Supercapitalist (2012) Movie Script

Back in the '80s and '90s,
information was key.
Now it's a whole new game.
These days, with the Internet,
2 fresh grads sitting in some
shit windowless box
might be pushing around more money
than some of the biggest funds.
They're getting information faster than
anyone else
they're masters of a chat room.
That's why our job is not
just about information.
It's about intelligence.
When we buy a stock,
it's because an idiot sold it to us.
And when I say us,
I don't mean those pussies
over on Wall Street.
Hedge funds, gentlemen, are the future.
And we thrive, not only by our ability to
decipher the clues and read between the lines,
but by designing foolproof plans
to be executed to the 'T'
by supercapitalists.
We are a superior,
covert agency of operatives
created and incentivized to
fulfill one mission:
Your God given right to make
as much money as you can before you die.
We will bear arms with our words,
and more importantly,
go to war if need be
using all tactics imaginable,
and unimaginable.
we create events.
Events to unlock shareholder value.
And that's why our fund is up 25%,
year over year, for the last 5 years.
What about Asia?
Well, we got a guy set up in Hong Kong.
Real smart, knows his stuff.
Come on, will you take a look!
Come on, baby!
- Come on!
- Come on!
Fuck! Bullshit!
Traders are on edge at the moment as they wait for
that Federal Reserve announcement on interest rate.
Raising rate substantially, well,
could have a dramatic effect on
The US economy.
Could choke off growth
as the higher borrowing cost means that
people find it harder to take out loans.
Experts are warning, though,
that there is a need for
higher borrowing costs to curb...
1%, right, Conner?
Just word got out.
You really think Feds gonna
cut rate to 1%?
This is the one, Andy.
I can feel it.
That's why I like about you, man.
Yo, Conner, man.
Thank you again for those analytics yesterday. Spot on!
- Hey, remember, box seats!
- Seriously, with this guy.
- Hey, let me ask you something.
- What's up?
This Friday,
Yankees vs Mets, what you got, man?
- Johnson vs Kashida.
- Yes, sir!
I heard word on the street is that
Kashida broke up with his fiance.
So, he's gonna be
a little distracted.
- How do you know that?
- Come on!
Yankees by 2.
Go with me on this!
OK, that's what I'm talking about.
Big day today.
You ready?
Mr. Brown, your conference connected.
What do you got for me?
Our old man [...] over at R8W is about to kick the bucket,
so we're gonna short.
Pretty boy!
Our work spec at the Fed
announce big numbers,
so we're just going to sit tight today.
One more thing on the agenda today, guys.
We are going to say sayonara
to Hong Kong, everybody.
It's time to dump Fei and Chang.
OK, everybody.
If that's it!
Hey, Mark.
It's Conner.
Look, based on my analysis of
what's gonna happen today,
I think we should actually increase
our position on Fei and Chang.
How much?
$80-90 million.
Have you completely lost your mind?
Well, Feds in a bind.
They gonna cut...
I thought I told you to drop
this 1% bull...
- I've been re-running the numbers, OK, my gut is tell...
- Your gut?
You think this is Vegas or something?
You can go around betting your gut?
Mark, I'm sorry.
You gonna have to excuse young Mr. Conner here.
It seems he has just awoken from Dreamland.
With these rates, OK,
consumers... they are gonna go out,
they're gonna re-finance their homes,
they're gonna have a lot of cash.
They're gonna have the cash to buy the flat-screen TV,
the phones, the gads, whatever they want for their kids.
And who makes those consumer products?
And what's the largest company
that's gonna benefit from that?
I'm sorry. Am I the only one who thinks that
he's in Fantasyland right now?
The Fed will never cut rates to 1%.
They never have, never will.
Figure it out and get back to me.
- Will you just listen to me...
- Listen to me!
Fei and Chang is dead.
This meeting's over.
Get the fuck out!
You think you're so smart, don't you?
You and your magic numbers.
Ah... God.
Let me tell you something.
You pull another stunt in there like that again
the only magic you'll be doing
is rubbing my magic lamp.
Rubbing your magic lamp.
Got it.
Andy, dump all Fei and Chang in the open.
You're making a mistake.
Oh! Woa!
What makes you think some punk college dropout
has the privilege of telling me what to do?
I've been covering your sector
for the last 6 months.
I've been drafting proposals,
I've been crunching the numbers,
I'm pretty much...
doing your job.
So, yeah, personally,
I think I deserve...
You know, I don't give a rat's ass
what you personally think.
You're making unprecedented calls
in the market,
and you're doing whatever you want.
There's a chain of command here,
so when I say go fuck yourself, you ask "how deep?"
You got that?
Morris, lighten up a bit.
Andy, if I wanted some unsolicited advice from a little bitch,
I'll go call my ex-wife.
Let me spell it out for you, Fed, 1%.
Fei and Chang, massive upside.
OK, OK. Smart ass!
You wanna put your money
where your mouth is?
Oh, come on.
10 to 1. Why not?
You don't want to be here, and I don't want you here.
So I tell you what?
Everyone, listen up for a second!
Listen up.
I, Morris Brown III,
will hereby contribute to, shit-for-brains,
that's you,
the sum of $50,000, if
shit-for-brains here, runs around the office
with his pants off screaming,
"Morris is my daddy!"
What are you doing, man?
Nothing is worth your self respect.
That is so touching!
I swear, I just don't know what Mark sees in you.
If it were up to me, you'll be nothing more
than a guy picking a corner out of my big wet shit.
Big wet shit, got it.
Mr. Brown, Mark is on line 1.
Thank you.
Andy, dump it.
Stocks are getting a boost off of the Federal Reserve's
reduced cost of borrowing to 1%.
That's the move here. You have to go back,
what, to the 1940s to see money this cheap.
What's expected?
Rising house prices.
As a result of more consumer spending.
Investors really at the moment trying to grapple
the Fed's move here, trying to make sense of it.
One thing is for certain, though.
This is a major shift in monetary policy, for the US economy.
And way, way beyond that.
Let's have a look at the market,
and the reaction,
in a bit more detail.
Laurie, get Mark back on the line, will you?
Enjoy your meal.
1%? Who could have predicted that?
Not a damn person.
- Hey there!
- Hey!
What do you want, Mark?
I came to give you this.
But minus fees, of course.
- What is this?
- It's your earnings, for sticking it to Morris today.
I didn't get to be the man standing before you
without taking a few risks.
I took that bet that Morris laid out, and
I took a risk on you.
And now it's time for you to take a risk on yourself.
Save the dad talk for your daughter, OK?
You've ever been to Hong Kong?
You've even been out of the country, kiddo?
You're giving me the silent treatment now?
I want you to go to Hong Kong,
and lead the Fei and Chang trade.
- That's Morris' trade.
- It's your trade now.
Oh, come on. Why me?
Why didn't you get one of your Princeton inbreeds, ...
Ah, don't pull the college card on me again.
You dropped out of MIT 'cause you felt like it.
You're extremely gifted.
You have the edge your father had.
He could bet against the street,
and be right about it.
You want to know the difference
between him and you?
- Save it.
- He was a winner.
Never made any excuses.
You think that just because you can predict
a few right outcomes that
that makes you a winner?
You're not a winner
until you decide to be one.
Look, I'm not my father.
You wanna bet?
Go to Hong Kong.
Be the man that you were born to be.
I'll only be gone for 6 weeks.
I'll call you when I get to Hong Kong.
One day, you'll understand.
Conner, it's your father, he...
Better watch it!
[In Cantonese] Welcome!
Welcome to amazing Hong Kong, everybody!
Conner Lee.
- Hey, welcome to Hong Kong.
- Hey!
- You must be Quentin.
- Ah... depends on who's asking.
How long have you been out here for?
Oh, in this prison?
8 years.
Come on, I'll introduce you
to all the inmates.
By the way, how's the bus ride?
It was great!
Great? Ha!
It's lame as shit!
Just want to get the tourist crap
out of the way!
You're ready to see the real Hong Kong?
You bet.
And here we are.
That's Raj over there, covers India.
He's a pump and dumper.
James, covers Malaysia and Thailand.
He stresses debts.
This is you.
This is me.
So, what do you trade?
I run all the short strategies.
So, you like to see companies burn?
Oh, hey, come on, [...]
the same way back in New York.
Hey, sexy!
Oh, by the way,
can you please also get me that 7588 file?
What was that all about?
[...] taken.
But don't worry.
I got your back, bro.
By the way,
where did you get that suit?
Looks like 7448 to me.
You're saying my suit looks like shit?
Out here, stealth wealth is a must.
It's a little thing that separates you
from the rest.
First impressions?
No, that's bullshit.
You only get one chance
to make any kind of impression.
That's why we wear the best.
We drink the best.
We drive the best.
When it comes to chicks,
we only do the best.
The most important thing we must learn,
is the "Art of Quang Xi."
"Quang Xi?"
It's your basic relationships with people.
Look, bro, you're in Hong Kong now.
Nothing gets done without
giving great "Quang Xi."
And one of these.
Come on.
Conner, meet Gary.
Gary's not only the Financial Controller of
Fei and Chang,
he's also a hell of a sailor.
Just the man I'm talking about.
Actually I could use some report.
You know what,
too much talking.
Let's enjoy.
"Quang Xi", huh?
Here comes yours now, bro.
Welcome to Hong Kong.
Nice to meet you.
Hey, Gary.
Hey, Conner.
I got what you need.
If you can just give me the P&L on the shipping department
and put it on a USB drive.
Sorry, it's gonna take a while.
The system's in need of
a complete update.
No problem.
Oh... it's the Sam Kok.
- What?
- The Three Kingdoms.
Ah, Donald, the CEO,
Victor, his older brother,
and Richard, the heir, apparently.
- You should get going.
- I'll take that.
Gary, who's this?
Conner Lee.
Look, I was just gonna get
some reports here from Gary.
I wasn't notified of your visit.
Well, I don't wanna trouble you with
such trivial matters, Richard.
Well, it's standard procedure in this company
for me to review all reports first.
Gary, next time please inform me of all
special guests before giving out private information.
Yes, sir.
- So when will I receive...
- At least a month.
A month?
I mean, they're just simple reports.
What you might view as simple
may be more complex to others.
I can see that.
Glad we're clear.
Anita, I already told you Mark doesn't like
salt on his eggs.
Sorry, ma'am.
A month? What's the holdup?
I thought you had this.
Sweetie, who's that on the phone?
It's Conner.
Hey, Conner.
Hi, Juliet.
No girlfriend.
Look, I... I don't care what the holdup is,
all right?
We have a 5% share in the company,
for God's sake.
We can do whatever the f...
Can I have a glass of water?
Yes, honey.
It doesn't seem to me [...]
All right, it sounds like
he's got you down on both knees.
So, while you're out there,
why don't you give him a...
Look, I just need more time, OK?
Yeah, fine.
Keep me posted.
Hey, uh, can I have a JD straight up?
May I?
It's a free country.
It's not what I hear.
And what have you heard?
Well, Hong Kong is tragically China.
It can change the side of the road
you drive on just like that if you want to.
And where are you from?
So you don't think the Government
controls you there?
We got the Constitution, freedom of speech.
So you don't think the Government uses the media
to create fear and panic so you'll stay in your little box?
Fear of terrorism, natural disasters, illnesses...
I'm surprised you are able to sleep at night.
I'm Conner.
Natalie Wang.
I see you know a lot about politics.
I study political science, and now I just...
Bust people's balls, huh?
Do public relations.
As in professional ball buster?
Can I get a glass of red wine and a coke
over that table over there?
You're with that guy?
Nice talking to you, Conner.
Come on!
Nice, one more, come on!
How's the "Quang Xi" today, bro?
[In Cantonese]
Not so good.
your Chinese sucks.
Come on, what's eating you?
What's the scope?
The CEO's son.
Ah... Richard Chang.
He's got all data under lock and key.
Typical cock-sucking family hierarchy.
Always getting in the way of our money.
The prodigal son tries to wean himself
from the familial tit,
or trying to prove his cock
is bigger than his daddy's.
What do you think I should do?
What much money you got?
Ha, ha, what do you think?
It's pretty nice.
We're talking high level "Quang Xi."
Richard already has money and power,
which can buy a lot.
The only thing you can take from him,
is his respect.
Do that, and he may just give you the keys,
to the Fei and Chang castle.
Let's get you up to speed, because tonight,
looks like you're going "mano a mano."
The game du jour is baccarat.
It's simple.
You can bet either banker or player.
Each side gets 2 cards.
Add them up, drop the first digit,
and that's the point.
Closest to 9 wins.
If you came here for anything
to do with the company...
Ah, I just came to play some cards.
Fun game.
God, you're so American.
I am American.
And you want everything right away,
and you think you're always right.
That you're entitled to whatever you want,
you can take it if you please.
No patience.
No consequence.
You're the blind leading the blind.
No ties to family or of heritage.
No tradition.
You think you know everything?
When you have no understanding of anything.
[In Cantonese]
Want to go again?
You bet.
Woa, winner winner,
dim sum dinner.
What happened to you?
All right, all right.
Go wait outside. Come on.
What happened?
I just lost $100,000.
Everytime I bet,
he just bets against me.
And wins.
Relax, you can do this, bro.
Have you ever played both sides before?
Look, first you bet both player and banker.
Force him to decide.
After he has chosen,
you bet the rest of what you have against him.
Are you serious?
What about the trend?
Fuck the trend.
Play what you have in front of you.
Shake it up.
Live a little.
You really should just give up now.
And spoil all the fun?
What are you doing?
Being American.
Well, please, by all means,
keep pumping your American dollars into our economy.
That's the only reason we let your kind in here.
How about we make this interesting?
I win,
you give me the numbers I need
to do my job.
I lose,
You lose, what could you possibly have,
that I don't already own?
I lose, me and my American dollars
go home.
Player wins.
No hard feelings.
Your intentions,
better be as good as your luck.
I know he's doing good.
Doing really good.
Hey, I gotta go.
Did it work?
Yeah, bro.
Yes, really.
I guess we got something to celebrate.
What do you have for me?
All right, so, retail outlets seem fine,
some factories are losing money,
but it seems the
import/export business has
some serious cash flow issues,
and that's what I want to target.
Right now, they've been working with
Silverman investment bankers to cover their debt.
Donald has been reluctant to
take on extra risks.
This type of indecisiveness has shareholders fed up,
keeping the stock price down.
It's family run company with
younger brother Donald swiftly losing control.
Now, the company has been capitalizing
all the growth in the US,
but, they have been held back
because management can't seem to keep costs down.
With the specific changes I've got lined up,
I'd say the stock is gonna jump
at least 20-30%.
30% sounds good.
Keep me posted.
- Gotta go.
- Bye.
- Conner.
- Hey.
Everyone's betting you'd be
sent home by now.
Well, increase my position on
Fei and Chang by $200 million.
$200 on Fei and Chang?
I thought you're only authorized
to do 100?
Bottom of the ninth, buddy.
Time to call my shot.
OK, you're the boss.
[In Cantonese]
Thank you for calling Fei and Chang.
[In Cantonese]
Mr. Chang will return your call tomorrow. Thank you.
Mr. Lee, it shouldn't be that much longer.
Can I offer your coffee?
No, thanks.
Hey, kid.
Want to know a secret?
They're trying to kill me with coffee.
- Really?
- Yeah.
You see, if I hadn't drank so much coffee
when I was younger, I'll be a giant.
[Imitating a giant]
I'd be a giant.
[Imitating a giant]
I could eat you up.
Mr. Lee..
We're ready for you now.
- Bye, Natalie.
- OK, I'll see you.
- See you tomorrow.
- OK, bye!
Come on, let's go.
So in summary, I recommend you, 1,
Close down these 9 factories.
2, Terminate several poor-performing managers
listed in Appendix B.
And most importantly, 3,
Sell off the import/export business
for its negative cash flow.
Mr. Lee,
the list of the managers here,
I will not fire any of them.
And these workers,
in the factories that
you want us to close down,
they have families.
Sons and daughters to support.
Not only that,
they are all part of my big family.
I think you're missing the point here.
the factories,
they are inefficient and bloated.
In any event, I'm more concerned about
the import/export business.
Do you know anything about
the import/export business?
There are highs and lows.
Right now, happens to be a low.
For the last 3 years?
You are asking me to eliminate
- an integral part of my company...
- that it could eventually bring down the rest of the company.
Father, you can't seriously allow this guy
to manhandle the fate of the company.
- The fact that you're even considering...
- Richard...
I think I speak for the board...
You know, actually, I'd like to hear
from the board themselves.
Your plan will simply not work.
Look, I've run the numbers.
Respectfully, make the changes
or someone else will.
Someone else?
- Are you threatening me, Mr. Lee?
- It's not a threat.
It's a plain fact.
Look, you think that just because your father gave you
the company a long time ago, you can just
sweep this all under the rug?
What do you know about family?
Enough to know that it's
skewing your judgement.
I don't like your tone.
Good day, Mr. Lee.
- I'm not finished.
- I think you are, Mr. Lee.
Father, just listen to what I have to say for once
without being so thick-headed...
Enough, please.
Everybody out.
Richard, Richard.
Now you must learn
which battle to fight.
[In Cantonese] Your father
is under pressure!
- He never listens.
- [In Cantonese] I know he's stubborn.
Comes from your grandmother.
I just want him to know
there's another way.
Richard, I want to know.
[In Cantonese] You're working on some
computer interface
or some new technology
which I don't understand.
All I want to know is
how is it coming?
Almost finished. It's going to revolutionize
the industry and he won't even listen.
[In Cantonese]
You're working on it with Mr. Chow?
Every night.
Perfect it.
Make it work.
[In Cantonese]
I will talk to your father.
This time, I'm gonna make him listen.
- All for the family, right?
- All for the family.
Keep me informed, OK?
[In Cantonese]
Hello? Yes?
Yeah, I thought they'd agree to
some of the changes.
Well, I'm sure you'll figure something out.
I mean,
I just don't know if I'm cut out for this.
Look, you are doing exactly what
you should be doing.
You know, sometimes you push when
really what you need to do is pull.
And going in from the front door
hasn't been working. Maybe there's side door?
Yeah, keep going.
Well, Donald has a lot of legacies maintained.
Half his family practically runs the joint.
Why don't we get somebody
from the outside to investigate?
Shake it up a little.
Yeah, shake it up a little.
I like the way you're thinking.
Keep going.
- Can you believe this guy, sir, huh?
- [In Cantonese] Mr. Jang?
Dear Mr. Jang, Vice President of Operations:
We have obtained materials of your
potential involvement in illegal activities
regarding Fei and Chang Enterprises.
Many key employees have already testified,
and we are forced to take immediate action.
We've thus notified the
Independent Commission Against Corruption.
Lauren Ip.
In recognition of your contribution to
the company thus far,
we're offering you the option
to resign from your post.
Else prosecution by the company in the Hong Kong Government
shall be held to the fullest extent without leniency.
I'm in Corporate Sales.
You know, take clients out,
make sure they're entertained.
I see.
Respectfully yours,
An independent third party acting
on behalf of the company Fei and Chang
and its shareholders.
[In Cantonese]
Why are you packing?
You disgraced your father's memory.
[In Cantonese]
What's going on?
[In Cantonese]
What is the matter?
[In Cantonese]
Do you have to do this?
[In Cantonese]
I didn't do this!
I really didn't think
you had it in you.
You've got those Fei and Chang pansies
running around with their panties around their ankles.
Hey, see that dude over there?
That's my buddy, Du Lei Lo Mo.
He's the man around here, really friendly guy,
go introduce yourself.
Hey, Du Lei Lo Mo?
Hey, Du Lei Lo Mo?
[In Cantonese]
Ha? What the fuck are you talking about?
You're all right?
Hey, why don't you
seat your punk ass down?
[In Cantonese]
Fuck face!
- What the fuck, dude?
- Chinese lesson.
- What did I say?
- Go fuck your mother.
But hey, speaking of mothers,
hold that thought.
We got something for you.
- Happy Birthday!
- Happy Birthday!
How did you guys...
I'm the king of intel, bro.
Make a wish.
- Cheers!
- Cheers!
Happy Birthday to me!
- Oh, yeah! Wish!
- Whatever, man. Wish!
Go back him up, James.
Hey, I think we, uh,
start off on the wrong foot.
Do I know you?
Well, that depends.
Look, it's uh, it's my birthday.
Do you mind joining us for a drink?
I don't drink with neanderthal bankers.
Look, I think you have me
mistaken for somebody else.
Let's see. You're a trader.
Supercapitalist, inc.
Trying to dissolve a company so he can gain
monetary rewards in a short term while
destroying lives in the long term.
Does that about sum it up?
Well, that guy sounds like a real asshole.
No, I'm a farmer.
- A farmer?
- Yeah.
I have a little part of land in China,
grow corn,
work the bio field.
Help make the world a better place.
Conner, cut the crap.
So you do remember me?
Yeah, I remember you making a complete asshole
of yourself in the board room.
Yeah, I'm just trying to making peace here.
Make peace?
You make peace?
No, more like you want a piece.
I know guys like you.
You think you're all entitled.
Grow up in a rich family,
go to an Ivy League school.
You show up in Asia thinking
the world is your playground.
Right behind your ears,
[...] my hair.
Come on, let's get out of here.
Saved by the slap.
Look, you're really serious about making a difference,
here's my card.
Aw... ho, ho, ho.
Do I have a good one for you today?
Fei and Chang Enterprises, sell your babies.
Sell your children, sell your girlfriends.
Your life is over. Fei and Chang,
One [...], 'cause you're [Bleep]
The big financial news of course is
Fei and Chang and the future of its CEO, Donald Chang.
[In Cantonese]
Of course this asshole has to go.
[In Cantonese]
I've lost so much money!
I've lost money 5 years in a row.
So, absolutely.
[In Cantonese]
So many Hong Kong people their savings because of him,
[In Cantonese]
yet he's so rich himself.
[In Cantonese]
If he really wants to do something good,
[In Cantonese]
he should share his wealth.
It's called "the poison pill."
Essentially, we are diluting
the number of shares currently in the market.
When we increase the number of shares,
stock price goes down.
So basically, what you're saying is
I should increase the number of shares available,
in order to hurt the share price?
Exactly, and when the stock price goes down,
he loses money.
Everybody loses money,
at least in the short term.
Look, I know these hedge fund guys,
as soon as the stock price goes down,
he'll liquidate.
And if I do this,
- what are my risks?
- Risks?
Your leadership will be highly questioned,
- you will lose control over everything.
- Richard!
- It's not the time!
- If not, when?
Father, please, I have an idea.
Mr. Chow and I have been working on this program...
Richard, we need results,
not your crazy ideas.
They're not crazy!
What's crazy is you're talking to this guy!
- [Victor mumbling]
- What are you looking at?
Richard, I'm not going to listen.
You're embarrassing me.
Just go!
- Come on, make him listen.
- Richard.
Sorry, Mr. Baker.
Nah, family.
What're you gonna do?
The fact of the matter is,
you still have to pay down those debts that we discussed.
This, just give you all the more reason
to do so now.
I understand.
So, where did it all go wrong?
Seems like from the start.
What does that mean?
[In Cantonese]
Do you know why dad left you with the company?
[In Cantonese]
Because you're his favourite.
[In Cantonese]
Doesn't matter.
I understand.
It's all right.
[In Cantonese]
At first, I was devastated.
But over the years,
[In Cantonese]
You did really well.
[In Cantonese]
Then I understood what he did
was best for the family.
[In Cantonese]
But you were the cautious one, and I'm too impulsive.
[In Cantonese]
It's time to make a decision.
[In Cantonese]
Once started, if I can't persist,
what then, you take over for me?
[In Cantonese]
Whatever the situation calls for.
I am sure
[In Cantonese] Nevertheless,
father's very proud of you.
[In Cantonese]
[In Cantonese]
What do you want to do about Richard?
[In Cantonese]
- Him?
[In Cantonese]
Did he discuss anything with you?
[In Cantonese]
[In Cantonese]
He didn't even dare to look me in the eyes.
He has so much contempt for me.
I can't even relate to him!
[In Cantonese]
I'm sorry.
[In Cantonese]
You don't ever have to
apologize to me.
Fucking brilliant!
They're on the run.
We've got the market in a frenzy.
Start September, [...]
No, no, no, no, no.
Don't sell.
Don't sell. Keep the pressure on.
This is good.
Yeah, what'd I tell you about taking risks?
I need a big trade out there
to show these investors that this is the one.
All right.
I got to go, champ.
Yeah, it's me.
Now, look,
you said this was guaranteed.
I had the entire front
riding on this trade,
if I go down, you go down.
Get it done.
Hey, thanks for meeting me.
So what do you want, Conner?
Well, with all the press
that's been going on,
I... I just thought we should talk.
You want me to tell you everything I know,
and then after having a drink or two,
up in your hotel room.
Yeah, I'm sorry, Natalie.
I wish we met under different circumstances.
Different circumstances wouldn't have
changed anything.
So you got me all figured out, huh?
You see, I'm this monster,
you think any other fund
is gonna treat you any differently?
If it's not me,
it's gonna be somebody else.
That is so irresponsible.
And that's the thing that got us
into this mess in the first place.
For someone who acts like you know everything,
that is your best answer?
Look, I've tried, Natalie.
And I'm the guy who's trying to
make a paycheck.
At what costs?
Actions have consequences, Conner.
I'll at least respect you if
you own up to your own choices.
I'm just trying to do
the best I can,
the best way I know how.
Yeah, I'm sure.
Convince me.
Challenge me.
Come on, make me understand for once.
Don't just write me off
like everybody else.
Well, how do I know
I can trust you?
How do I know that anything I show you
you're not going to use against me?
Well, first of all...
Yes, I did go to an
Ivy League college.
When I was working with the professor,
I happened to prove him wrong.
So, he flunked me.
Look, I... I know what it's like
when someone doesn't believe in you.
If you got a solution that makes sense,
I'll listen.
There is another way.
If I let you in on it,
it's gonna challenge your views.
And then you're gonna have to
make a decision.
I called you, remember?
if you got something that makes sense,
I'll be the first to speak up.
OK, I'll set up an appointment.
- We should really order.
- Yeah.
- I don't...
- Yes, I know. Fine.
Gizzards, lung, intestine?
Clotted blood?
Ah, you order.
[In Cantonese]
Excuse me...
So, thanks for showing me that spot.
The food was delicious...
Well, there is more to Hong Kong than
what your pals show you.
Maybe I need a new pal.
Nice try, Conner.
You know, I think as working colleagues,
it's good we establish...
Hold on, hold on,
this is a first date, all right?
We're not working colleagues.
Don't push your luck, Conner.
Well, I'm uh...
glad we finally make peace.
So you think.
So we've only just begun, Conner.
Well, this is me.
Thanks for walking me home.
It's my pleasure.
You really didn't have to,
but thank you.
I wanted to.
Good night, Conner.
Good night.
Think about what I said, OK?
I will.
I promise.
[In Cantonese]
Hey, come here!
Hey, you all right?
[In Cantonese]
Stupid foreigner.
You should go back to where you came from.
[In Cantonese]
Fuck you, asshole!
[In Cantonese]
Thank you, you idiot!
Ah, Mr. Lee.
Thank you for coming to see me.
Just get this over with, I take
you decided to make the changes?
You know you nearly had me convinced.
And then I realized something.
And it all became very clear to me.
How well do you know my company?
You inherited the company from your father,
made acquisitions in the eighties,
went public in 1992.
Yes, and I bet you can tell me
how many workers I have,
how many factories I have,
what my total revenue was last year.
25,320 workers,
30 factories, $1.7 million.
And you think you know my company
because you read a report?
Mr. Lee, look out.
Thousands of containers,
beyond the containers are
thousands of people.
It took me a long time to learn
that it's the people that matters.
It's the people that makes
a business a success,
not ideas.
It's the people we should care about.
With the amount of shares you now have,
comes the power
to wield that mighty sword.
That sword,
can unite or destroy my company.
Mr. Lee, I just want to remind you.
The choice is yours.
- Hey.
- Hey.
- Thanks for coming.
- A promise is a promise.
Uncle, I'm here.
- Hi, Natalie.
- Hi.
How are you?
This must be the infamous Mr. Lee.
Good to meet you.
Conner, this is Mr. Chow,
VP of Tech.
Welcome, welcome.
And uh,
I think you've already met Kelvin.
Ah, let's show him what,
we've been working on.
OK, let's get things set up.
Have a seat.
Hello, little man.
[In Cantonese]
How are you?
So, what kind of game you got there?
It's an online game,
it's really fun.
See, you can buy companies
and sell companies.
And you can use those money
that you earned
to buy other cool stuff.
Like boats, cars, and houses.
The more money I earn,
the higher my status.
Well, I got a game for you.
- Rock, paper, ...
- Scissors.
- You know this game, all right?
- Yeah.
- Rock, paper, scissors.
- Rock, paper, scissors.
- Rock, paper, scissors.
- Rock, paper, scissors.
- Rock, paper, scissors.
- Rock, paper, scissors.
- Rock, paper, scissors.
- Rock, paper, scissors.
- Yes, got you.
- Ooh!
OK, I'm all set.
- Here, have a seat.
- All right.
Richard, Natalie and I have been working
for the past few months
on this new supply chain
management system.
You know?
I modelled the whole system
after Kelvin's game over there.
So give each employee more incentive
to be responsible for their own shipments and containers.
In a fun and easy format?
why haven't you guys told anybody about this?
Well, it was Richard's idea,
but Donald hasn't really
listened to Richard for a while.
Dad, can Mr. Lee stay for dinner?
Ha, you read my mind.
- Ah... we couldn't possibly...
- Ah, we love to.
This is nice.
I'm really doing all right.
It took me a long time to get it.
Working all the time.
For what?
For money.
Is there anything else
one can ask for in one lifetime?
Am I interrupting anything?
Of course not.
Ah... In fact, I... think...
I need to get in and
get something...
chat on.
I don't know if you
mind me asking, but uh...
What were your parents like?
Dad died when I was 8 and
mom took care of me.
Best as she could.
My dad was a trader
in the New York Stock Exchange.
He used to spend
a lot of time here, though.
One day, he just...
never came back.
How about your mom?
She hated the States.
When I turned 18,
she just moved away.
Haven't seen her since.
Do you miss her?
You should take the time to get to know
your mom before it's too late.
It must have been really hard
for you to come back here.
And after all this, you still decided
to become a trader?
I used to love to gamble.
Used to gamble in
local Mahjong parlours in Chinatown.
I used to say:
If you aren't gambling, you aren't living.
Just like that.
That's all I have left of them.
It's a worn out piece of plastic.
it gives me peace.
I think...
this is really, what I wanted, you know.
And what do you want?
I don't know anymore.
Uncle Conner, we need a bedtime story.
- Hi, Kelvin.
- Hi.
Saved by the slap.
Little man...
I'm gonna have to teach you
a little thing called "timing."
- Conner?
- What's up, bro?
When do you use "bro?"
What's up, Andy?
Listen, man.
I was filling orders the other day
when I noticed some short positions
out of nowhere on your trade.
You're running shorts out there.
Quentin, but he wouldn't...
They're all coming from
an Asia trading desk
through an offshore account.
You got any proof?
Can't be sure, I mean...
I have to run our in-house records
for the records of Fei and Chang.
Fei and Chang? You know how hard it is to
get any information out of Fei and Chang.
Conner, this is large.
Look, man, when I add up all the shorts,
the position is $1 billion US.
Our position is $200 million.
All I'm saying is something is
definitely going down out there.
And the stock price
is a likely candidate.
Just watch your back.
Conner, hey.
How are you?
This is Michael.
Hey, Conner.
Hey, I didn't know this is
a group lunch.
Come on, have a seat, bro.
So, how do you know each other?
Oh, Michael and I went to Penn together.
So you've known each other
for a long time?
That's right.
Fell out of touch a while back,
but, uh, just bumped into each other again.
Guess everyone's moving out here now.
Yeah, I guess so.
Hi, Mr. Baker,
what can I get for you today?
Ah, just the usual, sweetie.
Thank you.
Yeah, I've been coming here
for a while now.
Must be nice to be
in the know.
It is, wasn't always like this, though.
First time I came in here,
this place was a complete shithole.
No English in the menus for Westerners,
you know the drill.
Talked to the owner.
Completely stubborn asshole.
Wouldn't change a thing.
Brought in some banker friends,
threw some elbows, made some changes.
2 weeks later,
eating out of my hand.
Classic M&A.
Now this little place,
- making lousy money out of our paychecks, huh?
- You got it.
So how do you think the locals
feel about the changes in the menu?
Who cares?
I know, right,
but just loosen up.
He's a really good guy.
And it's going to be a good night.
So just give him a chance, all right?
Right away.
You're right.
Man... you're gonna love these bitches
I have lined up for us tonight.
Let me ask you a question.
Hey, woo...
Hold on a second.
Don't tell me that you're falling for that
mystery chick you've been hanging out with.
There are rules here in Asia, bro.
Rule number 1...
Always wear a condom.
Rule number 2...
Never fall in love.
You're a million miles away.
We got big things in the works, bro.
Are our new ace in the Asia base.
How does that sound, huh?
Huh? Come on, let's celebrate.
Hey, it's that chick
that works for Fei and Chang.
What's that saying?
Local girl works her way to the top
by sleeping with the CEO's son.
What a fucking slut?
Oh... man!
Get that slut out of your head.
When this is over and
it falls on her face,
she going to be gold-digging her way into
the next corporate family, so I want to warn you about...
What are you doing?
What are you doing?
What? You think you're actually helping
these people by giving them change?
Look, you crippled homeless fuck!
Get the fuck... away from me!
Chill out!
Sorry, bro.
Come on.
Let's get out of here.
Hey, somebody ready for a party?
Just remember who's got your back.
Good morning.
- I'm sorry, who are...
- Natalie?
Natalie, wait!
How much?
How much is she worth to you?
Are you serious?
I didn't sleep with her.
Then what was she doing up there, huh?
What, she came to stroke your ego then,
you piece of shit?
- What about you and Richard, huh?
- What?
- Richard.
- What are you talking about?
Come on.
Are you using me?
I don't know what kind of game you're playing?
Are you serious, Conner?
Is that... is that what you really think?
I don't know what to think anymore, OK.
Just answer the fucking question,
are you fucking him or not?
Yeah, you don't know what to think,
'cause you're too busy following directions
and following other people
that you don't even have time
to think for yourself.
Look at you,
everyday you go out there
you place bets, you take risks,
but you can't even take a gamble on us.
I'm so scared, Conner.
I'm so scared.
I thought you were better than that.
You're not the only one taking risks.
[In Cantonese]
Hello, it's me.
[In Cantonese]
There's something very important I want to check with you.
[In Cantonese]
No, can't do.
[In Cantonese]
Can we meet tonight?
[In Cantonese]
It's important.
A grisly scene today at the
Fei and Chang shipyard,
where the body of a man has been found.
At this stage, there are unconfirmed reports
that the death has been a suicide.
And of course this is the latest
in a string of very negative publicity
to surround this company which has been
experiencing severe financial problems.
More details soon.
I just heard the news.
Tough break, bro.
It happens to the best of us.
And all we can do is shake it off
and move on to the next one.
That's what we do.
I thought she was different.
What the fuck are you talking about, bro?
- Natalie...
- You haven't heard?
Heard what?
Mr. Chow, VP of IT for Fei and Chang
was found dead this morning.
Michael Baker, please.
It's gonna be OK.
I promise I'll make this right.
Hey, I'm...
I'm sorry.
It's all right.
What happened?
No one knows.
They just...
found him, and a printed out suicide note.
No way.
No way?
I'm going to bring
some tea up to Mrs. Chow.
All right.
You don't have to leave.
You tricked me.
I thought you were sleeping.
You know, my...
my daddy died too.
- Really?
- Yeah.
You gonna remember this day
for the rest of your life.
Every single detail.
you know, one day,
maybe not now,
or 10 years from now,
you're gonna hate him.
You're gonna hate him 'cause he wasn't there.
To cheer for you
at your championship baseball game or
hear you give your
valedictorian speech,
and your high school graduation.
you're gonna feel like
anything you do
won't be good enough.
And anything you do
won't matter,
'cause it won't bring you back.
Then one day,
you'll understand.
Hold on to that for me.
Come on, we gotta go.
Everything OK?
Yeah, fine.
Listen, uh, bunch of us are gathered for drinks
downstairs if you want to join.
Ah, got a lot of work.
I'll try and join them.
OK, bro.
Yeah, Andy, I found the short transactions,
but they are locked.
Fuck! Ah... you're gonna have to
access them on Quentin's computer.
What's up, Conner?
You know, I left my notebook in there,
you wouldn't by chance know Quentin's code?
Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah.
Sure, sure.
I saw him punch in once.
Remember that.
All right.
Bingo, not very hard, is it?
Not as if it's "slut" or something.
Seriously man,
he's got a weird taste in art.
I'm sorry,
have you found what you're looking for?
I, uh, I can't find it.
But thanks anyways.
No worries.
So, you're gonna come downstairs later on
and have a few bevies with the lads?
Right. Yeah, I heard.
I got a lot of stuff to do, so...
I'll try.
You're OK, mate?
Yeah, fine.
- All right, mate. See you later, yeah?
- Yeah.
- Don't work too hard.
- OK.
Fuck, there's a login.
Quentin's not the brightest.
Think like him.
Bars, chicks, numbers, inside jokes, whatever.
One sec.
OK, I'm in.
Copying it, right now.
Hey, man.
- You coming?
- Sorry, what?
I said, are you coming?
You know what?
Yeah, I don't think it's gonna work out.
I just got way too much work.
It's not the same without you, bro.
Yeah, but, you know...
I think it's gonna be an all-nighter.
You sure?
I'm positive.
Everything's all right?
Yeah, really, next time.
OK, I think I've finished copying.
Fuck, but there's no...
You gonna need someone at Fei and Chang
to match the transaction numbers.
Hey, what you're doing, mate?
I've been crackling on marble...
Conner can't find his notebook.
What notebook?
Oh, he said he left it
in your office.
Get off me.
Let him go.
We need to talk.
Talking is so blas.
Bla bla bla..
You Americans love to talk.
- Look, Richard...
- You look,
You want to stay,
then you put your blood money where your mouth is.
Doesn't it feel much better?
Conner, who cares?
Your Western philosophy is the one
with the most toys with.
But can't you see?
Not this time.
Mr. American, not this time.
We all lose.
I know we haven't seen eye-to-eye.
But I can help you.
I just need to match these records
with your financial data to get evidence on
who's making short trades on your company.
And why should I listen to you now?
Suddenly you care about helping my company?
I don't give a shit about your company.
- Mr. Chow...
- Don't even say his name!
Mr. Chow is dead!
Don't you...
even say his name!
All in.
I fold.
Flip it.
You're sure you want to do this?
If you're not gambling, you're not living.
OK, I'm...
I'm going to check on this.
Come on, come on.
No... I'm not going in a closet!
Fuckers, get over here!
You're so American.
You're the blind leading the blind.
What do you know about family, Mr. Lee?
I'm so scared.
So scared.
No. No. No.
[Conner screaming]
For the last 5 years.
What about Asia?
Well, we got a guy set up in Hong Kong.
Real smart, knows his stuff.
That's him right now.
We create events.
You're all right?
Why what?
You used me!
Yeah, I did.
He's pushing for the poison pill, this whole time.
They're finally gonna go through with it.
Stock price will drop and our short positions
will far out-do your buy positions.
We're going to make
$500 million guaranteed.
$500 million? $500 fucking million?
Who fucking cares!
This is not a game, Quentin!
Oh, it's all a game.
You played like a champ.
All those letters you wrote,
the auditors, the press,
it's all part of it.
Come on, Conner.
It's easier to make the stock price go down
than make it go up, isn't it?
And besides,
who really loses?
Mr. Chow!
Was he a fucking number to you?
Yeah, that's...
Why'd you fucking do it, man?
Easy, bro.
It's not I want to take him out, I can't help that.
That's right.
Check your facts.
Mark would never let this fucking happen.
- Mark?
- Yeah, Mark!
It was his idea to send you
out here in the first place.
You thought you had friends?
You ain't got no
motherfucking friends!
I was your friend!
You got my back, right, bro, huh?
You chicken shit!
You piece of shit!
Come on! Come on!
Aww... Ouch..
That must have hurt, huh?
You want a piece, Conner?
That's right.
What world were you living in
that you thought
you could beat me?
Look at me.
This is my city!
You're supposed to be my boy.
Instead you're gonna be my bitch!
Hey, Quentin.
Du Lei Lo Mo.
You're the one who's fucked!
Ah... well, look!
Your boyfriend came to rescue you.
Hey, Rich, what's up with you?
Came to rescue this
pretty piece of ass?
Well, I tell you what. You can have it
after I've finished kicking the shit out of it.
Until then,
it's none of your fucking business.
Interesting use of words.
There's one thing you
haven't learned, Quentin.
That there are some things that are
more important than business.
And what's that, you ass fucker!
Like loyalty.
[In Cantonese]
Do you know who I am?
[In Cantonese]
Here's a hundred thousand dollars.
[In Cantonese]
Take care of this fucker for me, and
[In Cantonese]
then you'll get another five hundred thousand dollars.
Are you OK?
You really are a dumb American.
So I just need you to sign here.
Right here.
And finally, right here.
Let me talk to Donald.
Oh, uh,
Donald is busy.
Who was that?
Go on.
All right, so finally here,
and right here as well.
Don't sign those documents.
What's going on?
- Richard!
- Richard was working on a computer system,
one that would revolutionize the industry and
save your company.
- This is ludicrous!
- Is it, Michael?
You guys know each other?
Mr. Chow is designing the system.
Richard and I having been working on a way
to present this to you, Mr. Chang.
I've heard enough.
Oh, it gets better.
the Fei and Chang
internal social network.
See, each employee gets their own account,
1, where they can not only keep tabs of one another
share work items,
but get daily points for the good work
that they have done.
And at the end of each quarter,
you can trade in those points for gifts.
Or gamble away for even higher rewards.
Only a video game.
Makes no sense.
No sense to someone who's
next in line to be CEO.
that was the piece of puzzle
that I didn't understand.
How Michael and Quentin were gonna
convince you to take the poison pill.
And it took Richard here to tell me
how much of an American I am for me to realize.
See, I take everything at face value.
Believe whatever I'm fed.
Mark saw that in me,
and that's why he sent me out here.
You are doing exactly what
you should be doing.
To shake it up a little.
You thought I could be bought.
Short positions from inside Fei and Chang
is from offshore accounts.
Accounts that are linked to Victor.
Quentin told us everything.
This is outrageous.
Why did you kill Mr. Chow, Victor?
Was it because
he was building a system that would expose you?
Maybe it was because you finally realized
you would never become CEO?
What do you mean?
And I thought you were
all about family, Victor.
I couldn't stand.
Why'd you kill Mr. Chow, Victor?
Why'd you kill Mr. Chow, Victor?
Why did you kill him?
He had a son,
why did you kill Mr. Chow?
Why did you kill him, huh?
I did it for the family!
The company was being
run down to the ground.
You think a little computer game is
gonna solve our problem! No!
This company needs real leadership.
I love what father left to us
too much to see it fail.
I did it...
I did it for the family.
I did it for the family.
- Natalie, can you...
- I'm on it, Mr. Chang.
Thank you.
So, Conner...
looks like you know my company
better than I do.
Is there anything else
I should know about?
It's all right, son.
You don't have to say anything.
I should have never doubted you.
Hey, Conner.
Surprised to hear from me?
Well, I always said you had
your father's edge.
It's over.
Oh, no.
It's not over, kid.
It's just postponed.
I know about your positions
in Fei and Chang.
I know that you were the one
who set me up.
Oh, you're damn right
I was setting you up!
I was setting you up for the rest of your life.
You ungrateful shit!
I was gonna bring you in!
I was giving you everything!
You gave me nothing.
And now, you've lost it all.
Well, I built this fund from nothing.
I'll do it again.
You wanna bet?
The SFC's are investigating.
Quentin and Victor confessed.
Mark, you're finished.
I guess I became the man
I'm supposed to be after all.
Are you ready to go?
Just one more call to make.
Hey, mom.
Yeah, it's me.