Sunburn (2018) Movie Script

I made it man, I can't
wait to catch up.
Hey, this is Casey.
Do that thing.
Hey, Casey,
everything okay?
did you get my last message?
Where are you?
Hey, this is Casey.
Do that thing you.
Excuse me.
Excuse me.
Is it far to Angustias?
Anyone there?
I'm sorry, I don't speak Spanish.
It's hot.
Is this Angustias?
Difficult journey, huh?
You look tired.
I'm looking for Bar La Granja.
Pass the church, on your right.
My pleasure.
Could I get a glass of water?
No, no, I meant.
Hey, wait up.
I'm Lucia.
I'm Mike.
Can I get you a drink?
Is something wrong?
Are you allowed
to smoke in here?
This is Angustias.
Things are different here.
What's wrong?
My aunt just passed away.
I haven't really laughed in a while.
Casey didn't wait for you?
There's not much
he could have done.
Have you seen him?
No, sorry.
Anyways, how come
your English is so good?
My parents met in Madrid.
Moved to England, got married.
And then?
They stopped loving each other.
My bag.
Someone's taken my bag!
No, no, no, no, no,
no, it was right here!
Everything I own was in there,
my passport, my money,
Mike, it's okay.
No, you don't understand.
I need to find my bag.
He must be on patrol.
This is so messed up.
I'm gonna have to cancel
all my cards.
Someone took it by mistake.
They'll hand it in.
Trust me.
Your arm.
I'm fine.
It looks sore.
You can't take any chances
with this heat.
Come, I wanna show you something.
Do you ever miss London?
Big cities are full of strangers.
Here everyone knows each other.
Cares for each other.
Everyone plays their part.
Hey, you're safe here.
So you get to see this,
like all the time?
Huh, that's great.
How old are you?
22 in January.
You're sweet.
Do you find me attractive,
Sure, it's just,
women like you tend to go
for guys like Casey.
Women like me?
Yeah, who are
out of my league.
So, where are you staying tonight?
I have a room.
Plus, you could really
do with a shower.
I'm sure your friend
will call in the morning.
Yes or no?
For real?
They can make a real mess.
I'll get you a towel.
Hey, is this your mom?
Put it down.
I said, put it down.
Look, I'm really sorry.
Go have a shower.
Hey, I didn't mean to--
Down the stairs.
What the hell is wrong with you?
Hey, this is for you.
For your skin.
Hey, listen, about earl.
Who's are these?
A guy left them here.
It finished a long time ago.
Did you hear that?
There's someone out there.
There's no one here.
I'm telling you, I heard someone
when I was in the shower
and again just now.
Are you feeling okay?
Did it, did it just get really
hot out here?
Hey, come on,
let's go back inside.
What happened?
Your body was shutting down.
Do I need to see a doctor?
No, you just need to rest.
You were jet lagged,
it was too much.
How did I get here?
Angustian women are strong.
Now we need to get
you healthy again.
You're no good to
anyone like this.
Hey, take it easy.
Take it easy.
How long have I been asleep?
All night and most of the day.
I'll be back soon.
That song.
My mom used to sing to me
when I was trying to sleep.
Wilshire Boulevard
All dreams dying hard
I want you to return
This love
We've been in the dark
Weightless, working hard
I want you to return this love
Now he's leaving
Watching for you
But that ain't enough
to turn the page
How are you feeling?
Much better.
What's that?
It smells good.
Pumpkin, spring onions,
in lemon sauce.
I thought you guys ate
a lot of meat out here.
We used to,
but the price kept rising
and we couldn't afford it anymore,
so we're making the best
of our situation.
Wilshire Boulevard
All dreams dying hard
I want you to return this love
We've been in the dark
Weightless, working hard
What happened to your mom?
She died.
A few years ago.
I'm sorry.
She was in a lot of pain.
It was probably for the best.
When you took her picture,
all the memories come back.
The last thing she told me
was that she was sorry.
For what?
Leaving me alone.
You're not alone.
Take my fears away
Not right now.
It's from the garden.
Freshly picked.
You've already been out?
Has anyone heard from Casey?
No, sorry.
I'm really starting to worry.
What if he had an accident?
Something's not right.
I should go look for him.
Mike, you're not
strong enough yet.
I need to do something.
The police station will open
in a few hours.
Then we can fix everything.
What happened to my clothes?
They're in the wash.
Here, try this.
Beetroot, almond and basil
wrapped in tortilla.
Oh, my God.
I'm really starting
to like this stuff.
That's good.
It's so peaceful out here.
Yeah, but it's getting hot.
The color's coming
back to your face.
This is the same bottle I had.
You can only buy this
in the states.
He was here.
Casey was here.
Mike, this is crazy.
Look, you need to help me
find him.
Look, I think you know
what happened to Casey.
He bailed.
He's probably having a good
time with some girl.
And you're the last thing
on his mind.
I still need to make sure
he's okay.
There are many similar
villages around this area,
so, maybe your friend
was never in Angustias.
Since four days have passed,
I've just put a search
party together.
How many people
are we talking?
At the moment, just me.
Is this a joke?
We have limited resources,
Mr. Oliver.
It is best I can do.
Have you tried to speak to
his parents back in America?
There's no signal here.
But if you had one,
would you have called them?
No, because you're not
sure he's really missing.
Well what if he got
caught in the sun?
Then he's dead.
A body roasts really
quickly in this heat.
And the smell,
the smell is quite something.
And then it is a race against time.
Either we find him
or the animals do.
It's time for you to leave.
Where are you going with that?
Hey, it's the only proof I've got
that Casey was even here.
Sending it away for analysis.
Well what about my bag?
Lucia told you about my bag,
Of course she did.
Seems like you're
losing everything.
I'll call you if I have any news.
You'll call me.
He'll call me.
For the last time, I don't get
any fucking reception
off this thing.
Is it true that you had
How do you know that?
This is a very small village.
News travels fast.
Mr. Oliver, I'm sure
I will see you again.
Have a nice day.
I'm gonna find somewhere
else to stay.
What, no!
Look, you've been great.
All of this has been great.
I just need time to think.
Mike, you are still recovering--
I just wanna find Casey,
find my bag,
and get the hell outta here.
Since you came here, all
I've done is try to help.
Do what you want.
Lucia, stop.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry, okay?
It's not you,
it's just this,
this whole situation.
Just be nice to me.
What happened?
Why are you doing this?
Please, just let me go.
Open your mouth.
Good, good.
I'll check on you later.
Lucia, please let me go!
Lucia, come back!
Somebody help me!
That old woman was here.
The one from the bar.
She said that what
you're doing is wrong.
That all of this is wrong.
She told you to let me go.
You need to listen to her.
No one,
no one else was here.
You must have been dreaming.
Much better.
It's okay, everything's
gonna be okay.
Now or never
We're going away
Who even knows
what we will find
We all make mistakes.
It's important we learn from them.
How long are you gonna
keep here like this?
Until it's safe.
It was the sunstroke.
What was it you called it?
It made me run.
But that wasn't me.
I'm better now.
I see things clearly.
How much you mean to me.
How attracted I am to you.
Not there.
Oh, shit.
We nearly had to
forget me now
In order to survive
Put our past aside
Just to stay alive
But when we're
done in this city
We're going back to the hills
Take it all back somehow
Taking it back somehow
Oh, no, we don't need
another wolf at
Wolf at the door
Oh, no, we don't
need another wolf at
Wolf at the door
Oh, no, we've been
through this so many times
Many times before
Oh, no, we don't need
another wolf at
Wolf at the door
Just like an old elephant
We're going back
to the start
Find a place in the shade
Oh, in the shade
Casey is dead.
They're all dead.
You don't understand
how difficult it's been for me,
being here on my own.
You're crazy.
Mike, come back inside!
Mike, come back!
We can talk.
Mike, please!
Oh, come on.
Let me explain.
I'll tell you everything.
It's so quiet here now.
10 years ago, these fields
were full of cattle.
We were able to live.
We were happy.
Then they built a new water plant
and everything went wrong.
The people and the
animals got sick.
We couldn't drink
our own water.
My mom was the first to die.
I cared for her just
like I cared for you.
But it wasn't enough.
They said that there
was an accident,
that there was no one to blame.
But what happened here
wasn't right.
What they did to us
wasn't right.
So this is about revenge?
It's survival.
It's hard getting here.
People arrive dehydrated.
So I take them home,
purify the system,
feed them the same food
the animals used to eat.
Then they're put
in the ground,
wrapped in salt,
then six months later,
they're ready.
For what?
I didn't want this for you,
You meant something to me.
You still do.
You kidnapped me.
Tied me to the bed.
You killed my best friend.
All relationships have problems.
I've done bad things.
I can change.
It's not too late.
We'll leave this place.
You were
with me.
Lucia tried really hard
to keep you from us
and look how you pay her back.
They said the new water plant
was gonna make all
our lives better.
Now, we have to look
after ourselves.
We are good people,
Mr. Oliver.
I want you to remember that.
This is Angustias.
Things are different here.
There's a life
Coming towards me
Falling from the
sky before my eyes
The warm sun burning down
And the sea, the sea
Coming to swallow me
Coming home deep in,
in my hungry dream
And all I see
Is you with a gun
So put that
That gun down
There's a storm
About to break up our lies
Let it all open up
everything inside
To what we find
Let it open up our minds
It's a love about to cover
the whole moon
A love about to spread its wings
On me and you
Just put that, that gun down
Put that gun down
Put that gun down
There's a storm
About to break our minds
Let it in, let it in
Drifting all inside on my own