Sunset on the River Styx (2020) Movie Script

[Heart beating]
Drone Music
[Scratch Sounds]
[Bus Sounds]
Stop requested.
[Brakes squeal]
[Doors hiss]
Have a good one.
Have a good one.
MALE BUS RIDER: It'd be great to
know when you're coming next time.
There's a schedule
at every station,
same times every day.
You don't exactly
follow it.
I don't control traffic.
Have a good one.
[Doors close]
[Brakes hiss]
Guitar Music
Come inside, underworld
You will find sacred curse
We won't try to change you
You'll soon feel much better
Take a ride 'round the bend
Start to slide
Down into your mind
'Round and 'round
You pull up, I hop in
Start to slowly take a spin
Fear the night is giving up
I sense
the sun will soon come up
Take a taste,
soon you'll see
This could all just be
a dream, and down we go
'Round and 'round
[Doors hiss]
MAN: No, no, no, no...
if I want a nice meal,
I'll go
to someplace nice,
but if I want fast food,
I'll go to McDonald's, sure,
but I'm not gonna to go
to one of the dine-in only ones.
MAN#2: McDonald's is
fucking McDonald's, man.
What's the difference?
MAN: Right,
and McDonald's is supposed to be
cheap, fast, and scummy.
They... They give me a full meal
in two minutes
'cause it's all gross,
pre-cooked garbage.
And if I want that,
But if you have to go inside,
the cashiers, the managers...
they all start thinking
they work at a real restaurant
instead of the french-fry
shoveling industry.
Stop requested.
[Indistinct conversation]
NARRATOR: ...irresistibly
drawn towards the source
and then get trapped.
[Clock ticking]
Fuck that shit, bitch!
Bitch is gonna die.
Fuck! Fuck!
Fucking bitch.
Bitch is gonna... die!
Stop requested.
[Horn honking]
[Indistinct conversation]
REPORTER: The Coast Guard
reported several tankers ba...
[Clock ticking]
S-S-Stop r-r-r-reque...
que-que-que... quested.
[Distorted conversations]
[TV turns off]
[High-pitched ringing]
[Clock ticking]
[Indistinct conversation]
that is scary.
I'll tell ya,
I am tired of this BS
they got going on
down here.
One day, you up and
you're making a lot of money,
and then the boss comes in
and says,
"Hey, I'm snatching
that route from you."
What do you,
you know?
Hey, don't complain
about the routes.
Woman: Yeah,
you guys are lucky.
I'm stuck here
for another, what?
10, 20 years picking up crazy
passengers for shitty money?
I'll tell you what,
let me tell you this.
I had a homeless guy
get on the other day,
and he was just
talking out of his head.
He was just, like,
way out there.
He also said...
uh, God, um...
Yeah, that actually happened
to me the other day...
Wait a minute,
I just remembered.
He said
it was night terrors.
Night terrors?
He's talking about he was...
he was tossing
and turning in the bed,
talking about night te-terrors
and the Boogeyman.
I said,
"I got your Boogeyman.
Boogie your butt
off of my bus."
Too many zombie movies.
Yeah, like they're all gonna
come and eat our brains.
[Imitates zombie growling]
Woman: [Laughs] Stop!
MAN: It's worth it, though.
You know what? It's worth it.
[Indistinct conversation]
[Watch ticking]
[Watch clatters]
[Footstep crunch]
[Microwave beeps]
[Man speaking indistinctly]
[Microwave beeps]
[Microwave beeps]
[Horn blares]
[Brakes squeal,
passengers murmur]
[Engine idling]
[Doors hiss]
[Coins clanking]
[British accent]
What's strange?
Y-Your bracelet...
it's, uh, it's interesting.
It's different than
the other ones.
[Doors hiss]
It was
my grandmother's.
That's a cool gift.
I wish.
She wasn't really
into gift giving.
I took it
when she died.
Oh, I'm...
I'm sorry.
Don't be.
Grandmothers die.
Everybody dies.
MAN: They stink.
I don't like it here.
Like it here...
I wish I were back up north,
where people are friendly
to each other.
I like your accent.
I like yours.
LOUD PASSENGER: some kind of weirdo.
This is... This the worst
fucking bus service
I have ever driven on.
I hate this place.
And I hate all of you.
You ever bathe?
Sir, um, can you
quiet down please?
I can't stand
being on this bus.
[Groans] Jerk.
Tell you.
Hey, you're disturbing
the other passengers.
Shut the fuck up.
Sir, please calm down and be quiet...
Or what?
...or I'm going to have to
ask you to step off the bus.
Fuck you,
bus driver.
I'm the customer here.
You get paid
with the money I pay in taxes.
Fuck off.
Shut up, man!
What is your problem,
I'm just trying to go
for a ride.
I'm trying
to get to work.
[Brakes squeal]
Sometimes, I wish
I could punch these people.
Why don't you?
please step off the bus.
fucking make me.
Sir, I will call
the authorities, so please...
I got all fucking day.
I don't want to make
these people wait for you,
so just please step off the bus, sir.
Fucking asshole!
Fuck you all.
What's your problem?
You're my fucking problem.
Alright, you know what sir?
I am calling the authorities
on you now, alright?
I warned you once, but...
Hey, I just wanted
to have a nice, relax...
I said
get out of the seat.
Exit the bus.
Get off of me, asshole.
[Door closes]
[Doors hiss]
[Engine rumbling]
Is that S.O.P?
I've never
done that before.
Well, that was awesome.
Stop requested.
[Brakes squeal]
This is me.
What's your name?
Hey, Ashe, do you maybe, uh...
do you... do you maybe
you wanna hang out with me
or, we, you know,
get together sometime togeth...
I'm sorry, I'm...
I'm having a weird day.
Sor... I apologize, I'm... Sure.
How's Thursday?
Yeah, that's great.
Thursday's great.
I mean, yeah.
Sure, cool, that'll work.
Alright, well...
Let me give you my number.
Okay, cool.
Yeah, Thursday. Yeah.
I got some stuff to move around,
but it'll... it'll work out.
Alright, I look forward
to it, Will.
[Engine idling]
[Doors hiss]
Are you okay?
Yeah, sorry.
I was...
I was just
remembering something.
What was I saying?
Oh, uh...
I don't know.
I wasn't listening.
Just kidding.
You were talking about
a Chinese guy.
Right, this... so this
Chinese philosopher,
um, he proposed
that one couldn't know
if a fish was happy or not
unless one was a fish.
Well, you know,
I don't think these fish
are happy, to be honest.
Yes, that's...
that's a correct statement,
but also, um...
how would you know
unless you were a fish?
I guess I don't.
[Chuckles] Right.
Well, in all seriousness,
I think he's right.
You know,
the lack of objectivity,
the lack
of perspective...
it's kind of what causes war
and genocide.
I think about that
a lot.
Uh, damn, that's...
And then I go on Facebook
because fuck it,
I mean,
who cares?
You know, I-I feel like
we have a lot in common.
Other than being
two miserable, lonely,
disappointing mammals?
Shackled by mediocrity
and afraid to die.
I guess we do.
Wow, you...
you think I'm mediocre?
Isn't everybody?
You're not.
I disagree.
Hey, I-I wanted to say thank you
for, um, having my back
the other day
on the bus.
No problem.
You know, I don't think I hit
somebody since I was a kid.
Were you picked on?
I guess I was like a tend
to strike first kind of person.
Yeah, I was, uh,
I was aggressive as a kid.
Too many
violent video games?
Yeah, or...
or maybe not enough.
I mean, what else do you do
besides being on Facebook
and, uh,
pondering war?
I write poetry
and I draw.
Oh, cool. Uh, poems.
Th-That's cool.
Do... Like for like a magazine
or something?
Oh, no. I mean,
I do... I don't do it for work.
I mean,
I-I-I write stuff.
Um... but...
Y'know, I don't think
people are their jobs.
People are a multitude
of complex actions and ideas.
I write poetry,
but it's not how I make money.
I-I think
it's more relevant
to who I am and what I do,
you know?
I-I've always wanted
to play an instrument.
It's just, you know,
I never have enough time.
Don't say that.
You know, just go get a guitar
and learn or something.
Guitarists are sexy.
Yeah, I will.
I'll learn.
Soon as
I find the time.
I mean,
soon... soon as...
Wouldn't that be nice
if that wasn't a thing?
You know, there's so much
that we want to do,
and there's never
enough time.
And then we die.
Well, that's...
pretty depressing.
What's the point?
God, I...
I don't know, um,
why I'm...
Are you okay?
I have to go. I...
Wait, Ashe...
Hey, hold on. Is your car
around here or something?
Uh, yeah, no, I'm fine.
I'm gonna get an Uber.
Did I say something?
No, you're fine.
I've just gotta go.
I can give you a ride. I...
Just leave me alone!
[Guitar strumming]
Hey Ashe. Uh, it's Will.
Um, hi.
Uh, sorry to bother you.
I'm just... I wanted to call
and say that, um, I had...
I had a really great time
the other day.
Uh, it... it was fun
and it was great.
Um, uh, did I...
I didn't say anything
to, um, upset you, did I?
I mean, you know, i-if I did,
I apologize, I just...
I'm not great with words
and I'm, you know, I...
Did you get home safe or...?
You know, not... not that I'm
worried or anything, you know,
not that I'm not worried.
It's just, you know, I haven't
been on a date in... in a w...
I mean,
I go on a lot of dates, just...
you looked, you know,
you're really attractive.
Hello? Um...
Narrator: It inflates its body
to increase its size
once it has broken
the exoskeleton
that would kill other creatures
from the almost 4,000 species in the world.
[Cellphone chimes]
Most of them live
in warm places.
The American cockroach
also prefers
this kind of environment.
It has a gradual metamorphosis.
The juvenile is identical
to the adult
except for the lack
of wings and genitals.
[Birds chirping]
[Door closes]
It's hot
I guess I should've
checked the time
I wanted to go down
to the pier
I was wondering if... wanted to fly kites
Remember the one
we bought from...
I guess I'm still dependent
I guess I'm still dependent
I guess I'm still dependent
I guess I'm still dependent
You remind me a lot of somebody
that I used to know.
Someone great,
I hope.
You know,
it's weird, actually.
You know how sometimes,
you get fragments of memories
and you can't quite place
where they're from?
Will you remember me?
Of course.
Well, nothing is forever,
Do you ever think about
what's out there?
Like the stuff
that you can't see.
I mean...
the unknown stuff
of the universe
that makes the past,
the present, the future
all just a matter
of perception.
I don't know.
You know, I...
I don't think
it really matters, honestly.
Is that comforting?
Not really.
I mean, we all die before
it even matters anyways, so...
Yeah, but what if
that's the point?
And that's why
it matters.
What if
what's the point?
[Vehicle passing]
what if we don't die?
I look at the
faces of the people
that I drive
day after day.
And I wonder
if they're actually dead.
They all just seem...
so unhappy,
in so much pain.
Even when
they're trying not to show it.
And then I think...
"What if this whole thing now
we call life
is actually
the afterlife?"
And I'm...
The Ferryman,
driving dead souls
down an endless river,
going nowhere...
because we are all...
already in hell.
Can I ask you
something weird?
If, in fact,
there was an afterlife...
...would you wanna
keep living?
Are you okay?
Let me get a condom.
what do
you think about
when you lay here
alone at night?
Do you ever think about
killing yourself?
We could
do it together.
Wait, Will!
Will, I'm sorry!
I didn't mean it...
[Coughs, vomits]
[Cellphone vibrating]
Ashe: Hey.
I wanted to,
That... That thing
we talked about...
Are you still gonna?
Because I-I think I...
I think I wanna...
I think...
I know a place
where we can go.
I'll text you.
Enjoy your last sunset,
[Receiver clicks]
[Crickets chirping]
[Rock music playing]
How do I know?
The pain is worth
the scenario?
I'm not sure
that I wanna know
I got this feeling inside me
That one day,
I'll leave this
And no one will find me
I'll fashion my demons
and dreams
And I'll send them
all crashing
And screaming
and twisting inside of me
Don't want to steal
your part
I got eyes on mine
Something cold and sharp
Shivers down your spine
Don't want to steal
your mind
I got eyes on a storm
Don't want
to leave you blind
Don't want to lose control
Are you nervous?
Are all these people here
for the, um...?
[Chuckles] Yeah.
It's quite the party.
I wasn't expecting this.
I thought it would be
a little more like, you know.
Quiet and culty?
So many people here...
Well, you wouldn't want
your last night to be all...
solemn sighs
and chanting, right?
So it makes sense.
And Wreck...
he's... he's amazing.
[Microphone feedback]
Welcome to the beginning.
And to the end.
I want to thank you all
for coming.
Now, I may not know all of you,
you may not know each other,
but if you are here,
we all have one thing in common.
We were all born screaming.
Forced from your mother's womb
into a world of pain and horror,
you cried out.
Despite having no tangible
experience nor knowledge,
you knew in that moment
that you would never
be comfortable again.
At best you would be damp,
sticky, cold, alone, afraid.
Over time you learned to forget
how inescapably awful it is
to be alive.
You spent the next
several decades
trying to convince yourself
that your life would get better.
But it didn't.
Did it?
Watching TV didn't make you
a better person.
Graduating high school didn't
fill the hole in your stomach.
The drugs didn't fix
your headaches,
and your mind-numbing job
didn't bring you any closer
to realizing why you bothered
to survive
this long in the first place.
Going in circles when you're
not already falling down.
You here today are among
the enlightened few
who have realized that there is
no top to this mountain.
That these are not clouds
obscuring its apex,
but a solid wall.
You are suffering for no reason.
For no reward.
And you know what?
This is the best news
you've ever heard.
No one cares if you exist,
and humanity will be
stardust again...
Fuck 'em!
Who cares?
Tonight we raise our glass
to the abyss
that we've feared for so long.
And we drink to oblivion.
Tonight, we let go of the things
that we pretend matter.
Tonight we take responsibility
for our humanity.
We will reject our mortality.
Tonight we will look straight
in the eyes of anyone
who's ever told us
this life is worth living
and we say, "You were wrong!"
[Cheers and applause]
Ashe, can I say something?
Wait one second.
I just want to tell you something.
What's wrong?
You okay?
Yeah, I just...
Hey, you were amazing.
Will, this is Wreck.
Hey, nice to meet you.
Will's the guy
I was telling you about.
Oh, yeah, yeah,
the bus driver.
Can I speak to you
for a second?
So let me
get this straight.
You've been dating fucking baby
Jim Jones here the whole time,
and what, I meant, like...
I meant nothing to you?
I was, like, what, like...
like a fling or something?
No, it's not...
Not the whole time.
So, what, you were, like,
recruiting me?
No, it's not like that.
We had fun,
but it was casual.
C-Casual? Casual?
Ashe, what the fuck? Casual?
Look, I'm not interested
in you like that.
I mean, can I...
can I change your mind?
Because I'm mediocre.
Alright, look, just...
just tell me what I did.
Tell me what I did wrong.
Please, please, please just
tell me what I did wrong.
Can you just calm down?
This is a fucking nightmare.
Why did you...
Please just tell me
what I did.
It's not your fault.
Then it's your fault!
I'm sorry.
I don't care.
Look, I'm sorry.
I don't mean that.
It's just I can't give you
what you want, Will.
I'm not your girlfriend.
I'm just your friend. Ashe, I love you.
That's why I invited you here.
Ashe, I love you.
I'm in love with you, okay?
Listen to me, listen to me.
Will, can you stop? Listen, before
I had you in my life, I had nothing.
Nothing, alright?
I was low when you met me,
but I'm better now. No, mnh-mnh.
You helped me do that, alright?
Ashe, you're the most...
You barely even know me.
And you're gonna fuck this up for me.
Ashe, come on. Please, Ashe.
Just get off of me.
[Water running]
[Glass shatters]
[Loud crashing]
[Breathing heavily]
[Engine sputtering]
[Engine sputtering]
[Cup clatters]
[Pills rattle]
Man: There's no time.
- Exit the bus.
- Get off of me, asshole.
Ashe: Is that S.O.P?
Will: I've never
done that before.
Well, that was awesome.
[Water running]
[Water shuts off]
[Door creaks]
Yeah, I'm working at home today.
Car's out of commission.
Yeah, yes.
Mm. Any time.
Yeah, I'll be here.
Um... Yeah, I guess
it's going to be fine.
I mean, if he's working
during the day, yeah.
What, at 9:00?
Yeah, I'll be here.
Okay, thanks, Kelly.
Yeah, alright, bye.
I tried replacing
the battery.
But no dice.
Sounds like
your transmission's fucked.
That's bad, isn't it?
It's not good.
[Sighs] Fuck.
Yeah, fuck.
Can you fix it?
Oh, I can fix it.
Just gonna
take me a while.
And how much is that
going to cost me?
Tell you what,
you're Kelly's friend.
I'll take it back to my place,
work on it there.
I'll charge you parts,
Labor's free.
You don't have to do that
for me.
I don't have to do
anything, really.
Whose bike is that?
That would be mine.
'91 FXRS.
That's a nice bike.
Does it run?
That's a damn shame.
Yeah, I should probably
fix it, but, you know.
Should let me fix that.
I don't really have the money
for this.
Ah, so you prefer it
as lawn art?
I'm probably
going to sell it.
Because even
when it does work,
I always find an excuse
not to ride it.
Tell you what,
you give me the bike,
I'll fix your car
for free.
Oh. Uh, I don't know.
Alright, I'll fix your car
for free
anytime something
goes wrong.
You get
a lifetime warranty.
And you can come over to ride
the bike whenever you want.
I'm tempted.
You're a suspiciously
generous stranger.
You know that?
I just hate seeing
beautiful things rot away.
I'll find a way
to pay you somehow.
Do you by any chance
[Inhales sharply]
So Sherlock Holmes
and Watson are traveling...
They are detectives.
This is true.
So Sherlock
turns to Watson.
He shakes him awake.
He says,
"Watson, what do you see?"
Watson says, "I see stars.
There's so many stars,
that means there must be
other planets,
and other planets
means there's other species.
There may be other life
on other planets."
Sherlock says to him, "No, you
idiot, somebody stole our tent."
Give me a second.
Alright, so you walk
into the woods with someone
and you come across
an animal.
Describe me
what this animal is.
Alright, well,
first thing comes to mind,
I guess I'm going to
say a wolf.
A wolf?
Alright, do you touch it?
Do you talk to it?
What do you do?
Do you look at it?
Well, I assume it's trying
to kill me.
Alright, so what else?
So I'd probably try
to kill it back.
Do you?
There's more to this?
You keep walking.
Your dream house.
Does it have a fence
or no fence around it?
No, no fence.
No fence.
You go outside,
around the back.
You come to
a body of water.
Describe me
the body of water.
Describe you the body of water?
Uh, it'd probably
be a river.
A river, okay.
The wolf represents,
like, your problems in life,
and, like, big, small the animal...
Yeah. how big
your problems are.
And, like, your physical contact
with the animal
is how you're
dealing with them.
So I failed that test.
No, you were trying
to fight it off.
You said no fence,
which means you're very spon...
How do you say that word?
Spontaneous, yes.
The body of water
describes your sex drive.
You said a river.
I'm not sure what that says.
It's better than a puddle.
[Cellphone alarm ringing]
Should've said ocean.
[Clears throat]
[Pills rattle]
Ah, so we're
into pills now.
Purely medical.
Didn't used to be, though.
Do you really need
to take those?
I don't think you'd like me
if I didn't.
Maybe I'd like you better.
[Pills rattle]
Alright, you win.
[Birds chirping]
[Drawer opens]
[Can opens]
[Utensil clatters]
Here, boy.
Here, boy.
[Door closes]
Will: Well, that's
pretty depressing.
What's the point?
God, I...
I don't know,
um, why...
Are you okay?
I have to go.
I'm sorry.
[Vehicle departs]
[Keys jingle]
Hey, it's Ashe.
No. Um...
This might seem a little weird.
I just wanted to know
if you could come over tonight.
No, i-it's okay.
I just...
I just wanted some company
is all.
No, it's okay about the car.
It's... It's fine.
And the cool thing is, is
that the particle already knows
whether or not
it's going to be perceived
before it even happens.
And this proves that particles
are affected
just as much by future events
as they are by the past.
Well, that's incredible.
So naturally,
you're going to tell me
that there's no such thing
as free will, right?
That our future
is already decided for us.
See, the really incredible thing
is it's exactly the opposite.
It's not that the future is set
and so our choices don't matter.
It's more like... can make
choices based on future events.
Time is...
It's just this big
feedback loop.
The past, the present,
the future...
they all just flow
into one another.
A creature exists
throughout time
and so time
is a part of it.
Nothing ever
really changes.
We just are ourselves throughout
the course of existence.
So we can change the past
if it's also the future?
We can change how we choose
to perceive it.
How it fits
into our timeline.
Oh. Hey, I got
that bike running.
Are you sure?
There's something I need
to ask you first.
If you knew for a fact
that there was an existence
after this one,
would you still choose
to live?
What are you
talking about?
Just answer the question.
Would I be myself
in this hypothetical?
Well, that would depend on
how you choose to perceive it.
I would choose death.
[Keys clacking]
[Cellphone buzzes]
Will: Hey, Ashe.
It's Will.
[Breathing heavily]
[Pills rattling]
[Water running]
[Water shuts off]
[Rain falling]
We do not feed on cows
nor chickens
nor grain nor vegetables.
We have but one prey.
When our numbers
are sufficient...
we simply stop recruiting.
And we feed.
Overpopulation breeds famine
and suffering.
These are human concepts.
It is a cancerous belief
that all life is precious.
We are not mankind.
We do not wish
to rule this world,
simply to put it back
into place...
into order.
Everything that you see here
and everything that is to come
is a result of mankind's
irrational fear of death.
He fears death so much
because he chose to forget.
Something mankind says
all the time
but doesn't really,
truly believe.
Something we will
remind them of.
That death...
it's just another part
of life.
[Knife plunges]
[Body thuds softly]
[Breathing heavily]
The ceremony's only for those
who are truly ready
to cast aside everything and
become one with the universe.
On Friday we will leave
for a new city.
You have until then to sever
your ties to this world.
Is there anyone
you'd like to invite?
Someone you can't stand
to lose?
[Heart beating]
[Cellphone buzzes]
[Wind whistling]
[Engine starts, dinging]
I'm not your girlfriend.
I'm just your friend.
That's why I invited you here.
Ashe, I love you.
I'm in love with you, Ashe.
Oh, come on, Will.
I'm in love with you.
Alright, before I had you...
No, just stop.
Before I had you in my life,
I had nothing.
I had nothing, alright?
I was low when you met me...
You barely even know me.
Okay, and you're gonna fuck this up for me.
No, don't do this.
Don't you touch me!
It was gonna be perfect!
He didn't get bitten.
He didn't finish the ritual.
That's his own fault!
So what's gonna
happen to him?
[Glass shatters]
Wreck, what's gonna
happen to him
if he didn't
finish the ritual?
He's going to taste
a glimpse of eternity.
And then
he's going to die.
then we gotta fix it.
Who gives a shit?
He fucked up the ritual.
He ruined everything!
Fuck! I mean, we'll just
bring him back.
He can get bitten.
You have to let go
of your mortal ties.
He wasn't ready.
Bringing him here
was a mistake.
He's in love with you,
But you're mine.
And I won't share you.
He's just a friend.
Fuck that.
You don't need
friends like him.
And if I see that shithead
back here again,
I will kill him myself.
What's going to happen
to the rest of the blood
in the fountain?
Nothing now.
It's all ruined.
We'll have to reschedule.
Is it all yours?
In the fountain,
there's a lot of blood.
It's all yours
because the initiates,
they have to
drink your blood.
Not exactly.
Doesn't all
have to be mine.
It's just somebody
in my bloodline.
I want just your blood.
I'm really sorry
about tonight.
I was feeling
really weird.
I love you, Wreck.
And I don't want to be
just another initiate
drinking diluted blood.
Don't make me go along
with the masses.
I want you to drink me.
And I wanna drink you.
Right now.
Are you sure?
[Cap clatters]
Drink up.
It's my fault.
I have to fix it.
I'm gonna save him.
Ashe, you need to drink.
I will.
[Engine starts]
- Sir, do we proceed...
- Leave.
But, Wreck, what do we do
with all these people?
Get out!
You heard him.
Get out.
Bring it down
just a little bit.
Come on, move it!
The ritual is canceled.
Get out.
[Indistinct talking]
Get the fuck out.
[Breathing heavily]
Ashe: Will?
Alight, man, where to?
Ashe: Will, stop!
What can I get you?
Oh, shit, man.
Are you okay?
I'm not a...
Just... Just this.
Are you sure
you're okay?
[Breathing heavily]
I'm so thirsty.
Oh, shit, man.
Listen, I don't want
any trouble.
The fuck are you
doing here?
The river house?
Bro, I don't know
where it is, man.
Wait, wait, where am I?
The hell, man? You g...
You getting out or what, man?
Man: Aah! Aah!
Sir, are you okay?
Help me.
I'm trying, kid, just...
Hey, hey, hey, hey.
Look at me. You there?
I'm gonna take you
to the hospital, man.
Just sit tight, alright?
Hey, am I dead?
- What?
- Am I dead?
- Where is she?
- Who?
Are you listening to me?
[Gun cocks]
I said I'm gonna
fucking shoot you
if you don't get
outta here, man.
You got 10
fucking seconds, man.
Hey. Sir!
Aah! Aah!
You think you can just walk
into my house,
ruin everything
that I've worked towards,
and then you can
just ask me for help?
I'm glad
I didn't drink you.
Drink me?
[Echoing] You can feel it,
can't you?
Like everything's
happening at once.
What can I get ya?
Shit, man.
You okay?
I'm so thirsty.
Thirsty? Alright, come on.
Let's go.
You alright?
Will: Drink me?
Oh, man,
that was fun.
You know...
you are exactly what's wrong
with humanity.
Like, exac...
And now...
[Cap clatters]'re stuck between worlds.
You sad motherfucker.
Man: S-S-Seven.
God, I need to find her.
Wreck: [Echoing] The walls
of time crumbling around you.
You're getting a taste
of immortality.
[Distorted] Four.
Will: The river.
Just kill me.
[Door beeps]
[Tires screech]
[Car door opens, dinging]
[Guitar playing]
[Thunder crashes]
[Thunder crashes]
[Thunder crashes]
I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry.
Will: We all die before it even
matters anyways, so...
Ashe: Yeah, but what if
that's the point
and that's why
it matters?
What if
what's the point?
Will, stop!
[Breathing heavily]
[Glass shatters]
[Blow lands]
I'm gonna kill you, Wreck.
I didn't do anything to you.
Shut up!
You've ruined
That's a matter
of perception.
[Up-tempo music playing]
[Pinball machine beeping]
[Pinball machine beeping]
I'm going to
kill you, Wreck.
Wreck: That's a matter
of perception.
Ashe: Matter of perception.
I've already seen it.
Wreck: You don't even know
where I am.
I know where you'll be.
You ruined everything!
Your life was worth nothing
to begin with!
I'll kill you!
Will, stop!
[Shouting] Please! Please!
Fuck you.
No, fuck you.
[Knife plunges]
Ashe: Will.
We're all mediocre,
I have to disagree.
[Engine starts]
In the woods,
you run for your life
But in the darkness,
no time to think twice
And then the day comes,
and it's shining so bright
You better run
and hide from the light
Mama, take me home,
I can't believe
Mama, take me home,
I cannot breathe
Mama, take me home,
I have to leave
Mama, take me home,
this ain't for me
Mama, take me home,
I can't believe
Mama, take me home,
I cannot breathe
Mama, take me home,
I have to leave
Mama, take me home,
this ain't for me