Suncoast (2024) Movie Script

[gentle music throughout]
- [girl 1] It's really hot out.
- [girl 2] It is hot out, but it's nice.
[girl 2] I'm so excited to go to school.
I'm sad to leave this, though.
[girl 1] Boys, boys, boys, boys...
Brand new boys.
[girl 2] You'll probably find
some pretty boys in Santa Barbara.
Yeah, I think I'm going to be on
the lookout for hot water polo players.
[girl 2] Nice.
I'm going to get something to drink.
- Yeah, I'll go with you. I'm really hot.
- Yeah, let's go inside. I'm frying.
[news anchor] And the debate continues
over the life of Terri Schiavo,
who's right here in Tampa Bay...
[reporter] Forty-one-year-old Schiavo
has had her feeding tube...
[Anna Nicole] Tammy, Howard, Angie,
my make-up artist Lisa, my trainer...
Even Sugar Pie was driving me crazy.
Sugar Pie. Sugar Pie!
Sugar Pie! Sugar Pie.
Oh, God, I can't stand
looking at that poor woman.
Hey. Hi.
[tv show host] Let's give it up
for Anna Nicole Smith.
My head is killing me,
and this isn't helping.
[Anna Nicole] I was so embarrassed, and...
I got you nachos.
- [dog barks]
- [Anna Nicole] Sugar Pie! Shut up...
- Well, did you give him his shot?
- Yes, I did.
Did you vacuum?
- Yeah.
- Doesn't look like it.
'Cause the carpet's a thousand years old.
God, this place really has
turned into a shit hole.
I'm going to need your help
with him in the morning.
I can't. I'll miss the van.
Oh, Doris, it's a big day.
You don't have to go to school.
[Doris] But I want to go.
- You'll be late and I'll write you a note.
- No, please, Mom.
I'll have to interrupt class
and everyone looks at me...
It's really embarrassing.
Oh it's really embarrassing. Oh, well...
Oh, well, then I guess I'll just have to
drop your brother off by myself,
because God forbid,
you should be embarrassed.
Okay, fine. I'll come. Forget it.
No? Oh, are you sure?
You sure? Because I wouldn't want you
to blush in front of your friends.
I don't have any friends.
And fine, I said forget it.
[Anna Nicole] Sugar Pie,
shut the [bleep] up.
- [grunting]
- [Mom] Okay. One, two, three. Go.
[Mom] Oh, my God. Okay.
- [Mom] Lift him up.
- [Doris] I'm trying.
Come on.
[vehicle brakes]
I'm taking her today.
You can go.
[Mom] What is he? Deaf?
Mom, stop yelling.
He obviously can't hear you.
I'm taking her. You can go!
- Drive away!
- Mom, stop yelling.
Everyone is staring at us.
[Mom] Okay, lift his upper body.
Up, here we go.
There we go. That's good.
All right, sweetheart. Sorry.
I'm so sorry.
Can I drive?
[Mom] What? No, no, no, no.
We don't have time.
- Come on, you never let me...
- Doris!
Please, not today.
All right.
[Mom] [stammering] Get in the back!
- What?
- The latch has been screwy.
You got to make sure
his chair doesn't fall out.
My hair is gonna go nuts.
Your hair?
[Mom] Goddamn piece of crap.
For fuck's sake.
[engine revs]
[gentle music throughout]
[horn honks]
[crowd chattering]
Excuse me. If you don't mind
I just need to check your bags.
[security guard] Unfortunately,
the staff gets a lot of threats
since Mrs. Schiavo got here.
[Mom] So you think while I'm dropping
my son off, I'm going to kill someone?
[Doris] Just let her check your bags.
Hi, there. Is everything okay?
I'm Mia, the Director of Nursing.
- You're the Director? How old are you?
- Mom!
- It's okay.
- What? It's just a question.
How old are you?
'Cause you do. You look young.
[Mia] I actually get that a lot.
Don't worry about your bags.
If you both want to follow me,
I can check you in.
This way.
[crowd shouting outside]
[light scrubbing]
[Mom] I can't believe that teenager
just shoved us in here.
Look at this. Look!
Look at this.
I'm so sorry, honey.
I'm going to clean this place up.
This room is way cleaner than our house.
I don't know if this...
Do you think this is
the right place for him?
I just... I'm not so sure.
You'd say that about any place.
Are you not at all upset about this?
This is it, Doris.
This filthy box is where
your brother's going to die.
Of course I'm upset.
Can we go soon? I'm already really late.
You know, you could just try and think
about someone other than yourself.
You might like it.
Brad and Jen just broke up.
Right now I'm thinking about them.
Oh, they did?
I knew they would.
The second they got married.
What did I say?
- He's too handsome.
- "He's too handsome."
The handsome ones never stay.
Like your brother.
Too handsome for this world.
Can we go now, please?
[gentle music plays]
Welcome back, Doris. Thank you.
[student 1] Dude, she said it was a
one-time thing, like, I don't know.
Oh, my gosh.
You seriously think
Cody's hooking up with Tiffany?
I know for a fact he did
and good riddance.
Let her keep his dirty dick.
[student 2] He is not
hooking up with Tiffany.
[student 1] Bullshit.
Tiffany told me herself.
She showed me a hickey.
It was shaped like Cody's dirty mouth.
[student 2] Okay, well,
y'all should come over later.
Okay, we're gonna grill by the pool
and Cody will be there,
so you can just ask him yourself.
Okay. Cody's going to be there?
Yes, you best believe my ass will be there
'cause I'm done with these rumors.
[teacher] Okay. Sounds like
most of us are done with the assignment.
So let's talk about being naked in public.
Is that an ethics question?
Yes, Adam.
Well, that depends on
the laws of the land.
[teacher] Exactly.
Banning public nudity is a rule
of a particular society, our society,
especially this classroom.
But what about Christian ethics?
How do they differ
from the law of the land?
[school bell rings]
[teacher] Whoa, what's your hurry?
Am I that boring?
Oh, excuse me.
Yeah, okay.
[high-pitched sustained beep]
[Mom] Do you hear it? It's like...
It's got to be driving him insane.
Do not worry, honey.
I'm going to fix this.
[Doris] I doubt he hears it.
Here, get up. I need your chair.
[beep continues]
Of course... I told that robot
at the front desk,
but of course she didn't do anything.
Mia? You seriously don't like her?
She's, like, the nicest person
I've ever met.
Yeah, well, she's a toddler.
She just goes around smiling.
You shouldn't walk around grinning
if your job is watching people die,
and your brother is stuck here
with this horrible noise.
Help me up,
I'm gonna stick my head up here.
See what the fuck is going on.
For the love of God, Doris,
come over here.
- You're going to fall.
- Well, then you make sure I don't.
[Doris] Can you please just hurry up?
[Mom] Quiet. I can't hear it
when you're talking?
- Everything okay in here?
- No, no, it is not okay in here.
My son is a prisoner here
and he's been tortured by that noise.
- There's barely a noise.
- [screeches]
[Mom] You don't hear that?
Whatever. I'm sorry about her.
She's a lunatic.
[Mom] Thank you.
[crowd chatters]
[helicopter flying over]
[upbeat music plays]
A one-one, two one two
Now on and on and on and on
Wake the fuck up
'cause it's been too long
Say wait a minute,
Queen what's your name?
I be that gypsy flippin' life game
from the right brain
Ascension maintained
Rolling through like a burning flame
Like a super nova star
She be the light when they in the dark
The moon pass the sun
four constellations start forming
Across up in the sky
But everybody wanna ask me why
What good do your words do
if they can't understand you?
Don't go talkin' that shit Badu, Badu
Don't go talkin' that shit Badu...
[cashier] Cheeseburger, fries
and a chocolate shake,
That's 9.68.
Oh, forget the shake.
Keep the shake. I got it.
Add fish and chips for me.
Thank you. That's so nice of you
but you really don't...
No, no, no buts. You take the food,
you're skinny as a rail.
I bet you can't even see your shadow.
- Okay, well, thank you again.
- Yup. Yup, yup.
Well, mind if I join?
I mean, no, no, I don't mind if...
Yeah, you can sit here, if you want.
I think I saw you over at that
executional chamber.
- [man] Yeah.
- [Doris] Yeah. My brother's living there.
Or... dying there.
Oh, I'm so sorry.
Well, I'll pray for his recovery.
Oh, please don't.
I just mean he has brain cancer
and he's blind and he can't walk,
and he hasn't talked in years.
I mean, like, his brain
just doesn't really function anymore.
Like, he still eats on his own,
but not for long.
So if he survived, I just...
don't think he'd be happy.
every life is precious.
I do not know why I just laughed.
It's obviously not funny.
I haven't, like, talked to
another person in a long time.
I've just been taking care of my brother
and haven't had time to really, like,
talk to anyone.
Well, maybe you shouldn't start now
'cause you're pretty bad at it.
[Doris laughs softly]
- [man] Oh, yay.
- [Doris] Thank you.
- Not a fan?
- Oh, sorry.
Just the smell of seafood
kinda grosses me out.
Well, maybe you haven't smelled
the right seafood.
- Maybe not.
- No, definitely not.
Have you been to West Palm Beach?
- No.
- Wooh whee!
You're gonna love West Palm Beach.
Go to Captain Joe's.
Best fish tacos in the world.
- Grouper. You'll love it.
- I doubt it.
My wife was obsessed with them.
She passed away.
I'm sorry.
Me too.
My dad died.
He had a heart attack when I was three.
Christ, it ain't a competition.
But if it was, you'd be winning.
Hey, yeah. Paul.
- Doris.
- Doris?
Really? Old lady's name.
It was my grandma's name.
- Oh.
- She died the day I was born.
My God. Is there any conversation with you
that it's not, like,
thoroughly depressing?
Basically, everyone in my family is dead,
except my mom.
But I sometimes kind of wish she was.
Don't say that.
- I'm... I'm kidding.
- Yeah, well, that's not funny.
Every life is precious,
including your mother's.
No one has ever called my mom precious.
Oh, God.
Jesus, Doris.
I've been looking everywhere for you.
What? You just walk off?
You don't answer your phone.
- Hello?
- Mom, this is Paul.
Nice to meet you.
- Hi.
- Hi.
Let's go. I'm gonna be late for work.
See? Isn't she precious?
It was nice meeting you.
- Nice to meet you.
- Let's go, let's go, let's go...
- Can I drive?
- No. I just said I'm late.
[television news chatter]
[news anchor] Hurricane Zeta
rips through
the Keys and up the Gulf of Mexico.
Fill up those gas tanks and generators
this could be a long weekend.
This storm could be a real bitch.
You should board up the windows.
[news anchor] It's the first time
Jacksonville has ever hosted
a Super Bowl at the Alltel Stadium...
I think I should start
sleeping at Suncoast
so your brother doesn't get too lonely.
[news anchor] an attempt to avoid
repeating a controversial incident...
then I'll be alone.
You'll be in your own home.
He's in a new place,
surrounded by strangers.
- But I don't...
- You know, Doris...
When you have your own kids,
you'll understand.
I just can't stand the idea of him
in that place by himself.
He's my child.
When he's in pain, I'm in pain.
I'm your child, too.
- [Mom] For God's sake.
- [Doris] What about my pain?
Give me a break.
What if the storm gets really bad?
And what if there's a blackout?
We don't have a generator.
[Mom] Please, just will you think
about your brother?
He's trapped in his own body.
He can't move, he can't see...
You're worried about using
a flashlight for one night?
I'm going to be sleeping
on a cot for weeks.
I said, fine.
[teacher] And because it is legal
in all 50 states, is it ethical?
Do we blindly accept the ethics
of our government as our own?
And we know abortion is wrong
because the Bible says it is.
[teacher] That's actually not true, Adam.
There is no
explicit prohibition of abortion
in either the Old or the New Testament.
Okay, well, I still think it's wrong.
Well, I think you're an idiot.
[teacher] Ah, good. A debate.
Why don't both of you come in on Monday
with your prepared arguments?
Love it.
[student 1] You should have
kept your mouth shut.
I'm a feminist, and I won't be silenced.
[cellphone buzzes]
[teacher] Let's talk about bioethics...
Well, Kyle's dad found out
he was going to throw a hurricane party.
Now his parents aren't going to evacuate.
What? That freakin' sucks balls.
Well, we have to go somewhere
because I already told my parents
I'm going on an overnight field trip.
[student 3] Seriously, though,
I really want to go out. Please?
[student 1] Can we go to Tara's?
- [student 3] Didn't she get her own place?
- [student 2] She got evicted.
- [student 1] Of course she did.
- [student 2] Yeah.
[student 2] Marcus said he might get a keg
and go under the causeway.
Waves are going to be so big,
he's going to bail.
- We can go to the movies.
- Yeah, right after I kill myself.
You can come to my house.
I mean, my mom won't be there,
and you can do whatever you want.
But if not, it's cool.
I just thought
if you needed a place to party,
you could totally come over.
Or whatever you want. It's chill.
Yeah. Super chill.
[student 2] So there's, like, no adults?
- Can we roll?
- Sure. Whatever you want.
Wait. Guys, this is, like, so dope.
Oh, my God, I have to tell everybody.
But who are you?
Yeah, yeah. What's your name?
Cool. Nate.
Yeah, cool.
- Laci.
- Brittany.
Cool. Doris.
[angsty rock music plays]
Where I come from isn't all that great
My automobile is a piece of crap
My fashion sense is a little wack
And my friends
are just as screwy as me
I didn't go to boarding schools
Preppy girls never looked at me
Why should they? I ain't nobody
Got nothing in my pocket
Beverly Hills
That's where I want to be
Gimme gimme, gimme gimme
Livin' in Beverly Hills
Beverly Hills
Rollin' like a celebrity
- Hi.
- Hey.
Oh, your house is so cute.
[Brittany] It's super...
homey and, like...
- [Brittany] very unique.
- [Megan] Yeah.
[Megan] Everyone says
this neighborhood is scary,
but, like, when you're in it,
it's like, not that scary.
Thank you.
Sorta smells like piss in here.
Oh, that's probably from my cat
who's just running around here somewhere.
I have a cat.
[loud party music plays]
[loud rave music]
[music thumps]
[music, party chatter]
Want one?
Uh, uh... no. Thank you.
[loud music and chatter continues]
[Doris] So you have a pool?
- Huh?
- In class.
I heard you say you have a pool.
Oh, yeah. Yeah, I do.
So, what do your parents do?
What do you mean? Like their jobs?
Never mind.
- My mom has a parrot.
- Really?
[Nate] Yeah. Yeah, she got it to talk.
She got it to say...
[imitating a parrot] "I love you, Nate."
Yeah, it was kind of weird at first,
but now I sort of, like,
look forward to it.
That's really sweet.
Yeah. Yeah.
- [loud music]
- [thunder rolling]
[indistinct chatter]
[Brittany] Doris, come sit. Come sit.
Come here. Come on.
This house is amazing.
It's so... small.
It's like a doll house. It's incredible.
You're so beautiful.
- [Doris] No.
- [Laci] No, no, you are.
[Laci] And you're just, like, so natural.
And your nose is just, like, so real.
[Brittany] Beyond real.
You're like this... lion
- Yes!
- ...with your wild hair.
[Laci] Oh, my God. Oh, my God.
- She's a lion.
- She's a lion.
- Roar!
- Roar!
[both] Roar!
Roar with us.
[all] Roar.
[Both] Yeah!
[birds chirping]
[distant crowd chanting]
[somber music]
- Good morning.
- Morning.
You're here early.
We don't usually get visitors this early.
Well, I slept here last night.
- My son is here.
- Well, he's lucky to have you.
Well... what about you?
Does your family visit? I mean, I hope so.
I can't imagine only having
these fake nurses to talk to.
No, I'm not.
I'm not a patient. I work here.
Oh, Jesus Christ.
Oh, I thought because...
Oh, look, that... That is.
- [woman] No, I'm not dying.
- [Mom] That's my mistake.
I guess I should have
put on lipstick this morning.
No, I am so sorry.
That was a dumbass thing to say.
It's okay.
I'm Sue. I'm the grief counselor here.
And I'm available to talk
if you ever want to.
Oh, my son isn't dead,
so I'm not really grieving yet.
[Sue] Okay, well...
I'm here if you change your mind.
[Mom] Well, I should get back...
- Sure. Yeah.
Hey, what are you doing with that?
I was just... moving it out of the way,
'cause we don't need any more, right?
No, I guess not.
How was the storm?
Not bad. Sort of fun, actually.
[Doris] No, I didn't mean fun.
I didn't have fun because I was alone.
So... There was a blackout,
and I lit some candles.
And... candles are fun.
You're being weird.
What? No, I'm not.
[Mom] It won't kill you to spend
a few hours with your brother.
But I spent six years with him,
and he has nurses taking care of him now.
Get out of the truck.
Excuse me, ma'am.
I'm sorry, but we need to check
the back of your vehicle.
For what?
[officer] Frankly, we received
a bomb threat yesterday,
and we're taking it pretty seriously.
Everyone in there is about to die anyway.
Who would waste a bomb on that place?
Ignore her. Please, just do
whatever you need to do.
It's unbelievable.
What's in the back there, ma'am?
Well, Officer... that is an oxygen tank.
Because my son's cancer
spread to his lungs.
[Mom] Is that illegal?
Get out.
I'm not staying any way,
I've got to get to work.
At the bomb factory...
where I make hospice bombs.
[gentle music]
Can I have one?
How old are you?
Fine. I'll just go buy some.
You're so full of shit
your eyes are turning brown.
- My eyes are brown.
- Exactly.
You go to Clearwater Christian?
How do you know that?
I know everything about you, Doris.
I'm kidding. It's on your shirt.
- Oh.
- Are you Christian?
No, not exactly.
My mom actually thinks
religion is bullshit.
No offense.
She just didn't want me
going to the public school
after some kid shot a math teacher.
So she has to work all the time
to pay my tuition.
She never shuts up about it.
She's a good mom.
Um... no.
To my brother, maybe, but not to me.
[Paul] You know,
Terri went to Catholic school.
[Doris] How do you know?
- [Paul] Just do.
- [Doris] Do you know her?
- Well, no. I don't know her personally.
- What do you mean?
I don't know her.
But when I found out
that her psychotic husband
was trying to murder her,
I had to come here and do something.
Murder her? But...
You know, she's basically already dead.
She's as alive as you are.
And what if it was you
in there instead of her?
Bottom line is, her husband
didn't want to take care of her anymore.
Honestly, I get that.
It's really hard
taking care of sick people.
Sometimes you need a break.
[Paul] Are you enjoying your break?
I mean, this is going to sound horrible,
but... yeah.
Once your brother's gone, he's gone...
and he is never coming back.
And you will miss taking care of him.
- [Doris] No, I won't.
- [Paul] You will.
[Paul] You'll miss everything.
All the good, all the bad...
Hell, especially the bad.
I'd give anything to hear my wife yell
at me for letting the mosquitoes inside.
Just talk to her, you know?
Well, I haven't talked
to my brother in years.
He's not really aware.
[Paul] Well, you should talk to him.
When they go, suddenly you got
all this important shit to say to 'em.
Or not important shit. You just want to...
Just want to tell 'em stuff.
[students chattering]
- [Laci] Look at Nate. Such a dork.
- [Megan] Aw, Nate.
[Brittany] Oh, my God. What is that?
Are you dancing?
Hey, don't hate on my moves. Okay?
I was killin' that.
Oh, Doris, come here.
- [Laci] Hey, girl.
- [Doris] Hey.
- These are from your party.
- That shit was off the chain.
Oh, really? Thanks. I had fun too.
Hey, so my birthday is this weekend.
Could we maybe have
another party at your house?
Well, my mom won't be home, so...
- Yeah, definitely.
- Amazing.
Wait, do you smoke weed?
Not right now.
But I'm thinking about starting soon.
Yeah, I do.
[Brittany] Cool.
[Brittany] Oh, my God.
[upbeat music]
Oh, my God.
[Megan] Do we need to, like,
take you to the hospital?
Oh, guess who texted me last night?
Oh, my God. Aaron Miller?
- [Brittany] Correct.
- [Doris] Who?
You don't know Aaron Miller?
- No.
- Do you not, like, live in this town?
[Brittany] He's a few years older than us.
He's so hot.
- Ew.
- Ew.
He is, he is.
We dated for almost a year, but...
he broke it off last month
because he said, I'm, like...
like, immature.
Oh, um... I'm sorry.
I feel like only a really immature person
would be callous enough
to call someone else immature.
Holy shit.
You're so right.
Wow. I've, like, never
thought about it like that.
Yeah, that was, like,
some deep shit, Doris.
Ooh, Deep Doris.
Okay. Well, Deep Doris,
you just earned yourself a keg stand.
- You don't know what a keg stand is?
- No.
Oh, my God, you're like an alien.
[Brittany] Dude, you asked me
if cheese was a vegetable
- and you're calling her an alien?
- No!
No, that was, like, five years ago.
- That was not five years ago.
- Yes, it was.
- More like months.
- It was five...
So, this is going to be so much fun.
Just put your hands right here...
and trust them.
It'll be fun, it'll be fun, it'll be fun.
[Doris] Oh, my God!
[all] One, two, three...
[Brittany] What?
What the fuck is he doing?
Run, you dumbass!
- Okay. Guess what I heard?
- What?
Nate has a crush on Doris.
What? Yeah, right.
- No way.
- Wait. Where'd you hear that?
[Brittany] Aw, that's so hot.
The two of you together,
I would die of horniness.
- But who told you that?
- Do you like him?
I don't know.
Oh, if you do, I can, like,
totally make it happen.
Yeah. I mean, he's not all, like,
deep and quiet or whatever like you are,
but he's a little panty melter, right?
I mean, he's sort of cute.
Oh, my God.
- She loves him.
- She loves him.
You love him.
- You should go to prom with him.
- What? Okay, yeah.
Now that that's out there,
you're going with him.
I'm sorry. You're going. You have to.
Yeah, but don't get her hopes up because
he might not, like, actually be into her.
You sound really jealous, and it's boring.
So boring.
[Laci] Can I put some gel in your hair?
Oh, I hate my hair.
I don't know what to do with it.
You should straighten that shit.
I would, like, kill myself
if I had curly hair.
Well, I wish you had curly hair.
Where's your gel? I want to mess with it.
My mom might have some
in the bathroom closet.
Oh, no, not in there.
Why do you have, like, a hospital in here?
It's for my brother.
He was sick for a long time, so...
That's, like, heavy shit.
[Laci] Did he, like, die?
[Doris] No. But he is at Suncoast Hospice.
[Brittany] Shut up. With Terri Schiavo?
[Megan] That is so cool.
Wait, like, do you, like, know her?
Wait, can you get us on the news?
[Brittany] Can I have one of these?
[Doris] Sure.
- [Megan] Guys, this is so sad.
- [Brittany] I know. You want one?
[Megan] Yeah.
All right. I will see you later.
[Doris] Wait. Can you take me home?
- Why?
- 'Cause I want to go home.
You're home alone too much.
[Mom] He needs visitors. He needs family.
And he shouldn't be alone with Mia.
I honestly... I think she's a sociopath.
I saw her pushing a dead body
down the hallway, whistling showtunes.
Oh, God, don't pout.
Look, I'll...
I'll take you home after my shift.
You really should spend some time
with him while you can.
All right, sweetheart.
I'm going to work, and I'll be back here
as soon as I can, okay?
All right.
I didn't say that.
[kids clamoring]
Okay, okay, okay, okay, okay.
All right, never have I ever...
waxed my pubes.
- You're such a freakin' dick.
- Wow.
[Nate] Don't hate me, hate the game.
[Brittany] The game?
I dare...
- all the boys to...
- You can't do that.
- It's got to be one person.
- Kyle, Kyle, shut up.
Okay, it's fine.
Thank you. Thank you.
I dare all the boys to...
to take off their clothes.
I just stood up for her too.
That's crazy, that's crazy.
- Ah.
- Evening, ma'am.
Look who it is. My hero.
Listen, I'm sorry, ma'am,
but no visitors are allowed tonight.
[officer] The judge just set a date
to remove her feeding tube. So we're...
I don't give a shit what he did,
I'm going to go to sleep next to my son.
[officer] I can't let you do that.
No one is allowed in until morning.
Why? What is the problem?
What? You think I'm going to
sneak Schiavo a sandwich?
- I'm going.
- Ma'am? Ma'am?
Ma'am, I will have to place you
under arrest if you do not cooperate.
Are you kidding me?
Look, I...
I think we got off on the wrong foot here,
and I understand
you're just following orders, but...
Ma'am, there's nothing I can do.
Look, my son, he is by himself
in that place right now.
He can't say it because...
he can't speak anymore.
But I know for a fact...
he does not like be by himself.
Especially at night. He gets scared.
That boy is honestly...
the first person I ever truly loved.
And soon he is going to go away forever.
And when he does, I have to be there.
I will be there
when he leaves this earth. He...
He can't be by himself when that happens.
So, please...
Please, let me just go
sleep next to my son.
I-I can't.
[officer] I'm sorry, I can't.
Please. I would love it.
- Stop lying!
- I'm not lying!
What's...? What's "slam it"?
[Megan] You gotta take a shot.
Milady. For you.
Oh, my God.
Okay, okay, okay, okay...
You guys, shh... I got a dare, I got a dare.
I dare Nate to kiss Doris.
What the fuck is going on? What is this?
Put your goddamn clothes on now!
You get the fuck out of my house!
[Doris] Mom, please calm down.
[Mom] Oh, no, no, no. You don't talk to
You're having orgies
while I'm sleeping on a cot?
You know what? I'm calling the cops.
What? You're drinking?
You're smoking pot in my house?
[Doris] No, Mom, be mad at me and ground
me, whatever you want, but let them go.
You have two minutes.
Get out!
Get out.
- Mom...
- Don't.
I said I don't want to hear it.
I trusted you. And you, well...
It's over.
You're not allowed
to be home alone ever again.
Can I just say sorry?
Not one word.
[Mom] This is our home
until your brother goes.
This noise hasn't stopped,
so get used to it.
[high-pitched mechanical whine]
[delicate music]
[monitor beeping]
Can I please just have a cigarette?
You want to go watch the Super Bowl?
[upbeat music]
[announcer] Great drive all the way
down to the five-yard line.
First and goal...
Now I feel like they're
never going to talk to me again.
If they're your friends,
they'll talk to you.
- My mom freaked out on them.
- So?
So... I don't know.
I was having fun for the first time
in my life, and she ruined it.
"I was having fun for the first time..."
Listen to yourself?
I mean, come on. I get it, though.
You want to be a normal teenager.
Exactly. But why doesn't she get that?
Well, okay, I got news for you.
You're not normal, Doris.
You're different.
And you are going through
something real here.
This whole thing is a gift.
It may not seem like it, but it is.
- [Doris] It's not.
- [Paul] It is.
- It's definitely not.
- It definitely is, goddamn it.
This defense is not gonna let up.
So how did your wife die?
Oh, my God.
I feel so lucky that I brought
the funnest person in the world
to watch this game with.
Brain aneurysm.
I remember telling her this stupid joke.
You know, when...
You know how birds fly in a V
and sometimes, uh...
you know, one line
is longer than the other?
- Do you know why that is?
- No.
That's because there's more birds
in that in that line.
Silly joke. She started laughing.
And I started laughing.
And then I was laughing more
'cause she was laughing more.
And her laugh was just
the greatest thing in the world, and...
And then we went to sleep and...
And then, you know, I woke up and...
and she didn't wake up.
She was...
Didn't wake up.
And that's, that's the love of my life.
And she was gone and then...
there's nothing I could do.
Thank you.
[announcer] If they can get
anything established on this drive
subsequently on offense,
field goal or touchdown...
No, it smells like red tide.
You're going to hurt the chef's feelings.
Now you eat this.
I'll just... I'll stick with these, thanks.
Hey, what would you want to do
if you were just a normal teenager?
I don't know.
I really want to drive.
I'm 17, I only have a learner's permit.
My mom never lets me drive,
but I've always wanted to.
Ever since I was, like,
five years old, I've dreamed about driving
just so I could...
So I could go anywhere,
any time I wanted on my own
and just be like...
Like, completely free.
Well, amen to that.
[gentle music]
[Brittany] Everything reminds me of him!
I swear. I hate him.
- [Laci] I know you do.
- [Brittany] I know you know I do.
I know you know that I do,
but I just can't get over it.
So, I'm sorry about my mom.
- Oh, that was so funny.
- Oh, my God, bro.
She was trippin', and I thought
my mom was a maniac.
[Laci] Yeah, that was, like,
some straight up Jerry Springer shit.
- Literally.
- Too funny.
So, we're gonna skip tomorrow
and get fake IDs.
Yeah, we just thought,
since we can't really, like,
hang out at your place anymore,
we can try to go to Ybor City.
Oh, yeah, that makes sense.
Well, good luck with that.
Good luck? You're coming with us.
- I am?
- I mean, are you?
Like, what?
Yeah, definitely. I'm coming.
["Dip it Low" by Christina Milian
plays on car radio]
Why not let him lay with you
That's when you give it to him good
Dip it low, pick it up slow
Your car is amazing.
- What?
- Let your back go
Pop, pop, pop that thang
Your car. Oh, shit. Stop, stop, stop.
[tires screech]
[horn honks]
What the fuck, Doris?
Sorry, my shirt just flew out.
- Your shirt?
- What?
Oh, my school shirt.
Oh, God.
Who cares?
Yeah, just buy new.
Yeah, I'll just buy a new one.
[song continues]
Pick it up slow
Roll it all around, poke it outLet your
back go
Pop, pop, pop that thang
I'mma show you
how to make your man say, "Oh"
[distant dog barking]
Who's she?
Uh, this is Doris.
- Doris, this is Sweet'N Low.
- Nice to meet you.
Bring a goddamn stranger to my house...
Ain't said one word
about that on the phone.
You're 28. You could pass, dog.
- [Nate] Oh, yeah. That'll work.
- [Sweet'N Low] Yeah, that's right.
Okay. Laci.
No, no, don't even try
to do me like that Sweet'N Low.
This lady, she's, like, 50 years old.
No. You know what?
I don't need your wack-ass ID.
I'll use my cousin's.
Some bullshit.
What about her? She's 22.
Yeah, she's hot and she has DSL.
- [Brittany] I'll take it.
- [Sweet'N Low] D-S-L.
[Megan] Do you have another one like that?
[Sweet'N Low] Yes, I do.
Thank you.
- How much are they?
- A hundred.
I don't have that right now.
[Doris] Thank you, anyway.
[Sweet'N Low] I'mma get you.
It's about to expire.
You can just have it.
Pro bono.
Oh, Doris, that's perfect.
Yeah. Thank you, Sweet'N Low.
- [Brittany] Bye.
- [Doris] Bye, guys.
[officer] Hey, there.
You mind popping the trunk for me?
They were just dropping me off.
They're leaving now.
- [Megan] See you tomorrow.
- [Nate] Peace.
[Megan] Can't believe she lives here.
Get in. You're driving me to the store.
Seriously? You're letting me drive?
Yeah. This isn't for you.
I'm sick of driving.
What are you waiting for? Come on.
Okay, normal girl. Show me what you got.
Um. Don't freak out,
'cause I, like, know the answer, but...
which pedal's go and which is stop?
Are you serious?
Get the hell out of my car.
[Paul] Okay, first things first.
What's first?
Oh, my God, I'm so proud of you right now.
I think I'm going to cry. Yes. Seatbelt.
Put the seatbelt on.
Good. Now, second thing.
You want to make sure
that your mirrors are in the right place.
So can you see out the back? This one?
- Yeah.
- Okay, good.
Now, what about the side mirrors?
Can you see everything to either side?
[Doris] Yeah.
[Paul] Now you take your foot off the
brake and hit the gas on the right.
Right there. Yeah. Hit it.
Good. Go. Good. Okay. You gotta steer.
[Paul] You gotta steer. Are you steering?
[happy music plays]
[Paul] Good, good. You're doing good.
La, la, la... Over, over, over.
Okay, Just stop,
stop, stop, stop, stop, stop.
Okay, good.
You've got the brakes worked out.
Now go easy. Just take it easy.
You don't have to press down
so hard on the gas, but...
Okay, watch out for that shed.
Oh, whoa, whoa. Okay.
Try to avoid... To the left.
[Paul] Just steer to the right.
To the right.
Okay, now turn... Left, left. Get around.
Okay, no, but you don't have to go.
Watch out for the barrel!
Watch out for the barrel!
[happy music continues]
Look, it's not even an expensive car, but...
- I'm sorry.
- You know, it runs.
[Paul] Just try to go straight. You don't
have to go to the right or to the left.
Good. Good. Nice and slow. Straight.
This is good driving.
- [Paul] Good. Okay, stop, stop.
- [Doris] Which way?
[Paul] Yeah. Toward us.
Oh, thank you, God. Thank you for letting
me live through this.
[gentle music]
[birds chirping]
[Sue] Oh, good morning.
How are you doing?
I'm okay.
I just...
I keep thinking about
when I was pregnant with my son.
There was this anticipation.
I was waiting because he was...
arriving at any moment, and I wondered...
what would he be like?
What would he bring into my life?
But now I'm waiting for him to leave.
And I wonder,
what is he going to take from my life?
It's kind of funny.
It must be very hard.
I'm so sorry you're going through this.
[Mom] Since we're the only people out
[Sue] Makes sense.
I've been the mom
of a sick kid for so many years,
I don't know
who I'm gonna be when he's gone.
Do you have any other children?
Oh, my God. Yes. Yes. Christ. Yes.
Of course. Of course,
I have another child.
I don't know,
I don't know why I just said that.
No, I have a daughter.
[Sue] Well, she'll still be here
after he's gone.
Life will still be here after he's gone.
It's just going to look different.
[teacher] Then in 2003,
they were removed again.
[Nate] We're going out tonight, yes?
One billion percent.
I just pray my mom goes to sleep
so I can sneak out.
[Brittany] She will.
You gotta think positive.
[teacher] Brittany. What's your opinion?
A... bout what?
[teacher] Terri Schiavo, the person
we've been discussing all morning?
Right. Yeah.
Full disclosure, I haven't been listening.
But I will say I just think
the whole Schiavo thing is just gross.
[teacher] And why is that?
Because people should be allowed to die.
Like she told her husband to let her die
if she ever ended up like that.
And all these nosy-ass people
just need to respect her wishes.
[teacher] I didn't ask you,
but thank you, Laci.
I mean, you really should be asking Doris.
She, like, basically knows Terri Schiavo.
[Laci] Yeah, her brother's in hospice
with Schiavo right now.
Who's Doris?
I am.
You don't have to talk about this
if you don't want to, Doris.
No, it's okay.
It's just, it's sort of hard
to talk about it like this.
Like, the way we talk
about stuff in this class.
What do you mean?
Just, like, I don't know...
We sit here and we talk
about hypothetical situations
and what the right or wrong action is,
but you can't really answer
those questions 'cause you don't know.
You don't know what's right or wrong
until it's happening to you.
Like, we can say Terri's husband is
a monster for wanting to let her die,
or her parents are monsters
for wanting her to live.
But we don't know, do we?
Because we're not them.
I guess you don't know
what's ethical... until you know.
[school bell rings]
That was so dope.
[Laci] So smart, Doris.
[Brittany] See you, tonight, baby.
- Doris.
- Hmm?
I just want to say I...
I know it's hard
sleeping here every night.
And I know you're a good kid.
I mean, the whole
party thing was partly my fault,
I shouldn't have left you home alone.
Thank you.
[phone buzzes]
Man, I'm so tired.
Night, Mom.
You know...
if you forget how tragic this place is,
it's... almost like
we're having a slumber party.
Remember when you were little?
We'd build forts in the living room,
and you'd always yell, "Slumber party!"
We're going to have fun again, you and me,
when this is over, I'll...
I'll learn how to be fun again.
Mom, you should really get some sleep.
You've been working so hard.
Okay. Okay.
Jeez. Goodnight.
[Laci] I believe in psychics.
- [Brittany] What?
- [Laci] I do.
- [Laci] Oh, my God, she made it out.
- [Brittany] Holy crap.
[Brittany] I am legit scared of your mom.
I was like, "That bitch is gonna
run out here and stab us."
[Laci] Here, I brought you an outfit,
but one of the boot heels is broken,
so just, like, don't dance too hard
or you'll fully face plant.
Got it. Thank you.
[Brittany] Okay, so Nate and Megan
are meeting us there.
- Oh, and Cody.
- Oh, have you met him yet?
- [Doris] No.
- [Brittany] You're going to hate him.
Well, look, he got me this.
You know, it's like,
a promise to stop being like,
a liar and an asshole and stuff.
Well, whatever you want to do,
I support you.
I just want you to be happy.
You see, Brit?
That is what a real friend looks like.
Whatever. Easy for you to say, Doris.
You haven't been dealing
with this shit for four years.
Four years?
No, it's not four years,
it's actually three.
'Cause the first year,
- he was not an asshole.
- What are you talking about?
When I first started dating Cody,
he was such a sweetheart.
I would do anything to go back.
[Brittany] You were just brainwashed.
- I'm so nervous.
- No, girl, we're fine.
But definitely stop whispering.
Thank you.
Your ID is gonna expire soon.
Oh, yeah.
I gotta go to the DMV
and get a new one 'cause...
'cause that's where I got that one.
But I mean, you knew that obviously,
'cause you work here, so...
[upbeat club music]
I thought we were gonna
have to bail you out of jail.
He definitely knew I was lying.
I almost passed out.
Oh. Hi!
[Laci] Guys, I have mommy's credit card.
So drinks on me.
No, no, no, I got Doris.
[Nate] What can I get you to drink?
What are you having?
Vodka-cranberry, bitch.
Vodka-cranberry, please.
[club music throughout]
Well, look who it is.
[Brittany] Dirty Cody
grinding on his next victim.
[Doris] Oh, my God. That's him?
Well, at least they're just dancing.
[Laci] Are you kidding me?
Excuse me, ladies.
[Laci] Really? Hi, sorry.
Are you freakin' serious?
[Brittany] There's so many
gross guys here.
I know, right? They're so creepy.
- Yeah.
- I'm like, ew. Like, stop staring at me.
- [Nate] All right, vodka-cranberry.
- [Doris] Thank you.
Fought like hell for this.
Almost killed a guy.
- Worth it, though?
- Definitely.
[cellphone buzzes]
Oh, my God.
- [Doris] I'll be right back.
- [Nate] Yeah.
[voicemail] You have one unheard message.
[Mom] I can't believe
you're not answering your phone.
I don't know where you are,
but you need to get back here right now.
The nurses are all here and...
it's time.
Your brother's... he's gonna go tonight.
[voicemail] End of message.
[loud music, party chatter]
I'm so sorry.
Can you take me back to Suncoast?
I need to go back to Suncoast.
My brother's dying.
Dude, I can't hear you.
My brother's about to die.
Oh, my God. Yeah. Yes.
Of course. Let's go.
- Go.
- Okay. Yeah.
Are you kidding me?
This is how you're dressed?
Is he okay?
- What's going on?
- Okay, relax.
He's probably not
going to pass away tonight,
but you never know.
He is in hospice.
- You lied?
- No, I did not lie. I did not lie.
He could have died and you weren't here.
And after I tell you
what good kid you are,
you sneak out, you dress like a hooker?
But you said...
What is wrong with you?
[Mom] What is wrong with me?
Oh, that-that is great, Doris.
You break all the rules,
and I'm the bad guy.
You're worse than the bad guy.
You're a fucking monster.
You don't tell someone that.
You don't lie about that.
Oh, good. Here come the waterworks.
[Doris] Yes. Okay, I snuck out,
but that doesn't mean you can...
I've always done
everything you asked me to.
My entire childhood was wasted
taking care of him
so that you didn't have to have to.
[Mom] Didn't have to?
Do you think I liked leaving my sick child
so I could go serve food to tourists?
You think I wanted to work
instead of be with my boy?
I had to work so we could eat,
so we could pay rent.
So you, you can go to your private school
with your perverted friends.
And go to the slut store!
I'm done.
I'm done with this.
You can live here with your precious son.
He's basically dead anyway.
I don't want to talk right now.
We don't have to talk.
I just want to be alone.
Doris, I am so sorry.
- Did your brother pass away?
- No.
She told me he was about to
and she lied to me.
She's fucking psycho.
[Paul] You all right?
[Doris] I'm fine. These stupid boots.
[Paul] Listen, I know you're not going to
want to hear this right now,
but your mom just did you a huge favor.
I saw you run in the building.
You're not ready for him to go.
You need to make your peace with him
while you still have the chance.
Shut up!
Please, just shut the fuck up.
[Doris] Who even are you?
You're, like, some old guy
who's obsessed with Terri Schiavo
'cause you can't get over your dead wife?
Do I look like your wife or something?
Is that why you're always bothering me?
Well, I'm not her,
so just leave me the fuck alone.
No, that ain't it at all.
You're, you're a young kid.
It just seemed like you needed...
I don't need anything from you.
[somber music]
In a dream I saw you walk
Like a kid alive and talking
That was you
In the classroom you were teaching
On the streets you were policing
That was you
To the one I now know most
I will tell them of your ghost
Like a thing
That never ever was
Ooh ooh ooh ooh
[Brittany] Oh, my God. Doris.
[Laci] Oh, my God. Back up.
Give her some space.
[Laci] It's okay, girl.
We're here for you.
Forever. We'll always be here.
I'm so sorry for your loss.
[Doris] He didn't die.
[Laci] Wait. What?
He didn't die.
It was a false alarm.
Oh, thank God. 'Cause I had zero idea
what to say to you just now.
Do people, like, actually like to hear
"I'm sorry for your loss?"
Because I always just feel
so generic when I say it.
Yeah, that's fine.
Well, then I guess Nate has something
he wants to ask you.
[Brittany] He wasn't going to do it today.
'Cause if your brother had died,
he felt weird asking...
[Nate] Oh, no, no, Shut up.
Okay, both of you.
I don't need you to speak for me.
[Brittany] He so does.
Oh, my God.
Nah, you know, I was just wondering if,
you know, you wanted to go to prom?
With me.
Yeah, of course. I'd love to.
[Nate] Good. All right.
Okay, kiss her!
Okay, now finger her.
Come on.
- [Laci] Wow.
- Oh, God.
Sorry about her.
[gentle music]
[reporter] And we have confirmation
that her feeding tube
was removed this afternoon.
Her parents are running out of time
and running out of courts.
[atmospheric music]
[home video recording plays]
[Mom] Okay, now do Muscle Beach!
[children shout happily]
[Mom] Now do silly dance!
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
[Mom] Now do moonwalk.
How do you do it?
No, Doris. Slide your foot.
[video continues]
[brother] Whoa, Mom, you're actually good
at it.
[Mom] Slide.
[children laugh]
[young Doris] Slide, slide, slide...
[Mom] And slide, and slide...
[Mom] Good.
That's good.
[gentle music throughout]
[Brittany] Your hair looks so good.
[Megan] No, I'm like, obsessed with yours.
- [Brittany] Thank you.
- [Megan] I love it.
[Brittany] She was super slow,
but it's fine.
[Megan] Oh, my God.
She did mine in, like, an hour.
[Laci] Okay. She is way too cute.
Y'all are going to die.
[Megan gasps] Yes.
[Brittany] That's so hot.
Are you sure I can wear this?
It's so nice.
No, you look so good in it.
I don't know.
I think the straps are a little long.
Oh, my mom can fix that.
Mom, can you bring your sewing kit?
[Megan] Doris, I think it is so cool
that you're comfortable
wearing Laci's old dress.
[Brittany] What are you doing?
Like, what are you
actually doing right now?
Sorry. I, like, meant as a good thing.
Guys, Cody's not taking me to prom.
- [Brittany] Sorry. What?
- [Laci] Yeah, no.
[Laci] He said he'll
meet me at Kyle's before.
"But I've already been to prom. It sucked,
and I don't feel like going again."
- [Laci] What?
- [Brittany] Oh, my God. I hate him.
I mean, for him to do this to you
on the holiest of nights.
- No, I can't even.
- It just, it's all my fault.
I need to walk away, but I just... I can't.
Yes, you can. You can do it.
You're strong enough to walk away.
- [Laci] I mean, obviously I'm not.
- [Doris] No, listen to me.
You deserve so much better.
You're such good person
and you're such an amazing friend.
You're like an angel.
I mean, you all have, like, saved my life.
- You're so...
- Oh, my God.
Okay, fine. I'm breaking up with him.
- [Brittany] Seriously?
- [Laci] Yeah.
- It's done.
- You did it?
- [Brittany] Actually?
- [Laci] Yes.
Oh. My. Goodness.
Did I just step onto a fashion runway?
Can you fix her straps?
Is this from your junior prom?
Oh, it looks so beautiful on you, Doris.
Thank you. You're so nice.
Your mom is so nice.
- Come on.
- Okay.
[Laci's mom] Let me just get you measured.
[cellphone buzzes]
[Brittany] These straps are gonna, like,
dig into my feet.
[Laci] Dude, it's worth it.
They're so cute.
- Hello?
- Hi...
I just wanted to let you know
it looks like he might go tonight
or tomorrow morning...
They say 'cause
his fingers are really yellow
and his breath is pretty labored. So...
[Mom] Look, I'm really sorry, okay?
I should've never done that.
I should never have lied to you.
It's just...
There's no excuse. I... It was cruel...
and I understand
if you can't forgive me, but...
But don't punish him. Okay?
You do what you want.
I just wanted to let you know.
Thanks for letting me know.
Everything cool?
[Laci] Whatever.
What about when you
head-butted Michael Rieger?
Oh, my God.
Who even talks about it anymore?
[Laci] You can't lie, Nate.
That was some psycho shit.
He was trying to fight me, bro.
What was I supposed to do?
[Laci] Anything.
Do you know Mike Rieger?
[Megan] Hello?
Oh, uh...
No, I don't think so.
Are you okay?
Yeah, I'm fine.
You're not, like,
upset about something I said, are you?
What? No.
Okay. Okay, good.
This is my song. Turn it up!
Don't you wish your girlfriend was a
freak like me?
Don't ya
Don't ya
Don't ya wish your girlfriend was raw
like me
Don't you wish you girlfriend was fine
like me
Don't ya
[party music, chatter]
I'm really stoked
you came with me tonight, by the way.
Oh, yeah, me too.
How's your mom's parrot?
Oh, yeah, yeah, he's good.
You know, I actually taught him
to say, "Suck my dick!"
It was super funny,
but now he won't stop saying it.
So now my mom's pretty pissed.
Oh, my God.
- Shit, he looks so hot.
- Here we go.
Laci, can we talk for a second?
No, Cody.
Okay, we're done.
I meant what I said, okay? This is over.
[Cody] Please baby, you don't have to do
this. I'm gonna come with you.
[Laci] No, it's too late, okay? I just...
I... need to stay away from you.
We have to be done. Forever.
I'm serious.
[Brittany] Oh, my God.
Yes! Fuck you, Cody!
You finally did it.
You... actually did it. You're free.
This is the best night of my life.
[Brittany] Guys... Y'all...
Oh, my God, I just realized something.
This is it.
No, no, no, I'm serious.
This is the most important
night of our lives.
This is everything.
We're all together,
and that's all that matters.
[Brittany] Like, this really is the
biggest fucking night of our lives.
Like, you guys are my...
my everything.
[Brittany] We're always gonna
be here for each other.
And I'm never going to forget you guys.
Never. Ever.
- [Doris] I have to go.
- [Brittany] What?
Oh, my God. I have to go right now.
- What the fuck, Doris?
- No, I just need to talk to my brother.
[Nate] Doris!
Fallin' out of touch
with all my friends
Excuse me, can you drop me off
somewhere really quick?
- [Doris] It's an emergency.
- [driver] Of course.
Hope they're staying glued together
I have arms for them
["Green Gloves" by The National]
Is there any way you could drive faster?
I'd really appreciate it.
It floats around and takes me over
[recording] Hiya, it's Kristine.
Leave me a message.
[recording] Hiya, it's Kristine.
Get inside their clothes
with my green gloves
Get inside their heads
Love their loves
Now I hardly know them
You can stop here. We're close enough.
But I'll take my time
I'll carry them over
And I'll make them mine
Get inside their clothes
with my green gloves
Watch their videos in their chairs
Get inside their beds
with my green gloves
Get inside their heads
Love their loves
I'm so...
I'm sorry I wasn't here.
It's okay, Doris.
- I need to talk to you.
- He can still hear you.
- You can still talk to him.
- No!
Don't go.
I don't know why I wasn't here. I'm sorry.
You can't leave me here by myself.
Don't leave me, please!
I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry.
I was so selfish. I was so awful to you.
[Doris] I should have made you brownies.
And I know you love them.
And I never made them for you.
And I should have let you watch
skateboarding videos all day.
I should have given you the remote.
I should have...
Oh, Dorie, you were so good to him.
No. He knows.
He knows you love him. He knows.
I promise you.
I promise.
He knows.
[Doris cries]
[somber music]
I'm sorry. He was just really young,
and we don't get
a lot of young people here. So...
Thank you...
for taking care of him.
Of course.
[somber music continues]
I'll be outside, Mom.
Okay, sweetheart.
Where was everyone going?
City Hall.
They're just going to
wait outside until the...
judge agrees to start feeding her again.
Why aren't you with them?
I just wanted to make sure
that you're all right.
He died.
And it feels just like you said.
But I think...
I know...
he's in a better place now,
and I know he's happier.
He's free.
I can feel it.
And isn't heaven, like,
what you guys believe in?
Isn't it supposed to be
a lot better than this place?
It's just...
I don't know, I can just feel it.
I know it.
And I miss him...
and I hate this...
but he's free.
So glad I met you, Doris.
Thank God you're not normal.
Mom, this is Paul.
I remember.
Well, it's nice to see you again.
[Paul] I never got your name.
[Paul] Nice to see you again, Kristine.
Okay, kid. You ready to go?
Goodbye, Paul.
[Paul] You take care, my dear.
Well, what do we do now?
Can I drive?
[Mom] Yes, you can.
[gentle music throughout]
I feel I've done my last favor
So I'll say goodbye
Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye
[Mom] When did you learn to drive?
I know we both
Have gone a long time being denied
Instead of being favored
Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye, goodbye
Please don't ever let me do you wrong
And never do me wrong
You know I'd like to dream
In dreams, in dreams
We never say goodbye
Goodbye, goodbye
Goodbye, goodbye
Once I saw you on some corner
I tried to say hello, hello
Hello, hello, hello
I know it's been an awful long time
And now it shows
How time has made us older
Hello, hello, hello, hello
You know I never meant to do you wrong
But life is not so long
And so I crossed the street
I don't believe we ever said goodbye
Goodbye, goodbye
Goodbye, goodbye