Summoned (2013) Movie Script

Is someone there?
Who's there?
You've reached David and Laura.
It's Laura.
You didn't change
the message.
It's been
over a month.
I know, I know. I just
haven't had the time.
I can't even find
the instructions.
Keeping busy
over there?
Just gardening,
trying to get all the pieces
done for the show, you know?
Good. Good, good.
Maybe you should,
I don't know, hit up
eHarmony while you're at it.
Vicki, come on.
It's either that or you
move back to the city.
I can't be the only one
getting action around here.
No, what I need
is a big sale.
That, my dear,
is what alimony
is for.
do you have the remote?
The San
Francisco Police Department
has not confirmed
that Palardis's death
was in fact a suicide.
The police are puzzled
- regarding the circumstances surrounding
- I'm gonna have to call you back.
- Palardis was perhaps
best known
as foreman of the jury
on the infamous
Midnight Murderer case.
Six months ago, he self-published
a book about the trial
and was reportedly working
on a follow-up.
Do you want to
tell me what the hell
we're doing
up here, Mike?
I'm investigating.
And you're in my light.
Now I know
that must have hurt.
Don't you have some pressing business
to take care of back at the station?
Well, actually, Mike,
we both have
a lot of pressing business to
take care of back at the station,
which is why I'm wondering why
you're wasting your time on a suicide.
People don't just throw themselves
off buildings without a reason.
Well, I hate
to tell you this, Mike,
but sometimes bad stuff
just happens.
Shall I have the M.E. put
that on the death certificate?
He can quote me
on it.
Why don't you go grab a latte or
something? I'll be down in a few.
Who are you kidding with that?
You know you want a cigarette.
I haven't had a cigarette
in over a month.
Listen, Mike, I know
you knew the guy,
but please don't be
too long.
There's no note.
I thought you'd like
to know.
- All right, Frank.
- Huh?
I brought you
some magazines.
You expect me
to be entertained
with these
two-year-old magazines
and "The People's Court"?
Oh, hi.
Thank goodness you came.
Hi, Frank.
I brought you a muffin.
Oh, by the way, I got your
invite about the opening.
Yeah, yeah.
I was gonna tell you
it's okay if you
don't want to go.
It's just a small, little
gallery. It's nothing, really.
I'll bet you
David is very proud.
Oh, I...
I forgot.
It's okay.
Hey, you didn't bring
the checkers.
No, I didn't today.
Um, I did bring you
this, though.
I thought you might
want to know.
What's this?
I... I can't believe it.
The poor bastard.
Have you talked
to him lately?
Well, he did call me
about a year ago
to ask how I was
and sent me the book.
Did he call you?
No, not since the trial.
And, the funeral
is tomorrow, so...
Are you going?
Come on,
it's been five years.
Do you think the others
will be there?
I don't know.
Seems like
only yesterday...
our brush with history.
You know, some things
history should forget.
You should try
reading that.
I prefer to keep
the past where it is.
Listen, when you get to be
as old as I am,
the past is
all you've got.
I've got to get going.
So soon?
You just came.
I have a lot of painting
to catch up on.
Do you have to go?
I do,
but I promise you
I will bring checkers
next time.
Listen, you take care, huh?
Well, you too.
And you be nice to her.
Hey, Bill.
No, it won't take very much time.
I just need someone to
take a look at the door.
Maybe it needs
a new doorknob.
Um, yeah.
And then can somebody also
check the wiring in the kitchen?
The TV literally
turned itself on today.
Okay, thanks.
Come here, boy.
Oscar, what are you doing?
Do that again,
and it's dry dog food.
Why did you scare me
like that?
They are not dead
who leave us
this great inheritance
for remembering joy.
They still live
in our hearts,
in the happiness
we knew
and the dreams
we shared.
They still breathe
in the lingering
windblown from their
favorite flower.
They still smile
in the moonlight's
And they laugh.
They still speak
in the echoes of the
words we've heard them say
again and again.
They still move
in the rhythm
of waving grasses
and the dance
of billowing branches.
They are not
apart from us.
They are a part
of us,
for love is eternal.
Miss Price.
Detective Michael Lyons,
Got a second to talk
about Nathan?
Homicide? I thought the papers
said that he killed himself.
Papers say
a lot of things.
He had a chart on the wall
of his apartment...
all the jurors
from the Midnight trial.
He did write a book.
So you're saying you hadn't
had any communication with him?
Not in five years.
Why did you come
to his funeral?
Detective, what are you
trying to ask me?
I was just wondering...
of the 12 names,
why yours was
the only one circled.
I just want
to go home.
When you feel
up to it...
Good morning, Frank.
Time to rise and shine.
Oh, Frank, how many
times have I told you?
Close this window.
You're gonna catch a cold.
We were on a jury together
five years ago.
Frank and I stayed
in touch on and off.
When he had a stroke, I...
I really... you know,
I tried to visit him
as often as I could.
I have his things here.
He had no next of kin.
Would you like
to feed my birds?
No, thank you.
He's dead.
They were late with the
medicines this morning.
They're never late
with the medicines.
His visitor
will not be happy.
I asked them to keep
their voices down.
I was trying to sleep.
It was so late.
What visitor?
It's a big one.
Aww, he's very hungry.
Aren't you, fella?
So many evils.
What was that?
I asked them to keep
their voices down.
I was trying to sleep.
Would you like
to feed my birds?
Just as I thought...
you're the only
visitor listed.
So it isn't possible for
anyone else to have gotten in,
not after hours?
We lock the doors
at 9:00 sharp
for the safety of our
residents, of course.
Anyone who doesn't have
a key card...
Let me go.
Cool it, would you? Knock it off.
Bam! I had Parker
slip me the results
of your friend's
blunt force trauma,
sustained on impact.
No contusions or
defensive wounds found.
Yeah, what about
the computer?
The hard drive
was ionized.
Heads crashed.
What could have
caused that?
Judging from the burn marks
on the internal suppressor,
I'd say a power surge.
A power surge?
Look, Mike, I know
he was your buddy,
but you've seen
the kid's file.
I searched that place
from top to bottom.
Parole violations,
And I couldn't even find a
goddamn bottle of cough syrup.
...court-ordered rehab.
It was just a matter
of time.
You need to take
a step back, bro.
You're getting a little
too close to this thing.
A phone call for you,
Mike, on three.
Take a message.
It's Laura Price.
This is Detective Lyons.
No, I hadn't heard.
Okay, I'm on my way.
What's up?
That was the woman
from the Midnight jury,
- the one I spoke to after the funeral.
- And?
Another juror
was found dead.
I told Miss Price
we lock the doors
at 9:00 sharp.
After that, no one
comes in or out.
That's Frank's room in the back.
Would you mind
What was that?
It's an old system.
That happens all the time.
Can I get a copy
of this?
Yeah, sure.
O Lord, we commit
the body of this child
to your safekeeping
in eternal flame.
Are you hungry?
I'm hungry too.
Come on, let's go.
Hold on.
Sorry, there's no
No, I'm not here
to rent an apartment.
I'm here to see
a friend's place.
Okay, well,
the call box is...
right over there.
I'm here to see
the Palardis apartment.
Okay, I'm gonna tell you
the same thing
that I told
everyone else:
I'm not letting anyone
into his apartment, okay?
Look, I'm not
a reporter, okay?
Uh, hold on.
Please, just five minutes.
The execution of Evan Lucas
took place at 12:01 A.M.,
December 30th.
...and begin
my second book
covering the investigation
of the Midnight case.
I saw it
again this afternoon.
- it seems to be stalking me wherever I go.
I want to know what you
heard in Frank's room.
Well, have you brought
any bread for my birds?
No, this isn't about the birds.
We need to talk about Frank.
I... I don't know
any Frank.
Yes, Frank... he lived
next door to you.
- He passed away two nights ago.
- Please, I don't...
No, please.
You said you heard talking.
My birds would never
hurt anyone.
"So many evils"... what
does it mean? I need to know.
Oh, I... I d...
Excuse me.
A word, please.
A word.
Our residents are nearing
the end of their lives.
They are tired
and they are confused.
She was not confused.
I am sure
that Miss McCarthy
thought that she
heard something.
- She did hear something.
- However,
I will not allow you to
continue to upset the residents.
Just let me talk to her
one more time.
I am sorry, Miss Price,
that is not going to happen.
I need you to go.
I'm sorry.
Sonia Martinez? Hi.
It's Laura Price.
We were on the jury
Yeah, I saw you at the
funeral the other day.
I was hoping maybe
we could get together.
I want to talk to you
about a few things.
Yeah, I can
drive down too.
Okay, thanks.
- Hi, Sonia.
- This is Eli.
Hi, Eli.
My name is Laura.
- Hi.
- Hi.
Nice to meet you.
- How have you been?
- Good. Good.
- Can I get my face painted?
- Eli.
- Please.
- Okay.
But Mommy's gonna stay here
and talk with her friend, okay?
Frank's dead too.
What? When?
Two days ago.
Mommy, I want to be
a zombie.
No, honey,
nothing scary.
They're saying that
it's natural causes.
But you don't
believe them.
I spoke to the woman that lived
in the room next to Frank's
and she said
that she heard voices
coming from his room
the night he died.
But I checked, and there
was no one on the visitor log
and there was nothing
on the security cameras.
Did she say
what she heard?
The bizarre thing is
that I got these texts
the night that he died.
"So many evils. "
Yes. Did you
get them too?
What could they mean?
Do you think it's possible
that a spirit could contact you
from beyond the grave?
I don't know.
Maybe. Why?
Well, a couple
of weeks ago,
I started to get this
sensation when I was alone,
like someone
was watching me.
And my parish priest said
that there's no such thing
and I was just making it up in my head.
But the strangest
part is,
"So many evils"
is the last thing
that Evan Lucas said
before he died.
What if he's come back?
What if he wants revenge
for what we did?
He could come back
for any one of us next.
what is it?
You see something,
don't you?
Eli, come here.
- I'm not done.
- Now.
- Be careful.
- Just go.
Sweetie, we have to go. We
can't do any face-painting.
assistance. City and state, please.
San Francisco,
for a Rob Dunbar.
Please hold.
I'm sorry, but that number
has been disconnected.
Is there a forwarding
number or address?
No, ma'am,
I'm sorry.
Okay, thank you.
Hi. You've reached Sonia.
Please leave a message.
Sonia, it's Laura. Do
me a favor, call me back
as soon as you can, okay?
It's really important.
I'm gonna try
your other number.
- Hi. Is Sonia there?
- Who is this? - This is Laura Price.
It's really important.
Oh, Laura,
I'm sorry.
Sonia passed away
last night.
We're having some people
over to the house
if you'd like
to pay your respects.
Yeah, yeah, okay.
Um, what's the address?
Hi. Welcome.
Thanks for coming.
I can't believe
she killed herself
in her own house.
What's going to happen
to her son? The family...
This is gonna
be an interesting...
She's with them now.
You're next.
Two, three, four...
they're dying in order,
every three days.
This is
3,000 miles away.
I know, but I'm
juror number five,
so let's just pretend it
might not be a coincidence.
What do you mean, it
might not be a coincidence?
'Cause Sonia said that she
felt like she was being watched.
And the woman from
the nursing home said
that she heard somebody talking
to Frank the night he died.
We watched the security
tape together.
- Yeah, I know.
- And we didn't see anything.
Well, nothing physical.
Look, what if...
what if he's back?
The Midnight Murderer...
what if he's back?
Evan Lucas is dead.
20 people
saw him executed.
I know.
Trust me, I know.
What if...
what if somehow...
somehow his spirit is
trying to kill the people
that are responsible
for his execution?
I promise you,
I'm on top of this.
Nothing's gonna
happen to you, okay?
I'll have Marin PD put somebody
in front of your house 24/7.
Can I get you
an escort home?
Um, no.
Thank you.
Um, I'll just wait
for your call.
We're closing
in 15 minutes.
Do you have any books
on the supernatural...
spirits, entities,
anything like that?
Downstairs, A-14.
15 minutes.
Professor Mylene Wolfe,
San Francisco College.
I think they're closing.
A car accident, heart attack,
two confirmed suicides,
and you think someone
actually killed these people?
You were the detective
in the Midnight case.
If you're asking me if I believe
in ghosts, the answer is no.
What about copycats? It's
a five-year anniversary.
What if someone's trying to
make a name for themselves?
Four jurors, John.
Maybe we should take
a closer look.
Our subject...
a 45-year-old woman
from Lake Charles,
had noticed a strange
glare in photographs
that she had taken inside
the home, as you can see here.
That strange shape
kept appearing in photo
after photo
after photo,
but only in photographs
that she had taken
inside of her home.
After she
e- mailed me these,
I decided to apply
levels of spectral imaging
to see if I could discern
anything from the images.
In each photo,
the phenomenon
was indicating a particular
point in the house.
Turns out that
the subject's husband
had died
two months prior.
And when she took a closer
look, she found this.
Unable to properly communicate
his farewell to her in person,
he'd written her a message and
left it here for her to find.
Lights, please.
I want all of you
to think of ghosts
as remnants,
shadows left behind
by the recently departed.
And if you open your mind
just a little,
you'll find that they
have something to say.
Oh, and don't forget
to read chapter six
for next time, please.
Thank you.
- Professor Wolfe.
- Yes?
- Hi. I'm Laura Price.
- Hi.
I was hoping you'd give me
a few moments of your time.
So the other juror in the case
experienced this phenomenon as well?
Yeah, she was convinced that
it was the killer's spirit,
that he's angry
for what we did.
People want to believe
in the supernatural.
They buy my books.
They take my class.
I've made a good living.
But I want to be
completely honest with you.
99% of the hauntings
that I've investigated
can be explained
Well, there was
a laboratory in Oxford.
it was haunted.
But they found out
that their equipment
was emitting
an ultra-low frequency
capable of resonating
in the human eye.
The apparition was nothing
but an optical illusion
caused by infrasonic
Okay, what about
the 1%?
What about the 1%
that can't be explained?
Please, there's got to be
something I can do.
Entities are trapped here
because they want
They need something
before they can move on.
Maybe if you find out
what that is,
you'll be able
to release it.
Well, what if
my entity...
what if he wants
to hurt me?
What did you find?
St. John's
Hospital. May I help you?
I need a doctor over here!
Get him into 140.
Excuse me, does Melissa
Miller still work here?
No, you're gonna have to
wait. We're a few hands short.
Get some Haldol
over there!
Just have a seat over here.
I'll see what I can do.
- Miss Miller?
- Ma'am, we're a little busy.
It's about Evan.
Thanks for sitting down
with me.
I remember you
from the trial.
You sat
in the front row,
second from the left,
always taking notes.
You were pregnant.
I heard about
Nathan Palardis.
I couldn't believe it.
He was the foreman
in the jury
that convicted
your boyfriend.
You can't tell me that there
wasn't a little part of you
that was pleased.
I never blamed
any of you.
there's got to be
over 20 calls on here
between you and Nathan
right before he died.
What's this about?
He reached out to me.
He wanted to know
about Evan,
about our relationship,
how we met,
the sorts of things
we used to do together.
Melissa, I know this
might be really difficult,
but it would be really
helpful if you could tell me
everything you told
Nathan, okay?
I told him
we met at the store
where he worked.
I was trying to paint
one of my sister's
She had a baby
on the way.
And I remember
she wanted
this very particular
shade of blue.
I was there, you know,
when they put the needle
in his arm.
I watched the chemicals
pumping through the IV,
knowing it was gonna
kill him.
In those final moments,
he looked up at me
through the glass...
and he blew me a kiss.
I miss him.
I miss him so much.
do you remember
his last words?
He said,
"If there is a god,
whence proceed
so many evils?"
"If there is a god, whence
proceed so many evils?
If there is no god,
whence cometh any good?"
"A Roman philosopher,
was wrongfully imprisoned
and sentenced to death. "
Wrongfully imprisoned.
Hey, there's a lady
here to see you...
uh, Lynn? Lacey?
Yeah, that's it.
Are you coming back or do you
want me to close out your session?
There's years' worth
of research in here.
I want to retrace
Nathan's steps.
I want to interview anyone and everyone
who ever testified in this trial.
I can't just reopen
this case.
Why? What if Nathan
was onto something?
What if something didn't add up? I
think that's why he circled my name...
because I was the only one who
questioned anything during that trial.
But ultimately
you chose "guilty. "
Yeah, I know.
What if...
what if we were wrong?
What if we convicted
the wrong man?
Are you okay?
Do you really think clearing
Evan's name will save your life?
I know that
it sounds crazy,
but, yeah, I do.
Let's go.
Everybody loved him.
He was always very helpful.
He was probably one
of my best employees.
How long did Evan
work for you?
About three years,
I'd say.
He started off
as a clerk
and then he worked his way
on up to assistant manager.
Mr. Harris, have you seen those spinner
blades that came in this morning?
I sure have.
Did you check aisle 3?
- Thanks.
- Okay.
The shipment of
the murder weapon
was traced back
to this store.
Yeah, it was a three-inch
Healey fisherman.
We still carry those.
I'll show you.
We go through about
a case of those a month...
collectors, fishermen. Heck, we
even got a guy over in Sausalito...
this guy... he can carve your
initials right there in the tooth.
- Can you believe that?
- Wow.
Did Evan have access
to that key?
All my employees do.
Healey three-inch
fisherman... there it is.
This case is spotless.
- Well, thank you.
- How often, would you say, you clean it?
We clean this at least
once a week,
pour the product out,
wipe it down,
and most importantly, make sure
the blades are nice and shiny.
Whose job
would that be?
That would be
my assistant.
So it would have been
Evan's job?
- At that time, yes, ma'am.
- So if Evan cleaned the case...
He would have gotten his
fingerprints on the knife.
You were fishing
off Duxbury Reef
the day the Midnight Murderer
dumped his last victim?
Yeah, he took her over
to the edge of the dock,
dumped her body
in the ocean.
Says you were interviewed by
the police for over five hours.
Yeah, that one detective,
the black guy... Calloway?
- Callendar.
- Yeah, he was very thorough.
Anyways, like he said
on the stand,
they found that poor girl's
body wrapped in plastic
exactly where
I said it was.
Is this what you were fishing
the day you saw the killer?
Caught a couple monsters
too... 25-30 pounds.
The trick is, you put a sinker
on the end of your line...
it gets right down
in there.
How far offshore
would you say you were?
I don't know,
about 100 feet.
Yeah, that's weird.
I used to fish with my dad
when I was a little girl,
and that, my friend,
is cod.
And the schools concentrate
out on the shelf,
and that's no less than 700
feet away, wouldn't you say?
Is that true?
Look, I know
what I saw.
The guy was well-built,
kind of tall.
Did you actually see
his face?
Ask Callendar.
I ID'd the photo.
What color eyes
did he have?
Did you see what color
his eyes were?
Look, lady, I could never
have seen that,
not even from
100 feet away.
Really? Because I remember
you on the stand
saying they were hazel.
Mark Gannon...
there's a name I haven't
heard in a while.
Hey, why don't you guys
come back in the cage?
Yeah, he was transferred
after his testimony
at the Midnight trial.
Lucky him...
Pleasant Valley
down in Fresno.
Yeah, here we go.
Uh, arrested for
breaking and entering,
assault and battery,
attempted murder.
This guy gets
a transfer.
Says here he testified
for the prosecution
in four criminal trials
in addition to
the Midnight case.
Why, he's a real advocate
for justice, isn't he?
Eh, these guys are locked up
in cement boxes 23 hours a day.
They start talking.
Everyone does.
Mark saw an opportunity.
Would you have his
visitor log by chance?
Yeah, I should.
You think someone told Mark what
to say in exchange for the transfer?
Yeah, I do, just
like I think
somebody told the fisherman
what color Evan's eyes were.
Well, you know, this is
what frustrates me.
- What's that?
- The log...
it's missing.
So what do we have?
Looks like a forensic
investigator testified
that Evan's prints were present
on both the blade and the handle.
Well, that could have
happened at the store.
Yeah, but according
to Nathan's notes,
there were also several partial
prints that were never matched.
That wasn't in
the forensic testimony.
Including one
on one of the bags
pulled out
of the landfill.
And one more thing...
Evan's girlfriend told Nathan
the police served a search
warrant at their apartment,
took several items with them,
except there's no reference
to anything
in the evidence log.
They just disappeared.
They covered it up.
Can you imagine
being convicted,
being executed for
something you didn't do?
Evan's put to death.
The prosecutor
Charles Richardson
is serving his
second term as D.A.
If it were me,
I'd want revenge.
Tomorrow's day three.
What are we gonna do?
We're gonna finish this.
So what do you think?
I worked for over a year
on that case,
interviewed hundreds
of witnesses,
dozens of suspects.
You want to tell me
what was so urgent,
you had to wake me up
in the middle of the night?
Look, I'm obviously
not a detective.
You have a witness who
clearly lied about what he saw,
partial prints
on the murder weapon
that weren't even
accurately examined,
and evidence that just
kind of disappeared.
Hmm, and a jailhouse
in which Lucas told
his cellmate everything...
how he chose his victims,
where he hid the bodies.
You don't think Mark Gannon could
have read that in "The Examiner"?
Including the details we
didn't release to the public?
You know, I don't mean
any disrespect, Detective.
Did you actually interview
Mr. Gannon yourself?
Tell me she's not serious.
Of course I did.
Was that before or after
somebody told him what to say?
Are you listening to this?
Come on, John, you gotta admit there
are a couple of holes in the case.
A couple?
Come on.
Midnight Murderer had
the whole city on edge.
Every time
you turned on the TV
or opened a newspaper,
we were pulling another
body out of the bay.
You know, people were
afraid to go outside.
They stopped going
to work.
Kids stopped
going to school.
Was there pressure
from the D.A.
to wrap it up?
Did I cut a few corners?
But before you
come down on me,
waking me up
in my own home,
you need to remember
one thing.
And what's that?
The moment we took
Evan Lucas,
put him into custody,
the murders stopped.
No. Well,
you just tell them
I'm not gonna budge,
not for that.
No. No, they're gonna have
to work a little bit harder.
Sorry, that's
the way it is.
- Charles.
- I'll call you back.
- Hey, John, good to see you.
- You too, buddy.
We missed you at the
fund-raiser last month.
Yeah, well, listen, I need to
talk to you about Evan Lucas.
Hey, I'm a busy man. You know
what? Why don't you call Amy,
set up a lunch? We'll go
to Danko. You like that.
No, no, I mean now.
- Now?
- Now. Now.
All right, well, if you don't
mind talking in my other office.
After you.
All right, so what's
troubling you, John?
Don't tell me that juror
suicide has you spooked.
Hmm, you heard
about it.
Half the people in my
office are talking about it.
They think
there's a curse,
if you believe in
that kind of thing.
I don't.
I believe
in two things, John:
justice and
the death penalty.
Everything else
is just smoke
and mirrors.
So what's this
really about?
Mark Gannon.
Yeah, he's doing life in
Fresno last time I heard.
Eh, minimum security.
The guy's 5'4".
He's got arthritis
worse than my grandmother.
I still think he had
the right friends.
These are hardened
criminals, John.
We're not gonna win them over
with "please" and "thank you. "
You're right.
Hey, did you know
his visitor's log
in the jailhouse archives
was missing?
Half the city's
Clerical's a mess. I don't
even know how I do my job.
Yeah, so I checked
the front logs.
You want to guess
who visited him
right before he gave up
Evan's confession?
Five years later,
and you want to have
this conversation now?
- Did you coach him, Charles?
- You were with me.
You know the evidence
better than I do.
It wasn't enough,
not until the cellmate
came forward...
came forward and told
everybody Evan confessed.
We convicted
a guilty man.
You swore to me.
You assured me
that you had testimony
proving his guilt.
That was a lie.
I suppose your conscience
would prefer more people die.
Like Evan Lucas?
What are you gonna do,
John, huh?
Destroy your reputation,
jeopardize everything you've
spent your whole career building?
I'm just gonna
deny everything.
Because that's what politicians
do best now, isn't it?
Hall was rocked today
with the unexpected
that evidence
may have been manipulated
in the infamous Midnight
Murderer case, a conspiracy...
A conspiracy
which goes all the way up
to District Attorney
Charles Richardson himself,
who is accused of tampering with
the key witness. Meanwhile...
the judge is currently reviewing
the evidence against Evan Lucas, who was
executed for the murders two years ago.
Hi. This is Laura. Please leave me a mess...
Hey, Vick.
Yeah, I changed it.
What's up?
Oh, I can't.
I have plans tonight.
Michael's here.
Well, tomorrow, okay?
That was my
girlfriend Vicki...
the one that works
at the art gallery.
She may be doing the background
check on you right now.
I'm just
letting you know.
Well, unfortunately
one of the side effects
of being a cop is
you tend to lead a pretty
boring personal life.
Well, after the week
I've had,
I can handle boring.
I'll show you
how this works.
Really? Let me see
if I can do it.
I'm not sure.
Yeah, okay.
Thank you.
What time is it?
What time is it?
Um, 2:00.
Day three.
You were right.
- Clearing his name
saved your life. - Mm-hmm.
Maybe now
he's at peace.
And you?
Getting there.
Hey, it's me.
Call me back ASAP.
I think I found
He told us where
you hid the bodies.
I don't know what
you're talking about.
Look, this...
is that your knife?
Hey, we've got
a witness
saying he saw you take
the Hamilton girl
off Duxbury Reef,
toss her body in the water.
No, man.
No way.
You know, the next time
your girl is gonna see you,
they're gonna be sticking
a needle in your arm.
Fine. You don't
want to play?
Fine. We'll do it
your way.
I can't help you,
Is everything okay?
I got a message
from John.
He's not picking up.
I'll be back
before lunch.
Oh, before lunch?
Before lunch.
- Where are all the files?
- They're gone.
He wasn't supposed
to take those.
Captain's gonna
have a field day.
Excuse me.
Nice work, John.
You photographed
all the files.
Son of a bitch.
Officer, do me a favor.
I need you to call down to Santa
Cruz, see if they found any prints.
- Also see if the knife matches.
- Detective?
- Just do it.
- I'm on it.
Pick up.
Pick up. Pick up.
Hi. This is Laura.
Please leave me a message.
Hey, it's me.
You're still in danger.
You have to get out of
the house. Please call me.
- Lyons.
- The knife used in the Martinez suicide
was the same
as the Midnight case.
- What about prints in the tub?
- Got a match in our files.
- Which one?
- Evan's boss George Harris.
Hello, Laura.
I knew Nathan was close
to finding the truth, Laura.
But it would have been
too risky to just kill him.
So I decided
to come out of retirement...
the Midnight Murderer
back from the grave,
killing off the jury
in order.
And you, Laura...
you're number five.
Are you in there, Laura?
Are you in there,
Open the door.
Where are you hiding,
Where could you be?
Laura, Laura,
you naughty girl.
Where are you?
Laura. Laura.
Put the knife down!
Are you okay?
How are you
holding up?
This whole time he was
trying to keep us safe.
I heard.
Evan wanted me
to tell you
thank you.
I'm just sorry we couldn't
have helped him earlier.
There's something else.
He said
your son is there
with him...
and that he is looking
forward to being with his mommy
when the time comes.
Until then, he'll keep
an eye on him for you.
you tell him
to tell Jacob
that there's not a minute
that goes by in my day
that I don't think
about him.
Tell him that his mommy
loves him very much.
I will.