Sunset in the West (1950) Movie Script

The scream of that whistle is saying,
"Clear the track,
give us the right of way."
This is a special train, roaring
through the California countryside.
Its destination: The scene of the
latest outbreak by gun runners.
A mystified man
is Sheriff Ted Osbourne.
30 years in office with an
outstanding record behind him.
Faced now with finding a train
which is 3 hours and 32 minutes...
Three hours and
thirty two minutes late.
Hope we don't find her piled up
like the other one.
It's Schmidt, the brakeman
from the missing train.
Over here.
It's the engineer and fireman.
Search every inch of the
ground, and bring in
anything that'll give
us some information.
We've got to find that missing train.
I can't understand it.
What could they gain by killing these
boys and emptying out the cars?
Just this, Sheriff.
That hijacked train is three hours
and thirty two minutes ahead of you.
When that poll links
was thrown of the car,
it was replaced with guns.
To be smuggled
out of the country
along a lonely stretch of track
on the border.
Move on through there, fellas.
Hey, here she comes.
Roy, that train isn't going to stop.
Well, that's funny.
Maybe they didn't get the orders.
Listen, I'll cut over the hill.
Maybe I can stop them
before they get to the crossing.
Hold the cattle here.
Hi, Roy!
Hi, Splinters.
Go on down to the depot, fellas.
I'll meet you there.
That was an old friend of mine, Roy Rogers.
We used to be deputies together
under Sheriff Tad Osbourne.
Got the hiccups again, Splinters?
Yeah, I always get 'em
when I get excited.
Must've been over seeing
my old friend, Roy.
Never mind the shave.
Oh, have a haircut, Mr. Bathernaby,
I mean Mr. Abernathy.
Oh, alright, but make it fast.
I'm in a hurry.
Oh, I'll have you out of here in no time.
Now, that didn't take long.
Did it Mr. Abernathy?
Yes, sir.
That'll be 50 cents.
Put in on my...
Take him in the station there.
They're all dead.
Because the Sheriff didn't protect them.
Yeah, what we need is a new Sheriff!
Why don't you get out and
let your deputies have a chance!
You're too long in office!
When do we get
some action around here?
- What is it Roy?
- Tad just brought in some bodies.
Excuse me, please.
Ladies and gentlemen!
Who's he?
Oh, that's Gordon McKnight.
He lives on the outskirts of town.
He's a retired lawyer.
Lived in border town
about six months.
Ladies and gentlemen.
As a citizen of this community,
I feel your unjustly
accusing your Sheriff and mine.
Aw, he may be your Sheriff,
but not ours.
And you'll find out in four days
when the election comes up.
I'm going around to the side door
and have a talk with the Sheriff.
Uncle Tad, you don't
have to stand for that.
Oh, you can't blame them, I guess.
I couldn't find a thing.
No clues. Nothing.
Not even a trail to follow.
But, that isn't your fault.
Maybe I am too old.
Like poor old Sherlock here.
It'd serve them right if you did quit.
You get out of here.
Oh, I just wanted to see the Sheriff.
How'd you get in? That door was locked.
- Was it?
- Look.
Everybody's been bothering my uncle.
He doesn't want to talk to anyone.
I think he'll talk to me.
Now, you get out of here or
I'll sic this dog on you.
He looks ferocious.
He'd probably tear me to ribbons.
Sherlock, no!
Hi, Sherlock!
That a boy, Sherlock.
That's the way to greet
the best deputy I ever had.
I didn't know he'd be this glad to see me.
Of course he is and so am I.
Hiya, Tad.
This is my favorite niece.
Dixie, I don't think
you've ever met Roy Rogers.
How you do?
I'm sorry. I didn't realize
you were such good friends.
You been too long in office!
Why don't you quit you!
Why don't you get out!
What we need's a new sheriff!
I'm going to step out, Roy.
If they want a new sheriff,
they can have one.
Hey, Tad.
That's not like you,
running away from trouble.
A man's got his pride.
My term's up anyhow
in another four days.
Four more days, huh?
Well, I guess you know what you're doing.
Sherlock, you're getting old.
I guess you're going to have
to turn in your badge, too.
Your boss can't take it
on the chin any longer.
I guess he's forgotten
a lot of things.
Like when that border gang
was rustling cattle.
We were stumped then, too.
The whole county was riding us.
But, Tad figured it out.
He didn't quit because a crowd
of people was yapping at him.
Seemed like that was always happening.
I could name you
at least a dozen times.
Too bad Tad didn't quit
when he was on top.
When he could walk down the
street and hold his head up.
30 years in office and he runs out
four days before his term is up.
It isn't much time to work, but at
least we could've gone out trying.
Did you say, We could have?"
Yes, Tad. I'd like to have my badge back.
You know that train that
was wrecked this morning?
Well, I was on it for a minute.
You see, I've got a personal score
to settle in this town,
if it's alright with you.
All right with me?
We've always been able to get a
job done, Roy, working together.
Maybe it'll be like... like old times.
- Uncle Tad!
- Roy said what I should have.
At least I can go out trying.
Now what was this about
you being on that train?
Wait a minute.
You talk about that train later.
I've got a job to do.
All of ya! On your way!
I am declaring this a mob
and unlawful assembly.
Now, you'll either go on about
your business, or you'll all go to jail!
I've got four more days in office,
and until that's over,
I'm still sheriff here!
Now, go on home, all of ya!
Go on your way now!
That's the spirit, Sheriff.
Thanks. We'll get things done now.
I've got my old deputy back.
I want you to meet Roy Rogers.
- How are ya?
- How ya do?
I have to go send a telegram.
I'll see you later.
All right, Roy.
Here's the guy that broke
the window, Sheriff.
Do you want me
to put him behind bars?
No, let him go.
You're pretty lucky.
Well, if you need me any more,
I'll be in my barber shop.
Just a minute.
What are you doing, Tad?
I need a shave.
But, I want to scare
the hiccups outta ya first.
They gone?
Yeah, yeah! Come on!
Sherlock, I knew
you'd stick by Tad
no matter what anybody
thought of him.
So, you might as well
have your badge back.
Hey, Johnny.
How about it?
Yeah, why not?
Fielders, how are you?
What's your pleasure?
What are you having?
- Give us your best poison.
- Make it two.
Here, you could use a little
bit of this, too. You've
been rolling around in
that skunk cabbage again.
How many times
do I have to tell you
when you're making a report
to call me Chief.
Ok, Chief. I have a little tip for you.
Thatta girl, let's have it.
We split the reward 50/50?
Sure, sure, sure.
What's the tip?
Two strangers in town.
Very suspicious.
They are in the Cantina now.
Thanks, Carmelita.
We'll find out who they are.
Ok, chief.
I'll be right back.
I gotta see the Sheriff.
Hey, Sheriff, I got
some hot info for ya.
Are you sure this isn't
another one of your brainstorms?
No. There are two big time
criminals in the cantina.
Probably armed to the teeth.
Well, I better look-see.
Who told you about this?
Never divulge the source of
your information, Sheriff.
But, I got operators spotted all over town.
There's always the chance that
just once you might be right.
Now, wait for me, Sheriff.
"Taking short vacation." Stop
"Explanation will arrive with cattle."
Signed, Roy Rogers.
I'll get this right off the
packing house, Mr. Rogers.
That'll be four bits.
When do you think
you can pick up those cattle?
I don't know. You know,
this is the second wreck we had?
Maybe in a couple of days
I'll get back on schedule.
I'll help you load those cattle
when he fixes us up with a train.
Then you better take over for me.
I'm going to stick around a few
days and help the Sheriff.
Ok, Roy.
Two suspicious characters in the cantina.
According to Splinters,
we may have our first hot lead.
You better come along with us, too, Foy.
We'll go in separately,
so if they see us,
they won't get suspicious.
Take it easy, Sherlock. Take it easy.
Muy bueno los taritos, eh Seor?
Diez centavos, por favor.
Can't you read?
Tepo de Sheriff?
Oh, Si, Si, Seor.
Hey! Hora vey as de cuan dinado.
Hey, wait a minute!
- He's a deputy, too!
- Es deputy, too?
Well, why don't you tell
me these things? Ok!
Hey, what's going on here?
Dangerous business.
- You want to help?
- Yeah, sure.
Here, hold him.
Sherlock, you hold that.
- Did you get it?
- Yeah.
Just like taking candy away from a baby.
Well, let's split it here.
Look at those two guys
cutting up all that money.
Probably robbed a bank.
They must be the two.
- Hey, Chief?
- Yeah?
Your slip's showing.
Oh, drop in for a little
excitement, Sheriff?
Yeah, it looks like it.
A hundred for me and 50 for you.
Yeah, that's alright, but remember...
I win the championship back tomorrow night.
Oh, that's ok.
Where'd you get all that money?
We got paid, see?
For wrestling.
You mean you held up a bank.
You're under arrest!
Get your hands off me
or I'll punch you right in the nose.
Oh yeah?
Just a minute.
Por Que pasa?
Sherlock, come back here!
Please be careful of my china!
Horatio, they're breaking up the joint!
What? You again?
Hey, Chief!
Those guys, they're wrestlers!
They are not fighters!
- Wrestlers?
- You know?
Stand back.
So, you want to wrestle, huh?
Easy, boy.
C'mon, fella.
Take it easy with him, Tad.
He's hurt pretty badly.
Run and get the veterinarian.
- Tell him to hurry.
- Yeah sure, Roy.
Are you responsible for this!
Now, look, I ain't done nothing.
You got nothing to hold me on.
Nothing except shooting at me
and trying to kill Sherlock.
He and his partner
slipped out of the cantina
when the fight was going on.
Got nothing to hold you on, huh?
What are you running from?
I just don't like trouble, that's all.
We'll find out who you are.
Where you came from.
He may have something to do
with these train wrecks.
If that dog dies, you
better hide these keys.
Keep me from busting into his cell.
Say. Tad?
When you found that train...
did you pick up anything that
might help solve these murders?
Not a thing.
Just a lot of spilt milk
and produce thrown all around.
They must've unloaded the produce
to make room for something else.
But, Roy, the cars were all
empty when we found the
wreckage at the end of the
other end of the line.
Mr. Rogers?
I came over to tell you we were
ready to pick up your cattle.
The train will be down at the
loading pins in a couple of hours.
All right. I'll round up my boys and
be there to help get them aboard.
See ya later, Tad.
Que pasa?
All right, Felicia,
I'll take care of it.
Tell my guests I'll be right in.
Si, Seor.
I came over to tell you that Rogers
is working with the Sheriff again.
Yes, I know. But, he won't be here long.
He's in the cattle business.
I'm going to show you
a copy of a telegram he sent.
Oh, so he's going to stay
in border town, eh?
You better watch it, Mr. McKnight.
- He's plenty smart.
- Good boy, Blinky. Come on in.
Seor McKnight will be right here.
Oh, I suppose nobody minds
my looking at these guns, huh?
Oh no, Seor.
He's always so proud
to show them.
That one is what you call
a pepper pot.
I think it could pepper
you pretty good, huh?
That was very popular
in the 17th century.
That is if you don't mind me
giving the two dollar lecture
that goes with the guns?
- Pardon, Seor.
- That's alright, Felicia.
Just close the door and see
we're not disturbed.
Si, Seor, and
I'll guard it with my life.
You got enough guns here
to start our own war.
I'm afraid we'd lose.
These guns are a little out of date.
I suppose you know
my brother's in jail.
Well, there's no charge against him.
No one knows who he is.
I doubt if they'll connect
him with the gun running.
What do you mean?
You going to leave him there?
I know a little something about the law.
They'll hold him on an open charge for
24 hours, then they'll have to release him.
Yeah, I guess that's smarter
than trying to spring him.
That was my thought, but
not my words precisely.
How about the guns.
We picked them up in the Middle West
over half a million dollars worth.
Have that refrigerator, Carl,
on the siding tonight.
What about the vegetables and things in it?
We'll can 'em away. Don't worry about it.
It'll be there.
Hey, Splinters. I'll talk to
the engineer and have him
let us off at that wrecked
train so we can look it over.
Foy, you and the boys load
your horses on that empty car.
We'll need some transportation home.
Look after Trigger for me, will ya?
I'll see he gets water, Roy.
What's the matter Splinter?
You got the hiccups, again?
Yeah, I guess I'm a little excited.
I got just the cure for it.
Try standing on your head.
You have just the head for it, too.
I never heard of that cure,
but I'll try anything.
This is sure a lonesome stretch of track.
Yeah, the nearest road's ten miles away.
Hey, it looks like Splinters is
about to get rid of his hiccups!
Hey, it worked!
Sure felt nice and cool there for a minute.
Oh, we're coming to the wreck.
You boys get the horses up.
Hi, Dixie.
How's Sherlock coming along?
We don't know yet.
Doc Jones can't tell us anything.
He's afraid to operate.
Hi, Sheriff.
Did you find out who he is, yet?
Yeah, says his name is John Smith.
John Smith?
Oh, that'd make his partner Pocahontas.
Yeah, that's right.
What do you think that is?
It's grease.
Got a lot of graphite in it.
Probably off a train.
I don't think so.
Looks like that grease they pack
guns in to keep 'em from rusting.
I think those are
serial numbers from guns.
There's ten rifles in a case.
Gun runners.
That's why they emptied those cars.
To make room for the guns.
But, why would they put
the guns in the train?
It's the only way they can get 'em
to that lonely stretch of beach.
Sheriff's office. Osborne speaking.
It's Judge Reedy.
Listen, Tad.
You've got a prisoner there,
but you're not going
to be able to hold him.
I just signed a court order
releasing him.
- Stall him.
- Yeah.
Uh, Judge, can you hold it up a while?
Can't do it, Tad.
I set bail for $5,000 and it came up.
Cash on the barrel head.
Who put it up, Judge?
Wouldn't do any good to tell ya.
He'll be there in three minutes.
Oh, alright Judge, I'll do as you say.
Three minutes.
Three minutes?
That doesn't give us much time.
Somebody sure is anxious to get
that prisoner out of there.
At least we're going to find out
who's putting up the money.
What are you doing, Dixie?
Well, we want to find out who
the prisoner is, don't we?
Hey, that's a pretty good idea.
No, this guy's too good looking.
Give me one that looks like an Airedale.
You know, I studied art once.
Oh, those models. But, I had to give it up.
- I couldn't keep my mind on my work.
- I couldn't keep my mind on my work.
Hey, maybe Dixie's got an idea.
Only we can use it in reverse.
Use your keys.
Now what?
Let's see what he looks like
with those whiskers off.
C'mon, Splinters. You've got a
customer who wants a shave.
Oh, this is going to be
a real pleasure.
You can't take me outta here.
Not until I'm bailed out!
Now, don't worry.
I'm the best barber in East Park.
You can't do this! It ain't legal!
Yeah, and neither is pistol
whipping a hound dog.
Sheriff, who ever's bringing
that court order, stall 'em.
- We'll need a little more time.
- All right.
C'mon, boys.
Here, get busy.
Oh, yeah.
Jesus, Sheriff, get up!
Viva, viva! Bravo, Seorita.
Come to my cantina,
we'll give you a job.
- Now, Sheriff, let's get down to business.
- Here, have a cigar.
Oh, gracias, Seorita.
Nick has big surprise for you.
Going to have a coming out party.
Coming out of where?
Coming out from the cell,
like cuckoo from the cocoons.
Taking off like...
Eh, court order, huh?
That looks legal, alright.
I'll have him out for you in a half hour.
What's the... what's the matter with you?
Can't you read?
The paper says
"immediate release." Now!
O.K., kid. I got the fix
for you to fly the coop.
So, the butterfly take a
bothersome place, huh?
What you do with him?
He was here a few minutes
ago when the judge called here.
Where is he?
Yeah, he is gone.
How about that.
Jail break.
Right under your nose.
Another blot on your record, Sheriff.
Jail break.
Who you think you're kidding?
You hiding him.
We fine the prison,
you release him to me.
If we turn this town
upside down on its head!
There's one thing I can't stand,
it's a fella going around without shaving.
You get the idea
he's hiding from something...
Listen you!
And he doesn't want honest folks
to recognize him.
What do you know!
I'm going to break a shaving
speed record on this guy!
Watch it!
Take it easy, Splinter!
Oh, now, don't worry, fellas.
I'm going to wait
until the next hiccup.
I'll be back in this town.
You'll pay for this!
Any last words before the next hiccup?
You missed him, Splinters!
I did?
Shake your head.
- Hey, wait a minute!
- I'm not through, yet!
Listen, let me out of here! I'm a
private citizen, I know my rights!
Let me go, do ya hear?
There, anybody recognize him?
- No, I've never seen him.
- You, Roy?
No, not yet.
Let this man go.
He's not from the calabus,
release on bail!
That's right.
Nick put up the bail money.
Judge Reedy signed the order.
You haven't heard
the last of this, Rogers.
I'll be back.
Always like a satisfied customer.
Put your guns on the floor
and get in the back room!
You better do it, fellas.
Not you, Rogers.
You're coming with me.
Nick, lock the door.
Turn around and go back
where you come from!
What will we do?
We can't do anything.
If we shoot now,
we'll hit Roy.
If we don't hit him,
Kimball will.
We going on back.
Looks like your friends
think a lot of you, Rogers.
Five grand on the line to bail me out,
and you don't even know me.
I'm still trying to figure
that one out.
That's pin money, chicken's feet.
You want to make a deal for guns?
Nick Corella's your man.
Ok, ok, when it's dark I'll let
you talk to a couple of friends of mine.
- C'mon, let's go!
- Wait a minute, Splinters.
We can't just stand here.
They'll get to big a start on us.
Nobody's stopping me!
You want to endanger Roy's life?
Oh, gosh, I'm sorry.
It's getting dark.
We'll never be able
to trail them at night.
Well, we'll do the best we can.
Take cover.
Hey, Johnny!
Hiya, Walt.
It's ok
I hope you didn't miss me.
How'd you get out?
I got friends. Nick sprung me.
He didn't let me sit there.
I suppose you know
there's a government post
out on us for smuggling.
No, I didn't know that.
Oh, that's why he's here, huh?
Yeah, recognize me from the poster
after shaving off my beard.
Yeah, well put it back on.
You look better.
How did you cut in on this deal?
Well, I find out we are
all in the same business.
If we are partners, we
make lots of money.
You got good merchandise.
Yeah, we don't need any new partners.
What do you want
to talk like that for?
I got connections.
Good ones.
I got money to spend for guns.
We're supposed to take
your word for that, huh?
Well, I take your word for things, too.
Got your brother out of jail tonight.
You tell me about the guns, we could've
worked together a long time ago.
I don't like this. Let's take
him around to see the boss.
As soon as you're finished, reseal
the doors and clear out of here.
Just how long ago did he
ask you to send this?
Oh, about two hours ago.
You know, that singer that works in
this place brought it over. Carmelita.
You know the one.
Wait here.
Things don't look so good for you, Rogers.
You're in a tough spot.
Don't look like you get out of this one.
You know what they plan for you.
Don't tell me, I can guess.
C'mon in, Nick.
Ok, ok
Ah, Seor McKnight!
Hello, Nick. I was just going to send
for you. This saves me the trouble.
Well, you want to see me, huh?
Kimball just told that you
want to cut in on our deal.
- That's right.
- Yeah?
Well, sit down, Nick. I want
to ask you a few questions.
Si, seguro, ask me any
questions you want to know.
Tell me, Nick.
How long have you had the cantina?
Oh, about five, six weeks.
Who are you working for?
Me? I work for Nick Corella.
But, there's not big money in cantina.
You sent this telegram, Nick.
Too bad you had to make
a mistake like that.
Mistake? This is a mistake.
That's to my brother.
Oh no it isn't.
Careless for a federal agent.
That's a good joke!
Nick Corella work for government!
This telegram is in code.
You arranged it so Walter Kimball
would have to be released on bail.
Now, no one but a government man
could've done that in so short a time.
You made it appear that this
message was to your brother.
But, you see, we're very
well organized, Nick.
Even to the man who routes our trains.
The government's been looking for the
head of the gun runners for a long time.
And now one of its agents knows.
But, you won't be able to tell anybody.
This is the end of the road for you.
That won't help you any, McKnight.
If anything happens to me,
there'll be government
agents swarming all over here
inside of an hour.
I'm gambling it won't happen
quite that soon.
You know, this hasn't killed a man
since the days of Napoleon.
What are you going to do with Rogers?
What can we do?
The same treatment.
I'll get rid of Nick.
- You and Walt take care of Rogers.
- Ok
- Nick.
- Yeah.
C'mon, Rogers.
Well, this looks like it ought
to be a good spot, huh?
C'mon, Rogers, keep walking.
Yeah, it is a good spot.
All right, Rogers, what's the matter?
You afraid of walking off a cliff?
Might be your last step.
Oh, it's a cinch we can't
follow him into town.
It's Roy!
- Tad, where are the boys?
- Well, they're all out looking for you.
Dixie, run over to the cantina
and if Nick Corella shows up,
bring him back here.
He just did me a big favor.
Where'd they take you, Roy?
I'll get a posse together
and we'll go out and...
Wait a minute, Tad.
I can't tell you
where they took me.
They had me blindfolded.
C'mon, you gotta get up.
Oh, I know it hurts.
Yes, that's all now.
C'mon, boy.
That's alright, boy.
C'mon now, we're going for a walk.
That's a boy.
That's a boy.
You've got Sherlock.
Doc Jones just left.
Says he can't do anything for him.
Wants me to put him out of his misery.
Guess I might as well get it over with.
C'mon, old timer.
Did you hear the citizen's committee
wants to call in the militia?
All we need's a little more time.
With election day tomorrow
it sure looks bad for Tad.
Hey, I wonder where Sherlock is?
Uncle Tad just left to put
Sherlock out of his misery.
- Well, you should've stopped him.
- I tried to, but I...
Oughta be some good hunting here, boy.
Only that's the tree that
I spent the night under.
The time my leg was broke.
Chasing those two escaped convicts.
I'd still be there, I guess.
My bones would.
If you hadn't gone
barking and yelping.
The folks came to help me.
Uncle Tad, why couldn't you have waited?
You mean that shot?
I saw you ride up. I was just
trying to call you over.
Uncle Tad you didn't.
No, I couldn't.
Did you say you were trying
to get our attention?
Yeah, Sherlock found a body.
Nick Corella.
Don't touch anything, Roy.
Dead about 24 hours.
Shot in the back.
His body was brought here
after he was killed.
I'll send the coroner out from town.
Splinters, you stay here with the body.
Don't let anybody touch anything.
C'mon, Dixie.
Hey, hey, Sherlock.
You stay here with me and keep me company.
Why, getting back into action is the
best thing that ever happened to you.
You're not going to let
anybody get near that body.
Not even me.
Are we?
Now that Rogers knows who you are...
and with a federal man missing...
this town will be swarming with
government men by tomorrow night.
I'll make the contact. We'll run
those guns as soon as possible.
Then we'll clear out.
Get in touch with Blinky and have him send
an engine to pick up that refrigerator car.
Nick left this for you in case
something happened to him.
The last time I saw him
was yesterday when he
told me to send a telegram
to him at the dipper.
He was working for the government, Roy.
That's why he slipped me that knife.
It also explains why he
got Kimball out of jail.
So he could trail him.
"If my plans miss, this message
will be placed in your hands."
"The enclosed identification will explain."
"Please notify the Department
of Justice immediately. Nick."
Do you think you can find out
who killed him, Sheriff?
If I don't, the next Sheriff will.
Hey Roy, this is something.
I waited at the coroner's office
like you said.
There's the bullet that killed Nick.
This is from an old-type muzzle loader.
Must be over a hundred years old.
Wonder who'd own a gun like that?
I don't know, Roy.
The only gun collector around
here that I know is McKnight.
Let's go and have a little talk with him.
Splinters. Round up the boys.
We'll go over and see if McKnight
owns a gun that'll match this bullet.
- See ya later, Carmelita.
- Ok, Roy.
- Buenos Dias, Sheriff.
- Where's McKnight?
- He's not here. He's gone.
- Yeah?
This is the gun room
I was telling you about.
He's very proud of his collection.
Quite an arsenal.
We better see
if we can find that gun.
Hey, here's an old one.
I'll bet this thing hasn't been
fired in over a hundred...
You know, on him it looks good.
When I was blindfolded last night
I heard a bird chirp right
after the shot that killed Nick.
I been here before.
McKnight knew Nick was a
government agent and he killed him.
But, how could he know that?
Nick didn't even tell me.
That telegram Carmelita sent for Nick...
never went through.
It must've been stopped at the depot.
But, had it gone through...
the government agents would
have contacted us by now.
Let's pick up Blinky-
Hey, Tim, you better stick around and
pick up McKnight when he comes back.
Hold it, Elroy.
- Rogers and the sheriff are at my place.
- Oh, they are, huh?
Well, we better get moving.
There's over a half million
dollars worth of guns and
ammunition riding in that car.
And I don't want to get
caught and strung up
in this crummy town. Not
even for you, McKnight.
Well, I've done my share, Mr. McKnight.
I'll see you for my cut later.
Wait a minute, Blinky.
This is our last run,
you'd be better off
staying with us.
Get this thing rolling.
Spread out and search the town.
See if you can pick up Blinky.
We'll wait here for him.
That's funny.
There's no train leaving here
'til five o'clock tonight.
If that was a scheduled
train, it'd be on that board.
We'll have to check up on that.
But, there's no road along the
track 'til Willett Crossing.
- We'll form a posse.
- I'll meet you back here.
Slow down at the next turn. The
boats will be waiting there.
Get the guns in those boats. Hurry!
C'mon, Blinky, you can help 'em.
- McKnight?
- Yes.
I've got a message for
you from the captain.
He says he's afraid to bring the
ship in any closer than ten miles.
Well, I can't says I blame him. This
is the last shipment for some time.
We've got to find a new contact point.
Tell him he'll hear from me in a few days.
C'mon boys,
you can help with the guns.