Summer of '42 (1971) Movie Script

When I was 15, and my family
came to the island for the summer...
... there weren't nearly as many houses
or people as there are now.
The geography of the island
and the singularity of the sea...
... were far more noticeable then.
And if a guy wasn't to die of loneliness,
his family made certain...
... that other families from his neighborhood
contributed other kids to the island.
Look out, Hermie.
Look out.
Present with me in the summer of '42...
... were Oscy, my best friend.
And Benjie, my next to best friend.
We called ourselves "The Terrible Trio. "
And that house up there...
... that was her house.
And nothing, from that first day I saw her...
... and no one
that has happened to me since...
... has ever been as frightening
and as confusing.
For no person I've ever known...
... has ever done more
to make me feeI more sure...
... more insecure...
... more important...
... and less significant.
He's gonna take her
right into that bedroom.
He better put the wood down first.
Hey, come on!
Oscy, for Christ's sakes!
Hey, come on, Hermie.
Will you move your ass, please?
Give it back, Oscy!
Boy, I'd like to feel every one of those girls.
You know, I should've tripped on them.
They'd never know I was getting a feel.
That's not the way to do it.
So what is the way to do it?
You have to say things.
All right, so I'll say, ''Excuse me. ''
You know what I mean.
You just can't go up to a girl
and fall on her.
- It isn't done.
- Why not?
I did it with Gladys Potter.
She was only 12 years old.
What did she know?
I don't know.
She didn't seem to mind though.
Well, she was surprised.
Hell, so was I. She had nothing to feel.
Come on, Benjie, stop dragging.
I don't know what's gonna become of him.
He has no emotions.
He's just confused.
Yeah. So am I.
I've been waking up lately,
in the middle of the night.
A lot.
Yeah, that's okay. I do, too.
- You do?
- Yeah.
I wake up feeling crazy
and thinking about Vera Miller.
- So what?
- So, I hate Vera Miller.
You think I'm in love with her?
I don't know.
I hope I'm not in love with her. I hate her!
What kind of thoughts
do you have about her?
Well, I forget.
- Then how can I help you?
- Who the hell is asking you to help me?
- What are you guys talking about?
- Nothing you'd understand.
Screw you!
Yeah, that's your whole problem, Benjie.
You're only interested in screwing me.
- Why don't you try screwing a girl?
- Okay.
''Okay,'' he says. Boy, that's something.
- You wouldn't know the first thing to do.
- I would so!
Okay, what's the first thing you do?
You feel them.
Wrong! You kiss them.
We didn't kiss Gladys Potter.
We weren't in love with Gladys Potter.
If you're in love with a girl,
you're supposed to kiss her first.
- Ain't that right, Hermie?
- It's polite.
It's not required.
It's required, you ninny!
It is not!
How do you know?
Because I found a book.
If my mother knew I took that book...
It doesn't belong to me.
It doesn't belong to my mother.
It belongs to the house.
If you guys get your fingerprints
on those pages, it's your funeral.
My mother's gonna miss that book!
It's the biggest on the shelf.
Ten books fell when I pulled it out.
- Hold it!
- Will you hurry up?
Kill me. I don't read as fast as you do.
Okay, turn.
Jesus! Do you believe all this stuff?.
It's a medical journal.
Why should they lie?
How do they take pictures like that?
- They must have special cameras.
- What drugstores would develop them?
If we took film like that to Sanders,
we'd be put in a reform school.
I guess they develop them themselves.
Yeah, I guess that's what they do.
- Let me look.
- Go away. You'll foam at the mouth.
- It's my book.
- Come on, let him look.
There, they're doing it!
- I don't believe it.
- You'd better believe it.
One day your turn will come
and you'd better know what to do.
I don't believe it.
My mother and father never did that!
- Never.
- Why not?
Because it's stupid!
I hate to break the news,
but that's the way it's done.
You better stop pushing me around.
It could be dangerous. It could.
Benjie, if you just look at the pictures,
it does look dumb.
But if two people are in love,
it's supposed to be very pleasant.
How do you know? You've never done it!
Well, it's right here in the book.
In black and white and color.
That's why people kiss first.
It gives them a chance to know each other.
Once they get to know each other,
they fall in love, then they make love.
Foreplay! It's called foreplay.
Everyone takes off their clothes
and they play foreplay.
Then he does this and she does this,
and he does this.
And before you know it, they're screwing!
Now what could be simpler than that?
Now, listen, before I saw these pictures,
I didn't think it was possible either.
But these are pictures, Benjie, pictures!
These aren't drawings.
I've seen those drawings.
These are pictures!
In an emergency, it could mount...
...350 caliber jobs.
Probably handle about...
...a dozen or so depth charges.
It'd sink if it hit a fish.
Stripped down it could do 30 or 40 knots.
Thirty or 40 knots?
Thirty or 40 knots straight down.
Yeah, yeah.
Two, three, four, five...
One, two, three, four, five...
Sixty-nine, seventy.
I wish somebody
would invade this dopey island.
I'm going mad!
Hey, Oscy, it's that lady again.
Hermie, you're not gonna go into
another deathlike trance again, are you?
I swear, Hermie,
I don't know what's come over you.
That's a very old person over there.
I don't see the attraction.
Maybe it's her mind.
Maybe their minds meet and say, ''Hello. ''
Why don't you go
and say hello to her mind, Hermie?
Go on, go say hello.
Cut it out.
Come on. If she's the love of your life,
go say hello to her.
Come on, we want to see you go say hello.
Maybe you're some kind of a hotshot lover
we don't know about.
- Cut it out!
- Say hello.
- Knock it off!
- Come on!
Come on. Go say hello to her, Hermie.
- Go say hello to her.
- Yeah, go say hello.
Come on, we want to see you go say hello.
Hey, lady in the pink suit!
It's Hermie the rape artist!
It's Jack the Ripper!
It's Herman the German, Nazi spy!
- It's a sex fiend!
- It's Hermie the rape artist!
Oscy, I'll...
Hey, come on, Herm.
Come on.
We were only kidding.
Hermie, it was a joke!
Look out, Oscy! Look out!
Knock it off, Hermie!
Knock it off! Cut it out!
Now I'm gonna let you go, okay?
Okay, now, I'll let you go.
Goddamn it, Hermie! You're really crazy!
You're really crazy, you know that? Crazy!
It's enough, goddamn it! Enough!
Son of a bitch!
Jesus, Oscy, you killed him.
Oh, shit!
Hey, leave him alone, Benjie.
Leave him alone!
The son of a bitch threw sand in my face.
- Goddamn it, I mean...
- We'll see you later, Hermie, okay?
- Hermie, where're you going?
- The Planet Mongo.
- It's not even 8:00!
- I can't do anything about that!
- What did you have for breakfast?
- An elephant!
- Bring me back a newspaper.
- Okay.
And a Time magazine for your father!
May I offer some assistance?
Oh, yes, you may.
I really didn't expect to buy so much.
I should have brought my wagon.
- Yeah, you should've brought your wagon.
- Yes.
- What you really need is a wagon.
- I think you're right. I can take one.
No, it's okay. It's okay.
If you take some and I take some,
I think we can manage.
- I'll be happy to pay you.
- No, I wouldn't think of it. Really.
My house is a pretty long walk.
- I know where it is.
- You do?
Yeah. It's that way.
- Are you sure it's okay?
- Yeah, it's okay.
- Well, won't you let me take one?
- No, no.
- Do you live on the island?
- In the summer.
- With your family?
- Yeah.
But they don't bother me.
I pretty much go my own way.
Aren't they pretty?
- Oh, yeah.
- I couldn't resist.
I got a 12-page letter today!
- That's nice.
- It sure is.
Hey, Hermie!
Somebody called you.
Not me.
Is your name Hermie?
Well, somebody back there called you.
No, not me.
Well, he called Hermie.
Well, Hermie is a pretty common name.
This is it.
I can go further.
There's really no need.
- Oh, can you bring them in?
- Sure.
Hang on.
Got it.
- In there, in the kitchen.
- Okay.
You can put them on the table.
- They should make these bags stronger.
- I think you're right.
- Please let me give you some money.
- I wouldn't think of it.
Well, how can I repay you?
It's okay, really.
I'm gonna have some coffee.
Would you like some?
Great. Sit down.
These are marvelous doughnuts.
Help yourself.
Coffee will be ready in a few minutes.
You drink coffee, don't you?
I consume a couple of cups a day.
- Well, I have milk.
- Oh, no, I take it black.
- Are you in high school?
- I'm a sophomore.
I thought you were older.
Next year I'll be a junior. And so on.
Now, don't be in too big a hurry. You can
end up in the Army before you know it.
Well, I'm prepared to go.
I'm taking preflight courses in high school,
and I guess I'll get my wings.
And maybe I can team up with my brother.
He's a paratrooper.
And maybe I can drop him out.
So, your brother is a paratrooper?
But, mostly, I have a sister in high school.
Coffee is ready.
I hope it's all right. It's from this morning.
It looks fine.
I have a little bit of sugar.
Would you like some?
No, no thanks. I'll take it black.
I forgot to tell you.
It's awfully hot. Are you all right?
Let me get you some milk.
Do you think I could have
a glass of ice water?
Why don't I put the ice in your coffee.
You like ice coffee?
- Sure. Great.
- I'm sorry.
- Are you all right?
- It's okay.
I'm really sorry.
Do you have many friends on the island?
But they're immature, you know.
What do you do to keep yourself busy?
Well, I lean toward basketball.
But I think there's a lot
to be said for baseball.
At least in baseball you don't get
round-shouldered from dribbling.
No, that's true.
- Do you like music?
- Yeah, I'm quite musical.
Do you play an instrument?
I sing.
Well, I think a voice is like an instrument.
I do, too.
And then for a change,
you can always whistle.
I can see that.
- You'll like those.
- They're good.
- I think I'll be going.
- Do you have to go?
- Yes, I really think I should.
- Wait.
Here, take the rest of the doughnuts.
Seems the least I can do.
- Thank you very much.
- No, I thank you.
You're welcome. It was a privilege.
Next time I'll be sure to take my wagon.
I think you should. You could get a hernia.
Goodbye, Hermie. And thanks again.
Goodbye. And you're welcome.
Perhaps I'll see you again some time.
It would be a privilege.
Hernia! Jesus!
Wait a minute.
Hermie, hold on.
- Hi.
- You were in there a long time.
You could've brought those bags in
and be out in 10 seconds. What happened?
- We had drinks.
- You're kidding? They had drinks.
- Big deal.
- She let you get funny?
You're a dope.
Come on, an older woman like that,
what's a little feel to her?
- She let you have a feel, Hermie?
- She gave me some doughnuts.
Probably stinks from perfume.
Grow up!
Come on, will you tell us
what happened in there all that time?
I wasn't aware of the time.
It flew quickly.
Boy, I'm telling you,
I'd like to give her a feel.
I thought you were mature, Oscy.
It's very mature to feel girls.
My brother does it all the time.
How come he's a dentist?
Don't get to be such a big shot
all of the sudden.
Don't try to tell us
something went on in there.
I ain't trying to tell you anything.
Which is exactly the same as telling us
a lot went on in there. A lot!
Screw you!
I ain't gonna tell you
that something happened if it didn't.
Nothing happened!
If you believe something happened,
then I'm sorry, because nothing happened.
- Jesus! I don't even know her name!
- You expect us to believe that?
I don't care what you believe!
I'm going home.
My father is waiting for his newspaper
and his Time magazine.
Going home?
Yeah, I'm going home!
A few things to think over. Going home.
- Well, what are you gonna do later?
- Gonna kill myself!
- No, after that?
- I don't know, Oscy, I don't know!
Hernia! Jesus!
Good evening.
Fine night for an evening of movies.
Are you old enough to be up this late?
I have two charming friends.
You have ice cream on your face.
That perfume! I grow dizzy.
My friends and I would like
you three ladies to join us in the movies.
Dutch treat, I suppose.
Yeah. But, we'll spring for refreshments.
- Where are they?
- It's those two rascals over there.
- Where?
- Over there.
Smile. Look older.
Here, come on.
They're coming this way.
- What's your name?
- Oscy.
- Don't panic.
- I'm sweating.
Don't sweat!
This is Hermie and this is Benjie.
And this is Miriam.
This is Aggie and this is Gloria.
Let's see. Hermie, you're with Aggie
because you're both intellectual.
Benjie, you're with Gloria, because.
I have to go home.
- If Gloria doesn't go, we don't go.
- Benjie!
- It's not important that I go.
- Don't be silly!
I'm not being silly, I don't want to go.
- Well, then we won't go.
- Go without her.
- She's our friend. We stick together.
- Go without me.
- She wants you to go without her.
- She doesn't.
- She does!
- She does not!
She left. Now, come on, let's get in line.
The night is still young.
I don't want to miss the cartoon.
- Hello.
- Hi.
Then we each want a 15-cent candy.
Sure, okay.
Fifteen cents.
That's the last time
I ever do anything for Benjie.
He's too young. It's beyond him.
Christ, he almost screwed up
the whole arrangement.
- I got bad news.
- What?
You have to lend me a dime.
Here's a nickel.
Hold on, I got some pennies.
Catch the boobs on Miriam.
You catch them.
She throws them, I'll catch them.
I'll be ready.
Those boobs come at me,
I'll be there to catch them.
Hermie. Hi.
Hi, there.
- Going to the movies?
- Yeah.
That's nice. Good to see you.
- She really knows you.
- Jesus, it's embarrassing.
- What?
- Her, seeing me with that.
Hermie, excuse me.
Do you think you could come by my house
Thursday afternoon?
I have some heavy things to move
and I'll need some help.
- Sure! Okay.
- Great.
Maybe Thursday morning would be better.
About 10:00? Is that all right?
- Sure. We'll have coffee.
- Yes. You like it black, right?
- Yeah, right.
- See you Thursday. Enjoy the picture.
- Hey, you're in.
- Shut up!
You're in, boy. I can't believe it.
She's mad about you.
Coffee at 10:00. Shit.
Will you shut up?
I'm all excited. I'm gonna squeeze the crap
out of Miriam, soon as the lights go out.
You're really something.
You can't even wait till the cartoon is over.
I can't wait. I can't wait!
Silly name, isn't it?
My father named me
after a professor he was fond of.
I was J.D. in college
and my wife calls me J. Duveaux.
But I'm Jerry to my friends.
And now, won't you tell me who you are?
My name is Vale. V-a-I-e.
If it ever appears on the passenger list,
it will be C. Vale.
Stop it!
- Are you one of the Vales of Boston?
- One of the lesser ones.
Well, which one?
I don't even know yet
whether it's Miss or Mrs.
It's Aunt.
Every family has one, you know.
But Aunt what?
My name is Charlotte Vale.
Miss Charlotte Vale.
It was like a miracle happening.
Like having your child.
- Stop it!
- All right.
I even allowed myself
to indulge in the fantasy...
... that both of us loving her,
and doing what was best for her together...
... would make her seem actually
like our child after awhile.
But I see no such fantasy
has occurred to you.
Again, I've been a big sentimentaI fooI.
It's a tendency I have.
Wait a minute.
I was afraid
you were keeping Tina out of pity.
But there was no note of pity
in your ridicule of me just now.
I know you still love me,
and it won't die, what's between us.
Do what you will:
ignore it, neglect it, starve it.
Stop it!
It's stronger than both of us together.
Please, let me go.
Please, let me go.
Dr. Jaquith knows about us.
When he said I could take Tina,
he said, "You're on probation. "
Do you know what that means?
It means that I am on probation
because of you and me.
He allowed this visit as a test.
If I can't stand such tests...
... I'll lose Tina.
Then we'll lose each other.
Jerry, please help me.
Shall we just have a cigarette on it?
May I sometimes come here?
Whenever you like. It's your home, too.
There are people here who love you.
To look at you and Tina,
see everything peace and contentment.
Of course. And just think,
it won't be for this time only.
That is if you will help me
keep what we have.
We'll both try hard to protect
that little strip of territory that's ours.
We can talk about your child.
Our child.
Thank you.
And will you be happy, Charlotte?
Jerry, don't let ask for the moon.
We have the stars.
Where do you live?
That's off the point.
- Let's go to the beach and watch the surf.
- No, it's late. We really have to go.
Come on.
No! But maybe we'll see you
on the beach tomorrow.
- Will you be on the beach tomorrow?
- Ain't gonna be on a mountain.
Well, then we'll see you.
Yeah, 'bye.
Come on.
- How did you make out?
- Pretty good.
- What did you do?
- I held her breast.
- You didn't?
- For almost 11 minutes.
- Eleven full minutes.
- You timed it!
The longest I ever got
was eight minutes with Lila Harrison.
- So, you broke your record!
- By three minutes.
What did it feel like?
What'd you mean, what'd it feel like?
It felt like a breast.
Didn't it feel like an arm?
An arm?
- No, it felt like a breast.
- Come on, I bet it felt like an arm.
- Why the hell should it feel like an arm?
- Because it was an arm.
Now, what's the matter with you, Oscy?
You were feeling her arm. I was looking.
That's what I was trying to tell you.
You were squeezing an arm
for 11 minutes, you schmuck.
So the eight minute record
with Lila Harrison still stands.
- God damn it, Oscy, you're lying!
- I wouldn't lie about an arm, Hermie.
An arm?
Jesus, I was passing out
and it was an arm.
A very lovely arm.
- Well, you're a son of a bitch!
- What?
- Son of a bitch! Why did you tell me?
- What?
- Why not just let me think it was a breast?
- I thought you should know the truth.
I thought you should know
so you won't make that mistake again.
You wanted to ruin my memory of it,
you son of a bitch!
The hell!
What do I care if you spend
your whole life squeezing arms?
I just thought you ought to face reality.
Especially if you're putting a clock on it
and going for records.
I guess you're right.
God, how can I ever face her again?
Make sure she's wearing long sleeves.
An arm.
An 11-minute arm!
Lila Harrison, your record is safe!
Lila Harrison. Jesus!
Nothing is too heavy
when love is in the air.
Laughter becomes you.
Coffee is exquisite. Exquisite.
- Is that you, Hermie?
- It is I.
Come on in. The door is open.
I'll be out in a minute.
Why don't you sit down?
I certainly will.
We'll have the coffee later, all right?
- Your coffee is exquisite.
- Thank you.
I hope it wasn't an inconvenience
for you to come by like this.
No, it's okay.
- What's up there?
- Dust.
- May I see?
- Sure.
There's lots of room.
We shouldn't have any trouble.
Thank you. You're right.
There's lots of dust up there.
Laughter becomes you.
The best thing for me to do is hand you
the boxes one at a time, don't you think?
Yeah, okay.
How are you doing?
Hermie, what's wrong? Are you all right?
Well, your leg is shaking.
I don't think your ladder is too good.
Do you want me to hold it?
I think you better hand me another box.
Just two more.
That's it. Come on down.
Good job.
Look, this time you really must let me
give you some money.
- No, I couldn't take any money.
- But you have to!
I couldn't possibly have gotten
those boxes up there myself.
It's okay.
I like you.
That's very sweet of you, Hermie.
I like you, too.
I mean, I don't like many people.
Hermie! Hey, Hermie!
Come on!
Come on, will you, hurry up?
Get up here, come on. What happened?
- Nothing.
- What went on in there all that time?
Come on, try to remember.
What happened?
Well, the way it went,
we went in and we chatted.
And than I put the boxes in the attic.
- And then she kissed me.
- Kissed you?
Yeah, right here. See any lipstick?
Jesus! He's right. Lipstick!
- That's blood. It's a mosquito bite.
- No, it's lipstick.
- That's definitely lipstick!
- Look, Oscy, I like her kissing me, not you.
It's blood. She's a goddamn vampire!
As I left, I'm sure she asked me
to come back. Any time.
You know, Hermie,
I really think you've struck gold.
I really do.
- Benjie! We're gonna need the book again.
- You can just whistle.
You drooled all over it. I don't want
to get blamed for any warped pages.
My glasses for the book.
You'll have loads of fun
identifying enemy aircraft over the island.
- You'll be a hero!
- Nothing flies over this island except birds!
- Maybe they're enemies.
- Jesus Christ, no go!
It's a fair swap.
What's more,
you can have the glasses for two days.
I only need the book for one afternoon.
If you don't like my offer,
I'll break your nose.
- Come on, Oscy.
- Come on, Hermie! Christ!
In the name of the USA,
I award you these field glasses.
Good hunting.
Benjie, come on, hurry up.
Hurry up, Benjie. Come on.
Come on, hurry up.
Come on.
Now, Backstage Wife.
The beloved story of Mary Noble.
Now Mary Noble, war wife.
Her husband Larry, former Broadway star,
now Lieutenant Noble of the Coast Guard...
Come on.
... somewhere in the South Pacific.
If you recall, when we last heard
from Larry, he and a lone companion...
... Bosun's Mate Smith, were stranded
on an enemy infested island...
... after their rubber boat
had been wrecked in a squall.
Come on.
- Mrs. Larson didn't.
- She didn't, but now she does.
Yes, now she does use Duz.
Now Mrs. Larson knows Duz.
D-u-z does everything in her wash.
She's convinced
this new kind of soap is best.
Why, it's even improved her disposition.
She used to be a crosspatch on washday.
- Watch that step.
- Okay, okay.
She's twice as sunny.
You wouldn't dirty up so many towels
if you had to wash them.
I know your rayon undies
don't look bright anymore...
Come on.
Ah, but then Mrs. Larson
started using Duz instead of...
Hermie, I just cleaned in there.
Goddamn it!
- Where's the paper?
- It's in the drawer.
I found it. Where's the carbon paper?
In there!
What are you doing?
Making two copies.
One for me and one for you.
You can keep it with you at all times,
and refer to it and learn it.
What for?
You can't call on your lady
with a book under your arm... I'm condensing it. Point by point.
Stay close to this and you'll do okay.
You know, Oscy, I'm troubled.
I think I have a deep feeling for her.
So what?
Well, so I don't want to just lay her.
I respect her.
There's something you have to understand.
It's all right to respect a lady.
But, she's won't respect you
if you don't try to lay her.
I don't believe that.
It's true! My brother told me.
That's the way ladies are.
They want you to try,
even if they don't let you.
Because even though they don't let you,
they want you to.
- I think I understand.
- Good. Now you start memorizing.
- This is crazy.
- What?
Point three.
What's crazy about it?
- I've never even heard of the word.
- It's Latin. The original guys were Latins.
- I wouldn't even know how to pronounce it.
- You don't pronounce it, you just do it!
I don't even know where it is!
And what the hell is this in number four?
That's Latin, too.
It's all in Latin, Hermie. Jesus!
Yeah? I may just have to ask her
where some of these things are!
They're all in approximately
the same place. ''Seek and ye shall find. ''
Besides, she's supposed to be
helping you out.
Well, I hope so because I'm gonna need
all the help I can get.
Point six, Hermie, very important.
- Foreplay.
- Right! That word keeps cropping up.
I still don't know what I'm supposed to do.
What do I say?
''How about a little foreplay?''
I told you. You don't have to say a word.
Yeah? Point two definitely states
that we're supposed to converse.
Swell, but when you get to Point six,
there's no more talking.
Just moaning and sighing.
Just moan and sigh.
- Well, she'll think I'm sick.
- No, she'll be moaning and sighing, too.
It's gonna get pretty noisy. Boy.
I got news on Miriam today.
One of the lifeguards told me.
Once she gets started,
she's supposed to really be something.
I'm home, Hermie, home!
Look, Oscy, if I follow these 12 points,
she just might have a kid.
I can't afford a kid at this stage of my life.
So the whole thing is off!
I really can't believe it, Hermie.
You are really dumb.
I may be dumb,
but I'm not gonna be a father!
- Two wrongs don't make a right.
- You use protection.
You use a rubber.
Haven't you ever heard of a rubber?
- Yeah, of course I have.
- All right, so that's what you use!
I already have mine.
When my brother went into the service,
he willed it to me.
I've been carrying it around ever since.
It's my lucky charm.
- How much do you want for it?
- It's from my brother.
It's a family heirloom.
You have to get your own.
Go to the drugstore.
I'm not gonna risk it.
I happen to be underage.
Also, for information, Oscy,
women shop in drugstores.
So where do you want to get them?
A sporting goods store?
If you were a really good friend,
you'd lend me yours.
- What?
- Well, I'll return it.
Hermie, I'm beginning to think
that maybe you're a homo.
- Swell, Oscy, thanks a lot.
- No, I mean, you don't know anything.
A rubber's to be used once, and only once.
And only by one party.
Not even the best of friends
can go half-sies on a rubber.
- Just forget the whole damn thing.
- I'm doing this for you, Hermie.
I'm doing this out of friendship,
because your time has come.
Yeah? Let's forget it!
I can't. It's all arranged.
- What's arranged?
- Marshmallow roast, on the beach tonight.
Me and Miriam and you and Aggie.
Don't try to get out of it, it's all set.
- Here are your instructions.
- I'm not interested in Aggie!
You're not ready for the older lady.
I have to sharpen you up on someone else.
Aggie is all I got.
- You know, Oscy, you're really crazy!
- Yeah. Crazy, man!
Sorry. Listen.
I'm not asking you to get to Point 12
because I don't believe in miracles!
I'll be happy if you get to Point two.
- Now, all I want you to do is give it a try.
- Forget it.
I'm not sticking my neck out for Aggie.
Jesus, Aggie!
Tomorrow morning, you'll thank me.
So, tonight, I'll bring the marshmallows
and you bring a rubber.
- Go on.
- All right.
Well, go on. Come on. Get in there.
- Anything else?
- Yes, a large bottle of cod liver oil.
- Ma!
- Shut up, it's good for you.
It's $2.18. Thank you. Come again.
- Move.
- All right, all right.
Move, move already.
Can I help you?
No. Just looking.
Did you get them?
- Not yet.
- Well, go get them.
There's a lady in there.
Okay. Get going. Go on.
- All right.
- Go!
It's me. The same guy as before.
I just stepped outside for some air.
Just what is it you're looking for?
Maybe I can help you.
I'll know when I find it.
Maybe if you'd tell me what it is?
I'll tell you. I just remembered.
A strawberry ice cream cone.
All right, come with me.
One dip or two?
Better make it a triple.
All right. That'll be 10 cents.
There's something else I need.
I just remembered.
Well, what is it?
All right.
Sprinkles. Here you go.
Thanks a lot.
That'll cost you 12 cents.
Is there something else?
Well, I hate to bother you, but...
Speak up, son.
How about a napkin?
All right.
- Anything else?
- How about some rubbers?
I understand that you carry them.
Carry what?
Come on, you know what.
Yeah. Right.
And you want to buy some?
What for?
Come on. You know what for.
All right.
What brand?
- Brand?
- Brand and style.
- The usual.
- Well, there's a number to choose from.
Do you have to flash them around?
Which is your usual?
- The blue ones.
- And how many would you like?
Three dozen.
You planning a big night?
Just the usual.
That'll be $12.
- $12?
- And 12 cents for the ice cream.
Well, how much just for a dozen?
And how many for $1? Three.
- I'll take two.
- They come three to a package.
Can I just owe you
for the ice cream cone, then?
All right now, son. Fun is fun.
- But how old are you?
- Sixteen.
How old?
On my next birthday.
What are you planning to do with these?
Well, they're for my brother. He's older.
Why can't he come in
and get them for himself?.
Well, he's sick.
Well, then what does he need them for?
For when he's feeling better.
He's a Ranger.
Do you know what these are used for?
Sure. You fill them up with water,
and then you throw them off the roof.
Well, I just wanted to make sure
you knew what they were for.
Of course I know.
My brother wouldn't send me in
to buy them without telling me.
We'll call it $1 even,
including the ice cream.
Thank you!
- Hi, Hermie.
- Hi, Aggie.
I had a very nice time at the movie.
- I'm sorry if I was rough on your arm.
- That's all right.
Is it healing well?
It's okay, really.
I'm looking forward to tonight.
Oscy is outside.
He's bringing the marshmallows.
Yeah, I saw him. What are you bringing?
I'll see you later Aggie, okay?
- Tonight. 'Bye.
- 'Bye.
Can I toast you
another tasty marshmallow?
If you like, but...
...shouldn't we save a few
for Oscy and Miriam?
We may never see them again.
They seem to be getting along very well.
Yes, they're very friendly.
- Excuse me for a moment, please.
- Sure.
Thank you.
Hi. Let me see your notes.
Mine are all sweaty and crumpled.
Hey, come on. Come on, fork over.
- What number you up to?
- Six.
Six? Six is foreplay! You up to six?
Yeah, but that crazy Miriam.
She's up to nine!
- You're kidding?
- No, I'm not kidding.
She's ruining my timing!
Jesus Christ!
How you doing with Aggie?
- We're up to the marshmallows.
- No time for gabbing, I got to go.
- That was Oscy.
- Yes.
- Feel like another marshmallow?
- What's that paper?
It's a map.
- A buried treasure?
- Yeah. I think so.
Can I see it?
Why don't you just have
another marshmallow?
All right.
- Would you excuse me again?
- Yes.
You're very kind.
- What?
- Give me a rubber!
- What happened to your heirloom?
- It was spoiled. I guess they don't keep.
Come on, for Pete's sake!
Come on, it's cold.
Don't you even say thank you?
Thank you, Hermie.
Why did Miriam say, ''Thank you''?
- Because she's a lady.
- Oh, I see.
- See what?
- Pardon?
- You said you saw. What did you see?
- Actually nothing.
- Then don't say you see when you don't.
- Okay.
Need a rubber?
I need a breather.
I also need another rubber.
Did you get to Point 12 yet?
Twelve? We're so far past 12...
But, that's as far as the book goes.
What's after 12?
There's 13 and 14.
Fifteen. Hermie, you have no idea.
And 16, 17 and 18.
I think Miriam and I
should be getting home now.
- I'll take you home, come on.
- I think I'd better get Miriam.
Hey, Aggie!
No, I don't think so!
Aggie, I'll take you home.
Hermie, hi.
- How have you been?
- Fine, thank you. And you?
- Pretty good.
- Good.
What a beautiful morning!
Should be a really nice day.
How are the boxes we put away?
Any trouble?
No. They're fine. Still up there.
I think they'll be all right.
I'd ask you to the movies,
but it's the same picture.
Like to see it again?
No. No thanks.
I don't blame you.
Once you know the ending,
it kills the thrill.
Tide is coming in.
So it is.
Have you any other
heavy objects you want moved?
No, none that occur to me.
If you can think of any, feel free.
All right, I will. Thank you.
Will you be at home tonight?
Well, I thought I might drop by.
I have to be in the neighborhood.
Feel free to drop by.
I'm not saying I can come for sure,
so don't plan on it.
It's getting late!
I've got to get to the post office
and get these letters off.
- I'll run them down for you.
- No, thanks. It's tricky postage, overseas.
Thanks, anyway.
I don't even know your name.
I had a cat named Dorothy.
Got hit by a truck.
- You know what?
- What?
It's all over.
- What?
- Me and Miriam.
- What happened?
- I'm embarrassed to tell you.
- Then don't tell me.
- You won't believe it.
- After last night, I'll believe anything.
- It's not what you think.
- Oscy, I'm in kind of a hurry.
- We had an argument this afternoon.
And I went over to her house
to apologize to her.
She's got appendicitis.
Took her over to the mainland.
Hope they leave her there.
- I hope they don't cut up her boobs.
- I don't think the scar goes that far.
She told me she was breaking our date.
The next thing I know, appendicitis!
Christ, she sure goes to extremes.
They loaded her on the speedboat
on a stretcher.
Maybe it's all for the better.
For the better?
How can you say such a dumb thing?
- Because I'm not really interested.
- Bullshit! You're interested.
You took yourself some long look
at us last night.
- We knew you were looking.
- I only caught a glimpse.
Will you shut up, Oscy?
I don't want to hear your dirty details.
- You don't want me to tell you?
- I don't want to hear about it.
- I was gonna tell you everything.
- Don't!
When you want to hear about it,
I'm not gonna tell you.
Something's wrong with you.
You're not normal.
- Going to her house?
- Screw you.
Got your instructions handy?
It's not gonna be that kind of an evening.
You wouldn't understand
because you're so crass.
Crass? What the hell is crass?
- Leave me alone!
- What the hell are you so mad about?
- I don't know.
- Got your rubbers?
You're a regular comedian!
You know what?
I'm sorry I ever tried to help you!
Well, that makes two of us.
I gave up my binoculars
to get you educated, goddamn it!
- Tough!
- Word's getting out on you, Hermie.
You're a homo.
If you don't cut it out, Oscy,
you're gonna get a fat lip!
Dorothy, it's Hermie.
Hermie, from the beach.
Hi, Hermie.
I don't look very nice, do I?
I think you do.
I think I don't.
I'm sorry.
Good night, Hermie.
Good night.
Miriam pulled through.
I talked to her mother this morning.
Jesus, they didn't even operate.
They froze her.
I'm relieved about it.
She's through for the summer.
Won't be back on the island again.
My first lay.
Gone with the wind.
Have you seen Benjie anywhere?
That rat still has my glasses.
You know, you shouldn't feel so bad,
no matter what happened.
And you don't have to tell me.
But if you want to tell me, you can.
But you don't have to unless you want to.
Sometimes life is one big pain in the ass!
I thought maybe we'd attack
the Coast Guard station tonight.
You know, give them a scare.
Dear Hermie, I must go home now.
I'm sure you'll understand,
there's much I have to do.
I won't try and explain
what happened last night...
... because I know that, in time...
... you'll find a proper way
in which to remember it.
What I will do is remember you,
and I pray that...
... you be spared all senseless tragedies.
I wish you good things, Hermie,
only good things.
Always, Dorothy.
I was never to see her again.
Nor was I ever to learn
what became of her.
We were different then, kids were different.
It took us longer to understand
the things we felt.
Life is made up
of small comings and goings...
... and for everything we take with us,
there is something that we leave behind.
In the summer of '42, we raided
the Coast Guard station four times.
We saw five movies,
and had nine days of rain.
Benjie broke his watch.
Oscy gave up the harmonica.
And in a very speciaI way...
... I lost Hermie forever.