Summerfield (1977) Movie Script

You've come the wrong way.
I'm looking for Bannings Beach.
You'll have to turn back.
You've come the worng way.
Thank you.
Excuse me.
Good evening.
My name's Robinson.
I have a room booked here.
Would you like a drink?
Yes, thank you. That would be nice.
Get him a fresh glass Jim.
Sit down.
Yes, right.
Good evening.
Confirmed it then.
Yes, well, it's a
confirmed position.
At least til the end of the year.
Let's hope you last a bit
longer than the last bloke.
What about this room?
Jim's missus will fix you up.
Hope you find it
nice and comfortable.
I don't usually get
too many complaints.
Plenty of room for your stuff.
Breakfast's from 7.
Ah good, I like a nice early start.
My name's Simon incidentally.
Simon Robinson.
Any news about Peter
Mr Flynn?
No, not that I know of.
Well I'll leave you to it then.
If you need anything just
knock on the kitchen door.
Good morning.
I didn't recognise
you for the moment.
So it's you car?
Yes. Yes it is.
Well you've no right
to be driving it.
It's unregistered.
The registration
expired six months ago.
Yes, I never seem to get
around to put the new one on.
You know I do it every year.
You know it's an offence
to drive a vehicle displaying
an expired registration label?
Oh yeah, sorry.
You got one day to get it changed.
Report with the vehicle
to the police station
within 24 hours.
Otherwise i'll book ya.
You're the new school teacher?
Yeah, yeah that's right.
Which way is it to the school?
That'll be $4.80.
What's this?
It's an account.
The last bloke shot through
without paying for it.
Yeah but that's personal.
You can't just pass that onto me.
Somebody's gotta be responsible.
He's coming.
Good morning.
Good morning sir.
What are you doing?
Let him down!
Let him down!
That was a stupid dangerous
thing to have done.
Could've been a terrible accident.
I couldn't have hurt myself anyway.
See this knot,
it stops it tightening
right up an choking ya.
So long as ya quick.
Pretty neat ay?
Thank you.
Good morning.
I'm Sally Abbott.
Well my name's Robinson
Mr Robinson.
We used to have Mr Flynn.
Oh yes.
He drew all those
things on the board.
He was very good at drawing.
We all liked Mr Flynn very much.
Can you draw Mr Robinson?
Yes, a little. Not
as well as Mr Flynn.
And he sang too and
played the guitar.
Do you play the guitar?
I'm the flower moniter this week.
I've come in to fix the flowers.
They'll all be needing water.
Keep an eye on that
roast please Ivy.
Oh there's one extra
tonight, don't forget.
How's your dad?
Yeah well it takes time.
Belongs to Peter Flynn.
We've been expecting
him back to fetch it.
Haven't let that room since.
Everything all right?
Flynn's a missing person,
listed as a missing person.
Along with hundreds of others.
Well have you...
I mean, are the police
looking for him now?
His description was circulated.
Hey Mr Robinson.
It's not a crime you know,
to disappear.
Which is more than you can say for
an improperly registered vehicle.
Do you play cards?
Yes sometimes.
Tonight then, Jim's place.
Good night Mr Robinson.
Oh thankyou. Good night Trevor.
Have you ever seen a
pelican's nest Mr Robinson?
No, no I haven't
With eggs in the nest?
And pelicans sitiing on them?
There's some pelicans'
nests where we live
down around the swamp.
Are there?
There's lost of birds on our place.
It's called Summerfield.
It's an island.
You've been there.
You took the wrong road.
Oh yes.
Why don't you come out
to our place tomorrow?
I won't tell my mother
it'll be a surprise.
Mr Robinson?
It is Mr Robinson?
Yes, that's right.
Oh good,
I wanted to get around
yesterday actually but...
Oh sorry, I'm Mary Shields,
i've been acting teacher here.
Oh yes of course,
I noticed your name
in the role book.
It's nice to know you.
Everything all right?
Yeah, fine.
Thanks for making it so easy.
That's kind of you but
I must jump in and say
really Mr Flynn was a very
well organised young man.
I hope you don't think
I've been checking on you.
Not at all.
I suppose I have in a way
but with the very
best of intentions.
Just phone if there's
anything I can do to help.
Thank you.
Got any plans for
the weekend Simon?
I thought I might try the surf.
You'll have to go
across the ocean side.
Scuttler's bay is
probably the best.
Just watch the undertow that's all.
You follow the road straight out
until you hit the fork.
Then go right. Sharp right.
Well that other road's only a
track to Lou Mcdonald's place.
He wouldn't take that.
Well he wouldn't wanna.
Mr Robinson.
Mr Robinson.
That's the wrong way.
Mr Robinson.
You've come the wrong way.
There you are Sally.
Just close your eyes.
Rest for a moment.
It's broken alright.
It can't be set until
it's been x-rayed
which I can't do here.
I'll put splints on her leg
but you'll have to take her home
and then her mother
can get her across
to the hospital at Penton.
Shouldn't we just
telephone her home?
I'm afraid there's no
phone in Summerfield.
The gate's locked.
It's always locked.
You ok?
I'll be as quick as I can.
Mrs Abbott?
Ms Abbott.
Oh, it's Sally's mother
then I want to see.
Is she alright?
No, she's had an accident.
Where is she?
She's in my car,
down by the bridge.
She came straight
out in front of me,
there was nothing I could do.
She has a broken leg.
Now wait a minute
shouldn't we tell Sally's mother?
I am her mother.
Get in.
Believe you had an accident ?
Quite spoiled your day I expect?
That poor little Abbott kid
with her run of bad luck.
Did you meet him?
David Abbott
Sally's uncle.
No, no I didn't.
They inherited Summerfield
when their mother died.
Been in the family ever since
their great great grandfather
settled there over 150 years ago.
He was a sea captain.
Saw it from his ship.
Then went back and settled there.
Beautiful spot.
Yeah, yes it is.
Not that I'd wanna live there.
Stuck out like a shag on a rock.
Will it have to be reset?
I'm sure it won't
Are you comfortable?
Yes thankyou.
I'll make you a hot drink.
Will I have to go to
the doctor's again?
I don't know.
No, I don't think so.
Hello uncle David.
Hello silly Sally.
She should be at
school. She could manage.
Like she managed today?
You can't be watching her
every moment of the day.
Don't you think I know that David?
Doing your work programme?
Yes, that's right.
Bit of a business isn't it?
Yes, really must finish it off.
Must've been about 10 years ago
that Jenny Abbott went away overseas
She was away quite a while.
When she came back
she had Sally with her.
I always typed Peter's
work programme for him.
on the typewriter in the office.
Oh well I'd better be
Jim'll be expecting me
to come to bed diretcly.
Sleep tight.
No it's alright
thanks, I can manage
How's the patient?
Mending slowly.
When will she be back at school?
Not for a while i'm afraid.
Quite a bad break.
There was nothing I
could do, you know.
She did come straight
out in front of me.
Can we write our names on it?
We've been so worried.
I told you that when
you're well enough
you can come back and not before.
Did you bring anything with you?
Well you're to come
home with me immediately.
I hope this has been
amusing for you Mr Robinson.
It certainly hasn't been for me.
You can't blame Mr Robinson mommy.
He didn't know I was here either.
Did he?
I feel very foolish.
I'm sorry.
Well don't apologise
I'd have done the same thing
I'm sure.
I know that it seems hard on Sally
but we'll just have to help her
as best we can at home
and really I can't be
driving her back and forth.
Well she's gonna miss
an awful lot of school.
Well I don't think
she's really well enough.
Not yet anyway.
Well if Sally can't come to school
perhaps the school
can come to Sally.
I could drive out to
Summerfield occasionally you know
Once or twice a week
give her some coaching
set her some work.
No, we couldn't impose
on you like that.
Nonsense. I'd love to.
Besides, that island
of yours fascinates me.
If you'll excuse me I'll
just see if Sally's ready.
Our one concession to the past.
Hello Sally
Hello Mr Robinson
Knock Knock
Who's there's?
Amos who?
A mosquito
Who's in there?
Sally's teacher, Mr Robinson
I'm sorry David, I had to
Well now, have you
been working hard?
Yes Mommy we have. We've had
such alot of work to catch up on.
This is my brother, David Abbott
Mr Robinson
Pleased to meet you
I was looking at
the photographs David
Sally tells me that you took them.
Yes, yes I did
Well they're really excellent
It's no wonder she shows
so much interest in wildlife
and so much talent in recording it.
Two streams of influence I suppose
partly environmental,
partly hereditary
Yeah I expect so
Shall I
Oh, I'm so sorry
It's alright
Well no, it's a beautiful set
Look I can have it fixed
we've got some marvellous stuff
There's no need
David's right
It wouldn't...
It would be imperfect.
Ah, hello
Oh hello doctor
Sorry did I scare away the birds?
They'll come back again
Out for a run? -Yeah.
Looks like I might've
come to the end of the road
You interested?
In birds
Oh yeah, I suppose so
Well it's part of my job
I'll take you out
one day if you like
Field trip
Don't bother trying to
cross this lot on foot
mud goes down forever
Well can I get around the headland?
Well it's not impossible
There's not much beach but
you can get round the rocks
There's a road runs round the top
one way goes back
to town past my house
the other ends up
at Summerfield bridge
Watch the tide
Would you like another cup?
No thank you.
Good afternoon Mr Robinson.
Good afternoon.
Been swimming Mr Robinson?
Yes, you could say that.
Bit cold for it, I
should've thought.
You are doing well.
Yes I know. I've
practised an awful lot.
I think I could manage
school now Mr Robinson.
Mr Robinson?
Yes well that's for your
mother to decide Sally.
It's off an old American ship.
The captain gave it to my
great great grandfather.
Cut it out Jim.
Leave me alone.
Ah come on Betty.
Cut it out will you, i'm reading.
I've got my rights you know.
Have you?
Well so have I, now piss off.
Mr Robinson.
Mr Robinson.
Will you be back?
Thought you might be clearing out.
Shooting through.
For the weekend, it's Friday.
Need to know so we can
organise the cooking.
Well no. Well I mean yes.
Well i'm not going anywhere.
No i'm going to be here
for the whole weekend.
So long as we know.
Right, Good morning.
You know Mrs Shields, it
seems very curious to me
that the whole town
is taking Peter Flynn's
disappearance so lightly.
Well you have to remember that
communities like this are very
used to having people come and go
without much explanation.
it's a worry of course.
Did Flynn see a responsible man?
Oh very i'd say.
That's what makes it so strange.
Never mind crumpet we'll find them.
There you go.
Crumpet's lost her kittens.
She's looking everywhere for them.
Perhaps a fox took them.
There aren't any
foxes on Summerfield.
Or that old sea eagle.
I wouldn't put anything past him.
Yes well it's not fair.
Crumpet's very upset.
Crumpet. Crumpet.
Don't cry darling.
You destroyed them, didn't you?
Did you have to?
There are too many cats
around here as it is.
They drive the birds away.
cats in this place
are a pretty poor lot.
They're all inbred.
Did Peter Flynn come here often?
Yes, yes he did.
We'd been quite good friends.
He and David shared a lot of
interests. Photgraphy, music.
Strange really.
I first met Peter years ago.
Somewhere else.
They call this Pelican point.
There's usually a
lot of black swans.
There's not too many today.
Yeah why's that?
The ibis, the pelicans and...
You know that rhyme
about the pelcians?
Mr Robinson likes old
things. He likes our cannon.
He asked me about
Peter this afternoon.
I still think I could
manage school now.
I'm certain that's Peter Flynn's
car. It's the same make and model.
It's a Triumph 2000 mark 1.
Can't be many of those around.
Not around here.
Thanks Mr Robinson. I'll
look into it of course.
He won't do anything about it.
Sergeant Potter and
Jim found it abondoned
out on the Summerfield road.
The morning after Peter left.
They towed it in. Wouldn't go.
Potter said it was his
responsibility to hang on to it...
until Peter came
back and claimed it.
But he hasn't come back.
Why did they hide it?
I don't think Potter reported it.
I suppose he thought that
if Peter didn't claim it
that after a while
they'd get rid of it.
Sell it.
Under the lap.
So they're just waiting.
No, not really.
That makes two of us.
Dr Miller, hello.
Ah, G'day Simon.
Can I give you a lift?
No thanks. No just
out for a stroll.
That bird watching
expedition I promised you...
are you doing
anything tomorrow week?
That'd be marvellous.
I'll pick you up at the guesthouse.
7.30 be alright? Bit early.
Good shot. I'm no match for you.
Nonsense. You did very well.
Your fond of music
aren't you Jenny?
Yes. Yes I am, very much so.
I was wondering, there's a
recital in Penton next week...
Stockman Quartet
Oh yes, I know their recordings.
Good. I thought you might
like to come with me.
Oh well, thank you Simon...
but i'm not sure.
I'll play you. Alright?
Yeah, alright.
You serve first.
Come on darling, hurry.
Hey, we have got
ourselves an umpire.
-15. Match point.
Come on darling.
Enough is enough.
I'm no match for you
brother that's for sure.
About that recital Jenny.
I think you should go.
You'd enjoy it.
When David and I were very young
we'd walk up here and sit and...
and look out across the water.
We used to argue.
Whether that land over
there was England or America.
Sometimes it was Africa or India.
But it was always the world.
The world beyond our world...
I've had a lovely
evening Simon, thankyou.
Well perhaps we can
do it again sometime?
We expect Sally to be back
at school in a week or so.
Oh. So there won't
be any need for you
to come and give her more lessons.
The work she has
will see her through.
But I don't mind. Really I don't.
No? We've been burden
enough for long enough.
But I don't mind I tell you.
Look. I'm not being
entirely selfless.
You must know that.
No. There's no need.
It would be best if you didn't.
Thank you again Simon.
How's young Sally Abbott going?
Oh, quite well really.
She could've been back
at school days ago.
They had a nasty fright
with her you know.
When she was about a year old.
Thalassemia major.
It's a blood disease.
Used to be called
Mediterranean anaemia.
Thalassemia literally
translated means
salt water in the blood.
I'd just arrived.
My previous preactice had
been in a tobacco growing area.
Lots of Italians, so i'd
seen something of it already.
Otherwise it would probably
have passed unrecognised.
In some countries, in the
more primitive areas...
as soon as they say the symptoms...
they'd take the baby
out into the hills and...
leave it to die.
Fortunately, although Sally
has Thalassemia major, not minor
it was in a mild form, so it's
effects have been minimised.
Still, I suppose
Jenny feels guilty.
It's hereditary of course.
Peter Flynn's things,
from the draw in my room,
they've gone.
Oh really.
Just a moment, i'll get Jim.
wondering what happened
to Flynn's stuff?
I shifted it into the office.
I thought it'd been under
your feet long enough.
Was there something
you especially wanted?
No, of course not. I was
just curious, that's all.
See you in a few days
then Sally. Goodbye.
By Dr Miller. Thanks David. Um...
By the way, when you
bring Sally over...
I'd rather like to
take a blood sample.
Um, you not her.
Just a matter of interest.
Remembering Sally's problem.
Talking to Robinson you know
the new teacher,
bothered me actually.
He's obviously very interested
in problems of heredity.
it's funny damn stuff.
It's been estimated that one
in every twenty people
in the countries around
the Mediterranean
have Thalassemia minor.
That is they're carrying
it in their blood.
In its minor form
there are no symptoms...
it's only detectable
through blood tests.
However, when two Thalassemia
minor carriers marry
there's a one in four chance
that the child of that union
will have Thalassemia major.
Is that the only way the
disease is transmitted?
So Jenny Abbott is
a Thalassemia minor.
That's right.
Who was Sally's father?
I've really no idea.
Hello Simon.
Ah, g'day.
Jenny tells me you had a
pleasant time the other night.
Yes well I certianly
enjoyed myself.
Yeah, so did Jenny.
We thought...
you might like to come to dinner...
out at Summerfield...
this coming Friday.
Well yes of course, I'd love to.
Good. About 7 then.
Well look who I found
down at the gate.
Good evening Simon. Jenny.
Come and sit down.
Well this is... magnificent.
Sorry to rush you Simon
but you're just in time
for the big surprise.
Well... all new again.
Careful, alright.
I would like to propose a
toast, to Sally's new legs.
Now you stay there.
Sally's new legs.
And to you Simon, thankyou.
That's enough.
A warning.
That lighthouse
has been flashing...
a warning for over a hundred years.
And five generations of us...
have watched it.
Summerfield has always been
a kind of haven I suppose
but even an island can't
keep the world out forever.
You realise you'll be in trouble on
Monday Simon, with Sally back at school.
Well I enjoy trouble.
-Yes, I think you do.
Well goodnight Jenny, it
was a most enjoybale evening.
Goodnight Simon.
You're obviously very
fond of children Simon.
Yes I suppose so, I don't
really think about it.
The responsibility, doesn't
it weigh heavily sometimes?
Well I don't let it get me down.
You're a lucky man.
Sorry I...
Is this your room now?
Well I used to live here.
I left a while lot
of stuff somewhere.
I'm Peter Flynn.
Don't worry, I don't
want the job back.
I just had to split. Nothing
to do with the school.
Well, it's all yours.