Super Duper (2019) Movie Script

Is this 9-6-0-0-0-2-2-2-1-7?
Yes... who's this?
I'm Sathya, a police officer.
A friend of your father's.
Listen to me carefully.
You are gonna be abducted.
Check if you're being followed.
A black vehicle... an SUV.
Yes, it's gotta be them!
They are our most wanted criminals!
We can take them down,
if you co-operate with us.
...and save you as well.
- Okay...
- Okay, listen carefully...
Turn right at the next junction.
I did...
Keep going.
No matter what, do not stop the car!
Now, turn left.
At the end of this road,
make a right turn.
But sir, this is a dead end!
What? Drat!
Sir, they're very close!
Okay, don't panic!
First, roll up your
windows and lock the doors.
I'm very close, and on my....
Argh... these dogs won't let me sleep!
Who the hell are these guys?
Ah... Kidnappers!
Police! Phone!
Hey, what are you doing with that girl?
Oh that!! Thing is...
This girl is apparently "anti-Indian".
So, I've been instructed to extract her!
Do you wanna come over to help her?
Uh... Sorry bro, I don't even help myself.
My wife does everything for me.
I'm allergic to helping!
You carry on bro!
All the best.
Phew! A lucky escape!!
He's definitely a true Indian, bruh!
"Once upon a time..."
"An old hag... in a town"
"Let loose in the middle of the road"
"a super boy without parental reign!"
"Once upon a time..."
"An old hag... in a town"
"Mooched moolah from all around
...relished on it"
"To settle all her floaters..."
"She compensates them with the boy
"He befriends another boy"
"Swindles money and sneaks away"
"Honesty means nothing"
"Get everything with deception"
"Troubles and us make a deadly combo"
"Fail proof planning is our insignia"
"We aren't bait fishes
but daring devils"
"We are the legendary evaders"
"Troubles and us make deadly combo"
"Fail proof planning is our insignia"
"We aren't bait fishes
but daring devils"
"We are the legendary evaders"
"Bored with petty crimes,
we decided to up the ante"
"An abandoned guest house
is our hang out"
"The base of our next plan"
"An institution built on extortion"
"The fraudster is now
'a father of education'"
"He gets a phone call"
"It was a ransom call"
"4 school kids have been abducted"
"It's we who kidnapped"
"Mission accomplished
with deception"
"Extortion ends up in an anti climax"
"Mission accomplished
with deception"
"Extortion ends up in an anti climax"
"Troubles and us make a deadly combo"
"Fail proof planning is our insignia"
"We aren't bait fishes
but daring devils"
"We are the legendary evaders"
"Troubles and us..."
"Fail proof planning..."
"We aren't bait fishes..."
"Deadly combo..."
Uh oh... No sign of any movement.
Must have be an overdose.
Shut up!
I'll be behind bars,
if something happens to her.
Even then you're ready to
go to jail, all alone?
I love you for your loyalty, dude!
You'd be long dead by then.
That's why!
What the!!!
This is exactly why we should've
just stuck to con jobs!
We weren't exactly
great at that either!
You guys did it?
Just the person I was waiting for!
You're the reason for all this.
Dude... dude...
this can be handled later,
...but, first she needs to be....
Dude... dude...
She's awake!
Ooh.. a girl!
Did she just die on us?
He's killed her with his stinky yawn!
Hey mosquito...
I'll squish you to death!
Get lost!
What are you looking at?
You guys got the wrong girl!
I'm gonna smash this useless fellow...
Can't you do anything properly?
- Can't you?
- You idiots screwed up the numbers!
Why didn't you make sure
we got it right, then?
Beating him up now is of no use!
We gotta figure what to do next.
How the hell are we supposed to do that?!
We have no clue who she is.
Such a massive f up you are!
Doesn't matter who she is...
All we need is money.
She'll have a father as well.
He'll cough up the ransom.
Good idea!
Where's her mobile?
- Not reachable.
- Let me see.
Oh! Hmm?
Okay Ma'am... okay!
It says number not reachable dude!
Why're you frowning, dude?
That's what she told me!
Check her bag.
Ladies bag... leather bag.
... can be used as a side.
Nail polish!
Can be used on Parimala aunty.
Why does she have this?
ID card...
This is of no use.
A shell? For us.
May be metaphoric.
Dude... This has an address.
Let's go check it out.
What about her?
Sathya, I'll keep her company till then.
Dude, it's risky to leave him here
or bring him along!
What do we do?
Dude Cops!
Hey, stop!
- Dude, her house is here.
- Where are you going?
- To my friend's place.
- Road's closed. Turn around.
- Sir, just 2 minutes...
- No way. Leave.
- GO!
- Going. Jerk.
Let me look around.
Dude, I want a smoke.
Bro, 2 glasses of tea.
Won't smoke. Won't let me smoke!
Sethu, call the inspector.
What's the crowd all about?
Oh, that?
Thats an officials house.
Lawrence... he's dead.
- How?
- Someone shot him.
Well, that escalated quickly!
Sad thing is, he has 2 kids...
Both haven't returned home, yet.
Poor wife, she's in coma after
hearing about her husband's death.
Only a nurse is allowed to be with her.
And these guys outside?
Not sure, but everyone's on the
lookout for the daughter.
Even the police.
Not sure why though.
Oh, the cops? Why else?
Someone must've offered money.
Cops are honest and
sincere only in films...
But in real life... such cheapos!
Who are you?
- Are you a cop?
- Come, I'll tell you!
- Tell me!
- No, not just a cop! A supercop!
Trying to be a smartass?
Hey, call the other guy in!
Sorry sir, I thought you
were busy with my uncle.
Ya right...
What's your name?
Sir, my name's Sathya.
But I'm also known by another name...
- What's that?
- That's Sathyaa as well.
With two A's at the end.
Where are you guys from?
Porur, sir.
Then what are you doing here?
Sir, I'm an engineer, but unemployed, so...
I'm just getting by with part-time jobs.
Even last night, I was headed
for my part time job.
Hey, is that true?
Sir... I don't lie.
Thats why his name is SATHYA!
Sir, I have to leave.
I have an interview.
No way.
Two murders were committed last night.
I can't let you go
without further enquiry.
Sir, my future depends on this interview.
Then, you may go.
We'll keep him here.
Serves you just right.
I'm not a keep!
Let us go.
May be we'll give you a bribe.
You gotta be just!
Give me 10,000 bucks, I'll let you go.
- 10,000?
- Yeah.
Isn't he worth even 10,000?
- Inspector!
- What?
Do not insult me over 10,000 bucks!
Dude, throw the 10,000 bucks on his face!
Bunny Bugger!
Sir, I swear I don't have the money on me.
But I have a gold chain.
I pinched it from the girl.
- Do we look like PAWN STARS?
- Definitely not, because this is a bribe.
Is this women's jewelry?
It's my sister's.
You have a sister?
Why does it sound so improbable to you?
Nothing... it's convenient in a way...
This will be with me!
But, I don't want your sister's cussing.
I'll have it for a week...
Take it back, after giving me the money.
- Understood?
- Okay, sir.
- Dude, come, let's go.
- Sir, my ID?
- Get out chimp face.
- Yes a!
Sherin was here last night.
And then she got a call from her father.
She was a little worried when she left.
That's all I know.
Her father is dead.
She's next.
Don't even think about helping her.
Call us as soon as you hear anything.
Only child?
Take care of her.
That was totally unnecessary...
All because of your mouth!
- Yeah? I thought it was fun!
- Shut the up.
Let's see if she's awake.
Where the hell is she?
Where the fish did she go!!
She's gone...
You look down here.
I'll check upstairs.
Dude... She is not there.
Hey... Where is she?
Hey Mosquito!
Where the hell???
Tell me man!
Don't just nod your head, say something!
Hmm... What did I want to ask him???
Hey!!! Hey!!!
What's this familiar smell?
It's the same concoction we had used...
Why's there a rail-track over my mouth?
Untie us now!
Hey !
Sis, tomato sauce or chilli sauce?
Don't want? Okay!
Who are you guys?
Why the hell did you guys kidnap me?
Where's my chain?
Hey fool, how am I supposed
to answer when I'm gagged?
Hmm... like you just did!
Hey aface!
Switched sides, you coward?
Why did you kidnap me?
Do you know who I am?
Do you know who my father is?
Sherin, listen to me please.
Just answer my question!
Why did you kidnap me?
Sherin, your dad is dead.
Hey, it's Sherin.
Hey Sherin... Where have you been?
Your father is dead.
- My dad?
- Yes.
Thugs are looking for you allover.
I'm very worried for you, Sherin.
Stay put wherever you are.
Do not go home... it's dangerous!!
"My girl, are you the fire
particles on a pretty flower?"
"An uncolored reflection of the rainbow?"
"My girl, are you the fire
particles on a pretty flower?"
"An uncolored reflection of the rainbow?"
"Are you the deity statue that
broke into the glass house?"
"Is it a boon of the
deity to be reticent?"
"Can the wings burden
a flying butterfly?"
"I'll be the eyelids
protecting your soaked eyes"
"My girl!"
"The feathers that
flutter through the winds"
"My hands will embrace you"
"Your dejected mother is wailing around"
"Inarticulate instrument
is seeking a melody"
"A waning moon doesn't fall"
"Don't trail your shadow"
"Life isn't about victories but
living to cherish the sweet moments"
Hey Sherin
I know how you feel.
But you gotta get over it.
Do you wanna go get some fresh air?
I want to meet with my dad's friend.
Your dad had called us
for an important meeting.
Drugs are killing this generation.
At first, it was Mumbai and Goa,
and now in Chennai too!
Last week alone, we've had 2 incidents.
Both of them were college kids...
Death by cocaine overdose.
Sir, do we have any clues on supply?
They aren't your regulars dealers
They're dangerous criminals and
they are armed with weapons as well.
From what I learned,
they're getting help from the cops.
So, we need to keep them out of it.
Any suspects at all?
We got a few...
We'll nail them soon.
Excuse me.
I thought you were a serious cop
but you are funny!
Who's this?
Five of you seated in a
room and vowing to catch...
an international kingpin
is funny to hear!
Who are you?
Kingpin of the underground drug network.
We have no further information
We don't even have his picture.
Even guys who work for him
claim that they haven't seen him.
He lives in the shadows.
So, to get to him...
Your father sketched a plan
to first get all his men.
- Do you have a gun?
- I do, sir.
He informed me that he would
handover the seized drugs in a car.
And he called you after that.
After that, we heard
about your father's murder.
Any clues about him?
We don't have any.
Moreover, the case is now with the police.
As Michael has cops in
Chennai working for him
We are helpless...
We need to find the package.
We need to find your car first.
Sathya, can I ask you something?
Yeah, go ahead.
Why did you abduct me?
I didn't want to.
It was my uncle. For money.
How much?
A million?
Could you do me a favor?
Of course
I want my car, there's money in it.
How much?
3 million bucks!
What the holy hell?
3 million?
We should have kidnapped the car instead!
Aah... started his rants!
We missed it... damn!!!
Will I get my car back?
The hell you will!
It's difficult to find a stolen car...
leave alone, a car loaded with 3 million!
Dude, my blood pressure is shooting up!
Sis, do you want momos or crepes?
Poison is better...
Let her die!
What are you looking at?
I'll gouge your eyes out!!
Damn it!
Dude stop ranting!
Let's be positive about this.
We will find the car and the cash.
Keep the faith!
I don't know how look for it please!
My life depends on it!
Hey, what happened?
My girlfriend's footwear is missing!
I'll slipper you, damn it!
Dude... a fortune teller!
Maybe he'll find the car for us!
We'll keep looking and she'll keep eating!
What a sad plight!
Is this your private road?
Move aside morons!
Idiots, don't you have any road manners?
Dude... this retard looks familiar.
Do you recognize him?
Isn't he the guy from the other night?
Let's start rolling.
I had ordered a 50" TV. Not a 40" one.
Listen, I don't care...
I want the 50" TV delivered by evening.
- Hey, what a chick!
- Hi, sir.
We've come to deliver the TV.
TV?... That was quick!
Where is it?
This mop top and potato sack look familiar.
Where have I seen them?
Do you know the name of this action bit?
Petunias in the mouth!
What flowers?
He told me, he got an incentive 4 days ago.
- How much?
- 200,000
You fraudster!
Flicked 3 million but gave your wife only 200,000?
Where's the rest? With your mistress?
Dude... you relax.
Sister, this fatso stole 3 million...
but he's given you only 200,000
I will give you 5 minutes.
Beat the details out of him!
Your time starts now... Go!
Oh my... she's flexing her arms!
My car...
As if it's a Rolls Royce...
Why're you pestering us for
that piece of crap box?
Wait, we're enquiring him.
Look at her face, like a bloated balloon!
I sold the car honeyyyyyy!
- You wanna have a go again?
- Sorry.
Actually my husband never lies...
after two whacks he will blurt the truth.
No matter what.
but now
he's repeating the same thing over and over.
Okay... Where's my car now?
Your car is the least of our concerns now!
Thats my car.
Sathya please.
I need my car back.
She's trapped him with a touch!
- I'll get it back for you, Sherin.
- He's enchanted!
Hey, who did you sell the car to?
To an individual or a dealer?
Local or out of town?
He isn't just local...
He is a local thug!
Kasimedu... Vedha.
Vedha's right arm CT.
I sold it to him.
Uncle... why do you look so terrified?
Don't worry! Who cares who he is!
We'll face him head on!
Do you even know who CT is?
Vedha's main man.
Do you know who Vedha is?
Kingpin of North Madras!
He's invincible.
If he gets an inkling about this...
he'll kill us instinctively.
My close friend Seenu
has told me all about him.
I've seen him kill people... with my own eyes!
I shudder when I hear his name.
This won't work.
Where's Seenu's house?
Such a coward!
As if CT is a monster...
and Vedha such a bigshot!
So, will I get my car back?
Hey girl...
Nobody can take away what's yours.
That's your car!
But they paid for it!
Just because some sleaze ball
doesn't mean it belonged to him.
Don't listen to them...
Go have your breakfast now,
we'll have our lunch there.
Don't get it?
We'll have them for lunch!!
Oh Lord!
Uncle, is he that good?
As if you'd ever listen to me!
You'll see yourself.
My friend wants to ask you something.
What's the matter?
I don't know how to say this...
Then leave.. take him away!
Do I look jobless?
Ok... let me tell you... It's an item.
My item.
It's with you now.
But, it belongs to me.
Though, it's with you now.
It'd be great if you could return it to me.
Do I look like a pimp to you?
He didn't tell me anything...
Dude, you're such a tool!
Couldn't you have just said "car"?
He was also talking in double innuendos.
Did I complain?
What do we do now?
Hang on.
We'll figure.
Is that Vedha?
Tomorrow is Vedha's birthday.
The entire gang will be there.
Booze will flow throughout the night.
No outsider can enter his fortress!
I'll get the car!
I'll come along.
It's not safe.
You go home.
Uncle, come on...
let's show him how it's done!
Awrite.. awrite..
I thought it was a birthday party.
It looks like my funeral now!
Is the cake ready?
Hey baby!
Who are you?
I'm the peacock rocking this turf;
I'm a sizzling cracker!
I'm the peacock rocking this turf;
I'm a sizzling cracker!
In my beauty lies my pride...
I'm adored worldwide!
Eloquently unwrap the chocolate
and taste it to the fullest!
I'm the Eiffel tower among the slums
just climb on top, without a passport.
The look of my eyes...
are dope as a drug
which man isn't allured by a woman!
Jil Jil Rani
Jinukka Jingle bell-u.
I'm a devil in angel's disguise!
Jil Jil Rani...
The bells jingle to my laugh!
Her swagger draws a full house!
I'm a matador...
I'll tackle any bull from these byres.
Let's dance to our love song...
make sure you last all night long.
Hold, till the flower blooms...
Hold, till the flower blooms...
You're fire that's smothered by ice!
Beauty is like pastry
it just melts in your mouth.
Jil Jil Rani
Jinukka jingle bell-u!
I'm a devil in angel's disguise!
Jil Jil Rani...
The bells jingle to my laugh!
Her swagger draws a full house!
The ultimate seductress!
A graceful heroine!
With you by my side...
I'll soar high and high!
You're a lotus with wings,
you play with my heart's strings.
An angel at my doorstep
I'm caught in your love web.
In the game of youthful love;
don't you ever fly away, my dove!
My love queen, my heart's queen
come closer to my heart!
My cutie..
Pamper me.
Jil Jil Rani
Jinukka Jingle bell-u
She's a devil in angel's disguise!
Ah... the car!
Who's that?
Hello... hey...
Hey, come on man!
Hey drunk imbecile!
Don't touch there!
Dirty dunce!
Jil Jil Rani
Jinukka Jingle bell-u
She's a devil in angel's disguise!
Jil Jil Rani
The bells jingle to her laugh!
The cops have breached our place.
Her swagger draws a full house!
Wow! 3 million!!
Ah.. got it!
Yes, the car's on!
What are they doing here in
the middle of an item song?!
Who's that guy?
Will find out.
Hey, get off.
Get off at once!
Go... on..
Ah.. what a stink!
He has got to be the don.
Try not to look scared dude!
Did you come to booze?
They down the shutters by 8!
They shut shop so early these days
and bootleg later.
It's so unlawful!
Damn! These guys are smarter than they look.
Look at you..
You shouldn't be talking about looks bro!
Let go bro, please.
It's a rented wig.
Here you go.
Who's this guy?
His accomplice.
Huh... Why is he sooo tall?
So that's your problem?
Take them out.
Sorry... we can't go out with all of you!
Hey Jil Jil Rani!
They're my friends.
They're here for me.
These guys?
Your guy CT has my car.
- CT?
- Your car?
I paid for it.
You were scammed.
The car's mine.
Stolen car?
How many times have I told you
don't bring me stolen stuff?
Like candy from a little girl!
Aren't you ashamed?
No boss, we got it for the event tomorrow.
- Event? Tomorrow?
- Yes.
Get an auto ride back home.
Leave him here.
You take him along and
finish the task.
And then return her car tomorrow.
Yes boss.
Jil happy?
Late last night in Saidapet,
Mr. Ramkumar, a senior narcotics officer
was shot dead by masked assailants.
A few days ago, a Mr. Lawrence,
an officer from the same department
was found murdered under
mysterious circumstances.
The police are interrogating the
incarcerated prison inmates...
Michael's accomplices Hema and Raghu...
and two other suspects in this regard.
Further, the CB CID has announced...
Hello, Vikram sir!
How're you?
Hey Rangachaary!
Four despicable felons in front of us
and a fully loaded gun in my hand.
Tell me... what should I do?
What the hell should I do?
Do something worthwhile
Oh... Sarcasm?
After so many months of pursuit...
I've finally got you all alone.
One.. two.. three.. four
Hey, blind oaf!
Does it look like I'm alone?
Its not about who they came with.
It's about who they came for.
They're not your men anymore.
They're mine!
I'm very sorry!
I'll probably get a medal if I'm with you
but not a plush house!
Hey Rangachaary...
There'll be no redemption for you.
Now, it's between you and him.
Guys, let's go.
Hey... Get off the car!
What? No, I need the car.
I gotta go. It's my car.
This is between you guys.
What the!!
Get the f down!!
But you promised to give me the car!
Hey, stuff him in the car!
Help! Help!
He's gonna shoot!
What are you staring at? Shoot him!!
You overgrown man-child!
- Hey...
- What?
Where's my chain?
It's gone.
I flicked it from you,
And the cop flicked it from me.
I want it back.
You'll need 10,000 bucks for that.
I got it.
2000 bucks, my commission.
Step back!
Oh st, he broke our booze bottles!
Hey! Hey!
Don't let him get away!
Get him.... go go go!!
Catch him before he slips away!!
Surround him!
Let's see how he escapes now!
He's stuck!
He's trapped...
bring the weapons!
"He is a whirl wind"
"You will be taken by a storm"
"He is a whirl wind"
"You will be taken by a storm"
"Here comes the Cheetah
to take down the deers'
"The contusions testifies his pummels"
"A wristy punch like a Dhoni's shot"
Will punch you hard
and tame you down
I risked my life to save you...
- Not even a 'thanks' for that?
- No...
Drive me home.
Okay Sathya, let's catch up later.
and... yeah...
Here's my card.
Call me anytime.
We'll go get a drink.
Sorry sir, I don't drink.
But I do.
Buy me!
And give back my shades.
- Oh!
- 5000 bucks.
I was just being formal.
Don't call me!
Dude... what happened?
Why're you sitting in the dark?
Where's Sherin?
Who? That innocent little girl?
Pushpa... Don't be upset.
This stallion will satisfy you tonight!
One second sweetie!
Do you have any sense?
Interrupting me on a personal call!
Sorry sir.
I've come for the chain.
Sweetie, there's a small issue.
I'll call you back in a bit.
What is it?
Who's that?
I don't believe I'm saying this...
she's my sister.
The chain?
Hey, give him the money.
I peed my pants last when I was 10.
And it happened again today.
That too in front of a female cop.
I was scared out of my wits!
The inspector?
He must be the luckiest guy ever.
She missed him at point blank!
He escaped with a nick in his arm.
That's why they let me go.
I shudder to even think of
what could have happened!!
Ok. Forget about it.
I have something important.
We got the car back!
Did you find the money?
What the hell is this?
3 million bucks.
Oh... 3 million?
All ours?
Drat! Such a bummer!
I was looking forward to the money
but we got Viagra instead!
This sucks! Big time!
What am I supposed to do with all these pills!!
This has got to be the
cause of Sherin's troubles.
What could these be?
You're too tender
to take these beatings.
Better give them what they want.
Just as stubborn as your father!
Though bruised, you were still safe here...
but not anymore.
You're gonna be bailed out.
And killed.
Do you know who is bailing you out?
"Oh, when you wanna breathe..."
"he won't let you!"
"When you wanna live..."
"he won't let you!"
"When you wanna cry..."
"he won't let you!"
"The devil is waiting for you..."
"The devil is waiting for you..."
What the heck is she singing??
A performance for no one!
Is that alcohol?
It's water, as expected!
Hey, you guys practise,
I'll come back in a bit.
Wow, this is unbelievable stuff!
Where did you get this?
That's none of your business.
Just tell me how to sell this.
Why're you so harsh with me baby?
Okay, how much do you got?
That too is none of your business!
Okay sweetheart, this is just for you!
I'll help you.
That's none of your business!
Hey, won't you ever shut up?
Didn't you tell her the exact same thing?
I just repeated after you.
Okay... see that guy at the last table?
His name his Bobby. Get hold of him.
He'll sell your drugs easily.
You'll get the stuff by evening.
You have 3 days to sell them all.
Or you'll be in big trouble.
Yes, bro?
My patience is running dangerously thin.
Tell me where the stuff is.
Or... things will get very messy!
Alright. I'll tell you.
I want Michael here.
What?... Michael?
That's not going to happen.
Then leave.
Do you think you're untouchable?
I won't do anything to you...
But your mom Ill chop her to pieces!
Do you wanna see?
Hey Babu...
Are you home?
- I want all her fingers severed.
- Hey... stop!
- Alright stop! I'll tell you where it's at.
Sir... who are you?
Michael's gang.
Where's the "super" drugs?
"Super" drugs? What's that?
Guna, go check thoroughly.
Wow... Spectacular!
This is an exotic drug!
What's he saying?
This is splendid!
Where did you get this?
About that, later.
How much can I get for these?
Half million for this pack.
I've 300 packets.
He's stoked at the quantity!
Guess he's struggling with the math.
You guys... That's a lot of money!!
We can't sell it directly.
This is a huge transaction...
There's only one guy who can do this.
Who's that?
Tell me, where's the girl?
Where the hell is she?
Oh, Tamil?
Where is the girl?
Won't tell me?
Won't tell me?
You won't?
Sir, we got the details of the girl.
Keep an eye on this dog.
Very good!
Where's Michael now?
Where is Michael?
Michael will kill, if I open my mouth.
I'll kill you if you don't.
Didnt I tell you?
That, Michael will kill you!
To get him...
We need someone from Kolkata or
Mumbai or Delhi...
Yes... Delhi!
Special division head, Chathrapathi.
Contact him.
Hurry, she'll be here any minute now.
Mr. Chathrapathi, I'm Sherin.
Ok. Follow my instructions.
You'll find a tea seller
outside prison...
Get a cup of tea. You'll find an
address written inside the tea cup.
Send them to that address.
Basheer will help you.
Yes, go ahead.
They're in.
Bobby's here...
He's brought along 2 guys with a bag.
Shall I send him in?
The bags full of drugs.
Take her along.
Send them in.
Michael? I'm Dr. Sathya.
Not interested???
What a sharp gaze!
Has he figured us out??
Have to handle this and get out alive!
- Is your birth name Michael Jackson?
- Hey!!
Just trying to keep it casual!!
I don't look convincing as a scientist!
Oh God!
Bro, he's a doctor
and he's a scientist.
Shut it.
Yes, yes... I'm a scientist.
They have invented a drug together.
I thought you'd be very interested in it.
Hey... pills.
Vaccum cleaner snout!
He sniffed his brains out!
You have powder on your nose.
How did you get this drug?
He's a great scientist!
... he is the inventor of the formula!
He worked so hard for this
with no sleep or food or water!!
He's the best... He's the legend!
No not at all
He's just exaggerating.
I just remixed from my
grandfather's archives.
Agathiyar says ...
"Pay heed to this piece of history"
- HEY!!
- Not relevant?
Bring her in.
Who's the incoming?
Holy moly! She??
Was she working out inside??
Where's my package?
Some of it is here
The rest should be in the car!
Go ahead... shoot me!
But before that...
I just have one wish
If you're still pissed,
you can kill us both!
And... you can keep all the drugs too!
I don't even want any money.
I didn't come here for that either!
I came here...
... for her!
I fell in love with her at first sight,
just like the movies.
But didn't have the guts to tell her.
Slowly, I gathered the courage...
Michael... Michael???
Killed a don with your damn dialogues!
What happened?
Hey, what did you do to him?
Fool! Can't you see me sitting here?
What could I have done from here?
Lay him on the table!
Michael has fainted!
- Take her away!
- Drat, get up!
- Prop him up guys!
- Come on!
- What happened to you?
- Michael!
- Move aside guys.
What the hell is he gonna do?
Hey, what are you doing?
Hey, I'm a doctor dude!!
Alright, quick!
Hey dude, get the f up!
Move aside man!
Are you gonna perform surgery?
Drat, move!
What are you doing dude?
Just pretend to do something like me.
Is there a striptease going on here?
Call the ambulance, you fat pig!
Stop prancing!
Do you wanna fight me?
Shoot him in the mouth!
Doctor, how's the pulse?
Ah, call the ambulance!
What do I do? I'm clueless!
Oh dear Lord!
Save us from this peril!
What's the time?
What's the time man?
- You just got trapped bro!
- Hey!
What the hell are you doing?
Let me go!
Hey ae!
- Arrgh!
- Dude!
- Leave him! Let go!
- Dude!
- Dude.. Dude..
- Let go! Damn, let go!!
- Let go..... let go!
- Listen up!
Leave me!
- Look at him.
- Disconnect the phone... Now!
- Cut the damn call!
- Cut it!
- Put the mask back on, please!
- Put the mask back on first!
- Cut the call first!
Listen up!
- What should I do?
- Call your guy.
I don't have a guy...
- I'm single.
- Not funny!
Your boss has to die for that unfunny joke!
Take off his mask!
Hey.. No no.. don't do that!!
Call that girl. Call her!
Hey Velu, pass the phone to that girl.
Sherin, listen to me very carefully.
They'll let you go now.
- How dare you hit me?
- Hey!
Bring the car and the drugs to our place.
We'll be there.
Be careful.
You heard me loud and clear,
let her go now!
Velu... let her go!
Return her car and back off!
The guys following us...
Tell them to back off as well.
- Hello!
- Yes, tell me.
- Michael's life is in danger.
- What?
There's no time to explain.
Catch on!
Why, is there a problem?
Hey bd!
Stop talking and just listen!
Do it right away.
Otherwise, Michael will suffer.
Back off!
Stop, dude.. Stop!
I like this guy's performance. Good one!
- Why're you shouting?
Shut the f up!
- What's your name?
"As the eyes that see
you are transfixed..."
Dude, what do we do with him?
What did we do the last time?
Same same!
"As the vision that I have
awaited forver is made visible"
The ambulance, the driver,
everything was a setup.
Not sure who it is.
Did you get any info?
No bro...
- Hey!
- Why don't we go to the police?
Shut up!
This will then blow out of proportion!
- Anything?
- Nothing!
You inept moron!
One was fair and tall, the other was...
with curly white hair and wearing glasses.
The curly haired one looked like a psycho!
Dude, she's not gonna show up.
That stuff is worth millions.
Is she so dumb to come back here?
She would've left the country by now.
No way. I know she'll come.
Dude, you have no idea about women.
They're all opportunistic prigs!
No way in hell ....
Wow, Sherin!
What did I just tell you about her?
Nice girl!
That's a cool jacket!
Where did you flick it from?
- Where's my drugs bag?
- In the car.
You did get the car, right?
I meant the bag with the real drugs.
Dude, what's she saying?
The one in the car's the real deal!
- Believe me!
- 5 seconds...
I need my bag.
Hey... relax girl!
What's with you and guns?
Where are your manners, huh?
Is this how you were raised?
Wait, let me ask him.
Dude, she definitely must have a gun guy!
She may be a terrible shooter
but she'll hit something
and create a bloody mess!
Give her what she wants.
I swear I don't know!
She's out of her mind!
You know me, right?
I don't lie!
Uh!!! You don't lie???
Sister, I know that look.
He has the bag. He's bluffing.
Shoot him.
Sathya, my dad sacrificed
his life for this package.
Please... give it to me.
Alright. I have it.
But first, tell me your story.
You still don't trust me?
Trust? You?
How could we?
You're a fraudster!
You conned us with the fakes...
and plotted to flee with the original.
What do you know?
I did not do this for the money.
I did it for her.
After I found the drugs in the car
and discovered that Sherin was in prison,
I figured that,
she must be in grave danger.
I tried hard to meet her in
prison, but in vain.
When I quizzed the
prison constable
I learned that
Michael had bailed her out.
The only way to get to her was the drugs.
I researched extensively about them.
Professor Daniel was also very useful.
He told me what the drug was all about.
Super drug, in short 'Super'.
Major composition being 'Fentanyl'.
Incredibly more powerful than cocaine.
The google results astounded me.
It's a killer drug.
Banned in many countries like
U.S, Europe, Singapore...
and extremely rare in the market.
Insanely expensive too!
Next, I needed a drug user.
Through her, I got to the dealer.
and through him, Michael.
And through Michael, you!
Oh.... and here I was.
Naive and completely oblivious to your plan!
Alright, how did you take him down?
- That was also your handiwork, wasn't it?
- Of course, dude!
Michael isn't your run-of-the-mill guy!
So, I tried a DIY chem
kit, to mix up things.
Fentanyl, cocaine and
a cocktail of other chemicals,
turned the "super" into a "duper" drug.
Within 60 seconds of ingestion,
The CO2 levels in the body spike up.
The neurons get affected,
and could potentially
lead to cardiac arrest too.
Michael couldn't resist snorting my sample.
And then passed out in a jiffy!
And then what followed was...
our doctor-ambulance set-up, a threat
and both of us escaped.
That's why you dressed up as a doc???
Should've at least given me a heads-up man!
Sherin, I risked my life to see you.
If you still don't trust me
My father's name was Lawrence.
An NCB officer.
My brother's name is Nandu. Boxer.
I knew about it,
but I wasn't interested in him.
- I don't care if he follows...
- Ammu, what's going on?
Hey, I'll call you back.
Where's Nandu?
Pa, he's been crying
ever since he got home.
- He isn't saying anything.
- What happened Nandu?
I've been cheated.
I can't take part in the Nationals pa.
I saw my name in the selected list.
but I was rejected an hour later.
I'll handle it.
Don't worry.
How irresponsible of you!
It's my son's life.
How could you make such a lousy decision?
Mister, it's a dope test.
Nandu tested positive.
How can we select him after that?
You're a government official.
You know the rules right?
Who are you fooling?
I know something's fishy here.
I'll figure this out within 24 hours!
- Yeah, Ammu?
- Pa, I can't find Nandu!
His phone is also not reachable.
- Check with his friends, Ammu.
- I've checked with everyone.
Nobody has seen him since morning.
He was crying inconsolably.
I'm scared pa.
What's up Lawrence!
You've been looking for him
in all the wrong places.
Go to Hotel Blue Breeze, room 201.
You'll be proud of your son.
Hey dude...
How does it feel?
Who the hell is that?
Lawrence, are you crying?
No, you shouldn't cry.
You should be brave, especially now.
You know why?
You have a daughter too, right?
Michael, please!
Leave my family out of this.
I won't be in your way.
Okay Lawrence, I'll stay away.
Can we talk business now?
- What do I have to do?
- Ok, listen.
Two days ago, a drugs consignment
from Russia arrived at Chennai via Kolkata.
It's worth about 300 million.
What should I do?
The transaction will happen
tomorrow per my instructions.
My girlfriend Hema will be there.
Arrest her and seize the consignment.
And then, hand it over
to my men waiting outside.
You will get a decoy in return.
Submit that to your department...
and get your medal
or a promotion that you deserve.
I'll do it.
But I need to see you in person.
No Lawrence...
Be careful what you wish for!
The other day, when
you went with Vedha's men...
I got an important
clue from the news on TV.
Hema, Michael's girlfriend.
Arrested at the port, now in prison.
I wanted to meet her to know about Michael.
That's why I shot the cop.
Oh fish!! She actually didn't miss then!!
So she's not a lousy shooter after all!
Thank God, I escaped!
Can I go finish my pure?
Did you meet her in prison?
Yes, I did.
I still can't believe what she told me.
So that was also a waste of time, then!
I discovered something.
Michael is...
my brother Nandu!
- Dude?
- Yeah, dude?
Michael is not an ordinary criminal.
Yes, he's a bigger criminal than we.
Yup. And so is she.
Ditch her!
Let's get back to our lives.
No way dude!
- How can I ditch my true love?
- What?
Bad boy!
Hey... hey!!
We are going to Bangkok.
We gotta leave tomorrow.
- And my mom?
- Mom? Why her?
He wants only you...
Sherin, I understand.
But it's too risky to go get her.
Michael may get out at any moment.
After that, it'll be
impossible for us to get away.
I want my mom.
Just a minute.
I'll be back later.
Hey, where?
The lambs have come to the slaughter.
Shall I start?
Hey, what's so funny?
Mocking us?
Who was that? Oh!!!
Did I just see our ambulance guy??
What the .....!
Joined your herd, you dumb animal?
- Dude!
- Dude?
These guys will keep rambling.
Let's cut to the chase.
Don't you dare take a step forward!
Dude, I don't like these boys.
- You deal with them.
- Yeah, as usual!
Live up to your hype as a hero man!
- Its not enough to just look like one.
- Dude....
It's not about what you're delivering
It's about how you're
delivering the lines!
Show us what you've got!
Just 3 words...
What the hell are those 3 words?
Where is Michael?
I'll tell you.
But before that, let's make a deal.
What Deal??
Why did you accept his deal?
We could have taken them down.
Dont rant like a fool.
It's a residential neighborhood.
We're only safe till we're covert.
What's more important is Michaels life.
What if he bluffed?
- He doesn't bluff!
- And who told you that?
He said it himself.
Hey, move aside!
- Hey dude where are you going?
- Gonna die, wanna join?
Hey old women, move!
Out of the way!
Oh gosh! These people...
Loudmouth, can't even give us beds...
Who are these guys?
- Where the hell is Michael?
- Move away!
- Bro, he's here.
- What!?
- It's Michael...
- Michael... Michael!!
Move aside.
I can't see him.
Bless this boy.
What a sad plight!
Hey, who are you guys?
I want my drugs back.
Thanks, Sathya.
I didn't think you'd
reciprocate my love so soon!
I can't even think about love now...
Love just happens...
you can't force it.
Looks like it's over then!
I guess, we can finally be rid of her.
She's lying dude.
Classic female behavior.
I know how to handle it.
Mona's dad is dead.
What! Mona's dad is dead?
Michael's countdown has started!
I'm shitting bricks!
Mona's father
is the beginning!!!
He's coming... He's gonna get us next!
Nothing like that, he was already ailing.
He's finally gone.
Oh... poor ailing fr!
- We don't have to worry.
- Alright, go.
Dude, I'll go first,
you bring Sherin along.
To the funeral? Why?
Dude, it may be a funeral.
But... it'll also be the triumph of my love.
"Darling Monaaa!"
"Father's gonnaaa??"
"Don't be feeling....."
"Time for singing"
"Life is so short,
death is the dot"
"Sing my song and dance to my tunes"
Sorry about your daddy
"Now, just a body..."
"What to do lady?"
"Fate is a baddie!"
Life says go go go"
You cant say no no no... and
let's happily chill out...
"You gotta get-out....
what remains is, just a cut-out"
"What you gonna do
with all that clout?"
Life says go go go"
You cant say no no no... and
let's happily chill out...
"you gotta get out... just a cut-out
about that no doubt...."
"Oh god! She behaves like
a stranger..."
"Give us a sign...
that brings us closer..."
"A for apple...
B for bottle..."
"Just a nod of the head...
to take care of you till I'm dead"
"Oh our beloved father..."
"Why did you desert us?"
"Oh our beloved father..."
"Why did you desert us?"
"What's up my lovely dove..."
"Why do you test my love?"
"Oh migratory swallow!"
"My songs are for you to follow!"
"Come, let's make it a duet..."
"I'm Romeo, you're my Juliet..."
"Let's sing together
and live together"
"I don't wanna be free,
You can rule me forever!"
"The deal is finally set,
with the girl I wanted to get"
"My white little pearl,
amply proportioned girl"
"Life is so short,
death is the dot"
"Sing my song and dance to my tunes"
"My dear world, western is old"
"Join the gang and step up the mood!"
"Step up the mood!"
"Step up the mood!"
"Step up the mood!"
"Why did you desert us
Oh beloved father?"
"Why did you desert us
Oh beloved father?"
What's our next move, Michael?
Within a week...
we gotta sell the whole thing.
The drugs bag is missing!
Someone has nicked it.
What do you mean?
I searched every nook
and corner of the house...
What do we do?
You were supposed to keep
your eyes peeled!!
What's your plan?
We gotta find Michael's hideout.
Robert, is Michael in?
- No.
- Where is he?
Out on some business.
What kind of a place is this!
Shut up!
Couldn't pick a more a clichd hideout!
Chamber of secrets!
Why does it have to be so goddamn big?
Dude, there's nobody here.
St.... we're surrounded!
They're gonna kill us!
They haven't surrounded us,
it's the other way around.
Have you gone completely bonkers?!?
That is "Mass".
- Ok... and then?
Hey! Dude!!
Go hes getting away!
Hello boss!
Hey... catch that bugger!
Don't let him go!
Come on! Come on!
Catch.. Catch!!!
Open up... you freak!
What are you fiddling with?
Bust it open!
Mate, his accomplice is still inside...
It's the weirdo.
These guys are just relentless!
Hey! what happened?
Get up, mate!
Stop there!
What are you doing to him?
Wake up, Mani!
Falling like a pack of cards!
You !!
Incompetent gangsters, a lousy boss...
a dangerous sister a hopeless romantic
and a stupid me
to aid this fool!
Tell me...
Where are the drugs?
I... I will...
... tell you...
- Hey.
- Dude, are you done?
One down.
One more to go!
Sheru? Sheruuuu?
- Sheruuuu...
- Why're you calling her?
- Just 2 minutes.
- Sheru....
What the...!
- Dude... please...
- Tell me Sathyaaa...
Dude... let me also...
Have some mercy on this virgin soul!
Let me at least have a peek!
Don't push!
Argh... my eyes.. I wanna see!!!
Please... Wow, what a sight!
- Sheru
- Hang on dude.
Let go man...
You're looking so gorgeous!
Hey, your talk doesn't sound good. Go away.
Why talk baby... Let's get to it...
What the hell?
How can you behave like this before me?
What to do uncle?
How long can I be abstinent?
For some time...
let me have some fun.
Fun? Michael will kill
us while you're romancing!
He can't touch us
until you're beside me!
You make me invincible Uncle!
Wrapper on the chocolate...
You are right!
Unwrap it and taste it!
Ya this one too!
I'm the Eiffel tower in the slums!
Enter me without a passport!
Crap! He's doing just that!
Stop it...
Stop it...
Hey, you're off limits man!
It's exciting to watch, though!
- Oh my!
- Dude!
Shut the door.
Okay dude.
Get the f out.
What?? She must be on Tik-Tok I guess!
Mom's here.
She's there, but not really there!
Oh Lord! My imagination is killing me!
Uncle, room service?
This is the best job for you, enjoy!
- How dare you!
- Hitting me for saying the truth?
Off you go moron! Get lost!
What a prick!
Dude, need any help?
Stop it!
It's over!
Mom, are you okay?
She was always ok!
It was all an act.
Mom-ster, will you speak up or shall I?
I don't understand.
Poor Lawrence......
Mom and son together... bumped him off!
Robert told me everything.
Let your daughter also know the truth....
Today's our wedding anniversary.
I'm in a meeting honey, just 20 minutes...
We can't trade your honesty
for even a grain of rice.
Every month,
I give my entire paycheck to you.
Isn't that enough?
That is barely enough to feed
your two monster children!
What can I do for that?
You should have used protection then!
It's a grand wedding...
How can I be seen without any jewelry?
I can't come.
How long are you gonna worry about
other's opinions, Banu?
Enough, come with me.
Ma'am, I'm done with work.
Can I leave?
Take our maid instead, to accompany you.
There was someone who came to change
...the mundane middle class life,
I led for 25 years.
Hello ma'am, is sir there?
No, he's at work.
I'm Michael...
Mom, I asked him to come over.
- Sir, come in.
- Look, ma'am.
Your son has told me about you.
That you don't like your husband's honesty,
just like us.
He's actually good...
But, you don't have to worry.
Your son isn't like him.
He's sharp.
Just two years...
We'll be in full control of the state.
What do you want from me?
You just have to be okay with it.
That's all.
I'll give you the opulent life
your husband couldn't afford!
Your dad's an NCB officer.
That's his problem.
I wanna become big!
Real big... Real fast!
If your dad or Sherin
even get wind of it...
Mom! Don't worry.
Lawrence's wife can be scared,
but not Nandu's mom!
My compliance made Nandu
associate with Michael
for those illicit deals.
Though it began only for
a comfortable life...
it eventually became his way of life.
Tons of money than he could ever imagine...
corrupted Nandu's mind.
Shall we bump off Michael?
What are you saying?!
Michael has two faces...
one is his murderous side...
and a raging don.
On the flip side...
He's a drug ring leader on the sly.
Michael's real identity is known
only to three people.
I'm gonna kill all three...
along with Michael.
After that...
I'll be the leader...
for the helpless gang.
I'll become Michael.
Bro... Bro!!
Michael's corpse is...
mangled in the railway tracks.
He didn't stop with that.
Nandu plotted to usurp
everything Michael had.
This is Nandu.
A friend of your father's.
He's taking care of our business now.
For your father.
I'll take care of everything.
Including you!
He plotted like a fox...
and got your dad to arrest her.
You gotta arrest my girlfriend
along with the seized package.
And handover the package to
my guys waiting outside the port.
But your dad...
didn't follow his instructions,
refused to give him the package
and called me.
Banu, pack all our stuff!
- For what?
- We gotta leave the city.
Banu, why aren't you ready yet?
I'm not coming.
This isn't the time to argue,
please get ready!
I will not come!
Don't you understand they'll kill us!
Nandu, what are you doing here?
Are you puzzled?
For 25 years...
you tormented me.
So, I let him torment you for 25 days.
How's the payback?
Don't listen to your mom.
She's not right!
Don't ruin your life listening to her.
Where's my package?
You won't get it no matter what!
After all, it's just a drugs package...
Are you gonna die for that?
- Give it to me!
- Threatening me?
I'll give up my life,
but will not give the package to you.
He never expected to die...
in the hands of his own son!
What could I do?
I could only be a witness to his death.
Not sure why...
But I didn't feel like saving him.
What about the kiss then?
That was just a ploy to
get the truth out of her.
A small trick.
You shouldn't have made out with
the daughter...
- instead you should have...
- Dude!!
No, what I meant was you should've
tied up the mother
and beaten the truth out of her.
What's the use?
She swapped the package.
Your brother got the
original stuff a week ago.
They accomplished their
task strikingly well.
Who's this?
Ah... granny!
You woke up!
I'm so relieved!
Do you want momos or crepes?
Hey mosquito...
Stay away from her, unless you wanna die!
I'll get the batter.
Sathya, I need a favor.
- Will you do it?
- Yes.
Take her to Michael.
I'm so ashamed...
to be your daughter!
No.. no!
Don't do it, Michael.
I spilled the beans out of fear.
- Please, Michael!
- Fear?
So you don't fear me?
We worked our backsides
off for that package.
And he nicked it from us so easily!
Michael played smart.
He has shown his prowess.
Now, it's our turn!
- Who is he, mate?
- He is our feast for the day.
- Is boss here?
- He is inside.
Keep an eye on him.
- Hey, batty boy.
- Get lost, dunce!
- Hello darling!
- When will you be home?
Say it softly sweetheart...
Sir, the guy who helped
Vikram get away the other day?
We got his accomplice.
Shall I bring him in?
Meanwhile, shall I
serve you an egg?
Hello sir, I have reached...
am at the location you mentioned.
- Where are you?
- Turn around. I'm back!
Sir, you gave me a fright!
A small encounter operation.
Cuz you wanted to see me quick...
I asked you to come here.
Yeah, I know.
I don't got time.
Let's talk in the car.
Why did you stop?
- I don't return with a loaded gun.
- My God!
Sir, please spare me, sir!
I have a family.
- Sir, please let me go!
- Mmm then
Let me hear a joke!
How can I crack one
in this situation?
Better humor him or
he'll will shoot you!
A joke...
Beneath a tamarind tree...
Lying on Pushpalatha's lap
Why did you shoot him, sir?
Old one I didn't like it.
What a stag!
I don't wanna force you.
I'm still a virgin cuz I want
to marry my dream girl.
But I'm worried your cuddles
may not let me wait until then!
Get lost...
To hell with your creepy thoughts.
Bring him in!
WTH are these cables?
Aargh! Are you an engineer?
What can I do, Sathya?
Do me!
I meant do what I say.
I've got some numbers.
I want you to track them.
- This is impossible..
- Done!
Who are you?
Are you 'The Uncle'?
Are you 'The Vedha'?
How dare you ask him if he is Vedha?
Sorry, bro!
Are you Vedha?
I'll break your face!
He is Vedha!
I'm his left hand.
Oh, so you are the asswipe!
- See... this was unnecessary.
- Hey!
- Where is your partner?
- He.....
He left in the morning to meet an imbecile.
I haven't spoken to him since then.
- Who is that imbecile?
- His name is Vikram.
- I'll not spare you, Vikram!
- Hey!!
Where are you going?
I'm gonna slay him!
We have no idea of his whereabouts.
Let him tell us, wait!
I don't need his address!
I'll see you only after finishing him off!
You're death is in my hands... Vikram!
You became a don with these guys??
Where is he?
- I don't know.
- Where is he?
If you don't open your mouth,
I'll slit your throat.
Please do it somewhere else.
- Please, tell me, bro.
- I swear, I don't know!
Call him.
Hello... dude... Vedha...
He cut as soon as
he heard your name.
Call him again...
Else, I'll cut yours.
What the
Please give me some space.
I'll effin kill you!
Call him again!
- Dude!
- Uncle...
Pass the phone to Vedha.
My partner wants to talk to you
Where is he now?
Why? What are you gonna do?
What am I gonna do?
When I get a hold of him...
I'll mince him
and bag the meat
I'll store it in the fridge
and feed him to my dogs everyday!
Do you know how much they'll
enjoy feasting on him?
Like that!
Tell me now...
Where is he?
I will share the location.
Prepare for an assault.
- Hello!
- Guess your game's over, Michael!
First, you killed your own father
And then your associates...
in your greed to become big.
Your men are with me now!
Soon, your SUPER drugs will
also be with this DUPER dude!
Still don't get it?
Your men have been busted. Arrested.
Check if you want.
You are next.
You've made a big mistake, Sathya.
You are messing with the wrong person!
That's right.
That's why I'm sending the
right person to you, Nandu.
Whatever said, you're still
my brother-in-law, dude!!
I've sent my brother to care of you.
Someone's coming for me.
It doesn't matter who...
- No one leaves this place alive.
- Okay. Come on guys!
Spread out!
Kill anything that moves.
They are firing at us!
Are you posing for a picture?
Duck! Your head will be blown!
We want guns!
Yes... we got guns!!!
Sir.. Michael!
Sir, he's gone.
You are AWESOME!
You showed him who's the real don!
You killed him with your swag itself!!
- Awesome!
- Vedha's the boss!!
A lion!
Did you see me kill him?
Stop the car!
- Water!
- Go get some water.
One bottle of water.
What's happening?
- Bring it fast.
- Here.
Ask him what happened!
- You ask.
- No, you.
What really happened in there?
- Is that absolutely necessary now?
- Of course!
I'll tell you.
I went in looking for Vikram.
But someone else showed up.
I pulled out my gun and pointed at him.
In slow mo.
He also pointed his gun at me.
- To look uber cool, I smiled.
- And then?
Tell us what happened next?
- And then...And then...
- Brother?
- Brother...
- Brother!!
What happened?
- Oh my God!
Someone has stabbed him in the back!
Before you die...
please tell us who did this....
It could've been anyone!
Perhaps, a mother ashamed of her son.
Or, a wronged girlfriend.
Maybe a sister avenging her father.
Or, the sister's boyfriend,
who may have incidentally been a cop
A cop who goes by the name Sathya Dev IPS.
Hey.. you.. really?
Haha... Should've seen your face!
All that was hyperbole.
I was just messing with you!
Anyway, this time around,
it was just the routine formula.
Just like the hero has
a loyal comic sidekick
the villain also has
someone ready to betray him.
The trick is to
identify the right guy...
And get the job done!
Look Sethu,
Michael killed his own father.
You mean nothing to him.
Before he kills you...
You kill him. And move on!
I thought I could just
say ta-ta after that
But... he wants to be rewarded.
So? Why did you bring me here?
Shall we get off and chat?
Sir, you know I am completely broke.
How can I pay him?
You have to help with this.
Money? Me?
Give me your account number.
I will wire you the money asap.
Asking money from someone who hasn't
seen a paycheck for months now.
Buzz off, before I bite your head.
- Vikram Sir!
- What?
There's another way!
- What?
- Michael's drugs.
How will you get the drugs?
I have a plan.
Don't do it, Sathya!
You are committing a bigger crime!
This will ruin the life
of our nation's youngsters!
Sir, I'm a true Indian.
I love my country as much as you do.
I'm going to sell these drugs abroad!
Hey Mr. Director!
You never revealed the reason for the
similarities of Vikram and Uncle.
I will...
But I need to narrate a backstory.
Is that fine?
One more?
Spare us!
"Chikku mangu chikku checha paappaa"
"She deceptively conned us"
"Rollicking game and a party to groove on"
"People from nook and
corner in a festive mood"
Let's kick some mass...
Let's kick some mass...
"All lies"
"Even the eyeball colors
symbolise ambiguity "
"You aren't in control of things"
"It got nothing to do
with your man pride"
"Soar high into the sky"
"Rise high with a plan"
"Get along ... get along..
inundate in raining money."
"You and me a kickass combo"