Super Monsters Back to School (2019) Movie Script

Super Monsters
Super Monsters
Super Monsters
We're Super Monsters
We're human in the daylight
We're Super Monsters
We become monsters at night
Sun down
Monsters, up!
Is she here? Is she? Is she?
[Lobo sighs]
What's taking so long?
Why aren't they here yet?
[Lobo sighs]
Don't worry, Lobo.
It's a long drive from Ciudad Monstruo
to Pitchfork Pines,
but I'm sure your cousin Vida
and her parents
will be here soon.
I got you!
I can't believe Vida is going
to live right next door!
Won't that be great?
We get to play together
every day,
you, and me, and Vida,
and all our friends.
And she'll come
to Pitchfork Pines Preschool with me too!
It's going to be amazing!
[Lobo howls]
[Molasses snores]
-[Lobo laughs]
-[doorbell rings]
She's here!
-[Katya] Hi, Lobo.
Is Vida here yet?
No, and I've been
waiting forever!
Oh, we'll wait with you.
We have paper and paints.
So we can make a sign
to welcome Vida and her family
to Pitchfork Pines!
That was my sister,
Lobo's aunt Maya.
She says they're almost here!
-[Lobo and Katya cheering]
-[Lobo howls]
-[car horn]
-[Lobo gasps]
They're here! They're here!
Spin each other
Round and round
Jump down and up
And up and down!
Stick together like we're glue!
Cause that's what friends
And families do!
[Lobo and Vida laugh]
I'm so happy you're here!
We all are!
Welcome to Pitchfork Pines,
[speaking Spanish]
Gracias, Esme.
What a sweet little plant!
I got so excited,
I used too much magic.
[Katya laughs] That happens
to me all the time.
[speaking Spanish]
Hola, Abuelita!
[speaking Spanish]
Hola, to Jorge!
Hola, Vida!
Welcome to your new home.
Why don't you let Esme,
Katya, and Lobo
take you on a tour
of Pitchfork Pines?
Great idea, Jorge.
All of the Super Monsters made
a list of our favorite places
in Pitchfork Pines.
I can't wait to show you!
[officer Calavera] Maybe you should
take Skelly with you.
I'm sure she's excited
to get to know our new home.
It's OK, Vida.
New places always
make me nervous.
Me too.
But hugging Skelly
makes me feel better.
OK, cousin Lobo.
Skelly and I are ready to go.
Let's go!
[Lobo howls]
Our first stop on your tour
of Pitchfork Pines,
is the petting zoo!
This is where our monster pets
like to stay when we're at school.
[Katya chuckles] Henri loves
to play with the Wingoats,
Bubble and Trouble.
And Molasses likes to nap in
the trees and nibble on leaves.
[Molasses chuckles]
[Molasses grunts]
It's OK, Molasses.
I'm sure this tree would be happy
to give you some leaves to eat.
[Katya gasps]
[Katya and Lobo]
Oh, Vida, that was amazing!
Yes, thanks for making sure
Molasses has a tasty snack.
Speaking of snacks,
maybe we should go get
something to eat too.
Oh, I know just the place!
Next stop: Luigi's Pizza!
[Wing Goats hopping]
Henri wants to stay and play
with the Wingoats.
And so do I. We'll see you
at school tomorrow.
-[Esme] Goodbye!
-[Vida] Adis!
[Henri meows]
Welcome to Luigi's!
The best pizzeria
in Pitchfork Pines!
[Vida sniffs]
It smells delicioso!
Hi, Vida! Hi, Lobo!
Hola, Frankie. It's so nice
to see you again.
Come have pizza with us.
We ordered a whole bunch.
I'm so sorry, everybody. I can't
make any more pizza tonight.
I don't have enough fresh
oregano for the sauce.
What's ora-- oragio?
Oregano is the most important
ingredient in my pizza sauce.
I grow it in my herb garden.
Oh, I can help with that!
Oh, grazie, Vida.
You are a super helpful
Super Monster.
[speaking Spanish]
De nada, Luigi.
I like being helpful.
Now I can make lots of more
pizza sauce.
And lots of more pizza.
[Lobo cheers]
[Lobo] Now it's time for the
amusement park!
See you tomorrow!
Wait till you see
the Ferris wheel.
It's my favorite ride
in the whole park.
-[Lobo] Look! There is Cleo and her mom!
-Hi, Lobo.
Hi, Vida! Don't you just
love Ferris... wheels?
Oh, no! Mummy power!
Wow! I didn't know
you could do that!
My mom's been teaching me to use
my mummy wraps like lassos.
See that building over there?
That's the natural history
That's where we're going next.
Drac and Spike are going
to meet us there.
[Drac and Spike laughing]
Oh, I love dinosaurs.
-So do we!
-Hi, Vida!
Come say hello to Dippy,
the diplodocus.
[Spike grunts]
Oh, dear!
Spike, are you alright?
I'm OK.
But I don't know if Dippy is.
Do you think I broke it?
It's OK, Spike.
I know all about skeletons.
And this one is super strong.
I think this Super Monster
knows what she's talking about.
She sure does.
Vida, the last place on my list
is the library.
Zoe said she'd meet us there.
-Bye, Vida.
-See you tomorrow!
[Lobo] Hmm, Zoe's got to be
around here somewhere.
Hi, Vida. How was
your first night in town?
It was wonderful, Zoe.
Lobo's been showing
me all of the Super Monster's
favorite places.
The library is one of my favorite places.
There is so many wonderful books
with so many amazing stories!
The only hard part is deciding
which ones to take home.
And which ones to put back,
until next time.
[Zoe and Vida laugh]
Oh, and putting the books back
where they belong
can be a little difficult.
Thank you, Vida.
[Vida chuckles]
It's going to be so much fun
to have you in school with us.
Skelly and I can't wait.
Oh, no. Skelly, my doll.
She's gone!
Don't worry. I'll find her.
[Lobo] Not there. Nope.
Not there either.
Everything here is so new.
New house. New town. new school.
It's very exciting,
but it's also kind of scary.
And when I get scared, hugging
Skelly makes me feel better.
It's OK, Vida. I understand.
We all have something that
makes us feel better
when we're nervous or afraid.
That's right! And you need Skelly.
So we're going to find her.
I can't find Skelly.
She's not in the library.
I'm going to make some calls.
We'll get all the Super Monsters
to help search for Skelly.
Thanks for coming, everyone.
These are all the places
we went tonight.
[Lobo] Skelly has to be
out there somewhere.
[Lobo howls]
Let's go find that doll!
We can do anything
When we pull together
The power to help
Is the best super-power ever
Helping each other
That's what monster friends do
That's what they do
When working together
And having a great time too
That's what monster friends do
When a friend needs help the most
That's the time to pitch in
So let's all lend a hand
And let the monster fun begin
Helping each other
That's what monster friends do
That's what they do
When working together
And having a great time too
That's what Monster friends do
We're sorry, Vida.
We looked, and looked, but,
we couldn't find Skelly anywhere.
It's OK.
Don't give up. We'll keep
looking until we find her.
Molasses found Skelly!
Thank you, thank you,
thank you. Oh!
Hey buddy, I know it must've
taken you all night to get here,
but I'm so glad you did.
I'm really happy
to have Skelly back.
But I don't think I needed
to hug her as much as I thought I did.
Even when I felt nervous and sad,
all of you made me feel better.
-Oh, yes!
-Oh, yes!
Mam, pap, I think we're going
to be very happy living here,
in Pitchfork Pines.
[everyone cheering]
Sun up!
Super Monsters!
[background music]
Are you excited to start
school tonight?
I don't know. It's so different
from my old school.
What if I don't like it?
Here's something I think
you'll like.
Abuelita made bean and cheese
tortas for our snacks tonight.
My favorite! Gracias, Abuelita.
See, mija?
Even though your new school
may seem different,
you'll still have lots
of familiar things too.
Your favorite food,
and your favorite doll.
-[Vida chuckles]
-And your favorite cousin. Me.
OK, cousin Lobo.
I'm ready to go to preschool
and try new things.
Remember, Vida. Lobo has been
a student here for a while now.
So if there's anything
you need to know, just ask him.
That's right! I know everything
about this school.
[Lobo laughs]
Vida, this is our teacher, Igor.
Hello, Vida.
But, I thought Miss Esme
was my new teacher.
I am. And so is Igor.
At Pitchfork Pines preschool
we have two teachers.
Oh, in Ciudad Monstruo,
we only had one teacher.
She was really nice.
Well, if having one teacher
was nice,
then having two teachers
will be twice as nice.
Having two teachers is different,
but, I think I will like it.
-Hi, Vida!
[Vida chuckles]
Hello, Super Monsters.
Look! It's my favorite time
of the day!
Ours too!
-Sun down!
-[all] Monsters up!
Super Monsters!
Who's ready for flying practice?
-Oh, I am!
-Me too!
Mummy power!
Time to fly!
Oh, I've never seen a mummy
who could fly!
Cleo's mummy magic
is amazing.
But your plant magic
is really amazing too.
Thank you, Zoe.
I like helping green things grow.
Like this little plant.
Wow! You really mega-sized
that plant.
I can do that too.
-[Frankie sighs]
Sorry, Vida. I didn't mean
to scare you.
I've never seen a monster
mega-size before.
I'm the only one
who can do it.
This school has so many
different kinds of monsters.
With so many different
monster powers.
It's different. But I like it!
[everyone cheering]
Hey, check it out!
-[Frankie laughing]
-[Zoe] Let's take the shortcut.
[Zoe chuckles]
[everyone laughing]
I just learned how to do
a backwards somersault.
Want to see?
Vida! Watch me fly upside down.
[Katya laughs]
You want to see backwards
and upside down? Check this out.
-[Drac] Even my moves have moves.
-[Vida laughs]
Whoa! Whoa!
I've got you!
And I've got Skelly.
[Lobo grunts]
Oh, thank you!
[clears his throat] Perhaps it's time
to take this airshow outside?
-Oh, sorry.
Oh, this big plant will look
great in the front yard.
I'm going to go
outside and watch
everyone practice
their new tricks.
Would you like to come?
No, thank you, Igor.
I think I've had enough
new for now.
Oh, I understand.
Well, feel free to explore
the school,
and make yourself at home.
[Vida chuckles]
OK, I will.
[background music]
Oh, that poor plant
needs my help!
Lobo, this plant needs
some plant magic.
And it needs some water too.
It's very thirsty.
I'll be back, fast, fast, fast.
This little guy is pretty wilted.
No one ever comes up here.
They probably forgot
it was even here.
I'm going to give it
lots of magic.
And I'll give it lots of water.
[background music]
Wow, I think I used
too much magic.
And I think I used
too much water!
-[Lobo] Oh, what did we do?
-[Vida] Oh, no!
[background conversations]
Up here!
-What's going on?
-What's that?
[background upbeat music]
[everyone gasps]
Hello, Victoria.
[organ music]
What's that?
[organ music]
Well, good evening to you too.
[organ music]
Yes, it certainly has been
a while.
And we do have
a lot of new faces.
Allow me to introduce
them to you.
Super Monsters, meet Victoria.
She's been a part of this house
ever since it was built.
But Victoria was feeling
a little worn out.
So she decided to take a nap.
A very, very long nap.
We're happy you're back,
[organ music]
Did you have a nice rest?
[organ music]
Oh, I'm so glad to hear it.
A good nap always makes me
feel refreshed and energized.
[organ music]
[Esme laughs]
Oh, Victoria.
We've really missed you.
Super Monsters, say hello to Victoria.
[everyone greeting]
Vida, would you like
to say hello?
No, thank you, Igor. I've had
enough new things tonight.
Oh, Miss Organ?
You can call her Victoria.
Miss Victoria?
Can I try playing something
I learned from Grandpa Mash?
-[organ music]
-Oh, thanks!
[organ music]
Wow, Victoria, you're amazing!
[everyone cheering]
Victoria, may I have a turn?
-[organ music]
-[Katya] Thank you!
[organ music]
[everyone gasps]
-Got room for one more?
[organ music]
-[everyone laughing]
-[organ music]
[everyone cheering]
Come on, Vida.
This new organ is amazing.
I think I'll just wait here.
Victoria, would you please
play something we can dance to?
[organ music]
[everyone laughing]
[organ music]
[organ music]
[Vida laughs]
[upbeat music]
Wow, Victoria!
You're amazing! Right!
[organ music]
Well, look at that.
Where did the time go?
Sun up!
Super Monsters!
[children cheering]
-[children cheering]
-[Vida] Done!
How was your first night
at preschool, Vida?
It was new, and different.
[Vida chuckles] And really,
really fun!
-[everyone cheering]
-[background music]
La la la la la la
Super Monsters
Super Monsters
We're Super Monsters
We're human in the daylight
We're Super Monsters
We become monsters at night
In Pitchfork Pines we learn
And help each other grow
There's magic in twilight
That's when we start to glow
Sun down
Monsters up!
I'm Drac, flying fast
Cleo, wind power
Spike, fighting clouds
Zoe, zombie vision
Lobo, super speed
Katya, magic spells
Frankie, stomp
We're Super Monsters
Until next time we monster up!