Summer Stock (1950) Movie Script

If you feel like singing,
sing Tra la la your cares away
There's something about
Giving out with a song
Makes you belong
Helps you to find A
peace of mindful day
If you feel like humming, hum
dee-dee-da-dee dum
Supposing you do-re-mi
slightly off key
Everyone can't be a Bing
Tell your friends to go places
If they start making faces
If you feel like singing, sing
There's something about
Giving out with a song
Makes you belong
Helps you to find A
peace of mindful day
Just look in the mirror And do a duet
And raise your voices aloft
Don't move out of your dwelling
If your neighbors start yelling
If you can't sing good Sing soft
When your luck is in need of repair
Don't you care
Anyone who feels chipper Will
chirp out like a whippoorwill
It mustrt necessarily
be any anniversary
Or be an extra-special event
If you feel like singing, sing
Tra-la-la fiddle
dee tra-la-la
Sing to your heart's content
If you feel like singing, sing
- Good morning, Es.
- Never mind the bed now.
Frank and Zeb are waiting to
see you. In their Sunday clothes.
- Sunday clothes?
- Hats and all.
- What for?
- Well, you can't put it on me.
You know them. Never tell me nothing.
Just stand around acting mysterious.
Good morning, Zeb, Frank.
- It's a beautiful day, isn't it?
- Yep.
- Are you going someplace?
- Yep.
You see, we figured, that is my brother
and me, now that the planting's done...
...we were going to run along down to
Hartford way and get us a job in a factory.
- You're quitting without giving a notice?
- Wait a minute. Wait a minute.
Why, you two worked
this farm for my father.
And for his father before him.
You know how much I need you.
Your grandpa paid us and your
pa too. But you ain't, Miss Jane.
I know, but how could I? We haven't
had a decent crop for three years.
You can't say you ain't
been eating good, can you?
No, but Zeb won't be able to eat
at all unless he gets his new teeth.
Takes money.
We're gonna have a fine crop this
year. Everything points to it.
And I'll make it up
to you. You know that.
I've got to have my teeth.
We don't doubt your
intentions, Miss Jane.
But we made up our mind.
- We're set on it. Bye.
- Wait a minute.
Wait. Just a minute.
It's car fare, anyway.
Watch Bessie careful-like.
She ought to calve pretty soon.
Hope it's a heifer.
Don't slam the door.
I been expecting something
like this for a long time.
Each got one shifty eye, them two.
- Ever notice?
- Oh, I don't blame them.
I wouldn't blame you if you left too.
Me? Where'd I'd leave to?
If we're gonna be two
women alone on this farm...
...we better get that old
shotgun ready for snoopers.
Next time to town, get
some blanks, will you?
Blanks? Why blanks?
If any mars gonna snoop around me, I
don't want to kill him. Just stun him.
Oh, Es, what would I do without you?
Anyway, we're not just two women alone.
Abigail will be here this afternoon.
How long will she stay this time?
That sister of yours is the
reason this farm's in trouble.
Bringing money out for
college and not finishing.
- Then painting lessons and drawing lessons.
- I know.
Abby had to have her
chance though, Es.
You wait and see. When she finds
we're in trouble, she'll pitch in.
How about field work and heavy
work? Women can't do that.
Get a jar of that new
marmalade, will you?
I want to see how it compares
with what I made last year.
Yes, they can. We could do the
heavy work if we had a tractor.
- A tractor?
- I'm going into Wingait Falls.
If Abigail comes while I'm out
don't tell her anything yet.
A tractor? It seems to
me tractors cost money!
Hi, Orv.
You're here awfully
early. Good morning, Jane.
Good morning. Oh,
aren't you feeling well?
It's my allergy again.
It's that new clover seed.
- It's attacking my sinuses.
- Oh, I'm sorry.
Getting the barn ready
for tomorrow night?
Well, I haven't had time to
put any decorations up yet.
I was gonna come over tonight and
help you blow up the balloons, but...
- I don't think I better.
- I don't think you better.
You got anything special
on your mind, Jane?
Yeah. I need a few things.
I'll get my order blanks.
They're right over here.
- Some baling wire.
- Baling wire?
...I need some of that
clover seed. I'm sorry...
Clover seed.
And some paint. Red paint.
- Gallon?
- Yeah.
A bucket of paint.
And some thumbtacks.
And a tractor.
And a tract...
Zeb and Frank quit this morning. And
I'll never get the crops in by myself.
- But if I had a tractor...
- Do you know what it costs?
I know, but I could have everything
paid off by harvest time. Look.
This is the kind I want.
- They're very expensive.
- But, Orv, it's so important.
I'd better speak to Dad
about this. He'd... He'd...
All right.
Not that there'd be any trouble,
you understand. It's just that...
You wait...
Yeah, what do you want?
- Speak up.
- It's Jane.
What does she want?
What does she want? What?
A tractor?!
- She's outside.
- Why didn't you tell me? Go on, let her in.
All right, Dad. Jane.
- Good morning, Jane.
- Good morning.
- Come in. Sit down.
- Thank you.
- I suppose Orville has told you about...
- Oh, yes, yes, yes.
- Zeb and Frank quit this morning...
- I'm going to talk to you just like a father.
I'll be your father someday.
Now, Jane, running a
farm isn't womars work.
Why don't you put the
burden where it belongs?
- But Mr...
- I know how you feel about your farm.
Why shouldn't I? Why, my forefathers
got the second land grant in this area.
Just one year after your people.
Why, our folks built this part of
the country with their bare hands.
That's why I've always dreamed of you
and Orville. The Falburys, the Wingaits.
Carrying on our heritage.
- I understand...
- You know how Orville feels about you.
Why, he's been in love with you
ever since you both were that high.
And each year he's loved you more.
Havert you, Orv?
- I said you love Jane.
- She knows that, Dad.
Mr. Wingait, Orville and I
can't get married just yet.
I mean, how would it look?
I owe the store so much.
The debt's cleared off the
books. A wedding present.
Oh, no, Mr. Wingait.
I can't accept that.
I mean, I think you're
terribly kind, but...
But no.
No, Orv and I will just have to wait
until I work my farm free of debt.
Yup, you're a Falbury, all right.
When would you like that tractor?
Oh, Mr. Wingait. Could
I get it right away?
- Go on and pick it out.
- Oh, well, thank you so much.
That's wonderful. Can you
drive the truck back tomorrow?
- Sure, Jane.
- All right. Goodbye.
- Goodbye, Mr. Wingait.
- Goodbye. See you at the dance.
Well, go on. Help her.
All right. Don't I ever
do anything right here?
- Nose drops.
- Nose drops.
- Howdy, neighbor
- Howdy, neighbor
Happy harvest
May your 40 acres Soon
be fields of clover
Yes, indeed, and plant a wish
With every seed and by and by
The sun and rain will make an etching
Of a million little green
fingers Stretching to the sky
Howdy, neighbor
- Howdy, neighbor.
- Happy harvest
Get your rocking chairs
For all your cares are over
Clap your hands and lick your chops
Your bumper crops are on the climb
Hey, we're gonna roll in
plenty Spend a five or 10 or 20
And those happy harvest
bells Are gonna chime
Remember, neighbor When
you work for Mother Nature
You get paid by Father Time
Chicks are gonna cackle
And every burlap sack'll be
Full of taters and tobaccos
And dozens of different
Good and healthy greens
- Do tell.
- And if the weatherman won't upset us
Mister, you can bet us
There'll be lots of crispy
lettuce In your jeans
Corn and taters, you can bet us, Ripe
tomatoes, crispy lettuce in your jeans
Begin to live And find
out just what living means
- Howdy, neighbor
- Howdy, neighbor
- Happy harvest
- Happy harvest
May your 40 acres Soon
be fields of clover
- Yes, indeed
- Go on, puff your corncob pipes
And no more gripes And no more groans
No mortgages or loans
And you won't see a trace of worrying
On the face of Farmer Jones
- Howdy, neighbor
- Howdy, neighbor
- Happy harvest
- Happy harvest
Get your rocking chairs
For all your cares are over
Clap your hands and lick your chops
Your bumper crops are on the climb
Hey, we're gonna roll in
plenty Spend a five or 10 or 20
And those happy harvest
bells Are gonna chime
Remember, neighbor When
you work for Mother Nature
You get paid by Father Time
Hey, give me a hand with these flats.
You! Young lady...
- Wait. Stop that.
- Heave ho. Heave ho. Heave ho.
Oh, wait a minute. Whoa.
Whoa, you slime, whoa!
What's going on here? What
are you doing up there?
I'm looking for a needle. It's the
"needle in the haystack" bit. Funny?
- I love you!
- What?
- Love you...
- Leave me alone.
Impetuous little fool.
No, don't turn your back.
- I want to remember you as you are.
- Now, wait.
Here, this goes in
the house. Hey, Herb...
- Oh, excuse me.
- Hey, Joe, where do we put these flats?
Oh, Herb, come on.
Give us a hand here.
- Now, wait just a minute.
- Fred.
That's my barn.
What are you doing in my barn?
- Your barn?
- Yes!
You're Jane. Hello, I'm Joe
Ross. Say, this setup's perfect.
- Wait till we get the stage, you'll love it.
- A stage? For what?
For the show, my show, Fall in Love.
Mr. Ross, I don't know
anything about you or your show.
Will you tell these people here there's
been some kind of mistake and go away?
You mean you didn't...?
Didrt Abigail write you?
Abigail? What's Abigail
got to do with this?
- Jane.
- Abby.
It's wonderful to be home again.
- This is Joe Ross. He's directing the show.
- We've met.
- My sister.
- Abigail...
...did you ask all these people here?
Of course, darling.
And isn't it wonderful?
A musical show in our barn.
Oh, wait till you see my part.
- It's wonderful, isn't it, Joe?
- Yeah, sure.
Abigail, I'd like to
talk to you inside.
Didrt you tell her were coming?
Well, not exactly, Joe. I thought it
would be sort of fun if we surprised her.
- We surprised her, all right.
- Oh, now, Joe, don't worry.
I'll take care of everything.
It'll be all right.
Let's go in here for a minute.
You still haven't gotten the
new curtains for the parlor.
No. I've been pretty busy.
...start from the beginning, huh?
- Well, after I flunked out of art school, I...
- Yes, I felt bad about that.
Oh, darling, I'm sorry. But all my
friends said I should go on the stage.
- That's where I met Joe.
- On the stage?
- No. You see, he, we...
- Where?
In a drugstore on Broadway.
But, Jane, it was really very romantic.
We were both having a sandwich...
...and he... Well, he began to talk
to me and he asked me if I could sing.
The next thing I know, I'm
rehearsing with his show.
Look, Abigail, you just can't
bring all these people here. It...
You don't understand. You see, Joe
needed a place to try out the show.
A place where producers could
see it. We couldn't find anything.
Well, I suggested our barn.
Our barn, just sitting here.
Abigail, darling, this is
a farm. This isn't Broadway.
These people just don't belong
here. They wouldn't fit in.
Once you get to know
them, they're wonderful.
- I'm sure they're...
- They won't be any trouble.
You won't even know they're around.
- Really, darling...
- This must be Mr. Keath.
- Another one?
- Oh, he's our name.
- Name?
- A name people know.
You have to have a
star in the lead. Hi.
And this is the most fascinating
place. However did you find it?
- How do you like this? The bellhop bit.
- Wait.
- What?
- This is Harrison Keath. My sister, Jane.
- How do you do?
- A very talented lady here, Miss Falbury.
And a lovely old house, so utterly
quaint. Which is my room, please?
- No, Abigail. Abigail...
- I'll have tea in my room in half an hour.
In your room...? Wait a minute.
- Tea girl, quickly! To the galley.
- But...
- Your face is familiar.
- Just a moment.
- Where are you going?
- Upstairs.
No, you're not. You
take your bags outside.
Oh, these aren't mine.
They're Abigail's.
Well, Mr. Ross, will
you come in here, please?
Mr. Ross... sister is apt to
be very enthusiastic.
At times, it gets the
better of her judgment.
She should never have invited
you. You all have to leave.
- Have to leave?
- I'm sorry. My farm is important to me.
I've got hard work to
do here. Serious work.
You are gonna have to find
some other place to play.
- Play?
- That's what it is, playing.
- I've got a harvest...
- Wait a minute!
What makes you think putting a show is
a lot of laughs? You ought to try it.
- Mr. Ross...
- Try rehearsing all day...
...knocking yourself out in the same
routine, doing them in your sleep.
That's what these
kids have been doing.
In empty warehouses, garages,
any place they could find.
Your barn looked like a great break.
So we put all the money we had
in second-hand sets and costumes.
Now you want me to tell
them it's no go, deal's off.
I made no deal, Mr. Ross.
- Abigail told me...
- I run this farm.
I don't mean you have to drive back
tonight. You can all sleep in the barn.
But tomorrow you have to leave.
Dinner's at 6:30.
There'll be 24 for dinner, Esme.
Would you pass the potatoes, please?
All this very much
reminds me of the time...
Of the time when I was
stranded in Booth City, Iowa.
Very early in my career, of course.
Thank you. May I have
some salt, please?
It seems the county fair
opened simultaneously with us.
Which proved rather
unfortunate, since...
Are there any more
string beans, please?
You wouldn't want a
rubdown, would you?
Thank you.
Ah, well, as we of the theater
say, never become disheartened.
Poor child.
Excuse me.
Come on. Let's clear the table.
...what are you doing?
Darling, now you
mustrt be upset by this.
You don't want to be an actress.
This thing is ridiculous.
Why is it ridiculous?
Because you say so?
You say I don't want to act because
you're not interested in acting.
I notice you're doing
what interests you.
You like farming, so
you expect me to like it.
But it's not fair. I wanna
make something of myself.
I don't wanna sit around, be an old maid
and hoe potatoes for the rest of my life.
I've found something I want
to do and I'm going to do it.
And if you try and stop me,
you're just being selfish, Jane.
- Okay, take these out with you too.
- Okay.
- Attagirl.
- Mr. Ross.
I've changed my mind. You
can stay and put on your show.
Miss Falbury, you don't know
what this means. All right, kids.
All right, kids. Listen, listen
kids. All right. All right.
Look, rehearsal tomorrow, 10:00 sharp.
Wait a minute. No. Wait, wait. Wait
a minute. You didn't let me finish.
You see, a farm can't support
a lot of people who do nothing.
Things don't just grow, you know.
There are chores to be done,
milking, weeding, candling...
...and I'm afraid you're...
You're all going to have to help.
Now, we start tomorrow morning at 6.
Good night.
Six o'clock? Hey, Joe, I didn't
come up here to be an early bird.
- Now, listen. Listen, everybody.
- Quiet! Quiet!
- We've got a chance...
- Good night.
- Good night. Good night.
- We got a chance to put on this show.
Now, suppose we have to milk cows
or pick eggs or make with a hoe?
- What of it? What's so tough about it?
- Joe, I don't...
- You want everything to fall in your lap?
- No.
Do you want to quit now
and give up the whole show?
- Go back to rehearsing in warehouses?
- No.
I hear your message,
brother. Show me the way.
You're wise and good. I don't wanna
be a lazy no-account like you all.
I wanna be saved.
Save me.
Save me.
Well, I don't wanna sound
like I'm preaching a sermon.
Oh, preach to me. Preach.
But I've heard people say
What did they say?
They said, "The early
bird catches the worm. "
And there's a lot of good
logic In that old clich
You know, he's right. Listen
to him, children. He's right.
There are certain obligations
you just can't shirk.
You gotta put the heat
on To make the kettle perk
Now, ain't that the truth?
Are you listening to the man?
This is the man who saved
me. I was wicked. I was blind.
This is the man who showed me the way.
Took me by the hand
up to the glory river.
This man showed me the light.
This man here. This is the
man who give me the beat.
This is the man who made
me be righteous. This man.
And if you want it to be a good day
You gotta do a good day's work
You gotta dig, dig,
dig Dig for your dinner
Nothing's what you get for free
You gotta dig, dig,
dig Dig for your dinner
Never was a money tree
And furthermore, my
friends, I must repeat
Nobody's living down on Easy Street
And if you wanna owe for groceries
You're gonna get An
awful lot of "No, sirees"
You gotta dig, dig,
dig Dig for a dollar
'Tain't as simple as you think
You can't purloin a sirloin Or
the butcher'll put you in the clink
You just can't be a lazy bird
You gotta get off of your twig
So you can afford Your
room and your board
And it's nice to have
the price of a cig
Hey, you gotta pay the fiddler
man If you wanna do a jig
You gotta be as busy as
a bee To be a Mister B-I-G
And if you want
some dig-dig-dignity
You gotta dig, dig, dig
Dig, dig for your dinner
- Dig, dig, dig, dig, dig
- Hear him talking to you
- Dig, brother, dig
- That's the spirit, brother
- Dig, brother, dig
- Join the chorus, brothers
Dig, brother dig, brother
Dig, dig, dig, dig, dig
That's right You gotta see the light
You gotta pull your load
You gotta dig the ground
You gotta get it hoed
- You gotta pitch right in or hit the road
- Save me!
You're saved
You gotta feed the
chickens Gotta milk the cow
You gotta stack the hay
You gotta push the plow
You gotta feed, milk,
stack, push The time is now
And dig, dig, dig, dig, dig
You gotta pull the weeds
You gotta rope the steer
You gotta bag the tiger
Gotta shoot the deer
- You gotta see your dentist twice a year
- And dig, dig, dig, dig
- Dig, brother, dig
- I been digging, brother
Dig, brother, dig
Up there?
Dig, brother, dig, brother
Dig, dig
Dig, dig, dig, dig, dig!
Dig for your dinner It's
harder than you think
Purloin a sirloin And
you wind up in the clink
You just can't be a lazy bird
You gotta get off of your twig
So you'll afford your room and
board And it's nice to buy a cig
Say, you got to pay that
fiddler man If you wanna do a jig
Be as busy as a bee
Be a
Mr. B-I-G
If you want
Dig, brother, dig
Dig, brother, dig
Dig, brother, dig
Dig, dig, dig, dig Dig for your dinner
Dig, dig, dig, dig, dig
On our feet. On our
feet. Hit the floor.
On our feet.
Good morning. Good morning. Did
you have a good night's rest?
You three girls weed the truck garden.
You can each get a hoe over there.
And you two clean the pen,
feed the pigs. Right over there.
Clean the henouse and feed the chickens.
I'll bring the grain in a minute.
Separate the cream, give
the skim milk to the hogs.
You better help her. No, it's
over that way. That's right.
- Do you know how to milk cows?
- Sure.
Well, you'll find the pails in the milk
house. You'd better oil the harness.
Come on. Pretty piggy. Here, piggy.
Here, piggy. Piggy, piggy. Come on.
All right.
Pig, pig, pig, pig, pig. That's right.
All right, chickens.
Hey, chickens. Look what I got.
- Hey, chicken. Here, chick...
- Here, chick, chick. Here chick, chick, chick.
Here, chick, chick, chick.
Here, chick. Here,
chick, chick, chick.
Chick. All right, here.
Here, chick. Chick, chick.
Say, I think this is
gonna work out all right.
At least we got a few extra hands.
Extra mouths too. Look at that.
Why not get some girls in to help you?
No, thanks. I'd rather
break them myself.
I knew it was going to happen someday.
Either you or Abigail going on the stage.
Felt it in my bones. The whole
thing's your Aunt Matilda's fault.
Run off with a vaudeville
magician in 1919.
Three months after they
married, he disappeared.
Never saw hide nor hair of him.
Family hushed it up, of course.
- I used to catch her out in the barn.
- Hey, Es, look. Joe Ross.
"Those kids have talent,"
she'd say, "real talent. "
"Never mind their
talent," I says to her.
- Where's your talent...
- Please.
Where did you learn to dance?
- Her Aunt Matilda, a real scatterbrain.
- Esme, please.
You're good. It must
run in the family.
Here. Try this one:
What's wrong? Too tough? Come
on, you can do it if you try.
- Look...
- Oh, she don't have to.
- Jane's brains are in her head, not her feet.
- Oh, Joe. Good morning, darling.
- It's a good morning now.
- Your orange juice is in the refrigerator.
- Good morning, Jane, Es.
- Good morning.
Don't go, I'll be right back.
I think we've wasted enough time.
Have you finished with the milking?
Well, sure.
There you are.
- This is from 10 cows?
- No, nine.
We've got another whole cow to go yet.
- We usually get a 135 quarts a day.
- What?
They'll never do it. I'll never do it.
I think you could do if you tried.
Oh, Joe, you're not going to
leave without saying goodbye?
So long. See you next Thursday.
Oh, isn't he wonderful?
It's ridiculous. It's ridiculous.
- Hi, Lem.
- Hi, Zeke.
Think the rairll hurt the rhubarb?
Show business? What
do you think I'm doing?
- Picking eggs.
Eggs. E-G-Z. - Herb?
- What?
- Can you milk a cow?
- Certainly.
- You can?
- Certainly.
- Look, Herb.
I'll pick the eggs, you milk the
cow. It's a deal, huh? Thank you.
I lied.
Well, you play ball with me, I'll
play ball with you. All right?
How are you? Here we go. Ready?
Some of us are not trying.
Just give me one, huh? One egg?
You don't have to steal
them. They belong to us.
The chickens don't think so.
Mr. Ross, what are your plans?
I mean, concerning Abigail.
- Oh, that.
- It's only natural that I'd be concerned.
I mean, she is my younger sister. I've
taken care of her all of my life. And...
Wait a minute. Wait a
minute. Don't get upset.
Certainly, you've got a right
to know about Abigail and me.
Here's how it is.
I like Abby.
I like her a lot.
Right now, I'm broke.
I own a station wagon
and a pile of debts.
My whole future is
tied up in this show.
If it's a hit, I get
clear, we'll be all set.
If it's a bust...
Well, I won't ask Abby to
marry me on a breadline.
So you see, you've got
nothing to worry about.
Who opened the gate?
Who's got my glasses?
Glasses. Who's got my glasses?
Oh, I see.
What happened?
- This doesn't feel right.
- Guess we've got the wrong glasses.
- Let me see.
- Those are my glasses.
- Don't get panicky now.
- Give them to me!
- Have you seen Jane?
- Seen Jane? I can't see the house.
- Oh, you all right, stranger?
- I'm all right, thank you.
You don't see very well, do you?
- Orville. Orville, what happened?
- I'm all right.
- Oh, he's terribly nearsighted.
- You got all dirty.
Jane, what's this I hear
about a show? Actors?
Please, no, the dust. My allergy.
The whole town is... The whole...
Father wants to see
you in town right away.
He says there's a rumor in
town that these people are...
- Gesundheit.
- Well, Orville, it isn't exactly a rumor.
You mean that they...
- Gesundheit.
- He's catching cold.
Well, I'm going in town for
a while. I'll be back shortly.
Oh, you. Get off that tractor.
I don't want that touched.
- You're an actor, huh?
- Oh, yeah. Joe Ross is my name.
- How do you do?
- How do you do?
- Miss Falbury is my fiance.
- No.
- Just thought I'd tell you.
- Oh, well, congratulations.
- We've been engaged for four years.
- You don't say.
- Well, don't rush into anything.
- We won't, thank you.
- Gesundheit.
- Come on, Orville.
Well, busy, busy, busy.
- Hiya, farmer.
- Hiya, think the rairll hurt the rhubarb?
Oh, for heavers sake.
Can't you find him a job someplace
where he can't do any damage?
- Good morning. Joe.
- Good morning.
- Good morning.
- Good morning. How are you?
Glad you came. We're
rehearsing "Memory Island. "
I'd like you to see. Oh, girls...
...get on the train,
remember what we've set.
- It's a rough start.
- Surely.
The setting is, the two
of you are on an island.
- What'll I wear?
- Well, I don't know yet.
At any rate, Harrison, when the
curtain goes up you're all alone.
- How about my pink dress?
- Well, maybe the pink dress.
Back here, there's a tropical
garden. A mass of hibiscus...
Oh, but Joe, hibiscus is red.
It would clash with the pink.
- We'll change the flowers. That's easy.
- Thank you.
And now, Harrison. Girls.
Hold it down, will you, please?
Back here, there's a sky blue
cyc. White, fleecy clouds...
You know then, I'd rather see
myself in tweeds for this number.
Yes. Yes. Tweeds would be fine.
Now, the ballet enters upstage.
- Perhaps this very jacket.
- Wonderful, I love this jacket.
Thank you. Not these trousers.
I have eggshell flannels...
Better, I've a dress
that the line is casual...
- Pardon me, Harrison.
- Yes, Joe?
Wardrobe later, try the number.
- Surely.
- Curtairs up, you're here.
- Let's say this is a log.
- I wondered what it was.
Good. I'll get you a lyric.
Thank you.
- Harrison.
- Oh, I know my lyrics, old boy.
- Like this, Joe?
- Yes, good.
All right, kids. Places,
please, for the number.
All right, Artie. Slowly, please.
Sail away with me to Memory Island
I think it would be better standing.
- Enchanting Never Say Goodbye Land
Strolling on the
sands of time together
Lovely. Lovely.
Time will help us
find the love we knew
No, no, no. Next chorus.
Drifting on the Bay
of Can't Forget You
Moonbeams will relight
The night I met you
I'll know then we'll meet again
When yester dreams come true
Somewhere on Memory
Island Lost with you
This is the ballet: Sea nymphs, water
sprites, mermaids all around you.
Proteus rising from the sea.
Drifting on the Bay
of Can't Forget You
Moonbeams will relight
The night I met you
I'll know then we'll meet again
When yester dreams come true
Somewhere on Memory
Island Lost with you
Somewhere on Memory Island
Lost with you
Get out of the way. I'll
take care of it. No stump...
Don't scratch that tractor.
Herb. Herb, turn it off!
Shut off the switch!
Herb! Herb! Herb, you pinead!
If you can hear me, don't
come out! I'll slaughter you!
I'll slaughter you! Oh, Herb!
But how can theatrical
people help out on a farm?
You don't need any help.
Just yesterday I let
you have a new tractor.
I know, Mr. Wingait. It's
beautiful and I thank you for it.
But all they want to do is
put on their show and leave.
I wonder what the first Falburys would
think of using their barn for a musical.
- Well, we're using it for a dance tonight.
- I don't think that's the same. Is it, Dad?
The Wingait Falls Historic Society has
held these dances for over a hundred years.
- Square dancing is tradition.
- That's what I meant.
In 1594, there was a law
passed in this community...
...prohibiting theatrical
entertainments of any kind.
Do you know who proposed that law?
Your ancestor, Phineas Falbury.
I'm sure that in 1694, Uncle Phineas
must have a good reason for it.
The reason still exists.
This is a farm community.
- These people don't belong.
- What about the dance tonight?
Yes, these dances are
important to us, Jane.
I know, Mr. Wingait but...
Please, please trust me. I promise
you they won't interfere in any way.
What do you think, Artie?
Maybe if I had a week
or so to work on her.
A week? This thing's gotta
be rolling by tomorrow.
This thing? There's maybe
a hundred parts busted.
A hund...?
Start talking.
- Well, rear axle.
- Rear axle.
- Drive shaft.
- Drive shaft.
- Brake drum.
- Brake drum.
Ladies and gentlemen... close the meeting of the
Wingait Falls Historical Society...
...we will dance an old
favorite, "The Portland Fancy. "
Everybody will dance this.
Would those folks back there...
...please move the chairs away because
we're gonna need plenty of room.
All right, now. Choose your partners.
All join hands, circle to the left.
End gents over, sashay down the line.
Sashay back to your places.
Sashay in line. Ladies in the lead.
Turn your partners one and all
Half right and left across the hall
Dig the squares, they're having a ball
Quiet, we'll get in trouble.
- Crankcase.
- One crankcase.
- Need a front tire too, Joe.
- One front tire.
How are the back ones?
- Hi, what do you want?
- We want to hide here.
I'm sorry. We're busy.
Come back some other time.
Find some other place
to play. Attaboy.
- Hey, that was Miss Jane's new tractor.
- Let's go ask if we can have the tires.
Come here. Where have you
been? Take that hat off.
Miss Jane, Miss Jane,
I just saw your...!
May I have this dance?
Hey, look, there's Joe.
- What are we waiting for?
- Hi, Joe.
Come on, everybody. Come on.
Joe's down there. Here we come.
Get back up there.
Get back up there.
Stay back there.
We'd better break it
up, kids. Go ahead.
Well, Jane, that's a fine finish to
the meeting of the Historical Society.
I thought they werert
going to interfere.
I'm not talking to you. I suggest
you ask these people to clear out.
Well, I can't. They're helping me.
When you need help, you ask your
own people. Charity begins at home.
Yesterday, you wanted a tractor. I
gave it to you, no strings attached...
It's the second time
you've brought that up.
Mr. Wingait, if that's bothering
you, I'll bring the tractor back.
- Take it easy.
- You keep out of this.
I didn't mean it that
way. I didn't say that.
I did, Mr. Wingait. You'll get
your tractor in the morning.
- Don't say that, Jane.
- Keep quiet.
I refuse to accept it.
I won't even hear of it.
- Good night. Good night, Jane.
- Mr. Wingait...
Well, just the same,
he's going to get it.
Jane, you're being silly about
this. I mean, why make enemies?
If the man wants you to keep his
tractor, well, make him happy. Keep it.
Now, listen, don't you try to
tell me how to run my affairs.
All right. You're gonna find out about
it anyway, you might as well know it now.
- Find out about what?
- Now, don't get too excited, that's all.
You see, the tractor...
We had a little accident.
- Don't tell me you scratched the paint!
- Yeah.
Oh, it's not too bad. All
we need's a couple of parts.
Now, don't worry. We'll fix it.
Artie's a great little mechanic.
No, wait a minute, please.
What's the matter?
How stupid can you...?
- Oh, hello, Joe. Where you been?
- Come here.
I meant to tell you. I was in the tractor,
I was trying to get the stump out and:
You know what I mean?
You're not listening, Joe.
I'm trying to explain, you
see? You all right, Joe?
Joe, now wait. I can... Joe. Joe.
- Now, wait a minute. Joe.
- I swear if...
Flipping down out at that hayloft,
stamping, yelling, hooting...
...hollering like
a tribe of Indians...
What are you doing? Are you
listening on the party line?
Those Fliggerton sisters,
buzzing like a beehive.
I can imagine.
- Who's that for?
- Abigail.
- She isn't up?
- According to what you call being up.
She's up enough to want
her breakfast in bed.
I'll take that.
- She learned such
a thing I don't know.
Disgraceful, just disgraceful.
I never saw such a
disgraceful thing in my life.
It's just that I'm tired,
so terribly tired. L...
I think you should go now.
- Oh, good morning, Jane. How sweet.
- You think so?
I think you should go...
From now on, you come down in
the kitchen and have breakfast.
When you're finished,
get into a pair of jeans.
- Jeans?
- You'll do a little work here for a change.
I'm giving Joe Ross and his friends
10 minutes to clear off this farm.
Jane, you can't.
- The costumes and lights arrive...
- I don't care about costumes and lights.
I've had all I can take.
These people are completely
irresponsible, thoughtless, destructive...
And I'm not gonna have
them making you that way.
- Lf they're leaving, so am I.
- No, you're not.
You're gonna stay here. I've
pampered you and spoiled you...
...all of your life. But this
farm is ours, yours and mine.
The debts are half yours too. And you're
gonna stay and help me work them out.
- But I can't...
- Without any argument or tears or whining.
Do you understand?
Yes. Yes, I understand.
- How did you...?
- I told you Artie was a great mechanic.
A couple of parts, new
tires, that's all she needed.
Don't touch it. The paint may be wet.
All right. It's a new one.
We busted your tractor. The
cast chipped in. There it is.
- Well, you shouldn't have done that.
- It's all my fault.
I guess I'm sort of a
misfit. I was gonna leave.
But the gang and Joe had cash...
That's enough hearts and
flowers. Let's go back to work.
Wait. Wait a minute. Mr. Ross.
I can't accept this.
Oh, I'm afraid you're stuck with it.
What are we gonna do with a tractor?
Well, I know much they cost.
I know that you could...
Wasrt your station wagon
parked over there last night?
Look, the way I see it,
the farm needs a tractor.
Me, I don't need a station wagon. It
got us up here, that's all that matters.
When the show's a hit, I'll
buy two to bring us back.
Joe, the truck's here with the
costumes and lights. What do we do?
What do we do?
Oh, the chores can
wait. Unload the trucks.
- Okay, Herb.
- Solid.
Okay, gang, unload the truck.
You know...
Be careful with the
lights. Put the props there.
Don't be too disappointed.
I'm glad it's over.
I was getting awful tired
sleeping up there in that hayloft.
You'd better get used to
it, Es. They're staying.
- Staying?
- Oh, Jane, you won't be sorry.
They'll eat us out of house and home.
I'll get your dinner now.
Good morning, Jane.
- Oh, Orville, how are you?
- Good morning, Orville.
- I'd like to apo...
- I'd like to apo...
- Orville, I'm...
- Jane, I'm...
- I'm sorry, didn't mean...
- I knew you would be.
It got out of hand.
When you make a promise to Father,
it's a good idea to keep the promise.
I didn't intentionally
break the promise...
He gave an expensive
tractor. And when he gives...
- He didn't give me the tractor.
- I know. I was there.
It was a business deal.
- I'll pay for the tractor.
- I know.
- I didn't...
- I'm tired of hearing about the tractor.
- But, Jane...
- Did your father send you here?
- He doesn't know I'm here.
- You better tell him.
Tell him he can have that
tractor back anytime he wants.
- But, Jane, he...
- Excuse me.
I said we were sorry.
I apologized.
You don't know the first thing
about women. You never did.
I remember in school. Lots
of girls had crushes on you.
So did I. But you just didn't
know what to do about them.
Orville, a woman doesn't want
apologies. She wants romance, excitement.
- She wants to be swept off her feet.
- That's only in big cities.
Oh, no, it isn't. Orville, you
have to be strong, forceful.
A woman doesn't want to be
asked. She wants to be told.
Maybe you're right. I'll
speak to Father about it.
Thanks, Abigail. You're very nice.
- Here.
- Thank you.
- Give those to Jane, will you?
- Yes, I will.
You're very nice.
Hey, kids, kids. Hey. Pay
attention to me. Listen, kids.
There'll be a run-through tonight at
7:30. Seven-thirty sharp. Look alive.
- Alive? We're half-dead. -
Look half-dead. But be there.
- Hey, who's this one for? The chickens?
- Chickens. Hey, that's funny.
The chickens.
How do you like it?
Well, I don't...
I don't know much about all of this.
But with the lights and
all, it's kind of exciting.
Exciting? Yeah.
But wait till opening night
when the people come in.
Even the air gets exciting.
You can feel them out there.
You can't see them
but you can feel them.
It's like electricity.
Oh, boy.
- You really love this, don't you?
- What, show business?
There's nothing else in the world.
If I couldn't be up here, I'd
work backstage or sell tickets.
Oh, a lot of reasons.
Here's one.
Now, look, close your eyes.
Take a whiff of that.
You like it?
- Yes, I think I do.
- Sure you do. It's greasepaint.
Go easy. That's very potent stuff.
You smell it once too often, it
gets away down deep inside you.
You can wipe it off
your face, all right.
But you'll never get
it out of your blood.
No, it's the same old stuff, but that's
one of the reasons I love the theater.
And everything it stands for.
The heartaches, the
excitement, the applause...
...the lights, the hokum, everything.
- Hokum? What's hokum?
- Hokum? Well, hokum's comedy.
Well, no, it isn't either,
exactly. Well, it's hard to explain.
The word itself comes from
the old vaudeville days.
Two comics would come out on stage
and one would say to the other:
"How come I seen you at the
party last night stealing spoons?"
The other would say, "Doctor's orders.
The doctor says, 'Here's your medicine,
take two spoons after each meal. '
That's how come. "
They were called "how come"
jokes. "How come. " Hokum. See?
You don't have that kind of
"how come" in this show, do you?
Well, we better not have. No, no.
No, we're trying to tell a story
with music and song and dance and...
Well, not just with words.
For instance, if the boy tells the girl
that he loves her, he just doesn't say it.
- He sings it.
- Well, why doesn't he just say it?
Oh, I don't know,
but it's kind of nice.
Look, let me show you.
Now, you're the girl and
I'm the boy. Oh, here.
When the curtain goes
up, you're sitting here.
Yeah. Yeah.
I'm in love with you and I tell you.
I'm glad I met you
You wonderful you
I can't forget you
You wonderful you
You're like a breath of spring
A whole new thing has happened
And without much ado
I look at you and
There stands love
My arms around you
That's wonderful too
So glad I found you
You wonderful you
Remember, finders keepers
Losers weepers
And because it's true
You're mine now
You wonderful you
- I like that.
- And then they dance.
A nice, easy dance.
It's a nice, easy song.
You're like a breath of spring
A whole new thing has happened
And without much ado
I look at you and
There stands love
My arms around you
That's wonderful too
So glad I found you
You wonderful you
Remember, finders keepers
Losers weepers
- And because it's true
- And because it's true
- You're mine now
- You're mine now
You wonderful you
Good evening, Jane.
- Mr. Wingait.
- We came over this evening...
...because Orville has
something to say to you.
- Hello, Orville.
- Evening, Jane.
- Oh, Jane, may we sit down?
- Oh, yes. I'm sorry. Please.
Jane, Dad was thinking... I
mean, I was thinking that...
- Orville is going to be very frank.
- Frank.
He can't see why you invited these
people here or permit them to stay.
- He didn't come about that.
- No.
- Well, go on. Go on.
- Jane, Dad feels, I mean, I feel...
He feels you should have
a definite understanding.
He's been very patient
the last four years, Jane.
- You can't expect a man to wait forever.
- No, you can't.
- You mean, you want me to set a date?
- Yes.
Yes. It's not only for his sake.
Orville's greatly worried about you.
He didn't sleep a wink last night.
Didrt you walk the floors
until morning thinking?
- I'm sorry.
- Well, Jane?
When these people leave, I'd
be very happy to marry you.
- Congratulations.
- That's wonderful.
- Congratulations.
- Wonderful.
- Give it to her.
- I've got it, Jane.
- I've got something that I...
- Go on. Hurry.
- Where'd you put it? Here.
- I think it's in my pants...
Oh, here. Here. What's
the matter with you?
Here you are, Jane. Here you are.
- Oh, Mr. Wingait.
- Been in the family for generations.
Oh, my, it's lovely. Thank you.
The Falburys and the Wingaits.
Well, come on, son. It's getting late.
Good night, Janie.
Good night, Mr. Wingait.
Good night, "daughter. "
Good night, dear.
Well, come on!
When young'uns can't
make up their own minds...'s up to an old codger like me
to make it up for them, eh, Janie?
Fine for Niagara Falls
this time of year, son.
Mighty pretty up there.
Night, Janie.
See you in church.
There's a star for everyone
Brightly shining in the sky
It seems to be a part of our destiny
Every night I eagerly
Watch them all go twinkling by
But I can't seem to find
The one the heavens assigned
To me
Friendly star
Where can you be hiding
Smile for me from out
of the lonely night
Friendly star
My fate needs deciding
How I need the glow
of your guiding light
I know that you are near
For I am strangely dreamy
And so if you can see me from afar
Wort you kindly
Light my way
Lead me to my lover
Just point him out and whisper
"There you are
There you are"
Then my love, you will be
Standing here, close to me
In your eyes
I will see my friendly
That was nice.
You and...
You set a date?
It'll be soon.
Well, that's fine. Fine.
I think it's a good idea.
Anyway, what I came to
talk to you about, I...
Well, you know that...
Down in the barn, I...
Well, don't worry about that.
That didn't mean anything.
Oh, I know.
I showed you a number.
We sang. We danced.
- You're a very good dancer.
- Thanks.
But nothing happened.
That is, nothing important.
So it's certainly no reason
for rushing into a marriage.
We're not exactly rushing.
No, you've been engaged.
- Four years.
- I know. Well, I...
I just wanted to tell you. I
didn't want you to worry about...
No, no.
It was like... Well, you know, like...'re walking across a
field and everything's great.
The surs shining and
birds are singing...
...and all of a sudden out of a clear
sky, a bolt of lighting hits you.
It's not your fault.
But you don't have to
walk in the field again.
Good night, Jane.
Good night.
I love this farm.
You know, I was all over
the south pasture yesterday.
The acid constituent
is too high, by far.
You see, that's due to
the lack of silicic itself.
After we're married, I intend to make
regular applications of calcium...
...magnesium and...
- What?
- You seem more interested... that show than you are in me.
I'm sorry, Orville.
It's gonna seem rather strange,
having an actress for a sister-in-law.
Abigail. Rather uncomfortable.
Come to think of it, that Ross
fellow will be my brother-in-law.
...we won't see much of them.
They'll be living in New York.
You know, a couple of weeks ago, I was
actually jealous of that Ross fellow.
Just a little silly idea I had.
Before I knew about him and Abigail.
What does she see in
a fellow like that?
Well...'s a funny thing.
You never know where the
lightning's going to strike.
That's right.
Look how it struck us.
Drifting on the bay
of Can't Forget You
Moonbeams will relight
The night I met you
I'll know then...
All right, kids, hold it. Hold it. It's
still dragging. We gotta pick it up.
Try it again. Pretty good, Abby.
Oh, Joe, not again.
I've been going all day.
We all have, honey. All
right, Artie, from the top.
I told you I don't want
to do it again. I'm tired.
Look, we gotta do it
again. Now, take it easy.
Just run through it easy.
- I don't think we have to.
- You don't think?
- No, I don't think we have to.
- Just a minute. Just...
- You have no right to work us like this.
- Nobody is complaining.
- The number's fine the way it is.
- I'll decide that, not you.
Your job is to do what I tell you
and to do it right for a change.
You know, you're not
so perfect in this part.
- What?
- No. Your timing's off, you miss your cues.
You don't know your lines.
Don't act like a prima donna.
Well, if I'm so awful, why
didn't you get somebody else?
If I'd known this was
gonna happen, I would have.
You know your trouble?
You got a star complex.
You think you're the
whole show. You're not.
The sooner you find out, the better.
Listen, you're gonna buckle down
and get to work like everybody else.
You're gonna play this part,
play it the way I want it...
...if I have to drag a performance
out of you with my two hands!
Okay, kids. Break it
up. Same time tomorrow.
That means everybody
here ready to work.
Good night.
Now, now, my dear, you mustrt
let these things upset you.
- He didn't have to talk to me like that.
- After all, my dear, this is hardly theater.
It's just a little
barnyard entertainment.
Don't you worry, someday they'll
treat you the way you deserve.
I'll see to that personally.
- I had a call from New York this morning.
- Oh, Harrison, what?
Something very interesting.
- Good night, Joe.
- Good night, Joe.
- Let's go make some coffee.
- I sure need it.
Good night, Joe.
Was that necessary?
Oh, hello, Jane.
Yeah, yeah, I'm afraid it was.
Abigail's been acting up a little.
It seems to me you were trying
to hurt her. Deliberately.
It will do her some good. We
might get a rehearsal out of her.
You mean you have to browbeat someone
to get a rehearsal out of them?
- It happens in this business.
- You ought to make a change... this business.
Don't do that to the
girl you're gonna marry.
Jane, this has nothing to
do with getting married.
- What?
- No, it's all part of putting on a show.
Now, look, I don't tell
you how to run your farm.
Believe me, in my work, I
know what's gotta be done.
All I know is what
you've done to my sister.
And as long as you happen
to be using this barn...
Okay. I'll handle her with kid gloves.
If it'll make you happy.
It'll make her happy and
that's all that counts.
- Oh, Artie.
- Yeah, Joe?
- Let everything go, I'll close up.
- Oh, okay. Good night, Joe.
Good night.
- What's my next line?
- Okay, Abby.
- I didn't want to hold him.
- Abby.
All right. Hold it, hold
it, hold it. Where's Abby?
- He's free to go.
- I didn't want to hold him.
- Abby.
- He's free to go. What's the matter?
Abby, we're waiting for
you. That was your cue.
I'll never make that, even if I
change in the wings. It's impossible.
Okay. Okay. That's what
run-throughs are for.
We'll shuffle things around a bit.
- Sarah can take the number. Sarah?
- Just a minute. Just a minute.
This is my number. Nobody
else is going to do it.
What do you suggest?
I suggest you don't try
cutting anything of mine.
If you had the show
properly routined... wouldn't expect
people to do the impossible.
As the matter of fact, I think
this whole thing is unprofessional.
Obviously, this isn't a Broadway show,
it's just a little barnyard entertainment.
I'm still trying to
do things your way.
I'll talk to her.
And while I think of it,
don't forget ambers on Abby.
- I don't want a dark stage.
- Okay.
- Coffee?
- Yeah.
- Where is Abby? Isn't she up?
- Es has gone to get her.
Wow! Hey kids, we're in Variety.
Get a load of this. "Word along the
stem is that Joe Ross' new musical...
...Fall in Love, looks like
a real buy. Six producers...
...will be trekking to his barnyard
theater next week for their first glimpse. "
- We're in.
- Read that part again, Herb?
"Word along the stem is
that Joe Ross' new musical...
...Fall in Love, looks
like a real buy. "
What is it, Jane?
"... am leaving for
New York with Mr. Keath.
He's got a part for
me in his new play.
Please understand,
this is my big chance. "
I just thought of a wonderful idea.
That stage wait in the second act?
It doesn't have to be. All you have
to do is lift the curtain just...
- Who died?
- The show died.
- What?
- Abigail walked out on us.
- What?
- With Keath.
- With Keath?
- Oh, I don't care about him.
I can get along without him.
I can do his part myself.
- Without Abigail, I'm sunk.
- What about the girl in New York?
I don't understand why
she'd do a thing like this.
- Some of them sing, some dance.
- Go to New York with Mr. Keath?
- I don't know Mr. Keath.
- It's tough to get a girl...
She didn't leave me an address.
These kind of girls
don't grow on trees.
She didn't even say goodbye to me.
You think it'll work?
- Maybe.
- Joe, we only got three days.
- I know.
- Got the numbers.
- Gotta rehearse...
- I know. What else?
- We can try.
- What else are we gonna do?
I don't know.
- What?
- Jane...'re gonna do the part.
- You're gonna do the part.
- Don't get excited.
- I'm not excited. I'm not...
You can sing. You can
dance. And you know the part.
- I couldn't do that.
- You're a girl in 100,000.
- No.
- Take it from me. I know you can.
- No, no.
- Listen to him.
- You can do that part.
- Listen to him.
Again. Again.
That's right, turn.
Come on, get in now. That's it.
- Gosh, I can't...
- Come on.
- That's right.
- I'll never get it.
No, look, baby...
Come on now.
That's it.
All right, hold it. That's too slow.
- We gotta do it a lot faster.
- I've done that entrance 20 times.
So we'll do it 40, 50,
100 times and do it right.
- All right, all right.
- Jane.
- Oh, Orville.
- What are you doing up there?
Well, I'm making an entrance.
Forty, 50, a lot of times.
What in the world is going on here?
Orville, I'll tell you about it later.
Well, I demand to know
right here and now.
Orville, this is none of
your affair. Just go away.
I will not go away, you come
down from that stage immediately.
Come on, come on.
Orville, I've got enough
trouble. Don't you start in on me.
I've only got two days to get up in
this part. This is no time to argue.
You're not in this show?
- You're not.
- I just told you. Yes, I am!
Why, I won't have it.
I won't have a fiance
of mine working in a...
Orville, if you don't stop
this, you won't have a fiance.
So just sit down and be quiet.
If you can't be quiet, leave.
- Now, look here.
- All right.
Go away. Go home.
- What do we do now?
- We'll rehearse that entrance.
All right.
What kind of a man are you, anyway?
Your fiance mixed up
with a theatrical show...
...and you not stopping it.
You call yourself a Wingait? You
ought to be ashamed to use the name.
- A sniveling, helpless...
- Shut up.
- What did you say?
- I said shut up!
Well, that's a fine way
to speak to your father.
You've been talking that way to
me for 27 years and I'm sick of it.
I'll prove whether
I'm a Wingait or not.
I'll stop that show if
it's the last thing I do.
And I'll do it without
your advice or your help.
And hereafter, when you talk to
me, keep your voice down! Look out!
Good, good, good. All
right, that's swell.
Take an hour for dinner.
Your feet hurt?
I forgot to mention that.
It's an occupational disease.
You'd better go to dinner.
You only have an hour.
Oh, Joe, you wanted me to remind you.
- What?
- You haven't done the first act finale.
- You can't make the change.
- I forgot.
Well, I don't know who to
put in it, Artie. Let me see.
- Frank can't do it.
- No, he's in it now.
Or Charlie. A big number ahead of him.
Come away with me on Memory Island
Come away, my sweet To my own far land
Oh, Cynthia, you're a gay,
impetuous fool, aren't you?
Dig, dig, dig, dig for your dinner
Nothing's what you get for free
You silly little goose. You're a
mad, impetuous fool, aren't you?
Come away with me on Memory Island
- Come away, my sweet, to my own far...
- Herb.
- All right, you'll do the number.
- Who, me?
Why, this comes as a rather
surprise. I don't think I'm ready.
I have an orchestra in my dressing room.
I'll tune them up. I must tell my agent.
He'll be so pleased.
I haven't got an agent.
Jane, Jane, wait, I've
got something to tell you.
Old man Wingait's telling everybody
there ain't gonna be no show.
Says Orville's gonna stop it.
- Orville? How?
- I don't know.
They're talking about
returning their tickets.
But they can't do that. All that
money's been spent. Every penny. But...
Wait a minute, don't say
anything to anybody. Be quiet.
Yes sir, that boy of
mine is really wrought up.
"I'll stop that show if it's
the last thing I do," he says.
And by ginger, he means
it. Yes, come in, come in.
- Oh, Jane, you know the city aldermen.
- Oh, yeah, hello. Please sit down.
Mr. Wingait, where is
Orville? I can't find him.
- I've been to the house and I've been...
- I haven't see him since this morning.
It's not true he's going to do something
to interfere with the show, is it?
- You'll have to ask him.
- Well, I can't find him.
He just mustrt
interfere with this show.
It means too much to Joe.
Joe Ross, he...
It's his show.
- And a rumor like this could...
- I'm not so sure it is a rumor.
You know when he makes up his
mind, how headstrong Orville is.
Why, he's a young bull.
- Orv...?
- He's doing it for you, Jane.
A Wingait fighting tooth and
nail for the woman he loves.
All right, Mr. Wingait. I'm a Falbury,
fighting tooth and nail for the...
For this show.
And if Orville does
anything to interfere...
...there won't be any woman he loves.
- But, Jane.
- Tell that to the young bull.
There he is, Artie.
That's him. Jerry Solliman, the
biggest ticket broker on Broadway.
Well, this is it, kid.
- Herb, I'm scared.
- Scared?
Don't let me hear you talk
that way. What do you mean?
This is it, what we've been waiting for.
Nothing can stop us now. Opening night.
First thing you know,
you're on there alone.
All these people looking up at you
and then the spot hits you, and...
- You heard anything about Orville, Es?
- Oh, no. Don't worry about that.
My life and happiness...
Oh, I knew this, Es. I did
know it. I knew my lines.
What's happening to me?
Come in.
Oh, no, Joe, please,
don't you start on me now.
Esme, would you take these dresses
out to the stage for the quick changes?
I brought you these.
Not much for a star
on her opening night.
But it's the best I could do.
I picked them in your garden.
You mean, you're not gonna yell at me?
Why should I? You're wonderful.
Everything I ever hoped
for in a leading lady.
- You people are crazy.
- Sure.
Sure, we're crazy.
Here, give me your foot.
Now, you just relax. You're
gonna be great tonight.
I'm gonna be awful. You better
start yelling right now...
...because I can't
remember a single line.
They'll all come back
when the curtain goes up.
And remember, if you need me,
I'll be right there beside you.
- Will you, Joe?
- Every second.
And when the show's over and
it's the success I hope it is...
...we've got a lot of talking to do.
- What about?
- Oh, all kinds of things.
First, I wanna hear
the story of your life.
Everything that's ever happened
to you since you were so high.
And then I wanna know
what you eat for breakfast.
What's your favorite color.
What comic strips you read.
Then we'll talk about shoes
and ships and sealing wax...
...and shows and farms and families.
It may take hours. Weeks.
Years. I wanna know everything.
Now I won't... Now I
won't remember a word.
Good luck.
Good luck.
It's a lovely world
That's all around you
Count your treasures
You are well-to-do
There's so much to see
That's absolutely free
And it's all for you
Don't you know That
Lady Luck has found you
And she's by your side
Your whole life through
Pick your favorite sight
You'll find the price is right
'Cause it's all for you
If you should fall in
love The moon is yours
A bird's tune is
yours Take your choice
Say, it's an almost perfect paradise
There are lots of reasons
Why you should rejoice
You can make the
pleasures That surround you
Like an endless dream
That's coming true
Add up what you got You'll
find it's quite a lot
And it's all for you
Don't you know That
Lady Luck has found you
And she's by your side
Your whole life through
Pick your favorite sight
You'll find the price is right
'Cause it's all for you
If you should fall in
love The moon is yours
A bird's tune is
yours Take your choice
Say, it's an almost perfect paradise
There are many reasons
Why you should rejoice
You can make the
pleasures That surround you
Like an endless dream
That's coming true
Add up what you've got
You'll find it's quite a lot
- You're wealthy indeed
- With no gold in your purse
'Cause the whole universe
Is all
For you
- I'm glad I met you
- Wonderful is the only word for you
- You wonderful you
- You wonderful you
- I can't forget you
- Isn't it grand to find what love can do
- You wonderful you
- You wonderful you
- You're like a breath of spring
- Tell me
- A whole new thing has happened
- All the pretty things I like to hear
- And without much ado
- I can see
I look at you
- That there stands love
- There stands love
- My arms around you
- Isn't that what your arms are really for
- That's wonderful too
- That's wonderful too
- So glad I found you
- Looking around I found there are no more
- You wonderful you
- Like you
- You
- You
Remember, finders keepers
Losers weepers
And because it's true You're mine now
- You wonderful you
- You wonderful you
Orville around?
- What would he be doing here, sheriff?
- I don't know. I got a call.
- What kind of call?
- He told me to meet him backstage.
- What's he want with you?
- I don't know.
- Well, where is he?
- Don't know.
- Will he be here tonight?
- Don't know.
- Don't know. Well...
- Don't know.
He don't know nothing.
We get up each morning at noon
And our day is a glorious tune
Of all things unpleasant It's free
We live it, we love it, mais oui
The morning, A scherzo
by Brahms or Faur
Or maybe a quaint
Little French rondelet
We're cultured, tactful, discreet
We're definitely of the elite
You wake up in the morning
And the rooster crows
You wake up in the morning
And the ducks quack, quack
The chicks peep, peep
The turkeys gobble
The sheep baa, baa
And the cows moo, moo
You might think it's an awful squabble
To me that's heavenly music
That's heavenly music to me
Some folks like the noise of a city
They think our barnyard
songs ain't pretty
They even say it
mostly sounds off-key
Still it's heavenly music to me
I love to hear the music
When the donkeys bray
Chickens start to cackle
And it sounds right gay
Pigs oink, oink The birds are trillir
The frogs croak, croak
And the hens cluck, cluck
The crows caw, caw
Gol'dernit, it's thrilling
Aw, shucks, to me
That's heavenly music
That's heavenly music to me
Still it's heavenly music to me
The cats meow The crickets jumping
The billy goats bleat
And the geese peck, peck
The owls hoot, hoot
Now ain't that sumpir?
Why, heck! To me that's heavenly music
That's heavenly music to me
Yes, that's heavenly music to me
Heavenly music
Yes, it's heavenly music
Yes, it's heavenly music to me
Forget your troubles
Come on, get happy
You better chase all your cares away
Shout hallelujah Come on, get happy
Get ready for the judgment day
The sun is shining Come on, get happy
The Lord is waitir to take your hand
Shout hallelujah Come on, get happy
We're going to the promised land
We're heading 'cross the river
Wash your sins away in the tide
It's all so peaceful on the other side
Forget your troubles
Come on, get happy
You better chase all your cares away
Shout hallelujah Come on, get happy
Get ready for the judgment day
Forget your troubles
Come on, get happy
Chase your cares away
Hallelu, get happy
Before the judgment day
The sun is shining Come on, get happy
The Lord is waitir to take your hand
Shout hallelujah Come on, get happy
We're gonna be going
To the promised land
We're heading 'cross the river
Wash your sins away in the tide
It's quiet and peaceful
on the other side
Forget your troubles Get happy
Your cares fly away
Shout hallelujah Get happy
Get ready for your judgment day
Come on, get happy
Chase your cares away
Shout hallelujah Come on, get happy
Get ready for the judgment day.
Sun is shining Come on, get happy
Lord is waitir to take your hand
Hallelujah Come on, get happy
We're going to the Promised Land
Heading 'cross the river Throw
your sins away in the tide
It's all so peaceful on the other side
Shout hallelujah Come on, get happy
You better chase all your cares away
Shout hallelujah Come on, get happy
Get ready
Get ready
Get ready
For the judgment day
Get her into that for the reprise.
How'd you like it?
Don't know, huh?
- Can't you go any faster, Orville?
- I'm going as fast as I can with safety.
If I hadrt looked all over New
York for you, we'd be there.
- But they're holding the curtain for me.
- I know.
I sent them a wire, didn't I?
Didrt I?
You did?
Oh, no.
Orville... Orville, look out!
Hey, kids, it went great.
- Joe, did I make any mistakes?
- You were beautiful. How about it, Es?
- She slayed them.
- Jane. Jane, I just want...
Orville! Oh, if you do
anything to stop this show...!
- I don't wanna stop it.
- You don't?
Of course not. What do you
think I went to New York for?
Why did you come here
if you don't want...?
- I wanna get this settled.
- I think it's a good idea.
I think so too. Jane,
you can get out of that...
Abigail's here. You
can give it to her.
Why wasrt she here four
days ago when we needed her?
You can't switch actors in
the middle of a performance.
- Why not?
- We're going great out there.
I've never had so much fun in my life.
- What are you talking about?
- This is what I'm talking about.
Smell. Greasepaint. Show business.
- Gesundheit.
- Joe, Janie. Change for your next number.
- Orville.
- Jane, I'm warning you.
If you step on-stage, you're
forcing me to close the show.
I'm warning you, Orville.
If you even look like you're
gonna close this show...
...I won't break our
engagement, I'll break your head!
- Jane, you're sweet.
- Oh, Joe.
- Did you hear...?
- Yes, I did. I'm trying to tell you.
- Will you please be quiet!
- I just don't understand...
That actor.
She's in love with that actor.
And that actor is in love with her.
- I'm not gonna stand for this.
- Stay where you are.
- Stay out of the way.
- No.
- I'm warning you.
- I'm warning you!
I'm giving an order around here.
The Falburys give the
orders and I'm a Falbury.
Sheriff, come over here.
- Yep. She's a Falbury, all right.
- Orville, speak to me.
He'll be all right. Just take him
out in the air. He'll be all right.
Will you please leave us alone?
Orville, darling, I didn't mean to...
The Falburys and the Wingaits.
- Howdy, neighbor
- Howdy, neighbor
- Happy harvest
- Happy harvest
Get your rocking chairs
For all your cares are over
Clap your hands and lick your chops
Your bumper crops are on the climb
- Hey, we're gonna roll in plenty
- Spend a five or 10 or 20
And those happy harvest
bells Are gonna chime
Remember, neighbor When
your work for Mother Nature
You got paid
By Father Time