Sultan Agung (2018) Movie Script

Ever since Senapati appointed Mas Jolang
to become the second king of Mataram...
...with the title
of Panembahan Hanyokrowati...
...Mataram plunged into endless turmoil.
It faces rebellions from the east coast
and north coast of Java Island...
...which had support
from dissatisfied princes...
...with the appointment of Mas jolang
to become the ruler of Mataram.
To carry out the mandate
of Mataram's founder...
...and to uphold
Sunan Kalijaga religious beliefs...
...Mas Jolang sent out his son to a place
so he could learn to be his successor.
that son is not the crown prince.
Hit me! Come on!
It hurts!
Panji never gives a fair fight, Master!
-That's not right, Master.
-Don't lie!
Enough then.
Master, I want to fight an equal opponent.
All right, who else wants to try it?
You try it.
Who is that, Master?
The lost child has returned home.
Enough, Rangsang!
-What's wrong, Master?
-What are you trying to do?
Master, why did you stop the fight?
Who are you?
That's it for today's sparring session.
Now, let us study the teachings
of Sunan Kalijaga.
And let's do the Zuhr prayer up there.
-Let us go.
-Come on, Brother.
Elder Brother Singaranu, what is this?
Kelana, do you know who that person was?
I don't know.
It's Mas Rangsang.
-Hey, Mas Rangsang.
-He's so handsome.
-Mas Rangsang.
...why does Mas Rangsang look so grim?
It seems that he misses
the Village Chief Sudar's daughter.
Why would a handsome man like him
like a nasty girl like her?
He should be with me instead.
You think you're so pretty!
Well, I am prettier.
Have you fed the chickens, my wife?
Yes, dear. This one even got fat.
-Mas Rangsang, what's wrong?
-Nothing, ma'am.
He wants to see Chief Sudar's child.
The child that disappeared
from being taken by East Java people?
No, the other one.
Lembayung has returned yet?
Well, I don't know.
Mas Rangsang!
Mas Rangsang!
There is no other way, chief.
The tax that was impose on us... just too high.
We all can't pay for it.
That's why, Chief...
...we all...
-What are you doing at the chief's house?
-Just shut up.
Would like to ask for your protection
here in Mataram, chief.
I beg of you!
Who are they?
No idea.
It looks like..
...they are people from East Java,
This is very nice.
You are reckless.
That's Randu.
How dare you take in refugees
without notifying Tumenggung Alap-Alap?
Those refugees are putting Mataram
in danger.
-They will rule Mataram.
-Don't throw accusation.
-I am asking you... send those people away!
Yeah! Throw them away!
If you don't, who are going to feed them?
Mataram? With the people's money? No way!
Are you kidding me?
What are you looking at?
Wait! Don't look for troubles at my house.
People like them will destroy
the lives of Mataramese.
Shut your mouth!
-Hold on! Wait!
-Let me go!
-This is not our concern.
-This has become my problem.
Who's there?
Who threw the rock?
Hey! Don't abuse the elderly!
-Hey, isn't that the guy from before?
-Yeah, I can see him.
Get over here!
Get inside.
The kids, too.
Come on, hurry.
Go inside. Quickly.
Go inside the house!
I'll smash your head in!
Hurry, go inside the house.
Oh no.
So she's the one who beat you earlier.
That hurts.
No, my daughter!
-Dear God!
-No! Don't come near!
-But that's my daughter!
Are you're okay, child?
So that's how it is, Yung?
I am Turah's brother,
your older brother's friend.
Enough, Randu.
-Go home.
-Forgive this daughter of mine.
What was started has to end!
-Mas Rangsang!
-You're still a man, are you not?
-Of course!
I see.
People like you sure are dangerous.
Get them!
What do I do?
You are dead!
Why do you keep this going? Enough, Randu!
Randu, enough! Stop it! Don't do it!
You're dead!
No, Randu!
Surround them!
What just happened?
It's Grinding The Dragon Punch.
You have embarassed your master,
Sunan Kalijaga.
These people are spies from the East.
My older brother...
...dan Lembayung's older brother....
...they went missing in the East, Master.
You should take a good look.
Watch them carefully...
...those who you accuse of spies.
Go on! Take a look!
I am sorry for what I did before.
Let's go.
So who are these people?
Tell him about yourself.
-We are from the East.
-From the East.
Where have you been?
I'm so sorry.
I came unexpected to the training ground.
Tidak apa-apa!
Are you okay, daughter?
Have you found what you are looking for?
When fate come collecting... one can keep away from it.
So you better be patient.
Let go, just accept it.
Come, everybody.
Let us go to the school.
-Thank you, Ki Jejer.
-Thank you, Ki Jejer.
You're welcome.
Thank you, chief.
Stop it. You are going to see her
at the school, anyway.
Let her be with her parents first.
Let's go inside.
You always miss her.
Life is
The first thing is learning
The second is to serve others
The next one is to respect each other
The last one
Pray to God for perfection
What are the six classifications
of society...
...that ancient Javanese believed in...
...and are associated
with the teachings of Sunan Kalijaga?
You forget about it? Can't remember?
We discussed it just two weeks ago,
and you don't know about it.
Help Mas Rangsang and answer the question.
Yes, Master.
There are six human classifications...
...that are grouped
based on their dependence on materials.
The first one is the Brahmins.
These people are the most superior
compared to other groups.
They give up their worldly belongings
to serve God.
The people who belong to this group
are holy men, ulema, and priests, Master.
The next one is the Kshatriyas.
They are the people who devote themselves
to the country.
-They don't have any personal wealth.
That's because they are not allowed to...
...and all their needs are met from taxes
The next group is the Vaishyas.
They are the one who live off land--
Such as farmers and physician.
And next is a group of people who kill
other creatures for a living.
Such as men who slaughter cows, buffaloes,
and goats...
...they belong to the Candalas.
And after that, we have--
People who are very dependant to things.
-They are merchants and traders.
These people are the Shudras.
-After that--
-There's a group of people...
...who belong
to the lowest group of them all.
-They live nomadically.
-That's right, Master.
Not only that, but they stay and use up
all resource that the place has to offer.
You are right but miss something.
After that, they will move... another place
that benefits them the most.
-These people are called--
-The Mlecchas.
That's right, the Mlecchas.
Mas Rangsang suddenly knows
all the answer.
All right then.
That would be all for today.
We'll continue tomorrow.
Frankly, Yung...
...when you left...
...I missed you so much.
...went to look for my elder brother Seto.
I understand.
I would do the same thing...
...if one of my family members
was missing.
Seto is not just my older brother.
He is also my teacher.
He taught me... to appreciate
and to understand life.
Dijampi-jampi dengan ini.
Jangan lupa.
That's why I admire you.
Please reconsider it.
Are you really sure
with the Chief's daughter?
-What's the problem?
-You don't deserve her.
Hey, Kelana?
Love is like ulcers,
it comes out of nowhere.
-What now?
-Tumenggung Mandurejo is here.
-Who is that?
-Tumenggung Mandurejo.
What is he doing here?
I hope it wasn't for someone
got caught stealing in Kotagede.
Well, well, well... Welcome.
Thank you.
-Mas Rangsang finished yet?
-He is.
-Why is Mas Rangsang over there?
-I don't know.
I was ordered to pick you up.
Excuse me, Prince. A word.
We are the adipatis from the West...
...would like to offer you a tribute
of pure gold... we can maintain our amity...
...with the Lord Panembahan Hanyokrowati.
I accept the tribute
from our brothers from the West...
...which is pure gold.
...I shall send it to our king,
Panembahan Hanyokrowati.
-How are you and your prince doing?
All is well, Uncle.
What is the need for I to come home?
The Prince can ask that question
to your mother.
We need to change the Prince
into formal outfit.
Mataram is getting chaotic.
The rebels could kidnap your prince
if they knew their identity
I will give my life
to protect the prince, uncle.
I am sorry that I have interrupted
your study, dear son.
It's okay, mother.
I'm actually happy that you call me in.
That means you missed me.
Mataram needs more capable princes...
...such as you.
Don't worry.
I always keep your trust in me.
Mataram is getting chaotic.
Robbers dan traitors
are working together...
...against your father.
That is why
I am hidden in the Jejeran School.
Don't ever think that...
...your father and I cast you away.
No, mother.
I am actually glad that you and Father
sent me there.
I really love knowledge.
One day...
...I want to become an ulema, mother.
But you are a descendant
of Panembahan Senapati,...
...a Kshatriya.
You are not the heir to the throne.
Your father has made a promise... his first wife, Ratu Tulung Ayu...
...that her son, Prince Martapura... going to be the heir to the throne.
There is no one...
...who asks you
to be the grandson of Senapati.
And also there is no one...
...who asks Prince Martapura... be born like that.
That is why...
...I am asking just one thing from you.
Your father and your uncle,
Prince Mangkubumi... going to Batang.
Your father is going to propose
the princess of Adipati Batang for you.
I just saw leather puppet show.
They played Rama dan Sinta.
The story was so good.
You're exaggerating.
Mahabarata is better.
It has many war scenes.
Hold on.
Did you go by yourself
or with Mas Rangsang?
I went...
...with Mas Rangsang, Master.
Where is he now?
I think he's up there.
Master, can someone choose
their own destiny?
Allah will not change the condition
of a people...
...until they change
what is in themselves.
Then I don't want to go back
to the palace.
Master, I want to live here forever.
Wait, wait, wait.
I want to be a Brahmin.
Master, please let me.
Those couple of deers are in love.
Did you forget what happened to Pandu,
Pandavas' father?
Please forgive me, Prince. I did not know.
Get up, Yung.
What are you doing?
I'm just an ordinary student like you.
An ordinary student will not let
a couple of deers live like that, Prince.
I am sorry, Prince.
Where did you find out?
I have my suspicion
a long time ago, Prince.
Until last night...
What did you say? Wait. Last night.
You eavesdropped my conversation
with Ki Jejer? Is that it?
Yung, if people knew who I really am,
that means it was because of you.
-I haven't finished talking.
You have made a mistake,
you have to be punished.
Forgive me, Prince.
I promise I will not the anybody.
I am really sorry.
I made a mistake, Prince!
The punishment
that is approriate for you... you are not allowed
to call me 'prince'.
You should call me 'kang mas'.
Come on, then, look me in the eye.
-Stop it! Gotcha!
-You're so annoying.
-Let's go.
Why do you choose to be a peasant like me?
Isn't it better to live in the palace?
What do you know about the palace?
You miss know-it-all.
Living with power
makes people forget themselves.
Seto said the same thing to me once.
He always reminded me to be humble...
...fair, respectful to others.
Where have you been?
People have been waiting.
You always wander around.
Where are you going?
We'll take our leave.
My dear students...
...tonight, let us pray...
...for our King Panembahan Hanyokrowati,
the father Raden Mas Rangsang...
So Mas Rangsang was the son
of Hanyokrowati, the Mataram's King.
We belong to Allah
and to Allah we shall return.
Seda Krapyak.
Let go!
Mas Rangsang!
Mas Rangsang!
Mas Rangsang!
Who makes you upset, girl?
Is it the king or the prince?
No, mother.
Don't lie.
Don't worry about it too much.
It's not our business
to think about our kings' concerns.
So you knew...
...who Mas Rangsang was.
Yes, ever since you were eight years old.
Why didn't tell me, mother?
...that's an order from our king,
Panembahan Hanyokrowati, himself...
...for me, girl.
How could you hide this all
from me, father?
I suppose...
...if you didn't love
Prince Rangsang back...
...everything would be okay.
The death of Your Majesti Hanyokrowati...
...will be dangerous
for the safety of Mataram.
In that case,...'d be best if we crown
Prince Martapura king immediately.
What say you?
Is Prince Martapura worthy of the throne?
What will happen to Mataram
if that happens?
Hold on.
A promise is a promise.
Whatever happens,...
...the elders' will...
...must be carried out.
Are you ready to take your father's throne
after his death?
I do not understand
what you are talking about.
Just give me a short answer.
Are you ready or not?
This is not about
whether I am ready or not.
But this is about that destiny
doesn't fall on my lap.
Come with me, and you will see.
Excuse me.
Why do we meet here?
Please excuse me for asking you
to meet here.
I would like to say...
...that we should discuss the coronation
of Prince Martapura in secrecy.
Surely the princes are trying to thwart
the coronation.
I am the one...
...who is given the authority
to crown the prince.
I will give you a high position...
...if you crown my son immediately.
According to this will...
...Prince Martapura is going to succeed
Panembahan Hanyokrowati
However, Queen...
...there is one thing I must ask you.
What is it?
I am sure you know that man.
Who is he?
He is responsible
for the death of our king.
What does that have to do with me?
Please forgive me, Queen.
I had to confess.
They have my wife and children.
I am very sorry.
If you admit
what you did with your sister...
...the punishment will be lighter.
You all have conspired to trap me.
Please just admit it, my queen.
Why did you this?
All of you...
...will never understand what a woman
whose freedom has been taken away feels...
...just to preserve the power of men.
I was promised
I will be the only queen of Mataram.
But your king married another woman...
...just because I couldn't give him...
...a son to succeed him.
And when I actually gave him one...
...your king didn't change his mind.
Instead, he tried to break his promise.
You should take into consideration
Prince Martapura's condition.
The king didn't want to risk
the future of Mataram.
I am the one who raised him!
I am his mother!
I am his mother!
It's too late, my queen.
Now you have face the consequence
of your action.
I am sorry, Your Highness! I am sorry!
I am sorry, Your Highness!
-Finish him.
-I am sorry!
-Make it quick.
-Yes, sir.
This way.
Have got the answer now?
Where is the Master?
Excuse me, Prince. They have waited
for you inside. Please come in.
Come here, Child.
Sit down here.
-What's this, Master?
-This letter... written by Sunan Kalijaga himself.
The letter said...
...that Nusantara will break
into small kingdoms...
...and they will fight for power.
And with that...
...comes along the lowest group
of the Mlecchas.
-What group, master?
-They are the Tucchas.
They live with greed and rob others...
...plundering and ransacking.
Those Tucchas will work together
with the Brahmins and Kshatriyas.
The adipatis...
...will be defeated and subdued by them.
However, one day...
...a brave leader, a Brahmin, will appear.
He will unite Nusantara...
...he will unite the kings... free them
from the grip of the Tucchas.
That war will start
Mataram's peak of power, child.
That man will be no ordinary adipati.
But that person will be trustworthy
and honorable.
Mas Rangsang...
...that man... you.
No, Master.
This letter is wrong.
There are still many other princes
out there...
...who are more worthy than I am.
Your father had a premonition.
That's why, you are kept here
since you were 10 years old.
He wanted you to learn the ways
of the Brahmins.
The more you refuse,
the truer the letter is.
We have been waiting for this to happen.
We all stand behind you, Great Sultan.
Heil Prince.
My prince.
I am looking for Lembayung.
Please come in, Prince.
That's all right.
I will wait out here.
Get up, Yung.
Please, Lembayung.
Stop it, Prince.
Please don't call me prince.
Just call me Mas Rangsang like always.
Yung, I need you.
I will always be there
whenever you need me, Lord.
If only I could take you with me...
...and make you my queen.
I will help you with other ways.
I promise you...
...I will carry out the people's mandate
as long as I am the king.
Promise me you will be fair to the people.
I'm leaving.
-It's okay, dear.
It's okay, dear.
I, Panembahan Hanyokrowati,...
...hereby order my son,
Raden Mas Rangsang... take the king's thrown...
...with the title...
...Susuhunan Agung Hanyakrusuma.
I further order my son... marry the daughter
of Adipati Batang...
...who shall become the queen...
...with the title Kanjeng Ratu Kencana.
Hey, Randu.
He's one of the guys
who fought us the other day, right?
That is not good. Let's go.
He doesn't hold a grudge like you lot.
My throne is a mandate
from Sunan Kalijaga... protect the people of Java.
Since Majapahit was destroyed...
...the eastern, northern, west adipatis
who are conflicting with each other...
...I will unite them
under the Mataram banners.
And we will fight
the invaders from Europe...
...who cruelly rob spice
and food of the people.
Is the company belong to a person
or many people?
We are a group of traders, sire.
A bunch of rich people that band together.
Your capital must be huge.
No wonder you carry rifles to do trades.
I am sure Your Majesty understand
that we go a dangerous and long journey.
-We need to have protection.
From whom, sir?
From those people behind you?
The Banda Islands people?
Did you hear what happened
in Banda Islands?
That's just a normal incident.
The rioters violate the agreement
that we made with their kings.
Here's the thing, Mr. Gaspar.
We, the Maratam people, have traded
with other nations since a long time ago.
We never have encounter major conflicts
with them.
On the contrary, we learn from each other.
We exchange culture and knowledge.
-But Your Majesty--
-I don't mind...
...if want to trade in kingdom.
...I am going to let you have
a representative in Jepara.
However... the tribute of this partnership...
...I will put a tax...
...of 60 percent on every transaction.
He agrees but demands 60 percent tax
on every transaction.
That is an idiotic request,
we must first consult with Mr. Koen.
We will have to discuss your request
with our commander first, Your Majesty.
As a token of appreciation,
please allow us to give you gift.
The beautiful Koromambau silk...
...jewelries from Jailong...
...and a chest full of gold and pearl.
Please excuse us, sire.
It is my duty to protect you... my kingdom.
So I think... will have no need of these anymore.
My gratitude.
Send my regards to your commander.
Throw these tributes away.
And in six months,
if we don't have news from them...
...Tumenggung Mandurareja
and Adipati Tegal...
...will send my letter to their leader.
-Yes, sire.
-Yes, sire.
Excuse me, Your Majesty.
Aren't we being to excessive?
The VOC is not just any company
like those British and Chinese traders.
They are a company of big merchants
from around the world...
...with a very large capital.
-Not only the traders--
-I knew that already, uncle.
-What is your suggestion, uncle?
-If you allow me, sire.
Isn't it better if we work together
with them?
An equal partnership...
...will be far more benefitical
for Mataram's future.
They would prefer if they make us
their lackeys.
So sooner or later...
...with their money and this weapon...
...we would have the same faith... Banda, Maluku, and Batavia people.
And I'm sure too that they offer
the same thing to Adipati Kulon.
-Yes, My King.
I'm ordering to be a spy in West Java.
Yes, sire.
Adipati Ukur...
...toughen the security
in Priangan-Banten borders.
Yes, Milord.
-Elder Brother Singaranu?
-Me, sire.
Please asks the scholars
to make this thing.
Yes, sire.
-Make a lot of them.
-Yes, sire.
Those foreigners can rule here...
...because our people look weak
in their eyes.
Here's the things for the kitchen.
Make that into lunch for the students.
What should I make from these?
Whatever you want to.
Let's make spicy food.
Where are the guys?
Oh my God.
Why did they do that?
I am going to have a heart attack!
-How are you doing, vicegerent?
Here. Sit over here.
-Come on. I haven't met you in awhile.
-But you are the vicegerent.
Sit over here. Come.
-What is this?
-This one?
These all.
Your Majesty's order.
Take a look at this new weapon.
Look carefully.
It's got gold on it.
This is heavy.
It can shoot that woman from faraway.
What is the purpose of that?
Don't you know already?
A month ago, The VOC came to the palace.
Those people are the one who slaughtered
the people of Banda and Maluku.
I think they are they people...
...that our Master predicted.
What's wrong, Yung?
Something's on your mind?
No, Brother.
Just say it.
No need to hesitate.
We have the same master, don't we?
-You look so stud.
-Of course.
What is your rank now?
What is that? The Bhurishravas?
I am a tumenggung.
What tumenggung?
I'm kidding, brother.
Yeah, your Crazy Tumenggung.
What was the king's order for you?
I was ordered by your king... go to Batavia
to spy on those companies.
And also to deliver a letter
to Adipati Kulon.
Rumour has it
that they have conquered Batavia...
...with those weapons.
But do we have to emulate them?
This is just a precaution, Yung.
Ya, can't we do that with kris?
They are students
that will become Brahmins.
Your king is so smart.
He can see into the future.
I'm sure you knew that already.
Okay, then. I'm going.
I'm heading to West.
-Right now?
Elder Brother.
-I'm going.
-Okay, take this with you.
-No need.
-Take care of yourself.
See you.
Take care.
Yung, I am going to see the students.
-Ya, please.
-See you later.
See you.
Let me have some spices.
Clove, pepper, cinnamon, shrimp paste.
How are you, Lefebre?
Well, Mr. Coen.
Have you answered the letter of protest
from the British Empire...
...regarding the incident in Maluku?
I'm not interested in that.
I am more excited to discuss our situation
in Banten.
We are going to build another fort here
to strengthen our position.
That fort will be bigger
than the ones in Banda and Maluku.
Have you already thought about the offer
made by the King of Mataram... build a lodge in Jepara?
Forget the man.
He thinks he is the only king in Java.
What if they are going to fight back?
You underestimate the company.
If we want to,
we can buy the whole of Mataram.
-Untari, let's go!
-Yes, sir.
This is the regulation
that you have to accept, Gentlemen.
What if we refuse it?
What are you going to do?
Then you can't get drinking water
and rice from here anymore, sir.
I have never been treated like this
in Batavia.
Hold it!
Things are different now, Gentlemen.
Let's go to Prince Mandurareja.
-Whats happening over there?
-They are just locals.
You're wrong.
Quick. They are waiting
at the city limits.
What is happening?
Excuse me, Your Majesty.
We were attacked by 10 robbers
outside Batavia border, Your Majesty,
after giving the letter to Mur Jangkung.
Adipati Tegal was badly hurt
and return to Tegal.
He was unable to continue
the journey to Mataram.
It's alright, Uncle.
Excuse me, Your Majesty.
I'm certain those people were not robbers,
but the Merdicker,
the people that have been enslaved
by the VOC and then freed.
I'm certain, Your Majesty,
they are paid to kill Madurorejo
and Adipati Tegal.
Don't accuse unless you know it
to be fact!
We have to dig for the truth first.
There's nothing to dig.
It's already clear.
Gather all of adipatis to Mataram.
I will do as you said.
They are impudent.
Everyone has decided.
Your Majesty has to give command
Easy, all of you.
Easy, Adipati Batang.
There is no conclusive evidence yet...
about who injured Tumenggung Mandurareja
and Adipati Tegal.
What more evidence do we need?
It's clear
that those Dutchmen are cunning.
Notoprojo, I was the witness.
Prince Jayakarta has let VOC
to build fort in Batavia.
But Prince Jayakarta
was banished from there instead.
You can imagine,
they could do that to a king,
let alone adipati and tumenggung.
-He's right.
Adipati Ukur,
how about West?
Pardon, Your Majesty.
West have refused to support Mataram.
We can not expect anything.
Even lately West troops
often disrupt Priangan border.
That's right.
What does this mean?
Excuse me, Your Majesty.
Let me explain something.
Excuse me, Your Majesty.
This man is their leader.
Jan Pieterszoon Coen.
Western people call him Mur Jangkung.
I heard that they defeated
the British army easily in Maluku.
Imagine that a country
as big as Great Britain...
with strong fleets
can be conquered by them.
They are the Tucchas.
They live with greed and rob others.
We better be careful
in dealing with these people.
The best carefulness...
is destroying them before they destroy us.
East Java, West Java, assemble.
Get the troops ready.
I myself will lead my people in Batavia.
or die.
Gather round.
Gather round.
Attention, People.
Mataram wants a war against Batavia.
Men who are still healthy,
let's unify our determination...
with Mataram troops...
to storm Batavia.
You won't be joining, right, My Husband?
We are now Mataramese.
Do you understand?
-Don't forget to take a rest.
Raise the bow.
Hold it steadily.
Follow that, Everyone.
Do it!
Do it!
What's the news from Mataram?
Please help yourself, My Husband.
This is my home-cooked meal.
This fish soup is tasty.
When I grow up,
can I go to war against the VOC?
When you grow up,
VOC will not be here anymore.
That's my promise.
So, who will I fight against?
There will not be wars anymore.
You will rule Mataram in peace.
Isn't that right, My Husband?
Excuse me, My Queen.
What's wrong?
Ki Jurukithing...
want to meet with His Majesty.
Right now...
he is already waiting in his place.
What is so important
that you have to disturb my family time?
Excuse me, Your Majesty.
There is something we have to talk about.
Given your intention...
to lead the war to Batavia yourself.
Your Majesty.
You have to remain in Kraton.
That's right, Your Majesty.
What is wrong?
Ask this old man.
He is conspiring with the troops
that will fight Mataram.
Tumenggung Notoprojo...
with East Java adipati
dan north coast tumenggung...
are conspiring with the troops...
to mess up the attack of Mataram soldiers
in Batavia.
That is a suicide mission.
Are you kidding?
The people will be the victims.
How can we mess up the mission?
There are 14.000 troops
that will go there.
14.000 troops.
Not all of them are skilled.
They are farmers, carpenters and fishers.
Your troops
that marched to Batavia before...
have to turn when they arrive in Cirebon.
How can you guarantee...
Tumenggung Mandurareja's troops
will not destroy us first?
VOC will stop them in Cirebon.
Is it possible?
Mataram's spies...
are under my control.
They have been in contact
with Mur Jangkung for a month.
So what is your intention and benefit?
I don't want any position...
except protecting Mataram people
from their King's ambition.
Is it right, Uncle?
-Answer that!
-Let him go! Hey!
Excuse me, Your Majesty.
I saw that Mataram's energy
will be drained.
An endless bloodbath.
Just for this war alone.
Just for this war alone.
How do you know that?
Where do you know it from?
From this man, Your Majesty.
I am impressed...
by your loyalty to Mataram.
But remember.
War is not the only way out.
War is indeed not the only way out, Uncle.
But it is the only way for us
to not be enslaved by those Tuca.
That's enough, Your Majesty.
That's enough, Your Majesty.
Do not get your hands dirty
with the blood of a traitor.
Bring him to his end.
Take him away!
Stand up!
Excuse me, Your Majesty.
Let me replace Uncle Notoprojo
for his punishment, Your Majesty.
He took care of me since I was a child
until I grew up.
He saved my life when my parents
abandoned me, Your Majesty.
Your Majesty?
I beg you, Your Majesty.
I beg you.
Punish me, Your Majesty.
Punish me, Your Majesty.
Punish me, Your Majesty.
-Because I'm the one who is wrong.
I'm the one who is wrong.
I will give one more chance
for your uncle.
He himself must kill his troops.
your uncle have to come along to Batavia
with all of Sayidin Mataram...
to his death.
Do I really have to remain in Kraton?
Just go if you want to lead the war
in Batavia.
But are you willing to see Mataram
occupied by traitors?
It is you who supposed to make sure
there is no traitor here!
Excuse me, Your Majesty.
We did all that.
But who knows what will happen
for the next two or three months?
Excuse me.
Are you certain you can get things done
in Batavia in three months?
The war may take a while
but it could also take a long time.
Please take this into consideration,
Your Majesty.
What you think about His Majesty is true.
But I can do nothing.
I don't want to be involved.
You know it better, right?
There's one more thing you need to know,
What else, Kelana?
Seto is still alive in Batavia.
Don't be reckless, Kelana.
Lembayung, I'm serious.
Do not make up a story...
so that I go to Batavia
to defend Mataram, Kang.
That's not gonna happen.
I saw him!
Head up!
Soon your name
will be forever remembered...
as Mataram hero.
My strong troops,
I have to leave this battle to you all.
This war is not for me.
This is a holy war...
to continue the struggle
of Mahapatih Gajah Mada...
in uniting Nusantara.
In the name of God,
I command you...
to win or die in Batavia!
Hey, sit here.
No need to sneak up.
Come out.
You want to kill me too?
I am just a Mataramese, Your Majesty.
The duty of people is only to be loyal
to their leader.
I am here just to say goodbye.
I am going to Batavia.
I am going to meet my brother Seto.
Maybe I am destined to die
with other Mataram people in Batavia.
I hope that this is only
going to be a nightmare in Batavia.
Not in Mataram.
Enemy approaching!
Get the troops ready to fight them...
and close all gates.
Yes, sir!
Seto, go down.
Men, get the canon ready on the fort.
More! Quick!
It is time.
Get the archers ready.
Men! Let's go!
Let's go!
What is happening?
Mataram force is attacking.
Troops! Hurry!
Caspar, what is happening?
They are attacking the fort!
Come up!
Where did those Javanese
in God name learn how to raid?
They also conquered Surabaya
in the same way.
They are already on the wall!
Mr. Coen, get inside. Let me handle them.
Get those musketeers here now!
Musketeers, get into position!
Seto, why are you here?
Where's my brother Turah?
You are the robber who attacked me
at the border.
Hey! Everybody get ready!
Hey! Get ready!
Forgive me if I interrupt you.
I want to give the word from Batavia.
Have you checked that this is true?
Yes, Your Majesty.
Everyone betrayed me.
I am still loyal to Mataram.
We both carry out Master's mandate.
You have to stay strong.
Tumenggung Alap-Alap and Prince Purboyo
are waiting for your command.
How are they doing?
Food supply is running low.
They finally move the fortress
to the eastern part of Ciliwung river.
-Eastern part of Ciliwung river?
-Yes, Your Majesty.
Get the troops far from the river.
-I will do as you said.
Drink this.
Tumenggung Bahureksa?
Is there any news yet from Mataram?
Not yet, Prince.
Our food supply is running low, Prince.
Our troops are having a nervous breakdown.
But the command of His Majesty...
to win or die here
still has to be carried out.
We must avenge our defeat.
What do you need?
Kelana, are we...
close to a river?
We are close to a river?
That's right.
Where are you going?
I have to talk to Tumenggung Alap-Alap
right now.
Your wound is still fresh.
It can't wait.
Okay. Let me help you.
I come before Prince Purboyo.
What is it?
Lembayung wants to talk.
Excuse me, Prince Purboyo.
We are now close to a river.
VOC has small boats that they use
to watch over Batavia.
Is that right, Kelana?
That's right.
If the company attacks us,
let's face them.
Face them how?
Seeing the condition of Mataram troops
right now,
it's better for us
to move away from river.
We don't need to listen to that woman.
What is this?
Do you know what this is?
This thing is going to tie your neck
until it breaks if you back off.
-Tumenggung Bahureksa!
Let me remind you!
The command of His Majesty,
win or die here,
still has to be carried out.
How many times do I need to remind you?
Get ready!
-Bad news, Prince!
-What's wrong?
VOC approaching!
Do not be reckless.
Do not just make up a story.
This is true, Prince!
Hey you!
-Protect the Prince!
Help them!
I will do as you said.
Get ready!
What's wrong?
Everybody get ready!
-You were right, Lembayung.
Just let me do this.
-Uncle, you stay behind!
-No, I have to go there!
Lembayung, take care of my uncle.
-You should wait here.
-Please, Tumenggung.
-I have to die here, Yung!
-You can't, Tumenggung.
-Look out, Yung!
-Get out of here!
Get your troops out of Batavia!
You don't know who you're dealing with.
I came here to look for you, Brother.
Just go if you don't want to die!
You have changed!
-Yes, sir.
-Get rid of them all!
-Yes, sir.
Come on!
Just go!
I am your sister, Seto!
You fool!
You're dead!
Do you even know
why deserted and joined the enemy?
Look at this!
Turah, Randu's brother, and I
were captured and tortured by Mataram!
Just because we reported the tax fraud
committed by Prince Purboyo's kinsman.
We were tortured and forced
to take the blame for the fraud.
I fought back!
They hurt Turah and tore up my stomach.
You're all in a war against the devils.
They gave me a chance to live.
To live!
What do you defend?
What? Tell me!
I defend nothing.
I came here just looking for you.
I wanted to see my older brother, Seto.
He used to teach me
to be an independent woman.
A strong woman!
Don't you miss Father and Mother?
Mother always asked about you.
Even until before she passed away.
Your older brother Seto... gone, Yung.
-He's dead.
-No, brother.
-He's gone, Yung.
No! He's mine to deal with, not yours.
He's not your brother anymore!
He is the devil, Yung!
This is not your problem!
Stop it!
Go! Everyone, go!
You have to get out of here.
No, Uncle.
I have to take care of you.
You have to stay alive.
Look at...
...what just happened.
Mataram needs our best men
like you to warn the King.
Win or die!
Win or die! That's the king's order!
Because of such a lowlife
like Notoprojo...
...your spirit has grown weak!
Bring Alap-Alap here!
Come on!
Execute him!
Hold on!
Who are you?
Excuse me, Prince Juminah.
I was the one who witnessed...
...Tumenggung Notoprojo
ordered the troops to retreat!
It was Prince Purboyo
who ordered us to attack!
Watch your mouth!
I'll kill you!
Back off!
I'm the one who's in charge.
Release all Tumenggung.
Singaranu, do you even understand
what you're doing?
I'll be responsible for it, Prince.
I dedicated half of my life to Mataram.
Is this what I got in return?
Whatever happens, we have to strike back.
We only need to wait for the King's order.
Yes, Sire.
Order the men in good shape
to plant sources of food.
Yes, Sire.
Who's that?
That woman stole your horse.
It's alright, I know where she's heading.
I have to send a message
to Ki Jurukithing.
We have news from Batavia.
It seems like we're going
to have some guests.
What do we do?
Tumenggung Narapaksa.
You and Adipati Ukur's troopers...
...will storm Batavia from the south side.
Let Singaranu and Sura Agul-Agul
handle the north side.
Yes, Your Majesty.
My spy will inform your arrival in Sunda.
Make sure you arrive there in time.
Excuse me, Your Majesty.
Someone from the school
is here to see you.
Should we give our permission?
Who's that warrior, Mother?
I have no vile intention.
Ma'am, please take him inside.
Go inside, son.
You all should know.
This woman is Mataram's hero.
Come on, Lady, you can enter the Palace.
Permission to see you, Your Majesty.
Leave us.
You can sit up here.
I have something to say, Your Majesty.
Mataram troopers fought the VOC bravely.
There's no doubt about it, but...
But, it was a useless fight.
We lost.
There were too many casualties
in our side.
Even Mataram's mighty warriors... Tumenggung Mbaurekso
and Mandurareja...
Excuse me, Your Majesty.
If you let me beg... have to stop this plan.
Does it look like I'm sacrificing
my people?
Does it?
There must be another way
to fight them without using force.
What way exactly?
Tell me.
By cooperating with them?
It means we will be the slave
for those tuccha.
As Uncle Notoprojo wished...
...I don't care
what people will write about me.
This universe...
...can write anything about me...
...but one thing...
...they need to know...
...the attack to Batavia
is not meant for the present...
...but for the hundred years to come.
The world needs to know...
...that our nation is not powerless.
Our next generations will remember that.
Bring Ki Jurukithing
and all the princes in.
Ki Jurukithing, I order you... build rice barns
along the north coast.
After the harvest season next year...
...our troopers and Adipati Ukur's...
...will use the barns
as the sources to attack Batavia.
If it's necessary...
...I'll be the one who leads them
A leader has to keep his words.
Excuse me.
If something goes wrong,
I'll hunt you down.
Just make sure your troops attack Cirebon.
The Sunda troops will join force
to attack your castle.
(The End of 1629 AD)
(VOC burned Mataram barns
in the north coast)
Where are...
...the troops...
...led by Adipati Ukur...
...that was promised by His Majesty?
I might be a traitor for you.
But this is how I fight for Mataram...
...and avenge my uncle's death.
Mother, am I worthy... carry out Kanjeng Sunan's mandate.
Nobody is perfect.
We're all humans.
I have sacrificed too many lives...
...only to carry out this will.
What about my children in the future?
My grandchildren.
All Mataram heirs.
Kanjeng Sunan Kalijaga...
...your teacher...
...and your father...
...were the real example
of how humans change.
Your father and your teacher...
...became the chosen ones...
...for the trials and tribulations
they had been through.
Our decisions...
...will always
have two crossing arrowheads.
But a good hunter
will spare some of his preys.
Some have to stay alive... carry the bloodline...
...and give birth to the next generations.
Mother? When will Father be home?
It's been a long time.
Don't ask about your father.
Put the woods there.
Every change...
...demands the blood of martyrs
from the best men.
But a great man...
...will always have faith
in the new generations.
Can you recite Al-Alaa?
Come on, son.
I seek Allahs protection
from Shaitaan, the Accursed one.
In the Name of Allah,
the All-beneficent, the All-merciful.
Exalt the name of your Lord,
the Most High.
Who created and proportioned.
And Who destined and then guided.
Who are you, young man?
And who brings out the pasture.
And then makes it black stubble.
I came here to see a friend
from the school.
All male students have gone to Batavia
to fight in the war.
While the female students
have left this place.
Look at you.
You're a strong man...
...with such a good shape,
why didn't you join the troops?
Listen, everyone...'s the King order,
this is our last battle.
Fix it!
Let's say it's Ciliwung River...
You have to dam up the stream.
Put dead bodies there
to contaminate the water.
Like when we conquered Surabaya, got it?
Yes, Sir.
Do it tomorrow!
Yes, Sir.
It reeks the smell of hell.
Those devils.
Mr. Coen...
...must have a lot of bed rest.
If possible, he should be moved
from Batavia.
It is not healthy here.
This from the people of Banda...
...for him.
Doctor, what illness does he have?
It's cholera.
-Untari, where are you?
-Yes, Sir.
Give Mr. Coen his medicine! Hurry up!
(Songgo Mataram)
The ship, get them, wheel...
Who are you?
Perhaps you could slaughter our people
with your empty promises.
Making us look so powerless and stupid.
Susuhunan Agung.
The king of Mataram.
So this is the face of a king
who's brave enough to fight me?
Your people
are a bunch of powerless cowards.
They're afraid of hardships.
They talk more and do less.
Those kind of people...
...won't be able to stop
our people from invading.
Maybe it's true that some of us
are like that.
But many of us still have our pride.
You can believe in yourself.
But you have to remember...
...your nation will always be the prey...
...of our kind of people.
You know why?
Because they're proud
to be under our command.
We will keep fighting...
...until your people leave
our nation for good...
...and our people rule Nusantara.
Mr. Coen?
Gosh! Untari!
Son, what are you doing with the gamelan?
Your Majesty.
Please stand up, Ma'am.
-Forgive me, Your Majesty.
-Please stand up.
-I didn't recognize you.
-It's alright.
-Forgive me.
-It's alright.
Excuse me, Your Majesty.
What brings you here?
I want to revive this school.
I will be the one who teach the students.
-Really, Your Majesty?
Thank you.
Thank you, Your Majesty.
Be careful!
-Be careful!
-Look at you!
Handsome boy.
Come to granny.
-Come on!
Take him to the school.
How is it, Sir?
Your Majesty?
I'm Randu's wife, Your Majesty.
I remember your husband.
Thank you, Your Majesty.
Be careful with your steps.
-Excuse me.
-Where are you going?
-We're going to the school.
Hold on!
-Which school?
-The one in Jejeran.
Excuse me.
-Be careful.
Adipati Singaranu.
Your troops
should have taken over Batavia.
Why didn't you do it?
Don't you remember... defeated the eastern army
almost effortlessly?
What's your excuse for this failure?
We're ready to accept our punishment.
Excuse me, Your Majesty.
I have the executioner ready... decapitate these incapable men.
Go home.
You can go home
to your wives and children.
Excuse me, Your Majesty.
They have stained your honor...
...and the honor of Mataram.
We won, Uncle.
We were brave enough to fight back.
Go home.
Go home, everyone.
Please teach your children
to love this nation.
-Thank you, Your Majesty.
-Thank you, Your Majesty.
Everything is settled now.
How's our son doing?
Mother, it's Father.
Son, this is your father.
Mother, Uncle Tono is here.
Randu left it for you.
Don't be upset about it, let it go.
Raden Mas Rangsang...
...through my eyes and my heart...
...I witness your story...
...and I will tell my future children
and grandchildren about it.
That your love for this land...
...will never be forgotten.
As a king...'re not only creating
a political system...
...but also a culture.
You preached religion... synergizing it...
...with your local culture.
To maintain and strengthen
our relationship...