Sunnyside (1919) Movie Script

The village of Sunnyside
(Sunday morning).
Charlie, the farm
hand, etc. etc. etc
"Tha boy not up yet...
and the whole forenoon gone."
The Hotel Evergreen
-- etc. etc etc.
"Hurry up!"
"Sugar's to sweeten
-- not to thicken."
Morning service.
Father and son.
The unwilling sinner.
His church, the sky
-- his altar, the landskape.
And now, the "romance".
His brother, Willie.
Two's company.
"Let's play blind
man's buff."
A flat note.
Late again.
"Get busy!"
Enter the city chap.
The village doctor.
For services 10 dollars.
"Will that be all, sir?"
"Do you need any change, sir?"
Lounge lizards.
"Move over!"
City chap fully recovered.
"What would you like?"
"Er -- er -- I've forgotten."
Oh, cruel fate.
His last hope.
Love's labor lost.
"Sleepy-head, go get
this gentleman's baggage."