Suite 313 (2017) Movie Script

Special Agent Connor,
this is Central. Do you copy?
This is Agent Connor. I
copy you loud and clear.
Okay then, let me explain the situation
I'm all ears.
A woman made a 911 call from
a private residence Lumen facility.
As is protocol, the call was redirected to
our department and I handled it personally.
We must learn more, so you
are being dispatched accordingly.
Once you reach the Lumen Facility, your only gear
will be a flashlight and helmet... nothing else
I hope you're kidding me !
No it's not a joke Connor, this is only a reconnaissance mission.
We cannot utilize guns in their facilities without an authorization.
Authorization! By who?
You ask too much Connor.
Fuck... I can't believe you
are sending me in there like that.
You chose this job.
Yeah. What else?
You'll do a reconnaissance and provide a detailed verbal
report of the site. From now on we will record your audio.
Except for the report, only
emergency communications are allowed.
Is that all?
That is all. Good luck... over.
Fuck off.
Special Agent Connor reporting for duty.
On site description of Lumen
Corporation Facility 56... beginning now.
There is a flight of stairs.
I'm proceeding on the stairs.
I'm inside the entrance which is
comprised of a hall and a basement.
I'm inside Suite 313.
I'm facing some sort of religious
painting chained to the wall.
On the right is what
looks like a dining room.
There appears to be
raw meat in the dishes,
and the table cloth is covered in blood!
Moving on..I'm in front of a small corridor.
There is a door with a big metal block system...
without a lock or keypad... no numbers are present.
I'm in the kitchen now.
More raw meat... what
kind of meat is unknown.
The oven is on and there is a noxious smell.
Pots full of blood are on the stove top.
I just opened the fridge.
It's filled with bags of raw meat as well.
I'm going into the other side of the house.
I'm now at the entrance corridor.
There's two doors, both closed.
The left one has another
block system, but smaller.
I'm in the master bedroom.
There is blood on the blankets.
Behind me is a small desk with a laptop.
There is a glowing logo on the screen.
But no operating system
appears to be installed.
When I touched the keyboard a blueprint appeared...
maybe of the suite.. With some area marked in red!
I heard a sound on my right...
Shit! There is water on the floor... it's
seeping from under one of the doors...
It was dry before... maybe
there is a flood? I'm proceeding!
I'm in a bathroom without windows. There
is blood everywhere... even in the bathtub.
It seems someone was trying to
clean a lot of blood off of something.
The water seems to
be coming from the toilet.
I'm opening it...
Oh Christ!
Central this is Connor. I have an emergency
here... repeat, I have an emergency! Do you copy?
Agent Connor?
What the hell?
Who are you?
My name is Sandra... Sandra Clarke.
Are you the person who called 9117.
Yes, that was me
I just found a severed
head in your bathroom!
Listen, I don't have time to explain,
so try to focus on what I'm about to say.
To me it looks like you had
something to do with all of this!
Listen, you are not the first agent that has tried
to rescue me from here... please listen carefully
I have to call backup.
Wait, listen... don't try to escape!
Shit! What the hell! This is impossible!
Central this is Connor, do you copy?
What the hell is going on?
Agent Connor?
What happened?
It seems the entrance has been
barred with a huge metal door!
That's the security system provided
by the company I'm working for.
Security system? What the
fuck are you talking about?
As I said there is no time for explanation... you have
to listen and trust me completely if you want to survive!
Tell me what the fuck is going on!
Reach the corridor on the left of the dining room...
you'll find a door with a keypad without numbers
I don't take orders from you!!! In my
opinion I'm talking with a murderer!
Wait a minute before judging
me, and try to be pragmatic.
Or I can assure you'll end up
like your colleague... guaranteed.
Go fuck yourself!
Agent Connor!!
Fuck! I... what is going on?!
Shit!! What is that!!
Oh God! Oh my God! Central this is Connor!
There is an injured agent here... he's in critical
condition... I repeat he's in critical condition! Do you copy?
Do you copy? Shit!
Agent Connor?
You again!? How do you keep
managing to break in on my radio?
I see you keep asking pointless questions.
Oh Christ!
Start trusting me or
you will die... guaranteed.
Shut up! Bitch!
Connor... listen to me without talking.
The man you see is not a human being,
but a Terrestrial First Level Possessed.
He can't see you, and that's good. Don't
try to attack him, or he'll rip you apart!
Shit... he heard my colleague.
Don't follow him! Connor?!
Shut up, bitch.
Oh Christ!
Be quite and hide!
Oh shit..damn you!
Miss Clarke answer me!
Fuck... come on! Tune in you piece of shit!
Where the fuck are you talking to me from?!
More useless questions. You should just be
glad that I can still communicate with you.
This is crazy!
You need a weapon. You'll find a shotgun on the top of the
closet... the one with the mirrors in the bedroom. Go take it!
What the hell?
That's your colleague, or rather
what's left of him. Get ready!!
Oh Shit! Fuck!
Still in one piece?
Yeah... I guess so.
He was carrying two pipe
bombs... luckily I only shot one.
He tried to defend himself till the end.
Butane gas and nails would never
have helped him to survive Agent Connor.
But he turned into...?
Yes, he is possessed too
I've never seen anything like that...
Reach the door, and press the
buttons in the order I say. Hurry!
I'm here...
Starting from the first line on
the left... the second button...
Oh shit... Miss Clarke?
Oh Christ...
Fuck you bastard!! You damned...
Miss Clarke, can you hear me?
What is going on?
Where the fuck have you
been?? They are surrounding me!!
Reach the door.
Okay, I'm here.
Now, starting from the first line
on the left... the second button..
One of your damned monsters is coming!
Okay... perfect. Listen to me
you can avoid him. As
you see, he is very slow.
Okay, I've got the shotgun.
Now, what the fuck I'm supposed to do!!!
Wait what? I'll shot as soon
as I have him in my sights!!
NO!!! Do not do that! Aim solely at
his head, and only when he is very close.
Or you won't even scratch him.
Crazy old bitch, what the
fuck are you talking about?
Trust me... or that will
be your end... guaranteed.
Shit... he's coming!
Wait... until he's closer... Wait.
He's right in front of me!
Wait... wait... NOW!!!
You damned son of a
bitch!! I only stunned him?!
See?! What did I tell you?
Where are you going? Connor! Conn..
Okay... okay... relax... breathe...
There must be a way out.
What the fuck is this place?!
Miss Clarke?
Dammit, gone again!!
Central, this is Connor. Do you copy??
That bitch must have cut
me off from the outside...
Agent Connor?
Where have you been!!!
Where are you?
I'm in a complex of corridors.
What??? Did you use the keys
to reach the experimentation area?
Experimentation area? What
the hell are you talking about?
Reach the entrance and look for a switch.
Do not stay in the dark for any reason.
Yes I'm here.
I heard voices earlier.
There are no people down there.
Well... I'm sure there was someone here.
Okay... look, this building is dedicated to
occult experimentation, do you follow me?
Yeah, I'm starting to realize that now.
Good for you... because you are in the cellars area
now... and that's where the primary demon is kept.
Which means?
You'll see it soon.
The shotgun is empty... I left it on the
floor... what I'm supposed to do now?
That won't help here anyway, guaranteed.
So what am I supposed to do?
Use the flashlight you
carried in here... and wait.
There is something wrong... I
feel... pain... everywhere at once.
It's Him... he's coming closer!
The red lights you just turned
on will partially weaken him.
CONNOR: The light has gone out...
SANDRA: He's not powerful enough.
There's is something,
it looks like a... shadow!
He's behind me now!
Wait until he's fully materialized.
He's already almost done doing that!
Then reach the last cellar...
at the end of the left corridor.
Here it is.
He's coming back!
I'm in! What now?
On your left you'll find the control panel.
Okay... got it.
Activate the green glowing
button on the left side of the panel.
What the fuck is going on?
What is this? Music?
That's a Psychomagnetic track... it'll weak
him, and help make him vulnerable to attack.
I hear footsteps.
It's Him... he's coming.
It's just behind the door.
Tell me what you hear.
It sounds like he's
walking around the cellar...
Get ready!
Shit!!! Son of a bitch!
Get out and follow him!
Shit... where?!! He's fucking gone!
Listen, you must push
him outside the corridors.
If he doesn't appear, turn
off the flashlight for a moment.
Then turn it back on immediately.
What! What the fuck are you talking about?
I can't help you from here.
I must change my position!!
Hey!! Hey!! You bitch!!
Where the fuck are you? Damn you.
Miss Clarke!! Answer me!!! Answer me!!
Fuck!! I don't know where to go?
This never ends.
Central this is Connor...
can you hear me? Answer me!
This is an emergency, I repeat
this is a fucking emergency!
Miss Clarke I know you are there...
Don't play with me... you are
involved with this shit balls deep!
I'll make sure you'll end
up dead! Do you hear me!
Here we are... the end of the line.
Come on! Show yourself.
Oh Christ! Fuck!
Miss Clarke! You old piece of shit!
Come on bastard... show yourself!
Where the fuck has he gone?
Agent Connor...
Here you are... finally
I've been attacked... I'm badly injured...
Really? I don't give a fuck!
How the fuck do I reach the exit?
If I die, you die too... get it?
In the drawer on your left there is a gun.
Do you know exactly where I am now?
Don't waste time, I'm hurt
and I'm loosing a lot of blood...
Reach the door with the keypad
I have to find the remains
of my colleague first.
Forget it!
Fuck you! I'm not leaving him here.
I've got bad news for both of us.
Bad news? What was that?
The keypad is destroyed.
Don't try to pick the lock... there is
an explosive in the block system...
Great... more good news!
Where the hell are you?
Shit! I swear when I leave here...
What was that!?
Problem number one solved...
Your monster with the metal mask, he's
getting close to the other side of the door.
Okay, we won't have another chance.
Shoot the block system
when he opens the door.
Stay away from the door...
and don't miss the target!
Fuck you bitch... that's
what I'm planning to do!
Damn, if only you were here and not me
shit! Fuck!
You bastard... you are fucked
up now... Hahahahahahaaha.
Are you still alive Connor?
Yes, but I'm not doing good...
A shard from the
explosion... Aaaaaahhh shit!
Use the blood you see on the floor!
SANDRA: You heard me...
That blood has a strong bonding agent.
What makes you think I want
to get infected with that shit?
If you don't want to lose
your arm it's the only option.
It won't get infected, I assure you...
Oh Christ... Aaaahh... It burns!
You'll see, it will get better.
What the fuck is this!!! There
is someone here laughing...
Now on your right there is a switch
it'll activate the engine to
the elevator you are facing.
Wait until the elevator
reaches the next floor.
Then head down the
stairs to reach the other door.
Whatever you see and hear...
get into the elevator... and don't stop.
There is someone here
laughing... it looks like a woman!
Listen to me... run! NOW!!!
Wait, there are some stairs...
Christ! I don't see shit!
When you reach the end of stairs
the light will turn on automatically.
What was that voice I heard?
That's the possessed that
attacked me... she was a nun.
Now please, be as quite as you can!
A nun?
Yes, a young nun, a
victim of a failed exorcism.
Where the fuck is she?
Don't try to fight her... defend
yourself only if necessary.
Oh, and remember, the last two bullets of that gun
are charged with explosives. Try and keep that in mind
I'm just at the end of
the corridor you are facing.
Wait, I hear something!
Forget it!
What the fuck is that??
Shit!! It's jammed!
You are dead bitch.
Oh shit! That's not possible.
Fuck you!
Still there Connor?
Yes... but your fucking explosive
bullets tore my hand open
I don't feel pain... I don't understand...
It's the effect of the blood
you put on the wound earlier.
I'm at the end of the corridor.
When you are there, turn left...
Miss Clarke?
Miss Clarke, can you hear me???!!!
I can't see shit... my eyes burn
I can't feel my hand anymore...
Reach the end of the corridor. You will
find a split. Take the door on the left.
This labyrinth never ends...
Reach the end... don't stop!
There is another split!
Take the door on the left.
There is something wrong.
I don't understand...
Tell me!
I'm right back where I started?!
Impossible... I'm right
at the end of the corridor!
I'm telling you... this is wrong!
I'm right back where I started!
Reach the end of the corridor.
Shit... It's all blurred
I'm almost blind... fuck.
Miss Clarke?
Yes, I'm here. You are
almost there... another step...
Don't you see me?