Sukeban (1973) Movie Script

Stop singing that song!
I told you to stop!
You should join in.
Sorry, but that song's too stupid for my tastes.
What did you just say?
Don't think you're going to just get away with that.
You're not even a challenge.
You should toughen up a bit first.
Shit! Why you little...!
Give it a rest.
It's always the lowlifes that give people a hard time.
Like you're not one yourself?
I am the one who lives in the
night, to fight for pride and glory.
I'm the gang leader of Namairu High School.
...Gakuran Maya, from Umeda, Osaka.
The same.
I'm from the Kanto area.
My parents abandoned me and
I've been alone ever since.
I've been part of gangs for these past 15 years.
...I am Kanto Komasa.
So you're the Kanto Komasa that
everyone's been talking about.
There's no need to start a fight here, is there?
Oh shit!
Get off! get off!
- Hurry up!
What the fuck!?
What's up with this?
Hurry up and get off!
- Hurry up!
Boss! Hurry!
Hurry up and get out!
- Hey you!
Get the fuck off me!
Hey! Stop right there!
- Stop!
Stop! Stop!
Everyone! Let's split up!
- Right!
You there!
- We'll just catch you again!
What do you think you're doing!?
The mine's about to blow!
It's gonna blow!
You said your name's Komasa?
What you just did there was so cool!
Yeah! So cool!
- It was electrifying!
I'm not an electric pole, you know.
So what are you going to do now?
I'll head out to my grounds in Osaka.
I should be able to hide from the cops there.
Well, I'm off!
Wait up!
Kosama, take us with you!
We don't have anywhere to go!
I can't go back now after this...
I'm so tired from run away... I don't know what to do!
I'm not your leader, you know.
Well, then become one.
Bancho, please!
But if you're going to be under
me, you better follow my orders.
No problem!
Oh, I'm Itaba of Momoko.
I like to sing so I was in a vocal school...
...but I couldn't stop this, you know.
So now I'm in a gang...
I'm Ranmabu no Suzue.
I was born and raised in Kobe's Sannomiya.
I'm a daughter of a police officer.
I'm Rariko no Ranko.
I like to cut my hair really short...
It's my 430th time doing it.
Gals, we will now act as one.
We'll go through everything
together, both good and bad.
Got it?
- Right!
The group name's gonna be...Gypsy Dance!
Sukeban Onna Bancho
I'm so hungry. I haven't eaten since this morning!
Gals, come on!
Hey, wait!
There we go!
Do you need the check?
- Check, my ass! Look at this!
Do you serve fly soup in this place?
What if we get sick!?
That's ridiculous!
- You're useless.
Call over the owner!
Hurry up!
- Yes! Right away!
Don't fuck with us...!
That hurts!
Tell me. You know where his wallet is, right?
No, I don't!
Damn it!
Old-fashioned thieves hide them in obvious places.
Hey, that's my wallet!
Why you fuckin' little bitch!
Why you...
You bitch!
It looks like you really didn't know anything...
...but remember: both the restuarant and carbaret
upstairs are both owned by the North Dragon group.
You pull this shit again and you won't get off this easy.
All right!
- Step right up, step right up!
All this has been caught by us four lovely ladies!
They're real Bluejays! Step right up!
Step right up! Thank you!
Thank you! Thank you!
Hey you there!
Show me your merchant permits.
You have them, right?
- How do you do, officer?
What is this crap?
You can't sell that here.
Look at that sign.
Take this filth and get out of here!
Oh, don't be so mean!
It must be tough doing the evening patrol alone.
- Here! Take one!
You think I'd drink while on duty!?
You sluts!
Man, that's good! I'll take the entire bottle!
Here we go!
Hey, who do you think you are?
Come with me!
This is our turf.
Hand that over!
Sir, this way.
Thank you.
Do you want some? Only 1000 yen.
The guy looks like you. Is it you?
Doing this alone doesn't make much, you know?
Thank you.
Whose is that?
Hey, what's that?
- Wow!
You perv!
Hey girls! You need your shoes polished?
You mean this?
- Sorry!
That's too bad...
Yes! She's perfect, exactly matching the image!
So its you bitches that's been creating
a racket around here recently.
Don't you think you should pay your
respects to the Umeda's Ground group?
What do you think you gals are doing here,
you should back off while you still can!
What, you girls wanna go at it!
So you wanna fight!?
Stop it!
Komasa... it's been a while.
You haven't forgotten this, have you?
I hear you've been playing with
our younger members too.
I hope you don't mind getting the same treatment.
What are you trying to do?
We were here first.
Shut up, kid.
I said, scram!
Get lost!
Damn it... if we only had Maya...
Looks like you've changed the people you're with...
Ryoko, how about a one-on-one duel?
Hah! It's too late to talk about that!
Why you!
- You bitch!
It's the cops! Run!
Outta my way!
Hey, didn't a girl run this way?
Oh, yeah! She ran off that away!
Hah, the fools.
Oh, you're the girl from yesterday.
- Wait a moment.
It's too dangerous to go now.
Why don't I show you my work?
I'm not interested in shining shoes!
Don't be like that. My main job is a film director. let's do it!
No stop!
- More! More!
My mom's coming!
- More!
Moan harder! Harder!
- No, I can't!
Move your legs! Say your lines!
Keep your cool!
Go at it!
Bro...this is no good.
My dick went limp when I heard the sirens.
You fool!
You think you can be a star and be afraid of the cops!
But Bro...they've been coming
around here a lot lately.
All they're good for is giving people directions.
Come on, get back into the groove...okay?
Come on.
Bro...I think I can do it if it's with her.
C'mon, lemme practice my lines on her.
She's going to be the star that
I'm going to stake my career on!
So... I'll practice with her and
you can be the director, okay?
I'm heading back.
I thought you'd be a more decent sort when
you told me that you're a film director.
Hey wait!
- What?
Don't take me lightly...
You see, movie directors... are all the same!
Hey, turn off the lights!
Damn, her skin's so smooth!
They're like pearls!
I can't hold out any longer!
Stop it. Stop it!
How about it? Shall I direct your gay porn?
Hey, have you heard about Maya?
She ran away from the cops and
she's been missing ever since.
She's your girlfriend, isn't she?
Why don't you go look for her?
I don't have the time.
Besides, she's your boss, not mine.
You girls go look for her.
Bro... wait up!
You sure about that?
Hey, Shuji.
Let's mark him.
Hey, come with me.
Just shut up and come!
What are you doing?
- Get moviing.
Hey, I know you want these.
Only 3000 yen.
You also have keep your mouth shut.
I don't have any money.
Why you bastard!
Stand up!
Ryo, look at this money.
This wouldn't have happened
to you if you paid up front.
Let's go.
Tatsuo... who do you think he is?
He's Mr. Ninomiya's son!
How dare you...!
Mr. Ninomiya...we'll cut off their fingers right away.
Mr. Yoto... I work for the government.
I might help you in your tax evasion
scheme, but I don't like violence.
All I'm saying is that I can't have regular
citizens too afraid to walk out in the streets.
That's right. I also have some
say in Hideaki's School's PTA.
I'm truly sorry for what happened.
Tatsuo... what do you think you're
doing, standing there like that?
Go apologize!
I'm terribly sorry.
I didn't know who you were.
You didn't know?
You think not knowing will get you off the hook!?
Get up. Get up!
Sir... we have some tea ready
for you in the next room.
Please, come this way.
Hideaki, come with me.
Tatsuo... I might as well tell you now.
I'm going to double your quota from now on.
Boss, I know I screwed up today, but that's way too...!
Shut up!
Your fuck up made me lose face.
So don't you dare think you're
going to get away with it.
Doing pretty good...
Man, the North Dragons are going down the tubes.
Just shut up...
But Bro!
I can't believe you're okay
after they abused you like this.
I'm not going to be working
under that bastard forever.
But until I get enough power to do that...
I'm going to lick up dirt if I'm told to...
...and just suck it up.
Bro was unlucky enough to pick on the son of
one of the patrons of the North Dragon group.
Now look at him.
Do you want to get revenge for him?
You can take that guy down for Tatsuo.
There is a way.
Oh, come on in.
I'm Gouki from Central TV. I called a little while back.
Oh, yes.
Please, come on in.
Oh no, we're fine right here.
Ma'am, about what we were talking about earlier.
But, being on TV... I'm not sure if I'm cut out for...
You'll be fine!
It'll be part of a two and a half hour special
aimed at upper class housewives like yourself.
Of course, the theme will be on the
motels that ladies like yourself use...
Motels? By that do you mean...?
Ma'am, please calm down.
Thank you. You're both so devoted to your job.
She posed like a female dog!
How shameless can she be?
...but it's so powerful!
Look at his dynamic thrusts!
Now they're doing it standing!
I can't hold it in!
You! You there... come with me! Come with me!
Hurry... hurry.
That's my job!
Roll it!
Roll the tape!
The other way, you idiot!
You there... I'm going to leave if
it's another crappy commercial.
We're confident you'll like it.
We'll be starting it up now.
Hey you...did you bring in the wrong reel?
It's supposed to symbolize how taxes and
everyday life are totally intergrated.
Why you...what kind of deranged film is this!?
It's just a regular film... look
at how happy your wife looks.
How dare you use my wife in this... in this...!
What, you want us to make copies and sell it?
Stop it!
Stop it! Stop it! Stop it!
Look, Ninomiya!
We know that you have ties
with the North Dragon group.
We want 1,500,000 yen for us to
keep shut about that and this film.
But that's so much money...!
Shut up!
We know that you're getting much more
than that from the North Dragon group.
C'mon... hand over the money!
I... I'll pay!
Just promise me that you won't do anything
that will damage my public image. that's how I managed to
get this money for you, Bro.
You can use this money to get with Maya.
Bro... Can't you at least tell me that I did a good job?
You idiot!
Who asked you to do this for me?
Do you have any idea what will happen if
the North Dragon Group finds out about this?
But when I saw how much you were suffering
because you didn't have enough money, I...
I can look after myself.
What's the big deal...?
You idiot!
Tatsuo, stop it!
Stop it!
Shut up woman!
No, I won't. Don't you have
any idea how Ichirou feels?
Besides, I was the one that came up with this idea.
If you're going to hit anyone, hit me.
Bro throws one hell of a punch. I should've
expected as much from all that baseball playing...
Oh, he used to be a pitcher back in highschool.
He went to the High School Nationals
twice and he was going to be a pro...
- Yeah.
But it was the day before the the big match...
He saw a bunch of Yakuza types trying
to rape a Jr. High school student.
He charged in saved Maya from them.
- Yeah.
Oh, that's the girl's name.
I heard that name before...
...anyway, so what happened?
- Well...
Bro's arm got broken and the 10 million
yen contract he was offered went poof!
That's when he started going downhill...
None of you here are human...
You're all just tools to please men.
Tools with holes in the middle!
Listen up.
Starting today you'll learn the skills you need.
Anyone that can't master them...will be killed.
We got in some fresh blood.
Got some more in.
You go and train them along with the others.
- Right! Right!
Come with us, bitches!
Hurry up!
We're going to make a lot of money off them.
Oh, Ryoko, let me show you around.
We need alot weapons and firepower
to keep control of the Kanto area.
They'll be the ones earning the money we need.
I that's why you built those brothels.
We're still short on girls.
If you see any pretty girls
around, bring them over here.
Hey, lets go!
It's the North Dragon group!
Stop right there, damn it!
This way!
Boss...don't you think the North Dragon
group will send more guys over if we do this?
We'll attack them first.
It'll be a showdown.
Skipping all the gambling related crap...
What are you doing here at our gambling spot?
You up to something again?
You got money?
They why don't you play?
I don't feel like it yet.
A woman only needs to play once.
Officer, don't you want to try out my wares?
The wares?
Damn it...
You shouldn't have bet it all at once.
The real match is just the beginning.
What do you mean?
The cops!
It's the cops!
Hah, the North Dragon group's nothing!
Momoko! What do you think you're doing!
You're wasting it!
They're all just for blowing my nose in. See? okay?
I, I, I've never touched this much money in my life.
This isn't a dream, is it?
Well? Was it a dream?
Oh yeah, boss? What should we do with them?
We can't sell them
really aren't good for much, are they?
How'd you like that?
I told you not to underestimate
the North Dragon group.
Well? You learned your lesson now?
What's with that look!?
You damned slut!
So beautiful...
You know, there's not too many girls out
there that look this good in this situation.
Hold it.
I'll make sure that she won't
give you guys any more trouble.
What is it?
I've come to pay up.
All 2 million yen.
Told you can you do it if you put your mind to it.
Boss, about what happened before...
It's already forgotten.
Now go.
We'll now begin your training.
I've forgotten to tell you this before,
but you will all be sold to the Turkish club in 3 days.
...I told you to go inside, ya dumb bitch!
Bro, this bitch tried to run away.
Then we'll have to show everyone what
happens to girls who try to escape.
Stop it!
Stop it!
I'll do anything!
Look! This is what happens!
Anyone else wanna try running?
You must be insane to try to take 'em head on.
I'm only helping you because you helped me before,
so don't get any funny ideas.
All right, let's give her some ''special training''.
You guys can all watch...
The bitch ran away!
Bro! That way!
Good. After her!
Go look for her!
- Right!
You'll be fine now.
You can manage the rest by yourself, right?
If you ever get caught again...
You're on your own.
Sleep with me.
I'll pay back my debts with my body.
Just shut up and fuck me.
Well? Did you find her?
We can't find her anywhere!
That'd odd...where could she have gone?
That way!
- Right!
Who is it?
I'm glad you're back Maya, everyone's
been worried sick about you!
Bro will be glad to hear.
Lemme go tell him!
Don't bother.
I've already met him.
Then why aren't you and him...?
Tatsuo...Tatsuo betrayed me.
Betray you?
There's nothing I believed in...
...not even parental love.
I've always clawed back at
anything that came my way.
The only person that I thought
I could trust was...Tatsuo.
Tatsuo threw away everything he had for me.
He might've been able to become an
ace pitcher for a baseball team...
The past is past. What's important
is the NOW, right Maya?
You're being too old fashioned.
Why be so uptight?
Fine, but I'm not going to change.
Keeping true to my values is the
only thing that keeps me going.
...I was trying too hard to keep faithful
to Tatsuo ever since that fateful day.
Tatsuo...the incident that happened yesterday's
gotten into the ears of the Aizawa Group.
We're going to put up three people to take the fall.
But Boss!
You're not in a position to disagree.
No! I can't go along with this!
- Watch your mouth!
Have you forgotten all he's done for
you ever since you lost your good arm?
This and that are totally different mattters!
You're going to have learn to watch your mouth!
Maya...I know how you feel...
...but Tatsuo had to go through a
lot because you stabbed the boss.
I'm not lying.
You won't believe how angry he got afterwards...
He forced bro to pay all the
money that was owed them.
All 2 million yen of it.
Bro had to bust his ass off just to make quota.
So I hear Maya's back.
Have you seen her?
No, not yet.
Bring her to me as soon as you do.
I'm going to kill her.
But sir, I thought I repaid back
the debt that was owed to you.
That was for you only!
Bring her to me.
That goes for the rest of you.
Bring her to me the moment you see her.
If you fail to do so...that will be
the end of your entire group.
Damn it...
Move it! move it!
Hurry up and get on!
I'm going to borrow your car for a while!
Hey! What do you think you're doing!
Damn's Komasa!
I'll be taking the girls inside the back.
Now we're even.
Are you okay?
Get moving and look for them!
Women are money!
They're living real estate!
Come in here!
Satake,what happened here?
It looks like these girls got
ambushed by Kanto Komasa.
We didn't give you girls a job
just so you can fuck it up!
What do you think you're doing!?
Do what you want!
From this day forth you will
all be pushing johns in Kobe.
You'll be repaying this debt with your bodies!
We Gypsies will be taking over this side of Umeda.
Got it?
Forgot how to answer back?
We won't cause any more trouble for you.
You girls head back to school from now on, got it?
Now you're being talked down to!?
Boss! We missed you so much!
You girls go back ahead of me.
Komasa, thanks for saving my girls.
Still, I don't think you have any business...
...taking over my territory while
I'm awhile like some no good thief!
If you want to take over Umeda...
...then you'll have to get past me first!
Very well.
Damn it...!
Damn it!
Boss, let's follow 'em!
...if this was like in the past... would've been glad to alone with me.
But now, there's so many things I have to tell you.
...and also things I must apologize for.
Just be quiet.
No, I'll say it.
I want to know the truth.
Why did you hit her and not me?
This is the North Dragon group HQ.
What's the meaning of this?
Get off. can't be... arm's been crying out for
you every night ever since you left.
Maya...the boss has been so kind as
to allow you to experience paradise...
...before you are cut up into pieces.
Hey! Satoke!
Allow me...
Tatsuo doesn't give two shits about you anymore.
Stop it!
Stop it!
Who's this?
Bando, of the Kanto Byowa Group.
He's a very skilled leader... skilled that we can't make a
move until he's put out of the picture.
However we've received word that Banjo will be
coming to Osaka with a tour group tomorrow morning.
Of course, it's obvious that he's
really coming here to snoop around.
Boss, you want me to take him down?
This is the biggest chance to make a
name of yourself as you're likely to get.
You have to make your own breaks, right?
Boss, I'll do it.
Why did you take Maya to the North Dragon group?
Did you sell her out?
And if I did?
Did you!?
A man can't get anywhere tied down to a girl!
What do you think you're doing!?
A man's worth nothing when he's fallen as far as you.
An unsung hero my ass!
There are rules and regulations in baseball.
Not so in real life!
Komasa... What do you care about Maya anyway?
You're rivals fighting for the same territory!
That's totally unrelated!
Unlike you groups that only talk about honor...
...we Sukebans actually uphold them!
I will rescue Maya!
...even if it costs me my life.
Take me with you!
Only another Sukeban is
allowed to rescue a Sukeban.
But if anything happens to you, I...
I will follow you!
Let me get on your shoulders.
I'll try entering from there.
You sure?
Don't worry!
Hang in there!
- Hurry!
Hang on!
Keep fighting!
I don't...
...want to die...
...I want to stay with you...
We're almost there!
Momoko, hang in there!
Hang in there...
Boss...I'm so cold...
Boss... I love you...
I'm so sorry...
It's all my fault...
...forgive me.
She was such a fool.
I told her not to come...
...but she still insisted on coming.
It was an honor.
This way.
So, how's your brother?
He's doing very well...
Boss, I got him.
Tatsuo, I also want you to die in front of me.
Keeping you alive will cause...
You bastard...
You planned on front the start to...!
- Why, of course.
This era is all about short term relationships.
I'm merely following the trend.
God damn it!
After him!
After him! Don't let him get away!
Wasn't that Tatsuo?
I wonder what happened?
Bad news!
Tatsuo's being chased by the North Dragon group!
The North Dragon group?
Yeah, they're searching the
entire town looking for him.
I wonder what he did this time...
Do you know where Tatsuo is?
Well, if he's still in Osaka...
I'm surprised you found me.
...I'm not going to apologize.
I'm not interested in your excuses.
Why is it my fault that I betrayed you?
Betrayal is the only way for people like us to survive.
So it really is over.
Everything's fallen apart.
I'll kill you and then die myself!
I don't mind if you kill me.
Now that everyone's done using me...
...all that's felt for me is to die like a gangster.
Come on.
Finish it all!
What's wrong, Maya?
Stab me!
Damn it!
Watch out!
Tatsuo! hurts...
Come on guys, don't cry.
It's raining outside as it is.
Where the hell is were you anyway!?
While you were off he...
I managed to get one hell of an info though.
It's dirt on the North Dragon group.
All the bosses are going to a
meeting at Lake Biwa tomorrow.
What time?
Two o'clock.
This is the chance of a lifetime!
You're going too, right?
Of course I'm not going!
This is my present, to you.
Komasa, I want you to star in
one of my films in return though.
Got it?
It'll be a hit for sure!
Then how are we supposed to sneak in?
You don't need to sneak in if you enter from below.
My purpose in life is to create many,
many films for the people to enjoy.
I'm going alone.
I want to get Tatsuo's revenge for him.
It's on my honor as a Sukeban to do so.
I know how you feel, Maya.
But...Tatsuo wasn't the only one
killed by the North Dragon group.
You bitch!
Look around and rescue the girls
that are being held captive.
...and so, we have sent a number
of groups into the Kanto area.
Let us forget our previous
rivalries and now work together.
To the success of our expansion.
You go that way!
Why you...!
The girls are escaping!
Why you fucking bitches!
Everyone! Hurry up and run!
Damn them!
What's wrong!?
Get the guns!
We can't use them like this.
You fools!
Damn it!
This is for Tatso.
Don't you dare underestimate me!
What are you doing!?
Open up!
Open up!
Open the door!
Everyone, run!
Nice Boss!
Cool car you stole there!
Look at the crappy cars we ended up with!
Stop complaining!
Boss, it's the cops!
What should we do?
You stole a patrol car!?
Yep! So where are you girls going?
Just a little shoplifting trip around the country!
All right, I'm in!
Subtitled and Mastered by Cannibal King