Superhost (2021) Movie Script

What's up, guys?
My name is Teddy.
And I'm Claire.
And welcome to another
episode of "superhost."
Don't forget to smash
that "like" button
and click that little bell...
So you never miss an episode.
And this week, we are
staying at a gorgeous house
up in the mountains.
We have been trying
to get it for months,
and it has been booked solid!
This superhost,
username bettylou52,
- has a nearly spotless record.
- Mm-hmm.
Endless reviews
saying how staying here
has been "breathtaking."
Claire: "Breathtaking.
"Absolutely marvelous."
Teddy: One user even described
it as "life-changing."
[Whispering ] "Life-changing."
Are you ready
to change your life?
But if you missed
our last series,
you should click right here.
They finally had an opening,
so I am really excited.
Me too! It is gonna be
such a memorable stay,
and we are checking in...
Right now.
Okay. Cut.
Ah. I think that worked.
Yeah, it was fine.
We can just throw in some
reactions over the boring parts.
Claire: Hey, can you order
a hard drive to the house?
Yeah, I can.
Claire: I think I'm gonna shower
before we go.
- Sounds good.
- Hey.
- You want to join me?
- Really?
Nah. [Laughs]
[Water running]
Hey, babe!
What's up, guys?
Okay. This week's episode
is gonna be a special one.
Finally gonna pop the question.
She has no idea,
but this week's episode
is gonna be one
she won't ever forget.
I'm gonna do my best
to keep you all in the loop
this entire time.
[ Breathes deeply]
I'm so nervous.
Don't forget
to like and subscribe.
[Vehicle door closes]
So quiet here.
Okay. First impressions.
Babe, give me a heads up.
Still got road hair.
Claire: Come on. Think fast.
First impressions.
[ Exhales sharply] Okay. Wah!
Come on, DiCaprio.
Okay. Uh, my first impressions
of this place is just the -
okay. Cut the shit.
That felt fake. Do it over.
Teddy: Okay. Fine.
[ Exhales sharply] Okay.
Do you want to start off
with the shot of the house?
Claire: Mm-hmm. Got it.
What are you doing?
Holy crap! This is insane!
Oh, my gooood!
You're the worst.
[ Gasps ] And scene.
This is why
we're losing subscribers.
[ Chuckles ]
Got a pretty good feeling
about this video.
[Chuckles] Mm-hmm.
Teddy: Could be on a hot streak
again soon.
Claire: Whew. Let's hope so.
Teddy: Place looks so nice.
- [ Hinges creak]
- All right.
[ Beeping ]
- [ Beeping ]
- Shit.
- Not working?
- No.
"First arrive..."
Front door code... 2342.
- Yeah, I tried that.
- Well, shit.
- That's what I said.
- Do you have the host's number?
- Can you call them?
- Yeah, it's in our messages,
but it's not loading.
- No. Look. It's right here.
- Oh.
Let me get a better signal.
[Keypad dialing]
It's ringing!
[Line ringing ]
It's ringing.
[ Click, dial tone ]
It's not ringing anymore!
Claire: Here we go.
Second impressions.
Second impressions. Yeah.
Well, the outside is terrific,
but we got the wrong door code,
so I don't know if we'll ever
see the inside.
Claire: Good energy, but just
give me something we can use.
Yeah. Uh...
Okay. Got something.
My second impressions.
Claire: What?
Teddy, what?
- [ Gasps ]
- Hi, there!
Thanks for the warning.
You must be bettylou52.
It's actually Rebecca.
Teddy: Oh, so you're neither
Betty nor Lou.
- I'm Claire.
- Yeah!
I never know what to use
on those sites, you know?
Do I use my real name
and invite strangers
to know too much about me,
or do I use something random?
- Uh, we tried calling.
- Oh, no. I'm sorry.
The service out here is spotty.
I got a notification
on the camera,
saw you guys sitting out here.
Yeah, well, the door code
didn't work, so...
Oh, pbht! I totally forgot!
I had to change it
after the last guests
tried to stay longer
than they were supposed to.
Right. [Chuckles]
I mean, who can blame them?
Anyway, I can let you guys in,
give you a new code.
- Yeah. Thanks.
- Sure.
- Oh. Thank you.
- [ Giggles]
[ Muttering ]
Rebecca: I'm sorry again
about the code.
I don't normally
have to change it after people.
Thanks for understanding.
Those last guests,
let me tell you.
New code is 8587.
Teddy: 8587.
- [ Alarm beeping ]
- Thanks.
[ Keypad beeping, alarm stops ]
The alarm code
is the same as the front door.
Do you need me to write it down?
8587. Got it. Restroom?
Down there to the right.
Claire: Oh, my god. We are here.
And it is gorgeous.
Say hello to the superhost.
Ii had messaged you when
we booked about what we do.
We do that travel vlog
called "superhost"
where we stay at and review
vacation rentals.
Ohh! Tht! Of course!
It's been such a busy season.
I thought you were next week.
I-If you don't mind, of course.
We've never had any problems
with it before, so...
No. No, it's fine.
It's fine. Yeah.
And you're still okay
with being on camera for it?
Yeah! [Giggles]
For sure. Whatever you need.
I just want to make sure
this trip is unforgettable.
Hey, so, the, uh, toilet
over there isn't flushing.
Oh. That's weird.
Um, I am really sorry.
I can come back later
with some tools.
I don't have anything on me.
Oh. Yeah. That's totally fine.
I'm just glad
it was just a number one.
[ Chuckles ]
Hmm. Well, I don't want to
get in the way of your trip.
Wouldn't want
to get a bad review!
I'll come back tomorrow
to fix the toilet.
If there is anything
you need before then,
shoot me a text.
Will do.
[ Door closes ]
She sure is something.
[ Chuckles]
What's up, guys?!
We finally settled in.
And we want to give you
a quick tour around this place.
This room is beautiful.
It was featured the most
on the site for good reason.
- Look how big these windows are!
- [ Boing! Boing! ]
[Slide whistle! ]
And welcome
to the very rustic kitchen.
- Check out this little number.
- An authentic cabin stove!
Looks a bit like
a "hansel and gretel" situation.
Like, maybe you could
fit in there, Teddy.
I would cook me in here.
- Oh, it's very filthy, though.
- Yes, it is.
And here we have
the master bedroom.
With exactly
zero window covering!
Seems like we'll be getting up
very early in the morning,
which I love, as you guys know.
-[ Zapping I -ooh. How is it?
- Very soft.
- Great.
And what vacation rental
would be complete without...
- One of these?
- Ooh!
- I gotta see it.
- [ Gasps ] No, Teddy.
I have to!
Tell my parents I love them!
- No, Teddy! No!
- Okay.
It was close.
So, one thing we noticed.
- Security cameras everywhere.
- I mean, places like this
usually have
a security camera or two,
but it just seems
a little bit overboard here.
- Another one.
- [ Whoosh ]
Another one there.
And what do we have here, Teddy?
We have my favorite room
in the house.
A cat room! With everything
that you need as a cat!
He's so strange.
But I haven't seen a cat yet.
Have you?
[ Explosion, cat meows]
- Claire: Teddy.
- [ Keyboard clacks ]
What? You like cats.
Okay. Apart from that,
what do you think?
It feels slow.
Really? W-Which part?
Claire: Every part.
Oh, come on. It's not that bad.
Just lose the cat room bit
and upload it.
[Claire sighs]
[Door slides]
Teddy: It's uploading.
And the Internet is very slow.
[ Chuckles ]
Hey, I know how hard you've been
working on this channel.
Teddy: But we're gonna have
a great series here.
- I know it.
- Our numbers are dropping.
What if we've peaked?
And that's it?
At least we've peaked together.
You're so corny.
Teddy: I know.
[ Beeping ]
[Wind chime ringing softly]
- Hey.
- Jesus.
Babe. What are you doing,
sneaking up on me like that?
Claire: I called your name
from the stairs.
What are you doing?
I thought I saw something
out there.
What? Where?
Out there.
It looked like
they were staring back at me.
Maybe you just saw an animal
or something.
Teddy, it's 3:00 in the morning.
Let's go back to bed.
We have a lot to do tomorrow.
What's up, guys?
Day two of our trip here!
Claire is still sleeping.
Let's go say hi.
- [ Groans]
- Good morning, sunshine.
No. Good night.
Aww. We've missed you.
I've missed you.
Claire: No, you haven't.
We had a bit of a late night,
but we're ready
for day-two adventures!
So don't forget
to smash that "like" button
and subscribe to our videos.
Anything to add, Claire?
Why is it so bright in here?!
[ Chuckles ]
Too early, dude.
I know.
[ Phone unlocks]
- What?
- Shit!
- What?
- Check your phone.
Wait. How did this happen?
I bet it was
"that bitch in draper."
I mean, it could have been
a bot auto-flagging
or something.
We... we can dispute it.
It's not a mistake!
- Does it say which video?
- The whole channel's down.
Of course. No service.
[ Groans]
[Line ringing ]
Man: Hello. You've reached
the partnership program
support line.
- [ Keypad beeps]
- Please wait while we
connect you
to the next available agent.
Hi! How ya doin'?
Hey! Yeah, i-I'm good.
Just here to fix the toilet.
Oh. Oh, thanks. Thank you.
Is the place treating you well,
like, outside of that?
I would really... hate
to get a bad review.
Oh. Yeah, yeah. It's great.
I'm actually just
trying to make a call,
but Teddy's upstairs.
Perfect. [Giggles]
I'll check it out.
[Muzak playing, click]
Brad: Hello. My name is Brad,
and thanks for holding.
Can I get your
account number, please?
What's up, guys? Teddy here.
It is day two, and I only
have a couple of minutes,
but I wanted to quickly give you
an update on the proposal.
The current plan is, tomorrow
morning, I'm gonna take her
to this super pretty spot
that one of our fans sent us...
Thank you so much...
And do the deed.
And don't worry...
I'm gonna film
the whole thing secretly
the entire time
so you can all enjoy.
[ Knock on door]
All right. Gotta run. Ciao.
[ Knock on door]
- Hey, Teddy!
- Oh. Hey.
I really should have checked
before I used it.
It happens.
We get issues with the septic
tank from time to time.
Don't have the pressure
you guys have.
It's usually nothing.
But sometimes things
get stuck in here.
It's this low season right now,
so sometimes these things
don't get the use
to keep them working properly.
[ Groans]
I'm gonna have to
get somebody out here.
That's fine.
We'll just use the other one.
I really hope this doesn't
affect your review.
Oh, no. Believe me,
this place is great.
You have nothing to worry about.
How did it go?
I spent all that time verifying
the account information,
and then, I dropped the call.
Gosh, I kind of like this place
can't win right now.
Teddy: No, you have nothing
to do with it.
Rebecca: Are you sure?
[Voices fading]
[Ominous background noise]
Rebecca: If there's anything I
can do, please don't hesitate.
And again, I am so sorry.
Thank you.
[Ominous background noise]
What you want to do now?
What are we doing up here?
We make these stupid videos that
nobody's even watching anymore.
- People are watching.
- We're bleeding subscribers.
What's the point?
I... like making these with you.
Do you like asking your parents
for help to pay rent?
- They don't mind.
- That's not the point.
We used to be able to...
Pay our own bills.
We've gotten away from
what worked for us.
"The bitch from draper"
was massive.
Yeah, but that was so
No one likes that.
It got eyeballs.
I guess.
We should get back.
Claire: What?
Teddy, what?
Rebecca: Hi, there.
Teddy: My second impression.
Claire: What?
Teddy, what?
Teddy: My second impression.
Claire: What?
Teddy, what?
Teddy: My second impression.
Hey, I'm gonna head up.
Okay. I'll be up in a minute.
Claire: Teddy, what?
[ Clattering ]
[ Clattering ]
Teddy: Did you hear that?
- What time is it?
- Shh.
It was nothing.
Just go back to sleep.
[ Clattering ]
Someone's inside the house.
What do you mean someone's ins-
[ clattering ]
What do we do?
I don't know.
What if it's Rebecca?
What if it's not?
I'm calling the police.
Shit. No service.
Did you set the alarm?
Go check.
Claire: Just go make sure.
Are you serious?
Claire: Check the living room.
[ Beeping ]
[ Beeping ]
[ Indistinct talking]
[Water bubbling]
Toilet's fixed.
[Birds chirping]
- Good morning.
- Jesus!
Sorry. I was hoping to be done
before you got up.
I know. I know.
I just couldn't sleep
last night,
because I kept thinking about
how things kept going wrong
for you guys,
and I didn't want another day
to get off on the wrong foot.
So, I stopped at the store,
and I ended up getting
a few other things,
and then one thing
led to another.
Yeah, I... I totally get it.
I'm just about done, and then,
I'll be out of your hair.
Won't happen again.
[Coffee bubbling]
Coffee's almost ready.
What's up?
Rebecca made us breakfast.
What did she make?
Claire: How do you not smell
the food.
Teddy: You don't go
downstairs thinking
that you're gonna...
You know, someone's gonna...
I don't know.
I thought it was a candle.
Claire: When did she come in?
Teddy: I don't... I don't know.
I just came down, half naked.
It was humiliating.
I'm just glad I was wearing
It's amazing.
No, it was terrible,
is what that was.
Well, even though
she gave you a fright,
she made us some damn
good pancakes.
Hey, thanks for breakfast.
- [ Chime ]
- You are so welcome.
[ Mouths "what?" ]
Claire: Okay, I am speeding.
Okay, so, not gonna lie,
so far, this trip has been
pretty interesting.
It's been a doozy.
First of all, our channel
got de-monetized.
- By accident. Not our fault.
- Right.
But then, you think
you come out this far
to get away from
all those crazy people,
but then, you get to this house,
and you realize that the host
might actually be crazier
than the people
you were escaping in the...
- Babe.
- What?
I mean, we shouldn't talk
about the...
What do you mean?
I think she can hear us.
Can't we just turn it off?
But let's just film
some place else.
This room looks the best.
Yeah, it does.
Okay. Let me find a ladder.
Okay. I'm gonna cut.
[ Loud thud, Claire gasps]
It was you.
You reported us, didn't you?
You ruined everything.
Ruined what?
Ever since you came out
with your bullshit video.
Jesus. What's wrong with you?
No one will stay there.
I have to sell the place.
Oh, so, what's your plan?
You drive three hours to,
what, beat me up?
Teddy: Claire, don't.
Let's just calm down
and talk about this.
What is going on here?
Who are you?
Are you the owner?
I said, "who are you?"
You better watch out
for these two.
They're snakes.
They'll make up a bunch of lies
about you and ruin your life.
Look at what she did
to your house.
Did you do that?
I couldn't help it.
I saw them up there, and I...
These two,
they came into my home,
and they destroyed
my entire business.
So, you came here
and broke my window.
I know. I'm sorry about that.
I really am. But...
You don't understand.
I understand just fine.
And if you don't leave now,
I'm calling the police.
These people are not
who they say they are.
You better watch.
Get off my property!
Geez. Alright. I'm going.
Don't say I didn't warn you.
Go! Now! Or I swear to god,
I will cut you open!
[ Car door closes]
[Car departs]
Well, then.
That was something.
Kind of a badass.
Oh. No.
I just hate what a mess
this trip has been for you guys.
I can't even begin to imagine
what your video
is gonna be like.
Believe me,
we're having a great time.
Yeah. Her place
was a total shit hole,
and she was
a complete psychopath.
Look, I came down to say
I have some time now,
and I'd like to do
that interview.
Yeah. Sure.
Why not?
I can't believe we didn't have
the camera with us.
Sound good?
Sounds great.
I've never done this before,
so it might not be very good.
No, this is gonna be super easy.
And we're not live, so,
if you flub a line, just stop.
We'll go back.
Hey, this is gonna be fun.
Let's roll the camera.
Claire: Speeding.
[ Screams ]
Do I look at you,
or at the camera?
Just look at me.
I'm not even here.
- Look at you.
- Yeah.
Got it.
Alright, Rebecca,
we're gonna start off
with a friendly introduction,
sort of like a,
"hi, my name is Rebecca,
and I'm a superhost."
If you could say something like
that that'd be great.
Hi. My name is Rebecca,
and I'm a superhost.
Teddy: Awesome. And that smile
at the end was perfect.
Okay, so, we're gonna get into
the real questions now.
And I'm not on camera.
You can't hear or see me.
If you can incorporate
the question into the answers.
Let's say I'm asking you,
"what color is your shirt?"
Instead of saying "red,"
you would say,
"the color of my shirt is red."
- Make sense?
- But my shirt is white.
Yeah. So, then, you would say,
"the color of my shirt
is white."
Yeah. I think so.
Teddy: Okay.
Let's... let's get going.
So, Rebecca, how did you
decide to get into
renting out your house?
For starters,
this isn't really my house.
My father left it to me
when he died.
He owned it with my step-mom,
and when he passed,
she got his house
in south Carolina,
and I got this one.
Oh, wow. I'm...
So sorry to hear that.
But it must be nice
to have a place like this
to remember him by.
Yeah, it's great.
I have a smaller place
not far from here...
Much smaller...
So I'm able to
keep an eye on it.
But... it felt wrong
to keep it empty.
So, when all of these
vacation home sharing websites
started popping up, I signed up.
Here we are.
Teddy: That's great.
Any particular experiences
with the rental
that you'd like to share?
You know, maybe someone
that has stayed,
and left a memorable
impression on you?
You know what?
There was this one.
An older couple.
They rented the place for
an entire month over Christmas.
They saw that
I was living alone,
and all of their kids had kids
and did their own thing
for the holidays.
So, they invited me in.
And we spent
the holidays together.
Christmas, new year's,
I was here with them.
It was nice.
It was like I was their family.
Re... re...
It is the best holiday
I ever had.
They live back
in south Carolina,
but are just...
The nicest people.
I think... I think that's great.
Awesome job.
Oh, if we could get
one final line.
Of course.
Yeah, this is just a signoff.
If you can say, "hi,
my name is Rebecca,"
pause, and then,
with the most enthusiasm
that you can,
finish it off with, you know,
"I am a superhost.
Hi. My name is Rebecca.
And I am a superhost!
Hi. My name is Rebecca.
And I am a superhost!
That is the craziest shit
I've ever seen.
I knew when we got here.
Teddy: What do you mean?
This is what people want to see.
They want to see people
like that... complete lunatics.
We got to get more of her.
This chick is gold.
Let's watch it again.
Rebecca: Hi. My name is Rebecca.
And I am a superhost!
What's up, guys.
Claire's sleeping right now,
and we have a brand-new episode
that's slowly uploading.
But I wanted to record
a quick update
on the super top secret
proposal video.
Also, you should hit
that "like" button.
Don't forget to subscribe.
So, in the morning,
I'm gonna take her up the hill.
And the view is supposed
to be spectacular.
That's where I'm gonna do it.
I thought I heard her.
Anyway, just wanted to give you
a quick update.
I can't wait to see her face
when she finds out
why we really came out here.
I should get going.
She's a light sleeper.
But I'll see you guys tomorrow.
[Chimes ringing]
So, Teddy thought it would be
a great idea
to wake up bright and early
to go walking in
the middle of nowhere.
To make matters worse, our
upload didn't work last night.
It seems the Internet is down,
so who knows if
you'll ever see it.
Yes, but I did write to Rebecca
this morning,
and it should be fixed
by the time we get back.
Yeah, we'll see about that.
Speaking of Rebecca,
I don't think I have ever
seen anything as crazy
as what we witnessed yesterday.
We're gonna have to shoot some
kind of reenactment for you,
but basically, she nearly beat
the crap out of that bitch Vera.
Remember her?
Yeah, well,
she drove all the way here,
shows up out of nowhere,
all huffing and puffing.
- Come on. Let's do this after.
- One second.
That's right...
The bitch from draper came here,
and threw a rock at a window.
I mean, we went out there, and
she legit wanted to fight me.
- Claire.
- And then, Rebecca, this host,
comes out of nowhere,
goes fully crazy,
and that bitch just
hightails it out of here.
Claire, come on.
Party pooper.
[ Breathing heavily]
- Wow.
- Yeah.
Check out this view
we have here.
This is unbelievable.
Teddy: Hey, can we just...
Stop for a moment?
Why don't you want to film?
I do.
Claire: What are you doing?
Teddy: I just...
I just want to look at you
for a moment.
I know how stressed
you've been lately,
and I just want to take
a minute to...
Tell you just how much
I appreciate you.
- Teddy, I...
- Just... one moment.
So, I've been thinking.
That's never good.
I've been thinking
that you and I have been
doing this show
for a while now.
And we've been together
even longer than that.
And we do everything together...
And I just want to continue
doing everything together...
The show... life...
Teddy: So, I spoke with your
parents last week.
You did?
Your dad told me a long time ago
that I had to talk to him
before I got any ideas.
So I did.
I talked to your mom and dad,
and I asked them
if this was okay.
Will you marry me?
Yes! Of course!
Teddy, you're a genius.
- What do you mean?
- A secret proposal?
It's perfect.
People love this shit.
Okay. Ready?
Oh, my god!
This guy just proposed to me!
I've never had such
a big surprise in my life!
Claire. Claire, stop.
You're serious?
Jesus, Ted.
You set the camera up for it.
I figured it was...
Yeah, I know. That was dumb.
No, it's just... did you really
talk to my dad?
Oh, shit.
Teddy, come on.
Let's talk about this.
There's nothing to talk about.
I'm sorry that I didn't
take that seriously,
but you have to understand
how it looked.
Teddy: I thought I did.
I'm sorry.
It's just not something
that I was expecting
to happen on this trip.
And I've been so distracted
with everything.
And I hate that your parents
are helping us right now.
Hey, I know that you think
I just obsess over clicks,
but I'm doing this for us.
And I'm sorry if it doesn't
seem that way right now,
but I promise...
When we get home,
we'll talk about this.
No cameras.
Teddy: So, what do you
want to do now?
Claire: I don't know.
Can we just have
a quiet day together?
Teddy: Yeah. That would be nice.
[ Chuckles ] At least
the hard drive came.
[Alarm beeping ]
[ Beeping continues]
Claire: It's not working.
[ Beeping continues]
The code's not working.
It's 8587, right?
Let me try.
[ Beeping continues]
[Alarm blares]
It is 8587. Why isn't it...
[ Blaring continues]
This makes no sense.
[ Blaring continues]
[Alarm stops ]
- [ Chimes ]
- Sorry, guys.
The panel isn't working.
I'll head over in just
a minute to fix it for you.
Hope this doesn't
affect the review.
They rented the place for
an entire month of Christmas.
Saw that saw that I
was living alone.
A/I their kids had kids
and did their own thing
for the holidays.
- So, they invited me in.
- Claire.
We spent the holidays together.
- Claire.
- Christmas, new year's.
- Look.
- I was here with them.
Teddy: Betty and Lou.
Rebecca: It was like I was
their family.
I think we should go.
And she for sure said
she made it up?
She said she didn't want
to use her real name.
But, what does that mean?
Why would she lie about that?
That doesn't make any sense.
Do you really want to
stick around to find out?
Claire: Teddy, we're so close.
I can feel it.
This video is gonna be great.
[ Door closes ]
Screw this.
That was kind of tense.
Yeah. Let's get out of here.
I wonder if we can get a refund
for our last day.
[ Chuckles ]
Claire: Oh, no.
- Hey.
- Hey.
- Are you guys leaving?
- Yeah. Yeah.
We got everything
we needed here.
You know, got a long drive back,
so thought we'd head out
a bit early.
Oh, great.
Well, I hope you
enjoyed your stay.
We did. It was great. Thank you.
I look forward to your review.
Yeah, for sure. [ Laughs]
- Well...
- Oh, I almost forgot.
There was one more thing
I wanted to show you.
Can you get your camera?
It'll be quick.
I promise.
- Like, here?
- Yeah. It's just down there.
Don't worry. It'll be great.
I mean, consider it.
I know you have to leave.
It's gonna be so good
for our video.
- Let's do it.
- What?
We need to get
more footage of her.
- We already have great stuff.
- And we can get more.
Look at her. She's harmless.
Teddy, this video
is gonna be huge.
I don't feel good about this.
Claire: I know.
But if we can get this right,
we could afford
our own place again.
Is the camera ready?
Claire: Yeah. We're rolling.
How do I look.
Lighting good? Sound check?
How's that sound? Sorry. I don't
really know what that does.
I've just seen you guys do it.
Claire: Yeah, yeah,
it sounds good.
Okay. Great. Okay. Ready.
[ Screams ]
Hey, guys,
and welcome to "superhost."
Is it okay if I say that?
- Sure.
- O Kay. Great.
Hey, guys,
and welcome to "superhost."
Teddy: Rebecca...
What are we doing here?
I'm s o rry?
Teddy: Where are you taking us?
I see your hand is looking
a little light, there, Claire.
- What?
- Didn't old Teddy bear propose?
That's what he was supposed
to be doing today.
Guess he had a change of heart.
No matter.
- It's fine.
- Eyes over here.
Hey, guys, and welcome
to "superhost."
We have one final surprise for
you that I think
you're going to love.
This is gonna be the best
episode of "superhost" yet.
Come on.
This way.
Teddy: Where did she go?
- [ Screams ]
- Jesus!
I couldn't help myself.
I'm sorry.
Come on. It's just this way.
Oh, I totally forgot.
Here. This isn't live,
so you can edit this in after.
Just wanted to make sure
we have it.
Don't forget to smash
that "like" button,
and hit that little bell icon,
so you never miss an episode.
Come on.
- Holy shit.
- Ta-da!
Look what I found.
[ Gasps]
Cut her loose.
Rebecca: I will. Don't worry.
Why aren't you filming this?
You're sick.
No, you're sick...
Taking advantage of this woman
like that.
Film this.
Film this, or I cut her throat.
[ Muffled screaming, crying ]
Thank you.
So, Vera, here,
the old bitch from draper,
tells me that she lost her
income because of your two.
Is that true?
- Is it?!
- I don't... I don't know.
That's not what we tried
to do with it.
Is this true?
[ Muffled crying ]
So, here's the thing...
I hated that everything
kept going wrong for you guys.
And I was trying my hardest
to get you the best video ever.
But then, after watching
a little more of you two,
I realize
you're not the perfect duo
you pretend to be
in your stupid videos.
So, when Vera here took her
a little revenge trip...
Which has horribly backfired...
I knew...[ Clicking tongue]
We need to capitalize on this.
I'm sorry.
This is really going to hurt.
[ Muffled screaming ]
[ Screaming ]
I know.
I know. That hurts a lot.
I'm sorry.
How was that?
What's wrong? Did you get it?
Claire, why aren't you filming?
Isn't this what you do?
This should be great
for your show.
What's the problem?
One, two, three, up.
Wait, wait, wait.
What are you doing?
It was all a joke?
It's just a prank, bro.
What the hell is wrong with you?
- Thank you, Vera.
- Ah!
Give it to me.
Give it.
Give it to me.
No one's ever gonna see
this footage.
I want you to delete
everything you shot here.
I don't actually know
how this thing works.
Here. Sell it.
Make up for some of
your lost income.
Vera... we're sorry.
Fuck you.
What happened to Betty and Lou?
What did you do to them?
God damn it.
What is he talking about?
I really thought
that would work.
What's going on?
Boy, you weren't kidding
about these two.
Can't leave well enough alone.
I'm sorry about this.
About what?
You guys, you were so close.
Why couldn't you just stop?
What am I gonna do with her?
Now what am I gonna do?
Hello, there.
Still works.
Go! Go! Go!
[ Echoing ] Claire?
[Speaking inaudibly]
We have to go.
[ Rebecca whistling ]
I'm sorry.
We should get inside.
I think the car is that way.
[ Panting ]
Yeah, but she might be waiting
for us.
Okay, okay, okay.
[ Keypad beeping ]
[ Beeping ]
[ Panting ]
Do you think
she'll come back here?
Give me your phone.
Where are you going?
Don't let anyone open this
but me.
- Teddy...
- Don't worry.
Your dad told me he'd kill me
if anything happened to you.
Oh, where are you?
[ Branch snaps]
[Snapping continues]
[Pounding on door]
What happened?
I thought I heard her.
[ Panting ]
I'm not a hero. I'm a...
I'm a vlogger.
[Alarm blaring ]
Okay. Okay.
[Alarm stops ]
No, no, no. Come on.
[Alarm blaring ]
[Alarm stops ]
What is wrong with this thing?
- [ Alarm blares, stops ]
- Claire?
- [ Beeping ]
- Hold on.
[Alarm blares, stops ]
- Claire.
- What?
[Alarm blaring ]
She's here.
[Alarm stops ]
What is she doing?
I don't know.
Just let us go, please.
We aren't gonna tell anyone.
Do you think I'm stupid?
Of course you will.
Think of all the hits you get.
I can see the thumbnail now...
"The crazy bitch who killed
the crazy bitch from draper."
No. We'll delete everything.
I promise.
I'm sorry.
Where'd she go?
[ Panting ]
We have to get out of here.
What are you...
What are you doing?
I want to see if there's
another way out of here.
Keep an eye on the windows.
Go. I'll be right back.
[ Switch clicks ]
Holy shit.
[ Tone plays ]
[ Tone plays ]
Where are you?
[ Tone plays ]
Rebecca: Hey, Teddy.
What are you doing?
Rebecca: Silent treatment, eh?
Alright, that's fine. I get it.
Say, Ted, you want to know
what happened to Betty and Lou?
I really did love those two,
but they... they wouldn't
let me stay.
I told them I would do anything,
that / couldn't leave
this place, it was my home.
But they just wouldn't listen.
They left me no choice.
Betty and Lou
and their little cat, too.
Look, I'm gonna be honest.
You two aren't making it
out of here alive.
Okay. Okay.
[ Exhales sharply]
If anyone is out there watching,
please, please help us.
Rebecca: I was almost
out the door
when Lou just got angry at me.
He got hysterical.
I don't know
what happened after that.
It's all kind of a blur,
but [ Chuckles ]
I'll tell you what, Teddy,
I just kind of..Snapped.
This woman, Rebecca, said that
she was the host of this place,
but she's not.
She's a... she's a...
She's a murderer.
Rebecca: And do you know
what happened?
I had to clean up.
And the funniest part
of it all? [ Giggles ]
Their stupid cat put up
more of a fight than they did.
Claire: I don't know how much
time we have left,
so please just call...
Call the police, call someone.
We... we need help.
[ Panting ]
Come on, please, please, please.
Rebecca: And when it was over,
just when
I was almost cleaned up
and everything was right again,
just when I thought I could
get out of here soot-free...
You guys came.
[ Gasps]
Hi, Claire.
[ Sobs]
[ Claire screams]
It's not what it looks like.
Rebecca, please.
[ Gasps]
[ Gasping ]
[ Door rattling ]
[ Panting ]
[Sobbing softly]
[ Panting ]
[ Panting ]
Oh, hi, Teddy!
Hey, guys! And welcome to
another episode of "superhost."
My name is bettylou52,
and this episode is
the most special episode yet.
Be sure to like and subscribe
as we hunt down
your favorite host, Teddy!
First impressions of this place
are not good.
There is blood everywhere.
And I found a dead body
in the basement.
Absolutely zero stars!
[ Screaming ] Teddy!
You know you're leaving a path
of blood behind you, right?
Why are you running?
I hate running.
I'm gonna find you!
Rebecca: Teddy!
Theodore, darling, come back!
[Pulling door handle]
[ Groans]
[ Doors unlock]
[ Doors lock ]
[ Doors unlock and lock]
Rebecca: Teddy!
[ Doors locking and unlocking ]
[Singsong ] Teddy.
[ Doors locking and unlocking ]
Come out, come out,
wherever you are.
[ Doors locking and unlocking ]
- [ Horn beeps]
- Whoop! Scared me.
Hey there, tedarino!
Huh? What do we have here?
That was a close one.
[ Chuckles ]
Anything to add to my glowing
review of the house?
Still a little life there yet.
Hey! No.
[Sobs, gasps]
Yes! Ah!
[ Laughing ] Yes, yes,
I say yes!
What do you think?
Shall we turn the camera,
leave people to wonder?
Give the people what they want!
[Whispering ] You were
my favorite.
[Normal voice ] This is
bettylou52 signing off.
Don't forget to like
and subscribe.
[ Beeping ]
[ Door unlocks]
[ Door closes ]
[ Gasping ]
Um, if...
If anyone out there
is watching, please...
Please help us.
We've... we've been attacked,
and we're being
held prisoners in this house.
This... this woman, Rebecca,
she said that she was
the host of this place,
but she's not.
She's a murderer.
She's a murderer.
- [ Sobbing ]
- [ Computer chiming ]
S-She killed the owners,
and now she's... she's gonna
kill us, too.
She's gonna kill us, too.
And I don't... I don't...
I don't know
how much time we have,
so please, please just call
the police.
Ccal/... call someone, please.
Jjust help us.
[ Theme music plays ]
What's up, guys?
My name is Teddy.
And I'm Claire.
And welcome to another episode
of "superhost."
Don't forget to smash
that like button
and hit that little bell...
So you never miss an episode.