Super Machi (2022) Movie Script

Meenakshi... It's time for the seminar.
Ok, thank you!
-Goodmorning, everybody.
-[all]: Good morning, sir.
It's your turn now.
Your life will change it's
course with this one seminar.
-All the best!
-Thank you, sir!
What happened, Meenakshi?
Nothing happened, sir.
I have to go. Sorry!
Meenakshi, this is about your life!
No, sir.
The call I just attended...
This is my life.
I think you took the wrong call.
No, sir! In fact...
I was waiting for this call.
Dear brothers and sisters!
Shut up and come to the point, brother.
In these Kabaddi competitions, our Kushi
Friends' association is conducting...
Bheemili Kabaddi team on one side...
-Seethammadhara team on another...
-We all know they are into the finals.
-Of course.
The kind of grit and valour
these teams already exhibited...
We have already seen
in the last matches.
So as we are already into the finals...
I promise you that this match is
going to be even more exciting.
-Let us start the...
-[both]: Finals!
Catch... That side...
The numbers are changing fast!
Bheemili team is leading now.
Only one minute left!
And we are two points behind them.
We need three points to bag a win.
Then we need Raju to go get them.
Hey, hello hello! Excuse me!
-What, madam?
-Where is Raju sir?
Whom do you want? Bangar Raju?
Paidi Raju? Or Puli Raju?
-Krishnamurthy sir's son...
-Our Raju?
He's killing it in Kabaddi!
[repeats: Kabbadi]
[people encouraging Raju]
Stop stop stop... Who are you?
-I'm Raju's lover.
-Hey, give me the umbrella.
You should have told me that, first thing.
Please come, madam.
[encouraging Raju]
Who's Raju among them?
Hey, you said you're Raju's
lover, right?
Of course, I am.
Tell me who's Raju among them.
Come on!
Oh, God!
-[repeats: Kabaddi]
-Come on!
There goes a hit!
They did it!
-The cup belongs to Raju now!
-Let's hand him the cup.
Let's go... Move! Move!
Oh, God!
Here comes loan shark uncle.
Lakshmi, get the money.
Come on, get the interest money.
-Where are you running to?
I'll pay you tomorrow, uncle.
You can keep an eye on just me.
But I can keep an eye
on the entire market.
You have money with you!
Are you saving to gamble with them?
You are so sharp, uncle!
I left the game a long back, but...
I can still tell who's holding what card.
That's my history!
Don't act smart in front of me.
-Fail to pay me and I'll kill you!
-There's no colour in this market, brother.
There are only aunties here.
As if this is RK beach or something!
This is MVP Colony Farmer's market.
-Then let's go there, brother.
-That's tomorrow's schedule.
Stop stop stop stop! She grew so tall!
She even grew two inches since yesterday.
-Why does she spit on the ground?
Hey... She's a well-mannered girl.
-You're lucky that she spat on the ground.
-How can you say so, uncle?
For girls to look at you, you need to
be as glowing as you won an auction.
Not like you are paying interest.
-Is it?
-Let him talk, dude.
At this age he can only talk, right?
-Our uncle.
Hey! You have no idea
about what I'm capable of.
Before marriage, I used to be like
Krishna with Gopikas all around.
I used to suit my
name, Krishna Murthy.
-I can't talk about my own coolness, right?
One snap from me and girls
used to stop at once.
Even if they stop,
we shouldn't look at them.
We have to maintain a level.
-That's how they call us.
-But we have to act deaf.
-Excuse me.
-That's what they'll say next.
-But we have to act ignorant.
Sir, I'm talking to you.
They'll even call you with respect.
But we shouldn't consider that.
You are seeing everything
I'm talking about, right?
Same to same, uncle. It's happening
just as you are explaining.
Why do you seem so shocked!
Can I come?
I just blabbered,
but there is a girl here for real!
You are not a common man, uncle.
You are the Cupid himself.
She looks like an apple. Proceed!
Of course, she's an apple.
But I'm a banana.
And your aunt is the
knife that slices me off!
-Oh, God!
Thank, God! I'm home.
Sir! Sir!
What happened?
Why do you look scared?
A girl is chasing me.
Maybe she lost her purse or something?
Did you find it?
-She lost her heart over me.
-She's here.
-Move! Being childish!
Hi, aunty.
Who are you here for?
Can I come inside?
-God, I'm finished.
-Sir, wait.
What is this, sir?
Why are you running from me?
-What else should I do?
-Who's this girl?
-How can I know?
Can I get some water?
-I will.
I need to talk to you.
Actually, I'm here to talk to you.
About what?
I don't know how to tell you that.
But I just wanted to let
you know about my feelings.
What happened, aunty?
-It fell...
My words might cause
a little panic in you.
I'm already panicking!
But my love is true.
How can you love at this age?
What does age have to do with love?
I want to get married
if it's ok with you.
But you called it 'Marriage'.
You have to call it 'Diamond jubilee'.
Please don't say that, aunty.
Please try to understand my love.
What made you fall in
love in the first place?
Handsomeness, physic, energy...
-I have no idea I'm this attractive.
-Shut up!
I can't let this marriage happen.
No matter if you agree or not...
I will marry him.
Oh! You are in love with my son!
You should have told me that, first thing.
Such tension you gave us!
Now tell me, aunty.
Do you guys like me?
It's not us who has to like you.
It's our son.
Leave that to me. I'll take care of it.
Let's take a selfie, aunty. Ok?
You gave us such a josh!
I'm from Hyderabad.
-Is it?
-Why don't you sing a song for me?
Got it. See how I'll make
you jump up in joy! Hit it...
-Our business is growing lately.
-I sang great, right?
Not just bars, girls are
coming to places like this too.
Is it?
-What is she doing here?
-I'll have a beer and will go home.
We don't have any liquor with us.
Hey, shut up!
Tell me.
I don't know how to tell you.
I wanted to tell it uniquely...
But no matter what I try,
it will come down to the same thing.
-How can I tell?
-Try using your mouth.
Whatever it is, keep it straight.
I... love you, Raju sir.
Stop it!
I... I'll meet you again.
Bye, Raju sir.
Wow! Murthy sir... Your life is too good.
You're enjoying life with
two pegs and three eggs.
Forget about my pegs and
start talking about the girl.
So you already came to know that she
came to the bar and proposed to me!
She's at the bar too?
-Is she here too?
Yeah, she did.
She said she's in love with you.
She even said she will marry you.
-You have to marry your girlfriend, right?
-Who loves her, dad?
I mean... Your love towards
her made her travel to us.
As if she's a bus or a train to travel!
-See how he's acting!
-Murthy sir...
You have gone mad from drinking too much.
-I don't even know her.
But now you do, right?
She looks beautiful.
-Marry her.
-I won't.
You shouldn't marry a
girl who proposes in a bar.
God! He won us with words.
Uncle, the tea tastes superb!
Does the magic lie in your
hands, or in the cup that I hold?
Son, water will become holy only
after going into the conch shell.
[all]: Of course!
Even uncle is throwing
great comebacks!
Raju sir.
Dude, you work in a bar and
she's calling you 'Sir'.
She's really a great girl!
I expressed my feeling last time, right?
I'm here to hear you say 'Yes'.
What will you drink? Coffee or tea?
Your wish, Raju sir.
-One strong tea.
Look... The moon revolving
around Earth is nature.
Boys revolving around girls is love.
But girls revolving
around boys is madness.
Of course, I'm mad about you, Raju sir.
Ok. What's your name?
-What do you do?
I work with Infosys.
Which one? The building that's
as tall as mountain Kailasagiri?
How much do you earn?
With or without cuttings?
Dude, I thought we'll have cutting only
in the bar. Even they have cuttings!
Do you think it's less?
If it's not enough, I'll try to
bag a job in a bigger company.
-Raju sir...
Hey... Have you gone mad? Stupid!
I love you!
Anyone can love anyone in this world.
I love you.
-What's your name?
-What do you do?
-I'm a singer in Mass Bar.
-How much do you earn?
-Around 15,000.
A take-home of around 17
to 18k including tips.
Do you know how much I earn?
How can we set together?
Go mind your work.
That's the answer for
the question you asked.
We can't set together.
-But, Raju sir...
-Hey, get lost.
Hell with love!
When will we reach,
traveling at this speed!
Why did you stop here?
I'm getting late for the office.
See, your job is important for you.
And my business is
important for me.
A customer who took the fund is
not answering the call.
Looks like he's close by. I can smell him.
Relax! Sit.
Aadhi... Hey, Aadhi!
Why are you not answering my call?
The phone got heavy.
Move it!
You can't punish me for your
silly reasons. Not right.
Give me the interest.
I don't have any money.
At least tell me when you can pay?
I'm saying that I'll never pay.
See, Aadhi...
That's not the way you talk
after someone helps you out.
-Pay me.
-What if I don't?
-That will create a scene.
-Will you hit me or what?
-No, Aadi.
-Then get out of here.
Give me the money!
Hello! Yeah, sir. I'm almost there.
Hey! This is not a joke.
I know this is bound
to happen in business.
That's why I have trusted
my son over my age.
If he gets here,
he'll play a game with you.
If he gets here... what starts
will not be a game... but a hunt.
Call him up!
I'll be there in five minutes, sir.
-You are finished today.
There he is... Raju!
He took the money,
but is not paying the interest.
I asked him to pay up
and see what he did!
Smash them!
He has to fall at my
feet before he pays.
Do you even have any sense?
How can you do business with people
like him? This is bound to happen!
-Come on, mom.
Hey... You said he'll start a game,
but he seems too impotent for that.
He don't even care if
his dad is bleeding.
Is he not the one who
gave birth to you?
Hey, don't you feel any
anger listening to all that?
He should feel that, not me.
What is he talking about?
I told then I gave birth
to a man and he is...
Even you are a man, right?
He became your wife before
becoming my mother.
Why are you not getting angry?
Can't you answer them in a fight?
-Don't you have any?
I mean... guts.
If you do,
thrash them in front of your wife.
What's with the meetings? Come to
the mater if your meter is working.
God! Do you know what he just said?
I feel ashamed even to listen to it.
Imagine how angry you have to be!
Don't you feel like killing yourself?
It's not enough to feel that
you gave birth to a man.
I doubt if my father is
a man in the first place.
What? Can't you win?
Forget about the win... Go try at least.
Stop talking him up.
Your dad is not a hero.
Every dad is a hero... You fool!
You are a hero, dad.
Kick the hell out of them.
Come on!
Look out!
You relax, dad!
-See how I'll react!
-Thrash the hell out of them!
My round is done.
Shirt please. Yeah!
Kill it!
Bring out the money. Come on!
-I did an action episode after a long time.
-Super! Let's have an extra drink tonight.
Hit it!
-Watch it!
Ask him to stop! It's irritating.
You don't understand my pain.
I thought she loved it.
Shut up! She just used him for her
enjoyment and threw him away now.
-Is it?
What 'Yeah'!
Raju sir!
-Dude dude dude...
Idea! Like my girl used
me, let's use this girl.
-Damn you!
-I don't mean that kind of usage.
I mean for money.
-You did you hit me?
What happened, Raju sir?
These idiots have no idea
how valuable tears are!
They cry if a girl rejects them.
Or if the parents say 'No' to something.
And they cry even if a
friend like me says 'No'.
Are you thinking 'Why'?
Just for a bloody party!
-Actually, it's his birthday today.
Yeah, it is.
-He asked him for a party.
-Yeah, he did.
I said this is the month-end and
let's party after we get our salaries
And he started crying! Idiot!
Poor guy!
Throwing a party on the birthday
give the right kick, sir.
We too want that kick.
But we don't have any money on us.
Oh, God!
Is it working?
I'll pay for the party, sir.
And now you made a girl feel bad for us.
Raju sir...
Let's not do this if you feel so.
For them.
Just for these idiots...
-Such a clever setting!
-I'll come to the pub with you.
You don't have any problem with
it, right?
-Hey, darling!
Raju sir... Looking very handsome.
Nice hairstyle. Wow!
Hey, give me the card. Excuse me!
Take them to the bar.
-Ok, you guys have fun.
-Yeah, ok. Let's go.
-Hey, bye! Hey!
Listen, make a bill so huge that she has
to fear even to look at us from tomorrow.
The public proved how we
can use a free Jio sim.
We'll prove the same with free liquor.
Then start.
[all]: Cheers!
-My card is getting declined.
We have to pay 9000 more.
You said you'll throw the
party and pay the bill, right?
That's why we
enjoyed it a bit more. Bye!
-Bye. Let's go.
-Bye, madam.
He used to get tips, but now he gave one.
Raju sir!
One minute.
Happy birthday, Badram.
What happened?
No one ever gave me a
gift since my childhood.
This is first. Thank you, madam.
-Thank you!
-Hey, shut up.
It's not even his birthday today.
If I make you pay the bill and
make a fool out of you...
I thought you would stop following me.
But what's with you? Just like a
bubble gum stuck to the slipper!
Please! Stop following me.
I'm not as good as you think I am.
Raju sir...
You are a really great person.
Or else, you wouldn't have
told me the truth, right?
Hey, get lost! Get lost!
Come on, guys.
My boy... Here comes the filter coffee.
Look at him bend like a dog!
I can't look at it.
Dear Krishna Murthy, turn around.
Huh! What is this, uncle?
I was just with Sunny
Leone and make her go away.
-Sunny Leone?
You don't even earn
enough to buy a cycle.
But you want Sunny Leone, is it?
Son here is a strong
filter coffee for you.
Why do you look like you are lifting
all the bottles you drank on your head?
Where are you guys the whole night?
-We went to a pub, dad.
-A pub?
Who let your nasty faces into a pub?
-Why do you care, uncle?
You guys enjoy all night and
have to bring you coffee, is it?
-Do you need clubs and pubs at this age?
Talk about age and
I'll show you my power.
Venata Lakshmi told
me about your 'power'.
I told her not to tell anyone... Coffee!
Raju sir...
Hey, what's with you?
Sorry, I didn't see you there.
I didn't like the coffee, so...
It's ok.
You didn't like my coffee? Huh?
You die for my coffee every day,
and today you suddenly hate it!
I'm hurted! I'm hurt!
I'm hurt!
I'm very very hurt!
I don't care who gets hurt.
I just didn't like it.
Good evening, sir.
-Where does he live?
-Sir, Seethammadhara.
What does he do?
Meenakshi being at a place like this!
-Hey, stop. Call him.
-Call who?
The one who's singing. Raju. Call him.
It's the peak hours. Brother is too busy.
You have to wait for him.
-Let's go, sir?
-Where to?
I didn't see sir properly.
Let's have close look and then leave.
Ok, sir.
Tell me. They said you are waiting for me.
-Tell me, sir.
Hello! Why are you leaving
without saying anything?
If you even look at
Meenakshi one more time...
Hello hello hello, stop!
-Who are you and where are you going?
-I need to meet Meenakshi once.
Then go to Madurai.
What are you doing in our office?
-Who are you, sir?
-Meenakshi's lover.
Please go, sir.
Excuse me, sir. What can I do for you?
Hello, excuse me.
This is Meenakshi's lover.
That gives us a direct entry.
Please come, sir.
-Sir, would you like to have water?
-Yeah... Boost.
-Hey...No thanks.
-Ok, sir.
-Looks so elegant!
-Meenakshi's lover.
-Good luck, sir.
-All the best, sir.
-All the best?
-Hey, what's happening?
-You're a lucky guy.
Dude, she's out of imaginations.
I think she will play your wedding soon.
Hey, I'm already mad with all this
overaction. Don't test me more.
-Hello, Raju.
I'm Y.V. Rao. MD.
I heard that you are a great singer.
How do you know about me?
There's no need to introduce
Taj Mahal and Meenakshi's lover.
-See, I'm not Meenakshi's lover.
You'll be her husband if you marry her.
How can you decide that?
Tell me, where are you
planning the wedding?
How can I know that? Ask her.
Oh! Even that's happening
as per her wish.
Now I understand why
Meenakshi likes you.
-But I still don't understand, sir.
Raju sir!
Raju, all the best!
Raju sir... You came to my
office, searching for me!
-I can't believe this.
-Hey, I need to talk to you. Come.
Yeah, let's go.
You made this public knowledge!
-Raju sir, that's...
-I'll kill you if call me 'Sir' again.
As if I got you educated
you and hired you for a job!
Hell with the sir.
Ok, forget about you.
The guy who gave me a warning
yesterday... Who is he?
That's him.
-That's Ashok...
-6 x Come!
What did you blabber last night?
-Mind your language!
-This is the language a blown-up mind speaks.
-This is how it sounds.
-Ashok, please!
Please leave us alone.
What for? Let him stay.
We have to end this today.
Hey, I have no idea who she is.
And no idea who you are.
I don't understand why you're
getting excited to protect her!
I'll explain.
I love you, Meenakshi.
I love you, Raju sir.
One slap will change the shape
of your face! Hell with love
Meenakshi, he's not correct for you.
No matter what you do...
I love you, Raju sir.
Say that again and I'll kill you.
Look at his behaviour.
Look, Meenakshi.
You can kill me,
but not my love, Raju sir.
He don't respect love, Meenakshi.
I just need his response.
I'm not expecting respect.
He's making fun of you Meenakshi.
I'm not making fun of her.
I'm just asking her to be within her limits.
What's with you? He's behind you and
you say you love me. What's this?
Forget about him Raju sir.
Why don't you like me?
I don't even like love.
How can I like you?
You might like me if you love
me, Raju sir.
This is how mad she is, brother.
She talks only about what she wants,
but will never listen to us.
I won't listen to anything
until you say you love me.
One slap across your face and
you'll hear nothing for life.
Keep that in mind.
Why should we fight because of
her, boss?
You are the perfect match for her.
Not me.
Make her understand that.
See you. Bye!
-Raaju sir...
3 x Raju sir!
Call me that again and I'll kill you.
Stay away from me.
Take care of her, brother.
You can't handle me if I go mad.
Make her understand this too.
He smells of soil, Meenakshi!
Let him go.
Give me one thing that
as pure as soil, Ashok.
You let me go.
Where did he go so fast?
Where is...
Raju sir...
-Hey, what are you looking at?
-My name is Raju.
I'm confused that she's calling me 'Sir'.
Of course, she's calling you.
-Shut up and serve.
-Ok ok.
Raju sir...
Problems are common between lovers.
We have to deal with it within ourselves.
Why are you complaining to him?
Following me everywhere is not love.
It's torture.
No matter how much you try,
I'll never have feelings for you.
Sir, there will be a time for rainfall.
It won't rain when we wanted it to.
It will rain when it's time.
Then you'll never get that time.
It will and I'll be following
you until then, Raju sir.
Forget about that.
How's the paani puri...
Have you gotten high
with a girl by your side?
Do you know who I'm?
Gajuvaka Raju.
His name is also Raju, sir.
-Have you gone blind?
-Sorry, brother.
It was a genuine mistake, brother.
-What happened?
-I saw it.
-I saw it!
-What did you see?
-I saw it!
I'll thrash you!
Do you think you are
hero or something?
Do you know who I'm?
Raju sir!
You're bleeding!
Is it paining, Raju sir?
Look at his face!
Stop it, dad! Damn it!
What if something has to happen to him?
Forget about what happens to him.
She can't bear it if something
has to happen to you.
-She would have killed him!
-It's true, uncle.
I can still see that scene
right in front of my eyes.
-How can she hit him like that!
-Go ask her. Go!
I'm not that brave.
Hey, stop being angry and
think with your heart.
She jumped at him like a
cheetah for just a small cut.
She's mad about you.
She will never leave you.
She never will! No!
-Nice timing, boss!
-Won't she leave me?
I know how to make her leave.
Raju sir.
Raju sir...
You asked me to come to meet you!
I couldn't believe it.
Thank you.
Raju sir...
Did you just look at me and smile?
Raju sir... I'm on cloud 9 right now.
Do you like me to that extent?
That word will is nothing in
front of my feelings, Raju sir.
There are no boundaries
to my happiness today.
I'm on top of the world!
Will you do anything for me?
Do anything?
Ask me to die and I'm ready, Raju sir.
Why think of death?
Let's think of life for a moment.
You and me... for one whole night...
-Excuse me!
You know what I'm talking about.
You have to spend a night with me.
What? Is that ok for you?
Hey! What are you not talking about? Huh?
I'm talking to you. Hey, Meenakshi.
Why are you leaving?
You said you love me, right?
You even said you'll die for
me, right? Hey!
Maybe this is better than dyind.
Think of it, ok?
Think hard and give me an answer.
And she says that she loves me!
You have to spend a night with me.
She will never even
look at me in this life.
Raju sir.
I'm ready.
-He said she's never come back, right?
-He said he made sure of it too.
-What is she ready for?
-Maybe she's playing with us.
You told me... yesterday... right?
I'm ready, Raju sir.
Have you given it enough thought.
I think there's something
happening between them...
-You mean lapak-chapak?
If... If you can tell
me the place and time...
In the evening.
You should have told me earlier, right?
That this is what you want.
Why did you give it a
tagline called 'Love'?
When I asked you to
spend a night with me...
If you would have slapped
me across my face...
At least I would have had
some respect towards you.
It's not your fault. One has to blame
your parents who brought you up this way.
If they did their job right,
you wouldn't have grown up right.
Once girls used to make boys take
them to movies, shopping, and dinners.
And finally dump him one day.
But now the trend got changed, right?
Everything got reversed.
You take us to the pubs.
You spend money for us.
You even buy us gifts.
What do you do all this for?
Just for this, right?
Boy like girls with a good character.
Not the girls who just sleep around.
Girls like you are called...
There's a posh word they use in pubs...
What's that? Ahh... That's... Yeah!
If you even show me your face again...
I'll kill you.
Super, dude. You made all men proud.
-You killed it.
But I feel bad that he has to do
all this to prove himself a man.
I don't get it.
Is he praising him or scolding him?
I'm feeling the same, dude.
Tell me, did you call her or did she...
-I asked her to come and then she did.
So you calling her is not wrong.
But her response to your call is.
Murthy sir, too overthink.
-It's simple. She's a...
-What's this, mom?
He's in deep sleep in his own world.
Why did you wake him up?
Stop it, dad. What mistake did I do?
I told her not to follow me,
but she never listened. That's why...
Shut up! Who the hell are you?
You are nothing but a torn
shirt and a dirty beard.
Why is she even in love with you?
Aunty, that's not love.
It's just attraction.
Idiot! I'll kill you
if you make another sound.
These idiots made him this way.
-What did they do?
They clapped for you,
while they should have slapped you.
Will you do the same thing if it's
your sister who's in her place?
A boy following a girl is love.
But a girl following a boy, it's lust.
If a girl says no,
you'll attack her with acid.
And if a boy says no, you'll judge
the entire character of the girl.
When will you change?
Poor girl! You moron.
For the first time in my life,
I feel ashamed of giving birth to you.
Damn you!
After we got married,
if took her one month to get close to me.
Your mom hesitated even to touch
her own husband for one whole month.
But she came to you,
just because you asked her to.
Now try to understand where
you stand in her heart.
See, if she's all about
what you think of her...
Why will she come to meet me and
tell me that she loves you?
Try to understand.
We searched everywhere.
She's nowhere to be found.
Call her.
-Switched off.
-Call again.
Switched off.
-Why are you here?
As if you haven't done enough already!
How can you be happy after
hurting a girl like her?
Sir, call Meenakshi once.
I need to talk to her.
She's not her. She resigned because of
you and left without telling us where.
-Sir, please call her. I need to talk to her.
-Throw him out!
Let me talk to her once, sir!
Hey, get out!
-Sir, please!
-Move! Let go of him.
Call her, sir!
Damn it!
-Tell me.
Can you give me the
address of this number?
As if you are a CBI officer
to answer you right away.
Madam, my license.
My Aadhar card.
Please help me, madam.
-Please help his love.
Please, madam.
Getting into love.
Then fighting emotionally.
And then searching for each other.
Quite common!
-Are you trying to make fun of me?
-What happened, madam?
Her address and this address
are one and the same, right?
-Same address?
-Stop acting smart.
Please check again, madam.
See for yourself.
Same address!
How can Meenakshi's
number be on your address?
I don't know!
-Tell me, dad.
-What happened, dad?
-I'll tell you. Come home at once.
Let's go.
-What, dad? What happened?
Meenakshi got these documents
from register post to our address.
See. Aadhar card, Pan
card, bank statement...
She has our address on all her papers.
Not just that. This document has
your name under the 'Husband' section.
Who's this girl?
Love you, Raju sir.
Did you find Meenakshi?
[both]: No, uncle!
Go search for her. Go!
-Ok, uncle.
-Let's go.
Who's this Meenakshi?
She used our address on all her papers!
Who is she?
Sir, try to understand. He's a rogue.
I'm the right match for Meenakshi, sir.
Not him.
Sir? Hello! Hello!
Damn it!
Hey, why are you here? Get lost.
-Where is Meenakshi?
You guys broke up, right?
Why do you want to see her again? Huh?
How can we break up without falling in
love? I want to tell her that I'm sorry.
And? Are you planning
to patch things up?
Mental! Can't you understand?
Hey, you have to understand. Not me.
What's your problem?
Do you think I'll take her away from you?
I'll never do that.
I'll just say my sorry and leave.
I swear on you.
-I won't believe you.
Can't you understand?
Hey, Computer!
It seems like your hard disk got fried.
Check it.
And try to understand what I'm saying.
I'm not in love with Meenakshi.
You are her right match. Not me.
Hey, tell me where she is.
I'll tell you.
But you have to say
your sorry and leave.
Anything extra than that will
bring out the psycho in me.
Don't overact. Give me the address.
There is a village called Sri
Rangapuram, 150 kms from here.
Go there and meet Satya Murthy.
You'll know where Meenakshi is.
Sir, where's Satya Murthy sir's house?
-That's him.
-Is it?
Hello! Sir... Sir...
I'm talking to you...
Stop, sir. Satya Murthy sir.
Sir... Sir...
Sir... Sir, please stop!
Why did you come here? Leave!
Or else I'll break your legs.
Who are you, sir? I haven't
even seen your face until today.
What do you know
about me to blame me?
When a girl says that she loves you...
You are so pure at heart that
you'll ask her to sleep with you.
What else should I know about you?
Where's Meenakshi, sir?
What for? You already took her respect.
Do you want to take her life too?
You will never be happy again.
Your life will be ruined.
-You'll be ruined.
-Scold me. Hit me if you want to.
Or else, just kill me.
But tell me one thing, sir.
Who's this Meenakshi?
'Who's this Meenakshi'?
She's a girl who sacrificed her love
just because she made a promise.
She followed you everywhere
and loved you all along.
What did she promise and
whom did she promise to?
And what's with loving me because of a
promise she gave for someone else, sir?
Who's that person, sir?
Did you see, Lakshmi?
She looks just like you.
She will be watching, brother-in-law.
My sister has been watching over you.
-What else do you think?
-Come come.
-Your uncle is here.
-I'm here every day.
But what's the use?
No one listens to me.
You have to say it properly.
How many more days
will you live alone?
How can I be alone
when you here with me?
Please get married again.
-For what?
-How can you say that?
The woman who comes will be
her mother and your partner.
But she won't be my Lakshmi, right?
Got it?
How can I make you understand?
You can't.
Because your argument has no point in it.
Though your sister left me in between...
She loved me enough for a lifetime.
In the form of my daughter.
She's my world now.
-Careful, dear.
-Don't move, dad.
So peaceful. It's not burning at all!
What do you think of your daughter?
Give me my tips.
We have to tip the barber, right?
Thanks, dear! You did a great job.
Here is your tip.
Dad, an iPhone!
Thank you, dad! Thank you so much!
Such a great scene! Wow!
Someone who gifts a phone that costs
1 lakh just for shaving his beard...
Your are the first in this entire world.
-Such a great family.
-Uncle is getting jealous.
Thank you so much, dad!
Dad, I switched on the phone.
Let me give you the first call.
-Hello! Can you hear me, dear?
Why won't he hear?
It's an iPhone that costs 1 lakh.
Uncle, don't cry. Second call is for you.
Tell me your number.
God! You don't know my number?
-Where is the well? Where?
-Stop. Don't die.
She's just a little girl.
Let me offer you a nice coffee.
-Not coffee. I want to eat fish.
-Don't make fun of uncle.
-I'm leaving for office.
Dad, I'll start the scooter today.
See... He only listens to me.
No one else.
Let me see why he won't.
Move... Catch this.
Dear, you grew up soft in his brought up.
You can't do it. Move!
-Even you can't do it.
How can my nephew not listen to me?
-Just one kick!
-Come on, uncle.
-Keep trying.
-Go on.
-God! Brother-in-law...
If I can't start this, no one can.
It's service is done.
No. You grew old.
Krishna, we are getting late for office.
Let's go.
-That's how you do it.
This is cheating.
There is some magic involved.
Of course... The magic of Krishna.
Like Arjuna listened to Krishna
during Kurukshetra war...
He will listen to only me.
Meenakshi, plese.
Hey, what are you saying?
How can I send an SMS to the boy you love?
Have you gone mad?
This is my second love.
I messaged my first love myself.
It went to the recycle bin.
At least the second one
has to go into C drive.
Or else, my system won't listen to me.
Shut up!
You and your computer language.
Also, what should I message?
I was never in love.
Don't say that, Meenakshi.
You need a grip on
the language to express love.
You have that in abundance.
Please help me out.
Please! Please! Please!
Ok.. Ok!
But this is the first and last time.
Never ask me such helps after this.
Thank you, my golden doll.
Thank you so much. Bye!
Ok, bye.
-I'll be waiting for your SMS.
I'll forward whatever you send me, ok?
What should I message?
I don't even know how he looks.
How does he look?
You'll die in my hands.
Where are you running to?
Bahu, take this.
Happy Holi!
-Hey, no!
Hey, pay up. Pay up!
Come on.
Come on!
We would have won if at
least one of us escaped.
Let's play another game?
No! I'll never play with you, ever.
-What should we do with the remaining eggs?
Let's make an omlet and eat happily.
What are you writing, being so tensed?
A love letter, uncle.
Damn! Your dad bought you
an iPhone and spoiled you.
No, uncle...
I'm helping my friend with her love.
I would have written for myself
if I'm in love with someone.
-Now I don't know how to.
You, youth, changed love into a
feeling that regards only you.
Isn't it love that a
mother has towards her son?
Isn't it love that a
father has towards his daughter?
Love is an universal feeling.
Ok. Can you write how
much you love your father?
I can write an essay
of bundles of paper.
Too much! Just write
something short and nice.
Are you done?
Yes, uncle.
Now remove the word 'Dad' from it.
And replace it with 'You'.
That's it! No matter who reads it...
He has to fall for you.
-Ok. Thank you, uncle.
-I love you.
Hey, boy...
If my life is a book...
Every word in it belongs to you.
If I'm an ocean...
Every movement inside me is yours.
I don't know how,
but when I look at you...
My happiness knew no limits!
If this is what they call love...
I'm definitely in love.
Hey... One final thing to say.
This is not a love letter.
This is my destiny.
Through this one single letter,
I understood how much you love me.
When did you even see me
and had feelings for me?
I don't know what you love in me, but...
Reading your letter...
I remembered the words my mom told
me about love, when I was a kid.
No no... Sorry, sir.
I didn't send you that SMS.
The last digit of a phone number got
typed in wrong and you received it.
Actually, I have sent
that SMS to my friend.
Extremely sorry!
Oh, is it?
It's ok. It's just my bad luck!
What happened, dude?
She didn't mean to send that SMS to me.
-She thought she have sent it to her friend.
Just a minute...
-Whoever he is, he's really lucky.
-The one you are in love with.
God! I'm not in love with anyone.
I wrote that for my friend so that
she can send it to her boyfriend.
Is it true?
Then... I really love you!
-I mean, your heart is empty, right?
I'll fill that place.
Are you mad?
I said it's a genuine mistake, right?
I can't process any of your excuses now.
I processed your SMS to that extent.
I just got fixed.
I love you!
Stupid! Disconnect the call.
Dear, he won't leave you. Not at all!
My love worked out
because of your SMS.
You are happy, yes.
But I'm unable to take his torture.
-Did he call you again?
-He never stopped.
You told him that the love
SMS is not for him, right?
But he's not listening to me.
Here... It's him!
-I love you, madam.
Can't you understand?
I don't love you. Stupid!
Madam... You sound even
sweeter when you scold me.
Come, eat me. Eat me up!
-Idiot! Stupid!
Yes, ma'am. Coming.
All the best! Do well.
-Excuse me, sir.
-Come in.
-I'm sorry, sir.
-Please be seated.
Thank you.
-One minute, sir.
I'm disconnecting the call and you
still don't get that I'm busy? Stupid!
Sorry, sir.
Sorry, sir.
No problem.
Your interview is over.
Go answer the phone happily.
Nothing like that, sir.
You don't even remember to
put your phone on silent.
And you are at an interview.
You are not correct for this job.
So, you can leave now.
-Sir... Please, sir.
-Get out!
She said no and you are still
pursuing her. Why don't you leave her?
-First love... I can't let it go.
-As if you are Pawan Kalyan!
Hey, she's calling me.
And it starts!
Madam... You...
You called me? Tell me.
I lost a great interview because of you.
Lost things are not supposed to come.
Things that come will never be lost.
Philosophy! I'll break your face.
Let it break.
-Don't you feel ashamed at all?
-Of course, I do.
I saved it for you.
You are finished.
Where are you now?
Why give you the pain of travel, madam?
Tell me the address. I'll be there.
Come then... Come on!
Note down my address.
Please do. She's giving me her address.
Hey! You mental!
He's doing all this just over an SMS.
Imagine what happens
if he sees you in live.
No no... Don't come.
How can you do that to me?
The feeling of seeing you
just gave me a crazy kick.
See mister...
When the feeling of wanting
to see me feels good...
You'll lose it if you see me, right?
Damn! Why don't we meet?
I won't.
What can I do?
I'll keep imagining you and
loving you until we meet.
What? Love without seeing each other?
What did you just say?
Love without seeing each other?
Such a great idea!
He's too much.
I'll teach him a lesson.
Ok. If you can love me
without seeing me, do it.
-I don't mind.
You'll keep listening to my love all
over Vizag, but you won't see it.
By the way, what's your name?
What for?
To search me on Facebook?
Madam, you are a class person for sure.
How can you say that?
Mass boys like me always end
up with class girls like you.
You are talking too much. Bye!
He's the biggest crack in this world.
He says he'll love me without seeing me!
Love without seeing each other!
How can that be?
-How can that be?
-It's not going to be.
I'll woo her slowly and
will try to see her.
I'll love her if I like
her or I'll cut her off.
-That thing on WhatsApp...
Why don't you see her there?
I did.
You're really clever.
What if he checks Truecaller?
-It won't show my name.
-There are dots as her name.
-Then how will you find her?
He can't do it.
He will!
Dear, your phone is ringing.
See who's calling, dad.
Hello! Who's this?
-Sounds like some man.
-Idiot, maybe her family.
We are from the Census department.
We need your family details.
Can you give us your address?
Census department sends
people to our house, right?
Why are you asking for
our address over a call?
Maybe it's the phone torture guy!
You are still in the times of the Singh.
This is Modi's age. Come into it.
-Ok, note it down.
-Dad, give that to me.
I'll talk to them. You go.
Careful. He seems like a mad man.
-She's on line. Take note.
Switch on the speaker.
Hello! We are from the Census department.
I don't care.
Just note down the details.
My dad's name is Nara Jagan Kalyan.
Age... 102.
My name is Kalvakuntla Venkamma Naidu.
Age 75.
Enough? Or do you want more details?
How can that be? We need to come to
your count. Sorry, to your house.
Hey, counting brother...
Your plan had a lot of holes in it.
Who are you? Why did you call me?
And who asked you to?
I know everything.
Hey... If my guess is right...
You are a friend of the phone torturer.
You might also look like a lizard
in a banian. Disconnect the call!
You said it will work, right?
Sorry, dude. My whiskey plan failed.
She's really sharp.
I have a bright idea that will reduce
the sharpness and increase the contrast.
Stop listing remote keys.
Or else, your TV set will blast off.
-Tell me what the idea is.
-This is the idea...
Hey, we are getting late. Come fast!
I'm coming.
-Come on!
-Sorry sorry.
-Let's go.
-Namasthe, madam.
I'm calling from ICIC bank.
I don't want credit cards or loans. Bye!
-Can I know the reason?
-I don't need them.
That is our scheme's name. Needy loan.
No need comes when you need it.
Our scheme is all about using the
need that comes when we don't need it.
It'll be confusing on phone.
We can explain in detail face to face.
-And 0% interest too.
Your scheme sounds so great.
-Note down the address.
-[whispers]: Hey, what are you doing?
Yeah, please tell me.
-Yeah, right.
-Oh, thank you.
We'll be there in half an hour.
I'm a little busy now.
After dark, I can listen
to your scheme in leisure.
Thank you!
This is how you get a girl's address!
You just keep watching.
I'll settle your life.
Thanks, dude!
Come come come come, my dear boy!
Hey, why did you do that to them?
If they really go to the address
you gave them, that's it!
This is what they get for trying to
play games with me. They'll be finished!
There are no lights on
and no houses nearby!
Is this the correct address?
Hey, the door is open, right?
We'll go check.
[singing a heroic song]
I doubt something!
Hey, we are here for you, right?
Don't listen to him. Let's go.
Hey, don't go inside.
-I told you not to!
-Close the door. Fast!
-Come on!
-The dogs bit me like hell!
Enough of your laughter.
Please stop now.
You booked us bad with a wrong address.
My friends are still in that shock.
If you say you'll keep
smiling everyday...
I'm ready to be fooled everyday, Ms.
Why did you stop? Laugh!
Forget about me stopping.
You have to stop first.
What will be the value of the
destination if you stop the travel?
There's no meaning in walking
towards a destination you can't see.
I have a lot of work to do. Bye!
Just a minute...
Please! What are you doing?
Ah? My last interview took a dip
in the pool because of you, right?
Are you planning to dip
the next one in an ocean?
-Not this time.
-Is it!
-You know astrology too?
Tomorrow is an auspicious day.
Light a diya in Mother
Meenakshi temple at 8 AM...
And everything you wish
for will come true.
What do you say? Hmm... Bye for now.
Do you think I'll come
to the temple as you say?
-Yeah, dad?
-Didn't you sleep?
-I'm preparing for the interview, dad.
Oh, you have an interview tomorrow, right?
All the best!
-God bless you.
-Thank you!
Tomorrow is an auspicious day.
Light a diya in Mother Meenakshi temple
and then go attend the interview.
And everything you wish
for will come true.
-Do you think she'll come?
-For sure!
-What if she don't?
-I believe that she will.
'How' is your question, right?
Some visit the temple out of devotion.
Some out of fear.
And her?
What if she's not sentimental?
If that's the case, her DP would be
her own selfie. Not Mother Meenakshi.
If my guess is right,
she's already on her way.
She'll be here any minute now.
How do you think she looks like?
How will you rrecognise her?
Request to the devotees.
If you have cell-phones on you...
Please deposit them at the security.
-Phone please, sir.
What do you want, sir?
Damn it!
You found the phone,
but how will you find the girl?
Mother Meenakshi will help me.
Mother Meenakshi,
our names are one and the same.
Get me a great job, please!
-What happened?
-I don't like the way the goddess look.
You shouldn't say so.
Mother will get angry.
I got scared. Black! Huge eyes! Damn!
You shouldn't see her with
eyes, but with your heart.
And about appearance...
Even I'm black, right?
But you still like this mother, right?
I love you, mom.
I love you!
So do you get it now?
You like a person with your
heart, not with your eyes.
Damn it!
'I love you', right? Say it.
I'm here at the temple now.
I'm not trying to find and see you.
I lied to you about loving
you without seeing you.
I thought of seeing you and then
decide depending on your appearance.
The truth is that I fell for you the very
first day when you have sent me that SMS.
But my sluggish brain
took time to process that.
Mother Meenakshi made me realize that we
love with our heart, but not our eyes.
But now I tell you with all my heart,
and Mother Meenakshi as my witness...
I'll love you for a lifetime,
without seeing you. This is fixed!
Come see me and love
me only if you like me.
I'm here at Lord Vinayaka temple.
Did you see me?
The concept of being in love without
seeing each other feels good.
There is an inexplicable feel to it.
Why don't we continue it this
way, Mr. Mass.
What's there to ask, Ms. Class.
This is the boon from Mother Meenakshi.
To you too.
-Thank you, dad.
-I don't have diabetes. I can eat sweets.
All this is yours... Take it!
Congrats, dear.
Your dad's annual income is your monthly
income and that's your range now.
-I love you!
No matter how great the kids become,
that's the parents' greatness.
Well said! That's why they say...
Take care of a cow and
it will give you milk.
Take care of a girl and she'll love you.
Well said!
This is the dream I'm dreaming
for you from a long time now.
It finally came true.
-What's this, dad?
-I bought a house in your name.
Why now, dad?
How can you ask 'why'?
Your education is done.
You got a great job. And your marriage
is the only thing that's remaining.
I want someone who understands
your heart and act accordingly.
Your mom would have asked
you if she's alive today.
But now I'm everything to you, right?
Do you have anyone in your heart?
No! Nothing like that, dad.
Of course! If so, you would have
already told me, right? Right?
Do you know what kind of a
man I'll get for my daughter?
One who gives her
everything without her asking.
One with a great heart.
And a man who will take much
better care of her than me.
-I'll start off to the office.
What's this, dear?
Your father acts like
your friend all the time.
Should you hide things from your friends?
I saw you talking to
a boy over the phone.
Your dad shares everything with you.
Why did you hide something
this important from your dad?
As he asked me so suddenly...
-I got panicked, uncle.
I trust your dad's parenting.
A boy you love will
definitely be good at heart.
Tell that to your dad and he'll
accept with a happy heart.
Because of the truth you hide, you both
have to live a happy life. Not a sad one.
Go tell this to your father at once.
Ok, uncle.
I'll tell him once he gets
back home in the evening.
-Got it.
I'm trying to pocket this red,
but it's not listening to me.
I have to have the red one... Yes!
Check your surroundings when you talk.
Or else... This is what happens.
A slap across your face!
Got it!
She's calling... Just a minute.
-Tell me, Ms. Class.
-What are you doing?
My friends are running
behind colours these days.
I'm trying to teach them good manners.
Forget about them and concentrate
on giving our love a great start.
-Tell me what to do.
-Stop talking on the phone.
Madam, you are ending it
in the name of starting!
This phone is the only connection
our love has. How can you cut it off?
We have to. Mr. Mass.
Only then we can meet, right?
What? Are you telling me
that you want to meet me?
So we are going to...
Put a full stop to the phone...
And start our love journey, live.
Just a minute.
What happened to him?
Looks like some spirits got to him!
When shall we meet?
Just a minute.
Where shall we meet?
-Divis bridge.
My favorite place.
-I'll be there in five minutes.
Stop jumping and keep down the excitment.
I'll tell you the time later.
-What happened, dude?
-She said she'll meet me.
-Namasthe Nageswara Rao sir.
-Namasthe, sir.
-You called me about the premium!
-Yeah, today is the last date to pay.
You pay it on time, right?
What happened this time?
-I already paid.
-You did?
It's not updated in the system.
Which branch did you pay it in?
I give it to the agent
and he pays every time.
-Who's the agent?
Raghu? He has to be here... Raghu.
-Come here.
Namasthe, Prasad sir.
How are you doing?
They say I didn't pay the last premium.
I went to a marriage at home, sir.
I'll pay tomorrow.
What? You'll pay tomorrow!
They say today is the last date.
What bad will happen
in one late day, sir?
What did you say?
What is this, sir. People are watching.
I'll pay it tomorrow.
Let go of me, sir.
We have to live till tomorrow
to pay tomorrow, right?
Sir, this is about my pride. Let go!
This is about my life.
This police guarantee that my family will be
protected if something has to happen to me.
How can you take such a thing so lightly?
We shouldn't let him go. Call the police.
Book a fraud case and send him in.
Enough of getting excited!
Don't test me. I can go to extremes!
What's the proof that he gave
me the money? Tell me, sir.
Do you want proof?
All the trust he had in you changed
into fear over just a second.
That's the proof.
All these people feel scared,
imagining themselves in his situation.
That's the proof.
This is just a small thing at our age.
But only at that age, you'll
realize how big a thing this is.
One who loves his family
knows how important this is.
You live on the commissions they pay
you and you neglect them in return!
Sorry, sir. I'll pay tomorrow for sure.
The time is up too.
No. You have to pay right away.
Or else, I'm not moving from here.
Sir, please talk to him.
Sir, your payment will be done right away.
Don't worry.
-Sir, how can that be?
-Come on. Come!
Sir, I talked to the manager.
It'll be done today.
Wait here. They'll give you the receipt.
Sir, the server is down. It will take
one hour for the payment to get updated.
It's ok. No matter how late, close
only after handing him the receipt. Ok?
Ok, sir. I'll take care of it.
You leave.
Bye, sir.
It's better you stay here
until they hand me the receipt.
-Come with me.
-Where to?
Come, sir. Come.
Come on, sir. Sit.
Uncle, two strong tea.
Hand me a king.
-Today is World Cup finals? Up for a bet?
Hey, betting is a cheap thing to do.
It's wrong too.
Anyway, India will win the cup...
My quota is four beers.
Cigarette in the hand.
And liquor on call.
And gawking at the girls passing by.
-This is not right.
-Sir, have you ever has a smoke?
-Go into your flashback and answer.
Ah! I think it's when I
got my tenth class results.
I'm shaking with tension.
A friend passed me a puff.
God, the smell.
My entire mouth smelled bad,
And I never smoked, ever again.
-Not at all!
Take a reverse one more time, sir.
-There's no man who never drank.
-Is it?
My friends asked me to
throw a bachelor party.
So I bought liquor for all of them.
Those donkeys mixed all
of them and made me drink.
Vomitings and bad smell!
Vomitings and bad smell!
That's it.
I never touched that filth again.
What about women?
You should have respected
my age at least.
What do you think of me?
By women I meant love...
Did you ever fall in love?
There it is... I can see it in your eyes.
Naughty! You do have a love story.
Speak out.
I remember now!
There used to live a beautiful girl
called Geetha right in front of our house.
Every time I go out, she used to
make a paper ball and throw it at me.
Like in a thriller movie,
I wanted to see what's in it.
And my friend used to say 'No'!
One day, I finally made up
my mind and opened it up.
She wrote 'I love you' in blood.
Why will Ii step back?
I too slit my hand.
-I wrote 'I love you too'. 3 extra letters!
Our love story knew no limits.
We had a duet in dreams.
We hugged in a temple.
I told her, 'Geetha,
no one in this world can separate us'.
-And my back felt a heavy hit.
That's my dad.
He started grunting and
she started running.
It all happened so fast. That's it...
And I never picked up any piece of
paper, ever again.
So cigarette, alcohol, and women...
You tried all these and left them
after you got enough experience.
We too have to have some
experience, right?
You took a day. We might take two days.
Or two years!
We are the youth, sir. Let us enjoy.
-Hi, darling.
Dad, where are you?
We? We are at an interesting topic.
Is it? Ok.
When will you be home?
-I'll be there in... One hour?
-Yeah, one hour. That's it.
-We'll be there in one hour.
-Ok, dad. Come fast.
Ok, dad. Bye!
Who's she? Your girlfriend?
Yeah, she's more than that.
My daughter.
I can understand looking at you,
how much you love your daughter.
Yeah! Thinking of her
gives me goosebumps.
I can't keep it in words.
Let's try a song.
Tell me, Ms. Class.
Can you come meet me at five?
Of course!
My bike will turn into a rocket.
Alright, see you at five.
Sir, what kind of a man
your daughter needs?
[explaining an ideal husband]
Son, you are singing the
lyrics I was supposed to sing.
Nothing like that, sir. Just a minute.
Hello! Yeah, I'm coming.
Sir, here is your receipt.
Thanks, son. I would have
been lost without you today.
It's ok, sir.
Feelings are common for everyone.
But sometimes they take control over us.
And then you get hit
with BP and sugar.
Anger won't suit your age. Ok? Be cool.
Bye, son.
Hey, what happened to you?
Start right now.
What happened, sir?
I don't know. Nothing good is
happening today, except meeting you.
We are friends for the last 30 years
and even he's not listening to me.
-Let me try.
-He's not listening to even me.
Maybe he got sick.
Need to take him to a doctor.
Move aside, sir. What's wrong
with me giving it a try?
Ok, go on.
See... Your boss is in a lot
of tension since morning.
You are helping him out from
the last 30 years, right?
How can you do this to him?
Try to understand.
-Thank you.
He overflowed, looking at your pain.
That's why the late reaction.
That's how a friend should be. Bye, sir.
I need to ask my dad's
permission to meet you. Wait!
-Ms. Class, I'm here at the spot.
So what? You said you'll wait
a lifetime for me, right?
-Can't you wait until I'm there?
-No no, I will.
I have been waiting for your
permission all these days.
Now I'm waiting to see you.
-My feelings are going off the charts...
-Wait wait wait!
Cross the border and you won't
understand the language. Stay there!
-Here he comes! Hi, dad.
-Hello! Hello!
Here you are.
I have been waiting for you.
-I have good news for you.
-What's that?
-I don't whose face I saw in the morning.
-Might be mine!
Shut up!
I'm coming from the LIC office.
-Did you find gold?
I have found a great son-in-law.
What do you mean?
We make matches by just looking
at a person for five minutes.
We trust him just for that and
give away our daughter to him.
But we can't rely on what people
say about him and what we see.
Forget him coming to our house.
We can only understand him
if can we be with him for a day.
And he showed me what he
is, in just an hour.
I went deep into his heart
within that one hour.
He's the one for my daughter.
But Meenakshi...
Do you know who he is, what does he
do, and how much he earns?
All I know is that character
is the highest graduation.
A good heart is the highest of earnings.
Why do you think that you have to
get Meenakshi married right away?
Think for a while and get her
married to a doctor or an engineer.
I told him the same thing.
Do you know what he said?
Sir, just a minute.
I want to tell you something,
if you don't take it the wrong way.
-Tell me.
-I saw the news on the paper today.
A father like you married his
daughter into a rich family.
Everyone in that family are doctors.
They have a great name in the city too.
But the groom went bad!
The experiments he's supposed to do in
his practice... He did them on his wife.
Poor girl! She went through hell
on Earth and went to the heavens.
No matter if he's a doctor,
engineer, or a software guy...
Stop looking at the family and start
looking at the boy's character.
I understood how much
you love your daughter.
Go for a boy who loves her like
that and her life will be great.
Bye, sir.
That's when I have decided. Where
will you get a man like him, tell me?
My only tension is that...
Forget about our girl liking him.
He has to like our girl.
That's your phone. See who that is.
Why didn't you say anything?
What can I say, uncle?
My dad who loves me is thinking great
of him, more than he thinks of me.
What will you answer him?
-I don't know!
-I do. Let me.
Uncle, stop!
-Why don't you listen to me once?
-Hey, stop!
Dear, I didn't ask for your
opinion and kept on talking.
-Am I doing a mistake?
-He asked you... Go on.
Nothing like that, dad!
Do you trust your dad?
Every decision you took
from my childhood...
You made sure I'm happy, dad.
Thanks a lot, dear!
I know you'll listen to me.
He too will.
What more happiness do
I need for this life?
And you don't need more
happiness than this, right?
He's waiting like a fool for you.
Listen to me and go tell
your dad about your love. Go.
Dear, don't cheat him.
That won't leave you in peace.
Listen to me.
Answer the call, it's him. Go on.
-Tell him you are coming.
-Then why did you love him?
-What are you thinking about?
Every human have wants
and dreams in their lives.
But not everyone can
make them come true.
But with him,
all your dreams will come true.
I have to introduce you to him
first thing in the morning.
He should like you.
Your marriage should be a blast!
Dear, let me tell you this...
I don't know if you'll be
Mother Sita if you marry him...
But he'll definitely be Lord Rama.
He's such a great guy.
Do you think my wish will come true?
It will, dad. For sure.
Forget about it and sleep tight.
I know...
I know that my daughter
will always listen to me.
Can you help me with something, uncle?
Tell me, dear.
The man dad told us about...
enquire where he is.
Have you gone mad?
How can you still hang
onto something like that?
Make your love win.
You'll be happy with him.
Listen to me and go to him.
Don't think of what your dad said.
Uncle, you don't understand.
It's my duty as a daughter to
fulfill my dad's last wish.
Please try to understand.
Dad told me something before he died.
Forget about me liking him.
He has to like me.
I have to win his heart.
What about him?
I have been waiting here since yesterday.
I understand that you are being
able to make it here. It's ok...
Tell me where you are
and I'll come to meet you.
And? What will you do then??
Why do you sound so angry?
Did I do something wrong?
Hey... Love is the
biggest wrong one can do.
Also, how can someone love without
seeing each other in this generation?
-Such madness!
That day in the temple, it's you
who said that this feels great, right?
And yesterday, you told me that we
can meet and then love even more.
What changed in a single day?
-It keeps changing every minute.
-Ms. Class!
Forget about class and mass.
Because I don't love you.
You are just a timepass for me.
What are you talking?
We both talked over the phone, right?
And we even fell in love, right!
-What about...
-That is what is called 'Timepass'.
Not 'Love'.
Hey... I took you so lightly.
You don't imagine too much.
How can I even love someone like you?
What's your level... and what's mine?
All these days you are just...
I was just testing your range.
And I confirmed that you
are not right for me.
There's no wrong with changing
according to the range.
But I didn't change. My love is true.
Love love love...
What do you mean by that?
You might be in love with
me, but I'm not.
Please don't say that.
You are in love with me.
I know that in my heart.
But you are hiding something.
Tell me if there is a problem.
But don't tell me that you don't love me!
Please! I love you with all my heart.
-I love you!
-Don't you get it?
Stop this right here.
Never call me, ever in this life again.
She cremated her
happiness for her dad.
And worshipped you,
even without seeing you.
He took great care of his
daughter until his last breath.
But I don't understand why he wanted
her to marry you and spoiled her life!
Why are you smiling?
Have you gone mad?
-Are you trying to kill me or what!
-Put me down.
-Where's Meenakshi?
-Tell me! Where is she?
-Put me down!
-Tell me, where is my Meenakshi?
-Are you trying to kill me!
-Tell me where she is, please.
-Put me down, now!
What you said is right, dad.
He knew how to win hearts.
It's really difficult to
win back his heart, dad.
Please forgive me, dad.
I can't even make your
last wish come true.
I failed you, dad!
So you tried warning
me at my office and...
You thought I would tell
you where Meenakshi is!
I have sent you to him only to
find out where Meenakshi is.
I would have told you where she is.
Because she loves you so deeply, right?
Ok, forget all this. Let's go. Come on.
You say your sorry and
I'll express my love.
I have to say my sorry,
but not to Meenakshi.
I have to say sorry to you.
-What do you mean?
-It's a long story!
But I'll keep it simple.
Actually, I'm not in love with Meenakshi.
But I just came to know that I have
always been in love with Meenakshi.
Do you know why I was never
attracted to Meenakshi?
Because I have a lover.
And that's Meenakshi herself.
I swear...
I didn't get even one bit of it.
But I got clarity.
If I let you go now, you'll propose
her and dance for a duet, right?
Then what about me?
You gave me your word. You promised
me, right? Did you just break it off?
I hate people who break promises!
He broke his promise.
So even I'm breaking one.
I said I'll give you 5 lakhs to
thrash him, right? Deal cancel!
I'll give you 50 lakhs to
kill him and this is fixed.
Ashok... Ashok, listen to me.
Stop, you bloody...
Ashok, listen to me.
Mine is not a failure love story.
In fact, it's a huge success!
I'm telling you again...
I didn't love Meenakshi.
But the girl I'm in
love with is Meenakshi.
I know a lot of love stories... But...
I still don't get his love story.
-Did you?
-Yes, boss.
He didn't love Meenakshi.
But the girl he love is Meenakshi.
Let's go. Come on.
-Ms. Class, I love you.
Hey, stupid! Why did you call me again?
I already told you, right?
Love without seeing each other
is just trash in this generation!
Call me again and I'll kill you.
Will you?
Of course, I will!
Kill me, Ms. Class.
Kill me!
I hurt you a lot!
Once I searched like a blind
fool for a love that I can't see.
But now, the same love stood
right in front of me...
And I failed to recognize it.
Seeing a girl follow me every day
everywhere, I thought she's characterless!
But I failed to understand
that she's such a great character...
...who sacrifised
her love for her father.
I scolded a great girl like you.
I dishonored you.
I did a mistake, Meenakshi.
Please forgive me.
How can you ask me to forgive you?
No matter how much I have cheated
you, you said nothing...
And came in search of me.
Where can I find a better man than you?
With you in her life...
Any girl would be happy for
a lifetime, Mr. Mass.
But I hurt a man like you
for my selfish reasons.
Aren't you disgusted with me?
Look at the way you love your father.
And imagine how much more love
you'll shower on your life partner.
I know how much your father loved you.
Give me one little chance, Meenakshi.
I'll give back both mine
and your dad's love combined.
I love you, Meenu!