Super Monsters Save Halloween (2018) Movie Script

Super Monsters
Super Monsters
Super Monsters
We're Super Monsters
We're human in the daylight
We're Super Monsters
We become monsters at night
Sun down
Monsters up!
That should do it.
Ready, Frankie?
Ready, Dad.
Almost! Want to try again?
OK. Just give it your very best
"Frankie Mash Monster Smash!"
I did it! Ah, this game is awesome!
Everyone at the Halloween Carnival
is going to love it!
I hope so. I just want to help make
Halloween super-fun for everyone.
It's my favorite holiday!
Mine too.
I love Halloween!
Then you better not forget this.
It's filled with all our favorite
Halloween music.
It'll be perfect for the school carnival.
Thanks, mom.
Hi, Mr. Riley! Happy Halloween!
Great costume!
Halloween? Already?
Ha! Funny. It still feels
like summer to me.
Oh, dear!
Today is
Halloween, isn't it?
It's definitely Halloween.
But, where are all the decorations?
Oh, that looks like fun.
It's a bean bag toss for our
school carnival. Want to try it?
My mom made the bean bag
with real magic beans!
Wow! Great game, Mrs. Spelling.
Oh, thanks, Delilah. Are you coming
to the Halloween Carnival tonight?
Tonight? But Halloween is next week,
isn't it?
I'll just take this inside, then
you'll have all the music you need
for the Halloween Carnival.
If there even is a Halloween.
Oh, did everyone forget
that it's Halloween?
Oh, it's OK, kiddos,
maybe some of our neighbors aren't
ready for trick-or-treating,
but, there are lots of other ways
to celebrate our favorite holiday!
After all, Halloween is...
The best night of the year!
And it's almost here!
Sun down, monsters up!
Super Monsters!
-So exited!
Happy Halloween!
Look! Decorations!
Mrs. Carradine! You remembered
Oh, I'd never forget Halloween!
It's one of my favorite holidays!
So, why did everyone else forget?
Sometimes, people can lose
track of time,
and suddenly a holiday arrives
before you're ready for it.
Besides, holiday decorating
and costume making
can be a lot of work.
Can I help you with that?
Come on, you guys.
And this one here.
And not everyone's lucky enough
to have the Super Monsters
to help them.
That's it! We need to
help Pitchfork Pines
get ready for Halloween!
-Great idea!
-We can make decorations!
And costumes!
We can save Halloween!
My neighbor, Mr. Riley,
didn't know it was Halloween
because the weather is so hot.
We can take care of that.
Right, Spike?
Right, Cleo! My Dragon Clouds
can darken the skies.
And I'll use my wind power
to help cool things down.
But remember, Spike. We're making
dark clouds and cold wind.
But no rain.
Right! No rain.
-Goodbye, moon.
-See you later.
Good job, guys. Now the weather is
Halloween chilly.
I'm glad I have my werewolf fur
to keep me warm.
Now that the weather is ready,
what's next?
Decorations! To the art cubbies!
Paint, paintbrushes, crayons,
markers, construction paper,
modeling clay, yarn,
glitter, and glue!
- We'll need clay bats.
- On it!
Construction paper cats.
I have the perfect spell!
And the perfect model.
Glittery spider webs.
-Glitter is my specialty!
-And floaty ghosts!
-We've got this!
Now, we just need the pumpkins
from our garden to make--
Pumpkin flying through the sky,
turn into a pumpkin pie!
A tasty snack, we all deserve it,
but Igor needs a way to serve it!
Oh, thank you, Katya!
Now, who wants pie?
I do!
Oh, no!
The floaty ghosts are finished!
Spiderwebs are ready!
You are right, Henri, they're not
nearly as handsome as you.
Magic changes from black to blue,
these paper cats
should look like you!
That's the last of the bats.
Great job, Super Monsters!
You've made enough decorations
for everyone in the neighborhood!
What's next?
Igor. Could we use the costumes
in the school theater?
Great idea, Katya!
My friend Leo loves lions.
He can dress up in this,
and pretend to be one!
I bet Mr. Gabmore would like
these rabbit ears!
Are you ready
for Halloween, mateys?
Cleo. Do you think Albert would like
to be a pirate?
-OK. That's the whole list.
We have a costume for everyone.
Oh, no!
We can't have trick-or-treat
without treats!
Do you think this is enough candy
for tonight?
So, this is enough candy for me,
but, what's everyone else
going to eat?
-Come on!
-You have to share!
-Ready, Super Monsters?
-We're saving Halloween!
-We're saving Halloween!
-With magic!
-Ready, Katya?
Add every house on every block, like
doorbells ring, and knockers knock!
A Jack-o'-lantern!
Pickle jellies?
My favorite!
Oh, look, honey! Floaty ghosts!
Did it work?
Just give it a moment. If those
wonderful costumes
aren't enough to get everyone
ready for Halloween,
I don't know what will.
Hey! Where are
all the Halloween decorations?
Why isn't anyone
I'm sorry, everyone, but,
it looks like Halloween in Pitchfork
Pines will have to be canceled.
Wait! There's one thing
we haven't tried!
-Wow, check that out!
We were working in the lab
Late one night
When our eyes beheld
An eerie sight
For a monster from the slab
Began to rise
And suddenly, to our surprise
It did the Mash
The Super Monster Mash
The Monster Mash
It was a graveyard smash
It did the mash
It caught on in a flash
It did the Mash...
Great job, Super Monsters!
Pitchfork Pines is ready
for Halloween!
Not quite ready, Igor.
Super Monsters, our neighbors
need a little help
putting up those wonderful
decorations you made.
It did the Mash
The Super Monster Mash
Those zombies are having fun
The party had just began
The guests included Wolfman
Dracula and his son
The scene was rocking
All were digging the sounds
Igor on chains
Right by his banging hands
The coffin bangers
Were about to arrive
With their vocal group
The Crypt Knicker Five
It did the Mash
The Super Monster Mash
The Monster Mash
It was a graveyard smash
It did the Mash
It caught on in a flash
OK, Super Monsters, it's almost
time for trick-or-treating to end.
And for our Halloween Carnival
to begin!
Can we go to Albert's house? It's
the only one we haven't been to yet.
-Of course, Frankie!
Esme? How come Albert's house
doesn't have any decorations?
-Did we forget them?
-I'm sure we didn't.
We double checked the list.
Hi, Albert. Happy Hallo--
We... ween?
Did I do something wrong?
Maybe he's tired
from trick-or-treating.
But I didn't see him
Did we forget to decorate
Albert's house?
He doesn't even
have a Jack-O'-Lantern.
Look what I brought you, Albert!
Maybe he doesn't like pumpkins?
Maybe he doesn't like the pirate
costume we gave him.
We can make him a new costume.
It's not the decorations
or the costume.
I really like my costume.
I'm just afraid.
Afraid? Of Halloween?
The scary decorations.
Spooky costumes. Creepy sounds.
And those glowing pumpkin eyes?
It's just way too scary!
Are you scared of us
because we're monsters?
No! You're my friends.
I'm not afraid of you.
You're not scary. But Halloween is.
I'll trade you my gummy bats
for your pickled jellies.
Igor. Esme. Did you know
that Albert doesn't like Halloween?
But everybody likes Halloween.
It's the best night of the year!
It's because he thinks
it's scary.
But that's my favorite part!
Well, the scary part of Halloween
might be fun for you,
but not for everybody.
Halloween can be fun
in other ways too.
The treats. Dressing up. Dancing
to fun Halloween songs.
Oh, and the Halloween Carnival.
That's it! We have to get Albert
to come to our carnival!
Then, he can see how fun
Halloween is.
Wait till you see what my dad
and I are doing for the carnival.
It's Fang-tastic!
You've got to come, Albert!
There's going to be treats,
and games, and treats,
and crafts, and... and... treats!
Well. You promise that
it won't be scary?
-We promise!
-We promise!
And one of us will stay with you
the whole time.
Just to make sure.
Well... OK. I'll try it.
Happy Halloween, Albert.
It's so nice to see you.
Hi, Albert! Come on, I'll show you
our awesome carnival.
The bean bags are made
with real magic beans!
This is the best apple cider
I've ever tasted!
Come on, Albert, you have to try
the maze my dad made.
It's A-mazing!
Will... will anything jump out
and scare me?
That was super fun,
Mr. Howler!
Oh, hi, Albert!
Sorry I scared you.
Zombies like mazes, but we do them
a little different than others.
That's OK, Zoe.
Lobo! Your dad's maze is super fun!
Come on, Albert! Follow me!
- Which way?
- This way!
Showtime in one hour!
There! All smiles now.
That was fun!
- Yum!
- Oh, thank you!
That's OK, Albert.
You don't have to try anything
that makes you scared or nervous.
But maybe you would like to try
my apple cider.
Yes, please.
Hey! Let's go see Drac's
haunted classroom!
Don't worry, Albert.
Everyone says it's really fun!
-And not too scary.
-No, thank you.
Any scary is too scary for me.
Even if it's Drac and his dad
pretending to be scary?
U-huh. Their haunted house
is just make-believe.
Maybe I could just look.
Hi, guys! Ready for
a very scary time?
I mean, a very fun time.
We promise it's super-fun!
I will stay with you
the whole way.
OK. If you'll stay next to me.
The fog is kind of scary.
What's that?
It's too scary!
Let's get out of here!
-Are you OK, Albert?
-We're sorry.
We didn't think it would be scary
if we were with you.
You know it's all
just pretend, right?
Would you like to see
how the tricks work?
We pull on these strings
to lift the lid.
And we put... Mom.
What are they called?
Motion sensors.
Oh, yeah! They're in the cubby,
so when you walk by, they light out!
And we record the spooky sounds
on my phone.
We can speed it up!
Or slow it down!
I think I understand why people
like Halloween.
I mean, it's scary, but,
pretend scary.
-So not really--
Would you like to stay and help
make the very scary things
happen for the next visitors?
No, thank you.
Now that I know how all the pretend
scary works,
it'll be fun to try it in the dark.
That's the best haunted classroom
I've ever been in!
Oh, don't be scared, Frankie.
It's just me.
Yes, excellent!
That was amazing, Zoe!
Thanks for showing me
how fun Halloween can be.
I'm so happy I want to dance
like Zoe's marionettes!
Did someone say dancing?
It did the Mash
The Super Monster Mash
The Monster Mash
It was a graveyard smash
It did the Mash
It caught on in a flash
It did the Mash
The Super Monster Mash
Coffermen's coffer,
Drac's frost and rain
Seems he was troubled
By just one thing
He opened the lid
And shook his fist
And said "What ever happened
To my Transylvania Twist?"
It did the Mash
The Super Monster Mash
The Monster Mash
And it's a graveyard smash
Another Mash
It caught on in a flash
Another Mash
It's the Super Monster Mash
Now everything's cool
Drac is part of the band
And the Monster Mash
Is the hit of the land
For you, the living
This Mash was meant too
When you get up to our door
Saying Mr. Mash sent you
It did the Mash
The new Super Monster Mash
The Monster Mash
Into our graveyard smash
It did the Mash
You'll catch on in a flash
It did the Mash
The new Super Monster Mash
It did the Mash
Go Dracula, go
The Monster Mash
Igor, you sound great
The Monster Mash
Another Mash
Super Monster Mash
It did the Mash
The new Super Monster Mash
The Monster Mash
Into a graveyard smash
It did the Mash
You'll catch on in a flash
It did the Mash
The new Super Monster Mash...
Best Halloween ever!
La la la la la la
Super Monsters
Super Monsters
Super Monsters
We're Super Monsters
We're human in the daylight
We're Super Monsters
We become monsters at night
We're kids who want to learn
And help each other grow
There's magic in twilight
That's when we start to glow
Sun down
Monsters up!
I'm Drac, flying fast
Cleo, wind power
Spike, fighting clouds
Zoe, zombie vision
Lobo, super speed
Katya, magic spells
Frankie, stomp
We're Super Monsters
Won't you try letting your monster up?