sit down.
-What's your name?
-Asa Waite.
-The first thing you should
know is that you're not alone.
-No, I am.
No one understands.
-You'd be surprised.
A lot of psych students think
they see symptoms of what
they're studying
in their own behavior,
but it doesn't mean
that you have a problem.
-No, I didn't
read it for school.
I read it because
it happened to me.
-That's okay. You can get that.
-I know this sounds crazy,
but I-I'm afraid to talk to him.
-To whom?
-I don't know how it happens,
but it felt like he did it.
Like he has this power over me.
-Who has a power over you,
Mr. Waite?
-He wants to do it again.
If know it.
-Wants what?
-He wants...
my body.
-Who is this person
that you're afraid of?
[Cellphone buzzes]
-Um, my father, he...
he's looking for me.
Can you come home with me?
-I'm sorry, but I don't
go to clients' homes.
-It's not far. Just at the end
of High Street. Number 33.
-Let me call the psychiatric
department at Miskatonic.
I can tell them
that it's an emergency.
[Cellphone buzzing]
-It's him.
No, no, I won't talk to you.
Okay? You --
You have to stop it.
I've gone to see someone.
Someone to help me.
No. No. No. No.
Asa? Asa?
[Groans, screams]
[Bones cracking]
[Bones cracking]
-How are you feeling?
-Like shit.
You're a doctor.
-Well, that's why you're here.
-Whoa, take it easy.
-Am I stricken?
-What do you mean?
-Uh, am I...ill?
-Do you remember
our conversation, Mr. Waite?
-Well, it depends.
What did I say?
-Well, that you had
an out-of-body experience.
-You know, you shouldn't
believe any young cunt
when he talks crazy.
-Do you often talk crazy?
-Believe the appropriate
response to that
is it's none
of your fucking business.
You wouldn't happen
to have a cigarette, would you?
-This is a medical office.
There's no smoking.
-Jesus Christ.
You know, sometimes I just
fucking hate the modern world.
-You said you needed help.
I want to help you.
-I'll waive my fee.
It won't cost you anything.
This is my personal number.
-Well that's -- that's
very forward of, Dr. Derby.
-Well, I want to help you, Asa.
Excuse me.
-I'm not so sure you can.
But I'll keep that door open.
Just in case.
-Watching him leave,
I was shocked,
but I couldn't
shake him from my thoughts.
And then I broke our
profession's most sacred rule.
I took my work home with me.
It's definitely
multiple personality disorder.
The most dramatic case
I've ever seen.
He transitions through seizures
and extreme somatic symptoms.
-Oh. I'd love a glass.
Thanks, doc.
-Sorry, hon.
I think he's terrified
of some male figure.
Early child abuse
is the classic cause of MPD.
-But he's not a patient?
-Not yet.
But he could be the subject
of a major case study.
But he needs help.
-Well, how was your day, Edward?
Oh, you know, just fine.
I woke up, I worked out.
I had three job interviews
with bro bosses half my age.
Cried in the car, I came home
and found a modicum of solace
in this branzino before thee.
-I'm sorry. You're right.
How was your day, Eddie?
-Oh, it's okay. You listen
to people talk all day.
I'm sure there's something else
we can figure out.
I've come a long way
from the ocean.
Will you find a new home for me?
In your belly? In your belly.
-Eat me.





[Door opens]
[Keys clatter, seatbelt clicks]
[Engine starts]
-Please. I need your help.
I'm not so sure you can.
I was outside my body.
I don't know how it happens,
but it felt like he did it.
My father.
He wants my body.
Can you come home with me?
It's not far. Just at the end
of High Street, number 33.
But I'll keep that door open.
Just in case.
-Driving to 33 High Street.
-So what compelled you
to go to the house?
-I know how it sounds, but I
really couldn't control myself.
My mind was drawn to him.
[Doorbell rings]
Excuse me, sir.
-Are you all right?
-Can you tell me what's wrong?
-Pills. Pills pocket.
You have a serious
heart condition, Mr. Waite.
-Oh, well, thank you for the
obvious diagnosis, Dr. Derby.
-You know who I am.
-I recognize your likeness
from your book.
I figured you'd come.
-Well, then you know
I'm looking for Asa.
He told you he came to see me.
Is he here?
-He ran off days ago.
-You don't sound very upset
about him being missing.
-Well, in my own defense,
the boy's never been
much earthly use.
-Is that what children are for?
To be used?
-That's what everyone's for.
Except me.
Well, now I'm no damn use
at all since I was stricken.
Do you mean you had a stroke?
-Yeah, I had a stroke
and heart attack and cancer.
And I beat them all.
-What is this book?
-Oh, it's entitled
"None of Your Fucking Business."
[Chuckles] Oh, look at you.
You moved right in. Yes.
Take over. You assume
you deserve my respect.
-Asa came to me for help.
He is a seriously
troubled young man.
He needs clinical care.
-[Coughing, gagging]
Make no mistake, my flesh and
blood are finally failing me.
But my mind is still sharper
than a serpent's tooth.
In spite of a thankless child
and my eyesight,
I still -- I appreciate
a fine figure when I see one.
-Listen to me, sir.
It is dangerous in Asa's state
to be left unsupervised,
and given your condition --
-Don't you worry about me
and my boy.
You just tend
to your own affairs.
-If Asa comes back,
have him call me
if you care about him at all.
-Of course I care about him!
He's my son.
He's my salvation.
-Listen to me, friend.
I just need to make
one phone call.
-Well, Doctor.
Dr. Derby,
this house call is over.
-Get out! Get out!

-So I went back to my life,
and I tried to focus on my work.
But something wouldn't let me.
-And then the other day
I was shaking and sweating.
I-I couldn't see straight.
I wanted to...
-You wanted to what?
-[Sighs] I wanted to hit him.
-But you didn't?
In my mind, I hit him.
And I did it again and again.
And I liked it.
I mean, I love him.
I really like thinking
about beating him.
[Sighs] What do I do?
-We could try hypnosis.
-Will it stop the urges?
-It could.
Do I have your consent,
Mr. Crawley?
Breathe regularly.
Clear your mind.
-Am I going to lose
consciousness or control?
-It's just
a relaxation technique.
Now look at this pen.
Really look at it.
Look at the light
shining off of it.
Let your mind float free.
Drifting up towards the ceiling.
Your mind is floating
out of your body.
Now you are alone.
Alone with the person you love.
How do you feel?
-He doesn't love me.
He can't.
I hate him.
I want to hit him.
-The tighter you
clench your hand,
the less you feel
the urge to hate.
Do you feel it subsiding?
-Yes, I do.
-I tried to run away.
I tried to escape from him.
-I have a client.
Just wait here.
-He wants my body.
-Your father?
What did he do to you?
-You saw what he did.
-Saw what?
-You were there
in your office.
Okay? You -- You saw it happen.
-I'm taking you to Miskatonic,
and then we're
calling the police.
-You don't believe me?
-I can't fight him.
I can't do it, okay?
That old, sick body, I...
I'd rather die.
-You don't mean that.
-But he's stealing my life.
-Then he'll have
to steal mine, too.
I'm glad you came back.
Stay here.
Oh, dammit.
Your stress is gone.
Your mind is clear.
Your body is relaxed,
drifting down,
back into your body.
When I tap three times,
you'll return to consciousness.
-[Sighs] Okay, I'm ready.
-I'm sorry,
but there's been an emergency.
I need to escort a patient
to the hospital immediately.
-I don't feel any different.
-We'll do a follow up
next time.
Just remember when you feel
the urge to violence,
just make a fist.
Make a fist.
Now, please excuse me.
-Long day, doc?
-Difficult day.
-You want to talk
about it pro bono?
-I can't.
Patient-client privilege.
You know how it goes.
-Would you like
a roll in ze hay?
-I wish. I have some notes
I have to make.
I'm going to be up for a while.
-Well, you know, I can't sleep
very well without you.
-Mm. I can prescribe
you something for that.
-So can I.
[Cellphone rings]
Oh, no.
-Oh, I should.
It might be a patient.
-Is that him?
-Please. Please.
I can't stop him.
-Asa, call the police.
-Where are you?
-Home, home.
-Asa? Asa?
I have to go. It's an emergency.
-What kind of emergency?
No, you --
You call the police,
you let them handle it.
You're just his doctor.
-No, but, Eddie, it's my job.
-It's not your job
I'm worried about.
-It's going to be okay.
You're sweet.
I'll be right back.
[Door opens]
[Door closes]
Mr. Waite?
Where are your pills?
-[Line ringing]
-911. What's your emergency?
-Hello. This is
a medical emergency.
Someone is having a heart --
[Glass shatters]
-What are you doing?
-Help me. Not him.
-He's dying!
He has to stop it.
-Asa, give me the knife.
This is not you. This is --
This is him, not you.
Give me the knife.
Do you want to go to jail
for the rest of your life?
Give me the knife.
-Please, please, please,
just let me kill him.
-Where are his pills?
-Give me the pills.
-Give me the pills.
Give me the pills.
-Let it go.
-Let him -- let him die.
Let him die, please.
Oh, my God.
Is he -- is he dead?
How long?
How long does the brain live
after the body dies?
-It's over.
Whatever pain he caused you,
whatever he did to you,
your father can't
hurt you anymore.
-That's not my father, okay?
It's stole my father's life,
and now it wants mine.
-We're going to call the police,
and then we're going
to get you help.
-No. No, no!
You can't call the police.
Cut off his head.
Cut out his brain!
-He has no power over you
except in your mind.
-His -- His mind.
You don't understand.
His mind has the power!
That day we met.
That day we met in your office.
That was --
That was the second time.
If it happens again,
then it's over, it's over.
It always comes in threes.
-I can help you.
Let me help you.
-No. Then help me
cut his head off
and -- and burn him.
Okay? If he could speak,
if he says it one more time...
-No. No!
[Speaking foreign language]
[Bones cracking]
-Asa. You had a seizure.
-A seizure?
You could call it that.
-Do you remember what happened?
I thought he was dead.
-Oh, he's dead all right.
-We have to report
what happened,
and then I want to take you
to the hospital for observation.
-What is it you'd like
to observe?
-Well, Asa, man died.
-You doctors are all the same.
You ask a lot of questions,
but you don't like
answering them, do you?
-Have you seen
a lot of other doctors?
-Doctors. Healers.
Potion dealers.
Lots and lots of priests.
-Well, do they explain
why this happens to you?
Why you forget who you are?
-No. The devil makes me do it.
-I think you change
personalities to escape the pain
and the rage you feel
because of what he did to you.
-And you came to save me,
didn't you?
My hero.
-What you're experiencing
is called transference.
You're transferring
the feelings
you couldn't express
to your father to your doctor.
To me.
-Then I must have really
wanted to fuck my old man.
-Well, uh, I'm going
to go get help.
I want you to come with me.
-And I want to come inside you.
-[Sighs] Don't make it worse.
-Then let me make it better.
-You don't understand
what you're doing.
-Oh, I know exactly
what I'm doing.





-I'm gonna come.
Oh, oh!
-Give yourself to me.
Come on.
Come on.
-Come on!
[Bones cracking]
This is a magnificent body.
It suits me. It suits me well.
I want it.
I want your body very much.
[Bones cracking]
What -- What just happened?
-The first time is always
the most painful.
And quickest.
I promise it gets easier.
-No, but I was in your body.
-I was in yours.
-No, no, I don't mean
it like that. I mean, my...
My mind was in your body.
-Well, I guess then...
if anybody ever tells you
to go fuck yourself,
you can tell them you have.
-We have to figure out
what happened.
-You will, Doctor.
You will.
Shit! Petulant child!
Asa, come back here!
-Help me!
-It's me!
-It's me!
-It's Asa!
-Get off me!
[Skin tearing]
[Knife plunging]
-Asa! Asa!
-Help me!
Help me!
-Too much?
-And that's when
I went to see you.
-I didn't grasp how bad it was.
You were frantic, hallucinating.
I just thought...
Sounds like you had
an out of body experience.
Yes. No.
I felt his -- his mind
going into my body.
It was pain like
I've never felt before.
-Of course it was painful.
You felt guilty about
your feelings for this patient
because you love your husband
and because you're
a dedicated doctor.
So you projected your ego
on to one of the people
you felt you'd wronged.
Your patient.
Hell, Beth, you wrote the book.
-Okay, maybe.
But it felt so real.
He spoke in this language
that I didn't understand,
and I felt like
I was in his body.
It was like he made it happen.
-So you used a fantasy
to spice up your sex life,
and now you're creating another
one to displace your guilt.
You're blaming the victim.
-I don't know, Dani.
I think I'm losing my mind.
What should I do?
-You did the right thing.
You came to see me first.
We'll get through this.
But you have to admit
what you've done.
-So I should call the police.
-And tell them what?
That a young male patient
you slept with murdered
the reanimated corpse
of his father?
No, you have to understand
what really happened last night.
Is it possible he drugged you?
-I don't know. I don't know.
-All right.
We'll figure it out together.
Don't worry.
Let me get you a fresh shirt.
And you should talk to Eddie.
You can't work
through this, Beth,
till you face it.
All of it.
You taught me that.
-You're right.
-Damn right I'm right.
Through all kinds of weather.
-We stick together.
-And no more house calls, okay?
-There be monsters.
-There be monsters.
[Engine stops]
Are you all right?
-I'm fine.
-Police are here.
-Dr. Elizabeth Derby?
-I'm Detective Ledger,
and this is Officer Huxley.
-We have a couple of questions
we'd like to ask,
if you don't mind.
Were you at the home of
an Ephraim Waite
at 33 High Street last night?
-Yes. A patient called and
said that it was an emergency.
That's what the young man said.
-So you talked to the young man?
-Asa Waite. Yes. He said that
you were a great help to him.
Oh, you must have dropped
your phone when you left.
-Thank you.
-Don't worry. I didn't peek.
-The fire department
found it near the home.
-There was a fairly serious
fire that destroyed
much of the first floor.
Mr. Waite said that you left
before the fire started.
Is that right?
-Yes. Is everyone okay?
-The young man is fine.
And what about his father?
-He wasn't on the premises.
Mr. Waite, the young man,
said that he disappeared
several days ago.
He's been reported
as a missing person.
Anyway, we just wanted to return
your property to you.
Oh, sorry to go all Columbo
on you,
but I had one more question.
There was a phone call
placed from your phone
to 911 emergency services
last night
reporting that someone
was having a heart attack.
Who was that?
Having the heart attack.
-I misdiagnosed a panic attack
in the young man
as a cardiac event.
That's why I cut off the call.
I realized that I was mistaken.
-Oh, I see.
We all make mistakes.
Have a nice day.
-Have a nice day, officers.
-He definitely peaked.
-Beth, I was so worried
about you.
-Don't, Eddie.
-You were gone all night.
There was a fire?
Somebody had a heart attack?
-Let's sit down.
What happened?
-The patient was very troubled.
I still don't understand.
-Just tell me.
I'm sorry. I'm so sorry.
It was -- it was a mistake.
A terrible mistake.
I just, I-I lost myself.
-There's blood on you.
-I'm sorry. I'm so sorry.
-I can't...
I can't look at you right now.
-So I left.
Where else could I go?
What else could I do?
-You should have
come back to me.
-No, you wouldn't have
understood. You couldn't have.
I just -- I thought
it was better to be alone.
I didn't realize it was
already impossible for me
to be alone ever again.
[Wind whistling]





-Great work today.
-Thank you, Doctor.
I can see now it's only a dream.
-Well, I'll see you next week.
-I thought you said I could
reduce my sessions
to a monthly basis.
-Oh, I'm sorry. I just...
I've been losing track
of time lately.
-I always find myself wishing
I could turn back
the hands of time.
Until next month.
-[Both chuckle]
[Door opens, closes]
Hi, Eddie. I'm coming home.
I'll do whatever it takes.
Oh, but what about our session?
[Engine starts]
[Engine revs, tires squeal]

[Cellphone rings]

-You left in such a hurry
the other night.
I didn't get to thank you.
-What did you do?
Did you drug me?
And what happened
to your father?
-Sorry to cut you off,
but, you know,
I was just getting ready
to head out.
I just wanted to let you know
how much I enjoyed
the use of your body.
You'd be surprised.
It was unlike anything
I've ever experienced.
-I need to understand
what happened that night.
-If you insist.
[Speaking foreign language]


[Bones cracking]

-No, no.
Asa! Asa!
What have you done to me?
Asa? Asa, pick up the phone.
Pick up the phone.
Please. Please.
You can't do this.
-Sorry. Wrong number.
[Chain rattling]


[Chain rattling]
-It's really happening.
Oh, that smell.
[Flies buzzing]

Demon octopus.

-Shit. I'm married.
[Chain rattles]
[Cellphone buzzes]
-Dr. Danielle Upton.
-It's me.
-I'm sorry. Who's this?
-It's -- I'm a friend
of Elizabeth Derby's.
Okay. She needs your help.
-What kind of help?
-She's in danger.
-Danger? What do you mean?
-No, look,
there's no time, okay?
She needs help from a friend.
-I thought you said
you were her friend.
-I can't help her.
I don't know
if anybody can, but...
I know that she needs you.
Like you needed her.
-What did you say
you were again?
-It doesn't matter, okay?
What matters is that
if you don't come,
Elizabeth might die.
Or whatever makes her
who she is might.
-Okay. What's the address?
-It's 33 High Street.
In a basement.
I think there should
be a trap door
in the library under a rug.
Okay? Hurry. Dani, please.
Hello, dear.
-Okay, Beth.
You said you wanted to talk.
Let's talk.
-Why don't we have a drink
first? You want one?
-Well, it looks like you've been
drinking enough
for the both of us.
-To our future together.
Ah, mm, I feel better.
I feel like a new woman.
-Okay. Alright.
What's going on with you?
-Well, dear,
why don't we start fresh?
I'm Elizabeth.
Could I bum a smoke?
-You don't smoke.
You don't usually drink
during the day.
And you don't sleep
with your clients.
Who the hell are you?
-I told you.
I'm Elizabeth.
And you are mister...
-Okay. What the hell?
What aren't you telling me?
-Just some things that
you don't want to know.
-Whoa, um...
-Okay. You said
you would do whatever it takes.
-If that's what you want.
-I don't know what you want.
What are you doing?
-No more questions.
[Knife clatters]
[Breathing heavily]
[Gasping, moaning]
[Panting, laughing]
Oh, that's better,
that's better.
Oh, that's better.
It's better.

[Door opens]
-Down here!
-Dani, oh, my God.
Thank God you came.
-You called me?
-It happened again. Okay.
This is his body.
But it's me, Dani.
It's me.
-What's going on here?
-I don't know. Maybe it's
for some kind of ritual.
Dani, I know, this
is crazy, okay?
But you have to believe me.
-Who did this to you?
Do you need help?
-It almost died
in the old man's body.
That's why Asa wanted me
to destroy the brain
before the third time.
But he didn't make it.
Then it changed forever.
Oh, God. Asa.
-What's your name?
-It's me, Dani. It's Beth.
-Oh, I see.
Then where's your body?
-I was -- I was home.
I was home.
-Who are you calling?
[Line ringing]
-991. Emergency services.
-Yes. My husband is in danger!
Send the police now!
-Sorry to bother you again,
but we got a report
of a domestic disturbance.
-Can we see your wife,
Mr. Derby?
-She's a little indisposed
right now.
-I'm afraid we have to insist.
Come on in.
The cops are here, Doc.
-Are you all right, Dr. Derby?
-Me? I'm just dandy.
-No, thank you, ma'am.
We received a call from
emergency services
about a domestic assault.
-Who reported that?
-I'm sorry, officer.
It might be one of my patients.
I think I know which one.
-Uh, Mr. Derby, would you mind
stepping in the other room
for a few minutes?
I have a few follow up
But you can call me Edward.
-Please go to the house,
see if Eddie's all right.
-Wait a minute.
You're that patient, aren't you?
Have you been stalking her?
-No. He's the stalker.
Okay. That -- that's what
this ritual must be for.
It must be some kind of pact.
It must be a sacrifice
to make a pact
with something, for the power
to take over someone's body.
That's what he -- it does.
One body after another.
-All right, that's enough.
-You listen to me,
you little shit.
I have the power to have you
committed to Miskatonic
faster than you can say
"reasonable doubt."
So you tell me
what happened
to Elizabeth Derby.
-You were saying?
-Uh, ma'am. Sometimes
people don't feel comfortable
speaking in front
of their spouses.
-Don't call me ma'am.
I sound like a headmistress.
Call me Liz, Officer Huxley.
-Dr. Derby.
-Officer Huxley.
Is it customary that a detective
would answer the call
for a domestic dispute?
-Well, no, but we thought this
and the incident
at Waite house
might be connected.
-Mm. Fascinating.
-It always comes in threes.
He said after the third time,
it's forever.
I have one more chance
before it's done.
-I'm calling the police.
personality disorder.
Alexander Lawrence. 2013.
Your patient with SPD.
When Sean found out about
the affair, I covered for you.
Nobody else ever knew.
All the way through the divorce.
-She never should have
told you about that.
-No, no, I...
I never would have.
We stick together.
[Gagging, groaning]
[Bones crack]
-Dr. Derby?
[Bones crack]
-Who the fuck are you?
-[Gasping, panting]
Where's my husband?
-I'm right here, I'm right here.
Are you okay?
-Is she all right, Mr. Derby?
-It'll be okay. She just had
a little too much to drink.
-It seemed more like a seizure.
-Should we call the EMTs?
-No, no, no. I'm fine.
I'm fine.
My husband and I were just
celebrating our reconciliation.
-Yes, we were. Yes.
-If that's it, then
we're sorry for the intrusion.
If you'd like to make a
complaint against that 911 call.
-No, no, no. It's all right.
It's all right.
-Well, if you're sure
you're okay,
then you two have
a good evening.
And pardon me, but I hope
we won't be seeing you
a third time.
-I'll see you guys out.
[Door closes]
-Are you okay?
-Do you remember
our conversation?
-Let me guess.
You're a doctor, too.
What happened to keeping it
in the fucking kitchen?
-What about calling me?
-You know, if I don't know
who you are,
how the fuck would I know
your phone number?
-Are you familiar
with an Elizabeth Derby?
-Her I know.
Quite the sociopath.
All that's missing
is the apartment full of cats.
-Did she do this to you?
Oh, we were just playing.
-This was a sex game.
Are you interested in a round?
-All this was role play?
-Whatever happened was
No means no, and...
our safe word is "ow."
Now get the fuck
out of my house.
-You just tell me where she is.
-I am sure that she's home.
With Eddie.
-Are you okay?
-Me? I was worried about you.
-I'm good. I'm good.
-You're smoking?
-Oh. You have no idea... happy I am not to have
to sneak them anymore.
You want to go again?
I'm game if you are.
-What do you mean?
-What we did
before the cops game.
-What did we do?
-[Chuckles] All right.
If you want to play games.
We can start out as strangers...
every time.
I want you to know.
I've never come like
that before.
I don't know what got into you.
But if you want...
you can cut me again.
I liked it.
What's wrong?
-You've got to leave.
I want you to go to a place
on Shelter Island.
-You can't be around me.
He can't know where you are.
-Who are you talking about?
-If he does it one more time,
it's forever.
If I have to make you
hate me, I will.
If I have to kill myself,
I will.
I just --
I won't let him have you.
Just remember me.

[Engine starts]
Elizabeth! Elizabeth!
[Engine revs, tires squeal]

-There were horrors in that
thing that I couldn't reach.
It's ironic how much
you have to lose
before you realize
how much you really have.
What it would mean
to have my body taken from me
and how far
I would go to keep it.

-Careful, doc.
You wouldn't want
to hurt yourself.
-I didn't think
you'd get here so fast.
-I always know
where you are now.
Besides, you're not
that hard to find.
You have such a little life.
-What happened to Asa?
-Uh, here, there.
Who really knows.
If he's lucky,
he died in that old man's
wretched body.
But there are worse places
he could be.
Much worse.
What matters is that we're here,
you and I.
-Who are you, really?
-You mean the body
I was born in?
Oh, God, I...
I don't really remember.
I always assumed
I was born a man.
I had a man's desire
to satisfy myself.
To dominate.
Now, I'm not so sure that means
I wasn't born a woman.
It's all semantics anyway.
These days,
I just do it when I'm bored.
-Well, we're not
just our passions.
We also connect with our minds.
-You're right.
And who doesn't love
a good mind fuck?
Times have changed.
The future is female.
And so is mine.
-The minute you say the words,
the minute I feel you taking
over my mind, I'll jump.
And then you can have my body
as it falls to its death.
-Oh, you want to play?
I'm getting a little
aroused here, doc.
Okay. How's about this?
You can live...
...if you can kill me.
I mean, really kill me.
Before I become you forever.
Then you can be
with your husband.
And you can keep
your little life.
[Gasps] Oh, no.
you can choose the sure thing.
Who are you, really?
Are you everything
you thought you would become
when you were born?
-How long have you been
wandering like this?
Body to body.
-Time is just a shadow to me.
-Don't you get tired
of the endless changing.
Don't you get weary?
That's what makes you so...
You're something --
you're something new.
[Echoing] New flesh.
-Another and another.
New gets old.
No rest.
-No rest, no.
-Let your mind float free.
-Yes. Free
-Floating free.
[Speaking foreign language]
Come on!
-[Shouting indistinctly]
-[Breathing heavily]
[Tires squeal]
[Engine revs, thuds]
[Breathing heavily]
[Engine revs]
[Breathing heavily]
-Chill out.
[Knife plunging]
[Siren wailing]
-[Gasping, knife plunging]
-Dr. Derby!
-Drop the knife!
Drop it!
-No! No! No!
[Shouting indistinctly]
I wasn't out of my mind.
And I'm not now.
I didn't kill Asa Waite.
I was trying to kill
that thing inside him.
The thing that's coming for me.
-You truly believe
that's what happened?
-Yes, and I still don't think
he's really dead.
-His body couldn't have
survived that trauma.
-I don't care about the body.
You have to destroy the brain.
-Oh, you are a fucking mess.
Oh. [Chuckles]
Don't want you to have
to smell my pastrami breath.
-The brain.
I'll do what I can.
-[Sighs] Thank you.
-Through all kinds of weather.
-All right.
First incision in the sternum.
10 centimeters
below the clavicle.
There is...
considerable trauma.
-[Speaking indistinctly]
-[Gasps] Holy shit!
-[Speaking indistinctly]
[Speaking foreign language]
-Holy shit!
[Bones cracking]
Oh! Fuck!
-Oh, my God.
You okay?
Oh, my God.
It's not dead!
It's not dead!
It's not dead!
-What the hell are
you talking about, man?
-What the fuck?!
-Beth, are you okay?
-Where am I?
-Get me out.
Get me out
of this body.
-Am I the patient here?
-What do you mean?
-You don't remember
what happened?
Right. Right.
-Okay. I'm afraid
you're in serious trouble, Beth.
You've killed someone.
A patient.
-Oh, my.
I clearly wasn't myself.
You know me.
-I thought I did.
-It sounds like a drug reaction.
-You said you weren't on drugs.
-Well, that sounds
like something
a drug addict would say.
So how are you
going to cure me, doc?
Maybe a deeper examination.
-I've only seen one other
schizophrenic episode like this.
-And your patient Asa Waite.
-Oh, I love it
when you talk dirty.
-He went from hysterical
claims of possession
to perfect composure.
-Exactly as you just did.
-Oh, I did, didn't I?
-What's my name?
-What's my name?
-Don't be ridiculous.
-What's my name?!
-Is this some kind of test?
-Yes, it is.
-Doctor! Doctor!
You got to come now.
You got to come now.
-Watch her.
-Hi, boys.
-You got to come with me now.
It's over here, Dr. Upton.
I'm Elizabeth.
Code blue! Get in here!
Hurry. Come on. Come on.
Let's go. Let's go.
-No vitals. But she's alive.
-She, doctor?
[Defibrillator pops]
Come on!
[Defibrillator pops]

-This is all a big mistake.
You know me, right?
I'll suck your cocks
if you let me out.
-Go out and help them
with the body.
Who are you?
-I'm Dr. Elizabeth Derby.
And you'll have a hell of a time
convincing anyone otherwise.
But I can keep you here.
Isolated, drugged.
-Imprisoned until you die.
-Do you really want that
to happen to your friend?
-Elizabeth Derby was my friend.
And she's gone because of you.
-Well, all my friends
are in hell.
So yours will have good company!
Damn padded cell.
-You bitch!
-[Speaking foreign language]
Come on!
-When I'm dead,
let me stay dead.
-Dr. Upton?
-You are right, Dr. Upton?
-She tried to kill me.
Shoot her.
-That's not Daniella Upton.
I am.
I'm Daniella Upton.
-She's insane and dangerous.
-Wait a minute. Wait a minute.
Wait a minute.
Okay, hold on.
-Oh, God damn it.
-Hold on, Doctor.
Wait a minute.
-What the fuck?!
Give me the gun!
Get back. Get back.
-Don't do this, Dr. Derby.
-Get the fuck back.
-Okay. Okay.
-Get away.
-Get away from her, Mace!
Get away!
That is not Daniella Upton!
I'm Daniella Upton!
-She's crazy!
-I know who I am!
-Fucking bitch.
-I know who I am!
[Speaking indistinctly]
Stick together.
-All kinds of weather.
-[Speaking foreign language]
-[Speaking foreign language]
-Get out of the way! Stop!
Get out of the way!
-[Shouting in foreign language]
-Dr. Upton?
Dr. Upton?
-Whoa, whoa, wait. Hold on.
Give me the gun, Dr. Derby.
[Gun clicks]
-Come on.
[Speaking foreign language]

-A lot of psychiatrists
can't handle it.
The pressure
of being responsible
for keeping the minds of so many
other people together.
I always told Beth
I thought she cared too much.
But I didn't know how bad her
work-life balance had become.
That must have been
very hard on you.
-I loved her so much.
It started to get better
at the end there.
-I know.
And you should try to salvage
the good from that.
-From the ashes?
[Sighs] Thank you for
the coffee and your time.
I know that the two of you
were like sisters.
-Which makes us family now, too.
So please call me Dani.
-Okay, Dani.
-And you know you can come
and see me anytime.
I looked into her eyes before
her mind completely passed.
And I know
in those last few moments,
she understood
who she really was.
We were more than sisters.
We were friends.



-I'm not her. I'm me.
I'm not supposed to be in here.
I'm a doctor.
Do you hear me?! I'm me! I'm me!
I'm me! This isn't my life!
I'm me! I'm me! Help me!
Help me! Help me!
I didn't kill them! Help me!
Let me out of here!
Let me out of here!
I'm me!
[Overlapping shouting]

-I need you like
a doughnut needs a hole
Like pianos need fingers,
heart, and soul
We go together like
peanuts in a shell
I'm going to hold you in
my arms like water in a well
And I love you like
flowers love the sun
Like birds like to fly
and kids like to run
Like trees love leaves
and leaves turn brown
Like rabbits in a meadow
like to hop around
I need you like
a doughnut needs a hole
Like pianos need fingers,
heart, and soul
We go together
like peanuts in a shell
I'm going to hold you in my
arms like water in a well
When we are together
side by side
It's like a roller coaster
or a carousel ride
The clouds all lift
just to sing with me
The oak trees dance
along with the breeze
I need you like
a doughnut needs a hole
Like pianos need fingers,
heart, and soul
We go together like
peanuts in a shell
I'm going to hold you in
my arms like water in a well