Summer in Closed Eyes (2018) Movie Script

We will arrive at Higashikawa
station in 30 minutes.
Please prepare your luggage.
It's 19C outside.
This is Dad's first photo
after his divorce with mom
and moved to Japan.
Summer snow is real, my dear
daughter. Asahidake - June, 1998
Grab the clothes outside, Ha.
Be quick. It's gonna rain.
Yes Mom.
He has been there several
times for some photo festivals.
His passion in photography is
something Mom could never understand.
It seems like mom doesn't
want me to understand either.
In many years, I have secretly
sent Dalat's Photo to Dad.
In return, Dad has never shown up,
even when Mom passed away.
Until one day,
he stopped telling me about that land.
Should I...
stop sending photos to him?
Let's marry in this June.
I know you have planned to go to Japan.
Let's get married first,
then I will accompany you to Japan.
It's good to have someone around.
It's also OK to go alone.
As long as I can meet Dad.
Excuse me!
We will arrive in
Higashikawa in 10 minutes.
Higashikawa? Higashikawa!
Yes, the bus will stop at Michikusakan.
My name?
My name is Ha.
I mean the entrance,
not your name.
The bus will stop at Michikusa Kan.
Michikusa Kan.
Can you...
Oh no!
There's some left.
Thank you.
Akira, can you help me out?
It's flat tire.
It's dangerous if we keep moving.
Akira, the bus has to stop here.
See you 19:00 tonight at Michikusakan.
Sorry, the bus will stop here.
It can't run anymore.
Can you go with him? It's near.
Wait... Wait!
Thank you.
Give me your suitcase.
It's late already.
Do you understand Japanese?
Do... you... understandJapanese?
It's Michikusakan.
Thank you very much.
- Thank you very much.
- You're welcome.
- Now you get some rest.
- Yes.
Gram? I came here already.
Excuse me.
Pardon me?
Thank you very much.
Excuse me.
Is there anybody here?
Anybody here?
Excuse me.
This... HouseNhat Minh-san?
For sale? Why?
Could you call to this number for me?
- Please.
- Follow me.
Please wait.
Thank you.
Bye bye.
If One Day photo store.
Good morning.
Excuse me.
I've just met one person here.
Maybe your house buyer.
Did she leave any information?
She seems to be a foreinger.
I took her to Tomoe's store.
She left notes over there.
Thank you.
I've been here...
Dad. It's Dad.
Good Morning.
Good Morning.
Excuse me.
Do you want to develop film?
These photos could you tell me who took it?
These Photos... Who Where?
Those photos were taken by Akira.
Those photos were taken by Akira.
- Akira?
- He regularly comes here.
- Do you know him?
- So confused
Sorry. She is merely my customer.
Hey, what're you doing?
I'm sorry.
How can you get these photos?
Are you Minh-san's daughter?
How can you know his name?
Follow me.
How can you get this one?
Where is... my dad?
where's my dad?
Heart attack.
- Friends.
- Friends?
These are the last photos he took.
Good luck with your exam. July, 2008.
Please tell me
What I am here for, Dad.
Today, I had visited the tomb of
Of my friend.
It's 7 years from this July, Gram.
She couldn't meet him for the last time.
I'm fine.
There are things better to be untold!
I do want to know
how he had lived here.
Could you please take me around?
I don't have time.
Don't worry, Dad!
I would definitely find a way.
- Good morning!
- Good morning!
Good morning!
Can you take care of her?
Take her to Chubetsu Lake,
Gensui Spring, and Asahidake Mountain.
By bicycle.
Fighting. Take good care of her.
Here is your key!
She looks very excited.
She hired the bike from yesterday
and hasn't had breakfast yet.
I'll leave now.
Let's go.
Hey... Akira-san!
What a strange guy!
Slow down.
Are you tired?
Are... youtired?
Thank you so much!
Give me 900 or 1000
I will give you the change.
No, I have too much coins.
Wanna heat it?
You're Vietnamese?
I'm a Japanese
who love to learn Vietnamese.
How long have you learned?
Since I was born.
My parents are Vietnamese.
- You told me you're Japanese...
- It's a joke.
You're too trusting of people.
It's not funny at all.
It's rare to meet a Vietnamese here.
Hi, my name is Ha.
I'm Duy Anh. I'm studying
Japanese for a scholarship.
You know Akira-san?
He is my Dad's friend.
- That makes sense.
- Huh? What makes sense?
Old-fashioned man goes
well with old people.
Don't you think so?
Duy Anh, I want to ask him.
Can you help me?
It's ok but I'm not that good.
Where did my Dad live?
With whom?
Did anyone take care of him?
Did hehave a new family?
Where did Ha's father live?
With whom?
Anyone took care of him?
Did he have new family?
If I want to take him home,
Is it hard to...
Let him answer one by one.
Just ask him for me, please.
Ha wants to take her father back home.
Do you know how to? Is it possible?
Minh-san wanted to stay here.
That's what he told me.
Your father wants to be here.
- Why?
- Excuse me.
If he had no family here,
why did he want to be here?
- Why didn't he want to return?
- He didn't want to.
Excuse me
Excuse me
I'm only free this morning.
Where do you want to go?
Let's go!
Is that Akira?
Nice to meet you.
Good morning. How are you?
Much better than you.
This is Ha from Vietnam.
Come in.
I'm working.
Make yourself at home.
How is Michiko?
She's fine.
3 years already?
Akira. Think about your future.
Don't end up alone like me.
Excuse me.
- Adachi-san.
- Yes.
Where is this dog?
- Punch.
- Punch?
Since Punch passed away,
I have Hana with me.
How can you get this photo?
Just keep on working.
- Wanna capture that spider web?
- Yes.
- I will show you.
- Yes.
Put your hands here.
Before clicking, roll the film...
- Adachi-san Don't you mind?
- Okay.
That's the time to get
along with the object.
They look so good.
Thank you.
C'mon, let's eat.
We've no visitor for a long time.
Bon appetit.
Only Hana hasn't eaten yet.
I'll pass Hana to Michiko in Sapporo.
Why so rush?
I'm okay to be alone, but
Hana can't stand that.
A minute please.
- Hello everyone.
- Hello teacher.
Where is Shinichi?
This is Ha. She will join us today.
- Nice to meet you.
- Nice to meet you.
It's time to go.
Go adhead.
I'll follow you.
Slow down...
Wait for me...
I am Vietnamese.
You've just arrived here?
I don't understand.
Sorry guys, I'm late.
Nobody speaks English here.
You will need me.
Duy Anh? It's good to see you here.
Where are we going?
Sunbathing. Hurry up.
After 8000 times of being asked,
he took us here at last.
He's kinda strange and unfriendly.
Not like his mother at all.
She looks so nice...
and friendly.
I heard that his parents
had passed away 5 years ago...
by a car accident in Sapporo.
A few years later,
he moved here and live alone from then.
Then who is the woman
at the photo store If One Day?
Akira-san never uses mobile phone,
so she helps him with selling his house.
He seems to move somewhere far away.
Can you translate this?
Akira-san's handwriting?
If one day you couldn't see anything,
what would you want to see most?
That's it.
If one day you couldn't see anything,
what would you want to see most?
My Mom's shining smile.
How about you?
Imagine it.
Close you eyes.
See you tomorrow.
Thank you so much...
Good morning!
What would you like?
Shoyu Ramen, please.
Yes. How about you?
Two Shoyu Ramen, please.
Got it. Two Shoyu Ramen.
Wait a minute, please.
Sorry for keeping you waiting.
Two Shoyu Ramen.
Beside taking photo
watching good photo also
improves your skill.
We have one hour here.
Let's go around.
I've started film camera lately,
since Ran asked me to join
Akira's film photo club,
Before that, I used my phone only.
You love it then, right?
Yes. Love with hurt sometimes.
I have ruined 2 or 3 rolls
because of too much light, out focus,
Akira said it's okay.
We only know
the result after developing film.
Courage is more important than the result.
We'll get nothing if we're afraid to do.
Ha seems to like portrait photo.
Ran said you really liked portrait photo.
Yes, I know.
Good night, Gram.
Bye bye.
So beautiful!
I'll save money to bring Mom here.
I would take her to eat Hokkaido Crab.
I had it once. So yummy.
Gensui Springs
As a fairy tale in real life
A peaceful day, side by side
Let's share this moment together
Don't know why I think so
Life keeps changing, though
Be with me, my joy and my sorrow
Our heart may change sometimes, though
Let's share the very last days of your life
What are you thinking? Tell me
If one day you couldn't
remember anything...
Who would you want to remember most?
If one day you didn't know where to belong
What would you want to remember?
What would you want to think of?
Don't shoot?
What are you thinking? Tell me.
What are you thinking? Tell me.
How were the photos? Beautiful?
Yes, they are.
Can I have 5 more film rolls?
She looks better today.
She questioned about the photos.
I have explained to her already.
Those 3 girls won the Marathon
Photo Contest last year.
If one day we could go back
let's be here together.
People often write
something on the backside.
If one day I have wings
I will fly you everywhere, grandmom.
Do you want to write something?
Let's start with: If one day...
If one day I had to live alone,
I would adopt a dog.
Thank you.
Hi guys.
Will you join us?
Where are you going? It's so cute.
We are going to the shrine today.
Thank you so much.
Do you want to try Yukata?
She asked if you wanted to try.
She has one.
Yes, yes.
C'mon guys.
It's late for the sunset.
Can you tell Akira
that I really want to try Yukata once?
She wanted to try the Yukata.
Please sensei.
Wow beautiful.
It fits you well.
Thank you so much.
Let's go!
Where is Akira?
Can you wait here?
I will take my camera.
I want to take you a memory photo.
It's late. Let's go.
Ha! Akira, you're here.
Let's take a photo.
It's okay.
Let me take photo.
Ha! Be closer.
Can I have one more?
Can I have one more?
It's... late. Let's... go.
Excuse us.
Thank you.
Good bye.
Enjoy your time.
It's beautiful.
Let's take photo, guys.
Let's take photo.
If one day
If one day you couldn't hear anything,
what would you want to hear most?
Akira's handwriting again?
He often writes strange things.
There is firework at the festival tonight.
Please join us.
I'm not well.
Let's go with us.
I'm so sorry.
Okay, we'll go by ourselves.
Enjoy your time.
There is a temple near my house.
Just like this one.
Every new year,
dad often took me there to pray,
for everyone's health and peace.
In fact...
Before he passed away,
I took him here.
He said that year
his daughter had an entrance exam.
He wished you all the best things.
Let's go back.
He really wanted to be with you
at that special moment.
Dear Buddha,
do you know when my Dad would return?
Every parent wants to see
their kids grow up every day.
Please tell your friend in Japan
to grant him health
for taking more beautiful photos.
He loves photography so much.
Even if I want,
I couldn't go back anymore.
After praying...
I often heard him sing a song.
Nhong nhong nhong...
Or something like that.
Although I counldn't understand
the rhythm is always in my head.
Nhong nhong nhong
Dad is The Horse
So I can ride on his back
Nhong nhong nhong
Dad is The Horse
So I can laugh endlessly
Nhong nhong nhong
The Daddy Horse is so tired
I don't know
and kept pushing him
Nhong nhong nhong
The Horse runs unsteadily
Dad and I fall down to the ground
Nhong nhong nhong
Dad is The Horse
to be with youforever.
is already a lie
If one day...
I couldn't hear anything,
I know what I want to hear most.
Bye guys, I have night shift today.
Bye bye. Fighting!
Has just gone out.
I don't know when he'll come back.
Your breakfast.
If one day you couldn't say anything,
what would you want to say the most?
Check bill, please.
You look happy. Aren't you sick?
I'm sick, not sad.
I guess Fairy-medicine works so well.
It's Japanese medicine
that you also drink.
No! It should be love medicine.
I saw it all.
Don't fake it.
Are you in the fairy tale?
C'mon. I have to return the Yukata.
It's free.
Have you got bonus?
I have got the scholarship
and move to Tokyo next month.
- When will you finish work?
- What for?
I'd like to celebrate your news
and my upcoming birthday.
Don't you have to return Yukata?
Return it first and go to eat.
By the way, you'll be my interpretor.
I'd like to thank Tomoe-san
but I can only say Arigatou.
By the way...
Sorry for keeping you waiting.
I'm cleaning up
it's difficult without a man.
Here, try some sweet soup.
Thank you.
Thank you so much.
Keep it.
It looks beautiful on you.
She said you could keep it.
It's for you.
ThisFor me?
Thank you so much.
When I come to Vietnam,
will you take me to tailor Aodai?
I want to try Aodai once.
When she comes to Vietnam,
will you take her to tailor Aodai?
Yes, certainly.
Maybe 1 or 2 years later.
I'll bring my husband back to his hometown.
Huh, your husband is Vietnamese?
Yes he is.
What a coincidence!
Her husband is Vietnamese, too.
She said she wanted to bring him back.
It's strange, though.
He should be the one bringing her back.
Where does he live in Vietnam?
A city called Da Lat.
That is Ha's hometown, too.
He lives in Da Lat, too.
Ahsomething fell again.
Can you help me?
Can you wait for me?
Wait for me a minute.
It's okay.
Let me get some ice.
Ice is coming.
Thank you!
Tell her...
she and her husband looked very happy.
That photo was taken
when he won the Grand Prize
It's also our 2-year wedding anniversary.
What happened?
Who is she?
Who is she?
Why did you hide everything from me?
From the dead to the living,
why did everyone lie to me?
I'm so sorry.
I intended to tell you
when you calmed down.
Go away!
It's hard for me
I don't understand a word.
Go away!
I said go away!
Go away!
Calm down!
Let me go!
Calm down, Ha!
Calm down, please.
I'm so sorry.
It's not that I've never thought of this.
It's just so hard for me to accept.
So his passion is not photography.
It's another woman.
It's totally my fault.
I am so sorry.
You don't have to say sorry.
What I fear is not the truth,
It's the one who hide it.
Please wait here!
What happened?
Oh you're here!
What happened? Why are you here?
Adachi has a stroke,
Ha was there on time,
and asked me to call the ambulance.
Can I borrow you phone?
I need to call Michiko!
I must go now.
Can you stay here?
Is Adachi's family here?
He is better now. Don't worry.
Pardon me.
Is Uncle getting better?
Doctor said that he is fine.
His room is over there.
Thank you.
I may have to go now.
It's winter in the peak
but the lava still flows inside
Ha, wait.
Ha, slow down.
I have something
To show you.
Since your father couldn't walk anymore,
I was the one who sent you
the post cards to Vietnam.
He gave me the last letter in the hospital.
He still worried that you couldn't get it.
Later, in all the photos I sent you,
nobody is there.
I hate missing someone
when looking at the old photos.
I left Sapporo and came here
to forget one person.
And you...
you came here to remember one person.
When you choose to remember one person,
It must be the best memory
about that one.
It's not hard to decide.
The hardest part is
to deal with the result of that decision.
For him, 11 years apart from you
Is the hardest time in his life.
During those times, he
couldn't move himself.
Staying or leaving, is
not his choice anymore.
If you believe
his love for you has never changed,
it will never change!
If one day,
I couldn't...
say anymore.
I would like...
to say...
He was so bad, wasn't he?
How can love be hidden?
I am truly sorry.
Let's forgive everything.
Next week, we'll have a test.
Stand up, please!
Life goes on,
like it has to.
I know something has changed inside of me.
Since I met you...
Make a pose!
How are you doing?
Sis, I've just come back to Higashikawa...
If One Day photo store.
If one day we met again,
what would you do?
Can I take a photo?
If one day you couldn't remember anymore,
what would you like to remember most?
If one day we met again,
I promiseto find you sooner!
Everything has always been wrong.
Until we accept that
Being wrong is part of
the path towards right.
If one day I couldn't remember anything,
I would come here to remember one person.