Sukhee (2023) Movie Script

Worshiper of lust!
What do you do?
I worship
Boys go crazy over her beauty.
Hi, Sukhee.
Be careful.
Girls go green with envy
at the mention of her name.
She drives us crazy
Shoots daggers with her eyes
What are you doing?
Listen, girls
What are you doing?
Stop it!
I'll punish you!
I will call your parents!
Conqueror of destiny!
- Shell out money!
- Come on, give it!
She who wins every day
wins every heart.
- We won!
- Yes!
Look over there.
- Sukhee!
- Sukhee!
Fearless, shameless, carefree
To heck with you!
How dare you hit me!
Presenting the
emperor of emperors
- Sukhee! Sukhee!
- Sukhee! Sukhee!
On this auspicious occasion,
let's promise to
remain wretched rascals all our lives.
Always wild and never mild.
And no matter what happens, bitches
Kids, husbands, and their knickers
will never become our identities!
- Sukhee! Sukhee!
- Sukhee! Sukhee!
Sukhee, I can't find my underwear!
Mom, I can't find my shoes!
Hurry up, Sukhee.
I'm getting late!
Don't call me for such silly things.
Hold on.
It's been 20 years, Sukhee
how can you not know
I don't like brinjal?
It's been 15 years, Dad.
How can you not know I love brinjal?
- Hello, tell me
- Tiffin.
I'm getting late, Mom.
- Your tiffin
- Mom
By the way, is it doomsday already?
How is it that you took my side?
Because I want kebabs for dinner.
Please don't make pumpkins again.
Alright, my sweetie pie
Don't, Mom
I'm not a kid anymore.
Okay, bye.
But I'm still a kid
Hold this.
Gupta uncle,
of course, I'm the same kid
you'd carry around on your shoulders.
This is alright. Keep it carefully.
Don't worry.
I'll take care of everything.
I'll speak to him, Gupta uncle.
- Hello.
- Hello, madam.
Give me one of these, a cough syrup,
and a tape.
Here you go.
Madam here's your packet.
Right. Thank you.
Grandpa, is everything okay?
My child
ask Guru to come.
He left for work.
Tell me
I'm coming in.
Oh, my!
Is that all?
Come on.
Please, get up.
If I make my daughter clean...
If I do this, I'll go to hell!
That's okay.
I'll be there, as well.
We'll sit and chill together. Okay?
She put a password?
Irritating child!
Just like her father.
Mom knows everything!
1997 reunion
Sukhee, have you seen the invite?
We saw your birthday video
and we were missing our schooldays
And lookreunion!
Our days apart have
come to an end, darling!
Sukhee, I swear
your dance video is so hot!
I saw it on Facebook.
Why don't you perform for us at the
religious function tonight?
Another religious function?
You should also chill with your
neighbors sometimes, Sukhee.
Ranjita where did you go?
Make me a cup of tea.
Auntie is calling for you.
Be right there, Mom.
You're lucky.
Mothers-in-law look best on walls!
Bye, see you in the evening.
I have the best piece of gossip.
We'll have a good
time at the religious function.
- You'll come, won't you?
- Yes.
Or else I'll kidnap you.
I'll be there.
- You mustn't anger the Gods
- No.
Bring Jassi along,
Jiya is waiting to meet her.
- Sure.
- Give my regards to Uncle.
I haven't seen him in a long time.
I'm making halwa.
It's going to be delicious!
Oh, wow.
Jogi will be there, as well.
It'll be a lot of fun.
Bring Guru along
Food will be from Dhalla's catering.
Sukhpreet is quite
stressed today, isn't she?
Are you referring to me, or yourself?
You, of course.
You should see your expression.
You're literally sulking.
What's the matter, dear?
I've received an invitation
to my school reunion.
Silly, girl!
That's great news.
When are you going?
I really want to, Grandpa,
how can I leave you and go?
Plus, Jassi's...
Jassi's exams, Guru's work
and helpless me.
For your kind information, child
before you came here
Guru for 21 years,
and I, for 70 years
have managed by ourselves.
We are quite capable
of taking care of ourselves.
And it's time Jassi learned this, as well.
You're right, Grandpa.
But till Guru gets
the Railway contract,
he won't let me go anywhere.
Dear, you know before you came here,
this house used to be a
warehouse for blankets
in which I
and Guru
were merely existing.
We had forgotten what
it was to really live.
When you came
you turned
this warehouse into a home.
You taught us to smile.
You gave us so much love and care
that we learned to live again.
Good to know,
at least someone here
values me a little.
Not little a lot.
That's why I'm saying, it's time
you started taking care of yourself.
Go out do some shopping.
Prepare for your trip to Delhi.
And what do we do
about your grandson?
You know what
every Punjabi man has
one weakness good food.
Make him a high-calorie,
heavy-cholesterol dinner.
You have my,
Sukhpreet Kalra's, word on that.
I'm home.
- There you go!
- Jassi is back.
- Go.
- Back to work.
Mom, come fast
Great-grandpa is not breathing.
He has gone to meet the Creator.
Who says "gone to meet
the Creator" nowadays?
You're being over-dramatic, Jassi.
Tone it down a notch. Right?
Why do I get killed off every time?
You should kill your
father sometimes, as well.
No don't kill anyone
else the religious function group will
land up here for the funeral
and that will defeat the whole purpose.
Do one thing
say Great-grandpa has a fever.
Grandpa again?!
Why can't Guru be down with a fever?
But Grandpa Guru being down
with a fever isn't an emergency.
If something happens to you,
it will create panic.
You're old and at any given time you...
You know, it's more believable.
Thank you very much
for telling me, child.
While you two discuss
this important matter,
I'll go waste my time
studying for my Board exams.
Say that Great-grandpa
has a fever and is asking for me.
Make sure you're there in 15 minutes
else you'll get pumpkin for dinner,
not kebabs!
- Now get lost.
- Yes.
One more religious function!
You're the only Truth
O Goddess
You're the only Truth
O Goddess
See her?
Wearing such a low-cut blouse
that shameless woman!
Who are you talking about?
Gupta uncle's daughter, Babli.
She eloped and got married
to her boyfriend last week.
Who is this Babli?
Turn around and see
for yourself, Sukhee
Red and white scarf!
Zipping around on
her scooter all day.
I knew she would zip away
with her father's reputation one day!
She eloped
but she did make Mr. Gupta famous.
- Not just famous, world famous!
- Why?
Now she wants to win
the "Mrs. Anandkot" crown.
- The best way to shut everyone up!
- Is that so?
Starting with her father.
Sukhee, how are you?
I am fine.
- I wanted to thank you.
- For what?
If you hadn't helped
me elope that day
Umesh and I wouldn't
have been together today.
Let me go get Umesh.
I want to introduce him to you.
- Okay?
- Helped them elope?
Is she getting Umesh?
- Say loudly
- Hail Mother Goddess!
- Loudly say
- Hail Mother Goddess!
Mom, Great-grandpa has a fever
Let's go!
- Hail Mother Goddess!
- Hurry up.
- Sorry! Hail Mother Goddess!
- Sukhee
- Hail Mother Goddess!
- Hail Mother Goddess!
- I'll get the details from Sukhee.
- Hail Mother Goddess!
Mom, what's this WhatsApp group?
Reunion of Bitches
Mummy, forget about this nonsense and
focus on my RNA-DNA model.
I have to win a prize
at the Science Fair tomorrow.
As you wish, Queen of Anandkot.
Eat your dinner.
You're back?
Did you help Gupta uncle's
daughter elope?
Turn this nonsense off.
Watching these mindless films all day,
you've lost your mind!
Are you helping people elope nowadays?
I spent ten lakh rupees sponsoring the
"Mrs. Anandkot" pageant
so that Gupta uncle
could be the Chief Guest.
This was my only chance to impress
him and bag the Railway contract
so that I could make the
down payment for our new house.
But now even that
When will you let
me be happy, Sukhee?
How was I to know that
she was going to elope?
She asked me to book a cab and I did.
For heaven's sake, stop!
Your stupid actions
will ruin my business!
Forget about that.
I've made something
special for you today.
and butter chicken.
Come and eat dinner.
Do one thing, eat it yourself
because after Gupta uncle's earful,
I've lost my appetite.
Yes, Jogi
- Forget about Gupta uncle.
- Guru!
Who is his boss?
The rascal didn't want
to eat butter chicken?!
That's because he isn't
pure Punjabi like you and me.
His grandmother was
a Bengali woman stubborn!
I would know she was my wife!
Hi, Tanya, no I haven't started
working on the project yet.
Another example of
a rude Bengali woman.
Sukhee, you silly girl!
I'm coming all the way from London.
I'll kill you if you say
you can't come from Punjab!
It's not that easy, sis.
But I'm trying.
My hands are so sore after
cooking butter chicken all day!
I know, Sukhee!
I'm having a hard time, as well.
It's peak Derby season and I'll have
to leave my horse training and go.
- Oh!
- Oh, my!
I swear, us housewives
we just have to manage.
Tanvi, you're a queen
and I'm a maid
there's just no similarity.
- This bitch Tanvi has to talk
- Whatever!
About her horses in
every conversation!
Oh my, God, Mansi.
Please have some class.
If my royal subjects hear you,
they'll be shocked
to see who my friends are.
How do you think they'll react when
they see you pulling out
a cigarette from inside your blouse?
Tanvi, you idiot!
Cuss softly!
My daughter is around.
You know,
she read
the name of our group today
I was so freaked out!
She's your daughter, Sukhee,
she learned how to
cuss before birth!
Enough of this nonsense,
I'm going to sleep. Bye.
Don't go. Come on, Sukhee
Someone has plans to seduce Guru
Oh, my!
Locking the door already?
So cheap, guys.
Bye, now.
- Bye.
- Bye, girls. Love you all.
What is this?
Come here, you
Hello, Guru.
Guess what I found today!
Railway contract.
Dhanno, our old motorbike.
Here, I'm thinking
of buying a Merc and
you're still attached
to that piece of junk!
I'll sell it off in a couple of days.
No. That's my motorbike.
Let's get it fixed and
go for a drive next week.
Like old times.
Our anniversary...
You fool, where will you
keep the chair? On my head?
Guru, listen to me
You listen to me, Sukhee.
Make sure you reach on time.
We've somehow managed
to make Gupta uncle's boss
Mr. Kakkar the Chief Guest.
His only condition is
that his wife win this pageant.
You just handle his wife backstage.
If Kakkar is happy,
we'll surely get the Railway contract.
Then we'll book our
new house and new Merc.
but on one condition.
Just help me get
the Railway contract,
and I'll agree to all your conditions.
Again you're wearing
the wrong uniform!
Why don't you learn anything?
What's with your hair?
And your shoes?
Do sit-ups, right
I'm saying, right now.
Do it properly.
And if I see you wearing
the wrong shoes again
I'll punish you in front
of everybody in school.
So this is the RNA and DNA model.
RNA and DNA have
two differences between them
In DNA there are different
kinds of ribosomes
In RNA there are sugar ribosomes.
This model explains the difference.
Well done, thank you.
Settle down, everyone.
I have the results and
third prize goes to Moksha Mehra.
- Congratulations.
- The second prize goes to Devanshi.
And the first prize goes
to Jaspreet Kalra.
Jassi! Jassi!
Way to go! My champion!
Don't be angry, Jassi.
Come, I'll treat you
to cassata ice cream.
We can have some mother-daughter
bonding time, as well.
Mom, I don't have time
for mother-daughter bonding.
I have to attend my debate
team's brainstorming session.
Have you been selected
for the debate team?
My little all-rounder!
Did you know I was the President
of my School's Debate Club?
- Do you want me to help you?
- You've already helped me enough, Mom
by whistling obnoxiously.
Now everyone in school
will start teasing me saying,
"Head Girl's mother is a whistler!"
You've crossed the limit, Mom!
So, please stay away
from the debate competition.
It'll be streamed live.
Not just in school,
everyone in the city will tease me.
You're such an obnoxious Head Girl,
everyone will obviously tease you!
You need to chill.
I saw how you punished
that poor girl.
Make friends, not enemies.
Make friends with Preeti?
You'll ruin my image, Mom.
Come on!
I didn't ruin my image in my time
I was the Head Girl
and I was friends with everyone.
You've no idea how cool your mother...
Please, Mom
I've heard this a hundred times
how cool you used to be and all that.
You used to be you aren't anymore.
You're my mom now,
please behave accordingly.
Let's welcome Gurpreet Kaur
with a round of applause.
Welcome, Mr. Kakkar.
- Serve him some juice
- Serve him!
- And some sandwiches, as well.
- Yes, sir.
- Are you comfortable?
- I'm okay.
Making his wife work as a waitress!
- Hi.
- Hi!
Theirs was a love marriage, right?
Love, arranged it's all the same.
All men walk the same path,
a few years after marriage.
Do you know what Sharma told Divya?
- What did he say?
- What?
Get out of my house!
But what happened, darling?
You know, Divya
she's a colorful one
attending all those parties!
At first, Sharma didn't stop her
when she'd roam around in sleeveless
clothes, even during winter.
It's her wish.
She's free to do what she wants!
Why do you have a
problem with that, Jogi?
I don't
but Sharma was left embarrassed
in front of everyone.
That's true.
Which reminds me
I've heard Sukhee used to be
hot property during her school days.
Don't tell me
you haven't seen the video.
I haven't.
Oh, man! Come on See this.
Worshiper of lust!
Wow, you look beautiful.
- Oh, God! I'm so nervous, Sukhee.
- Why?
Everyone here dances so well
and I have two left feet!
Do I have to dance, as well?
No, this isn't a dance round.
This is a talent round.
You can showcase any talent you have.
- Really?
- Yes.
Please give a big round of applause
in welcoming the last contestant
Mrs. Ambika Kakkar.
Hey! Pay attention
to Mrs. Kakkar's show first
Greetings, myself, Mrs. Ambika Kakkar.
Seeing everyone dance so well
I almost backed out
of the competition.
It was Sukhpreet who motivated me.
She said all women
must be "triple B"!
Be fearless.
Be shameless.
Be carefree.
And so, I am about
to show you what I do best.
Mr. Kakkar,
please come here.
Actually, I can display this talent
only with my husband.
Mr. Kakkar, please come.
This is the only thing I'm good at.
When we were young,
Mr. Kakkar enjoyed watching me do it
I'm about to show you
the most difficult move of that talent.
The move that helped me win
the National Wrestling Championship.
Oh, hell!
- Come on
- He's with
This has landed all in trouble.
Let's go.
Triple B!
You really know how
to ruin a done deal. Right, Sukhee?
You managed to get rid
of two Chief Guests in two days.
How is it my fault?
Did she dream about
your "triple B" nonsense?
However hard I try
your antics keep holding me back.
I have been stuck in the same rut,
in the same neighborhood for years.
And now your old "lust"
video has ruined even that
Yes, sir I am coming
He shouldn't have shouted at her
in front of everyone.
Tell me
am I a clairvoyant?
How was I to know she would do that?
He humiliated me
in front of everyone.
Look, dear
don't be sad.
Where is that Sukhpreet?
The emperor of emperors!
All that is in the past, Grandpa.
That Sukhpreet is
slowly dying inside me.
And no matter what I do
I just can't keep her alive.
You know
my friends have led much more
interesting lives than me.
All I have left are memories
of my school and college days.
This was my chance
to relive those memories.
I guess it was not meant to be.
My child
people named Sukhpreet
never accept defeat.
I don't know about you
but I refuse to accept defeat.
Go and start packing
for your trip to Delhi.
I'll handle Guru.
- But, Grandpa...
- My child
Guru is a man.
He doesn't get that all
he does is merely run the house.
Whereas you run our world.
You are our world!
And your happiness
is very important to us.
Get it?
Smile now
Come on, smile. Come on! Smile
I'm sorry, Sukhee.
I was very rude to you today.
But it was your mistake.
I'm sorry, Sukhee.
I shouldn't have shouted
at you in front of everyone
no matter whose fault it was.
Can I come and watch
Nagin at your house?
Has Ranjita forbidden you to watch it?
No. Grandma has forbidden
Mom to watch it.
She says watching snakes
all day is making Mom poisonous!
Go and study
instead of wasting your time.
Go in.
Well, Grandma was right
What did she just say?
There was a lot of drama today
Things like this tend to happen!
Men tend to become crude at this age.
If you know what I mean.
Why else would Mrs. Kakkar thrash her
husband like that that too, in public?
Isn't it?
Mom, come quickly.
Great-grandpa is not feeling well.
stop making
Jassi do this every time.
- I haven't...
- Mom!
Just a minute.
Can you make a bouquet?
Don't be sad.
Good morning, ma'am.
Sukhpreet Kalra had booked these.
But I haven't booked anything...
Please sign here.
Thank you so much, ma'am.
Have a nice day.
Go and start packing
for your trip to Delhi.
No, Sukhee.
What do you mean?
Grandpa booked my tickets.
He wanted me to...
Stop wasting your
time talking about this.
It's only been 15 days
since Grandpa passed away.
It's too soon to go and party.
You should understand this.
And what will Jogi
and everyone else say?
"What will Jogi say?"
I want to go, Guru.
It's just for the weekend.
Why are you getting so upset?
You messed up everything
in my life
of course, I'll be angry.
And I'm not just talking
about myself here
you aren't thinking
about your daughter either.
What kind of a mother are you?
She has her Board exams in two months
and you want to go to Delhi and party!
Since when have you
become so selfish, Sukhee?
Her exams are in two months,
I'll be back in two days!
Does asking for a break
from my boring life,
make me selfish?
From whom exactly?
You've been on a break
ever since we got married.
What do you even do at home all day?
The only person who has
been toiling day and night
to provide for the house
has never asked for a break
But you want a break!
Enough! You're not going anywhere.
That's final!
- Guru, I...
- Yes, Jogi?
What can I do if the machine
isn't working? Figure it out!
Don't call me!
An excellent shot
to the boundary for four runs!
Such a talented player.
Jassi, where's your mom?
After 20 years, I'm taking
two days out for myself.
I'll be back on Monday.
By then,
I hope you'll get an idea of
everything that I don't do at home!
Yes, Ranjita
I'll call you back in the evening.
Okay. Thank you so much. Bye.
- Sukhee!
- Sukhee!
- Sukhee! Sukhee!
- Sukhee! Sukhee!
- Sukhee! Sukhee! Sukhee!
- Sukhee! Sukhee! Sukhee!
What a timing, Meher!
Yes, I've reached, Meher.
Where are the tea leaves?
Tell me where the tea leaves are.
You're out partying while
we're struggling here.
And what do we do for lunch?
Tea leaves, my foot!
Hey there, Sukhee! Sukhee!
Meher! Is this really you?
Stay away
I don't want to be seen with you.
From which angle do you look
like you are from the class of '97?
Can't show you that
angle in public, my dear!
Come, give me a hug.
Come. Sukhee!
Tighter, tighter!
- I can't believe you're here.
- Here you go!
I can't believe you are here.
Come on, there's so much to do. Come
Oh my, God, Meher
we're driving around
together after ages.
I'm so emotional I could cry.
I miss Delhi.
I miss it so much.
Everybody says it's polluted
but I'm ready to come
here and sacrifice my lungs
if only someone would bring me here!
I think I'm losing it.
Girl we had already
lost it in our childhood
our mind and character both.
Remember, in ninth grade
what we wrote
above the Arts room door?
Please leave your shoes
and your honor outside!
- Else, they'll get robbed inside!
- Else, they'll get robbed inside!
You know what, Sukhee
thanks for coming.
I really missed
laughing with you, man.
I'm going through a
heartbreak season right now.
Who is this guy you finally
let inside your heart, girl?
You didn't even tell me about it.
Don't ask me now
it's a long story.
Trust me, a very long story.
I'll tell you over drinks.
I just want to party now!
The ugly throwing-up type of party.
I've been pent up, as well.
We should've spent
all our lives in school.
At least we could
eat whatever we wanted.
Now we have to watch our weight!
Bloody hell!
That reminds me,
let's take the road via Barakhamba.
Let's eat samosas at Kishori's
with that red chutney.
Oh, my, Ms. Gill you've stirred
up those old memories!
Let's go.
Oh my, God.
What's wrong, Jassi?
Have it.
And that's my story.
I didn't call him back after that.
I swear.
Fine, I stalked him on FB.
Instagram and WhatsApp, as well.
I still do, every day. Four times a day.
It's just a phase, Sukhee.
It'll pass.
Till it does, vodka helps.
Sukhee being single is so boring.
Excuse me!
You're having a breakup vodka right now.
Soon you'll have
a first-date coffee
followed by date-night cocktails!
And then back to your vodka.
While my mundane life revolves
around cups of morning tea
and glasses of milk at night!
Sukhee, can I ask you a question?
Something is eating you up.
What's the deal?
Whatever you're hiding
is much bigger than my heartbreak,
for sure.
It's nothing, really.
Have you spoken to Uncle and Auntie?
Change the topic.
Are you going to tell me?
Or should I make you?
There's nothing to tell really!
You've forced me to bring
out the heavy artillery
If everything is indeed fine, Sukhee
then swear on me and my hotness.
I knew it.
Junk food increases
blood cholesterol levels.
It can lead to various heart diseases.
And diabetes
- Don't eat it then.
- But I'm hungry...
Then stop saying all this.
Don't forget we're Punjabis.
Junk food and heart
diseases are in our blood.
- Now do you want it?
- Yes.
But this...
Eat it quietly.
Be right there, Ranjita.
- Hello, Guru.
- Hello.
- How are you?
- I am fine.
Sukhee left without a word
Anyway, I made brinjal curry.
- I thought I'd bring you some.
- You didn't have to, we've already eaten.
Jassi, how are you?
Oh, no burgers?
They are not good for digestion.
Jogi got piles because of them.
Does Jogi have piles?
Bad case.
Never mind, you take this.
- You don't need to worry...
- This is very delicious.
- You didn't have to
- I'll take this.
Thank you.
Come over someday, Jassi.
Jiya will be happy.
- I'll take your leave now.
- Okay, thank you.
Call me if you need any help.
Well we'll manage
I'm cooking chickpeas tomorrow.
I'll send some over.
I was thinking of ordering
food from a restaurant tomorrow.
Why eat restaurant food?
You don't need to worry, sister.
It's all right
you're like a brother to Jogi.
- No problem.
- Okay.
Hello yes.
Oh, God, I'm so sleepy.
This was all I had left.
Guru sold this, as well.
Did he sell Dhanno?
Ms. Gill, let me buy
her back for you.
No, Ms. Chibber.
She's in Goa now.
Listen, let's go.
Get up.
We can't go to Goa.
We're not going to Goa.
So what if Dhanno isn't here
we can revisit the lanes
we used to drive Dhanno around in.
Come on, get up.
Get up! Sukhee, let's go.
You're so dramatic.
How could he sell Dhanno?
When I see you, my love
My heart leaps up
I can't stop looking at you
Can't fight my feelings any longer
I surrender myself to you
I can't stop looking at you
When I look at the mirror
All I see is you
You are the sweet words I speak
We are inseparable
Like shadows blended together
This is God's will
Let us go ahead and make
These beautiful mistakes
Let us not stop
What's happening between us
I can hear music play
When you are with me
The world seems colorful
When you are with me
Even when you are away
You seem to be with me
Your sweet words cast a spell on me
Let us go ahead and make
These beautiful mistakes
Let us not stop
What's happening between us
I've known you
for eternity
No matter what happens
I'll never let you go
The world is a fickle place
Full of false promises
Your sweet words are
The only truth I know
I dreamt
that you eloped and got married.
And you came all the way
from Delhi to Anandkot to verify it?
Not to verify
I'm here to make my dream come true.
Let us go ahead and make
These beautiful mistakes
Since you've made such a life-changing
decision without bothering to inform us,
you'll have to live
that life without us in it.
Are you okay?
Where is Meher?
Oh my, God
My Tanu and Manu.
So good to see you.
Oh my, God.
One more for me.
I missed you guys so much!
It's been so long, guys.
I'm getting emotional.
- Greetings, Your Highness.
- Oh, my, you're in a sari!
- Guys let's
- Group hug!
Group hug!
Where are those two?
They're taking so long.
I swear!
Hi, girls.
Oh my, God!
I swear so hot!
- Okay Sukhee's turn now.
- Yes! Okay!
Come on, Sukhee!
- Let's go.
- Okay.
- Sukhee?
- Come
You look like a fairy.
I look like an old woman, don't I?
To be honest, Sukhee
it'll work if you're
trying to look older and wiser.
But if you want to look cool,
go wear that sexy gown!
Isn't that a little too sexy?
What will people think?
Since when do you care?
Now go and awaken
the worshiper of lust in you.
Exactly! I agree with her.
- Let's do a before and after.
- Hey, Sukhee
- Do something about your hair.
- Come on!
You're still struggling?!
That's what I was saying!
Are we at the right party?
Did we get all dolled
up for these oldies?
- Where did their hair go?
- Yeah, man!
Who are these people?
I think we're at the wrong party.
Hi. Oh my, God, it's you girls!
Hi, guys.
Where is Sukhee, guys?
She's talking to a
couple of people outside.
- She'll be right here.
- Oh!
There she is.
- Sorry, sir.
- What
Let me go and say hello.
- Wow.
- Oh my, God, Sukhee.
- Hi, Sukhee.
- Hi.
You look just the same.
Like a firecracker!
And now I'm dying to know, what
have you been up to all these years?
Tell me, have you
scaled Mt. Everest yet?
No she must be
busy with her career.
She must've become a CEO by now.
Isn't it, Sukhee?
Actually, I've been really busy.
It's a full-time job.
- Nice!
- I'm a homemaker.
That's also nice.
- Very good, actually.
- Good
- Who's up for a drink?
- Me!
- Come.
- Let's get a drink.
- Nice meeting you.
- Come on.
Why don't you have
some tequila and pass out?
- Let's drink together.
- Or you could have poison
Where are you sneaking
off to at this hour?
I'm going to the
market for some work.
Tell me, I'll get it for you.
It's okay, Dad. I'll get it
It's a personal thing.
What "personal thing"?
I'm your father!
I should know about it.
Do you want sanitary pads?
Tampons or a menstrual cup?
Tell him.
You're my father you should know.
Answer him,
he's asking you a question.
Never mind.
Give me Wonderize ultra-dry
pads for heavy flow,
a pack of 30.
Sounds like you're buying a computer,
not sanitary pads
so many technical specifications.
Being a girl isn't easy, Dad.
Just a minute, Uncle.
My anti-dandruff shampoo
is almost over
give me a lip balm too
and some chocolates,
- cream, and a sanitizer.
- Okay.
How much?
A total
of 1865, sir.
- Excuse me?
- One thou
It's 1865, sir.
Here you go.
Being a father isn't
easy either, Jassi.
- Let's go.
- Yes.
Mom will be back, right?
Where else will she go?
She has no one else apart from us.
Let's go.
Excuse me.
This feels like a
retirement party, man.
Let's get out of here before
we are counted as aunties, as well.
Guess who the guy
in the blue shirt is!
Who is it?
- Who is it?
- Guess.
I feel like touching
his feet for blessings
But during our schooldays,
we wanted to touch something else!
Who is he?
Oh my, God, guys.
This is Rattan Negi.
- No!
- Our basketball captain.
Oh my, God
Yeah. What happened there?
I don't know.
He's better than me
at least he achieved something!
Even Sejal,
who used to fail in class,
is a successful
fashion designer today.
Stop looking at her social media.
Hold this.
Everyone's life looks
good on social media.
But sadly, reality has no filters.
Sukhee babe, remember this guy?
Your admirer. Look
- He'd follow you around in school.
- Who?
- Yeah
- Who?
What did we call him? He
I can't recall his name.
- Something interesting
- Him?
That's Vikram Verma, isn't it?
- Right.
- And he wasn't my admirer come on.
Of course, he was!
He was madly in love with you.
What did we call him?
Something related to sticky
- Right!
- Yes!
Did you call me?
You imbecile! Stand straight!
What kind of songs are you playing?
Come on, play
"Intoxication." Yes.
Go find another job.
I haven't had a drink yet
I am not even high
I am not the shy-type
But you make me feel shy
I wonder what's in the air
That makes me pine for you
- Oh, this intoxication
- My love
- You don't speak
- Oh, this intoxication
You don't express your feelings
- You don't open your heart to me
- Oh, this intoxication
- My love
- Oh, this intoxication
- My love
- Oh, this intoxication
You don't speak
You don't express your feelings
You don't open your heart to me
My love
My love
Who knows what lies in the future
Today is all we have
Let us enjoy this moment
This seems like a dream
Everything seems futile
Without you, where do I find solace?
You are what ails me
and you are the cure
- Oh, this intoxication
- You don't speak
You don't express your feelings
- You don't open your heart to me
- Oh, this intoxication
- My love
- Oh, this intoxication
- My love
- Oh, this intoxication
My love
My God, Sukhee
My God!
You should stick to calling me Bat.
But that name doesn't
suit you anymore.
I'm just so shocked to see you.
I'm shocked, too.
I thought I'd meet Sukhee Gill
at the reunion
All flamboyant,
with a colorful motorbike
holding a bottle of alcohol
making a grand entry.
I mean,
look at you.
I mean, stunning!
You've started blushing!
Tell me about yourself.
Where did you disappear?
You've started
changing the topic, as well!
No, seriously.
You're not even on social media.
Where were you all these years?
Just here and there
You know. Life.
On a serious note,
I'm waiting for you to
fulfill a promise you have made.
This girl in school
made me smuggle in an alcohol bottle
at the farewell party.
In exchange for a dinner date.
I'm still waiting for
her to fulfill her promise
and I think
all the signs are there
I'm not 100 sure but
I think this time she
will fulfill her promise.
Sadly, that girl is returning
to Anandkot tomorrow.
No worries. It's okay.
Nevertheless, I've heard
unfulfilled promises
help keep hope alive.
It was so good to see you.
Goodbye, Sukhee Gill.
Until next time.
What happened to the men?
Which men?
Where were the bloody men?
They've aged, become older
- We haven't.
- I am fine.
- Yes, we haven't.
- Thank you.
Not all of them were old.
One guy was very cute.
Who? The Bat?
The Bat.
Suddenly, he sounds non-cute!
What did he say to you?
Tell us.
It felt like he asked
me out on a date.
- I knew it!
- Nice!
- Pay up!
- Give me the money.
- Come on!
- Your money.
Thank you.
But I refused.
- Return it.
- Come on, Sukhee.
- Return the money.
- You always put me at a disadvantage!
- Is this what we raised you for?
- Exactly!
To reject a dinner
proposal from a hot dude?
Have some shame, you fool!
- But
- How could you refuse him?
- Let me speak...
- What's there to say?
- Forget it.
- You do this every time.
Shut up, bitches!
Want me to get a divorce
because of your stupid bet?
I am going home tomorrow.
I wish this night never ends.
I don't want to leave Delhi.
I don't get so much love in Anandkot.
Then don't go, babes.
Stay till the Derby.
It'll be so much fun.
You know,
I've never been
away from home for so long.
I wonder how Jassi
and Guru are managing.
Jassi is 15 years old
and Guru is two years older than you.
They will manage.
You're not their maid.
Told you, she'll be a spoilsport.
Pay up.
I'm going bankrupt, Sukhee.
With all this money I've collected,
I'll buy a stud farm.
Sorry, I don't think we
can go for a film in the evening.
Sukhee is returning from Delhi.
Guru will be busy.
He'll be picking her up.
She can come by herself.
Let's go ahead with the plan.
Okay, let's go watch
Vidya Balan's film.
It has got great reviews.
Come on! Another woman-centric film?
How many more films will
they make on women's empowerment?
All of them have the same story.
Mrs. Sharma was influenced
by these movies!
Now she has sent the divorce papers
to Mr. Sharma.
Come on, Jogi.
Why are you so worried?
We'll watch a masculine film!
Policeman's Revenge.
As if this one has a new storyline!
Very fresh!
Thank you.
Thank you.
The call was from the railway office.
I've got an appointment.
But I'll have to meet some lady officer.
Lady officers are usually very strict.
How do we get her on our side?
Hi, Sukhee.
When will you be back?
Actually, I was about
to call you, Guru.
I'm thinking of
meeting Mom and Dad.
You were there for two whole days,
why didn't you go?
I did,
but I didn't have
the courage to go in.
Returning home without
meeting them
doesn't feel right.
I need your help, Sukhee.
I have a meeting at the
railway office on the 24th.
Help me make the presentation.
Of course.
can I stay for a couple more days here?
Grandpa also wanted me to...
Grandpa is no more, Sukhee.
Stop using him as an excuse.
I'm sure he didn't
want us to go bankrupt!
Come on, Guru.
Will we really go bankrupt
if I stay for two more days?
So, what then?
Should I work or should
I spend all my time in the kitchen?
Thank God!
At least now you know
what I do at home all day!
Do you think I have it easy?
If only you'd understand how hard
it is to fulfill responsibilities.
You simply give orders
while I have to earn money
to fulfill them.
That's all you keep telling me.
When was the last time
you told me you love me, Guru?
In the last two days,
have you even once asked me,
"Where are you?
How are you?"
Now that you have the railway meeting
coming up, you remembered me.
You don't value me, Guru.
How shall I value you?
By giving up work?
It was so difficult
to get this appointment and you...
Look, Sukhee,
I don't want to get into a fight.
We'll discuss this
at home in the evening.
I've decided, I'm staying back.
What nonsense!
Is this a joke to you?
Just because I'm not
strict with you like other men
doesn't mean
you dance on my head!
Guru, I can shout and say
the exact same thing to you, as well!
No, you can't!
I haven't run away from my
responsibilities like you have.
Jassi's birthday,
parent-teacher meeting,
my birthday, our anniversary
Are these even responsibilities?
Aren't they?
When was the last
time you held my hand?
Or said, "I love you"?
These meetings, contract details,
these blankets, money that
you say are your responsibilities
I've never asked for them, Guru.
Madam, if these things weren't there,
you would've left me in a day!
You know what, Guru.
My father had much more than that!
Do you think you can
talk to me like this?
Do you know how difficult
it is to be a father?
How would you know?
How can I expect anything
from someone who
didn't give two
hoots about her own father?
Come home today or else
Or else, what?
Or else, don't come
back at all, Sukhee.
Wow, Guru.
You know,
I was in two minds all this while
but today you proved that
leaving everything for you
was the biggest mistake of my life!
Thank you.
Mom, I'm back.
where is Mom?
Dad, where is Mom?
In Delhi.
She isn't back yet?
She won't ever be back.
I think this horse wants
the same thing as us.
This is Baadal.
His owner brought
him to my trainer today.
- He's a little out of control but
- He's totally out of control.
Just like my life.
Hello, Mom? Where are you?
There's a slight change in my plans.
Dad says you're never coming back.
If you two had a fight,
just say sorry.
What's the big deal?
It's not that simple.
And anyway,
I've come here after so many years.
I want to stay a little longer.
- Try and understand.
- Mom, please.
If you're not back tomorrow,
I'll never speak to you again.
Just say sorry. What's the big deal?
- Come home today or else
- If you're not back tomorrow,
- I'll never speak to you again.
- You think you can talk to me like this?
has to go. That's the only option.
- Sukhee.
- Sukhee!
- What are you doing?
- Sukhee, come back.
- Are you crazy?
- Sukhee
- Come back.
- You'll get hurt, Sukhee.
Sukhee, you're out of practice.
Don't be silly.
This is dangerous.
You'll get hurt, Sukhee.
Don't be stupid, Sukhee.
- Sukhee!
- Sukhee!
- Sukhee!
- Sukhee!
Come back, Sukhee!
- Sukhee! Come back.
- Sukhee!
- What do we do?
- I'll go get the trainer.
- Do that.
- Please, do that.
Come on
Sukhee, don't be stupid!
Don't be silly!
Sukhee, you're out of practice!
- Sukhee!
- Sukhee, stop!
- Sukhee!
- Sukhee!
- Thank god.
- Baadal!
Why are you being childish?
Do you want to get killed?
Yes. So?
Why do you show up everywhere I go?
Calm down.
Baadal is my horse, Tanvi asked
me to get him here for the training.
She also told me you're
staying in Delhi for a few days...
Sukhee, relax.
Are you okay?
I must say, you're out of form.
Don't you ride anymore?
Of course, I do. Every day!
My dad has built a racecourse
for me in Anandkot!
So much rage?
- Hey, Sukhee
- Sukhee, let's talk.
- What happened?
- Where are you going, Sukhee?
You've made such a life-changing
decision without bothering to inform us,
you'll have to live
that life without us in it.
You've become
an expert in making tea now.
Jogi told me
that Sukhee will be staying back in Delhi.
I'm sure you're in no mood to eat but
I thought of bringing
you butter chicken and roti.
I'll take your leave now.
ask Jogi
not to tell anyone else about this.
Of course, don't you worry.
This isn't something
we'd discuss with anyone else.
Absolutely not. It's top secret.
Alright, then
Let me know if you need anything.
And don't worry. Mother Goddess
will make everything alright.
What has Ranjita cooked?
Butter chicken?
Jogi told me
Sukhee is still in Delhi!
Never mind, I've brought you food.
What's inside this?
- Jogi...
- Jogi told you, right?
- Guru
- Jogi told me
- Guru
- Jassi!
- Jogi told me
- Guru
- Jassi.
- Guru.
- Guru.
- Jassi!
Jogi, you rascal.
I'll kill you!
The Head Girl's mother ran away!
She's coming here.
Excuse me. What?
She said, your mother has left you.
You heard her, didn't you?
Do you want to get punished?
Kneel down. Now!
I won't kneel down.
What will you do about it?
It will be fun!
I am so excited!
Bulla is my name.
Keeping it open is my game.
Chutiya is my name.
I even bring the nicest ones to shame.
Pote is my name.
The one who even his father can't tame.
Come on
Say it.
Come on, Vikram.
My father is the devil's disciple
No I can't say the rest of it.
- What!
- Why?
I am definitely not saying
this in front of you girls.
Oh, my! I adore shy boys.
- Oh, come on What!
- Say it, Vikram.
- Please, Vikram.
- Come on.
You just have to read it.
- Are you mad? No!
- Please, say it.
- Please, be a sport.
- Vikram?
Sukhee thank God you're here.
- They've hijacked me.
- Oh, please!
Can we speak in private?
- Sure.
- Fine.
With your permission, sisters
Should have cussed at us instead!
You've really turned into a bat
following me around.
I know it's...
Looks desperate but
I just want to check if you're okay.
After what happened yesterday,
you're okay, right?
I'm good.
Glad to know that.
I apologize on behalf of Baadal.
I'm sorry.
I mean, Baadal is sorry.
He's a very stubborn horse.
Tell Baadal
Sukhpreet Gill is
also a stubborn one!
Ever since her mother left,
her behavior has completely changed.
This is my last warning to you.
This is a school,
not a family court!
Please handle your child.
Don't behave like your mother.
You thought hitting that
girl would set things right?
This is the limit!
I didn't even know...
What do you know, Dad?
Tell me. Which grade am I in?
You have your Board exams
so, tenth grade?
You didn't have to think
about me all these years.
That's why you're
having a difficult time.
Delhi belly!
Have you lost your mind?
We're not in school anymore, sis!
How will we ever manage to
digest all this food, at this age?
Plus, I'm unwell I'm not going.
The hell you won't!
Tell us the route, Mansi.
The same from our schooldays.
Fifteen food joints, okay.
We'll start at the paratha lane
and go straight to...
A hospital bed!
- Can you make it less oily?
- What?
Just eat it.
Thanks, I need it.
- Eat this.
- No
Three more!
Nice and hot.
- Girls!
- Cheers!
Okay. Three two one go!
Thirty seconds left.
Come on. Sukhee, yes Yes!
Have you been practicing
eating golgappes all these years?
Why aren't you eating?
What's the recipe for basundi?
We overate.
I feel like throwing up.
Meher stop the car.
Here comes trouble!
Roll down the window, Manu.
How do I stick my
ass out of the window?
- Manu.
- I told you so.
Meher, stop the car!
It's almost there!
We'll reach home
in two minutes, Manu.
You'll have to clean the
mess on your backseat if you delay!
I can't control it.
- Hurry up, ladies!
- Coming.
It's so hot here
- Where's the loo? Loo?
- Listen, I am taking my
- won't understand.
- Fan out.
Where's the loo toilet?
- Ahead.
- That way!
- Thank god.
- Toilet?
You and your Delhi belly nonsense
I can't depend on you girls.
- I'll have to look for it myself.
- This way
Where are you going?
- Greetings, Your Highness.
- Greetings...
- No!
- I'm not Your Highness!
She's Natasha from Czechoslovakia.
Girls, everybody
is recognizing me here.
- I can't handle this.
- Hide your face!
Found the toilet.
Get Manu.
Let me check.
- There's no one here.
- It's locked.
- This one
- Hurry.
God, this was a nightmare.
Oh, shit!
What did she say?
Delhi belly!
I said this was a terrible idea!
Babe, this was a shitty idea.
Sharma is sulking everywhere
You're right.
Come here. Cheers!
Everyone must be laughing
at me as they do at Sharma.
The fool couldn't
handle his own wife.
- Enough, Guru. Let's go home
- I don't want to go. Wait.
I wasn't always like this.
I didn't want to sell blankets!
I didn't want to run
this boring business.
Sukhee and I had dreamt of
selling this factory
and opening a stud farm.
Everything was decided.
We wanted to lead a life of luxury.
Then Sukhee got pregnant.
Responsibilities change a person.
Guru, I didn't know
about your dreams.
But working at your factory
helps us provide for our families,
to fulfill our dreams.
You're right, Avtar.
God will set things right.
Believe me.
Things can't get any worse than this.
My hands hurt after
doing all the housework.
I don't know how Sukhee did it.
You're getting emotional
for no reason, Guru.
What do you need?
A maid?
I'll find you one.
Since you're searching, Jogi
keep a lookout
for the old Guru.
I seem to have lost
him somewhere along the way.
What's wrong, Sukhee?
Are you okay?
What happened?
I hate you.
So, what?
You're going back?
Who is going back? Sukhee?
Sukhee, are you serious?
How long will you keep
getting emotionally blackmailed?
When you have children of your own
you'll understand.
That's what I'm trying for, Sukhee!
All I want right now is a baby.
And yet, I'll tell you
not to let your motherly
love turn you into a doormat
and get used by everyone.
Take a stand.
In order to take a stand,
I don't want to risk losing my child.
I'm leaving.
You're not going anywhere, okay?
- Where do you think you're going?
- Don't be crazy, I need to go.
How am I the crazy one here?
You're not going anywhere.
- Where are you going?
- This always happens.
Didn't you read my message?
- I did.
- What is she saying?
She said she hates me!
- Okay.
- She's just a child.
- I'm a terrible mother! Move!
- No!
- She's a child.
- I can't
Manu! Let go!
Have you lost your mind?
Let me be!
Let me go!
What would you know of problems?!
how would we know of problems?
Mansi has been slaving at her work,
20 hours a day
but she hasn't got
a promotion in four years
because her sexist boss
has an outdated way of thinking.
But this is hardly what
you'd call a problem, girls.
This is not a problem!
Tanvi's mother-in-law has been pestering
her for a grandchild for eight years now.
Tanvi's name is saved as
"Barren Woman" on her phone.
A barren woman!
In 2022.
Can you beat that, Sukhee?
Tanvi hasn't been able to get
pregnant for the last eight years.
And my problem
is that I'm not married
but I'm pregnant!
- Wait. What!
- What?
I'm fine.
No, this is not about me right now.
no one has a perfect life.
The only difference
between you and us is,
we are facing our problems
head-on and not giving up.
She's actually right, Sukhee.
The example that you're setting now
is what Jassi will
follow in the future.
Look, Sukhee
if my mother had taken a
stand against her mother-in-law,
I too would've been
able to stand against mine.
Let her go, Tanvi.
She is not the same Sukhee anymore.
She has no self-respect now.
Come back again after another 20 years
all frustrated!
You will find us right here.
But it'll probably be
too late to change anything.
- Why aren't you leaving? Go!
- Meher.
Oh, shit!
- I'm done with her.
- What's wrong?
- Oh, no!
- Move
You can't make a mess in our Delhi,
go and make a mess in your Anandkot!
I'm not going anywhere.
Let me go in.
First, tell us why you're not going.
Timing! I'm wearing white pants!
I don't care if it's white.
Tell us why you're not going!
- Come on, tell us.
- Yes
Because I won't let anyone
shit on my self-respect ever again! Move!
Then cuss like the
one and only Sukhpreet Gill!
Sounds more like a compliment.
- Go for it or else it'll come out here!
- Bloody hell, move!
- Stronger.
- Bloody
- Yes!
- Move!
Bloody hell!
You're welcome.
Good job.
Without you, even daylight
Seems darker than kohl, my love
The cold wind has robbed me of my sleep
And I lie sleepless
I stay awake thinking of you
With the stars as my companions
My moon, where were you?
My moon,
Where did you spend the night?
Please tell me the truth
Try and understand my plight
As my tears cascade down my face
My moon, where were you?
My moon, where did
You spend the night?
What do I wish for
Upon a shooting star?
To have you close, is all I long for
What do I wish for
Upon a shooting star?
To have you close, is all I long for
I won't be able to live without you
My life resides in you
My love, don't be so heartless
Please try and understand my emotions
My moon, where were you?
My moon, where did
You spend the night?
My moon
With thoughts of
You nestled in my heart
I wait for you on
The paths you may pass by
You seem to have
Forgotten your promises
Because you had promised
To be back soon
I am afraid I might lose you, my love
And all that I'll have
Left are memories of you
My moon, where were you?
My moon
Where did you spend the night?
Let's go
Come on, good boy.
And Sukhee Gill is back.
I finally recognize the old you
You're not acting coy anymore.
Seeing you smile from the heart
is making my heart sing with joy!
Reminds me of schooldays.
You used to recite terrible
couplets back then, as well.
Old habits die hard.
I'll stop if you ask me to.
Do me a small favor.
Be my jockey at the race today.
- You're joking, right?
- No, I'm serious.
- You'll lose, Vikram.
- Makes no difference to me.
I'll still not have dinner with you.
I'm not doing this for a dinner date.
I'm doing this for you.
For your happiness.
I liked your answer.
The emperor will think about it.
Okay, Your Highness.
There's a restaurant nearby
And the Bat is back!
I'm speaking from experience
Tell her.
Tell her what?
Just tell her how you feel.
She and Guru are separating...
So her mom won't ever come back?
Mom was saying,
she's having an affair.
Poor Jassi.
If I were her,
I would have left school.
Are you here to laugh at me, as well?
No, I've come here to pee.
Are you okay?
I'm sorry, I know everyone is
being really mean about your mother.
But they're just getting
back at you for all the punishments.
I really liked your mother.
She was cheering for you
so loudly at the Science Fair.
She must love you a lot.
You're very lucky.
I'm hiding in the
washroom and crying.
I went to the Annual
Function by myself.
I have to eat horrible
food every day.
Everyone keeps making
fun of me. Why?
All because of my selfish mom!
And you say I'm lucky.
"I went to the Annual
Function by myself."
"Everyone makes fun of me."
"I have to eat horrible food."
Me me me
And you say your mother is selfish?
No matter how she is
a mother is always great.
And if she's alive
even better.
Ask me I know.
You are very lucky.
Welcome to the Amateur Derby 2022.
Ladies and gentlemen, we come now
for the most awaited race of the season.
- Mansi misses all the fun events.
- I know, man.
- Should I video call her?
- Where's Sukhee, by the way?
I don't know.
- I think she's gone.
- It's about to start.
ridden by Shubham Singh.
And number seven is a first-time show,
Baadal in the mount of Sukhpreet Kalra.
Bloody hell!
Is this our girl?
She can't ride, man.
Of course, she's our girl.
- What the hell is she doing?
- Sukhee is riding?
- Yes.
- You knew about this?
They're in this together
it's a bad idea.
- She's going to hurt herself.
- She'll be good.
- She will.
- Don't worry, she'll be good.
Our reputation is at stake, Baadal.
I'm a little rusty.
You handle it, okay?
Come on, Sukhee!
Let's go.
The runners and riders beginning
to arrive on the main track
and going to be making their way to
the starting gates
at the 1400 meter marker.
This is surely gonna be a cracker.
It's absolutely amazing here!
BTS approaching the gates,
followed by Zulfie.
In comes Baadal
with our first-time
rider Sukhpreet Kalra.
The atmosphere here is tense.
The audience is at
the edge of their seats.
They are all locked in and ready.
Stand by for a start.
- Come in, gate number one.
- Yes, sir. Gate number one.
And, away they go for the
Amateur Derby 2022 Delhi.
Come on, Sukhee!
There's a big roar
coming from the stands.
They all, flocking their
way with a great start.
Sugar piercing through,
ahead of everyone.
Followed by Chetak,
quite a surprising entry
She's not bad.
Behind them we have our
all-time champion Shout Out Loud.
I Am So Cool not
so far behind himself.
A lucky race for our first-time rider?
Let's wait and watch.
Chetak is slowly taking over.
A gap of two flames away is BTS.
What a nail-biter!
- Sukhee! Sukhee!
- Sukhee! Sukhee!
- Go, Sukhee!
- Yes! Yes!
- Yes! Yes!
- Come on, Sukhee
She's slowing down.
Come on.
Sukhee, you can do it!
Come on, Sukhee!
The crowd is happy and applauding
for the riveting race
they have witnessed today.
This is truly going to be a moment!
Yes, come on!
Come on!
Come on!
Come on!
Come on. Come on!
Did your horse win, as well?
No, ours came second-last.
Come on, Sukhee!
Well done, champion!
You saved us!
Thank you.
Thank you. Thank you.
Thank you so much, Vikram.
I'm so sorry that you lost.
It's okay, you were good.
You were very good, seriously.
What do we call people who win
the war despite losing the battle?
You'd know!
You were good.
You really were!
I really
Are you and Guru separating?
Have we grown so apart
that you didn't think
it was necessary to tell me?
How could I tell you, Dad?
The decision I made all those years
ago which you thought was a mistake
and stopped talking to me for
was a mistake after all.
I made a mistake, as well.
I let your decision hurt my ego
and stopped speaking
to you all these years.
By the time I realized
what a bad father I had become,
my kid wasn't even in the state
to share her sorrows with me.
You know, when you'd
be away at school
I'd wait all day
for you to return home.
And then one day
you left this city
without even informing me.
My biggest problem with Guru was
he took away the person I loved
the most and left me bereft in this city.
No one to fight with anymore.
No one to complain to me.
No one to steal my whiskey.
Not just Delhi,
my heart was bereft too.
I missed you
so much.
I missed you too, Dad.
Come on.
I'm sorry.
Please forgive me.
Come on
Come home soon.
Off you go.
Thanks, babe.
I can come with you if you want.
I'm just going to inform him.
It's not a big deal.
I'll be done by nine.
We can go together after
watching Jassi's debate.
Why can't you think
of yourself for once?
Now get lost.
Get out of the car! Out!
- Arrange everything. Thank you.
- Okay.
You made me forget all
the couplets I'd memorized.
Shall we?
The blankets are ready.
Make sure it reaches by nine.
Go on.
Let's go.
Has Jogi finished the packing?
He has.
I'm hurt
- Jogi?
- Jogi!
- Jogi!
- Help
You know there's one thing
I keep thinking about
is how during recess,
you'd copy Govinda's
moves and dance to his songs
and everybody would come and watch.
Do you remember?
You know, Sukhee
there are some people
who are impossible to forget.
For me, it was always you.
Enough with the flattery.
You're a millionaire
playboy and I'm just
an ordinary housewife.
First of all, I'm not a playboy.
Aakriti was a housewife, as well.
So I know a thing
or two about housewives.
First of all, they are all-rounders.
then can be anything,
they can do anything.
So don't tell me they're ordinary.
You seem to have such
an evolved way of thinking.
So then, what went wrong in your marriage?
The summer of 2011.
I'm so sorry, Vikram.
It's okay.
Aakriti always wanted to meet you.
She'd often tease me about you.
She even once said
that if we have a daughter
we'll name her Sukhpreet.
- Sorry, sir.
- It's okay.
I must say, that's a real icebreaker.
By the way,
you have a daughter, right?
What's her name?
It's a nice name.
I'm sure she'll grow up
to be just like you someday.
I'd like to meet her one day.
Someday is good.
I think we should toast.
To happiness.
Someone, please call Ranji baby!
Where's my Ranji baby?
Sir, you need to recover first
if you want to romance your baby.
Let me dress the wound.
I don't want my wounds dressed.
- Guru, why haven't you called Ranjita?
- I've called her, she's on her way.
First, dress your wound.
Why are you behaving so foolishly?
- I don't want to
- You'll get one tight slap.
What is this melodrama?!
Ranji baby, you're here?
Quietly get the dressing done!
It's such a deep gash, baby.
It's a small wound.
It's nothing.
Don't be such a baby.
- Small wound?
- Of course.
Okay then. Go ahead
with the dressing, madam.
You messed up his hair.
You call yourself a nurse?
- It's okay.
- Just see
how his behavior
changed in front of his wife.
That's love
No matter how strong
we appear to everyone,
without love we're incomplete.
Thank you, Mr. Bat.
I really had a great time.
Me too, but I should
be the one thanking you.
You know
Excuse me, madam.
Ice breaker.
Item number two on my
bucket list got done today.
I'm curious,
what was item number one?
Forget it.
Come on.
Tell me.
you may not remember this
there were four
big bullies in school.
One day, they all beat me up
and locked me inside a cupboard.
I was feeling claustrophobic
and screaming my lungs out
but no one came to help me.
I was so sure I was going
to land in the hospital.
And then comes in
and takes down Abhimanyu,
the biggest bully, with her punches.
And then kicks the other bully down.
And finally drives all
the four bullies away.
- Sounds like me.
- Exactly.
You know what I can never forget?
You didn't even know me then.
I was a sensitive introvert.
Everyone called me a loser.
And you stood up for me.
Took on four boys
when you didn't even know me.
And since then I've
loved you.
I still do.
I'm not the person
you think I am anymore.
I don't care
and I know who you are.
And that's enough for me.
I could never tell you any of this.
I never got the chance.
You were with Guru
and you both were so happy.
Your happiness mattered
the most to me.
Look, I'm sorry for
what you're going through
but you're not with Guru anymore.
don't say anything right now.
But please think about it.
I'd rather wait than be
turned down right now.
I'll wait
I'm used to it.
Your ride.
Alright, Sukhee Gill
until next time.
Good evening, everyone.
I'm Jaspreet Kalra
and my topic for today is
"Women and their
contribution to the economy."
Who is a woman?
The definition is quite complicated.
I've known only one woman closely.
And like the rest of the world
Even I didn't show her much respect.
Just like the world sees
her in terms of a relationship
even I just saw her as my mother.
It never occurred to me
that she's a human being, as well.
Like me, she also must
have dreams of her own.
When she wakes up every
morning to cook for us
who knows how many
dreams she abandons.
She has to be perfect
because she's a mother.
She doesn't have the right
to make a mistake.
She should live but only for us.
She doesn't have the
right to live for herself.
And if she ever
for herself,
for her happiness
dares to do something
she is seen as self-centered,
careless, selfish
or something even worse!
she's still not
seen as a human being!
I'm sorry, Mom.
I'm really sorry.
You don't have to behave
like my mother all the time.
You don't have
to be perfect all the time.
You're perfect just the way you are.
You're free to live your
life and make your mistakes.
And just like you
were always there for me,
I will also stand with you.
I will stand with you, Mom.
Very well said.
Very moving speech.
But your speech was
not relevant to the topic.
Today's topic is different.
Silence. Calm down, please.
- I can't get through
- You could try someone else
- Sukhee.
- Where were you?
- Why aren't you answering the phone?
- Meher, I have to tell you guys...
What are you doing here?
I've come to take you back.
Because without you,
life has no meaning.
Please forgive me.
I'm sorry.
You know what, Guru
I accept your apology
every time thinking
you won't ignore me again
that you won't shout at me again
and that you won't hurt me again.
But I've had enough.
You will change back
the moment I forgive you.
It happens every single time.
Please don't go, Sukhee.
Forget all that has happened.
Vikram proposed to me.
Who is Vikram?
Vikram is someone
you used to be, Guru.
Do you love him?
you still don't understand me.
You're not the same Guru I left
everything and came to Anandkot for.
Because that Guru wouldn't have let
his Sukhee die a slow painful death.
No, Sukhee
I understand now
I've changed. Trust me.
I have changed.
I wish.
But things don't
change just like that.
We both need time.
I've decided to stay in Delhi.
Don't say this, Sukhee.
Please come home with me,
one last time.
I promise you.
I promise
to be the old Guru again.
The one who Sukhee left Delhi for.
Please, Guru.
Let time decide this.
On this auspicious occasion,
let us promise
No, man.
Sukhee, not again.
- No way.
- Come on, guys.
I promise
that from this day onward
I'll never let anyone
use me as a doormat.
And I won't wait for 20 years
before I meet you girls again.
And I promise
I won't let my mother-in-law
and her scheming ways affect me.
I'll blow my worries
away like rings of smoke.
My turn now.
I promise
I'll quit my job
the minute I reach London.
I'll make sure that in
my next job, I get respect,
promotion, and equal opportunities.
Fab, girl.
I promise to be a kick-ass single mom
and if anyone dares lecture me,
I'll kick their ass.
- Fearless, shameless, carefree forever!
- Fearless, shameless, carefree forever!
- Oh, God!
- Oh, guys!
Look who's here!
- Hi, Vikram.
- Hi, Vikram!
Have you come to meet us?
Come, let's have some tea.
- Later?
- Okay.
So you've made your decision?
I'm sorry, because of me...
Sukhee is back because of you, Vikram.
Thank you.
Thank you so much.
Stay in touch.
I don't want to lose a good friend again.
Goodbye, Vikram Verma.
Until next time.
I told you pay up.
Pay up!
- Seriously?
- It's nothing.
- Come on.
- Guys!
I will kill you!
Wait, Sukhee
A letter arrived for you.
For me?
On my way back, I was thinking about
what else I could've said to you
But you were right.
I'm getting back what I've lost,
one bit at a time.
But I will never be able to return
what I have taken away from you.
I'm trying nevertheless.
Like me, Delhi roads
must be missing Sukhee, as well.
When you wear a colorful costume
and go out riding, know that
Guru will be cheering
for you the loudest.
- Yes, thank you.
- Thank you.
Your pen.
- Goodbye.
- Goodbye.
It's not a good time
to invest in property, Dad.
Why did you buy a piece of land?
Your mother and I had
big dreams in college.
I'm trying to make them come true.
But what if Mom never returns?
Hope springs eternal, Jassi.
Give me a hug.
Did you know
in Delhi, your mother was infamous
for dancing at random wedding processions?
- No!
- It's true.
I had a dream that you remarried.
And you're here
to make your dream come true.
Aren't you?
Good morning, Mumma.
No, guys!
So, who's winning, Jassi?
- Me.
- She's cheating.
- Cheating?
- You are.
Now you see, I'll win.
A little wider and it would've
looked like the map of Punjab.
You know what
learn how to cook rice.
You won't have
to worry about the shape!
Mom, say hi.
Jassi, finish studying this chapter.
Don't waste time. Sit.
- Shall I give it?
- Yes.
Happy birthday.
It was Jassi's idea
A second reunion after your exams
in London!
Come here, Jogi.
- Jogi, come here!
- Give me the phone.
Come on!
Okay, one two three
- Happy birthday, Sukhee.
- Happy birthday, Sukhee.