Sundowners (2017) Movie Script

[Romantic music plays]
[Romantic music plays]
[Shutter clicks]
[Shutter clicks]
[Shutter clicks]
[Shutter clicks]
[Shutter clicks repeatedly]
[Shutter clicks repeatedly]
[Guests applauding
and cheering]
[Guests applauding
and cheering]
[Rock music plays]
[Rock music plays]
What, are you leaving
already, man?
What the dick?
Yeah, I'm
just packing up.
RANDY: No, no, no.
It's an open bar, man!
We're drinkin' tonight!
We're gettin' wasted, come on!
No, I'm gonna head home.
I'm out.
Look, I already
did four shots,
plus the beers in the car,
plus I'm drinking red wine now!
Look, the groom wants us
to do shots with him!
He just said, 'Come get, uh...
the other guy, we'll do shots.'
He'll be disappointed.
See, the other guy,
he doesn't even know my name.
We're not part of this, Randy.
I'm gonna go.
No, we're part of
this magic, man.
We've captured the
history on the camera.
Maybe we can
grab a beer next week.
[Car door slams]
[Car starts]
[Music plays on radio]
On the track
with the wind at my back
Move slow
like a heart attack
Like I feel it creeping
like I'm six feet deep
And all I wanna do is sleep
And I don't wanna
win anything
Every race will end
I don't wanna win anything
Every race will end
KID ON TV: I always
go to school!
MAN ON TV: I don't like
what I'm hearing from you!
You know, you're starting to
sound like one of those kids
they do after-school
specials about!
[Alex laughs]
[Laugh track on TV]
KID ON TV: Oh, Dad,
come on!
I really think you take--
[TV playing quietly]
JUSTIN: I gotta go.
I'm running late already,
so I gotta go.
Go to bed, okay?
How's school?
You studying for
all your exams?
JUSTIN: Yeah, um,
school's great.
School's really great.
I'm doing really well.
The professors really like me.
I'm on the...
I'm on the Dean's list.
I have a big exam in computer,
uh, internet... theory,
and I think I'm
gonna do really well.
And, uh, very popular.
Why you sweeping?
Stop-- stop sweeping.
It's okay.
You can stop sweeping.
That's okay, I'll do it.
When will Linda
be home from work?
Aunt Linda's been
dead for 20 years,
Grandma, remember?
GRANDMA: Oh, yes.
JUSTIN: Remember?
GRANDMA: What a shame.
I'm sorry,
I'm very late, okay?
GRANDMA: That's a shame.
Selena will be here
in the morning for you, okay?
Okay, I really gotta go.
I'm late, I'm sorry.
I love you, okay?
[Keyboard clicks]
[Music plays on video]
Ah, I've seen enough.
All right, you want
my honest opinion?
It's got some...
some chiselling to do.
It's long.
God, I wonder if we can...
rotoscope out
some of those, uh...
Christmas lights you see
in the background,
and change their, uh,
I kinda thought
we were at the...
TOM: Right.
Because I did the notes before,
I thought this was--
TOM: Well, listen,
the point is,
I think it's
in a great place.
As far as a rough cut goes,
I think we're in good shape.
I'm very happy.
ALEX: Yeah... Cool.
I'm thrilled.
I'm absolutely thrilled.
And I know the client's
gonna be over the moon.
They're not even gonna
notice some of that stuff
I'm talking about.
But I'm talking about stuff
that's gonna make it better
for us, 'cause we're the ones,
we gotta live with it.
We have to live with this.
We gotta sleep at night.
[Sighs heavily]
Ooh, boy...
I wanted to ask you--
sorry, before...
So, um, you said
that I would get...
you could give me the...
the money.
I did the-- like, just
the rental of the equipment
and stuff like that
for this.
Alex, we need
to have a talk.
We gotta re-think things,
me and you.
Will I get paid today?
You wanna talk business?
You wanna talk money?
You wanna get into it?
ALEX: I would just
like to know--
Let's talk in my office.
This is the creative zone.
This is the editing suite.
This is the post house.
I need you...
on this side of the table.
I don't mix business
and pleasure.
[Alex sighs]
TOM: [Singing] Don't mix
business with pleasure...
Don't mix...
Sorry, I gotta
get this down.
Yes, I don't mix...
D... A...
Of course it's an A.
Rock n' roll key.
[Strums guitar]
Don't mix business
and pleasure
Go down...
Don't mix business
and pleasure
[Guitar solo]
[Guitar solo]
Don't mix...
Whoa, kinda bluesy, swampy.
ALEX: Yeah.
boo--m boo--m
[Taps guitar]
Don't mix business
And pleasure, mmm...
Yeah, so if we could--
[Tom strums guitar]
Don't mix
business and...
All right.
Let's have...
[Clears throat]
Let's have the talk,
all right?
ALEX: Mhmm.
TOM: Business sucks,
all right?
This business is crumbling.
People are gettin' divorced,
there's not as many weddings,
people are waiting...
There's these kids
comin' outta high school,
takin' iPhones, and goin'
there and shootin' 'em
for 500 bucks!
I mean, that's putting
us out of business.
They're undercutting
what we do.
I mean, how am I supposed
to survive on that?
Yeah, 'cause I'm actually
really struggling
financially too, I--
We're all struggling,
trust me.
ALEX: I just have
to pay my rent.
Believe me, we're
all in the same boat.
But there are things happening
you don't even know.
There's things in the works.
I'm making deals,
I got phone calls to make.
When I ask you to
step up to the plate,
I expect you to swing.
And not say, 'Can I get my,
uh, two dollars now?'
What are you, the paper boy?
Grow some balls!
ALEX: I-I just--
TOM: I thought we were here
to play the big game!
I know that clients
pay you, though,
and if I could just get--
Listen, we got operating costs
you have no idea about, okay?
ALEX: Yeah.
What it takes
to make this thing run
is way above your
pay grade, my friend!
Because today, if you
said I'd drop off the video,
then you said I would
pick up a cheque.
No, I did not say that.
You're putting words
in my mouth.
How dare you do that?
ALEX: Well, you said
I'd get paid.
Yeah, you will get paid.
I'm about to pay you
in some information, okay?
[Imitating Alex]
'Huh? Huh?'
'Mexico? What?
ALEX: I don't know
what you...
TOM: What do think I mean?
What business are we in?
We make wedding videos!
ALEX: Yeah.
I'm sending you to Mexico
for a destination wedding!
Oh, cool.
TOM: Yeah, I got it
all set up.
ALEX: Oh...
This guy Mike,
he's paying for you
to come down
to San Gran Domin...
Well, how much
is he paying--
TOM: Gran Domingo Mexico.
How much is he paying me?
He's paying for
the whole deal!
He's got the airfare
taken care of,
the hotels-- and these hotels,
I'm tellin' you,
all the accommodations
are paid for,
you get free drinks, free meals.
ALEX: Wow.
TOM: Because what we're
gonna do is make the best
wedding video that's
ever been made.
A insane, beautiful,
sexy video.
We're gonna use it as a demo.
That's what we're gonna
push out there,
that's what's gonna
put us back on top,
'cause we're gonna
be the guys that know how
to go down to Mexico,
down to wherever,
down to these
destination weddings,
and make it happen!
ALEX: Okay.
TOM: All right?
ALEX: Yeah.
In terms of photographers...
who are you thinkin'
of bringing, Randy?
ALEX: Uh... Randy's fine.
Randy's probably
my best friend.
We grew up together.
He was there when
I broke my neck.
ALEX: He seems... nice.
TOM: Yeah.
He's too old-school, man.
We need some new dogs.
I wanna get somebody
in there that's comin' from
the underground,
somebody really out there,
someone insane.
ALEX: I know a guy.
TOM: Black guy?
He's... he's white,
but he's got
a real urban vibe.
Absolutely, sir, I can
definitely help you with that!
It'll just be one moment
while I make that change.
Can I place you hold?
[Whispers] Oh, I can't do this,
I can't do this,
I can't do this,
I can't do this, I can't--
You can do this,
you can do this,
you can do this,
you can do this,
you can do this,
okay, yes, okay, yes,
okay, yes, it's all good,
it's all good...
Okay, I've made that change!
Is there anything else
I can help you with?
Okay, have a good one.
Okay, buh-bye.
[Cell phone buzzes]
Hey, do you wanna
go to Mexico next week?
[Laughs] What?
What are you talking about?
ALEX: I'm shooting a wedding.
I get to pick
my own photographer.
Yeah, so what?
We should do it.
Let's do it!
JUSTIN: What, you want...
you want me to be
the photographer?
Yes, obviously.
Is it obvious?
I don't know anything
about photography.
I've never even
Instagrammed anything.
Everybody Instagrams.
My mom has an
Instagram account.
She has a bunch of followers.
I think Instagram might even
be over, actually, is it over?
I think I might've missed
the boat on that.
Oh, shit!
[Keyboard clicking]
How's it goin'?
JENNA: Nice to see you.
How you been?
Good, good.
[Clears throat]
How have you been?
Pretty good.
JENNA: Yeah.
JUSTIN: Just getting home.
Uh, what are you doing here?
JENNA: From work?
JENNA: How was it?
[Jenna laughs]
JUSTIN: Do you wanna come in?
Uh, no.
You sure?
JENNA: Yeah, that's cool.
What are you-- you sure?
JENNA: Yeah.
I have to be on my way---
JUSTIN: You don't wanna
come in and say hi
to Grandma or something?
She's probably
sleeping, actually,
but she probably would
like to see you.
We could wake her up and
have a party or something.
How is she?
She's good.
She's fine.
She's, uh... same old.
You know, she's...
JENNA: Yeah.
It is what it is.
What are you doing?
What's... what's new?
JENNA: Not a whole lot.
I've been going to
the aquarium a lot.
JUSTIN: Oh, really?
JENNA: Yeah.
What's in the aquarium?
Just like, bottom-feeding,
like, starfish and stuff?
JENNA: Horseshoe crabs, and--
JUSTIN: Horseshoe crabs?
JENNA: Yeah... Do you know
anything about horseshoe crabs?
It's, like,
there's a female one,
and the female ones
are massive...
JUSTIN: Oh, okay.
And then the
male ones are tiny,
and the male ones just like--
they're like,
billions of years--
maybe millions,
I don't know how old.
Wait, are you just
talking about, like,
the seafood section
at the grocery store?
JENNA: No, there's...
[Both laugh]
You should go!
Horseshoe crabs.
You can touch them and stuff.
It's really cool.
Yeah, I'm probably not
gonna do that, but cool.
JENNA: Well, whatever.
It's expensive, but if you can,
like, find a kid to go with...
JUSTIN: Oh... huh.
Find a kid to go with?
JENNA: Yeah, find
a kid to go with.
Like, do you have
any young friends?
Oh, no, but I pick up
kids all the time.
[Both laugh]
JENNA: Um... great.
JUSTIN: It's easy for me.
Uh, I had an abortion, too.
It was really...
JENNA: Yeah.
Wait... for real?
Yes, yeah.
Okay... what?
I should've prefaced
that differently.
Yeah, you could've
prefaced that
in many other ways.
You could've dropped that
right away, perhaps.
You could've, uh,
called me and said,
'Hey, I'm pregnant, but I'm
gonna get rid of... it.'
We-- it was after
we broke up, so...
Yeah, but still,
you could've, like, told me,
and involved me in any--
even, like, a minimal way,
instead of coming here
and just telling me that.
What, like, text you?
That would've-- one, you
could've said like, two words,
or an emoji, or something.
'I know we just had
a really painful breakup,
but, like, I'm pregnant.'
Yeah, that would've
been nice!
That would've been nice?
That would've been
nicer than this.
What are you doing here?
JENNA: Um, it was $700.
I figured you could
pay for half of it,
just 'cause, you know,
we always went halvsies on...
JUSTIN: Well, I have a--
yeah, I have a $350 bill
in my wallet that I carry around
just for this kind of thing,
so I mean, it's like kind of
everyday occurrence for me...
You're being such a dick.
You're being such a dick.
I know, I'm sorry.
It's 10-- here's $10.
I'll email you the rest.
Yeah, that's fine.
We could've talked.
I mean, I just would've liked
to have talked about it,
before you just did it.
I mean, but... I get it.
So that we could...
JUSTIN: No, I know.
...mend our flawed
and broken relationship,
and stay together for...
a child?
Yeah, but I mean, like,
people do that.
People figure it out,
people figure out...
It would've been...
It would've been nice to...
to... I don't know...
be together, and have...
have good jobs,
and, you know,
be actually able
to raise a human together,
but obviously...
sometimes things
don't work out like that.
I get it, yeah.
But thank you for the...
...for your share of it,
because, you know...
Well, thanks for the news.
Are you okay, though?
JENNA: Okay.
I'll go, but...
JENNA: See 'ya.
[Justin sighs heavily]
[Unlocks door]
[Keyboard clicking]
This is very good.
These are really good shots.
We got lucky with this one.
I knew it, I had a feeling.
ALEX: Yeah, yeah.
Once you brought up his name,
I told him a funny joke,
I said, 'Well, "just in time"--
we got him "Justin" time.'
ALEX: Yeah. [Chuckles]
JUSTIN: Sounds good.
ALEX: Killer Tom's
got a lot of those.
JUSTIN: That's great.
ALEX: Yeah.
TOM: And you're up for
doing wedding photography?
It seems a little below
your pay grade, am I wrong?
Oh, well... I mean,
Alex called in a favour,
it's just kind of a
one-time thing for me, but...
Oh, well, we're
happy to have you,
and as far as I'm
considered, he's hired.
ALEX: Oh, that's great.
JUSTIN: Thank you.
Let's celebrate.
ALEX: All right.
Hey, hon?
Can we get a magnum of
champagne down here to toast?
Just a sec...
Hi, can you bring down some
champagne and some flutes?
TOM'S WIFE: Oh yes, honey,
I'll bring that down.
Just as soon as I get finished
doing every fucking thing
around here!
You want something
from the kitchen?
Get off your lazy goddamn ass
and get it yourself!
And don't you dare fucking
drink the kids' juice again!
Gentlemen... this is
how you talk to a woman.
Hey, bitch!
When I tell you to bring
champagne and flutes down here,
you skip to it!
Let's go!
The button wasn't pressed
on that last one.
I don't have to press
the button to talk to her.
She heard me.
Stop meddling, you don't
know how this machine works,
it's very complicated,
it's got Bluetooth.
So, um... can we get
the details of the trip?
You boys are leaving Monday.
You land in Me-hico,
and it's all accommodations
accounted for,
and it's party time USA,
Mexico style.
ALEX: That sounds great.
Yeah, that sounds
great, man.
You guys are gonna
have so much fun.
Ah, I wish I was
goin' with you!
ALEX: Does it, um...
I wish I was going with you!
Sucks, doesn't it?
Three amigos, headin' down
there, ready to raise hell.
That would've
been very fun.
It would be classic,
us three.
Oh, I was down there about
10 years ago, on my own.
[Sighs] I had a bit of
a lost weekend down there.
I had a couple days at the
resort just boozin' it up,
and then one night
I went into town,
and my cab driver's
sittin' at a stoplight,
and he has a heart attack, or
some kind of brain embolism.
ALEX: Wow.
And, uh, he passes away,
and I get out of
the taxicab,
and push him out
onto the street,
'cause I gotta get
back to the resort.
ALEX: Yeah...
And I'm driving back,
I don't where
the hell I'm goin',
I can't see anything,
the roads are all dark,
I can't get the
headlights to work...
and I hit something,
some kinda chicken,
or little Mexican kid
or somethin'
trying to cross the road,
and, uh... pfffft!
They said, you know,
'Stay out.'
But otherwise I'd be
down there with you guys,
poundin' pussy.
A reflector, so we can
get some even light
on that bride.
You've used these
before, right?
ALEX: Yeah.
TOM: Fuck, open!
ALEX: Justin has.
JUSTIN: I mean, my
assistant usually'll--
will take care of that, but...
ALEX: Alright.
TOM: Perfect.
ALEX: Yeah.
See how that--
look what that does to me.
Look at that.
Look at that.
ALEX: Wow.
TOM: Isn't that somethin'?
ALEX: Yeah, you have a great--
TOM: Now close it back up.
You have a great hue.
Take it, take it.
Oh, I almost forgot something.
Because I love you...
Take these.
Get outta here before
the wife sees you, let's go.
JUSTIN: All right.
TOM: Have a good one!
[Justin laughs]
['Friends' sitcom plays]
[Cell phone buzzes]
Hey, hey, yeah,
so the airline fucked up,
and the flight is tonight.
So don't worry, you
got plenty of time,
but you-- you
should get goin'.
Jesus Christ!
Okay, yeah, I'm on it,
I'm on it.
[Airport patrons chattering]
[Justin groans]
How could you get
the date wrong?
ALEX: It's on Tom.
He fucked everything up.
JUSTIN: [Yawns]
I am so tired.
ALEX: Oh, so am I.
Oh, when you called me
I was in bed,
binge-watching 'Friends,'
eating cookies,
wrapped up in a blanket,
like a little baby
swaddled in a burrito.
I was so warm.
I was watching
'And Here We Are Now.'
Is my cameo appearance
still terrible?
The whole thing is...
so bad.
It's like, did I ever
have any potential?
Hey, we have a stopover
in New York.
How long do we get there?
ALEX: Oh, the stopover.
Well, it's short enough
that we don't get
to enjoy New York City,
yet long enough
to sit in an airport
and really wish
that we were.
We should probably
go check in, right?
ALEX: All right.
ALEX: You ready?
I'm actually
really excited.
ALEX: Yeah, I Wikipedia'd it.
I know everything
about this city.
Ask me anything.
JUSTIN: You know everything?
ALEX: Anything, ask me anything.
JUSTIN: Did, uh...
I heard Frank Sinatra actually
wrote 'New York, New York'
about Wichita, Kansas,
and then just swapped
New York in.
Is that true?
ALEX: That's ridiculous.
ALEX: Ask me
somethin' else.
How tall is, um...
the Eiffel Tow-- how tall is
the Empire State Building?
ALEX: Were you gonna
say 'Eiffel Tower'?
ALEX: Okay, good.
Empire State Building?
JUSTIN: [Singing
'New York, New York']
Do you feel the magic?
ALEX: Hey, Wichita!
JUSTIN: Wichita!
[Airport patrons chattering]
I watched that photography
tutorial DVD on the plane.
Did it make sense?
Yeah, it seems easy enough.
It's not hard at all, man.
Speaking of which, are you
planning on getting laid
this weekend,
or... you know?
[Scoffs] Planning?
I'm hoping.
I was reading
this book, though,
about, um, improving
business strategies,
and they have this
chapter in it,
this theory called
'Graduating the Relationship.'
Have you heard of that?
ALEX: Uh... no.
Well, it's like
a business strategy.
It's about strengthening
business relationships,
but it's like where
you say something...
[Laughs] And you're trying
to apply it to get laid?
JUSTIN: [Laughs]
...only you say something
to somebody that
you just met
that you would normally
only say to somebody
that you're very
comfortable with.
You should apply this
this weekend.
All right.
So I wanna know,
how does it-- tell me.
Well, like,
if we role play--
if we do a little role play,
and you're like,
an attractive young woman,
your name's Alexandria...
ALEX: Creative.
You're in a bar,
and you're alone.
Why am I alone?
You just-- like,
you were at home,
and you were like,
'You know what, Alexandria,
fuck it, I'm gonna go out alone.
All my friends are busy.
You know what, fuck it,
I don't care.'
It sounds like
I may have Tourette's.
So you're at a bar,
your name's Alexandra--
Alexand ria --
ALEX: Okay, yeah.
And I walk up
to you all cool,
and I'm like, 'Hey.'
Very calm.
ALEX: Uh-huh.
JUSTIN: How you doin'?
ALEX: I'm fine, thank you.
JUSTIN: How's your night going?
You didn't let me
answer the first que--
I'm fine, thank you.
JUSTIN: I'm sorry, I didn't
mean to jump on your toes there.
Hey, I think we should
go home and fuck.
See, that wouldn't work!
You can't just say that
to a woman, it's jarring.
JUSTIN: No, man, it doesn't--
ALEX: Yes!
You just, you drop it
in there like really casual.
Like, if you don't act like
what you're saying
is a big deal,
then it's not a big deal.
It would work.
If you said that to
somebody that you were
in a relationship with,
that you wanted to
go home and have sex,
you would go
home and have sex.
You would just like--
you bring things to, like,
another level,
you bring things
subconsciously to month three
of your relationship.
So like, a month
after we break up?
That's where I wanna
approach a woman from?
JUSTIN: [Laughs]
Like, pretend I'm
going over to my place
to pick up my stuff?
JUSTIN: Hey, shouldn't
we be boarding now?
I think it's like...
we should ask...
we should be boarding now,
I think.
Do we even know
the gate number?
How did you not know
the connecting flight
was at a different airport?
ALEX: Listen, you have all the
same information that I have.
You know, this is
the way Tom operates.
It's the reason his business
is on the verge of going under.
JUSTIN: It's unreal!
ALEX: I know!
JUSTIN: I'm regretting
this whole thing already.
ALEX: No, no, no,
this is great, man.
Before today, we'd
never been on a plane!
Now we've been on two planes,
plus we were in an authentic
New York City taxicab.
Did you see how many people
he almost hit?
It was amazing!
JUSTIN: Yeah, you're right,
we need an attitude adjustment.
And check this out,
you know how everybody's
always saying airplane food
is horrible?
ALEX: Uh-huh?
Well, we don't need
to worry about that...
We got Doritos,
Salt and Vinegar,
some Twinkies, Snack Pak.
Got you Fruit Roll Ups.
Two different
kinds of Dunkaroos.
You know, I appreciate
the gesture, Justin,
but this looks like
you're trying to seduce
an 11 year old.
JUSTIN: I mean, we're
the envy of everybody
on this flight right now.
We need to stop talking about
how we're losers all the time.
We're not losers.
ALEX: You're right,
we're just not special.
ALEX: Completely
JUSTIN: Exactly.
ALEX: Generally unhappy...
Insignificant, unimportant,
largely unloved.
JUSTIN: Yeah, largely.
ALEX: But we're not losers.
JUSTIN: No, not losers.
MALE VOICE: Viva Mexico!
[Airplane roars overhead]
JUSTIN: Hey, um,
two bottles of tequila.
You know it's
all-inclusive, right?
Yeah, this is Mexico.
Anything could happen.
ALEX: Yes!
Two bottles of
tequila, please.
TAXI DRIVER: Taxi, hey, taxi!
ALEX: There's one.
It's hot, man!
TAXI DRIVER: Taxi, hey, taxi.
Taxi, taxi!
ALEX: Yeah, yeah,
how much for a taxi?
Where are you going, man?
Gran Domingo.
Yeah, 85, or something.
JUSTIN: Or something?
Did you hear that?
Yeah, you tell him
we're gonna walk around,
talk to other cab companies.
We're just gonna walk around,
and look for other drivers,
other cars.
ALEX: He's not deaf.
If you leave this place
and come back again,
this price is raised, man,
150 dollar for you.
ALEX: What should I do?
I don't know.
Just fucking pay him, man.
It's so hot.
This heat is crazy.
TAXI DRIVER: Move your
body, man, let's go!
Let's go, give me the money!
Fuck, man!
Move your body, man!
ALEX: Wait, shouldn't
I pay him afterwards?
Just pay him!
your body, man!
JUSTIN: All right,
let's do this.
ALEX: 'Move your body!
Move your body, man!'
[Car door shuts]
ALEX: Mexico's crazy, man.
What do you mean,
there's no reservation?
CONCIERGE: Uh, I don't
have anything.
Alex Hopper, and--
We're here
to film the wedding.
There's supposed to be
some dinner thing tonight!
[People chattering
and laughing]
[People chattering
and laughing]
Well, who knows how long
a taxi will take?!
And by the way,
when it gets here,
we don't even know
where we're going!
JUSTIN: Why don't
you call Tom?
ALEX: I called Tom.
I left a voicemail!
JUSTIN: So call again.
ALEX: My battery's
running low,
I don't want it to die.
JUSTIN: This..
this is outrageous!
How did he not give us
any confirmation?
We're idiots!
I told everyone at work
I was going to Mexico!
They were all
jealous and shit.
You're still in Mexico.
[Cell phone buzzes]
ALEX: Ah, Tom!
[Tattoo gun buzzing]
ALEX: Tom?
TOM: Dude, what the fuck?
ALEX: You're
'what the fuck'-ing me?
Where the fuck
are you guys?
You said Gran Domingo,
we're at Gran Domingo!
No, I sent you an email.
You haven't sent me
an email in your life!
It's Grand Cielo, Cielo.
All right?
The couple just called me,
asking me where
the fuck you two were.
ALEX: Oh, God.
TOM: All right, just--
I told them your plane was late.
Just head there now,
and don't say
that you went to
the wrong resort, all right?
It makes us look bad.
ALEX: Whatever, my phone's
about to die, later.
All right.
See you later, idiot.
ALEX: Grand Cielo.
JUSTIN: I hope that man dies.
Holy shit.
ALEX: Wow.
ALEX: They don't even have
an alarm clock in here.
How is that possible?
JUSTIN: So book a wake-up call.
What time do you wanna
wake up tomorrow?
Like, 7:30?
JUSTIN: We just need
to kick back tonight.
ALEX: Yeah, we
deserve it, yeah.
ALEX: Hey.
JENNY: Are you Alex?
ALEX: Yes, you must be Jenny.
I'm so glad to meet you guys.
I'm really sorry about
the flight delay.
ALEX: Yeah, huge delay.
Well, this is
my fiance, Mike.
Thank God
you guys are here.
I really thought this whole
thing was gonna go to shit,
and that it would
be your fault.
Yeah, well, we're here.
JENNY: Tom showed me some of
the photos and videos
that you guys have done.
It's great work.
I'm really excited to see
what you brilliant geniuses
come up with.
ALEX: Oh, cool, thanks.
JUSTIN: Thank you.
We're so excited to be here,
so thank you for having us.
Oh, thank you!
Please, you guys are
a part of this wedding.
Um, make sure
you grab a drink.
It's all included,
so we eat and drink for free.
There's massages,
you should get a massage,
and tennis courts.
MIKE: Yeah, get a massage.
Yeah, sounds amazing.
JENNY: Yeah.
Do you know what, actually?
MIKE: Hmm?
I am gonna go get a drink.
I'll see you guys in a bit.
ALEX: All right.
[Loud kisses]
JENNY: [Laughs]
How's it goin'?
I'm really stressed out.
I'm terrified right now that
she is gonna bail any second.
I gotta lock this down.
Girls leave right before
the wedding.
This happens all the time.
Does she seem like
a leaver to you?
ALEX: No, not to me.
I'm not gettin' that.
I just went bankrupt
right before I came here.
That just happened,
oh my God.
ALEX: Money's overrated,
It feels good saying it
for the first time out loud.
I feel bloated
all the time with fear.
I feel like I'm full of
a hundred pizzas 24 hours a day.
Don't look at me
like that!
ALEX: You look great.
MIKE: I know you're
looking at me like,
'Oh, he's not that
great looking...'
'He's an 8, she's an 8.5.'
Everybody knows it.
I can't say it?
That's somehow taboo?
I don't think it's taboo.
JUSTIN: Yeah, I think
it's, uh...
You really think
I look great?
Did you see the way
she kissed you?
She loves you.
She's clearly-- that's a woman
enamoured with her man.
I guess so.
Maybe you should
just, like,
come out and be
honest with her,
and tell her the whole thing,
and you know, just come clean.
That's a terrible idea.
Especially not now.
Yeah, I'm with Mike
here, actually.
I would definitely-- if you
love her like you say you do,
I'd definitely wait 'til
after the wedding to--
I guess I love her.
The groom is crazy!
He reminds me of you,
It just stresses me out
being around him!
I'm nothing like that.
Right, I'm never stressed
when I'm around you.
Put yourself in
his situation, man.
He's getting married
this weekend;
there's a pretty good chance
that his bride-to-be
could just bail.
ALEX: You're right.
I don't know what
you were thinking.
You could've blew the
whole thing up, actually.
If he told her,
there'd be no wedding.
We'd have to go home.
I don't know, I just have
this great personal
disappointment when
someone else gets married.
ALEX: It got in the way.
Sounds like you've made
a great career choice, then.
Eight shots of whiskey,
[Dance music plays]
This fuckin' sucks!
JUSTIN: It's not that bad, man.
I don't know.
ALEX: It stinks!
JUSTIN: Girls are here...
JUSTIN: Let's go talk to 'em.
Come on, let's do it.
[Sighs] I can't,
with the dist--
My game, I have a voice game.
I can't, I can't play with...
It's all voice,
they can't hear me.
Just graduate these girls.
You don't even need
to say that much.
Remember what
we talked about.
Just say a few...
advanced words.
Come on, let's do it.
Oh, that bad idea you had
about graduating girls?
Come on, let's just
go over there and do it!
Are we just gonna,
like, bicker all night?
Or are we gonna...
ALEX: I was about
to change my mind
and go graduate those girls.
Fuck it, let's just--
let's just go.
Come on.
Let's get outta here.
ALEX: Are you sure?
JUSTIN: Let's just get
some goddamn sleep.
We have to be up
in six hours.
ALEX: What if this is it?
What if this is
the entire trip,
is just like
a giant snoozefest?
JUSTIN: Who cares, man?
We get to see the ocean,
put our feet in the sand,
enjoy this warm weather.
ALEX: No, I'm ready
for somethin'.
I'm ready for anything!
Like, doesn't it bother you?
Doesn't what bother me?
That we're 33, and today
was the first time
we were on a plane.
It's pathetic!
There was a baby
on the flight.
He's already had a more
exciting life than us!
I was gonna say
you're being ridiculous,
but that's true,
the baby's had a better life
than both of us.
Yeah, I'm just sick of
everyone having all the fun
and adventure.
Well, you have it
pretty sweet.
You get to go to
Mexico for work.
I'm a phone jockey.
I'm a fake camera jockey.
I'm the one who
should be pissed off.
I don't wanna be
a jockey anymore.
Yeah, you should be pissed off.
We both should be pissed.
All right, I'm in.
But... we're no good if
we're super sleep-deprived
and tired this whole time.
So let's go to bed right away,
recharge, get some sleep,
so we can actually
have fun tomorrow.
Okay, cool, yeah.
That makes sense.
Let's do it.
JUSTIN: All right.
I am pretty sure
that it was 3...
Some... 3 was
definitely in it.
So I feel like
this is probably it.
ALEX: 313?
ALEX: Yeah, man.
JUSTIN: 3...
There's two 3's there?
Red light.
You just said
you remembered it 313.
Yeah, but 3--
I think it was 4, 3...
So you remember
a 3 and a 4?
So are we on the--
JUSTIN: This is--
it might've been on the...
Maybe you remembered
it wasn't a 3 or a 4.
This feels right.
Red light.
325 was the number
in your mind?
3-- this--
no, this more.
It-- it equalled 9,
I remember.
ALEX: It equalled 9?
JUSTIN: Well, like,
3, plus 2, plus...
ALEX: Okay, yeah.
JUSTIN: This, uh...
This is my lucky number.
ALEX: 322 is your
lucky number?
No, but I'm just trying,
'cause we're doing it
all in order.
I dunno, whose
lucky number is '322'?
[Sexual moaning]
Definitely someone
in there,
so that's not our room,
Nope, definitely not
our room.
Let's go walk away
from that, fast.
ALEX: So sleeping
with an ex, it's like...
there's a theory that
that's the closest
you can come to time travel.
JUSTIN: That wasn't
our room, by the way.
ALEX: Oh, okay.
JUSTIN: That one's
not our room.
ALEX: Yeah, keep me posted.
[Yelling and loud music]
Something's goin' on
in there.
Someone's getting murdered
in there or something.
ALEX: It's a scam, so they
want all these guys
going out
and insulting girls.
Meanwhile, the pickup artists
are the guys that swoop in,
and actually are charming, and
actually that's why it works.
JUSTIN: Dumb dogs live
longer than smart dogs.
ALEX: You heard that
on a TED Talk.
JUSTIN: No, it will be
a TED Talk, though.
ALEX: You had a dumb dog?
JUSTIN: I've never had a dog.
That's why if you drink
earlier in the day,
you just don't get
hung over, right?
Yeah, 'cause you're
drinking while
you're supposed to be
hung over.
JUSTIN: Everything's
a scam, really.
ALEX: You think
everything's a scam?
Playing catch
with a young boy?
JUSTIN: How would
that be a scam?
ALEX: Exactly.
Well, I mean, I have friends
that they've been with
the same girl since they were
like, eight years old,
or whatever, though.
You have a friend who's been
with the same girl since--
JUSTIN: Well, maybe not eight.
ALEX: How old's he now, nine?
JUSTIN: [Laughs]
Do you have a lot
of nine-year-old friends?
JUSTIN: Yeah, I mean,
I don't know.
ALEX: Do you have
a nine-year-old friend?
JUSTIN: I think if you
meet the right person,
is all I'm saying,
you just know.
Like, you just know.
It works.
No, that's not true.
Then how come when you
meet the wrong person
it takes, like,
a year and a half?
You know, I just realized
we could've asked
someone at the front desk
for our room number.
That would've only saved us,
like, four hours.
That's ridiculous.
[Alex snoring]
[Alex snoring]
[Waves crashing]
[Birds chirping]
[Waves crashing]
[Birds chirping]
[Waves crashing]
[Birds chirping]
[Waves crashing]
[Birds chirping]
[Speaking Spanish]
Si, si.
[Band begins to play]
[Singing in Spanish]
[Singing in Spanish]
[Singing in Spanish]
[Singing in Spanish]
[Singing in Spanish]
Here it goes again
You don't know how
you don't know when
A disappointment
to the end
Lose it like you
lost it then
It's through your fingers
It's through your toes
The feeling lingers
You don't see where it go
La la
La la
La la la la la
la la la
[Birds chirping in distance]
[Birds chirping in distance]
[Birds chirping in distance]
[Woman hoots
and people laugh]
They never called.
I needed some sleep.
Oh, me too, man.
I'm wiped.
[Sighs] We gotta
get up, though.
JUSTIN: Oh, yikes!
Why is it so blurry?
ALEX: No, no, you gotta--
you gotta hold the red dot--
make sure the red dot's
on someone's face
before you take
the picture, right?
JUSTIN: Red dot, okay.
ALEX: And also, you gotta
turn down the aperture.
It's all blown out.
JUSTIN: The what?
ALEX: The aperture, look.
Okay, gimme the thing.
See, you hit the button
before you turn the dial.
JUSTIN: Okay, yeah.
ALEX: Right, okay, and then make
sure the little squares were--
Oh, just like that.
JUSTIN: Right, okay, I got it.
ALEX: Okay?
It's like the tutorial.
JUSTIN: I got it, yeah.
ALEX: You're not gonna
fuck this up, are you?
JUSTIN: I don't know
what to tell you, pal.
ALEX: Okay, look, I'm gonna
move around a little bit.
You just follow me,
tight, okay?
JUSTIN: Okay, yeah.
ALEX: All right?
ALEX: Okay.
JUSTIN: Yeah, this is good.
Keep... keep moving
around unexpectedly!
This is great.
Hey, fellas.
Do you want me to take
a photo of both of you?
Yeah, no, we're cool.
I'm just kinda showing him
a couple of things.
NICK: Oh, okay.
Well, for the record,
I'm a photographer myself,
not a creep, or something.
Oh, you're a photographer?
Maybe you could actually
give me a couple tips,
because we're supposed to
shoot a wedding tomorrow,
and I have no idea
what I'm doing.
Wait, you're not shooting
Mike and Jenny's wedding?
The-- yeah,
that's the one, but he--
and he's kidding,
he knows what he's doing.
JUSTIN: Right,
I was just kidding.
NICK: That's cool,
I can help you out.
JUSTIN: So what, they hired
two photographers, or...?
Mm, no, no, no.
I'm not working the wedding.
I'm the best man
at the wedding.
ALEX: The best man?
JUSTIN: Great.
NICK: I'm not gonna
rat you guys out.
What's the deal?
You don't know
what you're doing?
He knows what he's doing.
He's a little in
over his head--
All right, maybe I should
show you a few things.
JUSTIN: How long have
you known Mike for?
NICK: Since the sixth grade.
JUSTIN: Oh, way back.
ALEX: Crazy!
He was actually
a year younger,
and he got skipped ahead,
and, uh...
I thought it would be
kind of a good move
to align myself with
the smart kid, you know?
Wow, so he's a genius.
Well, I didn't say
he was a genius, but...
JUSTIN: Wait, he's
younger than you?
He looks, I don't know, 45.
He looks old.
NICK: Yep, yep.
The last six months have
not been good for his body.
And his hairline.
Yeah, 'cause it looks
like he ate a tire.
Like, didn't digest it,
but just, like,
put it inside of him.
Yeah, he's not
doin' so hot.
ALEX: Yeah.
He's punching way above
his weight class,
for sure.
Yeah, but he's a nice guy.
Jenny is...
Jenny is somethin' else.
It sounds like you're
in love with her, man.
Oh, completely.
ALEX: Really?
Goddamn, man!
NICK: I know.
How does that happen?
I dunno...
I always had
feelings for Jenny.
She was always dating this...
this guy Javier,
from Venezuela.
He was a cool motherfucker.
And then they break up,
and I turn around,
and Mike swooped in.
Wow, so it sounds like
he's always been a risk-taker.
That sucks, man.
ALEX: You should
break up the wedding.
Stop trying to
break up the wedding.
No, if he breaks up the
wedding during the ceremony,
we don't have to
go home early,
and we don't have to
shoot the wedding.
Break it up.
JUSTIN: That's true, yeah.
ALEX: Yeah, break it up.
[Nick laughs]
JUSTIN: Break it up.
ALEX & JUSTIN: Break it up!
NICK: Oh, come on, guys.
ALEX: Break it up!
JUSTIN: [Laughs] Break it up.
ALEX: Break it up, man.
Mike's a nice guy.
He's a doofus,
but he's a nice guy.
And Jenny...
Jenny is...
like nothing else.
And... they deserve
a good wedding.
I don't know.
Well, you are definitely
without a doubt
a better man than both of us.
NICK: I'll cheers to that.
ALEX: Cheers.
And in fact,
come to think of it...
it's not the worst
idea in the world.
JUSTIN: Let's get rid of
this equipment
and go back to the beach.
That was such a tease.
I wanna take my shirt off
and be free!
ALEX: Yeah, just give me,
like, two minutes.
[Justin groans]
That guy's cool
with us, right?
ALEX: I hope so, because
if he tells the family,
we're completely fucked.
JUSTIN: No, we have
the leverage.
If he tells on us,
we tell the groom
that he's in love
with his wife-to-be.
ALEX: Ah, I didn't
think of that.
You're right, we're good.
You almost done?
ALEX: Yeah, just open up
that reflector thing.
I wanna see what it does.
Try to reflect some light.
JUSTIN: All right...
Is this doing anything?
ALEX: I can't tell.
Just pack it up.
[Airplane roars overhead]
Let me try.
JUSTIN: I got it.
Oh, let's see.
[Airplane roars overhead]
JUSTIN: Here, I can...
I can do it.
JUSTIN: How do you
fuckin' do this?
Hey, excuse me,
do you know how to close
one of these things?
MAN: Go fuck yourself.
ALEX: He seems cool.
All right, just bring it
back to the room like that.
[People shouting]
[Airplane roars overhead]
So this is what
it's all about, eh?
ALEX: Is it?
JUSTIN: don't know.
I'm really hot.
ALEX: Yeah.
I'm hot too, man.
Let's go inside.
This is crazy.
Here, put some of this
on my back.
Just do it.
Just do it!
ALEX: This is unacceptable.
JUSTIN: Get right in there.
Ooh, yeah!
MARIA & LOLA: Hello.
JUSTIN: How's it goin'?
MARIA: Fine.
JUSTIN: You guys
work for the resort?
LOLA: Yeah, we're photographers
for the guests.
Hey, do you guys
know how to close
one of those
reflector things?
The circle where
it gets bigger?
MARIA: It's hard to explain,
but it's kind of like... this?
Ah, no, I did that!
It didn't work.
You must've been
doing it wrong.
ALEX: No, I did it
just like that.
JUSTIN: It's just like that.
It seems easy enough.
I did it like that,
and it didn't work.
JUSTIN: Seems easy enough.
[Waves crashing]
[Birds chirping]
I love Mexico!
Well, this isn't really Mexico.
Real Mexico
is very different.
Yeah, man.
Yeah, this is like Disneyland.
Yeah, it's like, uh... an
amusement park or something.
You know, Justin
is an expert photographer.
Very knowledgeable.
You guys should, uh, talk shop.
Well, I'm not too much
a photographer.
This is mostly a hobby.
Yeah, me too.
It's like a hobby thing, so...
LOLA: I hate it here.
I want to go to New York
and be an architect.
New York, nice!
We were just in New York.
Hell of a town.
Great town.
LOLA: I want to see
the snow at Christmastime.
Yeah, we just wanted to see
the ocean and the sand,
and now we're here,
and I don't know what to think.
ALEX: Hey, girls,
if you go to New York,
don't go on New Year's Eve.
I would say there's
two types of people.
People that wanna stand around
Times Square on New Year's Eve,
and the people that aren't
fuckin' assholes!
That's the two types.
It's a great joke, Alex.
You're really good at this.
[Volleyball players
cheering and clapping]
ALEX: You know we're gonna be
late for the rehearsal dinner.
JUSTIN: Yeah, I know.
ALEX: Why didn't you
get her info?
ALEX: She was hot!
JUSTIN: It's just
better this way.
SARAH: Jenny and Mike
are so cool,
so congratulations to them,
'cause they're so in love,
and Mike's the best thing
to ever happen to...
me and Dad, and he's great,
and we love him,
and Jenny's come such
a long way since being a kid,
like from being a wiener kid
and a dork, and like,
wearing jogging pants...
ALEX: [Whispers] Sir?
Excuse me.
Sir, if you could just move
over a little bit, please.
Oh, come on!
SARAH: And then she met Mike,
and now she's so great...
[Whispers] Sir, I'm a
professional, if you'd just...
SARAH: She thought that
Frasier Crane and Niles Crane...
[Whispers] All right.
But I got my eye on you,
SARAH: Remember that?
You thought Frasier
and Niles were British!
Oh, by the way, this
isn't the wedding yet.
This is the rehearsal dinner.
So rehearsal dinner is,
like, the dinner
where you get ready
to get into wedding mode.
It, like, acclimates you
to your new, like,
wedding environment.
Because we don't want all
you guys to come down here...
[Whispers] Please--
please stop that.
SARAH:... your regular, boring,
like, miserable life...
JUSTIN: Okay, um...
let me just...
I think it's just,
like, a flash thing.
I think the flash is just--
Look, you're very
hot and sexy,
and I want to
have sex with you,
but you need to level with me.
Are you crummy at this?
I think I've actually
got it figured out now.
Problem solved.
'Cause I don't wanna
have to tell my dad
that he's spending his fortune
on some poor photographer
who's poor at his art.
And then I'd have to be
fucking someone that sucks!
And that would hurt.
Sure, yeah.
I'm just gonna go...
take some other...
How long have you
guys been doing this?
Yeah, now I basically just kinda
do weddings for Tom as a favour.
You know, I try to focus
most of my attention
on my production company.
Yeah, we do commercials, and--
Cool, for who?
At the moment, we're doin'
a big campaign for, um...
Best Buy.
When you set the colours,
can you make sure that
I don't look too pale?
ALEX: I can't imagine
you looking pale.
You're so... photogenic.
JENNY: Oh, thank you.
I'd marry you.
In a different-- sorry, like,
if this wasn't your wedding.
NICK: Eek, eek!
[Makes cutting noise]
ALEX: You should be...
JENNY: [Laughs]
Oh, thank you.
Yeah, we're all laughing.
We're having a good time.
You look like
you're working very hard.
Oh, yeah, no, I'm just, uh...
very happy to be here.
Here, here.
You take this.
JUSTIN: Oh no, no, no, no, no!
That's okay, thank you.
I'm just doing my job.
Just doing my job!
That's for having
such a hot little mouth.
All-- all right.
Okay, thank you, thanks.
[Jenny's father chuckles]
Well, I thought
he was very nice.
He called me a fucktard!
He said I had
a hot little mouth.
Yeah, the bride's sister
was all over me, too.
It's really improving
my self-esteem, man.
I don't know what's goin' on
with this family.
ALEX: Oh, God,
he's staring at us.
JUSTIN: He's staring at you.
ALEX: Oh shit,
he's comin' over.
MIKE: Hey, fellas.
MIKE: Hey, so, um,
the other night,
I said some stuff to you guys
that was a little top secret,
a little bit
shouldn't talk about.
ALEX: Oh-- no?
JUSTIN: Oh, we have
no memory of that.
ALEX: Yeah, we don't know
what you're talking about.
About me filing
for bankruptcy,
and being under
tax fraud investigation,
and pretty much being
on the brink of being in jail.
Well, we're not...
we're not snitches,
so you don't need
to worry about that.
So we could just, like,
change the subject.
Yeah, change the--
talk about somethin' else,
I don't know.
It didn't even matter
what my scheme was,
because I gave money to a guy
who just immediately left town.
He moved to
the next town over.
It sounds close.
It's far.
It's far when you're trying
to do legal stuff.
Whenever I hear a businessman
use the word 'scheme,'
I always know that, you know,
it's on the level.
CONCIERGE: Can I help you?
Yeah, we wanna book
a wake-up call
for tomorrow morning at 5:30.
Room 533, please.
Very early, huh?
ALEX: Yeah, we gotta get up,
we gotta film this wedding
at, like,
an ungodly hour.
Oh, I see.
Very important.
ALEX: Yeah, it's
really important.
I wasn't gonna bring it up,
but we had a wake-up call
for this morning,
and it never came.
So I'm begging you, please,
don't mess this call up, okay?
It's really important.
You know, it's gonna be
a big night in Mexico.
It's not gonna be like at home,
you know, when...
say, hypothetically,
I just, you know,
walk through the door,
and immediately strip down,
eat a couple pizza pockets.
It's not gonna be
like that, okay?
We're gonna have a big night,
we're gonna be drinking...
...and partying.
JUSTIN: Partying.
ALEX: You know, meeting girls.
Maybe a girl
named Cindy, okay?
Maybe we'll bring her
back to the hotel,
and she's gone out
for the night,
because her dad is here,
brought her here,
he's on an insurance
and she feels a
little bit neglected.
Okay, so she comes back to our
place, which is a safe place,
we offer her tea,
we hold each other.
I feel safe for the first
time in my entire life.
With Cindy.
Sir, if it's so important
for tomorrow,
why not you go to bed early,
and get some sleep?
Leave Cindy by herself
at the bar?
We're there to save her.
I'm there.
He's just kind of
along for the ride.
I'm in a different
hypothetical situation entirely.
A more real
hypothetical situation.
ALEX: You're killing the mood.
[Dance music plays]
[Dance music plays]
JUSTIN: Hey, there's Nick.
ALEX: Oh, and Mike.
NICK: Hey, guys.
ALEX: Hey, Nick.
NICK: Ola!
JUSTIN: Mike, how
you doin', man?
MIKE: Drinking away
the anxiety.
NICK: Woo...
MIKE: Hopefully.
A lot of babes
here tonight, man.
You're into that?
You're into babes?
Big time.
Didn't really peg you
as the 'into babes' type.
You've got this asexual vibe.
I don't really see you
as a sexual person at all.
Yeah, I don't want you to
see me as a sexual person,
so that works out well.
Photography, that's
clearly your hobby, right?
That's like, the thing you're
doing with your spare time
as a side gig?
ALEX: Uh...
How do you get by, man?
I'm doing quite well,
you know.
Sometimes I cut people a deal
if I like them as much as...
you and Jenny, and you know,
believe in the project.
It's good to know about
life on the other side.
You gotta learn, right?
What does that mean,
life on the other side?
Because you never know
when everything's
gonna crumble, right?
NICK: Man, you're flush!
MIKE: Yeah.
NICK: You bought me that car.
MIKE: No, I'm doing great.
NICK: He is a very flush man.
You should probably tip
them out at the end of this.
Things are goin' well...
with me.
Congrats again, man, on the
wedding, and the everything.
It's just...
Congrats, it's a big day.
MIKE: She loves me so much.
She must really love you.
It's crazy, and I feel
like I can't reflect
the same amount
of love at her.
Like, I just don't
have it in me!
You seem like a loving guy.
You got it together, and...
It's almost like
the less I give her,
the more she gives me.
It's not fair.
It's really an
unjust situation,
and I don't deserve it,
and someone else
probably deserves it,
but I'm the one
getting it!
ALEX: I think
you're being modest.
MIKE: It doesn't make sense!
Oh, so you're from England?
Well, I've got tons of
British friends.
Oh, yeah, whereabouts?
Uh, London.
They all live in London.
JESSICA: Oh, yeah?
ALEX: Yeah, downtown.
ALEX: Yeah.
I'm from London.
ALEX: Oh, wow, okay.
Yeah, from Barnet.
Do you know High Barnet?
Very well.
Yeah, Barnet, great street.
So, how's your
holiday going?
ALEX: I'm actually
here for work.
what do you do?
Yeah... uh, filmmaker.
Wedding films.
That's kinda cool.
That's exciting.
ALEX: Yeah, it's not.
No, we say that
we're filmmakers,
but in actuality,
we're not, you know?
It's actually
kinda depressing.
I don't wanna bum you out,
but I wish I was dead.
You need to get out of
your own head, mate.
That's a lot.
Out of my own head?
That's what my tantric sex
instructor used to tell me.
Right before he started
asking me advice on sex.
You're so full of shit!
That is adorable!
I love dogs!
That's so cute!
How long are you here for?
We've been here
for five days,
and we leave the day
after tomorrow.
Oh, five days
without your little puppy!
Is it so lonely?
Are you just lonely?
It is pretty lonely.
We should, um...
We should get outta here,
go somewhere else.
I don't know, maybe
go fuck or something.
What do you think?
I don't know.
It'd be fun!
[Kate laughs]
Hey, Jess,
what do you think?
Do you guys wanna
get outta here, too?
JESSICA: Oh, you're leaving?
We could go make out!
Like, we're on vacation,
we could totally make out.
JESSICA: Um... [Laughs]
KATE: Why don't we take a dip?
I think the pools are closed,
so we could go back to plan A.
Yeah, let's go for a swim!
Let's go for a swim,
a night swim, it sounds fun;
that sounds really fun.
We'll be quiet and no one
will notice, let's go.
JESSICA: Let's take a dip.
Okay, all right,
we're gonna take a dip.
JESSICA: Do you wanna come in?
I do, I just--
my phone's about to die.
JESSICA: [Laughs]
Do you need to call someone?
ALEX: No, I don't
need to call anyone,
but I just-- it's like,
just a thing.
I like to always
have it above 50--
JESSICA: What the fuck
are you going on about?
ALEX: Like...
[Jessica laughs]
Just the phone, I just...
JESSICA: [Laughs]
It's okay.
Jesus, it's cold!
It's, like, super cold
on my balls.
Let yourself
get used to it.
ALEX: This is like a...
I just think you should know
that I'm really drunk right now.
I just want you to--
JESSICA: What does it matter?
Well, I just want you to know
that I can't quite see straight,
you know, that's just a...
JESSICA: You're fine.
Do you wanna come over here?
Also, I just want you to know
that it's been a while
since I've...
JESSICA: What's been
a while since what?
ALEX: Since, like,
any type of interaction.
JESSICA: What kind
of interaction?
ALEX: Just like, with
this type of inter-- yeah.
JESSICA: This kind
of interaction?
ALEX: Yeah.
[Jessica laughs]
[Loud splash]
ALEX: Jesus!
MAN: Oh yeah, I thought
I heard another
fucking Brit 'round here!
Where you from, love?
JESSICA: London.
Why are you engaging him?
MAN: Oi, she can do
whatever she wants!
Just like we can do
whatever we want.
[Loud splash]
Guys, uh...
You're kind of
interrupting right now,
so if you could kinda
back the fuck off!
MAN: Oh, I'm sorry,
I'm sorry, mate!
MAN 2: Back the fuck off?
MAN: Back the fuck off, then!
MAN 2: Did you just
fucking swear at us?
I didn't swear.
I swore, but it
wasn't directly at you.
MAN: Yeah, he just
fucking swore at us.
MAN 2: Come on, love!
MAN: You girls are
partying with these--
ALEX: It's none
of your business.
Look, I don't want
any trouble.
MAN: You know, it's not nice
to swear at people
you just met for
the first time.
Okay, look,
I don't want any trouble,
and if you guys stick around,
I'm afraid there's
gonna be some trouble,
so that's just
kind of a...
Alex, just shut up, man.
Be quiet.
MAN: Ooh, is that a threat?
Are you threatening us?
No, I'm not threatening you.
But I feel if you guys
just got to know me first,
that maybe all this, you know,
you might just kind of--
MAN: Get to know you?
ALEX: Oh, my phone!
Justin, they threw
my phone in the pool!
Alex, shut up!
ALEX: My phone is ruined!
My phone is ruined!
Alex, will you walk us back?
These guys are mental!
MAN: Oi, oi, oi!
You see this guy here?
He's a good guy.
And you, you're
a fucking asshole!
JESSICA: Alex, will you
walk us back?
MAN: What're you gonna do?
ALEX: You want me
to walk you to the--
MAN: Oh, come on, ladies!
MAN 2: Come on, girls!
MAN: We're just playing
around with your mates!
MAN 2: No, oh no, no.
MAN: Come on!
We're just getting started!
MAN 2: Where do you think
you're goin', darling?
You're gonna go home
with this pussy?
MAN: Come on, girls,
there's nothing goin' on here!
Come on, girls!
Don't go!
JUSTIN: Where the fuck
are my pants?
MAN: Girls, there's
nothin' wrong!
JESSICA: Come on,
hurry up, Kate!
[Man and Man 2
shouting incoherently]
ALEX: Come on, let's
just really try to go
as quick as we can here.
[Man and Man 2
shouting incoherently]
ALEX: Maybe just run.
Where the fuck are my pants?
MAN: Hey, girls!
ALEX: Yeah, we should
really kinda hurry.
MAN & MAN 2: Come back!
Come on, girls, come on!
We're just playing, come on!
ALEX: Let's go, come on!
MAN: Girls, girls, girls!
Hey, get outta the way!
What the fuck, girls?!
Get the fuck outta there,
you fuckin' sluts!
MAN 2: Open the
fucking door, girls!
You fuckin' sluts!
MAN: Fucking slags!
Come on, girls!
These fucking assholes!
MAN 2: What's your
fucking problem, mate?
Where you fucking going?
[Man and Man 2 shouting]
MAN: What's the fucking
problem, mate?
MAN 2: You fucking cunt!
[Man and Man 2 shouting]
[Can clinks onto ground]
Oh, shit...
[Breathing heavily]
[Breathing heavily]
ALEX: Justin!
What happened?
Where were you?
Where were you?!
I just got pushed down the hall
30 consecutive times!
I needed backup!
I can't find my pants.
ALEX: Who cares
about your pants?
My phone's ruined!
I need those pants!
My wallet's in there,
my passport.
Your passport?
JUSTIN: Yeah, I know.
Who carries their
passport on them?
I don't know, man!
We've been drunk
for the last 40 hours.
We're making bad decisions
here, obviously.
Why are you loing
in the pool?
It could've fallen in!
I don't know.
If it fell in,
it's ruined.
JUSTIN: Passports
are waterproof.
Passports are not waterproof.
[Justin sighs]
Well, this is outrageous!
We've been looking here
for 40 minutes, and it--
we would've found it
by now if it's in here.
The water's
completely clear.
Is this even the right pool?
There's like,
50 fuckin' pools.
I'm 0% sure this is
the right pool.
Well, it's not our fault,
you know, I mean,
they hire some lazy
fuckin' architect,
he designs 50 identical pools.
I'm gonna lodge a complaint!
Lodge a complaint?
Yeah, look at us.
We need to go to bed.
We have no idea what time
it is without your phone.
Well, what do you mean?
Where's your phone?
It died.
I don't know, I forgot
the charger at home.
Oh, this is great!
Who forgets their charger?
Who forgets their... watch?
You don't even
own a watch!
Who wears a watch anymore?
What is this, 1996?
Am I Chandler Bing
or something?
We're done.
We are finished!
No, we need to
pull this together.
Maybe it's better if we don't
know what time it is right now.
It's gonna fuck with
our heads tomorrow
if we're aware of how
sleep-deprived we are.
ALEX: You're right.
Yeah, let's just
go to bed right away.
We have to wake up at 5:30.
ALEX: Okay, okay, but
no fucking around, okay?
That phone call comes
in to wake us up,
we spring outta bed,
spring into action!
[Resort guests shouting
and chattering outside]
What the fuck?
What time is it?
ALEX: Motherfucker!
JUSTIN: Fuck... Jesus.
What time is it
right now?!
Well, we booked a wake-up call
and it never came!
It's 7:30!
[Alex knocks on door]
You idiots are very lucky that
we're already running late!
Yeah, it's like
an industry standard
just to leave a bit of
a buffer on the big day.
Are you, uh, like,
rolling stag to the wedding?
Get in there,
you fucking idiot!
You stay here.
Where were you last night?
JUSTIN: We just, um...
called it a night.
We just went to bed
real early, and like--
And you still couldn't
get out of bed in the morning?
I got out of bed fine.
It was good.
SARAH: You were laying there,
thinking about me?
JUSTIN: No, no, I wasn't,
I wasn't lying in--
You were jerking off!
No, I wasn't--
I definitely wasn't jerking off.
Yeah, you were in bed
and getting here late
because you were
jerking off and--
I wasn't.
I definitely wasn't... Alex!
I just need to take some photos
of your sister and stuff.
Okay, well,
get good pictures,
and then maybe I'll hire
you to do our wedding.
JUSTIN: Oh, wait,
you're gonna--
you would hire me
to film my own wedding?
JUSTIN: Man, I don't
know what to do.
Maybe I should just
sleep with her.
She sounds
completely insane.
And you realize that she's
graduating you, right?
So that's what
it feels like, huh?
I should probably stop
doing that to people.
How do the photos look?
Good, I think.
Pretty good, yeah.
I don't really know what
I'm talking about at all.
ALEX: Yeah, but it looked like
you knew what you were doing.
Yeah, they were shiny.
They were really nice.
How's your video?
It's good.
Hey, what if I fuck this up?
You're not gonna fuck it up.
JUSTIN: Can they sue me,
though, personally?
ALEX: No, I think technically,
they could sue Tom.
And... then he could sue us.
JUSTIN: Sue you.
ALEX: Well, he'd sue me,
and then I would, like,
immediately sue you.
JUSTIN: Oh, so I have
a two-lawsuit buffer.
I'm... okay with that.
[Wedding guests chattering]
You don't think Nick's actually
gonna do anything, do you?
No, no.
That would be insane.
['Here Comes the Bride'
starts playing]
ALEX: [Whispers]
['Here Comes the Bride'
['Here Comes the Bride'
['Here Comes the Bride'
[Jenny laughs]
[Shutter clicks repeatedly]
You may now kiss the bride.
[Cell phone buzzes]
[Guests chattering]
Nana is here right now!
She's here now!
Everyone, please,
I have an announcement
to make!
Papa, what's going on?
The father of the bride's
mother has just arrived.
Nana's here?
I didn't think
she could make it!
she got here.
She's always doing this!
She thinks she can
just surprise us!
JENNY: I think we just
have to do it again.
You're kidding me!
We're not doing it again!
Just get Nana.
MIKE: We've already
been married!
SARAH: She does this
all the time!
JENNY: I know we're married.
It'll be a fake one.
MIKE: We did it, we're married,
it's official.
[All arguing at once]
[All arguing at once]
[All arguing at once]
JENNY'S FATHER: But somebody
right now has to get Nana!
SARAH: Nana's gonna freak out!
JENNY'S FATHER: Nana spends
her life freaking out!
[All shouting at once]
[All shouting at once]
Everybody shut the fuck up!
We're taking this again!
Priest, in there.
Nick, take back
those fuckin' rings.
Holy shit, are you
doin' this for me?
God, no!
No, no, Jesus Christ, no!
Get over it, it's done!
Okay, father of the bride,
back to one,
it's not your big break.
Yeah, back to one,
it's not about you today.
Jenny, Jenny,
back to one, please.
Mike, you fucking
piece of shit!
Wipe that pool of sweat
off your face,
we're doin' this again!
Everybody be quiet!
Guitar, not you, I wanna hear
some beautiful fuckin' music!
JUSTIN: I just want
you to know,
I really approve
of all this cursing.
ALEX: Thanks!
Take some fucking pictures!
Everyone, Nana's here!
All right, let's go!
ALEX: Whoo!
That was amazing!
You were amazing.
I don't know
what got into me, man.
It was incredible,
you took charge!
ALEX: I took charge!
The second ceremony was
way better than the first.
ALEX: Yes!
It looked pretty great, right?
It looked amazing.
I got way better photos.
There was way more crying.
Now, do you think the crying
had anything to do
with me cursing at everybody?
Yeah, probably, yeah. [Laughs]
It got the job done.
ALEX: Yeah.
JUSTIN: It got the job done!
It got... the job...
ALEX: Huh.
Do you hear anything?
No, like what?
Oh, my God.
There's no... audio.
The microphone must not have
been plugged into the...
it wasn't plugged in
all the way!
JUSTIN: Are you sure?
Oh my God!
Holy shit!
Oh, fuck, I'm ha...
I'm having a heart attack!
You're not having
a heart attack.
Justin, I'm having a--
this is real!
I'm having a heart attack!
Oh my God!
You're not having
a heart attack!
ALEX: What are we gonna do?
JUSTIN: You have to tell them.
Tell them that they
have to get married
for a third time
in the same day?
Yeah, there's nothing
you can do now, actually.
I'll put music throughout
the whole thing.
What about the vows?
Oh, fuck!
I don't know, man!
I'm freaking out!
Oh man!
What now?
I just realized
we haven't eaten anything
in like, 40 hours.
How can you
think about food?
JUSTIN: Dude, you fucked up.
There's no audio.
You fucked it up.
There's nothing you can do!
Freaking out's not
gonna solve anything.
Save it in editing,
I don't know, you fucked up.
Saving it in editing
isn't a thing!
People say that when they don't
know anything about editing!
We need to eat something.
That's part of the problem.
We're not thinking right.
We need to go down
to that sports bar downstairs,
get some burgers,
get some beers,
some comfort food.
We need comfort right now.
I'm not fuckin' eating.
I can't eat!
You can't eat right after
you had a heart attack!
[Resort guests chattering]
[Justin chewing loudly]
ALEX: Ugh, Jesus!
I wish you eating
chicken wings had no audio.
Okay, so...
according to this dweeb,
it's like a figure 8 motion
to close the thing,
but we totally
tried that already.
Yeah, it doesn't work.
Oh man, I don't feel...
[Burps] I'm not feeling
so... great.
Yeah, this is the most
depressing moment of my life.
JUSTIN: Oh, man,
it must've been that burger.
ALEX: Or the chicken wings,
or the pizza...
or the other burger.
It's not funny, man.
I really feel fucked up.
Wow, we make a great team.
In the last 48 hours,
we've spent $200
on a cab fare,
we went to
the wrong resort,
we spent four hours
looking for our hotel room,
you lost your passport,
I ruined my phone,
we taped a wedding
with no sound,
and now apparently you have...
barbeque sauce poisoning.
You got your
ass kicked, too.
I didn't get my ass kicked.
I got mildly disrespected.
[Wedding guests singing
and clapping]
[Wedding guests singing
and clapping]
[Wedding guests singing
and clapping]
Hola, amigo!
What's bueno?
You look like you've...
seen a ghost or something.
[Clears throat]
I'm just-- I'm just tired.
Go get some food, and then
come dance with us, man!
Hey, was it my fault
you didn't say anything
at the wedding today?
I felt-- I felt terrible.
I thought about it, but...
I decided against it.
I like Jenny and Mike.
They're good together.
I don't wanna bust that up.
I like my life.
I hate mine.
NICK: Yeah?
Alright, no, keep it.
NICK: Look, my life
is not perfect, but...
it's... good enough,
you know?
I'm in Me-hico, man,
I'm on the beach...
I'm closer to death right now
than I've ever been.
That's very wise.
We all are.
No, I meant me,
Mmm, right.
You, um, let me guess...
recorded the entire
wedding without the audio?
ALEX: That motherfucker!
You're not the only one who
recorded the wedding, remember.
It's in the bag,
right over there.
ALEX: I love you!
NICK: Mmm!
ALEX: The father of the bride!
Yeah, you just said that!
What about him?
He taped the whole wedding!
We can go in and steal
the audio from that!
What are you gonna do?
You gonna talk to him
or something?
No, he hates me,
he loves you!
You've gotta talk
to him long enough
so I can go in the camera bag
and steal the card!
JUSTIN: Wait, wait!
ALEX: It's on the table!
[Guests chattering]
Let me ask you, um,
father of the bride...
What do you think is my
best quality, I dunno...?
[Jenny's father chuckles]
Where do I begin?
JUSTIN: I don't know,
some people say
I have really nice... lips.
You're dangerous.
JUSTIN: Cheers.
I mean, if I were to kiss
a cocktail napkin
and slide it across a bar,
it would have sort of
a perfect, um, lip imprint,
like an emoji.
Float off the napkin.
So if that's your best quality,
what else you got?
JUSTIN: Hmm, well...
I don't know.
Some people say I also
have a really perfect sneeze.
Like it's a perfect...
JUSTIN: Mmhmm, it's
a very perfect 'achoo.'
I would like to see that!
I would...
Do you sneeze often?
JUSTIN: I feel like we've been
talking about me for so long.
What's your best quality?
I sneeze pretty good too.
JUSTIN: Oh, really?
a very generous
and explosive, uh,
quality to my, uh...
spasmodic release.
It's lookin' good.
[Audio from wedding plays]
I think it's there.
I think it's there!
[Wedding applause plays]
That creepy bastard
recorded the whole thing,
both ceremonies!
JUSTIN: Yes, yes, yes!
Is the quality good enough?
ALEX: The quality's mediocre,
but it's gonna help!
ALEX: Oh my God,
I am so exhausted.
JUSTIN: [Yawns]
Me too.
ALEX: Oh...
Hi, hola.
Yes, hi.
I need to make a wake-up call
for tomorrow morning
at 6:30 am.
We have a very early flight.
Okay, now, our whole trip, we
didn't get any wake-up calls.
Too much siesta.
Okay, so you'll
do it personally?
You'll still be at work
tomorrow morning?
Yes, Justin Brown.
They found your passport.
Oh, nice.
I forgot about that.
ALEX: What time is it
now, sir?
Midnight, shit.
Thank you.
Come on, get up,
let's hit that disco!
Have you lost your mind?
We've slept, like, three hours
in the last three days,
and eaten one meal,
which I threw up.
Sorry, bud.
We're going out.
No, I-- I'm sorry.
I'm taking a stand here.
I feel like I'm--
I feel insane.
I feel like I'm gonna die.
I'm pretty sure I still
have food poisoning.
Are you kidding me?
Just go out without me.
We're in this together.
We live and die together!
Yeah, and if we
go out tonight,
we will both die together!
We'll both die, dead.
It'll be worth it.
Let's go, come on!
No, I'm honestly, like,
75% asleep already.
I'm sorry.
I'm done.
[Justin sighs]
You realize tomorrow
we go back home,
and everything goes back
to the way it was?
[Bottle cap clatters]
[Glass thuds]
[Glass thuds]
You have to change your life.
JUSTIN: Listen.
I know, we both do, but...
we have to get up at 6:30.
We have to pack
all this shit.
Man, my clothes,
they're everywhere.
Justin, we're in Mexico!
You and me, us!
We're here... do you realize
how insane that is?
Was this the goal,
ALEX: That's not
the point, man!
We have one more
night to live,
and you wanna just
lie here and waste it?
I know, our lives suck.
Our lives fucking suck.
I get it more than
you realize, but...
I'm so drunk right now,
I'm still drunk,
and we have to pack
in the morning--
I'll do it.
Yeah, I'll pack
your stuff right now!
JUSTIN: Don't.
ALEX: Yes, I'm doin' it!
JUSTIN: Don't.
ALEX: I'm wasted,
and this is happening.
I'm doin' it!
It's happening, man!
I'm wasted,
and it's happening!
Get used to it!
[Clothes rustling]
You're packed!
You're packed!
Let's go, man!
Fuck you!
Fuck, man!
You are so full of shit.
I'm full of shit?
You're fucking crazy!
You're like a
fucking crazy person!
You sit and whine
about your life constantly,
and then finally you have a
chance to do something about it,
and you wanna just lie here
in bed and sleep!
Do what?
What do you think is
gonna happen tonight?
ALEX: The reason you're
here is because of me.
Oh, well--
We're in Mexico
because of me!
JUSTIN: Oh, yeah, wow.
Thanks so much.
Yeah, no appreciation, perfect.
No appreciation.
Oh, great trip, yeah.
What do you think is
gonna happen, by the way?
You think you're gonna go out
and meet the love of your life,
or get laid, or... what?
I don't know what's
gonna happen, man,
but I know if we just lie here
and waste the night,
nothing's gonna happen.
That's a guarantee.
JUSTIN: Fuck...
[Justin sighs]
Okay, so I guess this is
how it ends for us.
Oh my God, nothing is ending,
and you know it!
You're being
such a drama queen!
ALEX: No, I'm furious!
Give it to me.
[Reflector rustles]
ALEX: I don't
fuckin' need you!
JUSTIN: Give it to me.
No, I don't fucking need you!
I don't need you!
Oh, holy shit!
You did it!
Yes, I did it!
What do I need to do
to prove to you
we're on the verge
of something?
Oh, fine.
Fuck it!
ALEX: Yes!
Let's go!
[Dance music plays]
[Dance music plays]
[Birds chirping]
[Resort guests chattering]
[Resort guests chattering]
[Resort guests chattering]
ALEX: Oh... my... God.
Yeah, I was wondering
what, um...
time it is right now?
We booked a wake-up call
for 6:30!
10 times, sir.
Every single time
someone hung up on me.
ALEX: You!
JUSTIN: [Sleepily] What?
ALEX: You've been
hanging up the phone
every time the
wake-up call calls!
It's subconscious!
it just happens!
I can't control it.
ALEX: Let's go!
Hey, I found
this memory card.
I think it belongs
to the wedding party.
JUSTIN: Passport
for Justin Brown?
JUSTIN: I have very little
memory of last night.
I think I was hallucinating.
You know, of all the quirks
a human can possibly have,
instinctually hanging up
a wake-up call
has to be the worst.
JUSTIN: It's cute.
ALEX: It's not cute.
JUSTIN: We can still make it.
ALEX: Yeah, we'll see.
[Keyboard clicking]
[Keyboard clicking]
Your flight is delayed.
You must have very good luck.
Boarding is in 25 minutes.
Thank God.
Hey, let's...
Let's stay.
Let's stay.
You wanna stay?
Yeah, let's not go.
Let's stay!
Have you completely
lost your mind?
You gotta eat, man.
You gotta eat.
Yeah, right, yeah... right.
Yeah... hmm.
[Clears throat]
Goddammit, man.
It's just like there's a weight
on my chest, like, all the time.
You know, like,
there's a weight there.
Your life's not
that bad, man.
You take care of
your grandma, right?
That's a big responsibility.
I mean, she's old as shit,
and you... uh, you...
you got a steady job, right?
Where you make
an hourly wage!
You're gettin'
paid every hour!
There's so much more--
JUSTIN: I've been
drifting for so long,
I don't even remember where
I wanted to go, you know?
And like... I hate it,
but the worst part is that...
it all fits.
Like, I don't want it to,
but... it all fits.
ALEX: Come on.
You should go.
You can still make it.
You should go.
You're being dramatic.
JUSTIN: Don't you
get it, man?
If we go right now,
this is it!
ALEX: At least
this was something.
It ain't easy
To start off at
the back of the line
For the come down champion
Women ain't
that hard to find...
[Airport patrons chattering]
ALEX: So, uh...
ALEX: Well, I guess I'll just,
like, I'll see you later.
JUSTIN: Yeah, sounds good.
[Airport patrons chattering]
[Airport patrons chattering]
[Music plays on video]
TOM: Hmm...
Yes, see, that's it!
That's it, baby!
You son of a bitch!
So you like it?
I like it?
It's a fuckin' hit.
It's a fuckin' hit, man!
You did it!
You saved our ass!
What do you think, Rand?
RANDY: It's a hit.
TOM: It's a hit.
Randy loves it.
And listen, Randy, he is
gonna take you on the road
and show you the ropes.
You two guys are gonna be
the dynamic duo.
Batman and Robin, out there
shooting every wedding
south of the border!
Video Boys are back!
All right?
Video Boys are back, hey!
Video Boys are back,
come on!
BOTH: Video Boys are back!
Let's go!
Video Boys are back!
RANDY: Hooray!
Stand up!
Be proud of yourself!
You did this!
You made this, come on!
Let's go!
TOM & RANDY: Video Boys
are back, hooray!
TOM: What are you doin'?
What are doin'?
No, it should be a chant.
It's not this dance.
RANDY: Sorry, fuck!
TOM: Just sit down, sit down.
TOM: You know what, go up
and get us some brews.
[Tom exhales loudly]
I'm gettin' hot.
I need to go jack off.
[Muted sound of TV]
[Music box plays]
[Sighs heavily]
[Music box plays]
[Muted sound of TV]
[Muted sound of TV]
[Airplane roars overhead]
How was your
spec commercial?
Ah, it wasn't great, man.
I, uh, I cast the whole thing
off of Craigslist,
and I didn't see
the actors first, and...
the main guy had, like,
chronic hiccups.
Yeah, like, he hiccupped every,
like, four or five seconds.
JUSTIN: Oh, no.
ALEX: It was crazy, yeah.
I didn't know what to do,
'cause I was kinda, like,
expecting him to be, like,
'Oh, I have the hiccups.'
And he didn't.
Did you try and get him to
drink water upside down, or...?
I was gonna try to
scare him or whatever,
but it's weird just to,
like, scare a grown man.
I might have to re-shoot
the whole thing.
Oh, well, let me know
if you need a PA.
How you holding up?
She lived a good life,
you know?
BEN: Sorry, guys.
I'm... I'm headin' off.
JUSTIN: Oh, thanks for coming.
BEN: Great to see you.
My pleasure.
JUSTIN: Um, we're gonna
grab a beer, actually,
if you wanna join us.
Oh, I can't.
I've got some homework.
I've got class in
the morning, so...
Oh, since when
are you in school?
BEN: This year.
JUSTIN: Oh, cool.
BEN: Video game design.
That's great, very cool.
BEN: Yeah, it's...
it's been great.
Are you doing, like, work
and school at the same time?
Or how do you make that...
how do you make that work?
No, I took
some time off work.
Got a loan
from the bank, and...
Is that hard?
BEN: No, it was easy!
BEN: Weirdly easy.
Okay, cool.
Jumped on the track
With the wind
at my back
Move slow like
a heart attack
Like I feel it creeping
Like I'm six feet deep
And all I wanna do
is sleep
And I don't wanna
win anything
Every race will end
I don't wanna
win anything
Every race will end
Hold it in...
ALEX: I haven't been up
this late in so long.
JUSTIN: Yeah, I haven't been
to an afterhours in ages.
Or a bar, for that matter.
ALEX: That spec commercial
just, like, destroyed my back.
JUSTIN: You sound
like an old man,
like you're 70 years old
or something.
I feel like that, man.
I went from, like, 33 to 70.
At least you're
doing something.
What are you gonna do
with the house?
You know, she lived her
entire life in that house.
85 years.
ALEX: Can you imagine?
That's pure insanity.
Yeah, I know.
Think about that...
The first day of school,
then back to that house.
Graduate high school,
then back to that house.
Lose your virginity,
back to that house.
Have kids,
back to that house.
They go to college,
you go back--
JUSTIN: They offered me
a promotion at work.
Team leader, an extra
$1.50 an hour.
I told them I quit.
That's probably
the right move.
You know, I've actually
never seen the sunrise
from up here.
[Airplane roars overhead]