Summer Breeze (2008) Movie Script

(Summer Breeze Love is Never Wrong)
Can you knock before entering?
Can you keep your volume down?
So when someone knocks, you can hear it.
What do you want here anyway?
I want to tell you that today
is not Sunday.
You have class.
You're really dirty, Res.
Do you know one thing that I hope
never happens to me?
Becoming someone like you who's smart,...
... but can't tell the difference
between Marilyn Manson...
... and Marilyn Monroe.
Yeah, hopefully the difference
between Marie Manson...
... and Marie Monroe appears
on the test questions.
So you can answer one question.
Come on, go to school!
Go to school!
Fine, I'll go first.
You're only leaving now?
Orion has left long ago.
Different majors means
different classes, Mom.
I'm going, okay?
- Be careful.
- Okay.
Hi, La.
Are you hungry?
Let's go to the cafeteria.
How are you?
- How's Ares?
- Ares?
Well, you know how Ares is.
Do you two still fight often?
- Always.
- Aren't you bored?
Well, I'm bored,...
... but what else do I have to do?
His hobby is making sure
my life is uncomfortable.
I thought your own hobby aside
from basketball and studying...
... is also making
Ares' life uncomfortable.
- Sorry...
- Never mind.
I understand what you mean.
Why are you the one thinking?
Let's just go to the cafeteria.
Okay, class, we'll start
the lesson today.
We'll cover the major triad.
Please pass the handouts.
Okay, then, I would like you all
to write all major triads...
... in all the musical scales
that I gave you in that handout.
Okay? All detailed.
When you're done,...
... don't forget to submit it.
I'll check them.
Time to eat.
Let's eat.
- Ri...
- Yes?
Do you remember Restu,
Mr Burhan's son?
My friend who's a property developer.
Mr Burhan?
The one we visited in the hospital
when Dad went to Bandung?
Yes, why?
He dropped out from his studies.
It was a year ago.
But his father only found out now.
Really? How come?
That's the problem...
... when a kid can never
be responsible...
... for his own life.
His parents' lives become a mess too.
You can do it.
I'm sure you can do it.
- What's our song?
- It's already late.
I have to go to class first.
You suck.
I've already said
that I can't stand it...
- ... when class interferes with band.
- Class interferes with band.
Yes, I know.
However, the problem is,...
... if I skipped this class,
I won't pass.
If I didn't pass,...
... my mom's anger will not only
interfere with our band,...
... but also my life as a whole.
You suck.
Take this with you.
- See you later, okay?
- Okay.
Be careful, Bob.
No class?
You're writing a song?
What is that writing?
Looks like there are more scratches
than writing.
Sorry, Res.
Sorry, Res. I was joking.
I've already laughed, right?
Are you satisfied? Happy?
You'd better leave now.
Or do I have to leave?
As usual...
... you're leaving, right?
Res, how long are you going
to keep doing this with me?
I thought after I broke up with Orion...
... we can be close again
like before.
I don't believe in second chances.
I don't believe in second chances either.
But I believe humans can change
as long as they still have a heart.
Please wash these fruits right away.
Did you do the monthly
or yearly shopping?
What's the occasion?
Your birthdays.
Was that Ares?
Morning, Ri.
- Happy birthday, Son.
- Yes. Thank you, Dad.
- Happy birthday, Honey.
- Thank you, Mom.
Let's eat breakfast.
Ri, eat dinner at home tonight, okay?
I have a practice, Dad.
Ri, skipping just one day
of basketball practice is okay, right?
Besides, tonight,...
... your mother is going to cook
something special.
Mom, you even use make up.
... every time you enter an age
with a zero behind it,...
... human beings enter a new phase
in their lives.
You always know what to say.
That means Ares too.
Ares too.
Happy birthday.
Thank you, Mom.
I'm going.
Please be home by 6 pm.
We're going to have dinner.
- As well as celebrate...
- We'll see, okay?
I made fried prawns.
That time...
... when Orion ate prawns,...
... he became itchy.
Now he doesn't want
to eat prawns anymore.
But you still like them.
Just make food that everyone
can eat, Mom.
Don't prioritize Ares.
That's how it is usually anyway.
Thank you for the card.
I remember everything about you, right?
Happy birthday, Ares.
Why are you spacing out?
My card has the picture of a cat.
What about Orion's?
A horse.
No wonder you remember my birthday.
Because it's the same as Orion's, right?
You purposefully baited me
with that kind of question, right?
Why, Res?
You both are my friends,...
- ... so it's normal that...
- Be friends with him again then.
Start dating again if possible.
Enjoy being the girlfriend
of the most popular guy on campus.
Whatever, Res.
Why are you here?
What about you?
You kissed Lala without thinking.
How much are you being paid for by Raul?
Tell him...
... that if he's blind,
don't judge people.
This is a lot, Mom.
Where's Dad?
He'll probably come soon.
I think he'll be home soon, Mom.
Have you congratulated Ares yet?
Not yet, Mom.
Hi, good evening, everyone.
- Evening, Dad.
- How is it?
All ready?
Ares hasn't come home yet, Dad.
But you've already told him
to come home early, haven't you?
- Yes.
- Then it's not our fault...
... if we start first.
We can't let the gift wait.
Hold on.
What gift, Mom?
Dad brought a surprise for both of you.
Good evening.
You still call me Lele?
Is it really you?
How come you're taller than me now?
- Happy birthday.
- Thank you.
So, your father invited me here.
I happen to be on school holiday.
How is this possible, Dad?
For the past two months,
Reina's dad and I...
... have been calling each other.
Hi, Ma'am.
How are you, Ren?
Good, Ma'am.
Where's Ares?
Ares will be coming later.
What if we start?
Do we eat first
or blow the candles first?
Blow the candles first.
Come on.
Please light it.
Come on.
- Did you fight again?
- Honey...
Can't you behave right just for one day?
Hey! Answer if I asked you.
- Ares!
- Honey...
Fine. Don't mind that kid.
Don't let that kid ruin
our event tonight.
Let's sing together. Come on.
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday, happy birthday
Happy birthday to you
Come on...
Come on.
Come on.
Let's do it.
Happy birthday, Son.
Thank you, Dad.
Dad did all this for your birthdays.
Including inviting Reina.
No wonder...
... he's disappointed
by your attitude.
Dad is always disappointed in me, Mom.
While she's in Jakarta,...
... Reina will live here.
The plan is for her to sleep
in Orion's room...
... and Orion can sleep
on the sofa.
They're talking right now in the gazebo.
We're done, Ma'am.
Seems it's nicer to sleep here
than in Orion's room.
Can I, Ma'am?
It's up to Ares.
Thank you, Mom.
Happy birthday, Res.
It's past midnight.
It's not my birthday anymore.
But I can sleep in your room, right?
Le, are you sure you want
to sleep in a cow's pen?
How come you still call me Lele?
- Reina.
- Yes, yes, Reina.
I'm sorry, Le.
Don't call me Lele.
- Ares is...
- I can be tougher than earlier.
Everything I do is for him.
It doesn't mean I don't love him.
I love that kid.
I know you love him.
But sometimes you forget
that he has a problem.
What problem?
His only problem is that...
... he doesn't want to give
the best...
... from what he has.
This afternoon,
we'll go to the mall.
Dinner still in Kemang, because I have
afternoon class tomorrow...
- ... so we...
- Hey.
You don't have basketball practice?
Yes, I do.
But I can do that some other time.
What if I want to watch your practice?
Are you serious?
Okay, then, we change the schedule.
This afternoon, when I get home
from campus, I'll pick you up.
We still have dinner in Kemang.
- After that, we can...
- Ri.
You're not inviting Ares?
He wouldn't come.
But you haven't tried, have you?
My whole life, I try to ask him
to behave the proper way.
But I can't.
You don't want to try again?
I'm tired, Rein.
As far as I can remember,
you used to get along.
That's the problem.
Each day he pulls himself
away a little more.
All he does is make Mom sad...
... and Dad angry.
I'm upset.
So I gave up.
I miss Ares.
I'm going out.
What's up?
Let's go to the park.
I've never been there anymore.
I'm sorry, Res.
For what?
That afternoon
I was going to tell you...
... that the next month
I was going to move to the US.
So you chose to go secretly?
Without telling me at all?
Where you lived.
Where you went to school.
That is such a good choice, Rein.
You yourself said...
... we were going to open
that letter in 10 years.
It's been more than 10 years now.
But the important thing is
I'm here now, right?
It's useless, Rein.
It doesn't matter to me anymore.
If my dad didn't invite you,...
... you wouldn't come anyway,
would you?
Promoting birthdays...
Mr Ridwan did invite me
for Orion's birthday.
But I accepted it for you.
Everything that is in this world...
... is only made for Orion.
So, don't fight fate.
Whose world?
Their world, right?
Orion said you always live
in your own world.
I want to, Res.
I want to become part of your world.
Not their world.
What are you two doing here?
Res, you're not going to school?
What's wrong with you?
- Yes, but...
- I'm fine.
We're still going this afternoon,
Pay attention when you walk.
Good thing there wasn't a car.
If there had been,
your wound would have gotten worse.
One, two, three, four,...
... five, six, seven,...
... eight, nine, ten.
- Hong!
- Hong!
- Delicious, isn't it?
- Yes.
Really delicious.
Do you want this?
Oh, no.
Thank you.
It's moments like these that are nice.
Enjoying the afternoon.
The wind.
The sun.
Life is beautiful.
Isn't it, Res?
Why are you always cynical?
Did you just realize this?
Are you regretting being my friend?
There you go again.
You're terrible, Res.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Right. This is Reina.
She's my best friend when I was little.
She just came from America.
- Reina.
- Lala.
Ares' friend too?
- Have you seen him?
- Seen?
Seen who?
Right, Yon. The basketball team
is waiting for you.
Practice has started.
Okay. Thank you.
See you later.
See, because of you, I'm late.
It's fine.
Come on.
You want to leave now?
Wait a minute.
What's wrong with your face?
As usual.
Someone doesn't like it
because Ares messed with his ex.
I never chased Lala.
You did, though, didn't you?
Now Lala is the one
who's always chasing you.
That's wrong.
Are you fighting again with her?
You should just...
... date Lala, Res.
Even all her exes still want to date her.
... your brother,...
... but,...
... Lala wants
to be with you.
Screw you.
Let's go.
Rebound, rebound!
- Going down first.
- Move away!
Nice, nice.
See you later.
- What's the rush, Ri?
- Where are you going, Ri?
New girlfriend?
See you later.
- Take care.
- Bye.
You haven't changed?
You didn't play.
No wonder you're not sweating.
One day
I'm going to play...
... and you'll only
be my substitute.
Good for you.
It's not easy to chase your dream.
But at the very least...
... my dream to beat up
your brother...
... came true, didn't it?
You come here often?
Usually just when there's
a special occasion.
What are we celebrating today?
In two weeks I have to return to the US.
I have to prepare for school.
Where did Ares usually hang out?
He said he has a band.
Every week they play in a club.
Ares has a band?
Can we not talk about Ares tonight?
I saw how sad you were when you
were talking to him this morning.
Then there's Raul.
There's Lala.
When can I live peacefully
without thinking about him?
Do you hate him that much?
More than you imagine.
How could you hate your own
blood brother?
Because he hates his own brother.
Okay, guys,...
... this next song...
... is specially
created by Ares.
Please give an applause
for Ares.
The song is really good.
Hopefully this song can entertain
all of you here.
Okay, guys.
I have been waiting
The promise that became untrue
Silenced and muted
Against my heart
I hope you come back
To shine once more
Live my life
The way I did
It's a shame you're getting farther away
I can't touch you
So that when you come back
My feelings have died
I can still feel my pain
Still remember the wound in my heart
Leave far away from me
I want you to disappear from me
I can still feel my pain
Still remember the wound in my heart
Leave far away from me
I want you to disappear from me
I can still feel my pain
Still remember the wound in my heart
Now all I have
A piece of heart that hates you
Don't have to come back
Don't have to come back
Don't have to come back
Don't have to come back
What are you doing here?
Thanks for the song.
You wrote that song
to offend me, didn't you?
You don't have to lie.
I can feel it.
This isn't the place for you.
Just so you know, Res.
You're not the only one
who feels miserable...
... waiting for something
The person who made you miserable
is as miserable as you.
Wait here.
I'll grab my bag first.
Where have you been, Reina?
I watched Ares perform, Sir.
Let's go up.
Don't ever bring Reina
to that filthy place again.
It's up to me where I want to take Reina.
It wasn't Ares who invited me last night.
I went on my own.
Ares was surprised too.
Right, Ri.
When do you play basketball?
I'm sure you'll win.
Did you sleep here?
Your face is terrible.
Do we have rehearsal today?
I went here
to enjoy the solitude,...
... but it turns out
you're here.
I'm going to class.
Okay. Be careful, Friend.
What are you doing here?
Feel like a student here already?
Ares, I already told your parents
and Orion...
... that last night actually
wasn't your fault.
Did they believe you?
And? That's it, right?
I want to watch Orion practice.
Yes, obviously.
What else?
Why are you like this again?
Like this what?
Angry again. Cynical again.
I thought last night you've returned
to the way you were.
The way I was how?
Speak clearly!
The way you were...
... twelve years ago.
A lot happened in 12 years.
Don't think that one night
can change everything.
So what do I have to do
to make up for all that, Res?
Except if you have a time machine.
Return to that time...
... and don't go with your family
to America.
So, Ares, what's the title
of Beethoven's song...
... that he finished
when he was starting to get deaf?
The Ninth Symphony, Ma'am.
It's good that even though you're
a rocker, you know Beethoven.
I even call him Ludwig, Ma'am.
Okay, then you explain
question number two as well.
- Ares?
- Getting sympathy and support...
... from the citizens.
Based on the suggestion
of Prince Mangkubumi, his uncle,...
... Diponegoro retreated...
... you can study with this, right?
Yes, Mom, and it's very useful too.
- Thank you, Mom.
- Yes, my dear.
Fine. Tomi, you answer.
I don't feel like arguing, La.
Who's asking to argue?
I just want to ask.
That girl, your and Orion's friend
when you were little.
She's the one you once
told me about, right?
When did I tell you?
When we were still close.
When were we ever close?
She's the one who made you
turn a blind eye to my love.
She's the one who eventually
made me closer to Orion...
... just to make you jealous.
But she's the one who left.
She made me worthless in your eyes.
You don't have to yell like that.
Why? Even if I yell until this whole
campus can hear,...
- ... you still won't hear me.
- La!
I wasn't the one
who pulled away from you, Res.
But you're the one who keeps avoiding
no matter what I do to get close.
Me, Rik.
Go ahead.
- That's free.
- Me first, Bar.
Ri, pass low.
Straight up.
You've come home, Res.
Hi, Res.
What's up?
It's Reina.
Come on!
What are you doing here so late at night?
Something I had to do
the moment I got here.
Yes, but it's late now,
not to mention it's raining.
Where's Ares?
Ares is in front,
he doesn't want to go in.
... let's read this.
Ares, here.
Then, who want to read first?
You, Ri?
Ares wants...
... to be like Dad.
I want to be an architect.
You, Res?
Come on, this isn't important.
Just read it, will you?
... want to go to Fantasy World.
Are you satisfied?
My dream isn't as high as yours.
I don't want to fight tonight.
Even if you say nothing, you'd still
laugh at my letter's content.
- Yes, now...
- I just want...
... Ares and Orion to get along
until they're old.
It seems my dream it's not much, is it?
It's pointless, Rein.
Nothing is pointless in this world.
I'm going to take some clothes.
Since I've been in Jakarta,
I haven't gone out with you.
There's Orion.
Just once.
I don't want to look for trouble.
Then you're the one looking for trouble.
Forget it, Rein.
Don't say things like that.
I'll go out anywhere on my own,...
- ...but if something happened...
- Okay.
I've answered you.
Come on, hurry!
- Where are we going?
- You'll see.
Come on!
Res, let's ride the Tornado.
Ares! Ares!
Where are you going?
Tornado is there.
The writing is so big.
What's wrong? You can't read?
Thank you, Rein,
for reminding me of my illness.
Do your parents know?
They know.
That's why they always look down on me.
I can't go to America.
There are a lot more
expert doctors there.
So, I think there's nothing wrong
with you going there.
I have my mom here.
She's been helping me
until I can go to college.
Besides, for me this problem
isn't important anymore.
This is an important problem, Res.
It's very important for me.
Since when am I important?
Orion's the one who's important.
Ares, please don't ever think
I'm the same as other people.
I've never thought you're
the same as other people.
- But you...
- I love you, Res.
Love me like you love Orion?
Why me?
- Because you...
- Because you...
... are you.
- Good morning.
- Morning.
Breakfast, Rein.
Your husband has left?
I'm going to go upstairs.
Hei, wake up.
Here's breakfast for you.
Let's eat breakfast together.
Rein, what are you doing?
You have to eat breakfast.
... I have a basketball game tonight.
We're going up against a team
from Bandung.
Will you watch me?
Yeah, I'll be there for sure.
See you later.
- Ares.
- I'm playing tonight.
You'll watch me, right?
But you heard yourself earlier that...
It's up to you.
Whichever you feel is more important.
No one should help him.
What if Reina was hurt?
Who will be responsible?
It will be us.
- I'm fine, Sir.
- You don't have to defend him.
I'm sorry.
Does it still hurt?
Eat now, okay?
Don't move too much yet.
I'm sorry.
Please forgive Ares too.
So, now Ares is more important than me?
It's not just now, Ri.
From before,...
... for me, Ares has always been
more important.
I'm sorry,...
... but that's the reality.
I have a basketball game tomorrow.
We're going up against our biggest rival.
Dian Bangsa?
Will you watch too?
Invite Reina too.
What did you guys talk about?
... it seems your wish
in that letter...
... has just come true.
That's Orion.
Raul, change.
Come in, Ri.
Come on.
If there's a whistle, tell me.
Come on, all players, come here.
It's boring being a substitute, isn't it?
Hey, three point.
You have to play right.
I would like to talk to you for a second.
About what?
We've been having problems.
I'm not comfortable
if things stayed this way.
Uncomfortable how? I'm fine.
I'm not being used
in this team,...
... but at least
before I leave,...
... I would like to speak privately
with you.
Let's go upstairs.
See you later, all.
Are you sure?
Sure. Later.
Res, where did Orion go?
He's taking so long.
You wait here.
I'll look for Orion.
Where's Ares?
He said he'd look for Orion.
How dare you.
I accepted your invitation
to come here. You...
- You're dead.
- You're dead.
Hei, is he okay?
I don't know.
Get up.
He's not waking up.
Ares suffers from dyslexia.
He has problems with reading and writing.
That's why all this time he has
such a difficulty reading, Ri.
But he's amazing, isn't he?
He can still survive
with all his limitations.
He's amazing.
You and Mom never told me.
If you guys told me
Ares has dyslexia,...
... every time you looked down
on him,...
... I would help him.
If you and Mom told me,...
... I would have been the first person
to help him.
He wouldn't have to work
so hard studying alone.
I never looked down on that kid.
I just didn't like...
... if his behavior
is like a gang member.
I never demanded a lot, did I?
This isn't about
looking down,...
... but dyslexia.
How come
I was never told about this?
This is a big deal.
I never knew about it.
If dyslexia were a big problem
for him,...
... he wouldn't be
in college now.
Listen to this.
Listen to everything.
Ares, are you awake?
Do you know? I'm really afraid
you'll never wake up.
You're afraid I would die?
Don't talk like that.
You were unconscious for two hours.
Are you hurt, Ri?
You're okay, right, Res?
I'll call the doctor, okay?
Let me call the doctor.
You don't have to.
I'm fine.
... are you okay?
You don't have to ask.
The last guy who was still standing
was just me.
Who brought you both to the hospital
if not me?
If something ever happened
to either of you,...
... it seems I would be forced
to date Reina.
What are you talking about?
That hurts.
(Rock Music, Baroque Classic,
Classical Music History)
(Contemporary Music, Rock Music History)
Res, this is from Mom.
you can still learn by listening.
You can do it.
I'm sure you can do it.
- Hi, Rein.
- Hi.
Thank you, La.
For what?
Because you were in my life.
Hey, I'm going home, okay?
Take care of Ares.
Get well soon, Res.
Res, I'll walk Lala out.
(I just want to always be with Ares.)
Where are you going?
I would like to take Reina to the park.
Huh? We're going to the park now?
You've promised.
Are you strong enough, Res?
He's strong enough, Honey.
He's always been.
You're not resting?
Can you for once be a brother
who doesn't nag me?
Yeah, yeah.
I'm going to the park.
Would you like to come?
Later, I'll come after I wash the car.
See you later.
In two more days,...
... you'll return to America.
But I will come back here again for sure.
I know.
So now, you already believe me?
I believe you.
Ares, what's wrong?
I'm fine.
- Let's go home.
- I'm okay.
Let's stay here a little while, okay?
Okay, Rein?
You will come back here again, right?
You won't leave me again, will you?
I won't, Res.
I promise.
You have to promise too.
Whatever happens,...
... I won't leave you, Rein.
I love you.
I love you, Res.
I love you.
I love you, Res.
I love you, Ares.
Ares, Orion.
- Wait!
- Come on, Rein.
Come on.